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    Ahmed Gizawy
    Ahmed Gizawy , a human rights activist and a lawyer who was defending the rights of Egyptians imprisoned in Saudi Arabia and last year he criticized or rather attacked the king Abdullah of Saudi Arabia in a TV show. From couple of days ago while arriving to Saudi Arabia with his wife heading to the holy land to do “Omara” , Gizawy was arrested and found himself being sentenced for a year in jail and 20 lashes in absentia for royal insult.
    A man in his way to visit the House of God for insulting a human !!! Something that did not happen before even in time of the infidels and Prophet Mohamed “PBUH”.
    Gizawy's case comes at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the case of Egyptians imprisoned in Saudi Arabia for non-criminal reasons. The official spokesperson of MOFA stated the ministry has inquired about the case of Gizawy , of course inquiry is not needed when he is going to be lashed next Friday !!
    The Saudi regime is not popular among the revolutionary class in Egypt as it is regarded to be from the forces against the revolution so you can imagine how this case has added to that feeling already.
    MP Mostafa Al Naggar of El Adl party was the first MP to announce that will present a request to the people’s assembly to discuss the case of Gizawy.
    Al Naggar was followed by the liberal Free Egyptian party bloc.
    Potential presidential candidate and MP Abu El Ezz El Hariri also presented a request to the people assembly. Speaking about potential presidential candidates , Hamdeen Sabahi raised the matter demanding the MOFA to act right away and protest Gizawy as the dignity of the Egyptian is above all.
    Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh commented and said that it is the case of a whole nation and the dignity of the Egyptians is the responsibility of the  parliament , MOFA and SCAF.
    Tomorrow there will be a protest in front of the Saudi Embassy at 12 PM CLT in Giza, the protest will not include protesters and activists from different powers only but it will include political powers as well like Al Wasat Party , the only Islamist party officially to declare its participation according to my knowledge.
    Not so surprisingly at least for me the Salafist Parties specifically Al Nour Party did not react as Al Wasat party or Free Egyptian Party letting the matter for the Egyptian authorities !!
    It is worth to mention that the Salafist parties also ignored the case of other Egyptians imprisoned in Saudi Arabia including conservative and Salafist Egyptians.
    Ironically Gizawy’s arrest can shed some light about the Egyptian prisoners in KSA , Gizawy used to work on this file already !!
    Now I am so disturbed from the violent and racist comments Egyptian tweeps vented online today against the Saudi people not only against the Saudi regime and the Saudi king despite the Saudis on twitter were supporting the cause of Gizawy and totally against his arrest. I feel that we are having this battle of Algiers vibe again with our anger. Already those tweeps do not even think about the safety of this young man who will be lashed 20 times nor the safety of the Egyptian community that already got its problems in Kingdom.
    Some stupid tweeps even warned Saudis from coming to Egypt and already left much stupider warning to the Saudi Ambassador !! Of course radicalism is the trend now in Egypt.
    One thing is good in this case , is how the parliamentarians began to move quickly. Updated : The Saudi Ambassador called a TV show on Al Hayat and said that the Saudi King may pardon Gizawy.
    The official FB page of cabinet has issued a statement announcing that the MOFA follows the case of Gizawy yet it will not join in any hatred campaign against the kingdom. Ayman Nour has announced that he will meet the Saudi Ambassador tomorrow in order to discuss the case of Gizawy and see if he can travel and represent Gizawy as his attorney in front of Saudi courts. Now it is not only the case of Gizawy that we should follow and work on , I think we should work on the case of other Egyptians allegedly arrested and detained for years in the Kingdom for no reason like for instance the case of Abdullah Mamdouh. Mamdouh was detained from four years ago for no reason according to his wife Israa Kamal who is campaigning online and offline for him.

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    Today Giza street witnessed a medium size protest that included hundreds who came to object the detention of Ahmed El Gizawy in Saudi Arabia as well the detention of other Egyptians in the Kingdom.
    The Protest today "Getty" 
    Today’s protest included members of April 6th Youth movement , anarchists and Revolutionary socialists as well some Salafists. Well of course today our protesters did not only protest peacefully at the Saudi embassy but they have left their remark with insulting graffiti all over the walls of the embassy targeting the Saudi king and Royal Family. I do not like how they draw the Star of David on the walls of the embassy.
    The graffiti on the Saudi embassy's wall "Getty" 
    By the way this is the 46th protest in front of the Saudi embassy related to the case of Egyptian detainees who have not stood till this moment in front of a court.
    At the same time the protesters chanted against KSA and its King , a number of MPs and politicians including MP Mostafa Al Naggar , MP Amr El Shobky and former presidential candidate Ayman Nour met with the Saudi Ambassador Ahmed El Katan.
    Of course it is worth to mention that Amr Moussa spoke with Saudi FM Soud ElFaisal regarding the case. Potential presidential candidate El Awa said that he was ready to defend El Gizawy as long as it is not a criminal charge !!!
    Saudi Embassy's statement
    Anyhow this afternoon the Saudi Embassy in Cairo issued a statement that was confirmed by the Egyptian embassy in Jeddah and according to it Gizawy is arrested for smuggling 21,380 Xanax pills to the Kingdom denying all what was claimed about his arrest for royal insult !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    21,380 pills !?
    Ahmed Gizawy is a human rights lawyer and his wife , also a lawyer who was arrested with her baby girl during the Israeli embassy’s clashes and I remember the big campaign launched for her immediate release !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now there are certain questions in mind after this statement :
    • Where is Mrs. Gizawy from all this ? I understand that she was not detained.
    • Why did not the Saudi authorities announce the arrest of Gizawy for drug trafficking from a week ago ?
    • How could Gizawy smuggle all those pills with him ?
    • Why did the Saudi ambassador wait all that time and gave leaks yesterday that the King will pardon Gizawy ?
    • How did he go unnoticed in Cairo airport if he was carrying all those pills with him ?
    • Why did the Egyptian consul called Mrs. Gizawy tomorrow and told her that he will be released shortly !?
    • Why was Mr. Gizawy arrested before his bags were searched according to his wife who tonight with Amr Adeeb on Al Youm channel ?
    Young Egyptians on social networks do not buy the Saudi statement as it reminded them with case of Khaled Said and how the ministry of interior in Egypt fabricated the drug story for him
    Ambassador Ahmed Abdel Aziz Kattan surely is the second unluckiest Saudi ambassador to serve in Egypt after the Saudi Ambassador during the Nasserite era , since his appointment in Cairo and the man is facing hell from Post Revolution Egypt. I think the Saudi regime should understand that things have changed for real in Egypt.
    According to the new charge Gizawy is facing now , we are speaking about a penalty that can reach to death according to Saudi Arabia’s entry card !!

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    Dear Mona El Tahawy has caused an uproar online yesterday with her long essay in Foreign policy’s special Sex issue with the title “Why they hate us !?”

    In 24 hours there have been strong reactions mainly from Arabs and Muslims who refused this orientalist view to women and men in the Arab and Muslim world.

    Now to my short comments as I think the people above have covered all what the points I want to say and have said in details , they even did it better than me.

    I am fed up as Egyptian Arab Muslim African woman of that stereotype Westerners and orientalists put me in that I am being oppressed and needed to be saved as soon as possible by the Western values , you know the White man complex !! I am fed up of that stereotype at the time the Egyptian and Arab women like Samira Ibrahim , Zeinab El Khawja , Tawakel Karman, Bothiana Kamel , Noha El Zeiny made history for real in 2011 and 2012 !!?

