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7000 years and counting ...

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    And death news has become a daily routine in Egypt. I am not speaking about regular death but death that targets young men and children. This was my day today , following the news of death whether it was a death of young activist in Syria or a simple Sweet Potato who did not want to have dreams because he was poor !!
    Late Mehrez with his baby girl Nada
    This is how I started my day by reading news about the death of Egyptian activist and blogger Mohamed Mehrez in Syria.
    The 27 years old blogger and activist was killed last Tuesday in combat. He was fighting with FSA and was killed according to news reports in Aleppo in battle near the Aleppo Airport last Tuesday by a sniper. He went to Syria from a month ago leaving behind a wife and little baby girl called Nada
    I do not know Mehrez in person nor did I know him before despite it turned out that he is from the 2005 bloggers generation in Egypt. Still many of my friends from left and right know him personally and were more than shocked for his death. It turned out that Mehrez was one of those bloggers and protesters that defied the Mubarak regime during that time.
    May Allah bless his soul he managed to gather to Non Islamists and Islamists online for some time together in some peace before politics and media enter the scene.
    They told me that he was an ex-MB member , more of independent Islamist. Later I knew that his brother is Yasser Mehrez who is the one of the latest MB spokespersons.
    Of course personally the biggest shock to me was to find Mohamed Mehrez following me on twitter. May Allah bless his soul.
    Mehrez is not the first Egyptian to be killed while fighting with the rebel fighters , in fact there are at least 10 Egyptians to be killed while fighting with the FSA and other rebel groups. Most of them of these Egyptians if not all of them are Islamists.
    The Egyptian fighters in Syria are considered a big file that should be discussed but I feel I am not able to do it now.
    Mohamed Mehrez went to Syria seeking Jihad which is to fight along the Syrians against the regime forces and to aid them.
    People are debating about whether he should have gone or not and whether it is worth it or not to end of these debates. I will not lie to say that I wish that if he stayed just to see his baby girl growing up but I understand why he went.
    May Allah bless Mehrez’ soul.
    The other death story that made me busy all day searching for truth is the story of the young sweet Potato seller.
    Yesterday we were shocked to find a photo for a kid in the morgue "It is graphic" , we do not know who he was except that his body was found during the clashes taken place in Tahrir square area.
    The sweet potato seller in the morgue :(
    Then today we found this heartbreaking video clip for the kid speaking to the camera about how he should not dream for his future. It is heartbreaking.
    Omar : It is not my right to dream Mister !!
    His name was Omar and it turned out that he was shot by accident last February 3 , 2013. He was about 10 years old only. According to sources and reports that kid was shot by accident by some army solider at the US embassy checkpoint and that his family is being allegedly compensated by the army “in very rare occasion” while the solider is detained by military prosecution.  Of course I do not understand how the army allegedly did start its investigations and the boy’s family is compensated while the body of the kid is still in the morgue and activist can not find his family !!
    I thought first that there were two kids shot in Tahrir square as there were many contradicting reports.
    What is shocking is how Omar’s body lays in the morgue and then you see him speaking in a video about why he should not dream.
    May Allah bless your soul Omar.
    It is like death hunts you. I feel so depressed and sad.
    The children of Nile have become the children of death.
    Have a nice night :(

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    Ahram Online made this amazing video clip as part of its special coverage on what is happening in the city of Port Said.

    This clip includes a short interview with the famous Hero Mahran of Port Said who was tortured by British forces during the 1956 Suez war.
    There is no trade in the city as you can, shops are closed and traders come to it anymore. The people of Port Said are extremely angry and sad. My friends have been there from short time ago , they told me that the industrial zone there has been closed by Port Said people themselves in a protest for what they believe as a neglect by the government.
    I do not know if it is opened again or not.
    My friends told me that after being the town of MB leading figure Akram El Shaer people can not stomach the Muslim brotherhood anymore , already there is no apparent activity for the Freedom and Justice party or MB anymore in the city. El Shaer’s office and clinic have been attacked during the clashes. The Islamists in general are keeping low profile.
    MB HQ signs removed by angry protesters in Port Said 
    Port Said seems like a boiling zone and nobody wants to come near to even the Non Islamist parties. Even the liberal parties and politicians fear to go there !!
    It is no longer a matter of football game and what followed it from massacres because there have been massacres committed from couple of weeks ago and nobody paid attention. The police force committed crimes and yet to my knowledge the head of the police directorate has not been summoned for investigation on the extreme use of violence. I am not speaking about the attack on the Port Said but I am speaking on the following two days : The funeral day and the Al Arab Police Station clashes.
    We have not heard already any explanation from the police regarding that sniper filmed in the Euronews report. No explanation at all.
    The sniper filmed at last
    The people of Port Said have to be extremely angry. People have forgotten their agony and tragedy as they always do.

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    This shot was taken by Pierre Sioufi from his famous apartment in Tahrir today.
     To be honest I am against the closure of Tahrir square by protesters , I believe already Tahrir square was overused to the level that it has become insignificant. The hope now is the movement in different governorates in Egypt and areas in Cairo.
    One thing for sure we lost a lot when we limited the revolution in Tahrir only.

