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7000 years and counting ...

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    Here are the set of demands all the Palestinian factions including Hamas and Fatah agreed to presented to Cairo :

    • The immediate Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and halting their airstrikes.
    • Lifting the economic blockade and opening the border crossings.
    • Securing the entrance of goods, all requirements of reconstruction and freedom of movement.
    • Guaranteeing the existence of a connection between the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
    • Re-opening of the Gaza airport and establishing a seaport.
    • Lifting the Israeli-imposed no-go zone near the Gaza border fence.
    • Ending all punitive measures on the Palestinian people in the West Bank after 12 June 2014, which includes:
    1. Opening institutions and restoring confiscated public and private properties.
    2. Ending aggression against Palestinians by Israeli settlers.
    3. Releasing members of the Palestinian Legislative Council and re-arrested prisoners.
    • Reconstruction of the Gaza Strip through cooperation between the Palestinian unity government and the United Nations and delivery of humanitarian aid to Palestinians including food, water and medicine and the immediate re-opening of power plants.
    • Holding an international donors' conference under the leadership of Norway and joined by European, Arab and Islamic states as well as the United States, Turkey, Japan, Russia, China and the rest of UN member-states.
    • The aim is to provide the needed finances for re-building the strip according to a specific time plan.

    These were the demands of Hamas and Jihad since day one despite all the rumors spread in the Egyptian media. Of course the part dealing with the borders crossing with Egypt went down from “Opening the borders permanently with international guarantees”  to “opening the border crossings”

    The fact that Fatah supports these demands mean that the Palestinians are truly supporting these demands and when I mean the Palestinians I speak here about both military wings and people in the streets.

    Whether you like it or not but unlike other times the military resistance of the Palestinian factions proved itself and it won’t give up after those achievements. On the other hand the Israeli government can not give up either with that support it got from the Knesset or the public support in the street after weeks of mobilization.

    The latest news from Cairo that there will be another 72 hours truce starting from tomorrow. It is not confirmed yet especially reporters in Gaza claim that not all factions approve it including members in Hamas. I assume they mean El-Qassam.

    Updated :

    Sky News Arabia says that Israel and the Palestinian factions agreed on 3 days truce.

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    Egypt lost one of its famous smiles and laughter makers last Friday , that laughter maker is Saeed Saleh.
    Yes the talented comedian who made laugh madly in his plays passed away after long career full of success , failures , tragedies and politics as well.
    So Long Folks "Tantawy Cartoons"
    For my generation Saeed Saleh is the star of the two most famous comic plays ever “Madrasat El-Moshagbeen-1973” and “El-Eyal Kebret-1979” which have become our own annual plays to watch in every Eid in a way that it became an annual ritual.
    Born in 1938 , Saleh had a golden opportunity in the 1980s after the smashing success of his plays but stumbled thanks to politics as well drugs or to be accurate because of politics.
    The left leaning actor starred in the political play “Kaablon” in 1983 and sang songs composed by none other than the famous Sheikh Emam and Ahmed Fouad Nagm.

    Here is a famous song from the play called “The prohibited”
    Saeed Saleh sings “I am not allowed to travel”
    “I am not allowed to travel , I am not allow to sing
    I am not allowed to speak or to yearn to you’
    I am not allowed to resent or to smile
    Everyday I spend in your love more and more things are prohibited
    and everyday I love you more and more”
    Of course the political climax and the point for no return for him was when he said once in the play the following :
    “My mom married 3 stepfathers , the first stepfather made us eat Mesh while the second stepfather taught us how to cheat and third .. knows nothing”
    The 3 stepfathers are Nasser , Sadat and Mubarak. The “first stepfather made us eat means Mesh which is old cheese meant Nasser’s austerity and socialist economic policies. The second stepfather is Sadat and his open market policies that brought corruption to the society. The third stepfather is Mubarak and it is obvious what he meant.
    Saeed Saleh was sentenced 6 months in jail in that year for insulting the president , yes he was the first actor to be convicted of such accusation because of his work. In 1991 he was arrested allegedly for the possession of Hashish but released later because there was not enough evidence to incriminate him.
    In 1996 he was arrested once again for the possession of Hashish and was sent to jail but released later that year.
    Drugs and politics made the old comedian resort to cult films in the 1980s and 1990s yet his fans have not forgotten his old glory.
    Nevertheless Saleh has gone but he left a smile that won’t be forgotten.
    Please pray for him.

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    And Palestinians decided to check on their houses in Gaza the past 48 hours during the truce that should today if I am not mistaken.
    What they found actually was rubble. Their houses have been flattened to the earth thanks to the Israeli war machine . Khuza and Shejaiya are complete destroyed

    According to estimations rebuilding Gaza may take another 30 years. The following info-graphs speak about the amount of Palestinian losses in Gaza.

