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7000 years and counting ...

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    In pre-July 23rd 1952 coup Egyptians were not allowed in at certain clubs in their own country , in their own land because these clubs were for foreigners , specifically Europeans.

    And in July 2012 Egyptians are not allowed in to at certain resorts because they are for foreigners only in the Red sea !! “Arabic”

    Here is a video clip filmed from two days at Makadi Bay , at Grand Makadi resort where Egyptians are not allowed in except of course as workers !! Ironically the Egyptian Mr. Hani who filmed this clip and had this conversation with the security was not going to stay there but rather to visit his German friend who was staying there !!

    Grand Makad :Egyptians are not allowed in

    Of course after a huge scandal on Social Network and reporting the matter to the police , The Grand Makadi resort apologized to Mr. Hani and even offer him a week in the hotel , nothing bad like bad publicility.

    According to twitter friends recently Grand Makadi applied this discriminatory policy against Egyptians. Anyhow it is not only the Grand Makadi resort that applies that disgusting policy , other resorts in Red , Matrouh and Siwa !!!

    I do not understand how the ministry of tourism is begging Egyptians to support domestic tourism when Egyptians are treated like that !! Is not it enough many Egyptians prefer to travel to Lebanon or Turkey because it is much cheaper than a week in Sharm El Sheikh or Red sea !!?

    This is discrimination and despite I know that these resorts think that they do not need domestic tourists , their owners must realize that in hard times they will need domestic tourism.

    Strangely I believe that the goals of the #Jan25 revolution are actually the #July23 Coup goals that have not been fulfilled throughout the 60 years but I can not believe that in 2012 Egyptians are not allowed in certain places in their own land , this is 2012 for God sake !!

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    Egyptian journalist Shaima Adel of Al Watan Daily newspaper is still detained according to Sudanese and Egyptian activists by Sudanese security despite the announcement of the Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs that she was released and will return to Cairo.

    She has been detained so far for nearly 3 days !!

    I am so worried because now Sudanese activists who have been released after extensive interrogation and intimidation. Activist Youssef El Mahdi posted a very worrying account on his detention also on what is taking place in Sudan and being ignored in the international and regional mainstream. Blogger and tweep Maha El Senoussi also posted her experience in detention.
    There are activists who have reported that during their detention , they witnessed other detained protesters badly injured which means these protesters and activists are being tortured !!

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    Yesterday Algeria celebrated the 50th anniversary of Algeria’s independence. It is a huge event already in Algeria , after all its independence from France was a big bitter military and political battle Arabs should study.
    Algerian girl celebrates the independence from 50
    years ago 
    There will be big series of celebrations in Algeria starting from the 5th of July , expensive ones too as the Algerian president Boutflika allocated millions of dollars to celebrate the huge event in a very critical economic time.
    Unfortunately we did not celebrate it in Egypt as we should , I am afraid the young generations in Egypt do not know how much Egypt stood with Algeria in the battle of its independence. It was from the epic moments of our history and of the Nasser era.
    Algerian kids celebrate the independence from 50 years 
    Personally I remember how my late granddad went and covered the war of independence of Algeria and I wish the day will come and I will be able to cover something in the same way he did it from 50 years ago. May Allah bless his soul and the souls of the Algerian independence war. 
    Unfortunately I was not able to prepare any proper post for this great event. May be I will be able to do it later insh Allah.

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    Manaf Tlass
    Now the whole Arab world is talking about how Brigadier General Manaf Tlass has defected from Bashar El Assad regime.  Manaf Tlass , the 48 years old commander of 105 force in the Republican guards has announced his defection from three days ago and has fled the country to Turkey. According to the statements of French FM will head to France. It is expected that he will make a TV statement as he reaches to somewhere safe according to some source.
    There is no doubt that this defection means one thing : El Assad’s regime is going down rapidly in Syria when the son of Mostafa Tlass ,Bassel and  Bashar El Assad’s best friend defects.
    Manaf Tlass was known in Syria not to be from the inner of Bashar El Assad but from his best friends. Now here is the story of Manaf Tlass , the commander of 105 force in Syrian Republican Guards’ defection. The Tlass family is from the famous and rich Sunni families originated from none other El Rastan , Homs. Yes from El Rastan that witnessed endless massacres committed by El Assad troops.
    Old friends : Bashar El Assad and Manaf Tlass in 1990s
    It started in 2011 when one of the servants of Manaf Tlass was killed in El Rastan by  El Assad troops and he had to go his hometown to present his condolences to his family. During the memorial service , the father of the deceased put the photo of El Assad on the ground as a carpet insisting that the mourners to walk on it. Thus Manaf walked on the photo of his friend who knew later about what had happened in the memorial service and decided to put him under house arrest.

