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7000 years and counting ...

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    Another day and the aggression on Gaza continues. The total death toll reached to 336. More families killed in Gaza.
    Today Israel announced that One Israeli was killed in Beersheba by the Palestinian rockets earlier today. That Israeli turned to be Arab Bedouin and it turns out that Bedouins have got no shelters to protect them. It is worth to mention that Israel’s rockets hunter Iron Dome only works and intercepts rockets targeting populated areas.
    Anyhow we will leave Gaza for awhile and go to Egypt to North Sinai where the Egypt 2 Gaza convey was halted by “Balloza” army checkpoint. There are about 300 activists in this convey
    The army officers told the activists they could not let the activists pass because they could not protect them despite the activists made it clear that they were taking the risk. The officers at the check point then said that they would pass only the medicine , then the Youth refused that option and blocked the road for quite some time chanting Pro-Palestinian slogans as well Pro-Revolutionary slogan,chants and songs.
    The last I have read from updates about the convey that the Commander of the Second Zone army responsible for North Sinai arrived to the convey.
    Updated @2:52 : The convey will not pass and its organizers are holding a press conference denouncing the decision of the government.
    By the way this convey was declared last by several political parties including the Constitution Party , The Strong Egypt Party and the Egyptian Social Democratic Party as well movements like April 6 Youth movement and Revolutionary way.
    There are several prominent figures in the convey like Ahmed Harara “Who lost both of his eyes in the 2011 protests by the hands of the security” , Gamila Ismail , Mostafa Naggar , Khaled Ali , Haitham Mohamedeen and Ragia Omran.
    Now this convey was announced last week and started its journey from Cairo early Friday and after 200 km as well passing by several police and military checkpoints peacefully before their stop at Balloza.
    Historically this happened before during the days of Mubarak , another popular relief convey was stopped at Balloza.
    Amazingly the Egyptian convey to Gaza united the Pro- ElSisi and Pro-Morsi supporters who are both attacking the activists and parties organizing this convey as PR stunt !! 

    The parties will hold a press conference back in Cairo.
    Here is a video for the activists singing Sheikh Emam's revolutionary songs 

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    Just minutes before the Ramadan breakfast breaking news came from the Western desert : 15 Egyptian soldiers were killed by smugglers in New Valley governorate.

    In less than two hours more details began to surface as well a death toll increasing by the minute. An armed forces check point was attacked by smugglers killing not less than 31 armed forces personnel and Injuring dozens in army checkpoint at El-Farfara oasis.

    At least 26 army soldiers and 4 low ranking officers were killed in one of the most worst attacks ever , even in Sinia the numbers are not like that "4 conscripts were killed earlier today in North Sinai in clashes with militants"

    The ministry of health also stated that only 3 smugglers or assailants were injured. Yes only 3 !!! Do not ask me how.

    Now for hours the official radio stations and sources spoke about smugglers who are angry that Sallom borders crossing between Egypt and Libya was closed after the clashes  in Benghazi and the kidnap of Egyptian truck divers. Here we are not speaking about goods smugglers but rather weapons smugglers that got busy routes in the desert to Upper Egypt to Sudan . Those smugglers are dangerous and armed crazily according to Upper Egyptians.

    Then we got the official spokesperson of Egyptian armed forces Mohamed Samir saying that the soldiers were attacked by "terrorist group" which blew up an ammo warehouse. Of course the Brigadier General says that number of victims is 21 !!!!

    So one has to wonder which version is the truth. Yes one has to wonder and ask about this attack and has to raise questions about the training of Egyptian soldiers in such remote areas for God's sake.

    It is worth to mention we do not know officially who killed the soldiers in Sinai in 2012. Do you remember that scary attack that no one officially has claimed responsibility of till this day and yet was being used politically now and then ?!

    Also according to the news archives this is the second incident of its kind where soldiers are attacked and killed in the Western desert in the same area !!

    May those soldiers rest in peace. May we learn from our mistakes. May we learn the truth so their death would not be in vain.

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    And we woke up on another massacre !!
    For hours and hours through out night Israeli forces intensified its shelling and bombardment in the small Al-Shejaiya district killing not less than 40 and injuring hundreds as well forcing hundreds of thousands to flee. 
    "It is like hell" a repeated description for what was and is happening in Al-Shejaiya by its residents fleeing the scene and seeking refugees in the UNRWA facilities and Al-Shifa hospital. Not less than 85,000 Palestinians are fleeing the area.
    Updated : The death toll increased to 60. Photos showing a horrifying reality. 

