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7000 years and counting ...

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    Do you remember Hillary Clinton’s fictional book that caused a lot of noise in Egypt and Lebanon ?? Well it seems that the story of that fictional book and its chapters will not finish.
    Mohamed El-Ghaity : El-Sisi attacked the US 6th Fleet !!
    The video above is from Tahrir TV’s political show “Wake up” {Yes this is its name} two days ago and its TV host Mohamed El-Ghaity is telling the viewers the following story quoted from the so-called Hillary Clinton’s book.
    During the Raba’a sit in , we remember that crazy MB woman who said on the stage that the United States sixth fleet moved from Italy and came near the Egyptian shores in order to rescue them and the pro-Morsi protesters at Raba’a cheered for her. She was saying the truth.
    Yes it turned out that the United States indeed gave orders to its Sixth fleet to move to Alexandria according to the US secretary Hillary Clinton’s memories and you won’t believe what happened next , I will tell what happened according to the book and what I know personally as new facts not mentioned in the book
    The United States sixth fleet moved heading to Alexandria but our great armed forces  stood against it , our air forces sent our old air jets to warn the warships and then the great man who headed the navy then Mohab Mamish sent our hero frogmen to those warships. This great man told our frogmen {either you bring victory or you become martyrs and so our great men brought victory.}
    Our frogmen attacked one of the American warships and captured its commander and brought him back to Egypt !!
    I am responsible for what I say !!
    Our old air jets are Russians but they were developed by Egyptians and so they were not spotted on radar !!
    Then one of the members of SCAF called Obama and delivered to him El-Sisi’s message that we will not stand any threat and we will expose them to the world … !!
    I will not comment on that talk except this is considered an act of war from both countries.

    BY the way I want to know the fate of that USS Warship x Commander captured by our navy frogmen.
    This is even worse than the media in 1967 ; during then people had no internet access for or telecommunications revolution for God sake !!
    Mohamed El-Ghaity 

    I can not stand this amount of lies for real.

    Personally I think that Mohamed El-Ghaity is sucking up to former vice admiral Mohab Mamish who is currently heading Suez canal authority. The former SCAF member is a media star with the all the spot lights on El-Sisi’s grand Suez canal Deux project !!
    Interestingly the channel founded to bear the name of Tahrir square and turned in to one of the most anti-Jan25 outspoken TV channel got an incredible choice in TV hosts !!
    Among the ex-staff of that channel Maha Bahnassey“who is coming back” and Rania Badawy who has moved to another TV channel “Al Youm” after insulting the Ethiopian ambassador.
    Among the current staff of that channel , the one and only Ahmed Moussa who is proud of collaborating with state security and supporting Mubarak.
    Updated : It turned out El-Ghaity once blamed the Muslim Brotherhood for the fall of Andalusia !!
    Mohamed El-Ghaity : The Muslim Brotherhood is behind the fall of Andalusia

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    And Gezira Sporting Club does it again; it got rid from stray cats in the famous club in the most barbaric way. The cats were poisoned and beaten till death with no mercy what so ever.
    Photo by Cherine Ismail Rachid
    Photo by Cherine Ismail Rachid
    Photo by Cherine Ismail Rachid
    It seems that cats massacre as it is called by tweeps on twitter happened in the past 48 hours.
    Photos emerged on Facebook showing the poor creatures poisoned and beaten.
    Photo by Cherine Ismail Rachid

     Photos by Cherine Ismail Rachid
    One cat made it for several hours and animal rights activists transferred to the vet but it died later.
    Photo by
    Cherine Ismail Rachid
    This is not the first time the upscale club administration poisons the cats in the club , it happened before in 2012.
    Ironically there is a cemetery for dogs and cats in the club !!!
    You know the Islam I know and I believe in is the Islam where we taught that God sent a woman to hell for locking and not feeding a cat till death. Personally I believe that if you treat animals kindly in a right way , you will treat humans in a good way.
    Sometimes I feel that mercy has been lifted from the hearts of many Egyptians , many people are indifferent now to blood and show no mercy what so ever to other humans and other creatures.
    Still there are some that care , a group of animals rights activists are going to protest the barbaric action of the club in front of its gate in Zamalek tomorrow Tuesday at 6 PM.
    ESAF & ESMA animal rights organizations filled a criminal case of animal cruelty. You can follow the case on this Facebook page.
    And yes this matter is important and big. It is not irrelevant.

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    And yes there could be important stuff like the Emirati Egyptian airstrike in Libya “Which I am working on a post about it” and the detainees’ food strike as well the ceasefire in Gaza but I can not ignore this
    A group of people including animals rights activists protested against the Cats Massacre outside the gates of the famous upscale club Tuesday afternoon
    Yes surprisingly not less than hundred people showed up and protested against the cats massacre at Gazeera sporting club. This protest also was set up by a Facebook event. I see the photos and I feel that there is hope.

