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7000 years and counting ...

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    Sorry for the shocking for the headline but this is what exactly TV host Amany El-Khayat advocated on her TV show last week on TV channel “Al-Qahara Wal Nas”. The TV host who once caused a diplomatic crisis with Morocco that cost her job in ONTV Network in 2014 is back to controversy. Now she got a TV show called “30/6” on “Al-Qahara Wal Nas” and she got a lot to say regarding the debate about the two low-ranking policemen who raped a girl last December. Mrs. El-Khayat believes that if we speak about this horrifying accident and how the two policemen were released by the court in a shocking ruling despite the forensic evidence then we are contributing to a sinister plot to bring down the ministry of interior. “Oh yeah”
    Amany Khayat : So what .. rape is normal we are
    According to Amany Khayat rape happens normally in the Egyptian society because we are 90 million people and that we should not make a big deal that two policemen raped or attempted to rape a girl. “It does not happen only in the sector of the low rank police officers , it happens everywhere as it is the nature of the society  !!” oh yes the Nature of the society is to rape !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So yes we should not speak about the violations of policemen to the law for fear that it will bring the ministry of interior down !! I do not even know how to listen to this logic.
    Now as backstory Last December two low ranking policemen were arrested after being accused of raping a young lady in the backseat of a patrol Car in Cairo. Surprisingly the two policemen were released on bail of “LE 10,000” by the court in early January as they were charged by “indecent assault” as there has been no alleged penetration . Shockingly next day the State official forensic authority announced that despite the victim was still virgin ,  the “Seminal fluid” found on her clothes belonged to both policemen. The General prosecution has appealed the court order. The whole case is causing a lot of anger and it should be. We are speaking about rape or even an attempted rape by two policemen in a police patrol car backseat !!! Does this need a lot of debate and discussion for God’s sake !!??
    ِA girl screams "Help" from inside a police patrol car
    Cartoon by Doaa El-Adl 
    Of course her statements made many people angry online and offline especially the Anti-Harassment activists. “Anti-Harassment Movement” campaign issued a small statement slamming Mrs. El-Khayat accusing her of being a person who justifies rape.
    Amany El-Khayat justifies sexual harassers and rapists
    Amany , the one who said “harassment and rape are normal in the society and focusing on the incident of the two policemen was an attempt to bring down the ministry of interior is justifying the rape of the girl by two policemen. This is how to spread treason charges and justifications to serve interests and political ideas regardless of the crime and the lack. It is not wrong to do our job but it is wrong if that job would cost us our humanity. 
    Well speaking as a matter of fact the low ranking policemen sector is causing a lot of problems whether before or after the 25 January revolution with their constant violations to the law. These violations sometimes if not most of the times reach to the level of crimes.
    The low ranking policemen are usually less educated than police officers. Graduated from high school and diplomas , they enjoy the low ranking policemen institute. Due to the crimes and violations committed by those policemen there have been a lot of debate about its use. Amazingly the regime in Egypt saw that this system was truly successful and decided to add a new rank of policemen with even less education !!!

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Behind the window #Cairo #Egypt

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    Sorry for discontinuing this interesting series, already I am late by two episodes , oh yes there are two more secret recordings related to the media have been released.
    Now we got got an alleged leak related to both media and judiciary or rather prosecution. Once again it was aired late December on Pro-Muslim Brotherhood “MB” TV channel Al-Sharq TV just like the previous one.
    Once again Major General Abbas Kamel , El-Sisi’s current chief of staff in presidency stars that alleged secret recording. Kamel was the head of his office in the ministry of defense.
    Once again it was allegedly recorded from his office at the ministry of defense. There was another supporting actor who did not speak that much in the alleged recording : Current Chief of Staff Mahmoud Hegazy , who is also Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s in-law.
    Heikal and El-Sisi in 2013 at Nasser's Tomb
    "Hossam Diab"

    That recording just like previous ones was recorded before the presidential elections when El-Sisi was still a minister of defense .
    In that secret recording allegedly Major General Abbas spoke on the phone with the current Prosecutor General Hisham Barakat telling him that famous writer and veteran journalist Mohamed Hassanein Haikel asked him to remove the name of his son businessman Hassan Heikal from the travel ban list so he could return back to Egypt.
    Hassan Heikal , the former executive managing director of EFG-Hermes is already accused along ousted president Mubarak’s sons Gamal and Alaa of profiteering in the sale of El-Watany Bank of Egypt (AWB) in 2012.
    The trial is still going on. Mohamed Hassanein Haikel has met with El-Sisi several times and some say that the veteran journalist gave El-Sisi important advices especially in that critical time of 30 June 2013.
    From the alleged conversation we found Kamel felt bad for what happened to Gamal and Alaa Mubarak and how they were in jail because of “what happened in January”.
    There has been no official reaction regarding that leak.
    The only person to speak about the alleged recording publicly from those involved or mentioned in the whole affair was Hassan Heikal.
    An active tweep he spoke about the leak saying that there was nothing it defame him or defame the prosecutor general as till this moment his name is still on the travel ban list and he is not back in Egypt. Hassan Heikal is believed to be in London.

