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7000 years and counting ...

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    The #Egyptian National #Theatre in #downtownCairo #Citizenjournalism #blogger #Cairo #Egypt #Discoveryourcity #ThisisEgypt

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  • 01/11/16--14:43: January 12, 2016 at 12:43AM

  • The #Egyptian National #Theatre in #downtownCairo #Citizenjournalism #blogger #Cairo #Egypt #Discoveryourcity #ThisisEgypt January 12, 2016 at 12:43AM via Instagram

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    And it is not only the first parliamentary session Egypt has seen since the dissolution of the parliament in summer 2012 but it can be the longest parliamentary procedural session in the history of Egypt and may be the world!!

    Yes, the session went on till beyond 1 AM Cairo local time. We are having a breaking record here in Egypt and it is not involving food for the first time !!

    Anyhow this breaking record of hours is just another extra feature in today's Season 1 Premiere of Egypt's Parliament 2016.
    The first procedural session in the Egyptian parliament 2016
    Since the start of the day, all indications made it clear that it would not be your usual parliament at all.

    Of course, I was mistaken as I thought El-Sisi would inaugurate the session. It turned to be a procedural session. El-Sisi will inaugurate the parliamentary term in another day, may be next week.

    Now to the procedural session which was headed by the oldest members in the House of Representative appointed MP and Al-Wafd Veteran member Bahaa Abu-Shouka.

    After the start of the session, the 596 members "568 elected MPs+ 28 appointed MPs by the President" must take the oath in front of other members and in front of the whole world because the session was on air ... and the fun began !!

    Some MPs insisted on changing the oath especially MP Mortada Mansour who unsurprisingly was the star of today's premiere with what he had done.

    Reading the oath, Mansour said at first " I will respect the articles of the constitution" and not "I will respect the constitution".

    Abu-Shouka told him to read it again correctly but then the bigger-than-life head of Zamalek club shouted that he would not because "The informants age is over" and He does not "respect a composition topic".

    Then he screamed saying that he would not swear to respect something he was not convinced with like the 25 January revolution.  "I do not recognize the 25 January revolution, I am free, I can not stomach the 25 January revolution" he screamed vowing to divorce his wife if he took the oath again correctly !!

    Then MP and film director Khaled Youssef also vowed to divorce his wife if Mortada did not take the oath again.

    Now, the current Egyptian constitution recognizes the 25 January and 30 June as revolutions in its preface.

    To swear on respecting the constitution as a whole means respecting and recognizing the 25 January and 30 June as revolutions.

    Mansour does not hide his hate to the 25 January revolution since day 1 despite after the ouster of Mubarak he claimed that he and his sons were in Tahrir square.  Already 75% if not 95% of the members in that parliament hate 25 January revolution and they lied in that oath.

    Ironically after big and loud interruption, he gave up and said the right oath. "Okay, but inside me, I will keep to myself the right oath I said first !!" He said.

    I do not know the fate of his wife or ex-wife but I know she was divorced several times thanks to his constant oaths to divorce her. 
    Also, I do not know if their son who is also a MP in this parliament and attended this session representing my constituency was awake when that fuzz happened or not.
    Mansour Jr in the session 
    Then there were other members who decided to have their own oath by changing it despite the warnings of Abou-Shouka.

    You got former Police general and Assuit MP Tadrous Kalds who decided to change the oath and said "I swear by the One God" instead of "I swear by God". Do not ask me why.Then you got former NDPian and Qena MPs who decided to praise Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" in the oath. Again do not ask me why.

    This procedural session witnessed a huge number of selfies.

    The queen and king of Selfies were MP Diaa Doawd El-Din and MP Evelyn Matta.

    Parliamentary selfie "Youm 7" 
    In the session "By Al-Masry Al-Youm" 
    I would not have included that photo in the post if it were not for MP Matta's provoking claim that they were not taking a selfie but rather reading the people's problems in their constituencies !! 

    Then we got the epic moment of mics on air where you can listen to side talks between MPs.

    I will not include how a MP asked for a candy from another MP because those guys spent more than 10 hours eating only sandwiches in recess but I can not get over what an unknown MP said in the mic accidently regarding those bloody ### who knew a couple of articles in the law and constitution and decided to make the other MPs' life  ###.

    Then came the time to elect the speaker of the parliament. Five MPs ran for the position including the infamous notorious MP Tawfik Okasha who gave one of his " I am the leader of the 30 June revolution" speeches so he would be elected.