    The women who wear Niqab in Bahrain and Yemen made the dream of freedom possible , these are the same women insulted in the disgusting photos of FP.

    If we are going to speak from feminist view in the same way El Tahway did in her essay  , well not only the Men of Muslim world and Middle East hate the women ; the men of the world hate the women considering the abuse women witness not only in MENA but in Europe , Asia and the two Americas !! Shall I speak about how the Neocons look to the women ? Shall I speak about underage prostitution trade in Europe ? I do not need it to.

    I am seriously fed up with that look to Muslim and Arab ladies !!

    This is my comment , I can’t go in a full debate about views now based on radical feminism mingled with Islamophobia now as I got other things to follow including real ladies fighting for their rights and their families’ rights.

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    Today we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the withdrawal of Israeli occupation from Sinai , just days after the decision of EGAS to cut off the gas supply to EMG and thus to Israel. Some say that this was the unique celebration for the day.
    It is unique anniversary despite it was some how quiet today and I am not speaking about quiet streets of Cairo but rather in Sinai still the Youth of North Sinai movement had a stand across in front of the North Sinai Governorate where tens of locals carried banners against the marginalization of Sinai and the neglect of the government to the peninsula.
    Youth of North Sinai movement
    Youth of North Sinai movement

    Mourning Sinai : 31 years A government that
    do not care "Sinai Youth Movement"
    Who wants to liberate it , should re-build it
    "Sinai Youth Movement" 
    Another group of Youth tried to march to The Dayan Memorial Stone in Sheikh Zowaid in order to paint with the Egyptian flag colors but the army and security forces blocked the way still in order to absorb the people's anger the officers put the Egyptian flag on the ugly rock. I hate it because this memorial not only is a reminder with the occupation years but also because it was set up over a cemetery of Egyptian POWs according to the locals who were killed by the IDF.
    I do not like how they named the stand “Mourning Sinai : Why are you celebrating ?!” , it is too harsh.
    As we are approaching to the presidential elections thus it is not a surprise then to find that the presidential candidates heading to Sinai. Mohamed Morsi, the MB potential presidential candidate has visited today the city of Al Arish in  North Sinai where he had a meeting with the people there as the tribes. Tomorrow he will head to Sharm El Sheikh in South Sinai to meet with tourism developers in the area in order to calm them from the MB’s rule once again then he will meet with the tribes later.
    Mohamed Morsi speaking in Al Arish "FJP" 
    Potential presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahi also visited North Sinai today.
    Hamdeen Sabhi in Al Arish "Sabahi's campaign"
    The tribal vote is a golden catch in the area. Of course the first one to know the importance of the tribal vote in Sinai was Amr Moussa who visited the peninsula several times in 2011 and in 2012. Moussa was the first to remember the anniversary on his official twitter account.

    Celebrating Sinai will be achieved by urban development and the return of Sinai's children to the heart of the national
    Nevertheless his strong rival Abu El Fotoh called personally a young journalist from Sinai today in the anniversary .   

    We got a telephone call from Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh who congratulated us with the Sinai liberation day stressing the role of Sinai and its people in protecting the Egyptian Eastern borders.
    It is worth to mention that almost all the presidential candidates got the same agenda when it comes to the urban development of Sinai , it is simply the same plans the government promised to implement all those decades. Now one of these men will be the president insh Allah and what we will see what he will do.
    Of course the twitter Egyptian top elites including some of the famous icons from human rights activists celebrated abroad have acted as if the anniversary of the six days war defeat as they consider that Sinai is not free with less sovereignty yet and we should not dare to celebrate or remember the anniversary of April 25th except when we cancel Camp David accords and restore Um El Rashrash. Of course that group of tweeps hate everything related to the army and former Egyptian regimes. Nevertheless in real world , they are considered small percentage from Egyptians.
    I believe the sovereignty is determined by the will of the people before the government. Yes we got a lot of issues in Sinai that needed to be resolved but we will not let this to be a barrier between celebrating how Sinai was returned back to Egypt after bitter years of occupation regardless what.
    By the way I love these tales of unknown heroes the Egyptian Navy FB page is sharing in Arabic with Egyptians , the Egyptian Navy FB page is from the unofficial pages following the army.

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    And the Presidential elections committee "PEC" has officially issued its final list of presidential candidates. They are not potential presidential candidates anymore as they are "Presidential candidates" now.

    The final presidential candidates running the first real multi-candidate presidential elections after the revolution in Egypt are :
    • Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh "Independent Islamist"
    • Abdullah El Ashal "Partisan"
    • Abu El Ezz El Hariri "Partisan Leftist"
    • Ahmed Shafik "Independent"
    • Amr Moussa "Independent"
    • Hamdeen Sabahi "Partisan Nassirte"
    • Hisham El Bastawisi "Partisan Leftist" 
    • Hossam Khairallah "Partisan"
    • Khaled Ali "Independent Leftist"
    • Mahmoud Hossam "Who is he ?"
    • Mohamed Morsi "Partisan Islamist"
    • Mohamed Salim El Awa "Independent Islamist"
    • Mohamed Abd El Fatah "Who is that guy !?" 

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    Now it has found its way to the Daily Mail , which is from the most read tabloids read online and you can imagine its impact on the Western mindset that already got that stupid stereotype about Muslims and Arabs already , I think I have to clarify things because it is getting out of control.  “It turned out it found its way to the huffingtonpost as well and Jezebl !!"
    From couple of days ago we found out that Amr Abdel Samaii , the writer in Al Ahram newspaper claiming that the Islamists in the parliament are going to draft called the Necrophilia law in a 18 words sentence for one time in his op-ed about women and media in the time of the new Islamist majority. .
    The necrophilia law allegedly allows the man to have one last sexual intercourse with his deceased wife in the first 6 hours after her death.  !! The Egyptian National TV former host who used to support Mubarak and his son did not mention the name of MP who proposed that law or any further details about it in his op-ed.
    Unfortunately Abdel Samaii’s column would have gone unnoticed if it was not read by Gabr Armouty , the famous TV host in his daily show about press on ONTV this week.
    ONTV : Necrophilia law


    Now after little research it turned out that this is rumor was started by Egypt’s Glenn Beck aka Tawfik Okasha who hates the Islamists just as he hates the revolution.
    Up till this moment the journalists in Egypt have failed to confirm the news or find any real source about this law in the parliament and I am speaking about journalists who have reached out to the food expenses of the parliament during the joint sessions in the constituent assembly jazz in details , who are making the life of the Islamists like hell to the level that the supreme guide of Muslim brotherhood Mohamed Badie called them “The black wizards”
    We are all following the people’s assembly so carefully in Egypt to the level that people closely watch every word of the MPs recorded on TV or mentioned in the press in a way that you would not imagine.
    Yes there were some attempts to pass laws concerning marriage and divorce and thank God the people are awake enough for these attempts.
    From Islamic point of view , there is no such thing in the Islamic Sharia according to those who studied the Sharia especially when it comes the deceased’s rights.I know that the widowed husband should not attend the final wash of his deceased wife. Already I do not know what sick person will do this , it is sick horrific thing. 
    This is a rumor so far , I really wish people to be careful on what they are spreading.

