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7000 years and counting ...

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    Today there have been extremely violent clashes as usual between protesters and MB members as well other Islamists in Cairo. It has been a norm now. Of course everybody will put the blame on the other. Today the Muslim brotherhood and couple of Islamist groups and parties protested at the Supreme court in order to purify the judiciary. The numbers of their protesters to be honest were less than what I expected to the level I wonder till now the MB called for this protest at all.
    The MB protesters at Prosecutor general office "AP"
    In all the previous protests organized by the MB the numbers were important to show off not in front of the Egyptian people but in front of the army and the United States. In all the previous protests of the Islamists the MB was careful to send that message to the United state and the army in Egypt that they are the majority.
    May be the location at the Supreme court is not that big to handle the big mobilizations of MB from all over the country. Already MB leading Member Mohamed ElBeltagy hinted that the brotherhood will restore back Tahrir square next Friday.
    Today was terrifying scene. Egyptians Vs. Egyptians , both sides were armed and both sides did not win but actually failed.
    That boy stood against MB members on October bridge 'AP'
    Things started from bad to worse when unknown assailants attacked the MB members then clashes erupted between protesters and activists from surrounding downtown Cairo specifically in Ramsis street.
    The clashes in Ramsis street
    We are speaking about vital areas steps away from several parties and Tahrir square. The so-called Black Bloc group already organized a small protest at Talaat Harb square to denounce the decision of the prosecutor general to arrest its members.
    The Black Bloc defies the prosecutor general !!
    During that protest the BB alleged members set the MB flag on fire.
    Al Masdr : Setting the MB flag on fire
    Sooner gunshots appeared in the hands of everybody MB and non MB , Islamists and non Islamists.
    From Al Masry Al Youm : Gunshots in the hands of everybody
    Already things became mad when the MB members and supporters clashed with the protesters of Tahrir square at Abdel Moneim square. They attacked the other protesters  from October bridge. There were crazy scenes today.
    One of the crazy scenes today "AP"

    Footage of protesters beaten by MB members spread all over the day.
    The security forces came to stop the clashes.
     The buses of the MB from governorates were torched as usual
    MB buses on fire as usual "AP"
    Of course the photographers and reporters were the biggest losers. Today the MB supporters attacked the TV crew of ONTV. Photographer Ibrahim El Masry from El Badil was shot and he is currently in critical condition.
    ElBadil's Ibrahim El Masry shot
    I do not need t tell you that the Mubarak regime is using today’s events and the footage showing the MB members attacking the protesters with gunshots in the same Abdel Moneim square. The thing is the MB always claims that its protesters are peaceful whereas today handmade guns were seen in their hands.
    Ahram Online : Islamist protesters filmed using firearms
    According to the ministry of health over 95 have been injured today mostly in Cairo. 17 officers and policemen were injured as well. 19 Protesters have been arrested according to the ministry of interior.
    One of the injured "AP"
    It is worth to mention earlier today , in dune just like in 1960s the authorities arrested 22 of not so famous protesters from all over Cairo and other governorates accusing them of   being members of the Black Bloc.

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  • 04/20/13--10:26: Soaring Legends in #Egypt
  • For the lovers of natural life and environment , this short documentary is highly recommended.

    Soaring legends

    This short documentary is about the migratory birds and its trip in Egypt especially in Sinai and red sea.

    BY the way there is an Arabic version of the documentary.

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  • 04/21/13--10:54: And God will be the Judge
  • Minister Ahmed Mekki has resigned from position as minister of justice in Egypt today as we have known. According to news reports he resigned on Saturday.
    Here is what Mekki had said in his resignation."Thanks to dear Friend Bassem Sabry who published it on AOE"

    Your Excellency Dr. Mohammed Morsi,

    The President of The Arab Republic Of Egypt,

    Warm greetings and respect,

    Since you assigned me to take over the burden of the Ministry of Justice, the opposition has been
    The resignation "Judge Abo Shosha"
    urging me to resign in conformance with my previous positions.

    And yesterday, under the slogan of "cleansing the judiciary" and the legislation for a new Judicial Authority Law, your supporters have united around the demand of my dismissal to achieve their noble goals. And thus, consensus has been achieved.

    And therefore, the time has come to grant my wish that my shoulders are relieved of this burden, and I appeal to you that you respond accordingly as soon as you read this letter.

    May God save you and save Egypt for your supporters and your opposition, and may God save you from both of them.

    The Minister of Justice,

    Councillor Ahmed Mekki

    The man did not resign because he lied in a case like the case of Mohamed El Guindy , he did not resign because he misled public opinion. He only resigned because the president's supporters from Islamists protested against him demanding his dismissal on Friday. 

    Ahmed Mekki and his brother Mahmoud Mekki erased a huge history with what happened in the past months. We will stand and ask ourselves how they changed like that from defenders of judiciary reform and independence to defenders of a regime that is not different from Mubarak's regime in its wants to control all powers and authorities in Egypt. Judge Mekki has resigned and his allies from Islamists are extremely happy that he has gone.
    Ahmed El Mogheer {MB youth leading figure} on FB about Mekki
     "We are not sorry for you "

    Judge Mekki has resigned and his once allies during the battle of judiciary independence in 2005 are also happy that he got what he deserved from Islamist allies : A stab in the back.
    Sorry Judge Mekki , history will not be the only judge but God will be the ultimate judge of your actions.

