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7000 years and counting ...

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    Again we got a full packed Tahrir square this Friday , there are thousands currently in the square. There are about 7 stages set up in Tahrir square including the Muslim brotherhood stage and April 6th Youth movement.

    MP Yahia El Fakhrany is in Tahrir square , the Parliament is supposedly going to distribute a statement in the Tahrir square today. Mazhar Shahin said a strong Friday Sermon today where he said and demanded the following :

    • Purging the media.
    • Public trials for icons of the Mubarak regime
    • Complete transparent audit to the Suez canal revenues and the Mubarak regime icons.
    • Parliament holds revolutionary trials for the Mubarak regime icons.

    There are many marches heading to Tahrir today :

    • From Mostafa Mahmoud square to Tahrir square.
    • From Giza square to Tahrir square.
    • From Shubra to Tahrir square.
    • From Al Abassiya square to Tahrir square
    • From Maadi to Tahrir square.
    • From Al Azhar Mosque to Tahrir square
    • From Nasr city to Tahrir square
    • From Salam mosque to Tahrir square.
    • From Heliopolis to Tahrir square. 
    • From Cairo university to Tahrir square.

    Here is a video shot from Tahrir square by Pierre Sioufi earlier this morning at 11 AM CLT.

    #Tahrir : Overview Jan27 @11 AM

    I think Sioufi did not imagine his flat would be the hot spot for the reporters and photographers from around the world. Mr. Pierre is also transferring on air from time to time from Tahrir square through Bambuser.

    @1:12 PM CLT.

    Hundreds began to head from Mostafa Mahmoud mosque to Tahrir square. “A photo shot by Maged Sherif”

    Hundreds began to head from Giza square to Tahrir square as well by Hossam Hamalawy

    From Cairo university to Tahrir square by Gigi Ibrahim

    From Shobra to Tahrir square by Ziad Hawas

    There are marches in Alexandria and Assuit as well.

    @1:32 PM CLT

    Thugs are attacking Al Azhar march and the police is watching !! The march had to be spilt under the attack yet there are no injuries reported so far.

    @1:53 PM CLT

    Here is a link for the Mostafa Mahmoud march in Bambuser.

    Al Abaseya people are participating in the march by Nazly Hussein.

    All the chants are against SCAF and military rule. I think protesters should focus on the military rule and leave Tantawy because it is not about Tantawy , it is about the principle itself.

    Some irresponsible protesters thought of heading to the ministry of defense but the majority forced them to head back to Tahrir square.

    @2:43 PM CLT

    From Alexandria where the weather is extremely bad. The activists and protesters were planning to head to the TV and Radio building there but had to cancel the plan because of the bad weather condition.

    Here is a snap shot for the march for the march in Mahran Bek street by Maged Butter

    And this photo in the rain by Double Zam

    There marches and rallies in the following governorates : Cairo and Giza “heading to Tahrir” , Bani Sawif, Tanta , Alexandria, Sohag, Assuit, Aswan and Minya.

    Here is a march in Tanta by Lio.

    @8 :51 PM CLT

    There have been marches and protests against SCAF in Kafr El Sheikha, Damietta , Mansoura where clashes took place unfortunately between Muslim brotherhood supporters  and the other protesters from other political movements and groups over the stage in El Thawara square.

    There were protests as well in Suez , Ismailiya , Sharkia and Port Said against SCAF.

    Back to Cairo from several hours there was this march heading to the ministry of defense but it was stopped by the barriers created by the military police. The protesters had to leave and head to Tahrir square and Maspero after they were attacked by pro-SCAF mob.

    Several marches headed towards Maspero and the numbers seemed to be increased compared by yesterday and the day.

    Now to Tahrir square what I fear from took place and it seems that there have been clashes between the Muslim brotherhood supporter and the protesters. Of course after the short clash now the stage of MB attacks the military and says “Down with the military rule” , ‘Civil state , Civil state”. The actions of the MBs provoked many especially that they raised the volume of the Holy Quran to hide the voice of protesters chanting against SCAF !!

    The anti-Ikhwan feelings are extremely high now among the revolutionary class and protesters , it is crazy , classical divide and conquer. CBC and Egyptian TV are focusing on these short clashes as division in the Egyptian political scene.

    It started as a good day but now , well the Egyptian society diseases are crystal clear to everybody.

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    Yesterday Twitter surprised us with this decision : Twitter will withhold a specific tweet from specific country while keeping it available for the rest of the world !!

    The people behind twitter give us the lamest justification ever. I am not convince with that considering the fact of the freedom of speech that the West always preaches us about. I do not get how withholding a specific tweet or specific tweep in one country and keeping it available for the rest of the world is good or great.
    Many of the tweeps in the world do not tweet for countries outside their country or from tweeps outside their country. In fact when I imagine this feature or decision or censorship being applied , these examples pump in my head. 
    • Manal El Sharif’s tweets about women to drive with be censored and blocked in Saudi Arabia as well the all the ladies who drive as well because their tweets are dangerous on the social stability in Saudi Arabia. Now in El Sharif’s case I do not care if the whole world reads her tweets , what is important is that her tweets are read by other Saudi women and men !!!
    • The criticism to the king and the virtue committee in Saudi Arabia will be blocked in Saudi Arabia
    • Rasha Azab’s tweets about virginity checks scandal as the Egyptian society is so sensitive to what is related to sex , it will be censored , of course it is worth to mention that if it were not for tweets , nobody would know in Egypt.
    • Human rights crimes committed in Bahrain from time to time will be of course in Bahrain.
    • The crimes of IDF in Palestine will be censored inside Palestine and Israel or even inside the EU or America  because of course this overstretched the anti-Semitic charges 
    • Do I need to speak more about Egypt !? I think you got the whole idea.
    I am from Egypt , from that country that led the social network revolution in the Arab Spring , I am from that part of the world that made of twitter something more than a gossip social network , I am from that part of the world that turned twitter in to a new source “despite what I think about being reliability” and I am from that part of the world that will pay a huge price because of this new genius decision !!!
    We live in a part of the world those 140 characters can send you in jail because you criticize the royal family in the Gulf for God sake and you want to block tweets in a specific country.
    I do not tweet for the world all the time , I tweet for my follow Egyptians most of the time so most of the Arab tweeps do who found in those 140 characters a virtual forum after years of forced silence.
    Ironically many Arabs on twitter were happy from couple of days about how twitter will start to localize its UI and thus many Arabs would join twitter but I think it is different now.
    Many people from all over the world have decided to boycott Twitter on #Jan28 today , ironically from a year we did not have access to twitter since January 26th , very few tweeps used proxy services and fewer tweeps knew that they could access it through dial up and internet satellite.
    Returning back to twitter to on February 1st ,2011 through regular broadband before heading to Tahrir square to join the first million man protest and it was a huge moment as I far I remember it.
    Is it the Walid Ibn Talal effect ? Are the world powers governments in the world behind it ?
    By the way the Saudi tweeps are so concerned about this matter more than anyone because in a country where everything is filtered , twitter censorship seems to be a gift from San Francisco to many conservatives and the regime.  

