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  • 04/12/12--13:03: Spring in Downtown Cairo ;)
  • Last week I had the opportunity to take some shots using the $ 1 billion Instagram app in my mobile to some interesting building in Downtown Cairo.
    Banque De Caire , art deco style
    Banque Du Cairo's art deco style is amazing 
    Adly Synagogue downtown Cairo
    The famous Adly Synagogue 
    A building in Downtown Cairo
    I know the name of that building but I forgot it 
    Cinema Miami Downtown Cairo
    Cinema Miami 
    Franciscan church in downtown Cairo
    St. Joseph Church in Mohamed Farid street 
    Downtown Cairo’s Parisian architecture needs weeks to be documented and enjoyed. I wish I had my big camera with me but one thing for sure , I could not take the shots I would like to take so easily in the mid of the day with all the cars and the noise in the area.
    I love Downtown Cairo despite its horrible noise , well I love Cairo and Giza so much , sorry I love Egypt very very much.

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  • 04/12/12--16:40: The Black Box Will speak Up
  • This week was a busy one for Omar Suleiman as after decades of being the man who works in silence , in the background , the man is opening his heart and mind to the Egyptian media.
    So far this week Suleiman spoke with four newspapers : Al Akhbar and Al Osboo in joint interview with Mostafa Bakry , Al Fagr newspaper with Adel Hammouda and Al Ahram newspaper.
    Al Ahram's interview with terrible picture for Suleiman
    "Tweep @Aelhawary"
    Wisely enough he spoke to Al Ahram in an interview that is published in the weekly issue of Egypt’s most distributed newspaper on Friday. The weekly issue of Al Ahram sells more than any other issue in the week because people buy for the classifieds.
    He also spoke on the phone with Amr Adeeb and Hala Serhan this week but not on air for a reason I could not get it.
    The former vice president still believes that the “Brother Muslimhood” is the only dangerous facing this country and that he is running for presidency to protect Egypt from Islamists and Islamism in nutshell. He does not speak about economy for real , he does not speak about the problems of Egypt for real other the usual crap of being another Iran and the “Brother Muslimhood is coming , the Brother Muslimhood is coming”
    For instance in Ahram interview we find out that the man believes that those who killed the protesters and burned the police stations were the MB !!
    Of course the Golden Quote from Omar Suleiman in the week was :
    I am the Black box !!
    Of course the former head of the GIS swears that he will open his mouth and will expose everybody in front of everybody.
    The Golden photo for Suleiman was in Al Fagr , I will post them shortly as I can’t find them online.
    He admitted that he survived an assassination attempt on January 29th ,2011. If you remember all people were talking about but there was nothing official about the plot.
    I do not know but judging from extra-paranoia and conspiracy talk , his looks in the photos and his fast decisions , I feel this man is not thinking straight or right. I believe he has forgotten what he had said to Christine Amanpour on February 8,2011 that he became an old man and wanted to rest. The man should rest.

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    The Islamist powers in Egypt specifically Muslim brotherhood are organizing a big million man protest tomorrow in
    Tahrir square as well other squares in the country to protect the revolution from the Mubarak’s regime remnants especially Omar Soliman. The name of the million man protest is “ The million man protest of protecting the revolution”. 
    In nutshell this million man protest is the Muslim brotherhood’s million man protest against the several blows it got recently starting from the constituent assembly’s suspension verdict from the administrative court to the presidential candidacy of Omar Soliman to the debate of the disfranchisement law in the parliament. 
    The numbers will be big as expected as the Muslim brotherhood has began already to mobilize all its followers to arrive in Cairo starting from night. It is not secret at all. The Muslim brotherhood youth are proud that they are returning to the square again.
    The Muslim brotherhood will show off its power again. Tomorrow they will organize two marches from Mostafa Mahmoud Mosque in Mostafa Mahmoud square and Giza square after the Friday prayers heading to Tahrir square. There will be thousands without doubt , no one can deny this.
    Al Nour Party is going to participate in the protest according to its official spokesperson Nader Bakar today. The Salafist Front also announced its participation in the protest and issued a statement from couple of hours ago with the protest’s demands as follows :
    1. The complete refusal to the presidential candidacy of former regime icons like Omar Soliman , Ahmed Shafik and Amr Moussa in any possible way not matter the law status now as there is something more powerful than the regular law call the revolution law !!
    2. Putting aside all the political difference now including presidential elections and constituent assembly “!!” in order to stand against the Mubarak regime remnants. 
    3. The Salafist front is participating in the million man protest “The only demand is to stand together against remnants” and thus we are demanding that all political powers to stick with that demand not to raise any other demand related to the government or the constitution that would
    Al Dao’a Al Salafya is going to participate I am not surprised from Al Dao’a Al Salafya as it is a fact that the Salafist Sheikhs do not like to have real confronts with the regime.
    Strangely enough I found several Salafist participating this FB note but a Salafist activist who says that he will not participate in this protest because it is only made for MB’s demands to pass the disfranchisement and not important demands like demanding the Sharia.
    Al Gama’a Al Islamiyya is going to participate in the protest , already its iconic leading figure Aboud El Zoomor slammed Omar Soliman in one of the biggest ironies in the world.
    The pictures of Abdel Rahman will be there for sure
    I do not have to guess that the photos of Omar Abdel Rahman will be there in the square as usual.

    Most of the liberal and leftist forces announced that they will boycott the protest like for instance April 6th youth with its two fighting fronts. Still most of these political parties and powers are organizing and calling people to participate in the upcoming million man protest in Tahrir next April 21st.
    It is like July 29th Islamist million man protest once again !!
    Nevertheless Kafeya movement has called the Egyptian people to go down to the street to protect the revolution urging the political powers to put aside their differences now in order to fight the icons of the counter revolution. I do not think that many liberal political parties will listen to Kafeya , there is a big gap between Muslim brotherhood and the political powers that will not easily be mended. It is trust issue , it is a principle issue.
    Beside Kafeya there are some leftist and liberal figures that announced their participating for the million man protest in order to protect the revolution against men like Omar Soliman like famous activist and lawyer Ahmed Seif Islam “Alaa and Mona’s father” and activist Ibrahim El Houdaiby.

    I will participate in the protests of April 13th and 20th to bring down the ousted president's candidate

    My battle tomorrow is with the remnants of former regime ,any fight with political rivals in this stage is teenage-hood action.
    Speaking about the devil , Soliman has unleashed an attack in the press against the Muslim brotherhood saying that tomorrow’s protest is made specifically against to him “which partially is true” in an interview in Al Ahram newspaper that will be published tomorrow Friday.
    We will see what happened tomorrow insh Allah , I will try to cover from Tahrir square insh Allah.