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    I know this is late to share the videos and photos of #April 20 protest but I can’t share at least for my effort , God knows how much I spent from time trying to edit that video and post as soon as possible. Again it is never too late.
    #April20 Protest in Tahrir square
    Here is a video clip showing what I have seen at the #April20 Protest held at Tahrir square last April 20th , 2012.
    I dedicate this clip to all those who claimed that the Islamists mostly from Hazem Abu Ismail supporters did not break the agreement of having united slogans and goals. I dedicate this clip to all those who said that some people including me were overreacting when it came to Islamist slogans and Islamist flags.
    Islamist black flags 
    Islamist black flags again 
    The flag of Hazem Abu Ismail over the Egyptian flag 
    The Islamist scholars poster were put by Islamists over the Syrian Tent 
    One of Hazem Supporter's supproters 
    Of course like in Every protest there are beautiful scenes.
    The revolution continues 
    The senator of Middle East for presidency 
    The constitution is our last hope 
    Praying time
    Water seller and her daughter 
    The square 
    At the Revolutionary stage 
    A lady wearing our Egyptian flag 
    Today for the third week in row there is another protest organized by the Muslim brotherhood in Tahrir square where Hazem Abu Ismail’s campaign , Al Dao’a Al Salafiya and Al Gama’a Islamiya are participating yet most Non Islamist political powers and parties announced that they are not going to participate in this Friday’s demo because they do not know its goals. Well I do not know its goals either and I am not covering it already.

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    Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei is back to action and this time he decided to participate in the political game officially by founding a political party which he hopes it would represent not only the Egyptian revolution but rather the Egyptian people in order to save the revolution
    The new Party is called “The constitution party” because “The constitution is what brings all Egyptians together” , of course its suits this phase in the revolution when there is a battle on the constitution right between The Muslim brotherhood and Non Islamist powers.
    Mohamed ElBaradei and Ragia Omran "AP"
    The Constitution party  includes prominent political figures and activists like for instance Dr. Alaa Al Aswany , Dr. Hossam Eissa , TV host Gamila Ismail , Dr. Osama El Ghazli Harb , Journalist Wael Kandeel “Official spokesperson and editor in chief of Al Shorouk Daily” , Human rights activist lawyer Ragia Omran , Revolution Youth coalition member Shady El Ghazli Harb and the famous Dr. Ahmed Harara.
    For sure ElBaradei and company chose an excellent timing for announcing the party especially when the public in Egypt are extremely angry with the current parties in the scene especially the Muslim brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party. People are looking for some hope and some of them think that there is hope in the newly founded Constitution party.
    I respect Dr.ElBaradei so much but I fear from that circles of faces surrounding from prominent figures and faces that we are fed up already from speaking all those months in the media. These figures do not know anything in its life except theorizing to the level that I can’t imagine that they will in any political sophisticated organizational activity like a party in a very critical moment of our history.
    Already I do not like that someone like Osama El Ghazli Harb to be among the founding members of that party , after he headed that team of politicians that called for prolonging SCAF rule in Egypt to avoid the Islamist rule.
    Another thing I fear is that this party will be based on ElBaradei’s popularity and not on its program.Despite Dr.ElBaradei wants to end this “Pharaoh idolizing” tradition in Egypt , unfortunately his supporters have turned him in to another Pharaoh figure.
    Dr. ElBaradei says that this party is moderate Liberal party which actually suits his Liberal social ideas but I want to see and read the Constitution Party’s true political and economic program as soon as possible because how I will join a party except after reading its program !?
    As a person I do not like how this party is said “ to be for all Egyptians” because there is no political party in any country in the world that is for all people , political parties got political , economic , social, ethnic , nationalist and religious ideologies that attract people. I do not buy that this party will make it when we have socialists , nationalists and liberals are under one roof except on the condition that those socialists and nationalists are actually liberals in closets . Dr. ElBaradei says that the main ideology of the party is simple for the people to understand , it is the motto of the January Revolution “bread, freedom and social justice”.
    This is more than great but I know without doubt that liberal El Ghazi Harb has got different understanding on how we can achieve this motto from Nationalist Hossam Eissa.
    When I raised this point on twitter , I found some people reminding me with Al Wafd Party experience in 1919 which is inspiring for me without doubt but I beg to differ with them because Al Wafd party represented Egyptians geographically yet after years its founding members defected and formed their own parties like Mohamed Pasha Mahmoud.
    There were lots of leaks that the constitution party may merge with other parties specifically El Adl party and Free Egyptian party yet it seems that this has not happened yet so I do not know if there are negotiations undergoing for real or these are hopeful rumors. Nevertheless there are a wave of resignations in El Adl party where these defectors will join ElBaradei party.
    ElBaradei says this party will be the majority party insh Allah after 4 years in Egypt , I hope so , I even hope that it will be the second old “Al Wafd party” but for this to happen we need a lot of real work since day with real people instead of talking to the media and on twitter , instead of theorizing as interacting with real people in real world paid very well with the Muslim brotherhood. The constitution party should based and settled in Tahrir square but it has to go to the people from Rashid to Halayeb starting from May 2012 if it really wants to become the “All Egyptians Party”

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    Tens of protesters have been injured in clashes with armed assailants at Abassiya area while they were having a sit in at the ministry of defense "MOD" area. The clashes started late night and continued till the early hours of the morning. The armed assailants from hired thugs and angry Abassiya locals used handmade cement bombs, Molotov cocktails, rocks ,live ammunition and birdshots against the peaceful protesters , mostly from the Islamist Salafist powers who were objecting the exclusion of Hazem Abu Ismail from presidential elections.
    Blood on the vest of that young man by Nawara Negm
    According to the ministry of health not less than 91 have been injured with no death cases.News reports are conflicted when it comes to deaths , there are reports that a Salafist protester has been killed while field doctors say that 4 were killed. There is documented use of live ammunition along with birdshots. There two field hospitals in the sit in , one set up by Tahrir doctors group and the other is set up by the students of Ain Shams university named Alaa Abdel Hady field hospital."Abdel Hady is from the famous martyrs from medical school that were killed during the Mohamed Mahmoud clashes"Despite many activists and tweeps kept saying that all the assailants are not from the locals and they are either hired thugs or even the security forces in disguise according to many eye witness many of the assailants were and are from the locals who are so angry from the sit in like for instance Ahmed Alish. Still as usual there are hired thugs arrested by the protesters who confessed that they participated in every clash with protesters including the famous Camel battle in February 2011 for LE 200.
    The four thugs captured by protesters by @AnaTa7riry
    Some of these thugs already were found to have the old NDP ids !!
    The NDP id of the thug captured last night
    By Mohamoud Gamal El Din
    The thugs photos captured from video clips taken early morning today began to take the Egyptian social media world by storm with calls for their immediate arrest in major Facebook Page like “Kolena Khaled Said” Page. “1,2”. These guys were shooting from handmade guns.

    Here is below video showing the thugs and locals attacking the protesters earlier this morning , it is very close to the level that the one filming was injured.
    Al Abassiya : Clashes in Early morning
    Not so strangely major Salafist TV channels all night long were calling the Salafists to withdraw from the area and not to fall in to "April 6 Youth trap" !! Provokingly enough Hazem Salah Abu Ismail FB page claimed that "despite his health condition , he was going to the sit in" in hint to his alleged foot injury. Since the announcement of his exclusion and Abu Ismail has not showed up or even thought of paying visit to his followers in Tahrir square.

    There is emotional shock among young Salafists especially those at the sit in when they see themselves abandoned by their sheikhs while they find people like Nawara Negm and Alaa Abdel Fatah as well the revolutionary socialists and the anarchists they usually attack them standing besides and ready to die to defend their right for protesting.

    Presidential candidates began to react , the first so far is Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh who rejected the attack on peaceful sit-in to disperse it. This will gain him more popularity among revolutionary Salafists and former Abu Ismail supporters yet will make him lose the Abassiya vote. It is something expected from Abu El Fotoh who is said to have visited the field hospitals there early today "Unconfirmed".

