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7000 years and counting ...

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    And the Egyptian youth did it for real and they performed the Harlem Shake in front of the most dangerous place in Cairo and I am not speaking about intelligence or ministry of defense or Presidency. I am speaking about the Muslim brotherhood headquarter in Moktam area. Yes they went and did as promised.
    Hundreds of boys went and did the Harlem Shake
    Here it is from Al Masry Al Youm
    Al Masry Al Youm coverage
    Here it is from El Badil Newspaper
    El Badil coverage
    Here it is from Al Watan Newspaper
    Al Watan coverage for MB Harlem Shake
    Here is a video from El Fagr portal
    Al Fagr coverage for MB Harlem Shake
    Here is another video filmed from the joyful event.
    Harlem shake at MB HQ
    And another video

    You must know that there were security forces protecting that headquarter and the Turkish ambassador was visiting the MB HQ during that time. I hope that he enjoyed the dance as it was more interesting and honest than those he met inside that building.
    I will wait for the final video online.

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    Last week on February 24, 2013 many Egyptians as well Arabs from different generations were shocked to hear that famous and legendary pop fiction author Mahmoud Salem passed away. 3756696077_fda872a2a8_m
    The man left in silence that did not suit his contribution to Children and mystery literature and Pop fiction in general in the Arab world.
    I remember seeing Mahmoud Salem speaking on TV about how he started from young crime journalist in El Helal Press corporation before Nationalization and then moved to Children magazines like Mickey writing mystery stories and so before his saga with crime and mystery “The 5 adventurers” series would start.  That series was our original “Scooby Doo” series in the Arab world yet more serious with more crimes and cases from murder to forgery to even espionage.
    Tewfik aka Fatty , Nossa, Loza, Mohab, Atef and their dog Zinger who live In Maadi were heroes for generations for real in the Arab world. When the man died , I found friends in Tunisia and Morocco from grown ups still have these books. I already have couple of these books yet I can not find them. Of course my mom and aunts also read them.
    The Five with their famous faces
    I wanted to be from that gang when I was a little and read their books. I want to have adventures like them. I believe millions of kids and teenagers in the Arab shared the same dream. I believe all those who read this series wished to live in Maadi area.

    It began as recommendation by the amazing Nadia Nashat to have a series of books in Egypt based on the Five Find Outers series. Still it was not a matter of translation only. He produced more books than the British series and was more successful. Of course not richer I suppose as he got paid LE50 per issue in late 1960s !!
    I think Salem would not be successful and produced all those books with original plots and riddles inspired from the Egyptian society if he only translated the British series. I believe he was indeed inspired but that was the beginning the rest was from his rich imagination. The success of the “5 adventurers” was beyond “The Five find outers” , already the Egyptian Five have become pop culture icons till this day while I do not think anyone remembers the British Five.
    In 2007 Salem spoke about how the 5 adventurers were actually an attempt to restore his memories as lonely introvert boy who moved with his family in Northern governorates due to the work of his father as naval officer. That boy created his own world of imagination till the age of 14. That boy turned to be the God father of Arab pop fiction without doubt.
    Here is online archive for 76 books from the 5 adventurers. Here is link with the whole series.
    In late 1970s he presented another successful imagination of the Arab teenagers “The 13 devils”. A group of young Arabs working to save their nation in some clandestine organization. All the boys had a huge crush on Lebanese Elham as I can recall.

    Here is online archive for the “The 13 devils” series.
    In his rare TV appearance from couple of years ago I felt the pioneer author did not have positive opinions about the 23 July Coup despite he was considered a Nasserite who paid a price for his political views. When he was asked he said that El Helal Press corporation was better before Nationalization and did not praise the Nasser era as I have expected it. Of course personally I believe as a human being you should not stick on your views forever especially you earn experience and gain knowledge by age.
    I wished that the Egyptian presidency would mourn the loss of that pioneer author but I do not think that they paid attention and even if they did , the presidency would not mourn him as his last Op-ed in Tahrir newspaper was criticizing Muslim brotherhood harshly.
    Here is the archive of Salem in Tahrir newspaper.
    Salem’s role and contribution in Arab Pop fiction was more than great. He was the god father of that genre in the Arab world. He was the man who paved the way for authors like Nabil Farouk and Ahmed Khaled Tawfik.
    May Allah bless your soul Mr. Salem for your great work. Even if officials ignore you , we will always remember you more than you think.
    I think our graffiti artists should paint some graffiti for the five in Maadi dedicated the late author. They are our cultural icons by the way.

