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    And the Egyptian Meteorological authority was right, the 25th January 2016 was stormy rainy day and that's it.
    Stormy cloud over Tahrir square, a metaphoric coincidence !!
    By Orla Guerin "BBC"
    That's the only action we had throughout the fifth anniversary of the 25th January.
    Nothing happened in Tahrir square, it was deserted by the true protesters since early morning.
    The shops were closed in Downtown Cairo.
    Tahrir square early Monday by Maged Atef for Buzzfeed 

    Instead, dozens of Pro-Sisi supporters showed up to celebrate the Police National Day with the security forces in the square.
    Celebrating the Police National Day "Reuters" 

    Of course, I can not forget that some Pro-Jan25 protesters went alone to pay their respect to the square and its martyrs.
    Sanaa Seif started her single-person rally and marched from Mostafa Mahmoud square to Tahrir square alone while wearing a sweatshirt written on it "It is still January Revolution".
    Sanaa Walking tall to Tahrir square
    "Sanaa Seif' 
    Sanaa on her way to Tahrir square
    "Sanaa Seif" 
    Seif said in a Facebook post that she used to go from Mostafa Mahmoud square to Tahrir square in marches since 2011 to 2014 and that it was her own ritual on 25 January.

    من 2011 وانا كل 25 يناير بمشي في مسيرة مصطفى محمود. آخر ذكرى ثورة حضرتها كانت 2014 وبالرغم من عنف الداخلية قدرت التزم ب...
    Posted by Sanaa Seif on Monday, January 25, 2016
    Sanaa going to Kasr Al-Nil bridge
    "Sanaa Seif" 
    The sweatshirt has become popular among youth and people kept asking her online from where she got it. It turned out that graffiti artists Ammar Abo Bakr and Mohamed El-Moshir.
    It is still January revolution sweatshirt 
    Now Sanaa was not alone, a young man called Peter Youssef went there alone holding a piece paper written on it "It is still January revolution".
    Peter in Tahrir "Peter Youssef" 
    On the other hand, as expected the MB and its supporters organized small protests in villages and narrow streets in polluted areas.
    The security forces dispersed as usual and arrested a group of the protesters like the usual routine in the past two years when it comes to the MB protesters.
    Needless to say, I am amazed at how the MB leaders in exile were speaking about huge numebrs of protesters and the public that want the reinstatment of Mohamed Morsi !!!! Enough of this delusion !!
    Already according to human rights organizations, 37 protesters including 10 girls were arrested in 7 governorates on Monday.
    It is too cold in Egypt now.
    I will quote Sanaa Seif in the end of this post because I think no one has put eloquently and simply as she had done.
    "I went alone but I am sure next year thousands will march from Mostafa Mahmoud square to Tahrir square"

    Happy #Jan25 ya people "Ahmed Gomaa

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  • 01/26/16--12:49: January 26, 2016 at 04:29PM

  • Enough said ... State-owned Akhbar frontpage today ... عنوان صحفية الأخبار المصرية #Egypt #blogger #Citizenjournalism #2016 January 26, 2016 at 04:29PM via Instagram

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    A 1.59-minutes prank video in Egypt has been the talk of the town in the past 24 hours as well its most watched video.
    It also has become the most controversial video where the Pro-regime supporters and media are demanding the crucifixion of its makers because they dared and offended the police force in Tahrir square on 25 January 2016.
    Here is the video.

    "لن تصدق ماذا قدموا للشرطة في ٢٥ يناير ٢٠١٦"
    نزلنا نحتفل بعيد الشرطة في عز البرد علشان محدش يزايد علينا."لن تصدق ماذا قدموا للشرطة في ٢٥ يناير ٢٠١٦"
    Posted by Shady H. AbuZaid on Monday, January 25, 2016
    TV satirist Shady Hussein and aspiring TV actor Ahmed Malek went to Tahrir square to celebrate the National police day where they gave police officers and conscripts Durex condoms as balloons.
    Ahmed Malek and Shady Hussein
    In normal circumstances that video would not create all that controversy but things went out of control when the unofficial Ministry of interior and police Facebook pages began to share it and attack both Shady Hussein and Ahmed Malek for insulting the police conscripts.
    The Pro-regime supporters caught it from there and hell broke loose with demands literality to crucify , rape, torture and burn those boys on the stake for insulting the poor conscripts.
    Alleged police officers left messages to Shady on his Facebook account vowing to torture him among other awful things that actually more offensive to the police force than the video let alone those are threats to commit crimes punishable according to the law.

    Among those comments, a threatening post that was published on the unofficial Egyptian Police Facebook which is allegedly run by a group of police officers vowing to revenge.. by the law now.
    The post was edited three times since its publish.

    شادي ابو زيد مراسل برنامج ابلة فاهيتانفخ واقي ذكري علي أساس انه بالونة و مشي يوزعه علي العساكر للسخرية منهم اقسم بالله ما ها نسيب حقنا بالقانون .ماجد
    Posted by ‎الشرطة المصرية‎ on Monday, January 25, 2016

    The first two edits, the post signed by someone called Maged stated that if they "the police officers do not get" their right back by law, they won't leave him "Shady Hussein" alone congratulating hi that he became an enemy to 37,000 policemen.

    After Hussein threatened to take a legal action against those threats, the post was edited to include a vow to Shady to get him "by law" "

    Shady Hussein  is a young activist who participated in the 25 January revolution since day one.
    Shady on 25 January 2011 in Cairo 
    On 29 January 2011, he was arrested by army units near Tahrir square and was beaten as well featured on the National TV as a thug before he was released.
    He was injured in Mohamed Mahmoud clashes in November 2011.
    After being injured during the clashes in 2011
    He also survived other deadly clashes between protesters and security forces.
    He was also among the early activists who stood against the sexual harassment problem in the square.
    In December 2012, during the clashes at the presidential palace between the Pro-Morsi and anti-Morsi, he was badly injured by birdshot all over his body.
    His photo in that protest in 2013 by Egyptian photographer Sabry Khaled was famous to the level it became graffiti.

    Studying mass communication as major  in MSA university, Shady Hussein has got a YouTube channel. He used to present an online show called "The Rich content" where he mocked the herd mentality in a very cruel way showing the ignorance of Pro-regime supporters
    His online show led him to become part of Abla Fahita show in its second season where he became her correspondent in the street.
    Needless to say that his segment and his interviews in the street were part of the second season's success for real.
    From few days ago, Shady Hussein uploaded online his graduation project "The Small numbers". "The Small numbers" is a short documentary about the protests in 2015. You must watch this video.

    Shady Hussein : The Small numbers

    Ahmed Malek was only 15 years when he was badly injured during the Mohamed Mahmoud clashes in 2011. He was suffering a fracture in his skull as far as I remember.
    The young actor and socialist activist made news headlines like a celebrity among other unknown activists.
    Of course after the condom balloon incident, the Egyptian actors syndicate suspended his permit and he can't act anymore.
    Old actors have slammed him and attacked him despite the fact many of them got lots and lots skeletons in their closets when it comes to their respect to law or their morals.

    Malek apologized publicly and to the police Tuesday afternoon saying that he was only 20 years old and frustrated that his generation could not express itself.He also added that he did not realize the video would go viral like that
    He also added that he was sad that the video was going to be used against the 25 January revolutionaries.

