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7000 years and counting ...

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    Siyada Zeinab Ramadan Market

    It is only 48 hours before the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan so it is not late to share one more photo of colorful Egyptian traditional lanterns at El-Sayida Zeinab Market. 
    Source : Instagram 

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    Prince Hassan and his company reach Farafash's cave hoping that she will return back Shoms once again as a human.
    We will know what will happen tonight and what will happen to Shoms in the 28th episode of our tale of this Ramadan , the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman and his family.
    We are getting near to the end of our tale this Ramadan for sure, I hope you like it.
    Now after the break , you can listen to 787th episode of "One Thousand and One night" Radio show produced by the Egyptian State Radio.

    Hassan and his company reach Farafash's cave as the old witch is waiting for them as she saw them through her crystal ball.
    The Crystal ball Farafash uses her magic and transforms Shoms from a deer to a human once again.
    Now Hassan and his friends are thinking about their next move. King Rokn El-Zaman checks on his wife Queen Nourhan through the crystal ball.
    Hassan and Shoms agree on saving her uncle Salman from prison and so Farkuk is ordered to go and get the old shepherd from his detention.
    Once again , the Djinn breaks into the prison and gets one of its inmates. During Farkuk's visit to the Kingdom's prison, chaos erupts and a bigger prison break takes place.
    Vizier Samsem is informed and he is alarmed as it is only 48 hours before declaring Safwan as the new King. Still , the prison break is not the only thing alarming facing him.
    Queen Nourhan announced that she would not attend the coronation of Safwan because she felt sick.
    On the other hand , Safwan's real mother Kawkab got this strange feeling since seeing him.
    You can check all the previous episodes as well seasons here.
    Till another night , folks.

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  • 07/04/16--04:52: July 04, 2016 at 01:52PM

  • el-Sayida Zeinab #Mosque and #Shrine in #Cairo #Citizenjournalism #blogger #ThisisEgypt #ThisisCairo #Egypt #middleeast #mideast #africa #Cairowalks #مسجد و#ضريح السيدة# زينب رضي الله عنها في القاهرة #مصر# July 04, 2016 at 01:52PM via Instagram

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    And we are coming too close to the end of our tale this Ramadan , the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman and his family.
    Tonight, we will know in the 29th episode of our radio Arabian nights this year what evil vizier Samsem will do after knowing that Salman escaped from jail.
    You can hear after the break the 788 episode of the "One Thousand and One Night" Radio showed by the Egyptian State Radio show.

    And Vizier Samsem is freaking out after knowing Salman, the only man to believe King Rokn El-Zaman escaped prison with the help of a huge djinn.
    The old Egyptian state TV "One Thousand and one
    night" show

    At the same time, he orders Safwan to try to convince Queen Nourhan to attend his coronation.
    Meanwhile , old Salman and Farkuk arrive  Farafash's cave and King Rokn EL-Zaman begins to plan for his return to the Kingdom sooner.
    In the Kingdom, ex-Chief Judge Omar Shah visits Shahbander Rashdan for some undeclared reason.
    He also visits the commander of the Kingdom's army who does not believe what he tells him about King Rokn El-Zaman.
    Tomorrow inshallah , we will know what happen in King Rokn El-Zaman's kingdom in the finale of our tale this year.
    You can check all the previous episodes as well seasons here.
    One more night , folks.

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    It is our finale tonight and we will know the fate of King Rokn El-Zaman.
    But first , I would like to share this very rare TV interview for late renowned author Abbas Al-Aswani in 1960s along three other renowned figures in Egyptian culture : Poet and cartoonist Salah Jahin , journalist and satirist Mahmoud Saadany as well comedian Mohamed Reda.
    The TV host was famous 1960s movie star and journalist Lobna Abdel Aziz who ironically starred decades year in the TV adaption of Alaa Abbas Al-Aswani's best-selling "The Yacoubian building". 

    Now we return to our tale, the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman which Abbas Al-Aswani wrote for Egyptian State Radio in the late 1960s.
    You can listen after the break to the finale of this Ramadan Radio Arabian tale , which was 789th episode of the famous "One Thousand and One-night show".