    Dead bodies are everywhere according to the eye witnesses.

    There was small Humanitarian truce that did not live too long between Israel and Hamas to let the ambulances in.
    IDF claims that it attacked El-Shajeiya because the whole area was hiding rockets in the houses and mosques.
    More shocking graphic video clips showing what happened after the Israeli attack. Please forget about Hamas for once and think about those humans as truly humans.
    This is at El-Shifa hospital's morgue

    Ambulances can not reach to certain areas in Al-Shajeiya , already one of the medics were killed there. Al-Shafaa hospital is full of injured , dead bodies and refugees with supplies that can not stand much. The Red Cross proposed a humanitarian truce and Hamas accepted it. 
    Here is a Photo gallery for the horrifying massacre. 

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    Mahmoud Abu Zaid "Shawken" is a talented Freelance Photographer. Since 14 August 2013 Abu Zaid or Shawken has been imprisoned after being arrested in the dispersal of Rabaa sit in. Shawkan was there doing his job as a Freelance photographer.
    Shawkan in action 
    Today Shawken's detention was renewed for another 45 days. For nearly a year Shawkan has been in prison.

    Of course because he is a Freelance photographer he can't find too many people demanding his release. Only his colleagues from photographers are demanding his release.

    Here is a photo gallery for a stand organized by the photographers from couple of weeks ago.

    I hope and pray that there will be more noise about Shawkan like other detained journalists like Al Jazeera journalists. May be if more people write about him online and offline , we can help him
    Needless to say the Journalists syndicate did not stand against what is happening to journalists or press right now in Egypt.
    El-Sayida Zeinab Moulid by Shawkan "2013"
    A Luxor Mosque by Shawkan "2013"
    A Siwa House by Shawkan "2013"
    Here is a glimpse of Shawken's work in Demotix.
    Here is also a petition calling for his release. May be it can create some noise. 
    You can find more updates about Shawkan's case in Freedom For Shawkan Facebook page. 

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    And ISIS aka IS aka the Neo-Islamic Caliphate in Iraq announced the Christians in Mosul have either two
    A Christian lady at a Church in Mosul "Reuters" 
    options : Either to become Muslims or they would killed or they leave. After 14 centuries the Churches and monasteries in Mosul are attacked and torched “contrary to the orders of Islam” while the properties of Christians there are confiscated.
    Yes after 2000 years the Christians in Mosul “One of the old Christian sects in the world” had to leave to their homes in the city.For 14 centuries the Christians in Mosul lived in their homes under the different Islamic Caliphates and yet they did not have to leave their home. Yet now in the 21st century they have leave because they refused to change their religion.
    I am not that surprised from the IS because watching they did and are doing in Syria , you would know what kind of mentality we are dealing with.
    I am surprised about other things.
    Those Christians of Mosul are actually the remaining minority of the Christians in Iraq. People ignore that since the Invasion of Iraq in 2003 and nearly 85% of Christian Iraqis left the country. People also forget that they did not speak up about those 85% all those years like now.
    People show huge anger online about the orders of IS and “of course our media is using it in Egypt for example to scare people that they should accept police state to avoid having ISIS” but what about offline politics !?
    Online people from all over the Arab world began to show their solidarity with the Christians of Mosul but what about offline whether in the Arab world or in Iraq itself. What happened to Iraqis themselves !?? This question is extremely important.
    I know that my country Egypt Baha'is were forced out of their homes in Upper Egypt from couple of years thanks to the incitement of a journalist in Al Gomhouria newspaper who is widely respected now. I know that Christians in Delta and Upper Egypt are forced to leave their homes whenever there are sectarian clashes in their villages and towns and the state is ok about it.
    One of the main reasons that the Sunnis as well the Sunni tribes welcomed militias like ISIS was the sectarian policies adopted by Maliki in some irony.
    Neither the Arab League nor the Islamic Conference Organization spoke about what happened or is happening in Mosul.
    After a second though , since when the Arab League or the Islamic Conference did anything instead of denouncing , since when they stood for their people let alone the other minorities in Arab and Islamic countries.
    Already Did the Iraqi PM open his mouth about what happened in the Mosul !? Updated : It turned out that he spoke about it.
    Personally I pray as well I believe that insh Allah the Christians of Mosul will return back to their city and homes soon and ISIS will be another attempt of God knows what intelligence apparatuses and Sheikhs in Gulf to control the area in their own way.

