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7000 years and counting ...
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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    A golden desk stationery set at Egypt's Royal Jewelry Museum

    A desk stationery set made of gold at Egypt's Royal Jewelry Museum in Alexandria. That set is encrusted with 166 jewels and diamonds.

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    A big colored Golden pocket watch at Egypt's Royal Jewelry Museum

    A big colored Golden pocket watch from 19th century at Egypt's Royal Jewelry Museum in Alexandria

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    A sidi Abdel Rahman beach

    It is just safe for the time being !!!
    The Sidi Abdel Rahman beaches and its crystal baby blue water and white sand have survived for the time being a nuclear apocalypse as Putin and Sisi did not sign the final agreement of Egypt’s Nuclear power plant in Dabaa, which is a couple kilometers away from Egypt's best North Coast beaches !!

    They only witnessed the signing an agreement to launch work on Egypt's first nuclear plant between the Egyptian government and Russia Rosatom despite the final contract concerning the financial as well technical details have not been signed yet.

    According to Mada Masr, the Egyptian government, security bodies and State council's legislative committee have got serious concerns about the Russian offer' financially and technically but President Sisi decided to ignore all those concerns !!

    It turned out the Russians made a loose ambiguous contract that did not detail for example the ways to dispose of nuclear wastes !!

    Historically, Al-Dabaa location was chosen as the perfect place for a Nuclear plant since the 1960s when President Nasser was alive.

    Every Egyptian president since Nasser must talk about Dabaa and the dreams of having Nuclear plant and nothing has happened. Even in the short doomed rule of President Morsi, it was brought back and soon faded away.

    Anyhow, I am totally against it for two reasons: The environment and the Egyptian economy. Most countries are investing in renewable environment-friendly energy sources like Solar energy. I do not need to remind you that Egypt is in a perfect place for solar energy. 

    Why are we going to build that nuclear plant when we are building the so-called biggest Solar energy park in the world in Aswan governorate? 

    Economically, Egypt is going to $25 billion from Russia to build Dabaa Nuclear Plant with high-interest rate !! Yes, more debts for an energy that is going to be obsolete after a couple of years !!

    Anyhow, I am glad that we have not signed the final agreement because it seems like an agreement from hell !!! I am so worried that this beautiful area of Egypt's North coast will be polluted and affected by that Nuclear plant.

    Back to the Russian president's visit, I do not know what Vlad was doing in Egypt for real in his short visit.

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    Zamalek Obelisk

    Seen in Cairo: The underrated Zamalek Obelisk at Al-Horreya public Garden.
    I do not know much about its ancient history or its true location before it was transferred to its current location in a public garden in the upscale Nile island.
    I do not know which Pharaoh it has immortalizing his name all those years but one thing for sure , he did not imagine it would survive thousands of years keeping his name high in a public garden.

    Here is how it looks from the Nile.

    The obelisk of Zamalek
    The Nile view 

    The upper photo Via Instagram 

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    Egypt’s Museum of ancient Egyptian antiquities in Cairo aka the Egyptian Museum celebrated its 115th birthday in November and since then I wanted to share a new thing about it but what was happening in Egypt and the world since the last weekend in November did not give me a chance.
    It is never too late to celebrate the oldest Museum in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa.
    Here is a small video I have made about some of the hidden jewels of that beautiful Museum despite all its flaws.
    Those hidden jewels are mostly overshadowed by the great Tutankhamun’s collection.
    First of here is the video, I hope you like it and also you subscribe to my channel as I update it from time to time with nice as well serious things.

    I know that I am a better photographer than a videographer but one is learning from her mistakes whether from photography or videography.
    Now here are clearer views of those hidden jewels.

    We got our golden boy with an amazing beautiful mask.I could not believe how beautiful it was or how it was full of details.
    King Tutankhamen's mask at Cairo's Egyptian Museum
    King Tut's Mask after saving his beard thanks to the German experts
    I took that photo for the mask after recovering from the epoxy injury thing that happened and the Egyptian officials do not want to speak about.
    Here are also a couple of photos of some of his amazing artifacts. Ironically, this is is a small pharaoh who was not that strong and ruled for a decade only.

    King Tut's Golden sarcophagus at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo
    King Tut's Golden sarcophagus at Cairo's Egyptian Museum 
    I wonder what we would have seen in the tombs of many important pharaohs who ruled Egypt for decades.

    From King Tut's Collection at Cairo's Egyptian Museum
    Se the tiny details in that artifact, the dresses of those two goddesses!! 
    By the way, the officials began to transfer some of King Tut’s stuff from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo to the Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza. His beds were transferred as far as I know.
    Now to some of the hidden jewels I know some of you did not know that it existed before in the Museum.

    1) Wadi Kubbaniya skeleton

    This is the oldest skeleton for a human being found at Wadi Kubbaniya in Aswan governorate in 1983.
    Wadi Kubbaniya skeleton at Egypt's Egyptian Museum
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    It is estimated to be 20,000 years old.
    Wadi Kubbaniya skeleton at Egypt's Egyptian Museum
    Add caption
    I used to think that there is the oldest human being’s skeleton but it turned out that there are even older skeletons than that one. Hopefully inshallah I will be able to trace them.

    2) Mernepath Stele

    Merneptah Stele "Israel Stele" at Cairo's Egyptian Museum
    Mernepath stele 
    Mernepath Stele or as commonly known as The “Israel stele” is probably the most controversial piece in the Egyptian Museum.
    It is the only text from the Ancient Egypt that included reportedly the word “Israel”.  Many archeologists say that the modern kingdom stele talking about the military victories of Pharaoh Mernepath mentioned “Israel” in its 27th line.
    “Israel is laid waste and his seed is not” Few words open a huge debate about the Israelites and Exodus. Modern day archeologists deny that the story has ever happened as it lacks any evidence.
    some say that it refers to the Exodus but according to the Torah, New Testament and Quran say that it was one Pharaoh and he drowned in the sea which Prophet Moses split by his staff.
    Some archeologists say that it was a mistranslation of the stele found in Luxor in 1896.
    The stele is always the center of a controversy that the Museum’s administration decided to put it in a place where it won’t catch any attention.

    I found it with the help of dear veteran guide and heritage activist Sally Soliman

    3) The Libyan Palette

    I am fond of the Prehistoric Protodynastic Egyptian section in the Egyptian Museum because it shows that how the Ancient Egyptian civilization came as result of having that sophisticated society.
    The Libyan Palette
    One of the remaining parts of the Libyan palette. 
    Hopefully inshallah in 2018, I will go again to the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir square and film more hidden jewels there for history lovers especially ancient Egyptian history lovers.
    Libyan Palette
    The second part of the Libyan palette
    From its name you can guess that even in Prehistoric Egypt, we have had relations with Prehistoric Libya in a way or another. There is not much about it in Wikipedia. Some say that the name of prehistoric ancient King Scorpion is mentioned in it whether he was Narmer or not. “Not the Rock”

    4) The Rahoteps statues

    My favorite couple from ancient Egypt: Mr. and Mrs. Rahoteps.
    Prince and commander of army Rahotep and his beautiful wife Nofret’s statues are from the perfect piece of art from Ancient Egypt for real. The old kingdom’s statues look like living human beings.
    The Royal ancient Egyptian couple
    Fourth dynasty's Prince and army commander Rahotep and his wife Nofret 
    Legend says that when their statues were found in his tomb in Giza from many decades ago, the modern Egyptian workers freaked out and thought that they were alive.
    The Royal ancient Egyptian Couple
    Fourth dynasty's Prince and army commander Rahotep and his wife Nofret 
    By the way, we know now the origin of that famous Egyptian army officers’ mustache.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to beautiful treasures in that museum.
    Please tell me if you have any comments about the video clip.

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    Three weeks have passed and no one has claimed officially the responsibility for the horrifying massacre of Al-Rawda Mosque

    Yes, I can not move forward easily and forget what happened in Al-Rawda village of North Sinai. It is not easy after all as we are speaking about Egypt’s worst terrorist attack ever whether by the official numbers or non-official numbers. “Check the infograph I have done about it below”

    The latest news I have read about Al-Radwa village was how the Egyptian government allocated nearly LE 70 million to the families of the victims. Cristiano Ronaldo’s BBF and steel/media mogul Ahmed Abu Hashima declared his charity would build new houses there as part of his initiative to help poor villages across the country.

    The Egyptian mainstream media moved on with life quickly, the death of legendary star Shadia as well the dramatic return of presidential hopeful of Ahmed Shafik, Trump’s Jerusalem announcement and the victories of Mohamed Salah in Liverpool gave it a chance. The Egyptian social media is also busy in speaking about how TV-social dramas like “Seventh Neighbor” and “The flood” are threatening our social values.
    Al-Rawda Mosque
    Al-Rawda Mosque and the victims' slippers two weeks after 
    the attack "Reuters"
    No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks officially so far.

    The Egyptian prosecutor general said in his statement issued following the attack that it was a Daesh-affiliated group in North aka Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis “ABM”  according to the testimonies of the survivors and the injured as well eyewitnesses.

    According to the testimonies, the 25-30 militants came carrying the black flag of Daesh.
    The warnings issued to the Sufis in Al-Rawda since January as well face-to-face warnings in the village from three months ago point to “ABM” as a suspect.
    An Islamist Anti-regime Facebook page and Telegram channel called “Mnabr Sinai” published an alleged audio recording for communications for ABM members claiming responsibility for the attack.
    Some may think that it was the smoking gun but I have a big problem with “Mnabr Sinai”.

    Its administrators claim to be anti-Sisi regime as well anti-Daesh but their Facebook page is named as “The Sinai province media” in Arabic and it is full of Pro-Daesh media.
    “Sinai Province” is the name of ABM after becoming a part of Daesh’s franchise. At the same time, Mnabr Sinai hinted out that it could a false flag on its telegram page !!

    Either way, no one has claimed its responsibility for REAL for the attack in an old-fashioned way.

    I won’t waste my and your time about that fake statement allegedly issued by radical Christian group because it has been debunked thanks to cheap fake language.

    All the fingers are pointing to ABM to stand behind that horrific massacre but so far the Daesh media machine has not issued anything about it.
    Egyptian Chronicles' infograph : 5 deadlist terrorist attacks in Egypt
    Egypt's 5 deadlist terrorist attacks
    Click to zoom in 
    Even though in the past three weeks, Daesh issued at least three statements about the activities of its franchise in North Sinai including one statement about how ABM executed a local young teenager for cooperating with the Egyptian security forces.

    The attack on the Mosque has created a huge debate among Daesh fanboys online already as we are speaking about worshipers killed during a Friday prayer.

    That “Sufi sin” cannot stand too much in front of the horrifying act after all even for those extremist fanboys who cry day and night on how foreign and Arab regimes do not respect the Islam Houses of God.