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    And the MB has mobilized its full force once again to Tahrir square , to “Protecting the revolution Friday” in order to show off its size in front of the country.

    Buses from all over the country poured in to Tahrir square since last night. MB's members from youth , men and women or in better description full families headed to the square showing their affiliation to the MB with pride wearing its caps and holding its flag.


    The numbers were huge , we are speaking about hundreds of thousands here without doubt. The buses were so many that they are parked at the NDP torched HQ to the museum , from Kasr Al Nil bridge to Novotel hotel on the other side and this gives you a hint if you know the place well. There was for instance that group of MB girls keeping from Fayoum chanting against Suleiman.


    Most if not all  the parties and powers participated in the protest were Islamist starting with The Muslim brotherhood and its political arm Freedom and Justice Party , The Salafist Front, The Building and Development Party, Al Fadila Party , Al Amal Party and Al Nour Party “It was not shown”. The biggest participant from numbers of protesters and mobilization is by the Muslim brotherhood.  The MB members used to protect the square and have these checkpoints for both men and ladies.


    Yet despite being an Islamist dominated protest , it was not like July 29th, 2011 Protest where most of these parties called for Islamic Sharia rule and constitution. This time it was one goal and one demand : To refuse the presidential candidacy of former regime remnants especially the candidacy of Omar Soliman. 

    The protesters held banners against former regime remnants including Omar Soliman and Amr Moussa. Of course Soliman got the biggest share from banners and chants like "Like Soliman , you are the Americans’ agents” and “ Omar Soliman has lost his mind”.

    There are the same old chants against military rule like "Down with military rule" and "Tantawy say to Anan,the revolution is at the square" yet it is new thing to hear them from the MB protesters in this way. The MB stage interestingly enough was chanting Sheikh Emam songs too.

    There were three stages I spotted so far ,the most active stage was at Hardee's corner and it was set up by MB. The second one is set up by Hazem Abu Ismail campaign. The third was set up by Al Amal party and it was not active like the other two.

    The MB stage blamed SCAF and regime remnants for the clashes that happened  through the year 2011 after February 11,2011 in a huge change.

    Through all the time I have been there “from 11AM to 5PM” I noticed that the speakers at the MB stage were speaking about the national unity between political powers chanting over and over “One hand”

    Despite the MB stage was careful to stay away from any partisan or political or sectarian chant other than chants against the Mubarak’s regime remnants , the Abu Ismail campaign used to have these chants calling for Islamic social justice or supporting Abu Ismail for presidency like “The people want Abu Ismail as a president”.

    One of the speakers Mr. Osama Ezz El Arab who heads something called “ The revolutionary front to protect the revolution” announced at Abu Ismail stage that the “corrupted”constitutional declaration of March 2011 was toppled !! Strangely the crowed cheered for that where as most of that crowed voted that “corrupted” constitutional declaration !!!!!!!!! 

    Ezz El Arab declared that Abu Ismail has joined as a lawyer in Khairat El Shater defense team considering his legal status in presidential elections.

    If Hazem Abu Ismail got a stage in Tahrir square supporting his candidacy for presidency , Khairat El Shater got his supporters from MB who got these bags with names. Anyhow Abu Ismail was popular than El Shater in the square today , his campaign was already selling his T-shirts , posters and souvenirs. One of Abu Ismail’s campaigners told me that they invited the potential presidential candidate to attend the protest. Of course he did not attend because he got that jazz about his candidacy and his mother US citizenship debate.

    After leaving the square I found interesting stuff took place there like for instance a group of Al Azhar sheikhs attacked Sheikh Ahmed El Tayib of Al Azhar and described him as the puppet of SCAF. The other big moment I missed when the famous Aboud El Zoomor of Al Gama’a Al Islamiya spoke from the stage praising Abu Ismail and attacking Omar Suleiman. It is not a big surprise considering the fact that Abu Ismail believes that Bin Laden is a hero.

    Among those attended the protest and spoke to the public Sheikh Safwat Hegazy , MP Essam of Al Wasat Party and MP Mohamed El Beltagy of Freedom and Justice Party.

    The Bearded officers group was there in the square holding banners calling for their right to have a beard while they are in the force. Of course one must ask if they did understand that this protest was about specific thing other than their cause.

    Moving from the square to the rallies ,MPs from freedom and Justice party Led rallied from Giza as well Downtown Cairo to Tahrir square after Friday prayer against the Candidacy of the former Mubarak's remnants to presidency.   According to eye witnesses the rallies were huge and the organizers were keen to keep it free from partisan slogans or chants or demands of focusing only on chants like "Down with the regime".

    The revolutionary youth are angry from the Muslim brotherhood specifically and thus they can’t trust them and support them in similar protests. Already some revolutionary activists feared that today’s protest was another political maneuver between the MB and SCAF.

    Well it is indeed a maneuver and the MB is once again showing off its true size in front of SCAF and Egypt.

    Some people believe that this protest with that its Islamist color that no can deny is actually a good campaign of its own for Omar Suleiman who uses the fear from radical Islamist take over in the country.

    I look from the positive side and say that it is good to return back to the square even for certain goals , hopefully there will be more color in the square next Weekend insh Allah.

    I am so tired but I am uploading photos and videos as fast as I could.

    Friday 13th April 2012 protest in Tahrir

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    And here is Youssef Boutros Ghali running like a chicken when an Egyptian young man in London.

    London : Youssef Ghali

    The young man who spotted Ghali is an Egyptian doctor called Mohamed Abdel Ghanny , who lives and works there. Abdel Ghanny told Ghali that he is a fugitive thief.

    Youssef Ghali is enjoying the fact that London does not extradite thieves like him. There is already an Interpol red warrant for this man who is enjoying shopping in London.

    He was found guilty in absentia and sentenced to imprisonment for 30 years and fined 60 million Egyptian pounds for using the state’s assets in the NDP’s campaign as well using impounded cars for his personal use.

    This is not the first time Egyptians remind this man with his ugly reality. Egyptians forced him to leave a lecture he was invited to as a speaker at London School of economics from couple of months ago.

    This man is not less dangerous than the radical Islamists in London , he harmed millions of Egyptians deliberately with economic policies and corruption.