    Strangely that speech impressed 25 MPs only who elected him. The majority of the votes went to Ali Abdel Aal , the Constitutional law professor.

    Despite I expected Serry Siam to be the speaker of the parliament yet Abdel Aal turned to be the lucky one.
    Egypt's new parliament speaker Ali Abdel Aal
    Already, I found out that there were strong rumors that the 68 years old law professor who was a member of the Pro-Sisi "For the Love of Egypt" electoral list in Upper Egypt as well a member in the Pro-Sisi/State "Support Egypt" bloc in the parliament was tipped to be the upcoming speaker of the parliament.

    After showing respect to the martyrs of the army, police and the people in the two revolutions, Ali Abdel Aal had his fight with MP Ehab El-Kholy when the later insisted the parliament continue its session to elect two deputies.

    The newly elected House of Representatives said that it could be postponed but El-Kholy reminded him that according to the constitution, the two deputies should be elected in the first session of the parliament.

    Abdel Aal then reminded the MP that he participated in drafting that constitution reading from. Anyhow Abdel Aal lost his first battle because the MPs elected the deputies after all on that night. The MP elected one of the deputies on Saturday or rather early Monday and the other deputy had a runoff elections Monday afternoon in another session.

    The 2016 parliament deputies are former NDPian Mahmoud El-Sherif and Soliman Wahdan.

    Before I forget, MP Serry Siam also had his own unnecessary fight on what he should be addressed with, whether it is a MP or a representative !!

    The first thing the parliament did on Monday was sending a telegram to congratulate the leader and president Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

    Now because the day was not strange enough, we found out that a group of Muslim Brotherhood members from MPs in 2012 decided to have their own parliament in Turkey !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is like we are speaking about a parallel universe.

    On Tuesday, the Egyptian House of Representatives voted not to broadcast live its sessions and we will have some televised summary instead.

    House of Representatives speaker Abdel Aal stated that the Muslim Brotherhood wanted the session of the parliament to be live and he would not let them have that opportunity.

    By the way, Mortada Mansour was chosen as the head of the Human rights committee.
    Just from few months ago , Mansour called for the return of the emergency laws !!

    Tawfik Okasha stormed from one of the sessions on Tuesday to object how he was not let to speak. He protested it in his own way.
    Okasha and the ducktape written on
    "Not allowed to speak by the government'
    I swear this is a black comedy.

    I would like to say that neither of those two parliaments, the one in Cairo or that more pathetic delusional one in Istanbul will achieve what the Egyptian people truly need or want nor they do represent the Egyptian people for real.

    Now, this is a strong premiere and hopefully, the upcoming episodes will be more interesting.
    Yes, I do not take that parliament seriously because it is not intended to be a serious one from the start.

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    On Saturday, Egypt's ousted president Mohamed Hosni Mubarak and his sons' appeal against a conviction for embezzling public funds in the Presidential Palaces trial was rejected, thus he became the first Egyptian president to be convicted of corruption as the ruling is final.
    Yes, Officially and historically Mohamed Hosni Mubarak is found guilty of corruption and court ruling can not be further challenged.
    Accordingly, Mubarak will be deprived of all the privileges granted to former Egyptian presidents according to the law. The privileges include security crews as well the honors that come with annual income like The Order of the Sinai Star.
    He also should not receive a military trial if he dies. Of course, we will see what will happen then.
    His sons, Gamal and Alaa will not be allowed to participate in politics for the upcoming 5 years as well.
    Some are saying that this court ruling was issued to ban Gamal Mubarak from any political activity intentionally. Well, I do not care about Junior because we got a history that has been made.
    Hosni Mubarak is convicted as a corrupted president, it is a fact now.
    The Mubaraks did not spend those years in jail because they served them during the pre-trial detention.
    To refresh your memory, I strongly advise you to read the Mada Masr's investigative report about the Presidential Palace case.
    Now, Mohamed Hosni Mubarak is the first Egyptian president and ruler whether alive or dead to be convicted officially in a corruption case in front of the court in Egypt in the past 200 years.
    Mubarak's attorney Farid El-Deeb after hearing the sentence
    This is Mubarak's first conviction after his ouster on February 2011.
    He made a name in Egypt's modern history indeed.
    The unsung hero who truly made history by investigating this case is former officer Moatasm Fathi from the Administrative Oversight authority "AOA".
    Officer Moastam Fathi , where ever you are
    Thank you 
    He is the one who investigation and reported the case to the public prosecutor.
    Fathi already got a huge honorable record of fighting corruption in the AOA.He resigned before the revolution in 2011 to object the corruption and then was reinstated again.
    Unfortunately, the former police officer who joined the AOA paid the price of that.
    In 2013 after the ouster of Morsi, he was transferred from his position in AOA to the ministry of industry where he was demoted in everything.
    In 2014, Fathi reported official to the prosecutor general's office that he was receiving threatening calls.
    Now , I heard that he left the country and is living abroad. I do not know if it is true or not.
    On twitter, Pro-25 January supporters launched #Thanks_Moatasm_Fathi to honor him.
    On the other hand, Mubarak is still enjoying his 5 stars stay at the Maadi military hospital at the Shah of Iran's Suite.
    Mubarak supporters were angry at the court "Reuters" 
    His sons are enjoying their time too as free men too.
    The people want the trial of Mubarak from Tahrir square in July 2011