    The protection of the protesters is the duty of the state , being silence on dispersing a peaceful sit in by force is a crime.
    MP Essam Sultan of Al Wasat Party also condemned the attacked and presented his condolence to the Hazemoon movement “Salafist Pro-Hazem Abu El Ismail who lost allegedly a member yesterday.
    Liberal MP Bassel Adel urged the protesters to head back to the Tahrir square for their safety.
    The protesters at the MOD should head back to Tahrir square and the Protesters at Tahrir square should unblock the traffic , we all want to cancel article no.28 from the presidential elections law.
    The Freedom and Justice Party has not official commented on the attack

    How did it start ??

    On Late Friday night , we found out that there was a big march heading to the ministry of defense in Cairo at a very late hour with prior announcement . We knew nothing about the march that headed to the MOD at 1 AM except that it was organized mainly by Abu Ismail supporters. Sooner the march turned in to a sit in at the MOD.

    The demands were clear : SCAF has to cancel article n.28 from presidential elections and dismissing the current presidential elections committee.

    Despite the online realm the sit in did not gain any public support because of Abu Ismail's association. Some feared it was a trap to create clashes thus chaos enough to postpone the presidential elections and prolong the military rule time at the same time adopting another Algerian scenario in Egypt where security forces clashes once again with Islamist forces.

    Many saw that this sit in was a playback for the original "Abassiya Massacre" in mid July 2011 where hundreds were injured and protester "Mohamed Mohsen" was killed after clashes with the residents as well the thugs of Abassiya area while they were heading to protest peacefully at the MOD.

    Despite it was actually another Abu Ismail march regardless of how non Islamist activists try to ignore , there were some protesters from outside the Salafist trend participating in the sit in as it was chanting against SCAF at its home !! Among those who were participating : Nawara Nagm and Ahmed Abu Douma.
    Here is a photo gallery by Menna aka @Miinz for the sit in before the attack in the morning yesterday.
    #MOD sit in at #Abassiya

    April 6 Youth movement "The Ahmed Maher front" denied the news reports that it was participating in the sit in so did the Ultras groups after it was rumored their participation as their songs were sang.

    We are all against any attack against peaceful protesters and sits in , no one argues about that but I think we should be careful to what we are being dragged to.WE all knew that the clashes will take place and it will be violently yet for some reason unknown revolutionary romantic reason some people wanted to stand in in front of the train because they are addicted to that adrenaline rush. We are still in self denial status that many of the assailants that attacked the protesters were from the locals of Abassiya.

    Being a revolutionary does not make you a dreamy fool who only looks for the sky all the Time and does not use his brain carefully to choose his right battles.

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    Rumors , leaks and news in Egypt are speaking about very close ministerial reshuffle today after the decision of People’s assembly to suspend its sessions till next May 6,2012 “Sunday” to object the decision of Ganzoury’s cabinet not to resign as they want.
    The decision was taken by the approval and support of the Islamist majority in the PA especially the Freedom and Justice Party despite the refusal of more than 80 MPs. Anyhow back to the rumors and leaks that sprung this afternoon.
    The news is confirmed by the Egyptian Social Democratic party MP Bassel Kamel on his official twitter account.

    There is something people have to understand and not to forget , this is an interim government since day one
    I do not understand why the Muslim brotherhood is insisting to form the government now when in 60 days ISA we will have a new president with a new government !! Why do they want to have the government now when they got the parliament and running for presidency !!
    I got a sinister theory in my mind : The Muslim brotherhood does not want Abu El Fotoh to become the president and they know that their Man “Morsi” will not win enough votes to run for a second round in the presidential elections thus they are dying to form the government so that they want the government to make it hard for Abu El Fotoh to get votes as Islamists after all People will not go for an Islamist president when they have an Islamist government and Islamist parliament in order to create balance of power.
    It is worth to mention that it is unclear from the changing and contradicting MB leaders statement if they want a presidential state or parliamentary state or even a mix.
    Ok I do not have enough sleep these days so you have to forgive my brain for thinking in this way.

    Updated : 

    Now close to SCAF and government MP Mostafa Bakry claims that PM Kamel El Ganzoury called him and told him that there will be no ministerial reshuffle !! It is a strange thing considered the statements of MPs  like Bassel Kamel !!

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    Dear follow blogger Sandmonkey aka Mahmoud Salem wishes all the success to Dr.ElBaradei’s new Constitution Party and thus from two days ago he published some good advice from his experience in the Partisan Life in Egypt after the revolution as a leading member in the Liberal Free Egyptians Party on his twitter account through demonstrating the major problems news parties face in Arabic along with their solutions .

    After taking Sandmonkey’s permission , I compiled the tweets and translated them in to English after the break.

    I think new parties should learn from old parties and their mistakes so they will not repeat these mistakes.

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    Do you remember that video from last Sunday’s early morning clashes between protesters and thugs as well locals in Abassiya area near the #MOD sit in where attackers face were crystal clear and we had the opportunity to hear and see the moment the video shooter getting hit by another young man carrying a handmade gun !!!? Here is the video to refresh you mind.

    Later “Kolena Khaled Said Group” FB page showed a screen capture for that young man in order to be arrested by the authorities.
    The Screen Capture
    Now amazingly before we hear anything from the authorities our youth were able to find all the details concerning his address and his name plus his Facebook Profile.
    A Screen cap from the Facebook profile 
    Mr. Karim Baskoeta aka Karim Biscuit seems to be a young man from Abassiya if I may say judging from photos he posted on the Facebook. He is from the working class that worked as a cashier in a clothes shop , who visited the Holy land and marked his visit , who took a photo in front of a tank hold an Egyptian flag posing besides an Egyptian soldier after the ousting of Mubarak in February 2011 and who loves motorcycles yet he loved to show off with guns and swords.
    With handmade gun and swords along with a Friend
    After seeing the photos of Baskoeta as normal Egyptian young man except for the parts with handmade guns and swords , all I want to know is why there was a lot of hate in the eyes of that young man to the level of being ready to kill another Egyptian on that bloody Sunday morning !! Is it for the money ? Is it for believing that protesters were working on bringing down our armed forces ??
    I am trying to figure it seriously because one thing for sure is the first people who will gain from fruits of this revolution before anyone is the working class of Baskoeta.There is a gap between the revolution for real and the bigger part working class. After all it is enough that this most of this class voted for Freedom and Justice Party and Al Nour Party instead for the Revolution Continues electoral coalition in the parliamentary elections then there is a gap.
    Anyhow despite what Mr. Karim Baskoeta demonstrated from criminal behavior against other Egyptian citizens starting from the fact that he uses unlicensed weapons. “ I think that weapon in hand is already illegal in the first place”
    Karim assaulted an Egyptian citizen and thus he should be held accountable , this is from the basic facts in the world.

