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7000 years and counting ...

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    Inside the famous Syrians street in October city , Giza , Egypt.

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    And a Cairo administrative ruled out earlier Tuesday that the Egyptian-Saudi deal to redraw maritime borders is void and that Tiran and Sanafir red sea isles are Egyptian.
    In other words , human rights lawyer Khaled Ali and his team won the lawsuit against the Egyptian government in a historical verdict.

    According to the court's verdict
    The Egyptian-Saudi deal to redraw maritime borders and its consequences above them placing the Tiran and Sanafir in Saudi water are annulled. The two islands are still within the Egyptian territories and the Egyptian State borders. The Egyptian sovereignty still continue in the two isles. It is prohibited to change their status in any way for any other country. 

    The Egyptian government can appeal this ruling at the High Administrative Court but we must remember that the government did not represent the agreement text or any evidence that supported the Saudi-hood of those isles to the Administrative court.

    Despite President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said in a public speech before that all the documents prove that the two islands were Saudi , no document was provided in the Administrative court in the trial in the past few weeks to the level that the State's attorney was fined.

    On the other hand, lawyer Khaled Ali and his team that represented mounting evidence from official Egyptian as well Saudi and international maps and Atlas books as well official Egyptian state documents that recognize the two isles as Egyptian territories since 1906 and even beyond.

    Here is the complete Court's ruling and its reasoning in Arabic.

    Update : The State lawsuits authority that represents the government decided to appeal against the ruling .

    Khaled Ali-Tiran and Sanafir
    Khaled Ali out the State council by
    Mohamed El-Raay-Reuters 
    I am not optimistic but I think many know that the government or rather the regime won't give up easily in something like that.
    The Egyptian House of Representatives is still going to discuss and approve the Egyptian-Saudi deal.

    The parliament is supposed to discuss it after the State budget.
    It is worth to mention that for three months , the government says that the parliament will discuss the deal within two weeks and so on.

    Already after that Administrative court ruling , the parliament will discuss nothing because the agreement is void.
    Needless to say, most of the Pro-State regime MPs support the deal publicly and this won't go without a fighting
    Hours following the court ruling , very close to presidency and Pro-regime MP Mostafa Bakry is saying in a series of tweets that the Administrative court actually violated the Constitution actually.

    According to Bakry who published a book recently to prove the two islands are Saudi , the Administrative court's jurisdiction to look into diplomatic and international deals.
    Bakry accused the court of violating the constitution article no.151 which states that that the President represents the state in its international deals and the Parliament must ratify it.

    This will not go without a fight , an ugly one too because Tiran and Sanafir were taken from Egypt as part of a big regional arrangement as it seems to pave the Saudi-Israeli relations.

    During the visit of King Salman to Egypt in April , the deal was announced suddenly shocking Egyptians.

    Former Israeli defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon announced that Israel signed off on the Egyptian government's move to give Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia.
    Tiran and Sanafir islands

    Ya'alon also revealed that in return of the two deserted islands , the Saudi Kingdom would give Egypt USD 16 billion in aid.

    According to the new arrangement, Saudi Arabia should be part of the Camp David treaty. Some analysts in Egypt say that this arrangement will pave the way for Deputy Crown Prince Muhamed Bin Salman to become the king of Saudi Arabia after his father.

    It is not only that arrangement , there were other decisions taken during his father's visit concerning Sinai and the possession of land there that raise many question marks.

    In early June , former Saudi official Dr. Anwar Eshki who has direct contacts with Israeli officials revealed to Yedioth Ahronoth Israeli newspaper the following as a step of normalization between his country and Israel.
    Egypt recently returned two islands to Saudi Arabia (Tiran and Sanafir). We plan to build the King Salman bridge, which will link Africa to Asia and will be used for the transit of passengers, vehicles and goods. On Tiran Island, which stretches over 80 square kilometers, a free trade zone is being built exempt from taxes and duties. If Israel goes along with the diplomatic process and adopts the Arab peace plan, we shall invite Israel to present goods and sell what you have to offer on the island of Tiran. Such a move will have huge economic returns for you.
    The Saudi Parliament and Saudi cabinet have already approved the deal.

    Tiran and Sanafir isles are extremely important when it comes to strategic and military importance to Egypt according to Egypt's late most prominent geographer and scholar Gamal Hamdan. In his last book about Sinai peninsula which is a must to read,Hamadan says explicitly that whoever controls Tiran and Sanafir along Sharm El-Sheikh, control the Tiran strait and gulf of Aqaba .
    Gamal Hamadan's book about
    Tiran and Sanafir
    Hamadan was keen in his book which was published in 1993 "it was published after his death but he prepared all its maps" to include Tiran and Sanafir isles in the Egyptian territories.
    Sinai map
    South Sinai cities and islands " Gamal Hamadan"
    Hamadan is considered Egypt's most important and trusted geographer, I do not think that he was a fool or ignorant. He published that map above before in his important and best selling book "The Personality of Egypt". I read the books and I know what I saw by own eyes.