    The Israeli government sent a delegation of Israeli officials to Cairo to join the indirect talks with the Palestinian factions yesterday. The Israeli agreed on four demands only from the Palestinian demands and rejected the rest.

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    Now here are the episodes 28and 29 of King Dandash and Shamalan’s tale. Sorry for the delay but we got frequent blackouts besides the usual news marathon in Egypt and the Mideast.

    First here is the episode 28 or 368 you can hear it after the break.

    Now the donkey spoke but he spoke to the ox about how Shamalan could reach to the land of fire and save his beloved Mango. The donkey’s owner , that old man translated what the animal told its friend to Shamalan.

    According to Salama the donkey , Shamalan should head to the river’s bank where he would find the lover’s Mule “Yes that’s its name”. That Mule would make him reach to the land of fire in no time but there is one catch : It does not appear except once every month, at the 14th night of the month in the full moon.

    That mule will make him arrive to the sea’s bank where he will find a sea monster that will lead him to the Realm of Fire.

    On the 14th night Shamalan heads to the river bank.

    In the Realm of Fire the Jinn Rebels are having a plan. They are going to kidnap Princess Mango and hide her so tyranny Gulbhar may think that she has escaped to the humans realm. The Jinn rebels think that Gulbhar may lead his army to restore back the princess and thus it will be easy to occupy his palace. 

    To episode 29 or 369

    Shamalan finds the lovers' mule and rides it to the sea shore. He finds the sea monster taking the shape of an island and so he jumps to that island.

    The Jinn rebels kidnap and princess Mango and tells her that she is going to stay with them for two weeks. Gulbhar is furious and thinks that the rebels are behind the kidnap the princess. He orders his vizier Abd Nar to find them and the princess immediately.

    Shamalan reaches to the Land of fire aka the Jinn realm in no time thanks to the sea monster. There , nobody helps him as they are afraid to deal with a human.Only one Jinn helped him to find the palace of king Gulbhar , a man with guards and servants.

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    Right now Thousands of Iraqi/Kurd Yizadis are trying to escape with their lives and their kids from the hell unleashed by the IS aka ISIS aka the Neo-Islamic Caliphate in Northern Iraq. 

    They headed to their holy Sinjar mountain as a refuge for days with no food or water before the Peshmerga forces managed to rescue them and transfer them to Duhok province.

    Despite how awful it may sound now but this is not the first time the Yazidis face this and head to the mountain in an attempt to protect themselves just like any other religious and ethnic sect in Levant and Iraq.

    Despite all what is happening last week ,  there has been complete silence regarding to what is happening to this small and old sect in Iraq in the Arab media. I believe there was even more attention to what happened to the Christians in Mosul than to the Yazidis and the reason is well know to everybody but nobody wants to speak about the elephant in the room.

    The Yazidis as an old religious sect revers Melek Taus which is commonly known in Judaism , Christianity and Islam as Satan aka the devil. They are commonly known as the devil worshipers in the Arab media and Arab people especially those who don't deal them or know them outside Iraq and Syria.

    Already even there are some Shiites as well many Sunnis believe that the Yazidis are named after Yazid , the most hated personality in the Shiite beliefs who was responsible for the death of Al-Hussein.

    For radicals the Yizadis are simply Satanists in nutshell and you only have to see how the IS deals with the Christians and other Muslims to know how they are going to deal with them.

    Personally I knew about the Yizadis for the first time in some American Indiana Jones novel when I was a teenage and you do not have to guess how the Yizadis were portrayed then. They were those evil Satanists in the East that Indiana Jones kicked their asses.

    The second time I read about them was after the US invasion to Iraq. Some Egyptian journalist wrote about his visit to their territories in a publication issued by Egyptian Dar El-Halal and actually I remember that he wrote about their beliefs explaining it but still they were regarded as Satanists.

    Already that particular point made them so attractive to adventure journalists as well tabloid journalists all over the world as well radical groups throughout history.

    Technically speaking they are Satanists in their own way but not in your usual Anton LaVey cat blood suckers Rosemary’s baby cult.They chose exclusion I believe to avoid that image.

    This is the elephant in the room I am speaking.

    This is why I believe that the Arab media ignored what happened to them because they may not get the sympathy they deserve as humans like the Christians in Mosul.

    If you notice there is more coverage about the Christians in Mosul and we got social media campaigns in solidarity with them and the head of Arab churches in several countries including Egypt spoke about them. 

    Only on Friday a group of Arab and Muslim tweets launched a hashtag called “Save the Yazidis by the names of humanity”. Needles to say the IS supporters are attacking those tweeps and ask them that same question “ Do not you know what they worship !?”

