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7000 years and counting ...

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    And we continue the Saga of Prince Amar El Din of Jinn and Princess Amar El Din of humans. Tonight is the 10th episode in this season Radio Arabian Nights on Egyptian Chronicles. It was the 301th episode on Egyptian radio from several decades ago. You can refresh your memory with what happened last night here.

    and below after the break the old player


    Synopsis :

    Cruel king Zanzibar decides that it is the prefect time for his son “who is actually daughter” to marry from a wealthy princess. He asks the hand of princess Set El Banat , the daughter of King Himalaya.

    Princess Amar El Din does not know what to do except that she decided to escape along with her mother Sultana and their. At the same time her father the cruel king decided to arrest the stranger known as Amar El Din “The Jinn” because he believes that he is a spy. Amar El Din escapes the guards of the king and sees the other face of the humans.. of course he killed 20 guards and then vanishes.

    Princess Amar El Din and her mother along with their maid escape. 

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    Dear friend and colleague Menna Alaa , a video journalist from Al Masry Al Youm was attacked today by angry Morsi protesters while she was covering the protests of 10th Ramadan . She was smackedand her camera was stolen. I am honored that she chose my blog to post her testimony in English. Menna is one from the brightest and finest video journalists in Egypt as well Student unions leaders in the country.
    Here is the testimony
    Before writing this post, I was hesitant. Should I say what happened or just calm down and just keep it to the tweets I wrote earlier regarding my attack? I changed my mind though when I read the hateful comments on Al Masry Al Youm's post regarding my attack. I have never been so disgusted by people who decided to claim that I had no footage to send back to the newspaper, so I made the whole story up because I was a "failure". People who know me well enough know that I have risked my lives several times by deciding to report from Islamists' protests. I am no hero, no one is…but I decided to do what my parents taught me: "Show the truth…and nothing by the truth". Every time I went to a protest, I kept assuring myself that I'm doing the right thing….those people need to be heard.
    It was the 19th of July, 10th of Ramadan….several pro Morsy protests were expected after Jumaah Prayers. I called my boss at 3:30 pm and told him I won't go to the newspaper HQ in Qasr El Einy Street and will be heading instead to the Republican Guards Headquarters at Salah Salem to shoot a video from the pro Morsy rally there before they head back to Rabaa Adaweya. He was hesitant at first, but I insisted and went. I arrived to the Republican Guards headquarters and found the protesters at the other side of the street, next to the Ministry of Planning. They were trapped because the army blocked most of the ways, one of the protesters told me. I got my camera out and started shooting the protesters' discussions with the Rep Guards. The protesters chanted: "You killed our brothers during Fajr prayers"( They were pointing out at what many refer to as the massacre of the Republican Guards). A guy from the protesters screamed in my face: "What are you shooting?". I assured him that I am a journalist who is here to report so another protester came back and apologized for the misunderstanding. The Republican Guards ignored them and showed no interest so the protesters decided to go back to Rabaa through a shortcut next to Ministry of Planning ( also in Salah Salem). I decided to walk with them for a while just to get the shots I wanted from the rally and head back to Al Masry Al Youm HQ. The protesters marchedand it was perfectly peaceful until we reached Asmaa Zaghloul Street. I saw a car that was speeding up towards the march so the protesters thought it was planning to run them over. They ran behind it and started cursing: "You son of a ****". I saw protesters carrying sticks and what is really similar to a baton...only worse. They jumped on the car, smashed its windows, and were going to kill the three men inside the car who were already screaming for help. I was recording all that with my camera...until one of the protesters who was already smashing the car jumped in front of me and took my camera and screamed: "Who do you work with, daughter of a dog?". I decided to handle this with a bit of calmness and told myself: "Okay, they can take the camera. I just want to be out of here safely". My camera disappearedand I think he smashed it on the spot. Suddenly, a bearded guy carrying his 2 year old son ran towards me and smacked me hardly on my face: " You daughter of a dog! Who sent you? The army?". I screamed and started crying, protesters gathered around me while asking each other: "Who is she?". A guy replied: "She is related to the car that tried to run us over". I screamed in agony and swore: "I'm not, I swear! I've been with you since the beginning of the march".  A protester shouted in my face: "You're a liar". I said it was over....they're going to kill me so I closed my eyes and prayed: "Dear God, if it was destined for me to die now...please make it fast". One of the protesters put his hands around me and started to calm me down: "She is not one of them! Leave her alone". A woman wearing a niqab next to me started crying while other women were in shock and repeatedly told me: "This is not us...surely it was an army/police officer who smacked you". The protesters urged me to head back to Rabaa with them, I asked them to leave me alone and just try to get me my camera back. Residents of the area went downand one of them asked me: "What happened?". I was going to answer when a Pro Morsy protester answered: "An army officer beat her up". I approached the resident and asked him to take me back to the Rep Guards HQ where the same Pro Morsy protester again said: "You're coming with us to Rabaa". His persistence was weird so I refused again and the residents decided to take me out of the area. I walked with one of the residents until I found an army officer asking me to approach him. I did, he saw that I looked tired and seemed clumsy. "Weren't you the person shooting the protest in front of us a while ago? What happened?", he asked. I told him it was me so he requested to see my press card and told me: "I'm sorry there is nothing I can do, but I hope you report the truth and show their true faces to the world". I left him and went back to Salah Salem with the resident who volunteered and took me. I got a call from my friend, Haitham El Tabei, AFP reporter who decided to come and pick me up and take me back to my newspaper HQ. I went back to Al Masry Al Youm's HQ and the nightmare was finally over.
    1. According to some Ikhwan members, it was an army officer who smacked me and stole my camera. I deny this.
    2. Pro Morsy protesters never knew I was an Al Masry Al Youm journalistand I didn't show them an ID. Maybe if I did, I wouldn't have come out of there alive.
    3. I really hope Gehad El Haddad, Ikhwan media spokesperson, reads this and starts tweeting about the so called "media blackout" again.
    4. A smack on my face, a bruise, and a stolen camera won't stop me from reporting. I report what I seeand I will continue to report even if it will cost me my life. The truth is what will always keep me doing what I love.

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    This is the testimony of Menna Alaa , Al Masry Al Youm video journalist of what happened to her yesterday in Arabic. Menna asked me to publish the testimony in both Arabic and English by her request