    Bashar and Manaf in 1999 "AFP"
    Some sources say that Tlass tried in those months to work for a peaceful solution between the locals, the opposition powers in the city and El Assad regime but of course things went from bad to worse , what peaceful solution can be achieved in such circumstances !!
    Now some say that he had defected for a whole year but he has been under house arrest and that he liberated by FSA while other sources say that the last straw between him and El Assad group
    Firas Tlass , Mostafa Tlass and Manaf Tlass
    I do not know if  Manaf Tlass is related to Abdel Razk Tlass who heads the famous El Farouk Battalion in Homs. Manaf Tlass’ has become already the highest ranking officer to defect from the Free Syrian army. 
    I do not trust Manaf Tlass that much , he and his family have been in the inner circle of El Assad’s regime too long to be trusted easily. I will not speak on how his  foulmouthed womanizer father , the man who destroyed the Syrian army for good Mostafa Tlass but I will speak on his family’s rich old economic empire. His brother Firas was among the most wealthiest businessmen in Syria and had partnerships with the most important businessmen in Egypt and the Arab world. As powerful and influential Sunni family in Syria , I know that the Tlass clan wants to maintain its status in the new Syria.
    Firas Tlass has already fled the country late June 2012 where he headed to Dubai. Now Firas Tlass is being labeled as traitor in pro-El Assad media.Just like Abdel Halim Khaddam Firas Tlass is trying to play a role in the Syrian opposition , some sources say he is trying to reach for an agreement between political powers and Free Syrian army.
    Hafiz El Assad and Manaf Tlass
    Here is his Facebook account , Arab media says that he writes blog posts in his FB account yet I can and do not see anything in his restricted FB account.
    The defection of Manaf Tlass and escape means one thing , the rest of Tlass clan left Syria including his father Mostafa Tlass. Some Arab news website claim that his wife has already arrived in Paris before him.
    Mostafa Tlass with his son Manaf
    and his grandson Hamza
    Here is the official website of Mostafa Tlass where I found some of the photos I have used in this post.
    I am waiting for the next move for the Tlass clan , surely they will play a role.

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    Shaimaa Adel 
    5 days now and Shaimaa Adel ,the Egyptian journalist of Al Watan newspaper has not released been released yet. We do not know anything for real about Shaimaa except that after her release , she was arrested by the NISS , the Sudanese intelligence !!
    I am so surprised that there is nothing from the ministry of foreign affairs’ side or our embassy in Khartoum . According to the Sudanese embassy in Cairo , Adel entered the country and covered the protests without notifying the information center that gives foreign journalists press permits !! Of course this is not excuse because Shaimaa can be deported if she got no papers !!!
    Today tens of the Egyptian protesters protested in solidarity with Shaimaa Adel as well Sudanese uprising.
    Shaimaa is not the only detained person in Sudan as it seems that more and more activists are detained some times from their own homes, the list is increasing every time I check #Sudan_Revolts whether in Arabic or in English. We are speaking about hundreds of detainees in 3 weeks only.
    Last Friday Sudanese security forces attacked protesters at the mosques using new strong type of tear gas grenades and rubber shots. Here is a video from the battle of Wad Nubawi mosque on Friday showing the attack of the security forces on the mosque.

    Khartoum : Wad Nubawi Mosque
    One the protesters threw back the tear gas grenades 
    The Rubber bullets used against protesters 
    Of course now El Bashir is using the old game in the book announcing that his government will draft a new Islamic constitution for the country !! Sudan does not need a new constitution for God sake !! 
    Now some of you may wonder why the Sudanese are protesting and what their demands are. Well here is a link from Girfina’s official website.
    I will take the honor and copy these demands in to my blog :
    The resignation of the National Congress Party (NCP) government, to be replaced by a transitional government. This transitional government should represent all geographical regions of Sudan, its civil society agencies, youth and women. We expect the transitional government to achieve the following:
    1. Conduct national elections within a time-frame that is no longer than two years.
    2. Eliminate all public order laws and laws restricting freedoms.
    3. Eliminate all increases imposed by the NCP on the prices of basic consumption goods such as fuel, sugar and foodstuff. And take action to fight poverty and improve living conditions.
    4. Release all political prisoners and ensure freedom of political participation and freedom of the press.
    5. Put a stop to the use of religion to terrorize political opponents as well as stop all atonement campaigns and accusations of treason.
    6. Recreate the national forces, police, security and public service agencies to ensure they serve national interests and are professional, objective, neutral and transparent.
    7. Investigate all violations against human rights and torture and bring those responsible to trial.
    8. Investigate all crimes of corruption and illegal accumulation of wealth, as well as the looting of public wealth. In addition, put to trial all those accused of corrupt practices and pursue the recovery of what they stole from the country’s resources and wealth.
    9. Reevaluation of Sudanese judicial personnel and the immediate formation of transparent courts of appeals to accept and handle appeals of cases ruled by the Sudanese judicial system since June 30 1989. These courts have the legitimacy to refute a previous ruling and compensate individuals or groups.
    10. Resolve the crisis in Darfur and respond to all the demands of the people of Darfur, as well as put to trial those who have committed crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing.
    11. Stop the war on our people of South Kurdfan, Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains.
    12. Ensure the freedom of mobility, residency, work and ownership to South Sudanese residing in Sudan.
    13. Conduct a national conference to find a mechanism to govern Sudan and find solutions to the current national crisis.
    14. Put an end to the ethnic monopoly over power and permit the participation of all marginalized peoples.
    15. Allow the active participation of youth in political decisions and give youth the opportunity to assume leadership positions within their parties.
    16. Adopt a democratic mechanism to draft and approve a national constitution that codifies these demands for freedom, social justice and equity into law.
    Now back to Shamiaa Adel , it seems that the Egyptian authorities are not interested in saving so I am asking journalists from all over the world to help her and other Sudanese detainees.