    And the commander of Kingdom's armies asks Omar Shah on his real proof on how Samsem got rid of King Rokn El-Zaman. He does not believe the ex-Chief Judge except Omar Shah surprises by telling him that the King and his son Prince Hassan were actually at his place.
    The commander agrees to help.
    A screenshot from Egyptian State TV's One
    Thousand and one night show in 1980s 

    Yes, it turned out when old Shepherd Salman told the king and the prince about what happened to him, Rokn El-Zaman realized that he got an ally back at the kingdom.
    Prince Hassan then orders Farkuk to transfer them all to Omar Shah's place.
    Hours later, the coronation starts.
    And Farafash decides to help her friends by turning all the guards and the Vizier's men to cats.
    Then just as the Vizier is going to announce  Safwan as a king when Chief Judge Omar Shah stops and King Rokn El-Zaman orders both Samsem and Safwan's arrest.
    Days later, Queen Nourhan asks to see Safwan who tells her that Samsem forced him to do so. Queen Nourhan brings his mother Kawkab who asked her and the king to forgive her son. As Nourhan has not forgotten how she considered Safwan was her son , she decided to forgive them
    King Rokn El-Zaman orders that Safwan and his mother live in a faraway place in the kingdom.
    And everybody lived happily ever after :)
    That's it, folks ;)
    Till next Ramadan inshallah 

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    A Nile view panorama

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  • 07/07/16--10:19: July 07, 2016 at 07:19PM

  • A #Nile cruise in Eid in #Cairo #Citizenjournalism #blogger #Egypt #Cairowalks #mideast #africa July 07, 2016 at 07:19PM via Instagram

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    First , happy Eid
    Second , I will just keep it light here in the blog before returning to serious stuff.
    Now aside from the depressing economic as well diplomatic news , the major news catching the attention of Egyptians especially on Social media was about the North Coast's Whale.
    Yes, a whale suddenly appeared so close to Egypt's Western North Coast and it became the talk of the town.
    It started with a Facebook video uploaded on 5 July by Sherif Aly Dabbous showing what appeared to be a small size whale in one of the lagoons inside the famous upscale Marina resort
    The video which was sent to Mr. Dabbous was surreal because you can hear the two men speaking in Arabic as you can hear one of them saying that the people on the other bank of the lagoon were hurling rocks at the poor creature.
    I was amazed at first because I did not know that there were whales living in the Mediterranean in the first place. I have always thought that they used to come from the Indian ocean to the Red Sea.
    But I was wrong, whales do live in the Mediterranean sea. The fin whale and sperm whale live in the Mediterranean and they are endangered species.
    Still , I did not understand what a whale even a small size one will do in shallow waters like in Marina.
    On 6 July right after Eid Prayers , Mr. Yasser Said uploaded photos and videos showing the small whale swimming closely near to the beach at "Green beach" resort , which is East of Marina resort. "8 km away from Marina"

    Said says that he filmed the video at 7.30 AM.
    On the same day at 8:16 am , Mr. Mahmoud Hendy uploaded another video showing the small sized whale near the beach at "Green beach"
    Another video from "Green Beach" , I do not know when it was shot though.

    On 7 July , a friend of mine at "Badr resort" reported that she saw the little whale and tried to take photos for that rare guest we usually see in foreign films and TV series only. Badr resort is East of Marina.

    The photos are not clear but this video is clear somehow.

    I notice in all videos that the wind has been strong in the last couple of days. It seems that the Whale is heading east !! I am worried on the poor creature if it heads to Alexandria !!
    On the same day , Egypt's ministry of environment issued a statement about the whale incident.

    According to the ministry , this marine creature is a fin whale which is known to live in Egyptian territorial waters. From the endangered species , the environment ministry stated the fin whale is not dangerous and eats planktons.
    Fin Whale
    ِA photo for the fin whale "Egypt's Ministry of environment" 
    People are praising the statement because it is very rare in Egypt to find a ministry issuing a clear and direct statement like that.
    Threatened by fishing boats and noise , the ministry asked the citizens not to take any aggressive action against that whale wandering in the sea. " Not to hurl rocks at it like those idiots in Marina who became the joke of the social media in Egypt !!
    The ministry also asked the citizens to take photos of any marine creature like whales , dolphins and sea turtles. Dolphins are common in the red sea while Sea turtles are common in the Mediterranean especially in Alexandria.
    An Expert diver says that this whale should be helped and guided into deeper waters because it can die in shallow waters.
    Interestingly, I found that in 2011 a whole family of humpback whales reached to Hurghada
    As one searches online to get more information about whales in Egypt.
    It turns out that a huge whale appeared on the shores of Marsa Matrouh , West of Marina and died there in May.
    May 2016 : A whale on the shores of Matrouh
    The Egyptian navy forces along with armed forces had to transfer it from the shore.
    May 2016 : The dead whale of Matrouh
    The transfer of the dead whale was controversial on the social media.
    The Matrouh whale transferred to his burial 
    I do not know where it was buried by the way.
    Anyhow , I think our sciences courses should be updated to include the fact that Egypt got whales in its territorial waters and that those whales should be attacked !!
    No need to panic , we got whales in our seas and we should keep them safe.

