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    Cairo had today one hell of a dust storm in the morning that we have not seen from yeas if I am not mistaken.
    From the window of my dear sweet friend Miral

    Tweep Nahla Mohamed took this photo
    According to Egyptian calendar , we are in the month of Amshir and our elder say that month is divided in to three parts : The first part is cold , the second part is hot and the third last part is stormy !! We are in the last part hopefully before our Spring which is not less stormy to be honest and realistic !!

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    Early morning we knew from news wires and agencies that official sources in Damascus that the Syrian Arab army will put an end to those militant gangs in Bab Amr in Homs today.

    This meant one thing a major offensive that would include ground operations in the old quarter that has been isolated from the world since the morning , we do not know anything except for hours now that 20,000 Syrian citizen are trapped there along with 4  Foreign journalists. “ Warning +18 : As well the bodies of Marie Colvin and Rami Ochlik”

    The Syrian Arab army tried to storm the quarter from 4 areas and they have failed thank God 1000 times despite it was a ground attack. The Free Syrian army and the resistance in Bab Amr reportedly did a fantastic job in resisting the SAA. The SAA reached to an area called Hakora in Baba Amr and had to pull back because of the resistance in the area.

    The FSA has reportedly lost a lot of men and arms especially that it does not own tanks as well their priority is transfer the women and children to safer places.

    You must know that it is snowing since afternoon in Homs , despite the weather helped the people of  Bab Amr  , unfortunately the people in city of Homs are suffering the lack of electricity and fuel and you can imagine how they feel right now.

    By the way here is a very rare interview for late journalist Anthony Shahid before 2 hours of his murder in Idlib , Syria. 

    Anthony Shadid’s last interview

    Link :

    Bab Amr’s entry in Wikipedia “AR”

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    The U.S NGOs workers have left Egypt today, they were taken by that U.S military plane that had land surprisingly in the Cairo international airport last night with no pre-knowledge of the airport officials. The military intelligence dealt with that U.S army small plane sent to get their U.S citizens.
    That U.S military plane is going to head back to Cyprus where it came from and the 16 U.S NGOs workers on its board. The other foreign NGOs workers from Britain and Serbia have also left.
    A Video Shot earlier showing the foreign NGOs workers at Cairo airport
    The U.S embassy billed them out for $ 5 million. The Egyptians involved in the case are expected to be accused of a felony. Unlike what the official media claimed in Egypt all defendants in this case are facing only two charges related to unregistering the foreign NGOs and illegal funding.

    I did not want to speak about the U.S NGOs trial because I knew there was more in the case that we did not know and it was not about NGOs or human rights or standing against SCAF. For weeks I have been overwhelmed with rumors , tips and news and trying to put pieces of puzzles together to understand what is going on. Still I think today is a good day to chat all my thoughts about this case.
    From  legal point of view yes the NDI,IRI and Freedom House did something illegal against the law of the country according to our current laws that need to amended. From legal point of view and even from national security point of view you have to investigate the foreign funding coming to every NGO in the country. From legal point of view these NGOs should not get involved in politics according to current NGOs law.
    Those US NGOs was that they were receiving small funding before the revolution but then their funding after the revolution hit the ceiling , it was strange but come on we are time of revolution, elections and new parties needed to be trained for democracy , they need to expand ..etc.
    To be fair not only them because we got also Salafist NGOs that millions of dollars from Qatar according to the investigation of the public prosecutor and we are waiting to see what their issue is.
    Already I do not think that an Egyptian NGO will be able to operate illegally without registration and receive huge funds from Egypt or the Gulf besides getting involved in politics in the United States. Already I think the Islamic NGOs in the States and their funds from Saudi Arabia have been through hells in the past 10 years after 9/11.
    The US NGOs accused in the case wanted to register officially after the revolution but FM then Nabil Al Araby refused their request because it was against the current NGOs laws in Egypt. The NGOs are  not allowed to practice politics in Egypt officially. Indeed the current NGOs law sucks and needs to be changed , we need much easier one with less rules.
    Anyone who understands in politics, international relations and history will know that in backstage it was and is another issue going on between D.C and the Cairo. It is not a master and slave relationship like that group of tweeps are speaking about on the internet , it is all about interest , game of interest as well game of survival.
    The United States administration does not care about human rights or NGOs , it is only about the political and economic American interests. I do not know how SCAF thinks but I know the safe exist is too hard for their ego and they have their own calculations God only knows about.
    SCAF’s popularity hit the sky especially it appeared that it did something Mubarak failed to do , it kicked out bad unregistered US NGOs from the country that Mubarak could not kick despite their illegal status because of the American pressures. It is worth to mention the US NGOs used to work with the NDP before the revolution. The popularity increased when some congressmen began to speak about the U.S aid in terrible economic situation and SCAF made it clear to the Yankees that we do not accept blackmail.
    McCain and Tantawy last February 20th (AFP)
    I know that the military delegation that traveled to D.C did not stay too long and ended the negotiations as if they presented their take it or leave it offer then Dempsey comes and urges us to solve the dispute of NGOs.
    I know that US newspapers spoke about the Egyptian army’s finances then the Democrats wanted to increase the aid to Egypt against the Republicans wish in the congress. Then McCain himself comes in a short visit where he said that we were going to solve the case as friends. It is worth to mention this was the second visit for McCain in Egypt after the revolution , the first one was during the Libyan revolution. McCain is speaking about arming the Syrian opposition with direct US involvement.
    Surprisingly after months of delay we found the aids from the Gulf began to flock after reading in Al Ahram newspaper that Iranian businessmen were going to invest in Egypt for the first time since 3 decades. And yesterday the US detainees in the NGOs Case were released and U.S Military plane comes to take them away from our country and its detention. The US praises the judiciary in Egypt
    Economically we are not doing  well and regionally Syria is the new battlefield between the U.S and Russia and its alley in the region “Iran”. Politically speaking the U.S is entering an elections season while the Middle East is on fire. As much as it seems that it has made scenarios to deal with SCAF and the Islamists yet it seems for sometime it had a problem with SCAF despite its need for a real old alley in Cairo.
    AGAIN The US administration does not care and will never care for real democracy or the human rights record to the end of these words that were commercialized long enough till they have lost their meanings; they only care for the US administration POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC INTERESTS.
    What happened between the D.C and SCAF is the million dollars question for real. What made SCAF played a game Mubarak in 30 years had not dared to play and to stand even for weeks against U.S like that !? I heard a lot of rumors including a disturbing one which says that After the clashes of last November 2011 D.C began to think about SCAF Alternatives from inside and outside the army. I do not know how accurate that one is but for searching a SCAF alternative from inside the army means backing a coup 1952 copycat for real that time. Was that the reason ? God only knows along with a group of men and women for real in both countries.
    The Anti-SCAF and Pro-SCAF supporters now are united with their anger on how the American NGOs workers are let ago like that after a phone call to the court. Some are wondering about the fate of the Egyptian NGOs workers involved in the trial. All the people are angry on how the judiciary in Egypt was cornered despite the fact the anti-SCAF supporters did not , do not and will not trust the judiciary system and that particular panel of judges in this particular case.
    Of course the million dollars question : If the case continued in front of the Egyptian court , would this be the reaction of those Anti-SCAF supporters ? will they speak about the free judiciary !? I doubt it.
    And yes I am angry that the story ended like that. It should not be ended by a telephone call , more dignified end please, more clear end to the Egyptians involved in the case as it is not guilt that they do not have an American passport !!
    We will not learn the truth this month or even this year regarding this crisis for sure yet I am waiting for the memories of Faiza Abu El Naga and how she will defend herself in front of the world.