    Personally, I do not understand the motives for such action as again if ABM or group X was targeting the Sufis in the village “who are not more than 20 people”, the militants would have targeted their gatherings.

    Al-Sawaraka tribe or at least a militant faction of it declared that its men were at the “disposal of the Egyptian army” to establish stability in North Sinai or in other words, they will seek revenge after the death of its men like that. It is highly expected

    Interestingly following the Rawda Massacre we found out pro-TV hosts and journalists calling the tribes in Sinai to carry arms against terrorists !! Literality they have been calling for militias which are banned clearly in the Egyptian constitution !!

    Real National security experts warned from the implications of such matter, local tribal chiefs also warned of the implications of such matter as well but no one listened.

    Anyhow there is nothing big that happened so far from Al-Sawaraka tribe’s side.

    Things are calm somehow in North Sinai now but usually that it is the calmness before the big storm.

    Speaking about terrorist militant groups and as we are leaving crazy times worldwide now, at least two groups affiliated with Al-Qaeda declared their rejection and commendation to the attack.
    Jund Al-Islam in Sinai and its sister group Ansar Al-Islam declared their own condemnation for that attack and vowed to avenge for those Muslim worshipers as soon as possible.
    Hasm militant group also condemned the attack blaming El-Sisi regime !!

    Ayman El-Zawahiri himself released an audio recording lately claiming that Al-Qaeda is fighting Daesh on behalf of the world !!!!!
     Crazy times indeed !!

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    In the past three years , Steel mogul Ahmed Abu-Hashima deserved the title “Egypt’s Robert Murdoch” as by far he was the king of a huge empire with over 16 companies working in all types of media in Egypt including a TV network in his early 40s to complete the saga and his mystery of fast speed rise.

    The close to the regime businessman did not give any indication that he would leave that media realm in Egypt anytime soon but surprisingly he did it this week in the same way he entered it: suddenly.
    With no introductions or previous announcement, a new financial investment company announced that it has acquired all the shares of Abu-Hashima in Egyptian Media group this week
    In a very short statement that including too many surprises the announcement came late Monday night.
    “Eagle Capital for financial investment” has acquired the shares of businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima. The CEO of Eagle Capital Dalia Khorshid stated that the acquisition is the first business deal for the company.
    She also said that the acquisition reflected her company’s interest in that strategic sector (media) that affects the citizen on a daily basis.
    The short statement added the company appointed former head of Egyptian Radio and Television Union “ERTU” Osama El-Sheikh as the new CEO of Egyptian Media group replacing Abu-Hashima who resigned from the post.
    The statement did not include any mention of how much Eagle Capital for investments bought the shares of Abu Hashima.
    The young king of media left the realm and there was a new Queen with a veteran Sharif in town, hail the Queen.

    Disclaimer: Now a big portion of that long post I have been working on for months in an attempt to decode the Egyptian Media map currently in an attempt to understand who is running the show and why.  Spoilers: If you are following the Egyptian internal affairs very well, you already guessed.

    Old faces, new roles

    There has been no official website or Facebook page available online for Eagle Capital for Financial Investment whose headquarters are in Cairo’s Fifth Settlement.
    It is not registered in the Egyptian stock market.There is nothing in the Egyptian news archives about it.
    According to Misr Al-Arabia website, Eagle Capital for Financial Investment was founded in 2016.
    Now, we do not know who REALLY owns or founded this company.

    News reports speak about two potential buyers: A group of Gulf investors owns 40% of Eagle Capital and the Egyptian General Intelligence service.
    Dalia Khorshid
    Dalia Khorshid in her official ministerial profile
    Misr Al-Arabia and Mada Misr quoted veteran Egyptian veteran publisher Hisham Kassem saying that the Egyptian General intelligence service did not only stand behind Eagle Capital but stands behind Egyptian Media group as well.

    The veteran publisher even says that the acquisition of Egyptian Media group was only a way to change the management only. Mada Misr supports that claim according to its sources as you can see.

    If you remember, Egyptian General Intelligence is allegedly associated with Private contractor Falcon Group which acquired Al-Hayat Network in September for LE  1.4 billion.

    We do not know for sure how much Eagle paid to Abu-Hashima as for instance, Masrawy claims according to its sources that the company acquired 60% of his shares in the company for LE 600 Million as the businessman is still keeping his shares in “Presentation agency”.
    On the other hand, Misr Al-Arabia claims according to its unnamed sources that Eagle Capital would pay LE 6.8 billion for the deal.

    Interestingly, Lebanese Al-Akhbar Newspaper spoke about the acquisition a month earlier.
    Anyhow what can be sure is the available data in front of us officially.
    The CEO of Eagle Capital for financial investments is Dalia Khorshid, the former first woman minister of investment in Egypt “March 2016- February 2017”.

    The 1993 American University in Cairo alumna disappeared from the media in March 2017 after her marriage from current Governor of Central Bank of Egypt Tarek Amar. After becoming a material for gossip for couple of weeks, she truly disappeared.
    As someone who joined Orascom Construction Industries “OCI” in 2005 till becoming its vice-president and group treasurer, some thought that the Sawirises were behind the Eagle Capital.  The only other connection between Sawirises and the Egyptian Media group was the fact that Abu Hashima acquired Naguib Sawiris’ ONTV network in May 2016. Either way, the Sawirises do not stand behind the current deal.

    Moving to Osama El-Sheikh, Egypt’s veteran TV executive. The 1952-born El-Sheikh played a very important in founding and operating a group of big TV networks not only in Egypt according to that C.V sent to the news websites in the past 48 hours.

    The 1975-Cairo University graduate joined the ERTU where he worked there for decades.
    In 1993, He left the ERTU and helping in founding and managing Saudi-owned ART satellite network in its prime. Since then, he began his long career with Privately owned-Arab TV networks in countries like Kuwait.
    In 2001, he returned back to Egypt where he helped in founding Dream TV.
    In 2007, he returned to ERTU. In 2009 he became the head of ERTU until February 2011 where he resigned following the January revolution. He was arrested in the same month along with ex-minister of information Anas El-FIky for charges related to corruption and squandering public funds.
    In January 2013, he was released on bail. In the same year, he headed shortly Dream TV network before resigning months later.
    In July 2016, he headed Al-Assama TV network before leaving it three months later. In September 2014, the corruption charges were dropped against the famous TV executive.
    In November, Osama El-Sheikh traveled to Saudi Arabia where he was appointed as a consultant to develop and modernize the Saudi State-TV network in the new MBS era.

    Only on Monday, he returned back to Cairo after “receiving orders from Egypt“ to become the CEO of Egyptian Media according to his own statements to El-Shorouk Newspaper on Tuesday.
    “After receiving orders from Egypt” gives you the impression that he is speaking about some sort of patriotic mission.

    All the companies under the Egyptian Media Group umbrella including the management were surprised that they got new bosses. Most of them even have not updated their management information on their official websites.

    Egyptian Media Empire

    The Egyptian Media empire started in 2013.
    In January 2013, Ahmed Abu-Hashima and Alaa El-Khaky “the co-owner of Al-Nahar TV network” acquired the shares of businessman Soliman Amar and Mohamed Al-Amin “owner of CBC network” in Youm 7 news website and newspaper.

    During then Abu-Hashima was accused of being too close to the Muslim Brotherhood especially his business partners were Qataris. His move was regarded by some as an attempt to “Brotherhood-ize” the media.  It was said even that he divorced his wife Lebanese bombshell and singer Haifa Wahhabi because she did not “fit” the conservative image of the brotherhood.

    Officially and according to documents, Abu-Hashima founded Egyptian Media group in June 2013.
    In September 2013, Abu Hashima acquired 60% of the shares in Al-Mehwar TV network and became a partner to its founder Hassan Ratab “35% of the shares” and ERTU “5%”.
    A month later, the deal failed and he withdrew from Al-Mehwar TV.
    Ahmed Abu Hashima
    Ahmed Abu Hashima "Official Abu Hashima Facebook page"
    In May 2016, the 1975-born businessman acquired ONTV Network from its founder and owner billionaire Naguib Sawiris. In less than a month, the new management of ONTV terminated the contract of famous Pro-revolutionary political TV host Liliane Daoud who was deported from Egypt on the same day to her country Lebanon in the most humiliating way ever.
    Pro-revolution TV hosts and correspondents who even express their opinions on social media only were not welcomed anymore in the channel.
    Since then the once critical-liberal Pro-revolutionary TV network is turned in to a 100% pro-regime entertainment/football TV network. ONTV is a perfect example of what the regime perceives as perfect media now.

    In June 2016, Abu-Hashima acquired 50% of the share in Misr for film production. In the same month, he acquired 51% of the shares in Presentation Sports advertising agency, which currently owns the rights of broadcasting and sponsoring the Egyptian Premier League aka Presentation Premier.
    Trivia: The multi-millionaire from Port Said was once a footballer in Egypt’s Olympic football team. His son Omar is a member of Egypt’s Under-20 national team. Abu-Hashima is also a close friend of Cristiano Ronaldo and his family.

    In July 2016, Egyptian Media acquired DotMisr news website in a very big drama that puzzles me up till now.
    At first, it was announced that Abu Hashima acquired the website that was originally founded by Emirati money then his lawyer denied it as tens of journalists in the website were fired suddenly without having any of their financial rights.
    The intelligence officer turned-into/and Media mogul Yasser Salim who used to own DotMisr stated in the same month that the real owner of the site then was “Egyptian Media group” since the beginning of July. Then it became a fact that Egyptian Media owned DotMisr.
    FYI, the name of Yasser Selim will meet a lot whenever you do a thorough research about media or elections after July 2013. He is a friend of Abu-Hashima and he owns some shares in Youm7 yet he is rarely mentioned as a co-owner.
    His company “Black and White” in partnership with Sawiris’ Promomedia have been the advertising agencies of Youm 7 since 2014 but it is also rarely mentioned as Promomedia is more famous.

    In the same month our man from Port Said, Abu Hashima who started his career in steel business in 2002 acquiredPOD agency for PR.

    In September 2016, Egyptian Media group and DMedia which owns DMC“Got a long post about it lost in a broken hard drive ” announced their merger to “form a strong media body that can restore Egypt’s leading media role whether regionally or internationally”. That merger failed and did not complete its mission quietly.

    In the same month, he acquired what was once weekly opposition newspaper Sawt Al-Oma and its sister tabloid Ain from their owner-publisher Ahmed Fahmy for allegedly LE 12 million.
    Sawt Al-Oma newspaper is currently a Pro-regime newspaper in what of the ironies in the country.
    In November 2016, Egyptian Media group acquired 50% of the shares in Synergy advertising agency and production company. Yasser Salim’s Black and White agency had a partnership with Synergy since May 2016 according to news reports. They produce films and TV series.

