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7000 years and counting ...

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    According to political analysts and observers that year of 2012 will witness changes in Algeria as the tsunami of the Arab spring will hit it sooner or later. Of course when we speak about Algeria , we are speaking about a true military state with a bloody past of civil war between the Islamists and the army.
    Now yesterday the protests have broke again in the capital “Algiers” in a poor area called Dergna between protesters and the security forces after the death of a little baby girl because of the cold weather and poverty. It seems that the living conditions are the common factor in several of the recent protests in Algeria. Dergna already witnessed protests and clashes in 2011.
    According to Algerian El Khabar newspaper the protesters are from the locals who were protesting the live conditions in the area demanding to be transferred in another place. The newspaper mentioned that there are 700 families living there with no water or electricity or gas for 20 days now.
    Last January Laghout area witnessed protests against police treatment and economic conditions. I can’t find videos from yesterday’s protests but there are clips from past months.
    Here is a clip showing a protest in December 2011 in Biskra state.
    Algeria : Protest in Biskra state in 2011
    May be you think it is a small protest but one thing for sure the protests have not stopped in Algeria through out 2011 despite the iron fist of the generals there, these small protests can evolve like snow ball especially with all the political changes in the region.
    Boutaflika and his generals
    It is worth to mention that the generals in Algeria know the challenge facing them especially Algerian president Boutaflika’s health is not great. They know the challenge and they have not waste any time in 2011 in using media in Algeria in portraying the Arab revolutions and uprisings especially in Egypt as a foreign Zionist conspiracy against the Arab Islamic countries.
    Several Algerian tweeps and bloggers express these thoughts unfortunately and I know for a fact that whenever clashes erupt in Cairo for any reason, it is being enlarged in Algeria 3 times its real size.
    The generals are no wonder taking a stand against all the Arab uprisings and revolutions whether in Egypt or in Libya or in Syria when I remember it.
    The generals are also using the media to hide the news of protests in the country , you will be surprised by how many protests , Sits in and strikes Algeria witnessed in 2011 and yet have not been fully and properly covered regionally or internationally as in Egypt for example. It seems to me that after all that Egypt and Yemen had better media exposure than countries like Tunisia , Syria, Bahrain and Algeria. Anyhow I found this summary in Wikipedia about the protests in Algerian from 2010 t0 2012.
    What I fear is that mix of restless strong army , armed militia and Islamists not to mention a major export of oil in the world while population suffer from unemployment and poverty and West waiting for a slice of the pie will produce violent revolution.

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    This part two of my Day one Aswan Chronicle , you can read my first part here. Already I visit so many places on Day one and took 4 GB of photos and videos , so you can imagine how I am trying to organize and edit everything properly before uploading and publishing it.

    Very small number of foreign tourists in the city despite it is a golden season for Aswan now , the city is surviving on the local tourism. The Esna lock strike was devastating to the industry according to our tour guide as the city depends on the Nile Cruises.He also told us that thousands of irrigation workers and employees are threatening to cut again the channel by the end of the month if their main demand is not met : To be fully appointed. They suspended their strike after the massacre of Port Said.

    Some tour guides do not like the revolution as it harmed their business.

    The beautiful island of Philae is more than great as you will see in the photos. I am speechless after visiting it. I took over 100 photos there an I think you should bookmark this set in order to enjoy it. Please browse till the end as I spent hours uploading it !!

    Aswan : Temple of Philae

    I knew for the first time that the early radical Christians destroyed many of the images featuring ancient Egyptian gods including a beautiful depiction for Isis breastfeeding Horus.


    It is at the Holy of Holies and the head of Isis was removed by the radical Christians as they felt there was a resemblance between it and between the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus.

    Before heading to the Holy of Holies ,there was this simple old Upper Egyptian Man with that traditional wear and gray mustache listening with us to the explanation and description of the Holy of Holies , then he headed with us and I found him telling his companion "this is the altar" and "here is the picture of that lady whom they removed her head".
    That old man asked our tour before leaving from what books he knew this stuff and he told him the books of Dr.Selim Hassan."The Godfather of Egyptian Egyptologists"


    It gives me the creep on what the radicals can do and it also gives me an idea on how the early Muslims are not like the so-called modern Salafists who want to cover the ancient Egyptian statues with wax !!

    Anyhow to be honest I saw a group of Salafist men visiting the temple in my way out. “It turns out the MB is offering trips for Luxor and Aswan to promote local tourism from what I understood !!”

    First time to see all these French inscriptions in the 19th century ,disgusting just like Ahmed loves Mona Shit inscription .


    I think I should have stayed more time in that amazing temple , my first ancient Egyptian temple in amazing Aswan.


    I wish that I was able to take more photos for that small temple besides it.

    Aswan : Temple of Philae

    Of course one of the important lessons I learned in Philae is that the rulers of this country always use religion to win the heart and mind of the Egyptian people since ancient Egypt. The Ptolemaic dynasty used religion to come close to the Egyptian people  so all the kings and queens of ancient Egypt.

    This shows you how religion and politics are mingled in Egypt and how the religion is playing an essential role in this nation.

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  • 02/21/12--13:29: #Jan25 year later in Video
  • And I have managed at last to upload the video scenes I recorded in Tahrir square last January 25th 2012 to YouTube after nearly a month of facing difficulties due to the big size of the video. “Despite it is only few minutes”

    #Jan25 : Year later in Tahrir square

    To refresh your memory I recommend to read this post I wrote on that special day while covering the first anniversary of #jan25

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    Khader's father thanks God
    And the Israeli supreme court has ordered the suspension of Khader Adnan ‘s detention and his release in April 2012 after 66 days of hunger strike that revived the Palestinian hope.
    Adnan has ended his amazing hunger strike today after a deal between his lawyers and the Israeli authorities. Adnan managed to make bad noise for the Israelis.
    Amnesty International issued a statement today urging the Israeli authorities to release Adnan immediately saying that the decision of the court was insufficient. 
    Now I can’t hide my admiration with the strength and power of Randa Khader , of course I am not surprised because Randa is a Palestinian lady and standing bravely in front of hardships is not a strange thing for the Palestinian women , in fact I think they are already born with that quality.
    This small deal or rather victory has brought a hope you can’t imagine to the Palestinians at least from what I see on the social networks. Adnan managed to make the world remember the Palestinian cause after months of forgetting it in the Arab spring tsunami. I can’t hide my happiness for this victory.
    I can’t also hide my anger towards the Egyptian tweeps as well Maikel Nabil who has been similar experience and yet did not bother to write a single tweet as far as I could all that time about Adnan !!
    Now regarding hunger strikers , well you will be surprised to know that Adnan was not the only man on hunger strike for his freedom in the Middle East because we also have Bahraini human rights activist Abdel Hady Al Khawaja who has entered his 14th day in his hunger strike in his prison. Al Khawaja is objecting the mistreatment in the Bahraini prison. He is suffering from bleeding kidney already.
    Moving to Iran we got blogger and political activist Mehdi Khazali who has been on a hunger strike for 45 days now objecting his detention. Khazali is opposing the Iranian government.