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    I think we should all pray for the city of Suez right about it is facing a huge catastrophe threatening the lives of thousands of citizens there.
    A photo from the fire
    A fire started at Nasr Petroleum Company “NPC” at one of the oil tanks late afternoon has resulted in a huge fire extended to other parts of the big complex in the city. According to the ministry of health one worker was killed and 14 were injured. April Youth 6 Movement in Suez says that 2 were killed including one from suffocation. It has been on fire 5 hours now.
    The explosion when it started "Ehab Samy"
    Here are videos after the explosions in the oil tanks.
    Suez : The fire at NPC
    Suez : NPC fires
    It is very critical situation. According to tweets from Suez at least 28 fire engines from 3 governorates are trying to do its best and from what I knew and understood the army sent 3 planes to put off the fire but it is too huge. Already there are 6 oil complexes besides this complex that are owned by major oil companies in the Middle East.
    Suez : Attempt to put off the fire

    The company has evacuated its workers from the location. The fire could be seen from miles. The Mosques in Suez are praying currently and people are worried and they have to. The elderly in town say that this fire reminds when Israel shelled the oil tanks in the city. Some people in Ras Sadr say that they can see the fire from there.
    Here is a close up video in high quality.
    Suez : NPC’s fire at 9.34 Suez local time.

    There is fear that the fire would reach some gas tank in the complex , if it does , it will be catastrophic.
    Suez : The fire from short time ago
    Sadly enough the fire news is not covered properly but any TV channel as all the shows are speaking about the updates except for Al Youm channel and Amr Adeeb’s TV show to be honest.
    Now according from what I read in the past hour NPC produces not less than 30% from Egypt’s local fuel and oil. It is very interesting fire in time we are suffering from oil shortage. There is no wonder that this fire is fueling the conspiracy theory especially with the potential presidential candidates’ exclusion news , people believe that someone is trying to create a new fuel crisis in the country.
    From what I understood the NPC complex is in front of a residential complex called "Al Safwa towers" . They are about 20 residential towers. There are news in the radio that the army is evacuating the buildings from the residents just in case.
    Here is the location of the NPC complex.
    The location of the complex 
    It is no time for politics.

    @12:27 PM 

    The governor of Suez is saying on Al Jazeera Mubshar  that 90% of the fire has been put off and is asking the people to return back home.
    Another news reports say that the fire was put off in 3 oil tanks and there is one oil tank on fire that is giving the authorities hard time. 
    Al Jazeera Mubshar's correspondent in Suez says the authorities are emptying the complex from inflammable chemical substances and are 'cooling' the tanks.

    @1:51 AM 

    The fire has not stopped yet and it seems that the army's jet has left because it could not stop the fire which can been seen from Ras Sadr. 
    Here are more updated photos including one from inside the complex.
    From RNN 
    From Ahmed Manshy 
    From Ahmed Manshy

    @12:02 PM 

    The fire is still on but from what I understood this is the oil and fuel fires can continue going one for hours. The preliminary losses are estimated by LE 10 million.
    Here is the latest photo from Suez.
    From Facebook 
    Technorati Tags: ,,,,,,,,,,,

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    And here is the video report I made about last April 13th Protest in Tahrir square that was organized by Muslim brotherhood against the candidacy of former regime’s icons to presidential elections.

    Please do not forget to have a look on the photo gallery for the photos I took on that day from the square.

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    Things in Cairo are developing so fast in a way that you do not have time to process and analyze everything , we are speaking about a political scene that is changing not every 12 hours but every 24 hours.
    Late last night the High Presidential elections committee announced from several hours ago in Cairo that it has excluded 10 potential presidential candidates from the elections after revising their documents .
    The 10 potential presidential candidates included names that would turn the table upside down. The big important names in the list of exclusion are as follows :
    1. Hazem Salah Abu Ismail as his mother turned to be an American citizen.
    2. Omar Suleiman as his campaign did not gather enough PAs from one the governorates as demanded by the HPEC.
    3. Khairat El Shater as he did not receive a rehabilitation order from judiciary that allows him to have his full political rights back after Al Azhar militias.
    The other candidates that were excluded :
    • Ayman Nour because he did not receive a rehabilitation order from judiciary that allows him to have his full political rights back.
    • Mortada Mansour because there is a fight currently taking place in the party ‘s leader that he represents “Egyptian National Party” and thus it is unclear if he was official presidential candidate representing the party or not.
    • Ahmed El Saidy  because there is a fight currently taking place in the party ‘s leader that he represents “Egyptian National Party” and thus it is unclear if he was official presidential candidate representing the party or not.
    • Ibrahim Gharib because he did not complete the 30,000 PAs and has got an American citizenship !!
    • Mamdouh Qotb because all the MPs representing Al Hadra Party “his party” have resigned from the party in order to object his candidacy.
    • Ashraf Baroma because he skipped military service
    • Hossam Khairat because there is a fight between him and Wahid El Ouxory on leading the Egyptian socialist party and thus he is not eligible to run till the dispute is over.
    All these excluded potential presidential candidates got 48 hours “15th and 16th of April” to appeal the decision of the HPEC.
    The HPEC letter regarding Suleiman's
    There are huge fear and anticipation from the anger of Hazem Abu Ismail’s supports and fans more than the reaction of Abu Ismail himself. They do not want to believe anyone or any evidence or even use their mind Abu Ismail is attacking the HPEC and he is even threatening to show documents that would expose everybody if he does not continue the race in a very sick move from a person who once gave an ultimatum to SCAF for 48 hours !!  Abu Ismail is going to appeal today as far as I know and he is accusing HPEC of fraud. Of course he called his supporters not to react. Abu Ismail can face jail time if it is proven has got the American citizenship. Hazem and his boys need a separate post because we are speaking about interesting
    The Omar Suleiman campaign suffered a shock after finding his name in the list. It turns out that he was excluded because he failed to score 31 PAs from Assuit in Upper Egypt in one of the biggest ironies. The campaign of the former VP used to brag that they scored PAs more than none Islamist candidate in the race !! Today the man behind Omar Suleiman , his bodyguard , his office manager and head of his campaign Hussein El Sherif went to the HPEC to ask about the procedures of the appeal in order to present it in time.  It is unclear if Omar Suleiman is going to complete the race or not with the contradictory statements of the legal experts , some say that he can’t provide PAs with old dates to the HPEC while others say he can. To avoid further embarrassment Suleiman halted the activities of his campaign till it is clear his position from the race. 
    Khairat El Shater’s legal team announced that they will appeal against the committee’s unfair order tomorrow on Monday according to a statement on Facebook , I do not know if the HPEC will be working or not considering that this is Sham El Nassim. El Shater’s legal team is insisting his legal position is 100% solid and they are going to continue the battle till he will run for presidency. Of course personally I know this may not be true.
    Nevertheless the Muslim brotherhood youth began to market for Mohamed Morsi , the substitute of El Shater in the presidential elections and the leader of the Freedom and Justice party. Now there is a fear among political powers that MB would hijack next Friday April 20th protest and dedicate to El Shater. 
    Ayman Nour’s position was surprising because just like El Shater , it is about his restoring his political rights and his rehabilitation. To be honest Nour did not have a strong chance in the race. 
    El Shater and Nour are receiving a lot of support against the committee’s unfair order including from rivals like Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh as both men considered to be the victims of the Mubarak’s regime who are being punished till this moment by false accusations.