    This final conviction will allow us to restore the Mubaraks' frozen funds from Switzerland.
    Already, the Swiss Attorney General is coming to Cairo on Saturday to discuss this matter with the Egyptian officials. I hope that the Egyptian officials truly do something and restore those funds.
    Egypt needs those CHF 650 million for God's sake !!
    Now here is the moment, the Judge declared his verdict on Saturday on video.

    لحظة النطق بالحكم في الطعن المقدم من الرئيس المصري الأسبق حسني مبارك ونجليه في قضية "القصور الرئاسية"
    Posted by Sky News Arabia on Saturday, January 9, 2016

    At first, he gave a false hope to the Mubarak fanboys by saying that the court accepted to see that appeal " I do not know the correct term in English" and then rejects the appeal against the court ruling. 

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    Meet Nagua Alba, the 25-years old Spanish MP of Egyptian Nubian origins in the Spanish Congress of Deputies.
    Nagua Alba "Ahmed Guoeli's Facebook page"
    Nagua Alba -born Nagua Goueli-the Podemos party member headed the first procedural session of the Spanish Congress of Deputies on Wednesday in Madrid as its youngest member according to the Spanish Constitution.
    Graduated from the university of Madrid with a major in psychology, the daughter of an Egyptian father and Spanish mother got the highest number of votes in Gipuzkoa, northern Spain.
    We are speaking about a newcomer to politics who got 97,000 votes in the Spanish general elections in December.
    Nagua Alba is the daughter of Egyptian Nubian Ahmed Goueli who left Egypt to learn Spanish in Spain where he settled down there in 1990s. Goueli is now working in the online tourism sector and is a co-founder of a number of successful online tourism sites.
    Despite living in Spain, Ahmed Goueli is a big supporter to 25 January revolution and called his daughter as its daughter.
    Now Meet Bahaa Abu Shouka, the 78-years old Egyptian MP in the Egyptian House of Representatives.

    MP Bahaa Abou Shouka at the session "Ahmed El-Malky" 
    Bahaa Abou Shouka, the Wafd veteran party member headed the first procedural session of the Egyptian House of Representatives as its oldest member according to the Egyptian Constitution.
    Graduated from Cairo university in the 1950s with a major in law, the Assuit born-prosecutor-turned-in-to-lawyer was appointed by President El-Sisi in the House of Representatives.
    Abu Shouka, the veteran criminal law lawyer is currently the head of legislative committee in the House of the Representatives.
    Also, meet the independent head of the Youth committee in the Egyptian House of Representatives: Kassem Farg, the 70-years old Egyptian MP.
    Mr. Farg on the left at Atafih with one of the young men
     in his constituency "Parlmany" 
    As far as I know, Mr. Kassem will be the temporary head of the Youth Committee for the next two weeks during the discussion of the laws issued during President Sisi's rule.
    Kassem was elected in Atafih constituency, Giza governorate where he got about 30,000 votes.
    He used to head the youth center in Atafih as far as I understand.
    This tells you everything.
    Have a nice weekend if you are in Egypt.