    قبل أن أبدأ في تدوين ما حدث معي ترددت متسائلةً، هل أسرد واقعة اليوم، أم أقتصرها فقط على تغريداتي صباح اليوم.. و لكن حسمت رأيي بضرورة تدوين الواقعة بعدما شاهدت التعليقات المخزية على خبر الاعتداء عليَّ في جريدة "المصري اليوم" الالكترونية متكهنة بأنني اختلقت تلك القصة لفشلي في تغطية الحدث. من يعرفونني جيداً على يقين كم من مرة عرضت فيها حياتي للخطر كلما أصررت على تغطية فعاليات و تظاهرات الاسلاميين.. لست بطلة و لن يتوج أحد بطلاً.. و لكني قررت أن أعمل بما علمونني إياه والداي،"عرض الحقيقة، و لا شئ غير الحقيقة". كلما كنت أتجه لتظاهرات الاسلاميين كنت أقر في نفسي أن هؤلاء لهم حق الإستماع إليهم و ليسوا نكرة.
    ١٩ يوليو - ١٠ رمضان
    دعوات لتظاهرات حاشدة لمؤيدي محمد مرسي بعد صلاة الجمعة. تحدثت مع مديري الساعة ٣:٣٠ لاخباره بأنني لن أتجه لمقر الجريدة بشارع القصر العيني و سأذهب لدار الحرس الجمهوري بشارع صلاح سالم لتصوير حدث تظاهرات المؤيدين قبل ان يتجهوا لرابعة العدوية. كان متردداً و لكني أصريت على الذهاب و قد كان. عند وصولي هناك كان المتظاهرين في الجانب الآخر من الدار، عند مبنى وزارة التخطيط. كانوا محاطين لغلق الجيش جميع الطرق المحيطة. أخرجت الكاميرا الخاصة بي و بدأت في تصوير محادثات الجيش و المتظاهرين. كانت الهتافات تتعالى "قتلوا اخوتنا غدر، في صلاة الفجر" (اشارةً لما اسماه البعض بمذبحة الحرس الجمهوري). بدأ احد المتظاهرين يصرخ "بتصوري ايه ؟"، اكدت له انني صحفية موجودة لتغطية الحدث فأتى لي متظاهر آخر يعتذر لي عن سوء التفاهم.

     لم يلتفت لهم الحرس الجمهوري فقرروا العودة الى رابعة العدوية من طريق مختصر بجوار وزارة التخطيط (بشارع صلاح سالم). قررت ان اتجه مع المسيرة لتغطية الحدث كاملاً و اعود لمقر جريدة المصري اليوم. المتظاهرين استكملوا مسيرتهم بمنتهى السلمية حتى وصلنا شارع أسماء زغلول. رأيت سيارة مسرعة تجاه المسيرة فبدأ المتظاهرين ملاحقتها بالسباب "يا ابن الـ****". رايت المتظاهرين يحملون العصي و ما شابه عصا الشرطة بل و أسوأ.. قفزوا على السيارة، كسروا زجاجها و كانوا على وشك قتل الثلاثة رجال بداخل السيارة الذين قد بدأوا بالصراخ للمساعدة.. كنت أسجل كل هذا بالكاميرا الخاصة بي الى أن أتى اليَّ متظاهر ممن كانوا يحطمون السيارة و أخذها مني بالقوة قائلاً "بتشتغلي مع مين يا بنت الكلب". قررت ان اتعامل مع الموقف بهدوء تام و تركت لهم الكاميرا و كل تفكيري كان يصب في ان اخرج سالمة. اختفت الكاميرا و اظن انها تكسرت في الحال. و فجأة جاء رجل حاملا ابنه البالغ عامين و صفعني قائلاً "يا بنت الكلب، مين اللي باعتك ؟؟، الجيش ؟"
    . بدأت بالصراخ و البكاء فكثر المتظاهرين حولي متسائلين "مين دي؟" فرد الرجل قائلاً "دي تبع العربية اللي كانت هتدوس علينا" صرخت قائلةً "والله أبداً، أنا معاكم من أول المسيرة" صاح احدهم في وجهي "يا كذابة". ايقنت انها النهاية و قلت في نفسي، "يا رب لو هموت، خليني اموت بسرعة". جاء لي احد المتظاهرين و صرخ "دي مش منهم، سيبوها" و التفت يداه حولي. أتت إليَّ امرأة منقبة مرددة "دول مش مننا، اللي ضربك دول مندسين من الشرطة و الجيش". أصروا على أن اتجه معهم لرابعة العدوية، طلبت منهم ان يتركونني و ان يحاولوا ان يستعيدوا لي الكاميرا الخاصة بي.
    أهل المنطقة نزلوا الينا و سألوني "ايه اللي حصل ؟" رد احد المتظاهرين "ضابط جيش ضربها". ذهبت للساكن و قلت له "خذني لدار الحرس الجمهوري" فأصر المؤيد لمرسي "هتيجي معانا رابعة". كان اصراره غريب فرفضت و أخذوني منه اهل المنطقة ليخرجونني من المكان تماماً. مشيت مع احد السكان حتى رأيت ظابط جيش طلب مني الاقتراب و اقتربت منه بالفعل، كان قد رأى كيف كنت مرهقة و لست كاملة الوعي و قال "مش انتي اللي كنتي بتصوري قدامنا من شوية، ايه اللي حصل ؟؟". قلت له "ايوة انا" طلب مني تصريحي الصحفي و قال لي "آسف، أنا مقدرش اعمل حاجة بس اتمنى انك توصلي الحقيقة و توُري حقيقتهم للعالم كله". تركته و اتجهت لصلاح سالم مرة اخرى مع متطوع من اهل المنطقة اوصلني. وصلني اتصال من صديقي هيثم التابعي، (مراسل أ ف ب) الذي قرر ان يأخذني ليوصلني الى مقر الجريدة. رجعت للمقر بوسط البلد و كان قد انتهى الكابوس.
    ١- قال بعض المتظاهرين الاخوان ان من ضربني ضابط قوات مسلحة. أنا أنكر ذلك
    ٢- المؤيدين لم يكونوا على علم انني تايعة للمصري اليوم، لو علموا بذلك، لم اكن لاخرج على قيد الحياة.
    ٣- اتمنى ان يقرأ هذا جهاد الحداد المتحدث الرسمي للاخوان المسلمين، و أراه يغرد عن الاعلام المضلل ثانيةً.
    ٤- لن توقفني صفعة، كدمة، او سرقة كاميرا من تغطية الاحداث. سأصور ما ارى و سأستمر في التغطية و لو كانت حياتي الثمن. الحقيقة هي التي ستدفعني لأفعل ما أحب

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    And we continue our story for this Ramadan , the story of Prince Amar El Din and cruel king Zanzibar. Tonight is our 11th episode in this season.

    By the way for those who do not know this tale was written by poet and writer Taher Abu Fasha who revived the Arabian nights through Radio and TV in Egypt. Sometimes Abu Fasha used to present tales from the original book and sometimes he used to write tales inspired by the Arabian nights like this year’s tale.

    Now to let’s know what happened to runaway princess/prince Amar El Din and her mother in tonight’s episode.

    The old player is after the break.


    King Zanzibar discovered that his son “actually a daughter” escaped with his mother and their maid and thus he ordered his soldiers and knights to search and arrest them. The king is in a big trouble as King Himalaya and his daughter “who should marry prince Amar El Din” are coming after two days to the island of Fire. Nagm El Din , the Vizier’s son arrested the runaways and brought them to Zanzibar. Furious Zanzibar then ordered his men to send them to jail including his son.The vizier advises him to release them next day for the sake of the marriage. Later Nagm el Din tells his father that he discovered a huge secret that would turn things upside down. This secret is …..