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    First who is Matt ?

    He is the guy who dances around the globe in this nice video clip.

    Where the hell is Matt ?

    You can know more about this inspiring young man from his official website. 

    Now Matt is coming next Sunday to Cairo to do his little dance in none other than Tahrir square from 2 PM to 3 PM CLT. At any other thing I would love seeing Matt in Tahrir square but I am afraid that I am concerned about his safety especially now.

    Tahrir square is not safe and even the activists and protesters know. In the past two weeks they attempted to clean the square from the thugs sent by the security apparatuses in order to scare people from the square and to give that bad impression about Tahrir square protesters.

    This is why I think such event needs to attract more people than those who said that they will attend the event on Facebook. If anything happens to Matt , this will affect our tourism, our image abroad and will damage the Tahrir image in Egypt more than it is damaged image already. We need to restore our square clean for real.

    Instead of Tahrir square now ,I think Matt should dance in front of our Pyramids or in Aswan as people there are more friendly and merrier than in Cairo.

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    Mulham Al Jundi is the young citizen journalist from Homs who managed to get in to the city despite the El Assad forces’ strong siege. Al Jundi gained popularity in the social media as well international mainstream media as most websites now use his photos from Homs “Which I posted here , check 1, 2, 3” as well his live

    Mulham El Jundi in Homs
    Mulham El Jundi in Homs
    stream footage.

    The young SNC member was injured earlier last week in his leg thanks to a bloody El Assad’s sniper on some rooftop. Still he was like the ambassador of the media in Homs.

    I was lucky enough to speak with Mulham for couple of minutes online on February 28,2012 after  , here is our short interview.

    EC : How are things in Homs today “February 28th,2012” , is the shelling today as strong as in the past 25 days ?

    MJ : Things are the same in Bab Amr yet the shelling was less tense in other quarters , the shelling today is concentrated in Bab Amr and Job Al Jandali quarters.

    EC : We have seen the photos you took from Homs’ quarters and I notice that

    Bullet holes in Riyad El Salahin mosque halls
    Bullet holes in Riyad El Salahin mosque halls
    the buildings seemed to be deserted , where do the people go ? Did the families leave to another quarter or another governorate ?

    MJ : There are some people who moved to other quarters while other people left Homs to Damascus. There are some people that took shelter in the mosques

    EC: And the mosques themselves are being shelled !!

    MJ : This is what we can do now , we can not do more than that , we can try to provide them safety as well shelter in other homes. Some Syrians abroad gave their keys to the people in Homs so the families live there , some people are hosting complete families in their homes thus having two families instead of one because of the shelling.

    EC : What about the food and medicine supply to the city ? Is the food smuggled from other governorates as the city is besieged ? The photos you took show field

    Field hospital in Karm El Zaytoun
    Field hospital in Karm El Zaytoun
    hospitals set up in Pharmacies with the current supply in the city , does anyone try to get supplies in to the besieged cities ?

    MJ : We buy and bring supplies from other governorates , there are warehouses prepared to keep the food and medicine in case of invasion but the problem is in Baba Amr. We can not get access in to Baba Amr unlike other quarters.I do not know if you heard about the incident where the El Assad troops killed about 60 young men from Bab Amr from two days , we do not know if they had women or elder or children.

    EC : Is the Free Syrian army inside Bab Amr ? Are not there any operations outside the quarter in order to lessen the pressure on its people ? “This interview was before the storming of Bab Amr in the past two days”

    MJ : The problem we can’t help to lessen the pressure outside Bab Amr because El Assad army got tanks , the Free Syrian army has not got tanks. All what they have from weaponry in Bab Amr is light arms in order to protect the civilians. Now if the El Assad army decides to go in to Bab Amr with tanks , it will be a lost battle for the Free Syrian army. 

    EC : Like what happened in Hama in 1982.

    MJ :Exactly , El Assad’s army up till now did not storm the city with tanks for a reason beyond me, it is only bombarding the city , may be they do not want losses in the army if there is ground offensive. It depends on bombardment from the university area , from Homs’ castle

    “Again this interview took place on February 28,2012”

    EC : What about the other quarters , we know that Homs got several quarters and the El Assad forces attack other quarters besides Bab Amr like Karm El Zaitoun and El Khalidiya. In February 2012 the bombardment was focused on 6 quarters only , correct me if I am wrong. Why does the Syrian Arab army focus on these quarters ? Why does it target Bab Amr ?

    MJ :In the beginning of the revolution last year there was that personnel problems between big ranked Alawi officers from El Assad army and those big figures from the elder in Bab Amr that are widely respected by the residents , verbal fights took place then those army officers claimed in their report that there are militant gangs , tanks , helicopters and rockets in Bab Amr. That report presented to the commanders of the army made them believe they should wipe that quarter and that why they had to focus on it.

    EC : Ok I am going to ask the next question and I am sorry if it is a silly one but unfortunately the Arab and Egyptian media and some Salafist parties in Egypt show the matter as if it were a sectarian issue between the Shiite and Sunni Sects , you are currently in the battlefield , do you see that it is sectarian conflict or the a fight against a dictatorship that uses sectarianism to divide the people. Describe what is really taking place because in the Egyptian parliament there are MPs that consider it a sectarian conflict ?

    MJ : For 40 years we are living in Syria , Syria is one of the country with multi-sects , we got Muslims, Salafists, Christians, Alawis , Jews. We do not have sectarian problems , just personal problems. Since the start of the revolution in Daraa and the regime started to use the sectarian game in order to turn the Alawis and the Shiites against the revolution. It used to accuse the Salafists and Muslims at first. From two days I could not go to the field hospitals I used to go because of the bombardment and went for the first time a field hospital near where I am staying. That field hospital is being operated by our brothers from Christians and they welcomed me. They are supporting the revolution and treat the injured. They know that Bashar El Assad uses sectarianism to break down the revolution. Some people understand the whole issue correctly while others are fooled by the media.