    Now I am not a legal expert but annulling the deal and its consequences mean as well cancelling the detention and the jail sentences for the political activists and protesters who were sent to jail because they spread false news.

    Lawyer Malek Adly , activist Sanaa Seif , Street children troupe and journalists Amr Badr and Mahmoud El-Sakka should be released accordingly as the court proved that those islands are Egyptian.

    The head of journalists syndicate's trial should stop now.

    Egyptian-Syrian Hisham Zohair's deportation to Syria must be suspended right now.
    Zohair already paid LE 100,000 bail to be released from in the 25 April protesters case as an Egyptian yet he is being tried like a foreign who is dangerous on national security !!
    Those are the names I can remember right now involved in the case

    #Tiran_and_Sanafir_are_Egyptian hashtag in Arabic is top trending worldwide as well in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
    Worldwide trends
    The worldwide trends
    Egypt trends
    Egypt Trends
    Saudi trends

    More about the disputed Tiran and Sanafir.
    In Arabic :

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    And King Rokn El-Zaman escaped from jail thanks to Farkuk , the Djinn and evil vizier Samsem is clueless.
    Tonight we will know the new evil plan of Samsem and Safwan after the sudden return of Hassan and the escape of King Rokn El-Zaman in the 16 episode of our tale this year , the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman and his family.
    Here is the 678th episode of the famous Egyptian State Radio Show

    Farkuk transfers the king and his son Prince Hassan to El-Salam island before heading to the Djinn realm for a big meeting there.
    The father and son discuss what happened to them. Rokn El-Zaman believes that Samsem controlled
    An illustration depicting the meeting
    of Djinn with their king in the
    14th-century book of Wonders 
    Prince Safwan in some way.

    Both agree that it was time to think thoroughly before taking any step.
    On the other hand , Safwan and Samsem try to make sense about what happened and how Rokn El-Zaman escaped and how Hassan came back.
    Samsem believes it is better to declare Safwan as the new king but Safwan wonders if he will be able to convince the people, the governors of provinces and the chief judge that he should replace King Rokn El-Zaman after two weeks of absence.
    The evil Vizier is not worried about the Chief judge because he appointed him , he is not worried about the governors of the provinces in the Kingdom because they only want money.
    He also believes that people can be fooled easily.
    Samsem is wrong because the Chief Judge refuses to approve the transfer of power from Rokn El-Zaman to his son Safwan except on one condition : To prove that King Rokn El-Zaman is dead.
    In the Djinn Realm , Poor Farkuk is standing a trial for a being absent for 1000 years. Farkuk defends himself but the head of Djinn council accuses him of betraying his duty because he was in love with Farfash.
    Farkuk is sent to Djinn prison for detention.
    You can check all the previous episodes as well seasons here.
    Till another night , folks.

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    And Vizier Samsem did not lose hope in finding a way to make Safwan the official king in a way or another after knowing that it won't be easy thing according to the Kingdom's Chief Judge.
    In the 17th episode of our tale this year , the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman we know also the fate of poor Farkuk and his beloved Farfash.
    Here is the 679th episode of the famous Egyptian State Radio show "One Thousand and one nights" created by one of the legendary Egyptian Radio founding fathers Mohamed Shaaban "Baba Sharo" after the break.

    The Chief Judge explains to Samsem that if Safwan wants to be king in his father's absence then the matter must be discussed by the Diwan council which is headed by Rokn El-Zaman's uncle,Prince Alwan.

    One thousand and one TV show

    The Judge which was appointed to Samsem and sent Rokn El-Zaman to prison also reveals another plan to Samsem.
    The Vizier should declare the absence of Rokn El-Zaman publicly and call to appear within three months. After that , the chief judge can issue the King's death certificate without the need of his dead body.
    Scary Farfash is now nice to Shoms and decides to help her. She will disguise as a human again and will go to the Diwan to ask about Shoms' uncle Salman.
    Poor Salman was summoned from the Prison to the Palace to meet Vizier Samsem who asked him once again about what happened to Rokn El-Zaman.
    The inmates in the prison begin to have doubts about Rokn El-Zaman that he was telling the truth from the beginning that he is the King.
    Dahman is a free man and goes to Dada to collect his money.
    Prince Hassan and his father King Rokn El-Zaman agree to summon Djinn "Farkuk" in order to transfer them back to the Kingdom from the faraway "El-Salam island".
    The King wanted to reach to the commander of his army in order to arrest both Safwan and Samsem.
    There is one problem, Farkuk does not show up when he is summoned. Both men do not know that Farkuk is currently detained at the Djinn realm prison.
    Things get even worse when suddenly strange ugly people appear from nowhere in the island and arrest them.
    You can check all the previous episodes as well seasons here.
    Till another night , folks.