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    And to fight those boys who brought the Harlem Shake to their own doorstep , the infamous simple artist and MB youth figure close to Khariat El Shater Mr. Ahmed El Mogheer presented on his YouTube channel the Harlem Shake edition the whole world was waiting for.
    The Muslim brotherhood Youth’s Harlem Shake aka “The Salvation Front Dance”. Now you can watch it but I warn you that it is disgusting.
    MB Youth’s Harlem Shake
    The fat guy dancing while wearing Ibrahim Eissa mask is El Mogheer. The rest of the guys are wearing poor made masks with the faces of the National Salvation front members. That clip is not from El Mogheer’s channel as he removed hours after uploading it.
    We know it was him as he admitted in his Facebook and twitter before he removed the video as well the FB wall status updated regarding the video. Luckily we got his twitter account. El Mogheer removed the video after the criticism he got from his brothers .
    He announced that he will explain the reason behind filming this video but he also removed this message from his Facebook page.
    I do not know what kind of message El Mogheer wanted to deliver except he is hateful idiot. I do not need to say that the only that only appeared fool and insulted in that video was none other than Ahmed El Mogheer.
    As if the opposition and its supporters will be angry from that stupid video.
    It was better that the Muslim brotherhood youth ignore the whole thing and keep criticizing it from their own moral perspective.
    Needless to say the video and El Mogheer have become the joke of social media today especially on twitter where there are special hashtags related to El Mogheer’s physical appearance.
    I think now I covered all the Harlem Shakes in Egypt !!

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  • 03/02/13--13:15: #Locusts reach to #Cairo
  • And after nearly week of waiting and warning , the locusts have reached Cairo , at least New Cairo coming from Red Sea. For a whole week locusts were giving hard time to the people in Upper Egypt and Red sea area that the army helped the people in fighting that nasty insects. Not less than 300 Fedans in Qena were reportedly destroyed by locusts. The hotels and resorts of Red sea used primitive techniques to keep locusts away.
    Now here is a slideshow from New Cairo showing locusts.

    Just do not wear green tonight in Cairo
    Here is a video showing the locusts Please take care tomorrow. It seems that the locusts will head to North Delta

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    And US department of State Secretary of State John Kerry came to Egypt as an old friend before being an US official just like Hilary Clinton from 4 years ago still I know that the Egypt he came to yesterday is different totally than the Egypt he used to know.
    Some say that he came to save the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt and to end that hidden tension between opposition and the MB from one side and the army and the MB from another side. At least to reach for comprises and deals between all parties in order to end that noise ,that headache coming from Cairo. Washington got two important related files already in the Middle East : Syria and Israel.Thus that noise from Cairo should be stopped.
    The man who is roaming the region in his first world tour tried to meet with everybody including Ahmed Shafik's representative in Cairo Mohamed Abu Hamed.
    Still I do not think that the Kerry has succeeded in his visit, of course it is too early to say that but it is enough to see how two opposition icons like ElBaradei and Hamdeen Sabbahi refused to meet with him.Those members from the National Salvation who met with the American guest were representing themselves only.
    It was wise thing to do because the National Salvation Front had enough accusations by Islamists that they work for the US.

    Some insiders say that Kerry told the opposition representatives that they should participate in the upcoming elections otherwise Egypt will head to economic disaster. I do not know if he said this or not but we are already living economic disaster yet I think the man who comes from the Free world leading country should know better that many people will not accept to take role in a charade to please the States. What kind of elections we can have if at least have two governorates on fire with unprecedented polarization in Egypt.
    So far the NSF is insisting on its boycott decision. Needless to say this decision will not stop the Islamists from accusing ElBaradei of being the West's puppet as unfortunately many of them have cancelled their brains and are insisting this accusation like parrots.
    Ironically in Kerry's visit we know that in Egypt : There are three decision makers in Egypt. He met with minister of defense El-Sisi then he met with Morsi following with a meeting we knew about from US media with the head of the intelligence to discuss Syrian issue !! This sums a lot !!
    Of course the star of Kerry's visit to Cairo was the amazing Gamila Ismail whose word or rather speech to Kerry summarized what millions of Egypt want to say to the US administration. I wish that it is translated in to English. This speech should be featured in the US media. It summarized everything.
    By the way Secretary Kerry is heading to Qatar this evening. He should have departed by 4 PM but he was delayed by none other than Ultras boys.
    I believe Kerry left Cairo with no solution but rather more confusing questions.