    Ironically as far as I see people did not boycott Twitter for real as they are continuing to vent their anger in #TwitterCensored and #Twitterblackout
    I am extremely angry from twitter administration but I am more angrier from my own self because I have wished one day that this feature would exist to shut someone like Ahmed Zpider after insulting racist tweet about Doaa Sultan when he described her as a slave yet now I regret my wish.

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    Here is the complete gallery on Flickr , I know that I took a lot of photos last #Jan25 2012
    #Jan25 : Tahrir one year later
    Here are some snap shots I thought of being interesting in this collection. I will do a little Big Photo blog here in Egyptian Chronicles.
    This week a new type of street vendors appeared in the square and that’s the dates vendors , I found it interesting.
    The tourists guides having a coalition to protect the Egyptian museum

     The flags of the MB were sold in the square and they were more expensive than the Egyptian flag as the Egyptian flag was sold for 10 LE while the MB flag was sold for 15 LE !!!!

    Two Algerian activists hanged a banner in the square for Algerian activist Mourad Dhina who has been just detained and extradited by France to Algeria. One of the Algerian activist told me that there have been several protests in Algeria but the regime there is keeping these protests away from the media.
    DSC01853 The mania of the old royal flag was there as well , some protesters was holding the old Green flag and he had a conversation with other protesters and I engaged in that conversation to defend our current flag and actually people defended me. Already I asked that gentleman whether he knew what those stars in the old flag meant and in a streetwise he told me that they meant “Bread , Freedom and social justice !!”
    It is worth to mention that the old royal flag was being sold as well.
    Aside from the flags , we got also the usual souvenirs that included now souvenirs of football clubs as well the souvenirs of none other the Freedom and Justice party.

     You can easily sport the members of Freedom and Justice on that day by FJ party caps or their FJ party bags.
    Here is the obelisk of the martyrs name entering the square in the march coming from Giza.
    Unfortunately it did not attract attention like the memorial made by two men from Port Said. 
    I love how the Egyptian flag was displayed on the AUC building , already I think the administration of the university was thinking about the future when it moved the campus to new Cairo.
    I have not upload the video clips I took yet , I know my big lazy blogger !!

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    After many years history will say that the true revolution day in Egypt was #Jan28 or January 28th,2012 and not January 25th,2012 , this was the true day the Egyptian people showed the whole world that they are capable of making history.
    My memories of this day are too many after all it is a day that changed my life completely , well it changed the life of all Egyptians in a way or another.
    Today hundreds of protesters stood on Kasr Al Nil bridge to commemorate the martyrdom of the protesters on the same bridge from a year ago. The protesters held a prayer over the bridge that has become another icon of this revolution.
    Praying today at
    Potential presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabhi was among the people that joined the memorial prayer.
    There is another big protest in front of Maspero building.
    Hamdeen praying
    Sarah Carr : 28/1/2012

    The differences between the Muslim brotherhood and the rest of the protesting powers in the square are increasing minute after minute and this is not good at all. 

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    Nearly 200 martyrs have been killed in the past 3 days in Syria , most of them in Homs and Hama , 320 martyrs have been killed in the past 5 days in Syria ,
    If the news of these battles between the free Syrian army “Revolutionary” and the Arab Syrian army “Pro-El Assad” today are true , then we are in front huge escalation , hot escalation in the extreme cold weather in Syria now.
    There is no news regarding those Iranians who were captured last week.
    There have been news that the fights in the suburbs of  Damascus that reached near to the airport.According to some observers what happened near the airport or rather at the airport was a new defection in the army.
    There are confirmed clashes between the two armies in Homs and in Reef Dimshaq. There were rumors that forces in Ghouta region in Reef Dimshaq were going to cut the TV transmission.
    Reef Dimshaq : The bombardment of the city of Erbin on January 29th
    The news of Homs is not good by all measures , the shelling and bombardment of the city continue while the LAS delegate as the Syrian national council delegate have arrived to New York to have talks with the UN and Security council. Nabil El Araby hopes that China and Russia would change their mind and stop supporting El Assad’s regime , well a man in his experience in the international politics especially in UN should have known better.
    Popular Salafist Sheikh Adnan Al Aroor has denied he issued a fatwa about killing the Arab observers in Syria.
    The massacres in Homs are continuing as well the massacres in Hama and in Reef Dimshaq as well the cradle of the Syrian revolution Daraa.
    The shelling in Homs started from early morning and has not stopped yet. The Baba Amr neighborhood has got its share from bombardment as usual today , already I feel that this neighborhood is a war ghost town area from the city of Homs.
    Homs : A house in Baba Amr area after bombardment on January 29th
    Here is one of the injured from Baba Amr quarter
    Homs : The Injured from Baba Amr on January 29,2012
    Electricity and waters are reportedly cut in one of the neighborhood in Homs “Al Asheera” neighborhood for 5 days now. The electricity is reportedly cut for many hours and even days in Homs.
    Homs : The ammunition used in Al Hamidia quarter on January 29th
    These two beautiful kids were reportedly killed in Homs last week
    El Saba’a quarter in the city of Homs is said to be isolated from the whole world for two months now , I remember I used to see videos from protests there in the past but I have not seen clips allegedly filmed there. Tweeps report that the quarter suffers huge losses and casualties , whole buildings have collapsed and totally set on fire.
    More than 150 martyrs have been reportedly killed so far in El Saba’a , more than 500 of its residents were reportedly injured and most of the residents either left it or try to leave it now.
    In the city of El Rastan the pro-El Assad forces are trying to control the bakery shops in the city to stop baking food. 
    By the way please follow that tweep “Samsom Homs” from news from Homs city , of course he is not online all the time , but at least he is a good source for the info in the city.
    Samsom attended last Friday the funeral of that kid in Homs
    There has been a terrible massacre in one of the villages following Hama ,  “Shizra citadel” village more than 25 civilians have been killed. “Extremely graphic”
    Hama : Shizra citadel village massacre “Graphic”
    The telecommunications and electricity are cut in several areas and then come back through out the day.
    @6PM CLT there was news that the students of Aleppo university were having a march to the main square in the city of Aleppo and that people were joining them.
    Aleppo : A protest at Al Ansha’at bridge
    Back to Cairo there have been an attempt to break in to the Syrian embassy in Giza by angry protesters on last Friday but the attempt failed , nevertheless the Syrian embassy is now being transferred to some where in Garden City besides the American and British embassies to ensure more security.
    Moving to Turkey , the Syrian refugees are suffering especially after their camps have been flooded by rains in the past days.
    The refugees situation is not that good at all

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    Today marks the day where Police general Mohamed El Batran was killed by his colleagues from a year ago in El Kat prison for refusing to let the prisoners out of the jail to create chaos and fear in the society.
    I will say one thing Mohamed El Batran is the true grandson of those heroes of Police that stood with the resistance against the British occupation in 1952 , he is the true hero of the January 25th from Police when he refused to take the orders and limit the prisoners out.
    In Post Revolution Egypt , I want Mohamed El Batran to be a role model for the Egyptian police , this is the Egyptian police I want and I will seek to have it. I want a police force that really ready to die to protect the people and its moral campus is not corrupted , that ready to die to protect the law and not the regime. 
    My big salute to his sister Dr. Manal El Batran ,the true Egyptian lady who did not give up the rights of her brother.