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    Today after few hours either Judge Ahmed Rafaat will announce the date of verdict’s announcement or will announce the verdict itself in the trial of the century aka the trial of Mubarak.

    Mubarak , Habib El Adly , the former minister of interior and 6 of El Adly’s assistants can face to death penalty if they are found guilty of giving orders to security forces to shoot the protesters in the early days of the revolution. If they are found guilty , there will be an appeal for sure.

    Mubarak is facing two charges : Giving orders to shoot the protesters and taking bribes from Hussein Salem. Both of them especially in the shooting of the protesters case depend upon circumstantial evidence.

    The shooting of the protesters case is built around the fact that Mubarak was the head of the supreme council of Police and Supreme council of armed forces from January 25th to February 211th 2011 and that the minister of interior can’t use live ammunition without his orders.

    The shooting of the protesters’ case needs more evidence and according to the prosecution’s arguments from two days ago, the ministry of interior withheld the information needed. “Do I need to tell you about the GIS !? Mubarak somehow chose loyal men from what I see in the trial, I thought that they will continue selling him but I was mistaken !!”

    If Mubarak faces a death penalty , the West and human rights organizations should not panic because as an old man he will be pardoned. Already personally I hope that he spends the rest of his life behind bars in order to know what the true meaning of freedom is.

    As long as the security apparatuses do not cooperate properly with the prosecution as apparatuses working for the sake of the people sponsored by the tax payers then forget a real solid conviction.

    I support the regular court system with all its flaws , I do not like exceptional revolutionary courts because innocent men always get stuck in the middle.

    The so-called revolutionary powers do not consider this is a serious trial , in fact they consider it a charade despite they will be angry if Mubarak is acquitted.

    This will not be the last chapter in the trial of the century , it is more of the last chapter in Volume I

    More updates to come to this post.

    @11:50 AM CLT

    According to what I understand from the Radio news that Judge Rafaat suspended the session after a verbal altercation between the court and one of the plaintiffs !!!

    Also the prosecution has informed the  court that the Tora prison hospital is ready to receive Mubarak according to the report of the health committee in the Egyptian parliament.

    Newspapers in Egypt are claiming that El Adly is going to speak directly to the court today “Some say that he is going to present a written testimony” where he will expose the true role of Mubarak , field marshal Tantawy and former VP Omar Soliman in the revolution.

    Many observers already believe that El Adly is going to be the scapegoat “as if he were innocent !!”

    Newspapers also claim that Mubarak is going to send a letter to judge Rafaat to defend himself !!

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    Today the West was shocked after knowing that two Western journalists have been killed after their media center has been shelled earlier this morning. There are other journalists and reporters including number of Syrians. The two journalists are French photographer Remi Ochli and British famous journalist Marie Colvin. Both of them are war correspondent veterans
    From less than 24 hours Colvin spoke to both BBC on the horrors she witnessed in Homs including seeing a baby dying. “A normal scene now after all the horrors recorded there”  This is the final report for Colvin in Homs published in Sunday Times
    French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe has confirmed death of Remi Ochile in violence in Syria. The 28 years old French photographer has already won the first prize in general news stories at World Press photo for the photo he had taken in Libya were among the best photos in 2011. Update : The Syrian government says that it can’t protect journalists who sneak in to the country illegally and that the foreign journalists should register at the immigration department to legalize their presence !!
    Photos emerged for both late Colvin and Ochile in Egypt. Here is a photo showing late Colvin in Tahrir square , in February 2011.
    Late Calvin in Tahrir square
    Here is a photo for Ochile in one of the Mohamed Mahmoud street clashes.
    Late Ochile in Mohamed Mahmoud clashes
    According to activists from Homs , the security forces shelled the house where Calvin and Ochile were staying after one of them used a mobile phone , of course when I connect dots I will reach to target conclusion that late Calvin and the rest of the journalists became on the radar of the El Assad regime after her reports from inside Homs especially that last one.
    This video below is shot allegedly from short awhile ago in Homs showing what is believed the house or the media center where Colvin and Ochile were staying , I do not know if these bodies appearing in the video clip are there or not.
    Homs / Baba Amr : The alleged house of Colvin and Ochile
    Here is another video also allegedly shot from short awhile ago at the same location in Baba Amr.
    Homs/Baba Amr : At the journalists’ house
    Here is another video showing the injured reporters who survived the attack at one of the field hospitals in one of the homes at Baba Amr.
    Homs/Baba Amr : Foreign reporters injured at field hospital
    On the other hand the Syrian Muslim brotherhood is saying that not less than 20 citizens have been shot down by Syrian El Assad forces in Syria , 19 of them are in Homs. Updated : Over 90 Syrians have been killed so far mostly in Homs as usual only today. According to CS Monitor The mortars El Assad army is using in Homs are reportedly 240 mm mortars !! “Are not these bit old !?”
    Homs/Baba Amr : The Shelling on the city
    According to journalist Jenan Moussa there 28000 civilians in Baba Amr district facing cold and hunger as the electricity is cut for several hours if not days and thus there is no heating. Of course the city is besieged so forget the food supplies as well.
    Homs / Al Anshat district on February 22,2012
    I think officially now Homs is a war zone , no one is safe and there is no exception for journalists , in fact journalists , reporters and above them the citizen journalists are on the target list of the El Assad regime. Yesterday one of the video photographers famous in Homs Ramy El Said was killed in Homs and today his brother is among the injured of the media center.
    Ramy El Said was among the first journalists who recorded in video the crimes of El Assad regime in the famous Baba Amr district in Homs. Here is the a graphic video showing him in the morgue.
    Homs/Baba Amr : Martyr Ramy Ahmed El Said 21.2.2012
    Yesterday and today Baba Amr witnessed one of the worst and heaviest shelling from many weeks. According to the Local Coordination committees in Syria over 85 Syrians were killed yesterday mostly in Homs and Idilb
    Here is footage for the shelling allegedly today somewhere in Baba Amr , I believe we need  video geographical tagging in order to make sure from the place because now some skeptics say that these videos are not shot in Syria !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Homs : Baba Amr Shelled
    The Aleppo University witnessed clashes between the brave protesters from students and the security forces with their ghostly thugs. Here is a testimony in Arabic for a student in the university describing how a small protest of 100 students started at 1 PM Aleppo Local time ended with 4000 students facing tear gases , gunshots and thugs attacks.
    Here are clips showing the Aleppo university protest inside the campus
    Aleppo University : The protest passing by the central library
    Aleppo University : The protest at the faculty of pharmacy
    Aleppo University : Destroying the frescos of Hafiz and Basil El Assad in Campus
    Aleppo University : Bringing down the flag of El Assad and saving a student from thugs
    Yesterday we were celebrating the Student Day in Egypt.
    Despite all this I fear and refuse the direct foreign military intervention in Syria because I know Syria will not be the Syria we used to know , it will be another destroyed semi-nation like Iraq. Syria is unique multi-ethnic , multi-religious nation , just seeing how the blessed Arab media is turning it in to a sectarian confrontation between Sunni and Shiite.
    Interestingly enough the office of People’s assembly Saad El Katanani announced on twitter and Facebook from short while ago that he met in early morning the head of the Iran diplomatic commission in Cairo.
    The big irony today is that the Olympian Bahraini football team is going to play with the Olympian Syrian football team to see which team will go to London 2012 Olympics !!!!!!!!!!!
    Update : And here it comes the moment that one football fan “probably from Syria” storms the field holding the Syrian independence flag. The match commentator was fantastic on how he captured the moment and how he saluted the free Syria. The people of Bahrain also saluted the scene , yet the people of Bahrain who are mostly Shiite are with the people of Syria because they know how it feels to be oppressed and to live in fear. I do not know which team has won but I will say both Syrians and Bahrainis actually won.
    Syria X Bahrain : Both win

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    Very few managed to send photos from Homs especially with the imposed media and security siege in the city.