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    And Port Said is once again on fire and it seems that it is not the usual clash between protesters and security forces from police as it stared but it evolved madly to clashes between armed forces and police forces from CSF.
    According to the people of Port Said , the clashes started after the families of Port Said stadium clashes defendants and Green Eagles Ultras group knew that the ministry of interior transferred all the prisoners “including the defendants” to Wadi El Natron prison in Beheira secretly. “The head of Port Said prison reportedly resigned to object how the prisoners were transferred without his knowledge”
    The clashes spread and evolved especially it came in less than 24 hours after how the police hit and run a young man from Port Said. Sooner we found news that police forces were acting madly attacking both people and army units that came between them and the people to stop the clashes !!
    Today we had these crazy photos showing people aiding the army officers and soldiers after fainting from the tear gas grenades
    Then things evolved and police forces began to use birdshots as usual and we began to hear that army soldiers and officers were shot. Then at 8 PM the madness started when reports began to speak to about the live ammunition. Tweeps and bloggers then in the city began to speak on how the army units began to clash with police chasing their vehicles till the governorate HQ building. Then we got news that the police disappeared  and  people in Port Said were chanting “The people and the army are one hand” and taking the army’s side.

    We got video clips , we got photos and we got testimonies
    We got also videos despite not so clear but still we got videos and people confirming these videos. Here is a video showing the people standing at the army side while there was unstoppable firearms.
     Still the armed forces ironically denied that there are clashes between army units and CSF forces officially blaming on the unknown third party on opening fire on both the army forces and the police forces !!!!
    Official army spokesperson Ahmed Ali posted that official statement on his Facebook Page announcing the death of CSF conscript and the injury of army colonel in the clashes. The army colonel was shot by gunfire in his leg. He headed the army unit securing the governorate building.  So far 7 from police and army are injured including 3 army soldiers and that colonel according to ministry of health.The death toll has increased to 5 for God sake.
    Ironically Ali says so when we got videos and photos. Of course I do understand the deep trouble the army and the police are now. We are speaking about something we can watch in black comedy films. It is another sign of the State’s absence.
    My own prediction that the police leaderships in Port Said will face days like hell.

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    I had enough of that new hysteria of media in the middle of the daily madness we face in Egypt nowadays. That hysteria simply revolves about the visit of the minister of tourism Hisham Zaazou to Iran.
    The man went to open new market for Egypt in Iran , it is a great opportunity especially in those extreme bad economic and tourism times. We should be thankful  but instead there are hysteria and fear from those future Iranian tourists.
    The Islamists are extremely angry from Zaazou’s visit and believe the Iranian tourists will spread Shiism in Egypt and the Salafists are screaming to Morsi “The Shiites are coming , the Shiites are coming” ordering him literality to stop that Shiite touristic invasion in Egypt otherwise they will stand against him till death !!
    The liberals too are hysterical about these Iranian tourists as well. They think that brining the Iranian tourists will enforce the religious state in Egypt and that these tourists will be members of the Iranian regime in disguise who came to teach their Egyptian counterparts who control the state.. etc.
    I do not know what kind of liberals they are to be honest.I feel that we are dealing here not with liberals but rather with Nationalists. No wonder the Egyptian liberals have failed the test and are not defending the rights of those fellow Egyptian Shiites as they do with the Christians and even the Baha’is.
    Already Turkey , the role model of the Muslim brotherhood and its biggest alley after Qatar receives not less than 2 million Iranian tourist annually. I do not see that Turkey has turned in to a Shiite state or even Iranian follower in the region !!
    The Iranian tourists will not transfer the Iranian Islamic republic experience but they will bring money. You need money now. For God sake Israeli tourists come and go freely in South Sinai for decades and people are hysterical about future Iranian tourists.
    If we are speaking about true Religious tourism in Egypt : Two main target segments should be reached and they are the Christians and the Muslim Shiites. The trip of the Holy family in Egypt and the Holy sites of Ahl El Bayt in Cairo are the main attractions. Of course this can be achieved if you are tolerant enough as a society which is not the case especially now with all that sick polarization and hate.
    Needless to say to see this hysteria from those Iranian tourists who have not shown yet in Cairo , I can not stop thinking about Egyptian Shiites. Egypt’s forgotten and less popular Muslims who are destined to face hell whether in time of Mubarak or in time of Morsi. 
    It was one of the most ironic moments last month when Sheikh of Al Azhar Ahmed El Tayib actually stood besides Ahmadinejad demanding him to give the Iranian Sunnis and Ahvaz their rights where as he himself , an Egyptian official does not recognize any rights for Egyptian Shiites at all !!
    Sheikh Ahmed El Tayib already forgot that the current Constitution approved actually does not recognize Egyptian Muslim Shiites at all. It clearly states in article 219 which was highlighted by human rights organizations that only the Sunni Islamic doctrines are recognized by the Egyptian State as sources of legalization.1
    Yes we got Egyptian Shiite population in Egypt and they will not go any where or disappear as they are Egyptians like you and me. According to foreign estimations there are nearly 1% of Egyptian Muslim population and some think that it is more than that as some Sunni Egyptian Muslims do convert from time to time.
    I have done some extensive research about Egyptian Shiites and I found out that like any other group you will find the liberal , the religious extremist and the nationalists among them.They are not monsters who are serving some hidden Iranian agenda. Some of them served in their country’s army including veterans who fought in 1973. They are everywhere from Alexandria to Aswan. Some of them if not most of them hide their true religious faith to avoid trouble. In the end they are Egyptians who are in desperate need to feel that they are not alien or dangerous clandestine society. They are Egyptians who are seeking the rights of full citizenship. 
    Unfortunately only in times of moderation and enlightenment you will find attempts to bridge that gap between Sunni and Shiite and unfortunately we live in times of radicalizations whether in Egypt or Iran or in general. People forget that for centuries Egypt had been ruled by Shiite dynasty that founded our Capital “Cairo” and our great mosque “Al Azhar” in some of history’s biggest ironies if you think about it.
    The Egyptian Shiites file is extremely big and sad as it does not deal only with regional politics but with sad sectarian religious wrong ideas.
    Anyhow I will end my short post with something I heard from one of the top and controversial Shiite figures in Egypt : We have faith in the Egyptians , the real Egyptians who are not radical but moderate non Sectarian Egyptians”
    1. Explanatory article for the second in the Egyptian constitution.