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    Revolution Youth coalition held their final press conference yesterday in Sakia El Sawy in Cairo to announce officially the disbanding of the coalition that already did not exist for months in the real world.

    Aside from the emotional goodbye coalition speech the representatives of the political powers said , the RYC did something that has not been done before in the Egyptian politics arena : Presenting A political audit for what the Revolution Youth coalition did since it came to life.

    It was a real political maturity move to present political audit for what you did as a political power to the public.


    The political audit included the relation of the RYC with SCAF and intelligence as well the government , the relation of RYC with other political powers and movements and their position from parliamentary and presidential elections.

    RYC officially met with SCAF twice in February and March 2011 then its members decided to boycott SCAF meetings after the clashes of April 8th sit in. The RYC also officially met with the intelligence once in November 2011. 

    Now it is worth to say that some members of the RYC individually had more meeting with SCAF as representatives of their powers and themselves and not as representatives of RYC. The RYC also spoke about their relation with the government of Essam Sharaf and their role with the public diplomacy delegations to Ethiopia.

    The members of RYC mentioned in their audit that some criticized them for cutting all the communications with the state and that they should have left some channels one. Well from political point of view , this is true. They should have left some channels but let’s agree on something again there are some members in the RYC who had these channels but for their own powers only not for the RYC.

    The RYC admitted that they made a huge mistake when they turned the RYC in to an exclusive club closing its memberships in front of other political powers in Egypt except their friends only. It was a good sign.

    Now to the elections. The RYC admitted that its members did a huge mistake when they were divided in to teams between Revolution continues electoral coalition “Big failure” and Egyptian Bloc electoral coalition “another failure” when they had to be in one electoral coalition during the presidential elections.

    Another failure was during the presidential elections when they were divided once between Abu El Fotouh , Hamdeen, President council and boycotting !! Of course personally I do not believe it was their mistake only thought as it was the mistake of every political power in Egypt.

    In the end the RYC members apologized if they mistakenly spoke on behalf of the revolution as if they owned it.

    ElBaradei , Abu El Fotouh and Hamdeen sent speeches to celebrating the dying the coalition in nice words praising the attempts of the RYC to unite the political powers in Egypt. Unfortunately Shady El Gahzli Harb read ElBaradei’s speech while former MP Bassem Kamel , that represented ElBaradei support campaign in the RYC read Hamdeen Sabbahi’s speech !! Also I do not understand if Islam Lotfy

    The biggest thing the RYC members forget to include in their statement was a confession that they were political immature , it was too late of course.  There is another mistake I highly doubt that they will admit : How the lights of the media attracted them madly !!

    The only thing aside from the political audit statement they represented and was interesting : a little stray cat that joined the RYC members their farewell presser.

    In the end after 24 hours the official Revolution Youth Coalition’s official Facebook is going to be closed to put a very symbolic end to a coalition that once held a responsibility bigger than itself.

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    MENA has officially announced that president Mohamed Morsi has issued a decree to reinstate the People’s assembly and calling for the return of its session starting from Monday adding that there will be new parliamentary election within 60 days after approving a new constitution.
    This is 11th decree issued by the new elected president and it is by the most important one and God knows the implications of such decision for real.
    Now there are interesting points regarding this decree : 

    • Officially the Parliament will hold its first session tomorrow but ironically according to the law this is the time of its summer vacation !!
    • The Constitutional declaration annex issued by SCAF says the parliamentary elections to be held within a month after approving the new drafted constitution !! 
    • The good thing we are going to have an interim parliament. 
    • According to some experts the presidential decree cancels the decision of SCAF to disband the people's assembly and is not against the court's rule 
    I do not know or understand anything so far, already I have been trying to understand its implications and whether it was right from legal point of view or not but I found it very hard when constitutional law experts seemed to be divided between a team that supports the decree and another team that opposes the decree. The problem is there are respectable names in both teams.
    Most of the media is against the decree already but we should not forget that the media can not stomach the new president or his group.

    SCAF finished its a meeting to discuss the new presidential decree but the Freedom and Justice members like Essam El Arian are praising the army. It is expected that they will issue a statement tomorrow
    The Supreme constitutional court will hold a meeting tomorrow for its general assembly to discuss the decree of the president. The SCC judges are angry.
    Those against the presidential decree began to connect between its timing and the visit of William Burns, the US deputy Secretary of State to Cairo and his meeting with Morsi. Burns as well US ambassador in Cairo spoke in statements in the past 48 hours about the importance of the elected parliament. But to be honest people tend to forget that Morsi promised in his speech at Cairo university that the people's assembly will return back to do its legislative role.
    Now here is quick reactions online from politicians and MPs about the matter.

    Personally I have been labelled Mubarak's regime supporter and one of the Salafists on twitter wondered since when I had been with the revolution just because I was retweeting tweets opposing to their views.
    I am with and against the decree of Morsi because the decree of SCAF to disband the democratically elected parliament despite how disfigured was completely wrong but on the other hand I am worried about that this violation against the judicial authority.
    It is a political conflict actually between Muslim brotherhood and SCAF over power where the future of the country is just like a football between the two.
    I will not forget easily on how Al Nour Party "Salafists" wants to cancel the Supreme Constitutional court. 