    A young Syrian human right activist and citizen journalist managed to get in to the city and to send dozens from photos showing several parts of the city like Bab El Saba’a. The city looks like a ghost city yet strangely the scene of young falafel seller and vegetables mini-market , life goes on indeed.

    These photos are taken by Mulham Al Jundi whom I praying for his safety  , in fact after knowing what happened to Marie Colvin and Rami Ochveli I wish that he keeps his profile as anonymous as much as he can. I am so worried on him to the level I feel uncomfortable of mentioning him because a news blogger and reporter , I know the danger he is currently facing.

    Our young brave man in Homs will post more photos and I will gather them to post them later here ISA.

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    Young Syrian activist Hadeel Kouki is currently living Cairo away from home in Syria. The Young activist received death threat yesterday and today morning thugs attacked her at her house. Those thugs working for El Assad regime attacked her at her apartment and beat her up badly.
    Here is Kouki earlier this morning
    Hadeel beaten
    and Kouki before she was beaten !!!!!!!!!

    Hadeel Kouki is from the few Christian activists who are standing against El Assad regime. I think Kouki should apply for political asylum immediately in Egypt and register in the UNCHR as soon as possible.  
    Kouki was arrested by the Syrian regime for three times. Now Kouki is wanted by Syrian intelligence for bringing medical aid to the people of Idlib.
    This is not the first something like this to happen, last year the pregnant Egyptian wife of Syrian dissident in Cairo was kidnapped and beaten then left in the street by the Syrian regime agents or rather thugs !!
    As an Egyptian citizen I demand the ministry of interior and SCAF to kick out the El Assad thugs from our country , it is the least thing we can to do our Syrian brothers and sisters how are seeking protection and safety in our country.
    Speaking about Idlib , the city has been for days now facing heavy shelling for days at the same time the Homs is witnessing the same thing , of course the media attention is focused on Homs only. Currently Idlib is under heavy shelling in this late hour.
    The security forces began to increase their presence as well their crackdown for the students movement in Aleppo University.
    The local coordination committees in Syria have announced that the number of martyrs in Syria have reached to 114 so far including 17 unidentified corpses , 14 children , a media activist and a defected solider. Out of the 114 martyrs , there are 58 martyrs from Idlib , 26 martyrs form Hama , 9 in Deir Ezzor, 7 fell in Daraa, 5 martyrs are from Quneitra, 4 fell in Homs, 2 martyrs fell in each of Raqqa and Damascus Suburbs (Daraya and Douma) and one martyr fell in Aleppo

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    Here is the second batch of Photos Mulham El Jundi manages to upload online from Homs despite the bad internet connection in the past 48 hours. Please spread them.

    These photos are even much worse and shocking than the first batch , it is like seeing Bosnia war torn towns and what is scary in these photos is the streets and buildings look like our streets and buildings in Egypt.

    These photos were shot on February 22nd and there are more photos Mulham will upload online.

    The last thing Mulham has announced online was that the Syrian Free army was planning for a military offensive against El Assad forces  , a step that is considered as an escalation in the fight between the two factions of Syrian army.

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    Potential Presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abu El Fatouh has been attacked from short awhile ago at the ring road in New Cairo.
    He was attacked in his way back from a public meeting in Monufia by masked assailants who stole his car and hit him and his driver. They hit the potential presidential candidate with the back of a gun.
    News reports said that the famous former member of Muslim brotherhood is suffering from head concussion while his driver was badly hurt , well this is untrue because according his son , his niece and even to those who spoke to him directly Dr. Abu El Fatouh is fine and currently undergoing medical tests at New Cairo hospital and his driver’s injury is not big.He may spend the night at hospital just to make sure everything is ok according to the procedures.Update : Dr. Abu El Fatouh is currently at his house at 11:59 AM CLT according to his campaign.
     Update : Here is a photo for his driver Mostafa whom I think he looks fine.
    Mostafa by Ahmed Ossama

    The car is not actually Abu Fatouh’s , he actually rented , it is Land Rover.
    Of course the news has taken the Egyptian social media by storm with conspiracy theories and accusations that this is an intended attacked against the most preferred moderate Islamist potential presidential for the mainstream in Egyptian revolutionary class after Dr. Mohamed El Baradei.
    Unfortunately Life can be much more simple that because for a year now the ring road highway is like a curse now , people fear to use it at night for fear of armed robberies and gangs that attack drivers at the middle of night to steal their cars if they are not armed. This area is well known for the armed robberies and there is a big chance that this is not a politically motivated accident.
    Dr. Abdel Manam Abu El Fatouh
    Dr. Abu El Fatouh
    Needless to say the ministry of interior has got a political or rather social responsibility when it comes to this accident because for a whole year the people there have been complaining for the lack of security and the spread of armed robberies.
    Of course this is not the first attack from its kind that a politician after the revolution faces on highways , we got the famous Hamzawy & Basma accident and Mona Salman of Al Jazeera Misr accident in the 6th of October highway last year . Some tweeps say that the location where Abu El Fatouh was attacked was the same the location where MP Mohamed El Beltagy of Freedom and Justice and MB leader Mohamed Abu Barka were both attacked and their cars were stolen if you remember.
    Speaking about the Muslim brotherhood , its political arm Freedom and Justice issued a quick tweet about the attack the famous ex-MB member has faced.
    Politically speaking I can’t stop with my all due respect to Abu El Fatouh and my wishes to him and to his driver Mostafa for speedy recovery that this accident can increase his popularity in the presidential elections case.
    I will try to get more information in the morning from Dr. Abu El Fatouh’s camp because simply I am shy person to call people at this time when they need to rest after all the action they have faced. To know more about Abu El Fatouh and his camp , well I think you read his tweet up in the summer.  
    Update :
    I spoke with his campaign , despite the official claims about how the security is investigating the matter seriously , up till this moment no one came from the police to take statements from Abu El Fatouh !!!
    The campaign has cancelled his public meetings in the upcoming 24 hours. The reactions since the night have not stopped .
    Former Potential presidential candidate Mohamed ElBaradei slammed on his official twitter account SCAF and the government for not protecting the famous presidential candidate.