    Officially the administration of the club denies that it gave any orders to execute the cats.
    Now I will leave you with those cartoons about GSC’s cats massacre.
    Spit what you ate "Doaa El-Adl: 
    The radio : A cats massacre in one of Egypt's clubs
    The Man : Did you hear that Abu Samra be thankful
    to God for safety and security
    "Omar Abdallat-Jordan" 

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    From few hours ago Egypt has lost one of its famous human rights defenders lawyers and human rights activists MR. Ahmed Seif El-Islam Abdel Fattah
    Seif El-Islam died in coma after a cardiac arrest he got following an open heart surgery in Cairo.
    Originally a leftist , Seif El-Islam defended the rights of people in Egypt since late 1980s regardless of their ideological beliefs. Since the 1980s Ahmed Seif El-Islam defended the rights of political detainees whether liberals or Islamists or socialists or Nasserites. He was from the few that kept their humanity and refused to turn in to a monster in a world full of monsters.

    A victim of torture himself during his detention in time of Mubarak , Seif El-Islam who headed Hisham Mubarak center for human rights for some time was vocal against torture against humans as well sick police practices during the Mubarak era as well after the revolution.
    By Carlos Latuff
    During Mohamed Morsi’s short era , the 63 years layer who was appointed in the National council for human rights was from the first people to resign from his position to object the infamous constitutional declaration issued during then. After the 30th June Ahmed Seif El-Islam was from the first prominent figures to describe the dispersal of Rabaa as a massacre from a year ago.
    In a sad irony the last client for Mr. Seif El-Islam was his son Alaa Abdel Fattah who is currently in jail serving 15 years for unauthorized protesting. Ahmed Seif El-Islam’s youngest daughter Sanaa is always in jail pending a trial for unauthorized protesting as well.

    Yes two of his three kids are currently in jail while he was dying. Yes they saw him in ICU for the last time once from two weeks ago.
    Alaa started a food strike following that last visit demanding his release.
    The son of the old activist seeking democracy in Egypt already has started a movement in the Egyptian prisons and more political detainees started hunger strike demanding their release. I should have written a post about this growing movement earlier this week.
    Yesterday Mada Misr published a letter written by Alaa from prison demanding his release to be with his family , with his father in those hard times.
    Therefore, I am asking your permission today to fight — not just for my freedom, but for my family's right to life. As of today, I am depriving my body of food until I am able to be at the side of my father in his fight with his own body, for the dignity of the body needs the embrace of loved ones.
    Alaa said in a very touching letter in a very difficult time.
    Ahmed Seif in court by Sarah Carr 
    Yes those are the kids of Seif El-Islam and his wife long time activist Laila Soueif besides his eldest daughter Mona Seif , the founder of No for military trials for the civilians movement in Egypt.
    I feel extremely sad and angry. Neither he or his kids should suffer like this. I wish that we would have a president who would mourn such human rights defender. Unfortunately the time has not come to have this sort of presidents in Egypt.
    From several months he was in some public conference and he said the following :
    My son I wanted you to inherit democratic society that guards your rights but instead I passed on the prison cell that held me and now holds you. 

    Mr. Seif El-Islam Abdel Fattah , your children did not inherit jails but they rather inherited honor, respect and humanity.
    Tomorrow the funeral of Ahmed Seif El-Islam will be held at Salah El-Din Mosque in Al-Manial area after El-Asr prayer. There is a FB event calling the people to participate in the funeral.
    Alaa and Sanaa Abdel Fattah’s lawyer presented a request to the ministry of interior to let both political detainees to attend their dad’s funeral and burial.

    By Platon
    I apologize if I do not answer your twitter mentions but I have to sleep , good night and I will come back if there was time more to live. Let them say whatever they want as long as the freedom compass is still there. 

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    Hundreds of mourners bid farewell to human rights activist and leftist lawyer Ahmed Seif El-Islam in a big funeral.

    For hours we did not know if Alaa and his sister Sanaa were going to attend their father’s funeral or not. At 2 PM I knew that Alaa and Sanaa are going to attend their father’s memorial service next Saturday but there was no confirmed news that they were going to attend the funeral.

    Later we knew that they would attend the burial. Yes Alaa and Sanaa attended the burial.

    During the burial Alaa Abdel Fattah told the mourners that his father was martyr and that we all knew who killed him.

    Alaa : My father is a martyr and you all know who killed him

    Here is a heartbreaking photo gallery for the funeral after the break.

    Here are video clips from the funeral.

    Al Shorouk News : Mourners chant down with the military rule during Ahmed Seif Abdel Fattah’s funeral.

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    I took those photos last Ramadan at some café on the Nile in Zamalak. This is one of my attempts to take photos without tripod at night using my hands without any shakes.

    I love the colored light reflections on the Nile , it is more than beautiful especially where you are standing on the bank of the Nile.

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    Baher Mohamed , the imprisoned Al Jazeera International produced was gifted by a very beautiful son last Thursday. The new born boy’s name is Haroun
    Baher wrote a very moving letter to his new born son from his prison in Tora that was published in English
    last Thursday.