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    On 26 June 2016, a young called a 27-years-old Mostafa Massouny went to buy dinner for him and his friends in Downtown Cairo and never came back since then.
    For a year and 13 days , most of the people do not know the fate of that young film editor.
    Mostafa Massouny
    Mostafa Massouny 
    For a year and 13 days , each day passes and people fear the worse.
    After his disappearance by couple of months , I remember that his family said that they knew from someone that knew someone in Egypt's Homeland security that he was detained for a couple of days and he would be released.
    But days became months and months became a year and there is no trace for Mostafa Massouny officially.
    In the first anniversary of his disappearance , Massouny's friends revealed that a dead body for an unknown young man in the same height of Massouny appeared in the morgue from several months ago.
    That dead body was found in the Nile allegedly tortured according to Massouny's friends who saw it in the morgue. They could not identify his face because of the decomposition and traces of torture as they say.
    Massouny's friends are now attacking the family directly and indirectly for not doing the DNA test to calm them down.  Mostafa Massouny's sister, Omayma stated that she saw a picture of the dead body and it was not her brother. She added in a tweet that for that reason, the family decided not to go forward with the DNA test.
    Omayma Massouny also said that the dead body of a man who not tortured but drowned.

    Sadly , this answer did not satisfy Massouny's friends who went on with their attack on Facebook , twitter and social media against the family asking them at the same time to do a DNA test.
    I do not know but revealing information publicly like how Massouny had a bad relation with his father won't force the family to do the DNA test nor it does mean that they care less about their son.
    I admire Massouny's friends' devotion to stand up for his rights all those rights and making sure that we do not forget it.
    At the same time, I do not know what is going on with the Massouny's family but I won't attack them because I do not know what they are facing or what they have been through.
    They do not speak to the media anymore already as I have noticed.
    Massouny's family are not the bad guys here , this is a fact we must bear in our minds.
    Massouny disappeared without a trace from a year ago and people stop asking the government about how an Egyptian citizen vanishes like that and are having fights with each other.
    Personally , I expressed my concerns about Mostafa Massouny from several months ago.
    The only thing we know for sure is that we do not know if Mostafa Massouny is alive or dead.
    I think what we can do all now is to pressure more and more to get an answer for that one single simple Question to the government "Where is Massouny !?"

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    Photos left at Ramses railway station

    For some unknown reason to me, people leave their photos in Cairo's Ramses railway station aka Misr station model in its famous hall.
    Taken on a hurry in May at Egypt's main station , I keep thinking why people leave their personal photos like that and how it started.
    Via Instagram 

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    First of all , I apologize that I am posting this now. It is very belated post as I have should post it in April but then it was one hell of a month.
    On the same day I went to the fair in late March , I woke up to find some man hijacked an EgyptAir Flight. 
    Still, it is never too late to celebrate Egypt's Spring Flowers show for this year.

    Flowerbeds arranged like the flag of Egypt
    At the entrance of the Show this year , a company arranged its flowerbeds like
    the Egyptian flag. It replaced the color black with purple flowers   
    Last year, Egyptian Chronicles proudly presented Egypt's Spring Flowers show 2015 and this year it continued the tradition and it covered Egypt's longest running annual Flowers Show.
    On 19 March 2016, minister of agriculture and Giza governor inaugurated the 81st annual Spring Flowers Show in Giza's El-Orman botanical public garden .

    Inside El-Orman botanical garden
    Inside El-Orman botanical public garden
    Comparing to Spring Flowers Show 2015 , I think the exhibition in 2016 was bigger for with more colorful flowers and plants.
    It also attracted more visitors than last year judging from what I saw at least on the day in the Middle of the day in the middle of the week.
    I saw foreigners and Egyptians , families and singles as well couples from all ages.
    True Relationship goals
    I did not mean to sneak on that beautiful old couple but they were moving
    around with the help of their younger chauffeur buying flowers pots together 
    From all backgrounds , they came to enjoy a little breeze and greener view in greater Cairo.
    Visitors from all classes and backgrounds
    Egyptians from all background were there enjoying a fresh air in the Flowers show 
    I saw many Syrians in the Spring Flowers show. I think the Show reminded them with their beautiful country during Spring.