    EC : Did El Assad troops really destroy the big old clock of El Khalidiya square yesterday ?

    MJ : We got this news as you did and we checked from it and it turned to be untrue Thank God.

    EC : Ok this is the last thing,  I want you tell your friends that we are not silent in Cairo ,today we had a big march from Cairo University representing the university students holding a very long Syrian flag , the Syrian flag of independence.They went to the Syrian embassy then they headed to the Russian embassy. We are all with you.

    MJ : Thank you.

    Ok I admit that I am not good in interviews and I know that I should ask Mulham a lot of questions but I felt that I had already asked him a lot of questions indeed on that day. 

    Here are the latest photos Mulham El Jundi has uploaded online showing areas in the city of Homs covered in snow. You can notice how deserted they area.

    And this is the latest video Mulham recorded from Homs showing a protest in this cold weather , thank God the spirit of those great people is high.

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    And today is another Friday in Syria , another round of protests through out villages and cities across the country against El Assad regime despite the extreme cold weather in the country.
    Today is another Friday in Syria and the Syrians participating in the protests are demanding the world to provide the Free Syrian army with arms proper enough to stand against Syrian Arab army.
    Here is a protest earlier this morning from Aleppo , from El Bab area.
    Aleppo : 2 March protests
    Reef Dimshaq : 2 March Protests
    Idlib : 2 March Protests
    Today is another Friday in Syria , another massacres are committed against the civilians. The top massacre of the day is in the city of El Rastan in Homs , a terrible massacre against the protesters in the city. Horrible footage is emerging from there , I do not know what kind of weapons used but this like mortars !! “+18 Very graphic footage”
    Rastan : The massacre of Rastan
    Rastan : The massacre of Rastan
    Rastan : The Massacre of Rastan
    Rastan : The massacre of Rastan
    According to The Local Coordination Committees in Syria the number of Syrian martyrs has reached 56 including a child and 2 women woman, 14 martyrs were executed in the field in Baba Amr, 16 martyrs from Rastan32 martyrs in Homs, 11 martyrs from Idlib including two martyrs in Saraqeb, 4 martyrs from Aleppo,5 martyrs in Deir Ezzor, 2 martyrs in Douma and a martyr each in , Hama and Lattakia
    Today Egyptians protested in solidarity with Syria in both Cairo , Alexandria and Suez . The protesters in Cairo protested in front of the Iranian commission.
    In Suez 
    in Alexandria 
    In Cairo 

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    This is the first time we cover the draft of the Egyptian constitution from more than 60 years like that , this is the first time we blog about drafting the Egyptian constitution after the revolution.
    Today the parliament “Upper house and lower house” is having a joint meeting to discuss the standards of choosing the members of the constituent assembly. It is the first from three to discuss those standards or rather choose these standards. 
    It is worth to mention that according the constitutional declaration the presidential elections should be held before drafting the constitution. Also according to the that constitutional declaration issued  the constituent assembly is made of 100 member.
    The discussion now is the presentation of how we are going to choose these members and the percentage of the parliamentarians , here is how it went.
    • Freedom and Justice Party “Representing the Muslim brotherhood” suggests that the constituent assembly should be made of  40 parliamentarian and 60 from outside “30 Public figures and 30 representing different institutions”
    • Al Nour Party “Salafist Party"  suggests that the constituent assembly should be 60 parliamentarians because they were elected by Egyptians directly and thus represent the society fairly and 30 public figures. The party is speaking on how the the previous constitution neglects the identity of the Nation “Islamist”
    • Al Wafd Party supports FJP’s suggestion
    • The Popular alliance party “Leftist” says the constituent assembly needs more representation from outside and that why we do not need big numbers from Parliamentarians.
    • Al Gama’a Al Islamiya party says that 70% from the constituent assembly’s should be from the Parliamentarians and 30% should be from outside.
    • Al Wasat Party “Moderate Islamist Party” believes that the percentage of representation is not important as much as it is the competency of the constituent assembly.
    • Al Horreya Party “NDP Offshoot” believes that the constituent assembly should be made of 50% of parliamentarians and 50% members from outside the parliament.
    • Social Democratic Party suggests that the 1/4 of the constituent assembly from the parliamentarians and 2/3 from outside. The party also suggests that 1/3 of the assembly’s members will be from women , different religions and geographic areas in Egypt  
    • El Adl Party supports the suggestion of the FJP as long as there is no domination for specific party. He also added that there should be better representation for women , youth and revolution.
    • MP Amr Hamzawy “Independent” suggests that the constituent committee is made of 30 parliamentarian and 70 members from outside.
    • The Labor party “Islamist” suggests having elections to elect the members of the constituent committee using the list system.
    • MP Amr Shobky of my district “Political science activist” said that the majority in the parliament can choose a government and not to draft a constitution. He added that the Islamic identity is not threatened in this constitution and we need a constitution that represent the Egyptian society and not the majority in the parliament. 
    Now important remarks :
    • Different Institutions that should be represented in the constituent committee includes the unions and syndications “MB got strong presence there” as well diplomatic service , army , police , religious institutions and above them judiciary
    • Constitutions are not that constant , they can be changed and amended so easily with any change in the parliamentary membership structure in the next parliament
    The members of the parliament as well citizens and all sectors in Egypt are going to send their suggestions to committee regarding the standards of the constitute assembly for a whole week , then  there will be another joint session on March 17th to discuss the suggestions. On March 24th the Upper House and Lower House will have another joint session to elected the constituent assembly.
    Field Marshal Tantawy , the head of SCAF was supposed to attend the session and address the parliament but did not come for so-called “security reasons”. It is noticeable that Tantawy only address armed forces in public and has never addressed civilians or parliamentarians. 