    Here are parts of the letter
    Baby Haroun 
    Sorry because you were born where free people are behind bars, including your father. Sorry too because you have come to a society where its freedom’s restricted. But I promise you I will always fight for liberty. I don’t want you to give up on this society…because I am sure that soon everything will change for the better

    My dear children; there are things I learnt and I want to share with you. I was always fighting for the truth in my career, and that was not easy. Whatever it takes; keep looking for the truth and never be afraid of it. I want you all to maintain your dignity. It is one of your most precious values. Always be patient because you will face lots of obstacles in your path. Always be good to all, even to those who treat you badly.
    Feel the pain of the others and keep trying to help them. If you feel you can help and make someone happy never hesitate. If you can draw a smile on someone’s face…then take the action to draw this smile.
    My dear children…keep smiling because behind the clouds the sun always shines.
    Finally Haroun, I want you to ask your Mama to forgive me because I couldn’t be with her the moment you arrived. I want you also to take it easy on her.
    Haroun with his grandfather

    And by the way…the moment you will arrive you will meet two great Australians; the parents of Peter Greste, who is in prison (with) me, as well as The great Egyptian family of Mohamed Fahmy my colleague. Together we are sharing this struggle; and together we will celebrate your birth. They are your family and their sons’ are your father’s brothers.
    So don’t be shy of them.
    Love you Haroun
    Haroun was born while his father is being locked up in Jail for 10 years unfairly because of some cartoonish politicalized trial. The families of Peter Greste and Mohamed Fahmy were besides Baher’s Wife Gihan at the hospital.
    Baher Mohamed got two children four year old Hazem and three year old Fairouz ; who witnessed their father arrest.
    Unfortunately Baher is the least talked about in the Egyptian media compared to Peter Greste and Mohamed Fadel. Greste is Australian of course and Fadel got a Canadian passport , so they got more attention in Egypt as foreigners compared to Baher and the rest of the Egyptian detainees from students.
    Mohamed Fadel made headlines in Egypt two weeks ago when internationally renowned human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin wrote in a strong op-ed about his trial criticizing the Egyptian Judiciary. Of course the Egyptian media identified her as George Clooney's fiancée as usual despite she is acclaimed human rights internationally before knowing him !! 
    Amal Alamuddin and Naged El-Borai , the famous Egyptian human rights lawyer are now representing Mohamed Fadel Fahmy officially.
    Fadel’s fiancée Marwa Omara had a very interesting interview with Canadian CBC where she revealed that she submitted to the ministry of interior a request to marry Fadel at Torah prison.
    BY the way a group of Egyptian celebs from actors made that video demanding the released of Mohamed Fadel Fahmy. Those celebs are director Amr Salama , actor Khaled Abu El-Naga “Both are considered Pro-25 Jan activists” , actor Tamer Hagrass and producer Mohamed Hafezy.
    Artists demand the release of Mohamed Fadel Fahmy

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    Egyptian renowned businessman Naguib Sawiris  demanded in video message the release of Mohamed Fahmy Fadel , the Al Jazeera International TV channel's  Cairo bureau currently imprisoned in Egypt.

    Naguib Sawiris is asking the president to pardon Mohamed Fadel insisting that he is a good patriot Egyptian who was just doing his job without breaking any law. He also insisted that Fadel was not working in the evil Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr inciting hatred but rather Al Jazeera International.

    Updated thanks to Andrew Reid : Interestingly enough Sawiris defended the government decision to arrest Fadel , Baher and Greste in a CNN interview last January !! 

    This is the second video made by Egyptian celebrity demanding the release of Mohamed Fadel.
    By the way I hope that people pay attention to the rest of the defendants in the case like Peter Greste , Baher Mohamed and the students who were sentenced in the case.

    I wish that he mentioned them in the video as well. Please do not forget the others

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    Many people are speaking now that Egypt is on the right track of democracy and when I hear this I wonder where that democracy path they are speaking about already !!

    I do not think that we are on the path of democracy at all in Egypt and there are many indicators that we are on the opposite direction starting from the laws issued to regulate the so-called for political life.

    Starting with the Protrest law or rather the anti-protest law issued last November and caused the imprisonment of thousands so far. 

    That law does not affect protesters alone , in fact it affects political parties also because it regulates political assembly. Now parties need to be granted the permission of the ministry of interior if it wants to organize any sort of public assembly or public meeting. 

    I donot think that the MOI will approve opposition meetings  in the streets during the elections for instance. 

    In new born democracies such law does not exist , of course the government insists that our current protest law is not different than protests laws in the states or European countries forgetting the simple fact that those countries are established stable democracies not corrupted failed states. 

    Parties and public figures as well foreign countries have been demanding for months the president and the government to cancel the law or amend it but they proudly keep it as it is legal weapon against street movements. They keep it as it is when it violates the constitution they put earlier this year. 

    Of course this is not the only recent violation for the new constitution. According to the constitution we  should have parliamentary elections within adopting approving that constitution and now we ask ourselves : When will we have parliamentary elections ?

    Moving to the parliamentary elections law , the law that would kill a new born partisan life in Egypt and make us return to the same old Mubarak's parliament. Insisting on having the majority of the seats based upon the single candidate system means the return of money power in the elections as well tribalism and big families' power in areas outside Egypt. It is worth to mention all the Mubarak 's remnants aka Felouls in parties are supporting this system. 

    The partisan list candidacy system could have rebuilt once the partisian life in Egypt but what can you says !!?? 

    To be honest remembering el-Sisi's first big major interview on ONTV and CBC , one must have expected this to happen. The man said it frankly that tribalism and big families were important to the parliament. Needless to say there are calls to postpone the parliamentary elections in the media now in Pro-regime talkshows. 