    A military council and a government that can't protect a famous presidential candidate aside from providing security in the country are actually the problem and not the solution.
    Potential Presidential Candidate Hamdeen Sabhi visited Abu El Fatouh in hospital.
    Hamdeen in the hospital
     Sabhi also wished a speedy recovery for Abu El Fatouh demanding the arrest of those criminals who attacked him quickly in order to know their motives.

    Potential Presidential Candidate Amr Moussa who was in Sinai all day long under the protection of the major tribes there also expressed his concern for the attack
    The attack on Dr. Abu El Fatouh is alarming and indicates to on what the extent security has deteriorated to the level that can't be ignored. The Muslim brotherhood is backing its former member strongly.Its supreme guide Mohamed Badie's official twitter official has this message.
    My prayers for Dr. Abu El Fatouh's Speedy recovery hoping that God would avenge from those who did this horrible crime.
    Ikwan Web , the official website has also commented

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    Our martyrs by Amal Samir
    For several months ago a group of Egyptian youth from activists , web designers , graphic designers and web developers worked on a website that would include all the names and dates of the Egyptian revolution martyrs in silence and On January 25th,2012 the beta version of this website was launched.
    This website’s name is : Lan Nanashom which means in English We will not forget them.
    The website includes a photo for the martyr , his or her date of death as well where it happened. The database of the website includes the #Jan25 18 days martyrs , Maspero clashes Martyrs, Mohamed Mahmoud clashes martyrs , Cabinet clashes martyrs and Port Said stadium massacre martyrs. “Hopefully they will be the last”. The faces of the martyrs shows how it was really a true EGYPTIAN revolution representing all the classes and areas in Egypt.
    There is another section for revolution injured the website team is working on , of course I think it is too difficult to do , the number of injured is too high.
    The Website needs more information indeed and this is why the amazing team behind is asking for help for everybody who knows martyr or injured and wants to add him or her to the database to contact them on :
    Now as we have this amazing website I must hint out to its twin website in Syria : The Syrian martyrs
    The website does not include detailed information about the martyrs especially we are speaking about 8,000 martyrs increasing by 100 martyrs everyday now , still those amazing boys and girls behind it updated with family names , locations  governorates as much as they can.
    Just like in Egypt , the Syrian martyrs represent the Syrian society with all its sects , classes and background from north to South , from East to West.
    Unlike the Egyptian martyrs website , the Syrian martyrs website provide statistics about the number of Syrian martyrs as its database is updates every two days.
    Whether Egyptian or Syrian , Whether Libyan or Yemeni or Bahraini we will never forget our martyrs indeed.

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    Tunisia is having this conference of “Friends of Syrian people” which I have my own concerns about because simply those friends are only friends of their political and economic interests.
    Now when someone like Suhair Atassi could not travel to that meeting because the ministry of interior in Tunisia says that she needs official documents from Syria then I must wonder who are attending this conference. Up till now the friends of Syria are calling for Peace keepers. This is so Iraq/Lebanon scenario. The Syria’s friends will consider the SNC as the official representative of opposition !!
    The SNC has presented a vision for Syria after El Assad proposing the idea of having a presidential council presenting all national leaders as well a council for reconciliation with the past.
    The Tunisian president is offering asylum to El Assad in return that he would step down from rule , without doubt Bashar El Assad will refuse Marzouky’s offer. I think after this generous official offer from Tunisia to El Assad , Tunisians should not be angry from the Saudis from hosting Ben Ali.
    Anyhow the Saudi government has already withdrew from the conference because they wanted actions and not just talks.
    Moving from this meeting in Tunis which for sure has refreshed the Tunisian tourism sector for awhile , we go to Cairo where Hamas has officially denounced El Assad regime after long years of support officially in none other than Al Azhar mosque. Yesterday former Prime minister Ismail Haniya of Hamas stood in the head of Al Azhar and declared his full support to the Syrian people in that protest organized and sponsored by Al Azhar to support Al Aqsa Mosque as well Syrian people.
    Cairo : Ismail Haniya salutes Syrians
    Now leaving the big piece of cake that is being cut in Tunis and the big speeches in Cairo yesterday 103 Syrians so far were killed and three massacres were committed according to the Local Coordination committees in Syria.
    14 Child have been killed on Friday while SNC was speaking about its dreams to have a reconciliation council with the past !!!!!!!! “Warning : Extreme Graphic Scenes”
    Here is an extreme video showing another family killed including the youngest and tiniest members !!! Got nothing to say.
    Homs : Kar El Ton family
    The break down of Friday geographical distribution of the martyrs was as follows : 30 martyrs in Hama, 32 martyrs in Homs, 10 martyrs in Hassakeh,4 in Aleppo, 3 martyrs in Daraa, 10 martyrs in Idlib, 2 in Damascus Suburbs (Moudamaya, Douma) and 1 in each of Deir Ezzor and Raqqa.
    On Friday three massacres were reportedly committed by the Syrian regime in both Homs and Hama. Two Massacres took place in Hama where the death toll reached to 30 Syrians. One of these massacres as I have read including 18 Syrians from one family being shot in one of the fields.
    One terrible massacre was committed in Al Khalidiyah square in Homs with death toll of 30 !!!!!!!!!!! “Warning : Extremely Graphic scenes”
    Homs : Khalidiyah Massacre–1
    Homs : The massacre of El Khalidiyah
    Homs : The Field hospital of Khalidiyah
    The Syrian government decided to let the Syrian red crescent to evacuate the civilians from Baba Amr and other doomed areas in Homs. International organizations are now pushing to have access to the Syrian cities. It is worth to mention two foreign reporters from those who have been injured in the raid against Marie Calvin’s residence in Homs have asked to be evacuated from the city in order to receive treatment properly.
    Pro-Syrian Regime TV channel “Ad Donia” official website was hacked Yesterday, the hackers left a pro-revolutionary message. Here is a screencap for the website while it was hacked
    What is on the ground is what will shape the Syrian future insh Allah away from all the conferences and away from all the nasty deals between world powers and regional powers that only care for their interests which they consider people just pawns in the disgusting chess game.
    Now because sectarian and racism are spread in Egypt horribly here is a video from the Kurdish populated area El Qashmili showing a protest there. Syrian Kurds were supporting the revolution since day one for the sake of democratic Syrian nation.
    Qashmili protests for Baba Amr in Homs
    I though of sharing this video showing the people of Golan putting the Syrian flag of independence on the Sheikh Mount. It is a good sign , insh Allah it will be the the flag of Golan’s independence from Israeli occupation.
    Golan Heights : The flag of independence on El Sheikh Mount

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    Here is the 3rd patch of Photos Citizen journalist Mulham Al Jundi had uploaded from the city of Homs in the past 48 hours. He uploaded over 100 photos on February 23, 2012 from Homs.

    He took photos from Karm El Zaitoun neighborhood that seems to be deserted except from few locals who are considered in my point of view as the perfect example for the famous phrase “Life Goes On” !! Karm El Zaitoun had its share from the security offensive in the city , it seems that El Assad’s security forces are moving from one place or another.