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    Despite tens were killed and hundreds were injured on the Kasr Al Nil bridge yet it took the people a whole real to realize that its iconic significance  in this revolution.
    I am totally against idolizing the symbols but that bridge has become another official symbol of the revolution.
    Kasr Al Nil bridge is another icon of Cairo , one of its old bridges since the time of Khedive Ismail , it has got many tales about the city called Cairo yet I think its most important tale is how millions of Egyptians used it to cross to fear to freedom in 2011 in a historical scene my generation will not forget.
    #Jan25 : The Kasr Al Nil battle
    The old bridge with four lions “Said to be referred to Khedive Ismail’s sons despite his sons were actually more than four” also has got a tale on how hundreds of thousands of Egyptians came back to Tahrir square in long marches in a year later to show the world that they are still want that democracy and freedom many died for last year.

    I wish that Mubarak had seen how the bridge looked like this year because most of these protesters are the children of his era.
    P.S : This video below was filmed on January 28,2011 at Al Galaa bridge showing the protesters singing the national anthem , it is more than great.
    #Jan28 : The national anthem at Al Galaa square

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    First we knew that 3 of the 4 of Egyptian government’s lobbyists in D.C dumped us on Saturday then today we found a statement from the ministry of foreign affairs in Cairo denying that they dumped us because we were the one who dumped them.

    Second now there is a delegation from SCAF currently in D.C and for sure it is headed by Lt. General Mohamed El Assar , that delegation goes to Washington after the NGO raid and the decision to bar US citizens working in NGOs including the son of some congressman forcing John McCain to slam SCAF.

    Then on Monday we found rumors that some claim to be news that the States have decided to cancel the US Aid to Egypt after more than 30 years at least according to Al Mehawar TV channel.

    The news is confirmed by some sources while denied by other sources including the Egyptian ambassador in D.C. Today I got a tip from a friend based on another source from the States "Supposedly credible" that aid is going to be cancelled because of the human rights records of SCAF " I highly doubt it is about human rights only because let's not fool ourselves for 30 years Washington did not much care about the human rights records of Mubarak's regime"

    Another source told me that it will be cancelled but it will return in another form , may be in development program

    Then we got the Washington Post report about those American NGOs employees hiding in the US embassy for fear of detention. 

    I am trying to get more details but let’s say it is agreed that the fate of the US aid was going to be determined by the States sooner or later when Egypt gets a new regime and the Egyptian policies are cleared to Washington whether it is US/Israeli friendly or not. It is matter of time in my point of view. There is no smoke with fire and there is a lot of smoke here.

    If the news is true and the US aid is cancelled , I will be very happy and consider it as a victory for the revolution as well the American people who need this money more than we do , especially we have got a lot of stolen money inside and outside Egypt that ISA we will restore back. We do not really need it.

    It will be another a victory for the revolution because Egyptians have always wished this US aid to be cancelled because they have always felt that it was a humiliating slavery contract in time of Mubarak.

    You must know if that news is true , SCAF will use it to increase its popularity among Egyptians once again as nationalist council that does not accept any Americans orders to appoint this or that.

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    The day has not finished and I found out that there is a murder crime took place in the heart of Mohendessin area , the famous Gamat Al Doul street where a cae driver shot down a microbus driver by a gun in a traffic fight !! “At Hardee’s and Pizza Hut”

    The drivers of other microbus went mad and furious and shut down the Gamat Al Doul street and El Batal Ahmed Abdel Street , which are from the most vital streets in the area.  From what I understood from dear friend Ahmed Fahmy who is currently in the scene tweeting what is taking place , the drivers went mad after hearing a rumor that the shooter was no transferred to the police station and thus are demanding to see him. The last thing I know a delegation from the family of the victim “whose name is Hatem , May Allah bless his soul” and couple microbus drivers will head to see the shooter n detention.

    Of course our activists now claim that the shooter is a police officer while others say that he is an accountant and actually I would like to ask would our activists be interested in the incident if the suspect was not a police officer !? The mainstream media of course claims that the microbuses drivers are smashing cars and shops in the area. The Shops have closed already just in case.

    Here is a video clip from Youm 7 showing the area after the shooting.

    The Murder of Gamat Al Dol street

    Unfortunately that microbus driver has got a daughter , a little baby that was just born from 40 days ago. People are extremely angry saying that the shooter was not at the police station. The Labor seat MP of the district Ayman Sadek of Freedom and Justice arrived to the scene trying to calm things down.

    This is not an evil conspiracy in order to make the people hate the revolution , this is not also a product of the revolution , the revolution did not tell the shooter to pull the trigger and kill another man for God Sake !!!!!!! This is a terrible crime we have to analyze as a new social disease. I am totally against cutting the vital roads “ The ladies were let to drive though” but I am more furious about those who carry guns and kill people like that !!?

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    After 48 hours or even 72 hours of frequent armed robberies across the country , one must wonder when we are going to have our Egyptian vigilant Superhero , that fights crimes and saves the day if the police is incapable of doing its job.

    From two days ago in Sharm El Sheikh an armed robbery happened in a currency exchange office where the thieves killed a French tourist in their escape. The crime is extremely dangerous and could affect a whole season in Sharm without doubt yet despite its dangerous impact there was nothing about it as it should in the media !! Anyhow I present my condolences to the French tourist’s family on behalf of many Egyptians

    The MOI announced today that the police managed to arrest the thieves and released a clip from the currency exchange office’s surveillance camera showing the theft itself.

    One must wonder if Sharm El Sheikh was only Safe when ousted President Mubarak used to spend most of the year there !!  

    Now today was a day some Egyptians felt that they were living Chicago in the 1920s especially in Cairo !!

    HSBC branch in New Cairo was robbed by an anonymous masked gang wearing galabiyas and Palestinian Scarfs. They stole about LE 800,000 and ran away in some back SUV. The eye witnesses said that they only took ten minutes before leaving the scene , nobody was harmed except few injuries . According to news reports one scarf was found in the scene and it is believed to belong to one of those thieves. Already I do know how that gang escaped as the ring road was like hell today , in fact I do not know if they have been arrested or not yet as we got contradictory reports.

    What is unique about HSBC theft is that the employees working in the building in front of it filmed the escape of that gang.

    Ahram Online : The robbery of HSBC
    New Cairo : HSBC robbery

    For sure HSBC surveillance cameras filmed the theft

    Anyhow this was nothing besides the theft of AMANCO security vehicle that was transferring more than LE 6 million in Helwan city in one of the biggest armed robberies in Egypt. It is not the first time AMANCO security vehicles are being attacked by the way. The police announced that it arrested one of the suspects in this crime.

    As usual the two teams of revolution supporters and haters go to their seats and accuse the MOI and the revolution respectively in a silly way. The revolution supporters went to the extreme and accused the MOI of standing behind these crimes in an attempt to scare the public from the revolution while the revolution haters on the other extreme put the blame on the revolution.

    Three shocking thefts that do not surprise me with the lack of the general security and the spread of arms. I am shocked at how fragile the police is , I do not understand how violating the basic human rights from their point of view would lead to security !!

    The best thing I have heard tonight was that as the Egyptian protesters are commemorating the #Jan25 Revolution , the thieves and thugs commemorate the lack of security resulted from the disappearance after the #Jan25 Revolution. Another funny thing I have heard today was that we have become like the States for now , we got armed robberies !!