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  • 04/22/13--14:08: #EarthDay : Meet Merna
  • On the Earth Day I would like you to meet the Arab Youth Climate Movement and its leading member . Merna Ghaly and her friends from 15 Arab countries are fighting another war
    Merna Ghaly on MBC Misr
    Merna Ghaly
    The 18 years old Merna Ghaly was featured in the Newsweek among 25 girls to watch worldwide under the age of 25.Merna fights a battle everybody is ignoring in Egypt whether the government or the civil society. The battle is about Climate Change.Yes tell me who speaks about it now !! 
    Here is what said about the GUC student who is completely unknown in Egypt unfortunately
    Merna Ghaly and other activists in the Arab Youth Climate Movement demonstrated at the December U.N. climate talks in Doha, Qatar, calling for emissions cuts and a focus on climate change. Ghaly, an Egyptian student, is set on making sure that the Arab uprisings will give birth to a climate spring.
    This is what Ghaly said in Qatar.
    Merna Ghaly speaks at COP18 in Doha 2012
    Merna Ghaly
    May God bless Merna , she gives me hope. Of course environment and environmentalists are facing hell in Egypt but again Merna and other environmentalists are giving me hope. May be in the end this generation will bring true change.
    Now I have been searching the 125 women List of Newsweek to see whether there are Egyptian women featured or not and I was lucky.I found two Egyptian ladies featured . Dina Farid , the founder of “Egyptians girls are red line” movement against sexual harassment was featured. Filmmaker Jehane Noujaim was featured too with her documentaries.
    It is amazing to see nice young ladies like those girls honored like this.
    We got nice share this year.
    By the way there are other Arab, Muslim and African women in the list. I will focus here on the Arab women. Besides Merna Ghaly , we got Saudi Child rights activist and professor Fawziah Al Bakr , Qatari first lady ‘Not so popular in Egypt’ Sheikha Mozah and her daughter Al Mayassa.
    We got also late Syrian blogger Fatima Saad who was tortured and killed by Al Assad regime last November 2012. Syrian English teacher turned in to war photographer Noor Kelze is also featured.
    Also Ann Peterson is featured in the list as the Arab Spring Ambassador. It is worth to mention there were strong rumors in Cairo that Peterson was not going to continue in her position as the US ambassador to Cairo.

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    President Morsi’s legal adviser Judge Fouad Gadallah has resigned from his presidency tonight.
    It is unknown if he was forced to resign as the MB wants to sacrifice someone or he resigned. Already the Morsi ordered the return of the people’s assembly. This man’s legal advices were more than devastating whether from returning back the people’s assembly and standing against the constitutional court or with the prosecutor general’s debate or with the constitution debate or the constitutional declaration in November. Is he jumping from the ship now !?  We will see
    Judge Fouad Jadallah
    Pro-MB Judge actually is the among the direct reasons on how Egypt entered political and legal crisis since last November or even since last July
    His resignation was leaked to the internet and he stated 7 reasons on why he could not continue :
    1. No clear vision in managing the country and building Egypt’s future as it should !!“All those months after defending Morsi , he is attacking him now !!”
    2. Insisting on keeping Hisham Qandil’s cabinet  despite its constant political and economic failure and not communicating with the opposition to have proper reshuffles.
    3. The attempt to assassinate the judicial authority  through attacking its independence whether through the prosecutor general debate “I am sorry but you were supporting the decision in public, now you are speaking !!?”
    4. How one single political power is controlling the transitional period. “ I do not know if he is speaking about the Muslim brotherhood or the Islamists in general a he is already Islamist !!”
    5. The failure of conducting a true national dialogue to achieve political, economic and security consensus. “Again attacking the President and Presidency” 
    6. The failure to empower the youth especially the revolution youth.
    7. Opening the doors of Egypt in front of Shiism “Ok it is turning crazy from here” and allowing to build Hussainias“not true” through Iranian tourism. He believes that the Iranians will restore the Fatimid State and eliminating Sunni Islam in Egypt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “ Not so surprising the Salafists are praising the resignation of Gadallah , either Gadallah is actually a Salafist or he is trying to win Salafist in a very cheap way”
    Of course the resignation does not stop here because Gadallah continues to reveal interesting stuff :
    Journalists are saying that the true reason behind the resignation of Gadallah is his interview with Al Masry Al Youm today where he said that Morsi consults the MB guidance office in some issues. He also praised the army and judiciary in Egypt in the same interview.
    Several MB members are saying now in the media whether in News websites or talk shows that Gadallah should not have spoken like that about the president.
    It is worth to mention that Gadallah is being attacked by the MB tweeps and MB supporters in social media now. They are claiming that his resignation is the best thing ever because he was standing against Morsi’s progress and that he resigned because he failed to secure a ministerial position !! Amazingly they forget on how they chose him and how they defended him for months.
    Of course political observers and commentators do not have nothing except analyzing the resignation and even comparing with Mekki’s mild resignation. This is extremely angry resignation and unlike Mekki who praises Morsi and prays for him, Gadallah is attacking Morsi and his Muslim brotherhood. Mekki is criticizing both the President’s supporters and opponents while Gadallah is speaking to the opposition of Morsi whether from Non Islamists or radical Islamists.
    Gadallah is not the first adviser in Presidency to resign in fact he was from the few remaining Non MB advisers in Presidency. In fact I believe now Morsi is surrounded by MB except one man : Emad Abdel Ghafur. Abel Ghafur is a Salafist. I do not know on what side Pakinam Sharkawy is , she is not a MB member.
    Anyhow when I think about it I believe Gadallah is jumping from the ship.