    From what I see there is no strong military presence from the photos but there are snipers over the rooftops like a reminder for the people there not to protest. Our friend Mulham was shot in his leg by one of these snipers , I fear on him as he became well known to the media.

    Homs : Our Mulham is shot in his leg

    Mulham is a member of the SNC , he used to work in Saudi Arabia and left his work and family to go inside Syria and to become one of its famous citizen journalists. Let’s pray to God that he survives this. Mulham will be offline for two days. I hope he will be fine. He should hide for awhile.

    The field hospital in the area is very poor , it seems to me that it is located at some pharmacy. The Mosque there did not survive the attack. Already as a Muslim I know for God the life of a person is much more important than a Mosque. The garbage has not been cold for a while. The food prices are increasing madly for instance the eggs were sold for 90 LS now they are sold for 250 LS , the prices of gas cylinders have reached to 1000 LS in this extremely cold weather as well where the weather degree can reach to 3 degrees in the morning.

    You can check the first and second part from Homs and from Bab El Sabaa

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    On February 25,1986 Egypt witnessed a rebellion among the central security forces that terrorized Cairo and Giza and forced Mubarak to order the army to restore security and crack down that CSF revolution in a decision he would not take it except after nearly two decades.

    The official story most 1980s and 1990s generations do not know

    Officially the story had started on February 25,1986 Tuesday when thousands of CSF conscripts armed stormed out angrily in a complete rage from their camp in Haram area destroying whatever in front of them including the famous Movenpick hotel . Then they set the Haram Police station , Holiday Inn Sphinx , Mena house hotel as well couple of big stores in the famous long street on fire before completely occupying Haram district and blocking the Cairo Alexandria road in a declare sign of mutiny.
    It turned out that the night before there was that rumor spread like fire in the camp : Their 3 years service was prolonged for another year and their salaries will be reduced. “Some source say it 2 years”
    In the early morning of February 26, 1986 Former/Ousted president Mubarak had declared the emergency status and imposed curfew in the Haram area. He also gave his orders to the army to end the CSF mutiny there by force.Late Field Marshal Abdel Halim Abu Ghazla was the minister of defense then. The army deployed couple of units and for several hours there was fight between those army units and the CSF rebel units ended by the control of the army for couple of hours only.
    Tanks in Cairo "1986"
    During then with no advance in telecommunication technology and social media , the rumor and the news of what happened in Haram camp reached to the other CSF camps in Cairo and in other governorates on the same day early morning and hell was unleashed.
    CSF camps in Shubra, Tora and in Hikestep knew the news or rather heard the rumor as well how the army cracked down the mutiny in Haram camp. At the same time the army received order to disarm all the CSF camps from weapons and the battles and riots started madly around and inside the CSF camps in Shubra , Tora and Hikestep.
    Torched mini-bus "1986"
    The CSF camps in Qaliubiya governorate , Ismailia governorate, Sohag witnessed mutiny but inside the camps as the conscripts did not have to time to go out as the army besieged these camps. Asuit governorate also witnessed a strong mutiny in its CSF camp , we are speaking about the wild Upper Egypt during the Wild terrorism year. Now it is said that the army did not end the mutiny of Asuit CSF camp but rather the governor of Asuit then notorious police general Zaki Badr who opened the Asuit Nile channel lock drowning allegedly thousands of CSF conscripts.
    CSF conscripts surrendering "1986"
    Later February 26,1986 Mubarak imposed curfew all over the country. After another 24 hours of terror in Cairo and ugly riots and fights between CSF conscripts and the army , the army won and the mutiny was ended. Minister of interior Ahmed Rushdie then was sacked from his position along bunch of police generals .In March 1986 Mubarak appointed Zaki Badr as the minister of interior. Badr was the most notorious and corrupted minister of interior the country would have seen till Habib El Adly. For over two decades media ignored the whole incident as if it had not taken place in 1986 that young generations did not know that it existed till the year 2011.
    Al Ahram front page on February 27,1986

    Cherchez the third party

    Now up till now officially we do not know who was truly behind that rumor that spread like in fire about CSF prolonged service, the press then blamed it on the political views of the conscripts and those saboteurs  despite they admitted that there was a rumor  !!!!!!!!!! “Most of them did not know how to write or read for God sake, ironically the headlines remind with the headlines of the newspapers in the early days of the revolution as well during the last 3 months in Egypt !! ”
    The Ahram newspaper coverage
    There had been a strong theory supported by couple of facts : That rumor was intentionally spread in the CSF camps in order to get rid from minister of interior then Ahmed Rushdie by none other than the corrupted police generals for the sake of drug dealers in Cairo.
    Rushdie now
    Rushdie is the most from popular and honest minister of interior as well from the most uncorrupted minister of interior. When he took charge of the ministry in 1984 the drug trafficking and dealing were flourishing in Cairo , naturally the man declared war on drugs and the dealers along with their corrupted accomplices in the ministry of interior. Rushdie was starting a plan to purge the ministry of interior especially in the counter drugs sector against all the corrupted officers and generals in Cairo after a war with the drug dealers earned him a title "The drugs fighter". They needed to get rid of him and they knew how.
    After the departure of Rushdie the drug dealers boldly celebrated that moment by producing a new type of hashish to the market called "Bye Bye Rushdie". It is worth to mention that Rushdie also presented his resignation but of course Mubarak had to be the man to kick him out of his position.
    Rushdie had to know that he was facing stronger and evil enemy within the ministry who did not give a damn if the whole country had gone on fire in order to sustain their position in the ministry and to keep the bribes from drug dealers coming to their bank accounts.
    The CSF riots incident and what happened to Rushdie were brought to our memory in Egypt earlier after Port Said stadium massacre when tips came from those working inside the MOI that the massacre and what followed it from clashes were another plan by former minister Habib El Adly’s men in the ministry against the current minister Mohamed Ibrahim.
    For me the riots are considered a big Egyptian X-file because aside from the undeclared number of victims and those who stood behind the rumors , I do not understand why Mubarak appointed an honest person like Rushdie in the first place.