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    Last March 1st ,2012 after we found that Saudi Arabia is pumping aids to Egypt after the big act of PM Ganzoury , we read in the newspaper and news website that the King Abdullah bridge project is being resurrected once again.
    King Abdullah bridge project was an ambitious project suggested to have a bridge between Egypt and Saudi Arabia during the time of Mubarak to end the accidents of Egyptian ferries especially after the disaster of the Salem 95 ferry. I did not support that project during the time of Mubarak because of its ecological effects on the red sea especially we were speaking about very special coral reef area then. For political reasons then Mubarak did not want the project.
    Tiran area Coral Reef 
    In July 2011 we got this small news that the bridge will connect Sharm El Sheikh and Tabuk then in August 2011 in the Israeli embassy incident when we were busy Globe and Mail published a great simplified report about the project with its pros and cons. According to that report the bridge will connect between the Egypt and KSA through the straits of Tiran and will pass through the disputed Tiran island and Sanafir Island. After several months and showing an improvement in our Egyptian-KSA relations early last month we found out the ministry of transportation is saying that the work in this project will start by mid 2013.
    Despite what it seems to be the project of the century that would turn Egypt rich in no time , I do not support this project. I do not support this project for ecological reasons. I am not environmentalist to provide a detailed study but I know simple science facts :
    Coral Reef in Tiran Island by Peter Geervliet
    • The construction of that bridge or even bringing strange elements to the marine life will alter the whole ecosystem in the area whether in Egypt or in Saudi Arabia or in Jordan or in Israel whether during the construction of that bridge or afterwards
    • There is something called food chain in the wild life just as the marine life if one single small thing changed in that chain the whole ecosystem changes for ever whether on the medium or long term or even on the short term
    • We are speaking about one of the few places in the world with a marine life like no other , we are speaking about very rare sensitive creatures fighting for their survival already against wars,ships , oil rigs and divers since through out 20th century for God's sake. 
    • Please read this simplified entry in Wikipedia about the human impacts and the coral reefs.
    • The Red Sea includes 6000-year-old fringing reefs located around a 2,000 km (1,240 mi) coastline
    • I only knew about the Tiran and Sanafir islands dispute or rather complexity between Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel now. My concern is not Geopolitics despite one must think if the location of the bridge is a kind of a comprise between Egypt and Saudi Arabia. My concern is the environmental impact on the Tiran and Sanafir Island , you must know my dear reader that both Tiran and Sanafir are part from the Ras Mohamed National Reserve
    In Late February 5 major parties “FJP, Freed Egyptian party , El Wasat , El Adl and El Hadra” held a conference in Port Ghaleb to discuss the future of tourism in Egypt along with tourism development companies. These parties and companies reached to the following : They must apply the sustainable development principles in Egypt through preserving the environment and unique ecosystems in the country then They declared their full support the Egyptian Saudi bridge in Tiran straits despite it passed through Ras Mohamed National Preserve !! Among those who attended that meeting and supported these decisions , the head of the media , culture and tourism committee in the people’s assembly Mohamed Abdel Moneim El Sawy !!!! 
    I can’t imagine an ugly metal construction in the middle of that blue sea with cars , horns and pollution in this amazing area , why we want to destroy this for God sake !?
    Red Sea : Tiran Island
    Those who are in favor of the project say the following :
    • The bridge will end the accidents of ferries
    • The bridge will raise the trade between the two countries.
    • The bridge will make the trip shorter for those who take the land road.
    • This bridge will help in bonding Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
    • This bridge will increase Saudi tourism
    Yes the bridge will decrease the accidents of ferries but it will not be accident free itself still you can decrease the rate of ferries’ accidents if you truly apply the safety laws and regulations. Countries all over the world have got ferries and do not have these accidents simply because they apply the law. “I already covered the Salem Ferry case and wrote about Salem Express more than anybody in English speaking Egyptian blogs so I do not need someone comes and attacks me”
    Well if you have a good product in Egypt the Saudis and the whole world will take from you even you are in the end of the world with no bridge speaking in businesswise. Already you can increase your trade and your exports to Saudi Arabia through air flights and their ferries. The air flights will even be more faster. Already in this sense I hope people understand that any country like Saudi Arabia in the world will import the best and will not import something they do not need just because of nationalist religious bonds.
    I do not know where to start regarding that Bonding issue , I do not think that we are not bonded already. The Arab-Arab cooperation does not need bridges like that if we are speaking seriously and please do not let me get started on the Saudi position from the Egyptian revolution. It will be An Arab Arab cooperation to destroy environment. 
    Sharm El Sheikh will be like Bahrain , a free gate away from all moral and legal obligations for the Saudis so please stop pretending for once as they will come for scuba diving as they have got Jeddah with its coral reefs and they got their Safari  Bedouin trips all over the kingdom. Already you have a booming tourism sector there especially with the departure of Mubarak from Sharm El Sheikh , get some political stability for real and you will find tourists for all over the globe coming to you.  It will increase the Saudi tourism but will affect negatively on the tourism coming on the medium and short term for diving.
    Many Egyptians can’t afford a weekend in the red sea areas and this is why a project like the bridge can be popular especially it will link Egypt with Saudi Arabia , the land of our Islamic Holiest Sites as well the richest Kingdom in the area. The Islamist majority in this parliament especially with their standard of culture expressed so far in the past few weeks will support the bridge blindly with my due respect.
    Anyone will speak against this bridge will be attacked by the Salafists as a bloody secular who does not want relation with the Holy Land. Anyone will speak against this bridge will be attacked by the businessmen an all those who will consider him fighting .
    I'm watching you
    By Werner Boehem in Tiran Island
    Some reminded me on twitter that Mubarak opposed the project because of Israel “actually it was because his security despite Israel had its own objections” thus if I dared to speak against it then I will be branded as as ex-Mubarak regime remnant !!
    Most Egyptians have not seen these treasures in the sea to  know how beautiful they are. Most Egyptians do not know that these treasures actually sustain a complete tourism industry sector , people do not come from around the globe just to enjoy the beach but rather to enjoy the scenery underneath the deep red sea. Millions of Egyptians depend on the coral reefs and marine life gifted by God for their living , this bridge will not help them much in the medium and long run.
    Red Sea : Tiran Island
    Some will say that wait till you hear the opinion of the experts from both sides , well unfortunately I do not trust any experts from both governments because I know that the environment is the last thing any Arabic government thinks about or cares about. I want independent panel from environmentalists and marine life experts from the world to check this project “with my all due respect to the Arab marine life experts” because I know Westerns know the real value of this region more than the Arabs unfortunately.
    Due to our educational systems most Arabs ignore the ecological side effects if any project , this is why the refusal of the people of Dameitta to MOPCO factory seems to be strange. You must know that in Germany there are ecological concerns against the upcoming German Danish underwater Link. German tourists pay thousands of Euros every year to come and dive in Tiran island and to enjoy the fact it is industrial free.
    Tiran Island
    The Island of Tiran by Helen McCarthy , imagine this view with ugly metal bridge
    In the State of Goa, India there was this huge discussion regarding a sea link bridge between two areas there , the project faced a roadblock when the National Oceanic institute of India announced that project will affect the marine life there. The government found an alternative for the project as far as I know.
    And by the way I am also against any Israeli Jordanian project that can alter the environment in the red sea. Enough already an assault on this piece of heavens in our beautiful red sea.
    God gave us a very beautiful country and we do not know how to compete in order to destroy this beauty , sometimes I fee that we do not deserve this beautiful country as we have mastered the destruction of its beauty.
    Links :

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    Ahram Arabic Portal published this news last night : A LE 50 billion deal between SCAF and Washington to release the U.S NGOs workers. The small news speaks about a deal behind the sudden release of the U.S NGOs workers that includes immediate financial aid from the Gulf to Egypt !! Oh Yes the Arabian Gulf !!