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    The people’s assembly declared the results of the internal elections of the parliamentary committees on Tuesday in its 8th session. The Muslim Brotherhood or rather the Freedom and Justice party has controlled at least 10 committees out of the 19 parliamentary committees.Not all the committees elections’ results have been announced today.
    MP Mahmoud El Khodiary of Freedom and Justice Party was elected as the head of the legislation committee in the parliament. The famous reformist judge has been from those judges who headed the movement of independent judiciary in time of  Mubarak. He is widely respected.
    MP Sobhi Saleh of FJ party was elected as the undersecretary of the legislation committee. Saleh was from the members of the committee that supervised the constitutional amendments referendum and earned that fame because of his controversial statements.
    MP Abbas Mokhamiar of FJ party heads the National security committee, it was not a big surprise that this particular committee to be headed by a member from Freedom and Justice ‘The majority party” with a military background. We do not know nothing about Mokhamiar except that he is a former Lt.General in the Egyptian army. 
    LT.general can’t be an old member of the MB and reaches to that military rank as the Egyptian army does not allow any political activity for its officers , it is a well known rule. Mokhamiar won a List seats in Sharkia governorate. The lists of the Freedom and Justice coalition included independent members like Wahid Abdel Magid and Kamel Abu El Eita.
    MP Essam El Arian of FJ Party is elected as the head of the foreign affairs committee in the Parliament. MP El Arian has been from the famous faces in the Muslim brotherhood when it comes to the foreign relations. He was among the spokespersons of the brotherhood with foreign media for year.
    MP Wahid Abdel Magid, the famous political analyst as well Wafd party member “Despite the Wafd party members claimed that they are boycotting these elections”  and MP Gamal Hishmat of Freedom and justice party were elected as the under sectaries of the foreign affairs committee. Ironically Hishmat lost the seat of his district for NDP MP Mostafa El Faky who headed that committee.
    MP Mohamed El Sayid Idris of the Karama party has been elected as the head of the Arab affairs committee. Idris, a famous writer is considered from the founders of the Egyptian movement for change “Kafya”
    MP Mohamed Abdel Moneim El Sawy of Al Hadra Party was elected as the head of the culture , tourism and media committee. Mohamed El Sawy served as minister of culture in February 2011 in Ahmed Shafik’s cabinet before the cabinet's resignation  under public pressure. He faced a lot of criticism and accusations from some intellectuals who accused him of being conservative despite founding one of the most important privately owned cultural center in Egypt , the El Sawy Culture center. 
    I will be lying if I say that this man and his cultural center did not contribute in the cultural scene in Egypt in the past 10 years.
    MP Akram El Shaer of Freedom and Justice Party was elected as the head of the health committee in the parliament. Dr. El Shaer , a veteran member of parliament before the revolution was active in rising health issues in the people’s assembly. El Shaer has been a member in the Egyptian doctors’ syndicate’s board since the mid 1990s. He is the father of Dr. Mosaab El Shaer , one of the most famous and outspoken revolution’s injured.
    MP Mohamed Anwar El Sadat of Reform and Development party was elected as the head of the human rights committee in the parliament.
    MP Mahmoud Askar of Freedom and Justice Party was elected as the head of the religious committee. Sheikh Mahmoud Askar is from Al Azhar.
    MP Shabaan Ahmed Abdel El Alim of  Al Nour Party has been elected as the head of the education and scientific research committee in the parliament. Now I am extremely worried in a way you can’t imagine it not only because there is a conservative control but we got Al Gama’a Al Islamiyya member Sheikh Gaber El Gahlan of Gerga in Sohag, Upper Egypt
    I do not know if he was convicted before in the terrorism years but I am so damn worried.
    MP Sabry Amar of Freedom and Justice has been elected as the head of the transportation and traffic committee.
    MP Tarek Dousky of Nour party has been elected as the head of the economic committee. We do not know the economic views of Nour party to be honest , it is not clear as the FJP whose economic views are just like the Free Egyptians “Liberal as you can imagine”. It is worth to mention that Nour party had a meeting with EFG-Hermes from two weeks ago in one of the famous hotels in Giza.
    MP Saber Abou El Fatouh of FJ party was elected as the head of the labor committee. MP Kamel Abu Eita, the famous labor activist and member in the Freedom and Justice alliance was elected as the undersecretary of the labor committee.
    MP Osama Yassin of Freedom and Justice Party was elected as the head of the Youth committee.
    On the other hand the Wafd party members in the parliament have announced that it has boycotted the parliamentary committees’ elections for what they considered a monopoly by the Freedom and justice party in the elections. MP Mostafa Al Naggar of El Adl party has announced that he was going to boycott the parliamentary committees’ elections as well. There have been rumors that Nour party stood against the women’s nomination in these committees.
    You know I had plans for more posts about today’s sessions of the parliament but after what happened tonight at the parliament between the youth of Muslim brotherhood and the protesters who headed to the parliament today , I lost all the interest to write anything.

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    The famous Bradley Manning who leaked the famous Wikileaks suffered a lot when he was detained at the Marine Corps Base Quantico where he knew what was the meaning of military detention and military prison for real before he was transferred after a world campaign to Midwest Joint Regional Correctional Facility
    Now without knowing Manning , I would tell you that this young American would really love to trade places with that April 8th officer who currently tweets on a daily basis from his cell from the military prison !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have never seen in my life a prisoner detained in a military prison in a third world country who tweets on a daily basis except in Egypt , please put under military prison in a third world country hundred lines.
    I am sorry but I do not buy it and will not buy it , it is not about Mohamed Wadieh but about that guy who tweets using his identity. I am not convinced that a man in a military prison for defection under the rule of restless military junta will spend all his day tweeting about the dirty laundry of that junta and he is not afraid nor harmed for days now.
    I am speaking about a man whose tweets were retweeted over hundred times and shared all over the Facebook in Egypt , a man who is currently in military detention and some of the young tweeps take his word as granted and as a fuel for their anger to increase it more and more.
    Of course what increased my suspicion is how that tweep joined the wagon and accused the Muslim brotherhood of being traitors claiming that the doctor that did that disgusting inhuman virginity test to Samira Ibrahim was a MB recruited by State Security !!
    That tweet made me mad because clearly I knew to whoever behind this account wanted to create even bigger gap and division among political powers in Egypt.
    That alleged officer spoke with a big admiration with Maikel Nabil on twitter , well I know very well with the dirty laundry of SCAF but I know the true officers of the Egyptian army can’t stomach Pro-Zionists. This tweet made me feel that it was intended to discredit and defame the officers of April 8th.
    Sorry I am not fool or idiot enough to believe officers accused of defection got easy internet access , ok I can understand that they can get mobile phones like other prisoners in Egypt but to have internet access , this is too much.
    The April 8th officers could have faced death penalty for defection according to military laws but military prosecution gave them light sentences compared to the death penalty. 
     Updated : Thanks to journalist Ahmed Ateyya I knew that the April 8th officers are being accused of misconduct, disobedience and spreading "chasms" among soldiers charges. The maximum Punishment of these charges accordingly 30 years.
    They have got access to media , they sent interviews attacking SCAF in newspapers like Sawt Al Oma “it was published and I have got that issue”
    Those officers could be the luckiest military prisoners in the Egyptian history for God sake !!
    Is SCAF afraid from public backlash ? Well actually if we are going to speak about the majority of the public well most Egyptians refuse any spilt in the Egyptian army and I remember that many of the Egyptians were scared to death from that spilt on April 8th despite they know better than you are about the dirty laundry of everybody.
    Something is not normal and I will not cancel my mind because of the revolutionary spirit ,I know the history of military rule and the army well enough in Egypt to be amazed from all this. I think the April 8th officers , the officers themselves had noble feelings and were used / are being used as pawns in some sort of big power game and actually I feel that game in front of me when I see these tweets.
    I know I will be attacked and accused of all sorts of treason to the revolution charges but hell no I was not afraid in time of Mubarak from expressing my opinion freely so I will be afraid now. I will not be a silent devil and I do not care if it costs me a lot because God gave me a brain to use and not to be fooled.
    Update : That tweep officer , the ambassador of April 8 on twitter is going to leave the account by the request of his family