    Mortada Mansour’s issue is more far complicated that partisan struggle on a failing party’s leadership and candidacy , the man is already on the run and is accused
    Mortafa Mansour 
    Last Friday the security forces raided his house in Mohendessin area in a scene that can be seen only in movies !! The man and his son escaped in to his son in law’s house which the police can’t get in to because his son in law is a judge !! A judge protects a fugitive !! At the same moment the neighbors of Mansour and his son in law are helping the authorities to arrest him. Mansour is accusing April 6th Youth movement of helping the police to arrest him. He is also accusing Sheikha Mouzza , the Qatari first lady to plotting to assassinate him !!Currently there are negotiations between him and the security forces at the same time he is asking the UN and international human rights to save as he is a presidential candidate !!
    Nevertheless Mansour sent an envoy to the HPEC to see what is the problem !! Welcome to the world of Mortada Mansour ,the wackiest presidential candidate ever. 
    Mamdouh Qotub , the second ex-GIS official to run for presidential elections literally destroyed the party he co-founded when leading
    Baroma's posters
    The biggest shock came when millions of Egyptians who live in Cairo and Giza found out that the guy whose posters are all over the streets “not Abu Ismail” , Mr. Ashraf Baroma aka Ashraf Rusty who promises to end poverty in less than 300 days can’t run because he escaped from military service !!!!!!!!!!! Strangely for two weeks we heard that a potential presidential candidate has skipped his military service and almost all the major the candidates showed their military ids during the military service and in the end it turns out it is Baroma aka Rusty
    The biggest shock is not that he was excluded but he applied and his documents were revised in the first place !!  Baroma leads some party we have never heard of him before !!
    It is not the end , the end officially will be on April 27th when the HPEC announces the final list of the presidential candidates after the appeals. According to the law the candidates can’t appeal the decisions of the committee in front of the court , they can appeal it in front of the HPEC only.

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  • 04/16/12--16:00: It is Spring Time
  • First of all Happy Sham El Nassim.

    I am sorry that I have not posted anything since early morning , I am trying to take a rest and enjoy a fine Sham El Nassim , I was planning to celebrate it by posting a photo gallery for Graffiti in the famous Mohamed Mahomoud street. Anyhow it is never too late. I am uploading them currently.

    Anyhow as I am celebrating Sham El Nassim , I would like to introduce you to the official Spring song in Egypt by Farid Al Atresh : The Spring Song

    Farid Al Atrash : The spring

    The Spring song was composed initially by Farid Al Atresh so the legendary Um Kalthoum aka Thouma would sing yet Thouma rejected the song because actually Thouma feared the music of Farid would cover her voice in other words she did not want his music to have an Upper hand over her voice. The music of Farid can be recognized from its beauty and thus Thouma feared that people would admire the music more than her voice.

    Those who love and familiar with the universe of Thouma , Abdel Wahab and Farid will know what I am saying about.

    Anyhow Thouma rejected it and Farid decided to sing it , it was the best decision ever taken by both legends. He presented it in a musical sketch in his musical “Afrita Hanem” which was produced in 1949. The clip above is from the film and the lady dancing in it is the famous Samia Gamal.

    Of course years later artistically Jealous Thouma wished that she would sing it.

    Farid Al Atresh is not the most cheerful singer if we are going to speak about his voice which is somehow sad but his music is legendary.

    That song was the nationalist anthem for the start of Spring in Egypt starting with the TV broadcast. Every Sham El Nassim the Egyptian TV used to have the Spring gala where all singers from around the Arab world came to sing in Cairo , Farid used to sing this song alive.

    Farid El Atrash sings “The spring in 1970 Spring Gala”

    Up till now no singer sang a song that celebrated Spring like Farid except Soad Hosni and her masterpiece, may Allah bless them both. 

    I am sorry again for this late Spring post and  I hope you enjoy the Spring song which young Egyptian generations ignore its importance in our pop culture.

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    Not only the man behind Omar Suleiman is back under the spot but he is aggressive with journalists when they asked about the position of Omar Soliman in the presidential elections !! 
    Masr 25 : The return of the man behind Omar Suleiman
    Major Hussein El Sherif aka the Man behind Omar Suleiman says that there was no comment about the candidacy of Omar Suleiman and his appeal after he was rejected by the High presidential elections committee last Saturday. This is the first time he speaks to TV cameras and you can imagine the negative reactions about his attitude , commentators online wonder if that was the attitude of El Sherif , how the attitude of Suleiman will be.
    I remember that people were begging the youth online to stop mocking him and calling him the man behind Omar Suleiman because it was harming his kids , well unfortunately he should get used to this because now he is a politician in the fire range of mocking. People have already started to mock on how we should be afraid more from El Sherif more than Suleiman because he will avenge for all the jokes about him following the famous February 11th speech.
    Al Ahram Online says that according to sources in Suleiman’s campaign that his appeal will be accepted tomorrow. The HPEC will issue its final decision regarding the appeal tomorrow Tuesday at 10 AM.
    On last Saturday we found out that Egyptian General Intelligence service aka GIS had issued a statement saying that it stands from equal distances from all presidential candidates adding that it is prohibited for the employees of the GIS to enroll in any political activity or partisan activity or in any electoral campaign according to article no.47 for Intelligence law no.100 issued in 1970.
    The statement added that any employee to be found violating this article is considered to be resigned from the date he joined any electoral campaign or his candidacy.
    Was Suleiman at his GIS office when he was speaking
    to Reuters' reporters ? 
    So El Sherif is no longer in the service of the GIS legally as he is the man who heads Omar Suleiman’s campaign accordingly.
    Strangely this statement was issued Saturday after the NY Times on last Thursday about Suleiman and how he still uses his office at the GIS to meet with visitors and journalists “I assume that this includes his latest interview with Reuters” and how his chief of staff Hussein El Sherif manages his campaign from the GIS’ headquarter !! Already did not media claim that El Sherif was a commander of some special force protecting Suleiman , now we know from foreign media that the man is more than a body guard !!?
    I think we need to know if Mr. El Sherif and his boss Suleiman are using the State’s properties and assets for their own proposes or not because in the end the GIS offices are state properties funded by the Egyptian tax payers money. We need another statement GIS about the curious case of Mr. Omar Suleiman and his faithful aide Mr. Hussein El Sherif.