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    I do not think that any Meteorite explosion has been recorded on camera in earth like that Russian Meteor today !!  Over 1000 Russians are reportedly injured because of that meteorite explosion !! Russia has long history with meteorites , the most famous one was in Tunguska 
    Watch the meteorite explosion in video here

    Imagine if this happens in Egypt !! Just imagine it happens in Cairo !?

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    And the Black Bloc still captures the attention of the public and the media despite we can not confirm if they do exist at all
    Now there is a twitter account claiming to be the official Black Bloc Egypt. This account is called “@bbbEgypt
    This is not the only twitter account claiming to the official Black Bloc twitter account in Egypt but it is the most spread. At the same time the Black Bloc Facebook Pages claim that they do not have any Twitter accounts and the Twitter accounts claim that they do not have any Facebook Page.
    Now there is something fishy about this “Black Bloc Egypt” account considering its content and updates. Aside from its violence direct incitement and lessons on how to make Molotov cocktails, I do not understand what kind of underground vigilante group is this that tells the whole world that it will attack the Presidential Palace during the protests jeopardizing the life of the protesters and their lives !!
    Strangely I do not remember following this particular account , it appeared suddenly on my timeline which means that I used to follow it before but under different name. Now dear friends on twitter confirmed this information too and some believe that this used to be the account of “@rrCoalition”.
    That “rrCoalition” account claimed to be the official account of the Revolution Youth Coalition posting false rumors and information in the past like for instance claiming that the Ultras groups have stormed Maspero and demanding the protesters to go to the streets in order to support them. That  account does not exist anymore as it has become “@bbbEgypt”. The first time “@rrCoalition” mentioned the term “Black Masked  brigades” was on January 25th ,2013 before it would become “@bbbEgypt”
    Replies @rrcoalition
    Check the replies , it was directed to “@rrCoalition” , this was the beginning

     Now as I curious person ,  I used some twitter analytic services to check the history of “@BBBEgypt” and “rrCoalition”. Interestingly the account was made on February 9,2011. 
    This is according to Twirth and Twitonomy
    I do not know if you will be to see the Twitonomy’s bbbEgypt’s profile page or not but it is detailed with a complete archive of the tweets. 
    Zoom to see when @bbbegypt joined twitter
    Here is the Twirth’s “rrcoalition ” Profile.
    Zoom in to see when @rrcoalition joined twitter
    Now as I proved that the two accounts were one , I must ask :  Who operates that the account and what does he want with all these lies and incitement he or they causing !!?
    You must know innocent young men and even underage minors are being arrested and accused of being members of that new enemy of the state with no proof what so ever except wearing black according to those who report them !! Some of these young men were subject torture for God sake !!
    Please be careful in the information you read or share online nowadays.

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    Today there was that scene in Bani Sawif , Upper Egypt I believe that sociologists should study.

    Today a group of police officers and policemen beat a suspect till near death in public while people are watching during a funeral of a fellow popular young police officer. This suspect is accused of killing that police officer. The suspect was brought up from detention to the funeral where there was that he was beaten by the police force in the street till he fell in a coma You can see the videos below after the break

    From Al Watan Newspaper

    From Youm 7 Newspaper

    It started yesterday when a young police officer man was shot during armed fight between two families in Bani Sawif. Some sources say that the suspect was arrested yesterday and he was taken by police force during the funeral while other sources say that he was arrested during the funeral and brought up to the funeral. He was taken in a pick up as you can see. 

    On the verge of death , the police commanders in the governorate who were attending the funeral saved the suspect and transfer him to the hospital. Now we heard that some armed men stormed that hospital and took the suspect who is in coma.In other words they helped the suspect to escape somehow !!

    Strangely there was enough security in the hospital for the suspect !!

    What happened today should not be ignored in any civilized society , sorry it does not happen in civilized society but it should not be ignored yet I know it will be ignored officially. What if that suspect was innocent man !?

    This should not happen , police should protect us not to be judge and executor at the same time.

    Sadly I will not say or wonder “what the people will do when the police act like this” because for two years the citizens in Egypt were following the jungle law , the vigilante justice especially in rural areas whether in Nile Delta or Upper Egypt. Do You know how many times I read about citizens lynching and crucifying thugs in villages in Nile Delta per month !?? Just for few days ago I read about how the locals in some Upper Egyptian village who set some person with mental problems on fire because he attacked other citizens !!

    We are living in the country according to the jungle law. I have theory regarding this matter. I believe that this is another symptom of the death of state of law as a concept in Egypt. This death of the state of law is not resulted by the 25 January revolution , in fact what happened in those two years was the result of that death, that state of law’s absence in the past 10 years at least. In those 10 years the police and the State of law itself were turned in to tools to serve the Mubarak regime instead of serving the public and the result is what we see now.

