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7000 years and counting ...

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    The Cairo University professors and experts in the faculties of engineering and agriculture have formed a group called “Group of Nile Basin” {GNB} and this group prepared extremely important report about the Ethiopia’s great Renaissance Dam.
    The report was published in Arabic on Facebook by Dr. Nader Noor El Din , a member of the GNB and it was republished once again by famous Kolena Khaled Said Page.
    Thanks to Mr. Ashraf El Shehat  , this report has been translated to English. Without his help I do not know what I could have done.  This report represents the Egyptian objections based on science not based on politics or any other thing.

    Group of Nile Basin (GNB) at Cairo University to Support Egypt


    A series of external challenges have suddenly appeared on the surface forming major threats to securing the water supply to Egypt.  The sources of these threats are the new plans by the Ethiopian Government to construct four dams on the Blue Nile (Figure 1). 

    However, the major threat was the sudden unilateral announcement of the Ethiopian Government to divert the course of the Blue Nile marking the actual start of construction of the Great Ethiopia Renaissance Dam (GERD) without consultation with the downstream countries; Egypt and Sudan.  This act in the eyes of the majority of Egyptians amounts to a flagrant assault on all the basic fundamental laws and the international norms.
    Figure 1- Plan of construction four new dams in Ethiopia endangers the only water supply to Egypt.
    Considering the major threat to the people of Egypt, a group of professors from the Department of Irrigation and Hydraulics, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University formed a group titled “The Group of the Nile Basin” (GNB).  The purpose of the group is to support the effort of Government and the decision makers facing these serious escalating water threats.  The scope of GNB shall include analytical studies of the Ethiopian Dams, prepare and implement numerical water models to study the side effects of these dams and collecting all recent scientific studies in this field.

    The GNB Activities

    The members of the GNB include – among others - four Professors who were involved and still directly involved in the review studies of the Ethiopian Dams and assessing their effects in cooperation with the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MERI) since the year 2010.  The GNB shall be also working closely with both the National and International Committees involved in studying the consequences of the construction of GERD.
    On 16th April 2013, the GNB has conducted two workshops at Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University about the technical, political and legal consequences of constructing the GERD.  The attendees included numerous University Professors and Experts in different fields of specializations.  Representatives of MERI, some Political Parties, management of Engineering Syndicate in addition to numerous media channels.  The purpose of the workshops was to spread the awareness among the people and the Government bodies about the challenges and threats facing the country.
    The last few days have witnessed a series of escalating and accelerating steps adding to the tensions including the unilateral decision of Ethiopia to divert the Blue Nile, and the subsequent objections of some of the Egyptian Politicians during an aired meeting with the President.  On 13th of June 2013, the Ethiopian Parliament ratified the Nile River Cooperative Framework Agreement opposed by Egypt which ends the veto granted to both Egypt and Sudan on all projects constructed by the upstream countries of the Nile Basin.

    Major Comments from the Trio Committee

    An international committee – called the Trio Committee – was formed based on the proposal of the Ex. Ethiopian Prime Minister M. Zenawei about two years ago to reduce the tension.  The committee concluded its work that took around a year and half and issued its report on the review of the studies presented by the Ethiopian Government.  The trio committee consisted of 10 members; 2 from each of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia, and four international experts approved by the three countries.  The committee has recently concluded its review and issued its report with the following conclusions:
    1. There are no sufficient structural studies.
    2. There is a lack in the hydrological investigations.
    3. There are no environmental impact assessments on the two downstream countries; Egypt and Sudan.
    In addition, the Ethiopian Government failed to submit advanced studies reflecting the details and reliability analysis to meet the minimum requirements of the international standards for similar size of dams.  Such lack in information and the weakness of the studies formed an obstacle in enabling the Trio Committee to assess the structural safety of the dam and the negative impacts on both Egypt and Sudan.

    Areas of Concern to be considered by the Egyptian Government

    The GNB draws the attention of the members of the Egyptian Government to the consequences of the Ethiopian Dams which constitute a series of tough social, economical and political nature that are hard to be controlled or to tolerate.  Some of these consequences are:
    1. The plan for the 4 dams on the Blue Nile aims at total control of the water in the Blue Nile which is the main supplier to the Nile.  As such, this plan shall subsequently include total control of the share of Egypt’s share of the water in the Nile and the possible redundancy or at least dwarfing the role of the High Dam in securing the future supply of water to Egypt.
    2. The current design capacity of GERD of 74 Billion cubic meter will have harsh negative impact on the share of the water reaching to Egypt and also on the production of electricity from the High Dam and the Aswan Dam during the filling period of the lake of GERD and during its operation.  This negative impact shall escalate during the drought period wherein the water supplies to both Egypt and Sudan shall conflict with the water needed to produce the electricity from the GERD.
    3. Reduction in the water share of Egypt will result in abandoning huge areas of agricultural lands and scattering millions of families.  It would also result in increasing the pollution of the water streams and creating problems in the supply of water for drinking and industry.  There will also be problems in river transportation, Nile tourism and threats to the fish farms.
    4. Collapse of GERD will result in catastrophic effects in both Sudan and Egypt.  This includes failures of dams, drowning of major towns and villages and exposing millions to the dangers of death and relocation.