    Satanists or not the Yazidis should not be killed and forced to leave their land which they chose to live in away from the rest of the people to keep their beliefs.

    Ironically when you think about according the mainstream religious views , I believe that the IS crazy sick fighters are falling to the devil’s trap with their genocides in Iraq.

    BY the way I believe the Gulf countries should send food aids to the Iraqis and Kurds including Yazidis just like Gaza. I think the Gulf countries owe it to the Iraqis and Kurds after all many of the IS financers are from these countries.

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    Yes according to Mubarak's minister of interior Habib El-Adly in front of the court during the retrial of the century aka the killing of the protesters retrial on Saturday the Arab spring was actually a plot by the west against Islam and the Islamic way of life !!
    He also said that the 25 January revolution was orchestrated by the United States claiming that he did not give any orders to attack the protesters or to use live ammunition against them.
    For five hours Habib El-Adly kept speaking and defending himself as well fabricating lies about the revolution. He repeated the same old lies that Hamas as well PLO “yes” came from Gaza and Palestine to kill the protesters. He also said that they “The Palestinians” betrayed the hand that helped them and trained them.
    Of course if you take El-Adly’s claims seriously , you should ask yourself what kind of a regime or an army or a police or an intelligence was that to allow two thousand foreigner fighters to cross the borders and Sinai to kill protesters in the capital using the vehicles and uniforms of the police !!!!!!! Accordingly Mubarak , El-Adly and also the members of SCAF including the current President of Egypt should stand a trial then for their failure to protect.
    It is worth to mention that for months now the Pro El-Sisi media markets that the  military intelligence predicted that there would be public revolution against Mubarak since 2005.
    It is worth  to mention also that the current constitution recognize the 25 January as a revolution and El-Sisi always mentions it in his speeches. Of course mentioning that date as a revolution in this stage means that he needs to win the support of the public in Egypt if you think about it.
    But on the other hand all the Pro El-Sisi media whether in the mainstream media or the social media got nothing to do 24/7 except to defame and to destroy the 25 January revolution and those who did it. Needless to say the Pro El-Sisi media is cheering up for El-Adly’s word in court today.
    Considering the facts that Mubarak cronies like Ahmed Ezz are set free once again and the revolutionaries are in jail,I won’t be surprised to find El-Adly as well Mubarak and the rest of the cronies in that trial.
    Mubarak was sentenced to life in the initial verdict of the killing of protesters trial.
    The whole world saw what happened during the 18 days. We got hundreds of videos and recorded testimonies as well two fact finding commissions that reached to the same conclusion when it comes to the shooting of the protesters. Twisting history won’t work I am afraid.
    This is a revolution that was made and led by youth and youth’s memory is strong.
    As you notice I do not blog too often about Egypt’s internal affairs because I feel depressed whenever I do so. This is the sort of news I have avoid in the past few weeks and months. Every day we find a new news and new decision that make me and others like me wonder if those days back in 2011 were just a dream.

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    It turns out that the judge in the #Jan25 Protesters killing retrial referred yesterday during Habib El-Adly’s 5 hours speech a complaint presented by non other Mubarak’s minister of interior against a group of revolutionary activists to the prosecutor general !!

    Oh yes the judge referred that complaint to the prosecutor general to investigate it. Habib El-Adly reported politician and Constitution Party leading figure Gamila Ismail , leftist activist and singer Samia Jaheen as well activist Ahmed Douma to the prosecutor General for attacking public properties during the 25 January revolution !!!!!!

    Yes and of course we know that such complaints sometimes if not most of the times turn serious and Pro-Democracy activist find themselves behind bars.

    Already Ahmed Douma is currently serving three years in jail for illegal prosecuting along April 6 Youth founders Ahmed Maher and Mohamed Adel.

    Anyhow I am amazed that the judge cared to refer that complaint to prosecutor general and not to refer Habib El-Adly himself to the prosecutor general for admitting that he used to spy and blackmail people !!

    Oh yes in a strange moment of pride that shows the true IQ of El-Adly , he admitted that he used to spy on people and recruit them.

    El-Adly : When I used to spy on some lady !!

    “ When I  used to spy and to wire-tape some lady and I find out that she is doing something indecent , I did not scandalize her but I used to advise her and recruit her” said El-Adly with all pride in front of the cameras , in front of the judge.

    Of course the man did not tell us why they “ministry of interior during his time” would spy on people or why they blackmail them and recruit or even recruit them to do what !?

    I think spying on people without a court or prosecution order has been unconstitutional in Egypt whether before or after the revolution. In any other country such confession means a new investigation.