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    on Tuesday 17/4/2012 this is what Egyptians should follow in the news :

    • The Port Said Stadium massacre trial “First session”
    • The petitions of the excluded presidential candidates.
    • The debate about the constituent assembly.
    • The debate about having the constituent first or elections first “oh yes we are back to this point once again !!
    • The fire has not been put off in Suez’s oil complex.
    • Fuel shortage in Sinai
    • On going protests and strikes in several factories.
    • Military judiciary law amendments in the parliament

    The Port Said stadium is adjourned to next 5th of May 2012. It is another spin off from our version of law and order !!

    I read from couple of days this tweet from a foreign reporter in Egypt that after so many years of having no real political life , Egypt is trying to restore all that time in one month !!

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    Abu Ismail supporters at the HPEC from the early morning
    The high presidential elections committee “HEPC” is going to announce tonight its final decisions regarding the excluded potential presidential candidates from the elections race. Despite nothing officially has been announced , leaks and sources in “Ahram Gate” , “Youm 7” and “El Badil” say that Khairat El Shater’s petition was accepted and he will continue in the race.
    Al Ahram Gate added that 8 of the disqualified members’ petitions and appeals were not accepted and that the fate of Khairat El Shater and Mamdouh Qotub will determine this afternoon.
    The HPEC has disqualified Hazem Abu Ismail , Omar Suleiman , Khairat El Shater , Ayman Nour , Mamdouh Qotub and other less famous 5 names from running in the upcoming elections for technical reasons earlier Saturday.
    I believe that El Shater and the brotherhood knew about the decision of HPEC despite the statements of his lawyer Abdel Moneim Abdel Maksoud. The MB already is organizing this big public meeting for El Shater in Cairo , in popular area of Sharbia for the first time and they have not cancelled it. I do not know if they reached to a deal with SCAF or what but there is something fishy.
    On other hand people are concerned from the anger of the Abu Ismail’s supporters who are already besieging the HPEC in Heliopolis and their reaction. Abu Ismail issued a statement to his followers today to be calm and not to lose their temper after knowing the final verdict of his Saga with HPEC.
    Some attributed the decision of the HPEC to delay its final announcement to Abu Ismail’s followers. Some think that the HPEC is waiting till they will get bored and leave their on going sit in around the HPEC headquarter if they delay the announcement !! Well they will not leave easily and we are all praying that they will not be dragged in to another round of violent clashes because of Hazem.

    Update @ 8 : 12 PM

    The HPEC has rejected all the petitions and appeals of all the excluded presidential candidates “10”.
    This means that Omar Suleiman , Khairat El Shater  , Hazem Salah Abu Ismail and Ayman Nour are not going to run. They can’t appeal in front of the courts.

    Now the only reaction we got is the severe anger of Abu Ismail and his supporters , I am scared that it will end with bloody violent clashes.
    The HPEC called a group of Salafist Sheikhs in order to see the documents that prove the American citizenship of Abu Ismail’s mom. Abu Ismail went to the HPEC HQ but the committee refused to let him in. Before announcing the results , Abu Ismail addressed thousands of his followers accusing the committee of lying and opening fire on everybody. It is a hysterical there.
    Abu Ismail added more action to the whole scene when he announced that he was going to start a sit in till the HPEC would announce the result, I do not know what he is doing now after the announcement of the petitions !!
    “Hazemoon” group , which is from the biggest Hazem Abu Ismail’s support group said that they will keep their protesting
    Hazem supporters online are extremely angry.
    The members of HPEC have managed to leave the HQ from the backdoors !!
    After knowing the decision Hazem considered the decision as an attempt to divide the society !!
    Nader Bakkar , the official spokesperson feels sorry for the supporters of Abu Ismail who insulting him and the party saying that if the party knew that he was right , it would have stood with him in a very interesting quote. 
    Now Khairat El Shater has reacted to his exclusion news in the public conference in Sharbia saying that his exclusion from the elections is an proof that the Mubarak still rules adding that they will continue in their peaceful struggle against that regime. El Shater also announced that the MB will join the next Friday Protest in Tahrir square announcing that they will have a sit in for a day or two.
    On the other hand the Freedom and Justice party announced that Dr. Mohamed Morsi , the FJP leader will continue in the presidential race as the official presidential candidate of the FJP , the political arm of MB in its official twitter account.
    The Muslim brotherhood and Freedom and Justice party have issued a joint statement from couple of hours announcing that Mohamed Morsi will continue the race as well condemning the decision of the HPEC. 
    The Muslim brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice are astonished on how the HPEC has rejected the petition of Khairat El Shater and his legal team despite all the papers and documents presented to the committee
    The Statement said.
    I beg to differ because El Shater's legal question is really questionable.
    The Man behind Omar Sulieman aka Hussein El Sherif , the manager of Sulieman's campaign has refused to comment to the media on the exclusion till the campaign receives an official notification from the HPEC. This is big blow to Sulieman without doubt.
    "Ana Asef Ya Rayes" the infamous Pro-Mubarak page that endorsed Sulieman for presidency announced that it respects the decisions of the HPEC.
    Other presidential candidates began to comment as well , for instance the veteran leftist presidential candidate and MP Ezz El Din Hariri criticized how some former presidential candidates and their supporters are protesting the decision of HPEC.
    On the other hand Khaled Ali , the other leftist potential presidential candidate and lawyer activist announced in an interview on Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr that he had no doubt that Hazem Abu Ismail’s mother was an Egyptian and that why he defended him and will continue to defend him. Khaled Ali already was defended Hazem Abu Ismail last week in front of the administrative against the ministry of interior.

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  • 04/18/12--03:21: #Sandstorm in #Cairo
  • We are having the worst sandstorm in Cairo today. It is the Khamsin in its official time after Easter.The storm started at 8:30 AM this morning. Suddenly we got this yellow color in the air.
    Here is Tahrir square from short awhile ago .
    Khamisn in Tahrir square "Kolena Khaled Said"
    Here are few shots I took today in my way to work.

    The Nile
    The other bank of the Nile

    Visibility is terrible .
    Be careful while driving on the desert roads in Egypt.
    The red sea ports authorities have already closed 4 ports in Suez because of the bad weather conditions. Cairo international airport announced emergency status as the lack of visibility will affect the landing and taking off.

