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    Oh the prince of pop is coming to Cairo for a concert in his upcoming world tour. Yes besides our usual depressing news from imprisoning activists,terrorist bombings and a Presidential election that we know its results from now , we know that annoying singer is coming to Cairo.

    Bieber is coming to Cairo in April 2014 , I think during the Presidential elections or after the presidential elections supposedly.
    Of course I am waiting for some brainy quotes from Bieber about Egyptian civilization.
    I thought that Justin Bieber has his legal issues and drama back in the States to the level that he would be kicked out from there. The Prince of pop will sing in Porto Cairo. Ironically I thought that this annoying kid has retired.
    Of course his fans are flying over the moon. Of course they were shocked after knowing that the price ticket to attend that jerk’s concert is LE 2,000. Yes LE 2,000 !!

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    And at last Egyptians met Mrs. Intasar El Sisi , the wife of Field Marshal/Potential Presidential candidate/Egypt's upcoming President as it seems.
    Intasar El Sisi besides her husband 
    There has been a lot of speculations about how she looked like especially that there were rumours that she was wearing a Niqab. "A Thing that no can believe , since when a commander's wife in the Egyptian army wears Niqab and he reaches to become the head of the military intelligence !!?" 
    Mrs. Intasar wears the veil in the style of Upper Middle Class lady. I think many Middle Class ladies will feel related to her.

     Here is also the photo of the SCAF ladies. 
    The ladies of SCAF 
    Interestingly I do not recall seeing the wives of the army commanders like that in any celebration. I only recall the scene of Tantawy's wife sitting besides Susan Mubarak in the usual boring October operettas chatting all the time.
    The SCAF ladies appeared as allegedly a protocol thing "I have not heard about it before" in the ceremony 
    to honour the retired commanders at Armed Forces' owned hotel "Al Massa" in Cairo.
    Personally I believe that Mrs. El Sisi is being introduced to the public is the main goal of that gala party after all not to honor the retired commanders. 
    By the way Mrs. Intasar is the cousin of Abdel Fatah El Sisi , they got 4 children "3 boys and a girl". Two of her sons work in the armed forces as I read once.
    Of course the Field Marshal said a word in this ceremony where he did not honour only the retired commanders but he also paid respect to the army's wives in yet another emotional speech.
    I am waiting for real presidential debate between Sabbahi and El Sisi , without doubt it would be over sensational cheesy debate. 

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    Please pray for Mohamed Ramadan , the young filmmaker lost somewhere in St.Catherine Mount in South Sinai.
    This is the fourth night for Ramadan to spend in the mount since his group was stuck in blizzard storm at the mountains , at Bab El Donia mountain to be specific in the area last Saturday.
    According to the survivors “only 4” Ramadan was lost in the blizzard . Now we do not if he is going to make it or not. Supposedly the army’s search and rescue helicopter will continue its work t retrieve him first thing in the morning.
    These are the last images of Ramadan from St. Catherine Mount posted on his Facebook profile. 
    A Selfie with a Bedouin girl at St. Catherine "Ramadan"

    The moon behind the mount
    Unfortunately up till this moment the bodies of Hagar Shalaby, Khaled Sabaei and Ahmed Abel-Azim are still in the mountains.
    Late Hagar
    From what I understood the Bedouins put them in some cave till the army helicopter returns back in the day light !! 
    The 4 survivors are now in St.Catherine hospital. They are Yosra Mounir, Maha El-Aswad, Ihab Qotb and Mahmoud Farouk.
    Ihab Qotb posted this message on Facebook page earlier today.

    By the way there are no communication in St. Catherine Mount proper enough.
    Yes those hikers should have checked weather conditions and so on but I can not ignore the fiasco taking place in order to save them. Since last Saturday and people are asking for help of the authorities to save them.
    Only now after in the past 48 hours , only after the social media users began to react for the loss of their friends and make huge noise the authorities began to act. I do not need to say some of the hikers’ friends say online now that the government officials in South Sinai did not care at first to rescue the hikers because they are Egyptians and not foreigners !!
    It is enough to read the first statement of the armed forces spokesperson about the incident issued last Monday , Colonel Ali stated the hikers were foreigners. I wish they were foreigners may be the authorities would act faster.
    Of course the army did not save the day for real but rather the Bedouins from the locals as well the hikers’ friends who made noise back in Cairo and annoyed everybody. Needless to say the authorities and the army itself are not trained for rescue operation in mountains , in winter time too speaking realistically still I wonder again and again what if they were foreigners.
    By the way some TV hosts now are speaking about those hikers and why they would risk their lives. Hiking is attracting many young Egyptians now.It is not the young generations’ fault that the older generations do not know hiking and hate hiking with my all due respect.It is not the young generation's fault that they got the passion to rediscover their own country and go faraway than the usual resorts and outings.
    What happened in St. Catherine was a disaster by all measures yet bad things happen and yes there were mistakes but attacking hikers and hiking trips now will not solve anything especially when tourism is struggling.
    I have got mixed emotions because three of the hikers are friends of friends including Ramadan. 
    We are a generation hunted by death as it seems but we do not fear it too.
    In the end I hope you pray for the safety of Ramadan and mercy for the lost hikers.

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    This is the longest period Alaa Abdel Fatah has been detained in custody as far as I remember and the quietest  period also. I remember that in the past 2 periods there was much noise and true solidarity, then this time.

    In solidarity with Alaa Abdel Fatah

    This is a video produced by Jordanian 7iber during the Arab bloggers conference in Amman last month in solidarity with Blogger and activist Alaa Abdel Fatah. Activist and blogger Alaa Abdel Fatah is facing at least three in jail for allegedly organizing unauthorized protest last November against military trials

    With all our differences I miss seeing Alaa on my twitter timeline. I want Alaa to return back to Manal and Khaled before anything. 

    By the way when me and others online say Free Alaa , it does not mean that we forgot about the other detainees detained unfairly and unjustly for political reasons in Egypt. We have not forgotten and will not forget.

