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7000 years and counting ...

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    A Cairo pinkish sunset , I can not say anything more than that.



    This is one of the most beautiful collections of photos I have ever taken for the sunset in Egypt.

    Those photos were taken last 24 January 2015 in Cairo. When I returned back home extremely happy and was ready to upload them , I found out about the horrible murder of Shaimaa El-Sabbagh. Strangely after reading what happened to her , I felt as if the sky was bleeding. 

    May God bless her soul and the souls of other martyrs.

    By the way away from metaphors, this pinkish sunset is caused partially by pollution and smog in the atmosphere. 

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    "A belated post I could post with all that developmetns we had in Egypt since January 24" 
    And at last the ministry of antiquities allowed photographers and journalists to check the golden funerary mask of King Tutankhamen and its epoxy glued beard in the Egyptian museum from two weeks ago and it looked terrible !! "Click on the photo to zoom in if you want to see the scratches"
    A photo taken for the mask on January 24
    by AP to the mask and beard in
    The Egyptian Museum Cairo
    Yes for me it is terrible especially when I compare it with old photos from couple of years ago or even from photos from 1990s .
    The same news agency and the same mask
    The ministry of antiquities held a press conference defending its position and announcing that German metal restoration expert Christian Eckmann would examine the priceless mask. Eckmann who was not appointed to restore the mask but rather was asked to examine it told  reporters that the mask was not totally damaged and that it “is” in a good condition of conservation. Strangely the German expert said that the newspapers were exaggerating !! He also said that there were no scratches on the beard except one  !!!! Well that one is enough for me. It looks to me that it is be badly scratched !!

    A photo taken for the scratch by AP on 24 January 2015 
    This photo was taken on the same day of the
    Anyhow Eckmann said that this damage could be fixed, well I hope it is fixed. 
    Aside note a new restoration section director was appointed in the Egyptian museum. Here is a storify photo slideshow showing different photos for King Tut’s mask in the museum by different photographers and news agencies on the same day of the presser
    I hope people follow up the case of King Tut’s beard because it seems to be forgotten.

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    And it is one of those sad nights.
    At least 14 At least 30 people have been killed this afternoon in Cairo outside the Air Forces stadium in clashes with security forces , the worst football-related incident Egypt has seen since the awful massacre of
    Blood on the White Jersey of Zamalek "By Adel Eissa"
    Port Said stadium in 2012.Now this massacre is being labeled as “The Air forces stadium” massacre. Yes it took place at an army-owned stadium. Now at 12:17 AM the death toll has increased in to 30 :((
    Of course there are sides of the story. The official story as adopted by the ministry of interior and the government claims that the clashes occurred after the attempt of Ultras White Knights “Zamalek Sports Club fans” tried to storm the stadium and watch the game without paying tickets by forces. According to the ministry of interior the security forces used tear gases and birdshots to disperse the mob.
    The unofficial Ultras White Knights’ version says that the fans went to see the match waiting for their turn in to get in through a very tiny metal gate when they were teargases and so a stampede happened followed by chaos and security forces attacking the fans.
    At the gate of the stadium before the clashes by Adel Eissa
    Here is a video filmed from the security forces’ side showing them dispersed the fans outside that gate.
    The moment the security forces attacked the UWK Fans
    Only 10,000 fans were allowed to attend the game tonight with 5,000 tickets up to sale to the fans and 5,000 invitations but on Thursday Mortada Mansour, the foulmouthed controversial lawyer and Zamalek club chairman decided to turn the 5000 tickets to be invitations.
    Regarding the death toll I am saying at least 14 because this is the official number released by the ministry of health but there are other sources speaking about bigger number. The Ultras White Knights Official page announced at 9:52 Cairo local time photos for two lists with 22 names killed in the clashes. The official cause of death is suffocation and stampede after being tear-gassed.