    The language of numbers

    According to official numbers 103 were killed in those infamous riots. Of course now some activists especially from the left said that thousands of CSF conscripts were killed by the army while the attempt of the later to restore the order. In August 2011 a human rights lawyer Mohamed Shehata of Egyptian transparency center accused Mubarak of killing 6,000 CSF conscripts and reported him to the public prosecutor. 
    Shehata accused Mubarak of drowning not less than 3000 CSF conscripts in Assuit and ordering the Egyptian air forces of bombing the CSF camps thus killing another 3000. “I found that hard to believe then because more people would have remembered that, most people remembered the street battles between the two factions”

    The Central security forces , the regime’s small army

    The Central security forces historically came to the Egyptian life after the students protests in 1968 as a security riot force. The conscripts or its soldiers are actually the young Egyptians mostly from the countryside in Upper Egypt and Nile Delta who are not that good to serve in the Egyptian army as part of the mandatory military service and thus are referred to CSF. The Central security forces sector officially follows the ministry of interior , its chief is from the minister of interior’s aides.
    The treatment of the conscripts during is not the best if it were not the worst if we are going to speak the truth. We are speaking about young men from the Uneducated poorest working classes in Egypt who are not abused by officers but the whole society.
    According to latest estimations the number of the conscripts in the CSF before the revolution was bigger than the Egyptian armed forces solider , it is indeed an army inside an army.
    I believe we do not need that huge number for CSF or even to fight riots as internationally counter riots forces are not that big or violent , we can learn from other countries. I believe personally that if the army thinks those young men are not that good to join it for a year then the government can make them learn a real profession mandatory and help them to really build their country. “Yes I am romantic dreamer but I am speaking about a man’s power which should not neglected”

    Riots or a revolution or an uprising

    I do not consider the CSF riots incident as a failed beginning for a revolution but much as a tough live lesson on conspiracy and how those in the backstage do not care for the life or death of any Egyptian. Leftist activists believe that the army ended the beginning of a great popular revolution , well that assumption of course ignores the real reasons behind this mutiny , it was actually planned by corrupted men to get rid from a good man regardless of the expense the country has to pay.
    Bad intentions do not lead to good results as we hope except if the divine intervention does not come in time.
    Thousands were reportedly killed and other thousands paid huge price for those 72 hours and millions paid even bigger prices as victims for the drug problem in Egypt. All this happened because of corruption and the fear of purging the ministry of interior from the drug dealers’ friends.
    Yes the poor conscripts revolted but the rest of the Egyptian people were watching in fear. Already I believe then we were in the first 10 years of Mubarak years which were considered somehow the lest corrupted in his 30 years. Already I can’t avoid the fact that those riots were planned initially to get rid from Rushdie using the poor CSF conscripts or rather the Egyptians as pawns like in chess game !!
    We do not read history and if we read it , we do not learn from it except what we want to see only according to our views and not according to the truth.
    That video below shows couple of photos from those riots in color , sorry for the terrible cartoons .
    Photos from CSF riots

    Links :

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    This is the 3rd part of my Day One’s Aswan Chronicles series of post , you can check the Aswan Chronicles Day One : Part one about Aswan High Dam and Part two about the amazing Island of Philae.

    The Aswan plants island aka Kitchener’s island needs more attention , it is like a forgotten piece of paradise in Egypt. I can’t imagine how this island will be like in time of Spring !! I want to be there.

    Aswan : Kitchener’s Island “2012”

    I did not stay for a long time there but I saw amazing long trees from around the globe in this island. Thank Goodness it were not an Island in Cairo or Giza , God knows what would happen to this island. I do not think all military commanders were like Lord Kitchener when it comes to that amazing hobby. The view is amazing from there. I mean in Egypt now any police or general retired general would sell such beautiful island for the highest price !!

    The Nile river in Aswan is nothing like in Cairo , it runs wild and freely in Aswan while in Cairo it has all the diseases the old capital suffer from unfortunately. The Nile Cataracts or rather the first Nile Cataract in Aswan is amazing , really amazing , I caught it on video but I know it is not like anything you can see on TV or newspaper , You have to be on a boat in order to feel it with the fresh water splash on your face.

    #Aswan : Nile Cataracts

    The Islands of the Nile are so so so so so beautiful, already many of them are considered national reserves.


    The state security in Aswan aka National security now burnt a national reserve island in the Nile while burning their documents after the storming of the SS HQs across the country according to our tour guide. I think the name of that island is the Al Anam island , of course it is still there.


    According to our tour guide Gamal Mubarak is allegedly from the owners of some hotel called Isis Hotel island “Actually it is owned by Pyramisa Hotels and Resorts” and using Gamal’s influence Movenpick Hotel Resort had to stop its plans to build another extension to its resort in that significant island in the Nile so it will not compete the Isis Hotel. The Isis Hotel is allegedly built on a national reserve itself. Only after the ousting of Mubarak , Movenpick started to build that that extension. I do not know how much of this is true , but I found it interesting.

    Question : Why is the villa of Mohamed Monuir considered a significant place in Aswan with all the amazing places there ? The Agha Khan III Mausoleum  looks more interesting to me. The Agha Khan Mausoleum is not opened for visitors except from the Ismaili Muslims according to our tour guide.


    I went a Nubian village where we were hosted in a Nubian house and saw small crocodiles as well beautiful paintings. Unfortunately I can’t feel my legs now.


    The tombs of the Nobles in Aswan in the heart of the Nile look magical.


    I love Aswan so much , May God bless this beautiful city and its beautiful kind people.

    Ok folks this is the last part in my Day One Aswan Chronicles , Oh yes I have visited all those place “ in one Day and even wrote all these remarks before heading to bed on February 8 ,2012 .

    Wait for Day two ISA

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    The admin of SCAF official FB page has found a new target to attack aside from April 6th Youth movement , The Revolutionary Socialists , the Students of AUC and MP Ziad Elliemy , the admin of SCAF is attacking the famous NY Times columnist and so-called Mideast expert Thomas Friedman.
    In a letter to Friedman written in Arabic titled “To Thomas Friedman, my regards” the enigmatic personality administrating the SCAF official page slammed Friedman accusing him of kissing Mubarak’s ass  after Friedman’s Op-ed from couple of days ago “Egypt’s step backward”.
    In “Egypt’s step backward” Friedman attacked minister of international cooperation Faiza Abu El Naga and SCAF because of the NGOs trial reminding us with the bad economic status of Egypt. I do not like Friedman or his views or his Op-ed as usual but we have to say the truth that he did not mention the Muslim brotherhood at all or Field Marshal Hussein and co. directly in his unneeded Op-ed like what the Mr.Admin has claimed.
    It is worth to mention that MENA published a report last week calming that Friedman was praising Abu El Naga !! I think they pulled it back.
    Anyhow following the Egyptian style in any verbal fight , the admin listed the shameful history of Friedman in praising Mubarak and his son Gamal. Still despite the admin and his team made an amazing effort in listing the Op-eds of Friedman had written about Mubarak and son in the past year by date , there were shameful disgusting mistakes.
    Friedman in Meet the press
    The admin mentioned that Friedman praised Mubarak in his Op-ed “In the Land of Denial” on June 5th ,2002 for his support to the States in the war on terrorism and his views towards Israel. Indeed Friedman praised Mubarak in that Op-ed but he criticized the lack of democracy in the country as well in the same Op-ed.
    The admin claimed that Friedman said that he did not mind having Gamal Mubarak as a president in his Op-ed “ Holding up reform in the Arab world” published on December 16th 2004, well unfortunately Friedman was quoting his Egyptian friend and her view about Gamal Mubarak as long as he were elected as GW Bush.
    The admin claimed that Friedman said that the Arabs did not enjoy any civilization that would allow them to have a revolution in his infamous Op-ed “This is just the start”. I hate to say but Friedman did that stupid comparison between Egypt and China and reached to the conclusion that the Beijing Olympics was among things that triggered the revolution in Egypt !!!!!! Of course I can’t mention Friedman’s gem and can’t ignore Sarah Carr’s historical post about it.
    Now the admin looks so bad because he did not only focus on wrong material but he intentionally or even unintentionally misquoted Friedman and put words on his tongue he did not say.
    If the admin wanted to hit Friedman hard , I think he should have focused on his Pro-Iraq invasion or his Pro-Zionist Israeli views or even he could translate correctly his master piece “This is just the start”.
    The only thing good mentioned in that letter was the recognition of the admin of SCAF official FB that the EGYPTIAN REVOLUTION WAS 100% EGYPTIAN.
    Officially this page does not represent the views or the statements of SCAF , SCAF statements and views are represented in its official FB page. Still it is worth to mention that SCAF page likes the admin’s page.
    Masrawy website claimed that it knew from security sources the person who is sharing thoughts in the Admin of the official SCAF FB page is actually a major working in the military intelligence.
    According to reliable source I know the admin is actually a famous nationalist/royalist journalist and writer “at the same time”. I will not be surprised if he was the man.
    It is worth to mention last year it was know that the official SCAF FB page was following the Morale department in the ministry of defense.
    The admin of SCAF FB page whether he is a famous journalist with a big ego or just a major in the military intelligence still thinks in the 1960s mindset that the people in Egypt are living in a bubble and we do not know how to read English. He believes that we are still living in a pre-Internet age without doubt.
    I feel that I am defending Friedman but I am not , I am standing here for the truth which sometimes is ignored by both Friedman and the admin of SCAF page.
    Regarding the NGOs trial , well I heard from several sources that sooner it will be solved peacefully somehow in the upcoming days !!

