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7000 years and counting ...

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    And we woke up on a massacre that took place in the republican guards. It seems that at dawn clashes erupted between Morsi supporters and army as well police. There are lots of conflicting reports. The the Muslim brotherhood and its supporters of attacking the Republican headquarters with army while the MB from their side is accusing the Egyptian army of attacking the peaceful sit in.
    The street at Republican guards HQ sit in "Amina Ismail"
    Egyptian army accuses
    This is not good on all levels. This can be a start of something similar to what happened in Algeria.
    There are videos , photos as well testimonies from both sides.
    There are some facts thought :
    According to the ministry of health not less than 42 were killed and at least 322 have been injured. At least there are no children killed in the clashes.
    There are no children killed in the attack according to the ministry of health unlike what the Muslim brotherhood is saying and claiming. Unfortunately they are using photos from children that were killed in Syria as children killed in the clashes.
    We know also is that the army blocked certain roads and at the same time there are reports that the army withdrew from Salah Salem area.
    A Fact : There are people who are killed , those are people in the end of day and Egyptians.
    Another Fact : Many Egyptians do not believe the Muslim brotherhood due to their constant lies even those revolutionaries who tasted the bitterness of SCAF rule. Many Egyptians believe that the MB supporters were planning for a sinister thing and that they were there to provoke the army. “Why would they have a sit in at a military facility !?”I heard of this today. 
    Important fact : There were not Egyptian reporters in the sit in because the reporters were treated badly and attacked in the MB sits in , I know two Egyptian photographers who were attacked for no reason. The Egyptian channels are biased of course against the MB , it is a not a surprise. It is better to seek the truth yourself. The Egyptian TV channels consider it a “War on terrorism” and “War on radicalism” with silly logos and 24/7 patriotic songs and lots of lies and rumors inciting incredible hate. Already if it were up to me I would close all the TV channels in Egypt temporarily till things calm down.
     Logic Fact : We need clear/unbiased/honest investigation to stand the truth .. not only in this incident if we are seeking democratic progressive Egypt.
    Sad Fact : Ramadan is after two days.
    The last fact we should know and understand Egypt that we have known and wish for is no longer exists. Egypt has been spilt and there is huge gap now. Egypt needs someone to mend this gap as soon as possible and unit it again. I do not think anyone from the names in the scenes politicians or commanders or spiritual leaders can do this.
    Now there are lots of reactions taking place right now. The Egyptian army will hold a press conference sooner to reveal all facts. The Muslim brotherhood is going to do the same.
    In no time Mohamed Badie issued a statement on his official Facebook Page , here its English translation by Andeel.
      Although the bitterness we all suffer, we are prepared to accept the faithful initiatives that call for restoring legitimacy in full manner, a president, a constitution and a parliament.after that the president will mange a general discussion between all the national powers where all the matters of disapproval will have discussed in order to achieve a patriotic pardon in favor of the national best interest to save the Egyptian blood and to out from the dark tunnel which we were forced into by the military coup that brought the country nearly to the very e edge of doom.
    Al Nour Party has announced that it will not cooperate with the interim president and is withdrawing from the political life in Egypt.
    Mohamed ElBaradei said what I wanted and demanded an investigation.
     Egyptian Politician Amr Hamazawy demanded the same thing and condemned the attack on the protesters. Of course he is being attacked madly now.
    The Interim Presidency has ordered an investigation.
    The grand Emam of Al Azhar has ordered an investigation. He also demanded that the transitional period not to exceed 6 months.
    Sheikh Ahmed El Tayeb also declared that he will go in to seclusion till the violence is over !! Amazingly Ramadan is two days away and it is the month of seclusion for committed Muslims !!
    The army forces spokesperson will hold a press conference and he is going to show some videos
    Now when it comes to the video , here is what the army showed on TV earlier this morning on Egyptian National TV.
    And on the other hand this is from MB's RSSD.
    There are more graphic videos surfacing.
    The MB held a press conference that was actually a joke nevertheless what the reporters saw in the field hospital of Raba'a where the injured were transferred to was not a joke. In the end now reporters are asking themselves who opened the fire first. Already reporters knew that despite there were many peaceful protesters in the sit in , there were also armed protesters according to eye witnesses.
    The MB has called the Egyptians to stand against the army. I hate to break the news but the Egyptians , the majority of the Egyptians are with the army.
    By the way a side note the Congress is going to discuss what is happening in Egypt allegedly tody. 
    Personally I believe both the Muslim brotherhood and Egyptian army have lost today in different ways. The Egyptian army has won the home front but lost the foreign front aka the West support while the Muslim brotherhood has lost the home front but won the foreign front. Amazingly this is what they want.
    In the end two days and Egyptians will not think about anything except food and TV soap operas , the dead and injured will be nothing except numbers used in dirty political bargain in the backstage.

