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    Since last 3 July 2013 and the famous Kolena Khaled Said Facebook page has not been active. Since then its admins have not posted a single post.
    The last post in the page was the statement of General Abdel Fatah El Sisi on that day

    Throughout the page you will know that it was supporting the protests on 3 July 2013. Till this day nothing has been published including some clarification from the admins of the page , at least the main admins “ Wael Ghonim and Abdel Rahman Mansour” to explain the situation for the 3.6 million subscribers of the page.
    The page actually still attracts subscribers up till now.
    Personally I know that Abdel Rahman Mansour is currently studying abroadand Ghonim is back to his work in Google. It is not a big secret that both Mansour and Ghonim were and have been accused of being MB members just like in the early days of 25 January revolution.
    Ghonim protesting in 25 January 2012 protests "Georgia"

    Despite Ghonim publicly supported 3 July 2013 yet he has been accused by the same old Pro-Mubarak/ of being a secret Muslim Brotherhood member and that he is currently attacking the Egyptian army abroad.
    The evidence they are using to frame the accusation is an old video for Ghonim filmed during the SCAF where he urged that SCAF should handover power quickly for the sake of Egyptian army in English mistranslating it in Arabic to make it as if he was inciting against the army.
    That video and wrong translation were aired on Rola Kharsa’s TV show on Sada El Balad. Amazingly Kharsa was a BBC correspondent and her husband was the head of Egyptian National TVbureau in Londonand yet she accepted to show that old video claiming to berecent one with wrong translation !! I believe Ghonim should sue her and her channel for defame.
    Anyhow Ghonim is no longer the Google Golden boy as he used to be called in the local media. It is like back to back still there is nothing new about that. He has been always attacked and accused of being a spy in the past 3 years.
    The last Status Wael Ghonim left in his twitter account and on his official Facebook Page.

    You promised , you broke your promise , you eliminated thus you failed , you divided and polarized .. in end you left. May God bless Egypt and protect it. May we see Egypt we dream of.
    Ghonim speaking about Mohamed Morsi on 3 July 2013. Since then there is a complete silence online when it comes to the famous internet activist. This silence led to many rumors including rumors that the admins were detained by security forces and so on. Ghonim
    The Islamists launched a so-called Kolena Khaled Said FB page Islamic version after believing that the original Page is biased against Islamists and Muslim Brotherhood before ousting Morsi. They even launched a campaign then to nationalize the page after all both Ghonim and Mansour were speaking publicly online and offline criticizing the MB and Morsi in his past months.
    They also launched recently  the Kolena Khaled Said FB page All Egyptians version !!
    The Kolena Khaled Said Facebook Page is not owned by his family nor by the original admins with my all due respect. It is bigger than them I am afraid. Closing the page or not updating now is a big blow to the reason of its existence , it is like someone did not understand the huge role this page played not only in Egypt but in the Arab world.
    I am afraid there are still Khaled Saids killed in Egypt and there is a disrespect to human rights in Egypt. There is still huge polarization in Egypt. A polarization the page that was often fighting with its moderate views , the same moderate views made revolutionaries
    Now there is no Bassem Youssef “at least for another couple of months” and revolutionary activists like Alaa Abdel Fatah and Ahmed Maher are in prison while Mubarak cronies are being acquitted . People are still dying inthe streets while protestingand they are also killing each other. The Police has not been reformed , in fact there is nothing reformed in this country yet. We are on the verge of another “ history's greatest yet the not so good but let’s have it so the MB won’t gloat” constitutional fiasco.
    Even Khaled Said’s retrial is still and I think that those two policemen who killed late Khaled will be acquitted in the end.
    The page has to complete its role.
    The admins owed it to the youth who were killed in the past 3 years for the sake of a dream it helped in spreading.
    For God’s sake Mubarak’s old rotten dying regime is fighting by all its force for its existence and continuation yet the revolutionyouth are losing hope when it is long battle !!
    Yes it is long battle and feeling despair all the time is not helping , actually it cripples you and makes you lose the battle even without starting it. There is always hope and as I recall a young activist once said “We will make the despair despair in Egypt”. At least we should try more so younger generations would not blame us in the same way we blame older generations for not defending their rights and our rights as well.
    It is time to have Kolena Khaled Said Page back , the battle is not over.