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    This is just sad , extremely sad in a way you can not ever imagine. Yes the human souls are precious but seeing the famous Umayyad Mosque without its famous minaret today was a huge shock. The minaret was destroyed after the mosque was shelled by Al Assad security forces.
    The mosque without its minaret "AMC and AP"

    After and before "AMC and AP"
    Ironically some Muslims , mainly from Arabs believed that Prophet Jesus will descend from heavens on this minaret in particular to start his war against the anti-Christ in the end of days. 

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    There is on going human tragedy now in Egypt and no one paying attention to or care to speak about it as it should from the mainstream.
    About 9000 Palestinian refugees including whole families have fled Syria to Egypt escaping the revolution turned in to war. Already Palestinian refugees have paid a huge price during those two years. El Assad forces killed many refugees during the fight inside the camps like Yarmouk camp. 
    Some of them these 
    From the sit in "Do Not kill us twice" by Kareem Farid 
    The lucky ones are granted in Egypt a tourism visa where as they should be granted a refugee entry while the others are being deported back to Syria !!
    We do not have UNRWA in Egypt and this is part of the problem when it comes to Palestinian refugees. Unlike Lebanon and Syria , we do not have Palestinian refugee camps. UNHCR does not deal with Palestinians , UNRWA only deals with them.
    As I have been told from trusted sources that problem can be ended so easily if the Presidency and ministry of foreign affairs act as they should and help those families asking the help of the international agencies.
    Of course another part of the problem is how the Palestinian embassy is dealing with the matter. It is just a disgrace.
    The refugees are from all ages by Kareem Farid
    The Palestinian families from their side started at the Palestinian embassy in Dokki area , Giza a two days sit in on Tuesday.They halted it for the weekend an are going to resume on Sunday.
    The Palestinian ambassador met them on Wednesday and told them that he would inform the Palestinian ambassador in New York about their case so the later would tell the UN secretary general and find a solution for their agony !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The embassy already distributed a statement on Monday with what is currently doing and will do to the Palestinian refugees from Syria. Of course the achievements of the embassy were completely denied by the angry refugees.
    Well the families need a solution now. They are not going to wait for ever.
    The families at the embassy in Dokki by Kareem Farid
    Now the following is the off the record talk , you know the type of talk you find in a blog and not in a news website. According to trusted sources the Palestinian refugees of Syria are the price of the regional politics and the fight between Fatah and Hamas as well its mother movement in Egypt aka Muslim brotherhood. The Palestinian ambassador is from Fatah and it seems that he is not acting in a hurry for real to solve this human tragedy in order to embarrass Hamas and the MB with no consideration what so ever to the people.
    Here is a  photo gallery from the sit in , unfortunately I did not go there to cover it but friends and tweeps did go and cover it in solidarity.

    You can follow the case of the Palestinian refugees from Syria on twitter on the following hashtag : #DoNotKillUs 
    Mosireen made a video about the suffering of the Palestinian refugees from Syria in Egypt. It has not been translated to English yet.

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    Today Egypt is celebrating Sinai day. For those who do not know what is , it commemorates the withdrawal of Israeli troops in 1982 from Sinai Peninsula except from Taba. After 31 years ago I have to ask two important questions today especially with all the debates around Sinai recently

    Who killed our soldiers in Sinai  ??

    Yes whenever I hear the word “Sinai” now I always remember how our soldiers were brutally murdered in cold blood last August 2012 and I remember how on earth months passed and we did not know the truth behind their murder. It is not an easy violent terrorist attack , it had shaken the society and I even remember how some compared it with the bitterness of 1967 defeat.

    President Morsi , the army and the intelligence should be frank and honest to tell us the truth. The army commandership should respect the blood of those soldiers as well their families and tell us the truth.

    Of course in the past few months wild conspiracy theories and claims about how Hamas directly standing behind their murders were taking Egypt’s mainstream and social media by storm. For several weeks in March 2013 Ahram Al Arabi published a series of reports by names of Hamas leaders claiming that they are responsible personally for the attack. Hamas of course denied those allegations completely.

    Naturally when you bring Hamas in such debate you bring with it ; its mother movement the Muslim brotherhood is dragged and it is not a secret that many people are convinced now that the president Morsi and the MB stood behind the attack themselves.  According to that theory Morsi and the MB wanted to get rid from SCAF and they did. They say that GIS presented a full report  to Morsi about the attack a week before it took place and that he did not take any step regarding it. Of course one must wonder why the GIS did not warn the army about it.

    The info or let’s just say that the leaks I heard from sources “supposedly to be trusted” say that Hamas did not do it and kill our soldiers but they do know those who stand behind their murder and they refuse to hand them over to Cairo.

    The army announced some military operation called “Eagle” if you remember. Till this moment we do not its progress and actually all the indications in Sinai. From what I see the terrorists and the Jihadists have not been stopped at all.

    I believe again if the GIS or the army knows any information about that attack both of them should share it with the people of Egypt because it is their duty in front of the people and the country. I think that age of keeping the things in secret so the president is not embarrassed is over not to mention they do not love the president or his group.