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    Some people had hopes in the past two years that the controversial Protest law would be amended in a way or another in the Egyptian House of Representatives.
    Well, surprise .. it won't be amended in this House of Representatives because the members won't
    Egyptian House of Representatives "Reuters"
    review the laws issued before Constitution 2014 was passed.
    The controversial infamous Protest led to the imprisonment of thousands of Egyptian youth since November 2013.
    It is currently being challenged in front of the Supreme Constitutional court.
    I remember some people from the so-called Democratic branch in the government or the regime in the media kept saying "guys, wait till the upcoming parliament as it will fix that protest law", "Instead of demanding its cancellation, wait till the parliament and it will be amended".
    Already as of January 10, the House of Representatives and its 19 subcommittees will review 340 laws issued from January 18, 2014 to the end of 2015 according to the Constitution. Oh yes, no one paid attention to this constitutional fact.
    Here is a very nice general and summarized breakdown for those 340 laws by Ziad Bahaa El-Din in Ahram Online.
    By way , House of Representatives Speaker Ali Abdel Aal stated that there would be no live broadcast for the sessions of the parliament while reviewing the laws issued in Post-Constitution 2014.
    Oh yes, we are not going to see any live feed from the House of Representatives in these 15 days till the Post-Constitution 2014 laws are passed.

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Inside the #Egyptian National #Theatre in #downtownCairo #Citizenjournalism #blogger #Egypt #Cairo #ThisisEgypt #Discoveryourcity

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  • 01/16/16--15:06: January 17, 2016 at 01:05AM

  • Inside the #Egyptian National #Theatre in #downtownCairo #Citizenjournalism #blogger #Egypt #Cairo #ThisisEgypt #Discoveryourcity January 17, 2016 at 01:05AM via Instagram

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    The Egyptian National theatre in Cairo

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    The Egyptian National theatre in Cairo

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  • 01/18/16--01:45: DSC01460 [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:


    Cairo's Dust storm

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  • 01/18/16--01:45: DSC01458 [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:


    Cairo's Dust storm

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  • 01/18/16--01:45: DSC01459 [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:


    Cairo's Dust storm

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  • 01/18/16--02:02: January 18, 2016 at 12:02PM

  • Cairo's dust storm #NoFilter #DayLifeCairo #Cairo #Citizenjournalism #blogger #Egypt January 18, 2016 at 12:02PM via Instagram

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    Earlier Monday, Egypt's National Council For Human Rights "NCHR" published the report it got from the Ministry of interior "MOI" regarding the fate of Forcible disappearance cases in Egypt in details, after the initial MOI statement in early JanuaryE.
    The official NCHR stated it referred191 complaints documented forcible disappearance cases in Egypt. The MOI replied and revealed information about 118 cases as follows:
    • The MOI released 15 people following investigations
    • There are 99 people currently detained people in different cases and in prisons
    • There are 3 people from that list that are on the run
    • There is one case "a lady" that escaped from her family in the list.
    The NHCR also revealed it reached to the fate of three other cases in the list with no involvement of the MOI but with the help of their families
    Accordingly, the fate of 121 people disappeared in strange circumstances in the past few months was determined. Yes, the majority of the 121 names is found in detention but at least, their families know where they are now. It is a new hope for them
    Again that official statement is the best answer for the claims that the majority of the forcible
    Maha Makawy, the wife of Ashraf Shehata
    "Freedom of the Brave" 
    disappearance cases are for young men who fled the country to join ISIS.
    Here is a complete list of names found by the NCHR
    Sadly for hours, people thought that Ashraf Shehata, a Constitution Party member who went missing for almost 2 years now was found in the list and he was located at Zagzig prison.
     Unfortunately, it turned to be another inmate with a similar name according to the MOI.
    The MOI claimed earlier that Shehata left the country giving no further details for his wife Maha Makawy, who has not lost hope in finding her husband.
    Mrs. Makawy spent 4 hours chasing false hope on Monday unfortunately. May God give her strength and patience.
    I cannot imagine what she has been through.
    Unfortunately, there is no news about the whereabouts of Mostafa Massouny either.
    I hope that they are still fine because this is scary. 

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    If you are following the Egyptian Chronicles blog carefully in the past few weeks, you will notice that I have been posting photos from the Egyptian National Theatre from time to time since December.

    Tonight I decided instead of speaking about the Black comedy taking place in the Egyptian Parliament, I will speak about my night at the Egyptian National theatre and share the rest of the photos I took it there.

    Last December, I went with my family to the Egyptian National Theatre to attend its successful production of Layla Min Alf Layla (One of a Thousand Nights) musical starring veteran Yahia El-Fakharany, Heba Magdi and Mohamed Mohsen.

    The Musical production was a hit for the State-owned Egyptian National Theatre since its launch in August. In December, it smashed the box office records and achieved LE 2 million in time nobody goes to theatres in Egypt except very few.