    In early 2017, Egyptian Media group acquired Egypt’s oldest and first privately-owned magazine Egypt today “ET” and its economic sister Business today from IBA Media. ET is turned in to an online English news website.
    You guess what happened to ET when I tell you that it is headed by Moatez Abdel Fattah. The online archives of that important magazine disappeared under the new management.

    How much did Abu Hashima or Egyptian Media group pay for those companies in 2016 alone? Nobody really knows.
    Money is not mentioned in the official statements or news releases for reasons beyond me. Is it the fear of taxation authority? God only knows.
    God only knows also what those acquisitions aim to or who stands behind them for real.
    One thing for sure, the Egyptian people do not care much for those acquisitions as they no longer trust the media as before.
    Now, Abu-Hashima is officially out of the media market suddenly, he is no longer its king. It is Dalia Khurshid who is currently Queen of a media Empire.

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    Merry Christmas from Egyptian Chronicles to all the people celebrating it all over the world
    Here is a nice Christmas Tree in Cairo’s Fifth Settlement made by ABn’G art gallery for some real estate development company there.
    Cairo's Christmas tree
    ABn'G Christmas tree in 5th settlement suburb, East Cairo  

    ABnG did a similar thing in the Kodak passageway in front of Adly Synagogue in Downtown Cairo this year too and it is beautiful.
    The reindeers in Kodak Passaway "ABn'G"
    The reindeers in Kodak Passaway "ABn'G"
    This year we got another amazing big Christmas tree in Korba, Heliopolis. I hear that there is decoration
    I wish I was able to snap photos or those trees and decorations all over Cairo like in Christmas 2015 but unfortunately, I am stuck in work and cold but it is never too late as we still have the Orthodox Christmas
    Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

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    Happy New year From Egyptian Chronicles.

    I know that 2017 was very hard in Egypt with all the terrorist attacks that took place across the country, most recently on Friday with that failed attack against a Coptic Orthodox Church in Helwan district in Cairo where ten people were killed “Yes, it is a failed attack thanks to God then to the Egyptian people” but we should not lose hope in better tomorrow or better Egypt that is inclusive of all people regardless of their race, gender, color, religion as well nationality.

    Egypt's Nile

    So Happy New year 2018

    And I chose a photo for the Nile because this year will be critical for Egypt when it comes to its main source of water for the first time since thousands of years.
    Ethiopia may finish its Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and Egyptians will find themselves in front a huge challenge , God only knows how we will pass it under this administration.

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    And the cover girl of January’s issue from Diwan Al-Ahram Magazine is none other than the rebel Palestinian teen with curly blond hair Ahad Tamimi.
    Ahad Tamimi
    Diwan Al-Ahram's cover featuring
    Ahad Tamimi 
    The quarterly annual heritage and history magazine published by Al-Ahram institution's issue came on the same day , an Israeli Military Court accused the 2001-born Palestinian teen who descends from a famous activist family in West Bank a list of 12 charges including assaulting an Israeli soldier and hurling rocks at Israeli soldiers “Yes, it seems that it is an official charge in Israeli Military law” .

    In early December, Ahad Tamimi made headlines when Avigdor Lieberman said that “she will get what she deserves” for slapping an IDF soldier following her arrest from her home earlier in the Middle of the night.

    The obnoxious ultra-right-wing minister forgot to say that four days earlier as Ahad and the rest of the Tamimi family of Nabi Saleh village were protesting Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, her 14-years-old cousin Mohamed Tamimi was shot point blank with a rubber bullet by an IDF soldier.
    Ahad Tamimi
    Ahad Tamimi smiling to the camera at the Military court "AFP
    Moments later, Ahad Tamimi was filmed while slapping an Israeli soldier.
    FYI, Mohamed Tamimi was placed into a medically-induced coma when he was transferred to a hospital. He is in better condition now.

    Ahad’s Mother Nariman filmed her arrest and for that, she was arrested too. She is facing the charges of assaulting Israeli military personnel as well incitement for uploading the video of her daughter's arrest to the social media !!
    Oh Yes !! the Oasis of democracy and freedom of speech in the Middle East cannot tolerate a video showing its finest military arresting a teenage girl with blond curly hair.

    Ahad’s 21-years-old cousin Nour Tamimi was also arrested and is facing charges of assaulting in front of the Israeli military court.
    Ahad's Mother and her cousin
    Ahad mother's Nariman laughing, Nour is on the left
    "Active Stills" 
    Ahad’s aunt Manal Tamimi was also arrested last week for protesting her sister and her nieces’ arrest !!!

    Up till now, I do not know what Ahad Tamimi and the rest of the Tamimi women should have done to express their anger over the injury of Mohamed Tamimi or over what is happening to their own land or their own country.

    Some Pro-Zionism Arabs saying that Ahad is rude and she should not slap the Israeli soldier on his face !! It seems that they wanted her to kiss him !!!!
    Sadly they compare how that IDF soldier did not shot her back or assaulted her brutally like unfortunately Arab soldiers including my own country’s soldiers.
    Younger Ahad
    Younger Ahad in Turkey while being honored from a couple
    of years ago. 
    But realistically speaking, there is no much difference between Israeli judiciary and its cousin Arab judiciary when it comes to politicization and discrimination against a certain group of people for ethic and political reasons as well sending civilians to military courts !!

    Those Pro-Zionism Arabs who are actually neo-fascists believe that civilians should stand in front a military tribunal.

    Now the civilized world has watched what happened to Ahad Tamimi and her cousins in silence forgetting some basic facts including that the Tamimis were protesting in an officially-internationally-recognized occupied territory, Nabi Salih is part of the West Bank.
    Ahad's Mother and her cousin
    The Tamimis women and children in an early Photo

    For those who do not know/ignore/remember the West Bank is part of the Occupied Palestinian/Arab territories in 1967 that Israel should have evacuated immediately according to UN State security resolution No.242.

    Interestingly, international media ignored Ahad and Nour Tamimi despite they present in my view that example of rebellious Arab Muslim teenage girls which opposes that usual oppressed Arab Muslim teenagers' stereotype.
     Nour and Ahad Tamimi
     Nour and Ahad Tamimi 
    They are presented or rather Ahad is presented more as the young angry-girl-turned into-teenager who attacks Israeli soldiers. By way, in most of the incidents Ahad was photographed so-called attacked Israeli soldiers since childhood she was either defending her land or defending her young relatives including her brother.

    Knowing the Israeli military court’s justice when it comes to Palestinians, I will say that our cover girl will be sentenced to jail but I guess she and her family know the price and they are ready to pay if they have to.
    FYI, the young teenager does not recognize the Israeli military court and refuses to speak any language there except Arabic.

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  • 01/03/18--14:32: Wolf Moon 2018 [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Wolf Moon 2018

    NASA says that this moon is the biggest in
    2018. Had to wait three days to snap this not so-sharp photo thanks to the cold and the clouds in Giza , Egypt right now

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    Wolf Moon 2018
    Wolf Moon 2018 

    NASA says that this moon is the biggest in 2018.
    I had to wait three days to snap this not so-sharp photo thanks to the cold and the clouds in Giza, Egypt right now. It is freezing technically to stand long at the night to take a perfect shot. I admit but I think this is a good shot considering I am having a runny nose and cold hands !!!

    By the way, the sky is so clear despite the unstable weather to the level you can spot the Orion belt and that small red spot on its left, I can not know if it were Mercury or Mars.
    I wanted to snap another photo of the sky but I just could not thanks to the cold weathers !!!

    By the way, stop taking selfies and start to look at the sky especially at night and see how many stars looking down at us. It is worth it.

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    I think Egypt is lucky to celebrate Christmas twice 😊
    From Egyptian Chronicles to all Orthodox Christians celebrating Christmas tonight especially in Egypt.
    An Egyptian Church
    An Egyptian Church's dome in Cairo
    Egyptian Orthodox Christians had one hell of a tough year, hopefully2018 will be better for all Egyptians and all the people everywhere.
    Merry Christmas again and again from Egyptian Chronicles and happy holidays.

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    Egypt’s National Elections Authority “NEA” declared in a press conference in Cairo on Monday that the upcoming presidential elections in 2018 will be in March. “Yes in March”.
    Egypt is going to have presidential elections on 26,27 and 28 March with one month of the Presidential elections campaign only.

    The NEA declared the timetable for the upcoming presidential elections as published in the official gazette :

    • From 20 to 29 January, the NEA will receive the request for nominations in its headquarter in Downtown Cairo according to the Constitution and Presidential elections law of 2017.
    • On 31 January , the NEA will publish a preliminary list of the candidates in Egypt’s State-owned Al-Ahram and Al-Akhbar newspapers as well the number of endorsement they receive from their supporters whether through the notary offices or through the MPs in the parliament.
    • On 6 February, the NEA will declare the names of the disqualified candidates if any and the reasons behind their disqualification.
    • On 7 February, the NEA will receive the complaints and appeals against the disqualifications if any.
    • On 9th February, the NEA will rule on the complaints
    • On 23rd February, the NEA will declare the final list of official Presidential candidates.
    • From 24th February to 23rd March, the official Presidential candidates will have their presidential campaigns.
    • From 14th March to 15th March, there will be elections silence for Egyptians abroad.
    • From 16th March to 18th March, the presidential elections will be held for Egyptians abroad
    • From 24th March to 25th March, the elections silence will be held inside the country.
    • From 26th March to 28th March, the Presidential elections will be held inside the country.
    • On 2nd April, the winner will be announced if there are no runoffs. {Spoilers: We already know who he is }
    • From 19th April to 21st April, the second round of voting will be held for Egyptians abroad if there are runoffs
    • From 24th April to 26th April, the second round of voting will be held for Egyptians inside the country if there are runoffs
    • On 1st of May 2018, the NEA will declare the winner and the new President of Egypt {Spoilers: We already know who he is going to and the first letter in his name is Abdel Fattah El-Sisi }
    Of course, the winner in the Presidential elections must have 50%+1 of the votes.
    Are not these the shortest presidential elections ever ??
    Egypt's NEA in Cairo
    We are speaking about officially about one month for presidential campaigning !?

    In what kind of universe, a true and serious rival to the president in the office will stand a chance to convince the majority of more than 50 million voters in a country like Egypt with the current Sisi’s administration control over media?
    Al-Ahly Sports club had more interesting elections than these for real !!!
    Those presidential elections are considered the first to be surprised and organized by the newly founded National elections authority in accordance with the Constitution.
    Interestingly, the NAC law which was approved in summer will put an end to the full judicial supervision of the elections by 2024.
    Thanks to human rights lawyer Ahmed El-Gadamy’s tweet about the Presidential elections regulations law of 2014, we know that according to article no.36 El-Sisi can be declared as the upcoming president on the conditions that there are no other presidential candidates “or they withdraw” and he got at least 5% of eligible votes.
    If he does not get that percentage, there will be new presidential elections within 15 days.
    I will quote journalist and TV host Tamer Abu Arab said sarcastically on Twitter after the announcement of the NEA because it is the best description of these elections.
    “Oh Yes !! Let’s go back to the time of the beautiful referendums !! No need for elections !! We want to build our country !!”