    0 0

    And the presidential elections committee announced last week the final list of the Presidential candidates forcing the major Islamists parties and powers to declare their position after being hesitant for weeks to declare their endorsement till everything is clear.
    In the Past few days there have been a lot developments when it comes to the Salafist Islamist vote.
    Al Nour Party has announced its official endorsement to Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh and they are supporting him by all their force which is demonstrated in the big rally made for Abu El Fotoh in Alexandria today. Al Nour parliamentarian committee held an internal elections to choose the Islamist presidential candidate they should endorse and accordingly Abu El Fotoh got 74 votes while Mohamed Morsi of MB got 30 votes and Mohamed Salim El Awa got one vote.
    Al Nour Party endorses Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh
    A screen cap for Al Nour Party official FB Page 
    Nader Bakar , the official spokesperson of Al Nour Party and its famous face in the media even spoke in the meeting of Abu El Fotoh with the university of Alexandria students where he described the former MB leading figure as “The Executive manager who can administrate the Egyptian company currently”. The Party has started to campaign for the one professionally since 72 hours.
    Bakar from two days published on the Facebook the reasons why his Party chose Abu El Fotoh. Interestingly enough in this statement Bakar opens the fire delicately on the Muslim brotherhood saying that the decision was taken on scientific bases because we are dealing with the President that is close to “Executive manager and not the Khalifa of Muslim” adding that Al Nour party is not a follower to the Muslim brotherhood.
    Al Daoa El Salafya aka The Salafist Calling also announced its official endorsement to Abu El Fotoh after having an internal elections where Abu El Fotoh got 80% of the Salafist calling members. In a statement issued by Abdel Moneim El Shahat, the controversial Sheikh and the group’s official spokesperson issued a statement on why the Salafist calling chose Abu El Fotoh on Monday. It is interesting statement because you will know that the group was close from choosing Khariat El Shater before his exclusion yet they chose Abu El Fotoh over Mohamed Morsi because the later is not that popular in the street plus they fear that if they endorsed a MB candidate , it would appear like a monopoly for one group in the country !!! 
    Still El Shahet says that they chose Abu El Fotoh because he is Islamist and his presidential political program completes the MB’s economic program. El shahet in his statement spoke that the group wants Abu El Fotoh as a president and the Muslim brotherhood in the Parliament as the government because “ The Egyptian chose the Islamists in the parliamentary elections !!” 
    Nevertheless it should be understood that those endorsement are not obligatory to Salafists because in the end the Salafists movement is big , wide and unorganized unlike Muslim brotherhood. It is also noted that some of Hazem Abu Ismail supporters feel that they have been abandoned and are angry from the Al Nour Party as well their sheikhs and Salafist Front after not only leaving Abu Ismail facing the whole world from their own point of view. The Abu Ismail boys especially from Revolutionary youth are angry on how their sit in at the Ministry of Defense is not supported from these major Salafists.
    Al Wasat Party also announced the results of its internal elections on which Islamist candidate it should endorse on Sunday and Abu El Fotoh got the ticket. For months the moderate Islamist Party faced huge debate within its members about whether it should officially endorses Mohamed Salim El Awa who co-founded it with Abu Ela Mady and defended its right for existence in front of Mubarak’s court or to endorse Abu El Fotoh. According to the Internal elections results Abu El Fotoh took 63% of the votes while El Awa took 23% of the votes.
    Today Al Gama’a Al Islamiyya also announced its official endorsement to Abu El Fotoh who used to join in early 1970s in Cairo university before joining the Muslim brotherhood. Al Gama’a held internal elections to choose their favorite Islamist candidate. Abu El Fotoh got 63% from the votes where as Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim brotherhood only took 37%.
    According to Essam Abdel Maged , the famous Islamist group official spokesperson the group chose him because he is going to apply Islamic Sharia with board terms including “banning alcohol and nudity from tourism” in the country. I think this quote will not pass easily as we need to know what Abu El Fotoh has promised them and the Salafists with.
    If we are speaking about the Muslim brotherhood and its political arm , well I believe that they had a big a blow and they know , of course they still believe to have wider audience concerning their members and their supporters. The MB is not only marketing for Morsi but rather their “Nahada” {Renaissance} Presidential program  and its economic benefits in an attempt to attract the Non Islamist voters using the promises of better economic
    Now officially there are two main Islamist contenders in the Egyptian presidential race : Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh and Mohamed Morsi. I do not know how Mohamed Morsi can win Abu El Fotoh now.
    Anyhow the question is now “Can Abu El Fotoh Keep the Liberal votes and even earn more votes from that bloc ?? This is another post. The Abu El Fotoh presidential campaign issued two statement about the endorsement of the Salafists and Al Wasat as a sign on how Abu El Fotoh’s program represents all Egyptians and unite them. I think they should face the fears of the Non Islamists now.
    Anyhow at the same time the liberals are freaking out , I am reading strange comments in Salafist Pages who conservative Salafists who are totally against Abu El Fotoh to the level that makes me wonder on how popular the man is this to the Salafists in the real ground away from Parties.
    Mohamed Salim El Awa has not got any endorsement from strong Islamist political power , even Al Wasat Party which he founded it along with MB defectors Abu Ela Mady and Essam Sultan did not stand with him. Also He is not popular in the revolutionary street and is considered too close to SCAF.
    Abdullah Al Ashal , the Presidential candidate of Al Asala Party has yet again withdrew from the race from couple of days according to my knowledge. He was not a strong candidate already.
    And that’s it for today

    0 0

    The famous debate between Nixon and Kennedy
    in 1960
    And for the first time in the history of Television in Egypt as well in the East of the Arab world we are going to have televised presidential debates on TV between the presidential candidates in Egypt next Thursday’s evening.
    The first time there was a Televised Presidential TV debate in the history of television in the Arab world was in Mauritania in 2007.  
    The Presidential Debates event will be a joint broadcast between Dream TV Network and ONTV Network
    The debates will be moderated by Mona El Shazly , Yosri Fouda , Reem Magued and Hafez El Marazi. There will be also analytical discussion after the debates by political analysts moderated by Amr Khafagi. The debates will be published next day in Al Shorouk and Al Masry Al Youm newspapers exclusively.
    Of course one must wonder about the Egyptian National TV , well it is out of the world despite it airs some TV show presented by veteran TV host Tarek Habib called “ Who is the Egyptian President ?” that simply shows the answers of the presidential candidates on specific points in one hour each presidential candidate alone.
    The first debate will be extremely important , it will be between Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh and Amr Moussa. I do not know if this debate should be the last one and not the first one considering the importance of both men.
    Already in the latest two polls conducted by Al Ahram Strategic studies center and Al Masry Al Youm , Abu El Fotoh and Moussa were leading the results.
    There is news that Mohamed Morsi has refused to debate both men and this is interesting. Hamdeen Sabbahi and Khalid Ali’s campaigns claim that both men also refused to have debates with their candidates.
    People in Egypt are excited and they are waiting for Kennedy-Nixon Style debate.
    1960 : Kennedy-Nixon First Presidential debate
    TV hosts Yosri Fouda and Reem Magued already are taking day off from their shows on Wednesday to prepare for the big show that will be a media history
    Insh Allah I will live blog the Presidential debates.

    0 0

    And deadly clashes erupted early morning today between the Protesters of #MOD sit and thugs as well locals of Abassiya resulted officially in the death of 5 citizens and the injury of at least 45 in one of the worst clashes since the Port Said stadium clashes. According to the ministry of health official report the 5 were killed by birdshots.
    One of the injured transferred "3mo Shehab"
    According to unofficial numbers there are 10 have been reportedly killed in the clashes according to the field hospitals in the area.One of Abassiya locals have been killed this morning , allegedly shot down and that was the start of the clashes. Of course these clashes comes after daily fights with the thugs and locals of Abassiya that started on Saturday !!
    Protesters and eye witnesses are speaking about the use of automatic guns in horrifying scenes where protesters are being slaughtered. One of the hospital nearby Abassaiya “Dar El Shafaa” is said to be under the control of thugs and angry locals.

