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    I do not know to say or write but it feels so heavy. At I knew that Egypt before August 14 was different than after August 14 and it is not a change for better but rather worse,the living proof was yesterday.

    First I could not complete the live updates because I was sick , I had a fever and I could not complete. It was from the mercy of God to sleep while this on going tragedy taking place. It is hard for anyone to see his country falling in to piece and to see his own people killing each other.

    Second I have a testimony which I have to share as a citizen journalist before being a professional journalist. I was on the verge of spending the day at my work down Al Galaa Street as the clashes between the Muslim brotherhood protesters but me and my real great colleagues found a way out taking back streets.  Our plan was to take the Sabatiya popular area and then cross the old Imbaba bridge to Imbaba as 15 May bridge and October bridge were all blocked.

    It was 5 PM. We passed by a vigilante checkpoints where locals were holding machetes and  swords as well empty bottle glasses were brought. I saw an army helicopter standing still in the air in the direction of Ramsis street.

    We went to Sabatiya , a popular area full of workshops. Despite they are mostly closed on Friday yet the locals in the poor formed vigilante checkpoints against swords and machetes were there. Despite they did not let other cars to pass without inspection , we passed smoothly. I think they saw bunch of ladies unveiled in the car and thought they can not be Muslim brotherhood supporters. In one of the checkpoints they forced two women wearing black Niqab to leave their tuktuk and step aside.

    I do not know what happened to those ladies.

    In one of the areas of Sabatiya , I saw a mob , an armed mob from locals around a police van used to transfer detainees as well CSF conscripts. I did not understand what was happening there. In our trip we saw some locals careless for the battles taking place couple of blocks away. I saw those locals playing dominos in the cafes giving their back to the TV sets.

    Moving to the great republic of Imbaba , we met even more popular checkpoints. There were clashes there especially in the Nile Corniche. Moving to Sphinx square we found groups of MB supporters handing to somewhere. As soon as we left , we heard that clashes erupted there.

    In Agouza , I found near where I live huge noise coming from Agouza Charity Hospital “Following the Ministry of health”. When I went there I found locals from popular area nearby the hospital rushing with an injured man to another hospital in Imbaba while another man was announced dead. The people said that the Muslim brotherhood protesters killed him in the clashes in Nile street. The family of the deceased soon brought up the swords as well empty bottles crate to the street and head to Nile street to complete the battle.  

    I forgot to take my camera and it was the wisest thing to happen with all these suspicious armed vigilantes in the checkpoints.

    I did not feel that worried on January 28 , it was completely different. It is much worse by all degrees.

    It was a sad day.

    We are used to blood and death that most people are indifferent to the huge death toll we have in the past 3 days , over 1000 Egyptians are killed !! Of course many people believe that the majority of those dead Egyptians are Muslim brotherhood terrorists who should not only get killed but to rot in hell. Yes it got to this degree in fact many people believe that security forces have been merciful with the Muslim brotherhood.

    I am afraid its implications were not taken in consideration in whoever planned for it whether the Muslim brotherhood or the security forces or the regime. Violence brings violence. Starting with the dispersal of the sits in and there has been true political and social assessments for the political or security decisions taken !! We are heading towards diplomatic crises with half of the world in time of economic crisis while adopting Nasser 1960s rhetoric !! 

    The Nasserite Nationalist wave Egypt by all strength sponsored by the current regime is facing Islamism Nationalist wave that getting angrier and angrier by time. It is double radicalization from all sides.

    You can not speak now when Egypt is fighting its greatest wars , the war of terrorism !! You are either traitor or MB agent , actually they are same thing now. You do not dare to speak about human rights or civil rights in this time otherwise you are traitor as well.

    Unfortunately people do not realize that the latest country to declare this war has not won it yet and that country is the so-called leader of the free world.

    People of Egypt now believe the TV channels and TV figures that they once disbelieve. The Mubarak era’s figures are back with their ugliness with their anti-25 January revolution narratives.

    The same disease the MB was suffering from has spread like in the Egyptian society.

    I am afraid that there will be more blood spelled till all the people realize there is no other way than political solution. Of course that is a very optimistic scenario another scenario is we can have a light version from Algerian scenario where we enter a war against Islamists. That scenario will end with the army generals’ rule from behind scenes with puppet presidents and parties in the front along with highly nationalist spirit and iron curtain and control on media.

    There was once a Lebanese thinker that said that Lebanese people did not admit that they were having a civil war except after two years , well I believe we are heading towards something ugly and nobody wants to admit it.

    It has started and most Egyptians do not know that it started.

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    Dear friend and photographer Mahmoud Gamal El Din was brave enough to be in the streets of Downtown Cairo last Friday as well Saturday. He took over 100 shots for what happened on those two days.

    Everyone lost on that daybut people do not want to admit it.

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    I am really tired today. From two days I went to bed after knowing that 38 detainees “From Muslim brotherhood supporters” arrested last Friday were killed in prison transportation vehicle in vague circumstances “Contradicting ministry of interior’s reports” then today I woke up to know that 24 Conscripts were executed in cold blood by unknown militants in Al Arish “No group claimed responsibility and personally I think it has to do with the crackdown currently taking place against Jihadist groups in North Sinai”.