    The Egyptian amateur and professional photographers were there like me with all their gear on including tripods and big DSLRs giving no damn to signs saying "No photography allowed"
    Checking the flowers photo on the camera LCD
    Checking the photo taken on the DSLR LCD in sunny day
    People came and took selfies and photos with their mobile phones as well.
    Snapping a selfie with Egypt's flag flowerbeds
    Snapping a selfie 
    According to the official statement of Egypt's ministry of agriculture issued about the show, more than 160 Companies and nurseries participated in the Spring Flowers show 2016.
    More colorful flowerbeds in the fair
    Each company and nursery showed off its products above them Flowerbeds 
    Flowerbeds including Tulip flowerbeds
    Flower pots for sale including tulip pots 
    Inside the fair
    On both sides of that lane in the public garden , flowers showed us what spring means 
    There is no estimation of the total number of flowers or plants or pots or flowerbeds shown in this beautiful annual show.
    Flowerbeds aisle
    Inside one of the partitions in the Flowers show 2016 
    Spring time in Giza
    It was more cheerful than last year's show 
    At one of the fair's partitions
    That partition sold flower pots directly to the people 
    Colorful Flower pots
    Beautiful flower pots full of colorful tiny flowers I ignore their names. 
    There were flowers and plants of every shape and kind including those who naturally do not grow in Egypt's hot weather.
    Japanese Ikebana at Egypt's Flowers show
    Japanese Ikbana pots 
    Japanese Bonsai and other type of odd looking small trees
    Japanese bonsai tree on the right and other odd looking trees 
    Japanese bonsai and other type of small trees
    Japanese bonsai and another odd looking small reddish tree
    Daisies in every color were so popular in the Show this year.
    Purple Daisy
    A close up of a purple daisy , I think it is so beautiful
    Different kinds of colored daisies
    White , orange and mixed colored daisies 
    Red , yellow and orange daisies
    Yellow , orange and red daisies pots 
    Orange Daisy
    Orange daisy 
    Light pink daisies
    Light pink daisies 
    Half colored daisies
    Mixed colored daisies  
    The cacti were there also as we are a desert country.
    Cacti flowers
    Flowed Cacti at the show 
    Cactus Flower
    Flowered cactus 
    More alien looking cacti
    Odd/alien looking Cacti 
    Red , Yellow and orange Cacti
    Red , Yellow and orange cacti 
    This year , Tulips were there beautifully.
    Tulips at Egypt's Flowers show
    Beautiful tulips 
    Popular roses were there with their different beautiful colors.
    Red Flower at the fair
    A Close look to a red rose 

    Red Rose at the Fair
    A red rose 

    Light pink rose
    A light pink rose 
    Landscaping companies also showed their products mostly targeting Upper class.

    Inside a landscaping company partition
    A fountain inside a partition of a landscaping company in the Show 
    Blue butterflies for your garden
    Nice blue plastic butterflies seem to be the latest trends in garden accessories 
    Grass formation
    The name of God Almighty "Allah" in Arabic formed on grass at a company specialized
    in natural and artificial grass' partition  .  
    There were also types of beautiful flowers which I did not know their names but that did not stop me from taking their photographs. 
    A type of pink flowers
    Beautiful pink flowers whatever their name is 
    A flower called Velvet in Egypt
    Those flowers are called "Velvet" in Egypt , do not know their real name in English
    Purple Flower
    beautiful purple flowers
    Here is the Spring Flowers show's official Facebook page in Arabic.

    Now let's go back to the past and see how important that beautiful Flowers show was in Egypt.
    Here is a very photo for King Fouad I inaugurating the Flowers show in the late 1930s.
    King Fouad I of Egypt
    King Fouad I of Egypt and Sudan inaugurating the Flowers show 
    Here are also a couple of Photos of the legendary beauty Princess Fawzia Fouad inaugurating the Flowers show in the late 1940s with her sister Princess Faika Fouad.

    Princess Fawzia and her sister Faika Fouad inaugurating Flowers show  in 1940s
    Princess Fawzia and her sister Faika Fouad inaugurating Flowers show
    in the 1940s "King Farouk's website" 
    Princess Fawzia and her sister Faika Fouad inaugurating Flowers show  in 1940s
    Princesses Fawzia and Faika at Flowers show 
    in the 1940s "King Farouk's website" 
    I posted a photo last year from that event.
    Here was also the press coverage for the Princesses' visit and you can see the photo of Princess Fawzia colored.
    Princess Fawzia Fouad
    Princesses Fawzia at Flowers show 
    in the 1940s "@So2rate" 
    Here was also the cover of the Egyptian Radio magazine's cover in April 1952 covering Princess Faiza's visit to the show.
    Princess Faiza of Egypt
    Princess Faiza Fouad on the cover of Egyptian Radio
    magazine in April 1952 "Hannan Ezzat"
    I published in 2015 Akher Saa'a Magazine coverage to that visit.
    That was the last time a member of the Royal Family inaugurated the annual Spring Flowers show.
    Here is an AP archives video report about the Spring Flowers Show shot in the mid-1990s I think judging from clothes.
    Egypt's Spring Flowers Show in 1990s by AP
    You can see that El-Omran botanical public garden was much greener and the flowers nurseries were more than the landscaping companies showcasing their products.
    Back to 2016 , you can see below the whole photo gallery full of 90 photos taken from Egypt's Spring Flowers show 2016. Just zoom in to enjoy the photos.