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     First those are the two last images from the tragic hiking trip showing its late victims Mohamed Ramadan and Ahmed Abdel Azim , it was taken from their cameras found with them. Photographer Mustafa El Sayid published them. 
    Late Mohamed Ramadan

    Late Ahmed Abdel Azim
    May God bless the souls of the 4 hikers who died in the top of Bab El Donia mount , a mount that many of us in Egypt have not heard about before and now it is associated with death and tragedy. The translation of Bab El Donia in English is "The world's door" , I think it is closed for now.
    Anyhow I knew that the friends of the hikers are thinking of doing a memorial at the mount commemorating their friends' tragic death. It is a great idea.
    Second I am furious. At the same moment the 4 dead bodies of the St. Catherine Mount's hikers tragedy reached Cairo from two days ago , there were some people online spreading disgusting lies , rumors and conspiracy theories about those hikers

    Yes conspiracy theories and rumors about the hikers spread like fire in the Pro-Military/Pro-ElSisi social media accounts and pages.
     Some Pro-Military/Pro-ElSisi claim that the whole hiking trip was actually some crazy terrorist plot by the Muslim Brotherhood to drag the army units to the deadly Bab El Donia mount but what you know.
    Oh yes the hiking trip was a bloody conspiracy against the army and its unity !!! 
    The proof of this conspiracy is the fact late Hagar Mohamed had a photo of the Raba'a sign in her Facebook profile while late Mohamed Ramadan dedicated the award for his short film 'Senses' to the Blue Bra Girl in 2011 !!
    No respect to the victims or their families as usual and as expected now.
    Also I found out that those people are astonished and angry on how single girls go on a hiking with total strange young men for no bloody reason. Yes some people do not get that there is a whole young generation who dares on discovering places in Egypt with total strangers like all over the world.
    It is not surprising that those Pro-Military/Pro-ElSisi are not that different from the Pro-Islamists , after all they are not really socially liberal "or event politically liberal". In the end they are conservatives in their own way. Strangely both the Pro-Islamists and Pro-military supporters were wondering the why a girl would protest in Tahrir square in the infamous blue bra incident in 2011.
    I have been feeling so mad in the past 48 hours from the crap I have been reading accidentally whether on Facebook and Twitter.
    By the way the surviving hikers are transferred to Cairo but they are still suffering from severe shock.
    It is still a shock. Of course now the media is defending by all its forces
    And as we are reactive people as usual I have read that the army is thinking of forming a search and rescue unit in Sinai mount from local bediouns.
    The Bedouin tribe in Saint Catherine region saved the day for real. Speaking of the Bedouins and the locals in Sinai , they are angry that the media focused on the tragedy of those valley kids and neglected/has always neglected their own tragedies whether the tragedies resulted from the on going war on terrorism or the tragedies resulted from the usual and old State's neglect.I fully understand their anger and I admit that our media is totally unfair when it comes to the Bedouins.
    Honestly this is not the responsibility of the army alone or its responsibility in the first place, this is the responsibility of the state itself.
    The State should contact the Red Cross as well countries with mounts and hiking tourism including Tanzania "Mount Kilimanjaro" to learn from their experience.

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    Last Thursday Al Jazeera journalists and staff appeared in court shortly in what is known now as "Al Jazeera cell". Their trial has started in another scandal when we found out that there was no translator for the foreign defenders. Some say that it is a trick to prolong the trial. I do not know why to prolong such scandalous trial that is defaming our image more and more.
    Somehow some Egyptians are wondering if Peter Greste's arrest was actually an unfortunate hidden bless to shad some light on the agony of other Egyptian journalists facing hell now.
    Mohamed Fadel Fahmy told reporters in the court room that his shoulder had been treated yet. He also told his fiancee Marwa that insh Allah he would be free and they would have their wedding soon. Insh Allah they will.
    Baher Mohamed's pregnant wife came along with his little children. Baher wrote a letter and smuggled it to the outside world on how he was arrested and how his family was treated during the arrest.
    Baher's wife with his children Hazem&Fayroz by Tamer El Ghobashy
    Here are the smuggled letter of Baher Mohamed which NPR's Cairo bureau chief Laila Fadel thankfully. You can click on the photos to zoom in.

    It is worth to mention Fadel and Baher's families were not allowed to the court room and only Peter Greste's brother attended the session.
    Here is also a letter sent from Mohamed Fahmy Fadel  from prison
    There are other Egyptian journalists and reporters who are involved in the same trial besides Greste , Baher and Fadel like Sohip Saad.
    The trial of AJ staff has been adjourned as expected to early March. 
    Abdullah El Shamy is still on hunger strike. It has been more than a month if I remember correctly.
    It is truly dangerous now in Egypt to be a journalist. Aside from the jailed journalists and aside from the lawsuits following them and the attacks against journalists , reporters, TV correspondents and photographers on the ground , Egypt , some people are trying to push on my nerves claiming that the situation is better than the past two years. Well with my all due respect if I would choose , I would say that 2011 was all its clashes and massacres journalists were much safer than now. 
    This cartoon by Doaa El Adl represents the best example on how Egyptian reporters especially the photographers.
    Last week journalists in Egypt lost an ally when it comes to their rights in the Journalists syndicate. Journalist and journalists' right advocate and defender Abeer Saady who decided to boycott the syndicate board. Saady spoke in her note or rather letter to her co-workers from journalists telling them she could not go along any more with the silence of the syndicate towards the violations happening against the journalists in the past 7 months. Saady has been defending journalists indiscriminately since last July. Her move is a sit back 
    Now the syndicate is controlled by Nasserites who are naturally biased to the Military.
    According to committee to protect journalists Egypt comes in the 9th place shamefully in the worst countries for jailed journalists in 2013.  
    I have not heard a comment from Diaa Rashwan , the head of the syndicate about this !!
    Our mainstream media is insisting to reminding us on how the current Turkish regime is giving hard times to journalists and reporters against Erdogan’s party and so on neglecting the universal fact that the one who lives in glass house does not throw people with stone.
    I want to criticize the Turkish government , it is enough that they kicked out a journalist like Mahir Zeynalov  because of a tweet but I can not when journalists in my own country are facing hell.Not to mention that there are journalists and public figures are referred to court because of tweets accused of defaming judiciary.
    On daily basis you hear reports about journalists in Egypt facing hell and nobody is standing for their rights.

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    And suddenly PM Hazem El Beblawy resigned earlier Tuesday in a new episode of the on going Egyptian political saga we are having . 

    Despite the Pro-Military/Pro-Deep State media has been calling 24/7 for the resignation of El Beblawy’s cabinet blaming him for everything wrong in Egypt , the news somehow was surprising for many people including some ministers themselves. Oh yes some ministers did not know the news except from the TV statement of the former prime minister himself. Already we got a minister of foreign affairs currently in Congo who found out the news there !!