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    And the city of Tanta continues to express its anger after the death of Mohamed El Gundy for the second week in row. Clashes erupted between protesters and security forces when protesters went and protest at Tanta’s state security directorate.
    El Gundy's mom with the two famous activists @Bothaina Kamel
    Political activists Bothaina Kamel and Karima Hafeny visited the city and paid visit to the mother of late Mohamed El Gundy yesterday. I think this is correct move , political activists and prominent figures should leave Cairo and start to visit the governorates.
    El Mahalla was also on fire and it will not rest as a kid was killed yesterday. 43 protesters have been arrested yesterday in Gharbia Governorate. 25 protesters were detained in Mahalla while 18 protesters were arrested in Tanta city.
    Now moving to the main issue now in Egypt : The autopsy report of Mohamed El Gundy
    Last week the Autopsy authority following the ministry of justice issued its report claiming that El Gundy was hit by a car after that conclusion was declared in public by the minister of justice a week before. 
    Still surprisingly Dr. Ehsan Gorgy , the head of autopsy authority announced on TV interviews including one tonight on MBC Misr that injuries in El Gundy can be resulted from car accident or beating !! Dr. Alaa Asas , the doctor who ran autopsy also said in press statements that there are injuries they can not determine whether it resulted from torture or car accident !!

     In other word the official autopsy report is inclusive !!
    Now there is an interesting theory that Mohamed El Gundy could have been subject to both torture and a car crash. Some believe that to hide the trace of torture he was ran over by a car.
    It is worth to mention that the Popular Current hired famous doctors to check Mohamed El Gundy while he was in coma and the doctors disagree with that official autopsy report. Mohamed El Gundy’s family announced already that they will hire doctors and will issue a parallel autopsy report.
    Tonight , Saturday something fishy happened in Cairo as the Kasr Al Nil prosecution office refused to give the lawyers a copy from the autopsy report and another copy from his medical reports in the hospital !!
    The 3 mobile networks issued a report claiming that they traced the mobile phone calls of Mohamed El Gundy and found that the phone calls were traced to Tahrir square on 28 January 2013. Unfortunately people do not trust the mobile phone networks.
    Actually nobody trust any official statement nowadays in Egypt. I will keep you updated about El Gundy’s case.

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    The people of Port Said have once amazed and surprised the rest of Egyptians with civil disobedience , yes civil disobedience on Sunday
    Thousands of Port Said people are marching in protests calling for civil disobedience. Some activists and tweeps say that this is the first day in the civil disobedience. I do not know if it is volunteer civil disobedience or for instance the leading protesters from Ultras green Eagles played a role in encouraging and forcing the people in to civil disobedience according to what I heard from very active trusted sources.
    The locals have blocked the industrial zone. The women are protesting and even blocked the main roads leading to the heart of the city.
    It is crazy and honestly I do not think that this civil disobedience move has to do with the Port Said stadium massacre trial anymore.
    I will not speak now , I will leave you with live updates from the city after the break.

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    And the angry and sad people of Port Said continue their civil disobedience for the second day in row. Yesterday was the first day of civil disobedience that surprised the whole country. The civil disobedience from what I understand is from 6 AM to 5 PM. The official working hours.
    The city and its people are still angry on how there is no official reaction at all regarding their civil disobedience. Only today the minister of justice Mekki has assigned a judge following the ministry of justice to investigate the clashes of Port Said  on January 26 and 27 !!!! This is the first official reaction regarding what happened and is happening in Port Said.
    The MB media machine is starting to blame the former NDP regime members Port Said where as the official media including the official press like Ahram Daily newspaper is blaming the Ultras Green Eagles accusing it of “paralyzing the city” !!
    Yes the Ultras Green Eagles members are playing an important role as I know from people and activists on the ground in organizing rallies and they have been be pushing the factory owners in the Industrial zone “Some time by force” and the investment zone but let’s agree on something : If the people of the Port Said did not support this move , they would not join from all classes and areas. We would not see women and students as well workers and employees joining the rallies.
    The people of Port Said are extremely angry from the murder of those 45 victims in cold blood where as no official decided to comment about what happened on those two days. It is enough that the only time the elected president decided to speak about the city was in Germany where he proudly told the world how the people of Port Said tried to bring down the army helicopters. The people of Port Said feel that they are humiliated and now it is beyond a football match. 
    The army units in the city are protecting the important official buildings. There are two sits in the city currently including one at the governorate building and the other one at the Court.
    Today over 40,000 workers did not work and nearly 30 factories were shut down with losses of $ 20 million in those two days only. 
    One important remark people should recognize that in this movement currently in Port Said there are barely any signs for any political power or movement
    Now there is important escalation happened today when the workers of the Naval arsenal joined the protesters and left work at 2 PM. Of course the Suez Canal authority issued a statement that the work in the vital canal is fine and it is not affected but what is happening in Port Said. 
    It is worth to mention that since last January 26th & 27th the Muslim brotherhood members above them famous MP Akram El Shaer disappeared from Port Said. The man whose popularity made the NDP crazy in the elections is no longer the city.
    Again I will use Storify in order to make our lives easier with all the photos from the city.

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    Last Thursday Yosri Fouda opened a very important file , a recent taboo I believe the Egyptian media has avoided to discuss as it should. Yosri Fouda spoke about Egyptian Jihadists in Syria hosting two of them on air. 

    One of the guests is Salaist preacher and the other one hiding his face was a fighter. Fouda also spoke on the phone with a Sheikh from Al Azhar who could not say whether he was with Jihad in Syria or not considering how much it is complicated there now.

    Egyptian Jihadists in Syria–Last Talk “ONTV”

    Fouda used the story of late Mohamed Mehrez as a lead for his segment.