    According to that report based to the statement of anonymous official source to the e-news portal of Egypt’s first official newspaper : Saudi Arabia gives us $3.5 billion  , Qatar gives us $ 4 billion , UAE gives us $ 3 billions , U.S gives $ 1.3 billion as military aids and $ 3.5 billion from IMF as well $ 1 billion from International bank and another 1/5 billion from the African development bank.

    Well this is a lot of money compared to the bail the U.S embassy in Cairo paid and considered by many public figures in the country now as a bribe.

    Why do the Arab Gulf states need a pressure or rather a permission from Washington to give us aids to release the foreign NGOs workers !? Why do Arab countries specifically KSA , UAE and Qatar interfere in an Egyptian American issue like that ?

    It is very insulting to the Arab Gulf states to be part of this deal and wait for a pressure or an order from the US administration to give us financial aids so the government and SCAF would release those NGO workers !! So much for Arab-Arab cooperation indeed ? We needed help for months and it seems that they do not care for us except when the US gives them an order , screw the big slogans of Arab nationalism.

    This is why I do not want our Syrian brothers to trust this Gulf support to their revolution , it is not that honest nor sincere. 

    The United States only care for its interests but one must wonder What if these employees were guilty ?? Would not this be taking an advantage of a country in an economic need with weak leadership ??

    To be honest after reading that news I began to think about these tweeps I read the other day from Blogger and tweep Ahmed Sarhan wrote last weekend about a certain deal and the pressures on Egypt. 

    Of course the weak leadership got the biggest share from blame , I do not know how much failure SCAF needs to prove that it is incapable of ruling this country as it should or any president should. Now worldwide SCAF and the Egyptian government look as if they took those foreign NGOs workers hostages for economic aids in a disgusting way. SCAF has not got that bright image in the world for God sake , it is a military junta in the eyes of many especially with the mistakes, crimes and violations that took place last year.

    If SCAF was intending to release the U.S NGOs workers from the start in return of an economic deal , why it humiliated the judiciary in Egypt like that ? Why did it allow that propaganda campaign in the media that made from the NGOs workers trial something equivalent to our Egyptian National dignity and then in few days the deal was sealed and the Egyptian National dignity tune was shut up !!? Where did the Egyptian National dignity tune go ?

    SCAF pro-Supporters and Egyptian Nationalists are having now an emotional shock in what their new idol has done from betrayal to them. I am not waiting to hear a full transparent explanation for what exactly happened.

    I will not speak about the Egyptian army because I know this will not be the first time the Egyptian army is humiliated because of the involvement of its leadership in politics. Hopefully it will be the last time insh Allah.

    I will not speak about the Egyptian government because after the statement of the Egyptian iron lady Faiza Abu El Naga that she did not know about the release of the foreign NGOs workers from the media , I know that everybody now is jumping from the ship and putting the blame on SCAF directly and indirectly.

    I know some will say that I should shut up and be thankful for the aids we got because of the bad economic situation but me and millions of Egyptians are tired of that trade off for years now.

    In another random thought The United States  , Saudi Arabia and Qatar are now united against the El Assad regime.

    0 0

    And Asama El Assad’s father Fawaz El Akhrass has began to clear his image in London claiming that he is horrified with the all the killing in Syria and that his son in law surprising turned to be a dictator.

    The Express journalists also began to show the Syrian first lady as a victim somehow , I feel that the next issue they will claim that she is a British and should be evacuated along with her kids from Damascus. 

    With my all due respect to everyone Fawaz El Akhrass knew exactly what kind of family his daughter is going to marry from and he did not say no , in fact he knew that his grandchildren will carry the family name of one the most worst dictatorships families in the world and he welcomed it !!

    The apple did not fall far from the tree indeed when it comes to Bashar El Assad.

    The foreign media is fond by the stories of Middle Eastern crazy dictators’ personal life especially they got juicy tales from Saddam and Qaddafi’s crazy families. Strangely the most crazy member in El Assad family in Syria right now is not Bashar El Assad but rather his brother Maher El Assad !!

    The house of El Assad is not that interesting or wild like the house of Saddam and the house of Qaddafi dear tabloid media.

    I hope that Daily Express goes after Rafaat El Assad and his son , he got really crazy tales like how he supervised the mass murder of more than 40,000 civilian in Hama in year 1982 yet is enjoying life freely in Europe , how the ladies in his special forces used to eat snakes , how he was the named the prince of assassins and how he turned against  his own brother.

    0 0

    This disgusting video below shows a group of African prisoners from workers according to the one who uploaded it. The African Prisoners are put in animal cages and forces to eat to the animal flags aside from disgusting racial insults.

    African prisoners in zoo cages and eat Libyan flag

    There is no justification what so ever for this disgusting action. Already some of you know that I have this website dedicated to the Egyptian POWs case and I have followed the POWs in military conflicts for years so this scene makes me shiver !!  It is against all my beliefs as a human , as a Muslim and as an Arab and African. This is against Islam teachings so I do not know what kind of Islamist militias are truly there if they treat their POWs like that !! May God damn who ever did this for real !!

    Unfortunately we should not be surprised because the world has kept its eyes shut for months on the treatment of the POWs there. To be honest also of us kept their eyes shut because we believed that this is a revenge from years of oppression and torture but we were wrong , there is no excuse.

    Of course this is the most shocking video that emerged this week from Libya , the second shocking video is the attack on the WWII commonwealth Soldiers cemeteries at Benghazi. Two cemeteries were vandalized , one for the Canadian soldiers and the other for the British soldiers , I think the one below is for the British soldiers’ cemetery

    Benghazi : Desecration of Benghazi war graves

    This is a discretion of cemeteries and it is clearly prohibited in Islam so I do not know how dare those thugs cheer or feel happy. This is a desecration and if they did not want these cemeteries then they should ask the British and Canadian governments to take their soldiers remains for God sake if they are annoying them. Anyhow the Cemeteries will be restored according to the Commonwealth grave committee.  