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    Turkish army's failed coup in Turkey
    Al-Ahram newspaper's Front page in its second edition for Saturday
    "Turkish army ousts Erdogan" 
    "The Turkish army ousts  Erdogan" This was State-owned Al-Ahram newspaper's front page's bold red headline in the second edition of Saturday's issue.
    "The armed forces controls the country and declares martial laws, Recep Tayib disappeared" Those were the second bold headlines in black.
    The first two editions of Egypt's most popular and semi-official newspaper claimed that the coup succeeded despite all news and indications in the media before 11 PM showed that things were not clear and the story was developing and changed per minute. We did not know how big the coup was already.
    Almost all Egyptian newspapers followed Al-Ahram newspaper's steps and published news reports in their Frontpages about how successful the Turkish coup was !!

    A photo by Aswat Masriya showing the newspapers on Saturday in Egypt
    You must read Aswat Masriya's special report about the media coverage on that day
    Only Shorouk Daily newspaper was more professional in its headline speaking about the unrest in Turkey and that's it.
    ِِState-owned Akhbar Al-Youm was accurate as well staying on its Front Page "A Coup attempt"
    Some will say that Egyptian newspapers rushed in without paying attention to the fact that there were not enough or clear information on what is going in Turkey Friday night.
    This is so bad as well shameful as we are not in the 1960s anymore for God's sake !!

    Nevertheless , it was even worse in Egyptian TV night talk shows where the TV hosts did not hide how they gloated over that a coup that ousted Erdogan.
    Infamous TV host Ahmed Moussa already welcomed and cheered on Friday in a special episode of his show "The revolution of the Turkish army" !!
    Moussa was not supposed to be on air on Friday.
    Anyhow on Saturday, he attacked the Turkish army and sent a message to its commander that its reputation hit rock bottom !!
    I wonder if anyone in the Turkish army from the highest to lowest rank really cares about what an Egyptian TV host , let alone someone like Moussa says about their conduct in that event now or at anytime !!

    Other TV hosts followed the steps of Moussa whether on TV or online through their Twitter accounts and Facebook accounts.
    I know that they act and gloat like that because of the cold relations between Erdogan and Sisi because of the Muslim Brotherhood despite there were signs that the two could reconcile. "Not anymore but rumors spread in Cairo that Tel Aviv wanted better relations between the two countries in the past two weeks" 
    Ousting Erdogan in a coup will be the perfect and ironic scenario to prove that the military option is better than democracy.

    You may think that those TV hosts and newspapers were acting independently as the Egyptian ministry of foreign did not comment positively or negatively about what is going on in Turkey on Friday. It is a perfect thing to be honest .
    But on Saturday , we found out that Egypt blocked the UN security council condemnation statement over a silly wording problem. 
    It turned out that Egypt did not approve the phrase "respect the democratically elected government of Turkey " and wanted instead "Constitutional and law principles" !!
    I do not understand what the problem was "elected government of Turkey" !!?
    Already , Egypt recognizes the current official elected government of Turkey despite the extreme bad relations between Egyptian and Turkish government over the ouster of Mohamed Morsi. 
    Does the Egyptian government think that it would force Erdogan to recognize El-Sisi as the President and what happened on 30 June a revolution through this !?
    The Pro-regime supporters say that this statement will enforce Erdogan to respect the law when it comes on his crackdown on the dissidents.
    Yes !!!!
    I have got no idea except Egypt looks so bad now !!

    Now my two cents about what happened in Turkey and Egyptian media coverage :
    Military coups won't bring stability or democracy to anyone and I think the whole world knows that.
    Two wrongs will not fix anything.
    Erdogan and his government did huge mistakes but if you want to get rid of them then through democratic free elections.
    Turkish opposition and people raised the bar yesterday.
    Turkey won't be the same.
    The Egyptian mainstream media is seriously in a big trouble. It is not a secret that people returned once again to watch Arab and Western news channels to see what is going on thanks to the unprofessional coverage and bias of Egyptian TV channels. 

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    Cairo's Ramses railway station

    Seen : Inside Cairo's Ramses railway station, the biggest railway station in Egypt while waiting for the train heading to Alexandria
    Source : Instagram 

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    "He was tortured and killed like an Egyptian"  Allegedly those were the words of Paola Regeni, the mother of the mother of the 28-years-old Italian political science researcher tortured and killed in Egypt.
    I remember this quote which means a lot to me as Egyptian when I read about two particular incidents.
    The first one involving the current coach of Al-Masry SC football team in the Egyptian Premier League Hossam Hassan
    The former so-called legendary of the Egyptian National team  , who is known for his bad and violent temper made headlines worldwide after attacking a person what thought to be a regular citizen in a football pitch !!
    It started on 8 July after the football match between Al-Masry SC and Ghazal Al-Mahalla where it ended in a draw 2-2. After the game and while it was on air, we found Hossam Hassan running behind some photographer who was holding a camera. After knocking him down to the ground , Hassan punched him and then snatched his camera throwing it away.