    Up till now I do not understand why the sudden resignation when this cabinet realistically speaking had only two months in power as the upcoming president elected within that period should appoint a new cabinet.

    Some or rather the majority says that the resignation of El Bablawy is paving the way to El Sisi’s presidential bid. I do not understand the relation between the resignation of the cabinet and the Field Marshal’s candidacy.

    Needless to say some news websites and newspapers are claiming that El Sisi will be the minister of defense in new cabinet too and others say that he is still doing his job right now as a minister of defense in the caretaker cabinet.

    Of course when El Sisi will declare his candidacy is another enigma especially now some Deep State media outlets like Abdel Rahim Ali’s Yellow e-news portal claims that the Field General won’t run in the presidential elections. Others say that El Sisi and his team are waiting for the elections law which should be issued by the end of this week.

    Some few say that the wave of strikes was the last straw to bring El Beblawy’s cabinet.

    Looking back to El Beblawy and his cabinet , I see that the military used him as sandbag for all the punches and fiascos in the country even the fiascos he is not responsible of like for instance the security and terrorism in the country. The Pro-Military seemed intentionally to forget that the deputy PM for security in Egypt all those  months who should be held accountable is none other than Field Marshal Abdel Fatah El Sisi.

    By the way since the days of Mubarak , the deep state used to shift the blame on the president diverting it to the government and the Prime minister through the media.

    The upcoming PM , a true setback

    The former minister of housing as well former member of the NDP’s policy committee Ibrahim Mahlab is said to be chosen as the upcoming PM. Oh yes this tells where we are heading to. Ironically I remember that Field Marshal El Sisi once said before the 25 January 2014 that the old faces of the Pre-25 January 2011 would not come back !! May be things have changed after all he was a general when he said not a Field Marshal !!!!

    Now at the same time the deep state media was attacking El Bablawy and couple of his ministers referring them as ElBaradei boys day and night it was grooming minister  of housing and former CEO of Arab Contractors Ibrahim Mahlab as the perfect PM of Egypt counting his achievements in the ministry.

    Ibrhaim Mehlab was a member of the NDP’s policy committee and the CEO of Arab Contractors as well. Yes we are back to the NDP whether we like or not.

    Already the deep state media has been playing the same tune : At least Mubarak’s men used to operate the country right unlike the MB or the revolutionaries presented in El Beblawy’s cabinet. After all El Beblawy’s cabinet included ministers from socialists like Kamel Abou Eita , El Beblawy and Ziyad Bahaa El Din are from the Social Democratic Party and Hossam Eissa is from Constitution Party.

    By the way some say that the minister of interior Mohamed Ibrahim will remain in his position , again this tells you to where we are heading.

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  • 02/25/14--14:18: A start of something
  • Several political groups and movements organized earlier tonight a silent stand on October bridge in solidarity with the political detainees demanding their release. Here are photos from the stand that started at 6 PM.

    Among these groups April 6 Youth Movement , Strong Egypt Party , No for military trials Campaign, Revolutionary socialists and No for torture campaign. Those groups and parties agreed to defend all political detainees regardless of their political affiliation. They also agreed that no partisan signs to be raised in the stand ; only the photos and banners about the detainees.

    According to the people who attended it , the number of the participants was good. Mona Seif said on her Facebook page that actually some people began to cheer for those silent protesters and that others went and asked them about those youth in the photos while others ignored them peacefully.

    This is a good start to return back to the street in the time being

    Earlier today the court sentenced 3 members of Strong Egypt party 3 years in jail for distributing flyers against Constitution 2014. Also two RSSD editors are facing military trial for allegedly leaking El Sisi’s secret meetings.

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    Tonight , from short time ago Interim President Adly Mansour has issued another historical presidential decree reconstituting the Supreme Council of Armed aka SCAF.
    SCAF 2014
    According to the latest decree by Mansour , SCAF is headed now by the minister of defense and not by the head of the state aka the President. SCAF now is officially made 23 Generals. The president still has got the right to call for a SCAF meeting and attend that meeting thank Goodness.
    It is worth to mention that yesterday Mansour issued another decree regarding the position of the minister of defense. According to that decree the minister of defense should be a general from the armed who served at least 5 years in this rank. Oh yes no civilian minister of defense.
    By the way according to the Constitution , SCAF chooses the minister of defense which means the President and the Prime minister have no right to choose him if I understand correctly.
    With these decrees in addition to the military related articles in the constitution that gives immunity to the minister of defense for the upcoming 8 years and no civilian supervision what so ever on SCAF’s complete control on the armed forces , the SCAF generals are more powerful than the president according to the Constitution.
    The president is just the Supreme commander of armed forces in some cosmetic form , the most powerful man is the minister of defense.
    This makes me wonder : Is Field Marshal El Sisi going to run for presidency or not !? Is he going to accept to be outside the game officially where the other generals have more power than his !?
    Already logic says “and logic does not exist anymore in the valley of the Nile” that he wont’ jeopardize the minister of defense’s position and trade it with the President position where he can be sold out and be a scapegoat by the army itself in the first upcoming popular uprising as it happened before with Mubarak and Morsi.
    The Field Marshal seems to be hesitant , his supporters claim that he is waiting the new Presidential elections law to be passed in order to see if it is good for him or not !! “As if he does not  know the articles of the law already”
    But on the other hand People like Amr Moussa “who is said to be one of the Field General’s main advisors in his campaign” announced that the Field Marshal would announce his candidacy after ten days.
    Well days will tell. Personally now I am starting to believe that he won’t run.
    And man we have a real basis for civilian state now.
    On side note Adly Mansour has engraved his name proudly as far as I see in our modern history.

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    Yesterday journalists from all over the world showed their support and solidarity to Al Jazeera staff detained in Egypt.
    Journalists in BBC , SKY News , Al Jazeera as well newspapers and news agencies from all over the world showed their support whether in United States , Kenya , Nigeria , Cambodia , Lebanon , Qatar, UK, Australia , Bosnia , Afghanistan and South Africa.
    This is how the trends map looked yesterday.
    Free #AJStaff hashtag in trends map by Kamalah Santamaria
    As usual there was complete silence in Egypt despite not less than 60  Egyptian journalist were arrested and then released since July 2013. It is not easy being a true journalist in Egypt.
    By the way it is not about Al Jazeera Staff or Peter Greste , it is about journalists detained for doing their job who are standing trial for political reasons. It is about freedom of expression. Journalism is not terrorism.