    One last comment regarding this issue and I apologize that this is a private matter , the new leak does not defame because my name was not lifted from the travel ban
    What is the problem of that leak in my opinion ?? It does not defame anyone as it is not about ending the trial but only to let me return back to Egypt. The problem of that leak is that it came after yesterday's leak.
    Said Heikal referring to the shocking leak related to the Abu Zaabal’s horrifying incident.
    By the way Hassan Heikal got very interesting political and economic views calling social justice through wealth tax and lifting up the energy subsidies the government gives to companies, a thing that many other businessmen reject. Once Naguib Sawiris attacks on twitter Hassan Heikal claiming that he became a socialist after the first 50.
    Now interestingly the issue here is how an official allegedly working inside the minister of defense’s office asks the General prosecutor for a favor in a case or rather a current trial. It is like having a hotline between Kamel’s office and the prosecutor general’s office.
    Also another issue is how a veteran journalist like Hassenein Heikal asks for a favor like that.
    The Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters do not like Hassenein Heikal , after all they look to him as one of late President Nasser’s men. Nasser was their old nemesis and now Heikal is helping El-Sisi so You can imagine how they used the leak. Now I will dare and say that it is not only that MB hates old Heikal but also the one who originally and allegedly stood behind those recordings from inside the deep state and later leaked it to the MB.
    In early December Hassenein Heikal appeared in a series of interviews on CBC speaking about the future of Egypt as well the region and old veteran journalist said it directly that President El-Sisi should lead a correction revolution against his current regime in order to make it through this critical time. The 91-years old journalist also slammed Mubarak and warned that his men were coming back to the scene.He also spoke about the secret recording leak related to Morsi’s whereabouts interestingly. He hinted out the recordings were authentic.
    Heikal : El-Sisi has to revolt against his own regime.
    Of course it seems that El-Sisi had addressed Heikal’s call to him in the same month when he said that bringing down the state’s institutions would not fix anything especially in current critical time and that it was better to adopt gradual reform. The word “Revolution” is hard for many people. Needless to say almost automatically all the Pro-Mubarak/Pro-Sisi journalists and TV hosts unleashed the same ol’ attack on Heikal in the media following that series of interview. May be that leak is another message to Heikal not to cross the line again and speak about revolutions against the Holy deep state
    This can not be coincidence for me especially the timing and my own theory that there is some kind of a fight in mount Olympus or in the abyss of the deep state.

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  • 01/23/15--05:01: Save King Tut’s beard
  • Now this has become the world’s top news from Egypt : King Tutankhamun’s golden and blue fake beard of the mask was broken during a cleaning process at the Egyptian Museum and the museum’s conservators hurriedly glued the beard back on with epoxy resin, damaging the artifact.It is all over the news more than El-Sisi’s speech in Davos and to be honest this is expected , we are speaking about King Tut who is more famous worldwide than Egypt’s rulers in modern age altogether. I am more than furious
    Now the story began earlier this week when London based Al-Araby Al-Gadid published an alarming investigative report that King Tut’s beard and how it was damaged last October thanks to one of the conservators. The report added that other conservators in the Egyptian museum discovered the matter and reported it to the minister of antiquities El-Damaty who ignored that matter. The report including a shocking photo for the fake beard.
    The photo taken for the mask and the glue published
    in Al-Araby Al-Gadid
    In return the conservators who reported the matter were punished and were transferred to the Coptic Museum. The General director of the Egyptian museum denies that anything happened to the mask.
    Not many people paid attention to that report because it is published in London Based Qatari owned Al-Araby Al-Gadid which is close to the Muslim Brotherhood or was close to the MB as there have been changes in the new website following the reconciliation with Qatar.
    On Thursday AP reported the matter in its report which became a top news in all over the world in all languages.
    A File photo for the beard in the mask in the museum
    released by AP from August 2014 
    The story was developing on Thursday rapidly.
    Thursday afternoon Egyptian Museum General Director Mahmoud El-Halwagi told Ahram Online that a committee assigned to inspect the mask’s condition and would report its findings to the ministry within two days. Youm 7 claimed that the ministry of antiquities knew about that disaster on Wednesday and that it commissioned a group of German scientists and conservators to inspect the mask. The ministry denied that report later. In a statement to Pro-regime Al-Qahera Wal Nas minister El-Damaty of antiquities claimed the photo spread in the media was taken last year and that there is nothing wrong with the Statue now !!
    This is what we know from news .
    Now The 10 years old King’s golden mask has a hole on the chin where the pin of the beard enters. Check the photo below from AL-Maussar Magazine cover from year 1936.