    Tomorrow we will know

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    From two days ago 4 ladies from Morsi supporters were killed during the clashes between the Muslim brotherhood supporters and thugs in the city of Mansoura. The MB rally was actually a women’s rally the 10th Ramadan protests. It was a night protest and was attacked by thugs at rally. It was a tragedy by all measures especially with the more we knew about the incident.
     Hala is youngest one among those ladies
    organized part of
    The Ministry of interior did not secure the rally and did not stop the thugs’ attacks despite it was a peaceful rally and they had to secure it. The head of Mansoura’s directorate are responsible is responsible Logic says soand law says so. The thugs in Mansoura are well known to everybody and can be brought in anytime .. only if the police wants to.
    The tragedy that does not stop at the MOI because the Muslim brotherhood leading figures got a hand too. The organizers of the rally from the Muslim brotherhood leading members in the city were warned by several members that the rally would pass by thugs but they did not listen “Testimonies 1,2 and 3
    They know that the protest would include unarmed peaceful women and yet they insist to take that route.
    I do not want the army to interfere in anything , I want to police to do its job according to the law for once.
    Unfortunatelythe Muslim brotherhood leading figures continue to harm those ladies. Gehad El Heddad , the MB spokesperson for foreign media has posted a photo on twitter from the Syrian revolution as a photo from Mansoura in disrespect to those ladies who have been killed.
    It is not the first time it happened , it happened before during the Republican Guards clashesand it has been discrediting the Muslim brotherhood and their version of the story in Egypt since then.
    It is worth to mention that El Heddadapologized later for the wrong photo.
    Here is a video for happened filmed by one of the ladies participating in the rally.
    Al Mansoura : Attack on the 10th Ramadan Rally
    What happened in Mansoura reminds me with what happened in Manial island in Cairo from two weeks ago. When the army and police left the locals in the quiet island in a fight with the Muslim brotherhood who were armed. The fight ended with tens killed in the once quiet island. Lives could have been saved if the police did its job for once. "A storify report about their funerals"
    Four of Manial's martyrs

    Same thing happened in Giza during the clashes between the MB supporters including Salafists and the locals resulting in horrifying tales of people getting killed and tortured as well. The police could have save a lot of lives if it interfered.
    Lives are lost every day in Egypt whether in Cairo or Delta or Sinai from both sides making reconciliation looking like a mirage.
    Another thing that makes me extremely sad that Egyptians online are losing their humanity day after day.
    Some people are calling Egyptians online not feel sympathy or sad for the death of those ladies because they are in the end MB sheep that were ready to die for the return of Morsi. Oh yes this is what is being said and there is even more like : they are terrorists who killed other Egyptians thus they deserve to die all whether woman or child !! They are not Egyptians , they are loyal to the international Muslim brotherhood thus they should be eliminated from our land.
    There is also the classical comments like : Why they brought women to the protests !! Women should be in women and they are hiding behind women
    I am sorry for using this language but this is what is being said and spread like fire in the social media and the mainstream media from TV channels and newspapers. People buy it.
    I do not care about the MB leading figures or guidance office , screw them 10000 times but, those ladies are Egyptians in the end of the day who should not have killed in this way. This hate spreading not only targets MB members and their families but also Islamist in general.
    The polarization and gap created in time of Morsi thanks to the Muslim brotherhood is increasing in a fearful way. We do not need a military intervention from the army or a ministry for national reconciliation now but rather a divine intervention. It is dangerous because you know both sides do not want to give up an concessions , both sides are insisting their sides .. and both are also armed and ready to die to prove that they are victims and martyrs. A side thinks it owns the martyrdom certificate while the other owns the patriotism certificate.
    In the end blood is a river in Egypt. Our people died , die and will continue to die in vain. The rights of those ladies will be forever lost like those who were killed in the past 3 years in Egypt including those who killed in Manial , Giza , Sinai and since the start of the 25 revolution. Like any other case all political figures and parties are demanding investigation and justice and like any other case in Egypt it will see none.
    Again blood is like denial , just another a river in Egypt

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    Dear readers we continue our tale , the tale of Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar. In our 12th night we will know the big secret Nagm El Din revealed to his father the wicked vizier Zingar.

    The old player is after the break

    This was the 303th night of the Egyptian National radio.


    Nagm El Din reveals to his wicked father that Prince Amar El Din is actually Princess Amar El Din after finding her and the Queen. The wicked vizier is happy because now King Zanzibar will be forced to accept the old deal : Nagm El Din marries Princess Amar El Din. The Plan does not stop at here. Vizier Zingar is planning to get rid from the cruel king in the future so his son would be the sultan.

    The Vizier then goes to meet the cruel king and reveals to him the shocking truth : His son is actually a daughter. Furiously to know this the king orders the guards to bring the detained ladies.

    Meanwhile in the water world of Jinn , Prince Amar El Din is depressed on how his earthly friend betrayed him. Wise Vizier Atlas feels that there is something wrong and decides to search for it.

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    The day started with that proposal from the Muslim brotherhood on its official Facebook page. To end or rather revert that “military coup” the following should take place :
    1. To restore the presidential , parliamentary and constitutional legitimacy. 
    2. The elected president Morsi would hold parliamentary elections for the house of representatives that would amend the constitution
    3. To have a national dialogue !!
    No concessions what so ever.
    Ahram's issue
    Then hours later we found out that State owned Ahram Newspaper published this Front page “The
    prosecutor general orders the detention of Morsi for 15 days pending investigations”.
    The report is full of juicy parts “El Ahram exclusives details the American conspiracy on Egypt and the last hours of MB’s rule” like how Morsi is facing espionage charges for contacting the U.S ambassador Anne Paterson from Lieutenant general El Sisi’s mobile phone on 3 July 2013. Accordingly there are recordings for these calls “which means that El Sisi’s mobile phone was under surveillance !!?”
    The prosecutor general denied that the report completely on air on Egyptian channels at the same time the Ahram Daily editor in chief’s Abdel Nasser Salama insisted that what the paper published in its Monday issue was true.
    Anyhow the army spokesperson colonel Ahmed Ali then published a statement on his official FB denying completely what came in Ahram from claims.
    “What came in Ahram’s issue tomorrow is untrue completely and does not depend on confirmed facts. Publishing this in this way in this timing aims to create confusion and to agitate the public opinion and to achieve the suspicious goals of certain political currents” Colonel Ahmed said in his short angry statement. This is the first time Ahram Daily is accused and attacked by the army in this way in its long history.
    It is worth to mention that Ahram newspaper is supervised closely.
    Of course now Ahram editor in chief Abdel Nasser Salama is in a huge trouble because Colonel Ali denied what he said completely and officially. Now people are accusing Salama of working for the sake of the MB as he was appointed by the Islamist dominated Shura council last year. It is worth to mention that that Salama is a Mubarak loyalist who used to attack the 25 January revolution in the 18 days and the revolutionaries during SCAF.
    I believe that this could be a game of negotiations between the army and the MB. There are negotiations going indirectly and directly. You got local and foreign parties involved in these negotiations despite the official denials of both the army and the MB.
    May be after that provoking statement , the leaks were sent to Ahram editor in chief to raise the bar !??
    Another theory is that we got conflicting players now , we are not dealing with the army and the Mb alone.
    By the way the MB may find it good to have Morsi officially detained as it will be used internationally for their own sake.

    0 0

    Tonight we continue our tale and know the fate of prince Amar El Din and King Zanizbar. We will know the fate of princess Amar El Din tonight, her big secret was revealed to her cruel dad who went mad.

    The old audio player is after the break.


    In front of the court King Zanizbar who is mad like hell exposes the secret of his daughter in a very humiliating way. He ordered them to be jailed , the cruel king is extremely furious.