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    Happy F*cking July 23 Dear Egyptians every where.

    Of course today is the 62th anniversary of the 23 July , the original coup that turned  in to a revolution.

    Today President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi spoke to the public in another recorded televised speech on that anniversary reminding us that the the goals of the 23 July revolution are still alive. He spoke about the 25 January revolution and its goals as well the so-called 30 June revolution and how Egyptians restored their freedom in that revolution.

    Already you will wonder  how his media and supporters keep attack the 25 January revolution calling it a conspiracy that he foiled day and night when he praised it.

    He also said something interesting that a hungry person should not look for Freedom. “How can I look for Freedom when I am hungry” He said. 

    You know it is quite clever because when you think about what he had said , you will remember Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

    He also spoke about Gaza insisting that no borders or crossing would be open unless Hamas agreed on the Cease fire. He also said that Egypt paid a lot because of Palestine

    Of course he forgot an important fact that without Palestine and the defeat in 1948 , there would be no Free Officers and that almost all Egypt’s wars with Israel had to do with Egypt’s wrong political and military decisions not with Palestine. Anyhow this is what his media claims all the time , that Egypt fought and bankrupted with

    In the end of his speech , El-Sisi told the Egyptian people that there was a surprise waiting for them.

    Amazingly when I look back to 1952 I find quite interesting resemblances between it and 25 January in one specific thing : The relation between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian army then or rather the Free officers aka the Revolution commandership council “which was like SCAF then”

    Interestingly the MB stood with the Free officers against the political parties and cheered for the end of political partisan life in Egypt as well the decisions against the labor movement in Kafr El-Dawar and Siyad Qotb’s articles in that time stand as an evidence. Just like the statements and interviews of the MB leading figures in 2011 and 2012 supporting SCAF.

    Amazing resemblance and fearful history repeating. I do not want my generation to live through that cycle again.

    Late Pro-Mubarak journalist Abdullah Kamel said after the victory of Field Marshal El-Sisi in the presidential elections that the July 23 state defeated the January 25 state. Of course the late writer who used to defame the opposition figures in Rosa Al Youssef during Mubarak and sons era did not understand that actually the July 23 state died In mid 1970s and what we see now actually is actually the disgusting ugly cons of that army movement.

    It is actually regime in Egypt comes and builds up upon the cons of the regime that preceded it !!

    Happy 23 July ya people.

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    Khuza , another populated area in Gaza's Khan Younis governorate. For three days now it was cut from the world facing the Israeli military machine's rage.

    For three days or even more the IDF had not stopped its shelling nor its airstrikes in that small populated area. The eye witnesses spoke about how bodies were in the streets and under the rubble of the houses destroyed by airstrikes. The ambulance can not reach to certain areas in Khuza because of destruction not to mention because of the IDF which hunts down every living there.

    Only today Tweep Mahmoud Ismail wrote in Arabic a terrifying testimony about the past 48 hours. Ismail lost his uncle and three cousins. A true shelling testimony you should read and share. I translated it in to English in a Storify post after the break.

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    First of all I apologize for no publishing the rest of the Ramadan Audio Arabian nights in time. I could not publish them last week honestly with all the sad news coming from Palestine with what Israel commits from crimes and Egypt after the death of our borders soldiers.
    Second you should refresh your memory I think you should our last episodes in the Archives.
    Third of all here are the episodes as we have got a lot to catch up with now.
    Here is the 17th episode after the break

    Now Shamalan who became a prince goes to Princess Mango in a huge procession of slaves carrying jewels and necklaces. The princess and her father have no excuse to accept his marriage proposal. Princess Mango already falls in love with Shamalan.
    Mango’s father insists that his daughter does not leave their palace and goes to Shamalan’s luxurious palace promising to explain to him later after marriage.
    The talking diver monkey Shamalan which owns and keeps in his legendary palace gives him a new set instructions to follow in order to end his spell as well to put an end to an evil curse against the princess.
    The instructions are as follows : After the end of their wedding and while the princess is sleeping , Shamalan should search for a door in her room. That door will lead him to a closet and inside that closet a roaster and a book. Shamalan should kill
    The monkey says that his spell will be broken if Shamalan follows the instruction carefully.