    Amazingly while searching online I found out that TV host and journalst Wael Al Abrashi claimed in July 2013 that General Abdel Fattah El-Sisi told him that Habib El-Adly used to spy on the armed forces’ commanders and their families.

    Living in police state means that every security apparatus spies on other apparatuses besides of course the citizens, the poor citizens.

    Anyhow in real state of law Habib El-Adly should be investigated for that confession, of course I said in a real state of law. Egypt has not become a real state of law but insh Allah soon it will become one. 

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    It is supermoon time in August , the biggest supermoon you can see this summer and probably this year.

    Here are the best snap shots I took for the supermoon tonight in Giza , Egypt. Of course they are not the best but here they are.


    Different settings to get best results.


    and Happy Supermoon ;)

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  • 08/12/14--10:47: RIP Robin Williams
  • When I heard the news of Robin Williams’ suicide last night , all what I could think about was that episode from Mork and Mindy especially that scene.

    Mork and being a celebrity : Robin Williams and the list he joined

    RIP Robin Williams , you made millions and millions of people around the world laugh and God knows laughter is hard to find nowadays. 

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    And Human rights Watch has issued its final report about the dispersal Rabaa sit in aka the massacre of Rabaa describing it as nearly a crime against humanity.

    This report is issued in the first anniversary of the most horrible sit in dispersal in the history of Egypt. I can not say anything about the report except that you have to read it. The U.S human rights watchdog organization says that Egypt should stop the use of excessive use of force in protests and that UN should form an independent commission to investigate the killing of the protesters in Egypt.

    You can imagine the reaction of the Egyptian regime. The Egyptian government unleashed its media and claiming that the report was biased and the HRW was Pro-MB to the rest of that set of accusations. Yes the international human rights organization that issued reports against Mohamed Morsi's administration is accused of being Pro-Muslim Brotherhood now.

    Already moments after the HRW has released its report online , Egypt's State Information Service "SIS" issued a statement online describing the report of being biased. The SIS accused HRW of ignoring the attacks against the police and army forces as well the attacks against the churches in Upper Egypt not to mention how the Rabaa protesters were not peaceful protesters..etc.

    Oh and they say that the HRW was operating and conducting interviews without legal permits.

    Amazingly the Egyptian government did not bother to read the HRW report to know what was included inside in the first place. Of course I am not surprised. If they read the report , they would know that HRW included all those points in its 188 pages report.

    Needless to say the Egyptian government managed to make the world to pay attention to that report after its decision to bar the HRW executives Kenneth Roth and Sarah Leah Whitson from entering the country and deporting them for lame excuses.

    Here is a small video from HRW about Rabaa massacre.This would refresh your memory with what happened from a year ago.

    The debate about that HRW won't end today , it has just started.

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    And Hosni Mubarak spoke today for the first time as a convicted defendant in court in the retrial of the killing of the protesters.
    Now this was not a defense presented to the court by already convicted person who can spend the rest of his life in jail. This was actually a speech by a president to the public.
    It was emotional speech where he spoke about how much he gave to Egypt , how he served this country whether in Armed forces or in presidency.
    He claimed that he had never ever given an order to kill any Egyptian. He also said that he had never visited Israel which is inaccurate because he had a short visit during the funeral of PM Rabin in 1995. He said that he conquered terrorism during his term and the current administration would beat terrorism as well. He spoke about that plot against Egypt..etc.
    He spoke boldly and shamelessly about his constitutional amendments claiming that his era was era of freedoms.
    His speech reminded me of his emotional speech he said on 1 February 2011 , in fact I wonder who wrote it for him.
    Just like on 1 February 2011 in Tahrir square , Pro-25 January Egyptians in social media had one answer to this speech : Their shoe.
    Yes many Egyptians posted the pictures below using this hashtag #WithourShoesWeWillRespondToMubarak

    Here is a cartoon about Mubarak's speech today by Anwar.

    Two men on a cafe watching Mubarak when he would step down.
    It is worth to mention that Mubarak spoke once publicly in a leaked recorded message that was aired on Al Arabiya in 2011.So technically this is the second time for him to address public not the first. Of course the first time he was a fee time while the second time he is a standing a retrial while he was already convicted in a previous case.
    Habib El-Adly spoke for the second time in the court for hours. Technically his speech was like that “Bla , bla , bla ….25 January is not a revolution ; bla bla bla bla 30 June is revolution but 25 January is not a revolution; bla bla bla bla … the Americans and the Muslim Brotherhood planned this conspiracy to bring down the state”.
    He technically repeated what he said last time but added new details attacking ElBaradei and Wael Ghonim especially ElBaradei.
    He also said that the regime was following his security policies in tougher way admitting that he supported the decision to cut the telecommunications on 28 January. He even compared such decision with the decision of the armed forces to block the telecommunications in Sinai.
    El-Adly said that the characteristics of revolutions do not apply to 25 January because it wanted to topple the regime and the state !! Of course I am not expected the longtime state security officer to understand that revolutions normally topple regimes and bring down failed dictatorship states.
    Nevertheless in his speech El-Adly one thing which is true. He said that the state’s apparatuses and institutions had to recognize the 25 January as a revolution but they know it was not a revolution only for political reasons.
    This is true the Egyptian state’s apparatuses and institutions do not believe the 25 January revolution and fought it actually but they had to recognize it for political reasons in order not to anger the public and not to anger the West as well.
    Back to El-Adly’s theatrical speech ; well with the amount of religious reference used in that speech today one must wonder if the former minister of interior is going to work as an Islamic preacher after the trial !!
    Here is a cartoon made and spread on Facebook today like fire