    Target of Negotiation: Mitigate the Damage

    Basically, it should be understood that negotiation with Ethiopia has been drastically delayed.  The ideal target for the negotiation from Egypt’s point of view would be to prevent constructing the dam.  However, this is no longer a valid option considering the current circumstances.  Ethiopia has managed to place the dam as a fact and no longer a theory.  As such, the purpose of the negotiation at this stage would be aiming at mitigating the damages.  
    Considering the above, the following are the suggestions:
    1. Request stopping the construction at once until completing the negotiation and assess the effects through scientific means and agree on them.  We need to highlight here that there are other alternatives that can be studied to fulfill similar advantages to Ethiopia without causing major damages to the downstream countries.
    2. The minimum requirement for the Egyptian Government should be the maximum size of the Dam not to exceed 14 billion cubic meter as per the proposal prior to the January 2011 Revolution.  This capacity would enable producing 60% of the proposed electricity from GERD and with efficiency exceeding double the efficiency of the huge GERD and with much less cost and much less negative impacts that can be lived with.  In addition, the proposed design of 14 cubic meters would fulfill most of the advantages of Sudan from GERD and as such, unifies the points of views of both Egypt and Sudan.
    3. Ethiopia to commit officially not to use the water behind the GERD for the agricultural purposes as previously announced.
    4. Ethiopia to commit for the advance notice for any future projects including their executing procedure in light of the Framework Agreement of the United Nations of 1977 for the common rivers.
    5. The design of the GERD to be reviewed thoroughly by Egyptian Experts after amending the technical dimensions to ensure its structural safety.
    The GNB further urges all non-specialized personnel to avoid getting into issuing irresponsible statements that justify the illusionary benefits of the GERD, issuing statements with no real value, or statements that may underestimate the serious side effects using unfounded methods.  All the positive and negative impacts are actually a result of intensive, thorough and specialized engineering investigations.  Some of these investigations have been carried out be the members of GNB and some are still being conducted.  The results at this stage agree broadly with the international studies and to some extent with the Ethiopian studies presented to the International Trio Committee, even though the latter are incomplete.
    Main Focus: Downsizing
    We would like to warn the Government not to limit the scope of negotiation to secondary issues and ignore the major problem; the size of the dam.  The people in Egypt should be aware that focusing the negotiation on the number of years to fill the lake of the dam or the operation policy of the dam including participating with the operation of the dam are of no prime importance.  The major threat is the result of the magnified size of the dam.  Without reducing the dimensions of the dam itself, the major negative impacts as indicated above are unavoidable.
    It is not a secret that throughout the history, Egypt has never been an obstacle preventing the development in the African Nations in general and the countries of the Nile Basin in particular.  Egypt has always been supporting the projects of common benefits to the people of the Nile Basin including building Owen Dam for the benefit of both Uganda and Kenya, has shown no objection for building Tecjizy Dam and Tana Plus Tunnel in Ethiopia, and also has not objected the building of Marwe Dam or increasing the height of Roserus Dam in Sudan.  All of these projects and others help to improve the revenue of the brothers and sisters of the African Nations.  Egypt has always maintained and is willing to keep the Nile as a uniting force for the people of the nations and not a source of disperse or dispute.  Egypt is willing to maintain the Nile basin to remain an oasis for peace  and not a battlefield.

    Members of the GNB

    1. Mohamed N. E. Allam – Ex. Minister of Water Resources & Irrigation
    2. Mohamed S Bazarah – Prof. of Irrigation and Drainage
    3. Alaa Al-Zawahry – Prof. of Hydraulic and expert of dams and member of the National Committee of GERD.
    4. Mohamed S. El-Manadily – Prof. of Hydraulics – Chairman of Department of Irrigation and Hydraulics, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.
    5. Nader Nour Eddin – Prof. of Water Supplies and Lands, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University
    6. Ahmad E. Hasan – Prof. of Hydrology, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.
    7. Khaled H Hamid, Prof. of Wter Supplies, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University – Member of the Trio Committee
    8. Ashraf M Ghanim, Prof. of Hydraulics, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.
    9. Mostafa A Gheith, Pro.f of Irrigation & Drainage, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.
    10. Mohamed H Algamal, Prof. of Hydraulics, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.
    11. Hesham B Mohamed, Prof. of Water Supplies, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.  Member of the National Committee to study GERD.
    12. Mohame E Abol Hagag, Prof. of Hydraulics, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.

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    President Morsi has issued a new presidential decree to appoint new 17 governors. I think that this is the third time he has changed the governors since becoming a president. The new governors' reshuffle is as follows : 7 Muslim brotherhood members, 5 army generals , 2 independent , 1 Gad El Thawra member and 1 Al Gama'a Al Islamiyaa member and I think one Salafist too.

    I will not comment on how I find it strange from political perspective to find Morsi taking such decision 2 weeks prior the 30/6 protests provoking people in governorates by appointing more MB members as governors in anti-MB governorates like Monufia. For God sake The people signed rebellion petitions in the Nile Delta governorate more than in Cairo. I will not comment on how we do not know till this day on what basis those men are appointed as governors.