    Of course one would dream to have a real constitution and a real parliament that would bring both the minister of defense and the head of the intelligence and ask them about what happened to our soldiers in a public hearing like the congressional hearings we saw about Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Well I keep dreaming this and I wish to see it before I die !!

    After 31 years What did we do in Sinai ??

    Today hundreds if not thousands of Egyptians shared the photos of Yamit settlement and how its Israeli settlers were kicked out of Sinai from 31 years ago. Those who witnessed the event on TV remembered the scenes of Israeli forces pulling away the settlers from the agricultural settlement.

    Now after 31 years I would like to say that unfortunately after seeing the photos of Yamit , I wonder where the urban development from in North and Middle Sinai !!

    Why did we fail to have settlements like Yamit in the past 31 years !? For 31 years we have failed in securing Sinai for real. In 3 decades the people of Sinai are completely ignored by the centralized government in Egypt with jobs or education or even respect. In 3 decades Sinai became a hot zone for human and drug smuggling and trafficking. In the past decades Sinai saw a growing terrorist spots and now we got Jihadists in the past 3 years roaming freely. 

    Of course the biggest blame here is on the Mubarak regime in that failure leaving Sinai without no real urban development plans all those years. The only thing related to development in Sinai in those 30 years was the tourism development in the South that actually is not enough. Sinai is empty land and it should not be so for too long.

    I do not believe that Camp David treaty is the true reason as much as the lack of political will whether in time of Mubarak or in time of Morsi.

    Speaking about Morsi , well it seems that Sinai is going to complete its suffering under the MB rule. Actually our national security in Sinai is being threatened by the MB’s own definition of National security and their regional and international policies.

    The MB does not recognize the meaning of borders as the brotherhood believes in the caliphate , they believe that Egypt and Gaza are one part of global Caliphate.I do not think that they will think in the same way like we do if the scenario of resettling the Palestinian refugees in Sinai was suggested by the States and Israel as a permanent solution. After all Sinai is regarded an empty land in their eyes , a wasteland !!

    By the way you must know that it was true that the MB and Morsi were approving to sell large pieces of land in Sinai to Qatari and Turkish investors , the thing that the army stood against. The ministry of defense issued a controversial law to ban the sell of land in Sinai to foreigners from couple of months ago. According to the law the ministry of defense and the intelligence should approve on the lease of land to foreigners and purchase of land in the Peninsula.

    Of course the law made the locals extremely angry in Sinai because it banned the ownership and purchase of land on the borders and the area near to the borders.

    This is the first law to be issued without the revision of the Shura council or the approval of the president. It was one of the milestones of the complicated relations between the army and the MB.

    In the end Sinai will be always in danger as long as it is neglected , as long as its people are treated as second degree citizens and as long as the only development we think of when we speak about Sinai is the tourism development.

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    I love the infographic prepared by UNICEF in Egypt and published in its official FB page in both Arabic and English. They are simple and with accurate numbers from the UNICEF. I wish that the Egyptian government would learn from these infographics. Now today the page published a very interesting info-graph about unemployment in Egypt.I thought of sharing it with you.
     I will not comment , I will leave you with the infographic with all the detail. Click on it to zoom in . 
    Unemployment in Egypt 

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    El Badil Newspaper exposed another huge disaster taking place in the archaeological site of Abu Sir Al Malaq on the borders between Fayoum and Bani Sawif.

    Abu Sir Al Malaq : Looting and destruction

    It is just sad to see the video till the end. The site is looted as you see and the mummies are torn and left in the sun , it is horrifying and disrespectful even to throw the bones and mummies like this. It is just sad.
    There is no security what so ever in the site and sadly enough the locals after the revolution come at night and dig. From what I see in the video , they dig the site and smash the beautiful colored wooden sarcophagus.
    Whole tombs are destroyed and written records from papyrus and plates are destroyed.
    In a country like Egypt , in these rural areas the unofficial digging in areas can not happen without being noticed by the officials in the city mainly the police. I am tired of the claims that the revolution brought down the police force when the police already is not trying to do any effort to do its duty. The digging was systematic and not amateurish thing in some areas in the site. 
    Already from what I see in the video there is no official follow up to the site to the level I wonder where the state was even. before the revolution
    Egyptologist Monica Hana spoke in this video about what happened to the site. Already the site is extremely old and its history as burial site goes back to the pre-dynastic age. This burial site includes tombs from the 17th dynasty up to the Coptic era. Hana added that the digging is unprofessional and thus the tombs are destroyed. It is sad. She believes that there are organized gangs involved in the digging and raiding of the tombs. The amazing archaeology activist suggests that state should build a small museum in the city of Abu Sir in order to gather the remaining mummies and to put it there. Her idea is that this museums will provide jobs for the locals and also will give them pride.
    The site is also important for the science of mummification but unfortunately no luck for the scientists and Egyptologists.
    The site is originally named after deity Osiris and amazing it is new info to me that the word “Abu Sir” in Arabic comes originally from the word Osiris. There are many locations in Egypt called Abu Sir like in Alexandria and even there is a tale in the Arabian Nights called “Abu Sir and Abu Kir” . There is another Abu Sir necropolis in Giza also that has been looted too.
    Unfortunately when I know that the locals dig unofficial and rob these sites , I remember the fatwas of Sheikhs like Sheikh Mohamed Hassan and how it plays a destructive role in the life of the people in rural area. 
    The state is officially responsible whether the ministry of antiquities or the ministry of interior or the governorates of Fayoum and Bani Sawif.