    Here is the 18th episode and things are getting interesting. Remember how Mabrooka warned her son from that monkey, well moms always know best.

    Shamalan is married to the princess and on the night of their wedding while Mango was sleeping; he began to follow his monkey’s instructions. To his surprise he finds the room and inside it the closet with the roaster and book. He kills the roaster over the book and then something unexpectedly happened.
    The princess wakes up scared and shocked. Already the roaster and the book are spells made to protect her and not to harm her.
    From nowhere a terrible strong Jinn called Gulbhar appears and kidnaps the Princess.
    Angry and sad as well heart broken Mango’s father kicks Shamalan from the palace. One of the Mango’s servants reveals the story to poor Shamalan who is crying for the loss of his wife.
    “Some parts of this story are unknown to us and we saw some parts by our own eye while other parts were told to us by Abu Tarab”  said the servant
    And it turns we are going to hear another story inside a story and we meet again Abu Tarab.
    The story started in the Jinn realm where a cruel restless king called Gulbhar used to live. Gulbhar is a tyranny in his word who worships fire. Bored and angry Gulbhar hears about the most beautiful girl in the realm and decides to get her.

    Here is the 19th episode and we began to know the story of Mango Gulbhar. 

    The mighty king of Jinn Gulbhar turns to be fond of kidnapping beautiful human girls and sending them to a palace in unknown where they become his slaves thanks to his minister Abdel Nar. Traveling to the humans realm and seeing the beautiful princess Mango , daughter of Prince Shahab, Gulbhar decides that he won't kidnap Mango, he will marry her instead but there was one obstacle. Humans refuse to marry Jinn. 
    The wicked Jinn king decides to stay in town and disguised as Wealthy Raja , the son of a Maharaja where as his wicked minister is disguised as Amen , the aide of Raja. They go and introduce themselves to prince Shahab. Gulbhar tries to speak to Mango but fails each time. He is planning something 

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    And both Hamas and Israel agreed on a 12 hours humanitarian cease fire many hope it would extend for 24 hours including the UN Secretary General , the US Secretary of state and the of course Egypt.
    I wonder how much longer this time it will last. The death toll reached to 1000 Palestinian killed in that war.
    Today hundreds of Palestinians returned back to what remains from their homes in Beit Hanon, Khan Younis , Khuza and Shegaiya  searching for their belonging as well their beloved ones in what was once their homes. More dead bodies are found in the streets of Khuza and Shegaiya. Not less than 68 dead bodies were brought out of the rubble today alone.

    The photo are speaking without the need of any words.Of course one wonders where those rockets and missiles are !? Did Hamas put all the rockets and missiles in all those houses and places !?
    Already Egypt, the United States and the UN along the Arab League were hoping for a 7 day humanitarian truce but it seems that it was too much for both parties when each of them insist on their demands.
    Now I can not forget what happened on Thursday’s night.
    Last Thursday Palestinians in West Bank and Jerusalem protested in a way that has not been seen for years.
    The photos of the Palestinian flag on Aqsa mosque dome went viral in the Arab world.
    Many Palestinian politicians said that it was the beginning of a new Intifada. God knows how much Israel does not want this to happen especially with all its military losses in Gaza as well its losses in the international media. In Fact I believe many Arab regimes including the current Egyptian regime

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    Here is a double/double bill post with four episodes of the King Dandash’s tale which actually turned to be the adventure of Shamalan the lazy.

    You can listen to episode 360th from Ramadan’s Radio Arabian nights after the break.

    We continue to know more about the tale of Jinn king Gulbhar and Princess Mange. Gulbhar who disguised as a human being aka Prince Raja along his minister is mingling with humans more and more earning the confidence of Prince Shahab to the level that he asked for his daughter’s hand.

    To episode 361th of our classical show

    Princess Mango can not love that Prince Raja but agrees to marry him after lots of  pleas from her parents.

    And in her wedding something unexpectedly happened.

