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  • 12/18/11--15:23: #Tahrir : Looking for truce
  • A group of activists and members of parliament went to Tahrir square today in an attempt to calm things down and reach to a truce between the protesters and the army.

    This group included : MP Amr Hamzawy , Wael Ghonim , MP Mostafa Al Nagar , potential MP Ziad Eleimy , potential MP Ziad Bahaa El Din ,Dr. Moatez Abdel Fatah, Dr.Mostafa Hegazy , Hamdeen Sabhi , Mohamed Diab , Ziad Aly and Jawad Nabalusi.

    Moataz Abdel Fatah made it clear that truce does not mean giving up the rights of the martyrs but rather to think according to his FB status.

    They were divided in to groups , one staying at the square while the other group went to negotiate with the protesters , the army and the ministry of interior. Unfortunately Hamzawy was attacked by the protesters who pushed him away from Kasr Al Aini.  Hamzawy and the delegation then went to the other side to speak with the army.

    #Tahrir : Hamzawy heading to the army

    #Tahrir : Hamzawy heading to the army #2

    I spoke with Al Nagar this afternoon and he told me that people are extremely angry and demanding the army to cease the attack first.

    Hamzawy revealed later tonight that he was also attacked by angry conscripts at the other side as well.

    There is no truce so far with the protesters and the army as well the police , both sides are angry and furious according to Abdel Fatah who insists that the truce negotiations have not failed and that the solution is to have early presidential elections in February 2011.

    Up till now there is a group of these activists in the square.

    Whether you like or not there will be negotiations sooner or later. These men who went to negotiate are not bad or traitors , enough of throwing charges and splitting our unity.

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    Ok this seems stupid but when I look to all the previous clashes between security forces and protesters in all those months ended by the disaster we are currently having , I found some interesting :

    • Most of these clashes either happened in protests or rallies or sit ins have no real public support and that’s why we got the same old question”Why did they go there in the first place !?” regardless of the goals , the rallies and protests need to be spread and gain support.
    • We do not know the results of the investigations following these clashes , not single one at all despite the press leaks always include something like “ a NDP remnant is behind the clashes” and “ rich businessman” …etc.
    • There are infiltrators and agent provocateurs in all these protests and sits in as usual and yes protesters can’t control the security of these protests especially these infiltrators come and show more anger against SCAF and security forces. Unlike what you think these are infiltrators are not only thugs but sometimes youth who are so elegant and sophisticated from the middle class.
    • At the same time we have these clashes and the following days we got these rumors concerning the former regime icons whether Mubarak or his family or his cronies like for instance Mubarak is not in the hospital or Sorror was released .. etc. Of course these rumors make protesters especially youth more angrier as you can imagine. The last clash , we had the same old rumor about Mubarak’s escape which was fueled by all the buzz about the presidential air jet. “Already if I were Mubarak I would not escape on the presidential air jet and took some small private air jet from private airport or even some military secret air and not Cairo airport for God sake !!”
    • Amazingly in certain protests and rallies we found some warnings from Omar Afifi and other shady Facebook pages of an Armageddon that will take place and after the clashes we found these FB pages especially those claim to be from the defected “yet in the service” from the army or those who have inside information from the army booming with rumors here and there. The rumors move from FB pages to twitter , the rumor becomes a fact without any confirmation. Of course it is worth to mention that some of these FB pages from time to time publish something true to give themselves creditability. Needless to say these pages and rumors increase anger , confusion and fear. 

    We are like an open book for anybody as far as I could see , we are repeating our mistakes and unfortunately we are paying huge price from blood and souls by repeating these he mistakes we commit over and over in these battles or rather traps.

    Some will say that this is not the proper time but I think it is never too late and this is my blog where I share my thoughts.

    I pray to God that this will be the last clash and that nothing bad happens on January 25 ,2012 and someone gets killed or injured.

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    It is a new  world taking shape indeed.
    I do understand why some people have got some conspiracy theories of their own.
    The 69 years old Kim Jong il died “allegedly” by heart attack from four days ago as we have been told. May be the man had a sudden heart attack and that’s why they had to keep as a secret in order to organize their matters.

    Here is the announcement , the famous announcement of the leader’s death in the national N.Korean TV. “It is standardized system in the dictatorships”
    North Korea : The leader is dead

    Of course as a true communist leader he got that coffin display where his faithful people are crying madly over his departure.
    North Korea : Mad grief
    Needless to say , or rather shamelessly Egyptians were the first to show the world that huge affection after the death of their leader Nasser despite he was a dictator.
    His son Kim Jong-un will be the next president , he is already a general by the way while he is believe to be in late 20s. He has got a terrible haircut.
    The new heir
     The funeral of Kim Jong il will be held next December 28th.
    One of the late leader’s sons had an infamous incident in Tokyo airport where he and the late leader’s grandson want to visit Disney Tokyo
    The U.S hopes for better relations with North Korea , of course it depends on the new heir who we only know that he is in the late 20s and will rule’s his family’s late country !!!!!
    We do not know if the new heir will pull Bashar El Assad or his people will pull An Arab spring but the States is trying its best to open a new chapter with the N.Korea after the death of its old enemy.
    Now historical background about Egyptian North Korean relations , well interestingly enough despite the very intimate relations with the States , Mubarak maintained relations with N. Korea.
    Of course when you check in international media archives you will find that when Mubarak did something bad that the U.S and Israel did not like , the alleged arms deals between Egypt and N.Korea especially rockets are brought up. Still interestingly enough the man who used to go to North Korea is none other than former minister of agriculture and current Tora resident Youssef Wali !! Youssef Wali was known for his very close American Israeli relations. The last time I heard about the N.Korean Egyptian relations was before January 25th ,2011 where Mubarak sent Zakaria Azmi to the embassy in Cairo to congratulate the ambassador on some silly national day there. 
    Unlike what many think we have economic relations with North Korea as Orsascom invests there ,so yes Naguib Sawiris and his company will pay some respect to the late inspirational leader.
    Now here is the biggest collection of photos from North Korea earlier this year 2011 by photographer Mike Gadd

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    We must predict and plan  for the future , only fools in this age who do not plan and have scenarios for the future especially when we speak about  country in the size and location of Egypt. Our youth are good in mentioning examples and scenarios from abroad specifically 1954 and Romania but forgetting to create scenarios based on our situation in 2011 when it comes to internal and external circumstances.