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  • 12/21/13--13:11: Links and Notes 12/21/2013
  • Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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  • 12/22/13--12:31: Links and Notes 12/22/2013
  • Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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    Early Sunday  : Cairo misdemeanor court sentences April 6 leading figures Ahmed Maher, Mohamed Adel and revolutionary activist Ahmed Douma to three years in jail and a LE50,000 fine each on charges including organizing illegal protests and attacking security forces at Abdeen Court.
    Veto Gate : Douma , Maher and Adel chant down with the military rule after the verdict.
    As a reaction the April 6 Youth movement announced that it withdrew from the roadmap. The revolution way Front announced that it would organize a stand tomorrow in solidarity with the revolutionary activists standing trials including those three.
    Of course April 6 Youth is now in a very critical position considering the fact that it is being defamed 24/7 in the media as the MB’s civilian secular undercover movement and how it is a foreign funded movement…etc. No much sympathy when you are defamed 24/7 in the media and all people are attacking you.
    Felol and Pro-military tweeps and Facebookers are extremely happy for this verdict as they see it the start to the end of those “25 January dogs” who are trying to bring down the state. 

     It is first stage sentence which means that there could be an appeal. Nevertheless it feels bitter , too bitter to be exact. It is worth to mention that it is the first in a series of upcoming trials Jan25 Non Islamist activists are standing including Alaa Abdel Fatah’s trial in front of the criminal court and Mahinour Al Masry and Hassan Mostafa’s trial in Alexandria.
    Sunday Afternoon : Suez activist Bassem Mohsen died in hospital  in Cairo after being shot Friday in the clashes between the Pro-Morsi supporters and security forces.

    Late Bassem Mohsen
    Late Bassem Mohsen in the true manifestation of the Egyptian revolution. One of the unknown faces that went on 28 January 2011 in search for bread,freedom and social justice. The young man lost his eye in Mohamed Mahmoud clashes in November 2011 during SCAF. In early days of Morsi’s rule , he was facing a military trial in Suez. In late Morsi’s rule Bassem Mohsen protested against the Muslim Brotherhood and was one of Tamaroud’s local leading members in Suez.
    On Friday he was shot and of course the MB and security forces are exchanging accusations on who killed that young revolutionary. Bassem was transferred last night from Suez to Cairo in extremely critical condition because there was not a neurological surgeon there. In the way the ambulance found that they forgot the blood packets needed for Bassem’s surgery back in Suez and people demanded online for blood donations.
    Today Bassem Mohsen died.
    Bassem yesterday in the ICU just like Jan25
     Bassem Mohsen is the true son of 25 January revolution .. and Egypt , the Egypt that devours its children.

    Late Sunday The presidency assigns a fact finding committee for violence since 30 June 2013. Photos circulating on Facebook and twitter for 2014calendars and agenda where the 25 January 2014 is officially considered the National Day for Police. Back to back , nothing about that protest in Tahrir from 3 years ago that turned in to uprising then in to a revolution that inspired other countries.
    I do know how or what to say except next 25 January 2014 , it will be very hard just like today.

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  • 12/23/13--12:30: Links and Notes 12/23/2013
  • Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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    Huge explosion has hit Mansour late night from a short time ago. The explosion was heard all over the city and even rocked the houses.
    The explosion was too strong that it affected all the buildings in the area forradius of 200 meters according to the eye witnesses. At least 3 are reportedly killedand 50 have been injured. The numbers can increase. I am praying that it would remain like that. Updated at 1:38 PM: The MOH stated the death total increased to 13 and the injured increased to over 100. It is like a war scene now in Mansoura.
    The right part of the security directorate was collapsed. In fact from the photos tweep Ahmed El Shabrawy there is huge destruction as it turned out that this area got lots of old buildings there.
    This is the second time a bomb attack would target the security directorate there. It is the largest so far in Egypt.
    No one has claimed responsibility so far.
    Of course people on twitter sitting on their asses from their homes and even from outside Mansoura as well Egypt are spreading their own analysis who stood behind the attack ad why just one hour after it takes place.
    Needless to say, the Muslim Brotherhood is the primary suspect especially some claim that the decision to freeze the assets of more than 100 NGOs in Egypt on Monday most Islamist NGOs is the reason why.
    Some claim that the revolutionaries are behind this because they were exposed of receiving foreign money .. etc.
    The Muslim Brotherhood supporters are claiming that businessman Naguib Sawiris is behind the blast with his so-called “Christian Militia”
    Some say that it is a bombed car while other sitting on their asses copying pasting from each other claim that there were three bombs !!
    Yes all this has been said on the Egyptian social media in less than two hours after the blast.
    Of course seeing the amount of damage in Mansoura , I would say that this had been planned for in advance from more than a week for instance. It is not something you decide on the same day.
    The Muslim Brotherhood is denouncing the attack and so onbut no one is buying it. Now TV channels are calling for the complete execution of the MB. 
    To be honest I am thinking of Ansar Beit El Maqdus , the militant Salafist Jihadist group in Sinai. Already their operations reached to Cairo so I won’t be surprised that they are standing behind this attack.
    May Allah bless the souls of those who were killed tonight and bring peace to the land of Egypt.
    Another sad night , they are too many in the past months.