    Most of the victims were 17 and 19 years old boys. People are asking about their boys for God’s sake on twitter and Facebook. 
    On the other hand human rights activists who hurried to Zenhim Morgue speak about bigger final death tolls because it seems that some of the victims were transferred directly to the morgue. Some of the victims were transferred to the National Bank Hospital. There are at least 25 injured by the way.
    Strangely and amazingly the game went on despite those inside including the footballers of Zamalek Sports Club knew that that people were killed outside.
    Only one footballer stopped playing in the game : Omar Gaber.
    On the other inside the stadium the fans specially those seated in the 3rd degree “The famous place for Ultras Fans” gave their back to the players chanting  against the government , police and their own team. Among the clashes they were chanting “ A dirty government you sons of bitches, Withdraw from the game you fagots, Withdrawal is honor , Either we die or restore back their rights”.
    This video from inside the stadium during the game.
    People who watched the game on TV channels say the voice of the fans were muted when they started to curse the government. The boys are angry , the football fans are angry , the Ultras hardcore fans are furious.
    Here is a storify slideshow documenting what happened.
    On Egyptian TV channels , the Pro-TV hosts are on fire accusing the Ultras fans of dragging the security forces in to a fight and attempting to spoil the reception of Putin tomorrow. Oh yes Putin is coming and it seems that he will receive some legendary reception. Not so surprisingly the chairman of Zamalek Sports Club , the Pro-regime and foulmouthed lawyer Mortada Mansour is doing rounds on TV channels accusing the Ultras White Knights as usual
    His son Ahmed Mortada Mansour , the club’s member of the board of directors defended the police forces at first publishing a Facebook page status telling the fans not to be thugs and that they have to buy a ticket first.
    You do not understand anything. You are not allowed to get in by force. No one will be allowed to attend the match without tickets. Football is only for respectable fans. No thugs are allowed here.
    That status was published on his twitter account. Now he removed the status but it there are screenshots and  I have seen it by own eyes hours earlier. 

    Now The son of minister of youth “Yeah minister of youth” says that those young men were thugs and should bear the consequences of their actions on his Facebook account.
    It is a déjà vu in the media to be honest. It is like we are watching a mini-version of what happened in Port Said from three years ago.
    Last news from the Prosecutor General’s office : An arrest warrant for the leading figures in Ultras White Knights who started the clashes with the security forces.
    The Prosecutor General has finished his investigation as it seems very quickly to reach for that conclusion.
    I will not be surprised to find the government designating Ultras groups as terrorist groups. 
    Ultras White Knights and Ultras Ahlaway are now united by anger and desire for vengeance

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    By Alaa El-Kamahawy
    This is a live updated post with the latest development regarding the massacre of the air defence stadium and its aftermath

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  • 02/10/15--03:31: February 10, 2015 at 01:31PM

  • Test #Blogger via Instagram

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  • 02/10/15--03:36: Dust storm in Cairo [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Dust storm in Cairo

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    You can not see nothing , no effects in the dust storm in #Cairo now  #Blogger

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    The nasty dust storms of Amshir started on Tuesday in Cairo and Alexandria. Up till now the dusty winds do not want to stop. Of course I have an awful time with that dust and sand in the air thanks to the sinusitis.
    This is how the sky looked earlier today in Cairo , Giza and Alexandria. 
    Yes people in Cairo had one hell day of a day whether terrible traffic thanks to Putin’s visit or terrible weather condition. 

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  • 02/11/15--05:19: February 11, 2015 at 03:19PM

  • Cairo now with no effects #Blogger February 11, 2015 at 03:19PM via Instagram

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  • 02/11/15--09:33: Sandstorm Day #2 in Egypt
  • Amshir's strong sandstorms continue for the second in the row in Egypt. We had one hell of stormy 24 hours where visibility in the street has become a mix of dust and sand. Several sea ports in Nile Delta , Alexandria and Red Sea ports halted their operations because of the turbulent weather conditions.

    The only good thing we had on Wednesday thanks to the sand storms that the streets were empty so there were no nasty usual traffic jams. Also people began to use medical masks more often in the street.

     Now here is a storify slideshow to show you how our day was in Egypt on Wednesday.

    Egypt's meteorological authority announced that that sandstorms wave would end on Thursday.
    More photos will be added to this slideshow.

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  • 02/11/15--14:19: DSC07939 [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:


    Egypt's Sandstorm in February 2015

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  • 02/11/15--14:19: DSC07938 [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:


    Egypt's Sandstorm in February 2015

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  • 02/11/15--14:19: DSC07936 [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:


    Egypt's Sandstorm in February 2015

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  • 02/11/15--14:19: DSC07934 [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:


    Egypt's Sandstorm in February 2015

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  • 02/11/15--14:19: DSC07929 [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:


    Egypt's Sandstorm in February 2015

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    Cairo and its unique yellow sandy fog 
    Kodak Agfa and her camera were there in the streets in Cairo during that 2-days Amisher sandstorm. Cairo was covered in yellow fog or rather yellow sand.
    Hope we won't have more of those storms again this year. Yeah I know I am a dreamer.