    During the episode people went mad on twitter accusing Yosri Fouda of glorifying these Jihadists and some even went far and linked between Fouda’s past reports about Al Qaeda and those Jihadists in Al Jazeera forgetting that he is now working in the liberal ONTV channel attacked day and night by Islamists and Jihadists. Fouda was attacked that he did not condemn the Jihadists and people feared that episode would encourage Egyptian youth to go and fight in Syria. Well the majority of those youth do not watch ONTV at all.

    The only mistake I believe Yosri Fouda and his crew did was not to show the views of Syrians against foreign fighters. Some Syrians including Pro-revolutionary Syrians I know are totally against having foreign fighters in the first place in their own country. Friends from Syria once told me already that these Jihadists are preferred in the suicidal missions only !! I wish that Fouda asked his guests about their views regarding the diverse nature of Syrian society and what they think about other sects and why they believe Syria should be Islamist.

    Anyhow people did not realize that when Yosri Fouda let his guests speak freely , he gave a glimpse on how they think and want. The Jihadist Sheikh stated how he became a judge in so-called Shar’ia courts ruling the regions under the Jihadist rule according to their perception and radical interpretation and how the West is fighting the Islamists because they do not want an Islamist state. Fouda and his crew rang the bell yet no one wants to pay attention.

    I believe there should be consideration for the national security fears as well the public should be fears. I will not speak about the government or the Presidency because the Muslim brotherhood does not care about the national security of this country in the same way others do including me.

    People are worried that we have a new generation of Jihadists just like the Egyptian Jihadists in Afghanistan whom some made Egypt suffer and some other actually suffered from the State security in 1990s. The people have to fear them with the increase of radicalism as well arms in Egypt.

    I do not know the exact number of Egyptian fighters in Syria but in the past two years not less dozens of Egyptians have been killed in Syria while fighting either with the FSA or other rebel groups. The most famous one of them was late activist Mohamed Mehrez. Most of these fighters except very few like Mehrez “independent Islamist” are Salafists in Egypt.

    Many of these Islamists are related to Hazemoon movement , the infamous support group of Hazem Salah Abu Ismail. If you trace the Egyptian Jihadists in Syria and its history , you will find it goes to Back Hazemoon’s call to youth in Egypt to go and fight in Syria since summer 2012. 

    Already its spiritual leader and godfather Hazem Salah Abu Ismail blessed and praised those fighters from Hazemoon according to Tahrir newspaper demanding more to join them in last September. Ironically in October 2012 Khaled Harby, the official coordinator of Hazemoon movement claimed that those Hazemoon Jihadists are not members in Hazemoon but rather they believe in the same concept and associated it through adopting the same way of thinking.

    Anyhow Here is a Facebook Page called Hazemoon in Sham.

    Of course now it is beyond Hazemoon as Assem Abdel Maged of Al Gama’a Al Islamiyaa who got a long history in off shore Jihad claimed that his group sent tens of fighters to Syria.It is amazing to see Abdel Maged bragging with this when Essam Darballa who is also a leading member in Al Gama’a claiming that the famous Islamist group has not sent anyone to Syria !!

    The Muslim brotherhood youth have not jumped on the wagon as they do not have orders yet.

    It is unclear how those Egyptian Jihadists travel to Syria but without doubt it is by the knowledge of the regime just like in the 1980s. Al Masryoon newspaper which is close to Islamists and Jihadists claimed that there is a famous mosque in Nasr City helps Egyptian Jihadists to travel and that those Jihadists entered Syria from Turkey. The report also claimed that other couple of Mosques in Heliopolis following the Jihadists “in Heliopolis !!” and as well a mosque in Alexandria and Matrouh. “Strong Salafist presence”.

    Of course I am not speaking about Egyptian doctors who are helping the Syrians inside the country , I am speaking about a specific sector.

    I believe Mehrez’s death in Syria will inspire some youth to follow his path and unfortunately they will get killed because they are not trained properly and they are fighting in a land they know nothing about it.

    The lucky ones that will survive from the war will be unwelcomed in Syria when things stabilize and the state of law regains power through a regime that suits Syria unique diverse nature even after couple of years and they will be unwelcomed in Egypt just like their grandparents who returned back from Afghanistan.Some of them will believe in implementing the dream of Islamist State in Egypt using arms and will consider the Egyptian army just like El Assad army and we know the rest as we have seen it before.

    It is just sad because I believe these young men got good intentions of helping the weak but unfortunately they are exploited by radical groups that are actually puppets in the hands of international powers fighting each other.

    Needless to say what is happening in Syria now is no longer a revolution but a war of interests . The country is being destroyed just like Iraq literality while the international community is watching. 

    Back to Egypt I wish someone discuss seriously this file before we will have another debate about the Egyptian Jihadists returning from Syria in a realistic logic way.

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    And the people of Port Said continue in their civil disobedience for the third day in row. Today thousands of protesters from Port Said's men, women, youth and children defied President Morsi directly.
     President Morsi has issued a decree yesterday to restore was planning to submit a draft law to the Shura Council to restore the free trade zone in Port Said and to allocate LE400 million of the canal's revenues to the development of the three canal cities. Of course I have to expect that other governorates will follow the same steps of Port Said to be treated in the same way !!