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    The interim President Adly Mansour has issued a constitutional declaration made of 33 articles. The delcaration includes articles regarding the Freedoms ,the president , PM and the armed forces' powers as well the roadmap for the political transition.
    The most important articles in this declaration that caught my attention are the following :
    • Article “1” :
      A copy from the declaration's page
     The Arab Republic of Egypt is a democratic regime is based on citizenship. Islam is the official State religion. Arabic is its official language. The principles of Islamic Sharia of Sunni are the principle source of legislation !! “This article is for the Salafists’ eyes only , of course it is discriminatory against Shia”
    • Article “22” :
    A National defense council is founded and headed by the president “interim president”. It role is to discuss the security of the country,the budget of the armed forces. It has to be consulted in issuing military and armed forces law.
    • Article “24” :
    The President’s powers :
    1. Legislation role after consulting the cabinet. The role is transferred to the House of representatives as soon as it is elected.
    2. To issue the general state’s police as well the public budge and to supervise it
    3. Representing the State inside and abroad, Signing international treaties and agreements after the approval of the Cabinet.
    4. Appointing the Prime minister, his deputies, the ministers and dismissing them from their positions
    5. Appointing the civilian, the military  employees and the political representatives according to the law
    6. To declare war after the consulting SCAF and the approval of the National Defense council.
    7. To pardon or mitigate punishment according to the law.
    8. The other powers are being determined laws and bylaws. 
    • Article “25” : 
    The prime minister and cabinet’s powers :
    1. To join the President in planning the general policies of the state and to supervise its implementation according to the laws and presidential decrees.
    2. To coordinate and monitor the work of the ministries and their following general authorities and agencies.
    3. To issue the executive and administrative decisions according to laws and bylaws.
    4. To prepare the state budget.
    5. To prepare the general state plan.
    6. To get and grant loans according to the constitution.
    • Article “27” :
    The President declares state of emergency after the approval of the cabinet according to the law. The state of emergency is for 3 months and does not extend accept after the approval of the public through a referendum.
    • Article “28” :
    Experts committee is formed by a presidential decree within 15 days from issuing this declaration. The experts committee includes 2 members of the Supreme Constitutional court and its commissioners committee, two judges from judiciary, two judges from State council and four professors of the constitutional law from Egyptian universities. The high councils of the authorities , judiciary and universities mentioned in this article choose their representatives “Did not say how” The committee will propose its amendments for the suspended 2012 constitution within 30 days after its formation.
    • Article “29” :
    The Committee will show its amendments on another committee made up of 50 members. Those members represent all sects , groups and sectors of Egyptian society especially parties, intellectuals , labor,peasants, unionists , Al Azhar , Egyptian Churches, armed forces, police and public figures. The committee should include at least ten youth and women members “quota limitation”. Each party  and group mentioned should nominate its representative while the cabinet should nominate public figures !! “And how they are elected or approved” The committee will finish the final draft of the constitutional draft in 60 days maximum before it is released for public discussion.
    • Article “30” :
    The president shall put in to a referendum the draft amendments within 30 days of receiving from the committee.The amendments are effective as soon as they are approved. With in 15 days after approving the amendment , the President will call for a Parliamentary elections in a period that is not less than a month or more than two months. Within a week of holding the first session of the House of representative , a Presidential elections will be announced. The High elections commission will supervise the referendum accordingly.
    Articles 28, 29 and 30 include the roadmap for the transitional period. I am tired to do the math honestly.
    These are only the articles that caught my eyes , there are other articles other wel in the declaration dealing with freedoms. 
    Please read this important analysis by dear friend Bassem Sabry in Al Monitor.

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    And today is Ramadan’s eve. Yes just couple of hours and we will start the holy month of Ramadan for 30 days.

    I wish that Ramadan this year would save Egypt and Egyptians from that destructive hate spreading all over the nation. 
    I am praying to God this month to bring peace and stability as well mercy to this country.
    May Allah bless the souls of our martyrs and all those fallen victims in the past few weeks. May Allah bring patience to their families. May Allah bring back their rights.
    It is just strange because it does not feel like Ramadan this year. Of course I am praying that people forget their political differences and pay attention to TV soap operas for the first time so politicians can do their job for real.
    It is just strange because since 2011 Ramadan in Egypt was different. In 2011 we were under SCAF rule and we remember what happened when a group of activists tried to have a breakfast in Tahrir square. Then in 2012 we had a new president but Ramadan changed completely when our soldiers were slaughtered in cold blood in North Sinai. Up till now we do not know officially from the Egyptian state who killed them despite the unofficial news about Hamas’ involvement.
    FYI the Morsi supporters will complete their sit in in Raba’a Al Adaawaya square in Ramadan.
    Anyhow I will stop and I will Ramadan Karim for all the world from the talkative Chronicler.
    P.S Ramadan Karim means Ramadan is generous in Arabic ;)

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    At last we have a PM in Egypt. Interim Adli Mansour  appointed Liberal prominent economist Hazem Al Beblawi after hard labor to get an interim prime minister.
    Already I wonder why Al Nour Party reject Mohamed ElBaradei and Ziad Bahaa El Din as prime ministers Egyptian Social Democratic Party. The Salafists were requesting a non partisan figure. I do not understand the Shift in their opinion.
    PM Beblawi
    and accepted Dr. El Beblawi. He is liberal last time checked and like Bahaa El Din he is co-founder of the Egyptian social Democratic Party.
    A quick look to the bio of the 1936 born liberal economist will make you wonder why Egypt did not hire him earlier as PM. Well from what the former minister in Essam Sharaf’s cabinet after 25 January revolution refused all the offers from Mubarak and his regime. It is worth to mention that the Freedom and Justice Party website is using an op-ed for him where he said that he would vote for Gamal Mubarak to prove that he is bad. Ironically and sadly enough no one bothered to read his 2010 Op-ed where he actually slammed Gamal Mubarak reaching to the conclusion that he would not vote for him.
    Of course it is worth to mention that the MB leading figures including the former president himself had similar quotes praising Mubarak, his son and the NDP icons in the media.
    Appointing El Beblawi was not the only thing Adly Mansour did today, aside from meetings with revolutionary youth political figures to discuss the Constitutional declaration , he appointed Mohamed ElBaradei his vice President for foreign affairs and democratic transition.
    Mahmoud Badr of Tamaroud revealed that El Bob does not want to be a PM and preferred an economist to be the PM of Egypt now where as he would responsible for the political transition file.
    Anyhow there is a new saga facing El Beblawi or rather Mansour to form a technocrat cabinet in Egypt.Mansour already got more powers than El Beblawi according to the new Constitutional declaration.
    That Constitutional declaration has been rejected by several political groups like the NSF and Tamaroud. Supposedly it will be amended this week. We will see.
    Now trivia time
    The majority of Egyptians on Facebook got nothing to speak about except the old age of our new PM. There are jokes that the first thing Dr. El Beblawi will do in the cabinet is to revise the 1936 treat and that former PM Ganzoury considers him a reckless young. Another joke that is taking the social media by storm “The youth of 1919 revolution have got their chance in rule”
    On the other hand some Egyptians , few began to discuss the man’s economic polices and thoughts. The Leftists consider him a neoliberal who will not have the social justice goal of the revolution in front of his eyes. Well I am afraid he has to put it in front of his eyes because if no social justice polices are adopted sooner we will have hunger revolution.