    0 0

    And I was wishing that this year no protester will be killed for demanding his basic rights , well I should have wished for more and asked that no Egyptian would kill another Egyptian for anything.
    What started as a football game between Al Ahly club and Al Masry in Port Said ended in a human tragedy with a death toll of over 50 Egyptian mostly from young football fans “From 15 to 32” and the injury of at least 180 Egyptian civilian !!
    Now in Port Said there is a big tragedy , a big defeat for all of us. I do not care who won or who lost.
    One of the injured
    The game should have been stopped in the middle when the Al Masry fans stormed the stadium between the two halves and the security forces from Central Security forces were watching and did not move !!
    It is more than terrible to watch the whole thing on Al Ahly TV channel and see the Ultras fans and footballers stuck in the dressing rooms , the footballers trying to save the injured fans witnessing their death in front of their eyes. They are waiting for security to let them out and up till now nobody has come to save them. The hooligans of the Al Masry club did not stop at that but stopped ambulances for hours till they had to leave.
    The footballers leaving the field
    Al Ahly TV : Inside the Ahly team dressing room
    A group of the injured are transferred to hospitals in Port Said.
    There was a fire in the Cairo stadium and it turned out that Zamalek Ultras Fan set their big banner on fire , it has a meaning in the Ultras dictionary.
    Now many tweeps and Facebookers are accusing SCAF and the MOI of standing behind this violence and consider it a revenge from the Ultras because of their political position.
    The Ultras in Cairo “From Ahly and Zamalek clubs” played an extreme role in the revolution since day one and their role was obvious especially in the camel battle which sadly enough its first anniversary will be tomorrow !! Many of the revolution martyrs are from Ultras Ahlaway and Ultras white knights. Some of the founders of Ultras Ahlaway have passed away tonight.
    Another group believes that this is planned action to impose the emergency law, already the emergency actually is imposed in case of thuggery either ways.
    What enforced those conspiracy theories are the absence of the governor of Port Said and the head of the Port Said security directorate in the match “I do not know if they should be there”.
    Even Former Prime minister Essam Sharaf believes in the conspiracy theory as message intended to be sent to the revolutionaries.
    On the other hand other say it is the result of this tension between the Ultras groups especially between Canal clubs and the Cairo clubs showing the Al Masry Ultras fans threatening messages to El Ahly fans on Facebook “Leave your to your mom”
    Of course all people agree that the police and CSF are totally responsible and they are because they could have controlled the whole game but for some reason they did not stop but they rather let the
    Now to all foreign reporters who need more information about the Ultras and their history in Egypt as well background on what happened , I recommend you contact Journalist Gemyhood of UWK

    @10:00 PM CLT

    The security forces in Port Said announced that the Ahly club fans and players are going to be transferred to Cairo in the police buses but they are afraid to leave. On the other hand there is a rumor that the the Ahly and Zamalek fans are taking buses to Port Said.

    @10:12 PM CLT

    The Egyptian TV announced that the army has sent two military planes to transfer the Ahly fans and Ahly team.
    There is a lot of rumors currently sweeping twitter like Hurricane.

    @10:36 PM CLT

    The Egyptian parliament will discuss the matter tomorrow morning demanding an explanation
    There was a rumor that the governor of Port Said and the head of the security directorate were fired but it turns out it is a rumor.
    The Egyptian premier league is suspended. El Ahly Club has withdrew from the league as well other clubs. The Zamalek Ultras is supporting El Ahly. There is news that a number of Ahly footballers announced that they will quit playing.
    The death toll reached to 73 Egyptians.
    PM Essam El Arian blames SCAF and the MOI for what happened while Sheikh Fadel Soliman thinks it is a conspiracy made by the state security against the current minister of interior especially with that series of armed robberies.
    Liverpool SC has offered its condolences as well couple of Tunisian football clubs. There will be a lot of protests and marches tomorrow.
    The people of Port Said is also Responsible and they should pay respect to those 70 martyrs.

    @12:23 AM CLT

    News about a march moving towards the security directorate in Port. One Policeman died in the clashes and people are not sleeping tonight in Port Said searching for their relative and friends in the hospitals.

    @1:02 AM CLT

    Here are photos from the young men who have been killed today .

    Hundreds of Ultras fans from Ahly and Zamalek as well the families of the Ahly supporters are currently Ramsis Railway station chanting “Down with SCAF” waiting to know if their beloved ones are alive or dead.

    There are unconfirmed clashes in Suez between the Suez Ultras as two Ultras members from there were killed in the clashes. There boys , young boys killed in the clashes from Damietta , Port Said, Cairo and Suez. So young , I can’t open my Facebook pages.

    47 rioters were arrested in Port Said and the Ultras there are attack the security directorate.

    FIFA president has issued a statement !!

    Field Marshal Tantawy has received the first flight from Ahly team and spoke to the media saying that they will know the culprits and what happened in Egypt happens everywhere asking the people to stop this violence. He also said that the families of the martyrs will be compensated.

    Lt. General Ismail Etman went to the players and told them that what happened was actually planned whether Ahly won or lost and the culprits are going to be arrested and the big conspiracy will exposed to the whole world !!

    @2:03 AM CLT

    SCAF has issued a new communiqué : Egypt will have an official mourning for 3 days.

    I am scared from tomorrow.

    0 0
  • 02/02/12--14:12: To the Ultras Boys
  • To the Ultras Boys from Ultras Ahalawy specifically.
    Ultras Ahlaway famous song about policemen
    Whether you like them or not , whether you support them or not , whether you understand their sub-culture or not , the Egyptian Ultras played and is playing an important role in the Egyptian revolution.
    Only a liar can deny their role.
    If you think that the Ultras is dangerous alien subculture in Egypt then you should know why young generations join it. They join it because for nearly 30 years the Mubarak regime made football as the only thing available for them , made football as their own joy .
    If football is the drug of the Egyptian people and its victims are the Ultras , well guess what they are being detoxified and now they are standing for their rights as humans.
    Instead of attacking the Ultras , try to reach to them.
    May Allah bless the souls of all the martyrs that were killed last Wednesday for no good reason.