    Still today shops and factories are closed and students did not go to schools or universities. People consider that offer from the president is an insult to their dignity after all he did not bother to apologize or pay condolences for their martyrs.

    According to the news President Morsi met so-called public delegation from Port Said yesterday including so-called representatives of parties in the city.  That delegation according to Fouad Gadallah , the amazing legal presidential adviser including Shura council members and so I assume most of them are from the Muslim brotherhood. 

    The families of the martyrs denied to have any relation or talks with that delegation. Al Nour Party in Port Said also claimed that it was excluded from that meeting. ON the other hand both Strong Egypt Party and Constitution Party in Port Said announced that they suspend their activities in the governorates in solidarity with the civil disobedience.

    Many people joined the protests and rallies today as the factories closed its doors at 12 PM. I believe today Port Said witnessed one of the biggest protests and rallies in its history , You can see in the Storify report after the break.

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    Here is a follow up for the civil disobedience in Port Said. Today there  is an escalation in protesting as the locals blocked the road of the East Port Said Port which the army tried to open by force in the early morning. Some activists say tomorrow the escalation will reach the Suez canal.
    Today the protesters put those hot air balloons dummies with Signs of SOS on the Suez canal Corniche so the ships passing in the Suez canal would see these signs.
    I am reading news that people began to protest and want to have a civil disobedience in Ismailia.
    On the other hand Dream TV2 showed in 10PM show new videos for the clashes on 26 January including shots for armed security men on the roof of the Port Said prison.I will post the video later today
    You can see the updates from Port Said after the break.

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    Please do not believe that the MB and Presidency’s PR machine speaking to the world on how the revolution has achieved so far its goal under the rule of the elected president.

    Please do not believe that propaganda because simple the main goal of the revolution and the reason of why it happened , why it started as protest on 25th January 2011 and became a public revolution on 28th January 2011 bringing down on one of the most ruthless rulers in the Middle East. This revolution began as a protest against police brutality claiming for human dignity , people tend to forget this especially the police and the current ruling regime.

    In the past 3 months the human rights organizations recorded 127 torture cases by Egyptian police including 63 torture till death cases and 29 sexual assault cases.

    Among those cases highlighted by the human rights organizations , the horrifying story of Ayman  Mehana

    The testimony of Ayman Mehana

    Ayman Mehana , an employee works in the electricity company in Alexandria. On 2 February 2013 he was heading to pay his mobile phone bill when he was attacked and arrested by CSF. He was allegedly beaten by a rod and passed out to open his eyes to find himself detained and handcuffed in a CSF vehicle. He was allegedly blindfolded by black cover. He was taken to some CSF camp where he was beaten and tortured. They wanted to him to confess that he was a member in the Black Bloc group.

    Mehana says that he was sexually abused "Sodomy with a stick” just like in Mubarak days.

    You can see the traces of beaten on his body filmed in the video

    Mehana has received threats from the police after appearing on TV. Al Nadeem Center is asking people to support him publicly. His colleagues in the Electricity company announced their solidarity with his case.

    Another sad story we knew yesterday is the story Kamel Mostafa.It is not torture case as much as it is disgusting mistreatment. 

    The story of Kamel Mostafa : Is because we are poor we are mistreated and beaten ?? Video by Mosireen

    A 15 years old Kamel Mostafa was arrested 1st February 2013 and was accused of assaulting and attacking the police force “!!”. The police claims that that 15 years old boy had slapped a police general “!!”

    Mostafa was shot in his leg with gun shots and bird shots. He was transferred to Helal Hospital and handcuffed in the bed. When his eldest sister came to visit him in the hospital , the policeman assigned to secure Mostafa wanted “to search her personally” and when she refused that he threatened to harm her injured brother.

    His mother was threatened by the authorities if she speaks to the media. The poor lady is saying in front of the camera that she is not afraid to speak against the police or even Morsi. She trusts nobody. 

    Mostafa was released after 18 days of detention and yet is still accused of attacking police force !!

    Yesterday 13 human rights organizations in Egypt issued an initiative to end what they called “The regime’s crimes” or in other words “The police brutality” :

    1. To dismiss the current minister of interior and to put him on a trial for the murder of protesters in different governorates since last 25th January 2013 and up till
    2. To open an immediate investigation with the leading figures and members of the Freedom and Justice Party accused of illegal detention and torturing protesters at the Presidential Palace on 5th December 2012 and to refer those accused of these crimes to the criminal court.
    3. To publish the final report of the Fact finding committee regarding the murder of the protesters in all over Egypt from 25th January 2011 to 30 June 2012 and to declare a time frame for the recommendations of the report related to accountability and reforms in the institutions like police and to found a committee in order to follow up the implementation of the recommendations.
    4. To withdraw the law to organize the protests presented by the government to the Shura Council.
    5. To found an independent and permanent commission to investigate in all the death and injuries cases caused by police officers. This commission would include independent members not following the State’s judicial or executive or legislative authorities. This commission would investigate these cases and would cooperate with General prosecution if there is a criminal investigation in some incident.
    6. To found an independent and permanent commission to supervise the detention places through announced as well unannounced visits to these places and to have access to all prison and correction facilities’ records. That commission would include representatives from human rights organizations. Also to sign the optional protocol of UN agreement against torture.
    7. To Present an immediate law to define the crime of torture in the penalties code in accordance to the UN agreement against torture that Egypt signed it and to amend the criminal legal procedures law in order to law the victims of torture to go directly to the criminal court without the approval of the prosecutor general.
    8. To Present an immediate law to amend the Police law and other regulatory articles and laws concerning the use of force and arms by policemen and not to use the firearms except in extreme necessity when it is the only way to stop a dangerous death or near death.
    9. To work a work plan for restructuring the ministry of interior.
    10. To dismiss the current prosecutor general and to appoint a new one though the Supreme council of judiciary  and to present an urgent legalization to separate between the authority to accuse and the authority to investigate. 