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  • 07/09/12--05:29: Vote for this Film
  • There is an Egyptian short film in the Semi-Finalists that needs your support and vote in the Your Film Festival.

    This time by Ramy El Gabry

    The short film speaks about the bad treatment of mother by her ungrateful son in the big city.

    You can vote for it here . It is the only Arabic film in the festival.

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    From Cairo's protest in solidarity
    with Shaimaa "Mai Ezzat"
    Egyptian Journalist Shaimaa Adel is still in custody in Sudan and our activists are having nearly daily protests in front of the Sudanese embassy in soldiarity with her in Cairo demanding her immediate release.
    Now thanks to friends that got very good and reliable connected sources in Sudan , I knew that Shaimaa Adel is currently detained in the women prison in Omdurman along with Sudanese women activists that have been arrested in the on going protests in the past few weeks. According to these sources she is being well treated and that soon the Egyptian ambassador will be able to meet her !! “I do not know when”
    Already Shaimaa seemed to be facing a lot of trouble. Mohi El Din El Tatawy , the head of journalists Syndicate in Sudan told Al Masry Al Youm today that Shaimaa is facing charges not related to journalism according to the Sudanese authorities. This is not good , now Shaimaa can face whatever charges the dictatorship of El Bashir wants to accuse the protesters with including foreign support for the protests !!
    Shaimaa was arrested at internet Café in Khartoum last week while sending her second report to Al Watan Newspaper in Cairo. She entered Sudan and worked as a correspondent for Al Watan without taking a permit from the international press center or whatever it is called there or notifying the Sudanese embassy that she would go there to cover the protests.
    I know tomorrow there will be a protest in front of the ministry of foreign affairs in solidarity with Shaimaa.
    Please spread the word about Shaimaa , she needs your help.
    Update : 
    The vice president of Sudanese president Nafae Ali Nafae told journalists today in a meeting at Al Wafd Party during his visit to Cairo after meeting Morsi that we will hear good news about Shaimaa !!  He also claimed that she was detained her house in Khartoum !! I do not know what kind of lies he is spreading but I trust my sources more than him.
    Already it turns out that some of the protesters and activists arrested during the protests are facing charges like receiving orders from the #Jan25 Protesters in Cairo to spread it in Sudan !!
    Here is Shaimaa's mom telling Al Wafd newspaper that she knows about her daughter for 7 days now !!"In Arabic"

    MP Ali Fatah El Bab of FJ Party demanded in Shura Council today the immediate release of Shaimaa.

    The fantastic Gameela Ismail asked President Morsi to interfere immediate and save Shaimaa before she becomes as another Gizaway "The Egyptian lawyer who was arrested in Saudi Arabia and accused of drug trafficking, resulted in a diplomatic crisis"

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    The People assembly held its first session after it was reinstated by President Morsi on Sunday. The session was short one , it was held for less than two hours as the PA’s speaker Saad El Katanani decided to adjourn the session till the court of caseation as well the constitution court say their word about it’s the decision of Morsi and the constitutionality of  the people’s assembly

    Now from what I understood there are several lawsuit against President’s Morsi decree in front of the the court of caseation.

    El katanani adjourns the parliamentary session

    Outside there were clashes between MB supporters and those who opposed the decision of Morsi. The behavior of MB supporters has become intolerable on online , anyone opposing the debatable decree of Morsi is a traitor and a regime remnant.  

    Welcome to Egypt Post presidency , crises and lots of noise when we are so exhausted.

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    For the first time in 58 years , the Egyptian General Intelligence aka GIS decided to celebrate its anniversary publicly by producing and airing a documentary about its history called "Nation's word" !!
    "Nation's word" coming soon billboard !!
    By Sarah Naguib 
    That documentary will be aired on several TV channels including Egyptian National TV today tonight @7 PM CLT.
    What is unique is that the GIS launched an advertising campaign for the documentary whether in TV ads or in billboards in Cairo streets !!!!
    I remember in the intelligence's jubilee , we got this op-ed without writer's name in Al Akhbar newspaper along with Omar Sulieman's photo only !!
    The documentary focus of course on the famous and successful operations of GIS like Rafaat El Hagan and Gomaa Al Shawn , May Allah bless their souls.
    Now before Egyptian viewers would watch this documentary, you can see it here on Egyptian Chronicles. "Thanks to Youm 7".