    I will comment on one thing : How president Morsi and his advisors and aides like Pakinam El Sharkawy found it acceptable and logic to appoint Adel El Khayaat , the leading member of Al Gama'a Al Islamiyaa as the governor of Luxor.

    El Khayaat is said already to be the prince "Amir" of the notorious group's branch in Assuit so he is not from Luxor in the first place. Second how on earth and heavens you appoint a member if the group is involved in the massacre of Luxor when more than 60 people mostly tourists were killed in 1997 by radicals in one of the Worst terrorist incidents in Egypt. I do not know what kind of message Morsi is sending through appointing a member in an extremist group as a governor of a tourist attraction governorate. Hell Luxor is the second attraction after the pyramids when it comes to ancient Egyptian civilization !!

    Another thing what I know about Luxor is considered a Sufi center in Upper Egypt. Sufism and Al Gama'a do not mix.

    By the way I see some sort of Al Gama'a Al Islamiyaa Muslim Brotherhood alliance taking place. This alliance is replacing the MB Al Nour/ Salafist Calling alliance

    Another thing I see more army ranks with my all due respect to the generals in the governors reshuffles and that makes me wonder about the myth of Mohamed Morsi ended the military rule and military control in Egypt. By


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    Today the world celebrate the International Day in support of victims of torture . I do not think that people should only speak up against torture today but they have to shout against torture everyday.
    On Sunday Al Nadeem Center , Egyptian Initiative for Personal rights and Mosireen Collective published a statement about sexual torture in Egypt and how Morsi's regime is using it after Mubarak.  The statement considered the sexual assaults and harassment in Tahrir square more of an attempt to scare women protesters like what happened in 2005 during Mubarak's rule.
    The statement says that the sexual torture is being used not to get confessions in Egypt but to humiliate victims.
    The two human rights organizations cooperated with the Media collective Mosireen and produced this video below. The video got English subtitles and it is heart breaking. It includes the testimonies of some sexual torture victims in Egypt from the time of Mubarak to SCAF to Morsi, the first democratically elected President.The video includes well known victims of sexual torture like Emad El Kebeer and Samira Ibrahim as well less known victims. It is heart breaking and includes graphic details "+18"
    As a Muslim I do not know what Mohamed Morsi will say in front of God in the judgement day when he will be asked about those tortured under his rule and why he did not help them or stop torture.
    If you are going to protest on Sunday against Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood then do not forget you should protest against torture in Egypt and you want to stop it forever.

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     Tamarod ,the rebellious mother movement of the upcoming 30 June protests launched today the 30 June Front. That front is an attempt to have a political cover for the protests despite the founders of that front made it clear in a press conference that they do not represent all revolutionaries or political powers.

    Now the 30 June Front presented a roadmap for Egypt after Mohamed Morsi as Tamarod believes that it is going to oust him on 30 June through petitions. The 6 months transitional period roadmap is as follows after getting rid from MB and Morsi :

    • To appoint an independent Prime minister that represents 25 Revolution.
    • To assign this prime minister with all the executive powers of the president and he will head a technocrat government whose main mission is to fix economy and adopt social justice policies.
    • To assign the head of supreme constitutional court with the President’s protocol missions.
    • To dissolve the Shura council and to suspend the current constitution.
    • To form a new constituent assembly in order to draft a new constitution.
    • To have presidential elections by the end of the 6 months followed by parliamentary elections monitored by judges and surpervised internationally. 
    • The National defense council is responsible for national security.

    It is worth to mention that the boys and girls of Tamarod have met with Heikal, the old fox twice in the past two weeks. Politically speaking this roadmap is perfect or rather was perfect for Egypt on 12 February 2011 if people were honest in having true democracy. There is one missing detail is how to reach this roadmap already.

    Now there are too many players with other roadmaps and agendas.

    The 30 June Front is founded by a number of revolutionary and political activists like Israa Abdel Fatah, Amr Salah, Mohamed Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Harara , Khaled El Belshy and other others.

    The press conference was attended by many of the famous faces from activists like Ahmed Harara, Karima El Khafny, Hossam Eissa , Khaled Dawood , Hossam Mounis, Mazhar Shahin and Nour El Huda Zaki.

    Here are couple of photos I took from the press conference.

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    Mohamed El Gindy’s mother Mrs. Samia spoke in the 30 June Front conference yesterday.You should watch and hear her speech.

    Her speech was emotional. She is calling the youth as well parents to accompany their kids to Tahrir square. Mohamed El Gindy was tortured till death last January 2013. El Gindy ,a member of the popular current and revolutionary young man who endorsed Morsi in the presidential elections.

    I want to hint out that during her speech she asked Syrians to stay away from Egypt’s internal affairs in order to continue staying in Egypt.

    There are rumors now circulating that Syrians will do the Hamas so-called Job in supporting the Muslim brotherhood thanks to Morsi’s fake support to Syria. I am so worried that this may create problems for Syrians in Egypt.

    Here is a video for the press conference itself.

    By the way minister of investment , the MB member Yahia Hamed has issued a decision to fire Yahia Hussein, the manager of the leadership institute that hosted this event and other opposition groups’ meetings and conference in the halls of the institute. The institute allows its halls to be rented and as it is owned by the State Hussein opened its doors to everybody whether Islamists or not Islamists, whether the Muslim brotherhood or their opponents.