    King Tut without a beard 
    According to Egyptologist Monica Hanna it seems that there is permanent damage as the internal parts used to fix the beard without a need for adhesive are badly damaged apparently. Hanna explained the whole affair in a set of tweets.

    Monica Hanna who is a member in heritage grassroots movement Egypt’s Heritage Task Force announced that the Movement would report what happened to the prosecutor general demanding an investigation.
    Personally I want UNESCO to come and inspect what the hell happened to Tut’s mask. 
    Hanna also added on twitter that she knew from sources that once again the conservators in the museum would inspect and dissemble the statue next Monday. Already Sunday is a national holiday commemorating the 25th January revolution.
    Of course Egyptians reacted to the news on social media and aside from the anger and disgust at what happened. Some of them restored to sarcasm to express their anger.
    The manual
    Tut at the barber shop "Sameh Abdel-Khalek"
    Egyptians fix Sphinx' Nose "@Noory"
    The operation to fix Tut's beard by epoxy succeed
    "In reference to KoftaGate"{ @Offthehookpain}
    King Tut : Fuck "Muna Abdurrahman"
    The Pro-Sisi/Mubarak tweeps are claiming that the so-called twitter activists are the ones who are spreading those rumors and that you can see and take photos of King Tut tomorrow in the museum normally !! A fact : Photography is not allowed inside the museum. They are repeating the pathetic talk of the officials who are hiding a disaster. Amazingly those tweeps were crying a river over the Egyptian identity and our Egyptian heritage during Morsi’s rule.
    I do not think museums and universities all over the globe will agree to return back ancient artifacts they took from Egypt illegally after this disaster.
    I do not know what to say but what happened to King Tut’s mask is just a symbol what is happening to Egypt now. They claim that they are fixing where as they are damaging it permanently. I feel more than sad.
    The child king's mask without a beard 

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  • 01/24/15--06:34: The Nile [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    The Nile

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  • 01/24/15--07:20: The Nile [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    The Nile

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    No effects #Nile #Egypt #Sunset

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    No effects #Cairo #Nile

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    Earlier today Leftist Popular socialist alliance party announced that it was organizing a march from Talaat Harb square to Tahrir square in order to put flowers at the Revolution memorial in the square. The security forces dispersed that small peaceful rally afternoon by excessive force using birdshots killing one of the party’s members Shaimaa El-Sabagh.
    Shaimaa El-Sabagh in her last moments
    "Al-Fagr Newspaper"
    Shamiaa El-Sabagh after she was shot
    "Youm 7"
    El-Sabagh is a leading member in the party in Alexandria.She is a also a mother of a 5-years old boy called Bilal.
    Shaimaa and her son Bilal "Facebook"
    The party informed the MOI by the protest and the secretary general of party spoke with the Police general standing in Talaat Harb square ready and told him that it was a peaceful rally according to an eye witness. The rally did not chant against El-Sisi but chanted for social justice.  Nevertheless the security forces dispersed the rally madly using bird shots and tear gases. Shaimaa El-Sabagh and another party member were transferred to the hospital according to the early statements of the leftist party whereas 6 of its members , from the protesters were arrested including El-Sabagh’s husband.
    Of course the ministry of interior “MOI” claims that Shaimaa was not killed by the security forces in cold blood claiming that there were clashes between the protesters and the security which is also untrue. Photos and videos show that there was a rally that was dispersed by force , by security forces and the protesters did not fight back or engage in any clash. They were holding flowers wrath for God’s sake. The MOI also claimed that it was investigating the murder of the young leftist activist claiming at the same time that the MB Media is spreading lies and that protesters attacked the security forces with fireworks !!!