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    You vote won't make a difference in the Constitution "Keizer"
    From three days ago in the news : The arrest of a leading MB member for printing a “NO for the Constitution” flyers in Damietta.
    From two days ago in the news : The governor of New Valley Governorate “A former army major general” says that anyone who dares to spread the “No for Constitution” posters in the governorate will be arrested in accordance with the law !!!!! Man I wonder if a governor in time of Morsi dared to say this , how the media reaction would beand I find myself saying that we are living in a world full of hypocrites.
    Moatez Abdel Fatah, the famous political sciences professor turned in to a media celebrity says that even if the people vote “No” in the constitution , the state will make it “Yes” in some public lecture !! He added that some people may accept what used to happen in time of Mubarak just to make sure that the Muslim Brotherhood won’t return back.
    Moatez Abdel Fatah : Even if people vote “No” , the state will make it “Yes”
    Banners on October Bridge : Say yes to the Constitution. This is is besides it is signed “People who love their country” so the indirect message sent here is that those who will say No to the Constitution do not love their country. TV ads say that we should vote yes to the new constitution to defeat Muslim brotherhood , terrorists, Turkey and the Universe.
    Constitutions are not made to defeat nation’s enemies for God sake !!
    Anyhow it seems that the government or rather regime won’t take NO for an answer for real !!
    Government and ruling regimes of this country should know that there are “Yes” and “No” answers in referendums for a certain reason and that they should prepare specific scenarios. Of course I am speaking about real governments that believe in democracy and act according to it. Governments we have not seen so far in Egypt !!
    During SCAF , we had to say yes to the constitution 71 amendments referendum otherwise we would be infidels “P.S the Felol voted Yes too because SCAF was marketing Yes strongly”. During Morsi , we had to say yes to the new constitution otherwise we will be infidels. Now in 2013 or rather 2014 we have to say yes to the newer constitution otherwise we are traitors.

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  • 12/24/13--13:14: Merry Christmas 2013
  • Merry Christmas for everybody celebrating it in Egypt and outside Egypt. There is nothing better than Banksy’s Christmas card this year. It says a lot. It says all.

    Well we are having one of those sad Charlie Brown Christmases if you know what I mean in Egypt.Somehow I feel this painting represents the revolution that is barred from freedom , democracy and above all life

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    And so the Egyptian government today has designated the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization officially. It is an official administrative decision based on article No.86 from the Criminal law about terrorism.

    The government says that it took this decision after knowing that the MB stood behind the bombing of Mansoura directorate , the bombing which Ansar Beit Al Maqids claimed responsibility today !!! There has been no official direct connection proven so far between the MB and the Sinai based Salafist Jihadist to convict the MB for real in front of law.

    It is worth to mention also that on the night of the bombing almost all TV shows and figures urged the government to declare the MB as a terrorist organization , in fact on the same time it was claimed that PM declared as a terrorist organization. There was a huge pressure on the government for real to declare the MB as a terrorist organization but I am afraid that the government shot itself in the foot.

    Terrorism won’t stop by this decision.

    How are they going to apply it with millions of supporters or hundreds of thousands of supporters in Egypt !? There are no real lists for the MB members so yes it will be fun days of arrests for anybody with no rights at all without the permission. Those are arrested can stand military trials. If any officer opens his fire on alleged terrorist , he won’t be punished because he is fighting terrorism.  The law does not stop here it extended to arresting those who promote the organization through writing , oh yes a witch hunt against writers and journalists !!

    It will be one hell of challenges for human rights activists who are currently under fire from both sides.

    Of course tonight Ahram stopped the printing of Freedom and Justice Newspaper daily officially. There is noting about the Freedom and Justice Party by the way. I do not know what its status would be.

    Now there is one interesting fact here is that this is an administrative decision issued by the Prime minister which can be appealed and overturned by the administrative court. Knowing this from legal experts and lawyers , I can see that this decision can not be used as a card by the regime in the negotiations with the Muslim Brotherhood to lower their demands. After that MB won’t negotiate on reinstating Morsi but rather to remove its name from the terrorist organizations list.