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    In a legal triumph for Nile University “NU” and its students  last April 24th the high administrative court ordered the return of the land and the building allocated by the government to Zewail city for science and technology“ZCST” to Nile University. The High administrative court also ruled that the NU should be
    Nile University "From NU Tales"
    registered as a civil university.
    I am so so so happy for this legal triumph because it reminds us that people give up their rights. The NU students, the researchers and professors gave us an example of not losing hope and fighting back the system and the regime peacefully till the end. It is a lesson for those who understand.
    Since March 2011 and the return of Ahmed Zewail and the regime whether SCAF and then Mohamed Morsi administration were in the side of the famous Nobel awarded scientist with no respect to NU or its legal rights.Yet they did not lose hope and they did not give up their fight and it is enough what happened with them in the time of the elected president last September 2012.
    I am waiting to know the reaction of Dr. Zewail and whether he will respect the court rule or not and whether he will leave Egypt forever as he hinted once if the land and buildings are taken from the city for science and technology or not. There is nothing yet on his twitter account.
    Yet on the official FB of the ZCST we find the city’s administration stating in an official statement that despite ZCST respects the court’s rulings yet the study in the city will start on time next September 2013 !! The ZCST is depending on the law NO.161 for year 2012 issued by President Morsi to found the Zewail city for science and technology.
    The ZCST is saying that the state is going to waste LE 300 Million in emptying the buildings of the city !! Well last time I check ,Zewail and his city took over the buildings of the NU Campus in October city with what is in it.
    From their side the NU students union after the court ruling issued a statement asking the state authorities to implement that the ruling officially. Till this moment the government did not hand over the buildings and the land to the Nile University.
    Anyhow Egypt is too big to have two , three and four Nile Universities and Zewail city for technology and science. I wish that both the State and Dr. Zewail himself think of transferring the Zewail city for science and technology to a place outside the Grand Cairo area. I wish Dr. Zewail thinks like Sir Magdi Yacoub and Dr. Mohamed Ghonim. Sir Magdi Yacoub got his heart diseases center in Aswan while Dr. Ghonim got his kidneys diseases center in Mansoura.
    I hope next time I write about the Nile University , it will be a post from the campus insh Allah Smile

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    There is on going press leaks on going war between the Muslim brotherhood and the army and unfortunately the truth is the price Egyptians pay in this war between those two.

    It began first in early April with the explosive leaks published by the Guardian about the human rights abused committed during SCAF rule. The leaks were from the alleged the revolution’s martyrs fact finding committee commissioned by President after his election.That report should say in details who was responsible for the murder of protesters from 25 January 2011 to 30 June 2012. No one knows how the Guardian got its leaks but we know that the fact finding members finished their report and presented it to the Egyptian presidency. The members deny leaking it to anyone. The Presidency then referred the report to Talaat Abdullah , the Prosecutor general. For months nothing happened.

    Before the Guardian would publish these leaks , Egyptian Daily Al Shorouk Newspaper also published leaks from the report in a series of articles but nobody paid attention to our local press.

    Of course 2 days after the Guardian’s report , we found President Morsi holding a meeting with SCAF members then promoting three army commanders to higher ranks. Morsi also said “Any insult to the armed forces is actually an insult to all of us”. After the meeting minister of defense El Sisi swore by God in front of the TV cameras that the armed forces did not kill anybody.

    The Guardian is being accused of those who hate the MB and are taking the army’s side “not few” of being on the payroll of the MB. Already some disbelieve the Guardian and suspect its credibility because they believe that the famous British newspaper lied about Mubarak’s $ 70 Billion fortune.

    Personally I believed that this is another episode in that not so secret troubling relation between the MB and the Egyptian army. In the past months El Sisi’s popularity increased in Egypt and after bringing down the Qatari ambitions in Sinai plus the constant reports in foreign media on how a military coup is in the horizon , the MB had to move. Concerning the violations and abuse during SCAF rule , it is not a secret what happened during those two years.

    Like a friend once said “It is old news in new bottles”. The timing explains everything here .The MB was trying to remind the revolutionary powers with what happened during those two years just in case they want to seek an alliance with the military to remove the brotherhood from rule. This is how I read it.

    FYI the members of the fact finding committee members are demanding the presidency to publish the report publicly. The members as well human rights activists in Egypt launched a campaign called “Warakom Bltaqrir” or “We demand the report”. Till this moment the presidency has not published the report.

    Now after couple of weeks of Guardian’s leaks , we found another interesting leak in Egyptian Daily Al Masry Al Youm last Thursday : The secret 5  phone calls between Hamas and Muslim brotherhood before and during the 18 days of 25 January Revolution. Journalist Yousry El Badry in Al Masry Al Youm says that he got the transcripts of those supposedly secret calls from an unnamed informed source in the Homeland Security “formerly known as state security”. 

    The 5 phone calls allegedly took place on 21 January 2011 , 22 January 2011, 2 February 2011 and 11 February 2011.

    In the Phone call on 21 January 2011 we find an alleged  phone call between the two MB leading “M.M” and “M.B” { allegedly Mohamed Morsi and Mohamed El Beltagy} speaking about there were special preparations for upcoming “25 and 28 January 2011” with the help of the neighbors “Hamas”.