    0 0

    I consider Syria as my country , it is not my second country as it is the extension of Egypt in the North , many Egyptians believe that and many Syrians believe that also. Some will say that this is part of the Nasserite legacy and short UAR experience , well I think this is the from the few good things we are inherited the Nasserite legacy then.

    Speaking from political views , since Ancient times Egyptians considered Syria as part of our national security , our security in Egypt starts from the Tartus mounts.So when I speak about Syria and its people , I speak about people. For the past months I have been covering the Syrian revolution’s news without reflecting all my thoughts, I think I will take time some of your time and reflect them now as matters develop rapidly whether inside or outside Syria.

    Stuck in the middle

    What is taking place in Syria now is not good after all those months of deliberate delay to save the Syrian nation from the the El Assad. This deliberate delay was intended by the international community mainly in the West aka the US administration to give El Assad all the time in the world to crack down this uprising that turned in to a revolution and at the same time to have enough time to plan for the new middle east map with all its changes. Again Israel does not want El Assad to go , after all for more than 30 years El Assads did not really want to restore the Golan. The fall of Mubarak and what followed it from protests in the middle east that either turned in to full revolutions or promising uprisings changed a lot of plans when it comes to the Middle East.

    Of course the game is more complicated than just an uprising turned in to a revolution as Syria unfortunately is now the playground of a new battle between the current world powers whether between the US and Russia&China axis or between the Gulf and Iran.

    I think what happened in the Arab world was not unexpected for the States and Russia , thus both powers spent all those months planning as another battle in their new world power war. Already Russia lost in Libya and it can’t tolerate its old alley in the region aka Syria. Unlike Egypt the Syrian Russian relations have been more stronger. It is enough that the Russians used to sell more advanced weaponry to the Syrians unlike Egypt in 1960s and 1970s according to Late General Abdel Ghanai El Gamsy.

    Unfortunately Egypt now is no in power or position even to take the right decision and to help our brothers and sisters in Syria as it should in the right way to preserve its unity and to preserve its true national security which is ours as well.. The Gulf is taking the lead now not for the sake of the Syrians but rather because countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar “God knows its true intention” are using Syria as to their own revenge from Qatar and its support to the Uprising in Bahrain.

    They do not care for democracy or people dying , they care for their interests only.

    Turning the conflict in to a confrontation between Sunni and Shiite

    I have been following the protests in Syria since day and I do not like how the conflict is turning in to another confrontation between the Sunni and Shiite thanks to the Arab sectarian media and the growing influence of the Salafists. The Syrians already are disturbed with this sectarian nature because they also fear that it will affect their youth. It is worth mention that the Syrians for months used to name every Friday after a Syrian symbol or word that represents the diversity of Syrian society to stress on the unity of the country like The Saleh al-Ali Friday and Azadi Friday.

    There is no doubt that for decades the Sunni majority was marginalized because of the Baath party , a sectarian dictatorship party than a Shiite party or rather Alawi sect party to be accurate. The mini-war between the Muslim brotherhood and El Assad regime with El Baath concepts to marginalize the religious beliefs then the close Iranian Syrian relations in the recent years created tensions for sure and feeling of old oppression…but. But I do not want another Iraq , I do not want another semi-country.

    You must know that the minorities in Syria after participating strongly in the past months in the protests are now concerned with their safety in Pre-Assad Syria. The Christian Syrians fear the same fate of the Christians in Iraq and yet they are helping the cities under attack and they are also being attacked by El Assad regime.

    Several Syrian Shiite icons from writers and artists declared their support to the revolution like Fadwa Soliman who stood bravely for months before any Salafist Sheikh cared about the Syrian revolution in Egypt.

    One Egyptian tweep told me to mention how many Christians , Shiites and Kurds have been killed so far in the country. A Salafist MP in the Egyptian parliament attacked Bashar El Assad from two weeks ago and described him as the criminal Shiite. This is only in Egypt ,the moderate Egypt so you can imagine the

    I fear that the Gulf support to the revolution will export sectarianism to Syria and ironically history Syria knew the meaning of diversity , democracy and even the meaning of political life before the Gulf states got its independence. I do not mean any insult but this is a fact.

    Syria is another unique country with its diversity of religions , ethnics and history I fear on it just like I fear on my country. I do not want another Iraq in the region.

    The US is playing with fire once again by pushing this Sunni Vs. Shiite thing to get rid from Iran.

    SNC : Questions marks

    I do not like people when they think that the revolutions got catalogues and what was successful in one country will be successful in another country. I did not have high hopes for the SNC aka Syrian national council when it was announced for two reasons. The first reason is that  I felt it was an imitation of the NTC in Libya and what it is good for Libya with its circumstances can’t be good for Syria with its circumstances. The second reason is that I know the Syrian opposition in Syria is even more weaker than the opposition in Egypt. There are a lot of question marks about some of the members in the SNC as well a lot of question marks about their popularity for real in Syria itself away from the social media impact because one thing I learned about Egypt real world and the majority of the people are something and social media is another thing.

    Part two will be the Syrian Free army and the Syrian army ISA.

    Again these are the thoughts of someone concerned about Syria , someone who can’t bear more children killed by corrupted regime , someone who wishes to see a strong free democratic united Syria that will complete the second half of Egypt.