    The storm has reached to several governorates whether Cairo, Alexandria , Marsa Matrouh , Asuit and Suez as a start. I do not know what is the effect of this sandstorm on the fire of Suez oil complexes. The temperature is expected to be low by the end of the day.

    0 0

    Strangely I was planning a post about the Egyptian Orthodox Christians who broke the orders of late Pope Shenouda III and decided to visit East Jerusalem aka Al Quds in the time of pilgrimage , in last Easter but instead yesterday I was writing a post about the surprise visit of Egypt’s current grand Mufti Ali Gomaa to the Holy City.
    Gomaa and prince Ghazi praying at the Dome of the Rock
    Sheikh Ali Gomaa was invited to visit the Holy places in East Jerusalem by the Royal Jordanian family which till this day is supervising the Islamic Holy sites in Jerusalem. “An information I have not known before that day”. He was accompanied by Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad , King Abdullah’s cousin and his chief religious advisor. They were inaugurating the renovation of the Mughrabi Bridge, which leads into the courtyard of al-Aqsa mosque as well The Ghazli seat. “I do not know it is except it is some sort of academic seat ” 
    He went He did not have an Israeli visa or permit directly but of course the Jordanian delegation had an Israeli permit. He considered it unofficial visit insisting that he still refuses all sorts of neutralization of relations with the Israel.
    The visit was a surprising one to everybody in Egypt including Gomaa adviser who was astonished and had to defend him on TV channels throughout the day. We only knew it from his official twitter account and his photos there.
    Sheikh Ali Gomaa arrived today to Al Quds in an unofficial visit to pray at Al Aqsa Mosque in solidarity with the Palestinian cause.
    I think Gomaa is the second Egyptian Mufti to visit Jerusalem if I am not mistaken since the historical visit of late President Sadat in late 1970s.
    Among all the jazz we are having currently in Egypt from on going daily political drama , we are having this discussion about the Mufti  and hundreds of students at Al Azhar university’s dorms rejecting the Mufti’s visit and demanding his resignation. Sheikh Al Azhar Ahmed El Tayib also slammed the visit.
    You can imagine the uproar in the Egyptian political scene after few hours of knowing this visit. The nationalists , leftists and Islamists suddenly found something to agree upon at last.
    Potential Presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh criticized the visit on his official twitter account
    Al Quds needs strong Egypt that supports its people and fight back the Judaization of the city , we reject visits from outside the national consensus. 
    Potential presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahi also attacked the visit asking Gomaa to resign Freedom and Justice Party , the political arm of MB also criticized the visit and announced in a statement issued last night that the Grand Mufti needs to be questioned regarding this visit.
    MP Essam Sultan of Al Wasat Party tweeted on his official twitter account that the visit of Mufti is going to divide the nation and that the communications the Palestinians need is their support against the judaization of the city. 
    Gomaa at Al Aqsa Mosque "Ali Gomaa's official twitter
    It is worth to mention that Gomaa is regarded another employee of the old regime appointed by Mubarak that should go, revolutionaries do not like him that much especially that he did not react strangely as expected after the murder of his chief of staff late Sheikh Emad Effat at Cabinet HQ clashes in late November 2011. “May Allah bless his soul”
    Sheikh Safwat Hegazy has announced that he will start a sit in till Gomaa resigns. Of course the radical and ultra-conservative sheikhs will find it a good opportunity to attack the Mufti whose views are considered open. Al Nour party already slammed him and issued a statement where it claimed that Gomaa polluted the chair of the grand mufti. We do not need this now.
    Arab activists also slammed the visit like for instance the famous Palestinian Poet Mourid Barghouti.
    At the same time Israel bans us from visiting Al Quds to attend the Friday prayer , it allows the visit of Egypt’s grand Mufti , his visit blesses how Israel denies us from Al Quds.
    In nutshell those against the visit consider it a dangerous attempt to neutralize the relations between Egyptian Muslims and Israelis as well an attempt to recognize the Israeli occupation to East Jerusalem.
    At the same time some Egyptians are debating that visit and cursing Ali Gomaa , Some Egyptians , Palestinians and Arabs welcomed this visit.
    Yemeni Islamist preacher El Habib Ali praised the visit and prayed to God to bless Gomaa for visiting Al Quds on his twitter account. Of course El Habib is not popular among Salafists and conservatives because he is a Sufi.
    El Habib later mentioned that in the time of crusaders’ occupation to the city , a Muslim cleric visited the city after taking a permission from
    Some Egyptians did not find a problem in the visit online and think that it was a positive way to fight back the Israeli occupation in East Jerusalem and West Bank. Some even suggested that we take the route of the East Jerusalem Palestinians to show the world how they are not let in to the city.
    Dear friend and blogger Mohamed El Dahshan is among that team and he already visited the West Bank and spoke at TEDex Ramallah in 2011.
    Some Palestinians believe that this visit was an important defense tactic against the continuing Judaization of the city like for instance the Mufti of Al Quds Mohamed Hussein who asked the Arabs and Muslims to visit the Al Quds in order to protect the city and Al Aqsa in an interview to MENA last month.
    Blogger Hanadi from Jerusalem asked the Arabs and Muslims to visit Al Quds because as she said in her blog in last February 2012 that “Visiting the prisoner does not mean that you recognize the warden” in reference to the dilemma facing the Arabs or rather the Egyptians and Jordanians when it comes to visit the occupied city.
    Tweep Ola Anan from Gaza also published a group of tweets she posted in her account defending the idea about visiting the old city.
    Those who think visiting Jerusalem while it is under the occupation is a neutralization with the Jews , should sit and wait till all its Arab residents extinct then cry 
    A 1960s ad from Lebanese newspaper about
    3 daily flights to Al Quds
    At the same time the Arab world is having its Arab spring , East Jerusalem seems to have its own on going autumn with the constant threats of radical orthodox Jews or the raids of the IDF inside the Al Aqsa and its mosques.
    By the way regarding the Egyptian Orthodox Christians’ visit to Jerusalem, well the Church still bans the visitations and according to news reports the representative of the Egyptian Orthodox Church at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre refused to receive them there by the orders of the Church in Cairo.  
    For me personally this is unneeded visit in a very critical time in Egypt , we do not need this debate and I think Ali Gomaa got friendships with the Royal Jordanian Family and can visit Al Quds personally not officially.
    Regarding visiting , well to be honest after reading Hanadi’s post as well Ola’s tweets and looking to the foreign activists’ visits to occupied territories as well this feeling I have as a Muslim when I see one of the most scared Holy sites facing huge constant danger , I believe we need a real rationale realistic dialogue without the old school of nationalism to see if our visits as Arabs and Muslims can help the Palestinian cause or will harm it without stupid treason charges to the end of that talk.
    It is a short visit but it has created a long debate and its impact will not end , it has just started.
    Here are more photos from the visit :
    In front of the Dome of the Rock "Getty"
    At the Yard of the Al Aqsa mosque
    "Ali Gamaa's official twitter account"

    0 0

    Here is the photo gallery I promised from several weeks ago when our young artists took their brushes and went to the famous Mohamed Mahmoud street and turned in to a piece of art thanks to their beautiful murals and graffiti.