    Yahia Hussein stood against Mubarak and his son when he revealed the scandals of Umar Effendi’s privatization. This man paid a lot when he stood against the privatization of Umar Effendi , now he is paying a price for not being a member in the Muslim brotherhood. 

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    And people went to protest today. Egyptians vs. Egyptians , civilians Vs. Civilians or Non Islamists Vs. Islamists to be accurate.
    Hundreds of thousands protests against Muslim brotherhood and Mohamed Morsi in rehearsal today across the country for the big day on the 30th. Also hundreds of thousands were there in Cairo protesting in solidarity with Muslim brotherhood and Mohamed Morsi.
    The scene of Islamists was repetitive but the scene of angry citizens including first time protesters and NDPians in the protests along with the revolutionaries was rare.
    Of course it was not that peaceful because clashes happened and we got over 500 injured. Ministry of health says that 3 have been killed including a US citizen who was stabbed in Alexandria unfortunately.  The death toll of the Muslim brotherhood is 5 up till now while 2 for the protesters as well 1 US citizen.
    Today several MB headquarters and branches have been torched and vandalized by angry protesters in Alexandria and Mansoura.
    Here is a quick Storify report from photos and videos about the day. I am still updating it after the break.
    Now leaks I knew earlier this week that things will be bloody in North Delta and the old NDPian leading figures will make it bloody in all possible ways so the army would intervene. I think I said it before. If you speak about peacefulness than you are either weak coward who lives in lala land or secret MB agent Online.
    I do not underestimate the anger of the people nor the fact that everybody is denying that we are fully armed society now.
    Tahrir square is full again but …
    I can not be so happy that Tahrir square is full now , it has been full before by revolutionaries alone without MB or Mubarak loyalists or military loyalists. I can not be so happy because I see too much hate and anger blinding everybody.
    Today I found a tweep comparing the Muslim brotherhood as the Jews in Germany before WWII reaching to the conclusion that a holocaust would be great for the Muslim brotherhood.
    I can not be so happy when I see that bearded men are being attacked in the streets and there are threats to butcher the Muslim brotherhood and their families like sheep.
    I can not be so happy that Tahrir square is full when I see faces from those who called the martyrs of Tahrir and Mohamed Mahmoud street every possible name and accusing revolution of being a foreign plot bragging on how they are protesting in the square. Yes the square is for everybody but emotionally speaking I remember what everybody said in the past two years , it is curse. For God those people are still attacking the January 25 Revolution calling it a defeat , a setback and a foreign conspiracy.
    Politically and realistically speaking I believe that we can not win the battle when we have different goals. This is the dilemma , the revolutionaries want their revolution back on track once again for democracy and freedom while the Mubarak loyalists want the military back and to end democracy.They got higher voice in the media now despite they need the revolutionary cover in front of the world.
    Of course if anyone dares to speak about this matter online in Arabic he or she will be accused of being a secret MB cell spreading lies who is trying to split the unity of the great people’s revolution. I have had my share already for being called all sort of insults for saying this.
    Anyhow to be realistic you do not need to be an expert to know that sooner or later the army will do something considering how the armed forces troops are deployed throughout the country. Whether it is going to be a full scale coup or soft coup I do not know.
    Nevertheless I have to admit that greed and stupidity of the Muslim brotherhood will be studied and that the deep state in Egypt knew how to use that greed in order to return back to the scene just like knowing the weakness points of the 25 January revolutionaries. Unfortunately the revolutionaries and the people do not want to understand or learn from their mistakes like others.

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    Dear friend Mohamed Abdel Fatah directed a short documentary in Arabic about torture in time of President Morsi. Abdel Fatah featured 3 torture cases including 2 cases of torture till death.

    Morsi has ignored all the initiatives proposed by human rights activists to reform the ministry of interior and police force in order to stop these practices. Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood who plead to stop torture do not see it a problem as long as their opponents are the ones who are tortured.
    Of course the blame is not only on Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood because also you got the ministry of interior and the police force. The police force does not want to change its techniques.

    BY the way tomorrow will be the big day of 30 June protests. Some protesters are going to hit the street because they want these practices to stop while others "I fear to say the majority" just do not care. In fact it seems to me that criticizing the police and its practices is a taboo. The protesters who chant against the ministry of interior are no longer welcomed in Tahrir square and are being kicked out after being label as "MB agents"
    It is worth to mention too that the Muslim brotherhood and its supporters got nothing day and night except to praise the police.
    Legally the ministry of interior is accused of killing protesters too in time of President Morsi.
    He will not go down alone. 

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    And it is just a matter of few hours and one of the longest days in Egypt in 2013 will start : June 30th. The awaited June 30 mass protests are forcing everybody to hold their breathe especially after yesterday’s unaccepted protests.

    Today there are lots of developments like for instance the meeting of Morsi with the minister of defense and the head of intelligence , Obama’s statement about Egypt , Tamarod’s announcement, ElBaradei’s statement and Hamdeen’s statement.

    There is nothing about that meeting of Morsi with El Sisi of defense or Shehata of GIS.