    Among these 13 human rights organizations : Al Nadeem Center , The Egyptian initiative for personal rights , The Egyptian Organization for Human rights  and the Egyptian center for social and economic rights.

    Ironically people are comparing between current minister of interior Mohamed Ibrahim and former minister Mahmoud Gamal El Din on how they deal with protesters and sadly enough they found Gamal El Din “who was responsible for the first Mohamed Mahmoud clashes in 2011” was better than Ibrahim when it comes to how he dealt with protests in time of President Morsi !!!!!

    President Morsi dismissed former Minister of interior Mahmoud Gamal El Din “who got his black record” because the man refused to interfere in the Presidential Palace clashes and he stood against the incredible super Sheikh Hazem Salah Abu Ismail. The current minister of interior was the head of the Prison sector and used to supervise the prison where President Morsi was detained at during the early days of the revolution before his escape.

    Anyhow the informed sources in Egypt say that Ibrahim is not really the man managing the internal security of the country as the MB man’s responsible for this file is none other than leading MB figure El Beltagy.

    You must know that human rights activists and organizations presented initiatives to reform the Police and the ministry of interior both to SCAF and to President Morsi and nothing was reformed.

    Ironically now the Islamists and Morsi supporters say that they suspect those human rights centers repeating the same old Mubarak’s claims and accusations to those human rights centers and activists. I am shocked and sad !! I thought that they would be the first to stand human rights violations after what happened to them in the past 30 years.

    Strangely these human rights centers used to stand with the Muslim brotherhood and the Islamists including the Jihadists to defend their basic rights when everybody in the society feared to speak about them. I hate to say this but one day those supporters will feel sorry for this action.

    0 0

    And President Morsi has called for Parliamentary elections next 27 & 28 April 2012 according to presidential decree 134 for year 2013.

     The elections will be as follows :

    • The parliamentary elections will be held on four stages starting from “27th of April 2013”
    • The first session of the Senates council will be held on 6th July 2013 at 11 AM.  DSC05108

    The first stage :

    The second stage :

    The third stage :

    The fourth stage:

    The Egyptian Christians are angry and they have too. The elections come on the same day of their feasts in April and May when they go to Church !!? Those who chose the dates , chose the wrong dates if it were not a deliberate thing.It is as if the regime does not want the Christians to vote at all.

    The second day of elections in the first stage “ 28th April 2013” will be Palm Sunday and there are Christian voting blocs in both Cairo , Minya and Beheira that will be affected for sure.

    The runoffs of that stage will be on “4th May 2013” and it will be Holy Saturday while The second day of that stage’s run off will be “5th May 2013” which is Easter !!

    Can Muslims imagine having the elections day on Eid ?? So much for citizenship and recognition of the other !!

    Morsi is insisting on losing the Christians , no wonder the Freedom and Justice Party officials and Muslim brotherhood members are claiming that the protesters currently in the street are from Christians only. I am extremely angry. You must know based on past elections and referendum results Cairo and Port Said “especially now” will not vote for the MB or the Islamists and the results of the first stage always have extreme important psychological effect on voters in other stages.

    Now aside from the Christian objections, can we please discuss the fact that these elections in the history of Egypt !? Four stages !!? This is so tiring and boring. No wonder some are expecting low turn out.

    Already according to my humble knowledge I believe that the Parliamentary elections law that was disapproved by the Supreme constitutional court “SCC” and was returned back for amending to the Shura council. After amending the Shura council did not send it back to be revised by the SCC but it issued it officially !!

    I know that constitutionally Morsi should declare the elections day before Sunday but does he understand that someone can file a lawsuit in the SCC claiming that the elections are not constitutionally because the SCC did not revise the law again !?

    The Muslim brotherhood members , supporters and those are not MB but respect them are happy that the president issued this decision after al the talk shows were over on TV !! They are also happy that the first session of the Senates will be held at the same time they will celebrate the first anniversary of President Morsi’s victory. Yes there will be celebration according to them.

    Some are saying the MB is dying for this  election in order to give the world the impression of political legitimacy against any revolutionary or military move against Morsi with the political tensions in the country.

    Anyhow opposition political parties are divided between participating in the elections or boycotting it. You do not need much brain to guess that the Islamists especially the MB will win the elections again as it is their game. The Salafists will not be that lucky especially with all these divisions and fights they got in their camp.

    Personally I am not expecting anything good from that parliament or from that constitution or that president anymore with that mindset of Muslim brotherhood.