    These are the scenarios if the clashes between the security forces “the army” and the protesters continue and there is no peaceful solution especially we are coming to close to January 25th , 2012 with angry feelings from everybody.

    The main scenario on the table if there is no  peaceful solution for the crisis we have : An internal coupe in the Egyptian army

    There is no doubt that there are many officers and soldiers who do not approve what happened exactly in the centralized zone of Cairo and some of them will think in that scenario.

    When we speak about coup , there are also scenarios for it as follows :

    • A young officer or middle rank officer who believes in democracy truly and will hand over power in three months or even more pulling a Swar Al Dahab scenario. “A divine miracle”
    • A revolutionary young officer or middle rank officer who claims to believe in democracy will take over the rule then pull another Nasser scenario and God knows that we are paying that price of that scenario up till now.
    • There is a scary scenario the army would be divided and have a fight because of the coup as we are not speaking about something like 1952 where a small group who would have been executed for grand treason if late king Farouk had ordered the rest of the army to end them.
    • Now speaking about Nasser and 1952 I must hint out there is huge possibility that is this coup will be supported by the States just like in 1952 especially if the 21st century Nasser has a charisma. “No one on the scene now got any charisma from any kind in Egypt”
    • There is that sinister scenario in my mind that actually we could be witnessing a shift in the players which means all what see is a preparation for Mr. X or that officer X. That scenario makes me shiver because it proves to me that we are pawns in the game of nations for real especially when I think about all the blood we are paying on a daily matter !!

    Of course many people wish for it to happen right now like for instance veteran leftist national MP Abu El Ezz El Hariri who expressed his wish for this to happen indirectly to happen on TV from couple of days ago.

    There is also another scenario and it is also dark if the clashes continue and if people begin in suing SCAF in front of international courts and the calls of boycotting arms to the Egyptian army …etc. Of course knowing the Egyptian people for real , any foreign intervention from these kinds will be met with huge opposition from the Egyptian people especially the Egyptians , my people got this huge charge of anger. You must know that when you go internationally , you will play according to the interests of international powers not the good intentions and you got Syria and Libya as the best examples as well history. It is dangerous route and we will pay something in return because this is Egypt.

    You must know we are speaking about Egypt , one of the oldest nations in the World that knew the principle of the State and head of state. Since the Dawn of history religion and army are from the holy untouchables from this nation , most of the Egyptian rulers through out history since 7,000 BC had military background. In ancient Egypt the high priest would manage to take the rule in troubled time when the pharaoh dies and got no heir or got a weak. The state , religion and army are from components of this nation , this is why the majority is very careful and is worried. 

    I am not that worried about Islamists take over that much because they are taking it through democratic elections whether we like it or not.

    Nobody said it will be an easy ride but when I look to the past months , when I revise positions and stands taken by many politicians and revolutionaries before SCAF, I know that these youth should not have killed. We do not plan , we only react and do not accept criticism and everybody has its own agenda over the country’s best interest whether SCAF or different political powers whether right to left.

    Strangely nobody speaks about 1919 revolution and its success, may be because political powers from Islamists , Leftists and Nasserite Nationalists hate it despite its success of achieving semi-independent , a parliament and elected government not to mention a constitution we wish to have one like it now in 2011 !! There is a particular one reason why the 1919 is more successful so far than our 2011 revolution : It had a leadership

    I am not speaking about Saad Pasha but I am speaking about the first and true delegation aka The Wafd which was formed from men representing all Egypt whether the Arabs as Hamd Pasha El Bassel from Fayoum or Mohamed Pasha Mahmoud from Asuit “Upper Egypt”. {Oh yes unlike the popular Myth launched in the media after the Mohamed Mahmoud clashes Mohamed Mahmoud was not the minister of interior who cracked down the 1919 revolution because simply he was among the delegation that was sent to exile in 1918-1919 , he became minister of interior in later time !!}

    We do not have a real united leadership representing Egyptians because simply on February 12th ,2011 everybody refuses the other and this is why we failed to stand against SCAF all that time and I am afraid despite that there is huge polarization even among in the one family.

    Historically speaking I feel we are not reliving the 1954 as much we are living the fight over power between Aybak and Aktai , sometimes I feel that we are living the Mohamed Ali era once , Mohamed Ali was assigned by the patriotic leaders led by Omar Makram ironically in early 19th century in Egypt. When Mohamed Ali took over the rule , he got rid from his rivals and sent the leaders like Makram to exile !! I think I am losing my mind !!

    Anyhow back to the scenarios , may be I will should discuss the peaceful scenarios next time. One thing for sure the scenario will happen is known only by God now , I do not care about the scenarios put by humans .

    May God protect Egypt and its children , May they keep them united. May God bless the souls of our martyrs and protect this nation.

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    Tomorrow there will be angry Friday protest several protesters hope that it would be a million man protest after the brutal attacks on the protesters at Tahrir square by the army forces and CSF.
    Now interesting enough those parties are participating in the protest : El Adl party , El Wasat Party , Egyptian Social Democratic party , El Tayar El Masry , April 6 Youth Movement , Revolution Youth coalition , Free Egyptians party Al Ghad party and surprisingly El Nour party at the last moment.
    Till afternoon we though that El Nour party , which is the biggest Salafist party in the country announced that it is going to participate in the protest in its official FB page.
    Ok I see this move from the biggest El Nour party as more of clearing their image , already the leaders of the Salafist trend including the icon members of the party attacked the protesters defending SCAF so why this big shift !?
    Well they want to clear their image after that interview their spokesperson did with the Israeli Radio , oh yes they did !! This will make them lose a considerable votes especially they are now being attacked by all powers for being hypocrite. Of course the party issued a statement also today slamming Israel and saying that the peace agreement with Israel made during dictatorship years.
    The El Nour party is trying also to take some votes from their rival the Muslim brotherhood which is being criticized so much for its position in the current crisis as it seems it only cares for the ballot box.
    The Muslim brotherhood announced that it is not going to participate officially in the protest as usual but its revolutionary member Mohamed El Beltagy is going to participate and the Muslim brotherhood’s youth are allowed to participate also but individually.
    There will be three rallies tomorrow including one that will come from Al Azhar tribute to late Sheikh Emad Effat May Allah bless his soul , there will be another for rally for Egyptian ladies and the third rally will be for the street children.
    There is no other clear demand except the immediate hand over for power aside for paying respect to our ladies and martyrs. It has officially two names “The Egypt’s women Friday” and “Restoring Honor”.
    I do not know if there is going to be a sit in or not but usually there will be a small group of protesters that will continue in its sit in.
    Already I am not worried about the protest tomorrow but I am worried as usual on our activists starting from tonight. 