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    Prince Hassan and his father Rokn El-Zaman are captured by the islanders who they did not know that they live on El-Salam island.
    More trouble coming to the hero of our tale this year , King Rokn El-Zaman and his father in the 18th episode.
    Here is the 680th episode of the famous Egyptian State Radio Show "One Thousand and One Nights" produced in the late 1960s after the break.

    King Rokn El-Zaman and his son Prince Hassan were captured by savage people of El-Salam island. Rokn El-Zaman introduces himself and his son to the commander of that savage group Morgan as a King and a prince.
    Morgan takes them to his king , the king of El-Salam island Zardar Khan.
    Zardar Khan asks them about their story and Rokn El-Zaman tells him that they came to the Island through the help of a Djinn but El-Salam island does not believe.
    The Djinn council
    The Djinn council 

    Unfortunately , Zardar Khan believes that Rokn El-Zaman and his son were actually spies sent by his enemy King Badr Khan.
    The angry suspicious king orders his men to throw Rokn El-Zaman and his son into the fire.
    Poor Farkuk has been in Djinn detention for a week and he is asking the king of Djinn to release him the King refused and decided to detain him for a month.
    The Chief Judge goes on with his plan and revises it with Samsem : He will declare King's absence to the public within and after three months he will declare him dead and Safwan will be crowned as a king.
    Vizier Samsem goes then to Queen Nourhan to tell her about the plan he made with the Chief judge. The Queen is already grieving for losing both her husband Rokn El-Zaman and her son Hassan as they went missing. Samsem tells her the plan but she loses it when she knows that Safwan will be crowned as a king.
    The Queen faints and her maid wakes her up. Samsem leaves while knowing why the Queen freaked out.
    While wondering what she will do , the Queen hears the voice of a fortune teller outside the palace and orders her maid to bring her to the Palace as probably she may know where Rokn El-Zaman and Hassan are.
    You can check all the previous episodes as well seasons here.
    Till another night , folks.

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    Ramadan Lanterns

    Only ten days are remaining and the Holy month of Ramadan of 2016 will be over so it is a perfect time to share more and more Egyptian traditional Ramadan lanterns.
    Here is another photo from El-Sayida Zeinab Ramadan Market in Islamic Cairo where Egyptian traditional Ramadan Lanterns are sold in every shape and color.

    Source : Instagram 

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    And suddenly King Rokn Hassan and his son Prince Hassan are facing death after King Zardarkhan decided that they were spies and they should be killed.
    Tonight we will know their fate in the 19th episode of our tale this Ramadan , the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman and his family.
    Here is the 681st episode of the famous One thousand and one night Radio show written by renowned author Abbas Al-Aswani after the break.
    Just as Prince Hassan is going to be thrown to the fire , a woman's voice tells the men to stop. That woman is Princess Darkar , King Zardarkhan's daughter.
    A screen capture from One thousand and one nights show 

    The Princess asks Hassan what his story was and once again he told her how he came to the island with his father thanks to a Djinn. He tries to demonstrate in front of her how he summons Farkuk using his ring but the Djinn does not show up.
    The princess takes the ring from Hassan and wonders how he likes such old ugly ring. She orders one of her father's aides to get rid of it in the sea !!!
    Things doe snot get better because Darkar decides to marry Hassan but first according to the laws of the islands , he should fight a lion alone !!
    Drunk as usual , Dahman began to spill his secret about how he sold his baby boy to another man in the bar.
    "Farfash" returns back to Shoms, as you have guessed she was the fortuneteller who was hired by Queen Nourhan. She told Shoms that both Prince Hassan and his father are missing.
    Shoms is still worried about the fate of her uncle.
    Evil Samsem shocks Safwan when he tells that after being crowned as a king , he should give him all the seals of the kingdom.
    You can check all the previous episodes as well seasons here.
    Till another night , folks.