    US president Obama expressed his concern for what is happening to Egypt. I know my country now is a headache for Washington !! The American president called both the Egyptian regime aka the Muslim brotherhood and the opposition to hold talks instead of clashes and violence today in his press conference in South Africa.

    Update : President’s adviser and MB figure Ayman Ali says that Obama is free to say whatever he wants and the Egyptian Presidency is not obliged to listen to what he wants.

    The US department of State issued a travel warning for Egypt.I believe it is normal thing especially after the murder of the US citizen Andrew Pochter in Alexandria’s clashes yesterday. The US marines have already been put on alert in  Southern Europe so what happened in Benghazi won’t happen again in Cairo

    You must know that there are calls by Ultra Radical Pro-Nationalists/Military/Nasserists for protesters not only to protest but to storm the US embassy. Those calls results of the anti-American sentiments growing among the Non-Islamists because they believe that the Obama administration is biased to the MB. US ambassador Anne Paterson is so much hated and many Egyptians consider her the American version of Lord Cromer.

    I believe the MB would love to protesters storm the US embassy this happen so their political opponents as well the Egyptian army lose all the cards with Washington.

    The office of assistant to President of Egypt on foreign relations aka Essam El Haddad , the president’s aide for foreign relations issued a statement for foreign media.The statement is not good in these times. Praising the Raba’a Al Aadawaya protests and attacking the opposing protests. The opponent protesters will not come near Raba’a by the way.

    Mohamed ElBradei , the leader of the Constitution Party and the leading figure of the NSF addressed the public in a video clip.

    Mohamed ElBaradei addresses the public

    Dr. ElBaradei has called the Egyptian people to join the protests of 30 June protests. He also called President Morsi to hold early presidential elections in order to continue on the democratic path.

    Hamdeen Sabbahi who can be Egypt’s next President also addressed the public in a video clip.

    Hamdeen Sabbahi addresses the Public

    Hamdeen Sabbahi is saying that the June30 protests are a continuation to the 25 January revolution calling the people to stick to peacefulness and condemning the violence and the attack on members and properties of various political groups including the Muslim brotherhood. Sabbahi is speaking in a huge confidence that victory will be the ally of those against the MB.

    Today Tamarod announced that it managed to collect 22 million signatures to withdraw the confidence from President Mohamed Morsi through the Supreme constitutional court. There is a debate about how correct or valid these numbers are. Already the political group announced that they have excluded the invalid signatures including the duplicates

    There is another whole legal debate about whether the court will consider the petitions legal enough. This is something for the first time to happen in the history without legal basis.

    “Tamarod” Campaign also called the Egyptians abroad to protest in front of the Egyptian embassies tomorrow worldwide. Already I know that there are Egyptians who will protest in front of the White House tomorrow.

    Of course just from minutes ago the Muslim brotherhood has declared the general mobilization among its members. The last time the MB announced this mobilization , we had the massacre of presidential palace of December 5 where Egyptian civilians tortured and killed other Egyptian civilians.

    The main gathering of the MB youth will be in Raba’a Al Adawaya and other places in Cairo unfortunately the FJP did not reveal on its official page. The Islamist parties alliance led by the Muslim brotherhood also issued a statement tonight.

    Updated : Morsi held a meeting with the Islamist parties in Egypt from his allies. He urged them to restrain their members and to the end of that talk.

    BY the way Salafist Al Nour Party and Al Watan Party its rival are not going to participate in the rallies or the protests.

    On the other “Tamarod” Campaign announced that there will be protests in 26 governorates. It will be huge thing. It could be the biggest since 28 January , in fact it could be bigger than 28 January 2011 in some governorates. There will be 14 marches from all over Cairo heading to the Presidential Palace and 4 marches to Tahrir square.

    Socially Egyptians are worried even if they do not show it. It is not a big secret that they are stockpiling food and water. Of course it is matter of days and we are going to have Ramadan so it is like double bill. You must know that not all the people are going to protest but rather are scared.

    Some companies and shops are giving their employees vacation tomorrow , some of these companies and shops are actually urging their employees to go and to protest. For instance we got the famous Mohamed El Sagheer’s beauty salon and Design Emporium Egypt.

    I do not know what will happen but one thing for sure if violence starts and does not stop then in couple of days we will have a new SCAF. Again we got different factions protesting against Morsi with different agendas and goals as well means to reach for their goals. If we are speaking logically the size of the protests can force the MB to present the concessions they refuse to present n order to save themselves. This is of course logic.

    One thing for sure no one on earth or heaven even the Egyptian deep state would have imagine that Morsi’s first anniversary will turn to be like that.

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    And the big day is here.
    Since early morning Cairo has become a ghost town , a real ghost town. Empty streets and empty traffic are unsusal in the big crowded city on Sunday's morning. It is like the calmness before the storm indeed. In fact it is the clamness before the storm.
    It is expected that the action won't really start except afternoon when the rallies and protests start at 4 PM. Already all people know that in a mid summer day , the protests and rallies will attract more people at night. Nevertheless there are increasing number of protesters in Tahrir square and some governorates have started early like Alexandria, Mahalla, Mounfia and Port Said. 
    Companies have either closed their doors or downsized the employees on Sunday especially the ladies. Ladies employees are told to go home. Few restaurants in Cairo are providing delivery services.
    The Cairo Alexandria railway has been cut by angry protesters yet the railways services are working in the rest of the country. The Metro stations and lines are working fine too. 
    Here is a live storify update to make our lives easier.
    It is after the break as usual.