    On the other hand the wicked vizier tells his son his wicked plan : It does not stop at making his son marry princess Amar El Din , he will get rid from the Sultan after couple of years using ironically the poison prepared by the high priest “which is actually not a poison”

    King Himalaya arrives to the island to be shocked after knowing the truth. Actually he is offended and things may have turned in to a war between the two kings if Zanizbar did not take his guest king to see Amar El Din in her detention.

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  • 07/23/13--15:24: Reviving #Nasser in #Egypt
  • This photo was spreading in Egyptian social media network as well the Egyptian news websites.
    Allegedly this boy saluting late President Nasser was general Abdel Fatah El Sissi. There is no confirmation whether this boy was El Sissior not but it is spreading like fire. 
    El Sisi and Nasser "Al Masry Al Youm"
    At Nasser tomb where Nasserites along Nasser family went to celebrate the 23 July anniversary a big banner with the photos of both Nasser and El Sissi was hanged. In Tahrir square you can see the posters of Nasser and El Sissi together are sold.
    In a very emotional op-ed by Ibrahim Eissa in Tahrir newspaper called “El Sissi Egypt” last week , the TV host and editor in chief compared to the minister of defense has done on 3th July and how he resisted the alleged American pressures to keep Morsi as a president to what Nasser did in 1956 from nationalizing the Suez Canal.
    Today is the 61st anniversary of the 23 July movement in Egypt , the original coup that is considered a revolution and actually caused a social economic as well political revolution in Egypt and Arab world. I can not get over on how the Egyptian mainstream media is trying to make from Abdel Fatah El Sissi a new Nasser figure whether intentionally or unintentionally.

     It is not a big secret that there isrise of Nasserite and Nationalism in Egypt nowadays. It started with the infamous words of ousted President Mohamed Morsi “What you know about the sixties” in Tahrir square from more than a year ago referring to Nasser and what he did against the Muslim brotherhood. Of course later he quoted Nasser in a positive way especially in his African tours and celebrations like Labor Day.
    As the MB and Morsi started to commit political sins and mistakes , the people began to revive Nasser’s legacy from MB’s hate and despise. Generations that knew nothing about Nasser except that he was the president that brought downmonarchy and nationalized the Suez canal  kept sharing clips from Nasser’s famous speech in 1960s about MB.
    The misogynist chant against the MB in the protests “If Nasser were alive , he would make you wear veil and bracelets” was a common chant in the anti-MB protests through the past year. Of course all this is nothing compared to what is taking place onground. The famous Tamaroud movement’s  co-founders are members are members of the Popular Current movement led by NasseriteHamdeenSabbahi.
    Tamaroud young founders already were blessed and met with none other than Nasser’s close media aide Mohamed Hassanein Heikal even twice in a week. Heikal also met by the way Abdel Fatah El Sissi and revealed alleged latest exclusive events from the backstage on CBC TV channel . The MB members already claiming that this were a Nasserite coup backed by the States and Israel thanks to Heikal !!
    Of course the only thing many Egyptians have revived from the Nasser legacy is the hate of the Muslim brotherhood and that famous leader was right in oppressing the MB.“He did not oppress the MB alone and actually the police state of Nasser was one of his worst sins that no one can deny or beautify that b all measures at all” 
    Amazingly nobody is paying attention to Nasser’s legacy from economic policies on the other handand I do not have any doubt that after couple of months the Nasserites will lose their popularity because people will remember that they do not want Nasser’s socialism and big slogans in the end of the day.
    The Upper Class and Upper Middle Class that are currently calling El Sisi as the new Nasser and cheering for him will not tolerate to accept Nasser's social and economic policies once again in Egypt. Of course there are generations who ignore the fact that  Nasser’s popularity in Egypt among popular classes was not because he sent the MB to jail onlybut because the economic and social policies that he adopted in Egypt mainly. 
    Besides this I do not think that those racists who are attacking Syrians and Palestinians day and night cheering for El Sisi will tolerate or accept or even understand the Pan Arabism or Pan Africanism nationalism adopted by Nasser. There is ugly increase in Egyptian Nationalism that says Egypt above the world and above all , Arabs and Africans are nothing.. blablabla

    Every figure is the child of his own time and his own society. Abdel El Fatah El Sisi can not be Gamal Abdel Nasser and Gamal Abdel Nasser can not be El Sissi because simply despite the uniform and their position from the Muslim brotherhood, each of them is the child of his time , his own circumstances that is completely different than the other. The Egyptian society in 2013 is different than the Egyptian society in 1952.
    Nobody can ignore or deny the huge popularity El Sisi now in the streets. This is why I do not think that he needs the media to make out of him a new Nasser.
    By the waythis popularity now can be bless and curse at the same time because people’s hopes are up in the sky.

    0 0

    I am sorry for the huge in tonight’s episode.

    Here is the 14th episode of Prince Amar El Din’s tale. The English synopsis after the break. You can refresh your memory here. Tonight’s episode was the 305th in the Egyptian Radio’s Arabian nights. 

    You can use the old audio play also after the break.

    Synposis :

    King Himalaya sees princess Amar El Din and amazingly he defends her and her mother as well their maid asking the cruel king for his pardon. The King transfers the princess and her mother to Kasr El Tin palace.

    In the Jinn world Prince Amar El Din knows the truth about his close from vizier Atlas and realizes that the true reason on why he was attracted to earthly Amar El Din. She is a girl !! And so he went to meet her.

    Nagm El Din also went to meet her at the palace but instead meets Amar El Din “The Jinn” who beat the crap out of him. Wicked vizier Zangir saw what happened to his son and decided to head to cruel king Zanzibar for some wicked plot we will know next time insh Allah.

    0 0

    We reached to the 15th episode of our Ramadan Arabian nights or the 306th night of the Egyptian radio nights.
    The old player and synopsis are after the break.


    The wicked vizier took his injured son and went to the cruel Zanzibar and told him about the visit of Amar El Din to Amar el Din. Seizing the opportunity the vizier suggests that his son Nagm El Din would ask the hand of the princess. The king accepts this and the wicked vizier announces.
    At the same time Amar El Din tells human Amar El Din that he loves her then as usual he disappears when her father appears . Later her father comes and tells that she is going to marry Nagm El Din. She rejects him and tells her father that she does not love himbut in vain.
    In the under water world , Jinn Amar El Din tells his father king Bahrain that he loves human Amar El Din. Of course there is one problem she is human , he is Jinn and if he marries her , he will turn in to a human.