    The graffiti commemorated the famous martyrs of the revolution and what followed it from clashes like in Mohamed Mohamed street and cabinet HQ and ending by the horrible Port Said stadium massacre.

    Unfortunately someone removed the graffiti of late Sheikh Emad Effat and police general Mohamed Batran may Allah bless their soul.

    The murals included beautiful images from the ancient Egyptian history as well expressive graffiti attacking Mubarak regime and SCAF. 

    I hope you enjoy it.

    0 0

    And Tahrir square will witness a big protest which hopefully will unit all the political powers in Egypt whether Islamist or non Islamist after months of fighting each other politically whether directly or indirectly. This is considered the first Friday since September 2011 to include both Islamist and Non Islamist forces. Some people are really putting high hopes that this protest will close the gap between the different political parties and powers in the country.

    Nearly 40 parties and powers declared their participation already in the big Tahrir Protest with so many names as usual. The Muslim brotherhood called it “The determination Friday” while Revolution Youth Coalition and Maserna called it “ No for constitution under the military rule”.

    There will marches from all over Cairo and Giza that will head to Tahrir square. There will be at least 4 marches from Cairo and Giza that will meet at 3:30 PM and 4 PM CLT at Kasr Al Nil bridge.

    Potential presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabahi will head a march from Dokki to Tahrir square while Potential presidential candidate Khaled Ali will pray at Mostafa Mahmoud mosque and head the march from there to Tahrir square. Speaking about presidential campaigns , Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotoh Campaign will participate in the protest while he will tour the Northern villages of Giza. Needless to say the MB will campaign for Mohamed Morsi in the square like El Shater last week.

    The Non Islamist parties and movements that are going to participate in the protest include : Revolution Youth coalition , April 6th Youth “Ahmed Maher Front and Democratic Front” , Maserna Movement , El Adl Party , Egyptian Social Democratic Party , Socialist Popular alliance party 

    The Islamist parties that are going to participate in the protest are : Freedom and Justice party ,Al Asala Party , The Salafist Front , Al Gama’a Al Islamiyya and Al Fadila party.

    Now it is said that this is a unity Friday yet strangely nobody knows the true united goals of this Friday because it seems that everybody has its goals aside from ending the military rule.

    The Revolution Youth Coalition , April 6th Youth movement , Masrena Movement , Abu El Fotoh campaign, El Tayar Misry Party and Al Wasat Party issued a list for their demands which I think most Egyptians will agree upon : Issuing Disfranchisement law  , ending the emergency law status and military trials for civilians , having a real constituent assembly that represent all Egyptians.

    The Muslim brotherhood issued a statement on Wednesday about what they want from the protest and they were clear : They want to form the government , have presidential elections in time and they want people to elect their presidential candidate !!

    The Salafist Front issued a strong statement criticizing SCAF for dividing the political powers in Egypt and stating that the former regime icons are trying to get control of the country. I am quite surprised of their statement.

    Al Nour party’s position is unclear , they said that its members are free to do what they want. Without doubt its members and supporters will go to Tahrir square to support Abu Ismail and his boys.

    Abu Ismail boys can say what they want , we all know that if the man was going to continue the race we would not have seen them in square like that.

    There is a big fear that there will be another Islamist show off protest and that the MB sells the revolutionaries and liberal parties once again for their own goals and this is why you will find many activists and protesters individually are not encourage to go to the protest despite all the good talk about unity.

    MP Mostafa El Naggar told me already that he will leave if he finds the protest turned in to Islamist show especially if Abu Ismail’s supporters take over the protest.

    Another fear among non Islamist activists is the clashes or the overreaction and enthusiasm of Hazem Abu Ismail’s supporters who are mad on how he was excluded from the elections.

    Despite Abu Ismail boys are not responsible for what happened in October bridge last night yet there are fears that they may escalate their protest especially after this post of TV host Abdel Rahman Ezz who supports Abu Ismail and included a plan to close October 6 bridge and besieging the Egyptian National TV.

    It is worth to mention that April 20 protest was originally planned by non Islamist forces.

    It is 12:12 AM currently and according to eye witnesses there are 6 stages , one of them is for the Muslim brotherhood , another is for Abu Ismail supporters who moved their sit in from the Presidential elections committee “PEC” in Heliopolis to Tahrir square. 6 Stages !! This is so much for unity !!

    Already right now there are hundreds of protesters in Tahrir square whom some of them are actually chanting anti-MB slogans from now. “Sell, sell the revolution Badie” They say and Badie as in Mohamed Badie , the Supreme guide of Muslim brotherhood.

    Of course one must wonder why SCAF has not got a stage there already.

    Insh Allah I will be covering the protest live after few hours.

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  • 04/20/12--03:17: #April20 in Tahrir : Live
  • It was only 10:30 AM and the Tahrir was nearly packed thanks to the huge mobilization again of Muslim brotherhood to their members from all over the country to Tahrir square. The Salafist presence is bigger than last time as Salafists are angry for excluding Hazem Abu Ismail from presidential race. Both Salafists and MB are securing the square. You can see the buses that transferred the MB Members to Tahrir square outside

    The square.

    There are hundreds of thousands already in the square according to my estimation before the Friday prayer. The MB members came with their full families again. Despite the hopes that there will be one flag today , there are lots of Islamist flags whether black and white. The MB and freedom and justice party banners are not hides

    There are anti-SCAF chants and anti-felol chants as well. there are banners against the candidacy of Amr Moussa and Ahmed Shafik as well SCAF

    The ministry of health sent many ambulances Just in case. street vendors are having their best time selling cold beverages and hot meals starting with beans and ended with liver !! The Abu Ismail stuff from caps, t-shirts

    There are 8 stages I spotted so far :

    1. The MB which is the biggest at KFC
    2. The April 6 youth stage "I think Democratic front"
    3. Two for Salafists including one for Hazem Abu Ismail campaign "both actually are mad about him"
    4. Two unknown stages which I will check from
    5. The justice and freedom youth stage "unrelated to MB"
    6. The youth of taxation authority.