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    As she lived in complete silence , she departed our world in even more silence that does not suit a figure like her. After all she was not only the surviving sister of late King Farouk but she was also the ex-wife of Shah of Iran Reda Pahlavi.
    Princess Fawzia Fouad passed away last July 2,2013 in complete silence in Alexandria. Her very small funeral that did not suit her was held last July 3, 2013 from El Saida Nafisa mosque in old Cairo. She was not buried in the royal cemetery besides her brother late King Farok in Rafai , she was buried in her husband's family "The Shereens" cemetery in Cairo.
    Only very few relatives attended the funeral. Of course the media was not that interested in covering the funeral but I found couple of clips from the funeral.

    The media was not that interested because it is not a secret that we are having political unrest in the country.
    I do not know what to say about that beautiful princess honestly as I have always admired her as a person and as a royalty figure.

     In 1939 the 18 years old Princess Fawzia married crown the 20 years old prince of Iran Reda Pahlavi in one of the most famous political marriages in the Middle East in the 20th century. It was said that king Farouk tried to lead the Muslim world and at the same time Pahlavi was trying to support his rule with a regional alliance, a great one too.Of course my generation looks to it as when a Sunni princess married a Shia prince and everyone was happy for it.
    Princess Fawzia gave a birth to Princess Shahnaz Pahlavi in 1940.
    HRH Princess Fawzia (Divorced Empress Fawzia of Iran) with Her Daughter, HIH Princess Shahnaz Pahlavi.
    Princess Fawzia with Princess Shahnaz in Iran "Hassan Kamel"

    Amazingly Princess Shahnaz is just like her mother , a media shy person who is living away from lights unlike the rest of her family.
    Unfortunately the princess that became a young beautiful Queen returned Cairo in 1945 leaving her daughter in Tehran. The sad look of the princess since then became her trademark. Many people spoke about why the royal-imperial marriage did not work  but the young princess who came from different royal court and different country could not coup with her mother in law and sisters in law not to mention the young Shah had a mistress.
    I once read the memories of Adel Thabet , King Farouk's relative that the young Queen was extremely depressed to the level that she fell sick, extremely sick. After knowing what happened to his sister , Farouk ordered her return immediately to Cairo to be divorced.
    In 1949 she married colonel Ismail Chirine , another Mohamed Ali family member and an army officer/diplomat. They were considered the most cutest couple in Egypt then according my grandma.
    The princess got two children : Nadia and Hussein.
    HRH Princess Fawzia of Egypt with Her son Hussein Chirine and HRH Princess Faika of Egypt. The Gathering was for Mr. Adley Eltery's Birthday, Held in Alexandria, Egypt.
    After 1952 , the citizen Fawzia carrying her son Hussein "Kelisi"
    It is worth to mention that Nadia Chirine was the first wife of famous actor Youssef Shaaban.
    Princess Fawzia was like an acting first lady of Egypt till the short marriage of King Farouk from Queen Neriman especially with the departure of Queen Nazli to the States.
    In 1952 the princess who was married to the minister of defense then was said to predict that something was going to happen and it did happen. The free officers did their own coup which was regarded later as the 1952 revolution n Egypt.
    She refused to leave Egypt unlike the rest of sisters. She lived in Alexandria along with her husband and her children Nadia and Hussein.
    Princess Fawzia led very extreme quiet life refusing to speak the media decades even in time of Mubarak. The only recent photo for the princess we found it in her daughter's ex-husband Ardeshir Zahedi's website during her visit I think to the States from a decade ago.
    With princess Shahanz's ex-husband Ardeshir Zahedi
    Of course my generation rediscovered her from the old photos thanks to the Nostalgia to the old black and white Egypt.
    Now I know this is not a proper obituary for such personality.
    Below one of the biggest flickr photo album dedicated Princess Fawzia. Please pray for her or read the Fataha on her soul.

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    I know that this may sound inappropriate to post something like this when we live in such critical times in Egypt and have got not less 100 killed in clashes over Morsi ousting.
    I feel sad when I see Egypt polarized and hate is spreading like epidemic. I am praying to God that things in Ramadan would calm and some divine miracle happens because honestly we will need something divine not earthly anymore to unit this nation. Ramadan is a gateway indeed and this is why I am keeping the Egyptian Chronicles blog annual tradition.
    And we are back once again with the Ramadan Radio Arabian nights. We are back with the original Scheherazade of Egyptian Radio Zozo Nabil and legendary Radio host and producer Mohamed Shaaban akak Papa Sharo. This month we will have another story inspired by the Arabian nights book. It is called “The late of Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar”. This is the first episode. It is 15 minutes audio clip in Arabic. For Non Arabic speakers I will write below a short synopsis.

    This is the 292th night from the Egyptian Radio Arabian night. In this night King Shahryar was on the verge of ordering the execution of the amazing Scheherazade but thanks to her story telling tricks , she pulled him to her endless world of tales to survive for another day.
    King Shahryar wanted to know the story of Prince Amar El Din and how he conquered an evil Jinn queen thus he spared the life of Scheherazade for another night ..and the saga goes on.
    The story of Prince Amar El Din starts in the island of Fire where a mighty cruel king rules. This king’s name is Zanzibr and he has no heir. The cruel king thinks that his wife the queen can not bear a child and he wants to marry another woman but unfortunately there is one problem.His religion does not allow polygamy and he can not force the priests in the island to make an exclusion. His wicked vizier thinks in another solution : To kill the queen.

    0 0

    We continue tonight the tale of Prince Amar and King Zanzibar.

    You can refresh your memory here and remember what happened last night. The Quick Synopsis is below the break.