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    Last Saturday I had just opened my Facebook account to see that announcement by the official spokesperson of Egyptian armed forces Colonel Ahmed Mohamed Ali. “Here is the full translation.
    “The Egyptian Armed Forces achieved the first breakthrough in treating Hepatitis C and AIDS Viruses” 
    Inside the statement the following was : Judge Adly Mansour and Field Marshal Abdel Fatah El Sisi as well the prominent statement witnessed the latest Egyptian scientific and research breakthrough for the sake of humanity represented in inventing the first treatment system for HIV that can also eliminate Hepatitis C in a cost 10 times less than its foreign counterpart and with a success rate more than 90%.
    Sisi and Mansour on Saturday "Army Spokesperson FB"
    The men of the armed forces achieved a medical breakthrough by inventing devices to diagnose HCV and HIV patients with the need to take a blood sample from the patients receiving an immediate results in less cost. The patents of the invention was registered by the name of the Egyptian armed forces’ Engineering authority’s men after the permission of the ministry of health and population.Using the same theory , a new device was invented to diagnose Swine Flu and it proved its success in the Armed Forces Fever hospital with 90% success rate. It is expected that the same treatment system to examined on the Swine flu to get the same results achieved in the treatment of AIDS and HCV patients. It is planned to receive the patients after fulfilling the demands of the treatment whether in the domestic or foreign market. It is God’s will that the Egyptian armed forces achieve this unprecedented treatment contributing in treating untreatable diseases and help to reduce the pain of Egyptians .
    I did not scroll down to see the photos and I though the page was hacked at first after all we got a claim that the armed forces reached to cure for the Hepatitis C“HCV” and HIV “AIDS” but then I found out that the page is not hacked and that the same claims were repeated in the photo album of the important inaugurations on that day. 
    If you read the statement again you will know that army Spox was speaking about at least two devices , one device to diagnose not only HCV but also AIDS without blood analysis and another device that does not cure only HCV but also AIDS. A true scientific breakthrough that deserves a Nobel prize if it were true.
    In few hours there was online storm of questions about this invention which was hailed by the Pro-Military in Egypt as the greatest thing ever madly.
    Small search online we found that there is patent registered by the ministry of Defense in Cairo in December 2011 in World Intellectual Property Organization. According to the patent we found on SamoBrain its abstract “C-Fast”  is as follows :
    It is a device for detecting chemicals and compounds such as solids , liquids , gases , organic and inorganic using the theory known as “Molecule signature” and features of human body. The device works pursuant to the Molecule signature theory using the Static energy resulted from the human body.  The device theory of the molecule signature was applied for detecting viruses causing the Swine Flu “H1N1” , epidemic Hepatitis C , Palm mite. 
    The Device
    So far you would notice that there was no mention for AIDS diagnosis yet there is a device indeed to so-called detect HCV and H1N1 using electromagnetic waves. According to the WIPO’s Patent , Colonel Ahmed Amin applied on behalf of the armed forces in March 2010.
    Interestingly also Shorouk online found out that the International Searching Authorities and International Preliminary Examining Authorities following the WIPO published a small preliminary report online about its scientific opinion regarding this device and this what we find that it can not establish an opinion regarding the device’s novelty , inventive steps and industrial applicability.

    In February 2013 The Guardian spoke about the diagnose device “C-Fast”about the diagnose device “C-Fast” {this is its name} in three reports. The first was a news report by Guardian’s correspondent in Cairo Patrick Kingsely  about the device while the second was a skeptic report was in the Guardian’s Science Blog by Síle Lane. Suzi Gage also wrote about skepticism regarding the C-Fast. I will quote her report’s abstract here because it summarizes a very important point.
    Without any peer-reviewed evidence or an adequate explanation of how it works, scientists are rightly skeptical about a device that can diagnose hepatitis C remotely 
    Kingsely’s photo for famous liver expert and doctor Gamal Shiha with the device was the only thing we had then. It gives an idea on the C-Fast looks like and it increases suspicion too.
    The device in action "Feb2013 by Patrick Kingsely"
    In April 2013 Scientific Blogger Pepijn van Erp who focuses on exposing pseudoscience in his blog drew people’s attention to resemblance to a fake bomb detector sold by British fraudster called Jim McCormick to Iraq. That fake bomb detector failed to do its job in Iraq causing people to die. McCormick was found guilty of fraud in April 2013. He also raised a point that the C-Fast Prototype presented at the International Live Congress 2013 by Dr. Gamal Shiha himself looked different than the one he appeared holding in the Guardian’s Photo.
    What was shown in the ILC 2013
    In nutshell the scientists in 2013 were extremely skeptics about the diagnose device.
    In the same year a paper about the device was published in World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology Journal which according to Wikipedia is a predatory publisher that publishes papers without peer review including hoax papers. I am amazed that such famous physician like Gamal Shiha would choose such journal if he believes in the authenticity and the success of that device.
    Anyhow in this paper we find out that the “C-Fast” was allegedly examined successfully on three phases. Phase one was pilot in Egypt with 79 patients only while in second phase  in Egypt “One center with 800 patient” , India “two centers with 113 patients” and Pakistan “two centers with 92 patients” . The third phase was in Egypt where 1600 patients participated in the experiments. “Should not we have animals examined first !?”
    Shorouk Online found out that Gamal Shiha and his team published a poster about the device“not a paper” in the famous Journal of Hepatology. Despite this is very respectable journal in the field of Live diseases yet what was published was a just a poster , more of a summary than a complete balanced study. 
    Up till then in 2013 there was no talk about a cure for both HCV and HIV and yet we have got a lot to debate about. It is natural because after all we speaking Science here. It is interesting that there is no mention to any other physician than Dr. Gamal Shiha as head figure in that”C-Fast” debate. The ministry of defense and the government are only mentioned in two patents and the Poster in the journal.The tests of that device were not secret as since 2010 it was allegedly tested in two foreign countries and it was featured in the biggest conference for live diseases last years.
    Last Sunday the Engineering Authority in the Armed Forces held a so-called an international press conference and let’s just say the Circus officially started from here.
    Major General Abdullah Taher of Engineering Authority in the Egyptian armed forces announced to the whole world that the Egyptian armed forces invented 3 devices : “C-Fast” and “I-Fast” to diagnose HCV and HIV without blood examination as well the “CCD” Device to treat not only HCV but rather HIV aka AIDS without any implications in just 16 hours !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Major General presented a short documentary to show the invention. From media perspective the documentary was a scandal of its own with its poor quality that does not suite the alleged most important breakthrough of the 21st century not to mention the armed forces’ capabilities.