    If you want religious praises, call Habib El-Adly on 090025012011
    Personally I believe that Mubarak and the rest of his cronies will be acquitted in that trial considering how the Pro El-Sisi media is preparing the public for this by defaming the 25 January revolution for months now. Already I think that our regional patrons including UAE and Saudi Arabia want Mubarak to be acquitted.
    Of course some may say that won’t happen because El-Sisi can not afford acquitting Mubarak in that particular case but yet again those some are the same ones who claimed that he would amend the Protest law and pardon the Pro-Democracy and Pro-Revolution activists imprisoned because of that law and nothing happened.
    El-Sisi is a military man and so he takes decisions without considering any backlash or public opinion as long as he believe it is right from his point of view.
    By the way for all those who are speaking respectably about the great former President Mubarak should remember that he was convicted officially in a corruption case and is serving three years. He should be in jail for corruption charges and stealing the public’s money in the Presidential Palace case.
    The court will issue its final verdict in September by the way.

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    Today marks the first anniversary of Rabaa sit in's violent dispersal , a dispersal that changed Egypt forever unfortunately.
    The Pro-Morsi supporters started their day of commemoration earlier since dawn blocking traffic and major highways in Cairo and Giza. It is going to be a long day and that's why live blog is a must now.
    Already the Muslim Brotherhood led National alliance to support legitimacy called its supporters to march to major squares including Tahrir square , Nahda square and of course Rabaa square.

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    Right after the dispersal of Rabaa sit in last 14 August 2013 , Egypt witnessed a huge wave of violence especially against churches and Christian owned shops and houses especially in Upper Egypt. Nearly 64 churches including historical churches were torched and vandalized to the level of complete destruction
    The government then specifically the Egyptian armed forces announced that it would rebuild all the destroyed and torched Churches before the Christian feasts last August. Well Christmas passed , Easter passed and we are commemorating Rabaa dispersal  first anniversary and most of the Churches were not touched. 
    It turns out the army made 3 stages plans to reconstruct the churches and monasteries that would end by July 2015.  According to Christian activists there is a delay in the current stage.
    EIPR’s researcher Ishak Ibrahim reminded us on the past two days with some of those churches in Fayoum , Ismailia, Giza , Minya , Suez , Bani Sawif and Assuit
    Reuter’s Aswat Masriya also made a report about the Greek Church in Suez.
    I remember that no one was really surprised for this to happen after weeks and weeks of incitement against Christians on Pro-Morsi Islamist TV channels and Raba’a sit in’s main stage.
    Yes Raba’a sit in was not a true utopia like the Pro-Morsi supporters especially from Muslim Brotherhood. For weeks since the start of the sit in and the main stage in Raba’a square was broadcasting an awful racist attack against Christians claiming that the Orthodox Church was behind the coup..etc.
    Unfortunately up till this moment the Muslim Brotherhood members refuse to admit that there was huge incitement and hatred towards Christians in their discourse.
    Needless to say because of that discourse and because what happened to those Churches , many Christians find no problem in military rule as long as they keep those Islamists who can not stomach them. “That feeling was doubled by the barbaric conquests of IS in Iraq and Syria”
    BY the way I remember Christians in Upper Egypt especially in Minya stated that many of those who attacked the Churches were well known thugs to everybody and up till now there has not been no serious investigations regarding those attacks. Yes up till now there have been serious official investigations on who attacked those churches for real.
    I remember also that there were many pleas to secure churches. My late dear Friend Bassem Sabry even asked on 14 August 2013 why the security forces did not have a plan to secure churches in the same way they had a plan to disperse the sit in.