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    We are back to the Sisi leaks which I can not keep up with all those audio leaks as during the last weeks we got new batch of leaks. Already a new alleged secret recording was aired tonight in another Pro-MB TV channel as it has become the habit to release a new secret recording every Thursday and Saturday as it seems.
    I won’t discuss that new recording as I have got a series in Egyptian Chronicles in order not to miss a single alleged recording.
    Today our old episode in that leaks series was extremely interesting especially as it was not related to domestic affairs only but it is also related to media and regional political affairs. It is extremely interesting.
    El-Tuwaijri and Kamel 
    Just like the previous episodes , once again Ii was aired on Pro-MB TV channel “Al-Sharq” on the new year’s eve.
    Once again it was allegedly recorded at the office of Major General Abbas Kamel ,  the current chief staff of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi when he was the head of the minister of defense’s office.
    In that recording Major General Kamel allegedly called the former secretary General of Saudi Royal Court Khalid Al-Tuwaijri in order to do something regarding that annoying boy aka “Bassem Youssef”.
    Oh yes the major general believed that the renowned TV Satirist crossed the lines last February 2014 after expressing his views about Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s presidential candidacy.
    Just days before that alleged call between Kamel and Al-Tuwaijri , Bassem Youssef appeared with Amr El-Lithy on Al-Hayat TV channel where he said it that he believed that El-Sisi should remain in his position as a minister of defense then instead of running for the presidential post.
    Here is the clip that made Kamel allegedly angry.
    Bassem Youssef and El-Sisi’s presidential candidacy
    In the same month Youssef started to presenting his show then on Saudi-owned MBC Misr scoring the highest ratings ever each week for 11 episodes.
    Interestingly Bassem Youssef’s show was suspended in April 2014 before the presidential elections for allegedly not influencing the Egyptian voters and do not ask me how. In May rumors began to circulate that Saudi regime had to interfere in order to stop the show.
    In June 2014 Bassem Youssef and his crew announced that they would suspend the show for ever because of pressure refusing at the same time to change their editorial policy or to move their show to a channel outside Egypt.
    Now interestingly Khalid Al-Tuwaijri’s name made headlines in the past few weeks after he was dismissed from his position following the death of King Abdullah and the crowning of King Salman of Saudi Arabia.
    Dismissal Al-Tuwaijri was one of the earliest decisions taken by Salman and this made many political analysts believe that the kingdom will have a different regional as well domestic policies.
    Al-Tuwaijri is believed to be among the main enemies of Arab Spring in the region and played huge role into turning it in to a stormy winter.
    It is worth to mention that the current Egyptian regime claimed it had no hand in suspending Bassem Youssef’s show.
    Sisi denied in his CBS interview with Charlie Rose that the state has anything to do with the suspension of Bassem Youssef’s show.
    Charlie Rose asks EL-Sis about Bassem Youssef
    For his side the award winning satirist could not ignore and commented on the leak on his official twitter account.

    I do not know what is the closest translation to this but it can be “ A Class mentions in the leaks” Smile
    Youssef is now in the United States where he has been chosen as a resident follow by the Harvard politics institute for the Spring 2015 semester . Pro-Sisi supporters say that the U.S administration has appointed Bassem in such position in order to tease the Egyptian regime !!! I fear that they do not understand that Harvard University is not a state-owned university nor it is like Universities in Egypt taking orders from the regime.
    He has also appeared on the Daily Show as a Middle East analyst earlier this week.
    There has been no confirmation or denial from Saudi officials or Egyptian officials regarding that alleged secret recording.

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    First of all those are happy snapshots for Zamalek club fans before the sad events last Sunday. Little they did know.
    By Omar Hany
    By Eslam Rashwa  who said "we are not bad or thugs
    we went to the game to have fun" 
    Second How many people have died last Sunday at the Air Defense stadium outside the game between Zamalek and ENPI??
    Officially the Forensic medical authority issued its final statement stating that there were 20 football fans mostly from teens who have been killed due to suffocation and stampede.
    On the other hand also Zamalek’s fans are spreading  a list of 43 names of people who died on that night because of stampede, suffocation, tear gases and birdshot. It originated on the Facebook pages .Yes there are names and there has been no official explanation for those names.
    This list is spreading like fire 
    Also the cause of death , the State’s forensic authority says that  Stampede and suffocation where as we got testimonies that at least one fan died from birdshot according to his father’s statement to MBC Misr at the morgue.