    The quick synopsis : The priest understood what the king and his vizier were planning. The vizier visits the temple and asks the grand priest to prepare a poison in order to kill the Queen. The grand priest decides to save the Queen using a drug that will put her in to sleep for three days. The grand priest and his aide planned to hide the Queen in the royal cemetery then to transfer in to another island for her safety. The Queen was saved but this was not the end because now cruel king Zanzibar marries a new lady every year and kills that one year Queen after failing to have a heir “the priest saves them” till one day…

    Pay a visit to Egyptian Chronicles tomorrow insh Allah to what happened on that day.

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    This is Ramadan 2013 in Egypt. It is true and sad. We are losing friends because of political differences.Families are truly split between supporters and opponents whether with Morsi or with the military or with none.
    Ramadan gathers us "Andeel"

    I do not know if we will be able to reconcile or not whether politically or socially. Still what I know very well that reconciliations are hard now as we have a lot of blood on the hands of everybody. It is hard especially with the amount of hate and polarization spreading like fire through the mainstream media.
    We have a lot of hate in Egypt fake words will not stop it.We can not also deny it and claim it is only online.
    There is increasing trend among a group of people that support the ousting of Morsi that there should not be any reconciliation not only with Muslim brotherhood but with the Islamists in general because we are now fighting what they believe "a war against terrorism".
     Of course MB leading figures as well some of the brotherhood's radical members are giving the impression that we are indeed in some holy war. What you see in Foreign media is different from what we see in Rabaa Adaawayia as well social media
    There are clashes , there are news about bombs found in Cairo and Giza while Christians are being attacked in Upper Egypt and soldiers are targeted in Sinai as well.

     This is beside the huge awful role the mainstream media is playing in spreading incitement and hate. The mainstream media especially private channels are playing the same role the 7 Islamist TV channels closed down earlier this month were playing before ousting Morsi. The same exact role but without religious tough , it is rather a nationalist tough. I believe things would have better if those channels were closed as well temporarily just like those religious channels.Brainwashing and incitement are 24/7 in Egyptian TV channels with news that are mostly rumors , just as we used to see in the religious TV channels. Truth is enough  I swear.

    You can read comments calling for the exclusion of the Islamists in Facebook and Twitter and you will feel there is no hope. It is not a big secret that there is another group of people believes that reconciliation is only with the Mubarak regime remnants  where as the Islamists got no place in Egypt except jail. 
    Sadly enough those people do not realize that oppression against Islamists in the past 80 years was the main reason.
     Of course on the other side the Islamsits have to rethink and learn from their deadly sins in the past 2 years and to stop thinking in the "Us in heaven Vs. you in hell". They have to understand that this is diverse nation and its diversity is a strength point and not weakness. They have to give up their hate speech and their preachers stop to brainwash their followers. If they do care for democracy "as they are claiming now" and reject the so-called military rule then they have to stop the threats language and to engage once again in the political process. They have to stop attacking the people by calling them the slaves of military. They have to stop attacking the Church and Christians. They have to understand that Morsi is no longer the President and he will not come back.
    Already the continuing threats language used by MB leading figures and supporters give an opportunity to  the Mubarak police state to be requested by popular demand just like the military intervention on 30 June 2013. 
    What the MB has done and is doing without will affect Political Islamism in Egypt for the upcoming 5 years.Already I do not think they will be able to win any democratic elections in the upcoming 4 years if we have a full and fair accountability for what happened only during ousted President Morsi's time. Accountability and justice are the key for true reconciliation.
    If you start to oppress the Islamists in the past and exclude them from the scene , ten years if not 5 years they will return back more radical especially if democracy fails and we return back again to dictatorship.
    All what I am asking my fellow Egyptians is to start to think away from all the distractions , emotions and media lies about the future for real. All what I am asking now from the authorities to apply law and justice equally on all Egyptians without bias , without lies or retouches. I want true accountability with a true reconciliation process.
    In order to avoid the fate of both Algeria and Egypt in 1990s for real , to have better a new future there should be a true a reconciliation based on justice for all. You can not speak about exclusion and then speak about complete national reconciliation , you would be fooling yourself.
    Also I have got to tell my dear Egyptian friends that after decades of civil war in Lebanon , they had to sit down together and even the enemies of yesterday have become the friends despite the blood rivers they dug for each other.
    To make things clearer for you and to draw a better image for what is happening in Egypt, I would you like you to read this amazing op-ed by Sarah Carr "on Sheep and infidels"

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    We continue tonight the tale of the cruel king Zanzibar who kills wife after wife in order to have a heir and how the high priest of the Island of fire actually saves those wives. To refresh your memory , you can check the previous episodes here.

    Here is the the third episode of our tale , the 294th night from the Egyptian Radio Arabian nights.

    Now due to technical problems I will post two players version , the new HTML 5 player I have using this year and the old player I used in the past.

    Synopsis :

    King Zanziber is frustrated and began to believe that he was the one that can not bear a child. To save his king from the depression , the vizier advises the king to disguise and to go in a tour in his kingdom. Walking down the streets , the King sees a poor family that is extremely happy in their poor house singing and dancing. Envious enough the king orders the arrest of the poor man. Following this the king decides that no one should laugh or be happy in his kingdom.

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    I took couple of photos from the Mostafa Mahmoud Rally to Tahrir square last July 7 and after what happened from clashes next day , I did not have time to post them.
    Here are the photos.

    There are video clips that I hope one day I will be able to edit and upload them.

    0 0

    It is our 4th night with the cruel king Zanzibar of Fire island. Before you go and listen to tonight’s episode , you can refresh your memory with the past episodes here.

    Now here is the 295th night in our Egyptian radio nights.

    The old player is after the break for those who have technical problems with the HTML 5 player.


    The Island of fire turned to be neighboring a kingdom of Jinn in the sea. Those Jinn “from believers” live under the sea and are ruled by another mighty called Bahrain. King Bahrain just like Zanzibar could not bear a child till he tried some sort of a magical potion. His wife , the Queen has become pregnant and soon she will give a birth

    His vizier Atlas visited the kingdom of Zanzibar as a human and saw the misery of the cruel that does not only punish those who dare and laugh in his island but also decided to execute their first baby boys !!