    This was the first time I had gone to Egypt's National Theatre and to know its history.
    The Egyptian National theatre in Cairo
    The entrance of the Egyptian National Theatre in Down Town Cairo
    If what I read about it correct then it will be the oldest National Theatre building in Egypt and Middle East that is still in its place and operating since the 19th century.

    Located in Al-Azbakeya area in Downtown Cairo, the National Theatre story started in 1869 when Khedive Ismail ordered its construction to host the
    shows of 'Comedie-Franciase' in Cairo during the legendary inauguration of the Suez Canal.

    The Egyptian National theatre in Cairo
    The exterior of the Egyptian National Theatre building showing
    the features of famous orientalist Moorish Heliopolis style 

    Known during then as 'Al-Azbakeya Theatre', it hosted the first Egyptian-Syrian theatrical shows for Abu Khalil Qabbani theatre company in 1885.

    The Egyptian National theatre in Cairo
    The Egyptian National Theatre's classical hall

    Sheikh Salama Hegazi and Syrian Iskander Farah used to present their musicals on the stage of Al-Azbakeya fro 1891 to 1905.
    The Egyptian National theatre in Cairo
    The magnificent dome of the Egyptian National Theatre

    With the rise of Egyptian nationalism and calls of independence, calls for a National theatre company began.
    In 1920, the Egyptian National theatre was founded by legendary Egyptian nationalist economist and industrialist Talaat Harb in that building.
    From 1935 to 1941, a theatre company led by Lebanese poet Khalil Mutran used to present its shows. In 1941 that theatre company was banned from presenting its plays for inciting against the British occupation.
    The Egyptian National theatre in Cairo
    Talaat Harb who started his life as conservative and ended it as the Saint patron of
    Egypt's liberal cultural life whether in theatre or cinema 

    That's the year written on its Stage "1920".

    The #Egyptian National #Theatre in #Downtown #Cairo #Cairowalk #ThisisEgypt #Citizenjournalism #blogger #Egypt #Discoveryourcity #downtownCairo
    Written above the stage the famous poetry verses the date of inauguration the National Theatre
    in 1920 as well that poetry verses of Ahmed Shawki "Nations live as long as their morals do,
    when virtues die nations do"*

    After the 1952 July coup aka 23 July Revolution, the National theatre was officially founded and became part of the Egyptian ministry of culture.
    The Egyptian National theatre in Cairo
    Another magnificent ceiling at the Egyptian National Theatre

    In 2008, fire torched the old theatre but fortunately it did not join the old Khedival Opera that used to existed couple of blocks away.
    It was saved and renovated. Already the main building kept its oriental style but there is new modern extension added to it
    The Egyptian National theatre in Cairo
    A modern painting by Egyptian painter Ahmed Sheiha 

    Layla Min Alf Layla (One of a Thousand Nights) musical is based on the poetry of legendary Beyram Al-Tunsi and the music of legendary but underrated unfortunately Ahmed Sedki
    By the way, the villain in that musical fantasy was the corrupted minister of interior in time of Calipah in Baghdad.
    The Egyptian National theatre in Cairo
    Yahia Al-Fakharany and the rest of the cast

    Aside from its success, the musical play made headlines recently as its young leading actress Heba Magdy and singer Mohamed Mohsen declared their engagement on stage after from two weeks ago.

    I like that nice couple, they are so cute. God bless them both and bless their voices too.
    Now, here is the complete slideshow of photos I took at the Egyptian National theatre using my mobile phone.

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  • 01/21/16--06:50: January 21, 2016 at 04:50PM

  • Why so serious MP Mortada Mansour !? #Egypt #Citizenjournalism #blogger #Parliament #HouseofRepresentatives January 21, 2016 at 04:50PM via Instagram

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    I do not know why the regime is extremely worried about the fifth anniversary of the 25th January revolution in Egypt.
    The past three weeks has been hysterical literality in the mainstream media when it comes to the anniversary that brought down the Mubaraks and his regime partially.
    It is hysterical for real and what is happening in Tunisia is even making the Pro-regime media more hysterical as far as I could tell.
    Even El-Sisi mentioned Tunisia in his speech at the Police academy urging Tunisians and Egyptians not to ruin their country because economic conditions all over the globe are bad !!
    It is like they are freaking out !!!
    Egyptian security Forces at Tahrir square
    on 24 January 2016
    The past three week has been witnessing unprecedented security crackdown on Egyptian activists from different political factions , whether from April 6 Youth or Revolutionary socialists or even Tamarod or independent activists despite no one declared his or her intention to organize protests or any street activity what so ever.
    Despite April 6 Youth movement "both fronts" declared no intention so far to protest or organize any public event on the anniversiary of 25 January , 4  leading members "From the memebr of the political office" were arrested in late Deember for allegedly prepraring for protests !!
    The famous political group which was officially banned by the adminsitrative court from a couple of years ago announced on Sunday that it woud not organize any event tomorrow.
    The only thing they called for in their statement that was published on their facebook from the people to wear black on Monday in order to protest silently.