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    And the High Administrative court “HAC” issued its decision today to suspend the parliamentary elections in Egypt and to refer the parliamentary elections law to the Supreme Constitutional Court “SCC” .
    This means now the parliamentary elections planned to be hold next April will be adjourned till the Supreme Constitutional Court revises the law.
    This was the Presidency’s official reactions announced online to the foreign world.
    Now despite the Egyptian presidency has announced that President respects law and constitution to the end of that jazz , we got the amazing and brilliant legal advisor of Morsi Mr. Jadallah Fouad claiming that the presidency will appeal the court ruling !!
    The MB followers and members are accusing the SCC ad HAC of being politicized. I will not be surprised that if the MB members and Islamists are mobilized to besiege the SCC once again

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    Eric Trager , the researcher in Washington Institute for Near East Studies did quite interesting interviews last Saturday with leading members of the Muslim brotherhood about Egypt and the brotherhood. First here is Trager's report in the Washington Institute. "It starts at 4:45"
    Among the most interesting things he found was his meeting with leading MB members and former FJP MP Mohamed El Beltagy. Why it is interesting well simply because the famous MB figure told him that he will be responsible of the ministry of interior and its restructuring. He also told him that he will drop the restructions  to let the MB members enter police academy.
    You can imagine what that tweet caused from noise back  in Cairo

    Trager’s conversation only confirmed what some Egyptians knew from couple of months ago from some insiders and some tweeps that Mohamed El Beltagy is the man in charge of the ministry of interior in the same way Essam Hadded is now in charge of Egypt’s foreign policies.It is not something new for me to hear and actually I began to feel it is true when I remember the role of El Beltagy in Nakhnoukh
    By the way I noticed that El Beltagy has been absent for some time.
    Now officially Mourad Ali  , the media spokesperson of Freedom and Justice Party denied that El Beltagy will be responsible for MOI calling Trager as a liar who mistranslated what the leading member said.
    Mohamed El Beltagy issued a statement on his official Facebook Page calling Trager as a pretender who presented himself as a journalist for the Foreign Police and not as a researcher in Washington Institute for Near East Studies.He says that he will sue Trager if he repeats what he allegedly claimed in his report.