    We need to know the real truth.
    This is not the first time something like that happens.

    Sadly enough neither the ministry of defense nor the ministry of health has not announced till this day the final death toll of the horrifying attacks that took place in North Sinai on 29 January 2015. So far we know that at least 30 have been killed.
    According to news reports the ministry of health officials in North Sinai were given orders not to reveal any numbers to the media regarding the death toll after hours of the IS-associated “Sinai Province” attacks on security and military checkpoints.
    It is worth to mention there has been no statement from the Egyptian armed forces to explain what really happened on that bloody night either.
    Anyhow let’s stick to the UWK massacre.

    Things are going to be darker after the Zamalek’s hardcore fans “White Knight Ultras Group” {UWK} announced on Friday on their Facebook page that they would seek revenge themselves from the club’s chairman Mortada Mansour as well the ministry of interior and its men using very strong language.

    Zamalek Chairman and controversial lawyer Mortada Mansour held on Saturday a press conference to present the new coach !! oh Yes like nothing from a week ago. He also claimed that he was not responsible for what happened to the fans blaming the Ultras members as usual.
    He also aired during the presser an alleged confession of an alleged Ultras member during his interrogation by authority that the group was planning to clash with security forces for the sake of money !!  Is it even legal to air something like publicly when there is an official investigation ??

    Well I am afraid Mortada Mansour is responsible according to the testimonies of many of his clubs as well newspapers’ online and offline archives.
    This news about how Zamalek Club would allow its fans to see the game for free from Veto Gate , Masr Al-Arabia and Al-Wafd websites was published on Wednesday , 4 February 2015. 
    Because of that announcement people went to see the game from all over Egypt.
    The Zamalek club fans who went to book tickets from the club before the game did not find any tickets as they were turned in to invitations and they were being told that they should not be worried because they would see the game for free in stadium.
    Also the people in popular Meit-Okooba area where Zamalek Club is located say that his son Ahmed Mortada Mansour who is running for parliamentary elections in the area promised them to see the game at the stadium for free.
    Mortada Mansour and his announcement made thousands of fans to show up on that day and he is responsible for that. 
    Now security forces have arrested several members of the Ultras White Knights leading figures. Earlier today I read that the prosecution is investigating the reports that police officers in a Giza police station tortured 3 detained Zamalek fans in order to force them to confess that they took money from the Muslim Brotherhood to create that stampede.
    It is worth to mention that last week the media was only asking whether the football team players who played the game against ENPI knew that people were dying outside and did not ask the important questions like why the security forces did not open all the gates and relied on one gate when thousands of fans were outside, why the security forces installed for the first time the narrow metal gate before the main gate, Why the security forces aka Central Security forces did not use water cannons to disperse the rioters as the riots as they claim and they went directly to tear gases and birdshots against the Holy Protest law,Why it took the ambulances hours to get to the location. Nobody cared to ask those questions except very few in the media.
    Filgoal's infographs about the sad event
    Now here is a very infograph made by Football website Filgoal about the events : 
    1. Huge number of fans showed outside the stadium and only one gate was made to allow them in.
    2. The metal gate is narrow and fell on the people inside it.
    3. Then security forces began to fire extensively tear gases “birdshot according to eye witnesses”
    4. A Stampede happens.
    More videos  began to surface from that bloody day.
    Those videos show the huge number of fans waiting to enter from one gate despite there are other gates in the stadium and usually they are open for fans.

    The fans here are singing the famous Pro-Zamalek chants. They did not sing any political chants from any kind.

    Now that video shows the start of the stampede when people were begging the security forces to open the gates because people were dying. It also recorded the moment that that metal gate fell on the fans. The ministry of interior claimed that that was a fabricated video.

    Another extremely important video showing the start of the events. We got three groups of the fans. The first group was left at the direct gate of the stadium and was not let in by security forces. The second group was stuck at the narrow gate and the third group was the rest of the fans. The fans were screaming : Open the gate , open the gate.
    What happened at the air defense stadium ?