    By the way El-Shorouk newspaper claimed that the constitution would be amended to give el-Sisi more powers than the parliament or in other words we are returning back to the presidential system. 

    These are the protests law and parliamentary elections law , now we got also the NGOs law which is rejected by almost all serious NGOs and human rights organizations. This law will restrict the work of NGOs and human rights organizations in Egypt. I do not understand how the government and the MOI will allow NGOs and human rights organizations that work with tortur victims for God's sake. 

    Even the state's National council for human rights proposed that it should be delayed till electing a new a parliament. This law does not violate the constitution as far as I know but it violates international agreements Egypt already signed. 

    Now the new academic year in State Universities is postponed to October. Of course the ministry of higher education does not say that it postponed the study because of the fear of protests but it claims that it postponed the study because of maintenance works

    Politically affiliated families and groups are no longer allowed in Cairo university starting from academic year "2014-2015"  as well T-shirts with political logos on Campus !! 

    Meanwhile the Faculty of arts in Ain Shams University tells the new students to sign a statement that they won't engage in political activities on campus except the ones specified by the new bylaws.

    Bani Sawif university made it clear also that it would expel any student dared and insulted president El-Sisi on campus. 

    Not to mention there is a bigger debate now about the students unions and the new bylaws that will restrict the freedoms on campus. 

    It seems that the regime believes that after over 10 killed students and hundreds of imprisoned students , the students movement will be suppressed. Actually the current regime is doing its best to suppress this movement.

    This is not democracy . This is not how you pave the way to democracy in a transitional period. This is how you establish totalitarianism.

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    First of all I have got an announcement to make , my laptop is technically dead and I am searching for a new one now so there will be less posts in the blog for the time being till I buy a new one. I am currently using my ipad for blogging and actually it is a hard thing to maintain a blog through your tablet. "Blogger app is still behind wordpress app as expected :/ " 

    Anyhow I should stop complaining when we got bigger issues in the country , I mean since early morning Egypt reached the peak of power outage this summer with our grand nationwide power outage that started from 6.30 am Thursday morning in Cairo and spread all over the country. The power outage affected Cairo , Giza , Suez, Alexandria and various parts of delta and nearly 5 governorates in North Upper Egypt. 

    I woke up this morning to find I got no water and later no electricty. Yes many people suffered from water cuts as well because water supply stations in Cairo and Giza needed power and it took hours before they were re-operated by additional diesel fueled generators. 

    Of course many houses have got no water up till now because they got roof water supply storage which is operated by electricty . Yes up till that late hours many Egyptians in Cairo and outside it suffer from constant power outages after the major morning power outage. 

    The economic losses of the day are far more than anyone estimated for real. The financial losses in Suez where we got Red Sea ports as well Suez Canal itself and heavy industries factories like steel have reportedly reached to one billion Egyptian pound !! Yes one billion and this is one small governorate, imagine Cairo and Giza. 

    Already today while in work I tried to order food from two restaurants, both suffered from power outages for hours. Not all the shops and restaurants have bought emergency power generators or even can afford or find diesel easily.

    Of course financial losses can not be compared to the human losses, people were scared on the patients in the ICU in public hospitals as well babies in neonatal units. 

    The only bright side in that dark outage was that the power was cut for some hours at Egypt's media production city and some TV channels from those spreading hate and lies all the past months were off the air for couple of hours. 

    It is unprecedented nationwide outage. We have not seen something since 1990 despite all the outages we suffer from through out the the summer season in the past 5 years. 

    For  the record the minister of electricty Ahmed Shaker apologized to the Egyptian people for the power outage , a thing that is considered rare in our Egyptian governmental culture. Shaker announced today that Egypt's electricty production went from 20,000 megawatts to 10,000 megawatts !!! Yes by the half suddenly. 

    Needless to say there was technical talk about what caused that huge outage. At first some officials were speaking about what they called " a maneuver" to shift loads that went wrong !! Then hours later they began to speak about some technical malfunction. 

    Of course the Pro-ElSisi supporters claim as usual that that devious plan made by the Muslim Brotherhood agents in the ministry of electricty despite the ministry of electricty officials and electric companies "following the state" across the state made it clear that preliminary investigations showed that it was a technical malfunction and not a terrorist attack.

    From what I read and understood that outage was going to happen sooner or later. The outage problem in Egypt is not caused only by lack of fuel or high electricty consumption I am afraid but mainly because our electric grid and Electricty power stations are extremely old and need to be upgraded. Those old stations can not take it anymore just like the rest of the infrastructure in Egypt. 

    Already before we speak and invest billions in mega-projects , why we should invest first in upgrading our infrastructure.Already I know mega-projects need a strong infrastructure in the first place !?!!

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    I want to write about ISIS or ISIL or IS or whatever you like to call it but unfortunately I do not have the time now. Thankfully Saudi tweep Abdel Rahman Shehri made an interesting video discussing nearly the same ideas I wanted to discuss about the world's last nightmare.The video is called ISIS is our daughter and please watch it till the end.

    By the way all respect to British Muslims who attacked IS for real and without fear.