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    First of all I should thank Mr. Youssef Taha who translated the original speech of Gameela Ismail published in Tahrir newspaper from Arabic to English 1000 times for his effort and time.
    Gameela Ismail
    Second of all I would like to thank Mrs. Gameela Ismail for representing millions of Egyptians and speaking on their behalf in front of US department of State secretary John Kerry
    Third of all I would like you to spread this word of Mrs. Gameela Ismail, the member of Constitution Party all over the social media because this letter is actually represents what millions of Egyptians when it comes to Egyptian American relations.
    Here is what Gameela told John Kerry from two weeks ago in Cairo.
    Mr Secretary of State,
    After consideration, I have decided to accept the invitation, which I received in a personal capacity, to attend this meeting today. I do not represent the Constitution Party here because it has a chairman who should have been invited properly, something that had not happened. My address is aimed at your accompanying delegation of future makers. Part of it is for you.
    Mr Kerry, you are here today with a large team of people who, according to reports, will be in charge of foreign policy in the future. I mean the future which we are paying a heavy price for today. This is why part of my speech is addressed to you, Mr Kerry, while the larger part is for your team.
    You are presently in Egypt at a very complicated juncture, one in which we are living pain, hope, dreams, nightmares, revolution and tyranny all at the same time. Let me sum up to you what I would like you to see with us.
    Egypt does not need new aid. Egypt needs to build a new relation on new foundations, not those laid since Nixon’s visit in 1974.
    Our country is not a guinea pig. You supported a semi-military regime in the past. Now you are supporting a semi-theocratic regime so that each would play the role required of it. You supported Mubarak to the last breath. You stood in the way of a people’s dream to come out of the labyrinth of dictatorship. You can deal with our revolution as an “uprising” as you describe it in your statements. For us it is a “revolution” which is still in progress. Honourable people have paid the ultimate price to build a country in which we feel freedom, justice and dignity. We did not have a revolution to repaint the presidential palace or for the protocol official at your embassy to update his Egypt needs to build a new relation on new foundations, not those laid since Nixon’s visit in 1974.contacts book. Had Lincoln, whom your country celebrates, stopped at purchasing new clothes for the slaves and retained slavery America would not be proud today of its freedom or saying that its democracy makes it strong.
    Mr Kerry, we, too, want to be a strong country. We have the foundations of our civilisation and organic strength that would help us realise these dreams. We are not in the middle of an “uprising”. We are in a continuing revolution to build a new relationship between the ruler and the people. It seems that your administration wants to tailor a democracy for us that is too small to fit our dreams. You appear to be looking at us as if we only deserve that democracy. You used to describe Mubarak and his regime as democratic, legitimate and democratically-elected. You are still describing the current regime with the same terms even though it is killing peaceful protesters, kidnapping and torturing young activists. This alone should put the regime’s legitimacy on the line if not demolish it completely.
    This is a revolution that will teach the whole world as your President Obama once said. We want to teach the world. We want to be a model to follow. And we will be different from what you see in your Cairo embassy’s reports stating that we only deserve this little bit of democracy and that this little bit is enough, and that the current regime is democratically-elected, that you can do business with it and that the opposition in Egypt is difficult, addicted to opposition for the sake of opposition and that you cannot reach an understanding with it. But we believe that he whom you will meet tomorrow is the head of a regime which is killing us in the streets and squares.
    You are free to describe our revolution as an “uprising” or think that you can deal with the revolution in Egypt as you did with the revolutions of Eastern Europe by sponsoring them. But we see our revolution differently. We, too, are free to describe what you are doing as supporting a regime which represses, persecutes, tortures, detains and even tortures protesters and that you have made alliances with forces that have vested interests in aborting this revolution. You are contributing to building the Egyptian version of Iran’s velayet-e faqih, and you probably could not care less if we were to become another Iran.
    But this is our destiny and our children’s future. We do not want them to live in a country ruled by religious or military fascism. As I said before, you see us as a guinea pig. But this is our country, the land of our dreams, being wasted by those who wake us up every day to the nightmares of our children being run over by armoured vehicles and suffocated by the tear gas you send to your friends in Cairo.
    You think as a superpower you can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear and a democractically-elected president out of a tyrannical pharaoh because he serves the role required of him. But, Mr Secretary, we no longer go to fancy-dress parties. We see it as a repressive regime, which you only support because it serves your interests. We reject that for a future in which we attain happiness. This is our message to you and to these future makers.
    Finally, we would like to ask you to do “nothing” for us. We ask you to stop doing anything in our country and to stop supporting tyranny and fascism. Please let us continue our revolution and realise our dreams, which will not stop at your modest vision of us and of our future.
    Gameela Ismail

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    I kept starring for this post while it was blank for quite some time , I did not know what to write about tonight. I did not know what to write about amidst all that madness.

    Port Said is on fire for real as the protests or rather the clashes between the security forces and the protesters continue for the 5 or the 6 day in row as I have lost counting. The last 48 hours were toughest as the security forces from police forces are using birdshots madly and sometimes live ammunition according to the protesters. Real madness in the coastal angry city. Over 1000 injured from civilians were admitted to the hospitals in the city only this week.