    0 0

    A military source told Ahram Online's Dina Ezzat that there are expectations that the numbers of protesters who will go to the street and mandate the army against terrorism will be more than the people who went to the streets on 30 June 2013. Well I believe this too considering the huge media campaign urging people to go to the story and to send a message to the world that they mandate the army to fight terrorism. 
    Not to mention General El Sisi himself asked the people  to go and ask for this. The people will not refuse a thing he asks especially that they feel in extreme need for. 
    For three weeks almost all private major TV channels had banners like "Egypt against terrorism" , "No for violence" and "War against terrorism". Of course the terrorism and the terrorists they are referring to are the Muslim brotherhood and its members. Now it is the time to join the crusade against terrorism and to end it in Egypt by the request of the army's popular commander El Sisi.
    People now consider the brotherhood and its members are terrorists who should eliminated from Egypt. The horrifying stories and testimonies coming from the Rabaa sit in as well Nahda sit in not to mention the terrorist attacks in Sinai made the people believe that the army should get rid from Morsi's supporters ASAP. In addition to this you got the threatening language used by the Muslim brotherhood and its partners from time to time helped a lot in creating this image in the public mind.
    It is a fact the MB has lost the majority of the Non Islamist Egyptian public, and it is not only because of the army or the deep state or the bad opposition.
    Almost everybody in this country told the people to protest tomorrow to mandate the army and police in their war against terrorism and violence. From the presidency to parties like Free Egyptians to movements like Tamaroud urged the people to participate in the protests. Companies and commercial chambers also call their employees to participate in the protests like Tourism chambers in Cairo and Alexandria.
    There will be protests in all over the country even in Marina , the famous Upper Class resort !! BY the way Marina also joined the protests of June 30th.

    Marina joins the protest
    Here are snapshots for today's newspapers in Egypt  , you got red bold headlines with specific order : Go to the streets 

    One message "Go to the streets" and "We mandate you"
    By Hisham Sadek
    Today's newspapers in Egypt by Egyptian commandos
    Akhbar front page headline was the most interesting one
    Akhbar's front page : The message of El Sisi is delivered and the people's answer : We mandated you.
    Youm 7's Front Page 'No comment'
    Tomorrow 8 private owned TV channels including ONTV, CBC, Tahrir TV, Al Hayat, Al Nahar and Cairo centric announced that they will stop airing the Ramadan TV shows and series and will broadcast the protests from Friday prayers till Saturday's dawn prayers.
    A screenshot from one of the channels by 7azla20m

    I do not think people who got a cause and ready to demonstrate in the street in the hot weather during fasting will care for TV shows and series at all !!
    And to be honest with the enthusiasm I see on Facebook and twitter, I believe that they did not need the TV channels to stop their shows as they are going either ways. It is enough to see the messages like the one below on the people's FB Wall declaring their full support to El Sisi giving him the mandate to fight terrorism.

    "We mandate you" a song made for El Sisi by once-Pro Revolution singer Mado. It is a cover for the infamous song "We choose you" that was sung for Mubarak.
    There will be a lot of singing tomorrow as popular Wesat El Balad Band , singer Ehab Tawfik and singer Mostafa Amar are going to hold some small concert at the Presidential Palace tomorrow night. 
    On the other hand,the Islamists are going to protest as well against El Sisi and his coup. Originally they were preparing for that specific day for weeks. They have been preparing for massive protests for week. The Muslim brotherhood did not choose the date for nothing. Tomorrow will be Ramadan 17th , the anniversary of the Battle of Badr  
    Yes it has a religious significant and it is playing an important role in mobilizing.Of course after El Sisi's speech , there is a shift in the tune used by the MB. There is no longer that use of force language full of defiance. Now it is "We are ready to die but killing another Muslim is a sin" and so on.
    The Muslim brotherhood  is calling the Day of Forqan by the way.
    This is why there is a fear tomorrow from clashes between the Pro-army and Pro-Morsi supporters that can reach to civil war. I do not know if the Egyptian channels will air their protests, but there is a bunch of Arab channels that will transfer their protests.
    Both protests will start right after Friday prayers. 

    0 0

    Ok these are my remarks about general El Sisi speech in the graduation of the Navy and air defense academies in Alexandria on Wednesday. I could not post it yesterday because I was extremely tired for real.
    First here is the speech translated in to English 
    Now I do not believe that the army or the police needs a mandate to do its job in fighting terrorism and violence. I do not believe either the justifications that he needed that this mandate in the populist way because there is no parliament to ask for such mandate from !!!! 
    Already that term “War on terrorism” is open and vague as well dangerous when it comes to human rights abuses. Just apply the law and do your job accordingly.Taxes are already paid to the government so the army and police to do their work.
    I believe that El Sisi is trying to push harder in the negotiations with the MB as according to all leaks it reached to the dead end as the MB is insisting on having Morsi as a president once again !! You must know if the MB leading figures step back on this particular demand they could be killed by younger supporters.
    It is a deadend indeed especially you got highly polarized two teams , one religiously radical and the other nationalistically radical and here I am not referring to the army, but rather the public that backs up the army.
    Both teams are armed, and both believe that they are right and ready to die for it. No one wants to give concessions. 
    Some say that this speech or to be accurate that call to the public to mandate the army to fight terrorism was a message to the world that he does not care for pressure and he will bring down the Muslim brotherhood.
    Well I am afraid what the world got two different messages as far I could tell from following foreign politicians’ reactions and reading international coverage. Of course Egyptians now believe that all the newspapers and channels in the world are on the payroll of the Muslim brotherhood.
    First message that the world got from the speech that what happened is a coup and that the army runs the show in Cairo. Ironically it is the message that the army and Egyptians were working so hard in the past weeks to deny. The absence of both Adly Mansour , the interim president and his vice president “ElBaradei” as well PM El Beblawi enforced the message that General Sisi and the army are running the show.
    Ironically VP Mohamed ElBaradei and FM Nabil Fahmy are trying hard to prove that it is not a coup through their talks to World leaders and then this speech came in this way to make their work even harder.
    OF course the National Defense council led by interim president Adly Mansour had a meeting and issued its orders to fight terrorism on Thursday in accordance with the law and human rights.
    The second message the world got from the speech  is there will be a war on terrorism in Egypt and that war actually is to get rid from the Islamists or rather Morsi’s supporters. The War on terrorism got a very bad reputation thanks to G.W Bush and what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan as well. It has become a synonym to human rights abuse thanks to Bush administration worldwide.
    Some people now believe that the Egyptian army is going to destroy both Rabaa and Nahda sits inand peaceful protesters are going to be killed and imprisoned. Of course the MB did not waste any time and spread this from their side. Again they are masters in playing the victim role. “ Without admitting that they are part of the problem and according to eye witnesses there are some armed protesters in both sits in”
    The army knew that the world got this message and thus the army spokesperson issued a statement later today insisting that this speech was not a threat to usepower against a certain groupbut rather an invitation for all Egyptians to fight terrorism.
    By the waymany people in Egypt including myself believe that Rabaasit in will end in a disaster even without this speech and that call.It is just a tragedy
    Another remark unfortunately also the look of General El Sisi itself with the big black eye glasses and uniform gave the world the image of a coup leader not an army commander who wants his country to have democracy. This remark was raised in different news websites  and tweets from around the globe. These small things makehuge difference when you want to deliver a message internationally if this speech’s target audience was the world indeed.
    We are no longer living in a small countryand we can not care less about the world especially while having extreme bad economy in a country that needs foreign investments and tourism once again. I think PM Beblawi made this clear in his TV interview last week.
    There were many religious references in the speech and the word “God” was used several times. Of course El Sisi is trying as best it can to show that He is not a secular anti-Islamic army commander as the Muslim brotherhood is trying to portray him whether directly or indirectly.
    This can be noticed in the photos spreading like fire for El Sisi while praying as well for the Egyptian army officers and soldiers praying and reading Quran in military bases and checkpoints in the social media.
    Tonight Reuters claimed that the army has given the MB a 48 hours deadline to accept a reconciliation.The admin of SCAF official FB page “yes he is back” says that the 48 hours will finish tomorrow.
    There are talks as I hinted above and they are not good well.
    After few hours millions of Egyptians will go to the streets. Hopefully it will end well.