    0 0

    The Arab ministers of foreign affairs held an emergency meeting today in Cairo where they declared that they would fight ISISI/ISL/IS with all possible ways joining officially that international coalition forming to fight the pseudo caliphate in Levant.

    It is a good decision but one must ask : How will these countries fight IS when their regimes , their dictatorship corrupted regimes helped in founding such organization and feed it with angry fighters ??

    How will these countries fight IS and its thought ? I am not speaking about the military police solution that has never put an end in our time to radical terrorist groups and the examples are many worldwide starting with Nazis , Taliban and Al-Qaeda. I am speaking about the social remedies.

    Are we going to fool ourselves that IS' radicalism is another product of the Wahabi thought originated in Saudi Arabia and spread throught the Gulf money and media ? Are we going to fool ourselves and neglect the fact that our sheikhs and our political regime reject to modernize the religious discourse as well political discourse for fear they would lose power over the masses ?? Are we going to fool ourselves on how the Shiites are attacks in the mainstream media as agents of Iran and how for decades the Kurds are considered evil Israeli supporters who want to divide Iraq ? Do I need to speak about women's rights in the Arab world ? Do I need to speak about the human rights records of the Arab countries when it comes to freedoms ?

    I will speak about my country Egypt : We have still got a sectarian religious discourse in mosques and schools. Just in one year , a film , books and a TV show were banned in Egypt because of so-called public manners and religious traditions. We got a president who declared himself as a protector of vice and general manners during the presidential elections. Dar el-Ifta is still speaking about online chat between men and women.

    The media is crying for the displacements of Iraqi Christians and Yazidis when it doesnot dare to speak about the internal displacement of Christian families according to the old traditional judiciary sponsored by the government whenever a fight breaks between a Muslim and Christian !!!

    Do I need to speak about Shiites or Baha'is in Egypt ? I know about that incident Where there was that young man who was traveling last month to Sharm El-Sheikh when he was stopped and was verbally abused because he is a Baha'i in a security checkpoint. The officer told the young man to convert to Islam.That officer is a representative of the Egyptian state for God's sake !! Egyptian Monuments are destroyed thanks to corruption and there no is outcry in the media like what happened to Iraqi Monuments on the hands of IS

    It is not a big secret that ignorance, poverty , injustice and above them dictatorship contribute directly in spreading radicalism and in our case fundamentalism. Frustrated young men who lose their way and get decieved by promises of paradise in the after life instead of hell they live on a daily basis failed countries that once had a great history. Of course when it comes to IS I would add "frustrating sick young men who love to behead people and take selfies with the corpses "

    Ironically current Arab regimes like the current Egyptian regime thank God for ISIS. Making the majority of people using media accept the police state and choose security over democracy and liberty for fear of ISIS and its speard. Of course those people will not get none in the end.

    Dictatorship police states and Organizations like IS are two faces for one coin.They need each other to survive. It is true that terrorism and radicalism also exist in established democracy but not like in our part of the world.

    " You want democracy ? See how democracy worked fine in Egypt , Democracy is an act of blasphemy" I read those words in the old IS' Twitter star Islam Yakan and I see how he and his terrorist organization are using the catastrophe we had last year to attract angry Islamists especially to their side wickedly. It is worth to mention that Yakan and the IS consider ousted MB Mohamed Morsi as an infidel who should be killed because he followed democracy.

    In our Islamic history we met many groups like IS that ended and vanished but for some reason I am worried and I take their promises to so-called to liberate Egypt seriously even more now because I know current regime which is built upon Mubarak's regime is actually a fragile old 60 years old regime that tries to survive in a crazy time.

    And yes what I want to say that in our part of the world , democracy ,justice and freedom of thought and expression will help in combating sick thought in more powerful way than military campaigns on the long run.

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    And Egypt has officially denied the rumors spread in Israeli and Palestinian media that El-Sisi proposed a plan to Mahmoud Abbas aka Abu Mazen, the head of the Palestinian authority by which Egypt gives up 1600 square kilometres from Sinai to Palestinians especially the Palestinian refugees. The Palestinian authority also denied these rumors officially.

    Now interestingly the source of that rumor was The Israeli army radio according to Jerusalem post  about the so-called El-Sisi's proposal and quoted Israeli officials who praised it as it were real.
    I do not think that the Israeli officials are fool enough to believe that El-Sisi is going to propose Sinai or any part of it to the Palestinians and so I am amazed at how the Israeli media is covering the matter as if El-Sisi actually proposed it.

    Of course the Egyptian state has not got the best record when it comes to honesty but there are red lines any Egyptian president knows not to cross. El-Sisi is not a fool to propose such a proposal except if he wants a revolution or coup.

    The Israeli tweeps are actually attacking Egyptians on twitter just for saying that Egypt officially denied this.

    Amazingly since the time of Mubarak we had this rumor with the same 1600 square kilometer. Here is a scan from Nationalist Weekly "Al Osboa" of Mostafa Bakry that goes back to year 2005 about that awful scenario Israel was trying to push and force allegedly on Egypt : To give 1600 square kilometres from Sinai to the Palestinians to solve the problem of Palestinians especially the refugees once and for all.