    I will focus on what is happening right. Another round of protests, clashes and chases. There are unconfirmed news that one protester at least was killed in the clashes. Currently I know that the police wants a truce and there are negotiations between the Ultras Green Eagles and the Shura MPs in the city now. Interestingly I heard that the police officers from the city have left their work and joined the protesters.

    Mahalla City in Gharbia is one fire too. The rebellious city has a good reason to protest and to clash with security forces. From two days ago a family of 4 persons have been killed allegedly on the hands of the police while chasing allegedly a group of thugs. The family was made of a mother , a father and two sons. The youngest son was the only survivor. They are from a big family in the famous industrial city. They were killed by more than 70 gunshot. The ministry of interior said at first that they were thugs then they were killed by thugs then they were killed by mistake during a chase. The city already was boiling by anger , this was the last straw.

    At the same we got that interesting police movement in Egypt. It seems that the police is revolting and now they are joining the protesting movement and some of them are on strike. Not less than 30 police stations are reportedly closed by police officers , they are on strike. Several central security forces camps are also protesting. This movement is interesting because it got several demands and it is spreading in governorates.

    Now the nemesis of MOI and the police , the Ultras Ahly groups are vowing for revenge next March 9,2013. The Ultras group already protested in several governorates in the past 72 hours.

    This is quick wrap up for what happened today. It is a mad made day.

    It is like a mad race and you do not know what you should write or cover or even follow.

    0 0

    And today we are having not so nice sandstorm in several cities in Egypt. Among the cities that got its share from the terrible sandstorm in Egypt today : Cairo, Zagzig, Fayoum, Suez "Canal city" and Ras Ghareb and Hurghada  "Red sea".
    The main ports in Suez city and red sea have been closed.
    Here is a photo for how Cairo looks today from Gregg Carlstorm's hotel window.
    It is extremely terrible especially for me , my nose is blocked and eyes are hurting me. It is the typical Meshir weather.
    I think this bad weather will affect the usual protesting activities in Cairo today.

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  • 03/08/13--10:57: #PortSaid : Before #9March
  • People are getting ready for the 9 March hold their breath for what is going to happen in Cairo and Port Said thanks to the Port Said
    Sadly enough Port Said does not need to want for the big trial day because every night it has got clashes and injured. It became a routine.
    In some kind of development the police has withdrawn from Port Said in what some believed to be a move to calm things down before the trial day. It was planned when you think about it especially when the police stations suddenly closed yesterday and the police asked for a truce. "I explain it later"
    Egyptian armed forces have taken control of the security directorate. Already the army was in charge of protecting the governorate HQ , that is in the same block of the security directorate. There is no single police presence in the area.
    The commander of the second army zone went there with army units and spoke with the people including the families of the martyrs who gave him a list with their demands. The commander asked the people to help the army in securing the building as well to clean around it !! People are indeed securing the building and are cleaning the streets around it from important evidence incriminating the ministry of interior !!

    The army took down the flag of the ministry of interior from the security directorate building and people will hoist the Port Said flag. People are extremely happy and chanting the people and army are one hand.
    The Port Said security directorate and army units "Bel Trew"
    On the other hand the people of Port Said  had another mass funeral for two protesters killed in the clashes. One protester was killed last night and the other from three days ago. The first protester Amr Atout was shot by live ammunition yesterday in the clashes. The 33 years old newly wed young man died from 3 shots "in head,chest and leg". He was transferred to Ismailia hospital but died in the way if my information is correct. Atout left a baby girl and a young wife.
    Late Karim by Haitham El Tabei
    Ahmed Abdel Abdel Halim is another young who was killed from three days ago by live ammunition in the clashes. He was transferred to Sharkia hospital for treatment yet he passed away.
    People are extremely , extremely angry.
    Yesterday nearly 27 people were killed by live ammunition.
    I do not know what will happen tonight or even what is going to happen tomorrow. Everybody fears from what is going tomorrow as this time it will not be a clash between police and the protesters this time but rather the protesters and the army. It is critical test. 
    I know I am not doing a good job in covering what is happening in Port Said , I know this week I failed in covering what is happening in the country as it should but I am true exhausted. I feel sad about this

    0 0

    This video earned the title of the craziest video from Egypt today. Semiramis Hotel’s Chefs protected their hotel in downtown Cairo against attackers today.