    It is worth to mention that after those attacks against churches for days , the Egyptian armed forces organized a trip for foreign correspondents to the locations of those churches last August as a proof on the terrorism and barbarism of Islamists. It was obvious that the regime used those attacks for its own publicity and as usual it did not really care for the people. I am not surprised to be honest and actually I expected this to happen.
    The Current regime is only using Christians to communicate with the West and send messages to it when it wants I am afraid just like in time of Mubarak , they are following the same technique.
    It is worth to mention that after one year of getting rid from that awful Muslim Brotherhood , Christian families are forced to leave to their homes when a fight breaks between a Christian and a Muslim or when Muslim and Christian teenagers fall in love.
    After one year of getting rid of the so-called Islamist Muslim Brotherhood rule , sectarian fights and tensions are solved in traditional judicial council in rural areas under the supervision of the state. This also happens when we have a new constitution that champions citizenships rights.
    By the way the attacks on the Churches are mentioned in the famous Human rights Watch in page 104.
    If you are interested to know more about the story of the torched churches in Egypt after Rabaa dispersal and its updates I recommend you speak to EIPR researcher Ishak Ibrahim.

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  • 08/16/14--13:30: Links and Notes 08/16/2014
    • Last year Lamido Sanusi was the governor of Nigeria’s central bank, and he wore pinstripe suits to work as he concerned himself with issues such as managing interest rates and keeping inflation under control. Today, Sanusi is the emir of Kano and sports long flowing gowns and a white veil over his face, while his daily activities include reciting the Quran and blessing visitors who bow before his feathered slippers.


    Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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    And We will conclude our Ramadan Arabian Nights tale for this year tonight. I know it is late but it is never too late.

    Tonight we conclude our tale , we will know what happened to Shamalan and how he became a Sultan not to mention whether he defeated Gulbhar

    Here is the 30th episode after the break

    Now poor Shamalan fell in to the trap at the Jinn realm , he believed an old Jinn he met there foolishly. That old Jinn turned to be the evil vizier Abd Nar who took Shamalan to the palace of Gulbhar. At the Palace evil Gulbhar turns Shamalan in to a monkey hoping that he would trap princess Mango.

    On the other hand the rebels made their plans to revolt against Gulbhar who is extremely depressed over the loss of Mango.

    Now to the 31th episode

    There is a revolution in the Jinn realm and Gulbhar’s kingdom is falling down. He knew that the rebels were preparing to attack his palace and yet he could not leave ; he was preparing a trap for princess Mango.

    Thus he asks the help of Satan , yup Satan. Satan appears and knows what the cruel Jinn king wants : A protection. Satan tells him that he would cast a spell for once to protect his palace against only one attack . Gulbhar agrees.

    And so Satan casts a spell to protect Gulbhar’s Palace that if anyone comes near it , flames of fire will burn it.

    Princess Mango knew that her beloved husband was captured at Gulbhar’s palace and thus without the rebels’ knowledge she headed to Gulbhar’s Palace to meet her destiny.

    Yes Princess Mango was the victim of Satan’s spell , she was burnt alive in some unusual twist in the Arabian nights. Gulbhar is sad , angry and mad. On the other hand the rebels were nearly losing hope that they would be able to attack the Palace but they got the news and they attacked the Palace thanks to Mango’s sacrifice.

    To the last episode of our Arabian Nights this year.

    The rebels attacked Gulbhar’s Palace defeating him and his men. They found Shamalan and one of their elderly broke the magic spell turning him to a human being again. In act of respect to his sacrifices and bravery , the Jinn crowned him as their Sultan. Shamalan’s first order as the Sultan of Jinn realm was to release all human girls kidnapped by Gulbhar.

    Shamalan’s second order as the Jinn Sultan was to give up the throne asking the Jinn to help him return back home to his mother. The Jinn respect his wish and they even decided to return back home to him his wealth and palaces.

    And that’s was the sad tale of Shamalan who became the Sultan of Jinn , who travels the land grieving for his beloved Mango for three years.

    King Dandash listens to the story of Shamalan amazed and admired at the same. He is so admired that offers Shamalan his own daughter as a wife , he appoints him also as a crown. Shamalan refuses to marry the princess because he still loves Mango even without seeing her.

    And so the King orders Shamalan to see his daughter and for his own surprise Shamalan finds an identical twin sister of his beloved Mango , even the same spirit.

    Thus Shamalan marries King Dandash’s daughter and they live happily ever after.

    See you next Ramandan inshallah.

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    From couple of weeks ago the US embassy in Beirut issued that statement on its official Facebook page.
    This statement was issued after rumors spread like fire in Lebanon during the fight between the Lebanese army and the ISIS in Arsal  that the U.S. created ISIS to destroy the Arab world and it would recognize the Caliphate diplomatically. As usual those rumors spread in Lebanon claimed that those rumors or rather facts were stated in Hillary Clinton’s memories. These rumors found a way offline when journalists and MPs began to ask question about them.
    Of course as Arabs we do not read books now and so no one cared to really read what the former US secretary of state really said in her real latest book “Hard Choices”
    The U.S embassy in Beirut had to react after Lebanese ministers and MPs like Lebanese FM Gebran Bassil began to ask questions about these quotes.