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    Earlier this week , the world celebrated  the World Refugees Day and on Friday the World woke up to the news that the people in the UK voted to leave and the refugees played a role in the decision that is turning Europe and the world upside down.
    I will seize those opportunities to share my photos as well my short trip to that Little Damascus street in October city in Giza in March.
    I went to one of the famous Syrian streets in October city for a work assignment, where a huge flourishing Syrian community is located since 2012.
    In the suburbs of Giza governorates, October city has been a perfect location for Syrians just like Iraqis before them.
    Already Syrians there told me that they found every kind of residence and rent that suit all classes. You will find villas in gated compounds for rich Syrians as well affordable rents for working-class Syrians.
    Same thing for schools , from international expensive schools to the public schools where Syrian students are treated like Egyptians as Special Syrian schools made by Syrian associations in Egypt for young Syrians students.
    When I tried to reach that street in October city , a Young Syrian man standing in another street gave me directions.
    Located behind October University and Al-Hosary Mosque , that Syrians street is the most famous among the streets of October city owned by Syrians.
    The  street is actually a passageway between building complex known in the area as "Al-Amerika" {The American} Building.
     Locals call it "Al-Amerika Mall"

    Inside the Syrians street
    The Syrians street in October city 
    It is located behind El-Hossary Mosque which has been a hot spot for Syrian refugees since 2012 as its charity association provide help to them.
    Only four shops and cafes are reportedly owned by Egyptians throughout the Passageway full of Syrian restaurants selling popular food at affordable prices , cafes , barbershop and even mobile phones shops.

    Syrian shops and restaurants
    Syrian names like Sham "Levant" and "Syria" are common here. 
    There is this Syrian mini-market with Syrian and Turkish goods. It sells Syrian cheese and herbs like Thyme mix made by Syrians in Egypt.
    Syrian cheese
    Syrian handmade cheese in that mini-market
    You will find the spices and herbs mix packets written on it the famous phrase : Made in Egypt by Syrian hands.
    Most of the customers of that mini-market as well the Syrian herbs and spices shop beside it are Syrians who are looking of a little taste of home.
    Syrian Thyme Mix "Zaatar"
    Syrian thyme mix as well vine paper pickles and makados pickles "Yummy" 
    I spoke with "Abu Salah" , who is one of the owners of the biggest food Syrian restaurants there and he told me that he came from three years with his family.
    Originally working in the restaurants industry in Syria , he and his partner opened their restaurant in October city despite the Egyptian red tapes.
    Abu Salah and his partner employ Syrians and Egyptians in successful and popular business.

    smiling in front of the Shawarma
    A Syrian man working in that restaurant smiling to the camera 
    Food and culinary businesses are booming for Syrians in Egyp already as Egyptians love food.
    Already located beside the 6 October university , there is no shortage of customers from students looking for quick and affordable yet tasty meal.

    The nice falafel guys
    Two Syrian young men working a ful and falafel restaurant owned by an Egyptian man
    Of course speaking with people there in the street , you will find that young Syrian men hope to travel to Europe for a better future especially they suffer from economic woes in Egypt just like Egyptians. 
    On the other hand , business owners think Egypt is better than any country now because after all they are settled down and their work is successful one. 

    Two Syrian young men working in ful and falafel restaurant

    I went to October city in 2012 and made interviews with families that fled El-Assad forces and its attacks against rebel cities during then.
    It was an unforgettable day for me. I can not forget how I was received warmly by those families still struggling in a new country and how hospitable they were with me.
    I can not forget either how I met a widow whose husband killed in Huma while aiding other people, that widow came with her old mother and three children.
    I can not forget either how I met a young man who was paralyzed thanks to Al-Assad forces' sniper in Homs and how his old mother came helping him.
    I do not know what happened to those families in the past four years.I wondered what happened to them
    I met those families through the ladies of the Syrian community in Egypt , mostly Upper-Class ladies who did not and have not stopped helping their Syrian brothers and sisters since day one.

    According to the UNHCR , there are 117,702 Syrians registered as refugees in its office in Egypt in May 2016.
    Unofficially there are speculations that there are over half million Syrians living in the country.
    Most the Syrians do not register with UNHCR in order to have more freedom in movement as far as I know.

    Syrian refugees won't steal your jobs , they will make their own jobs and businesses if they are given the opportunity.
    I wish that Egypt was in better condition to host more and more Syrians.
    Thanks to Egypt and to Egyptian people and government
    A "Thank you ,Egypt" banner in the street

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    And Prince Hassan has got to fight a lion now for his father's life and his own life as well to be able marry Princess Darkar of El-Salam island.
    Tonight , we will know in the 20th episode of King Rokn El-Zaman's tale if Prince Hassan is able to fight a lion with nothing except a spear.
    You can find after the break the 781st episode of Egyptian State Radio's famous show "One Thousand and one night".