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    Here is a quick round of newspapers' headlines and frontpages in Egypt as well Pan Arab newspapers about #June30 protests.

    Al Ahram Newspaper : Egypt is in the fist of fear 
    Oh God keep Egypt Safe "Ahram 3rd Page"

    Oh God keep Egypt safe

    Tahrir : Leave
    Al Akhbar : Egypt over a volcanic crater
    The newspaper editorial : We are in the side of the people 
    Ahmed Ragab and Mustafa Hussien's Cartoon
    Mustafa Hussein supports the protests now after two years of attacking them
    Al Mal : Egypt revolts against the brotherhood

    Youm 7 : 22,000,000 Tamarud petition
    AL Masry Al Youm : Squares tell Morsi : One year is Enough

    Freedom and Justice newspaper : The people want !! More protesters in Raba'a al Adawaya
    Pan Arab Al Hayat : Egypt holds its breath
    Pan Arab Al Sharq Al Awsat : Warming up in Egypt on 30 June eve

    Al Watan : Judgement Day

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  • 07/01/13--01:23: #June30 : What I saw
  • The protests of June 30 were the biggest thing I have seen. It is biggest than the 25 January 2011 and 28 January 2011. It is biggest than any other wave I have seen in Egypt. I saw a cross section from Egyptian society in that big rally or rallies coming from Giza , from Mostafa Mahmoud and trying to cross Al Galaa Bridge to join the rest of the protesters at Tahrir square. Of course they could not join them because the square was full in some historical scene.

    Unlike other protests and revolutionary waves , it is no longer a youth movement. It is more varied. I am trying to understand that scene in front of me. Anyhow I could those snap shots below. By the way I am still uploading more photos to the album.

    Wait for the video clips.

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    Things are developing so quickly today in Egypt after the huge protests we saw yesterday. First of I will start from yesterday.
    Tamaroud campaign’s 30 June Front issued its first statement last night with the title “Revolution’s First Statement” and it announced that Mohamed Morsi is not longer the President of Egypt on behalf the 22 million citizens who signed Tamaroud petitions to withdraw confidence from him.
    The statement gives an ultimate to Morsi to leave by 5 PM on 2 July Tuesday otherwise the revolutionary group will call the general assembly of the Egyptian people “This is the exact wording they used” to mobilize at Egypt’s public square and to start a civil disobedience. It also call the army and police to stand by the side of the public and on the other hand to the people to continue their sits in all over the country.
    Tamaroud has not represented the petitions so far to the Supreme constitutional court.
    The ministry of health of health announced the latest numbers today : The death toll increased to 1 all over the country and 781 injured all over the country. The clashes in Cairo, Assuit, Fayoum , Bani Sawif and Kafr El Sheik.
    One was killed in Kafr El Sheikh ,Alexandria , Fayoum and Bani Sawif while 3 were killed in Assuit and 9 in Cairo including 8 at the MB HQ in MoktamHQ.
    There are no MB members killed in yesterday events at Mb HQ. The MB HQ was set on fire and stormed by the people. I think I will have another separate post about it.
     There are news that 4 non MB ministers have decided to resign from the cabinet.
    Today the Presidency will  hold a press conference at 5 PM and the Muslim brotherhood will hold another Press conference.
    Still millions of Egyptians will wait another statement , the statement of the Egyptian armed forces.
    In those times , I think the best thing to do is to have a storify story as it will be a very long night.
    Tamaroud will also hold another presser tonight.

    @5:15 PM 

    The Armed forces have issued a statement aired on Egyptian National TV and other channels. The statement was also published on its Facebook page.

    The armed forces have issued a statement from short time ago. It is very strong statement and it says one thing  :
    The armed forces are giving 48 hours to all political powers to reach for a reconciliation to end the current crisis otherwise it will announce a political roadmap for Egypt 
    In other words either we will have an early presidential elections or we will have a very soft military coup on popular demand.
    You must know the people in Tahrir square and the Presidential Palace are extremely happy with that announcement. Some political forces , from the civilian forces like Tamaroud are welcoming that statement.
    On the other hand the the Islamists specifically from the Muslim brotherhood are extremely worried and some of them of angry as they considered it as a coup.
    It is actually a soft coup still no one has made us reach to this soft coup except the Muslim brotherhood

    @6:26 PM 

    The Egyptian army is not responsible for the Egyptian TV and Cairo international airport. It is also worth to mention that the army has took control of number of governorates HQs in Delta.
    There are army helicopters hovering Cairo's carrying balloons and flags.
    Rebel Economy