    Egypt demands 1600 kilometres from Egypt 
    That talk was repeated during Mohamed Morsi's rule and some claimed that the decision of SCAF to ban land ownership in Sinai had to with that plan. I remember I read that Qatar and Turkey were planning to buy also 1600 square kilometres and gave it to the Palestinians as a solution for once and all.

    Of course just like the Pro-Military supporters in Egypt who said that Morsi was going to give a piece of Sinai also 1600 square kilometreس to the Palestinians in Gaza , the Pro-Morsi supporters claim that El-Sisi is going to give a piece of Sinai to the Palestinians in some irony.

    My own explanation for the whole affair this time is that the Israeli government once again is trying to push it but once again the idea is rejected for the time being.

    Now I have a question : Why do they speak only about 1600 square kilometres in Sinai ?? Yes why they are always 1600 square kilometres !? 

    Anyhow Egypt officially denied the rumor along with the Palestinians whom they won't give up their historical rights in Palestine nor in the right of return.

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    And I did not write a single post about the so-called New Suez Canal project because I feel I have not fully understood all the project's details technically but I can not keep myself from this.

    Egypt's Post authority issued a special stamp commemorating the new canal.The stamp is sold for two pounds.

    Amazingly the new canal got the same design of Panama Canal !!!!! The photo of Panama Canal being used to celebrate the new canal.

    Ferdinand de Lesseps could not be much happier to see his plans like that !!!

    By this is not a new Suez Canal , it is only a new branch to the original canal and it is not the first one of its kind there so I do not understand this craze in the media that reminds me with the Toshka project.

    Or to be honest somehow I understand , El-Sisi is simply searching for a Mega-project to associate his name with. The problem is that before spending billions on mega-projects , he should spend millions on upgrading and re-building our basic infrastructure. In fact mega-projects need a strong infrastructure. Historically the modern infrastructure of Egypt whether Electricty to telegrams to railways were all associated with old Suez Canal.

    Another point the New Suez Canal bonds issued by the government , I am not amazed about the billions Egyptians are keeping for rainy days as much as I am amazed that nobody in the government cares that the internal debt is increasing madly with those bonds.


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    For weeks now the the hunger strike movement started from few weeks in different Egyptian jails by political detainees accused in cases related to the infamous protest law has gained more supporters.

    Today it is being escalated with tens of journalists and activists declaring their partial strike at the journalists syndicate demanding the cancellation of the unconstitutional protest law.

    More people from activists , journalists and youth are joining the hunger strike as well pro-Jan26 revolution parties " The Constitution party , Strong Egypt Party, the Popular current , The bread and liberty party, Thr Egyptian social Democratic Party, the popular socialist alliance" and movements like April 6 Youth movement and Revolutionary Socialists.

    Despite the hunger strike movement originally started earlier this year by detainees like Abdullah El-Shamy " who is free now" and Mohamed Soltan who became an icon , the hunger strike gained media attention with the announcement of Alaa Abdel Fattah that he would start a hunger strike to object his imprisonment. The movement is now called "جبنا آخرنا" {we had enought} quoting the prominent blogger activist who was sent to jail during the time of Mubarak, SCAF, Morsi and now El-Sisi.

    Abdel Fattah was followed by other activists and protesters including his sister Sana'a imprisoned in protest law related cases.

    Here are some numbers and names related to the hunger strike :

    • Today September 13 there are 60 detainees in Egyptian prisoners are on full and partial hunger strike.
    • Outside the prisons there are 80 citizens who started full hunger strike.
    • There is hunger strike movement in Tora prison , Al-Qantar prison, Qena general prison , Fayoum prison, Abu Zabaal prison.
    • The most prominent figures in that strike : Mohamed Sultan "226 days- has been transferred to the ICU" , Ibrahim Yamani "154 days" , Alaa Abd Fattah "26 days" , Nouby "18 days" , Sanaa Abdel Fattah "15 days" and Ahmed Douma "15 days".
    • There are detained journalists participating in the hunger strike Ahmed Gamal Ziyad "who works in Yaqeen network" and Mahmoud Abu Zaid "Shawkan, the freelance photographer"

    Now we got a movement that can't be ignored. In the end I want to say that those young people who are thrown in jail demanding liberty and democracy are dying so we can live in a better Egypt.

    Here is a photo gallery from the event at the journalists' syndicate.



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    Huge development I didnot expect to be honest. A Cairo criminal court has ordered the release of Alaa Abdel Fattah , Wael Metawally and Ahmed Abdel Rahman "Nouby" aka the Shura council clashes detainees on bail. The court also referred the personal videos shown in court by prosecution illegally to prosecutor general to be investigated in order to know who was responsible for this scandal.
    Alaa and Wael happy in cage by Sherif Abdel Kaddous
    Here is a video for the session.
    The court's judges also decided to step down for embarrassment. Ok now an explanation for all this.
    Alaa and 24 other protesters and activists were sentenced 15 years in jail for breaking the protest law , assaulting police officers and stealing a walki-talkie as well in absentia.
    This is the photo of the day indeed.
    The happiness of the Abdel Fattah family "Ravy Shaker"
    Alaa was sentenced 15 years in jail because of unconstitutional protest law that many demand now either to be amended or to be cancelled.
    Mona Seif hugging another girl in court today
    "Sherif Abdel Kaddous"

    Alaa Abdel Fattah , Ahmed Abdel Rahman and Wael Matewally were arrested outside the court on that day and were sent to prison. The absentia means there would be a retrial and according to the law the defendants can be released in the retrial.