    April 6 Youth movement has announced in official statement issued from short while ago that one of its members  “Dr.Ibrahim Abu El Hassan” has been killed in the clashes.The last thing he wrote in FB profile from 12 hours was "I write using my blood a new history for my country". Dr. Abu El Hassan was a friend to late Dr. Alaa Abdel Hady.
     There are other 3 names we already know about it including activist Atef El Gohary who joined in old sits in. May Allah bless their souls.

    There are news reports that the thugs attacked a hospital in the area. It is chaotic sad bloody scene.
    We are not speaking about thugs hired by security forces whether Police or army to disperse the sit in violently but we are speaking as well about locals from Abassiya residents who believe that they are defending their neighborhood against those annoying protesters. It is unlike the previous times where the security forces were in direct confrontation with the protesters , everyone is involved in these clashes.
    There are warning men with beards to be careful while walking in the area because the locals target them. Bearded men are trapped in their homes and can’t go any where for fear of the attack.
    Here is a video showing part of the clashes when it started in early morning.

    Needless to say this is sit in has no public support so I believe it is wise that it ends today. Enough blood
    In the first political reaction the Freedom and Justice Party announced that it will boycott the meeting SCAF is holding today with political parties. It turned out that they were not invited to this meeting in the first place 
    Now MP Mostafa Al Naggar of El Adl party announced that we will boycott the meeting of SCAF because "there was nothing more to speak about".
    MP Mohamed Sawy of El Hadra Party also announced that he will boycott the meeting because he can't tolerate the blood spelled around the #MOD.
    It is rumored that this meeting will include a suggestion from SCAF to postpone the Presidential elections. A military source told Ahram Arabic Portal that SCAF will hand over power by the end of June 2012 !!!
    I am frustrated , angry , sad , I want the day to end , I want this nightmare to end !!
    Here is the latest report from the Tahrir doctors field hospital

    @11:49 AM 

    Officially the death toll has increased to 6 and more than 100 injured !!
    Presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh suspended his presidential campaign today after what happened wondering where the Parliament is from this massacre. I am trying to get more info from his campaign
    Presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi is going to suspend his presidential campaign for two days to mourn the victims of the attack !!
    Hamdeen Sabbahi said on his twitter we will not accept anymore the attack on the rights of the protesters.

     @12:23 PM 

    Officially the death toll has increased to 9 and 49 injured !!
    The army will deploy units from the central military zone to end the clashes and already the MOI has deploy units from the Central security forces to end the clashes right away.
    The CSF vehicles over October bridge by Rawya Ragah

    Al Nour Party announced that it will boycott the meeting of SCAF and its leader is already in Abassiya with protesters.
    FJP issued a statement saying that it will boycott today's SCAF meeting "despite they were not invited to the meeting in the first place !!" and that they will hold a press conference to explain the party's refusal to the incidents of Al Abassiya. 
    El Adl Party issued a statement holding SCAF responsible for the clashes and the victims fallen in these clashes. 
    Reuters reported that the death toll increased to 9 and more than 60 were injured.

    @1:10 PM

    There are news reports that CSF and army manage to end the clashes !! I hope so without further casualties because many people fear from their deployment.
    CSF near Abdou Pasha square By Abdel Monem 

    @1:56 PM 

    Ali at the sit in by "Sherif Abdel Kuddous"
    The death toll has reached to 12 :(
    There are people who are killed from Abassiya locals and their families are extremely angry. They believe it is blood between them and the protesters. The locals are standing in balconies and insulting the protesters. It is not only about hired thugs released from the police stations to terrorize the protesters. Unlike any other time we got the locals getting involved in the clashes against the protesters in violent way. Not less 4 Abassiya locals have been killed. Sadly enough you do not know exactly now who is the thug from the local resident from the protester , it reminds with the same old debate on who we should call a thug !!!!
    The protesters have not left the sit in. There are marches organized by several powers and parties as presidential campaigns like Hamdeen Sabbahi's campaign heading to the sit in. Hamdeen Sabbahi is allegedly heading to the sit in already after suspending his campaign. 
    Khalid Ali has announced that he suspended his presidential campaign and he headed to the sit in where he addressed the protesters and called for his protesters to join them !! 
    There are unconfirmed news Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh will head to the sit in along with a group of doctors. 
    Most banks and companies as well shops have closed their doors today. Ain Shams University has reportedly closed its doors , I am expecting huge protests among its students. The metro stations are closed in the area. 
    Abu El Fotoh campaign announced that the presidential debate between him and Amr Moussa will be postponed to next week.

    0 0

    And the protesters are insisting to complete to have useless sit in which we do not know really what their demands for real were up till now in  a very hostile area. There were several marches that headed this after noon led by prominent figures including presidential candidates like Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh , Hamdeen Sabbahi and Khaled Ali to show their support to the protesters after the brutal clashes in early morning.
    Thousands joined these marches in solidarity with the protesters and yet on one convinced these protesters to end that sit in which everybody knows that it will end in bloody disaster. We do not know learn from our mistakes , we are being dragged to useless confrontation because of vague empty slogans that have become so ridiculous.
    Already one of the disasters that they can not deny is how Mohamed El Zawahiri, the brother of Ayman Al Zawahiri was received by his followers mainly from Salafist Jihadi trend as well the Abu Ismail Supporters on the first anniversary of Osama Bin Laden “At the same time John Kerry is visiting Cairo” with chants like “ Hey Obama , we are all Osama” , “The people want El Sharia” .. to the end of this with their black flags.
    We are waiting for another disaster tonight because simply the people of Abassiya and Al Wali believe that the protesters are thugs and the protesters believe that the people of Abassiya are thugs in addition to the fact that the thugs are angry for the death of their friends and everybody is armed and security forces do not want to stop this on going war of the public !! Yes there are hired thugs by security forces but there are also extreme angry citizens in Abassiya.
    Oh yes the people are armed in Abassiya , the thugs are armed in Abassiya and some of the protesters specifically from the Ultra Jihadi Salafists according to several eye witnesses including prominent activists like Alaa Abdel Fatah and Ahmed Alish. Abdel Fatah is facing hell from other tweeps and activists for having the guts to speak the truth. I respect Abdel Fatah on how he stood against the current and said the truth because people have been killed and we can’t escape from responsibility when we defend the right of peaceful protesting.
    It is worth to mention also that the some of these protesters tortured the thugs they arrested from two days ago despite the refusal of other protesters and human rights activists. The thugs got families in areas like Abassiya and Al Walai areas who wanted to teach the protesters a lesson on not to mess with their sons.
    Already the whole fight started last night when a local boy/thug was killed from Al Wali popular area and this family and friends “from thugs” literally went mad and decided to turn the sit in to hell.
    The death toll according to Dr. Mohamed Fatouh of Tahrir Doctors group has increased to 11 where as according to the ministry of health it reached to 7. I believe the first number The hospitals in the area were closed in Abassiya area because they are not secured and the thugs attacked the hospitals and doctors. There are already 7 dead bodies in the morgue from Abassiya and Al Walai
    SCAF will hold a press conference tomorrow at 12 PM to discuss the clashes. Muslim brotherhood and couple of parties will have another Friday protest which I believe is another game from the MB when it comes to their political battle with SCAF
    There will be no delay in presidential elections in fact SCAF is ready to hand over power to the elected president from the first round on May 24th ,2012.
    I am so tired , frustrated and angry

    0 0

    And for the first time since very many years Hussein Salem speaks to the Egyptian media on TV , the man who is labeled the Best best friend of Hosni Mubarak , in fact he is the only friend we knew from Mubarak’s close Friend.

    Salem decided to have his first and last TV interview to none other than Amr Adeeb. The interview was recorded I think from two weeks ago in Spain.