    Already this did not happen in time of Qaddafi when UK and EU were imposing sanctions , what is going on there !!!?? I know that decades of Qaddafi rule will affect generations and generations but not in that way.

    Before you wonder where the NTC government in Libya is from all this , please read this Reuters report. Of course if you have followed what has been taken in Libya for months now and you knew that the armed militias are roaming the country and refuse to enroll in one united army , you will guess that was coming all the way.

    Already according to Libyan Facebook pages Tripoli itself is being controlled by some militia from Zentan and you can imagine the comments from Libyans in these pages attacking tribes and areas , very few are calling Libyans for unity and to overcome their differences.

    Back to the Libyan army for the past months I have read reports coming from their that the NATO has allegedly destroyed the mortars and the rockets arsenal of the country , I am also reading about problems facing the Libyan air forces. Of course this is aside from tribalism. 

    Libya is not ready for federations , this is extremely dangerous and I hope to know what the LAS thinks about this , in fact I wonder what the wise and patriot Libyans think about this.

    Unfortunately when I remember it now , some real national security expert in Egypt warned from this. I think the Islamists and all other political powers in Libya have failed so far unfortunately. The legacy of Qaddafi is too deep and unfortunately the Libyan and true Islamic identity can not bring this nation with great potentials.

    Those thousands who have been killed in that war for freedom and ending the rule of Qaddafi crazy dynasty did not want this to happen !!

    I am thinking now that Libya needs a new leadership that can bring together this nation , someone like Sheikh Omar El Mokhtar who is not resting in his grave for real , yes a leader aside from all that fancy anarchic revolutionary talk. I know people are afraid from another Qaddafi ,well what I see now that some Libyans are replacing Qaddafi by several Qaddafis in their own ways !!

    The problem now just like in Iraq this spilt in Libya will make some believe that the rule of Qaddafi was much better despite that what is taking place is the result of his policies whether social or cultural or political or discriminatory just like in Iraq. You got that trade off between dictatorship along with fake stability and freedom associated with unfortunate chaos.

    There is no doubt that all the dictatorships in the region including Syria , Algeria and the Gulf States as well will use the Libyan example as a role model on how international intervention and revolutions spilt countries like that. This is why I fear on Syria with all its rich ethnic and religious diversity from a similar fate with the international intervention and the religious extremism of the Free Syrian Army.

    I hope that some where in our national security intelligence agencies some group of men are following what is taking place in Libya from changes and are planning for several plans for Egypt’s national security in the future when it comes to our Western neighbor.

    Speaking about Libya and Egypt , I think the members of parliament should demand a detail report about the Egyptians missing in the Libyan revolution not to mention we need to know how the Egyptians are doing there with all these clashes.

    The National security committee should demand a detailed report about Libya from both the Intelligence and ministry of foreign affairs.

    0 0

    And So where the hell Matt came and danced in Tahrir and in Zamalek as well . Matt danced with tens of Egyptians despite the opposition of the families of the martyrs , the honorable citizens, informants and normal citizens too in Tahrir on Sunday. 

    Matt and his Egyptian friends tried to dance first at the circular garden in the middle of the square but failed after the objection of all sorts of Tahrir current occupants.In the end Matt did his little dance along tens of Egyptians at the Egyptian museum garden.

    By Mohamed Shawky 

    Dancing Matt comes to Tahrir square by dear Bel Trew 
    On Monday Sandmonkey aka Mahmoud Salem managed to convince Matt to film again his little dance with Egyptians in Zamalek ,Cairo in new bistro Left Bank on the Nile.
    I hope Matt returns once again and dances in the future at the Pyramids or Aswan or Luxor.

    0 0

    First all I must thank all the readers and their concern after publishing a post about that bridge planned allegedly to connect Egypt and Saudi Arabia through national preserve islands Tiran and Sanafir.

    Second thanks to dear friends I found out that the Saudi ministry of transportation seemed to be the last one to know about the bridge plans resurrection !!

    The Saudi ministry of transportation said in a statement to Saudi Al Watan newspaper that “There is no any such agreement to the effect between the ministry and any other party concerning the project” and that “ No official from the ministry had made any statement regarding this issue”

    Ironically the Egyptian officials did not stop speaking to the press !!

    It seems to me that the Egyptian Government whether in time of Sharaf or Ganzoury is trying to persuade the Saudis to build this bridge at the same they are trying to give this false hope Egyptians that this bridge will make us as rich !! Ironically according to those in favor of the project this bridge’s profits will reach $3 billion in 10 years from tolls !! Well in the revolution year 2011 with all the jazz we had we achieve $8.8 billion profits from tourism only and this is a tough year !!!

    They want a whole eco-system for $3 billion in 10 years !!

    The real development of Sinai will not be achieved by Saudi money as some Bedouins believe in Sinai , the real development of Sinai will be achieved if we bridge for real between Cairo and Sinai and the political authority takes a daring decision and revives President Sadat’s Middle Sinai urban development project which Hassab Allah El Kafrawy supervised its design.

    I hope that the Saudi government continues to refuse that ugly project.

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    Egypt refuses officially Eastern Libya’s semiautonomous state and is standing by one united Libya
    Egypt’s minister of foreign affair Mohamed Amr stated this very important statement last night on Nile News channel as a comment on the declaration of Cyrenaica or Berqa as we know it in Arabic and in Egypt the semiautonomous state from its side.
    We are not here about a town that announcing its state , we are speaking about East Libya , which is our West in Egypt
    From historical point of view Cyrenaica is the stronghold of the Senussi house and in 1949 the British convinced Idris Senussi to declare the principality of Cyrenaica. In 1951 Idris Senussi became the king of Libya that had become a federal monarchy till 1969
    This is why Libyans in the West believe that Ahmed El Senussi is dreaming of becoming the new ruler of Libya and thus he is following the same steps of his relative. I wonder who convinced the Senussis this time !!? Ironically enough Ahmed El Senussi is among the the representative of the Arab spring who got the Sakharov prize for freedom of thought. “This is not good for dear Asmaa Mahfouz”   
    Libyans fear that the old map of Libya till 1951 will be their new map : 3 states of Cyrenaica , Fezzan and Tripolitania
    The old map of Libya 
    From economic point of view the oil fields are concreted in Cyrenaica , of course the West got its share from oil fields but unlike the East as you can see in this map.
    Libya's population and energy production 
    The Libyan youth are extremely angry from the federalization plans and believe that it is the beginning to divide Libya in to different pieces according to the FB comments and messages I am following in the Libyan revolutionary FB pages. The young Libyans are calling for gradual decentralization which actually is logical for country like Libya rebuilding itself.