    0 0

    And the Presidency understood the mistake it had done last Thursday when it declared the dates of the parliamentary elections and it turned out that the first stage elections will be at the same time of Christian Feasts.
    From couple of hours ago the presidency issued a statement to amend the dates of the first stage of the elections to suit Egyptian Christians.
    Accordingly we got the following new dates , re-mark your calendars dear friends !!

    The first stage

    The Second Stage

    The third stage

    The Fourth stage

    Strangely now for the zillion times the Morsi and MB supporters who defended the first date and timing are supporting decision to amend the dates now without any second thought.
    Now if this was not a deliberate action as I suspected then it is another sign on how things are badly managed in Egypt by Morsi’s administration. There is no planning what so ever. Nobody even bothered to see the calendar on his disk in the Presidency. Are there calendars already on their disks at the presidency , I wonder !!??
    By the way should not the Presidency and the army grow up and have some real official websites instead that Facebook mania !? You know like the rest of the civilized world ??

    0 0

    To be honest I do not understand what the Harlem Shake is or what it means except it is universal silly meme but I can not ignore the fact that it is making noise in my country.

    Already last week we had our Pyramids Harlem Shake and I believe our tourism board should have used it.

    Pyramids Harlem Shake

    It is not the first Harlem Shake filmed in Egypt but it was the most famous and organized with public event on Facebook in Egypt. There  have been previous Harlem Shake clips from Egypt to my surprise in the past two weeks in a way I could not understand it !!

    Of course internationally we made headline with our Harlem Shake craze as four young students have been arrested yesterday in Agouza area in Giza when they danced in their underwear in the street. Their neighbors reported them to the police and the four students are accused of indecency !!!

    By the way my dear friends Ibrahim Gamal El Din aka Hima and Ahmed Naguib aka Hamda did their own Harlem Shake in AUC dorm.

    Hamda Harlem Shake

    Now Egyptian youth are organizing even bigger and important Harlem Shake event next Thursday … at the Muslim brotherhood HQ in Moktakam. I really love my people , May God bless and protect them.

    By the way the people of Harlem do not like and think it is silly and no related to the original Harlem Shake dance.

    Original Harlem reacts to Harlem Shake

    Now this how the original Harlem Shake goes , watch the video till the end

    How to dance the real and original Harlem Shake

    0 0

    Yesterday millions of Egyptians glued in front of their TVs waiting for president Morsi’s recorded interview on Mehwer TV channel at 8 PM that actually started at nearly 2 AM !!! According to Presidency the interview was going to be aired on National TV as well other channels.
    Morsi in the interview "Presidency FB Page"
    There were some official excuses said and claimed for this delay as I will list :
    • There was a technical problem in the Nile Sat !! “ I am sorry but the Nile Sat was working fine then and it is not live interview in the first place  !!”
    • The Presidency failed to broadcast the interview from the Presidential Palace “ WHY TO BROADCAST THE INTERVIEW FROM THE PALACE !!” as there was a problem in the fiber optics there and so they had to transfer the recorded interview to the National TV building in Maspero but there was another technical problem !! TECHNICAL PROBLEM IN NATIONAL TV BUILDING !?? Yes and that problem forced Amr El Lithy to take the recorded interview and head directly to the Media City in October !!! !!?
    • The MB members claim that Mehwer channel delayed the interview to air commercials !! First the TV channel was airing from 8 PM to 2 AM patriotic songs , second CAN ANY TV IN THE WORLD DELAY THE PRESIDENT’S INTERVIEW FOR NEARLY 6 HOURS TO SHOW ADS AND PRESIDENCY IS OK WITH IT ??
    What really happened for and caused this delay ?? Why was not there a singly apology to the millions of the viewers waiting for that delay with a realistic excuse ??
    People are speculating that the true reason of delay was in fact the editing of that interview especially there parts that seemed to be missing like a question about America who answer was still there. Some say that the interview was edited by Muslim brotherhood presidency team to avoid any mockery while others say that parts related to Iranian Egyptian relations were removed from interview.
    Interestingly people like Dr. Bassem Khafagy paid attention closely to Morsi’s watch and found the following :
    • The beginning of the interview , it was 2.15 PM according to Morsi’s watch.
    • Then in the end it was 4.30 PM according to Morsi’s watch.
    • When Amr El Lithy asked him about Port Said it was 11.50 AM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyhow editing does not take all that time when the summary of the President’s interview was distributed all those newspapers , channels and websites by Presidency by 5 PM !!!!!??
    Another riddle , another enigma we will know its truth hopefully soon.
    By the way did Amr El Lithy explain to Morsi why he resigned from his position as his media advisor after the December 5,2013 Presidential Palace clashes !!?
    Here is the long interview
    Mohamed Morsi’s interview , yes it is two hours interview !!

    0 0

    The city of Mansoura , the capital of Dakahlia govenorate in Nile Delta has joined the cities of Tanta and Port Said when it comes to unrest , real unrest.

    Early Monday we woke up on clashes in  Mansoura between protesters and Muslim brotherhood members at the Governorate HQ when the protesters blocked it with the main way starting some sort of sit in . We knew that Muslim brotherhood sent its followers to disperse that sit in from that Post published by MB’s RSSD network claiming that the MB members in Dakahlia went to aid “the citizens” to against those “thugs” blocking the way.