    Yes Lebanese FM asked the US ambassador in Beirut about Hillary Clinton’s alleged statements about ISIS !!
    Now  the source of that rumor concerning Clinton’s alleged confession is not Lebanon but rather Egypt. Yes Egypt and the Lebanese social media users took those alleged confessions from Egyptian sources on Facebook pages mostly.
    Clinton and her book 

    Yes fake quotes from Clinton’s books are spreading like fire among Egyptians in the Pro-Military Pro-Police Anti-Jan25 Facebook pages and twitter accounts about the role of the U.S not only creating ISIS but also the deal between the U.S and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
    For instance one of those fake quotes from Clinton’s Non existent book “Plan 360” about the plan set up by the MB and the U.S which was sabotaged by the Egyptian army on 30 June and how the U.S ordered its USS Submarines to approach Alexandria but the old Russian MEG aircrafts Egyptian air forces stood against the submarines. “Do not ask me what’s that crap because honestly I do not understand how any person who uses his brain in the right way would think that this is true !!”
    Yes in nutshell all those fake quotes evolve around couple of things “The Arab spring is an American plot” , “The U.S and the Muslim Brotherhood had a plan to revive the caliphate” and “The 30 June revolution led by El-Sisi and Egyptian army saved the day”.
    Now I am already amazed that the U.S embassy in Cairo did not issue anything regarding those fake statements when we got Egyptian officials quoting them publicly in the media.
    The ministry of interior’s official spokesperson police general Hany Abdel Latiff already quoted on TV such fake quotes and he did not care to correct what he said when he is proven wrong.
    Here is also the current minister of culture Gaber Asfour saying in some public conference that the United States made up ISIS in order to confront the 30 June revolution.
    Gaber Asfour : America made ISIS to face 30 June
    Yes this is the minister of culture in Egypt now.
    Here is a list of videos that spoke about the fake Hillary Clinton's quotes as truth in Egyptian and Arabic TV channels, mostly Egyptian TV hosts from the same old Anti-Jan25 team.
    It is worth to mention that Dr. Manar El-Shorbagy was the only one I recall in the Egyptian media to address those fake quotes in her weekly column in Al Masry Al Youm Daily and yet no one cared to highlight her
    Already I do not understand if the US created ISIS to destroy the Middle East and Arab world , why someone like Hilary Clinton would expose that to the world in her best selling memories !?

    Cherchez le Guerre de quatrième génération !!

    Now the main source of these fake quotes as well hundreds of fake rumors about Egypt, 25 January , Gaza , the Muslim Brotherhood .. you name is the Facebook pages. To be precise the Pro-Military/Pro-ElSisi/Pro-Mubarak as well the ex-radical revolutionary Pro-Conspiracy theories pages.
    A screenshot from the 777 and 999 special forces page
    on Facebook repeating
    the same fake Clinton's quotes (@offthehookpain
    Another screenshot from Martyr Ibrahim El-Rafai 
    Facebook page repeating the quotes
    Ironically all those pages warn the people of Egypt from the fourth generation warfare specifically the use of media and rumors !! When you think about it those pages are the perfect example of the so-called fourth generation warfare considering the amount of rumors they spread intentionally.

    Yes intentionally when you think about it especially this systematic way of targeting certain figures or spreading certain rumors , it is like they are being orchestrated by one team.

    It is not a conspiracy theory but the way they act and publish the same stuff and message to the public using the same terms and ideas show that they cannot be individual operated pages and they share the same origin.
    It is worth to mention that the controversial 1980s’ fourth generation warfare was spread in the media by none other ex-official armed forces spokesperson Ahmed Ali who is currently expected to become the new Presidency spokesperson

    Back to the Facebook pages , this is the curse of using the social media as alternative media. The weapon used by the Pro-Democracy groups and opposition groups in Egypt against the regime has turned against them I am afraid. But again this is a double edged weapon and like the tide will turn against them.
    Everyday you find lots and lots of lies spread like fire among social media users in Egypt and Arab world and you feel that you are losing hearts and minds. We need more pages like Da Begad on Facebook more and more.
    Of course one day the day people will realize the amount of lies they have been fed for the sake of the regime and they won’t trust those Facebook pages or those twitter accounts or those  TV hosts repeating those lies as well the regime itself just like after the 1967 defeat.

    0 0

    Remember the amazing Supermoon we had last week , well I took couple of shots for the Supermoon and they were not the best.

    Thanks to photographer Hazem Baraket who recommended a slight change in the shutter speed ,I got that shot next night and as you can see.