    I said it before, Al-Ahly Sports Club’s elections were much interesting, freer and transparent than the Egyptian Presidential elections.

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    On Monday, Egypt’s National Elections Authority “NEA" announced the timetable of the Egyptian Presidential elections 2018 which will be held in March.
    According to NEA, the presidential bid race will start officially on 20 January when it opens its doors for the Presidential hopefuls to present their official requests for candidacy.
    I forgot in my initial post to mention the requirements for the Egyptian presidential office post in accordance with the Egyptian Constitution articles No.141 and 142 as well the Presidential Elections law of the Year 2017 specifically its article No.1.
    Here are the requirements the Presidential hopefuls must meet to become official Presidential candidates
    • A presidential candidate must be an Egyptian born to Egyptian parents, and neither he or his parents or his spouse may have held any other nationality.
    • He or she must enjoy civil and political rights, must have performed the military service or have been exempted according to the law.
    • He or she should not suffer from any physical or mental disease that can affect her or his ability to perform presidential duties.
    • He or she shall not be less than forty calendar years of age on the day of commencing candidacy registration.
    • He or she should not have been sentenced before by court for a felony or a crime involving immoral act and if she or he were convicted, then they should be acquitted in the appeal or the retrial
    • He or she must be a bachelor’s degree holder.
    • He or she must secure the endorsement of a minimum of 20 MPs or 25,000 citizens from across at least 15 governorates with 1000 endorsement from each governorate.
    Now up till this moment, President Abdel Fattah El-Fatah El-Sisi has not mentioned that he intended directly or officially to run. In previous statements, speeches and interviews, he said that he would do whatever the people wanted him to do aka he would run if the people wanted him to do so.
    Sisi's campaign in 2014
    Sisi's presidential campaign in 2014 "Twitter"
    Interestingly despite he has no declared his presidential bid officially, Popular campaigns to gather endorsements for his presidential candidacy from all over the country were formed and supported financially by businessmen from several months ago.

    The organizers of those popular support campaigns claim that they managed millions of endorsements to secure his presidential candidacy despite he did not declare his intention all that time !!!
    What if anything happened and he decided not to run !!
    It is worth to mention that those campaigns had a green light to collect endorsements from ministries, public sector companies and private companies when opposition parties and activists cannot even organize a peaceful political gathering !!!

    Anyhow Sisi has not only managed to secure the public endorsements but he also managed to secure the endorsement of not less 500 MPs in the past two days as well.
    Amazingly more than 500 MPs suddenly appeared in the House of Representatives in the past two days !! That number did not show up when Tiran and Sanafir isles were given up by the parliament in a disgraceful deal !!

    I think Sisi will address the public and declare his candidacy by next week.
    By the way, If he runs and wins “99.9% will happen”, he won’t be able to turn for a third presidential term according to Constitution article No. 140. I expect that this constitutional article will be amended in the upcoming four years at any time.
    Now there is no strong competitor or rival for Sisi.

    Ahmed Shafik declared that he would not run for the presidency this time last week. I cannot blame him after what happened to him. He is not ready to take the risk, especially that his daughters and their families are in the UAE.
    I won’t forget the role of the UAE in that.

    There are few bets on Khaled Ali that he would stir things in these elections despite that 99.9% he will fail if he manages to run in the first place.
    People forget that Ali has to win the appeal against the 3-month prison sentence handed to him in September 2017 for offending public decency.
    Khaled Ali and his campaign are going to hold a press conference on Thursday to declare their position on whether they are going to continue or not.

    Former MP and veteran liberal politician Mohamed Anwar Al-Sadat who also declared his intention to run the for presidency in October was more realistic and slammed the timetable of the presidential elections describing it as “too short”. The famous nephew of the late President also announced that he would announce his final decision from the elections next Monday.

    Of course  I cannot ignore the first woman who declared that she would run for presidency : The always controversial Mona Prince. Prince is not giving up and she got all faith to support her in her candidacy.

    As you can see this is a single-candidate presidential race.

    I do not think that any person in Egypt including Abdel Fattah El-Sisi himself if he were not the President, if he were a civilian with no opposition or even rival voice allowed in the media in the past 4 years could collect 25,000 endorsements from at least 15 governorates in 9 days !!
    After second thinking , there is only one person who can do it and get more than 70 million endorsements in 9 days from the 28 governorates : Mohamed Salah !!

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    Egyptian activist Nader Attar published a new book while called “Controversial Yet Necessary”. That book presents some of his poems he wrote about his experience in Sweden looking it through the eyes of refugee in exile.

    He thankfully sent me a copy of his book and I promised him to write about it here in Egyptian
    Controversial yet Necessary Cover
    Controversial yet Necessary
    Chronicles months ago. As a girl of her promises, I am writing tonight about it.
    I do not know how to do a review because I am not an English literature poetry critic but there are a couple of poems that stopped me a lot.

    “Alternative World” presenting this comparison between a party girl Swede and a woman illegal immigrant who lost everything in the Sea.
    “The unbearable act of Starring” which I believe that Attar was inspired to write it from the Sad Aylan Kurdi if you still remember him.

    “Me, Myself and My boat” is also
    “Hej…Hej Jimmie Åkesson!” is an angry message to Swede Right-wing leader Jimmie Åkesson.
    Attar’s work with the refugees especially Syrians gave him a first-hand experience with their tragedies and plea for safety in Europe.

    Nader also perfectly criticized the right wing in Sweden if not all the right wing in the West right now in his book especially with that the rise of Nazism once.
    His beautiful poem “Father” about the loss of his father, while he was Sweden, reminded of how many self-exiled Egyptian activists suffer emotionally for the loss of their parents when they cannot come back for security reasons.

    I am so happy that Nader managed to publish his first poetry collection, hopefully, we will read soon his play he is working on.

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    Officially the Egyptian Presidential Elections race has kicked off today and man what a season premiere it is !!
    Egyptian President El-Sisi declaring his presidential candidacy
    Egyptian President El-Sisi
    declaring his presidential candidacy
    Lots of things have been happening on many levels that I wanted to comment on my blog here but unfortunately, my health did not give me an opportunity.
    I have been sick the past week fighting terrible influenza-like hell and up till now I have not fully recovered but here I am, how can I miss that crazy presidential elections race.

    We were all wrong that we assume it is going to be a dull one-candidate show as us and the whole world thought and are still thinking but things changed rapidly in the past three days.
    In the non-surprising 100%-expected news, Current Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi declared Friday evening that he was running for the office after three-days-event/conference presenting his achievements to the Egyptian people in those four years.
    I do not know how many people actually followed that event named “Nation’s tale” but there were strange and interesting claims and numbers that need to be checked for real.

    Interestingly, he said on the last day of that event that “he won’t allow the corrupted ones to run for the office”, I do not know whom he meant but it is not up to Abdel Fattah El-Sisi or the Egyptian President in the first place to allow or not allow people to run for the Presidential candidates.
    It is up to the National Elections assembly to allow or not allow presidential hopefuls to run according to the constitution and Presidential elections law’s candidacy requirements.

    Needless to say, we do not know whom he meant exactly.
    Did he mean former PM Ahmed Shafik or former chief of staff Sami Anan? I am sure that he did not mean Khaled Ali.

    Anyhow hours later following El-Sisi’ announcement on Friday, at 1.05 AM Cairo Local time Saturday the Sami Anan Presidential Campaign released a video for the former 2011 SCAF leading figure declaring his candidacy in a very powerful speech that I could have ever thought that I would hear it for him.

    Here are the most important points in that video statement :
    • Egypt is living a very important and critical phase full of challenges above them the terrorism challenge as well the bad economic living conditions of the Egyptian people.
    • The Egyptian state can no longer is losing its ability to manage the files of the land “Do not know if he means Tiran and Sanafir”, the water “clear reference to Ethiopia’s GERD” and the human sources.
    • All those challenges happened due to wrong policies that held the Egyptian armed forces the complete responsibility without wise policies that would enable the Civilian sector of the state to do with its role along with the army.
    • Enabling the Civilian sector to rule in Egypt cannot happen without pluralistic political and economic regime that respects the constitution and law, believes in law and freedoms and upholds justice and the value of the republic system; which is based upon sharing powers.
    • Sami Anan is intended to present his candidacy papers to the NAE as soon as he is granted the permission of Supreme Council of Armed Forces  “SCAF” to run for the office in accordance to the Egyptian Military laws as he was the Chief of staff.
    • Anan added that he already made his team starting it with a civilian “nucleus” for the presidency and he decided to appoint the former top auditor Hisham Geneina as “Vice president for human rights, transparency and constitution enforcement” and renowned Political Sciences professor as his vice president for economic and political empowerment.
    • Dr. Hazem Hosny is acting as his spokesperson as well “great choice”
    • Sami Anan calls all the State’s civilian and military institutions to stand natural and not to be biased unconstitutionally for the current president “El-Sisi” who may leave his position after a couple of months officially.
    If you remember veteran judge Geneina was dismissed from his position in summer 2016 in a humiliating way.
    I do not have doubt that the one who wrote that very well written and powerful statement was written by Dr. Hazem Hosny.
    I follow Dr. Honsy as a political commentator on social media for years now and I know that he believes in every single sentence in that statement.
    If Anan manages to get the approval of SCAF to run for the position, those two names can draw support for him.

    There is a big possibility that Anan may not get the approval of SCAF especially a couple of journalists who are either close to the regime or were once officers themselves are saying that.
    The Pro-regime mainstream media is now repeating the Muslim Brotherhood’s support accusations to Anan and his team unsurprisingly. The talks about his financial corruption scandals and “being a U.S spy” are back again

    Clearly, Anan is attacking El-Sisi and his administration directly. I do not know if El-Sisi would want him as a rival honestly.
    It is not only the old military man is pushing the right buttons in his speech in a very critical time but I found out that his family got a whole Sufi Order named after them “The Anan” order which means Sufi votes “They do count in the elections” can split between him and El-Sisi.

    Last week, little-known Egypt Arabism party which he founded in 2014 quietly declared that he intended to run for the office and since then we had news reports confirming and denying his candidacy.
    I do not know much about that party.

    A journalist working in Rose Al-Youssef Magazine claimed on Twitter that Sami Anan’s campaign sent that video to TV stations and they refused to air it at 10 PM. “Just like what happened with Ahmed Shafik if you remember”
    This is all happening in less than 15 days following the sudden and surprising dismissal of Khaled Fawzy, the director of the Egyptian General Intelligence “GIS”, which Egyptians knew from Lebanese Al-Akhbar and Kuwaiti Al-Gardia first with no confirmation from Cairo.