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    Today is there is a protest in Tahrir as I hinted last night and its final name now is “Egypt’s free women protest”. There is one podium installed in the square at Hardees area.

    The numbers are not big as expected but people are expected numbers to be increased with the rallies that should reach Tahrir square from different areas especially from Al Azhar square.

    @ 12 :20 PM CLT

    The numbers are not that big up till now before the prayer as expected , journalists estimated couple of thousands.

    Here is a photo by Adam Makary showing the protesters praying.

    Another photo by Heba Fahmy

    Another photo by Dear Heba Fahmy

    The Sheikh who addressed the protesters during the Friday sermon called for a civilian presidential council while the grand mufti spoke in his Friday sermon during the Friday prayers about the importance of forgiveness.

    There was a symbolic funeral for the martyrs in the square by Heba Fahmy

    It is expected that the numbers of the protesters will be increased later in the day.

    On the other side of the capital the Pro-SCAF protesters are having their own protest “No for Vandalism Friday” in Abassiya square where they are attacking Tahrir square protesters and accusing Amr Hamzawy and ElBaradei of being agents of foreign countries to the end of that attack !!

    I estimated their numbers to be couple of hundreds. Here is a screencap by ONTV

    As usual the Egyptian TV is doing a zoom in to the Abassiya protest to enlarge the numbers and zoom out to the Tahrir square to show poor protesters’ presence.

    @1:34 PM CLT

    The march from Al Azhar is big , real big march with thousands of protesters from men and women chanting against SCAF condemning the humiliation of women protesters in the past protests.

    Here is photo by @Hoda Osman from Al Azhar itself.

    Here is photo from Original Dostor website from the ongoing march.

    This FB interesting note about the square now and how it is infiltrated is more than important. I saw that coming but no one is listening , we are pawns in a big game and I fear indeed that there is something being prepared for the next January 25,2012.

    There are rallies and protests in Alexandria and Suez as well.

    @2:05 PM CLT

    Here is a photo from Al Azhar rally by @Sally Sami

    Another photo by @Dalia Negm at Kasr Aini street near the Scientific institute

    Here is photo showing a rally in Alexandria from ENN

    And another photo from Alexandria by @ Mostafa Rafaat in Alexandria.

    There is a protest in solidarity with protesters of Tahrir square against SCAF in Luxor. 

    There is also a protest in Asuit as well against SCAF , you can watch it on video.  It is worth to mention that a group of students tried to protest in front of the Southern military zone to object the humiliation of the protesters

    Here is an Ariel view for Tahrir square by Ashraf Khalil , numbers estimated there by 30,000. 

    @8:35 PM CLT

    Ok sorry for this pause but there were protests against SCAF in Port Said , Tanta , Luxor and Kafr El Sheikh as well Qena and Sohag. They are not that big protests but people did protested and this is very important.

    Here is another photo from the universities Students’ march to Tahrir square by Nagla Rizk

    Here is a video showing the march when it entered the square.

    Tahrir square : Cairo university March

    Here is a photo album from the women’s march to Tahrir.Also this cute photo from Tahrir square. I do not know its exact source.

    There are still people in Tahrir square and honestly I am so worried for tonight , in fact from every day , we are in a mine field .

    There is football match currently where Ahly club play and the Ultras Ahlawy paid their respect for their martyr Mohamed Mostafa “ he was an Ultras member as well a tennis champion, 19 years old shot down in the latest clashes at Tahrir square by the security forces.

    The boys made a special intro for him.

    Also Manual Jose , our favorite Portuguese Ahly coach wore a t-shirt dedicated to late Mostafa.

    Jose wearing RIP Mohamed Mostafa T-shirt

    There is a White Knights Ultras member who is being missing up till now.

    Here is the big protest at Abassiya !! I leave to you the comment !! The Abassiya boys attacked today reporters from Tahrir TV , ONTV , Al Jazeera and BBC as well. They also hanged the photos of Mona El Shazely and Reem Magued “Two TV hosts” calling for their execution.

    The protest in Alexandria or rather the march reached to the northern zone commandership and stayed there for awhile despite the extreme cold weather there.

    Not only in Alexandria people are still protesting despite the cold weather but also Tahrir was somehow packed from two hours ago.

    We do not only need the people to come back to us but also we need the Muslim brotherhood still the brotherhood is taking the political route and is keeping its cool for now.

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    And strangely Shafik appeared suddenly in that terrible week as usually to make people more angry with his provoking statements. Now the former less than one month PM and potential aspiring presidential candidate Shafik spoke at conference held by the Canada Egypt Business council “CEBC” on last Wednesday in Cairo.
    During that public meeting Shafik said that if he becomes the president , there will be a lot of changes in Egypt and that :
    Egyptians deserve to eat fish and chips instead of beans and falafel  !!
    Dear follow Egyptians elect Shafik and you will eat fish and chips instead of fol and ta’amiya !!!!!!!!!
    Fol and ta’amiya aka beans and falafel are the most popular and spread meals in Egypt due to their cheap price. “Strangely fish was also very popular in the past among the poor classes in Egypt”
    This is the exact problem of Shafik , it is not only because he comes from a military background or was part of Mubarak’s regime , but it is the fact that the man lives in an ivory tower and arrogant.
    I believe that if the military got a presidential candidate from the army , it won’t be Shafik Pasha or Omar Soliman because simply both men are too exposed.
    By the way I do not think that Shafik knows how to feed ducks.
    Speaking of the pullover man I found a very nice information from a dear friend regarding General Katu who won an international fame after his belief that protesters should send to Hitler’s Holocaust or rather Hitler's overs as he called it.
    Katu is a retired air forces general and he was/is close friend to none other than Mubarak and Shafik !!
    You must know that SCAF is distancing itself from him especially that his firing statement issuing their 93 communiqué where the council makes it clear that its own views are expressed through its official FB page while the views of those strategic and security analysts “like Katu” are not related to SCAF or represent it from  near or far.
    Of course SCAF had to issue this statement after the growing criticism from inside and outside , especially outside after the statement of the special U.S envoy for monitor anti-Semitism Hannah Rosenthal  was extremely angry from his statements.

