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    Sudanese president Omar El Bashir has ordered the release of the Egyptian journalist Shaimaa Adel after his meeting with president Morsi during the African summit in Addis Abba.

    According to the official FB page of Morsi , Shaimaa will return back to Cairo with him on the presidential airplane tomorrow Monday. It is worth to mention that the Sudanese ambassador in Cairo declared on Thursday that Shaimaa will return to Cairo by Monday. Despite the great news , Shaimaa’s mom is insisting on breaking her food strike except when she sees her daughter in front of her.

    Now despite all those days Shaimaa suffered from , it is nothing compared like the suffering thousands of protesters and activists in Sudan suffer on daily basis on the hands of their own government and security forces in detention. According to activists in Sudan not less than 2,000 protester and activist have been arrested since last June 16th ,2012 from men and women , from teenagers to elderly , from famous activists like Osama to protesters who do not have a twitter account.

    Here is a video showing activist and mother Zeinab Bader El Din speaking about the detention of her son Mohamed Salah whom she does not understand why he arrested and taken from his family in that way when they are corrupted thieves who caused suffering for the Sudanese people.

    Khartoum : Zeinab Bader El Din speaks about her son.

    Mrs. Bader El Din plead the security forces to stand with the people and not with the regime. I do not know but I highly doubt that they will listen to her.

    I admire so much , the courage of Sudanese women in this uprising , it is great.

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    The results of Egyptian General secondary certificate “GSC” or “Thanawyya Ama” have been announced , millions of Egyptians will either be happy or sad tonight knowing the results of their kids. Some will sleep happy tonight while other will sleep sad and I think Abdullah Mohamed Morsi is from the later group as he got 75% only !!

    Well he did better than his dad who got 52% in the elections Winking smile

    Nevertheless to all those who got good grades as well bad grades , I dedicate this song , the official song of Thanawyya Ama Winking smile

    Abdel Halim Hafez : El Nagah

    The GSC scores enable students to enroll in prestigious faculties like medicine and political science and universities like Cairo. It is one of the most torturing educational system in the world that destroy teenagers mentally making them believe that their own future depends only on the GSC exams which is untrue.

    By the way Youm 7  published the detailed results of Abdullah Morsi and honestly I feel this is a violation of privacy , why should I know that the president’s son is bad in math !? Already this shows that he was not given good grades just because he is the president’s son. The poor guy will be mocked , is already mocked online !!