    The confirmation came officially in another surprising presidential decree issued in the State’s official gazette appointing El-Sisi’s chief of staff at the Presidency General Abbas Kamel as the acting Spy chief.
    No official information was giving why Fawzy was dismissed in that way.

    Yet close-to-regime writer and MP Mostafa Bakry claimed on Twitter that Fawzy was relieved of his position because he was so ill and that he was going to travel abroad to receive treatment for his alleged illness.
    Crazy times indeed.

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    The drama continues in Egypt’s Presidential Elections on Tuesday , Egypt’s former Chief of staff and Presidential elections Hopeful Sami Anan was arrested and is currently interrogated as the Egyptian army issued an official statement not only rejecting his presidential candidacy as well accusing of number of charges above them forgery and attempt to incite public against army.

    Sami Anan (Reuters)
    Earlier Tuesday, the Egyptian armed forces released a video statement that did not slam and rejected Sami Anan’s presidential candidacy but it also accused the former Chief of staff of incitement against the army with the aim of “driving a wedge between the armed forces and the Egyptian people”.
    The army accused the 1973 war veteran of announcing his presidential candidacy “without getting the approval of the SCAF” or taking the necessary steps to terminate his service in the army.

    I remember Sami Anan said clearly that he would admit his papers to the National Elections Authority “NEA” clearly after getting the permission or approval of SCAF per military laws.
    The statement said that Anan was not retired yet as he was still on the Egyptian army’s reserve list !!!! It accused him of forging official documents.

    Egypt’s Military Prosecutor also issued a gag order on the news related to the investigations into Anan’s case.
    The statement did not specify what Anan is being investigated for except that it is case No.1 for the year 2018 in the Military prosecution office.

    The “NEA” also excluded Anan from the voters’ database because he breached the elections by having his name added to the electoral roll while serving as an officer on the Egyptian army’s reserve list.

    I am quite surprised that the NEA discovered only now this alleged forgery.
    In December 2012, Anan and other retired former SCAF leading figures above them Hussein Tantawy voted for the first in their lives as civilians in the 2012 Constitution referendum.
    Why did nobody speak about that before?

    When Sami Anan founded a political party ( Arabism Egypt)  or when he declared his early intention for the Presidential elections in 2014 “He withdrew too early in the race” , the Egyptian Armed Forces or to be precise SCAF did not issue any statement from near or far declaring the former Chief of Staff committed any electoral fraud, let alone any violation of the military laws !!
    In May 2014, Anan was among the celebs who voted in the Presidential elections and it was his first time as well since retirement.
    Nobody spoke about any fraud or anything then.

    Some journalists did their homework perfectly and searched the Egyptian State official gazette in 2011 in order to find that SCAF resolution No.133  to enlist army officers regardless of their ranks to reserve-list following their retirement and they found nothing.
    To be honest, I did not imagine that Anan would be kicked out of the Presidential elections in that way.
    I thought that old corruption cases would be brought later in the race
    Anan is not the first military who expressed his intention to run for the office and ended up outside the race in a big drama.
    Ahmed Shafik also expressed his intentions to run for Presidency and was planning a tour in the States and Europe but the Emirati officials had other plans with the current Egyptian regime.
    We all saw what happened to him.
    Now Shafik is staying in his house after it was cleaned for weeks. He only meets his party’s officials and that’s it.
    Ahmed Shafik and Sami Anan
    Ahmed Shafik and Sami Anan in Cairo at St.Peter Catherderal
    Before Shafik, there was also 42-years old Ahmed Konosowa who was sentenced 6 years in military prison by a military court in December for violating the military law and expressing political views who wearing a military uniform.
    Colonel Konosowa declared his intention to run for the Presidential elections in a video that went viral in November.
    Unlike Anan or former PM Ahmed Shafik,  Konosowa is not retired and it is true that he violated the military law if we are going to speak the truth.
    But there is a big but here. Konosowa who seemed to be vocal about his political opinions presented his resignation from his military post from several years but the army did not accept that resignation.
    He already was challenging the army in court to accept his resignation.
    Also , we should not forget current President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi declared his intention to run for office in March 2014 while wearing the military uniform as well.
    I did not trust Konosowa and I thought that he would another trap just like the Army officers of 8 April who did not only return to the service following 3 July but also got promoted !!

    Personally, I hope Khaled Ali would withdraw from the Presidential elections on Wednesday. The media regime did not hide that they need him only to present that so-called “civilized scene” in front of the world.
    For the sake of true democracy, I believe Ali should not give them that opportunity in that farce.
    Let it be a referendum.

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    Thursday evening, renowned rights lawyer Khaled Ali declared in a press conference in Cairo that he would not continue in the Presidential Elections due to the lack of any possibility for competition.

    Ali announced that he would not present his Presidential candidacy documents including the endorsements he and his campaign collected to the National Elections Authority “NEA” as planned on 25 January because of the absence of any possibility for true competition.
    Khaled Ali
    Khaled in the press conference "Samir Abdullah" 
    Ali also attacked the NEA for ignoring the violations committed during the nomination phase including the theft of nomination endorsements in several governorates.
    The NEA also rejected to share the number of endorsements he received officially as not his headquarters do not all receive the endorsements but they are sent electronically to the authority from notary offices as far as I understood.

    Technically, most of the political figures and powers “which currently are described as opposition now” I know in Egypt called Khaled Ali and his presidential campaign to quit and withdraw from the race especially after what happened to the former military chief of staff and presidential hopeful Sami Anan on Tuesday.

    Following the arrest of Anan, Ali’s campaign declared that it was holding a meeting to discuss the latest developments on Tuesday. I spoke with his campaign spokesperson that they would hold a press conference on Wednesday as they discussed all the scenarios in front of them.
    Anan is officially arrested and is being interrogated at the Military Prosecution but his family told Mada Misr that they do not know his whereabouts !!
    Thus, it is an officially-one-man presidential race after all.

    Earlier Monday while President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi was attending the celebration of the 25 January as Egypt’s Police National day at the Police academy in New Cairo, his presidential campaign spokesperson and legal advisor Ahmed Bahaa Abu Shouka presented his Presidential candidacy documents from endorsements.

    El-Sisi is the only man so far to admit his candidacy papers. It has become officially a referendum.
    According to the Presidential elections law, he can be declared the winner by the votes 5% of the registered voters only. We are speaking about 5 million voters I think.

    Pro-regime TV hosts are angry and frustrated. They are freaking out that the turnout will be more disastrous than in 2014 Presidential elections’ turnout. They just want to have a scene to the world as well not to embarrass the international allies and partners.

    They are attacking Khaled Ali but at the same time, they feel sad and frustrated. They need someone to complete that charade in a way or another.

    Mostafa Bakry and Amr Adeeb are both hinting out that former Presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi may run again !!

    I know if Sabbahi does it again, he will end his political career for real.
    Time will tell if Sabbahi will do it again.

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    Empty boxes
    Empty boxes
    Seen in Cairo: Empty boxes of food supplies given from the Egyptian armed forces to those in need in different areas and in different governorates.

    via Instagram 

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    First of all happy #Jan25 ya people of the world, especially our great people of Egypt. Tonight we are having a crazy episode of the Egyptian Presidential Elections 2018 race, a violent one
    Second, since early Saturday and Egypt has one thing to speak about: How former top auditor Hisham Geneina was physically assaulted and spent hours in a New Cairo Police Station bleeding till he was transferred to a proper hospital.

    Hisham Geneina after the attack
    Hisham Geneina after the attack
    "Ziyad El-Elaimy"
    Early Saturday, the former head of Accountability of State Authority was heading from his house to the State Council, where he is appealing against the presidential decree that dismissed from his position as Egypt’s top auditor.
    upscale New Cairo to Giza to attend his lawsuit in front the State

    According to his wife and daughter who spoke to the media, he was stopped by another car full of thugs who attacked and assaulted him few blocks away from his house. Geneina called his wife as the thugs tried to get him from the car as far as I understood. Geneina's wife, his eldest daughter Shorouk and the guard as his building hurried to see him only to find the thugs attacking him madly.

    So the people called the police as far as I understood and the police came and took the reformist judge to the First Settlement police station where he was left there without any medical care despite the pleas of his family.

    Soon ,prominent political activists hurried to his support.
    The photos taken at the police state and published by former MP and leftist political activist Ziyad El-Elaimy speak alone
    Hisham Geneina told the activists and lawyers who hurried to his help that thugs were allegedly trying to abduct him but as more people showed up , they beat him brutally.
    After many hours at the police station , he was transferred to the hospital.
    He was admitted to the ICU for 24 hours. As far as I read , he could not answer of the prosecution which is investigating the attack.

    Hisham Geneina after the attack
    Geneina as he was transferred to the hospital
    According to some sources , he was admitted to the hospital after the interfere of the current Prosecutor General Nabil Sadek who turned to be a friend to Geneina since High School.
    Anonymous Sources in  Egyptian interior ministry “MOI” had another version of what happened in the media and that version says Geneina along his wife and daughter attacked and injured three young men who transferred to the hospital to receive treatment.

    Those young men reported the Geneinas claiming that judge did not hit them alone but his wife and daughter gave him a hand.

    According to the doctors that saw the photos of those young men and their injuries online , their injuries were more self-inflected.
    Anyhow that was not first surprise that would blow up that whole story.

    It turned out of the injured young men is a well known thug who participated in the attack against the journalists syndicate in 2016 and already had a similar documented case where he claimed a former police officer attacked him.
    That former police officer was among the police officers who tried to have a union for policemen from couple years ago.
    News Website Cairo 24 reported and published the official prosecution’s documents.
    Shortly after publishing those documents , Cairo 24 was blocked in Egypt !!!

    SO what is the relation between the Presidential elections and Geneina ?
    Well Geneina is among the presidential team of presidential hopeful Sami Anan.
    The former Egyptian army Chief of staff announced from two weeks ago that if he was elected as a president , he would Hisham Geneina as a vice-president.

    Speaking about Anan, his family reported that it was not unable to locate him after his arrest for at least 72 hours.

    On Saturday, renowned human rights lawyer and member of quasi-National Council for human rights“NCFHR” Nasser Amin announced that Anan’s family hired him to defend the Lt.General and he accepted the mission because he believes in his innocence and his right to have fair trial.
    At 6.47 PM Cairo local time , the veteran lawyer announced on twitter that he had just finished visiting Lt.General Anan at the Military prison.

    He did not reveal more information about the case on twitter but BBC correspondent Hanan Razek said on Twitter that Amin told BBC that Anan was facing one only and that is violating military rules by declaring his candidacy for presidency before ending his relation with the army.
    Interestingly, the Egyptian army’s General Command said in its communique that the former leading member of SCAF was facing three charges and not only one
    Interesting things happened at Al-Wafd Party but this is another episode as I can’t open my eyes.