    Amazingly the documentary focus on identifying Israel and the States as enemies despite the very good relations of GIS with Israel and the States. Already historically the CIA helped founding the GIS.Already for radical zionists this film is an evidence on how anti-Semitic the Egyptian intelligence is.  
    Not from artistic and technical point of view , this decumentary is a disgrace for the intelligence and Egyptian documentary school that produced directors like Farida Erman and Samiha El Ghominay !!
    Bad editing , bad music and bad narrator who speaks as we were in war !! Bad production that does not suit the GIS for real considering that standard !!
    Samiha El Ghonimay's documentary series about the Royal/Presidential Palaces were much more professional than this cheap thing !!
    Of course one of the few things or actually the only thing I knew from that documentary that the intelligence got a museum inside it with all the spy gadgets they got !!
    This documentary is actually a stupid way on how to mention the history of GIS since 1954 to the #Jan25 in
    There was nothing about these guys and their role in the intelligence at all, only Nasser and Sadat are mentioned , thank Goodness Mubarak was not mentioned !!
    The founding fathers of GIS including Sami Sharaf
    and Mohamed Nassim in 1950s 
    The documentary has not even mentioned Zakariah Mohi El Din and how he founded the GIS in 1954 or why or the help of the Americans !! It was timeless quick ride with names of spies and incidents most Egyptians ignore !!! Not to mention for those who follow the files of the GIS , these are the most famous well known cases !!
    Nevertheless knowing Egypt well, I know that for simple Egyptians this documentary is great. 
    I read and know about the history of intelligence to make me not to fall either in the complete romanticism heroic world of GIS or its complete hate. The intelligence just like the army and police got its ups and downs and its main role should be to protect the Nation. After 16 years of being managed by Omar Sulieman , I have to be worried on the GIS especially with the allegations that face it when it comes to rendition scandal worldwide.
    The GIS is under fire now for the role it has been playing in the past 16 months in the activists communities as some accuse it for working against the revolution.
    There is no wonder that the GIS is launching this campaign to enhance its image in the society now despite the army and intelligence are still popular among most Egyptians. Of course the young educated generations do not have this romantic image about GIS. 
    Regardless of the GIS performance in the past 16 months or even in the 16 years of Omar Sulieman , I would like to remember in this post all the martyrs of the GIS that gave their life to Egypt sincerely throughout the years without any public recognition. May Allah bless their souls and I hope that their sacrifices won't be in vain for the sake of the country or the GIS. We need a strong GIS just we need a strong army.
    Updated :
    And The GIS has published in Ahram Arabic Gate its law 

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    Just from 15 minutes ago the High Constitutional Court has suspended the President Morsi’s decree to suspend its rule to disband the Parliament !!
    I know that the Presidential decrees are considered as laws and this is why the High Constitutional court overturned Morsi’s decree to overturn its rule !!
    This is so annoying like a headache especially with the legal experts from both teams screaming on TV channels that they are the right and the other team is wrong.
    Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr claims that Morsi will address the nation tonight yet hours later of its announcement the official spokesperson of Morsi ,Yasser Ali denied the news !!
    Already we know that it is expected that he will announced the new prime minister and his cabinet n the upcoming 48 hours or less as he will head tomorrow for the first time to Saudi Arabia as a president.
    Now here is a compilation of reactions I gather from twitter , not that much but it can get bigger later tonight and tomorrow.

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    Mohamed Morsi is supposedly going to visit Saudi Arabia tomorrow in his first presidential visits outside the country since swearing in to office earlier this month. According to some observers , the visit is important because it is a message from the Muslim brotherhood that they will turn against the kingdom especially that Morsi is invited to Iran to attend the NAM’s general assembly next August 2012.
    I do not know if this good time for regional tours and visits , already I do not understand how the newly elected president Morsi will leave the country for couple of hours when he has not appointed a vice president nor a new cabinet !!! Do I need to mention the circus going concerning the fate of the elected parliament.
    Morsi should postpone this visit.

    Unlike what the West thinks , the Saudi and Emirati regimes are not fond of the Muslim brotherhood. Of course despite I understand why the UAE hates MB , I do not get this hate from the Saudi regime reflected in its media towards the MB !! Considering the fact that both are actual US allies and during the difficult 1960s Saudi Arabia was like an escape heaven for the MB from Nasser’s wrath !!
    Already Al Sharq Al Awsat , one of the biggest Saudi newspapers published in London made the MB mad in Cairo when it published this photo of Sheikh Hassan Al Banna kissing the hand of KSA’s founder Abd Al Aziz Al Soud in a big report about the future of Saudi-MB relations. 
    Also Saudi MBC's TV channels are re-airing now The brotherhood TV series that was allegedly sponsored by State security to attack the brotherhood. "The producers chose a handsome Jordanian actor to present Hassan Al Banna on screen, the result millions of teenage girls in Egypt felt sympathy with MB !!"

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  • 07/12/12--03:55: And Morsi is in Saudi Arabia
  • and President Mohamed Morsi has started his first regional visit after swearing in to office , destination is Jeddah and his counterpart is King Abdullah. The visit comes in a very critical time as I explained before and honestly I do not find any use from it except breaking the ice between the MB and the Saudi regime.
    Anyhow here is a photo gallery showing the reception Morsi got in Jeddah airport where he was received by the crown prince and the King himself.

    Morsi in Saudi Arabia
    This is the first visit to a foreign country by the first elected president of Egypt. It should be documented regardless what.
    Of course Morsi can win a lot of sympathy among revolutionaries if he returns back with Al Gizawy , the Egyptian lawyer detained in Saudi Arabia. Al Gizawy is a human rights lawyer who is being accused of smuggling drugs to the kingdom from two months ago. His case caused a diplomatic crisis between Cairo and Riyadh when protesters drew insulting graffiti against the king on the wall of the Saudi embassy in Giza.
    President Morsi already lost a lot of support and sympathy tonight in Cairo after the statement issued earlier from presidency that he will respect the Supreme constitutional court’s latest ruling that suspended his decision earlier to reinstate the parliament.
    Updated :
    The president praying at the Holy Kaaba 
    President Morsi went to Mecca to have a Umrah along with his wife. The Saudi TV aired the whole thing on air. In a big convey of 30 vehicles carrying our diplomatic signs , the president went to the Holy land late night.
    By the way is that Mourad Mowafi , the head of GIS on Morsi's left hand praying in Mecca ??
    On the other hand Al Gizawy will not return with Morsi on the same jet as the Egyptian consul announced that his trial will start next Wednesday.