    It was like those segments used to be aired in the educational programs aired afternoon on National TV from ten years ago !!
    I can make a better short documentary with my old HP Pavilion on Windows Movie Maker for real. In this documentary were introduced for the first time to the inventor of that treatment system Major General Ibrahim Abdel Atti. The CCD Device was shown in the video.
    Major General Abdel Atti claimed that said the HIV and Hepatitis C treatments had a 100 percent success rate.He was shown in the documentary telling some alleged HIV patient in some army hospital in some unforgettable words
    Son you had AIDS and now it is gone !!
    Abdel Atti showed up in the press conference revealing that he worked on that treatment secretly for 20 years in the military intelligence. During the press conference he said another memorable quote which inspired online tweeps to call the whole affair “#KoftaGate”
    We conquered AIDS and I take the AIDS from the Patient and return it to him as Kofta“meat balls”

    I will not speak about Major General/Dr. Abdel Atti who is actually the first Alternative medicine Physician in the Egyptian armed forces tonight , keep the suspense tomorrow insh Allah.
    During the Press conference we found out that this alleged treatment system will be adopted in June 2014.
    Despite Col. Ali’s first statement said that that invention would help humanity yet Major General Abdullah Taher of Engineering Authority announced that that treatment system would not be exported abroad for fear it would be stolen by the international pharmaceutical mafia and world powers !!!!
    Well this selfish if you want my opinion , already why the Major General is really afraid to share this treatment with the whole world !? This can help in curing millions around the globe if it is to be true for God sake we claim to have a cure for one of the most deadliest viruses the earth has known and yet we refuse to share !?
    It seems so and do not ask me why , ask Major General Taher or even the armed forces.
    I am not a scientist and I do not understand biology but I know there is something wrong here. I am concerned with the hopes of nearly 20 million HCV patients in Egypt searching for cheap and true cure. This announcement of the army gave a lot of hope to those patients most poorly. It is not about the digenesis device but rather about the CCD Device that cures HCV and HIV.
    A side note: I have not seen anything about this international press conference in Ali’s FB page at all when I find news about opening in an army bakery in Suez or blowing up a field hospital for militants in Sinai not to mention Ali’s own news about his lecture about the 4th generation war in Police academy. Nothing about that huge conference regarding what could be the biggest medical breakthrough in the 21st century.
    Come back tomorrow for the rest of the saga in order Egypt’s own Dr. Strangelove aka Major General Abdel Atti.

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    Meet Dr. and Major General Ibrahim Abdel Atti , Our own Dr.Strangelove aka  the man who invented a device to cure not HCV but also AIDS in one of the controversial announcements of year 2014 in Egypt by none other than the Egyptian armed forces.
    The first time I saw this thin man was in the international press conference organized by the army about the diagnose and treatment system of HCV and HIV they invented at the Engineering authority last Sunday.
    The Press conference of the Egyptian armed forces about its treatment system
    His memorable words in the documentary and the Press conference were unforgettable “Son you had AIDS and now it is gone”  and “ I took AIDS from the patient and returned it to him as Kofta” earned him to be number one in Egypt’ Memes online society this week.
    Neither “Son you had AIDS” nor “ the Kofta” made me believe me that there was something wrong about this man as much the statements he gave to press later in the Press conference.
    Major General Abdel Atti : I was abducted by the Egyptian intelligence
    I was offered  $2 billion to sell this treatment, I accepted at first and I asked them “Who are they !?” to say that an Arab Muslim Scientist discovered this cure but they told me forget those words and take the check but I said NO.
    Then the “Egyptian” intelligence protected me and abducted me bringing me here
    After listening to these words it was clearly we are in front of one hell of character. The army did not deny or confirm this story nor did the journalists asked about whether it was or not. His story does not look consistent with the story of the army that the research for this cure started secretly in the military intelligence’s labs in the past 20 years !!
    Abdel Atti and his team last Sunday
    It is worth to mention that those who covered that press conference were not scientific journalists but rather military correspondents close to the Morale department.
    Interestingly we had nothing about the background of Dr. Ibrahim at all unlike some members of his alleged medical team like Dr. Ahmed Mounes “son of Ali Mounes, the famous liver specialist” and Dr. Gamal Shiha. Nothing was published about the scientific career of that thin dark man at all.
    Some said that we would know nothing about because he is an Army General but unlike those some even the doctors in the army are known. After all they are doctors who were graduated medical schools and then joined the army. Many of them got clinics and they receive civilian patients. One of our relatives is a Major General Surgeon who is extremely famous in his career as one of Egypt’s top surgeons in the past 40 years.
    Abdel Atti wearing the uniform with doctors "Facebook"
    One Tuesday we found out that Dr. Ibrahim is famous but not in Blood related diseases or Liver diseases but rather in alternative medicine thanks to Moatez Matar’s show on El Sharq TV channel.
    El Sharq exposes Dr. Abdel Ati’s reality.
    It turns out that Major General Ibrahim Abdel Atti is herbs therapist who used to appear in religious TV channels to promote his medicine , treatment and etc. Al Nas TV channel and its sister channels have been closed since July 2013 for inciting hate and polarization as well lies. 
    Some say that ElSharq TV channel is a Pro-MB channel. Well whether it is a MB channel or not it
    exposed to us a lot. Later we knew that Dr. Abdel Atti was famous in his field and that he had a clinic in Haram that was closed by ministry of health in 2000 and another one Maadi but closed it recently for some legal reasons.
    From 4 years ago we found out that a Saudi Columnist spoke about Chemist Abdel Ati criticizing his claim to cure incurable diseases like AIDS calling him Charlatan in Al Riyadh newspaper.
    Well according to the Budge he is wearing , he is a not a Major General in the army but rather an Assigned Major General which means he is not a member of the armed forces. The rank “Assigned Major General” is usually given to people who did a great job to the country and to the army for instance like Major General and artist Mohamed Abdel Wahab after remixing our current National anthem.
    In Egypt’s most visited women forum aka “Fatakat” , we found out that a forum message was posted in 2011 from a lady speaking about her husband who was suffering Psoriasis and his condition went from bad to worse after going to an alternative medicine doctor called ibrahim Abdel Atti in Maadi.
    A copy from the post by @offthehookpain