    بعتذر بشده لكل شخص اساءه الفيديو و خاصه الشرطه. الفيديو فعلاً فيه تجاوزات لم اتوقع انها تخرج بره دايره الاصدقاء و ده مش ...
    Posted by Ahmed Malek on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

    Despite Malek's apology, his father who is the head of Egypt's pilots syndicate wrote a FB post denouncing what his son had done saying that he is ashamed that he carries his name !!

    مهما بلغت درجة الاختلاف من أي فرد من أفراد الشعب المصري مع أي جهاز تنفيذي للدوله فلا يحق لنا بأي حال من الأحوال ان أن نت...
    Posted by Malek Bayoumy S Bayoumy on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

    Ahmed did not steal or kill anybody for God's sake.
    I do not need to expect that if things change, Mr. Malek will brag about the courage of his son who stood against the MOI in Tahrir alone along his friend.

    When it comes to Shady Hussein. His contract was terminated with JWT's Abla Fahita show.
    The famous Muppet show that revolved around explicit sexual innuendo slammed Shady Hussein claiming that what he presented in those 1.59 minutes was against "The public morals".

    بيان هام من اسرة برنامج ابلة فاهيتا..بمناسبة الفيديو الذي تم تداوله منذ أمس علي مواقع التواصل الإجتماعي في صورة تقرير ...
    Posted by Abla Fahita on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

    And Karma was quick because, after a couple of hours, CBC Network declared that it suspended the show.
    Karma was strong tonight when it comes to Abla Fahita who lost all its fans from the Pro-jan25 supporters as well. Even Bassem Youssef slammed Abla Fahita producers in his own way.

    So cheap , shame
    At least 4 lawyers including notorious Samir Sabry and a police officer have reported Shady Hussein and Ahmed Malek to the Prosecutor General.
    Currently, the Prosecutor General has referred the case for investigations just like any complaint filed according to the law.
    I do not feel good about that.
    He and Malek can be imprisoned for that video clip.
    Shady Hussein issued a statement, here is its translation:

    #متضامن_مع_شادي #iStandWithShadyTranslation of Statement from Shady H. AbuZaid; the Egyptian satire artist who is being...
    Posted by Ahmed Fouda on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

    He later wrote a post on his Facebook account that got over 19,000 likes and is shared like fire.
    ايه ؟ قفشتوا ليه ؟ انا بهزر...ده انا حتى مفقعتش عين متظاهر ولا سحلت بنت في قلب الشارع وعريتها...ولا هو يعني كان لازم اغت...
    Posted by Shady H. AbuZaid on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

    Eloquently, he reminded us that he did not hit a protester in his eye or dragged a protester to the ground and stripped her clothes in the middle of the street. He was just spoofing. He spoke in his post on how he lived in a long depression after what he has seen in the past 4 years.

    "And lately, we are not allowed to express our opinion nor  to organize a protest otherwise you will be imprisoned or will get killed," He said adding that most of his friends stop talking in politics but they have not forgotten.

    " On the 25 January revolution in 2016, there are unprecedented security threats to those who would protest and no one protested, you got weapons and laws ... those are your weapons which will turn into a joke in the middle of the day, you can not deny us nor deny that you are a silly joke" He said in the statement which I can not translate all now.

    Shady says that he is afraid, still he will continue doing what he wants despite he feels he will be imprisoned soon.
    It is one of the best emotional statements that describes and summarizes what most of the Jan25 youth feel.

    Ironically, all the pro-regime TV channels aired the video clip they considered as offensive without realizing that they are spreading it.

    Regardless of what I think about the video and that kind of satire, I believe that both Hussein and Malek were completely furious and frustrated after what they have seen and witnessed for five years since 25 January 2011.

    Personally as a journalist who is covering the news in Egypt and following the updates of militant groups, I think it is better that those boys went to Tahrir square  with condoms to express their frustration and anger in a satire video instead of carrying C4 explosives in a suicide mission.

    On the other hand, Durex Egypt should appoint lawyers to Malek and Hussien because of the free publicity they got in the past 24 hours. The Egyptian social media is full of memes and comics about condoms and MOI unprecedently.

    The condom taboo was broken in the past 24 hours at least for Egyptian young generations.
    Well it is not the condom taboo that has been broken alone, Shady Hussein and Ahmed Malek proved that the Egyptian state can not handle a 1.59-minutes satire video.

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    The true revolution day in Egypt in 2011 was on 28 January 2011 and I lived it and I saw it by own eyes.
    For me, the 25 January 2011 was just the start but 28 January ... oh man !! I become emotional when I write about that day.
    This happened on that day from 5 years "Reuters"
    Once again, here is another great collection of photos taken by Reuters' talented photographers in Egypt on 28 January 2011 thanks to dear journalist Mohamed Atef.

    0 0

    Many Egyptians commemorated the fifth anniversary of the 28 January 2011 online, the true day of the Egyptian revolution in the 21st century to be precise and honestly, it was different this year.
    It was different thanks to those tiny yet strong boys and their 1.59-minutes video that was the talk of Egypt in the past 48 hours.
    Thanks to that campaign against Shady Hussein and Ahmed Malek in the media, most of the 25 January supporters remembered all those unbelievable moments on the 28 January 2011 where the Egyptian people revolted against Mubarak's security forces.
    People saw the old faces that used the revolution in the 18 days are having a comeback to slam Shady and Ahmed and memories of those days were back.
    Videos and photos were shared madly like fire as #Jan28 hashtag on twitter was trending for many hours in Egypt. People shared photos and memories of that Friday of rage from all Egypt, from all governorates attacking the ministry of interior reminding it that they have not forgotten .. nor forgiven.
    The political powers and parties did not commemorate the Day of Rage and its martyrs nor did they organize any related event.
    Egypt's minister of defense Sobhi Sedky visited Tahrir square only to check the security measures there.
    Already army units have been protecting it since last week.
    There was only one Pro-Sisi supporter holding a banner in Tahrir square on Thursday congratulating the Egyptian police for its day on 28 January and the police was standing against the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorism.
    Pro-Sisi supporter in Tahrir square on 28 January !! 
    Still few blocks away, a small family from Giza stood alone to commemorate the #Jan28 and its martyrs in a silent stand on Kasr Al-Nil bridge which witnessed an epic battle between protesters and security forces.
    The family on Kasr Al Nil
    reminding the people with Jan28
    That small family is the family of Sabah "Um Ali" and her children Sara and Ali.

    Mrs. Sabah holding banner saying "Remember the Kasr Al-Nile bridge
    where they prayed and got shot' {Facebook}
    I do not know the story of Um Ali but it seems that her family is well known to several prominent activists in Tahrir square.
    Mrs. Sabah's daughter Sarah holding
    a banner "Friday of Rage anniversary' 
    What I knew also that Ali is a young student from Al-Azhar university.
    Ali holding a banner "Friday of Rage
    Update: I found out that Ali was only 12 years old boy speaking about why he came to Tahrir square in 2012.
    Ahmed Ali in 2012
    They were not alone in commemorating the #Jan28 alone in public without any fear.
    In Cairo, I found out that in the evening suddenly a young man appeared suddenly in downtown Cairo with a duct tape on his tape written on "Down with the military rule" and on his body duct tape written on it stuff related to the condoms incident of Malek and Shady.