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    Freedom for Shaimaa Adel by Mona Abdel Rahman 
    11 days now and Shaimaa Adel has been released and we have not heard any good news from Khartoum regarding her case.
    During the short visit of the Sudanese Vice-president to Cairo , former Presidential candidates Abu El Fotouh , Hamdeen and Moussa raised her issue and demanded her immediate release. Egyptian political parties like Al Wafd also demanded her release but what Egyptians got from the VIP Sudanese guest are just broken promises because Adel has not been released.
    Already now officially and frankly we know in the media that Shaimaa will be released if the General and military intelligence interfere !! Forget the ministry of foreign affairs , it is no use to protest in front of it after !! I am waiting to see what the intelligence will do.
    At the same time we are waiting for the intelligence’s intelligence , Shaimaa’s mother has started a hunger strike outside the Sudanese embassy in Cairo where she documented this strike at the Garden city police station. There is also a group of journalists who announced that they will start a hunger in solidarity with Mrs. Adel.
    under the tent at the sit in with Shaimaa's mom
    By Amira Al Tahawy

    Mrs. Adel has already started also a sit in outside the embassy till Shaimaa is released. Last night  famous journalists Hussein Abdel Ghanay and Naglaa Bedair.
    Mrs. Adel with famous TV host Hussein Abdel Ghanay
    By Amira Al Tahawy 
    I know I have not been able to cover the Sudan revolts protest but the case of Shaimaa is making me extremely angry on many levels.
    Needless to mention the case of Shaimaa as well the case of Ahmed El Gizawy are making many Egyptians angry from Morsi as they wonder about the lost dignity of Egyptians abroad.

    Updated : 

    Ok important news alert !
    The Sudanese ambassador in Cairo met Mrs. Adel from couple of hours ago at the embassy in Garden City and Mrs. Adel was able to speak to Shaimaa on the phone for few minutes where she told her that she was treated well asking her at the same time to end her hunger strike.
    Now the Sudanese ambassador announced to the media that Shaimaa will be released and deported from Sudan safely to Cairo by next Monday."Do not even ask why she has to wait till next Monday"
    Here is a photo showing Shaimaa with other Sudanese women activists who have been arrested in the past few weeks.
    Beautiful brave Sudanese ladies
    Technorati Tags: ,,,,,,,,,

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    This is just fast but it seems that one of Mohamed Morsi’s early decisions or projects is truly going to change Egypt or rather change one of Egypt’s natural treasures forever !! The new elected president is reviving the terrible bridge between Egypt and Saudi Arabia in the red sea in his talks with the Saudis.
    Yes the terrible bridge that will destroy the eco-system in the red sea is back and the newly elected president wants it !! 
    As I expected the Muslim brotherhood and its youth online are supporting the bridge and defending it. Already I fear that they are preparing for a nasty defense starting from claiming that the environmental NGOs get paid to say these warnings and ending by saying that Israel is fighting this project. I know their media machine will claim that the bridge will bring welfare to the country more than the beach tourism and the bridge is away from Ras Mohamed natural despite it will pass with Tiran Island natural reserve !!
    I know that the MB media machine will claim that the bridge will save the Egyptians from the ferries of death curse , people who support the bridge already believe so. The problem of the ferries is not in the ferries but the corruption and violating the laws in time of Mubarak. All the countries that got ferries system do not have disaster like ours because of corruption and neglect.
    If you have modern ferries , not old ones and you obey the laws and regulations when it comes to capacity and maintenance , you will not have death ferries but real ferries for human use. 
    Economically this bridge will revive Sinai for real , what could revive Sinai for real is the Suez canal zone development project along the reclamation of the mid zone.
    Now the National Conservation Egypt “NCE” made a great Paper about the environmental impacts of that bridge. It summarizes everything.

    We want to translate this in to Arabic.
    NCE is from the best environmental NGOs that is trying to create an awareness in Egypt when it comes to environment online.
    Strangely I remember that I warned on twitter that the Muslim brotherhood and their allies from Salafists last time this matter was brought. I hate to be right again.
    Again I am asking the help of the world because many Egyptians are not interested in saving their environment.

    0 0

    Last night a terrible massacre took place in the village of Tremseh in Hama , not less that 215 civilians have been killed in one of the most horrible massacres committed against Syrians since the start of the revolution.

    According to activists the massacre started with the helicopters shelling and attacking the citizens before the tanks and mortars started to shell the village.

    Tremseh : The shelling of the village.

    The tragedy continued with a ground assault by the Shabiha regime man that slaughtered tens of the victims. The activists added that some of the victims’ bodies were found in the river !!

    Tremseh : The martyrs of Tremseh
    Tremseh : The martyrs of Tremseh

    Among the horrifying details that I found in the footage emerging as well activists from Hama that the people there found 30 burned bodies, 40 people were summarily executed and 17 people were killed by knives !! 50 houses were allegedly burned in the attack in the village.