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    Another episode of the wacky and interesting Egyptian presidential elections race 2018 which has proved that it is so interesting than the 2014 race after all !!

    Previously as read on our blog, Egypt’s former top auditor Hisham Geneina is still in the Hospital. Sunday evening, the Prosecution decided to release him considering a victim. The prosecution also ordered the detention of the three men who attacked him 4 days pending investigations.

    The statement in Arabic
    The statement in Arabic 
    Those three men are currently accused now of several charges by the prosecution including thuggery, robbery, theft and possession of unlicensed light arms.
    Moving to a very interesting development took place in Egypt related to the elections also Sunday evening.

    A group of prominent politicians and political activists issued a statement calling for the cancellation of the Presidential elections 2018 because it lost its minimum legitimacy.

    The statement issued on Sunday condemned “all the security practices by the current regime” to stop any fair competition in the Presidential elections recounting what happened to the presidential hopefuls starting with Ahmed Shafik to what happened to Sami Anan and Hisham Geneina.

    They also demanded the suspension of the National Elections Authority “NEA” and dissolution of its board because it covered up the security and administrative interfere in the elections process from the very beginning.

    The statement also called the Egyptian people to boycott the upcoming presidential elections in March and not to recognize its results not because there is no fair competition what so ever but also those policies currently adopted in the currently are paving the way for a constitutional amendment for endless presidential terms for one person.

    “That policy already kill any opportunity to transfer power peacefully in Egypt,” The statement said adding it is calling the opposition forces to unite.
    The statement is signed by former Presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abu El-Fotouh“Elections 2012”, former presidential hopeful Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat Jr, Hazem Hosni, Hisham Geneina and former presidential adviser for science Essam Heggy.
    If you remember, the famous Egyptian space scientist Essam Heggy headed the presidential team initiative in summer 2016.

    Dr. Hazem Hosni revealed that actually a group of youth made that statement and they needed prominent figures to support it as signatories.
    That statement made the Pro-regime TV hosts go made like Amr Adeeb who printed the statement and kept screaming as usual on ON E TV channel.
    I am so happy that some politicians like Mohamed Anwar Al-Sadat and Abdel Moneim Abu El-Fotouh are no longer afraid to cooperate and issue such statement now.
    It has been so long to see them united.

    Searching for a rival candidate

    The Presidential Elections race in Cairo turned in to a true a black comedy when the regime began to search for a rival to compete against El-Sisi to show the world that we are having free and fair elections aka democracy following the decision of Khaled Ali not to run last.
    On the same day, Pro-journalists and TV hosts began wondering about how Al-Wafd Party should have a presidential candidate in the Presidential elections in a very comic way. Al-Wafd Party was suddenly brought up to the scene after the rejection of Hamdeen Sabbahi to run again in the presidential elections.

    The regime tried to find a rival in none other than Al-Wafd Party and its leader El-Siyad El-Badawy.
    But there are three problems or challenges that made it impossible for this to happen.
    From 14 days ago, El-Siyad El-Badawy declared that his party endorsed Abdel Fattah El-Sisi for a second presidential term after the meeting of the once-liberal party’s high committee.

    In November 2016, El-Siyad El-Badawy told Sada El-Bald that the party would not have a candidate in the upcoming presidential elections and that he personally supports El-Sisi
    He also added that Al-Wafd Party learned its lesson very well after what happened in 2005 when Al-Wafd ex-leader Noaman Goma’a decided to run against Hosni Mubarak.
    “If Al-Wafd has someone capable to compete with President Mubarak, we will nominate him for the presidency,” He said adding that the time that President Sisi does not have any competitor what so ever in the upcoming presidential elections.
    “Any competitor will run, won't’ achieve the percentage of votes El-Sisi will have.” He added.

    Al-Ahram Arabic Gate published on Friday a very interesting profile for El-Siyad El-Badawy describing him as the wise calm politician !!
    Speaking of newspapers, I believe Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas had the best headline describing what was happening in Egypt politically briefly: “The search for a candidate to lose in front of El-Sisi”.

    Back to El-Badawy who already can’t run for presidency according to the law because he got pending Jail sentences due to his checks without balance for years. Just as we are getting ready to have him as El-Sisi’s opponents with memes mocking him going rival, the Youth of El-Wafd Party and its board saved El-Siyad El-Badawy when the party’s general assembly voted against running in the Presidential race 2018.

    The Youth of the party also held a small protest at the party H.Q refusing to be a part of that “Charade”

    And so El-Sisi got no competitor officially and today is the last day for presenting the Presidential elections candidacy’s documents. The Pro-regime TV hosts are angry and sad.
    Now on Sunday, we hear a couple of names as possible rivals for El-Sisi in March from small parties and they are even worse than El-Siyad El-Badawy !!

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Super blue blood Moon from Egypt

    This is how the moon looked tonight in Cairo. It was not like other countries but it was bright and big

    0 0

    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Super blue blood Moon from Egypt

    This is how the moon looked tonight in Cairo. It was not like other countries but it was bright and big

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    Al-Ahram Newspaper
    State-owned Al-Ahram Daily's Front Page of 31 January 2018 issue 

    via Instagram  

    Egypt’s National Elections Authority “NEA” published its official initial list of Presidential candidates as an advertisement in State-owned al-Ahram Daily's Front page on Wednesday.

    Unsurprisingly, the two only initial Presidential candidates for elections 2018 are current President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the leader of Ghad Party Moussa Ahmed Moussa.

    The NEA listed as well the number of endorsements each candidate received from MPs in the House of Representatives and citizens in at least 15 governorates across the country.

    Current President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi got endorsements from 549 MPs in the House of Representatives and 161,707 citizens across the country while his last-minute rival, the leader of Ghad Party Moussa Ahmed Moussa got endorsements from 20 MPs in the parliament.

    Ironically, Moussa Moussa "just like Missa Missa of Death Note" claimed in his bizarre presser following his last-minute candidacy on Monday that he submitted 45,000 endorsements from citizens across the country in addition to the endorsement of 20 MPs in the parliament.

    He did not give the press a good or even logic answer on how he got those 45,000 endorsements in that short time. Not to mention, he gave a different number in every interview between 45,000 and 46,000 !!!

    Wait inshallah for a nice post dedicated to Moussa Moussa.

    On the other hand, El-Sisi's Campaign claimed also on Monday that it managed to collect endorsements from 596 MPs and more than 900,000 citizens from every town and village in Egypt !!

    For the sake of time, the campaign presented to the NEA only 170,000 endorsements.

    I do not know if Sisi campaign lies like Moussa Moussa or not but I know that in the past few weeks, people from poor classes were mobilized to issue endorsements for Sisi in notary offices across the country in return of money.

    According to the Egyptian Constitution and Presidential elections law, the presidential hopeful must submit among his candidacy documents, the endorsements of at least 20 current MPs in the parliament or endorsements of at least 1000 citizens in 15 governorates across the country.

    The NEA published this list including the number of the endorsement in Egypt's two major state-owned newspapers Al-Ahram Daily and Al-Akhbar Daily in accordance with the Presidential Elections Law of the year 2017.

    0 0

    And on that cold afternoon, the middle age man ran in the heart of Downtown Cairo with all the power and speed he got in order to the building on time, he does not have much time.
    Lawyer Samir Abdel Azim Runnig
     to the NAE HQ in Downtown Cairo "Samer Abdullah"
    The office is going to close in 60 minutes and he must be on time to present his boss’s documents per orders by his higher boss according to the plan. The man arrives the place to find cameras waiting for his boss who will come later, there is no time to media shows now as they will come later. He enters the gate which is heavily guarded with special forces from the army and heads quickly to the office where he should present the documents.

    Already they are waiting for him anxiously as well because they do not have much time either.  The man who is also legal representative of his boss represents the documents to the respectable members of the National Elections Authority “NEA” and rests on a chair to get a breath.
    Samir Abdel Azim
    Samir Abdel Azim speaking on the Mobile Phone after submitting
    the candidacy documents at NEA in Cairo "Reuters"
    At last, his boss is an official presidential hopeful in the Egyptian presidential elections. Winning is not important because actually, his boss knows very well that he does not hold a chance, let alone in real elections he won’t be qualified to run.

    He and his boss, the last minute Presidential candidate are doing what they were told to do. His boss will save the regime’s face in front of the world and completes the show, the biggest show in town those upcoming 4 months: The Egyptian Presidential Elections 2018.
    Moussa Mostafa Moussa
    Moussa Mostafa Moussa leaving the NEA "Reuters"
    I am sorry for this long introduction but these words came to my mind when I saw the iconic photo of the legal representative of initial presidential candidate Moussa Mostafa Moussa running on the 29th January 2018 in Downtown Cairo to reach the NEA in order to present the leader of Al-Ghad party Moussa Mostafa Moussa’s presidential candidacy’s documents.

    The last-minute presidential candidate

    Only very few lines were shared about the background of the man who could be the president of Egypt next April or May by 0.01% chance in the mainstream media.
    He was born in April 1952. He speaks Arabic and French fluently as well English. He is a married businessman and got 3 children whom we do not know their names or age or anything.

    We do not know where he lives. It does not matter because we did not know where Abdel Fattah El-Sisi lived either when he ran for the office in 2014. His campaign HQ’s address has been his residence’s address in 2014 Presidential elections or the current presidential elections.
    We do not know the name of his company or companies.

    It did not matter as it seems because he was truly last presidential candidate.

    An engineer and businessman, he heads the Council for Egyptian and Arab tribes, which seems to be a subsidiary of Al-Ghad Party.
    This can give you a little background about our man.

    Moussa Mostafa Moussa made the news in September 2005 when former Presidential candidate Ayman Nour fired him and other three members including former MP Rageb Hamida who made an amazing comeback in this election from Al-Ghad Party.

    In the same month, Moussa declared himself as the leader of the Party splitting the once-promising party into two fronts: A front that is led by Ayman Nour and another front that is led by him.
    The fight escalated between the two fronts over the Party’s Headquarter in the famous Talaat Harb square in Cairo in November 2008.

    It reached the point of no return when Moussa and Hamida allegedly stormed the party H.Q with thugs who torched it using Molotov cocktails and inflammable materials. Photos showed that Moussa was walking in a parade in the street along with two suspected thugs.
    Moussa Mostafa Moussa in 2008
    Moussa Moussa and Ragab Hamida on his left in 2008
    "Omar El-Hady"  see the arrow 
    The same thug torching the building's gate  "Omar El-Hady"
    The prosecution accused the two groups of hurling Molotov cocktails.
    Surprisingly and amazingly, I found out that trial of torching Al-Ghad Party is still going on and its next session in front of Giza criminal court “should not it be in front of Cairo criminal court !!!?” will be next 10 March.