    The rest of the defendants in the case
    "Sherif Abdel Kaddous"
    For months we had this retrial with lots and lots of adjournments.Alaa demanded the judges panel to step down because he didnot trust the judge who was accused of elections fraud during the judicial supervision of elections 2005 if I am not mistaken.

    Of course you know that Alaa's renowned lawyer Ahmed Seif El-Islam passed away from two weeks ago.

    Nouby with the victory sign in the cage
    by Mohamed El-Shahed/AFP
    The last session of the retrial was full drama starting with the contradicting eye witnesses' testimonies " from police officers" to the video news reports that prove nothing to the fact that the Egyptian prosecution used personal videos taken from Alaa's personal laptop without any right to incriminate the prominent activist. One of those videos was showing Manal Hassan, Alaa's wife dancing in some family event !!!
    Showing the personal videos in the court illegally by the prosecution made many people angry.
    When security forces stormed Alaa's house last year arresting him and physically assaulting his wife ,the laptops in his house were confiscated without any prosecution's warrant.
    It is worth to mention last session Alaa want to address the court but the court refused to listen to his word which was published online. His letter was an emotional eloquent demand to the judge to release him pending the trial and to step demand.
    Podcaster Matar El-Ghawai presented it in audio, it was great. Alaa has been on a hunger strike demanding his release for more than 20 days. Nouby has been on hunger strike for 20 days while 'Wael Matewelly has been on hunger strike for about 4 days if I am not mistaken.
    Now Alaa , Nouby and Wael will be released today inshallah after paying the LE 15000 bail each. I am so happy for real.
    • The trio was released earlier from Tora prison and they went to their homes. 
    Alaa with his mom "Unknown source"
    • Needless to say they look fragile and thin. Here is Nouby below among his friends in Abdeen , downtown Cairo. As you can see he lost a lot of weight.
    Nouby among friends by Nazly Hussein 
    • Here is a video by Nazly Hussein showing Nouby and his reception in Abdeen 
    • Here is the photo of Wael Matewally following his release with famous Egyptian blogger Mahmoud Salem aka Sandmonkey. Matewally lost a lot of weight too. 
    Wael Matewally with a friend and Mahmoud Salem
    • The hunger strike is still on , yes Mona and Alaa as well other activists announced that they will continue the hunger strike till the release of all detainees imprisoned because of the protest law and the amendment or cancellation of that unconstitutional law. 
    • Alaa is back to his family and he is tweeting in solidarity with other political detainees on hunger strike like Ahmed Douma who is extremely sick. Here is the photo of Alaa with his wife Manal by his sister Mona Seif 

    By Mona Seif 
    • Alaa tweeted the following hours after his release calling for the freedom of all detainees.
    • Ahmed Douma and. Mohamed Soltan are extremely sick. Mohamed Soltan was transferred to the ICU but Douma has not been transferred to hospital despite He should.Douma's wife Nourhan Hazy's issued an emotional plea to El-Sisi to release her sick husband. 

    0 0

    The hunger strike launched by a group of detained of political activists including Alaa Abdel Fattah is stil going strong , even after the release of Abdel Fattah, Wael and Nouby.

    Over 100 activist inside and outside the Egyptians prisons as well inside and outside Egypt are on hunger strike now demanding the release of the detainees imprisoned because of the unconstitutional protest law as well its cancellation.

    Now I can not ignore the health condition of the hunger strikers. US Egyptian detainee Mohamed Soltan is in very critical health condition according to his family that failed to see earlier this week along with a representative from the US embassy. Supposedly the Tora prison gave them a permit to visit him tomorrow. Now Soltan needs to be transferred to a hospital, a real hospital not a prison's hospital. Mohamed Soltan has been on a hunger strike for more than 230 days now.

    Nasserite activist Ahmed Douma who has been on a hunger strike also needs to be transferred to hospital immediately. There are lots of pleas to transfer him but the government is not interested.

    Interestingly after the visit of John Kerry and his statement that his talks with the Egyptian regime included amending the protest law , now it became a matter of fact that the Egyptian government would announce amending the infamous law sooner. Yes ministers and officials speak about amending the law shamelessly publicly in Egypt. Some speculate that it will happen within days .I think it has to do with El-Sisi's visit to New York.

    Nevertheless that unprecedented hunger strike plays a role as a pressure.

    I know this post is not comprehensive as usual but I still got no laptop and I blog using an ipad instead.



    0 0

    Last week we knew that a local police force attacked a small village in the heart of Miniya governorate. The small population of that remote village "Gabl El-Tir" is mostly Christian.That local police force stormed the houses of the citizens there smashing doors, destroying furniture and attacking the people whether they are women or children or elderly.