    This decision is actually another life kiss to the Muslim Brotherhood just like the Rabaa Massacre. The MB had one hell of year in the spot light as political power and party operating no more underground made the Brotherhood for the first time since 80 years lose its public support in a way like no other.

    Now the MB is back to its comfort zone , the underground zone where it remained most of its existence , where it flourished and spread.

    Both the deep state and Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt need each other for survival.The deep state needs the Muslim Brotherhood as the scary bogyman and the MB as I hunted above needs such regime to live and survive as a victim as usual. 

    By the way the rapid rise and fall of MB in two years is scary as well that déjà vu and replay of our history , it is more scarier if I am say because if we are today  reliving

    The fools are now repeating automatically online and offline that Nasser’s policies were successful and managed to end the Muslim Brotherhood but Sadat revived it back .. etc.

    Well those fools do not know that the thought of the MB abroad in Egypt spread more than Nasser’s Pan Arab Nationalism and what resulted it from Siyad Qutb’s thought and books now changed the world in the past 30 years for real unfortunately in bad ways. Those fools of course are the same people who see El Sisi as the reincarnation of Nasser.

    The policies of Nasser , the security oppressive policies did not stop any MB though from flourishing in fact I would dare and raise the bars those radical oppressive policies gave a golden opportunity to the radical oppressive thoughts of Siyad Qutb specifically to spread.

    I am afraid we have tried the security solution alone in the past and it did not work not to mention that the mentality of those are currently in control of this country is the same like in the past , in fact they are faithful students so I do not expect any success. We are repeating the same mistake.

    The terrorism won’t be stop , in fact I am afraid it may increase especially that the MB youth now think that the days of Sayid Qutb was right and democracy is wrong .. etc. The thing is we did not try all the ways to choose that bloody way.

    Anyhow what is scary also is the amount of the public mobilization led by the media in Egypt against all the Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters. Yesterday the TV guests and columnists in Egypt were speaking about death squads to kill the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters.

    Today the TV hosts were cheering for how the angry mob in Mansoura went madly destroying shops , companies , clinics , pharmacies and even houses allegedly owned by Muslim Brotherhood members. Online campaigns spread by the Pro-Military supporters to report any Muslim Brotherhood member or supporter to the authorities !! In Mansoura they hanged a banner calling the MB as Egypt’s Jews !! Of course it is anti-Semitic rhetoric but what I see in front of me a scary fascism.

    Needless to say it is getting dangerously out of hand and one day people will regret what will happen thousands blaming others unfortunately and not blaming themselves.

    In the end of the day I remember what a wise man had told me yesterday when I asked him about the current situation in Egypt that the revolutionaries are stuck between the old regime and the MB , the biggest two powers in Egypt whose fight weakens the revolutionaries. It is true especially that both powers that are actually anti-revolutionary. 

    By the way now sports journalists from the Mubarak era are urging the government to enlist the ULTRAS groups as terrorist groups.

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  • 12/27/13--02:45: The Last Tweet of #Chatah
  • This is the last tweet by former Lebanese minister Mohamed Chatah on twitter , just one hour before his assassination in Beirut in another huge explosion that rocked the city earlier this morning.
    The last tweet just one hour before his assassination.
    The more moderate people are killed and forced to shut up , the more  radicals flourish. A fact we know in the hard way in the Middle East !! 