    Updated @10:53 PM

    Shaimaa's autopsy report
    The forensic authority issued its report about Shamaa’s cause of death : She was shot three times by The type of birdshots killed her is identical to the birdshots used by police as well the citizens.  “Citizens my ass!!! as far as I know the birdshots and firearms ammunitions used by the security forces are different from those in the market”
    She was shot from a short range. The birdshots led to a laceration in the lung and in the heart.
    The official spokesperson of forensic authority also told Reuters’ Aswat Masriya that they got orders from the prosecutor general’s office not to reveal the results of their autopsy report.
    According to lawyer Malek Adly , the prosecution is refusing to take the testimonies of the eye witnesses who have been arrested in the protest including Shaimaa’s husband.
    Here are eye witnesses’ accounts about what happened.
    Here is part of the first testimony , from Nancy Attia as  published in Arabic at Shark Al Masry Al Youm website.
    At 3.30 PM I found a 100-people rally carrying the banners with the logo of Popular Socialist alliance party in Huda Sharaway street , downtown Cairo. After few moments the police forces moved its armored vehicles towards the rally and started to shot tear gas grenades ,I was in a street adjacent to Huda Sharaway street besides the famous “Bostan Café”  when I heard the sounds of firearms and I ran to see towards the sound. I did not know its sources then. Then I saw one of the security forces personnel aiming his rifle towards a girl , I ran back to the café. Moments later I saw a number of young men carrying the same girl in front of the café asking me to help her as I am a girl like her. I saw her bleeding from head. I tried to stop the bleeding but I failed.
    The cameras were there to document the last moments of Shaimaa in the arms of her husband. Yes and it is hard to watch or see those videos and photos and not to feel angry.
    The other testimony is from photographer Osama Hammam who took photos documenting what happened to late El-Sabagh.

    My testimony to what happened in the Popular Alliance Party rally in Talaat Harb square.The rally started from Huda Sharaway street where 30 people were carrying flowers and chanting “Bread, freedom , social and Justice”. They arrived to Talaat Harb square and stood on the sidewalk while the security forces were on the opposite side Their chants did not go beyond “Bread,Freedom, social justice”. Suddenly the security forces fired several tear gas grenades and we were all amazed. I did not run. I found Shaimaa El-Sabagh walking besides me along with couple of protesters that did not run away. Suddenly we found birdshots being shot , I started to ran and taking shots quickly. When the birdshots stopped, I stopped and looked behind and I found Shaimaa El-Sabagh falling down, I took couple of photos for her. Then I found her colleagues trying to make her stand and she did not come up. I found the police coming and I had to run. God be my witness. 
    Now this storify's slide show documents the protest from its start till its sad end from different news websites and photographers. The death of Shaimaa El-Sabagh is documented.

    This video is from MENA , Egypt’s official news agency owned by the State. It documents the final moments of Shaimaa before admitting to the hospital. Some say that people in Europe can not get access to the video. Interestingly MENA claims in the video’s description that Shamiaa El-Sabagh fell on her head !! It is worth to mention that the Popular Alliance Party’s HQ is in front of MENA News Agency HQ in Talaat Harb Sqaure, Downtown Cairo.
    MENA : Shamiaa El-Sabagh’s last moments.
    Here is another copy from the video on the Facebook page.

    Pro-Regime Youm 7 also shared a video for the protest showing the last moments of Shaimaa chanting as well when she was shot down. In one of the scenes , we see one of the CSF officers holding a birdshot rifle
    Youm 7 : The last moments in the life of Shamiaa El-Sabagh
    Another video from Pro-Regime El-Bawaba showing her after being shot.
    El-Bawaba : The last moments of Shaimaa El-Sabagh
    This is the second murder of a protester , a woman protester in less than 24 hours. On Friday security forces shot down a 17 years old Pro-Morsi girl called Sondos Reda
    Late 17 years old Sondos
    I see what happened to Sondos and then to Shaimaa and I remember those wise words said about the Nazi , they came for the Jews then for the socialists then they came for me.
    Just right now Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is addressing the Nation saluting the 25 January revolution saluting its martyrs !!
    Needless to say almost all the Pro-Sisi/Pro-Mubarak/Pro-Regime tweeps and social media users are so happy for the murder of Shaimaa and are actually supporting the ministry of interior as well the state’s merciless crackdown on dissidents. It is disgusting to read their justifications. Of course there is no news to speak with them because in the end of the day they are fascists. Interestingly we got Copy/Paste comments by the Pro-Sisi supporters accusing the MB of killing Shaimaa El-Sabagh on twitter and Facebook. Here is an example from the video post in the official Facebook page of Pro-regime journalist Adel Hammouda, the blue arrows show identical comments accusing the MB of killing Shaimaa.
    Now the Night talk shows are spreading lies about the protest publishing video clips from Thursday’s clashes between the police and Pro-Morsi Ahrar Movement protesters in Talaat Harb as if they were shot today in order to make the people believe that there were protests for real.
    Justice for Shaimaa and Sondos , justice for our martyrs who died while dreaming for better Egypt.

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  • 01/27/15--05:03: #Jan25 : Four years later !!
  • Honestly and truly I can not say or write anything more than what was written and said about 25 January revolution anniversary before. I can not say that the revolution has failed or succeeded but it is a long term process but one thing for sure is that it has not succeeded yet and somehow we seem to return back to the start. The same reasons that created that anger in January 2011 are still there. There is something has changed in Egypt and as laws of natures say there will never be a comeback to 24 January 2011 regardless of what happens and what it seems.