    No comment from the army regarding this revelation at all. In fact all the Pro-Military kept and are defending madly Ibrahim and so called miraculous treatment.Facebook Post made by the members of his so-called team defended him using emotions as expected and not as science.
    Last Wednesday we found an interview for Abdel Atti who revealed that he is not a physician but he is a doctor in chemistry and that he was graduated from the faculty of Science. The man said in that interview that he started working on that cure from the 1990s and that the secret of that cure won’t be revealed because it is the “secret of building the pyramids”.
    Last Thursday Abdel Atti claimed on TV that European countries are calling him “The Conqueror of viruses” and strangely both TV hosts interviewing him on air , on phone approved what he said !!
    Soon Military Egyptian Facebook pages and forums began to copy what they claim to be the CV of Dr. Abdel Atti in order to defend him. This is is the CV of Dr. Ibrahim Abdel Atti :
    • a Bachelor degree in Science from the the faculty of Science , University of Alexandria.
    • a Bachelor degree in Science from the faculty of Science , University of Seri Lanka “Which university in Seri Lanka !?”
    • a Bachelor degree in medicine from the faculty of medicine  University of Seri Lanka “Which university in Seri Lanka !?”
    • A Masters degree in Chemistry from Mendeleev Russian University of Chemistry and Technology
    • a Bachelor degree in Alternative medicine from Columbia.
    • a Member in the American Board for Alternative medicine
    • Has got the license to practice Alternative medicine in Middle East
    Alternative medicine !??????? and they got the guts for real to say it loud and proud  defending themselves. Man I hear the word “alternative medicine” and literality I feel my shoe !!!
    How or what or what is connection between the army and alternative medicine therapist whom is considered a charlatan !? 
    I do not know what A herb therapist who believes in alternative medicine did to the army to the level of giving him a Major General rank and a stage for this farce embarrassing Egyptians everywhere not only the Egyptian armed forces !!
    This is a huge security breaching if you think about it.
    If we had had a true parliament , a true accountability system and transparency , we would have been witnessing on TV now a whole hearing session on a how a charlatan was given a major general rank let alone turning playing with the hopes of the poor patients and turning the army in to a joke !! 
    By the way Dr. Abdel Atti is extremely angry from Dr. Bassem Youssef, the heart surgeon/TV host and satirist for speaking about his invention in his popular TV show “El Bernmag”. Here is what Bassem and his team did. The episode in general was great.
    Bassem Youssef–El Bernmag “Season 3- Ep4” : Liver , kofta and AIDs Meatball
    The segment was a black comedy beyond imagination because Youssef showed us how ignorance is being celebrated officially in our channels. Already I was surprised to see that Dr. Abdel Atti’s medical team telling the public in TV talk shows that that the “CCD” or “The Complete Cure Device” does not only cure HIV, AIDS, Psoriasis ,Diabetes, heart diseases and Cancer !!!! Oh yes Cancer !!
    What kind of doctors that team the army is proud of are they !? 
    Youssef is continuing in raising the bar every weekend as far as I can tell spoke seriously in the end of the show this episode vowing to speak about that Treatment statement every week till we know whether it is for real or it is a cheap disgusting lie.
    Bassem Youssef-El Bernmag “Season 3–Ep4” : Summarizing the AIDS Cure
    Well Dr. Abdel Atti is saying that he will refer Bassem Youssef to a military trial . In Statements to Youm 7 last night he said that Youssef presented his coffin to him and that Essam Hagy’s statements encouraged Youssef and that the NASA researcher did not understand anything in SCIENCE !!
    Needless to say since then the Pro-Military supporters are mad as usual not only from Bassem Youssef “who mocked ElSisi’s Soviet Jacket in the show” but also from Essam Hagy calling them Zionist American traitors ..etc.
    I do not want to comment in this post but I am truly shocked on how all the big physicians in this country are silent in front of this farce !! This is an insult to medicine and the oath they took. Of course the only doctor who had the guts to speak about this matter publicly with no fear is Dr. Bassem Youssef.
    Tomorrow is another chapter in this KoftaGate , an important one too.

    0 0

    Last week thousands of Egyptians celebrated the Birthday or El Mouled of Emam Al Hussein“Peace upon him” at his shrine and dear friend Mosa’ab El Shamy was there to capture this special night on his camera.

    El Shamy also made this clip using his photos and Sufi song about El Mouled.

    Mawlid Al Hussein - الليلة الكبيرة from Mosa'ab Elshamy on Vimeo.

    0 0

    As Egyptians are now boosting on how Oscar Winner Kate Blanchett started her acting career as an extra in one of Egypt’s 1990s cult films“I consider it a cult film” , they are now boosting on how the Egyptian army
    Yes our Egyptian army fought along the Ottoman army in 1853 over the control of Crimea against the Russian army. Oh yes we did.
    Saudi owned News Channel reminded us with that forgotten piece of our history from Prince Omar Tousson’s book “The Egyptian army in the Crimean war 1853-1855”
    According to Prince Tousson, the Ottoman Emperor asked the help of his allies and thus Abbas I of Egypt then sent Egyptian troops to help him. He sent a fleet of 12 warships with 6850 soldiers and 642 cannons led by Admiral Hassan Pasha El Iskandarany. For land battles , Abbas I sent 20,000 solider and 72 cannons led by army commander Selim Pasha Fathy who died in the battle there and was buried in a cemetery near the Big Khan Mosque.
    After the Ottoman’s victory in the battle , two Egyptian warships sunk in the Black sea and Egyptian Navy lost 1920 of its members in one of our Egyptian navy’s worst disasters ever.
    Prince Omar Tousson was one of my favorite princes and characters in the Mohamed Ali Royal Family as well one of my favorite Egyptian explorers who a great role played a real role in Egypt’s scientific and cultural life  in the first half of the 20th century.
    Commander of Egyptian troops Ismail Pasha-Roger Fenton
    Now more sources about what our army did in the Crimean can be found in this fantastic website “Ottoman-uniforms” which provides links to interesting websites about that war and the Egyptian participation there.
    This website got more details and info about the war than Tousson including more losses for Egyptian armed forces there. For instance in a war battle with Russian Navy where Egyptian Frigate “Damietta” was sunk also in the Black Sea and on its board not less than 400 Egyptian soldiers. In Land battles we had our shares of losses as well despite fighting bravely. We lost about 400 soldiers who were buried in the Islamic Cemetery of the city.
    Ottoman-Uniforms websites links to rare photo gallery and letters of British Photographer Roger Fenton who took photos from this war where he spoke about the Egyptian troops and its commander Ismail Pasha.
    Here is a photo of Ismail Pasha along with his men including a Nubian Slave. “I hate that word”
    Here is a photo gallery for the photos I found it for our troops there.
    Unfortunately all that information are not to be found in the official website of Egyptian armed forces.
    Speaking seriously I feel sad when I meet Egyptians who do not know about the Egyptian army and its conquests , battles and adventures in the 19th century I feel very sad because we got a very interesting experience in that era from 1805 to 1882.
    Of course this ignorance is a result of Nasser’s policies to erase all the Pre-1952 history keeping the old heritage of the pharaohs alive changing the official history in order it would start at his time. A thing we are still doing it , a thing we can not get rid of it. It is one of the crimes the 1952 July made actually when you think about it.
    As long as we have no access to our true history and its records we will no never learn from our mistakes for real.