    Egypt’s defense attaché in the States also stated today according to MENA that this Katu was just a civilian now as he is retired general and he is not related to the SCAF or an advisor to the generals as portrayed in the media insisting on the full respect of SCAF to the protesters !! “Hard to believe that respect”
    After Hitler's Holocaust General Katu defended the attack on the blue bra girl disgustingly claiming that she deserved it because she insulted the soldiers !!! 
    I am not surprised as he is a friend of Mubarak and Shafik !! Thank Goodness that this man is no longer in service.
    By the way speaking also of potential presidential candidates , two potential presidential candidates were on the verge of losing their sons during the clashes : Ayman Nour and Abdel Moneim Abu El Fatouh.
    Dear activist Nour Ayman Nour is a brave young man who defended a girl protester from the brutal attack of the army soldiers during the clashes at the cabinet before being arrested and badly beaten. Of course the army officers released him later. 

    Despite being away from the media , we know for the first time that the son of potential presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abu El Fatouh , Hudhayfah was injured during the clashes. Abu El Fatouh refused to speak about the matter or even to open it publicly as he does not want to say that he is using this for campaigning.

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    Ok here are the second stage of the parliamentary elections’ results for the individual seats :
    • 40 seats for Freedom and Justice party “Muslim brotherhood”
    • 13 seats for Nour party “ The Salafists”
    • 1 seat for reform and development party “Mohamed Anwar El Sadat JR”
    • 4 seats for the independent candidates “Including Amr El Shobaki”
    • 2 seats for the former NDP members “Mainly in Upper Egypt”
    Now in this round the Islamists “Muslim brotherhood and Salafists as well” got about 88% of the seats in this round.
    I do not know exactly the results of the lists but without doubt the Freedom and Justices will be in the lead.

    Updated : Ok I found that graph from Al Wasat party showing the results of the lists in second stages.
    1. Freedom and Justice list comes in the first place.
    2. The Nour list comes in the second place.
    3. The Wafd party list comes in the third place
    4. The Egyptian bloc list comes in the fourth place
    5. The Wasat party list comes in the fifth place.
    6. The reform and development party list comes in the sixth place
    7. The Misr Nationalist party list comes in the seventh place.
    8. The Revolution continues list come in the eighth place.
    Of course no one is paying attention to the results of the elections despite this upcoming parliament is from the good future scenario for peaceful transition . “opposing for the bad scenarios
    Many political forces are calling SCAF to hand over the power to the speaker of the parliament after its first session on January 23th 2012. 

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  • 12/24/11--12:06: Merry Christmas From Egypt
  • Ok this is the first Merry Christmas from Egyptian Chronicles to all those Christians celebrating it in the world
    Merry Christmas to all my friends celebrating it today in Egypt.
    The Holy family in Egypt
    The Catholics in Egypt decided to not have big celebrations like every year as a respect to our martyrs.
    Insh Allah next year we celebrate it all.

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    This is the good news of the day indeed.

    Our dear blogger and activist Alaa Abdel Fatah Seif has been released pending investigation by the judge on Sunday.

    I hope the people leave Alaa for couple of weeks to enjoy some time with his born son Khaled and his wife Manal before heading to Tahrir square.

    Thank God 10000000000 times and hopefully the rest of innocent detainees will be released.

    Alaa Abdel Fatah Seif was accused in the Maspero clashes which are being investigated now by civilian judge after month in front of Military judiciary followed by state security court then a civilian judge.

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  • 12/25/11--12:16: From a Year ago
  • On December 25th,2010 I began to blog about that thing taking place in Tunisia and on December 25th ,2011 I am watching an interview with the new president of Tunisia on Egyptian TV channel.

    On December 25th, 2010 I wrote “ Sidi Bou Zid revolt : It is a bias world my dear

    I was criticizing how the media , the international and regional media completely ignored this revolt taking place growing in to uprising growing in to a revolution. I can’t express my words on how I feel when I remember these day , when I began to read more about Tunisia and learn the names of its cities by heart like all those cities I knew in Libya , Yemen , Bahrain , Oman and Syria.

    Have I ever imagined it !? Well I used to call it uprising before it would turn in to revolution but I never imagined these protests in Sidi Bou Zid would turn the world upside down including my own personal world.

    Am I a little jealous from Tunisia ? Well yes a little but I know it will not be an easy ride for Egypt because We are highly complicated big country and nation. Some say that Napoleon once described Egypt as the heart of the old world in his speech at the Pyramids to his army , you can imagine us now having an open heart operation in Egypt.

    On December 17th a young man called Mohamed Bou Azizi torched himself after being slammed by a policewoman , it was the spark that changed the lives not only millions of Tunisians but also millions of Arabs. One thing for sure God created Mohamed Bou Azizi for this moment. May Allah bless your soul Bou Azizi and all the martyrs of Tunisian revolution.

    From a year ago I started blogging and following Tunisia without knowing that in a year I would be watching its new president who was once a dissident living in an exile for nearly 2 decades.

    From a year ago I started to record a history of a great revolution that would extend to other countries without knowing it !!

    Thank God for Tunisia.