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    Some tweep said that militant Jihadist Ansar Beit Al Maqids group was jealous from the Muslim Brotherhood as the later was designated officially asterrorist organization by the Egyptian government on Wednesday despite the Sinai militant group claimed responsibility for the bombing of Mansoura security directorate and so we had Thursday’s Nasr city homemade bombs.
    Of course no one has claimed responsibility for the bombs of Nasr city which injured 5 citizens badly yet.
    Well the Sinai based militant group whose operations shocked the Egyptians whether in Sinai or Cairo or Ismailia or Mansoura  released a new video representing themselves to the public again as if it feels offended on how it was ignored by the government.
    It is typical Jihadist video , the narrator speaks in Non Egyptian accent Classical Arabic and if I am not mistaken he is not an Egyptian. You got the same rhetoric of Jihadists that considers the army as infidel and agent.
    Ansar Beit Al Maqdis’ message to the Egyptian people
    Interestingly there is a historical mistake in this video that the army used to launch campaigns against Jihadists during the time of Mubarak , well according to my knowledge it was the police as the army was not allowed to go that deep in Sinai in this way. The video claimed that Beit Al Maqids used to blow the gas pipeline in Sinai during the time of Mubarak , again as far as I know it started to blow up on a regular basis in 2011 after the revolution. 
    A friend of mine also noticed that the verses of the Quran read in the introduction of the video was actually related to praying teachings in war time not actually Jihad related verses.
    Some experts in Islamist and Jihadist groups say that this was one of the weakest videos ever produced by the notorious group.
    The militant group started to target the army and police after what they called “El Sisi’s coup”
    The video allegedly also accused Morsi of not raising the Islamic banner slamming the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Nour party , I am not surprised actually because in the end Ansar Beit Al Maqids is a Jihadist group that considers anyone that gets engage in the democratic process an infidel.
    The Pro-Military supporters and media claim that Ansar Beit Al Maqids is a MB subsidiary. There is no official proof about this except bunch of untrusted statements and leaks about prosecution’s investigations in our mainstream tabloid media.
    It is more complicated than that from I read , heard and know about that group from experts in Sinai affairs and Islamist movements. Even the possible relation between that Salafist Jihadist group with the Brotherhood is complicated as you can see in the video.
    Personally I believe that it is not about the Muslim Brotherhood or Morsi’s presidency or even about Rabaa massacres’ victims just it is not about the struggle in the occupied territories in Palestine.
    The Pro-Muslim Brotherhood supporters and media claim that Ansar Beit Al Maqid is a fake group created by the army and intelligence to justify the crackdown against the Islamists , it is not.
    Ansar Beit Al Maqids group is a real Jahidist militant group and unfortunately Siyad Qutb’s radical bloody though plays an importantrole in its doctrines. Unfortunately the radical doctrines and thoughts of Qutb are finding their way among the Islamist youth which no longer believe in democracy.
    Of course the Muslim Brotherhood leaderships whether inside or outside Egypt “the free or detained” can end the argument of the MB and Ansar Beit Al Maqids by issuing an official statement condemning and attacking the actions of that militant terrorist group explicitly.  
    Speaking of Ansar Beit Al Maqids , I can not ignore how TV channel and News website Sada El Balad claimed that the Sinai based militant group declared on twitter that it was not responsible for the blast on Thursday. Luckily the website showed a screenshot for the alleged tweet and account and so as social media junkie , I went to check it. I did not expect tosee twitter’s blue verification sign and I did not expect either to see a private account !! Oh yes the alleged Ansar Beit Al Maqids’ account on twitter is private except for few including the journalists in Sada El Balad news website and channel !!
    Using bad Arabic language that does not suite an ultra-conservative Jihadist Salafist group , the account amazingly says that it is an official page for Ansar Al Maqids but it follows them !!!!!
    By theway there are no rebels in Sinai , there are radical Jihadist groups. Yes there are human rights abuses in Sinai and yes we need news policies whether security policies or political policies to save Sinai before it is too late but there are no rebels in Sinai. Unfortunately the people of Sinai are stuck between a government that does not learn from its mistakes and heartless terrorist group as well smugglers and arms dealers.
    What I see now that the army is achieving victories for extremely high price “ its relation with the locals in Sinai” versus the terrorists whose operations reached tothe valley boldly. I do not know anything but I would say we need a new intelligence plan that minimizes casualties as well human rights abuses and yes you can achieve it.
    In real civilian democracies all the officials responsible for national security , terrorism , intelligence and defense are seriously questioned by the parliament’s national security committee whether publicly or secretly in order to see the progress of the counter-terrorism operations and how effective its progress is.
    Since August 2012 and the murder of our soldiers and even before that the locals in Sinai were warning from the Salafist Jihadists but no one was listening. We need to know what happened since August 2012 for real , I do not want lies and cheap propaganda. I know Ispeak in vain but it is better than being a silent devil if you know what I mean.
    As long as there is no true accountability , we will never admit our mistakes or even try to mend them.

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  • 12/29/13--15:54: #EgyGraffiti : The City lady
  • And here is one of Egyptian graffiti artist Keizer’s latest graffiti painting : The city lady. I call her the city lady but Keizer called her “Set El Settet” which means in English “The lady of ladies”
    By Keizer
    It is so beautiful and true. Here is what Keizer said about on his official Facebook page.
    This piece is dedicated to our working class women that make our daily lives in Egypt possible.
    To the beautiful hardworking mothers, bawabas , cleaning ladies ,cooks, farmers, nurses, maids, vegetable vendors and the like.
    This one is for you. Thank you .

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  • 12/31/13--04:48: Our own NSA scandal
  •  Instead of speaking about the global NSA scandal and how the United States spied on our communications in Egypt hoping that our current government would do something like other governments when it claims independence and bravery against the U.S , we find out that our phone calls leaked and aired on air on TV.