    ده بيحصل حالياً في وسط البلد قدام العبد شارع ٢٦ يوليو واحد بس من المصريين كلهم قرر يتظاهر!*الي حصل انه كان واقف مبيتحر...
    Posted by Ahmed Yehia on Thursday, January 28, 2016
    Ahmed Yehia saw the police arresting that young man.
    Updated :
    Here is a video of the young man who wrote the names of detainees like Mahinour El-Masry on his body.
    He was arrested 8.30 PM CLT Thursday.
    @11:09 PM : The young man's name is Karim Saad El-Dina and he was released thank goodness.

    في ظل دولة القمع شاب يقف بالقرب من دار القضاء ويطالب بسقوط حكم العسكر بمفرده وسط وجود الغربان #يسقط_حكم_العسكر
    Posted by Bassem Gamal on Thursday, January 28, 2016
    By the way, he should not be arrested for breaking the protest law because he was alone.
    In Luxor, Upper Egypt an activist called Ahmed Hegazy reminded the people in the street that it is still January revolution from his wheeled chair.
    Activist Ahmed Hegazy in Luxor
    'It is still January revolution"
    There is something definitely going this time.
    This reminds me that Sanaa Seif was not the only protester who reached to Tahrir square. On 25 January 2016, An old Pro-Morsi supporter went to Tahrir square and kept chanting anti-Sisi and anti-State security chants.
    A Pro-Morsi supporter in Tahrir square on 25 January 2016
    Video clips show that she was attacked by the Pro-Sisi supporters in Tahrir square. Some news reports say that she was kicked from the square but she was actually arrested and was interrogated by the prosecution on the same day.
    She is accused of joining a terrorist group and incitement against police and army.
    According to the MB media, her name is Aisha and she lost her husband and son in the dispersal of Nahda.
    I have nothing to say more except Happy #Jan28 and glory to its martyrs and injured.

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    Two years and four days  have passed and Mahmoud Mohamed is still in temporary detention pending investigation after his arrest on 25 January 2014.
    Mahmoud Mohamed in his first photo in court after
    two years "Youm 7" 
    According to the Egyptian Criminal law's article No.143, a detainee facing accusations that could lead to a life imprisonment or the death penalty must be released immediately if he or she is not sentenced within the pre-trial detention limit of two years.
    More than 700 Egyptian detainees including Mahmoud Mohamed should be released according to this article, Amnesty International said in its statement issued earlier last week demanding the release of 20-years old student.
    I know that Mahmoud's lawyers have already presented an appeal based on that article to the court to demand his immediate release and we are waiting to know its result.
    Already on 6 January, a Cairo court renewed his pre-trial detention for another 45 days. With that renewal, Mahmoud will continue to spend 757 days in detention since his arrested on 25 January revolution.
    According to my understanding of the law, Mahmoud should be released next time he stands in front of the judge because he is accused of a felony , aka riots and has not been referred to a court yet.
    Earlier Friday, U.S ambassador to the UN Samantha Power demanded the release of Mahmoud Mohamed.

    Currently, both U.S based Robert Kennedy Human rights organization and Amnesty International are holding international campaigns calling for the high school student release.
    To remind with his case. Watch that short documentary made by the Guardian about Mahmoud.

    I think it is time to release Mahmoud Mohamed according to the law.

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  • 01/30/16--15:39: Be Like Christane Taubira
  • Taburia leaving the ministry last week "AP" 
    This is Christiane Taubira
    Christiane Taubira was the minister of Justice in France from May 2012 to January 2016.
    Christiane Taburia resigned on 26 January to object the French President's draft law to strip French nationality from dual-citizens who are convicted of terrorism.
    Christiane Taburia believes that it is unjust to do that and does not care for the wave of nationalism in France after a deadly terrorist attack in November
    Christiane Taburia is fair and good.
    Be like Christane Taburia.
    This is Ahmed El-Zend

    Ahmed El-Zend has been the minister of Justice in Egypt since May 2015
    Ahmed El-Zend said during a TV interview on 27 January 2016 that he believed that for every fallen "martyr' from the Egyptian police and Egyptian armed forces, 10,000 Muslim Brotherhood members and their supporters should be killed "so the fire burning in his heart would die".

    Ahmed El-Zend : 10,000 MB member killed for one police or army martyr

    Ahmed El-Zend also added all the death sentences issued against the MB members above them ousted President Mohamed Morsi would be carried out after all appeals are exhausted.
    Minister Ahmed El-Zend of justice
    Ahmed El-Zend supports revenge over the state of law.
    Ahmed El-Zend sues 6 journalists because they dared and accused him of financial corruption when he was heading the judges clubs with documents and evidence based upon Egypt's top auditing authority "Central Auditing Organization"'s Reports.
    Ahmed El-Zend reported Egypt's top auditor Hisham Genenia to the prosecutor general on Saturday accusing him of insulting him and spreading false news about him.
    Ahmed El-Zend has reported TV host Youssef El-Hossainy to the prosecutor general office on Saturday for insulting him and spreading false news about him.
    Ahmed El-Zend proves from time to time that the Egyptian judiciary is not independent and politicized with his highly politicalized statements.
    Ahmed El-Zend is slammed by former vice president and Nobel Peace prize winner Mohamed ElBaradei indirectly because of his statements.

    ElBaradei "Constants : Freedom and human dignity are the basis for any society. Knowledge and values are the core for any future. Social Consuses is a necessity to build any nation. Justice is not revenge.

    According to the ICC treaty : Any vast or systematical repression against any group of the civilians based on religion or politics , it is a crime against humanity.
    Do not be like Ahmed El-Zend.

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    And after than 24 hours of strange arrest and detention circumstances, popular social media cartoonist Islam Gawish was released without any charges or bail on Monday.
    The story of Gawish's strange arrest and release started on Sunday when he was arrested from his work by security forces for the most bizarre reasons ever: For running an unlicensed website in Egypt.
    Islam Gawish, a 26-years old cartoonist is popular among social media for his simple doodle comic Facebook page "Al-Warka" aka "The Paper".

    Islam Gawish "FB account"
    It started Sunday afternoon when we found a post from Gawish's colleague and the manager of "ENN" website he works at declaring that the security forces stormed the office and arrested the 26-years old cartoon allegedly for drawing anti-Sisi and anti-regime comics !!

    That alarming post was confirmed by Islam Gawish's official comics Facebook page "Al-Warka" which declared that it would suspend its activities till his release. That post was deleted later from the FB page.

    For hours news websites kept sharing a strange list of accusations: managing an unlicensed website, having unlicensed software in the company, running unlicensed Facebook page, broadcasting false news.

    According to my knowledge, Gawish is not the owner of ENN and he is only a graphic designer in the news site !!!

    He only manages his Facebook page "Al-Warka" and this does not need any license from anyone !! He does not broadcast news but rather draws cartoons for God's Sake !!

    Anyhow , hours later the ministry of interior issued an official statement announcing that after receiving a tip that ENN was back online to broadcast news without a permit, the security forces went to search the website headquarter arrested for Islam Gawish , who is responsible for graphics at ENN headquarter and the confiscation of two harddrives and a router !!

    The statement also added that it turned out that Islam Gawish was running a website "Facebook page" without having license "!!" and he was running fake pirated software on his computer !! "AKA windows OS !!"
    I do not know what to say !!

    If the security forces arrested Gawish for owned an unlicensed Facebook page for comics than this will be even a silly joke !!!