    Moments before the priest would pronounce a husband and a wife , the strange dervish creature Abu Tarab appears from no where telling them to stop the marriage immediate.

    And when they asked why , Abu Tarab revealed that Prince Raja is not a human prince but a Jinn tyranny who used to kidnap human girls and rape them before he would lock them for eternity in his realm.

    Now to episode 362th

    After saving the day , Abu Tarab put a spell to protect the princess in her palace. He put a spell on a roaster which would be locked in a closet in a room besides her room. That roaster would call him if Gulbhar ever thought of coming near to Mango.

    Knowing the truth about Mango and Gulbhar , poor Shamalan wonders why his monkey would such a thing. Hoping to search for an answer , he returns to that golden palace the monkey made for him only to find out that there are no palace or servants anymore. He only found his mother crying besides their old hut.

    He thought of returning back to the Palace he bought downtown which he gave to evil Ma’atoa. His mother warns him but he does not listen.

    Ma’atoa forged documents that that palace was hers and she claimed that she did not know Shamalan or his mother.

    Shamalan suddenly returns to his old laziness and can not move a muscle and his poor mom returned to work as a maid.

    And then to episode 363th

    Poor princess Mango is locked up in the Jinn realm and according to evil Gulbhar it would take ten years to find her. She still loves Shamalan and calls for his name every minute.

    Both Shamalan and his poor mom got an expected visitor : Ma’ato , Ma’atoa’s son who does not approve his mom’s behavior. He asks Mabrooka to come with him while Shamalan , lazy as before stays at home.

    Later Shamalan got another unexpected visit.

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    It is a war , yes this Operation against Gaza is a war by all measures with more than 1000 killed and
    It is a war and it is built on a lie because it started by a lie spread by Israeli media and Israeli officials that Hamas was responsible for the murder of those three Israeli settlers. It turned out to be a lie.
    Israeli Police spokesperson told BBC Sydney Jon Donnison that those Israeli settlers were killed by a lone cell that did not operate under Hamas’ umbrella.
    Israeli PM claimed that Hamas was behind the act and unfortunately not only Israeli media but also Egyptian mainstream is claiming the same thing. The Egyptian media also ignored these tweets despite it has not problem in making a whole story from Fake twitter accounts and D-List celebrities.

    Buzz Feed’s Sheera Frenkel wrote from a month ago that Israeli officials and experts did not believe that Hamas was responsible for the murders of those three Israelis. 
    A lie that led to this 
    Amazingly and sadly enough we find the current President of Egypt repeats indirectly that the Gaza war started because of the kidnap and murder of those three settlers as if it were the guilt of Palestinians in Gaza. I thought that he would be wiser and that the Egyptian intelligence would know what the Israeli Police spokesperson knew from long time.
    The Egyptian media totally ignored the tweets of the BBC correspondent as well BuzzFeed’s report. Of course I am not surprised because the Egyptian media is claiming now that those who killed the protesters in the 25 January revolution were Hamas militants !!
    It is worth to mention that on 4 February 2011 Hamas was giving to Egyptian borders guards in Rafah food supplies because no food supplies came to them from Cairo according to Reuters Report. The report says that Hamas was beefing up the borders to stop any breaching there !!
    Speaking about that date I remember that during Morsi’s era the case of Three missing police officers were brought up in the media with direct accusations that Hamas was responsible of their kidnap.
    I remember the wives of those missing officers saying that they got tips from unnamed officials from Egyptian intelligence and military intelligence accusing directly Khairat El-Shater of standing behind their kidnap.
    After July 3  there has been no single piece of news about them when I remember it. I think the authorities in Egypt owe to the poor families and the people of Egypt the truth. The families and those officers are not a pawn in some stupid fight over power between the deep state and the Muslim Brotherhood. I have not forgotten that incident. Playing with people’s hopes is disgusting.
    I am not defending Hamas but I hate lying , some people in Egypt are cheering for what is happening to the Palestinians and their murder in a cold blood thanks to that ugly media campaign which cost and will cost Egypt a lot. They are cheering now a collective punishment which is against Geneva conventions. It is a war crime.
    Yes as usual Israel is committing a war crime and many Egyptians are cheering for it that to the bloody Pro-Regime media.
    Three Israelis were killed in a crime and thanks to Stinky Bibi “as we used to call him in Egypt” a war crime is committed and over 1000 Palestinians were killed and over 2000 were injured as well hundreds of houses are destroyed.
    What happened in these photos is a war crime.