    And Prince Hassan found himself in front of a lion he has to fight.
    Khusraw and the lion "1632-Iran" 

    Fighting a lion with only a spear, Prince Hassan made the impossible and killed the fierce animal.
    Still bad news is still waiting for him, he killed the lion and now he must marry Princess Darkar according to El-Salam island.
    He does not have much time to escape the island along with his father as they have only 24 hours.
    Princess Darkar does not understand why Hassan insists on that ring.
    For his surprise during the wedding , Prince Hassan found Morgan , the Princess' aide wearing the ring. He needs to snatch the ring in a way or another.
    On the other hand, the ex-chief of judges feel that there is something wrong in the kingdom especially after hearing the announcement of the Diwan that King Rokn El-Zaman went missing.
    He feels that it is related to the decision of Vizier Samsem to dismiss him.
    And so he asks his aide to arrange a meeting with Queen Nourhan
    You can check all the previous episodes as well seasons here.
    Till another night , folks.

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    Poor Prince Hassan is now facing , he has to marry Princess Darkar. He also has got his Solomon seal to retrieve as soon as possible to return back to his kingdom.
    Tonight we will know the fate of Hassan and his father in the 21st episode of our tale this year , the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman and his son Hassan.
    You can find after the break the 782nd of the Egyptian State Radio's famous and popular "One Thousand and one night" show

    Back at the kingdom , ex-chief Judge Omar Shah meets Queen Nourhan secretly. Omar Shah exchanges thoughts with Queen Nourhan and it turns out both have suspicions.
    Omar Shah says that there must be a secret on why they want Safwan as a king.
    A remodel for famous King Solomon's seal 

    The Queen knows the secret only along with Dada. 
    And so Prince Hassan found himself stuck in a marriage that he did not want or seek. The wedding ceremony already started and now Prince Hassan and Princess Darkar.
    Not so innocent Darkar puts the truth serum in the drink of Hassan in order to know his secrets. It does not take much time and Hassan confesses everything. He tells her that he loves another girl "Shams El-Shoms" aka Shoms and he will love her till the end of his life.
    He also insists that Morgan , the Princess' aide give him back his ring. While taking the ring from Morgan's hand while it was stuck.
    And Farkuk appears as his month detention is over in the Djinn realm. Still worse news is waiting for Hassan . Farkuk is no longer his servant , it is Morgan's turn now.
    Oh yes, Farkuk became Morgan's Djinn servant and Morgan just loves it.
    Waiting for this opportunity for too long , Morgan tells Farkuk to throw away Hassan and his father.
    Then he reveals his plan, He will marry Darkar. Wicked Darkar thinks in a way to get the ring from Morgan.
    Making him a drunk , Darkar began to snatch the ring using a knife and things will be bloody.
    You can check all the previous episodes as well seasons here.
    Till another night , folks.

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    After hours of announcing that she ended her contract with ONTV , Lebanese TV Liliane Daoud host was arrested from her house in front of her little girl and is currently detained to be deported from Egypt.
    According to her lawyer Zyad El-elaimy , 8 men claiming to be from "Passports investigations" raided her house arresting her in order to be deported.
    They did not let her contact anyone.
    Daoud had to leave her girl at her house where she was taken somewhere
    It was unclear where or why she is detained.

    At nearly 11 PM Cairo local , El-eliamy who is also a renowned political activist and former MP announced that Liliane Daoud called him while she was on a board of a plane heading to Beirut !!

    Aside from all the politics, Liliane is a mother of an Egyptian girl and has got a residence permit.
    She is not a foreigner whose residence permit will expire as soon as she leaves her job in an Egyptian company !!!

    Sources in General Prosecution told journalist Alwaleed Ismail that no arrest warrant had been issued for her.

    On the other hand , unnamed informed sources told Ahram Arabic website that she would leave soon to Beirut because after ending her contract with ONTV , she had nothing to stay for in Egypt !!!

    Those sources ignore the fact that she is the mother of an Egyptian child !!

    Liliane, a Lebanese-British veteran BBC TV host and broadcast journalist came and settled down in Egypt since 2011.
    She used to work in private-owned TV channel "ONTV" since June 2011.
    Liliane Daoud
    Liliane Daoud 
    After July 2013 and the absence of Reem Magued and then the departure of Yosri Fouad from ONTV and departure of Mahmoud Saad from Al-Nahar TV , Liliane Daoud's show "The complete picture" was from the very few shows " You can count them on your hand and probably they were less than 5 !!" that gave opposition figures and activists an opportunity to speak on air.

    Here is an interview she made and popped out in my head when I read her arrest news : An interview with Street Children troupe. 

    5 members of the street art performance troupe are now referred to State security prosecution for a number of charges !!