    In media statements, his lawyer Mahmoud Othman said that the security forces did not let him read the arrest warrant or know the kind of charges his client is currently facing.

    Surprisingly, when Mr. Othman went to the prosecution to wait for his client, he found out that the prosecutor did not have any documents or information about Gawish's arrested.

    Nevertheless, Othman said that he was being informed verbally that Islam Gawish was arrested for anti-regime comics !!

    Hours later, the prosecution announced that Gawish would spend his night at the police station till National security finishes its investigations !!!

    On Sunday during the prosecution's investigations with Gawish , journalists suddenly found statements in their emails from the Prosecution General that the young cartoonist would be released without any charges !!

    And Islam was released but after several hours without any charges. The Young cartoonist after his release spoke on air on ONTV channel in a telephone call saying that he was officially arrested by mistake and that security forces wanted to arrest the manager of ENN but did not find him and found him instead in the office !!

    He also revealed that unofficially a police officer inspected his tablet and found his political cartoons and told him that he was accused of insulting the regime ..etc. Still it was unofficial accusation.

    And because the whole matter was strange , we found President El-Sisi himself speaking on the phone about Gawish with Amr Adib who asked him about the young cartoonist and his anti-regime cartoons.

    " I have only heard about him yesterday , I am not angry from anyone !!" El-Sisi said and honestly I beleive that he did not know Islam Gawish before yesterday. The question is if Islam Gawish was arrested wrongfully because of unlicensed news website "ENN" , why Amr Adib and the HEAD OF THE EGYPTIAN STATE speak about his political cartoons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To honest, I was surprised and shocked because Gawish does not criticize Sisi that much on his official Facebook Al-Warka and his doodle comics focus mainly on social issues. Yes from time to time he makes political comics making fun from the regime or Sisi like other cartoonists for example like Andeel or Ahmed Nady.

    Gawish's popular Facebook page "Al-Warka" was liked by 1.5 million Sunday afternoon before Gawish's arrest but now it is growing in popularity and it is being liked 1.6 million now.

    All his work and comics criticizing El-Sisi and his policies are being shared online throughout the social media whether Twitter or Facebook.

    Al-Bediah news website published 43 of his political comics online already.
    His name "#IslamGawish" has been trending in Egypt and Cairo whether in Arabic or English. "#Freedom_For_Islam_Gawish" has been active for several hours now.

    Eight Egyptian parties and a group of Egyptian political figures issued a statement Sunday evening demanding the release of Gawish immediately and warning from the return of the police state in Egypt.

    Those parties are: Constitution Party, the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, The Socialist Popular alliance, The bread and freedom party, Karma Party, Misr El-Horreya Party, El-Adl Party and the Popular alliance party. In other words, the same old Pro-Democratic, Pro-25 January parties.

    بيان تضامن مع اسلام جاويش: أطلقوا سراح إسلام جاويش فوراالقاهرة 31 يناير 2016 - يعرب الموقعون أدناه عن استنكارهم وصدمت...
    Posted by ‎الحزب المصري الديمقراطي الاجتماعي ـ أمانة الحقوق والحريات‎ on Sunday, January 31, 2016
    All this is nothing comparing the solidarity of other cartoonists in Egypt with Gawish especially the young cartoonists from January 25 revolution who decided to hit the Sisi taboo even harder and mock him in their cartoons explicitly.

    In the lead comes Mohamed Andeel from Mada Misr where he made a comic about the shy president "I do not like to be drawn". Whether Sisi likes to be drawn or not , he is Andeel's Favorite theme.
    Other joined Andeel and reminding the regime that it should not stand against cartoonists.

    #النظام_من_ورق #خيبه_الدوله #الحريه_لاسلام_جاويش #الحريه_للورقه
    Posted by Mostafa Salem on Sunday, January 31, 2016

    تضامنًا مع #اسلام_جاويش #الورقة
    Posted by Cheb Makhlouf on Sunday, January 31, 2016

    القبض على رسام الكاريكاتير اسلام جاويش من مقر عمله ... متضامن مع اسلام جاويش #الحرية_لاسلام_جاويش
    Posted by ‎سكتش عمرو عيسي amr eissa sketch‎ on Sunday, January 31, 2016

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  • 02/01/16--15:39: Where is Giulio !?
  • So after we have been asking where Mostafa Massouny and Ashraf Shehata as well other Egyptians are, we are asking now about the whereabouts of Italian student Giulio Regeni.
    Giulio Regeni 

    Giulio Regeni is a 28-years old Italian Cambridge University PhD student who came to Egypt as AUC visiting scholar.
    He is based at POLIS, Cambridge University's Department of Politics and International Studies.
    He suddenly disappeared in Cairo on2 25 January 2016. The last he was seen in Cair was at 8 PM when he was going from El-Behoos metro station in Dokki, Giza to Downtown Cairo specifically Babelouk square which is few blocks away from Tahrir square. He speaks perfect Arabic by the way.
    I am now thinking that the Metro station in Tahrir was closed on that day already and wondering where he would have gone.
    His family and friends can not reach him.
    The security authorities in Egypt now say that he was not arrested.
    We have known publicly about Giulio's alarming disappearance from the Italian Ministry of foreign affairs' statement about him and how the Italian FM called his Egyptian counterpart raising the matter with him.
    Giulio's friends in Italy, UK and Egypt have launched an online campaign to spread the word about his disappearance whether in Arabic or in English.
    To be honest, I am so worried on Regeni. Let's pray he and others have gone missing will be found soon.

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  • 02/04/16--15:34: RIP Giulio Regeni
  • Italian student Giulio Regeni has been found after all and unfortunately, he was not found alive.
    Last night, the Italian media announced that the body of the late 28 years old Cambridge University PhD student was found in the outskirts of Giza according to the Italian embassy in Cairo.
    Giulio Regeni 
    There had been no confirmation yet and friends of Regeni asked the Press to wait till there was an official announcement and his family would confirm it.
    The Regenis are already in Cairo
    Later, Reuters spread the news quoting the Italian foreign ministry itself. The Italians were waiting for the official confirmation of the Egyptian authorities.
    More grim details began to emerge in the following hours unofficially.
    Reuters reported that the body of Giulio was found with traces of torture.
    The report added that he was found semi-naked in the Cairo-Alexandria desert road in the outskirts of Giza.
    According to his friends, he was last seen on 25 January when he headed from his home in Dokki to take the Metro near Cairo University heading to Downtown Cairo near the old AUC Campus in Tahrir square !!
    What brought him to the Cairo-Alexandria desert road !!?
    Giulio Regeni who spoke Arabic fluently was a PhD student and his research was about the trade unions in Egypt and its role after the January revolution and the ouster of Mubarak.
    Only at 10 AM, the Giza security directorate announced in the Egyptian media hat body of the late Cambridge student was found at the Cairo-Alexandria desert road and that it was transferred to Zanihom morgue in Cairo.
    Then in early statements, we found out the head of Giza security directorate saying that  there was no criminal intent in Giulio's death and that he died after a hit and run accident !!!!!!!!
    Police General Khaled Shalaby also added that there were no traces of torture on the young man's body !!

    Just right now AP quoted Giza's prosecutor declaring that Giulio was tortured in an extremely brutal way.