    Because of Bibi’s lie there will be more generations from both sides feel that grudge which no initiative will end. 

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    Today several Arab and Muslim Countries are celebrating Eid El-Fitr marking the end of the Ramadan. Happy blessed Eid to all those celebrating all over the globe.
    In Gaza thousands of Palestinians are not celebrating the Eid , what they do today is visiting their beloved ones in the cemeteries and in hospitals. They are also visiting the remains of their houses. I do not think too many children are playing around as many playgrounds have been shelled , you know there were missiles and rockets there. We were speaking earlier today about 1037.
    Instead of the usual Happy Eid greetings Palestinians are saying a Martyr's Eid in Arabic. "Instead of Eid Saeed it is Eid Shaheed"
    Of course we should forget about the truce as the fighting continues between the IDF and the Palestinian resistance factions. The IDF is not dealing with Hamas anymore , it is dealing there with Ultra-right Islamic Jihad "which is mediating between Egypt and Hamas" and The popular Front to liberate Palestine . They know that but they want t keep it as "Hamas" alone.
    It started peacefully somehow and ended tragically as usual
    AFP from Gaza 

    Ebaa Rezeq from El-Shejaiya area 
     Of course Palestinians know more than anyone that they have to try to enjoy life regardless what so families tried to have their own moments. The following photos are taken by Palestinian photographer Omar El-Qattaa. 

    Praying Eid Prayers at UNRWA school
     "by Omar El-Qattaa"

    Making Eid cookies by Omar El-Qattaa
    Making Eid cookies by Omar El-Qattaa
    Those moments are over because this afternoon Israeli forces killed another 10 children in the first day of Eid. Yes 10 children who were playing at a beach playground this afternoon.

     It turns out that according to eye witnesses the 4 children were playing on a swing and the other 6 were waiting for their turns !!

    This little child here was still holding that shekel he wanted to pay to play on the swing. Now he would pay it to Charon to get him to the other side of the world.

    BY the way when the families of the children went to bury them they found a rocket about their head and they kept cheering for the resistance in Gaza.
    At the cemeteries "Meera Albaba"
    El-Shifa hospital was shelled by IDF drones but the IDF claims that Hamas shelled the hospital !! Eye witnesses on the ground say otherwise.
    US network NBC said that at first but then changed it in its news website.
    a screen capture by Scheherazade 
    It is worth to mention that Ayman Mohi El-Din , NBC correspondent in Gaza saw the Israeli strike
    These flyers were thrown by the IAF warning the citizens late today.
    This is not snow , these are flyers " Omar El-Qattaa"

    The names of the Palestinian factions leaders
    in the flyers of the IDF by Lara Abu Ramadan
    Where are the graves of Islamic Jihad and Hamas ?
    The IDF asks by Lara Abu Ramadan 
    It seems that the IDF has something with kids playing after all.
    The first day of Eid ended by Israeli warnings to Jabalia refugees camp telling the people to evacuate !! Jabalia camp is one of the biggest refugees camps in the Gaza sector.

    0 0

    And the attack continue , this is a live blog for what is taking place in Gaza. Since late Sunday night and the offensive in the city is escalating with huge blasts and explosions heard everywhere.

    Needless to say I feel in the morning there will be another human disaster in Gaza.

    0 0

    I know this is a belated pose but it is never too late to celebrate Egypt’s beautiful beaches especially in summer. I took those photos last June in early June 2014. Those photos were taken in Al Alamein , specifically at Sidi Abdel El-Rahman.

    The water there is amazing there more than part in the North Coast.
    It is worth to mention that Al Alamein will become a separate governorate in the new governors reshuffle.

    For hotels in the area of Al Alamein as well Matrouh  you can check of course Trip Advsior

    0 0

    I think I have to apologize for the first time we continue that series of episodes after Ramadan. I am trying to find an appropriate time to post the rest of the episodes.

    Now to refresh your mind with the tale or rather the adventure of Shamalan.