    It is enough that in those 4 years many taboos were broken and people began to discuss them freely and openly , starting with the army and ending with Al-Azhar. Yes 25 January revolution is struggling but who believed it was going to be an easy ride after nearly 60 years or even 200 years as some know say that our military state was actually established by Mohamed Ali.

    It is and won’t be an easy ride for anyone especially for the younger generations with all the challenges we are facing now only in Egypt but for the rest of the Arab world.

    When it comes to news this year we got over 23 killed while over 100 detained all over the country. In the past 48 hours over bombs were reported , some of them are false reports of course while some of them are real. The political detainees from youth who made 25 January revolution possible have not been pardoned yet as Abdel El-Fattah El-Sisi promised. Just earlier today I read that there had been no pardon for the political detainees because Egypt has cancelled the celebration of the revolution to mourn late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia now. Mubarak’s sons are both released from jail pending the trials instead. Just from few moments I read the appeal against the jail sentence of April 6 Youth founders Ahmed Maher and Mohamed Adel as well Ahmed Douma has been rejected. Mohamed Soltan has been on a hunger for a year. Alaa and Sanaa are in jail and this is just the tip of the ice-berg.

    Clashes between protesters and security forces continue for the third day in row in populated Cairo district El-Mataria. The TV hosts are celebrating the anniversary by attacking the revolution as usual. The Pro-Revolution political parties are thinking their position from the upcoming parliamentary elections which may never take place due to the possible unconstitutionality of its laws. The Muslim Brotherhood leading figures met in the States met with John Kerry’s assistants and believe that this is a victory at the same time their supporters in Egypt curse the West for supporting the coup. It is the same old madness.  

    The story is not over yet. The Revolution continues in its own way.

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    Yesterday during the football game between Ahly and Zamalek , Egypt’s major Derby militants in Sinai unleashed unprecedented series of attacks against security forces in three towns in North Sinai in the same time. It was 1:07 AM when I started working on this post. There have been true credible sources about what happened.

    The attacks took place in North Sinai specially in three cities Al-Arish, Rafah and Sheikh Zowaid.

    According to official sources in the ministry of health to Reuters , the death toll reached to 29 where as unofficial sources are speaking about a death toll reaching at least to 40 from both military and civilians.

    I pray to God that it won’t reach that number. Now it is Friday afternoon and local journalists from North Sinai are sharing lists of names allegedly for dead military . Those local journalists are speaking about a death toll that increase toll reaching to 30.

    The army issued a statement late last night , very short statement that can be described as disastrous.

    The very short statement did not mention any number of the victims or the casualties, it only mentioned that due to the successful operations against terrorist hotspots in North Sinai and the failure of the Muslim Brotherhood to spoil the anniversary of the “Glorious 25 January revolution” , militants attacked several military checkpoints and locations in Sinai and that’s it !!

    Due to the successful operations of the army in Sinai , more people killed in highly coordinated unprecedented attack !! Of course people have been speculating the casualties all night long. From military point of view , you are giving your enemy an upper hand in spreading what ever it wants with the lack of information. I know that the morale department believes that all the likes and support on the social media is enough to continue in that policy but that this is not right.

    On the other hand unlike their previous operations , ISIS affiliated Sinai Province “Previously known Agnad Beit Al-Maqdis” issued a short statement on their official twitter account hours after the attack. “Actually some claimed that the fight continued till the morning. Usually it takes weeks before the militant radical group announces its responsibility for similar attacks.

    It is worth earlier Thursday they published a set photos showing their fighters training in a parade allegedly in North Sinai’s desert.

    According to some sources at least 13 civilians were killed including 5 women and 4 children including a baby. This can be the highest human loss for military and civilian in North Sinai in 2015 in a militant attacks. I am waiting for the final official death toll to compare it with the previous attacks.

    El-Sisi who was in Ethiopia gave his orders to the minister of defense back in Cairo to hunt down the terrorists wherever they are. As I expected he cut his visit to Ethiopia and returned early morning. The National mourning has not been declared yet. Despite all Egyptian TV channels declared mourning for the death of late Saudi King Abdullah , they did not care to change their programme to cover what is happening in Sinai.Needless to say it seems that they did not receive orders

    Personally I am angry , sad and frustrated. I know that we are not winning and yet it seems the regime and its supporters insist that we do not win  and pushing the country in to the unknown by adopting the same old populist unsuccessful policies and strategies.