    Semiramis Chefs chase attackers

    Those who attack Semiramis hotel are not protesters or revolutionaries. I do not know who they are to be honest. Some say that they are thugs, hired thugs to defame the revolution and Tahrir square while others say that they are the manifestation of the upcoming hunger revolution. It is the not the first time that attackers try to steal food from that hotel.

    By the way I hate to say that during the 18 days Semiramis hotel and other hotels in Garden city area were not attacked by protesters.

    Anyhow if this is a crazy video , then this is the craziest news of the day :  Al Gama’a Al Islamiyya announces that it will be responsible of Assuit’s security as the police delcared that it will go on strike !!!! Yes the former terrorists will security to the people in Assuit !!

    We are living crazy days indeed.

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    Egypt is holding again its breath as we will resume the trial of the Port Said stadium clashes. Today expectedly the New Cairo Criminal court will announce its final verdicts regarding all the defendants.
    I said expectedly because there are leaks regarding today’s verdicts. One of the most important leak comes from the presidency itself , from none other than the President’s advisor for legal affairs Mr. Jadallah who claimed that the trial will be adjourned.
    Another scenario expected after leaks that the official 21 defendants’ death sentence announcement will be adjourned because the new Mufti has to study the case “more than 1000 papers” to issue his decision regarding the death sentence. If the case is delayed , things will be extremely bad.
    The Ultras boys began to show up at Ahly Club. Some say that their numbers are less than the numbers that showed up on last 26 January 2013. If not all the Ultras members show up at Ahly club in Zamalek then the rest of them are going to appear else where.
    The Ultras at Ahly Club "Kareem Yaccoub"
    Some eye witnesses say that a group of Ultras members appeared in Tahrir square Metro station. Either they head from there to Ahly Club or the Ministry of interior.
    It is worth to mention that the army built at night another wall near the ministry of interior.
    On the other hand Port Said is also anticipating the verdict. The police disappeared totally from the city. Most shops are closed. You know the calm before the storm. This is Port Said now.
    Calm Port Said "Haitham El Tabei"
    Live update below
    The army helicopters are back hovering in Port Said’s sky.
    The families of the Ultras martyrs have not showed at the court strangely.
    The court room from Egyptian TV "Kareem Yaccoub"
    Here is a link with Live broadcast from several TV channels in Egypt. The National Egyptian TV has got the exclusive rights to air the trial from the court room in the Police academy. The National Egyptian TV sold the broadcast like in football matches.
    Live coverage in the way 

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  • 03/10/13--12:15: #9March : An Apology
  • I think this needs a separate post. Last night a photo was spread like fire in Egypt through social media in the #9March chaos and drama showing a young man leaving the Egyptian football federation carrying cups and PC LCD while the firefighters were putting off the fire.
    We all thought that that young man is a thief but it turned out that this young man was helping the firefighters in placing the cups and the PCs away from the fire and the water.
    I think we owe him an apology.

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    I waited all that time before I would speak about Samira Ibrahim and her twitter saga. I waited till she would return back to Egypt and tell her own version of the story. Tonight she appeared on ONTV’s Manshet TV show to speak about what happened.
    If you do not know what I am talking , I think this post from NYT’s the Lede sums everything up.
    Now after returning back to homeland, Samira Ibrahim said on TV that she made a mistake to accept this award without reading more about it and that the Zionist lobby and department of State wanted her to apology for her comments and speak well about Israel but she refused.
    Samira poster form Getty
    Unfortunately Mr. Gaber El Armouty did not ask her about her tweets specifically about the 9/11 tweet or tweets about Jews before she would speak about Zionism to the end of that talk. He did not ask her whether her account was hacked or not and why she claimed that her account was hacked and that those tweets were not hers as she told the department of State and announced on her tweet.He did not ask her why she would accept an award from the States when she feels happy about 9/11.
    It is not the first time Samira’s tweets cause controversy. Several times we find shocking tweets from her account regarding Egypt and whenever anyone speaks about the matter some activists claim that she is not administrating this twitter account nor does she blog in her blog. Indeed sometimes I feel that someone else writes in her blog
    Needless to say many people unfollowed her on twitter from several months ago due to her tweets.
    Look Samira did a huge thing ; she stood for her rights against the most powerful institution in Egypt. We will not forget her role and the other girls from 9 March 2011’s virginity tests to stop this disgusting procedure in Egypt.
    Still unfortunately Samira is not a real political activist as some positioned her to be in the media. Samira is a very simple girl from Upper Egypt that found herself in the center of the world. She was the first Egyptian woman to be featured in the Time magazine 100 person of the year for God sake. Yet unfortunately some pushed her to play a role bigger in the media than she could handle. Activism comes with responsibility and respect as well honesty before other any other thing.
    Samira is lured like many famous faces in the revolution by the media and attention sadly enough media lights burn people. I am afraid that she is not the first and will not be the last from the revolution faces that will face this.
    You will be surprised about how both the Islamists and Pro-SCAF/Mubarak supporters were so happy for what happened to her back in Cairo. The Islamists do not like Samira Ibrahim anymore because she attacks them and President Morsi day and night. Of course the Pro-SCAF/Mubarak supporters used what happen to discredit her as a victim for the virginity tests in the first place.
    It is not about her political views as much her contradicting behavior on how she accepts an award from a country she was celebrating its worst moments and how she claimed that her twitter account was hacked while it seems that it was not. It is about that tweet speaking about Egyptian Copts and then speaking about Zionist lobby. Yes the Right wingers in the States were angry so are the rest of the Americans who are offended by the 9/11 tweet and yes the Jewish lobby is angry too. No one can deny this.
    Unfortunately Samira Ibrahim hurt herself , her image and her creditably with what happened or not and I am sorry to say those who surround her do not help her instead they are harming her a lot.
    I know I will be attacked a lot but seriously I can not keep it anymore.