    Here are episodes 24 and 25

    Here is episode 364

    And Abu Tarab , the mystic creature that appears from no where appears once again to Shamalan telling him what to do not only to save his beloved princess but also to save the Jinn Nation from that tyranny called Gulbhar. Shamalan would travel to a place where he would search for someone called Salamah who would lead him to the princess

    In the Jinn realm , princess Mango refuses to give up to King Gulbhar and he is not mad. His kingdom is also facing another challenge. There are rebels who are trying to bring him down but he does not care as he is thinking only about Mango.

    And episode 365

    Shamalan travels and searches for Salama. He reaches to an old house where an old couple suddenly welcome him and tell him that they have been waiting for him for years now. They tell him that Abu Tarab told them everything. He tells that he wants to speak to Salama.

    And they take him to Salama that turns to be a donkey. Yup and that donkey should speak him and so Shamalan would wait till the donkey speaks.

    0 0
  • 07/31/14--06:05: #Gaza before the attack
  • Gaza is now associated with destruction and death especially with the death of children. Well before the start of the Israeli attack on Gaza , there was life.
    That life was captured by David Seggara

    0 0

    Meet Israel’s latest victims from Gaza : Mohamed , a 4 years old boy.
    This photo is taken by Bel Trew in Gaza today. The dear friend and colleague who is currently in Gaza saw
    Mohamed "By Bel Trew"
    him today in the hospital. Mohamed lost his face because of an Israeli missile that hit his home while he was sleeping.
    The doctor told Trew that they had to take a skin graft to reconstruct the right side of his face and his left eye has shrapnel lodged in it. Mohamed is blind now.
    If I am not mistaken this young boy needs to be transferred abroad to be treated.
    Mohamed’s elder brother Ibrahim is in the same hospital too. The 14 years old got wounds to his head, neck, back, groin, leg and arms.
    We do not know what happened to Mohamed’s parents. Their house was attacked without any prior warning.
    Today the death toll in Gaza increased to 1422. More than 8000 Palestinians have been injured so far. At least 2000 are children who suffer from similar injuries like Mohamed and Ibrahim have got. I do not think those children and families will have warm feelings towards Israel and its army.
    According to Chris Gunness , the official UNRWA spokesperson reported that 236,374 Palestinians have been displaced since the start of the Israeli military operation in Mid July.
    They are displaced in 86 UNRWA shelters including schools which are bombed and shelled by Israel frequently. Five UNRWA officials were killed in the recent attack.
    Gunness made headlines in the Arab media when he appeared crying over what is happening in Gaza on air on Al Jazeera TV channel.
    Chris Gunness crying over what is happening in Gaza
    Israel claims that the current war in Gaza is a war of self defense against those awful terrorists who are civilians.

    0 0

    And the cease fire between Israel and Palestinian resistance lived shortly just like the previous ceasefire. The negotiations in Cairo are cancelled. Israel told Egypt that one of its soldiers were kidnapped in Gaza earlier this morning and Egypt told the Palestinian delegation not to come.
    Hamas’ Moussa Abu Marzouk who is currently in Cairo told news agencies that actually the kidnapping of the IDF soldier took place before the cease fire and that Israel was the one actually breached the cease fire and started to shell South Gaza aka Palestinian Rafah madly.
    Now it is afternoon in Egypt and according to preliminary estimations not less than 90 Palestinian have been killed in Palestinian Rafah so far. In the few hours of cease fire media and TV reporters began to check places like Khuza to find war crimes in front of their eyes.
    We are waiting also the speech of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia on Saudi TV. According to the official statement the Saudi King will address both the nation and the international community. It is worth to mention that Western media is accusing Saudi Arabia of standing with Israel in this attack against Hamas as part of its regional war against the Muslim Brotherhood.

    0 0

    and we continue our tale ; the tale of Shamalan who will rescue his princess who is currently a hostage of a tyranny from the Jinn realm. To refresh your memory check the previous episodes.

    You can hear episode 366 aka episode 26 of the Ramadan Arabian radio nights after the break.

    Now princess Mango is not giving up her hopes to return back to Shamalan and at the same time evil Gulbhar gives his orders to his minister Abd Nar to kill Shamalan. Abde Nar fails because he could not find Shamalan.

    On the other hand Shamalan is waiting for the old man’s donkey to speak and tell him how to get to the realm of Jinn. Shamalan lost hope that the donkey was going to speak but the old man proved him wrong. He told that the donkey was speaking the other day to an old ox and that donkey advised the ox to pretend to be sick in order to have a rest the next day. 