    Here is a video showing the injured who survived the massacre.

    Tremseh : The injured of shelling

    Of course the Syrian regime claims that the militant terrorist gangs stormed the village and killed its residents.

    Hundreds of dead bodies were buried today in the morning in a very sad yet too frequent scene in Syria.

    Tremseh : Burying the martyrs

    Some observers noticed that often the recent massacres committed in the Sunni populated village that are surrounded with Alawi villages.

    So far according to the Local coordination committees of Syria not less than 287 Syrian have been killed so on Friday in the different parts of Syria including Tremseh. The protests of today were planned to be against Anan but after the massacre , the Syrians got more to protest for and against.

    International community did what is expected from it to do and denounced the massacre. Kofi Anan whom the Syrian protesters are accusing of being biased towards El Assad and Iran condemned the attack and considered it a breach to the agreement when it comes to the use of heavy weapons !!

    It seems that the world powers “States and Russia” want to turn the Syrian revolution in to a civil war , indeed it has become a civil war and actually I know after this terrible massacre targeting the Sunni population , the Alawis in specific and Shiite Syrians in general will face hell if not sectarian cleansing taking in consideration the sectarian speech used in the Arab Gulf mainstream and Social media. Just following the Syrian Facebook Pages supporting the revolution , you will find these calls to the Free Syrian army to target the Alawi villages and cleanse it from its people in revenge !!

    This is what the States want a confrontation between the Sunni and Shiite to end the power of both Iran and Russia in the area. Syria may end to a playground like Afghanistan between Russia and the States with respect or regards to the price the Syrians are paying from their own blood. Now Syria began to attract Arab Sunni youth who want to fight with the Free Syrian army. Already a young Egyptian fighter , a civilian was reportedly killed in that on going war from couple of days ago and actually he is not alone or the first as there are other Egyptian youth are fighting among the FSA as some sort of Jihad.

    The act of those Egyptian young men who are ready to die for Syria is opposite to the official position of the Egyptian presidency and the official stand that did not change with the elections of  Morsi : Egypt does not want international direct military intervention in Syria. Back in Syria protesters are demanding the first elected president of Egypt to ban the Iranian ships from passing through Suez canal. Famous Ali Farzat already is suing the Egyptian government for that.

    Dear Syrians the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt will not stand with Syria but will send its youth there to fight if it knows that its branch in Syria will have full control of the country.

    Speaking about Syrian opposition indirectly , I think this article in the Guardian is extremely interesting about the famous faces of Syrian opposition in Foreign media.

    In the end Sometimes I pray that the two powers “US and Russia” reach to a solution to end this blood bath for real but I know as an Arab the blood rivers they have caused all that time , will not stop.

    Sometimes I pray that the photos of all those beautiful kids reportedly killed in Syria are fake photos and these kids are still alive but I know I am dreaming.

    Sometimes I remember what I once read about the American civil war : Americans faced their worst enemy ; themselves yet in the end a great nation was born. I hope that the Great Syria is born after this terrible tragedy.

    0 0

    I apologize to dear Tunisians for the huge insult the Egyptian presidency has committed today during the reception of President Muncif Al Marzouki.
    I apologize on how president Mohamed Morsi sent the minister of electricity to receive President Muncif Al Marzouki instead of receiving the special guest of Egypt himself at Cairo airport. Already the Tunisian president is the first foreign and Arab president to visit Egypt after electing Morsi as a president.
    I apologize on how the presidency did not put the beautiful and great Tunisian flag behind Mr. Marzouki at all Itahadia palace during his summit talks with Morsi.

    Where is the Tunisia flag ?? "Reuters" 
     It was there during the press conference.
    The Tunisian and Egyptian flag as they should be 
    I do not know how or who is running the show in the presidency when it comes to basic protocols but this is huge thing and unfortunately I fear that the presidential palace staff from the old ones seemed to be lazy to do their work properly after year and half of being idle or did the presidential palace staff miss its old boss !!?
    Again I apologize to all my dear Tunisian friends.

    0 0

    Last Friday hundreds of Sudanese continued to protest in several towns and areas against El Bashir regime and tens of activists and protesters including many women have been arrested by security forces.
    Among the detainees of yesterday protesters 19 years old Khalda Mohamed
    Release the detainees
    Already the protests yesterday in Wadi Nabawi , Omdurman were led by women activists , it was not strange thing after all when that Friday protest is called Kandaka Friday. It was dedicated to women in Sudan and their suffering.
    Kandaka is the title name of the Sudanese  queens that stood against foreign invaders , it is powerful name and it symbolizes how ladies of Sudan are now taking the stand against El Bashir regime after years of oppression. It means in the Cushitic language the Strong woman
    The security forces used tear gas grenades that according to protesters are turning from bad to worse. Many protesters from women were badly beaten by security forces.
    Kandake protest in Omdurman
    Kandaka protest in Wadi Nadawi
    You can see more photos here.
    On the other hand back in Cairo protesters will be have a candle vigil in front of the Sudanese embassy demanding her immediate release instead of waiting till Monday. Shaimaa’s mom is still having a sit in in front of the Sudanese embassy insisting to continue her food strike despite her bad health condition.I do not know really why she is not released immediately !! “Photo by Mohamed El Garhey