    0 0

    When Ahmed Zewail won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1999 and got that hero reception in Egypt , he spoke about having this city of scientific research in Egypt like the Silicon valley. It was something great for sure but everybody knew that it would not be achieved in time of Mubarak because simply Mubarak did not give a damn for our scientific research advance or development.
    Still in 2000 The Zewail city of science and research’s corner stone was set up in a location in 6th of October area and 300 acres were allocated to that project. It was too good to be true then the project faced a lot of red tape and bureaucracy and in the end Zewail left and returned back to the States.
    Nile University or NU is a non profit university founded by Egyptian foundation for technological education Development “EFTED” in July 2006 and has been working since then with its headquarters in “The Smart village”. Then Former PM Ahmed Nazif re-allocated 127 acres from Zewail city’s land to NU which witnessed a lot of problems in those 4 years.
    The buildings of the NU were built on these 127 acres and its crew managed to make achievements in those 4 years despite all those problems in an atmosphere
    A quick look to Nile University and you will find the following in those 4 years :
    • 40 Egyptian scientists from our best scientists working in this university managed to publish 700 scientific research in 4 years including 250 research published with the help of the research assistants in NU
    • The University has grants from big international corporations like Google, Microsoft, GM, Intel, Alcatel-Lucent, STDF, ITIDA, NTRA, EU, RDI, Qatar Foundation, Mentor Graphics, Synopsys, Cadence.
    • Around 285 top graduates of local universities are studying post graduate programs in NU.
    • Dr. Haitham El Desoky , the R&D Engineer that won in the Stars of Sciences is another NU researcher.
    Now after the ousting of Mubarak and during the good old days of PM Essam Sharaf , we found out that the old project of Zewail is resurrected  again in  which for sure is something great but there was a price.
    But there was a price : wiping out the Nile University and merging it inside the new Zewail city without even recognizing its achievements , Zewail will take the NU , its students and researches with no price at all !! The buildings of those 127 acres re-allocated to NU are now part to Zewail city. Not that only the buildings and the NU facilities were closed for months in front of the NU students with no regards for their researches !!
    I do not know how any scientist in the world would accept that NU , its buildings , equipment , researchers and scientists to sit idle like that for a whole year !!
    The NU

    The students and the researchers have launched a big campaign to Save NU whether online or offline through protests and sits in. Here is the official Save NU website and its official FB page. They do not want to be a part of the Zowail city.
    With my all respect and admiration to Dr. Ahmed Zowail , I think naming a university or an academy after his name while he is alive is a bit narcissistic. Update : Dr. Zowail is speaking about the matter on twitter in his official twitter account where he said that the Government is the one that named the city after him. It was not his choice.Zowail also said that the NU has given up the land according to some contract , well it turned out that that this contract was signed by former PM Ahmed Shafik.
    Zewail is insisting in all his meetings that he met the NU students and administration and they are more than ok , unfortunately it is untrue to the level that makes me wonder about these people he is meeting.
    Last February 21st,2012 the Zewail city issued a statement saying that it has reached to an agreement with the NU administration by which ZC ethnically acquires the NU and that Zewail had meetings with the angry student.
    Then NU administration and its Chairman Tarek Khalil have slammed the statement denying what came in.
    The last thing we have got is that the minister of higher education saying that nothing bad will happen to NU adding that it will continue in its mission and everything will be fine !!!
    And this is ladies and gentlemen a true Egyptian case : Solve a problem by creating another one !! Nazif should not re-allocated those 127 acres but I think in the same way after 10 years Zewail can get not only 127 acres but another 300 acres for fear from the government or even from SCAF in now time leaving NU alone.
    After few hours from now Zewail will appear for the first on Yosri Fouda’s famous TV show “Last Talk” on ONTV and the Nile University supporters are asking Fouda to give them the opportunity to speak with the Nobel Prize winner for once seriously about the Nile University for once.
    TV hosts always speak in front of Zewail as an idol with big admiration and opened mouth like kids in KG , they do not dare to ask him any important question about NU or even criticize him. I hope that Yosri Fouda proves he is unlike all other TV hosts.

    Links :

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  • 02/28/12--13:30: #Siwa is on Fire
  • And Siwa is on fire , oh yes it turned out that there has been a fire in the beautiful faraway oasis since afternoon and the firefighters could not put out that up till now.
    The fire started at all one of the farms in a village called Manshadat and thanks to the strong dust winds we are having today across the country the fire spread. The firefighters failed to put out the fire. It has already destroyed more than 30 acres.
    The fire as capture from several hours "Twitter"
    According to the reports coming there not less than 2200 palm trees have been destroyed in the fire. The army has evacuated two villages from the families as the fire is reportedly advancing towards these villages.
    There are fire engines heading from Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh to Siwa , this is a long way there. The army sent 4 helicopters and one C130 aircraft to be used in putting out the fire but they won’t be able to use them because of the weather conditions. I hate to remind the army with its rapid reaction on the fire of Shura council and Haifa’s fires as well as no reaction to the Scientific institute !!! 
    Still the governor of Marsa Matrouh and the commander of the Eastern zone are saying that everything is fine and the fire in under control partially !! Unsurprisingly the citizens say that things are not under control , actually the wind speed is slower than earlier and thus the fire is not spreading rapidly like from two couples ago. A journalist working in Al Gomhouria spoke on TV saying that the police has disappeared from the scene and the people, the locals are actually the ones who are putting out the fire.
    Some websites are saying now that the fire may be got to do with some conflicts between two farmers !! I do not know as it is too early to know the real reason of the fire.
    If we got strong dust winds in Cairo then in Siwa we will have a dust storm so it is logic that the fire spread so rapidly because of the strong wind and the firefighters find difficulty to put it down.
    Here is a video capturing the fire earlier today.
    #Siwa : The fire in farms
    According to official sources there are no human casualties so far.
    I will post more photos and videos emerging from there.
    Here is a photo showing the fire allegedly in its start.
    Here is another photo from the fire. This photo is allegedly taken at 9 PM.
    Marsa Matrouh activist Ayman Shawky is saying that the army was already having this campaign against arms smugglers for several days now and this may be the action of the smugglers.
    Still I trust Writer Rawah Badrawi  who spoke with the people there all night long and she is saying that things now are under control for real. The locals in Siwa told her that it was feud between two families.
    Badrawi wrote a book about the Legends and life style in the amazing Siwa Oasis. 

    0 0

    The Supreme committee of the presidential elections has announced that the upcoming presidential elections in Egypt will be held on next 23rd and 24th of May 2012.
    The announcement of the results will be announced on May 29th , 2012.
    The runoffs will be held on 16th and 17th June 2012  , the final results will be announced on June 21st ,2012.
    The registration for presidential elections will start on March 8th,2012 for 10 days. The campaigns officially start from April 30th to May 21st.
    The Egyptians abroad will start voting around the globe from May 11th ,2012 for 7 Days.
    The presidential elections campaigns’ budgets are not to exceed LE 10 million.
    Now it is worth to mention that we are currently having more than 10 potential presidential candidates now.

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