    0 0

    Anas , the youngest victim
    Today people are sad in Egypt , today people who were against the revolution began to turn against SCAF and the ministry of interior. You hit the true addiction of the public in Egypt : The football opium in the worst way ever with a death toll of more than 70 Egyptians , most of them young students and some of them are kids actually , most of them are friends of somebody you know.
    The parliament held an urgent session today to discuss the Port Said Massacre. It was not going to be aired live on TV if it were not for the majority of the MPs who voted for its broadcast on TV
    PM Ganzoury has addressed the parliament saying that the government has decided the following :
    • To accept the resignation of Port Said’s governor “Despite last night he said that he would not resign”
    • To suspend the head of Port Said security directorate and the head of Port Said investigation bureau.
    • Suspending the Egyptian Football Association and referring its chairman and board members to questioning
    Ironically the EFA chairman and board members requested from the parliament to attend this session. Some members of the Parliament accused of the EFA of being responsible for this massacre and not because they are losers but because they are the friends of Alaa and Gamal Mubarak. “ The EFA is a Pro-Mubarak regime , it is a fact”
    Now the EFA boards members refuse the decision of the government and the FIFA supports them in the most worst careless scenes when over 70 Egyptians are killed
    The parliament has reached out to the following today :
    • The Revolution’s martyrs fact finding committee will start it work ASAP from Port Said and is obliged to present its final report to the parliament
    • The Parliament will question the minister of interior accusing him of failure according to some old laws from years 1956-1958
     It is worth to mention most of the MPs have attacked the MOI and its minister as well the government and the public prosecutor. MP Essam Sultan hit the iron while it is hot for real without drama like Mohamed Abu Hamed demanding that the Parliament should question the member of SCAF responsible for the ministry of interior.
    Few MPs demanded that SCAF hand over power to the civilians as soon as possible like Amr Hamzawy
    The people of Port Said are trying to defend themselves accusing infiltrators as well the security of being responsible for this horrible massacre. For the record the Port Said of people stood in a long queue for blood donation last night.
    The Port Said people waiting outside the hospital last night
    For the record young men from Port Said were killed last night. “Despite I am extremely angry from them”
    The banners of Port Said People against the clashes

    Al Masry SC chairman and board members have resigned while Ahly club is going to sue the ministry of interior for what happened. Ahly Club has decided today to boycott Port Said city and its clubs for five years as well announcing mourning for 40 days.
    The Ultras of Al Masry aka Ultras Green Eagles stated  in a statement today they are innocent of what happened accusing the SCAF thugs and media declaring that they will stop their activities indefinitely.
    Hundreds of protesters especially from the Football Ultras members and fans are currently protesting in Sphinx square. “Ironically it started with an invitation from Shobeir”

    The protesters have blocked the traffic in Tahrir square since early morning.
    Tahrir square On February 2nd, 2012
    There is a big protest now in front of Al Ahly club that will head to Tahrir square and the ministry of interior despite several people including that Alaa Aswany is warning from this move “ Heading to ministry of interior”.  Protesters at Ahly club in Zamalek are chanting against the government , SCAF as well Al Masry club fans.

    I am extremely worried about their anger. Thousands of protesters “mainly from Ultras” currently at the MOI and I fear of clashes especially they removed the barricades. Here is a video showing some protesters hurling stones at the  CSF while other Protesters trying to stop them.
    RNN : Hurling stones at the MOI
    According to one of the eye witnesses in the protest at MOI , some CSF officer told him that they can call them names as they want but he begs that the day does not turn in to blood rivers.
    The photos of young football fans’ funerals are surfacing , here is a collection of photos from a funeral of football fan from Port Said. There are funerals for fans in Alexandria , Suez , Mahalla , Cairo , Ismailia. The funeral’s prayers are held through out the day for technically kids !!
    Facebook is full of photos of young handsome boys who were killed last night whether from Cairo or outside , whether from AUC or GUC or Public schools, whether rich or or poor or whether Muslim of Christians.
    Yesterday Cairo Station witnessed a scene it has never seen before.
                                                         Cairo station : The moment Port Said train arrived
    Cairo Station : The Ultras reception in Cairo station
                                                               Cairo Station : The reception of the Port Said train
    Cairo Station : The train arrival and reception

     Breathtaking photos from Cairo station 

    Now what really happened From my point of view ?

    Based on the reactions of SCAF and the government “aside from the stupid comments of Tantawy” , I think the ministry of interior wanted to teach the Ultras Ahlaway a small lesson as their police officers in the game allegedly incited the Al Masry fans who were already did not need anymore but it went out of their hands because simply there was much tensions between the two fans groups according to all eye witnesses and testimonies.
    Already all hardcore football fans expected that Ahly fans were going to be beaten by Al Masry fans regardless of the results because from six months ago Ahly fans attacked them.
    Friends from hardcore football fans told me that it is along battle between the hooligans of the team and from what I understood Gemyhood that it is not only a political conspiracy theory much more of complicated Socio-political problem and we are all paying its price. This note was published by Ultras White knights FB official page on January 29,2012 and it is extremely important about violence between the Ultras group.
    SCAF as usual proves its failure in leading the country , the stupid statements of Tantawy and Etman as well actions like receiving the Ahly players and not the injured made things worth yet the quick statement that announce an official mourning for 3 days “for the first time” and that plea to stop the attack on SCAF and the army by the admin of SCAF official page.
    Logic says SCAF will not seek to anger the revolutionary classes and over them millions of Egyptians “from football fans” on the anniversary of the battle of the camel but SCAF actions defies logic to be honest. They are not smart as the Free officers boys after all they were chosen by Mubarak
    Of course there is another important factor I have just remembered it : Where are the NPD big tycoons / businessmen in Port Said and their thugs ? For God sake Al Masry club was another citadel of NDP businessmen in Port Said !!?
    Here is a video showing a Sports TV host in the Egyptian TV criticizing those responsible of ruling Egypt. It is unusual in the Egyptian TV but honestly from three weeks it seems that the TV hosts began to break that fear they had.
    Egyptian TV slams the rulers of Egypt
    FC Brayen Munich presents his condolences to the people of Egypt.
    We are all responsible for this massacre , we are all responsible starting SCAF to MOI to Port Said governorate and Security forces to Ultras to clubs to Sports media to general media to political powers to normal Egyptians 

    0 0

    For hours now hundreds of angry protesters are trying reach to the ministry of interior again and for hours now the clashes have not stopped between these protesters and the security forces mostly from the CSF assigned to protect the ministry in none other than : The bloody Mohamed Mahmoud street !!
    Of course there are new streets added to the bloody Mohamed Mahmoud like El Falaky and Nubar. Things are not good at all.
    The protesters managed to bring down the infamous Mohamed Mahmoud street wall.
    According to the ministry of health over 800 were injured today in the clashes at ministry of interior , most of the clashes resulted from suffocation due to the endless tear gas as well rubber bullets and birdshots. Chaotic scene by all measures especially that many people and political organizations are begging the protesters not to go to the MOI as it seems to be another trap.
    April 6th Youth movement “both fronts” have urged the protesters to leave MOI and its streets and head to Tahrir square but nobody listens. At first we were being told that these guys are Ultras Ahlaway but the famous fan league issued a statement saying that they are not protesting at the MOI because they are busy in the funerals. Ultras experts say that they were there , things would have been far worse.
    The ministry of interior announced that over 50 officer and conscript have been injured , most from suffocation but currently there is increase rate of injuries by birdshots and rubber bullets
    On the other hand things are more than alarming in Suez as young angry protesters have attacked the Suez security directorate after the death of one of the young football fans in Port Said. The security forces fired tear gases as well rubber bullets and birdshots.
    The protesters from another hand began to make the Molotov cocktails and threw at the security directorate. According journalist Eric Knecht who is currently in Suez some people began to convince other protesters to end the demonstration especially that they are exhausted
    There have been strong rumors that the head of the Suez security directorate was killed and the police force has withdrew from the city but they are untrue. At least 40 were injured including a young man who has lost his eye because of a bloody rubber bullet.
    By Eric Knecht