    Daoud was constantly under attack thanks to the xenophobic Pro-regime supporters who used to troll her online calling the authorities to kick her out of the country.
    They are even trolling her ex-husband , journalist Khaled Al-Barry online now !!!
    Earlier Monday, Liliane Daoud announced that she ended her contract with ONTV after 5 years of working in the famous Private Egyptian TV channel.

    Liliane Daoud's account is suspended right now.

    The decision of Liliane did not surprise me , many expected her to resign and to leave the TV channel after it was fully acquired by Pro-regime steel tycoon and new media mogul Ahmed Abu-Hashima.
    Abu Hashima acquired the once Pro-revolution Liberal TV channel from its former owner Naguib Sawiris in May.
    I am currently working on a long post about Abu-Hashima and his new media empire in Egypt.A little hint : Abu Hashima funds Future of homeland party, the close-to-presidency party. 

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    Wicked Darkar got a plan to take back the Solomon's seal from Morgan. Tonight we will know if the plans goes well or it will fail in the 22nd episode of our audio Arabian tale this year, the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman.
    You can hear after the break the 783rd of the Egyptian state radio's famous "One Thousand and One-night" show written by renowned author Abbas Al-Aswani.

    And Darkar makes Morgan drunk and nearly asleep. Taking a knife and without any regret or second thought , she cuts Morgan's finger to get King Solomon's seal.
    As Morgan screams in pain , Darkar summons Farkuk who became her servant and orders him to throw Morgan at any near volcano then to bring back Prince Hassan.
    Crystal ball

    Now Darkar's father , King Zardarkhan believes Rokn El-Zaman is a king like him. Rokn El-Zaman tells Zardarkhan that they need  King Solomon's seal to return back to their kingdom but the king of El-Salam island reminds him that Darkar loves Hassan.
    Indeed, she loves Hassan and won't give up easily.
    Despite Hassan makes it clear that he loves Shoms , Darkar tries to seduce him.
    Back home, Farafash helps Shoms and brings a Crystal ball where they can see whoever they want.
    Shoms sees Hassan with Darkar in the crystal ball but it is clear that Hassan is sad.
    She also sees her uncle Salaman so weak in prison.
    Farafash told her to go and to complain at a man called Borhan who will present her complaint to the Chief judge.
    Shoms does that and it is a small world.
    Borhan meets his ex-teacher and former chief judge Omar Shah and he tells him about the story of Salaman and how the old shepherd wanted only to complain prince Safwan for attacking his niece.
    Omar Shah begin to connect the dots.
    You can check all the previous episodes as well seasons here.
    Till another night , folks.

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    A girl takes a picture of her friend or sister with a Ramadan Lantern in Sayida Zeinab Ramadan Market in Cairo 48 hours before the start of the Islamic holy month.
    Only a week and Ramadan 2016 will be over inshallah.
    More picture from Sayida Zeinab Ramadan Market in Cairo. 
    Source : Instagram 

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    And Omar Shah knew about old Shepherd Salman and his relation to Shoms and Prince Safwan.
    Tonight we will know if Omar Shah will really connect the dots or not in the 23rd episode of our tale this year, the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman and his family.
    You listen to the 78th episode of "One thousand and one night" show produced by the Egyptian State Radio after the break.

    Ex-Judge Omar Shah orders the prison guard to bring old Shepherd Salman from prison secretly to know his story and his connection to Prince Safwan.
    Arabian nights

    For his surprise , the old man told the ex-chief judge about how the King was imprisoned by evil vizier Samsem in an evil plot.
    Only one week away from crowning Prince Safwan as the new king of the Kingdom, evil vizier Samsem decides to take Safwan to dine at the Shahbander's house without telling him that his mother works there.
    Wicked Darkar is still jealous of Shoms and does not want Hassan to leave the island. She will order Farkuk to bring Shoms to El-Salam island in order to know why the prince loves her so much.
    You can check all the previous episodes as well seasons here.
    Till another night , folks.

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    And Omar Shah still connecting the dots about what happened to his king Rokn El-Zaman.
    Tonight in the 24th episode of our tale this year , the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman we will know what Omar Shah will do.
    You can hear the 785th audio episode of the famous "One thousand and one nights" Egyptian state radio show written by Abbas Al-Aswani after the break.

    An old illustration from Arabian nights
    Omar Shah orders the guards to take back old Salman to the prison promising him that he won't stay long.
    After connecting the dots , the ex-chief judge heads to Queen Nourhan to tell her everything.
    At El-Salam island , King Rokn El-Zaman wants to return back to the kingdom as he misses it as well misses his wife. Wicked Darkar orders Farkuk to bring Shoms to the island in front of her beloved Hassan.
    Farkuk goes to bring Shoms and for his  surprise he finds that she is staying with his ex-girl friend Farfash. Nevertheless , he takes the beautiful shepherd girl. Still , Farfash decides to protect Shoms turning in to a beautiful deer.
    Farkuk cannot explain how he did not bring Shoms and brought a deer instead of her.
    Shoms , a deer calls Hassan quietly and he identifies her from her beautiful eyes.  
    You can check all the previous episodes as well seasons here.
    Till another night , folks.