    In May 2011, the Parties Affairs Committee recognized Moussa as the head of the Party.
    From his side, Ayman Nour called his party’s Front Ghad Al-Thawra.

    Unlike the noise and controversy that accompanies Nour who left Egypt in July 2013 and declared his full support to ousted President Morsi, Moussa and Al-Ghad Party went to oblivion since 2008 seriously speaking.

    Then he came back unexpectedly only last week when it was declared that he would be the man standing against El-Sisi in the Presidential elections.
    Ten days before declaring that he would run for the office, Moussa Moussa and his party as well that Arab tribe council declared their total support to El-Sisi just like in 2013.
    Moussa Mostafa Moussa
    The original cover of Moussa's personal account
    before deactivating it 

    The man had a photo of El-Sisi as his Facebook profile’s cover when Egypt was speaking about what happened to Ahmed Shafik as well what was happening to Sami Anan.

    He had to change it on the same day he declared his presidency as activists pointed out to this irony and deactivated his account later.
    That was not the only thing Moussa had to change or hide.

    There are lots of debate about his university degree. That short bio that was distributed to all mainstream outlets did not include from which university he was graduated and when he was graduated.
    It was only mentioned that he studied civil engineering.

    A rumor spread like fire saying that he got a diploma degree in engineering and people like Ayman Nour and his friend famous lawyer Tarek Al-Awdy confirmed it.
    Al-Awdy already appealed in front of the State Council against his candidacy.
    What enforced the rumor is the fact that Moussa Mostafa Moussa got no membership in the syndicate of engineers in Egypt. He needs to have a membership in syndicate if he works in civil engineering in the country.
    To defend him, Al-Ghad Party’s legal advisor claimed that he was got a bachelor of engineering from the University of Sorbonne in France.
    There is one problem that the renowned University got no faculty of engineering, it became another joke in that farce.
    The former head of Egypt’s Public treasury Abdel Magid El-Molhamy who claims to know Moussa Moussa since school said in a Facebook post that went viral then disappeared that the potential Presidential candidate studied in France’s Ecole Nationale Superieure d’ architecture de Versailles “ENSA-V” for two academic years or cycles and dropped out.
    El-Molhamy hinted out that the documents Moussa published in Weekly Sawt Al-Oma actually proved that.
    Thanks to Masrawy’s informative report about Moussa Moussa and his family, we know that according to his short bio as a board member in the United Holding Co. for building materials that he holds a Bachelor of Science in architecture from France’s Ecole des Beaux-Arts.
    Ecole des Beaux-Arts is different university than ENSA-V !!!

    Why is that important? Well according to the Presidential Elections law as well the Egyptian Constitution, the Egyptian Presidential candidate must have a University degree or its equivalent.
    In real elections race, he would be disqualified over this if it turned out that he did not have university degree even if he were as rich and successful as college dropout Bill Gates.

    The bio published on the UHC official website we know what “he created” besides UHC which is owned by his family and OCI.
    It also states that his family “Moussas” founded jointly with the Algerian government famous Scib Paints Company in Zurich that operated from 1978 to 1980.
    In 1981, Scib Paints moved to Egypt to become one of the big local paints companies in the country. In 2002 , Scib entered a partnership with an Indian Paints company.  Moussa Moussa is officially a board member in Scib.

    Interestingly, Egyptian Journalists found out the name of Moussa Moussa was mentioned in the famous Panama Papers.
    I took the lead and found out that he and his siblings were all mentioned in the Panama papers with companies offshore in tax havens including his two sisters.
    The Moussas were shareholders in African Chemical International LTD along others which was registered in British Virgin Islands from 2003 to 2012.
    Our presidential candidate’s address in that company was Al-Ghad Party HQ’s address which is quite interesting.

    Back to Masrawy’s investigate report, we knew that Moussa Moussa lives in a family house in upscale Zamalek, Cairo governorate. His wife is a housewife and he got Mostafa who is an AUC graduate and Mohra who is still a student.

    Moussa is the son of Al-Wafd party late leading figure Mostafa Moussa.
    Unlike son, Mostafa Moussa had a truly interesting political history. 
    Mostafa Moussa was from the Al-Wafd Party’s left-leaning youth that stood against old as well influential and rich party leading figures like Fouad Serg El-Din during the 1940s.
    The young engineer who was graduated from Cairo University made history when he won in the 1950 Parliamentary elections and became the youngest MP to represent Working Class Bab Al-Sharia Constituency in Cairo.
    In the 1950s, Mostafa Moussa was among the Egyptian politicians who openly supported the Algerian revolution against French occupation.
    Following the independence, Moussa moved to Algeria where he worked for decades there. He was a close friend of both late president Ahmed Ben Bella and president Houari Boumediene
    Before his death, he came back and participated in reviving the Wafd Party as the New Wafd Party with Fouad Serg El-Din.

    Why El-Ghad Party leader? 

    Many political analysts are asking why Moussa Moussa was chosen from all those small as well big parties.
    El-Ghad Party lost its popularity and noise as opposition group for real since 2008 when Ayman Nour left it.
    It did not score any seats in the Parliamentary elections 2014.

    Originally, the regime wanted the leader of the New Wafd Party El-Siyad El-Badawy to run against El-Sisi and it was so close to make that to happen if it was not for two reasons I believe.

    Legally, El-Said El-Badawy would be easily disqualified as he stood and is still standing trials for many dishonored cheques to the level that you can’t count them.

    Then come the Youth of New Al-Wafd party “You read it right” as well other old party members.
    During the General assembly of the famous party, its youth protested against the decision to let El-Badawy run in the presidential elections calling it a farce.
    All the members of New Wafd Party’s general assembly except three only voted against the decision as well including a former NDPian.
    They saw that it would have a very negative impact on the famous liberal party that is currently struggling.

    Following the refusal of the New Wafd party to have a candidate in the elections and found ourselves in front two peculiar names: Ahmed El-Fadaly and Moussa Moussa.
    The regime had to choose Moussa Moussa because El-Fadaly got too many skeletons in his closet as simple as that including his role in the battle of the camel in Tahrir square in 2011 as well his university degree.

    Interestingly, the Party with the highest number of seats “65 seats” in the current Parliament; liberal Free Egyptians Party “FEP” ’s name was not included in that search for a rival candidate.
    All that I think about that the ugly sectarianism of the Egyptian regime is behind that.

    The former liberal party which was founded by Naguib Sawiris and was taken over by bunch of former intelligence and security officers who joined later is headed by Essam Khalil, who is a Christian
    There is nothing in the Constitution against having Christians running for the Presidential office theoretically speaking.

    So far Moussa Moussa is trying desperately to convince the world and the Egyptians that he is not a supporting actor giving all sort illogical reasons behind his sudden candidacy.
    He attacks El-Sisi in a very shy way saying that the Mega-national projects done in the past four years were waste of the Egyptians’ money only, which is actually true but that’s it.

    He has had a single TV interview on DMC last week and it was very sad weak one that you may wonder why a businessman like him would be involved in such farce.

    Anyhow, Moussa Moussa managed to write down his name in history as the Last-Minute Candidate in a poll that is being called elections.

    That will be his greatest political achievement in life so far if there is no miraculous divine miracle making the next President of Egypt.

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    Last week, that video went viral in the world for a good reason. It gave the world for the first time after nearly 3400 years how legendary beauty Queen Nefertiti may have looked like thanks to 3D imaging and forensic reconstruction.

    Originally produced by Travel channel’s Expedition Unknown, Josh Gates and his team borrowed the skull of Nefertiti from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo where her mummy is.
    Queen Nefertiti
    Queen Nefertiti after 3D reconstruction
    Travel Channel 
    The mummy of Queen Nefertiti was discovered reportedly in 1898 by French Egyptologist Victor Loret at tomb KV35 in Luxor’s Valley of the King.
    Many archeologists and Egyptologists believe that a mummy labeled in the tomb as “The Younger lady” was the famous Queen Nefertiti despite her DNA says that she was the mother of King Tutankhamun. Queen Nefertiti is said to give birth to six princesses only.
    Anyhow the photo of the younger lady mummy’s head made me believe that she was Nefertiti thanks to her elongated head.

    Maybe She has a magnificent bust in the Egyptian Museum of Berlin that must return back to Egypt but she also got other beautiful busts in the Egyptian Museum of Cairo.

    Anyhow I will seize this opportunity and take a short break from Presidential elections news as well that new Comprehensive Military operation against terrorism in Egypt to post a couple of beautiful photos for beautiful Queen Nefertiti from the Egyptian Museum of Cairo.
    Queen Nefertiti's unfinished bust
    Queen Nefertiti's unfinished bust at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo

    Unfinished bust of Queen Nefertiti of Ancient Egypt
    Queen Nefertiti's unfinished bust
    There was the usual debate between African Americans in particular and white Americans as well Europeans about whether Her ancient Roya Highness was black or White, well she was an Egyptian from North Africa and the Middle East. She is not black nor white.
    From her busts whether in Berlin or Cairo Museums, I would say that she seemed to be olive.
    Unfinished bust of Queen Nefertiti
    Another unfinished bust of Queen Nefertiti at Cairo's Egyptian Museum 
    There is no whitewash of anything here. Ancient Egyptians are like Modern Egyptians came in every size, shape and color
    When I think about the ancient history of Egypt and see what happened to the dynasty of Akhenaten in the Modern Kingdom and how the Amon priests and military like Horemheb intended to erase their complete existence from history without knowing that they actually immortalized them ironically !!

    By hiding their tombs and erasing their names, their faces, their statues and the capital of Amarna as well the Amon priests thought that they erased Akhenaten and his revolutionary monotheistic Aten beliefs.

    Ironically thousands of years later, we found the tomb of Tutankhamun untouched as well the tombs of Akhenaten and Nefertiti with their statues and treasures that dazzled the whole world.
    Tutankhamun is more famous than Horemheb, hell that teenager became the most famous ruler of Egypt. Akhenaten is considered a revolutionary figure with his religious beliefs and he became more famous than his military commanders and Amon priests altogether. 

    0 0

    Happy Valentine’s Day from Egyptian Chronicles to those who still believe in love on the surface of that big sad planet called earth.
    I will seize this opportunity and share a couple of photos for my favorite Royal Egyptian Couple of all times at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo "EMC": Prince Rahotep and his wife Nefret.
    Famous Prince Rahotep and his wife Nofret Statues at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo
    Prince Rahotep and his wife Nefret "ignore my shadow" 
    I told you before that the Old Kingdom’s statues gave a shock to the workers who discovered them as they thought they were alive.
    Prince Rahotep was a prince from the Fourth dynasty.
    He is widely believed by most archeologists that he was the son of King Snefru and the brother of King Khufu.
    I remember reading at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo that he was an army commander but his Wikipedia page says that he was a high priest of Ra at Heliopolis according to the titles inscribed on his statue.
    Maybe he was both.