    0 0

    Ok I know I should not speak about this scandal more than twice but honestly I can not ignore this circus. The KoftaGate or Kofta Charade is still going on adding more dose to the usual madness we got in Egypt. Now today we got Mostafa Bakry telling us that Field Marshal El Sisi told him that there would be no HCV patient in Egypt after 5 years !! He added that 3 million HCV patients would be cured after 6 months. This is bold claim , this bold presidential promise.
    First of all meet the first alleged patient to be cured from AIDS thanks to Dr. Abdel Atti.
    I think investigative reporters all over the world need to know the contacts of that gentleman and try to get his medical records if we are speaking seriously.
    Tahrir TV : Cured HIV patient speaks up
    Throughout the weeks TV channels and newspapers began to host those who claim to be patients cured from HIV and HCV through the miraculous device. Professionally journalists should trace those patients.
    Second Dr. Abdel Atti turns to be a crock according to a great investigative report in Shorouk Newspaper. The report includes testimonies of his victims. There has been no official reaction regarding this report up till now.
    Third the official spokesperson Colonel Ahmed Mohamed Ali posted the email of the Engineering Authority in the armed forces for inquiries about the HCV and HIV cure for those who have an inquiry.
    Now not all the scientists and doctors in Egypt are jumping in to the CCDevice wagon , some of them since day one are considering it a silly disgust charade above them interim president’s Scientific adviser Essam Heggy.
    At First Heggy wrote an angry post criticizing on how science was being portrayed in the media.

    Astronauts in Eau De Cologne bottles , End of days comets and curing incurable diseases with an antenna. Unfortunately a silly image for science is portrayed in the media.
    Then we got this important announcement from him as the Presidential scientific adviser.

    Neither Adly Mansour Nor El Sisi knew about the devices and that the presidency urged that the army devices should comply to international scientific standards for scientific research.
    Next day in exclusive statements to Al Watan Newspaper he said the HIV/HCV Cure was scandal to Egypt.
    Oh yes and this put the army in a very bad situation. Of course the dogs were let out to attack Heggy describing him an ignorant with an agenda who was sent by pharmaceutical companies to destroy this invention !! I hear shit by charlatans of alternative medicine crap hosted in radio and TV channels every day for two weeks attacking this young man.
    Now the mainstream media is wondering what this young man did despite from couple of years of ago they were flying over the moon with his achievements in NASA.
    Confronted by the question “do you understand in medicine !? do you understand in electromagnetic field !?” , the well known scientist posted his photo working in electromagnetic lab as the cover of his FB page with this caption “16 years in electromagnetic field”

    This week newspapers are reported that some presidential advisers will be dismissed soon. Of course you do not need to guess which Presidential adviser is that. Heggy is currently in the States. I do not know why Essam Heggy agreed to join this circus in the first place. 
    Moving from Essam Heggy , we got Dr. Islam Hussein , the Egyptian Virologist in MIT who could not take it any longer from that on going circus in Egypt. Dr. Islam made this long amazing video refuting the army’s devices by the language of science
    Heggy Posted a photo for him and Hussein at MIT.

    Now both of them are accused to be foreign spies working for CIA , Mars and Pharmaceutical mafia too.
    I will dare and say that the video of Dr. Hussein encouraged other doctors and physicians to speak in medical terms.
    Famous Liver diseases specialist Alaa Awad wrote in Al Wady News a scientific article bringing down this circus using the language of Science. Bassem Youssef also wrote similar article but in much easier and of course with more readership
    You can imagine the hysteria in the mainstream media against those scientists , real scientists speaking against the C-Devices , now those scientists and doctors are considered heretic spies who should be burned at the stake.

    I just want to say in the end something
    Because I care for our country and our armed forces not to mention above them the poor patients me and others n Egypt are speaking against this charade. Some poor patients of HCV began to stop taking their medication waiting for the army’s cure.

    0 0

    Happy International women day dear ladies everywhere
    Pro-revolutionary ladies celebrated the International Women Day  in Egypt in their own way.
    The Revolutionary Way Front organized a march this afternoon in Dokki in solidarity with Egyptian as well Arab detainees regardless of their political affiliation. The march was called “Bring Back our daughters from the prison cells”
    The march was made of ladies , it was not big but yet it shows that some are not afraid from going to the street and that hostile atmosphere against them began to fade somehow. From the photos you can see that there were different ladies from different background whether liberals or leftists or Islamists.
    The march roamed the streets of Dokki area this afternoon heading to the National council of Woman.
    The Revolutionary way Front issued a statement slamming the NCW today wondering whether it was truly defending women’s rights or the regime’s right reminding us that the members of that council are not that different from the time of Mubarak.