    The Revolutionary Socialists have not declared any activity or plan from any kind and yet its leading member and active member in the Doctors Syndicate Taher Mokhtar was arrested and acussed of calling for protests next 25 Janaury !!!
    Activist Moheb Doss was arrested on 6 Janaury outside t the Saint Mark Orthodox Cathedral in Cairo in his way to attend the Christmas mass.
    Doss is from the co-founders of Tamaroud group !!
    Of course after the arrest of Doss , one realized that there is a new outlawed group in Egypt now called "The 25 January youth" !!
    I do not know if that is correct number but Tahrir news website reports that in one month ,217 citizens were arrested across the country for their intention to protest on the 25th January !!
    Most of them are allegedly MB members according to the ministry of interior.
    My foreign expat friends are telling me that rented apartments by foreigners and Non-Cairenes especially youth near Tahrir square were searched by security forces !!
    Needless to say, the only political powers or group that called for protests are the usual suspects AKA The Muslim Brotherhood and its allies from very few Islamist powers.
    Personally, I believe that tomorrow we will witness MB protests in villages that will be dispersed by forces.
    The army deployed its units to Tahrir square and Downtown Cairo to secure them or rather to seal them down tomorrow along with thousands of police officers.

    عناصر القوات المسلحة والشرطة المدنية تنفذ دوريات أمنية مشتركة لتأمين المنشآت والأهداف الحيوية ... ـــــــــــــــــــــ...
    Posted by ‎الصفحة الرسمية للمتحدث العسكري للقوات المسلحة‎ on Friday, January 22, 2016

    On Facebook, some Pro-Janaury 25 supporter made that Facebook header that is being shared online like fire "We are not going to Tahrir , you sons of bitches" in reference to the famous Ultras song "We have not forgotten Tahrir square , you sons of bitches"
    We are not going to Tahrir, you sons of bitches !! 
    That fear from the 25 January anniversiary started with El-Sisi's speech in late December when the Egyptian president wondered why some people call for protests during the 5th anniversiary that ousted Mubarak and changed his own personal life.
    He even wondered why people want to destroy their own country making undirect connection between the protests , which are legal constitutional rights and the destruction of countries like Iraq and Syria pulling the stability card over and over.
    A side note: El-Sisi would not be a president without that revolution.
    Even Egypt's Metrological authority warned that Egypt would see extremely unstable stormy weather across the country on Monday.
    Indeed , it is extremely cold now in Cairo but not to the level of having cold winds coming from the North Pole directly to Cairo !!
    Now, I am reading that Cairo Public Transportation authority is going to search the passengers on its buses tomorrow. 
    Of course, people are laughing at the how the matter was being dealt in the media.
    Memes are made all over the internet about that matter.
    It seems to me that the regime does not understand that it is not about the 25 January as a date or Tahrir square as place. Uprisings and revolutions can happen any time at any where if the people are truly angry and fed up.
    The regime truly does not understand that for real.

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    And I cannot believe that 5 years have passed already on that day that changed Egypt forever.
    Nobody believed that a small protest in Tahrir square called by a Facebook event would change and the world as well in this way.
    Tearing up the photo of Hosni Mubarak on 25 January 2011
    Alexandria "Reuters" 
    Yes, the Arab Revolutionary Spring officially started in Tunisia but in Egypt, it became something big.
    Now I will stop being sentimental, here is a great collection of photos taken by Reuters photographers in Egypt on that day from Cairo and Alexandria on the 25 January 2011.
    I have seen few photos from that collection before.
    You can see them after the break.

    This is history, our history.
    The 25 January revolution has been already recorded thankfully and the pathetic pro-regime can not change this fact.

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  • 01/25/16--01:43: January 25, 2016 at 11:43AM

  • The navigation system in #Suez canal , #Egypt #Citizenjournalism #blogger #whatever January 25, 2016 at 11:43AM via Instagram

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