    The incident as it was captured on air.
    Surprisingly , the man assaulted by Hassan turned  to be not a photographer nor a regular citizen. He turned to be an undercover low ranking policeman who is assign to take photos of the match and the audience. "Why would the ministry of interior take photos of the audience in that match if the crowd ban for domestic football games remains in place !? Let alone why would it take photos for anyone without their permission ?"
    Hossam Hassan defended what he did at first claiming that this photographer/policeman insulted him by mentioning his mother's private part. "It is extremely insulting and offensive thing in Egypt and Arab culture in general".
    Hassan even mentioned that insult directly on air in a very rare incident.
    The Egyptian football association "EFA" decided to ban Hassan for three matches and handed him an LE 10,000 fine over his unexpected behavior.
    On the other hand , policemen in Ismailia governorate where the match protested in solidarity with their colleague.
    Within hours , the prosecution decided to investigate the incident and to detain Hassan four days pending investigation for assaulting a policeman then referring him to an urgent trial.
    Al-Masry SC Fans protested the decision in the streets of Port Said and some of them were arrested then released.
    Now interestingly , Hossam Hassan defended himself saying that he thought the undercover policeman was actually a regular citizen !!!??
    So is it okay to assault a regular citizen like that but is not okay to assault a policeman despite both actions are wrong !!?

    By the way , the court dismissed the case after coach Hassan reconciled with the policeman who withdrew the complaint.

    Now days later , we found another incident involving regular citizens and police.
    Late Thursday , an MP was physically assaulted at a Cairo police station and a similar reason was said.
    MP Zeinab Salem
    Zeinab Salem 
    On Friday , MP Zeinab Salem of Sharkia said that she and her sister were assaulted in Nasr City police station last Thursday as they went there to see her detained nephew who was allegedly beaten there.
    According to the MP who is known to be a huge Pro-Sisi supporter, her nephew was arrested Thursday after a fight with another young man and that after he was detained , he was allegedly physically assaulted.
    FYI , her nephew is accused of sexually harassing a girl and stabbing her brother , an Egyptian Norwegian who is still in a critical condition in hospital.
    Salem said on Friday that when she went with her sister and saw her nephew beaten , she objected that treatment describing it as illegal.
    In return , a police officer punched her face and assaulted her and her sister physically.

    She sent a message to the House of Representatives' WhatsApp group "yes, the MPs have got a special WhatsApp group" asking for her help. Reportedly, 5 MPs rushed to Nasr city police station to find the MP and her sister on the floor in a miserable state. There was a viral video showing the MP and her nephew after they were assaulted at the police station.
    Zeinab Salem is a member of the House of Representatives' biggest Pro-Sisi bloc "Support Egypt" and the bloc was angry for the first time for how its member was humiliated only.
    Ironically , Zeinab Salem once called the security forces to open their fire on protesters during the discussion of Protest law in the parliament.

    On Friday , the ministry of interior and prosecution began their investigations about the incident.
    After suspending the officer for investigation, the minister of interior called Zeinab Salem on the phone to apologize telling her that it was an individual act and she accepted his apology.
    The head of Cairo security directorate went to her house with flowers.
    Now during the investigation, the police officer who attacked the MP said that he did not know that she was a parliamentarian and that he thought that she was a regular citizen !?
    So it is okay to physically assault a regular citizen in the police station !??
    Also, I wonder what he would do if he knew that she was a parliamentarian !?? Would he let her go with her nephew who is a suspect in two dangerous crimes !?
    Now the media is speaking about MP Salem's past criminal record including fraud and attacking police officers.
    That record was amazingly was absent when she ran on the electoral list "For love of Egypt" or when she became the undersecretary of the tourism committee in the parliament !!

    For me, the story of Zeinab Salem is full of wrongs in a crazy way starting with what her nephew allegedly had done.
    Hossam Hassan and Zeinab Salem
    Hossam Hassan and MP Zeinab Salem
    It seems to me from the two incidents that it is dangerous being a regular Egyptian citizen in Egypt anymore because you can be humiliated and beaten at any time by anyone with influence.

    Forget about your rights if you are not a policeman or a parliamentarian as it seems.

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    It has been awhile since I have posted any post or photo or video from my visits to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.
    Now, I am seizing the opportunity to share a very shaky video footage I filmed at the Egyptian Museum when I went there in December.
    When I went there for the first time , I found out that the Museum was holding a special small exhibit about footwear in Ancient Egypt.
    The "Stepping through time : Footwear in ancient Egypt" exhibit showed how ancient Egyptians regardless of their social status and ranks had known footwear from sandals and shoes for their daily life as well their afterlife.
    Yes, closed leather shoes and they looked amazing.
    I know that it is not the best video ever and I apologize for the shaky filming in advance. Hope that enjoy and share that shaky Egyptian Chronicles less than 3-minutes production

    It is another opportunity as well to share photos from my Egyptian Museum in Cairo photo collection showing ancient footwear just I have done with King Tutankhamen's extraterrestrial dagger.