    For the record the MB did not participate officially in #Jan25 and was against it only few members participated individually and no one in earth knew how things were going to happen on #Jan28 in Egypt. In fact the Day of wrath was only planned on 26 January 2011. I got testimonies actually the MB would not be so pleased to see about how the leading MB figures especially in guidance office were not that revolutionary.

    FYI for those who are really documenting the #Jan25 Revolution , the testimonies of the MB defectors say that the MB leaderships did not believe in the revolution and actually took the decision to participate late.

    In another phone call on 2 February 2011 “on the day of the Battle of the camel” we find an alleged phone called between a MB figure “M. A” and some Palestinian guy speaking about how the “Palestinians supposedly Hamas” were preparing to get in to the fight with slingshots behind the Egyptian museum “which was under the control of the Egyptian army”.

    It is worth to mention that the former regime is marketing the theory that the MB and their Hamas partners were the ones who killed the protesters in Tahrir square on that day. It is also worth to mention that the only slingshot the protesters made in Tahrir square during the 18 days was extremely big “like the one you use in the Lord of the rings” and it did not work !!!!!!

    The newspaper added that Khaled Tharwet ,the head of the Homeland security handed over the transcripts of those calls to Khairat El Shater.

    Interestingly the State security HQs all over the country were handed over to the army. on April 16, 2013 General Al Sisi stood in front of the court and said that the army did not know the content of the State security documents and records and that it only protected the HQs !! The big irony former minister of interior Mansour El Eissawy “who denies having a snipers unit in the MOI yet believes that the slingshots of Hamas killed  the protesters” said in an interview with Al Masry Al Youm that the State security records were handed over to the army.

    Last Sunday the ministry of interior issued an official statement denying the whole issue from transcripts to the claim that Khaled Tharwet handing over the records themselves to Khairat El Shater.

    Al Masry Al Youm  “AMAY”  knows how critical its position and that’s why yesterday it reported the alleged transcripts of the prosecutor general so he would investigate those calls. Of course I do not expect any progress in that case. Of course some people are attacking AMAY and are accusing its CEO and editor in chief of standing behind this leak. The CEO of AMAY is none other Abdel Moneim Said , the former Ahram CEO and journalist who supported Gamal Mubarak’s presidency. The AMAY editor in Chief now is Yasser Razek , the former editor in chief of state owned Al Akhbar during SCAF time who was closed to military council.

    The Mubarak regime supporters are flying over the moon with those transcripts as they believe that the transcripts proved the revolution of 25 January was an illusion and it was a foreign conspiracy without realizing that if that were true , it would be a true conviction of failure and weakness to Mubarak regime as well his defense and national security apparatuses.

    If those calls were true then the Mubarak regime was completely weak and did not deserve to rule the country by all measures. If those calls were true then we were in front a rotten old regime that could not stand against a militant group currently besieged in small sector for nearly a decade !! That regime would not be trusted to a rule a country or to protect it for real. People who lived the whole thing are still alive for God sake. I do not know what I am debating here.

    Another thing the fact that those alleged phone calls that the ministry of interior officially denies suddenly appear now , it means that SCAF and GIS are involved too and can not to be trusted on the National security of the country. I wonder why those phone calls did not appear in Mubarak’s trial, more than the hearsay testimonies and wild conspiracies. I am speaking about the audio records themselves.

    A journalist friend whom I trust his opinion told me that he believes the whole leak is intended to hit back police general Khaled Tharwet , the current head of Homeland security who is tipped to become the next minster of interior. Rumors are spreading that Tharwet was responsible for the MB activity in Egypt in from 1986 to 1904 in the State security and that he is close to them now. 

    Now my opinion :

    I believe that the leak in Al Masry Al Youm is actually a payback for the leak in the Guardian.

    Unlike The Guardian which got a written copy of an alleged report in Arabic “We do not know officially if it is authentic or not ” , I believe Al Masry Al Youm’s editor in chief should not allow the story to be published like that because in the end it is an alleged transcript without any proof with my all due respect. There is no evidence at all that these alleged phone calls took place professionally speaking. It had to be solidified with some facts , with proof because not all the people are blinded with MB hate and believe in the Hamas theory from old regime supporters.

    I also believe in both the details leaks whether in Al Masry Al Youm or The Guardian details were altered in a way or another for political proposes from the source not by the journalists.

    What I hate in this leaks war is that how the truth is being lost , how the rights of Egyptians are lost because of dirty politics. Egyptians demanded in this revolution is transparency and accountability.Transparency and accountability are the corner stone of civilized nation for God sake. They got none now.

    By the way we are in 21st century, the Egyptian revolution of 25 January 2011 revolution is from the most documented huge political events recorded thanks to the huge advance in media. You can fool some Egyptians but you can not fool all of them , you can fool some Egyptians but you can not fool the whole world.

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    Ahram Online made this interesting video about a workshop in Marsa Allam  about Solar heaters. Ice Cairo and Karm Solar participated in that workshop. 
    The video has got English subtitles by the way
    I think these solar heaters should spread in rural areas in Egypt that suffer from infra structure problem for decades and centuries. I see that solution will benefit millions of Egyptians in poor and rural areas before the middle and high class areas. 
    Forget about the government , these initiatives should be spread by NGOs in the country side especially in Upper Egypt. Let's use God's gift to Egypt from sun for real. 
    Amazingly whenever you get away from Cairo , you will find hope and people thinking outside the box. 