    Famous activist Laila Soueif was there holding banners demanding freedom for the detainees. You must know that today marks 100 days after the arrest of Alaa Abdel Fatah who has been detained without no trial so far since last November.
    They did not demand freedom of political women detainees but also to Arab women detainees like Pro-Revolutionary Syrian citizen journalist Razan Zaitouna. If You remember Razan Zeitouna has been captured and detained by allegedly radical Islamist group since last December.There is no information so far about this prominent brave activist or her husband.
    Here is the last video message recorded by Razan early December days before her abduction recounting what was happening then in Douma suburb after its liberation.
    Razan Zaitouna ; video before abduction
    Now we are reading about alleged return of torture and virginity tests when it comes to Women detainees once again in Egypt. Of course there is official denial as usual against testimonies of released detainees like 6 April Movement member and Al Azhar university student Ayat Hamada.
    Moving from Giza to North Sinai. I found out that ladies there mostly Pro-Morsi supporters based on Rabaa sign in the photos protested too.
    The women in Al Arish today by journalist Mostafa Singer
    Today the Muslim Brotherhood abroad launched online campaign against the abuse of the detainees in Egypt and strangely for the first time they use the name of Cleopatra in their campaign. Of course this campaign is in English targeting Foreigners. Usually the Islamists ignore that part of
    By the way fantastic ladies of Lebanon also protested against domestic violence and women's rights in general there.

    Today's protest in Beirut by Photography HB
    Also this photo is from Palestine today.
    At Qalandiya crossing by Fady Arouri "Facebook"
    By the way as the so-called Media celebrates the Women’s day I want to say something : I am tired of having my rights to be used in the media as political tool whenever they feel so according to the regime’s mood.
    During the days of Morsi , mainstream media was screaming about women’s rights and how the Islamists were going to turn us in to another Iran yet now one dares to speak about how for instance the State Council refuses to appoint women judges till this day violating the Constitution !!
    I am tired of this hypocrisy when Egyptian women are considered shallow and politicians like former PM Beblawy who insulted them internationally claiming that they “all” support El Sisi  because “he is handsome”.

    0 0

    The family , friends and protesters organized today a stand at the Prosecutor General right now demanding a trial’s date to be set for activist and blogger Alaa Abdel Fatah who has been in detention for 100 days and for activist Ahmed Abdel Rahman who has been in detention for 102 days.
    Alaa Abdel Fatah was arrested from 100 days ago for allegedly organizing a protest against Military trials for civilians in front of the cabinet if you remember. Up till this day the prosecution has not referred him to a trial. His father and lawyer Ahmed Seif El Islam and the rest of his family presented a petition to day to the head of the appeal court. Their demand is clear : Release both Alaa and Abdel Rahman
    This is getting ridiculous for real.
    Here is the statement of Alaa’s family in English by Dr. Ahdaf Soueif

    Of course the honorable citizens of Downtown Cairo harassed them as usual in the protection of security forces.

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    Last night it rained madly and it hailed also ... in March , oh yes. We got thunder , heavy rain and hail in Cairo in March. This says something about climatic change , is not it !?
    Last night at 5th settlement by Mohamed Fakhry
    Already this heavy rains wave that hit the country started from two days in Upper Egypt and Sinai specially South Sinai. You can imagine how things are considering our infrastructure there. Saint Catherine area which suffers from the heavy rain as usual. Roads and villages in South and Middle Sinai are in a very bad shape.
    Here are photos from Saint Catherine by Hassan Nabil from Sinai Now TV channel Facebook page.

    This always happens in Saint Catherine Mount area yet the government and governorate do not think in proactive way in some sort of drainage system that survive. The people of Saint Catherine are wondering when the media from the valley will care about them.

    Here is a photo from Mid Sinai area as well. 
    By Abu Ramy from Sinai Now TV channel FB page
    Schools of course are closed there and life is somehow paralyzed. The City of Nuweiba spent a dark night and the port had to be closed last night. Several ports were closed due bad weather across the country yesterday.
    Here is also video clips from Dahab after the heavy rain.
    After the heavy rain in the city of Dahab
    It is a flood actually in Dahab.
    Flood in Dahab-1
    Flood in Dahab-2
    In Dahab "Daniela Village"
    In Dahab "Daniela village"
    Of course this is nothing compared to happen in Hurghaga where the old airport in the city partially collapsed and leaked rain in the airport.

    Also the Hurghada highway had a landslide and honestly I want to know who designed and made this highway.

    Whole villages are drowned and cut off the world in Sohag , Upper Egypt as usual.Not  Houses are demolished in Aswan and Assuit.
    Assuit "Ahmed Dream"
    In Cairo and Giza , well we had hail and rain last night.Lots of them.

    We woke up to found big ponds creating even worse traffic jams than the ones we are used too.
    No bloody drainage system. It is clearly that each winter we got more rain than usual but what can you say !? Reactive as usual.
    Here is a small clip I filmed showing water leaking from October bridge oh yes October bridge.
    Is there any maintenance there.
    Of course this is the time we are hit in the face once again by our poor the infrastructure and of course there will be no accountability what so ever.
    According to the Weather Forecast Authority in Egypt the bad weather conditions will continue next Wednesday. Next Wednesday supposedly will be the climax , a mix of rain and sand storm :S
    Two words : Accountability and proactive 

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  • 03/11/14--15:20: True Egyptian Ladies
  • This video was shot last Sunday when the family of Alaa Abdel Fatah was having its stand demanding the release of Alaa and Ahmed Abdel Rahman at the Prosecutor General HQ downtown Egypt.

    Pro-El Sisi supporters Insulting Ahdaf Soueif and The Seifs

    This video shows how Pro-Military Pro-El Sisi supporters taunted and insulted renowned Egyptian novelist Ahdaf Soueif , her nieces Mona and Sana Seif , Human rights activist Aida Seif El Dowla and Salma Said.  Our ladies stood care less for those vulgar people insulting them by words ‘traitors’ and so on. It is a bad scene but look how our ladies stood against them with dignity like True Egyptian ladies 
    What Ahdaf Soueif , Aida Seif El Dowla , Salma Said and Mona Seif did actually was a lesson on how strong true Egyptian ladies area. They showed which side is right and which side is much respectable and had a true cause.
    Officially It is unclear how those people suddenly showed up but off the record you do not know to have a brain to guess that the regime let them out.
    Now in unexpected we found that that vulgar lady who was screaming , insulting and taunting the Pro-Revolutionaries was claiming to be against the military couple of hours earlier then suddenly she shifted positions !!
    Before and after

    0 0

    Ok for many people around the world , this is not something unusual but for us the Egyptians especially in Cairo , it is unusual for us to see not only one rainbow but double rainbow in the same time after raining SmileRainbow

    Yup Cairo witnessed today a beautiful double rainbow for some time after raining in a strange sunny weather.

    Ironically the head of the Weather forecast authority announced on Monday that the Wednesday would be the climax of bad weather and so on. Instead we had double rainbow.

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