    “Our martyrs did not die so Libya would be divided” a frequent comment I found in the past 3 days. Some activists are calling protests through out the country against the federation. Indeed there were protests in several towns in Libya including Tripoli itself.
    Here is a video for a protest on March 5th in Tripoli.
    Tripoli : No for federation respect the martyrs
    Here is a video for a protest in El Beida from couple of days ago that included some of the revolution’s injured.
    El Beida : No for federation for the sake of the martyrs
    Here is another protest in El Beida on Wednesday.
    El Beida : Against the federation
    Tobruk , which is part of Cyrenaica refuses the federation and its civil society organizations issued statement where they declare their refusal to the Benghazi federation declaration.
    The statement 
    Here is also another statement issued by the civil society organizations in Misrata against the federation.  

    Here is a protest in Benghazi from last Sunday , it seems to me that it was the Libyan army and Navy protest against federation.
    Benghazi : The Libyan army against federation
    Here is another protest earlier this week , this time we got civilians mostly from ladies.
    Benghazi : No centralization , no for federation , yes for United Libya
    Senussi in Qaddafi's suit 
    The young Libyans are acting not only the NTC but also NATO accusing it of standing behind these plans. Yes they do attack the NTC and NATO calling the NTC members and spokespersons as rats and weak. 
    Of course the saddest thing I have read is how the Libyans will think that Qaddafi was right when he warned them that their country will be divided after him.Ahmed Senussi has become the most hated man after Qaddafi among revolutionary class in Libya.
    Of course with all the jazz taking place in Egypt this news is seemed to be irreverent.
    The Libyan chief of Staff Major General Youssef Mangoush has visited Cairo from few hours ago and met with head of SCAF Field Marshal Tantawy and discussed how the Egyptian army can help the new Libyan army especially with the new challenges the new Libyan army. This is the first visit from its kind when it comes to military officers with high ranks in Libya post revolution.
    The Libyan army is facing a very important challenge I think the Egyptian army or any other army will help them to solve it peacefully : The armed militias. Armed militias from former Freedom fighters and tribal fighters as well Qaddafi fighters are roaming the country and are refusing to enroll in the Libyan army.
    You got either two solutions : To fight them which means a civil war or To make them understand the meaning of one nation and having a professional army. Unfortunately I do not how Libyans can achieve the second option without a strong democratic leadership that can bring together all tribes.
    What is happening in Libya will be used in the worst way to scare people from change in the Arab world including Egypt and Syria. Those who are against the revolution in Egypt and claim that there are plans to divide the country in to 3 or 4 parts got now a golden opportunity that will fit in to their scenario.
    I do not need to speak about Syria and El Assad regime.
    I found today tweeps attacking the minister of foreign affairs Mohamed Amr’s statement claiming that Egypt has no right to interfere in the Libyan affairs !!!! Oh yes they did !! Of course these will later blame and curse SCAF and Mohamed Amr if Libya becomes 4 pieces Libya by the end of the year.
    I will not even waste my time or your time writing about the concept of the national security and what it means. I would like to remind those tweeps that when Southern Sudan chose independence from Sudan , they cursed Mubarak and said it was his fault !!!!!!!

    0 0

    Today is March 8th , the International women Day. Today hundreds of Egyptian women are marching from the Syndication of journalists to the Egyptian Parliament demanding one main demand : 50% representation in the constitution assembly. There is a second demand which is to leave the family and personnel laws alone.
    Hundreds of Egyptian women are marching and chanting chants like “The woman’s voice is a revolution” and “Do not say that these are Suzanne’s laws as they are human rights laws”.
    By Engy Ghozlan
    There are men who are also participating in the march whether as a protesters and supporters or as protection. There are men who formed this cordon around the march to protect it.
    By Engy Ghozlan
    From a year ago a group of Egyptian women tried to have a march in Tahrir square but they were attacked and harassed , this year up till now things seemed to be better.
    The Mina Daniel flag has reached to Tahrir square already.
    By Bel Trew 
    Here is a clip showing the protest standing at the Syndication of journalists’ staircases , the same staircases women were sexually harassed by thugs and security forces in 2005. The clip below is filmed by my dear friend Waleed.

    The Egyptian women made headlines throughout the year , she was there in the ups and downs , she was there on the front since day one. She was subjected to disgusting virginity tests that she exposed to the whole world. She was shot in her eye in the clashes and was dragged and stripped from her clothes in front of the country by the same soldiers that swore on protecting her. Here is a photo of Samira Ibrahim and Mona El Tahawy who made headlines yesterday.
    Samira Ibrahim and Mona El Tahawy by Mona El Tahawy
    Now at the same time Egyptian women are marching to their parliament demanding to be represented in the constitutional assembly , the Kuwaiti women are marching to the parliament to defend their laws against the conservative Islamists.
    Wait for more coverage.

    0 0

    You can check my Aswan Chronicles : Day One here. The following post and its three parts were written on February 9,2012 chronicling my trip in Aswan. 

    February 9,2012

    Heading to Kom Ombo in the early morning , the real early morning , about 7 AM to visit the famous Kom Ombo temple , it is another Ptolemaic era originally dedicated to the ancient Egyptian god  Sobek and his good god brother Horus as well the Gods of fertility."Originally for Sobek"
    In my way to the temple I bought a beautiful coconut necklace from the smallest vendor I have seen in Aswan , Yahia. No one can resist little Yahia. 
    Yahia and the coconut necklaces
    The temple is breathtaking as it has got some of its colors in its walls up till , damn my room could not keep its wall’s color despite it was painted from couple of years ago !! Just enjoy the photo gallery of the photos I took there. 

    Kom Ombo : The Temple of Kom Ombo

    I am sorry if the photos are not that good but in early morning about 7 AM it was hard to get a good shot.
    Part of the temple complex was dedicated to the fertility gods in ancient Egypt and women used to go there to give birth, in fact there were these images or depictions showing the birth process on the temple’s wall , I feel so so so so sad for not capturing them on camera. The radical early Christians defaced some of the ancient gods depictions 
    This beautiful calendar showing the important dates and feast in ancient Egypt.
    There is also that very deep Nile meter. 
    There is a new museum inaugurated by the Aswan Governor on The anniversary of the #Jan25 revolution dedicated to the crocodile and Sobek. It includes mummies for crocodiles as well tablets related to Sobek and the offerings presented to it by the kings through all dynasties.
    Kom Ombo : The Crocodile museum

    Kom Ombo : The Crocodile museum
    After few hours we will head to the magnificent temp of Edfu. We had no time to visit the city of Kom Ombo itself unfortunately , we only visited the temple and the museum. The Nile looks amazing. 
    Next part is about Edfu so wait for the second part of day two. 
    Temple of Kom Ombo on map