    It was a supermoon indeed.

    0 0

    Prominent Egyptian activist and blogger Alaa Abdel Fattah has started a full hunger strike yesterday demanding his release.
    Alaa Abdel Fattah who is currently serving 15 years in jail sentence for unauthorized protesting charges took that decision after visiting his father prominent lawyer Ahmed Seif El-Islam in hospital. He told his family that he would no longer cooperate with the “country’s broken legal system.
    Here is Alaa Abdel Fattah’s statement as it was published hours ago on his official “Free Alaa” Facebook page. It is included in his family’s English statement.
    According to Alaa’s wife Manal Bahi El-Din said on twitter that lawyers are not allowed to see Alaa in prison despite they had permits.

    Alaa’s father , the prominent leftist human rights lawyer Ahmed Seif El-Islam suffered on Friday a cardiac arrest for a few minutes. The doctors resuscitated him and his heart worked again but he has been unconscious since then. Alaa and his sister Sana’a visited him at the ICU after requests of his family to the prosecutor general.
    Sana’a , Alaa and Mona Seif’s younger sister is also in jail pending a trail for illegal protesting
    It seems that seeing his dad in that condition was a breaking point to Alaa.
    Unethically some TV channels and newspapers aired footage showing the veteran lawyer unconscious in his bed in the hospital despite the disapproval of his family. Those TV channels and newspapers did not have the decency to apologize for such action. 
    Alaa is not the high profile detainee on full hunger strike , Egyptian US citizen Mohamed Soltan who has been on a hunger strike for more than 200 days.
    We are all praying for Mr. Ahmed Seif El-Islam and now we are praying for his son as well his sister. In fact We should pray for the Seifs.

    0 0

    If you think that the Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs’ statement  slamming the US Police in Ferguson and how it treats protests was a cruel joke, wait till you read this.

    Egypt’s ministry of interior official spokesperson Hany Abdel Latiff had some tips to the American police !! oh Yes tips from Egyptian police to the US !! Because you know the Egyptian police champions human rights and freedom of express and assembly above all !!

    The official spokesperson of Egyptian police : The U.S police uses excessive force with protesters !!

    Abdel Latiff was the one who claimed that the 30 June protests sabotaged the US plot against the Arab world according to Hillary Clinton’s fake memories.

    Talk to me about cruel jokes indeed.

    Because we love jokes Egyptian tweeps shared some tips to the US on how to deal with the protesters according to the Egyptian regime and Egyptian style book.

    The cruel jokes did not stop at here I am afraid.

    On his official twitter account former MP and Pro-Military/Pro-Mubarak state Mostafa Bakry went on fire and suggested that the Black oppressed people in the United States should ask for the help of Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to save them from Obama’s oppression.

    0 0

    This beautiful artwork is made by Palestinian artist Imad Abu Shtayyah and it is the best thing to describe Palestine. 

    Coming from the rubble like the phoenix  from ashes , Palestine will rise against all the odds.
    This is what Abu Shtayyah wrote on his official Facebook page about this beautiful artwork
    From the destruction and hatred you sow
    From every inch of our land
    That hosted a martyr
    We shall return…
    Despite of your killing and brutality
    and the collaboration of traitors
    who sold out
    helping to realize your schemes
    in our Palestine.
    We shall return to our land
    to the land of our ancestors

    The last death toll in Gaza has reached to 2085. Children are still dying in the Israeli raids.
    Israel killed three Qassem commanders and the Palestinian resistance led by Qassem won’t be silent. 

    Pro-regime media in Egypt cheers for their murder and claims that two of those commanders were involved in attacks in Egypt including the infamous horrible attack against the borders guards in Sinai in August 2012 despite the fact this case’s investigations have not been announced yet by the military judiciary and we do not know for real who stood against the murder of our soldiers till that day.
    The rockets have not stopped showering Israel reaching every now and then the Ben Guerin airport or as the Palestinians call it the “El-Lud” airport.
    Human rights organizations are angry that Hamas executed the so-called spies in the sector. Egyptian and Israeli governments are using that Hamas’ executions to attack Hamas.
    Egypt and Israel agreed on one thing : To destroy Hamas forever.
    On the other hand Qassem is leading the political wing of Hamas , yup they are running the show on the Palestinian scene whether you like or not.
    BY the way speaking realistically I do not know about Egypt but I do not know how Bibi can pull it so far. The rockets have not been stopped and Israel lost one hell of PR war , even comparing Hamas to ISIS won’t fix the damage. Needless to say the Israeli side is selling the Egyptian mediator in the international and Israeli media claiming that the obstacles are all caused by none other than Egyptians.
    It seems to be a deadlock.

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