    People also identified some MB members from TV clips and photos aired from Mansoura.

    The clashes between protesters and MB supporters

    That video was spread like fire showing the MB members and supporters attacking the protesters including two ladies. This brought to the memory the infamous 5 December 2012 clashes.

    By the afternoon the MB members withdrew and the police forces from CSF arrived to start even bigger clashes between Protesters and CSF. The CSF fired tear gases and birdshots madly. There are two badly injured citizens in the clashes. People are speaking about the use of live ammunition.

    Things erupted badly when rumors spread that two babies suffocated from tear gases. I read that a CSF vehicle was torched. 

    Some protesters from activists in the governroate have been arrested.

    Here is a photo gallery showing the clashes in the city.

    The clashes have not stopped yet in Mansoura

    Journalists should head there immediately.

    There is something going on outside Cairo and it is spreading : Port Said , Tanta/Mahalla and now Mansoura.

    0 0

    Today Egyptians woke up today on a disaster in Luxor , a hot air balloon crashed today killing 19 passengers including 18 tourists and 1 Egyptian worker. The hot air balloon caught fire up in the sky and crashed in to a sugar cane field in Luxor. It exploded from 1,000ft (300 metres) up in the sky , it is completely horrifying. I am really sorry.
    What is really horrifying that people in other balloons filmed and took photos for the whole tragedy.
    Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr got a footage for the balloon and it was scary.
    Exclusive for Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr
    Photographer Christopher Michel was in another balloon and saw the tragedy , even tweeted it.
     Michel took some photos for the balloons including the unfortunate one today.
    I do not know which balloon it was.
    The photos on the wires are extremely sad especially when journalists spoke in the media about the smell of the burned flash. Here are photos taken by Haithem Tabei  from AFP

    My deepest condolences to the families of those 18 tourists and the family of that worker.
    It is a huge disaster by all measures. The photos from the site are incredibly sad when you think how scary it is to face death up in the sky and pieces were collected from debris.
    From AFP

     Now for those who do not how the passengers were standing in the balloon or its size , here is photo by Christopher Michel for another balloon.
    The balloon cabin by Chris Michel

    It is extremely terrifying and honestly I wish to see those who are responsible for this tragedy punished. Yes hot air balloons look beautiful and so on especially in Luxor but I fully agree the decision to suspend their activity until final notice.

    Of course the people of Luxor are more than sad because they know that this is the end of a very poor touristic season. Already the city is suffering a lot and many of the people now who work in tourism are nearly jobless cursing whatever happening in Cairo. Today was like a disaster for them. By the way Luxor is suffering from a terrible fuel crisis.
    A man told AFP reporter Haithem El Tabei to deliver a message to the people back in Cairo and to the government in particular :
    We are sooooo tired 
    Egyptians are already saying that these are the last 18 tourists in our country !!
     It is like every month a disaster happens and people get killed. Personally I hate balloons.
    Sorry, We failed to Entertain you - Luxor's Balloons

    0 0

    The bearded police officers expelled and suspended from work because of their beard tried to set up a sit in at the ministry of interior in Downtown Cairo yesterday in order to return back to the force. Yet their sit in did not continue that long because their colleagues tried to disperse their sit in by force as usual. What happened next between them was recorded on camera and I will leave you to judge.
    Police vs. Police
    The sit in of the bearded officers is still there in front of the ministry of interior .
    It is against police norms to grow a bread during the service. After 25 January Revolution a group of officers and policemen decided to grow bread in accordance with their Islamic beliefs. “Oh yes in Egyptian police force”
    These officers were suspended from work for disobeying the regulations yet they did not give up hope and decided to raise the matter to the administrative court which said that they should return back to their jobs with their beards. Still the ministry of interior ignored the court ruling.
    The Salafists are backing up these officers. Already when I used to go to Tahrir square during the Islamists’ Friday protests, I used to find their tent beside the stage of Hazem Salah Abu Ismail’s campaign and similar salafist groups.
    During one of the protests in Tahrir last year
    You must know that there are campaigns by Islamists online in Facebook to allow breaded soldiers and officers in the Egyptian armed forces. Already three breaded young men are suing El Sissi , the minister of defense in order to do their mandatory military service while they are bearded in a very clear challenge to the army in extreme critical time.
    Now regarding my opinion about the bearded officers in general, yes it is a personal freedom and you got countries like in India and UK where bearded Sikh serve in the police and army force but I am afraid Egypt especially now is not India nor UK. You have to have a real constitution that ensures complete citizenship , you have to have a real state of law and justice before letting officers to grow their beards.
    I believe it is not the correct time in Egypt in time of polarization , in time where Mohamed El Zawahary , the brother of Ayman El Zawahary says on Egyptian National TV that Al Qaeda represents Moderate Islam !!!!
    Already you tell me I have to support these officers and their rights and I will tell you that in this particular time you have to help me first in reforming the ministry of interior and the police force in order they would be in the service of the people for real.
    We are already fighting heartless mentality in the ministry of interior and police officers who believe torture is the ultimate weapon to find a new class of police officers who believe that they are the self appointed executors of God’s word on earth !!

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