    At the same time, we read that the Italian minister of economic development Federica Guidi cancelled her current visit to Cairo and returned back to Rome.
    Some speculate that the decision of Guidi has something to do with Regeni.
    The Egyptian ambassador has been summoned by the Italian ministry of foreign affairs and Italy wants to participate in the investigations.
    I do not have any scenario in my mind about this awful crime and who really stands behind it because it does not make any sense.
    Well, awful crimes do not make any sense after all.
    My deepest condolences to Giulio Regeni's family and friends. May he rest in peace.
    I do not know what to say for real.
    Update :
    Pro-25 January Egyptian youth are organizing event on Saturday to put flowers asan act of respect to Regeni and his family at the Italian embassy next Saturday. 

    0 0

    In the past four days, Ultras Ahlawy "UA07" proved to be more politically mature than any other Egyptian party or political movement or even official institution in Egypt.
    It started on 30 January with a small announcement on the Ultras Ahlawy "UA07" twitter and Facebook accounts announcing that they were going to commemorate on 1 February the 72 victims from their members who were  killed during the Port Said stadium clashes in 2012.
    We will continue " Ibrahim Ezzat Hendy" 
    The commemoration would be held according to the announcement at Al-Ahly Sporting Club's main stadium "Mokhtar El-Tetch stadium" in Cairo starting at 2 PM as they had alway done in the past three years.
    Nobody paid at attention at that announcement except when the photos being to be shared on that day from El-Tetch stadium showing thousands of angry young men commemorating the anniversary of their young comrades while carrying anti-SCAF banners as well the photos of the 74 young men.
    The Ultras boys at the El-Tetch stadium " Ultras Ahlawy Official FB" 
    From Cairo Tower, the scene from an ariel view
    "Ultras Ahlawy official FB"
    The Ultras Ahlawy comemmoration
    "Ultras Ahlawy official FB page""
    And we are still men
    "Ultras Ahlawy official FB page" 
    72 martyrs are comemmorated on that day
    "Ultras Ahlawy official FB page" 
    Among the banners , a banner that said "Al-Ahly fans do not apologize to murderers" in direct reference to the apology of Al-Ahly Club's current administration to the Egyptian armed forces and the former head of SCAF and ex-minister of defense Field Marshal Hussein Tantawy for allegedly the offensive chants and insults against him in all those years !!
    Ahly fans do not apologize to murderers banner
    "Ultras Ahlawy Official FB page" 
    Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is not only involved in the Port Said Massacre as a member of SCAF during then but his mentor in the army whom he publicly respects and honors all the time is attacked and insulted.
    Field Marshal Tantawy is featured in the UA07 banner as a wanted man
    "Ultras official FB page" 
    Yes, the boys chanted against Field Marshal Tantaway who was is also the current president of Egypt's mentor.
    The army is already refusing to host Al-Ahly's matches on its stadiums.
    At the same time, the current Al-Ahly's board is fixing legal problems and so in an act of despair, it apologized to the army and police for fans' insults in late December.
    The banners said it all.
    Banner with verses of retribution from Holy Quran
    "Ultras Ahlawy Official Facebook" 
    The videos filmed there show that those young boys won't forget what the police or SCAF did in 2012.
                                       The people want the execution of Field Marshal chant

    شاهد .. ملعب التيتش فى احياء #مجزره_بورسعيدوهتافات الجماهير التى اغضبت مجلس الادارة والحكومة - تفاعل اهالى الضحايا مع الهتافات مصحوبة بالبكاء والصراخ
    Posted by Muhamed Abou Alia on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

                                                 A martyr's mother: Do not sing or you will get killed

    The video above broke my heart and brought tears to my eyes showing the martyrs parents participating in the anniversary. A martyr's mother screaming hysterical while the Ultras boys singing their anti-regime songs urging to stop singing because "whoever sings gets killed".

    That technically was the biggest organized protest against the regime since 2013.

    You can imagine that event coming in that way after the 25 January anniversary and what following from the Condoms prank to the 28 January anniversary to the arrest and release of Islam Gawish.
    Pro-regime TV hosts went mad attacking those kids and in another pathetic act, the failed head of Al-Ahly club Mahmoud Taher stated that he informed the police to arrest those boys who insulted the army and police at El-Tetch earlier !!
    For the first time, we saw Pro-Tantawy hashtags on twitter launched by none other Pro-Sisi and Pro-army supporters.
    Then on Monday, the unexpected happened.
    Egypt's President Abdel El-Fattah El-Sisi phoned  Amr Adeeb's popular TV show on Al-Youm TV channel, which is part of Dubai-based cable TV network "OSN" to comment on the Ultras Ahlawy commemoration and Islam Gawish's arrest.
    Sisi speaks to Amr Adeeb about Ultras and Islam Gawish
    Saying that he is open to criticism, the current Egyptian president admitted that there was a need to communicate with the youth in reference to Islam Gawish's incident.
    When it comes to the Ultras, Sisi called the group to send 10 of its wise members to be a part of committee to look into the evidence and circumstances concerning Port Said Stadium clashes.
    74 martyrs fallen from Ultras Ahlawy
    in the years of the Egyptian revolution
    "Ultras Ahlawy Official FB page' 
    He also asked them to think about the Egyptian youth and not only those "youth in Port Said !!"
    That call was regarded as an invitation for a dialogue with the president.

    Yes, the Egyptian president spoke about Ultras group as if they were a political group that he needed to talk with on 2 February 2016.

    For me, it is the highest official recognition of that hardcore sports fan group's mobilization power.

    Interestingly, it seems that El-Sisi and the Egyptian presidency forgot in May 2015, the Cairo court for urgent matters banned all the activities of Ultras groups in Egypt declaring them as a terrorist organization !!

    On Wednesday, the TV talk shows changed its tune praising the president who wanted to reach for the youth. Some TV shows even claimed that Ultras Ahlawy and Ultras White Knights "Zamalek" accepted the President's invitation for dialogue while other Sports TV commentators like Ahmed Shobeir "who hates Ultras groups" said that the President did not invite anyone. No one from the UA07 or UWK came forward and spoke publicly in those shows or mainstream media so far.

    But hours later the famous yet secretive group issued a statement on its official Facebook page.

    أهتمام رئيس الجمهورية بالجمهور فى 2014 بعد نهائى سيوى سبور وللمرة الثانية منذ ساعات بقضية بورسعيد ودعوة الاولتراس بالمشا...
    Posted by Ultras Ahlawy - UA07 on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

    Now that was one of the best smart political statements I have read for a long time. Using a very sophisticated Arabic style, Ultras Ahlaway said what they wanted in a very balanced way.

    They started their statement by praising what Sisi said about the group in his call when at the same time the Ultras is being attacked by Pro-Sisi media night and day.

    Then comes the most important part: All what the Ultras Ahlaway wants from the government and the President is the retribution for the martyrs that were killed in Port Said clashes and presenting all those involved to justice above them the security leading officials during that time.

    Martyr Anar Mohi's banner and his mother 
    Currently,9 police officials are among the 73 defendants standing retrial on charges related to the killing of the young fans in Port Said, with final verdicts yet to be read or carried out according to Ahram Online.

    The Ultras Ahlawy also wants the return of audience to football matches.

    They mentioned wisely in their statement to the UWK massacre.

    I saw it like that "if you want to sit with us, then you have to do this" and the group knows that he can not do either anytime soon. Those were their constant demands that have not changed since day one.