    0 0

    The 26 July big has started earlier in Egypt with the news of detaining Mohamed Morsi 15 days pending investigation for espionage and escaping charges.
    It has really started earlier.
    A storify live coverage after the break.

    0 0

    Do you remember that when I told you that the Rabaa sit in will end in a disaster , well it did not end yesterday but what happened was a glimpse for what will happen if the parties involved in the talks do not reach to an agreement to stop the bloodshed. We are back on the big million man protests on Fridays and bloody clashes on Saturday.
    Clashes erupted between the Muslim brotherhood supporters and security forces from police at Nasr road resulting in the death of less than 50 and the injury of hundreds. The ministry of health reported officially that 20 dead “from Morsi supporters” arrived to hospitals only. On the other hand the Rabaa field hospital reported that not less than 135 were killed. Eye witnesses from reporters in Rabaa say the numbers are definitely not 20.
    The thing is the MB transferred their injured to Rabaa field hospitals and not to hospitals for fear to be arrested. Most of the injuries and fatalities are caused by live ammunition and birdshots. The fatalities are caused in shots in head and chest.
    The ministry of interior told Samer Al Atrush that there are no fatalities among its security forces but there are injuries including two in critical conditions.
    It is worth to mention that most of the injured and dead the MB supporters transferred to the Rabaa field hospital.
    Here is a shocking photo gallery from amazing photographer Mosaab El Shamy for the latest clashes aka The unknown solider memorial massacre. The photos are graphic.

    The situation is there not good by all measures. The hospitals in Nasr City are demanding blood donations while Rabaa field hospitals demand medical supplies.
    The clashes erupted 100 meters away from Rabaa sit in , at the iconic unknown soldier memorial on Nasr road.This is where last President Sadat was killed by the way. This is the most bloodiest event witnessed in the same spot.
    A true bloody place !! "David Degner"
    According to eye witnesses the clashes started at about 2 am- 2.30 am. No one actually witnessed the start of the events for real. There are two versions of how the clashes started . Firs the Muslim brotherhood supporters tried to extend the sit in to Nasr Road “this would affect East Cairo” and the police said no, from there started the clashes.
    Second the Muslim brotherhood supporters tried to block the October bridge and the security forces pushed them and clashes erupted.
    The minister of interior stated in a press conference just said that the clashes started when the MB supporters tried to block October bridge and to set tires on fire the thing that would affect the bridge.
    Interestingly long time Tahrir protester and once accused to be a black bloc movement founder Joe El Ostar went there and he got very interesting testimony He said that the Black Bloc boys whom he accused to be covert security agents where the ones who started the whole issue. Allegedly those boys dragged the MB supporters to the Nasr road where they started the clashes and then they moved to stand with the police. Joe is against the MB by the way.
    He also took a screen shot for one of the Black Bloc groups in Egypt “Hooligans Battalion” on Facebook stating they were going to disperse Rabaa sit in. Interestingly the page does not exist anymore.

    It is worth to mention that late last someone announced in Tahrir square’ s main stage that the Rabaa sit in was being dispersed by the civilians. People cheered in happiness.
    Already the minister of interior Talaat Ibrahim announced last night as the residents of Rabaa began to fill complaints officially in order to disperse it legally. BY the way the emergency law is returning back in Egypt also according to military sources.
    You must know that most non Islamist Egyptians do not feel any sympathy with the Muslim brotherhood as they believe that the MB is the one that started the attack and that they deserved to die. Most Non Islamist Egyptians also believe that foreign media only focus on MB victims and ignore the other victims.
    For the past two weeks we have been hearing horrifying tales of torture and kidnap from Rabaa sit in not to mention the fact that there are some armed protesters in the sit in does not make so peacefully. The residents of Rabaa and Nasr City are fed up by the sit in and want the security forces whether police or the army or the devil itself to disperse the sit in by any cost.
    I gathered the testimonies of those who have been there in a Storify report that I am still updating.

    Mohamed ElBaradei has not tweeted yet. Well may be he is trying to justifying what happened defending the authorities to the world.
    It is worth to mention that the clashes in Nasr City followed horrifying clashes in Alexandria between locals and Morsi supporters who kept fighting each other for nearly nine hours without intervention from the police or the army. Both parties involved in the fight were armed and both parties lost a lot of blood.
    I do not know yet the final death toll in Alexandria but I know that my dear friend Ibrahim Gamal El Din has lost his uncle in the clashes. He accuses the MB of killing of his unarmed peaceful Non-MB non Mubarak supporter protesting Uncle. His uncle was shot in the back. I am going to do another post about Alexandria.
    This is how the Civilian war looks like folks.

    0 0

    Sometimes I do not forget the faces that I film or take photos for , sometimes I remember them very well. He was one of those faces. I can not forget easily how he stayed in a corner near KFC Tahrir branch along his friends drawing the faces of the martyrs and revolutionary drawings against the brutality of the police as well SCAF on 25 January 2012.


    Only on Saturday I know that his name was Eissa Essam , a 18 years old revolutionary artist was killed in the Unknown Solider memorial massacre.  Eissa is the son of some leading member in the MB and his father and family are currently in Rabaa Sit in.Despite he is a Muslim brotherhood and liberal , he used to visit to the sit in and on the bloody night he was there. It is fate after all.

    Essam is a member in The Revolution’s artists group.


    His non MB friends say that he was shot from behind which means that he could be shot by the MB protesters as he was standing among them. Of course he could be shot in the back while running and giving his back to the other side. They also say that Eissa’s father is using his son’s blood for the brotherhood’s media proposes. Yes this is Egypt now.


    I do not know who killed Eissa Essam for real , I know that he was shot in his back. His anti-MB friends say that he was killed by the Muslim brotherhood while his MB family says that he is killed by the police and its thugs. All I know that he was killed and his rights will be lost forever like those young men who died for nothing in the past three years. He will be another graffiti , another name used in that fight like Osman’s Shirt n the end of the day.

    The Egypt he dreamt of was just a dream.


    I do not have a doubt that Eissa’s father feels sad for the loss of his son more than of his friends for real. I fear that none of Eissa’s friends know how his MB parents feel for him now.

    I know friends who know many young men like Eissa , young liberals and socialists with Muslim brotherhood parents. I know that those young men are torn now between Rabaa sit in and the rest of the society. I know that those young men are fed up also between that choice.

    I personally know that one of the important MB leading women figures’ son is liberal member the Constitution party and he is between the two fires of checking on his family in Rabaa and to support his party in the most polarized time in Egypt.

    I do not know why I took several shots for Eissa Essam when I think about it now.

    May Allah bless the soul of the innocent who were killed in those 3 years.

    0 0

    At the same time the world was paying attention to what happened at the Unknown soldiers memorial massacre , Egyptians are angry that international media did not pay attention to what happened in Alexandria from clashes and torture cases last Friday July 26.

    Before clashes would erupt in Cairo , Alexandria had its own clashes between the Morsi supporters and Pro-Military supporters for hours. Eleven people were killed in those clashes , hundreds were injured including children and people were also tortured inside mosques.