    Cairo Scene 

    @10:27 PM 

    Ok the Presidency announced that it has adjourned its presser tomorrow adding that Morsi is discussing with his advisers the latest developments. In other words Morsi and presidency do not know what to say after the army's statement.
    Lots of statements have been  issues so far in those hours. Most of the non Islamist Political forces and parties welcome the statement .
    The ministry of interior has issued a statement announcing its full support to the armed forces officially in its official Facebook page.
    This was not the last most interesting official statement we had because the army did it once again. Armed forces spokesperson issued a statement to clarify the other statement issued earlier and the whole world read it as an annoucnment of coup. 
    According to Col. Ahmed Ali´s statement the doctrines of Egyptian army do not include military coup and that the Egyptian army went to the streets in 1977 , 1987 and 2011 and did not lead a coup. The statement insists the armed forces do not want to be involved in politics and wants to reach to a reconciliation.
    Now there are celebrations in Egyptian street like the celebrations we had on February 11,2011 !!!! Yes People are flying over the moon with the army's first statement.
    Of course the MB does not celebrate it. In fact Mohamed El Beltagy has said in Raba'a Adawaya that it would be over the their dead bodies if army did it.
    The Muslim brotherhood did not hold a presser 
    Tomorrow's Al Masry Al Youm

    @12:05 AM 

    The Islamists aka alliance to support legitimacy ed by the Muslim brotherhood issued a statement at Raba'a Al Aadawaya saying that the Egyptian army is for all and that the alliance rejects all the attempts to turn the army against the legitimacy.

     @12:40 AM

    Salafist Al Nour Party issued a statement and has called for early presidential elections. This is a big blow for the MB. 

    @1:30 AM 

    The Presidency has issued a statement and it revealed that the army statement was issued without his knowledge !!
    Morsi and MB did not understand the message. This will not end good
    The minister of foreign affairs has resigned 

    0 0

    And it is another crazy day in Egypt. We got double rallies today as both the anti-Morsi protesters and Islamist protesters are going to take the street to support their causes. We got phones from Obama and the new prosecutor general is old one too.
    I believe that we need another live blog to keep with what is happening in Egypt after the break.

    0 0

    And I think the negotiations between the army and Mohamed Morsi or rather the Muslim brotherhood have reached to dead end.
    From few moments ago we found the official twitter account of Mohamed Morsi saying the following :

    President Mohamed Morsi will hold on the constitutional legitimacy and refuses any attempts to turn against it. He also calls the army to reverse its ultimatum and refuses any domestic or foreign orders.  
    This is a confrontation not only with the public and the Egyptian army but also with the States that called Morsi to hold early Presidential elections.I do not know if this is crazy or not.
    Since early morning and almost everybody with access to real informed sources in Cairo knew that Morsi was holding talks with El Sisi. All predictions were betting that by tonight or tomorrow's morning there will  be a comprise.
    These bets were enforced by the fact that state owned Ahram's issue tomorrow published in its front page.
    Today : Dismissal or resignation "Aziz El Shafei"
     This font used above the Ahram logo is used in historical events in the history of the old newspaper. "Today :Dismissal or resignation" 
    Below the headlines are as follows for the report written by Abdel Nasser Salama , the editor in chief of Ahram. :
    • Forming a presidential council and cancelling the constitution. 
    • The armed forces will supervise the road map of future for a period between 9 months to one year. 
    • Revolutionary trials for violence inciters and instructions to deal with outlaws in Sinai. 
    • Forming an independent interim government and have a presidential and parliamentary elections. 
    • Putting MB leading figures under house arrest and international support to the new development.
    Ahram Daily is no longer following the MB but it is back to the army right.
    I think he is trying to pull Erdogan here. Unfortunately he does not know that Turkey is not Egypt for real and people can not stomach the Muslim brotherhood anymore.
    Update : 
    Morsi has addressed the nation from few minutes ago on National TV. To be accurate he addressed his supporters. Stressing over and over on his legitimacy, Morsi sent indirect messages to the army and El Sisi as well the people. I will not quote him. 
    The National TV is controlled now by the army FYI.I do not know what will happen tomorrow. I fear it for real.
    By the way just now we got this tweet on the official twitter account of the cabinet. 

    "The Cabinet announces its refusal to Dr.Morsi's speech and how it pushes nation to civil war. The Cabinet announces its support to the people's will.

    0 0

    At 4.30 The army's deadline to the political powers or rather the Muslim brotherhood will be and it will force its own road map on everybody.
    Today is extremely important thus I will use again live blogging once again to keep with what taking place in the country.

    I will be using Storify instead Live Blog Pro which I used yesterday and was actually great. Live Blog Pro only allow few embedding social media services despite it is great and simple.

    0 0

    And here is the new roadmap proposed by the army sans Morsi after a very  long day. Yes the army ousted Morsi. Yes it is a coup according to all international and political science standards but it is a coup on the popular demand. The millions were asking for it in our streets for the past 4 days. I heard by own ears from the protesters. This is what the people want and they are happy with it.

    Here is the roadmap :

    • The head of the Constitutional court Adly Mansour is the interim president.
    • The constitution is suspended and new amendments committee is formed “So we will not have a new constitution”
    • A National unity technocrat cabinet. “Rumors that ElBaradei will head it”
    • A code of ethics in the media will be declared
    • The Constitutional court will pass the parliamentary elections in order to have a new house of representatives
    • The interim president will have the right to issue constitutional declaration
    • A National reconciliation committee “Will the MB be part of it like the Mubarak regime members who are coming back again ?”
    • To empower youth .. bla bla bla 

    This roadmap actually is the result of several roadmaps proposed by different political parties and movements including Tamaroud and April 6 Youth as well Al Nour Party.