    People are hysterical in a scary way , there is no way for logic thinking anymore. I see what happens and I feel that we are three Egypts and not a single.

    I am sorry if I seem to be pessimistic but I fear we may wake up one day in a morning that a morning on 5 June 1967 with no Sinai and as usual my generation will pay the price as it is paying price right now.

    The story is developing

    RIP all Egypt’s martyrs whether military or civilians.

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    Saturday evening late Shaimaa El-Sabbagh’s party issued a very alarming statement on its official Facebook page related to the official investigation of her murder.
    According to the Socialist Popular alliance party’s statement the prosecution investigating El-Sabbagh’s murder has ordered the detention of Zohdy E-Shamy , the vice-president of the party as a suspect in her murder despite he came forward as an eye witness.

    Updated on 1/2/2015

    The prosecution released El-Shamy after receiving the national security's investigation reports. He is no longer accused of murder but he is accused of illegal protesting which means he can face three years in jail !!! 
    El-Shamy already participated in the rally. His photo walking besides Shaimaa while she was collapsing created huge controversy as some accused him of indifference while others looked to the photo on how the old generation ignored the suffering of the young generations.
    Zohdy on the left while Shaimaa carried "Reuters"
    Interestingly Pro-military Egyptian conspiracy theorists on Facebook accused the veteran leftist of killing Shaimaa.
    Interesting Anti-Military rule grassroots movement “Askar Kazaboon” made a video analyzing all the footages and photos taken during the murder of Shaimaa referring to the alleged murderer of Shaimaa from the central security forces dispersing the rally.
    Askar Kazaboon analyzing Shaimaa’s murder.
    Back Zohdy El-Shamy , the 60 years old man is like the acting leader of the leftist party as its leader veteran leftist Abdel Ghafar Shukr is currently sick. Actually Zohdy El-Shamy himself is sick and got a heart disease too !!!!
    By the way the Socialist popular alliance party along other pro-revolutionary parties like Constitution party and the Egyptian Social Democratic party announced that week that they may boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections next March if the current minister of interior Mohamed Ibrahim is not dismissed , the protest law is not amended, political prisoners are not released and a transparent
    I think at least the Socialist Popular alliance party will not  participate in the upcoming elections after finding out that its acting leader is accused of killing its prominent member !!!!
    One can debate the voting power of those parties , nevertheless these are the Non-Islamist Pro-Revolutionary parties in Egypt representing youth. El-Sisi needs those parties to show the world the revolutionary youth of 25 January revolution are not oppressed. 
    By the way security authorities refused to let the Socialist popular alliance party hold the memorial service of late Shaimaa in the iconic Omar Makram Mosque twice last week.
    On Friday Shaimaa El-Sabbagh’s husband artist and painter Osama El-Sehely published that video about his late wife.  I will not comment on it because there is nothing to say about it.
    Shaimaa’s husband speaks “English subtitles”
    Earlier Thursday a group of women organized a small stand to protest the murder of leftist activist Shamiaa El-Sabbagh in the same spot where she was killed. There was a lot of fear and concern because that stand did not take any permission or authorization from the ministry of interior. The protesters , all from women stood with floors and banners with the photos of Shaimaa El-Sabbagh , Sondos Abu Bakr and the young men from Mataria who all have been killed during the anniversary of the 25 January revolution. The protesters included renowned liberal and leftist activists like Dr.Laila Soueif, Sally Toma, Mahinour El-Masry , Singer Simon and TV host Reem Maged. The protesters chanted against the military rule and the ministry of interior like Down with the military rule, The ministry of interior is thugs, Hey Ministry of interior did you forget January revolution or what ?, down with the military rule ; Egypt’s women are red line.
    Nevertheless the stand at Talaat Harb square ended peacefully after a group of Pro-Sisi supporters appeared from no where suddenly and stood on the other sidewalk facing the other protesters chanting for the ministry and Sisi..etc.
    By the way the ministry of interior claimed in the media that the security disperse the stand. Well the security did not disperse but the protesters ended it peacefully. By the way after the end of the stand , a low ranking policeman came gathered all the photos and photos left at the scene !!
    Here is a slide show for the stand.

    Here are video clips showing the stand.
    Shaimaa El-Sabbagh’s stand in Talaat Harb square
    You can see leftist activist Mahinour El-Masry leading the chants. Mahinour was a friend to late El-Sabbagh.
    Women protest for El-Sabbagh’s right
    And here is a video showing the Pro-Sisi supporters.
    Pro-Sisi supporters in the stand !!
    BY the way the mainstream media especially Pro-Regime TV channels are attacking Shaimaa and activists demanding her rights crazily. This hysteria reached to the Pro-military supporters who are attacking popular Egyptian comedian Ahmed Helmy who presented his condolences to the families of both army’s martyrs killed on Thursday in North Sinai and Shaimaa El-Sabbagh. It is just crazy and sad.