    Sisi and presidency tried to play a game with Ultras thinking that they scored a goal but UA07 scored two goals with no effort in a very clever game. Now it is Sisi's turn.

    Sadly, many people did not understand what the statement of the Ultras group due to its sophisticated Arabic style and this shows you how much the education is so bad now in Egypt !!

    Many of the UA07 fans attacked the group on it official FB page claiming that it gave up the blood of the martyrs and agreed to sit down with Sisi despite they did not announce that in their statement
    On the other hand, Sisi's supporters are cheering up for the group for accepting the call for dialogue with the President which did not happen !!!

    I should not forget that the Pro-Morsi supporters and Muslim Brotherhood kept cursing them for giving the rights of the martyrs to sit down with the illegitimate ruler of Egypt !!!!!
    I hate to break the news that the Ultras Ahlaway cares less for the MB's cause to reinstate Mohamed Morsi.

    What the UA07 has done this week proved that in the past five, the sports fan group has matured more than any political group or party or even institution clearly in Egypt politically and socially despite the clear fact that it is not a real political group. Their statement is balanced that no one can take any word in it against them.

    Ultras Ahlaway has got two aims now other than supporting Al-Ahly Sports club in all kind of sports and those two aims are: Restoring back the rights of the 74 Martyrs and to return back to the stadium.
    The adults should learn from those boys.

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    A starry night in the city

    For the first time , I see the sky full of stars at night.
    I went to our balcony to see if I can see the rare 5 planets line-up and I saw the sky full of stars in unusual way in cold winter in a big city like Giza. Honestly, I do not know if I saw the 5 planets but I saw the Orion's belt crystal clear for the first time in my life

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  • 02/05/16--14:05: Orion's belt [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Orion's belt

    Now that was the first time to me to take perfect shot like that for stars in the middle of the city with street full of lights. Those three stars lining up are the famous Orion's belt , which is visible in the sky in the Northern winter starting from January.

    0 0

    I think I was a very lucky girl when I recieved that notification from Star Walk app that I should not miss that rare visible 5 planets line-up in the sky. I went to the balcony in that cold weather to see those planets and to my surprise I saw a very starry sky in the middle of Giza city with all the street lights on.

    A starry night in the city

    I took a couple of photos and to my luck for the first time , I saw the legendary Orion's belt visible and crystal clear in the sky.

    Already it turned out that it is visiable in the Northern winter and Southern summer starting from January.

    Orion's belt

    I did not see the 5 planets , already they are visible 80 minutes before sunrise and technically I will be sleeping in bed in that time but I am happy to see the Orion's belt and the sky full of stars like that in the big city.

    Orion's belt in the Orion's constellation played a role in the Egyptian mythedology.

    Needless to say , Orion's belt is famously connected to Egypt now thanks to the Orion Correlation theory promoted by ancient alien theorist Robert Bauval and History Channel's show "Ancient aliens".

    0 0

    And Giulio Regeni returned back to Italy Saturday afternoon.
    Italy will have its own autopsy. The Egyptian National Forensics authority declared that it would finish Regeni's autopsy by the end of February !!!!!
    I do not need to guess that the Italian government will finish Regini's autopsy in a week or something !!
    His hometown "Fiumicino" declared a national mourning.
    The Egyptian ministry of interior is denying that it declared officially that the 28-years old researcher was killed in hit and run despite the fact that the head of Giza security directorate was the one who told Pro-regime Youm 7 news website that Thursday morning.
    Earlier Saturday afternoon, dozens of Egyptians as well Italians in Egypt paid respect to Giulio Regeni at the Italian embassy in Cairo as his body departed Egypt to make on final trip back home to Italy.

    Flowers and candles at the Italian embassy in Cairo "The Januarians"

    The Italian embassy in Cairo Saturday afternoon

    Already since the official announcement of his death on Thursday and several Pro-January 25 groups and activists like The Januarians decided to organize something to pay respect to late Regeni who came to Egypt as a researcher and loved it.
    At the Italian embassy.
    I think the young lady on the right is activist Yara Sallem "Heba El-Kholy"
    Many anti-regime political activists in Egypt believe the theory that he was arrested and tortured to death by security forces as his disappearance on the 25 January is similar to the forcible disappearance cases in Egypt.
    If I am not mistaken that lady appearing in AFP photo is Mrs. Maha Makkawy
    , the wife of Constitution party member Ashraf Shehata who has been forcibly
    disappeared for two years now 
    Also, the incident of Giulio hit a nerve because it got resemblances with the case of late activist Mohamed El-Gendy who was arrested and tortured to death also at the same time from 3 years ago.
    Egyptian mourners carry banners, one of them compare Regini to El-Gendy
    The others banners "Why do you kill the foreigners
    Did we {The Egyptians}Something wrong !?'
     in reference to the security's brutality  "The Januarians"
    The fact that the Egyptian ministry of interior claimed that Regeni died in a hit and run accident just like El-Gendy makes many activists that the security is involved in the Italian student's tragic death.
    The Janaurians FB group even launched a hashtag on Twitter and Facebook in Arabic "Giulio_is_one_of_us_and_was_killed_like_us"
    Saturday afternoon, the Egyptian and Italian mourners showed up at the Italian embassy in Garden city quarter putting flowers, lighting candles and even holding banners.

    Still I am very proud of that very few, mostly of Pro-Jan25 revolutionaries and activists.
    You must know that those Egyptians are being attacked by another group of Egyptians, mostly of Pro-Nationalist Sisi supporters for showing their sympathy to Giulio and not showing it allegedly for the fallen soldiers in the #Italian_embassy.
    Sadly, those regime supporters do not know that what those activists did at the Italian embassy was a true act of public diplomacy.
    Giulio Regeni, the 28-years old Cambridge PhD student came to Egypt to study and research the trade union movements especially the independent trade union movements after the 25 January revolution.
    He used to write news reports mostly critical of the Egyptian regime and send them to Italian news websites like NENA News under another name like Antonio Drius for fear of being arrested. This tells you much.
    Currently, there is a fight between Regeni's family and Leftist Il Manfesto after the later published a report sent by Giulio Regeni about Egypt's trade unions after the revolution. Either way, the report is important and with my all due respect to the Regeni's family and with no respect to Il Manfesto, I only share it here because it is important and is translated into English.
    Personally, it turned out that I know people who knew Regeni's friends in Egypt and they are all shocked and sad.
    Giulio Regeni seemed to be a nice young bright young man who loved Egypt and its people.
    Now I want you to read this op-ed by Giulio Regeni's friend Neil Pyper about Egypt and the attack on academic freedom.

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    Just after a week from the Ultras Ahlawy's commemoration to the fourth anniversary of Port Said stadium massacre , Zamalek Sports club's  Ultras White Knights {UWK}  "commemorated the first anniversary of the UWK massacre or as known as the Air Defense Stadium massacre in Cairo.
    UWK's commemoration to the Air Defense stadium tonight at Fustat Park
    "Mohamed El-Ra3y"
    From a year ago, Twenty Zamalek fans were killed in a stampede at the Air Defense stadium in an evil scheme planned by none other than the Zamalek SC notorious chairman Mortada Mansour according to the UWK.

    Just like UA07, UWK07 matured politically and knowing that it could not stand against Mortada Mansour or the ministry of interior, it decided to play by the law.