    Stepping through time
    Stepping through time exhibit was held at one of the vast museum's sections 
    Inside "Stepping through time : Footwear in ancient Egypt"
    Inside the small exhibition held at the ground floor 
    You can see how ancient Egyptians used different materials in making sandals and shoes whether fiber or straw or leather of wood.

    An collection of ancient Egyptian wooden open shoes
    Remains of wooden open shoes found in ancient Egyptian tombs 
    A collection of ancient Egypt leather sandals and shoes
    A collection of ancient Egypt leather shoes as you can see 
    Ancient Egyptian leather open shoes
    Remains of ancient Egyptian leather open shoes 
    Ancient Egyptian leather sandals and shoes
    A collection of ancient Egyptian leather open shoes 
    Ancient Egypt Plain fiber open shoes and sandal
    A collection of ancient Egyptian fiber sandals and open shoes 
    And of course , the famous King Tutankhamen's collection got its own share of Golden sandals found in his tomb in Luxor in 1922.
    A small golden statue showing king Tut wearing sandals
    A golden statue of King Tutankhamen wearing
    a sandal 
    King Tut's black and golden sandals
    King Tutankhamen's black and golden sandals depicting him while killing enemies 
    King's Tut golden sandals
    King Tutankhamen's golden sandals 
    Ancient Egyptian deities , King Tut and his Golden statue
    The golden statue of King Tut with his sandal along a collection of ancient Egyptian
    Another King Tut's golden statue
    Tutankhamun statue alone 
    And King Tut was a human like us and he did not wear golden sandals and shoes all the time. 

    King Tutankhamen's shoe
    Here is an amazing reconstructed model for a colored shoe found at King Tut's tomb in 1922
    A sewn sandal from King Tut's collection
    A sewn leather sandal found at King Tut's tomb
    His grandparents "Tjuyu and Yuya" got their collection of fancy fiber sandals
    Tjuyu and Yuya flipflops
    Sandals from Tjuyu and Yuya collection "King Tutankhamen's grandparents"
    Sandals from Tjuyu and Yuya collection
    A close up to one of the sandals 

    Now personally , my favorite thing in that exhibit was a pair of amazing red colored leather shoes survived till this day. 
    There was a reconstructed model besides that pair on how it should look.

    Ancient Egyptian red shoes
    The amazing ancient Egyptian red shoes 
    The amazing ancient Egyptian red shoes
    Ancient Egyptians used to enjoy fancy shoes 
    A pair of red ancient Egyptian shoes
    Another shot but this time , I used my iPhone and posted on Instagram
    Pakhuru's Shabti box
    A shabti box of ancient Egyptian Pakhuru who used to work in Amun-Ra temples
    depicting him while wearing a shoe
    This exhibit was actually the best answer to the claim of the ultra-royalists in Egypt that Egyptian peasants loved being barefooted since the dawn of history.
    Lately , ultra-royalists "they do exist in Egypt" defend the decision of King Farouk I in 1941 to have a national project to fight barefoot in Egyptian country and give the poor peasants shoes to wear claiming that Egyptians love to be barefoot !!
    Rich people detonated to that project.
    Historians look to that project as an evidence for the lack of social justice in Egypt during the rule of MohameAli-Royal family.
    As you may know , I am a little old royalist but I do not whitewash the errors and cons of that era.

    0 0

    And I have nothing this year to write about the anniversary of that original military coup that changed not only Egypt forever but the whole Middle East except that photo.

    Abdel Hakim Amer , Anwar Sadat and Nasser
    Hakim, Nasser and Sadat in early 1960s with big grin
    Happy fucking 23 July Dear Egyptians.
    It is 2016 and we still do not how to achieve the so-called 23 July goals except one to be precise : Having a strong army as the Egyptian armed forces rank as the 12th worldwide according to Global Fire ranking.

    0 0

    The city of Cairo
    The glorious Cairo 
    And here is the beautiful wild and glorious forever despite hardships Cairo during the sunset from its famous Cairo tower.
    I went to Cairo tower on Monday with two dear friends afternoon where we saw the amazing sunset of Cairo and its night from above.
    Unfortunately, I forgot my camera battery and could not get better shots using my mobile phone.
    Source: instagram
    Here is a timelapse for October bridge in the sunset.

    A video posted by Zeinobia (@zeinobia) on

    Here is another shot vine for that magical hour of sunset.


    Now in 2009 , I wrote a post you may be interested to read about the history of the once-tallest building in Africa after its renovation. 
    In the same year , I visited the tower and took a couple of photos using my simple Sony Point and Shot and actually the photos were still great.