    Of course this roadmap was announced after hours of talks with political and religious figures. Among the political figures that attended the meeting with the army and reached to that map : Mohamed ElBaradei , Tamourd’s Mohamed Abdel Aziz and Mahmoud Badr and Sakina Fouad. Interestingly there were members from Al Nour party in the meeting. Now we know that Al Nour party will be there. Already also part of the roadmap was proposed for months by Al Nour. Politically speaking Al Nour party may lose a lot of its supporters due to this move. In fact it had lost some of its base.

    There were religious figures too as well. The Pope of the Orthodox Church and the Sheikh of Al Azhar were there to represent the Egyptian people.

    These people appeared in El Sisi’s video and some of them addressed the public and the world like ElBaradei and the religious figures of Egypt to send one message : It is not a military coup.

    The army knows the international back lash and thus they needed someone like ElBaradei to speak to the world. Personally I believe ElBaradei is gambling and if he fails in achieving a true democratic reform in Egypt then I am afraid he will be remembered as some one who joined a coup against elected president. I know Dr. ElBaradei’s intentions and actually many January 25 revolutionaries are happy that he appeared in the picture and stated that what happened on June 30 is a continuation for 25 January revolution and its goals seeking social media ,

    By the way the army and national TV are airing speeches of those public figures.

    Now Morsi is ousted , he became a second ex-president of Egypt. Morsi has also addressed a message to the people.I do not know from where but he is asking the people to refuse the coup

    Morsi addresses the Egyptian people

    On the other hand the Islamist TV channels including Misr 25 , Al Hafez and Al Nas have been closed suddenly. There are conflicting reports about why they were closed. Nevertheless it is a bad message to close the TV channels, it sends a bad message to the world especially the world sees that you have got a coup.

    Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr was once against closed by military police

    Storming Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr

    Clashes erupted between security forces and Morsi’s supporters in Minya , Assuit and Matrouh. Not less than 6 died in the clashes including 5 alone in Matrouh in clashes between tribes and the army. I saw this coming in Matrouh considering the Salafist trend and its strength there as well the spread of the arm thanks to Libya. 

    I know there are lots of things taking place and I can not keep up so easily. I want to write something about the Muslim brotherhood as well about the coup on popular demand we are having in Egypt.

    0 0
  • 07/04/13--07:15: #Egypt : It is New Era
  • Yes it is a new era as well a new restart actually. Today the head of Constitutional court Adly Mansour will swear in as interim president. He is the 8th President since 23 July coup and the second interim president Sufi Abu Taleb. We are on 12 February 2011.
    I think we will need another storify Live Blog to keep with all the updates from all over the country

    0 0

    This is the first Friday after the ousting of President Morsi. We woke up on Egyptian air forces’ air jets breaking the silence of Cairo and Giza’s skies with its thunder sound after a long and sad night of fighting in Sinai. Today lots of things are happening in Egypt and thus the Storify live blog is back. As usual after the break.
    I will try to write something analytical later.

    0 0

    And Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei has been appointed as the next Prime minister of Egypt.
    I believe that he was appointed in order to prove to the world that this is not a coup against democracy. Already knowing ElBaradei and how he thinks I know that he will not accept this position except taking all the powers he wants.
    More updates to come


    And Al Nour Party spoiled the Party.Yes Now Egyptian interim presidency says now that ElBaradei has not been officially as PM !! Well it turned out that Al Nour party is rejecting ElBaradei and is even threatening to withdraw from the political scene in Egypt !!! They believe that ElBaradei does not want Islamic Sharia and supports the Secular state !!
    Amazingly in this difficult of Egypt we need someone like ElBaradei who supports dialogue and inclusion.
    I hate to break the news that Al Nour party has already lost its Islamist base with its support of the army's announcement to oust president Morsi.
    Of course this is untrue because all the reporters as well Tamaroud activists have been informed that ElBaradei has been appointed as a PM personally by Presidency this evening !!
    Despite all parties and political groups that attended the meeting with interim president welcomed the nomination of ElBaradei in fact I know as a fact Tamaroud and Strong Egypt Party led by Abu Fotouh asked for ElBaradei by name as a PM.
    I do not know if I should to say this. But Al Nour Party and Salafist Calling will increase the gap and the polarization in Egypt.
    We are waiting for what is going to happen tomorrow.
    By the way the two main candidates other than ElBaradei : Farouk El Okda and former PM Kamal El Ganzoury. Yes El Ganzoury who was nominated by Al Nour.

    0 0

    Today is another round of protests and counter protests not only in Cairo but all over the country. Tamaroud movement is calling the people to protest and go to the streets against the Muslim brotherhood while the Muslim brotherhood are calling its supporters as well Morsi's supporters to protest in order to restore Morsi's presidency. The Tamaroud's protests are called "The People's Legitimacy" while The Morsi supporters call theirs "Restoring Revolution"
    You must know that Ramadan will start on Wednesday.
    Again a Storify live report will save the day for now.It will be updated accordingly

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