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    And Ex-Chief Judge Omar Shah meets with Queen Nourhan to tell he knows so far.
    Tonight in the 25th episode of our tale this year  the  tale of King Rokn El-Zaman and his family, We will know what the Queen will do.
    You can hear the 786th audio episode of the famous "One thousand and one night" Radio show after the break.

    And Judge Omar Shah tells Queen Nourhan everything he knew and concluded from his investigation about what happened to King Rokn El-Zaman.

    From her side , the Queen reveals to the judge everything she had done from 18 years ago.
    To know more about Safwan's true identity , Omar Shah goes to old Dada who tells him everything.
    Meanwhile , Vizier Samsem takes prince Safwan and heads to the house of Rashdan, the Shahbander. In a sad irony , his true mother Kawkab who works as a maid at the Shahbander's house was so excited to see a prince for the first time in her life.
    At El-Salam island , Prince Hassan wants to protect Shoms which is turned into a deer.
    He tells Darkar that he loves her and loves the island.
    Tomorrow night , we will know what will happen in El-Islam island.
    You can check all the previous episodes as well seasons here.
    Till another night , folks.

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    And Omar Shah reached out to Dada and he began not only to connect the dots but also the truth about Safwan.
    We will know tonight what Omar Shah will do in the 26th episode of our tale tonight , the tale of king Rokn El-Zaman and his family .
    You listen to the 787th episode of the famous "One thousand and one night" Egyptian State Radio show.

    Arabian Nights
    Arabian nights 
    Omar Shah knew the whole truth of what really happened from 18 years from Dada. He also knew about Dahman.
    He orders his aide to search for Dahman.
    And Dahman's ex-wife Kawkab sees Prince Safwan and how handsome he is wondering at the same time where her son is without knowing he is her son.
    At El-Salam island , King Rokn El-Zaman falls ill and he tells his son to find away in order to return back to their kingdom.
    Prince Hassan thinks of tricking wicked Darkar with the help of Shoms, who is currently a deer.
    As a deer , Shoms will try to take off the King Solomon's seal from Darkar's hand.
    We will know if she makes or not.
    You can check all the previous episodes as well seasons here.
    Till another night , folks.

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    This photo is The Photo of last week in Egypt, it summarizes and represents the situation in the country perfectly.
    Student protests
    Running away from the security "Mohamed Meteab" 
    This is the photo of a young Egyptian teenager chased by security forces during the high school students' protest in Cairo against the ministry of education and its minister in Downtown Cairo on Wednesday
    The Photo was taken as the security forces were dispersed the protest of the young students who have fed up with the stupid failed educational system.

    Captured by photojournalist Mohamed Meteab, the photo is so expressive in so many ways. It is like the police state of Egypt running behind its future who wants a better education as well a better life.
    The look in the eyes of the young boy who was being identified and hailed as a hero and the look and the facial expression of the security personnel say it all !!

    Tens of students protested in Downtown Cairo for the third time this week against the minister of education and his decision to reschedule the exams of the Egyptian general secondary certificate "Thanwya Amma/High school" demanding the dismissal of education minister El-Hilali Sharbini .

    Their protest was dispersed and they were not let near the education ministry. Some of them were arrested and were released later. Some of them are standing a trial. They were mistreated during their arrest and their transfer to detention. 

    Arresting a student by Hazem Abdel Hamid 
    Students escaping the CSF vehicle by Mostafa Bassim Adly
    High school students standing against CSF vehicles
     by Mostafa Bassim Adly
    The students then went to the famous staircase of the Journalists syndicate to continue their protest freely.
    High school students Protest
    The students at the Journalists syndicate "Belal Wagdy
    Students at Journalists syndicate
    High school students at the Journalists syndicate by Adel Eissa 
    The protests started last Sunday when hundreds of high school students in several governorates began to protest against the ministry of education and its failure to stop exams leaks as well its decision repeat the leaked exams.
    On Monday the students continue to protest in Cairo and Alexandria.
    Hundreds of students went to Downtown Cairo along with their families. The students protested for hours in front of the ministry of education while their parents went to the parliament in a rally.
    The high school students protesting at the ministry
    "Samer Abdallah" 
    The students were attacked by allegedly unknown assailants "we know that they are hired thugs" and so they moved in a rally throughout Mohamed Mahmoud street in a familiar scene till they reach to Tahrir square.