    This was civilians Vs. civilians fight in Alexandria. The army and police did not do anything to stop the clashes for hours. There were firearms and automatics , there were MB supporters , Pro-military supporters and thugs as well non politicalized locals all fighting each other from the testimonies I have been reading. People were armed and killed each other while the authorities were watching.

    If tear gas grenades “which are bought by millions” were used according to rules of engagement to disperse the clashes between the two teams we would not have this disaster. 

    My friend’s uncle was killed in those clashes. Yes my dear friend Ibrahim Gamal El Din lost his uncle in those clashes. Ibrahim was also an eye witness on what happened in this sad night.

    The Muslim brotherhood supporters are accused of using not only firearms but rather occupying Al Qaed Ibrahim mosque and torture people there. Already there was an activist from April 6 Youth Movement “Democratic Front” who was badly tortured there and was kept for hours till he was released by army soldiers !!

    Here is a storify report with what happened after the break.

    If you find more photos or videos please share.

    0 0

    Haleem El Shaarani , the photographer in Daily News Egypt was detained for couple of hours by police when he was covering the Unknown memorial clashes. I am honored that he asked me to publish his testimony in both English and Arabic in Egyptian Chronicles.Haleem is a friend and his work on Flickr and Daily News Egypt is great.
    Here is his testimony in English.
    On The Saturday the 27th of July , my editor sent me to cover Tahrir square’s demonstrations to mandate the army in fighting terrorism. After I was done I went back home to hear about clashes between security forces and Morsi supporters taking place in Nasr road near Raba’a El Adaweya square where the Morsi supporters sit-in is taking place. So I rushed to cover the clashes , once the taxi driver dropped me by El Sekka El Haded club I walked to underneath 6th of October bridge only to find Central Security Forces blocking the road and preventing anybody from going any further into the road. I could see armored vehicles moving and hear bird shots and tear gas canisters being fired.
    The officers did not allow me to pass and they were not aggressive at all , specially after I showed them my press ID card. They were young officers whose ranks are lieutenant and captain. So I asked one of them if I should take the other way around. The officer replied “you can but as if I did not hear anything”. 
    So I took the other way around where I met residents of the area. After I asked them what happened they replied saying the do not know anything they just reached the clashes. So I went to take photos of police officers and residents clashing with Morsi supporters under the pedestrian bridge which is located beside Nasr City club. 

     Then I thought of moving to the other lane where police is still clashing with Morsi supporters. I chose to stand between two armored vehicles to take a photo of an officer shooting tear gas at Morsi supporters. As I took a step behind the armored vehicle to take a look at the photos I took a plain clothes policeman who was wearing a vest and a helmet stopped me and asked me who I am , then I replied saying I am journalist.
    He answered” and what are you doing here ? “ surprised by his answer I told him “ sir , this is our job just how it is your job” while I showed him my Daily News Egypt ID card. Then he told me “I am currently violating the rules are you going to take photos of me while I violate the rules?”  I told him “no sir” then he tells me to give him the camera , then I panicked and started to sticking to my camera while I told him “ sir I will delete them” then he told me “no” and starts pulling it away from me while he slapped me and after he took it he hit me with it.
    Then he told the enlisted officer to take my phone too while another officer took off my gas mask, everything happened so fast. Then he gestured to the enlisted officer to take me some where. Then the enlisted officer took me and I thought he was taking me away from the clashes then I started asking what happens to my press ID , the camera , the gas mask and my mobile phone which they took from me.
    Then I do not remember anything but my panicking after the enlisted officer told me I am going to the prison truck. But I became more comfortable after they did not put me in the inner part of the truck with all the prisoners , instead they put me in the outer part where soldiers and enlisted officers guard the inner part’s door. Then I stayed in the truck for about two hours , during that time I saw soldiers and enlisted officers dragging Morsi supporters to the inner part of the truck while beating them severely.
    Also during that time I heard the soldiers outside the car talking about a female journalist who got beaten and arrested after she slapped a police officer and police conscripts who lost their sights after Morsi supporters shot bird shots at them. Then they started moving to the police station where a soldier took me without getting out of the car with out of the rest of the detainees. The moment I entered I was afraid of entering into the cell where they keep criminals.
    Then I felt comfortable again when the police officer told me I will not go inside, instead they kept me waiting by the reception . as I waited , I saw many brotherhood members entering the police station while they get beaten by junior officers. I was surprised when a lieutenant colonel  ordered them to stop hitting the detainees. I got out after I spent about 3 hours in the police station when my brother in-law came over and the officers made sure that all the photos were deleted off my camera and my phone without returning my press ID and my gas mask.
    Here is Halim’s testimony in Arabic as well
    اول ما رجعت البيت بعد ما خلصت تغطية مظاهرات التوفيض في ميدان التحرير سمعت عن إشتباكات شارع النصر الي كانت مابين قوات الشرطة و مؤيدين مرسي. فنزلت بسرعه عشان اغطي الأحداث. فنزلني التاكسي عند نادي السكة الحديد عشان ميدخلش في وسط الضرب , فإتمشيت لحد تحت كوبري أكتوبر و هناك لقيت في كردون أمني قافل الطريق بس كنت سامع ضرب قنابل الغاز و شوفت مدرعات بتتحرك من بعيد , و كانو كل الظباط الي واقفين ظباط صغيرين , منعوني من الدخول و سألت احد الظباط اذا ممكن ادخل من ورا فقالي ماشي بس انا مسمعتش حاجه , قمت وصلت من طريق تاني للإشتباكات و صورت صورتين للأهالي و الشرطة و هما بيشتبكو مع مؤيدين مرسي.
    صورت صورتين و لقيت في شرطة تاني في الحارة التانية من الطريق فروحت اصور. دخلت ما بين مدرعين عشان اصور ظابط بيضرب قنبلة غاز. و انا راجع ورا المدرعة عشان ابص عالصور لقيت ظابط تاني بيسألني انا مين , رديت عليه قولتلو انا صحفي. قام سألني و بتعمل ايه هنا ؟ فاستغربت و قولتلو "حضرتك دا شغلنا زي ما هو شغلكو فقالي : "انا بتجاوز إنت حتصورني و انا بتجاوز؟ " قولتلو لأ يا فندم قالي طب هات الكاميرا انا حمسح الصور الي عليها فخفت و قولتلو لأ يا فندم خلاص حمسحهم انا و انا متوتر قام قالي لأ هات انا حمسحهم و هو بيزعق و ضربني قلم و فضل يشد مني الكاميرا لحد ما خدعا بعد ما ضربني قلم و بعد ما خدها ضربني بيها , و اثناء ذلك كان في ظابط تاني ضربني قلمين و شال ماسك الغاز من علي وشي , قام قال هات التليفون كمان و خلي أمين الشرطة ياخد مني تليفوني و كارنيه الصحافه بتاعي الي انا وريتو للظابط و خدني و مشينا بعيد عن الظابط قولتلو طب و حاجتي ؟ علي اساس إن انا كنت فاكر إني رايح بره الإشتباكات و حيبعدني و خلاص فلقيتو بيقولي عربية الترحيلات , ساعتها إتخضيت و قولتلو طب خليني ارجع اكلم الظابط بس مفيش.
    قمت ركبت عربية الترحيلات بصيت لقيتهم بدل ما يركبوني جوه خالص في العربية لقيتهم ركبوني في الجزء الخارجي , فاطئمنيت شويه. بعد ما ركبت سمعت العساكر بيتكلمو عن صحفية اجنبية ضربت ظابط بالقلم عشان وقفها و هي بتصور. و بعديها بشويه بصيت لقيت مجموعة من مؤيدين مرسي داخلين علي عربية الترحيلات قدامي مدخلهم امناء شرطة و بيضربوهم ضرب مبرح و في واحد منهم كان متعور قال للأمين انا عايز إسعاف قالو إسعاف ايه يابن و يابن و ضربو و دخلوهم علي جوه جت بعديها بشويه مجموعه تانيه و بعد كده طلعنا عالقسم.
    عند القسم جالي جوز اختي و امي و مجموعة من اصدقائي فضلت هناك شويه بس مدخلتش الحجز لكن الي جم معايا و دخلو جوا خالص دخلتهم الشرطة عالحجز فاطمئنيت شويه, المهم قعدوني عند التخشيبه و شويه و لقيت جوز اختي داخل عليا و بيتكلم مع الظباط و فضلت تلت ساعات من القسم لحد ما خرجت بعد ما مسحولي كل الصور من علي الكاميرا و اتأكدو إن كل حاجه ممسوحه من علي التليفون بعد ما خلوني افتح كلمة السر بتاعتو , الجدير بالذكر إن الظباط كانو بيتكلمو علي ظابط إضرب بالنار في دماغو و عساكر فقدت بصيرتها بسبب الخرطوي الي بيضربوه مؤيدين مرسي , و في مجموعة من مؤيدين مرسي دخلو الظباط الصغيرين كانو نازلين فيهم ضرب  مبرح جيه مقدم منعهم و قالهم بس , و بعديها جات مجموعه اخري كان فيها قصر و كنت انا ساعتها دخلت مكتب "مدير التحقيقات" زي ما كان مكتوب عليه و المجموع دي كان فيها قصر اعمارهم حوالي 15 14 سنه و كانو بيتحرقو من الغاز سابوهم الأمناء شويه و ضحكو عليهم لحد ما جابلهم بيبسي غسلو بيهم وشهم , لحد بعديها بشويه جالي مأمور القسم وراني كاميرتي و تليفوني و قالي مش دي حاجتك ؟ قولتلو اه قالي ماشي إستني اما نشوفلك بقية حاجتك و بعديها بشويه لقيت جوز اختي بيقولي الكارنيه ضاع مش لاقيينو و كنت ناسي ماسك الغاز فمسألتش عليه , بعديها ظابط جيه و شاف كل الي علي تليفوني في صور الكاميرا و  مرضيش يفتح اي البومات تانيه علي اساس ان ممكن يكون عليها صور شخصية و إتأكد ان كل حاجه اتمسحت من عالكاميرا بعد كده طلعت
    Yes journalists now in Egypt are being attacked by everybody and everyone. Cameras are feared more than guns nowadays. Some people know that the truth hurts