    Here is episode 367 aka episode 27

    The old donkey indeed was talking to the ox and told him to pretend the sick and next day the old man and Shamalan found the ox pretending to be sick. Teaching the old donkey a lesson the old man took it to do the ox’s work in the farm. Angry from the ox after that hard work, the donkey “Salama” told the other animal that his owner was going to butcher him because he believed it was sick.

    Next day to Shamalan’s surprise they found the ox acting fine. Shamalan knew that Abu Tarab was not bluffing at all. The donkey speaks. The old man told Shamalan to spend more time with the donkey may be it will speak to him eventually.

    Back to the Jinn realm , that old maid assigned to protect Prince Mango starts to believe in God and decided to join the rebels against the tyranny king Gulbhar.

    At the same Gulbhar gives her orders to torture poor Mango.

    0 0

    And the Egyptian social media universe has nothing to speak about except Islam Yaken , Egypt's latest Social media star.

     Mr. Islam Yaken is 23 years young man who comes from a Middle Class family in Cairo and he is currently in Iraq after joining ISIS. He keeps us updated about his adventures in the neo-caliphate on twitter.

    Islam Yaken joined the ISIS in Syria and now he is in Iraq taking photos with swords and chopped heads and posting them on Twitter and Instagram making him a Hipster ISIS fighter.

    On twitter He tells us that the ISIS will come to Cairo. He says that he joined the ISIS from two years ago to fight in Syria and that he was not a member in the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Nour Party which he considered as infidel institutions. He says that he is doing what the Muslims were doing from 14 centuries.

    He is not the first Egyptian to join radical Jihadist groups but his background makes so interesting in the eyes of many especially from his social class.

    Islam was educated at Lycée la Liberté Héliopolis and studied law at Ain Shams University. I think he is the most famous graduate from Lycée la Liberté Héliopolis.
    In his school "Facebook" 

    He used to be an instructor at some gym where he used to post photos showing off his abs.
    In his gym days 
    Yaken closed his Facebook page or may be it was reported but those who inspected " I mean the word" said that this young voted in 2012 presidential elections for Khaled Ali "Extreme left" and then voted for Morsi in the runoffs then allegedly he joined Al Nour party.
    Then In 2013 allegedly he left Egypt to Syria joining the ISIS where he took funky photos.

    Nevertheless there are other traces of Yaken online showing the before and after changes. Here is his profile in the VK European social network where he showed off his abs and had European girls contact.
    Taking graphic photographs of his abs and then with beheads persons or rather of heads and bragging about taking over a house online shows that we are not dealing with a stable personality in the first place.

    Now what amazes me is not the transformation of Islam Yaken as much as the shock many Egyptians from the Middle and Upper class showed online on how a young man like Islam who had everything from their point of view went to the dark side. With my all due respect young men as well young women from the middle and upper classes go to the dark side all the time.

    Aside from the horrifying stories of murderers from the Middle and Upper classes from Egypt and all over the world , can people just remember that the current leader of Al Qaeda is Dr. Ayman El-Zawahary who comes from a rich family , lived and was educated in the Upper class area of Maadi !?

    For God’s sake the founder of Al Qaeda Osama Bin Laden used to spent summer in Europe every year when he was a young man !!

    I feel that there is a stereotyping here that only the poor join those groups. Well poverty and ignorance play a role in recruiting and brainwashing young people in to radical groups but the rich and middle class good boys also fall from the tree and they join radical groups and cults committing crimes against humanity.

    We saw many examples in the ISIS especially those Europeans joining them.In fact we saw many examples in radical groups and cults all over the globe. I do not know why I suddenly remember  Leslie Van Hounten in Manson's family.

    Of course one must wonder on why a man like Yaken joined the ISIS but we should not act that it did not happen before or it won’t happen again.

    When I look back to Islam besides of course seeing a trouble brainwashed person , I see social and political problems besides religious fanaticism. For decades we tried the security solution to combat religious radicalism and we failed.

    The security solution is the easiest. We fear to tackle the social , cultural , political and economic aspects of that radicalism problem in general because we know it will be much harder than security solution. We fear to admit our failure as simple as that. 

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