    The group would not take any chances especially the current head of Human Rights committee in Egypt's House of Representatives aka Mortada Mansour warned of coming near to Zamalek Club as the Club's guards would use their "live ammunition" weapons against them !!

    I believe Mansour went mad after finding out that on 6 February the UWK hung on the gates of Zamalek club that banner saying "Mortada is a murderer, we want him".

    The banner "Mortada is a murderer, we want him" 
    There was an active hashtag in Arabic using that phrase already in social media in Egypt.
    The fight between restless and eccentric Mansour and UWK can not be compared to the current fight between Ultras Ahlawy and Ahly SC's current administration by all measures.
    We are speaking about Mortada Mansour for God's sake !!
    He was already the man behind the court rule to designate the Ultras groups in Egypt as terrorist organizations.
    He did not rest till a group of UWK leading figures were arrested above them the UWK Capo "Siyad Ali" aka "Siyad Moshghab" .
    Despite being acquitted of all charges including "attempting to assassinate Mortada Mansour, Siyad is still detained pending investigation.
    Siyad is allegedly detained pending investigation for allegedly participating in the 28 January revolution !!
    On Sunday, UWK issued another eloquent statement about its preparation for the commemoration to the first anniversary of the sad incident.

    بسم الله الواحد القهار..بإسم كل أم إحترق فؤادها علي فراق إبنٍ أو زوجٍ أو أخٍبإسم كل الذين فقدناهم بدافع الشرف والحب وا...
    Posted by Ultras White Knights UWK on Sunday, February 7, 2016

    In the statement, the hardcore football fan group announced that it was holding the commemoration this year at El-Fustat park in Old Cairo at 3 PM.

    "We would wish to hold the commemoration of our martyrs at the club they adored, at the stadium {Helmy Zamora} where they considered it home but now the club is under the control of the murderers and corrupted." said the statement in direct reference to Mortada Mansour.

    El-Fustat park is where unauthorized protests are allowed to be held in Cairo according to the law.
    Knowing the political tensions currently in the country, I think that was the best thing.

    At 3 PM, thousands of Zamalek sports club fans and UWK members as well supporters went to El-Fustast park which was heavily guarded by security forces.
    Outside the park, heavy security preparations were noticed
    by UWK lawyer Tarek Al-Awady
    The families of the 20 Zamalek martyrs were there and it was emotional like in the case of Ultras Ahlawy victims.
    The families of the Zamalek club martyrs by Momen Samir
    More photos from the commemoration.

    During the commemoration, the UWK presented its demands to the presidency if it is interested to know.
    The UWK wants the following:

    • To reopen the investigations in the Air defense stadium massacre
    • To form a committee to supervise the investigations into the football fans cases where the Egyptian presidency, the ministry of interior, judiciary, the families of Ahly and Zamalek victims are represented.
    • To execute Mortada Mansour
    • Freedom to arrested football fans. 
    Yes, Ultras White Knights group is saying explicitly what they want.
    And they were chanting loud in El-Fustat garden that the people wanted to execute Mansour.

    Zamalek's UWK07 and Ahly's UA07 do not search for any political goal or support any political group now.
    They are only searching for justice for their friends who were killed.
    I think it is a fair demand but unfortunately very difficult and expensive one in Egypt nowadays.
    At 7 PM CLT, we will have our own Debry between Ahly and Zamalek on Tuesday. 

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    The #Egyptian #Museum in #Cairo grand hall #Citizenjournalism #blogger #Egypt #ThisisEgypt #downtownCairo #Discoveryourcity #ancientegypt #History

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  • 02/09/16--14:01: February 10, 2016 at 12:00AM

  • The #Egyptian #Museum in #Cairo grand hall #Citizenjournalism #blogger #Egypt #ThisisEgypt #downtownCairo #Discoveryourcity #ancientegypt #History February 10, 2016 at 12:00AM via Instagram

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    This very important news or rather saga that came at the same of the fifth anniversary of the 25 January and it is a reminder to all of us on why the revolution happened in Egypt on 25 January, the national day of police in Egypt.
    On 28 January 2016, we found news spreading throughout the news websites that the state restored back LE 178 Million in the ministry of interior corruption scandal that goes back to 2011.
    The news goes like that: The public fund prosecution lifted 80 names of state officials from the travel ban list after returning back LE 178 Million back to the state. The state officials in that list are mostly from the ministry of interior in Mubarak's time.
    In statements to Al-Masry Al-Youm that to be denied later, the investigative judge assigned to the case stated that those 80 officials returned back the LE 178 million after proving that they got it legally as "Rewards and bonuses" and that there was no criminal evidence against them.
    Okay if they were legal "rewards and bounces", why would they return back !?
    You must know that in the original case that is resurfacing in a very unexpected time speaks about state officials working in the ministries of finance, transportation, interior and the Accountability State Authority "ASA" who are accused of their influence to acquire gains amounting to LE 1 billion illegally during the time of Mubarak.
    Anyhow from those former state officials, there are 73 officials from the ministry of interior alone. 17 names stand out above them the former minister of interior Habib El-Adly.
    Among other names we got the following:
    • Former high state security police general Mohsen El-Faham returned to the state LE 37,540,313. El-Faham who is related to late Omar Suleiman is currently the leader of a new Pro-regime /Pro-Military party called "The Homeland's Guardian" which got 17 seats in the House of Representatives. An anti-25 January revolution advocate, El-Faham claims that he got all that money as bounces !!
    • Former Minister of interior aide and head of Cairo security directorate Ismail El-Shaar returned to the state LE 10,296,417. El-Shaer was acquitted of the killing of Jan25 protesters in November 2014.
    • Former police colonel Alaa Ibrahim, the media production manager in the ministry of interior paid back  LE 11,445,916
    • Former police general Ahmed Diaa El-Din, the former Minister of interior aide and former Minya governor paid back LE 3,116,540
    On 30 January 2016, several news websites above them Pro-regime Parlmany reported that 13 former official in the interior ministry did not return back the funds they took above them El-Adly himself.
    Former police general El-Faham returned back LE 35 million and was excluded from the case.
    El-Adly and the other 12 names were referred to Cairo criminal court.
    On 7 February 2016, Cairo's criminal court banned El-Adly from travelling abroad and ordered the freezing of his assets as well his family's assets once again in the MOI corruption scandal !!
    Other 12 former ministry officials are defendants. Their assets were frozen too.
    El-Adly laughing at the court at first !! "Twitter' 
    Mubarak's former minister of interior is officially accused of acquiring illegally LE 514 million alone according to the prosecution's statement in the court !!

    In December 2015, the court already lifted the assets freeze imposed on the assets and properties of Habib El-Adly who was released from jail earlier that year in March after being acquitted in another corruption case.
    Yes, he is currently out of jail as he was released from detention in March after being acquitted on charges of using his political influence to acquire illicit gains amounting to LE 181 million !!
    The news of those millions was like a slap in the face in a very critical time coming at the same time of the 28 January revolution anniversary.
    You want to know why there is no real security in Egypt, well it is enough to see the amount of corruption in the ministry of interior alone to know why.
    If there were true transparency and accountability, all those millions would not have been lost like that !!
    I believe this corruption case is actually more offensive to the ministry of interior and the sacrifices of its officers and poor conscripts and soldiers than two boys messing around with condoms as balloons !!
    The former interior minister accused of corruption was treated with respect
    in court "Youm 7" 
    Do you see the photo above for El-Adly treated with respect in courtroom?
    Well sadly enough in the same week and in the same courtroom, the court renewed illegally the detention of high school student Mahmoud Mohamed for another 15 days !!!!
    Mahmoud Mohamed at court by Momen Samir
    There is a difference between the two photos.  