    Atlas , disguised as dervish visited the sad cruel king court to give him a ring , a magical ring that will make him laugh. The wise Jinn trying to do good then returns to his sea kingdom and to tell his king the story of Zanzibar. King Bahrain then decides to share the magical potion on the condition one year passes so he and his vizier see if Zanzibar becomes kind and deserves that potion or he will continue to be ass.

    At the same time the Queen gives to the heir of the Jinn kingdom : Prince Amar El Din “The hero of our story”

    And One year passes ….. Scheherazade sleeps and you come tomorrow to Egyptian Chronicles tomorrow at the same time in order to know what happened to Zanzibar after one. Will he be a good king or will continue to be a cruel king ?

    I believe that Hassan El Barody narrated the role of vizier Atlas.   

    0 0

     Many people are trying to understand what is happening in Egypt including Egyptians themselves.
    This was Farag Foda , the late Egyptian thinker and writer believed. Foda was assassinated by radical religious groups in the 1990s by the way. He got it right.
    It is an empty cycle , in the absence of the civil opposition a military rule will lead to a religious rule and the religious rule will be ousted only through a military coup then after sooner or later it will lead to another religious rule. Some times this cycle is shortened and we find a hybrid between Islamists and military like in Sudan
    The late thinker got it right.
    Personally I believe since Ancient Egypt had been ruled by the army's commander who would start a dynasty followed by a short rule of a priest that would take over the rule when that dynasty would go down the drain.
    It is also worth to mention that the pharaoh backed up by strong army usually took over the after what was known as dark age hit the country when the centralized state collapsed.That pharaoh and his army then would restore the power of the centralized state to start a new dynasty. Jumping in to the Modern Egypt time , its founder Mohamed Ali was a military commander who founded the modern Egyptian army. His dynasty , the Ali Royal Family was then brought down by a military coup in 1952.
    I believe when Farag Fouda wrote the above about Egypt , it was in 1980s when the Islamists began to rise in the Egyptian society. When the civil non Religious opposition began to lose power and start to be isolated from the public thanks to the Mubarak regime.
    Now to our modern time. It seems that we are not going to have a direct military rule but rather a civilian rule backed up by the military. But the main fact we have and deal with in Egypt is that the two main forces in the country are the military and the Islamists. To break the cycle you must have a strong civilian Non Religious Non Military opposition like the one you had pre-23 July 1952.

    Unfortunately you do not have despite the attempts of some in Egypt and despite the need of Egyptians as well. Egyptians are looking for the alternatives but could not find none.This is why they had no problem what so ever to remove Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood through the army.
    "How can we remove Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood from rule without the army especially we do not have another alternative ??" This question was the answer I got from several Egyptians "who oppose the military rule" and yet supported the military intervention and refused to recognize it as a coup.
    What worries , What alarms me that if we fail in those 6 months and if we return back to the days of 24 January 2011 with the police state and corruption  then it will be a matter of time Egyptians will return back to the religious rule willingly.
    Of course what really scares me is having a Sudanese scenario , an Islamist army. Several officers told me that there is no chance that our army turns to be an Islamist. It is true that after the assassination of president Sadat where several army officers including Aboud El Zomor and Khaled El Islambouli were involved directly , the army is paying extreme attention to its officers' religious activity. Still I am concerned about the soldiers and low ranking officers because after all they are the children of their own society. The Egyptian army is not secularist as the Turkish.
    Unfortunately the parties of the cycle whether the military or the Islamists do not want a strong civil opposition. A Weak civil opposition is easy to control and to defame as the same time. At the same time in time I also believe that both need each other. 
    I will still have hope that Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei manages to break the cycle. I am realistic so I will not have high hopes because I know that the opposition as usual is not united behind Dr.ElBaradei as it should. Let's pray for a miracle in the holy month of Ramadan because of Egypt really needs a miracle to break that eternal cycle.

    In this post I can not ignore this video.
    Some American young man tried to explain Egypt for the rest of the world and some how he manages to explain some parts in 7 minutes. He got it right in some parts and got it wrong in other parts.

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    It is our fifth night this year 2013 , tonight we will continue the tale prince Amar “ I assume the one who was born in last night’s episode” and the mighty cruel king Zanzibar

    Tonight we will know what happened to King Zanzibar one year after he was gifted the magical happiness ring.

    The old audio player is below after the break.

    This was the 296th episode in the Egyptian Radio’s nights.


    After one year of his son’s birth , King Bahrain of the Jinn realm under the sea sends his vizier Atlas to check on King Zanzibar and what he has been doing with the happiness ring after all he promised to give him the magical potion that would enable him to bear a child. The potion is a actually a magical gemstone like a ruby that if it is put in a water , you will turn it some king of a potion that will enable people to bear children.

    Disguised as a dervish, Atlas found out that cruel kind was punishing anyone dares to be happy in his kingdom by wearing the happiness ring till he or she dies from laughter. Atlas , the dervish tells the cruel king that sooner he will pay for what he did. Nevertheless the Jinn vizier gives Zanzibar the magical gemstone and then disappeared. The cruel paranoid Zanzibar then recalls his vizier and orders him to drink the potion before him for fear it is poisonous.Seeing that it did not kill his vizier , the cruel king drinks the potion …tomorrow will know the res of the story dear readers.

    0 0

    It has become a daily routine in Sinai to read that security checkpoints and army patrols are being attacked. It is not a shock anymore to read that someone is killed there from security forces. It also had become a norm to read that Christians in North Sinai not only are being attacked but also to be kidnapped and beheaded.

    Today we woke up on horrible terrorist act where a bus carrying workers in Al Arish was targeted by RPG missile. According to the Egyptian armed forces spokesperson the unknown terrorists hit the bus by mistake as their main target was a police patrol. 3 workers were killed and more than 16 have been injured. Yes 3 were killed and not 20 as it had been spread like fire.

    Dear friend Mohamed Sabry tweeted from there and covered the attack. Here is a Storify report from there. You can read it after the break.