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    Yesterday in a Press Conference held at the ministry of interior , the minister of interior Ahmed Ibrahim claimed boldly that the police has  not used live ammunition against protesters since 25 January and that those responsible for the death or the murder of young protester Khaled Mostafa were other protesters.
    Unfortunately his excellency did not see Sky News Arabia footage showing Khaled Mostafa shot down by police last Friday.
    This footage was recorded live.
    There is also extended version from two clips including that clip above and another clip showing the body of Khaled on the ground closer.

    Just pay attention to the red circles.
    The photos of Khaled were shocking last Friday.

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    Minister of Justice Ahmed Mekki confessed today on TV a confession if it were said in another country , it would cause a political scandal that would cost both the minister of interior and minister of justice their positions.
    Today minister Mekki confessed on TV that the minister of interior Ahmed Ibrahim told him to say that late Mohamed El Gendy was hit by a car before the first autopsy report would be released. He claims that the minister of interior told him that the initial autopsy came out and it ruled out that late 28 years old El Gendy was hit by a car.
    Mekki : I was told to say so !!
    This confession is historical one , a scoop for ONTV and dear friend Ahmed Kheir.

    Late El Gendy
    Mekki was trying to defend himself against the accusation of former head of autopsy authority Ehsan Gorgy that he “Mekki” interfered in Gundy’s autopsy report. Already this defense turned to shocking confession. I do not think professionally that the minister of justice should announce the initial autopsy report before it is officially announced by the autopsy authority. The whole affair stinks and proves that El Gendy did not die from car accident.
    The autopsy authority in Egypt follows the ministry of justice.
    You must know that after the initial report , top Egyptian doctors “big names” assigned to follow his case by the Popular Current said that he died from torture and this caused a huge problem for the Prosecutor general. The Prosecutor general then assigned a commission of 3 doctors including a doctor from the autopsy authority. The commission reached that El Gendy died from torture and not from car accident.
    How does minister Mekki feel when he lies in this age after that career !?
    I do not know what happened to Judge Mekki , it is not about political affiliation but more about the fact I feel that he is getting old and unstable.Politically speaking if the man knows that he is lying than he would not acting like that !! This puzzles me for real because if he is old and incapable of doing his job why he is insisting to continue in his position.
    Mekki has to resign.

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    Do You remember that documentary “Jews of Egypt” ??
    This ambitious interesting documentary was going to be the second Egyptian documentary to be screened commercially in Egyptian selected cinemas. Its official release was supposed to be tonight but just as we are waiting for its release we found out that it was banned.
     Yes it was banned from screening in Egypt officially despite it was approved by the Censorship bureau following the ministry of Culture. The film was banned by the Homeland Security previously known as State security.
    The documentary film maker Amir Ramsis spoke about the matter on his Facebook page.
    Ramsis' FB Page
    The film’s producer Haitham Khamis also showed the approvals of the Censorship bureau on his Facebook page as well.
    Here is the documentary’s English trailer.
    “Jews of Egypt” trailer
    I think Ramsis should air the documentary on TV channels for free , let the whole world watches it.
    By the way ironically at the same time we found out that the Muslim brotherhood got a film production company called “Cinema Al Nahda” and it is going to screen its first production ever “The Report” { a social drama} in the Arts academy !! The Arts academy is owned by the State.

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