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    Today the American embassy held a small tweet up with a number of famous Egyptian tweeps and the U.S department of State’s Dubai media hub regional Arabic language Daniel Ernst and his assistant Ana Escrogima as well David Linfield , the assistant press attaché at the embassy in Cairo.
    The tweet up comes after the visit of Hilary Clinton and the noise followed her visit.
    I was among those tweeps who were invited to this tweep up that included very nice and interesting group of Egyptian tweeps like : Bassem Youssef “TV host” , Ramy Yaccoub “Free Egyptian Party” , Israa Abdel Fatah , Ahmed Maher and Mahmoud Afifi “ April 6th Youth” , journalists Abdel Moneim Mahmoud "Ex-MB" and Mohamed Maree and Anas Hassan "Ex-MB, the founder of Rassd networking along with two of his partners “Whom I apologize of not remembering their names” in a new social media network dedicated to knowledge and not news.
    It was a great discussion which Unfortunately I can not cover it all here , I feel I am missing important things.
    I asked some questions about Egypt and some questions about Syria.
    I asked a specific question : Is the United States playing a brokerage role between SCAF and Muslim brotherhood as some Egyptians believe and think judging from the meetings between the U.S officials with MB officials and SCAF and what follows it from actions.
    The answer was that the United States only have talks with everybody and listen to everybody , there is no brokerage deal.
    I asked them if there was a secret deal between Muslim brotherhood and the US administration and the answer I got was : There is no do secret deals with anyone.
    I asked them if they are concerned with how the liberals in Egypt turned in the other side of the table protesting against the States and they told me that that this democracy and it is good that people express themselves especially after long time of oppression.
    I and Others asked about whether there is a certain deal between the States and MB concerning Hamas as it was spread in the past few days and the answer we got is that there is no secret deal between the US and the MB. According to the State department regional spokesperson , the States care only for democracy and not for specific groups.
    Another thing important : Regarding John McCain's visit to Cairo and meeting with Khairat El Shater , McCain only represents himself and his state not the US administration.
    Israa Abdel Fatah demanded that there will be a transparency from the American administration’s side when it comes to the meetings with any Egyptian coming to the D.C especially the MB. “I totally agree” She also told them that the United States should focus on helping Egypt economically than focusing on politics. " I do not think after the elections , the revolutionary powers will go for foreign powers to get support in opposing Morsi" Abdel Fatah said.
    Bassem Youssef spoke about the NGOs tragedy and how the US actually betrayed the NGOs workers including the Egyptian workers and how the American’s reaction actually harmed the foreign NGOs and their work in Egypt. Also he wondered why the US did not attack back SCAF during the NGOs scandal and exposed SCAF’s corruption. “ Well I think NY Times published articles about the Egyptian army's economy during that fiasco".
    Yossuef also asked the State department regional spokespersons very important question : Is Hazem Salah Abu Ismail’s mom An American citizen ??
    There was also a discussion , mostly Egyptian/Egyptian debate about civil liberties and NGOs.
    There were other questions regarding the civil liberties and guarantees they got from MB.
    I asked about Syria , I am proud of opening a discussion in the last part of  the tweet up. According to Daniel Ernst , the United States is sticking to the UN plan which was approved where Anan is the special envoy , it is working hard with regional powers as well international ones especially Russia to reach for a solution and that the States is having dialogue with all Syrian opposition political groups.
    Interestingly he told us that the States wants to reach for a solution in Syria that would include opposition forces as well some of the former members of El Assad regime that do not have blood on their hand. “Manaf Tlass anyone !!?” I am not surprised because internationally we heard this scenario.
    I told him that back in Syria people are angry because these opposition groups are not connected to the people on group and they are angry from Kofi Anan and Ernest agreed that the Syrian people have to be angry.
    I asked about the military solution and how the people on the ground demanded it giving example on how quick the international community interfered militarily in Libya  , the answer I got was the total refusal of the States to the military solution considering the complexity of Syria and that Libya was another issue , small population and vast space.
    When I told the Americans about how Joseph Lieberman spoke about arming the Free Syrian army during his visit to the Syrian refugees camps in Turkey from several months ago and David Linfield told me that Lieberman was representing him.
    The meeting and the discussion between the Egyptian tweeps and the  department of State officials was tweeted on the official twitter accounts of the US embassy in Cairo "@USembassyCairo" and the official "as US department Media Hub "@USAbilAraby"

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    And Shaimaa Adel is back home and safe speaking to the media about her detention. She arrived in Addis Abba earlier this morning where she was received by members from presidency .

    It was supposed that president Mohamed Morsi would have a presser where Shaimaa would speak but it was cancelled in the last moment.

    Shaimaa spoke to Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr revealing that for 14 days the Egyptian embassy did not contact her at all and that President Morsi insisted on her return back. She was detained by Sudanese intelligence yet well treated. She believed that she was arrested because of her coverage for the uprising in Sudan and having an interview with controversial Sudanese leader Sadek El Mahdy.

    Shaimaa Adel speaks to Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr
    Now I do not care what Morsi promised and told El Bashir to make Shaimaa return safe , I do not not care about his statement about not exporting the Egyptian revolution to neighbor countries because our neighbor countries do not need anyone to import our revolution as they have their own reasons to revolt.

    All what I care for is that I will continue to cover the uprising in Sudan insh Allah.

    Updated : Shaimaa Adel is speaking now on ONTV's Baldna Bel Masry , it turns out that she was accused of spying in Sudan and training Sudanese protesters and activists of standing against security forces !!! This is back in Cairo we knew from sources that th MOFA could not help her and it was not an intelligence issue.

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    And the battles between the Syrian Arab army “SAA” of El Assad regime and the opposition forces above them Free Syrian army “FSA” have reached to Damascus itself in a very big development in the last 48 hours.

    Already Free Syrian Army has issued a statement from short awhile ago announcing that the battle to liberate Damascus has started and will not stop
    The fight is now Al Midan neighborhood which witnessed protests and movements against the regime more than any other neighborhood in capital. Eye witnesses report that the exists and entrances of Damascus have been closed today.
    Helicopters were flying all over the city since the morning , shelling some areas , it is literally crazy.
    Here is a photo showing the old Zahera area in the city after being shelled , photo taken by Rime Allaf.

    Smoke from the old neighborhood
    Here is a video alleged filmed in Qaboon area in Damascus showing helicopter hovering over the city.

    Certain streets and squares have been completely closed up.
    Here is a video clip filmed earlier today showing the entrance of the SAA tanks to Al Midan neighborhood.