    By the way the MB media is circulating a video for one of the survivors claiming that the bus was hit by shelled by an air jet. Well if it were an air strike ,the survivors would have survived nor would the bus

    Who is running the show in Sinai ?? No one has claimed responsibility so far directly.

    Nevertheless the Muslim brotherhood is the primary suspect especially you got what El Beltagy had said earlier last week.

    ElBeltagy on 7 July About Sinai and Morsi.

    This video is like a proof in any court that what is happening in Sinai is connected directly to Morsi and his supporters.

    Of course the MB is now trying to distance itself now from these accusations. Today we find Essam El Arian speaking about the terrible terrorist act accusing intelligence indirectly of standing behind it to defame the peaceful protesting.

    There are no news on the progress of the current security campaign against those terrorists ,what we read most of the time is that the army managed to destroy more tunnels between us and Gaza. We need to know more about those terrorists and who they are. Yes we need to know the truth to put an end to all the lies and fears spread.

    0 0

    Here is the sixth night of our tale “Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar”. It was the 297th night from the Egyptian Radio’s Arabian nights.

    The old audio player is below after the break.



    After months both king Zanzibar and his viziers’ wives are pregnant after drinking from that magical potion from the Jinn undersea realm. Vizier Atlas visits them again as a dervish. He is shocked to know that both men drank the potion as only one was supposed to drink. He tells the cruel rude king to bear the consequences asking him to return back the magical gemstone. The king refuses rudely thus Atlas then disappears and turns in to a raven. Atlas as a raven then steals the gemstone.

    Later the vizier proposes that if his wife gives a birth to a girl and the queen gives a birth to a boy , the girl marries the crown prince and if the opposite happens , his son marries the king’s daughter. Of course cruel dictator Zanzibar goes mad as soon as he hears that he can have a daughter.

    After couple of months the queen gives birth to….. Come back tomorrow.

    0 0

    First of all Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei has sworn in from couple of days ago as the vice president of Egypt for foreign affairs. Yes here is the the video below.

    ElBaradei swears in

    I believe that is a huge responsibility on ElBaradei. He will face a lot of challenges. Already the world looks to Egypt and feels sad for the coup that took place against the elected president. ElBaradei’s name and credibility abroad should send the message that this is not a coup.There is no doubt that the democratic progress in this country is the true indicator whether it is a coup or not.

    Some people began to believe that the invincible Egyptian deep state is trying to burn ElBaradei and other reformists in the same way like the Muslim brotherhood. “Of course with the MB it was an easy mission”

    Personally I wish Dr. ElBaradei all the luck and success for real because I believe he could be from the people who can break the cycle I spoke about it before.

    Now we began to see the final formation of the “crisis” cabinet. Oh yes this is its name now “Crisis” cabinet and God knows it does not face a single crisis but a series of crises.

    The cabinet is headed by the liberal economist and co-founder of Egyptian Social Democratic Party PM Hazem El Beblawi. Here are the names and short bios of the 33 ministers. “There problems regarding ministry of justice and ministry of transportation”