    That video was after the stampede. The fans were not attacking the security forces and trying to help each other and to help their friends.

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Reading time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::scream::triumph::dizzy_face::smiling_imp: #Egypt

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    As if there is some kind of curse in Egypt. Just after one week from losing at least 20 football fans mostly from teenagers outside a New Cairo stadium , tonight Egypt knows that another 21 young men , from poor Egyptian Upper Egyptian workers were executed God knows on by IS-affiliated militant group in Libya.
    The Egyptian blood on the Libyan shore from the shocking video
    "KLMTY website"
    Today IS released another shocking and brutal video clip in English showing the beheading of 21 Coptic Egyptian migrant workers in cold bold on the shores of Mediterranean sea in the Libyan city of Sirte.
    A horrifying video that I could not watch , I only judged by the screenshots people posted on social media. The date of the beheading is unclear as well the fate of the bodies of our workers may God bless their souls is also unclear. Those who saw the video got a lot of questions about the video and its quality. I can not watch any more of those videos.
    Last Thursday IS released the 7th issue of its English “Dabiq” magazine a report about the kidnapped Coptic Egyptian workers claiming that its affiliated group abduct them in order to avenge for the alleged “Muslim women who were converted from Christianity and were tortured and killed by the Orthodox Coptic Church of Egypt”.
    It also reminded the world or rather its target audience that the Islamic State in Iraq, its mother movement bombed the Catholic church in 2010 in Iraq to avenge for those ladies. The report reflected that rivalry between Al-Qaeda and IS as IS slammed Al-Qaeda's current leader Ayman El-Zawahary for being soft with the Egyptian Copts.

    IS did not mention any demand in that article nor it did say that it executed but the orange jumpsuits and beheading positions in the two photos in that report prepared us for the bad news and the shocking video.
    Till Sunday morning the Egyptian authorities said it clearly that it did not have any confirmation or information that Egyptian abductees were executed.
    That means we got no so good intelligence out there anymore. Yes people speculated that they were executed but only from the orange jumpsuits.
    You must know that those young Coptic Egyptians were kidnapped on two batches.
    The first batch in December and the second batch in January. Their real poor families who live in another under the poverty line village in the heart of Upper Egypt in Minya were begging for help for months.
    By the way as cold-blood public figures in Egypt are not attacking the victims for travelling and working in Libya. Pro-Mubarak Pro-Sisi Classist Lamis Gaber wondered from two days ago on State-owned “Radio Misr” why those workers did not stay in Egypt and begged for food with their dignity instead of travelling abroad !!!!
    I do not know what to say.
    Here is a video report made last month about those poor workers and their families.

    What is worse is that the contradictions in statements coming from the Libyan officials and politicians who did not know whether they were alive or dead. Already The Libyan Dawn forces deny that there are IS-affiliated militias control Sirte in the first place !! I do not know what to say. But logic says to get from IS militias , the other Libyan militias including Haftar’s army and Libyan Dawn have to unite.   
    Almost all the famous TV channels in Egypt have broadcasted the video clip of IS militant group with no regards what so ever to humanity or viewers. Almost all TV channels started a hysteria that Egypt should invade Libya. Of course they could not forget the global conspiracy against Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar, Turkey, Israel and the United States. Cheap TV hosts like Ahmed Moussa are using that shocking video which I could not watch and claim that El-Sisi saved us from the same fate.  
    I want IS to disappear tomorrow from the surface of the earth but despite I am not a politician nor a military I know that I should not take quick emotional actions. I can not get involved militarily in another country especially like Libya when North Sinai’s partially is out of control and my domestic front is on fire for real with bad economic situation and upcoming parliamentary elections.
    I can not got involved militarily when all the Libyan parties are against each other. People compare El-Sisi to Sadat in his short military fight with Qaddafi forgetting that Sadat did not face all that shit in Egypt then.
    El-Sisi held an urgent National Defense council meeting tonight and addressed the publicly.
    Egypt reserves its right to retaliate against the killing of 21 Egyptian Copts by the IS militia in Libya at the suitable time and place, El-Sisi declared in his short urgent speech to the public late Sunday. He also ordered the evacuation of Egyptians from Libya.
    Egypt has declared the national mourning for seven days.

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