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    And Australian journalist Peter Greste has been deported at last from Tora prison to his country after 400 days in detention because of unfair highly politicized trial. Greste left but his colleagues Mohamed Fadel and Baher Mohamed are still in Cairo.
    Now it is highly expected that Egyptian Canadian journalist and head of Al Jazeera international bureau Mohamed Fahmy Fadel will join Greste soon and will be deported to Canada but on one condition : To drop his Egyptian citizenship.
    Yes he has to lose his native mother citizenship for the sake of his freedom !!! I do not know what to say honestly.
    Some sources , mostly from Pro-regime sources to be accurate say that he had dropped his citizenship already. Of course according to some officials he can allegedly visit Egypt , his country as a tourist without a visa and that the nationality is a matter in the heart not on paper !!!!
    It is a great message to send to the world that to get your freedom , you should renounce your Egyptian citizenship if you have another foreign passport.
    Now I believe and I know that If Mohamed drops up his Egyptian citizenship , the Pro-Sisi supporters will consider this another evidence on his treason to this country. After all those people do not understand the meaning of freedom or its importance in the society. For God sake they look to China as the best example for powerful country that survives without freedom or democracy or human rights. By the way those who express those opinions are supposedly highly educated Sisi supporters.
    I will not speak about the comments of the young frustrated Egyptians who say that they are okay with giving up their Egyptian citizenship because it is easy to talk especially when you are frustrated and angry.
    Baher Mohamed 

    I am angry and sad when I see how a person like Mohamed Fadel has to make such choice. I am frustrated and angry because Fadel has to pay that price for freedom because of highly politicized unfair trial. 
    I am angry because this means Baher Mohamed and other convicted Egyptians in the case who do not have any other passport except the Egyptian one will not be released. Yes there is a retrial for their controversial case but I am afraid with Fadel and Greste are out,the world will not care for those Egyptians.
    This is a great lesson Baher’s three kids will learn by heart about their nationality : Being an Egyptian meant that their father will be locked up in jail for God knows when. 
    BY the way Here is Greste speaking about his release to Al Jazeera International from couple of hours ago.

    It is worth to mention that the charges against Greste has not been dropped. The law stipulates that foreign convicts transfer to their countries to stand trials there.
    BY the way Greste and Fahmy are free because of that huge big economic conference in Sharm El-Sheikh planned for next March.
    For me I will continue inshallah to write about Baher and the rest of journalists detained for doing their job in Egypt.
    I want Mohamed , Baher and the rest of the defendants in the case to be released because this is unfair trial and everybody knows that. I want the charges to be dropped and all of them to acquitted officially. I want Fadel to enjoy both his freedom and Egyptian Citizenship. I want him to marry his fiancée Marwa in a big fat Egyptian wedding. I want Baher to return now to his family so he can tell his children that being an Egyptian is not a bad thing. I know what I am asking seems strange in those hard times but this is how things should be.

    0 0

    Earlier today Cairo Criminal court has sentenced 229 Pro-Revolutionary protesters or rather defendants to life in jail and to pay LE 17 million “$U.S 2.2 million”in the 2011 Cabinet HQ clashes trial. It also sentenced 39 minors to 10 years in jail. In Egypt’s penalty code the life sentence means 25 years in jail
    This is a first degree sentence which means , there will be an appeal nevertheless it is a sentence that got a political impact in a very critical time. This is another message to the 25 January Non Islamist camp.
    Now interestingly with a little math calculations we will find that the total of sentences issued today was 6140 years in jail for the 229 !! More than crazy.
    The 229 defendants are accused of the following charges :
    Torching the scientific institute in Cairo , assaulting armed force and police personnel, possessing bladed weapons and Molotov cocktails , attacking governmental buildings including the cabinet and the parliament. 
    Now to refresh your memory here is a quick background about those awful days in December 2011. On December 16, 2011 military forces dispersed a three-weeks sit in demanding the rights of the martyrs at the Cabinet HQ by force. The dispersal resulted in protests and the protests resulted in extremely awful clashes between military forces and protesters. Not less than 18 people were killed and hundreds have been injured. Among those who who have been killed Sheikh Emad Effat who became an icon among the martyrs of the revolution. Amazingly the court did not investigation his murder or how the members of the armed forces attacked protesters from the root of the parliament and the cabinet despite the video and photo evidence on that. It is enough to remember that awful Blue Bra girl photo to know exactly who attacked who for real !!!!!!
    Take an example of Hend Nafae , the activist against torture and military rule ; she was assaulted and yet the judge found her guilty of attacking army personnel. Here is Hend’s photo after being torture in December 2011.
    Hend Nafae after being assaulted
    Of course all the media attention is on one defendant : Prominent activist Ahmed Douma.  Douma who was imprisoned during Mubarak, SCAF, Morsi, Adly Mansour and now El-Sisi is already
    Douma in court defiant by Mohamed El-Raay
    serving 3 years in jail sentenced for illegal protesting when he joined the April 6 Youth co-founders Ahmed Maher and Mohamed Adel in a protest outside the supreme Court in Downtown Cairo in November 2013.
    The Pro-regime supporters are happy that Douma has been convicted of torching the Scientific institute saying that the Nasserite activist admitted on TV that he did. Well I watched Douma’s interviews from 2011 and what he said that threw at security forces molotov cocktails like the other angry protesters denying that he torched the old building. Of course Douma was the darling of those supporters when he used to stand against the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi.
    Despite being the son of a leading MB member , Douma did not like the MB and he said it publicly. Of course his controversial tweets that he wanted to the see the MB dead does not make him popular among the Pro-Morsi supporters who seemed to be happy for today’s verdict despite there are other 229 protesters in the same case not to mention it is unjust case.
    Today Douma was sentenced another 3 years for court contempt because he clapped his hands when Judge Nagy Shehata was reading the sentence. Douma also asked Shehata during the session if he was going to investigate the murder of Sheikh Emad Effat and Dr. Alaa Abdel Hady and the judge wondered why Douma spoke about that matter.