    1. Ziad Bahaa El Din as deputy PM and minister of International Cooperation: A co-founder of the Egyptian Social democratic party. An economist and lawyer. Very respectable man according to those who know him. “Yup it turned out that I got relatives and friends who know him personally”
    2. Nabil Ismail Fahmy as minister of foreign affairs : The former Egypt ambassador to Washington and founding dean of the school of public affairs in the AUC. He is the son of late minister of foreign affairs Ismail Fahmy. He is a member in the constitution party headed by ElBaradei.It is worth to mention that Dr. ElBaradei was Ismail Fahmy’s aide and resigned with him in the mid 1970s. Now to the son I think he was chosen to amend the relations with D.C.
    3. Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour as minister of investment : The leading member of Al Wafd Party is returning back to cabinet as a minister of investment. The 1945 born former minister of tourism descends from a famous political Coptic Christian family. Abdel Nour is a businessman and he is the founder of the famous Vitrac for Jams company.
    4. Ahmed Galal as minister of finance : The World bank veteran and economist is chosen from this position after several names. He has been the managing director of the Economic Research Forum (ERF), a research institution covering the Middle East, since 2007. Galal worked in the bank for nearly 18 years in different positions : As industrial economist for Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa,  as economic advisor at the private sector development department, and finally as adviser on the Middle East and North Africa from 2006 to 2007
    5. Doria Sharf El Din as minister of information : The political sciences graduate is a famous critic , writer and TV host. Her TV show “Cinema Club” on Ch.1 of the Egyptian National TV continued for decades till it was stopped suddenly in 2009. She headed the arts censorship for some time. She is considered the first woman to hold this position. The revolutionaries in Maspero aka National TV do not welcome her as they accuse her of being a member in the NDP policies committee. Again we got a promise from the Presidency that
    6. Kamal Abu Eita as minister of manpower : The 1953 born labor activist and icon has at last become the minister of manpower. According to some this is a victory for real for the 25 January revolution. Leftist Nasserite Abu Eita Abu is known for leading the formation of the first independent trade union, the Real Estate Tax Authority Independent General Union, in 2009 after leading the Tax Authority employees’ national strike in 2007. A former MP in the 2012 parliament , Abu Eita a member of the Nasserite El Karma Party ran on the Freedom and Justice Party’s electoral list.  Amazingly Egypt Labor Union is protesting against Abu Eita.
    7. Hossam Eissa as minister of higher education : The co-founding member of the Constitution Party is a professor of the Constitutional law. He is also appointed as a deputy PM.
    8. Mohamed Amin Mahdy as minister of transitional justice and national reconciliation: The 1936 born minister of the newly founded ministry used to head the State council and the administrative court. Despite his impressive Wikipedia page and his history , the Judges Club does not approve his nomination to become the minister of Justice.Thus a new ministry came to life.  I do not know why El Zend does not like him . Anyhow Mahdy’s father was a member in the Old Wafd member. He was a member our legal team in Taba dispute as well  and a former judge in the International tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. Judge Mahdy was also a member in the first fact finding committee of 25 January revolution.
    9. Ahmed Emam as minister of electricity : In one of the mysteries of the universe the minister of electricity in the last Hisham Qandil’s cabinet continues in his position despite the frequent blackout !!  
    10. Ibrahim Mahlab as minister of housing : The former CEO of Arab contractors. He was a member in the NDP and its police committee. He also was appointed as a MP in the Shura council during the days of Mubarak. After serving as the CEO of Arab Contractors “appointed by Ibrahim Soliman” , he resigned in 2012.
    11. Ahmed El Borai as minister of social solidarity : The co-founder and leading member of Constitution Party. Dr. ElBorai served as minister of manpower during the first Essam Sharaf’s cabinet.
    12. Hisham Zazou as minister of tourism : The 1954 born minister used to be the minister of tourism in Hisham Kandil cabinet.
    13. Adel Labib as minister of local development : The 1945 born was the former governor of Al Behaira and Alexandria as well Qena during the time of Mubarak. The former police general became the governor of Qena once again in August 2011 after the protests of the locals demanding him by name and rejecting the Christian governor appointed there. On the other hand Alexandrians do not welcome his appointments.
    14. Maha Rabat as minister of health : All what we know about Dr. Maha is that she is the head of the public health department in the faculty of medicine , Cairo university. She was nominated by the National Council of Woman. Some activists including Mamdouh Hamza accuse her of working in privatizing public hospitals with the help of the U.S. Aid program during the Mubarak era. Trivial info : She graduated from the faculty of medicine in 1982.
    15. Laila Iskander as minister of environment : Laila Iskander is renowned figure as social entrepreneur working in environmental development. I think it is one of the best choices n the cabinet.
    16. Ramzy George as minister of scientific research : Nothing much about except that he was graduated from the faculty of agriculture , Cairo university in 1963.
    17. Atef Helmy as minister of telecommunications : The former general manager of Oracle Egypt continued in his position as minister of telecommunication. Helmy was graduated from the military technical colleague in 1973 and took a diploma in computer science in 1979. He served in the army from 1973 to 1983 then he left it to work in the civilian telecommunications field and multinational companies till he joined Oracle Egypt in 1996. His CV is quite impressive for real.
    18. Mohamed Ibrahim as minister of Antiquities : He used to serve as the minister of antiquities in Hisham Qandil’s cabinet. Archeologists in Egypt are extremely furious to find him again as minister. The archeologists are angry and are going to have a sit in against him tomorrow.
    19. Khaled Abdel Aziz as minister of youth : The member of Egypt Party was a former minister of youth before during Essam Sharaf Cabinet. I do no know what the need for this position is except it is something from the 1960s legacy. Egypt Party is founded by famous preacher Amr Khaled by the way. Khaled Talmiah , the member of popular current and famous activist recommended him to PM Beblawi.
    20. Tarek Abu Ziad as minister of Sports : The famous and popular ex-footballer born in 1962. Abu Ziad was the minister of this unneeded ministry during Essam Sharaf’s cabinet. He is a member of Al Wafd Party and ran for parliament in 2010 and lost for the NDP.
    21. Mahmoud Abou El Nasr as minister of education : The current faculty member of Cairo University’s mechanical engineering department was heading the mechanical education in the ministry of education.
    22. Sherif Ismail as minister of petroleum : He was the Chairman of Ganoub El-Wadi Petroleum Holding Company (GANOPE) 
    23. Abdel Aziz Fadel as minister of civil aviation : The former Air forces engineer joined Egypt Air in 2003.In 2004 he became the Vice President for Egypt Air.
    24. Mohamed Abdel Motaleb as minister of  irrigation and water sources : Mohamed Abdel Motaleb was the chairman of the National Water Resource center since 2012. According to his profile at the National Water Research Center website Professor Abdel Motaleb has over 25 years of experience in the field of water resources management. The current minister of irrigation and water sources holds a Ph.D. from Colorado State University and is a member in the world water Council.
    25. Osama Saleh as minister of investment : The 1960 born was a minister of investment in the first Hisham Qandil’s cabinet. Before that he was the chairman of chairman of Egypt's General Authority for Free Zones and Investment (GAFI). The graduate of the faculty of commerce ,Cairo University was appointed by former PM Nazif in 2009 as chairman of GAFI.
    26. Ashraf Al Arabi as minister of planning : Al Arabi was also a minister in the first Hisham Qandil’s cabinet in August 2012. El-Arabi received his PhD in the subject from Kansas State University in the United States. From 2006 until the end of 2011 he headed the technical advisory office of the former planning minister, Fayza Abul-Naga.
    27. Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa as minister of religious affairs : The Sheikh works in the office of the grand Emam of Al Azhar as far as I have read.
    28. Mohamed Saber Arab as minister of Culture.
    29. Mohamed Abu Shady as minister of supply : A former police general.
    30. Ayman Abu Hadid as minister of Agriculture : The former head of the Agriculture researches center was a minister of agriculture in the first Essam Sharaf cabinet after the revolution.

    Minister of Defense Abdel Fatah El Sisi will continue in his position of course besides the minister of interior Ahmed Ibrahim and minister of military production Reda Hafiz. Man every time I remember how the MB members bragged on how those both men are Closet Islamists in the past !! El Sisi will also become the first deputy.

    There are 3 women in this cabinet. Also there are three Christians.

    I know someone is missing, tomorrow I will check them again

    One of the most important demands Egyptians had been begging the Muslim brotherhood for a new cabinet. That demand if it were fulfilled in time , would have changed a lot.

    0 0

    Dear readers I am sorry for not posting the seventh episode yesterday as I was busy working covering the new cabinet.
    Tonight we will have two episodes “7” and “8” as double bill. Those were the 298th night and 299th night from the Egyptian Radio’s Arabian night. Yes the show continued for years and you exceeded over 200 episodes.
    To refresh you memory please check the 6th episode.

    Here is the old player for those preferring it.