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    Stand up comedian and “Al Bernmag” Crew member Khaled Mansour is summoned for interrogation at the prosecutor general’s office tomorrow Thursday.
    Mansour is widely known in Egypt as a crew member of Bassem Youssef’s show “Al Bernmag” on CBC. His most famous character in the show is popular “Gamheer” {The Public} , the wife who is suffering from her Islamist husband {Mohamed Morsi}.
    It seems that someone reported Mansour and is accusing him of insulting the President !! Mansour is reported because of a segment he starred in episode 6 of the show on CBC. It is called “Where will the prayer be at next Friday !?” where he mocked the expenses of Morsi’s Friday prayer and his parade.
    Here is the segment.
    Another segment from “The show”’ to head to the prosecution office !!
    Mansour is third from the satirist show after Bassem Youssef and Ali Quadnial to be summoned and interrogated because of what is being said in this show.
    Khaled Mansour is from the first stand up comedians in Egypt and he needs our support against this madness.
    Updated :
    Khaled Mansour went to the prosecutor general office in early morning. Officially he is facing the following charges : Insulting the president and insulting religion !!
    He was released on bail for LE 5000

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    Earlier this week I was shocked to see this beautiful statue of Egyptian woman peasant in miserable condition neglected like that near the entrance of Al Hawamidiyya city ,Giza governorate. It is extremely beautiful statue
    The statue neglected
    It is just sad.This photo was sent to Egypt Military pictures Facebook Page last week.
    This beautiful sad statue was made by artist Fathy Mahmoud“1918-1982” in a series of statues he made in Al Harm area , Giza from many decades ago. That series of statues suddenly disappeared from couple of years ago. When I searched I found out that the Giza governorate decided to spread those statues all over the cities entrances in the governorate.
    The family of Fathy Mahmoud is extremely angry and they have to. I know Fathy Mahmoud’s granddaughter and they want to do something to save it.
    Fathy Mahmoud’s portfolio includes the famous Talaat Harb statue in Cairo and the famous Mermaid as well the Students Memorial in Cairo University , Talaat Harb statue in Sharkia and Sails statue in front of Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria. “The last one in Alex is extremely beautiful”.
    Talaat Harb statue in Cairo by Martin Misr
    طلعت حرب
    Talaat Harb statue in Sharkia by Walkademagmal
    تمثال عروس البحر والأشرعة المنطلقة أمام السلسلة بالاسكندرية
    The Mermaid and sail by May Mustafa
    The Mermaid and sails by Rick Wiepking
    I think we should raise this matter in the media. This is part of our contemporary art heritage and we are not doing enough to protect it or keep it.
    Links :

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    Today Egypt lost a fine lady who played an important in its history. Today Dr. Aisha Ratab“1928-2013” ,
    Young Aisha Ratab
     Egypt’s first woman ambassador passed away in silence.
    Many people especially from young generations that late Aisha Ratab defied social norms in 1949 after her graduation from the faculty of law applying to become a judge in the state council. Of course her application was refused and so she decided to sue the government. Amazingly during the case , one of the State council’s judges stated that there was nothing in Egyptian laws then and Islamic Sharia to have a woman judge but it was more of a social problem !!
    Anyhow Aisha Ratab became the first professor of international law in the faculty of law, Cairo university
    Dr. Aisha Ratab  was appointed as the minister of social insurances and social affair in 1974 during late president Sadat. She resigned  in 1977 during the January 18 and 19 uprising to object the sudden economic decisions taken by Sadat.
    With President Sadat in 1970s
    The late law professor was later appointed as Egypt’s first woman ambassador ever. She served in Denmark from 1979 to 1981 and later in Germany from 1981 to 1984.Former minister Ratab earned the respect , admiration and love of many Egyptians who were shocked to know that she passed away in silence.
    Late Dr. Aisha Ratab
    I respected this lady so much.A true role model. May Allah bless her soul.

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  • 05/05/13--05:09: Happy Easter 2013
  • Happy Easter to all those celebrating it all over the world today especially in Egypt and Syria.
    This amazing cartoon by Doaa El Adl summarizes everything I want to say. It is answer on all those who are saying we should not say Happy Easter to Christians.
     And so Happy Easter ,Happy Easter , Happy Easter 
    So Happy Easter and things hopefully insh Allah will be better next year.

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    It seems that all what Syria and the Syrians needed in those bloody 2 years were two Israeli air strikes and the war drums to be echoed in the Middle East so the world , especially the Arab world is paying attention to what is happening in Syria.
    Last Thursday there were rumors about an alleged Israeli strike taking place early Friday then we woke up today Sunday morning to find another air strike by IAF.Here is a footage for the air strike over mount Qaison in Damascus. Syrian media is saying that the air strike targeting some military research center. 
    Here is a video from mount Qaison earlier this morning. Sources told news agencies last Friday that Israeli air strikes targeted a Hezbollah arms convoy in Syria.

    Here is another video showing the air strike

    The IDF spokesperson for Arab media Avichay Adraee has not spoken yet about the strike. We know our info from Israeli media only.
    There is no way that Israel would launch those air strikes without the prior notice of the United States. Of course this is confirmed with the statements of the US unnamed officials speaking to Reuters and AP in the past 72 hours.
    Personally I believe that these two strikes are Israel's gift to Al Assad , he needs those two strikes to maintain his fake resistance face against those bad revolutionaries/Islamists fighting with Israel against him !! 
    Amazingly now the Arabs are attention to the strikes only today.