    Shehata has already sentenced Douma another 3 years in jail for contempt of court when he asked him if he got a Facebook account in reference to that alleged Facebook account under the name of Nagy Shehata so the total years Douma will spend in jail will be nearly 30 years !!
    Douma vs. Nagy Shehata "Heba El-Kholy" 
    Yeah from couple of months ago a FB account allegedly for Nagy Shehata appeared full of personal photos and political views that show complete bias against the Pro-Revolutionaries and Muslim Brotherhood, a thing which makes you wonder about his neutrality when overseeing cases involving Pro-Revolutionary non-Islamists and Islamists alike.
    Shehata denied having a Facebook account despite he expressed the same views about the revolution and Mohamed ElBaradei in an interview to Pro-Regime newspaper El-Watan. Already today the judge spoke with Pro-Mubarak/Pro-regime notorious Ahmed Moussa about the case on air on Pro-Mubarak TV channel Sada El-Balad.
    Judge Nagy Shehata has become well known whether locally or internationally. Shehata already was the man who sentenced the Al Jazeera journalists from 7 to 10 years in the infamous trial. He is also the one who sentenced Alaa Abdel Fattah and the rest of the defendants in the Shura council clashes of November 2013 to 15 years in jail. He is also overseen the famous trial of Rabaa control room involving the leading figures of the Muslim Brotherhood including the Supreme leader him Mohamed Badie. Among other defendants in the case Egypt’s longer hunger striker Mohamed Soltan.
    Yesterday Shehata sentenced 183 defendants to death for the murder of 10 police officers and mutilating their bodies as well for attacking Kerdasa police station following the dispersal of Rabaa sit in August 2013. Yes 183 people were convicted of that horrifying crime. Of course this number is nothing compared to the infamous Minya mass execution sentences last year.
    Already there are many legal mistakes took place in the cabinet HQ Clashes trial that made me ask a lot of questions especially that I followed the trial since the start :
    • The lawyers syndicate in Cairo announced that it was boycotting the the trial due to the constant harassment of judge Nagy Shehata , the head Judge to the lawyers. Shehata appointed a lawyer to represent one defendant “Ahmed Douma” while the rest 228 stood a trial in absentia. Ahmed Douma said that he refused that lawyer. The lawyers did not defend all the 229 so is it even possible to issue a verdict like that ?
    • Judge Nagy Shehata once announced in the trial that he stood in the side of the security forces during the trial ; is not this considered bias ?? "Do You want the police to be attacked and nt to fire back ? Nagy Shehata to Lawyer Khaled Ali" 

    • What about the evidence from video and photos as well medical reports from the injured ??
    • What about the second fact-finding committee’s report about the clashes ?? I am speaking about the committee appointed by Morsi.
    • Where are the military investigations in this case ??
    Activist and lawyer Malek Adly asks more legal questions in this case.

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    Whether you like or not , whether you deny or it , there is strong relation between terrorism , dictatorship and foreign intervention and we know about that very well in the Middle East. Iyad El-Baghdadi speaks about the elephant in the room once again in a series of tweets which thankfully Amr Eldib was kind enough to gather it in a Storify story.

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