    0 0

    Earlier Thursday, President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi met with a delegation from the Egyptian Orthodox Church led by the head of Church himself Pope Tawadros II.
    The meeting comes  after sectarian tensions and attacks took place in Upper Egypt. Despite Sisi told the church's delegation that all Egyptians were equal in front of the Constitution. He also added that all the recent sectarian attacks and tensions in the past few weeks were "individual acts".
    Sisi and the Egyptian Orthodox Church delegation
    Sisi and the Egyptian Orthodox Church delegation
    "Egyptian Presidency" 
    Amazingly the Church's spokesperson claimed that the meeting the Church leaderships with the President did not include any discussion about recent sectarian tensions !!
    For the past four weeks, Egypt's south witnessed several sectarian tensions that evolved into deadly attacks in some cases.
     Most of those unfortunate cases were in Minya governorate. Interestingly , the head of Orthodox Church in Minya, Anba Macrious attended the Thursday meeting with the President.
    At least three incidents happened in Minya's rural villages.
    The last incident in "Tahna El-Gabl" village started as a fight between a group of young Muslim men "the oldest is 24 years old" and Christian children as the kids did not let the young men's car pass through their narrow street while playing !!
    The fight ended deadly when the family of those kids came and a Christian man was killed and three other injured.
    Many of the cases that end in sectarian fights and clashes start with trivial issues and end deadly because of the slowness of the security and executives authorities and their insistence to restore to the traditional reconciliation sessions between the elderly of both sides supported by the state, Al-Azhar and the church.

    Then there was another incident in Bani Sweif governorate last Friday when an angry Muslim mob attacked after the Friday prayers the houses of Christians in a small village over a rumor that they are going to convert one of their houses illegally to a Church.
    The attack was filmed on video that went viral on Egyptian social media networks.
    This case was also resolved in another tradition reconciliation session where the Christian Copts promised that they won't build a Church in the village after taking an authorization legally.

    Using a very old law , new Churches need authorization from the President or the governor with a lot of red tape to be built.
    Supposedly , the Egyptian House of Representatives is going to discuss allegedly the Unified draft law of houses of worship that should solve the problem once and for all but we do not know when this will happen !!

    Unlike previous times , the Orthodox Church in Minya began to take a firm stand against those attacks as well the officials in the Orthodox church in Cairo began to speak and wonder where the Egyptian state from what is happening to the Egyptian Christians.
    Bishop Raphaeil , the secretary of the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church slammed the government directly following the sectarian fights in Minya.

    "A Question to the executive authorities in Egypt : Does not what happens on a daily basis from humiliation and murder to the Christian Copts require a change in the local leadership ??"
    In the past two weeks , I was angry at the Minya governor and I totally understand the calls for his dismissal.
    But then I read the quote of the Bishop again and remember the words President Abdel El-Fattah El-Sisi said in his last speech about unity and that nobody was above the law.
    The Family House initiative supported by Al-Azhar and Church and its members that went to Minya to convince the Christian families to accept reconciliation.

    At first, the members of the initiative complained that those families were stubborn because they were demanding the law to be imposed but then they reached for reconciliation.
    Of course , all the officials speak all the time about how the state of law but where is that state of law !??
    Again to Bishop Raphael's tweet,I think the problem is not in the local leadership but rather the executive leadership and authorities that do not want or prefer the state of law to be imposed. The local leaderships act according to the orders of the centralized government. We are a centralized country.

    Yes, Upper Egypt in the South got its own rules and I would dare to say that there is no state in law there for Muslims and Christians as tribalism and classism. Yet, the state only imposes law when it wants in Upper Egypt with no regard to the traditions or tribalism.

    What I do not understand that the regime wants to appear as the savior and protector of Christians in the Middle East but in the real world , it does not do anything for real to stop sectarianism or have a real citizenship in Egypt.
    Sisi just like Mubarak, is using the old technique that it is either "Me or the bloody Islamists who burn your churches" so far. That TV ad I spoke about earlier demonstrates this.
    Still, time will come and this won't work I am afraid.

    Even the legislative authority is interested in having a serious discussion about what happened in Upper Egypt. Ali Abdel Aal , the speaker of the House of Representative ridiculed MP Nadia Henry when she spoke about what happened in Minya and demanding the parliament to discuss it.
    " Calm down, Nadia"  This was what Abdel Aal told MP Henry to do. It is worth to mention that after that incident , the active MP found out the once-liberal Free Egyptians Party dismissed her from the party's parliamentarian bloc deputy head's position !!
    That meeting with the Church's delegation and insistence that we are all equal in front of the law and constitution won't solve anything because simply nothing changes in the real world.

    You know this won't be the last post about this problem in this blog. I hope it will be the last but I will be fooling you and me. True citizenship that does not differentiate between races or religions or colors or genders or classes demands true state of law , justice , accountability and freedom of expression.

    I do not think that any of those will be achieved now in Egypt.

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    From the top of Cairo tower

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    From the top of Cairo tower

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