    0 0

    In the mid of last week on Tuesday  amidst the terrible clashes between security forces and protesters I found people sending me a clip through twitter through out the day as well being shared all over the Facebook.
    Sameh Naguib : Bringing down the state clip
    This clip was a part of a lecture held by the Revolutionary Socialists from couple of weeks ago after the  clashes of Mohamed Mahmoud street , the speaker is Sameh Naguib and he says that the revolutionary socialists want to bring down the state and the army because this is corrupted state following the Pentagon , Israel and Saudi Arabia adopting greedy capitalistic systems. Naguib added that there will be more sacrifice and that the frustrated young students ,poor workers , women and Christians will join them in their quest.
    Of course uncle Hossam El Hamalawy and Kamel Khalil appear in the clip as well.
    In a country where its people that are extremely worried about the future and fear violence as well trying to understanding and to know who is that unnamed third party being accused by SCAF and authorities in all the clashes for months , to know who is trying to turn the people against the army regardless of the SCAF policies the Revolutionary socialists were the golden suspect if they were not the accused and guilty of that in the eyes of some many people because of this small clip !!
    It is worth to mention there was something in the air when it comes to the Revolutionary socialists as well as the anarchists , Salafists TV shows and clerics began to speak about them days before that clip made its way to the public in a silly way with accusations to the Revolutionary socialists of being funded by the CIA !!!!!!
    I do not know how the commies will be funded by CIA !!
    I totally understand the panic of the people after watching that video that seemed to be the Christmas gift to SCAF to prove that there is a third party involved in the clashes. Seriously it was a golden gift without doubt.
    Of course the Revolutionary Socialists could not stand till they find a true witch hunt against them , they held press conferences , issued press statements and spoke to the media. They did not deny that they want to down the state and to down the army because they believe that this is unjust police and military state that is biased to the rich and taking orders from the States , Israel and the Gulf. They do no deny that they support protests and strikes , they did not deny it because this is what they believe in.
    People also looked to the matter as a trend after the media witch hunt following April 6th Youth movement we got the leftists.
    Anyhow there was interesting and alarming development yesterday we found a news in Ikwan Online , the official website of the MB a lawyer called Hassan Tag El Din “A MB member” , a man called Hassan Kabany from some movement called “ Journalists for reform” and Aya Allah Hosny , a media research have filed today a report to the public prosecutor against 3 members of the revolutionary socialists of inciting violence to down state and burning down state properties. The dangerous thing is that the public prosecutor referred to the high state security prosecution by for the dangerous claims in the report
    These three are Sameh Naguib , Yasser Abdelkawy and Hisham Yosry , interesting enough Sameh Naguib is the only real and true Revolutionary socialist among the three while Abdelkawy is an anarchist and Hisham Yosri is an independent activist or rather protest who is not a member of any party or group.
    Naguib does not deny of course what he had said in the video as I hinted above while Yosri had a different story. It turns out on the bloody Friday night he tweeted that he and the protesters were going to set the parliament on fire so those are dying on seats there would not get it in reference to MBs because of letting down the protesters. Yosri says that he did not mean thing for real about. 

    Yosri changed his twitter bio from “street wars expert” to blank and changed his avatar to a new one , he also deleted the the violent tweets. I hope that he will not get more trouble.
    Abdelkawy’s tweets are radical and violent and nobody can’t deny this , his tweets are being used in the Pro-SCAF and Anti-Revolution FB pages and websites as an evidence on how the revolutionaries and the anarchists call for bringing down the state and the army to the end of that talk.Not only Abdelkawy’s tweets but other anarchists as well to be fair as we have seen in the past few days in the Facebook pages.
    These tweets are not only being used by those against the revolution but as they scare normal people , the non-politicalized people who open twitter with no background about anarchism to find extremely angry ad violent tweets wrote in intense times attacking peaceful revolution , it scares them because they are in the end they are humans with no ideologies who are so concerned and worried from violent clashes.
    Now back to what happened yesterday , well you can imagine how the activists were angry from the MB, it was another reason to hate the brotherhood which is currently accused of abandoning the revolution for the sake of the parliament and having deals with SCAF. Many people among the activists hate the brotherhood now , no one can deny it.
    Despite the official twitter accounts of the MB in Arabic and English made it clear that Tag El Din was acting individually and that his action is not related from near or far to the brotherhood.
    The Rev Socialists did not stand still in front of that stab by the Muslim brotherhood but they reminded them on how they stood with them during the black years of Mubarak era , when the same Sameh Naguib stood and praised Khairat El Shater.
    Sameh Naguib praises El Shatar
    Today after huge criticism Hassan Tag El Din has withdrew the reported he filed at the prosecution office.
    I hate this part but I told and warned our tweeps that any tweet calling for violence will be used against us from several months ago and this is what is happening , there were signs for this starting with Israa Abdel Fatah’s tweet but no one paid attention to this open world because of the blind anger as well arrogance.
    I know some of the revolutionary socialists and they are dear friends despite our different views , they love Egypt in their own way like everyone of us. You must know that any political power in Egypt has its own for the state principle and must leave with that.
    Just any political power in Egypt from Kefaya to April 6 Youth to the Muslim brotherhood , they are members of our revolution and active members as well. No one can ignore how they stood with everybody before the revolution especially when it comes to labor’s rights.
    Agree or disagree with their point of views but we need them in our Egypt just like we need any other political movement in Egypt.
    Divide conquer is working a charm as far as I could in Egypt as we are seemed to be divided like in no other way.

    0 0

    • I do not want any Egyptian to be killed or injured by the hand of another Egyptian or any Egyptian to be abused or tortured or bullied by another Egyptian
    • People would have a real vision , mission, strategy and tactics for the new Egypt and her future.
    • Unity
    • Justice for everybody not only for the martyrs and the injured but for everybody in this country.
    • The transitional period to become a true transitional period and not vindictive period.
    • A true independent judiciary
    • A new constitution that suits a country like Egypt and preserves my rights as Egyptian representing all Egyptians.
    • A new elected interim president for this transitional period who understand its challenges .
    • A new parliament whose members do not care for the position or for their party as much as they do care to pass this transition period successfully.
    • A new government whose ministers care for the people for true and make to real achievements and positive change in the lives of the Egyptians.
    • An army and intelligence that do not interfere in politics that protects our true national security , an army that produces arms and defense systems in its military production factories once again.
    • A police that makes me feel safe and confident that my rights will be not lost.
    • True TV channels that represent the people do not represent the interests of the owners or the ratings of the TV shows.
    • A true understanding among people.
    • Our youth to think with their minds and not with their emotions and heart.
    • People began to think outside the boundaries of Tahrir square , Cairo and Alexandria
    • The attack on our agricultural land to be stopped.
    • To restore our money and assets outside and inside Egypt