    It is extremely hot. It is midday and already got four flyers , one from taxation authority youth about the corruption within the authority , one from the officers with a beard guys ,one from the central audit organization and the last one is from Hazem Abu Ismail boys regarding his case.

    Wait for more updates.

    0 0

    I am so surprised on how some people claiming to be anti-military rule pro-democracy liberals share parts of Gamal Abdel Nasser’s speeches in 1960s about the Muslim brotherhood on social networks whether blogs or twitter of Facebook to show their disgust from the MB and how the MB have been manipulative who care only for their own interest.
    Here are the clips I am speaking about
    Nasser’s opinion about MB
    In that clip above Nasser spoke about how foreign powers sponsored the MB with weapons and money then he spoke about how socialism does not contradict with Islam to the end of that talk to attack the MB and their way of thinking.
    Nasser speaks about El Houdabi’s suggestion
    Nasser and El Houdabi "May Allah bless their souls both"
    in the good short old days pre-1954
    That clip he had recounted his meeting with late supreme guide of Muslim brotherhood Hassan El Houdabi where he claimed that El Houdabi asked him to impose veil on Egyptian ladies in 1953 by law. Of course Nasser wondered why El Houdabi did not enforce the veil on his daughters and the audience mocked from the idea and the veil in the worst typical Nasserite way ever.
    I do not understand at all how some people claiming to be standing against the military rule and yet say that the Muslim brotherhood deserves the humiliation and suffering they saw in time of Nasser till his death !!!
    What Nasser did to the Muslim brotherhood and other political powers and activists who did not accept or agree with his policies from terrible inhuman crackdown had one description in the political dictionary : DICTATORSHIP
    Yes Nasser just like a human has his ups and downs , he did good things and also did bad things and in my point of view we are paying its price up till now and I am not speaking the six days war disaster but I am speaking about the military rule which we are trying to put an end for after 6 decades in Egypt. This does not mean I do not approve on some of Nasser’s policies but I will deny the facts.
    The Muslim brotherhood seeks power in order to have their own regime based on their principles , whether you like them or not , whether you like their ways or not you have to admit that there is no single political power in the world from extreme left to extreme right that does not seek power and rule in order to prevail !!
    I am not defending the MB , they got their big media machine but I am speaking about the double standards that I am sick of these days. 
    By the way I hope my dear Syrian friends also stop quoting Nasser and his famous speech where he slammed the Syrian Baath because according to some Syrian friends who do not hate Nasser , the man introduced to Syria the concept of Police state.

    0 0

    Al Arabiya News network has reported from short awhile ago that Egypt has cancelled the gas deal with Israel today from one side.
    Haartez has published that the National gas company in Egypt “EGAS” has notified EMG that it will cancel the gas deal with Israel on Sunday. Of course this word “will” means that it is not confirmed 100%. There is no official reaction from Cairo or Tel Aviv up till now.
    The Israeli media consider this a breach to the Egyptian Israeli Peace agreement. According to some experts in the Egyptian Israeli peace agreement there is nothing about gas deal to Israel. There is nothing regarding Jordan though as it is a deal originally between two companies “EMG” and “Ampal
    The decision was taken after the public hero aka Masked man has blown up the gas pipeline of gas to Israel and Jordan nearly 14 times. There have been many theories about who really stood behind these explosions. On public level there is a complete refusal for exporting gas to Israel in Egypt whether before or after the revolution. The Egyptian parliament after the revolution has demanded the government to stop exporting gas to Israel.
    Already Hosni Mubarak and Husseim Salem as well former minister of oil Sameh Fahmy are accused of exporting gas to Israel among the charges they are already facing.
    According to some sources Egypt supplies nearly 45% of Israel’s gas supply. The deal was Egypt to export gas to Israel for a very low price compared than the average world price for 20 years
    It is worth to mention that there has been news through the past year with all the news of blasting the pipeline in North Sinai to Jordan and Israel about how Qatar was going to export gas to Israel instead of Egypt.
    The decision is taken after the huge fire of the Suez’s Nasr oil co. which has affected Egypt’s domestic oil and gas supply. It is also taken after two days from Israel’s warning to its tourists to leave Sinai ASAP because there will be a terrorist act soon.
    Despite many people in Egypt wanted to this happen , some on twitter say that it is a wicked move so SCAF would rule the country , well unfortunately SCAF is already ruling the country and it is popular among the public especially with stumbles of the MB.

    Update : 

    Ok news are contradicting in Cairo. There are military sources as well the minister of oil in Egypt have denied the news that they cancelled the agreement to export gas to Israel while there are confirmed sources say that Cairo has canceled the deal !!
    Anyhow there is news that Egypt has cancelled the deal with EMEG because it has not paid its dues to EGAS since 2010 !!! The gas has been cut since Thursday according to news report.
    Ampal has issued a statement from short awhile considering the decision unlawful 

    0 0

    I am fed up with all the officials of Egypt and Israel speaking diplomatically on how the sudden decision to cut the gas supply to EMG and thus to Israel was not a political decision but rather economical decision.
    Already it were an economical decision and EMG did not pay since 2010 , why did not EGAS end the deal all that time !!? Simply because the decision was connected to politics and no one can deny. Of course the question now in the minds of many is “Why now”.
    It is a good question but let’s not spoil the point of following the law and not forget that Egypt is in bad gas crisis not to mention this has been a popular demand for years now
    On the other we do not know if that was temporarily suspension or not as the minister of international cooperation , the Iron lady of Egyptian politics Faiza Abu Naga stated officially today that Egypt was ready to negotiate again about gas deal with Israel with new prices. Abu Naga’s statements are interesting indeed.
    Strangely the Israeli officials have stressed that this is not a political decision and rather economic decision that will not affect the Egyptian Israeli relations. Yet in the Israeli press we hear big words from this and that figure in Israel like Yuval Steinitz, the minister of finance in Israel who described the move as “a dangerous precedent that threatens Egyptian Israeli bilateral ties.” as well Shaul Mofaz , the Kadima opposition party leader who considered the decision as a violation to the Camp David Accords despite it has nothing to do with the accords !!
    Anyhow Bibi stated on his official twitter account as well his spokesperson's twitter account that  there is no problem because Israel has got its own gas sources that will make Israel a major exporter of gas !!!

    Already if you got that big reserve of gas , why do you import from Egypt !!? Needless to say that gas treasure Bibi is speaking is in a disputed area.

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