    In the past three weeks , Self claimed TV host, Islamist movements specialist and well known State security writer Dr.Abdel Rahim Ali has been airing phone calls recorded in 2011 for prominent activists that played a role  in the 25 January 2011 revolution on Al Kahera Wal Nas TV channel in order to expose them as fraud and prove that the January 25 revolution was a Muslim Brotherhood Global Conspiracy. It is not a big secret that the TV channel of Advertising tycoon Tarek Nour is a Pro-Mubarak police channeland  it is not a big secret either that Abdel Rahim is connected to state security.

    Nothing in the calls aired on Al Qahera Wal Nas is truly scandalous or shocking or even surprising as some claim and act accordingly lately in a silly way. For instance from two days ago one of the audio leaks is for activist Asmaa Mahfouz asking another activist she knows whether they found her file in the State security after its storming in March 2011 just like thousands of Egyptians who asked their friends who were in the capital of hell in that night. People now are acting as if they did not know that the State security was allegedly stormed in 2011 by the approval of the army.

    Still the Mubarak orphans and those longing for the old good days of the police state are doing a big fuss about and using it to hit those group of activists. Amazingly that group of activists currently under the fire of Abdel Rahim Ali is the same group of activists that had been groomed by the media right after the revolution in January 2011 and were crowned as symbols of the revolution just like Tahrir square. I hate to say that I wrote before this was going to happen.
    They are also the same group of activists that have been widely criticized by other revolutionaries for not being revolutionary enough like for instance Mostafa Al Nagar and Ahmed Maher.

    Now I do not care much about the content of these calls leaked on TV as much I care the privacy and legal status of such act.In any other respectable country an investigation should be opened on who recorded these calls for what reason and whether it was recorded legally “Court or prosecution's permission” or how it was aired like this is.

    Abdel Rahim Ali claims that they were recorded by the orders of the prosecution and yet he fails to answer on how they are leaked and why they are aired this onair. Did the Egyptian general prosecution order them to be aired like that !? In March 2011 after the so-called storming of the State security supervised by the army "that collected all the documents from the good revolutionary youth then" , former minister of interior El Eissawy claimed that there would be no more illegal wiretapping anymoreand no one would spy on the calls and emails of the activists except by legal warrant.

    Ali is acting like a brave man knowing the legendary Egyptian deep state is going to save him but realistically speaking he can face a jail sentence over his actions. I do need to speak about the legal responsibility of Al Kahera Wal Nas.  By the way Abdel Rahman Youssef , Ahmed Shoukryand Mostafa Al Nagar declared that they were going to take a legal action against him and the channel

    In respectable civilized country , Mobinil“Orange” , Vodafone and Etisalat need to explain on how the calls of their clients from Pro-25January revolution political activists were tapped and aired on TV like that. Of course their CEOs think they are in the safe side because of the current regime but you know nothing is forever and one day they will pay the price and it won’t be good for their image whether locally or internationally. 

    Of course the Pro-Police/Military state people are cheering for this ignoring the fact that they can be next even after decades."It will happen I am sure because I believe in Karma now".
     I do not speak about the human rights and law to those people because they won't listen and refuse listen. Those people ironically were mad on how the MB used allegedly to spy on the phone calls of the officials in the State !! Ironically indeed.

    I know it can be hard in a country like Egypt where the majority of people have been oppressed for years to know that no one has the right what so ever to record or spy on people's personal telecommunications without court's permission or the general prosecution's permission. They are giving up essential rightbut part of me can not blame them when I see the amount of fear and spread in the media. The people should know that there is no use in a weak state that breaks and misuse the law in order to get back at its opponents , it is a failed state.
    And yes January 25 revolution is being attacked and fought cyrstal clear by the approval of the current regime.

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  • 01/01/14--04:11: Happy New year #2014
  • Happy New year 2014
    I am praying for real that 2014 will be better than 2013 for real , for Egypt and for Egyptians who deserve the best , who deserve freedom , democracy, social justice and above all real justice.
    May Allah bless the souls of Egypt's martyrs in 2013 , the bloodiest year of them all.