    And I think these wishes are enough , more than enough. The road in front of us is too long and too hard more than you think

    0 0

    First of all we all know that some bad , some illegal gases were used against the peaceful protesters at Mohamed Mahmoud street without doubt based on the testimonies of protesters and doctors in those 48 hours then and based on that videos showing the side effects of these gases.
    Today Tahrir newspaper published a report spread online as report issued by the European commission to prove that the army committed war crimes against the protesters in Egypt , that report appeared at first in news website and you can imagine the buzz it caused. The report in Mujaz was first published by journalist Mohamed Abdel Khalek in Rosa Al Youssef Daily newspaper. It was also published in Al Fagr newspaper website
    First thing we can’t find any reference for this report internationally or in the European commission website. I tried to find it in English but failed so far.
    Most of reports speak and spoke that the security forces used CR gas then yet that report boldly claims that the White phosphorus , of course what supported this claim is the two horrible bodies filmed at the morgue then where nobody can find a good explanation on why they looked like that. “In fact we did not hear that they were reclaimed or the families of these two deceased May Allah bless their souls or who were they at all !!? Where did they go !? We need to know what happened to them ”
    That alleged EU commission report was prepared by about 100 professor and expert from Egypt and abroad and many of them allegedly are teaching in international universities , this number is enough to create buzz but no one came to the media and spoke about the use of chemical weapons in Mohamed Mahmoud street battles except Dr. Ahmed Moatez for few times and then he disappeared . If anyone knows Dr. Ahmed Moatez personally , please tell him to come forward again and tell us more about that report.
    I tried to search for these names hoping to find an English version of the report with more details , the first name is Dr. Richard Pierre Romany , Professor of Chemical Warfare in University of Cambridge and what I found is that Dr. Richard Pierre Claud has passed away in last April 2011 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When I searched more deep I found that in November 30th,2011 the Nadeem center published a statement accusing the security forces whether police or army of using poisonous chemical gases against the protesters as well the United States and Israel of supplying the security forces the security forces with CR gas , CS gas and VX gas. Nadeem center demanded an international investigation in what it considered a genocide against the Egyptian people.
    It is worth to mention that it turned the security forces in those clashes used very old tear gases from two decades ago as well !!
    When I cross-checked the statement of Nadeem to that alleged EU commission report, I feel that the alleged EU commission report copied the Nadeem’s statement except parts about the white phosphorus alleged tear gas deals between Egyptian army and American companies. I also found the first five names in that report in Nadeem’s statement as the experts who examined these gases in November 2011 in that alleged EU commissions.
    I feel that this is just complied report from Nadeem statement’s findings and other information spread online about the tear gases deal between Egypt and the States then whoever made it decided to stick the name of EU commission on not to put some sort of creditability without knowing it is jeopardizing the rights of the protesters with this move !!
    We are in a very critical time and we do not need anyone to suspect our integrity and creditability because we need people to believe us in this dirty game of media.
    Either we will be careful in every word we publish enforced with evidence so nobody would accuse of being liars or we wait hard till get a real evidence or just say the trust as it is even if it is not what we want.
    We have to be careful because currently there is a psychological warfare based on spreading rumors and lies in order to spread both fear and to increase that fire of anger between all Egyptians.
    Whatever was used in Mohamed Mahmoud street , I believe whoever used it against the peaceful protesters is going to pay the price sooner or later.
    P.S : It is the first time to know that there were strange gases used n Ismailia clashes , I remember that I followed the protests there and what was reportedly used there was live ammunition.

    0 0

    Today the administrative court has suspended the practice of the virginity tests officially in Egypt.
    This verdict was the first fruit of the lawsuits filed by human rights organizations on behalf Samira Ibrahim. The rest of the fruits is the investigation with that doctor conscript that did that virginity next Sunday. The administrative court will also see if Samira should be compensated or not.
    According to the administrative court : The virginity tests are violation to the sacred women’s body as well a clear violation to the constitutional declaration.
    Ibrahim underwent the virginity tests after her rest in the clashes of March 9th sit in dispersion along with other girls “about 7 girls” , only Samira had the courage to sue SCAF and the army.
    Ramy Essam with Samira Ibrahim "by Mostafa Nagah
    Of course the head military judiciary had to fire back reminding us that the verdict is invalid because there is no virginity tests in the military laws.Ironically when I remember it SCAF members did not deny it that there were virginity tests at least this is what Ismail Etman told Shahira Amin about as well what the generals told HRW executive director months ago promising not to have it again !! Not to mention the military judiciary has stated that they are currently investigating with the military personnel implicated in these shameful practice.
    ِAnyhow if the military judiciary claims that it is not a legal practice , then these personnel have broken more rules and laws !!
    The importance of this court rule is not only another victory against SCAF like how the revolutionaries look to it more than I think it is a victory for this Upper Egyptian girl who stood not only against a whole military institution but as well the society that is critical when it comes to sexual abuse. Ladies and people should not be silent anymore.
    Samira’s Upper Egyptian family is a great example on how supportive they were , already without doubt I don’t think with their support she could have gone so far in her quest to restore her honor and dignity.
    Now despite we are happy with Samira’s verdict I must raise this case or fast trial that ended by sentencing a citizen “Gaber Sayid Gaber” one year in jail for distributing anti-SCAF flyers at Abassaiya sqaure last Friday !!! Of course we need to know more information about this first degree sentence which be suspended as far as I know.
    Also regarding Maspero clashes , well it turned out that 3 army personnel are being accused of manslaughter in the case are going to stand trial on January 8th 2012, mainly for running over the protesters !!

    0 0
  • 12/27/11--11:37: Masrena : Our Egypt
  • Here is a sincere attempt to move forward and together , Maserna movement or our Egypt is launched to unite Egyptians with their different background.