     There are reactions coming from Cairo , from presidency and different political parties and political figures as well. It is no longer non Egyptian matter after all this is Syria we are speaking about and it is being attacked by Israeli forces. “Not the first”
    For the record the first political party to speak about the Israeli strikes was the Popular Current of Hamdeen Sabahi.The popular current condemned the Israeli strikes using the words of "Israeli aggression" despite its total refusal to Bashar Al Assad's crimes against Syrian revolution in a statement issued earlier today. The angry statement condemned the Arabic silence as the Egyptian regime's silence.
    Of course the Egyptian regime or rather the Egyptian presidency did not sit silently. It issued a statement as well.
    The Presidency condemns the Israeli raid on Syria as a violation of international laws that would only complicate the situation & threaten Middle East peace
    Mohamed Morsi is now under the fire that he betrayed the Syrian cause because after claiming that he would  not sit or talk with countries that support Bashar El Assad. The man has already restored our relations with Iran which he visited just like his visits to Russia and China. The MB media machine is saying that those visits are actually helping the Syrian revolution as the President is trying to reach to a solution. The MB media claims that he showed Al Assad's main supporters in the world "Iran, Russia and China" the so-called the Egyptian initiative to stop the fight in Syria. Of course I do not think that Russia or China or Iran will feel Egypt's importance in this way.
    With my all due respect to Morsi and his administration despite I believe this is what Egypt should do using its diplomatic powers for real to help the Syrian people and having talks with everybody yet unfortunately Egypt is not that strong now thanks tot the bad management of its current administration.
    Mohamed Morsi went asking for investments and help from Iran, China and Russia in the first place. This is not an action of negotiations. Unfortunately when it comes to crises like this one you feel you need a leading figure like Nasser or Sadat. 
    By the way at the same time we are speaking about these huge developments taken place , we find our minister of defense/Morsi’s rival General El Sisi is visiting Turkey along with an Egyptian military delegation. It is the first visit to Turkey for El Sisis as a minister of defense.
    At the same time we know that El Sisi´s first aide Major General Sabry Abdel Latif is heading also to Washington D.C.
    I do not have doubt that besides discussing the bilateral military relations , the developments on the Syrian front will be discussed.
    Anyhow aside from Hamdeen Sabbahi and Egyptian Presidency, Mohamed ElBaradei called  for an urgent Arab summit in Damascus "yes in Damascus" to discuss the slaughterhouse taking place in Syria in three tweets.
    Syria is a slaughterhouse now !! Can we still brag with our Arab nationalism and our humanity !? Is there any sane person among us ?

    Is it possible to have an Arab summit in Damascus to stop the massacre and reach to comprise ?? Can we once be capable to solve our problems by ourselves !?
    Dear Bob this is tooooo damn late to say this !!?
    Now on a public level Egyptians are connected to Syria more than Arab country. Of course now you will find the Anti-MB and Anti-Islamists putting the blame on the Islamist terrorists who are cooperating with the US and Israel to bring down the Syrian army and split Syria in to pieces. Of course that theory is widely and even adopted more by the Pro Mubarak/SCAF/Shafik/Anti-Revolution team who believe that the Arab spring uprisings and revolutions are universal plots to bring down the Egyptian army eventually after Iraqi and Syrian army. I am tried of debating with those people. Of course those people are praying that Bashar Al Assad would kick the ass of both the revolutionaries, the Islamists and Israel altogether. Of course they forgot we are speaking about Al Assad who did not move a muscle against Israel when it launched an air strike against that Nuclear reactor in 2007 in Deir ez Zor !!
    Sadly no one issued a statement with hundreds of innocent civilians have been slaughtered in Baniyas last Thursday.

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  • 05/06/13--04:44: Happy Sham Nassim 2013
  • Happy Sham Nassim and Happy Spring Day to all Egyptians and to all the people all over the world. And It will not be a true Sham Nassim without its national anthem.

    Soad Hosny : It is spring time

    Yes I do not even get bored from posting this every year.

    Of course it is not that spring as the weather is extremely hot in Cairo and Giza  yet the capital and its twin city on the other bank of the Nile  are amazingly blessed with empty streets now. I believe that not less than thousands of families have left Cairo and Giza heading to resorts all over the country in this short vacation. It is a good thing now both cities are bless now.

    0 0

    As we are celebrating one of Egypt’s oldest feasts today that goes back to the days of ancient Egyptians aka , I thought of celebrating it this year differently. I proudly present this short film master piece by late Shady Abdel Salam : The Eloquent Peasant
    Sham El Nessim
    The Eloquent Peasant is one of the oldest and interesting stories from ancient Egyptian literature when it comes to the social and political life of ancient Egyptians. To fight back the injustice Eloquent peasant aka Khun-anup would write nine amazing messages standing for justice and criticizing the ruler.
    Here is the short film produced in 1970 after the break.
    The eloquent peasant
    Unfortunately there are no English subtitles available in this restored version which actually is the best on YouTube. Nevertheless here is an English translation for the story with the original text.Here is another translation for the ancient story.
    The original manuscript of the Eloquent Peasant is available in the British Museum 
    I hope you enjoy it and think about the messages of the eloquent peasant and about how we do not learn from our great history.

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