    Damascus : The tanks in A Midan neighborhood.

    Here is a photo for a bus following SAA burnt by the FSA in Midan area. “By Sami El Hamowi”

    Bus on fire

    Here is a video showing that burned bus.

    According to some tweeps in Damascus regime forces asked the residents of Al Midan to evacuate it.
    Unlike what you think Damascus is not as big as for instance Cairo according to my dear Syrian friends , it is much smaller.


    The Russian media is claiming that the SAA managed to kill not less than 200 terrorist in this raid !! On the other hand we got rumors in Cairo that the FSA. Now some say that not less than 30 were reportedly killed there. Pro-Revolutionary Facebook Page claim that tens of thousands of rebel fighters from different Syrian government have arrived to Damascus. I think it is more of psychological warfare.
    You can watch live stream from time to time her on Bambuser channel Kafor 1 , it is not active from couple of hours but it can be live in any time.
    By the way there is a popular campaign n Egypt trying to encourage the public to boycott Chinese Ramadan plastic lentarns.
    Meanwhile the Syrian FB pages are spreading these safety instructions about missiles !! yes missiles !!
    This photo was taken today from Homs by the Famous legendary Lens Young Homsi , the group of photographers in Homs whose work will be documented insh Allah internationally.

    Homs today !!
    I love old building thus I can not stop myself from sharing this photo from Homs also today

    Old building in Homs

    It is 9:30 Cairo Local time and things are developing by hour in Syria. It seems that FSA is allegedlly controlling the Qaboon area and El Midan neighborhood. Several SAA tanks have been destroyed , a police station was captured by FSA and the Red Cross was true it is a bloody civil war.

    This video is allegedly in El Midan neighborhood showing the FSA and what it captured.


    Second in a very interesting time , Manaf Tlass resurfaces again in France calling for a constructive transition in Syria condemning the attacks of SAA against civilians. Many are waiting for the televised interview this man will speak in. Of course I can not forget the 5 permenat members' plan concerning transitional period in Syria that would include former regime members who got no blood on their hands.

    Ok three Egyptian businessmen are reportedly missing in Damascus !! The trio was visit Damascus to to sign some new deal to import children cloth from Syria and then they have become missing !! Now their familie are asking president Morsi and field marshal Tantawy for help !! "official dual rulers "

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    Yesterday Something happened that no one paid attention enough to as it has become uninteresting frequent news in very tense time where Egyptians follow more important news like :The fate of consistent assembly , the fate of the cabinet and the new government , the new VP and the duality of rule between MB and SCAF. On Monday's evening we found out that public prosecutor Abdel Maguid Mahmoud has ordered the transfer of prisoner and ousted president Mubarak from Maadi Military hospital to Tora prison :))

    Now State owned Al Akhbar newspaper published an exclusive photo by photographer Khaled Eid for Mubarak while leaving the hospital wearing white Polo shirt.

    "does the photo look good or not ?"

    He seems to be more than fine to me considering that he entered the Maadi hospital with heart failure/ clinical death to the end of ill fated diseases for a man in his age !!! The doctors in Maadi hospital are good.

    Mubarak was sentenced 25 years in prison for killing the protesters in the early days of the revolution in the very famous controversial trial from two months ago.


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    New Syria for all sects and ethnics 
    For the third days in row clashes continued between Free Syrian army rebel forces and Syrian Arab army regime forces in certain areas of the Syrian capital Damascus that most of it still under El Assad's control.

    The fight has restarted again between the two forces in Qaboon neighborhood which was controlled yesterday by FSA. Hundreds of local residents in Qaboon and neighbor areas began to leave. The fight has also restarted in El Midan area.
    The Damascus airport is still open and working. Damscus-Homs high way is being closed and electricity has been cut off in certain areas in the capital in the past 48 hours.
    The clashes are not limited in Damascus as other cities in various areas got their share.

    Here is a video allegedly filmed and uploaded on YouTube today from Bazraa area in Damascus showing how the locals are leaving it due to the constant shelling.

    Al Manar TV channel has just announced that Bashar El Assad will address Syrians next Sudnay claiming that he will declare that Syria will have a presidential elections next November. Some are hinting online to a Yemeni scenario , a scenario that was supported by politicians like Michel Kilo and some saw as a reality with the defection of Manaf Tlass. Speaking of the devil , Al Akhbar Lebanese newspaper which I can not classify or categorize has published a very interesting report in Arabic about the man who will play an important role as it seems insh Allah !!