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    And 2013 swore not to leave us any hope when it comes to the future of Egypt and here I am not speaking about clashes or bombings but about mentality.
    Do you remember how Pro-Mubarak/Pro-Military conspiracy theorist Sameh Abu Arayes accused Abla Fahita puppet of being a spy !? Well guess what , today the regional manager of Vodafone Egypt stood in front of state security prosecution in order to explain the meaning of Abla Fahita.
    Vodafone and Abla Fahita were reported to the prosecutor general’s office by Pro-Military Anti-25Jan self claimed activist Ahmed Spider for sending encrypted messages from the Muslim Brotherhood leaders to the members in Egypt including dangerous messages about terrorist attacks !!! 
    This is not a joke , it is a bitter reality.
    First of all ,here is the ad starring the famous Abla Fahita about the new year’s offers from Vodafone. It is hilarious.
    Yesterday in the New Year’s Eve we found State security journalist turned in to TV host speaking about this on his TV show along with former singer and current Freemasonry and espionage expert Ahmed Spider about this horrifying spy Abla Fahita.
    It was not a parody act in the New Year’s eve , I swear it was serious to the level that Vodafone Egypt PR spoke in Moussa’s show swearing there was nothing wrong. The man could not believe what he was facing actually in front of those two strange creatures with no brain.

    Many people are trying to find a logic justification for what happened. Some claim that that could be a cheap attempt from Ahmed Moussa and Tahrir channel to blackmail Vodafone in order to sponsor the channel’s shows and so on. I am afraid it is not about the revolutionary channel turned in to a Felol channel in some irony representing the situation in Egypt. Infamous "Al Faraeen TV" channel exposed the huge conspiracy behind the latest Vodafone's ad too as well !!
    “El Faraeen” and its founder Tawfik Okasha are too close to the current regime especially security apparatuses to the level that they arrest people upon his request in less 48 hours for doing the Rabaa sign in photos with him !! This is more than comedy act.
    Here is a video from his channel where there was a discussion about the dangerous Fahita !!
    The Pro-Police Facebook pages also kept publishing posts about Abla Fahita and its encoded messages.
    Here is a post by the so-called Media center of MOI on Facebook in the 48 hours madly. I hate to tell them that terrorists do not wait till Vodafone produces an ad worth of thousands of pounds to know the latest instructions. There are hundreds of secured and even unsecured instant messaging apps that can do the job easily for God's sake !!

    MOI's Media Department : The pages of Abla Fahita was using unknown symbols and codes whether secretly or publicly "!!" which is against the state's policy and what the law warned of. We do not know whether if these are true symbols or fake symbols in order to confuse the state's apparatus either ways it is against the law. The administrators of Abla Fahita should be questioned according to the law and we are waiting the prosecution's warrant to arrest those administrators and those who cooperated with them. FYI those administrators are well known to security.
    FYI the administrators or rather the creator of Abla Fahita is well known for many people especially in advertising so it is not a big secret.
    Also I want to say that terrorists have won already if the administrators are truly police officers assigned to protect us !! 
     It is worth to mention that the ministry of interior stated before those pages were not official but amazingly in times like this it does not close them or even angry that the admins are claiming to be officers.
    Tawfik Okasha , Ahmed Moussa and Ahmed Spider as well Amr Mostafa and Pro-Military/Pro-Police Facebook pages do not act alone , they are more puppets than Abla Fahita and Carolina.
    Their puppeteer is sending a great message to Foreign investors and multinational companies!?
    In fact What kind of message you want to send to the Egyptians and to the world as well by making conspiracy theorist losers who are totally against 25 January revolution like Amr Mostafa and Ahmed Spider not to mention all the retired army generals aka Self claimed Strategic analysts speak all the time about cosmic conspiracies against Egypt and how the Muslim Brotherhood control UK and US through Muslims around the globe !?
    The scary part is that I do not really think that he does understand the implications of such actions whether on short or medium or even the long term.
    The Vodafone spy Abla Fahita !!
    One day there is could be a real threat and people won’t believe anyone, it is a lesson we know since our childhood.
    Does the current regime in Egypt or the deep state want Vodafone to leave Egypt !? I swear to God I am trying to find a serious justification but can not !! I kept thinking all day long to the level that I thought it were a devilish company by Vodafone !!!!
    Is this some sort of diversion plan created to make the mainstream media busy in something trivial !? 
    I just do not understand , I swear I do not know !! 
    The Pro-Military/Pro-Mubarak supporters now are claiming that it was important to investigate Abla Fahita because “we do not know for real the truth” , “Everything is possible !?” and of course the favorite justification , Muslim Brotherhood member and former minister of investment Yahia Hamed was one of the top executives in Vodafone plus Vodafone is British and London now is the capital of the MB in the world !!!!!!!!!!!! Ironically I think we got at least two ministers of telecommunication who worked in Vodafone and they were all approved by GIS !!
    I can not believe those guys write on their twitter account !? 
    Is this how we are going to be advanced civilized country , the country that interim Presidential advisers Ahmed El Muslimany and Mostafa Higazy always speak about !?Is there a hope to end this hysteria !?