    Among the members of Maserna : Wael Ghonim , Wael Khalil,Mohamed Diab, Ziad Aly, Khaled Mansour ,  Moatez Abdel Fatah and Bara’a Ashraf.

    I hope that people especially youth join this movement and I pray they fulfill the mission of Maserna.

    0 0

    And so after two months we are back with a new episode of the long Mubarak and co. trial. Despite some Egyptians have lost hope in this trial and consider it as charade and other Egyptians are just unconcerned with it because they got their own lives , I am from that team of Egyptians who follow it because they are finding it important from historically perspective despite my logic doubts that we may reach to a real just verdict in this case.
    I also find it amusing thanks to the unusual theatrical performance of Mubarak’s supporters ,the defendants’ lawyers ,some of the plaintiffs and of course Mubarak , his sons and Habib El Adly.
    Starting with Mubarak and his iconic appearance !!
    Mubarak , the sick old man !!
    Sadly enough Mubarak and the rest of the defendants do not  wear handcuffs unlike the wounded defendants arrested at the last clashes in Tahrir square.
    In nutshell the judge has adjourned the killing of the protesters  case to January 2nd,2012 insh Allah. The defendants’ lawyers now got a new strategy : The third party !! The defendants’ lawyers used the clashes of Mohamed Mahmoud clashes and the latest Tahrir clashes between protesters and security forces to prove that there is a third unknown foreign party involved.
    Of course one of the defendants lawyers accused none other than Israel of killing the protesters in order to topple its strategic treasure and friend !!!!
    Anyhow bringing up the the recent clashes of Mohamed Mahmoud and Tahrir square is just another provocation to the revolutionary powers in Egypt without doubt.
    One of the plaintiff wanted to show the court the plan of dividing and invading Egypt.
    Outside the court there was the usual act of Mubarak’s supporters , Sheikha Magda was there of course as she became a celeb.
    Sheikha Magda warns us of a bloody year if Mubarak will not be released !!
    The spiritual advisor of some anonymous foreign president claims to have a vision from 7 years ago about what happened in Egypt warning us if Mubarak is not released and returns back as a president , we will have an earthquake and a foreign country will invade us !! The true end of the world for Egypt in 2012 as it seems !!
    She also said that Obama knows that the truth of the Egyptian revolution now and that that the Americans announced it in the news bulletin at 9 PM there in the States !! 
    Also we got this little girl that will make us shiver !!
    Mubarak’s youngest child !!
    And here is the video of Alaa Mubarak’s TMZ’ moment . He really looks different than last time  , more angrier.
    Cairo : Alaa and Gamal Mubarak leaving trial
    Habib El Adly with no handcuffs
    Angry Alaa Mubarak

    As a reminder :
    Mubarak , Habib El Adly and other 4 police generals including notorious Hassan Abdel Rahman and Hassan El Shaer are being prosecuted for the killing of the protesters.
    Mubarak , his sons , runaway Hussein Salem are being prosecuted for corruption charges related to gas exportation and bribes.

    0 0

    Today 6 human rights organizations and NGOs have been raided by public prosecutors guarded by police and military police in what officially considered another episode of the the NGO’s foreign funding cases.
    The 6 human rights organizations are : The Arab Center for Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession (ACIJLP) , National Democratic Institute “NDI” , Republican Institute “IRI” , Freedom house and Budgetary and human rights observatory .
    The public prosecutor officers took documents and computers from these offices. There is one detained researcher from the Budgetary and human rights observatory in the raid and according to lawyers he may be released tonight insh Allah hopefully.
    By Dear Sarah Carr from the NDI

    Official MENA reports that 17 headquarters of NGOs were raided today , I believe that they meant offices followings these NGOs and not 17 NGO because so far 6 human rights.
    Now for the record for weeks the National Democratic institute “NDI” and Republic Institute have been mentioned in the reports of unofficial foreign funding from the United States , among other NGOs.  “Freedom House” and foreign funded NGOs have got the worst reputation due to the long time accusations of being a front of CIA to the rest of this talk since the days of Mubarak.
    Wael Al Abrashi discussed in his popular TV show on Dream TV2 this file tonight and brought an ex-NGO employee who allegedly worked at the IRI accusing the NGO of having some hidden agenda . I have not seen the complete episode for the record. The clip below from some anti-Tahrir group is from the show.
    Wael Al Abrashi : IRI got a hidden agenda
    Just a quick look in the comments at the news websites you will know how much the human rights organizations are looked to in the country thanks to the media. It is worth to mention that many of the conservative Islamist powers in the country do not like the NGOs and human rights organizations as well because they consider them western funded NGOs working on destroying the society for supporting women’s issues and minorities issues. 
    Strangely I know NGOs like Nadeem and Hisham Mubarak center that stood with Islamists like no other in the country.  The NGOs need to have counter campaign.
    The 6 human rights organizations were waxed including the ACIJLP.Now the head of the ACIJLP is lawyer Nasser Amin who is a member in the National council of human rights as well a registered lawyer in the ICC. Some activists that his human rights organization was targeted because he had an initiative called “Transitional Justice” which calls for prosecuting SCAF for all the violations and crimes that took place since February 11,2011.
    Nasser Amin at his waxed NGO !!
    Some activists think there is a connection between Amin as a member to the ICC and that lawsuit some activists like Khaled Abu El Naga and Bothiana Kamel are trying to push against SCAF leaders there.
    Of course I must hint any talk about the word “ICC” will provoke the majority of the Egyptian people that refuse any foreign interference especially when it comes to the army , the scenarios of Iraq and Sudan are in their minds and it will prove the claims of the former Mubarak’s regime they hear in the media.I will not deny what I see , I know how Egyptian people do truly think outside the twitter bubble and Tahrir borders.
    Some say this crackdown is the ultimate revenge against the NGOs after the victory of Samira Ibrahim and human rights organizations. I think we will know if this is the ultimate revenge or not when the prosecution office and judiciary say its word because up till now we are speaking about investigation and interrogations. 
    The national council for human rights has condemned the raid and expressed its concern in the first official reaction.
    The United States embassy officially expressed its concern for what it considered a harassment to the NGOs demanding it to be stopped.
    Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei was the first to comment about the raid in his official twitter account.
    7 NGOs and human rights organizations had a press conference tonight at the Egyptian organization for human rights where they issued a statement condemning the attack on the NGOs.
    I believe that since day this topic of foreign funding was brought up in the media , all the human rights organizations and NGOs should have published its funding sources and financial reports in order to shut the door forever when it comes to this matter.
    The revolution was not and is not made by NGOs or human rights organizations as some may believe thanks to these tales about Freedom house , the revolution is much more complicated.
    Also I do not think that these days are worse than Mubarak’s days who did not dare to come close to the NGOs , be fair for God sake !! I know that we tend forget so quickly !!
    By the way famous human rights activist lawyer Gamal Eid said today that he found out the communicaiton blockage case was transferred to the military judiciary because some military personnel was involved in it. Of course all people thought of Tantawy despite if you remember SCAF and Tantawy denied to have anything about it when Mubarak’s defense brought up the matter. 
    Anyhow this is not the most interesting or shocking thing Eid tweeted today because he revealed out the ANHRI was working on even more dangerous case that he did not reveal more details about it.
    Israel took over some Egyptian ship and captured 14 Egyptians on the board of that ship and SCAF is keeping the matter !!
    Some of the Tahrir activists believe it is a start of a witch hunt against all activists before next January 25th.
    The crack in general is not good because knowing the role of the NGOs and human rights organizations played in the past and the challenge facing us in the future makes me extremely worried to huge extent but I have faith in God.