    Episode “7”

    The Queen Sultana gives a birth to a baby girl and she is scared from the cruel king Zanzibar. Her maid tells the king that she gave a birth to a baby boy and then decided with the Queen to disguised the baby princess as baby prince. They are praying God to save them and not to be exposed.
    The king names the princess or rather the prince as Amar El Din.
    The vizier’s wife gave birth to a boy baby whom he named Nagm El Din. Of course the vizier and the king do not know that the crown prince is actually a crown princess and thus they forgot their deal. On the 7th day following the birth of the princess that became a prince , the baby will be brought to the High temple. At the same time the high priest reveals that all the queens that he saved from the King’s madness are safe and alive an island that is 3 days away from the mainland.
    Episode "8" Queen Sultana is raising her daughter as a son keeping her away from all eyes. She lets her daughter/son to play for one hour in the garden. Princess/Prince Amar El Din got a daily play date with the vizier's son Nagm El Din. Interestingly the son of Jinn King Prince Amar El Din. The little Jinn is interested in knowing humans more thus after lots begging his father king Bahrain he goes to the land and visits the Island of fire with Vizier Atlas. Again the young prince begs his vizier to let him play with the young humans in the royal garden aka Amar El Din and Nagm El Din. The Jinn prince plays with the other two kids without realizing that that the other Amar el Din is a girl and not a boy. Returning back to the sea world , Jinn Amar el Din reveals to his dad , the king that he likes human Amar El Din. On the other hand Queen Sultana is crying day and night over her big secret that her daughter "who believes that she is boy" is dying to know. The cruel king gets bored and it seems that Sultana will join the other queens in the Queens island.

    0 0

    And here is the  9th episode of Prince Amar el Din’s tale. This was the 300th episode in the Egyptian National radio’s Arabian nights.

    For the Egyptian listeners , I would like to pay attention to the voice of Princess Amar El Din as an adult. Oh yes it is Karima Mokhtar aka Mama Karima

    Here is the new audio player and after the break the old player.

    Princess/Prince Amar El Din discovered the truth of her gender 7 years after we stopped last time. She knew the truth from her mom about her cruel father King Zanzibar of the island of fire. Fearing the brutality of her father , the princess decided to complete playing the role of prince. The princess loves Prince Amar El Din , the Jinn but she does not know who he is and of course he does not know that she is girl and loves her in a brotherly way. On the other hand the princess hates Nagm El Din and had a fight with him.

    Cruel king Zanzibar orders the arrests of Jinn Amar El Din but he suddenly disappears. 

    0 0

    Interim President Adly Mansour has addressed the Egyptian tonight in a very short speech on the anniversary of the 10th Ramadan War aka October 1973 war“according to the Islamic calendar”. It is considered his first true speech.

    Here is the televised speech as it was shown on the Egyptian National TV on time. There was no single delay for one minute. Yes the Egyptian National TV announced that it would be aired on 9 PM and so it was.

    Adly Mansour addresses the nation.

    This made many Egyptians compare between the ousted President and the interim President and how Morsi made Egyptians woke up till dawn to listen to his speech. The comparison does not stop at the timing and how long speech is but also the seriousness of the speech and its terms . The Arabic of Mansour is perfect , not surprisingly as a judge.

    Anyhow to the short speech and its major points :

    • The interim president mentioned that 30th June is an extension to 25th January revolution despite he stressed later on “30 June” a revolution.
    • The interim president said soon enough we will national reconciliation and there will be no exclusion.
    • We are going forward in the political roadmap.
    • The interim president emphasized on “The will of the people” and the greatness of the Egyptian people and how it does not know the impossible.
    • The people want to go forward while there are others who want to attract the people to violence “in reference to the Muslim brotherhood
    • Egypt is going to restore back its position in the world
    • Egypt respects its agreements and seeks peace “in other world to our neighbor Israel we are sticking to the peace agreement”

    I would bet that the man who wrote this speech is none other than his media advisor and spokesperson Ahmed El Muslimany. Yes those ideas about the greatness of our people , our nation , our history and our location are always reflected in El Muslimany’s talk as TV host and writings as writer.

    For those who do not know  Mr. El Muslimany used to write some ousted President Mubarak’s speeches. I do not know how to El Muslimany’s videos except that he is nationalist. El Muslimany is smart , he avoided all Morsi and his MB media’s mistakes from long speeches.

    By the way speaking about media in presidency , yesterday Al Jazeera Arabic and Anadolu News agency correspondents were not allowed to attend the press conference held by Presidency. This is extremely wrong message to send to the world regarding the freedom of speech and freedom of press in the country.

    This is the second time Al Jazeera Arabic is not allowed to cover an official presser. The first time was the army presser held next day the clashes at the Republican guards HQ. Of course they were kicked by other military correspondents from state owned media.

    The TV channels and reporters knew that the short speech was recorded at the presidential palace and then was sent to Maspero. Amazingly earlier this week I remember that one of the army officers on twitter stated that Mansour was going to address the public on the 10th of Ramadan.

    Interestingly I was expecting another speech on the 23 July as it is our national day.

    By the way this year marks the 40 anniversary of 1973 October war.

    0 0

    Today is the 10th Ramadan of anniversary aka the the anniversary of the 1973 war. 
    Of course this year we are celebrating in very different way. We do not remember the war heroes or learn from the lesson of that war or the six days war or the attrition war. No we are celebrating it in the usual Egyptian standard way of spending Friday in Cairo : Mass protests.
    Oh yes today we have two counter protests or mass protests. The Muslim brotherhood is organizing a mass protest against the coup while Tamaroud "Rebellion movement" is organizing mass protest against terrorism. Of course Tamaroud is referring to the terrorism of the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt. Both protests are supposedly kicked off after prayer. The Muslim brotherhood will have alone 18 rallies today in Cairo and Giza besides other governroates in Upper Egypt and Delta as well in North Sinia.
    We expect to see violence once again in Egypt today.
    Here is a storify story for the day which I hope it would end peacefully.

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