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    I think we can safely say that on Friday 12 February 2016 the infamous protest law was killed publicly in downtown Cairo thanks to Egypt's doctors.It is an unforgettable day.
    Thousands of Egyptians doctors flocked to Dar El-Hekima aka Egypt's Doctors syndicate in downtown Cairo to attend the urgent meeting of the syndicate's General assembly to take action and to protest the constant attacks against doctors in hospitals by police personnel in particular following the assault on doctors at Mataria educational hospital.
    Outside the syndicate early Friday, doctors and activists also protested
    in solidarity for detained doctors. "By Sabry Khaled" 
    The General assembly meeting needs at least 1000 members normally, to be held legally. Surprisingly over 10,000 doctors showed up blocking streets in Kasr Al-Aini.It was the most crowded General assembly in the history of the syndicate. It was a protest with all the anti-police chants , unauthorized protest but the doctors did not care.

    جانب من هتافات الأطباء 1م . 12-2-2016 #ادعم_نقابة_الأطباء
    Posted by Mostafa Mahmoud on Friday, February 12, 2016

    Already they could not enter the old building of the syndicate because there was no space and they had to vote using green cards in the middle of the street.
    voting in the street because there is no place inside
    "By Heba El-Kholy
    The Angry the doctors chanted against the ministry of interior describing its personnel as thugs in an unusual scene in the past 3 years.
    During the meeting of the General assembly of the doctors' syndicates several important decisions were taken as follows:
    • The General assembly of Egypt's Doctors syndicate decided to provide completely free medical services in public hospitals throughout the country starting from 26 February if the policemen involved in an attack against Mataria hospital's doctors are not referred to court till then.
    • The assembly asked doctors working in private clinics to close them or to provide the medical service for free on 19 March "Egypt's National Doctor Day" in solidarity with doctors in hospitals.
      The Shot of the day "Mahmoud Bakkar" 
    • The assembly also called for protesting stands on 20 February at hospitals throughout the country.
    • The doctors also demanded the installation of CCTV cameras in ER sections and hospitals passages
    • They demand that no armed person enters any medical facility except the facility's security personnel only.
    • The assembly also agreed to give the rights to doctors to strike if they are being attacked or their medical workplace is being attacked till their workplace is being secured effectively.
    • Anyone standing against that protesting procedure from hospital managers or supervising doctors will be referred to disciplinary committee.   
    • The General assembly demanded the dismissal of the current minister of health Ahmed Emad from his position. He is also referred to a disciplinary committee for failing to protect and secure doctors.

    • The assembly also demanded the Prime Minister to issue a decision to oblige the medical facilities administration and police to report any attack against doctors or medical facilities and consider it as an attack against governmental facility or attack against a public official.
    • The doctors also announced their rejection the PM's decision to found an obligatory medical training authority for doctors without taking the opinion of the Doctors' syndicate. I do not understand that matter but it seems it is another upcoming battle between them and the government.
    • It also demanded the House of Representatives to issue a legislation penalizing attacks against hospitals including the attacks by "security and ministry of interior personnel"
    Several syndicates like the lawyers syndicate declared their solarity with the doctors. Also, several political parties and groups declared their solidarity.
    A group of Pro-Jan25 activists went to show their solidarity as well to the syndicate. For hours, Hashtag "I_support_Doctors_syndicate" in Arabic was trending in Egypt on Friday with over 40,000 tweets.

    What happened at Mataria educational Hospital !?

    The crisis started on 28 January early morning when a low-ranking officer "Amin Shorta" wearing civilian clothes went to Mataria education hospital on Thursday morning with a wound on his face and asked the doctor examining him in the ER to include fake injuries in the medical report.
    The doctor refused and so the low-ranking policeman called 8 of his colleagues to the hospital to assault the doctors before taking them to the infamous Mataria police station where they were detained for several hours.
    The low-ranking policemen also claimed that the doctors assaulted and injured them.
    They even got fake medical reports to show that they were attacked by the doctors in another hospital.
    A CCTV video from Mataria educational hospital showing the attack
    The doctors in that other hospital confessed online that they had to fake to medical reports because they were threatened by those low-ranking policemen.
    In return, the doctors in Mataria educational hospital decided to start a strike until a legal action was taken against those policemen. The move was supported by Egypt's Doctors syndicate.
    The saga in Mataria hospital continued and the doctors decided to escalate their move to shut down the hospital as an escalation.a.
    The interior ministry suspended the low-ranking policemen but there was no official investigation by the prosecution so far.
    At the same time, Pro-regime TV talk shows and newspapers began a campaign to attack doctors and highlight medical mistakes in the country.
    On 4 February 2016, the General prosecutor ordered the striking doctors to return back to work launching an investigation into the closure of the hospital to take legal action against those responsible for the suspension of this public service.
    At the same time, Egypt's Doctors syndicate declared that it was holding an urgent General assembly meeting at the syndicate HQ's "Dar El-Hekma" in Cairo on 12 February.
    On 10 February 2016, Cairo's prosecution decided to detain the low ranking policemen pending investigation. On 11 February 2016, the prosecution decided to charge the 9 policemen with "with “assaulting public officials” and “using violence”and release them on bail.

    The Stars of the assembly

    It is true that the doctors were the stars and the talk of the town but there are two figures that stood out as leaders of that movement: Dr. Hussein Khairy, the head of Doctors syndicate and Dr. Mona Mina, the general secretary of the syndicate.
    Dr. Hussein Khairy and Dr. Mona Mina at the General assembly
    "Haleem Shaarani-Facebook and Flickr"
    Dr. Hussein Khairy or the guy who looks like Einstein is unknown to the public but he is a legend among doctors especially among surgeons. The man who does not have a private practice and works in kasr Al-Aini Hospital as a surgeon is labeled "Kasr Al-Aini monk"
    Dr. Hussein Khairy by Sabry Khaled 
    Mona Mina, the sweet voice veteran health care activist is currently under fire in the Pro-regime media to the level of accusing her of having Muslim Brotherhood leanings.
    Dr. Mona Mina by Dr. Alaa El-Taweel
    She was reported to the Prosecutor General as well by lawyer Samir Sabry.
    I do not need to recount the sexist comment about her.
    The doctors and their urgent meeting of the general assembly blocked the whole Kasr A-Aini street long and vital street in Cairo for several hours. In an irony, few blocks aways the Downtown Cairo municipal workers were cleaning and preparing the streets at the House of the Representatives as President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is going to address the newly elected parliament for the first time.
    I do not know to describe you how the meeting of the Doctors syndicate gave people hope and an important lesson too. We need strong syndicates and unions like that if we are truly seeking a civil society. We need a true organizing power just like Ultras and Doctors. We need dedicated figures like Mina and Khairy as simple as that.
    One thing we learned in 2016 so far, the 'revolutionary status' is not over and the Jan25 Revolution continues in its own mysterious way.
    Originally revolution starts with small social and economic demands.
    Outside Dar El-Hekma "The Doctors' syndicate by
    Ahmed Abdel Gawad
    Proof: What happened on Friday at Dar El-Hekma.

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