    After the break, there is a close-up photo of the two without my shadow thanks to a tip given by an Egyptian guide who saw me try in vain in taking a photo without my shadow.

    Famous Prince Rahotep and his wife Nofret Statues at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo
    A close look at the Royal couple after knowing a secret way to snap their photos without reflections 
    By the way, that couple is the best answer to that ongoing debate about Nefertiti's skin color.
    As you can see, Rahotep was a brown man whereas Nefret was white according to the Western definitions.

    The statues of Rahotep and Nefret were found at his tomb in Meidum in 1871 by archeologist and Egyptian Museum’s famous curator Auguste Mariette Pasha. “After I wrote a post paying my respect for his work, I found out that he was against teaching archeology to Egyptians.”
    I am praying that they are left alone at Tahrir museum, at their place in the Old Kingdom partition and not to be transferred to the Grand Egyptian Museum.
    Anyhow Happy Valentine’s Day.

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    Egypt's High State security prosecution ordered on Thursday the detention of former presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abou El-Fotouh 15 days pending investigations into charges of spreading false news and leading a banned organization. 

    Originally I was planning to write this post about the arrest of Egypt’s ex-top auditor Hesham Geneina but I ended up Wednesday night following in disbelief the arrest of the former Presidential candidate and leader of Strong Egypt Abdel Moneim Abou El-Fotouh.

    It started with a small yet alarming Facebook post by Hozaifa Abu El-Fotouh at 10:13 PM Wednesday Cairo local time saying that his father Abdel Moneim Abou El-Fotouh and the members of the political bureau of Strong Egypt Party.

    At 12:25 AM, Hozaifa Abu El-Fotouh reported that all the of members of the political bureau that were arrested earlier were released while his father remained in custody.

    According to news reports, they were arrested at his house in New Cairo while they were having meeting after his return from London two days ago. “several politicians have been arrested nowadays from New Cairo as far as I could tell !!”
    Abdel Moneim Abu El-Fotouh speaks in his presser
    Abdel Moneim Abou E-Fotouh in a presser in 2012

    At first, there was no obvious reason on why the former MB leading figure and former presidential candidate and it seems that news websites and channels had different reasons.

    Later it turned out that he was arrested because “he had a contact with the Muslim Brotherhood”.

    Updated "@2:01PM Thursday :
    Abou El-Fotouh's lawyers say that they do not know the charges he is facing for real. They were also not allowed to attend his interrogation at the High State security prosecution.   

    I think we all know that Abou El-Fotouh left the MB in 2011 after a big fight and till that day the Brotherhood members hate him even more than El-Sisi because they could not forget how he called early presidential elections during the end of Mohamed Morsi’s era.

    Earlier this week, Abou El-Fotouh had an interview that was aired on Al-Jazeera Mubshar TV channel that was recorded in London.

    He arrived on Friday and recorded on Sunday despite the warnings he got from others not to speak through the Qatari TV channel. You can watch it after the break.

    During his stay in London, the former Presidential candidate also recorded an interview with London-based Al-Araby TV.
    The interview was going to be aired on Saturday but the TV channel aired hours following his arrest.

    He also recorded an interview with the BBC Wednesday morning before his arrest in the evening.

    I have not seen the BBC interview which was on Thursday but I have seen Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr and Al-Araby TV and they reminded me of how Abdel Moneim Abu El-Fotouh became an A-class politician.

    He repeated what he had said in both TV programs attacking El-Sisi only separating behind him and the Egyptian armed forces which he totally supported in its recent North Sinai operation.   He supported the peaceful political movement rejecting all talks of hunger revolution. He called the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Azhar and the Orthodox Church to quit politics and to stick to their religious role.

    Needless to say, he has been vocal and highly critical of Sisi’s regime and was among the early political figures calling for a boycott to the upcoming presidential elections in March.

    He was among those who signed the first statement calling the National Elections Authority “NEA” for the cancellation of elections following the arrest of former Egyptian army Chief of staff Sami Anan.

    It is worth to mention that Mohamed El-Kassas, Abou El-Fotouh’s deputy in Strong Egypt Party was arrested on Friday allegedly for joining banned group “aka Muslim Brotherhood” and working for that group’s media arm “Mekameeleen TV channel”.

    El-Kassas, who is a former MB that defected in early 2011 denied all those charges.

    For the record, Mohamed El-Kassas is among the best young politicians in Egypt since 2011.
    Of course, I can ignore the arrest of Egypt’s former top auditor Hesham Geneina by the military from two days ago as well.

    Back to Abu El-Fotouh who made it clear that he would spend the rest of days in a jail cell than to leave the country and live abroad.

    The High state security prosecution will interrogate the veteran Islamist politician early morning.

    Abdel Moneim Abou El-Fotouh was imprisoned twice. The first time was in the infamous autumn of fury when Sadat arrested all his opponents from left to right in September 1981.
    The second time was during the era of Mubarak from 1996 to 2001.

    Opposition political powers and parties as well figures began to react to the arrest the veteran politician. Former Presidential candidate.

    Hamdeen Sabbahi was among the first who declared their support and even demanded the release of Abou El-Fotouh on Wednesday with his post on his personal verified Facebook account.

    Former presidential candidate and rights lawyer Khaled Ali has become a member of Abou El-Fotouh's legal team along with Ahmed Abu Ela Mady, the son of Abu Ela Mady, the leader of Al-Wasat Party.

    By making peaceful political change impossible, you are not giving youth too many options.
    Frustrated angry youth who do not know how to represented peacefully through politics.
    Either they will leave the country and immigrate as many of the young people I know in the past 7 years did or they will join militant radical groups.

    0 0

    You read the headline right !!
    Egypt is going to export gas worth USD 15 billion from Israel within the upcoming 10 years according to the Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier Monday.
    Monday afternoon, Egyptians and Arabs found out about this deal through PM Netanyahu’s social media accounts especially on Twitter as those accounts aired Bibi’s speech to the Israeli people translated into Arabic.
    Benjamin Netanyahu stated that he welcomed the deal to export Israeli gas to Egypt describing it as a historic agreement. He also said that that “historical agreement” would bring billions to State’s treasury adding that money would be spent on education and medical service for Israeli citizens.
    He also said that the gas agreement strengthened Israel’s security, economy and the regional relations.
    “Today is a feast,” He said in the video.
    Al-Masry Al-Youm Daily
    Al Masry Al Youm Daily Front Page
    "Israel announces that it exports gas to Egypt"

    What is the deal?

    Israeli Delek Drilling and Texas-based Noble Energy signed 10-year agreement to sell USD15 billion worth of natural gas from Tamarand Leviathan natural gas fields to little-known Egyptian Delphinus.
    According to the agreement, Israel is going to sell 3 billion cubic meters a year to Egypt through Delphinus, which did not hear about it before in the country.

    Despite several Media outlets have spoken like The Economist in April 2017 about the talks of that agreement, most of the public in Egypt only knew about it Monday afternoon.
    Needless to say, it shocked them because just for the past few weeks El-Sisi and his media have repeatedly spoken about his achievement and success in accelerating the production of gigantic Zohr natural gas field.
    Egyptian officials have repeatedly claimed that Zohr natural gas field will enable Egypt to be self-sufficient in the production of liquefied gas by the end 2018 or early 2019 yet now we find out that there is an Egyptian company that will import natural gas from Israel !!!!!

    What is even more ridiculous is how the Egyptian officials in the ministry of oil and Natural gas Regulatory authority claimed that they did not know anything about the agreement !!!
    Already that agreement needs to be approved by the two governments in order to be in effect.
    In 2017, Egypt passed a new Natural gas law that allows the private sector to import natural gas.
    Some officials in Egypt as well some people say that that natural gas from Israel is not imported for consumers in the country but rather to be liquefied and exported once again to Europe.
    Noble Energy said in its press release issued on Monday about the agreement that the Israeli gas “is anticipated to supply industrial and petrochemical customers as future power generation in Egypt”.

    What is Delphinus?

    Little was known in the media about Egyptian Delphinus before that announcement. We all knew on Monday that it is an Egyptian private sector company. We know that is head by a man called Alaa Arafa, of Arafa Holding , the famous textile company that owns Concrete for men's wear.

    1958-Born Alaa Arafa graduated originally as a doctor from the Faculty of medicine in Ain Shams University but it seems that he was attracted to the family's business in textile that goes back to the 1940s than helping in curing people.

     Alaa Arafa's father was said to be a personal friend to Hosni Mubarak as he was also an air fighter pilot like him and that's helped to expand the family business in textile in the past 20 years. He was from the first businessmen to join Qiz agreement allowing him to have business with Israel in order to export to Europe and the States.

    Alaa Arafa is also said to be the second Hussein Salem when it comes to oil and gas investements with Israel

    In January 2016, Egypt’s PM Sharif Ismail announced that permits would not be longer issued to companies importing gas from Israel to Egypt despite Leviathan and Tamar natural gas fields signed letters of intent with Delphinusin December 2015.

    In August 2017, London-based New Arab News website published a report saying that Shell was going to buy Israeli gas from Tamar and Leviathan for Egypt. It seems that deal did not work and Delphinus replaced Shell.

    I think we know that the Israeli government has approved the agreement from that speech Bibi said. The Egyptian government claims that it knows nothing about the deal despite the fact we know it does unofficially.
    Anything related to Israel must pass through the Egyptian government in Egypt.

    I have the feeling that Bibi wanted to use that deal to score some supports in Israel after his corruption scandal throwing the Sisi’s administration back to Cairo to the bus at a very critical time.
    Already I do not understand how the current Egyptian administration is not using the need of Israel to export liquid gas to Europe and score political gains for example like forcing Bibi’s administration to return to the negotiations table or to suspend the expansion of the illegal settlements in the West bank !!
    This is the least the current Egyptian administration can do if it is sincere and committed to the Palestinian cause which is directly connected to the Egyptian National security.
    Needless to say, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said it loud during the inauguration during Egypt’s gigantic Zohr gas field that he was not  a-big-mouth politician. I wish he were
    I wonder if his administration knows that there is a dispute between Lebanon and Israel over those particular natural gas fields in East Mediterranean.

    Mada Misr quoted experts in an early report about the deal that actually Israel used that agreement to play a game with the Egyptian government.
    Accordingly, Israel dropped the 2017-USD 2 billion compensation case against the Egyptian government represented in the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation “EGPG” and  Egyptian Natural Gas company “EGAS”  after the cancellation of the deal to export natural gas to Israel in April 2012.
    Amazingly I was writing a post about the latest developments in the cases of Abdel Moneim Abou El-Fotouh and Hisham Geneina but Bibi’s announcement was like another slap in the face on Monday.