    They rounded up the men and youth whose hands were tied to their backs. In the village's public square the police mocked the men and called them "infidels" and "animals" beating them in front of their wives and children.
    All this started from two weeks ago when a Christian housewife mother of 5 suddenly disappeared and as usual we got the same old story that a Muslim man "who is a friend of her husband" from another village seduced her. Last week a group of angry Christian youth protested at Samalout police station against the neglect of the authority to the case.
    They hurled rocks at the police vehicles and destroyed the facade of the police station as I understand in a failed attempt to storm it. Fourteen protesters were arrested in that incident.
    Then came the collective punishment to the citizens of "Gabel El-Tir" , the revenge of the police force in Samalout.

    The people of the village spoke to the media but no one listens because we are in war on terrorism least we become like Syria and Iraq. Well Christians in Egypt are attacked in their villages but not by crazy extremists but rather policemen !!!!!!!
    According to friends in Upper Egypt , this is the not the first time something like that happens. A similar incident happened in Sohag governorate also from couple of weeks ago in a small village. The villagers in that Sohag village mostly from Muslims and currently the elderly are trying to contain the anger of the people.
    Now according to what I know about Upper Egypt , I will say that anger is not contained but is kept to one hell rainy day.
    Nothing in the Egyptian laws or traditions justify what happened in Miniya or in Sohag and yes I am bringing up the traditions as we speak about Upper Egypt where the traditions rule. In fact such attacks against whole villages and innocent people including women,children and elderly usually cause tribal fights that can keep going on for days if the elderly do not interfere wisely.
    The police thinks in this way it restores that fearful status it had in Egypt more than the law and order after the 25 January revolution. It does not care that much about the law and order ,it cares more about that state of fear. Donot be shocked but many policemen in Egypt believe that the only way to deal with the people is through fear and discipline.
    Of course I can not neglect the "infidels" part, this part shows a clear sectarian problem whether you like or not , yes our law enforcement men got some serious sectarian problem
    The head of Miniya security directorate defended his men and said the people started by attacking the police first. Now Christian activists demanded that he would be held accountable and to be dismissed. Something many believe that it won't happen.
    In the end many people believe that this incident will be forgotten and no body will be held accountable officially. Of course just imagine a similar incident to happen to Christians in Egypt during the time of Morsi and the anger it would produce in the media and how the media is acting modestly now.

    0 0
  • 09/23/14--13:02: Welcome to the New Egypt
  • For the first time ads and billboards about Egypt show up in New York's times square this week. The same week where president Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is in the Big Apple participating in the UNGA summit. The ads show the pyramids,Suez Cana and an ancient Egyptian temple with the words "peace , prosperity, growth" over the big bold words : The new words {The New Egypt}

    I see this back in Cairo and I wonder what new Egypt they are speaking about when the same old faces of Mubarak regime are renovating themselves in a new presidential cult era.

    I wonder what kind of peace , prosperity and growth we will have in Egypt when a police state is being enforced day after day through a set of laws restricting freedoms of expression , media and assembly as well press and NGO funding. Thousands of detainees are arrested because of unconstitutional law and hundreds are sentenced to death in highly politicalized trial and TV shows are cancelled because of censorship while the newspapers are demanded by the president to stop criticizing the government. That new Egypt is quite promising !!

    Since when police state or military state has ever brought peace or prosperity or growth throughout history for real not to mention in country suffering of corruption for decades. Freedom and democracy bring peace and prosperity as well growth and we got many examples in the world

    These ads and billboards in New York City are allegedly paid by steel tycoon Ahmed Abu Hashima who is in NY also to support the new president. Abu Hashima is really smart , he managed to sort his matters during Mohamed Morsi's rule striking deals now with the Turkish and Qatari businessmen and now he is supporting the Field Marshal strongly in the States.


    0 0

    The group of hunger strikers from detainees and Prisoners in Egyptian prisons are still insisting to complete their strike despite the regime and media's neglect.

    Mohamed Soltan has hit a record in his hunger strike , unprecedented in Egyptian history with 242 days. Of course the price he has to pay for this or rather his freedom is health if not his life. Soltan's life is in extreme danger now. His family could not see him last week at prison and the court adjourned his case as usual refusing to release him for health condition pending the trial.

    As he is the son of outspoken controversial MB preacher Soltan does not find a lot of support in Egyptian media outside the young activists-sphere. I am extremely worried about his life now.

    Nevertheless sometimes I believe even if there is a huge noise for him like famous activist Ahmed Douma who is imprisoned for breaking the unconstitutional protest law and also on a hunger strike, he would face the same treatment like Douma. Douma's requests to be transferred to hospital are rejected. His request to the court panel of his cabinet hq clashes "December 2011" is also rejected.

    Douma has been hunger strike for a month now. Earlier today the ministry of interior "MOI" claimed that he stopped his strike but his wife Nourhan Hafzy denied that. I believe Nourhan more than the MOI with its long history of lying.

    El-Sisi claimed that in New York that there were freedoms of expression and media ..etc in Egypt, I do not know what to say that the world is small village now and he cannot fool anyone with slogans that only work with his local supporters in Egypt

    Reminder the strikers will continue their hunger strike till their release and the cancellation of the protest law. It is worth to mention after US Secretary of State John Kerry there was a strong talk that the protest law would be amended within days but soon enough we know officially it will remain as it is.


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