    0 0

    There have been clashes from couple of hours ago near the US embassy in Cairo which is couple of blocks away from Tahrir square and I am praying for hours now that nobody get hurt or rather gets killed but actually there are injured. “According to the ministry of health not less than 25 have been injured”
    Today morning Egypt’s Glenn Beck aka awful and ignorant TV host Tawfik Okasha brought his supporters “who are also right wing Pro-SCAF Supporters to protest against the US ambassador at the US embassy because of the NGOs case “as if SCAF did not let the NGOs employees leave”.
    After few hours of his anti-America protest we find in the news that there were clashes between Tawfik Okasha Pro-SCAF protesters and the anti-SCAF protesters who came from Tahrir square. The two teams hurled rocks at each other and there were injuries in both sides. The army unit at the US embassy then stood between the two teams and according to eye witnesses it protected Okasha and his team. Sooner Okasha and his team left the scene and the army unit soldiers were hurling rocks at the protesters and vice versa for couple of hours.
    Daily News Egypt : Clashes with protesters outside US embassy
    It was clearly a trap , first Okasha will show up in his stupid TV and will claim that the Tahrir protesters were attacking him for attacking the US embassy in order to prove his conspiracy theories and at the same time SCAF will claim that these protesters were trying to attack the embassy despite it the attack has nothing to do with it.
    Now quick facts about the US embassy in Cairo , it is not like the Israeli embassy as it is well secured from inside and outside , it is like a fortress from inside and there are Marines protecting it. Already according to my info the US embassy in Cairo is the biggest embassy for the US in the world so do not be fooled by the Egyptian media or foreign media.
    I know the foreign media is scared from another US embassy hostage crisis similar to the one in the Iran especially with the rise of Islamists in Egypt , well I swear it has nothing to do with the embassy not to mention the Islamists in Egypt are actually very US friendly compared to the Iranians. “In fact they are so friendly to the US because of the Iranians”
    The Clashes by tweep Aybak Ezz El Din
    The US embassy is beside the UK embassy in Cairo and some has noticed that the security in the area was less tight in the past few days. Anyone knows the area or has been there before knows very well how secured this area is. It is protected by the army.
    The Ultras Ahlaway officially is not in Tahrir square because its leaders or rather Capos gave orders to its members to attend later Karim Khozam’s memorial service in a Church in Heliopolis , Cairo. “We are not at all any embassy” The UA07 said that online after there were rumors that they are the ones fighting Tawfik Okasha and that army unit at the embassy.
    According to many eye witnesses officially UA07 are not spotted in Tahrir square indeed but those young protesters at US embassy hurling rocks at army soldiers chanted for while Ultras songs. Of course Ultras songs now are spread everywhere and youth know them by heart.
    Karim Khozam is one of the famous Ultras martyrs that were killed in the Port Said stadium massacre and this is the 40th memorial day. “Yes 40 days have passed and no one is punished for the death of those 75 young men in Port Said”
    Almost all the who is who in the Egyptian revolutionary scene is busy either in this Cultural big event in Tahrir square tonight or in presidential elections whether Khaled Ali campaign or the Abu El Fatouh campaign. Even those hardcore protesters whom you find in every protest turned in to a clash have left the area wondering about what was really going on according to their tweets.
    Nobody supported this clash and felt it was another trap like the traps or rather clashes in Mohamed Mahmoud and Kasr Al Aini prior the parliamentary elections with its different stages. We will sit and watch out youth get killed and lose their eyes because of Tawfik Okasha for God sake.
    Things are quieter there especially that the CSF units have joined the army units there , I hope it continues like that till the morning as tomorrow is a big day in Egypt indeed : The Presidential candidacy registration will start from 9 AM in the country.
    I did not plan to write this post but I felt I have to because the media began to twist the truth in Cairo and whenever westerns hear the two words “US embassy” and “Protesters” , the US embassy hostages Iran jumps in to their mind.

    0 0

    Minister of international cooperation/iron lady of Egypt Faiza Abu El Naga has written an Op-Ed in Washington defending herself as well SCAF in front of international community regarding the NGOs trial.

    Abu El Naga has been attacked internationally for weeks and she had to fire back. She is still being attacked in foreign and local media. By the way the incident of that former IRI ex-employee who exposed scandals of some unregistered NGO on Dream TV 2 should not be mentioned because I think it is still investigated.

    Throughout last week everybody in the government , Muslim brotherhood as well SCAF put the blame on the other but of course the blame is on the SCAF that did not have a real guts to tell the public what really happened to save its dignity.

    Amazingly I hear that she is so popular in the ministry of international cooperation as well popular in the diplomatic service !!!

    To be honest I am waiting for the memories of this lady.

    0 0

    At 9 AM Cairo Local time today after few houses potential presidential candidates will start registering their candidacy officially at the high presidential elections commission “HPEC” in Heliopolis.

    The potential presidential candidates can officially present their papers and register as candidates from 9 AM March 10th, 2012 till 2 PM April 8th ,2012.

    This is the first step in the presidential elections , the second step for every candidate is to secure not less 30 MP’s signature or 30,000 PAs “Power of attorney” from eligible voters in 15 governorates. 

    The HPEC issued some important rules regarding the campaigns :

    • The presidential campaigns’ budget should not exceed LE 10 million in the first stage of the elections and should not exceed LE 2 million in the runoffs.
    • Egyptian citizens are allowed to donate to the campaigns only , foreigners are not allowed nor companies or agencies whether Egyptian or foreigner.
    • Presidential candidate to deposit their presidential campaigns’ accounts in 3 banks in Egypt chosen by the HPEC
    • The electoral silence will be 2 prior the elections which will be held on May 23rd & 24th

    My dear friends Bassem Sabry and Hany Rasmy complied this amazing list of all those potential presidential candidates. Of course if we are speaking seriously only 10 potential presidential candidates from that long list are considered the top and serious ones.

    The top ten are with no specific order :

    • Amr Moussa
    • Abdel Moneim Abu El Fatouh
    • Hazem Saleh Abu Ismail
    • Ahmed Shafik
    • Hamdeen Sabhi
    • Khaled Ali
    • Mansour Hassan
    • Mohamed Salim El Awa
    • Abu El Ezz El Hariri
    • Hisham El Bastiwisi

    I will update this post with more details tomorrow insh Allah.

    0 0

    I am not running for presidency to seek any leading position
    Egyptian presidential candidate Hopeful
    Former Prime minister and minister of aviation
    Former commander of Egyptian air forces.
    March 9th ,2012 Sharkia , Egypt
    Ahmed Shafik after registration for elections "Getty"

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