    Syrian National TV has announced that there was a suicide bombing in the National security building in Damascus , of course it did not say which National security building considering the fact that there are between 15-17 intelligence service in Syria !! From Local tweeps in Damascus the building is in front of Turkish embassy in Abu Remmaneh and the victims of that blasts have been transferred to a hospital called El Shami.

    According to Syrian human rights observatory more than 60 SAA soldiers have been killed in the past 3 days. There are no causalities reported so from the FSA side. 525 Syrian refugee have already arrived to Turkey.

    Last night tweets spread like fire on twitter asking the militias from outside Damascus heading allegedly to fight with the rebel forces to keep it quiet !! Seriously will these militias announce it on twitter !!
    Now according to the military experts like for instance Dr. Adel Soliman in Egypt the FSA got the advantage of the gorilla war against the SAA which is a traditional army that is not used to this type of war in cities.

    Now there is uncertain news I found on twitter from journalists that FSA may halt the operations in Damascus due to logistic problems !! It seems that the FSA underestimated the power of the capital !!Of course this could be psychological warfare rumor.

    The Arab Medic union relief in the Doctors' syndication in Egypt headed by former presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh is collecting donations for Syria as well for Free Syrian army, yes you can donate to FSA that the Arab Medic union.

    The Egyptian embassy in Damascus and the ministry of foreign affairs in Cairo announced that 3 Egyptian businessmen have disappeared while in their way to Damascus airport officially. Their families asked President Morsi to interfere.

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    This photo was taken from two days in Homs , in Jourit Al Shayah By Lens Young Homsi

    There is no comment I think of when I see this destruction that reminds me with the WWII photos !! 

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    Omar Suleiman "1939-2012"
    Reuters as well State owned MENA has reported that former VP/presidential candidate/GIS chief Omar Suleiman “1939-2012” has died in a US hospital while undergoing some tests. The news is confirmed by his assistant Hussein Kamel “The man behind Omar Suleiman” .
    We know nothing about the cause of death but it is well known that the man who head GIS for 16 years more than any other man since 1954 suffered from heart problems that made me wonder already why he would run for presidency !! A source in GIS told Sky News Arabia that Suleiman has some sort of blood related disease !!
    His body will return back home in 24 hours and he will have a military funeral as he was an army general. The golden question now : Will President Mohamed Morsi attend the funeral of Omar Suleiman ??
    Update : The Presidency will issue a statement about Suleiman shortly.  
    Muslim brotherhood and Al Nour Party are going to participate in the funeral according t Al Masry Al Youm 
    Ironically we knew that he was staying in UAE all that time and that’s why many Egyptians believe that he leading the counter revolution there along with former PM and presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq !!
    The Omar Suleiman groupies now are wondering if foreign parties are standing behind his death !! Well a security source aka intelligence denied this and said there is no criminal suspicion in his death , the man was sick for God sake !!

    “I am the black box” This is how the general as his supporters used to call him described himself in an interview during the presidential elections adding that the Muslim brotherhood did not want this black box to be opened. Well he was right , he was the black box thanks to the position he held for so many years. Not only the Muslim brotherhood feared from that Black Box but let’s say some countries and leaders feared from what he may know.
    Now that black box is sealed forever.
    Despite doing the most controversial and hated Spy Chief in Egypt after Salah Nasr I do not think that he wrote his memories revealing history from his own of view. Already to be honest he did not suffer or punish like Nasr who was punished for real for what he did publicly and wanted to clear his name in front of history.
    I believe Nasr was more educated that Suleiman because he knew history will not leave him alone and he needed to speak and defend himself. Suleiman was not punished , was not imprisoned , was not questioned for what he has done thus he did not care to clear the image.
    Suleiman is now dead and is followed of torture , rendition and very close relations to Israel to the level of supporting the war on Gaza are all crimes he was accused of and even is found guilty  in the eyes of many.
    Most activists are happy for his death , you can see it on twitter. Of course now it is a bit hysterical when some claimed that he was killed in the National security building explosion in Damascus yesterday !! And the theory goes even further that his body was transferred to the States !! The scary part some Syrian tweeps believed the stupid twitter conspiracy theory and shared it !!
    He may have he got away from this life’s accountability but he can not get away from the accountability of the afterlife.
    The radical Salafist front is saying that Muslims should not participate in Suleiman's funeral !!!!!!!!!
    Now I wonder if Egyptian TV host Tarek Habib is going to release that interview he recorded with him as a presidential candidate during the presidential race for the Egyptian National TV.
    May Allah have mercy on his soul and the souls of those he caused their harm whether intentionally or unintentionally.