    Already Adeeb was the only TV host who spoke with Salem before his great escape from Egypt or even after his great escape from Egypt. I believe choosing Adeeb was a good choice because honestly no other TV host in Egypt could tolerate the wickedness of Salem. It was like a memories conversation between a streetwise guy and an old merchant in a local café for God sake !!

    Amr Adeeb interviews Hussein Salem

    In nutshell here is what he said :

    • He is innocent from all charges he is accused of whether in Egypt or Spain.
    • He is ready to give the great people of Egypt financial aid. “in other words he is ready for reconciliation”
    • He does not want to die in jail.
    • He was not a close friend to Mubarak
    • He opposed Gamal Mubarak’s succession plan
    • He did not like Suzanne Mubarak who forced her hubby to escape to Sharm !!
    • Gamal Mubarak did not like him
    • He admires Khairat El Shater so much and he thinks he was a victim just like him !!
    • He is less richer than Sawirises and Mansours and he does not like them !!
    • Bob Woodward , the author of Veil is a big fat liar. “Check the White wings co.”
    • EMG was initially going to export gas to Turkey and not Israel
    • He was not going to export gas to Israel but Mubarak told him “Hussein export the gas to Israel !!”
    • Mubarak had a devilish plan for the sake of Egypt’s national security from that decision to export gas to Israel “He would make Israel depend 100% on Egyptian gas thus they will not go to war against us !!”

    You must know that all the interviews and memories of Hussein Salem published in our press specifically in Rosa Al Youssef in the past year were all fake.

    The final verdict in Hussein Salem’s bribe to Mubarak and sons will be announced supposedly on June 3rd , 2012

    0 0

    I do not know who really chooses the names of “Friday Protests” , it is another mystery of the mysteries of the Arab Spring but one thing of sure whoever chose the name of this Friday’s protest in Egypt is really stupid. Today’s Friday protest is called “ The Final Friday” and Please do not ask me what end and whose end we are speaking about here because it is so painful.
    Today there are two many events , a million man protest in Tahrir square and a revolutionary march heading to Abassiya square and MOD square.
    I do not know what the aims and goals of these protests for real to be honest aside from rejecting and condemning the brutal attack on the protester and their cold blood murder.
    The marches to MOD are considered more important today than the protest in Tahrir square. They are organized by April 6th Youth Movement “two fronts” , The second day of rage Facebook Page “Which is somehow radical to me” and other 13 movements. The goals of those marches are : Ending the military rule now , the repeal of Article 28 of the March 2011 constitutional declaration and for an independent body of judges who were not appointed by the former regime to monitor upcoming presidential elections.
    It is worth to mention that there presidential elections will supposedly will take place after only 19 days. Despite these movements claim that they do not want any delay in the presidential elections but anyone who still uses his brain in this country knows that these demands will delay the official transfer of powers in Egypt plan.
    There will be marches from 7 points in Cairo and Giza that are heading to Abassiya’s grand revolutionary march to the MOD : Fateh mosque in Ramses, the Nour mosque in Abbasiya, the Khazandarah mosque in Shubra, Rabea El-Adawiya mosque in Madinat Nasr, Youssef El-Sahabi mosque in Heliopolis , Mostafa Mahmoud square and Tahrir Square.
    Here is a march from Tahrir square heading to Square. Photo by Pierre Sioufi

    Here is another march heading from Fateh mosque in Ramasis to Abassiya. You can see the flags of April 6 Youth movement. Here is a live broadcast for El Fateh Mosque march
    By Wessam Deweny

    Muslim brotherhood and its political arm Freedom and Justice Party are participating in the Protest in Tahrir along with couple of parties including Al Gama’a Al Islamiya and its political arm “ The development and building Party” , Al Hadara Party , Al Wasat Party , Ghad El Thawar Party.
    The numbers are not big are Tahrir square judging from TV despite I have heard that yesterday FJP was mobilizing all their members from all the over the country  but it does not seem so !! Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr aired some distributing Islamist chants which can freak the normal Egyptian citizens from what is taking place in Tahrir and Abassiya. 
    There are two stages set up in Tahrir square as usual , one for the MB and the other is Abu Ismail’s campaign.
    What is more disturbing the claims and the hopes of some protesters from the Pro-Abassiya and MOD sit in that today will be the end of the military rule to the level that they hope that they will execute the SCAF leaders today and they will clean the National Egyptian TV tonight.
    There is Islamist takeover for the whole scene that can freak anyone especially for outsiders and I am not speaking about the Salafist protesters , especially the young Salafist protesters who are suffering from emotional shock following how they were abandoned by the big sheikhs and preachers in Egypt because of the MOD sit in but I am speaking about the Jihadists that no one is speaking about them. Yes they are citizens who have the right to express their opinions but I know they want a state different than mine not to mention I know that they are being used to sabotage what we really want in Egypt. 
    Al Nour Party and its mother movement “ The Salafist Calling” are not participating in the Protests or the Marches or the MOD march or the MOD sit in. Free Egyptians Party also is not participating

    Updated @7:21 PM :

    And it is the END of EGYPTIAN REVOLUION whether we like or not in its own way. Some protesters tried to trespass the bribed wire and the hell went loose technically. The clashes started between the military police and protesters after that at the #MOD with stones hurled between each team and the military police opening water pipes at the protesters pushing them back before pushing them back to Abassiya square to Ramsis and Saleh Salem in big chases with tear gases , gun shots and birdshots

    The sit in was ended at the MOD with the military police burned the tents and the field hospitals before a horrifying chase between them and the protesters for hours now where the locals have become a part in . The protesters who managed to escape with their lives are speaking about scary , real scary stories. The injured patients were arrested from hospitals and protesters were arrested from metro stations.

    According to the ministry of health not less than 74 injuries where as on the ground we are speaking about not less than 150 including soldiers from the army. It is non clear if that there are officially death cases as we got contradicting stories that one or two being shot down. I think there are lots of victims tonight.

    Nevertheless the protesters are reporting horrifying stories from the treatment they got from the locals who supported the army.

    There are journalists who are arrested in the clashes including the Belgian photojournalist called Virginie Nguyen working in Egypt Independent who was injured and was arrested at the hospital. That journalist was transferred to a military hospital and from what I understood the Belgian PM and the Belgian embassy are following the case.  Masr 25 TV channel crew was arrested as well.

    The Muslim brotherhood denies involvement in the MOD sit in and what followed it from clashes. Unsurprisingly Al Gama’a Al Islamiya has announced it withdrew from the MOD sit in putting all the blame on the Revolutionary socialists , April 6th Youth

    Islamic Jihad announced that they withdrew from the sit in as usual !!

    April 6th Youth Movement and Masrena Movement have also withdrawn from the MOD sit in. The Ahlawy UA07 and Zamelak Ultras White Knights denied to participate in the march or the Sit in

    The radio and the national TV are airing patriotic songs. SCAF will issue a statement accordingly.

    Updated @ 8:34 PM

    SCAF issued its statement , there will be a curfew in Al Abassiya square and its surrounding area from 11 PM to 6 AM next morning and that they were defending the MOD.

    You can watch it here.

    The ministry of health is speaking about over 160 injured from both sides , I think there are dead too. People are cheering for the army in Abassiya and the soldiers are dancing after kicking the butts of the protesters along with the locals.

    ONTV says that there are 400 of detainees arrested from Al Abassiya area.