    Yes, they went to Tahrir square to protest.
    Students in Tahrir square
    The students in Tahrir square "Roger Anis for AP" 
    Yes , it was for a short time as security forces went after them  in another scene that brought up lots of memories.

    Those high school students , those teenagers were at least 11 years old when Egyptian protesters stormed the Tahrir square in January 2011 and yet the place they head to when it comes to protests after the ministry is Tahrir square.
    Those kids went to the journalists syndicate's staircase because they heard about it in the same way like Tahrir square.
    I think the message is clear.
    The kids have grown up and want to defend their rights.
    The 25 January revolution finds its way to the people after all.

    What is all about !? Why are those kids angry !?

    As you may have known the exams of the Egyptian secondary certificate's final year have been leaked for the fourth year in a row online with their model answers starting with the Arabic exam !!
    On Wednesday , the religion exam was leaked once again online after it was originally leaked earlier this month in some black comedy.
    On Saturday , the applied math "dynamics" exam was leaked after it was allegedly printed by Egypt's intelligence service.
    Make the education ministry wear diapers so it would stop
    leaking !!  "Samer Abdallah"
    The admission to public universities in Egypt depends on the Egyptian General secondary certificate's third year aka last year's final exams grades or in other words "Thanwya Amma Exams' grades".
    This is why it is considered the most important year in the Egyptian education system and the hardest as well.
    It is a die-for-year for both students and their families. Up till now, adults dream about "Thanwya Amma nightmare". Every year , you read about students commit suicide , either during the time of exams or after the results.
    It is a nightmare for both students and their families who pay fortunes every year on private tutors' lessons.
    A failed system , education experts say every year that the government must change it.
    On Wednesday , El-Sisi suggested a new system of Thanwya Amma to be adopted next year.
    There has been cheating in the high school exams since forever but thanks to the spread of smartphones and social media , we are at a level of mass cheating.
    For four years now , Facebook pages called "Chao-Ming cheats High school exams" publish leaked exams with their model answers at the same time of exams and sometimes an hour earlier before the start of the exams.
    Now "Thanwya Amma" exams are considered like national security confidential matter. They are printed in the ministry of education's "Secret Printing houses".
    For instance in 1968 , Israelis broadcasted the exams and their answers in their Arabic service aimed to Egypt to send a message to Nasser that "We can reach anything in your country" in an incident old generations remember very well.
    Chao-Ming Facebook pages !! Too many people like them !! 
    So technically we are speaking about a slap in the famous of the ministry of education and the government right now.
    Since the start of the exams , security forces have been arrested education ministry officials and allegedly Facebook admins responsible for those leaks and the leaks have not stopped.
    TheChao-Ming cheats" FB page and its sister-pages like "Ceaser cheats Thanwya Amma" did not stop at leaking exams but it raised even the bar and leaked the meetings and decisions of the minister of education as well the results of the exams already!!
    Those anonymous Facebook pages became a vigilante symbol in its own way !!

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    Abbas Al-Aswani
    Abbas Al-Asawni 
    And now Prince Hassan got a plan with Shoms , who is currently trapped in a body of a dear to steal King Solomon's seal from wicked Darkar.
    We will know in the 27th episode of our tale this Ramadan , the tale of Rokn El-Zaman tonight if they will do it or not.
    But first as we come near to the end of our Ramadan audio Arabian nights 2016 season this year , I would like to share with you another Radio show written by author Abbas Al-Aswani and produced by the Egyptian State Radio in the 1960s : Maqamat Al-Aswania
    The Maqamat Al-Aswani or Aswani prosimetra is based upon Al-Aswani's most famous book by the same name.
    Now you can listen after the break to the 787th episode of the famous "One thousand and one nights" Radio show written by Abbas Al-Aswani.

    And Prince Hassan's plan to deceive Darkar is working as Shoms , in the body of a deer manages to take the King Solomon's seal from her.
    Now Shoms summons Farkuk but realizing that it will be hard to act as a dear , she gives the seal to
    Hassan. Once again, Hassan is Farkuk's master.
    He orders the Djinn to transfer him, Shoms and sick father quickly first to Farfash, the witch so she can restore Shoms back to her human image.
    Back at the Kingdom.
    Ex-Judge Omar Shah reaches to Dahman ordering him not to leave his place because he has a role to play in the upcoming day.
    Only three days away from declaring Safwan as the king , evil vizier Samsem tells him that he will take half the presents he will recieves from other kings and princes.
    Safwan misses his father and brother. 
    You can check all the previous episodes as well seasons here.
    Till another night , folks.

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