    Of course according to other tweeps from local Suez young men the clashes are still intense and people are being injured and transferred to hospitals.
    Update : Two protesters have been reported killed in the clashes ,they were shot down by live ammunition. Among the late two martyrs a 17 years old
    The GUC students union have issued a statement announcing that they will start a strike after the death of one of their colleagues in Port Said calling the rest of Egyptian students for civil disobedience till SCAF hand over power to civilians.
    I am terrified from the upcoming hours for real thanks to the high speed the rumors mill is working.

    0 0
  • 02/03/12--04:56: Another sad Friday
  • After one hell of a night in Cairo and Suez as well Port Said , the death have increased in to  2 in Suez and 2 in Cairo while the injured in Cairo, Suez and Port Said have reached to over 1000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now we have the bloody #Mansour street battle in Cairo where two have been killed. The first one is 32 years old Ali Hassan , an artist as well a father of two kids was shot by security forces. The second one is 24 years old army officer Mohamed Fouad , a CSF vehicle ran over him by accident.

    May Allah bless their souls all.

    There is a lot of rumors about late Fouad and why he was at the MOI , some say that he was among the protesters while to be honest I saw in the footage aired on TV from the MOI’s side couple of army officers and soldiers protecting the building.

    There are marches heading to Tahrir square , another march is heading to the ministry of Defense.

    I am already fighting flu , so much depressed.

    0 0

    It is a rule now as soon as there is a disaster in Egypt and clashes between protester sand security forces in Egypt that capture the attention of the world , El Assad regime commits a horrible massacre in Syria , it is not a pattern anymore , it is a rule.
    Tonight the Syrian Arab army that follows El Assad has been bombarding Homs especially the El Khalidiya neighborhood for hours killing hundreds and injuring hundreds as well. The Syrian air forces are reportedly participating in the offensive. Many houses are reportedly destroyed over the residents , I read the description and I freak out more than I am freaking out already for what is happening in Egypt.
    The death toll has reached so far 230 according to the local coordination committees in Syria !! The injured numbers are increasing , we have reached so 800 injured. The video clips coming from El Khalidiya tonight are than horrible.
    Homs : Shelling El Khalidiya late night by mortars
    The Mosques fire back at the shelling of the city with “Takbeer” repeating “Allah Akbar”- “Allah is greatest” . Tomorrow marks the Moulid El Nabawy , Prophet Mohamed’s birthday anniversary which is actually a feast for Muslims worldwide.
    Homs : Takbeer Vs. mortars
    There are news that bodies of children were found headless in the area to the and complete families have been killed. Below couple of videos showing a glimpse of this massacre after the break . {+18 Extreme Grpahic content}
    Homs : El Khalidiya (+18 Graphic) headless child
    Homs : The injured and dead of Khalidiya Massacre
    Homs : A complete family killed in El Khalidiya
    Homs : The victims , the martyrs in Homs’ hospital
    Now I am receiving tweets claiming that the water in El Khalidiya  is being poisoned and people are dying there just like what happened in Hama in 1982 but there are people who are saying that due to the constant shelling targeting the area it seems that the water station and the sewage station were blew up and the water is mixed with sewage thus people are getting sick and poisoned.
    El Zabadani neighborhood in Homs is under attack as well.
    It seems that there are other two military operations as well in Reef Dimishaq and in Hama as well several clashes in the country between the Free army and the Arab army. It is confirmed that there is huge operation in Reef Dimishaq.
    The villages of Ghouta and Barada near Damascus are reportedly under siege by El Assad regime with no food or electricity or telecommunication
    There are news about a massacre currently committed in Palmyra and Palmyra infamous prison where hundreds of prisoners are being executed. By the way it is not the first time Palmyra prison witnesses a massacre committed against its prisoners by El Assad regime, it happened in time of Hafez El Assad.
    Syrians all over the Globe are called now to protest in front of their embassies , in fact if I may suggest “I hope my Syrian brothers and sisters consider one of them” that they should make their embassies’ employees mad by sending them white faxes “or even faxes with El Assad human rights crimes” and making their telephones’ busy.

    Updated :

    The death toll of the massacre has reached to 300 Syrian while the injured numbers have reached to 1300.Some reports claim that 57 child have been killed last night.
    Syrian opposition figure Obedia El Nahas says the Syrian NTC received information that the operation in Homs might last for 5 days !!

    The videos emerging from the city are more than horrible “Extreme graphic content”
    Homs : More dead bodies in the field hospital
    The following video includes a terrible video showing a smashed head , please be careful , it is extremely graphic.
    Homs : More dead bodies in Homs field hospitals.
    The damage in the city is more terrible and evidence of must worse reality than we think.
    El Khalidiya Massacre’s blood trace in streets
    El Khalidiya Massacre truce of destruction
    It is 1:04 PM CLT and there are funerals all day long in Homs.The funerals are being attacked as well by the security forces  , in one funeral 5 mourners were reportedly shot down. The mourners in Daraya in Reef Dimshaq have been attacked as well.
    The victims in the morgue

     More photos showing the massacre's victims in the morgue.

    Back in Cairo a group of Syrian activists stormed Syrian embassy trying to destroy it  as well setting it on fire but they were arrested by Egyptian security forces.
    Cairo : Storming the Syrian embassy in Cairo

    I wish that they have waited till the morning. The Syrian protesters and activists are currently referred to the prosecution at Abdeen court , I hope that they are released and do not get deported to Syria.
    Members of Syrian community are protesting in front of the court.
    In front of Abdeen court
    Sadly enough same thing happened in Kuwait and Kuwaiti authorities arrested a group of Syrian protesters as well.
    Amazing the Syrian protesters were let to protest in Jeddah , Saudi Arabia.
    Moving to Tunisia , the Presidency there issued an official statement condemning the massacre and announcing that Tunisia is going to expel the Syrian ambassador. The presidency also announced that it does not recognize the Syrian regime as an official representative of the Syrian people which means that Tunisia may recognize the Syrian NTC.