    0 0

    Dear readers I am sorry that I have not posted any episode of the Ramadan Arabian Nights in the past days. I do not need to explain the reason why I did not post the episodes in those days.

    Without any sophisticated introductions here are double bill episodes , yes we should catch up with Ramadan as well our tale , the tale of prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar.

    First thing you have to remember where we stopped. Click here to refresh your memory with last week’s episode.

    Second here are the 16th , 17th and 18th episodes of our tale.

    Episode 16th

    Episode 17th

    Episode 18th


    Episode 16 :

    Wicked Nagm El Din is angry after knowing all the princes of other kingdoms are seeking the hand of princess Amar El Din. His wicked father , Vizier Zanger got a wicked plan. Already there is a tough competition and King Zanzibar will be embarrassed to choose a specific prince over the other. Thus he tells his king the answer is to set up a quest , an impossible one. That impossible quest is to bring for the king the crown of the mighty viper with in two months. Zanger believes that all the princes will fail in this mission and thus his son can seek the hand of the princess in marriage easily.

    Nagm El Din tries in vain to win the heart of the princess that hates his guts and kick him out of her palace.

    Back in the underwater world , prince Amar El Din of Jinn is desperate from sadness. His family believes that the answer of his agony is in the oblivion pills made by their own high priest.

    Episode 17 :

    To end their son’s misery , the king and queen of Jinn’s underwater world decided to lie to their son and tell him that he will not turn in to a human if he marries human princess Amar El Din. After knowing that he can marry his beloved princess, Amar El Din hurries to Amar El Din in her palace. There he knows about the quest as well the plans of Wicked Nagm El Din. Jinn Amar El Din decides to accept the challenge and to get the crown of the mighty viper. Of course he got a leverage , he is a jinn. Fearing on the prince’s life , loyal vizier Atlas tells him to give him two days to find the crown.

    Episode 18 :

    After 2 days vizier Atlas returns to the prince disappointed , he can not find the crown. Thus the prince decides to search for it on his own. His father , the king decides to send Atlas with him. Together the two Jinns search the whole globe but in vain except one desert. There they find a man who tells them to find crown , they have to take the tears road but there is a catch. It is one man road , Amar El Din can not be accompanied by anyone except himself.

    Accepted his fate Amar El Din takes the road alone. Completely deserted , Amar El Din thought that he was lost in nowhere , till he listened to a crying voice. Following that voice he finds a hut where a dying dervish is crying. The dervish asks him to give him some water in order to tell him his story and why he is crying like that.

    0 0

    Here are another collection of episodes , I am trying to catch with the Ramadan nights. First you should refresh your memory and remember what happened last night. We stopped at new character Dervish Kashmir. The Dervish is telling his tale to prince Amar El Din while waiting death in that hut in the middle of the tears road.
    Yes we are having a tale inside a tale.
    Second here are episodes 19, 20 and 21.

    Episode 19 :

    Episode 20 :

    Episode 21 :

    Synposis :

    The story of Dervish Kashmir started when his father , a wealthy merchant in a big kingdom died. He and his mother found out that there are people who owed to his dad large sum of money including an old merchant. They got bills to prove this. Kashmir went to an old wicked merchant who deceived him and took the bills from him. Young Kashmir lost his mind and knocked him off. For his bad luck , the old man died. Kashmir found himself accused of murder.
    Kashmir is now facing death sentence but his mother managed to make him escape from jail and from the kingdom itself. Kashmir’s mother tells his son how she did. Already she asked pardon and claimed her son’s innocence from the judge , the prince and the Sultan. The three men blackmailed her and wanted sexual favors , oh yes. Thus the smart lady decided to teach a lesson those bastards.
    She told each of them to come alone to her house at 7 PM starting with the judge then the prince then the sultan. She had specific closets made for them.When each man comes , she tells him to take off his cloth then the door knocks “it will be the next victim”.
    Yes she tricked them and each man entered the closet where she locked them and escaped to save her son. Of course the men screamed exposing their scandal and their identity.
    A bounty hunter follows Kashmir and his mother by the orders of the angry sultan. The bounty hunter killed Kashmir’s mom. The grieving young man gives the bounty hunter his gold in order to leave him

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