    0 0

    Happy Hilary "Reuters" 
    You may think that the 2012 will witness the end of the world when you see these strange scenes in Cairo today that you have never imagined or thought from couple of months ago to see. Just right now , in this late hour of Saturday we find hundreds of Egyptians protesting outside the American embassy in Cairo to object the visit of Hilary Clinton as well Four seasons Garden city hotel where the US state of department secretary is staying." Can she sleep with that noise under her suit ? "
    She was also met protests at Al Ithadia Presidential Palace in Heliopolis where she held talks with Morsi.  
    First of all this is the first time that Egyptians are allowed to express themselves freely when it comes to the visits of world powers' officials in the this way since very long long way. They did not protest against the soviet officials when they hated and dispised them secretly nor did they protest in this big and close to the guest peacefully to that degree when American officials come to town !!
    Second who would ever imagine that the liberals and Christians in Egypt would protest against Hilary Clinton and demanding the US to stop interfering in the Egyptian affairs !!? Yes today the liberal Free Egyptians party "FEP" and the Christian Mapsero Youth coalition "MYC" protested against the American intervention in the Egyptian political affairs as well the American support to the Islamists in front of the US embassy in the morning.
    The protest at Presidential palace
    America supports Liberty from Garden City protests
    Today also Christian prominent figures in Egypt from politicians and thinkers including former MP Emad Gad have reportedly refused to meet Clinton. The Copts abroad lobby has started to attack Obama and the democrats. Emad Gad told the US embassy that he will discuss the situation of the Christians in Egypt with Egyptian officials and not foreign ones.
    In other brief words the Christians in Egypt are extremely angry from the US , they feel that they are being sold for regional promises by MB to the US after years of looking up to the US as their supporter internationally against the rising Islamist trend in Egypt.It is not a secret that most Christians voted for Ahmed Shafik not for the love of his black eyes but rather of fear of Islamists and their rule. Many of these Christians as well of the rest of those who voted for Shafik believe that he was the winner in the elections but the US used all its power to make Morsi win pressing SCAF to change the results. Do not be surprised but this was spread in the media throughout the past weeks and was enforced by certain American actions like the statements of Clinton and telephone call of Panetta to Tantawy as well the visit of US Navy commander to Egypt prior to the announcement of the results.
    Clinton with Morsi "AP"
    These Egyptians found no coincidence that Morsi reinstated the Parliament after the statements of Clinton, Burns and US ambassador Ann Peterson about the importance of having the democratically elected parliament back."Despite Morsi made it clear in his Cairo university speech that the parliament will be back !!"
    The liberals felt that they were sold and that the US prefers the Islamists because of some deals concerning regional powers balances in an attempt to create a powerful Sunni axis against the Shiite Iranian power axis as well finding a regime in Cairo that would be peaceful enough to Israel !! "yes liberals say that !!"
    Already the latest conspiracy theory among liberals which I have heard today was that the MB were middleman between Hamas and the US and Israel.
    No for Israel and no for Muslim brotherhood
    The deal allegedly is to accept two states solution and to stop fighting for about 100 years !!!!! " ok I do not believe the 100 years part but no one can deny that since #Jan25 and the MB played a role with the Egyptian intelligence when it comes to its branch in Gaza"
    When you hear this , you will know that these liberals have become secular nationalists who are against Zionism and the American domination in the region.
    Now currently angry Christians and liberals are not alone in Garden city quarter ,hundreds of Omar Soliman and SCAF groupies are there as well led by none other than the disgrace of Egyptian TV, MENA's Glenn Beck Tawfik Okasha who got a fake PhD from the US !!
    The big Okasha on da stage !! "Getty" 

    Now this crowed are the biggest so far stationed in front of the Four seasons hotel with a big expensive stage chanting against Clinton, US, Morsi and MB."from where did they get this stage which needs time to be set up!!!??" They claim that they are defending our national dignity against American interfere while holding the banners of the CIA's rendition man in Cairo Omar Suileman in the biggest ironies of all time !!
    The problem of that group is that it discredits the liberals and the Christians especially that group actually opposes the revolution.
    Of course we must ask ourselves , will Omar Soliman groupies "not the angry liberals and Christians" protest tomorrow when Mrs.Clinton visits Field Marshal Tantawy ??
    The photo of Tantawy was held in the protest in front
    of Garden City "Getty" 
    Tomorrow socialist and liberal powers in Alexandria including the Revolutionary socialists are going to protest her visit to the Mediterranean mermaid city to inaugurate the American consulate after it was renewed. Allegedly an ironically if it is true the Islamist powers and parties representatives in the city including the Salafists of Al Nour Party that hate the US will attend the inauguration !! Last week US ambassador in Cairo Ann Peterson met with the leaders of Al Nour Salafist party.
    By the way President Morsi did not speak about Omar Abdel Rahman with Hilary Clinton , Al Gama'a Al Islamiyya will be very angry !! He broke his promise as it seems.
    Anyhow for awhile I Stopped trying to understand what is going on in Egypt because things seem to be crazy enough to make me believe that world is coming to end !! I think after seeing what happened today in Cairo the world is coming to an end with that upside down situation.

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