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    For the third time Russia and China voted a UN security resolution with new sanctions against El Assad regime. It is a big blow. 
    There are contradicting reports that the internet was blocked in Damascus. Some say that it is not working while the others say it is working fine. May be the internet is blocked in some areas and in other areas it is working fine.
    Anyhow there are alarming reports that there is no bread in town , yes bread shortage Damascus 24 hours prior to Ramadan.  
    Back to El Assad regime , well the members of his regime got an official military funeral. The funeral of Assaf Shawket , El Assad's brother in law was attended by Boshra El Assad "Assaf's wife" and his mother. 
    Bashar El Assad has not appeared publicly , there are too many theories about his absence in the Western press , some claim that he was injured and that his family fled to Russia !! 
    Now Al Manar TV allegedly says that he will address the nation tonight !! Update : El Assad appeared on TV speaking with the minister of defense. 
    BY Hany Rasmy
    On the other hand today Nile Sat and Arab Sat have shut down the signals of Pro-Al Assad Ad Dounia Channel. 

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  • 07/19/12--09:44: Ramadan Karim Everybody
  • And officially Dar El Ifta in Egypt has announced that tomorrow Friday 20/7/2012 will be mark the start of the Holy Month of Ramadan.

    Ramadan Karim everybody and do not forget your annual meeting insh Allah with the Ramadan 2012 Arabian nights :))

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    From a year ago I remember how El Assad regime stormed Hama committing a horrible massacre that was only the start of violent escalation of using force to crack down the Syrian revolution on the first day of Ramadan.Now after one year El Assad lost many of his men who planned and executed Ramadan Hama massacre and many believe that he may not complete his Ramadan as a president of Syria.A lot of things can change in one year.
    Here is Damascus in the first day of Ramadan

    Now the news of the day is how the Ambassador of Russia in Paris reportedly told BBC that Bashar El Assad wants to step down in civilized way , a very important statement that was shortly denied by The official Syrian TV claiming that the Ambassador of Russia did not say that. Whether the ambassador said this or not , the civilized way when it comes to El Assad is to prosecute him internationally in front of the ICC. Needless to say many Syrians think of killing El Assad in Qaddadfi style.
    Officially Russia denied that Asmaa El Assad is currently in Moscow.
    The number of refugees from Syria entering Lebanon is increasing rapidly and crazy according to Lebanese government sources not less 30,000 cars from Syria entered Lebanon in the past 48 hours.
    The FSA decided to withdraw from Al Midan neighborhood to save the locals there. I am afraid it was expected because despite the victories the FSA achieved in those three days it needs to re-organize its powers after all Damascus is still under El Assad and his army's control. Already people are afraid that th republican guards will commit crimes against the locals after the warnings of Official Syrian tv that Militants wearing republican guards customs will attack them.
    From Syria's Christians to its Muslim
    Ramadan Mubarak 
    Now there are two Ramadans in Syria , the FSA and revolutionary forces' Ramadan that will start today along with several Arabic countries like Saudi Arabia and Egypt while El Assad regime's Ramadan that will start on Saturday like Iran in a very big irony that reminded me with Qaddafi regime.
    The FSA's Iftar "Breakfast" today 
    The Syrian Kurds with the help of Kurdish parties from Kurdistan have liberated today the towns of Kobani and Amudah. Nobody paid attention to this in mainstream media, now I am so alarmed , Syrians a lot of challenges to keep their country united officially for real. The protesters in Kobani celebrated the liberation of their towns waving Kurdistan's flag !!

    Allegedly taken today 
    Yesterday the Free Syrian army announced its control on the Syrian Turkish borders as well Syrian Iraqi borders in a very big development according to the statements of Iraqi ministry of interior.
    Here is a video  showing the control of FSA rebels forces on the Syrian Turkish borders.
    In not very big surprise the Muslim brotherhood of Syria announced that it is going to found a political party after the fall of El Assad, this sounds familiar.
    Yesterday also while the world was watching Damasacus and its developments as well UN security council and its developments not less than 200 Syrians have been killed in the clashes in other Syrian towns and cities in the country. The shelling of Homs has not stopped yet. Today El Rastan , Daraa and Talbisah in Homs got their share.
    Here is a horrible video showing a family from Daraa killed today due to the shelling that targeted their car
    "Extremely Graphic"

    Here is a video allegedly filmed in EL Rastan , Homs showing tanks shelling the city today.