    0 0

    At the same time we were watching on TV the clashes between the military police and the protesters at MOD sit in , many Egyptians were shocked from what they were seeing on Al Arabiya TV channel on air from the Saudi Royal palace in Riyadh from humiliation to their Egyptian dignity.  
    A public diplomacy headed by the Speaker of the People Saad El Katatanini and MPs from different parties including Freedom and Justice Party and Al Nour Party as well the leaders of Al Wafd Party “Sayed Badawy” and Ghad El Thawar Party “Ayman Nour”. There were representatives from religious institutions in Egypt like Al Azhar and the Orthodox church of Alexandria along with Salafist Sheikh like Sheikh Mohamed Hassan. There were also actors in the delegation that was received warmly by Saudi.
    The delegation went to apologize for the insults the Kingdom and the King endured during El Gizawy’s case and for the insulting graffiti written on the walls of the embassy from couple of weeks ago as well to demand the return of the Saudi ambassador. Everything would be fine if it were not for the humiliating begging way the delegation acted.
    People including myself are extremely angry from Sheikh Mohamed Hassan was kissing the King’s ass in a humiliating way, in a very disgusting. “I can’t find the complete video” It is like getting back to the days of Mubarak when he used to beg the Gulf countries for money when we have unused sources.
    After this visit we found out that Saudi Arabia is going to help Egypt with $500 million aid package and the Saudi ambassador would return back. “He did return back”
    Now people are attacking that delegation on social media networks insisting that this delegation does not represent them.
    This delegation does not represent photo
    Egyptians are also sharing these photos showing the absence of the Egyptian flag in the meeting between the Saudi officials as a sign of humiliation. Well I noticed that the Egyptian flag was absent in the meeting of the delegation with King Abdullah but it was there in the meeting of PA speaker El Katanani and Saudi FM Pince Saud El Faisal.
    The delegation meeting with the King in Riyadh
    It is worth to mention that the Egyptian flag’s presence turned in to a confrontation between the FJP members and supporters and those who can’t stomach the brotherhood in general.
    This photo is causing a lot of controversy among FJP and
    its opponents in particular 
    I do not care about flag as much as I care about the begging actions of Hassan. “Actually I am not surprised that he is doing this , he also is a big hypocrite using religion”
    Strangely our media included names of MPs that did not travel to Saudi Arabia including MP Mahmoud El Sakka as well other prominent figures in the society like Poet Farouk Gowida
    I do not know why already this public diplomacy had to travel in this way and literally kiss the the feet of the Saudi King in their own way. I care for the Egyptian Saudi but amending the relations after some offensive graffiti on the embassy’s walls by tens of protesters in this humiliating way is so wrong especially for Post Revolution Egypt.
    The relations between Egypt and the Gulf , not only Saudi Arabia are facing huge problem , it is not only about the Egyptian detainees. The Gulf countries simply are scared from two major things : Exporting the Revolution to the Gulf and the Egyptian Iranian Relations
    Yes some Egyptian activists are speaking about exporting the Egyptian revolution to the neighbor countries but I do not think that they will be able to do it as long as the majority of the people do not want it. This is the key of all Arab revolutions that got no ideologies or leaders except basic universal human rights of living freely in democratic country as equal citizens with dignity who do not suffer from poverty and corruption.
    You must know already the Egyptians especially travelling for work to the GCC are facing terrible to issue visas from the embassies in Egypt despite the official denials from countries like UAE and KSA. I got my own relatives faced huge difficulties to get the Visas for both countries because simply they are young Egyptians that bring the revolution ideas and spread in both countries.
    The media in Gulf has demonized the Egyptian people and how they stood against their father “Mubarak” to the level that Egyptians “Including my friends and relatives” who visited the Holy Land for pilgrimage reported very rude attitudes from the Saudis because of the Mubarak.
    The return of the Egyptian-Iranian relations is like a scary scenario for the Arab Gulf countries that should not happen despite personally I think Egypt should have open channels with every country in the region including Iran. It does not make sense that we have relations with Israel and do not have relations with Iran. I think it is the best for the Arab Gulf countries that Egypt has open channels with Iran in order to help less the tensions between Iran and them using the legendary diplomatic power of Egypt.
    The Egyptian Youth already believe that the Kingdom got rid from Nabil El Araby as FM and supported his sudden candidacy as a secretary of the League Arab state because he wanted Egypt to restore relations with Iran. “During his time the first public diplomacy delegation went to Iran after the revolution was during his era”
    Some say that the Gulf states are angry that Egyptian activists support the Bahraini uprising which they consider an Iranian attempt to invade Gulf , well Egyptian activists also support the Syrian revolution in the same way.
    Back to the public diplomacy delegation to Saudi Arabia , strangely this delegation did not achieve anything when it comes to the Egyptian detainees on the contrary we got a statement from Saad El Katanani that he trusts the “Saudi Fair Judiciary” despite the fact there are many detainees according to human rights organizations in Egypt who did not stand in front of one judge for years. Even if they are accused in terrorism related charges , they need to stand in front of a judge and have the opportunity to defend themselves , this is a basic human rights.

    0 0

    We are the product of reactive social culture , we never take proactive steps except so rarely ; this is a fact we can not deny.

    For a year the activists , revolutionary youth and their supporters on twitter and Facebook have kept warning us from the Romanian scenario and how after the execution of CeauSesCu the military rule sabotaged the Romanian revolution in its own way and how SCAF is following the steps of their Romanian countrpart yet strangely all the time the activists and Opinion leaders in Egypt did not tell us for real how to avoid this scenario in the real world. In fact proudly activists and opinion leaders are participating in making this scenario a reality with their revolutionary romanticism and arrogance and by failing in every trap made for them.

    The political game between SCAF and MB as well the rise of the Salafist power and the release of Islamist Jihadi icons made many people fear from Algerian scenario. We even got people now who believe that army soldiers are ordered to have beards in order to infliterate sits in like the last one and create chaos in order to scare the public from the return of terroirsm years. Yes there are question marks about the Islamist Jihadi Salafist groups in Sinai but again what did our elite activists to avoid this scenario ? Nothing , they are even participating in making this scenario a reality as they walk in to the traps and unneeded battles just because of revolutionary solidarity.

    By the way after Abassiya II battle the Islamists especially from young Salafists are starting to turn against SCAF , of course anarchists and socialists will love but this is just like playing with fire that burned us before. I donot wish or hope for Algerian scenario.

    I know that anarchists and socialists are waiting for the real revolution , where all the people suffer especially from the working classes, minorities and soldiers against the regime and the rich classes as well religious institutions , they think that the more people clash with the regime and more people die , thus revolution will come sooner as we think. Unfortunately these guys live in their world without any regard to the complexity of Egypt's sitatuition or the egyptian society now.

    We got some adrenaline junkies who should be treated ASAP.

    The elite activists kept mocking Tawfik Okasha and his style but after the battle of Abassiya II , we have underestimated him and his popularity in the Egyptian street. Many Egyptians do not watch ONTV as we do and many of them do not understand the sophisticated introductions of Yosri Fouda or others from prominent figures from the pro-revolution intelligentsia.

    Okasha and before him Amr Adeeb knew how to reach to the simple average Egyptian using the funny streetwise language, we considered him the village idiot but in the end we are the ones that turned to be the village idiots with their media bubble. We are speaking to ourselves in the end of the day as it turned out after the clash of civilization with the locals in Abassiya.

    The young revolutioinaries do not think with their minds , they only think with their emotions. I wish they read "The art of war" and understand it.

    We have not restored the rights of the revolution martyrs in early 2011 , all what we are doing is increasing the number of the martyrs foolishly.

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