    0 0

    What happened in Port Said is not only about politics and those who are trying to stick in to the the political part and turn in to another confrontation against SCAF and the MOI whom from their side do not want things to calm down are ignoring very aspect in the whole issue. 
    It is not only about politics unfortunately because there is an important social DSC01097part of the story that nobody wants to speak about or even confront it for fear that it would overshadow the revolution and the battle for civilian rule or for fear it it would defame the image of Ultras and the image of Port Said in the Public.
    It is so easy to put the blame on SCAF and to use this disaster to force it it leave as it is incompetent ruler for the country , well for sure it proved it is incompetent to rule this country and to solve its problems and crises  it resulted in but it is hard to stand in front of a problem called “Sports’ violence” or rather to be accurate Hooliganism that the veteran Ultras members warned of months ago.
    Just like religious sectarianism problem,  we know it is there yet we act like it is not there till a new disaster happens and we act as if we are surprised !!
    Yes the police is involved in the massacre and yes they let Al Masry club’s Ultras Green Eagles as well thugs to get to Ahly fans especially the Ultras Ahlawawy fans in order to teach them a lesson for their political role but for the Ultras Ahlaway is a long war between them and the Al Masry club’s Ultras Green Eagles.
    We know who killed our men and we will get them sooner or later as Ultras group , we are not involved in Tahrir square clashes but soon enough we will get our revenge in our own way
    It is true that officially Ultras Ahlaway as Ultras White Knights are not  involved in the clashes at the ministry of interior because actually they were involved with their complete powers , things would have been much more worse.
    An Ultras Ahlaway “UA” member told me last night after speaking about that long history of fights with the Ultras groups in the Canal city that left me with a mouth hanging opened on how our memory is too damn short and how Mubarak’s regime destroyed the minds of the people with football. 
    Unfortunately the Ultras Ahlaway group has another view at least the hardcore Ultras members , yes they know that the police is involved as accomplice as they  let the Al Masry Ultras Green Eagles to enter the stadium fully armed as that UA member told me.
    They will not forget how the entrance was free on that day. They will not forget how there were not let out to escape the massacre inside the stadium as two of the three gates in the Stadium “The third gate which was photographed was originally sealed from months ago after another battle by Ultras Ahlaway and Ultras green eagles !!”
    I talked to that angry young man who attended on Thursday the funerals of his Ultras friend remembering the fact that he may have been among these boys if he had not decided not to go to that bloody match.
    I tried to explain to that him that there are NDP businessmen suspected to be involved in the massacre but he refused to listen saying that all those thousands can’t be hired thugs or infiltrators. He explained to me that there was a sign that showed the direct involvement of the Ultras Green Eagles was how the UA t-shirts of the martyrs and injured were stolen as well UA banners were stolen. It seems that in Ultras world these t-shirts and banners are like trophies.
    I tried to make him explain me or rather ask him why a winning team’s fans do this and he told me that it has nothing to wining or losing.
    They are hurt as well furious and unfortunately that political protesting class does not want to understand their mentality well enough outside the fact that they hate the police and they got strong fighting experience when it comes to riots.
    Their own Ultras rules that make them a special group in its secrecy that reminds me with the Muslim brotherhood. It has nothing with education or class , on the contrary from what you all saw this group includes AUCians to workers , from A class to working class.
    What I am afraid is that they will not  kick the ass of the police and SCAF as much they are dying to kick the ass of the Ultras Green Eagles first. They will not announce and have not announced the war on Port Said as a city and its people but they will go after the Green Eagles as simple as this.
    Over 73 young men were killed aside from those killed in that useless battle of MOI currently taking place in Cairo and Suez , I am afraid more young men will be harmed, hurt and even get killed in that Ultras retribution.
    It is not about the city but about the Ultras Green Eagles group. I think the only ones who understand my fear is Ultras Veterans who are trying to do their best so their friends won’t get killed or imprisoned in a very dangerous political climate.
    Today some said on twitter that microbuses and buses from Cairo to Port Said services were suspended for fear.
    Yes the People of Port Said are trying to defend themselves and they have to because now the city has a lot of blood in its famous stadium which I can’t stomach.  I swear I feel that that Port Said Stadium has to be demolished because I can’t imagine someone else on its field again or even sitting on these seats full of blood or changing his clothes at the changing room where tens died in the arms of Ahly footballers.
    Unfortunately people began to act like SCAF and put the blame on the third party in the Port Said stadium whether security infiltrators or agents or NDP hired thugs or military police because we tend to generalize , if the culprits are from Port Said then this does not mean Port Said or its great people are bad. We are afraid to face ourselves with the fact that people can other people because of football , we are afraid to admit that these people are our people.
    And for 10000000 times the security is involved and is accomplice of facilitating as well inciting this crime aside from the crimes of neglect yet it is not the true murderer , we can save the lives of many young men  for real and save the true peace and stability of this country if we present the true culprits to justice and they have true trials not a Mubarak trial.
    We can save the Ultras boys from that blind dangerous justified anger and save their future if we demand justice, real justice from those culprits in Port Said as well the security forces that let happen in the first place.
    The respectable members of the parliament as well the famous activists should leave the talk shows and speak with the UA boys , yes I am so serious about that. 
    The UA boys will not forget their massacre even if there is an elected president , a constitution first and the military are in their right place on the borders but sure of that and we can expect their revenge from now to 5 years. “Ahly club is officially boycotting all sports activity in Port Said for 5 years”
    The whole scene reminds me with the Lord of the flies , young boys vs. young boys and innocence that went away in primitive environment. 

    0 0

    The Egyptian Gas pipeline in North Sinai has been blown up once again from short time ago.
    Here couple photos from tweep Shady Ahmed who took snap shot for the explosion and described the explosion this time as huge and big.
    By Shady Ahmed

    By Shady Ahmed

    This pipeline is used to export natural gas to both Israel and Jordan. I do not need to speak how people in Egypt do not want the government to export gas to Israel because of political reasons as well economic reasons.
    I have lost counting when it comes to how many this pipeline has been blown up by anonymous masked group since the beginning of the revolution but I think it is the first time this year.
    I wonder if the parliament will press the government to re-negotiate the price of the gas with Israel if not to cancel the deal till all the Egyptian houses especially those in Upper Egypt get access to gas.
    By the way there have been reports today that one of the suspects arrested and accused of blowing up this pipeline has been found dead in his prison cell in the weekend in mysterious circumstances. Human rights organizations in Egypt suspect that he was tortured till death.
    Whether he was tortured till death or not , his arrest did not stop those anonymous masked group from blowing up the bloody pipeline once again. 

    Update :

    According to Ahram SMS the authorities have managed at last to put off the fire resulted from the explosion. We are speaking about SMS in 11 AM CLT. According to eye witnesses the explosion was indeed huge and big.

    According to those who follow the gas pipeline file , this is the 11th time the pipeline is blown up.

    RNN has published on its official Facebook page scans for a statement allegedly was found near the blown up pipeline. The Statement speaks about why that anonymous group ‘which I do not see its signature in these scans’ blew up the the pipeline. The statement did not mention that this operation is for the murder or the death of late suspect Mohamed Eid in custody.

    Some tweep claimed online that some anonymous group in North Sinai called “Ansar El Jihad” stood behind the explosion. It is worth to mention that this group claimed responsibility for blowing up the pipeline in December 2011. The group's first statement was issued last October responisbility for that operation at the Egyptian Israeli borders where 8 IDF soldiers in August 2011. The group issued a third statement on January 25,2012 “interesting date” announcing the Islamic principality of Sinai and endorsing Ayman El Zawahiri to the end of the Jihadi classic styles phrases attacking those who cooperate with the infidel government.. etc. 

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