    Here is extremely graphic video from Deir Ez Zor where a whole family celebrated the first of Ramadan in the hospital , some of them are dead and some are injured.

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    And guess who is back ??
    Oh yes Scheherazade and her king and beloved husband Shahrayer are back again with her endless amazing tales of the classical Egyptian radio 1001 nights in 2012.
    This year we will have some how a long tale which I hope that you will enjoy it. It is the tale of “Hagar , Sahar and Egrama”  that starts in the 403rd night of the Radio 1001 nights since its start in early 1950s.

    Now a quick synopsis for the Non Arabic speakers , the night starts with a classical Arabic flirting between Shahrayer and Scheherazade before she would start her tale : Hagar , Sahar and Egrama.
    The tale starts with the Ben Kanaan tribe and how its chief Sheikh Wael Ben Kanaan did not have any children and suddenly got a prophecy from their temple that he will have children. Tomorrow insh Allah we will complete the tale.
    By the way you can check last years’ 1001 archives to enjoy the old tales. Technorati Tags: ,,,,,

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    And Kodak Agfa proudly presents its photo report about Ramadan Lanterns 2012 in Cairo and Giza “Mainly Giza”
    This year I found that many Egyptians unlike any other year are buying lanterns whether for their homes or for themselves. Again the Chinese plastic lanterns dominate the market threatening the handmade Egyptian tin tradition lanterns. This year I found Sponge Bob as Ramadan Lantern !!
    Activists in Egypt tried to push for a campaign to boycott the Chinese lanterns in solidarity with Syria. It is only virtual Facebook campaign that got power on the ground unfortunately. Already it was launched too late and nobody heard about to be honest outside couple of thousands on Facebook.
    Anyhow long live our Egyptian lantern.

    0 0

    And here we are in the 404th night from our Egyptian Ramadan radio Arabia nights where Scheherazade continues the second part of our new story this Ramadan “Hagar Sahar and Egrama”.

    And a quick synopsis for non Arab speakers :  The Chieftain Wael Bin Kanaan and her wife Rihanna presented the offering to the temple where the high priest tells them a prophecy of that unborn baby regarding his fate in the future and how he will change the world. Rihanna got pregnant and at the same time a friend of Wael’s “Ibn Hagr” wife also gets pregnant. Their friend Araf also got a new baby but he is sad because it turned out to be a baby girl !!

    Now it seems that the tribe hates girls and even kills them like in the Pre-Islam days in Arabia. Araf buries the little baby alive and he feels sad about it especially that Ibn Hagar blames him on how he would bury her alive where as other tribe called “Seksek” used to kidnap girls and this was why it was disgraces for the Bin Kanaan in the past. Ibn Hagar was totally against the idea of killing the girls , otherwise from where they will have mothers !!
    Anyhow Ibn Hagar got the news and he got a baby boy which he named after the land from where the Bin Kanaan tribe came,the land of Hagar and yes my friends the hero of our tale was born.
    Now the tale ends with the Rihanna giving birth and her husband running to the house to  know if the baby was a girl or a boy.
    I think this story is from the original 1001 but it is written by the legendary Taher Abu Fasha.
    Now this Ramadan on ONTV Live we find the famous Abla Fahita aka Shushu Abu Gahl aka Shushuzade got no tales to say for her hubby thus to save her life she tells him a riddle , a Ramadan riddle.
    To be honest I do not know the answer , if you know you can share it with our favorite puppet here.

    0 0

    I remember when I read the news that Sultan Al Qassimi was arrested , all Egyptian tweeps and activists were terrified and though that our dear friend Sultan Al Qassimi of twitter is the one who was detained but it turned to be another Sultan Al Qassimi.
    Sheikh Sultan Al Qassami is the nephew of Ras Al Khaimah’s ruler Saud Bin Saqr Al Qassami.Al Qassami is an Islamist reformist in his country , he heads something in UAE calls “The reform calling” based on moderate Islamist beliefs. It was active in the country since 1970s and actually as I have known it is not a political movement but rather an Islamist one working on preserving the Islamic identity of the country.
    Sheikh Sultan Al Qassimi has been detained since 20 April 2012 by UAE security authorities for no official charge , he has not been accused of anything officially nor did he stand in front of a judge. All what he had done was writing an Op-ed slamming the decision of UAE security forces to arrest of 7 activists including bloggers who demanded reforms in the country. He criticized how those 7 were stripped from their nationality.
    He is considered the first political detainee from a ruling family in UAE thus it was not a surprise to me or to anyone who is trying to follow the case for months to hear that Sheikh Sultan was allegedly being held at Abu Dhabi’s ruler palace or one of the palaces in Abu Dhabi.