    Updated at 2/1/2014

    • Now in some historical non-precedent thing in Egypt that we have not seen before : Online debate or rather Confrontation between Ahmed Spider and Lady Abla Fahita on air !! Oh yes on CBC channel TV host Khairy Ramdan's show had this unforgettable episode or rather segment !! You know the end of civilization , this is the end of the human civilization without doubt. 

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    This song by Follkzion is the song of the year in Egypt whatever this year is as long as the revolution is on hold , paralyzed ….

    Oh La Lah

    This is one of the best covers of Jingle Bells ever arranged by Hamza Namira who is currently being accused of being a MB.It is extremely relevant.

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  • 01/02/14--12:31: Links and Notes 01/02/2014
  • Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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    Al Mahdi in Al Shorouk "Source : Amr Ezzat"
    Shorouk newspaper published a very interesting interview on Friday with minister of transitional justice Amin El Mahdi where the veteran judge stated a very important statement.
    The minister of transitional justice believes now is not the perfect time to speak about transitional justice now because there is no legislative support to it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When it will be suitable for the transitional justice in Egypt if now is not the time !! When will it be suitable insh Allah according to the veteran’s judge’s view !? Last time I checked the interim president who issued laws like the protest law got legislative powers !!
    What is the job of that minister now then !? Already if he is waiting for the parliament then he must know that there will be a new cabinet then. If there is nothing he can do then he can resign easily.  
    If you are serious about transitional justice for real you start now with no hesitation to calm down this society on fire. True transitional justice will help you in fighting real terrorism and will bring stability for real.
    Of course the only reconciliation seems to be recognized by the current regime is the reconciliation with the Mubarak’s regime icons and the ministry of interior which has not been restructured yet. 
    I do not understand for real what happens to so-called respectable people in this country when they occupy official positions in Egypt. First Hossam Eissa and now Amin El Mahdi.

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  • 01/05/14--12:30: Links and Notes 01/05/2014
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    No I will not write what happened in Egypt  on Friday, it has become a routine as we have become like Lebanon. The only thing I can say that the protest law and designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization have been so successful in cracking down the protests of the Brotherhood in Egypt !! So damn successful !! Of course I am being sarcastic 
    I will write about the return of the NDP and Mubarak rascals back again boldly and madly in the media and in public shamelessly.
    Shamelessly the former speaker of Mubarak's parliament for 2 decades Fathy Sorror is giving lectures about how it is important to vote "yes" in the constitution referendum and about the 30 June revolution. 

    Shahinaz Al Naggar , the former NDP MP and the ex-wife of Gamal Mubarak's best friend and steel tycoon Ahmed Ezz is back also and she is going to present a TV show on Al Hayat TV channel called "The Gains of the Revolution"  !! 

    Oh yes the gains of the revolution and I will assume she does not mean the 25 January revolution. 
    Of course people are mocking her show on Facebook. 
    Mohamed Kamal , policy maker of NDP is back again and is writing op-eds in Al Masry Al Youm about the Civilian military relations mentioning what happened in January 2011 as protests. 
    It is no surprise actually. Almost all the columnists and journalists of Mubarak era that kissed that rotten regime's ass are back in media boldly praising Mubarak and accusing the revolutionaries of being traitors working for the intelligence services in this realm and other realms.
    This return of the rascals after 3 years is represented perfectly in how F-List belly dancer and attention seeker "another term can be appropriate to describe her" Sama El Masry has now a TV channel on Nile Sat "Do not ask me from where she got the money to own a TV channel on Nile Sat" called "El Felol". "El Felol is a term referring to the Mubarak regime's remnants and his supporters.The first production of this channel is a song by Sama El Masry dedicated to Al Jazeera channel and it is called "Yes we are the salves of the military boot". 

    Of course she speaks about herself and those like her.
    Politically speaking the NDPers are organizing themselves now in parties and coalitions from.At best case scenario the next parliament will be a mix of Salafists and NDPers.
    The so-called pathetic revolutionary parties like Free Egyptians party , Social Demcoratic party and constitution party will lose as usual
    Democracy and those people do not mix. Stagnation , retardation , poverty and dictatorship mix with them.They are the living characters of any third country dictatorship Pro-regime society.
    I do not think any sane person with self respect and dignity can accept this song or this human being.
    This all happens in the same time the #Jan25 activists and protesters are being crucified in the media and are standing trials in courts.  

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