    0 0

    These lists or rather names have no order. All these names in this list already found their lives turning upside and down  in this year 2011. Needless the owner of this blogger herself found that her life has changed upside down in amazing way this way. The Egyptian woman in 2011 just like in 1919 stood and defended the freedom in her country like no other , the Egyptian woman is usual stunning for me just like Egypt.
    Protesters at Al Tahrir million man protest "1"

    Historical Mentions :

    The blue bra girl whom I will not share her photo despite it has been engraved in the memories of many as one of the worst moments in our revolution respecting her wish. Strangely when I remember this is not the first time something like to happen when security conscript whether from army or police strips a lady from her clothes in the street in a crackdown. It happened before in the 1990s during the terrorism years , when the security forces used to strip the mothers , wives and daughters of terrorist suspects from their clothes whether in the heart of Upper Egypt or the heart of Imbaba.
    Sometimes I wonder if one of those who stripped our dear girl saw that scene happening in front of him in those bloody years where everybody kept his eyes and ears shut one of the worst violations of human rights since the 1960s during that war of terrorism. Of course what is worst in our blue bra incident it did happen in this way.
    The best thing in our blue bra incident that it brought back women to the political scene thanks to the amazing marches throughout Cairo. I do not need to tell you that this sorrowful incident whom many wished not to see in his or her life time brought many Egyptians back to Tahrir square.Honestly speaking I did not want people to return back to Tahrir square because of such horrible scene
    We are paying the price of the old generations’ silence for decades , we are paying heavily from our blood , dignity and peace of mind , it is a fact we all know
    The Pro-Revolution supporters call the girl now “The girls’ lady” in a sign of respect as “Set El Banat” in Arabic. Some old male activists are still thinking in their old manly way and proposed to marry her in disgusting and silly way.

    Positive mentions :

      By Lilian Wagdy
    • The women doctors in the field hospitals of Tahrir square including those who lost their lives and those who were injured bravely.
    • Mona Seif , the strong fighter against the military trials in Egypt.Insh Allah Amr El-Bahairy and all other military trial detainees will see justice and be free in 2012 and Mona will return back to her lab. “As well the rest of the ladies participating in the No for military trial”
    • Samira Ibrahim for standing up demanding her right against not only the military but also the society. “As well the rest of the girls that spoke up against the virginity gate”
    • Bothaina Kamel , the potential presidential candidate whom I believe her true place should be in the parliament defending the rights of the public. This year was very special I think from activism to presidential activism to divorce and new marriage during the revolution.

    Negative mentions :

    • Suzanne Mubarak , the fall of the real iron lady in Egypt.
    • Abla Ezz for campaigning at the beginning of the revolution for her husband abroad and in Egypt and being Felol and proud “It is kind of impressive actually as he is married another two women !!”
    • Tahani El Gebali for supporting the military state for so-called fear of Islamist take over and for trying to convince Samira Ibrahim to withdraw the lawsuit. El Gabali whom many cheered for after being appointed by the Mubarak regime as the first judge in Egypt was supporting the delaying in handover the power to civilian for fear of Islamist takeover. According to source El Gebali behind the infamous articles giving the army a lot of powers in that supra-constitutional powers.
    • Lamis Gaber for turning 180 degrees against liberal and democratic values of the Royalty era to become of the same old Pro-military advocates of the Nasser era she used to attack in her writing about the Egyptian royal family. Since day one Gaber has been infamously attacking the revolution and praising Mubarak in the media. Her biggest moment of shame was when she wrote a disgusting op-ed at Wafd newspaper with the worst headline ever “Down with the human rights” where she attacked the blue bra girl and accused her of striping deliberately to defame the soldiers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“In the same category we got Hanan Hawsak , Amira Abu El Fatouh and Azza Heikal as well”
    • Rasha Magdy for her simply forgetting her role as a journalist and being a speaker of the regime whether Mubarak or the SCAF , for inciting sectarian hate.
    • Aliaa El Mahdy for her misunderstanding for freedom concept in a wrong way as well putting the liberals in Egypt in a bad position.

    Special mention and respect

    To the martyrs’ mothers , wives , sisters and daughters who lost their beloved ones this year for the sake of the country.
    Protesters at Al Tahrir million man protestDown with Mubarak Egyptian girls against Mubarak This is our country No More humiliation
    Now who do you think I missed in this list ? I know I missed some great ladies.
    Insh Allah tomorrow will be better Smile
    Proud as usual of being an Egyptian lady from a nation that is tired from making history since 7000 years B.C.

    0 0

    This clip is amazing , it is from that promotional material produced in Egypt for tourism in 1960s.

    Cairo and Alexandria in 1960s

    It is a glimpse from our past in Cairo and Alexandria, please enjoy it with the amazing sound of Dalida.

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