    Unfortunately the 7 detainees became 15 detainees and now they are over 20 with more activists and human rights lawyers like lawyer Salem El Shehhi who are defending the other detainees are being arrested in a very shocking way. What it is even more shocking is how they are being demonized in the local media as agents for the bad Muslim brotherhood to invade the country through human rights as well they are being ignored by regional and international media.
    Not the UAE security” hashtag was launched by the Pro-UAE security authorities tweeps defending the witch hunt against the human rights lawyers and activists speaking about the Reform Calling as MB branch and how it will disband the union of the Emirates for the sake of Iran !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Of course the UAE’s human rights record is a taboo and it is enough that the Emirati tweeps and bloggers can be sent to jail for tweets criticizing other rulers in the Gulf not to mention in the UAE !! Seriously the UAE local tweeps can not criticize morons like Dhahi Khalfan !!
    I am not exporting the Egyptian revolution heavens forbid to the UAE but human rights are universal , there are families who have not seen their men for months now need to be comforted and happy.
    I would not have known about the case of Sheikh Sultan and other UAE detainees except if it were not for the son of Sheikh Sultan , Abdullah who is active 24/7 on twitter “@Askayed” demanding his father’s and other detainees’ release. Currently there is a hashtag dedicated to the case of the UAE detainees in Arabic called “#UAE_Detainees”. Here is a video showing quick bio about Sheikh Sultan, I know I should speak about other detainees but somehow I am lost in their details and unfortunately sheikh Sultan is the most famous one of them.
    Sheikh Sultan's short bio
    I really feel sad that I did not speak about that case early but you know things in Egypt were and are still crazy.

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    It is the 405th of our Radio Arabian nights as well the 3rd night Scheherazade continues her tale “Hagar , Sahar and Egrama”.

    Now as we knew in last night Sheikh Wael Bin Kanaan’s wife Rihanna was giving birth to baby who was prophesied to lead a huge change in his land by the high priest of the tribe. Yet Wael Bin Kanaan , the chieftain of his tribe is scared from having a baby girl as it was still disgrace in their community.

    Sheikh Wael Bin Kanaan got a baby girl and he is mad and furious , refuses to hold her. Sheikh Wael took the baby girl and wanted to bury her alive. His wife Rihanna tries to stop him in order to stop him “Either he leaves her alive or he buries us alive both” Said the so-ill and tired Rihanna who went to him along with her aunt. Rihanna pleas her husband to leave the crying baby alive suggesting that they should take the baby to the high priest at the temple in order to spare her for an offering. The priest told both Rihanna and Wael to slaughter 5 camels as offering and to bring their baby girl Sahar “he names her” to the temple that night. The priest also announced that the first part of the prophecy had happened and that baby made a huge change : From that day the girls are not to be killed as soon as they are born.

    You can refresh your memory by hearting the past episodes here.

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    The Zogaibs´ memorial service ad
    Last week something very alarming happened in Damascus and it is not the big bombing that killed la crème de la crème of El Assad security regime , it is something else.
    A very important rocket scientist in Syria was killed along with his family last week, his wife and his two sons “two sons” in an ambush at Bab Toma checkpoint area. Both regime forces and rebel forces are accusing each other of killing him and his family.
    Dr. Walid Ibrahim Zogaib, a general in the air forces who is considered from the Godfathers of the Syrian missiles program.
    Now for me the murder of his man and his family for me in this way is more than coincidence than National security big bombing and the death of Omar Sulieman. Too much Arab and Egyptian rocket and nuclear scientists have been killed in strange circumstances to believe it was a coincidence.
    Call me crazy but this is so much an Iraqi scenario , sooner more Syrian scientists in nuclear energy will be killed and the Syrian historical heritage from antiquities will be destroyed and smuggled. This is how it started in Iraq. Someone has already started a petition in Avaaz to protect Syrian history heirtage.
    If I were the president of Egypt , I swear I would bring all those scientists from Syria in some protection Egyptian science program temporarily like Paper Clip program of the States in Science that hosted Nazi scientists whom actually shaped the scientific American history till their country is stable and strong enough.
    May Allah bless all Syrian martyrs.

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    As we are have the 60th anniversary of the #July23 , as we debate whether we should celebrate it or not and we should cancel or not , I think we should remember the first president of Egypt General Mohamed Naguib.

    Here is General Mohamed Naguib’s first statement in July 1952 in video.

    General Naguib was the from the first victims of the #July23 and what happened to him was more than awful and disgusting, the first president to be treated in this way. His life was a tragedy and enough what happened to his sons. "From British Pathe"
    Here is also another video about the crisis in Cairo and how Mohamed Naguib was on a tight rope.
    Now for the first time I found what it can be the first and only interview in video with Naguib that was recorded in 1984.This interview was conducted by Shafe'e Shalaby, the former Egyptian TV host. It is more of a project by Shalaby who is known to be a nationalist. The former president in that clip said that he was sorry to authorize the execution of workers Khamis and Bakry , who led a strike in 1954 , it was famous incident. 

    Unfortunately Naguib cried in the end. I think Shalaby should publish that part. I believe that SCAF read his memories very well and understood his mistakes especially Tantawy. Despite he was not elected , people should know the first president for the Egyptian Republic was President Mohamed Naguib. I hope that we manage to achieve what Mohamed Naguib wanted to do and fail to.
    By the way it would have been strong message if the first elected president paid a visit to the first president of Egyptian republic’s forgotten tomb.

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    Today is a very special day , we are celebrating for the first time #July 23rd Revolution anniversary under a civilian president rule , today we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Day whose consequences that without doubt changed not only Egypt but the Arab world and Africa in good ways and bad ways.
    Ironically in the 60th anniversary , we got huge debate about it.
    Free officers in Alex
    The founding fathers of July 23
    This year We got more voices especially from the Muslim brotherhood and some revolutionary forces like April 6th Youth that demand the cancellation of the day that was beginning of the military rule in Egypt. April 6th Youth can not forget the sad battle of Abassiya I where its member Mohamed Mohsen was killed by a follow citizen after direct incitement by army commanders against the political youth group if you remember. Other activists in Egypt launched a hashtag called #January against July in reference that January revolution is against July coup.
    On the other hand we got even more louder voices starting by SCAF that issued official communiqué congratulating the Egyptian people with that glorious day and unofficial statement in its SCAF FB Admin page slamming those who are against the day. The anti-MB team celebrate the day as part of our history including liberals who consider it as the end of liberalism in Egypt from two years ago !!
    Internationally it is our official national day , our new civilian president got tons of telegrams from leaders around the globe congratulating him for its 60th anniversary. Of course our new President , who comes from the Muslim brotherhood and despises the July 23rd revolution and Nasser because of the huge prosecution the MB suffered from during then had to deal with it professionally. Morsi can not cancel the day otherwise he will look as if he were a president of one group of the country.

    He addressed the public last night where he seemed to be forced to say a speech on that occasion , uninterested and bored.The big irony is that through the agricultural reclamation program to redistribute land on farmers that ended feudalism in Egypt , Mohamed Morsi’s father was able to got two acres in Sharkia and educate his son who became our president later !!
    Now here is a set of reactions from different political figures in Egypt that can show you the amount of debate about this day that most Egyptians look to it as a national holiday , nothing more , nothing less. 
    I do not think that the January 25th Revolution was against the 23 July Movement or coup or its principles because simply I believe 23 July movement was ended on 5th June 1967 and officially announced dead with the Sadat rule. It even became a legend during the the 30 years of Mubarak who proved to be worse of both Nasser and Sadat combined.
    The #Jan25 was against the mistake resulted from that era and the other two eras followed it. It is the big irony of all ironies that after 60 years , the same demands of the #Jan25 are the goals of 23 July movement whether social justice, having a true democratic life, having strong army and having national independence.
    Let’s agree on something only in Egypt , the land of pharaohs , the new pharaoh erases the history.So it is not strange that Sadat came and erases the achievements of Nasser focusing on cons only , just like Nasser did before him with Mohamed Ali family and just like Mubarak did after him with all those came before him. Mohamed Morsi will do same because this is Egypt yet history is history, it is well known for those who want to find the truth even after hundreds of years.
    I only hope and pray now that in a region and a world begin reshaped so fast that we will be able to achieve 1/2 what July 23th revolution and Nasser achieved when it comes to social justice and African regional policies. I only hope we learn from the mistakes from  July 23th revolution. I only hope we stop hating our history and accept what we are for real.
    The French revolution committed horrible mistakes and it took France decades from ups and downs till it became an international power that still celebrates the 14th of July.
    I used and I still defend Egypt's Mohamed Ali Family era as part of history and I will defend the 23 July coup that turned in to movement thanks to the media then because a nation with no past got no future. 

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