    My Facebook’s timeline has become an obituary page for photos of deceased friends of friends whom the later swear that they are not terrorists. At the same time my timeline has become a nationalist political tabloid page full of rumors on how Obama’s brother is a member in the MB , how ElBaradei is secret MB leader and Germany is controlled by the Muslim brotherhood. This is besides the hate and ignorance that make me wants to smash the laptop. I am sorry for this introduction but this will make you know how I feel now.

    I am so fed up with that Bad Egyptian liberals who turned against democracy and are in alliance with the military to the end of that talk. It has become the fashion actually to speak about the Egyptian liberals as the worst enemies of democracy who crazy for power. I can not lie that we got politicians who are ready to sell their souls to the devil in order to get to the chair but from I saw and see the term liberal  is not the right to describe them

    Well I got news for you : There are not real liberal politicians in Egypt who really understand the true meaning of liberalism except few. Yes there are not real liberal politicians in Egyptians except very few politicians like Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei.

    The majority of Non Islamists as well non leftist politicians in Egypt are actually nationalists , some of them are secular but the vast majority are nationalists. Let’s see the easiest example : Tamaroud

    Rebellion campaign aka Tamaroud is actually the child of the Hamdeen Sabbahi , the Nasserite Nationalist campaign and this is the top of the ice berg. It is the golden era of the Nasserites in Egypt !!

    There are no true liberal parties in Egypt. I do not speak about here about Neo-liberal economic policies , hell the Muslim brotherhood had a neo-liberal economic agenda, I am speaking about politics.

    I am so fed up reading news reports and articles from around the globe cursing the bad liberals of Egypt while ignoring the radical nationalist wave that hit the country as well its politicians and activists.

    May be the world as well Egyptians will probably know how to solve their crisis when they start to name things by their true names.

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    Tomorrow Friday Islamist National coalition to support legitimacy or rather the Muslim brotherhood is organizing mass protests and rallies all over Egypt hoping that these protests will break the curfew and end it.

    It is worth to mention that Egyptians respect the orders and do not break the curfews now unlike January and February 2011.

    The coalition called the Friday of Martyrs.

    There will be 28 rallies alone in Giza and Cairo besides the governorates.

    I am somehow surprised that the Muslim brotherhood and the Islamists are organizing these rallies when there is a massive crackdown following the first and middle leaders of the brotherhood not only in Cairo but other governorates. The campaign also included those members responsible for mobilization and  protests.

    We will be in front of a huge change tomorrow as the members are no longer waiting for the directives of their leaders according to the hierarchy of the brotherhood. The leaders are in detention now. Of course things now can go beyond the leaders who care less for the blood of the members. Now there is blood and blood always changes matters.

    The MB members insist that they will stick to peacefulness but not most of them considering the anger of the young members especially from the Ultra-Qutbists who reject the idea of democracy altogether.We know our security forces too .. very well.

    AFP journalist Haitham El Tabei was told by a Muslim brotherhood member that he did not receive new any new directives this week.

    There is a strong rumor circulating online that the MB protesters may try to take over Tahrir square. “As rumor says Al Jazeera will transfer on air from there”

    By the way not only the Muslim brotherhood supporters and their allies are going to protest alone tomorrow.

    There are revolutionary youth who are going to protest against the release of Mubarak decided to protest at the Supreme court , downtown Cairo. Yesterday April 6 Youth Movement “Ahmed Maher’s movement” announced that they were going to protest at Supreme court but today things changed. 

    The event was cancelled today as the movement that has been constantly accused of being a subsidiary of Muslim brotherhood wanted to distance itself from the brotherhood. Officially the movement does not want its protest to be used by the brotherhood.

    From what I see online despite the April 6 youth movement’s decision to cancel the protest , it seems that there will be revolutionary youth who are going to protest either ways. They are accusing April 6 Youth of being coward and so on. Revolutionary Socialists announced that they will go on with the protest regardless of the attacks against them.

    You must know there are some revolutionary youth who are extremely angry , really angry and they want to express it. They are fed up with everybody and Mubarak’s release was like the last straw. The revolutionary youth do not want Muslim brotherhood or military and I am afraid with all political powers and parties in Egypt ignoring them , they will find no other way except returning to the streets.

    Returning to the streets now is a suicide when the public is not interested in anything except unfortunately in the so-called war on terrorism. It is like a deadlock.

    Let’s pray that no one gets killed tomorrow.

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    CHere is another Live blog for the protests and rallies planned by the pro-Morsi supporters today. There will be not less than 28 rallies in Cairo and Giza alone.

    The Pro-Supporters today are not going to street alone today , Revolutionary Socialists are going to protest the release of Mubarak despite the criticism of other revolutionary powers for choosing the same day like the Pro-Morsi supporters.

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    This post or rather was message spread like fire in Egyptian social media.

    Of course it uses English as it is directed to Upper middle and Upper class Egyptians as well the whole world.The Source of this post is Facebook Egyptian Page "Egypt" for those who accuse me of fabricating news.
    If you see anyone or any group on the Facebook or any Facebook or twitter user that uses those avatars “The Muslim brotherhood or Rabaa” then report him to fight terrorism !!!!! Probably your friend or cousin who has got Rabaa avatar on Facebook is a terrorist.
    The post was referring to the internet investigation department in the ministry of interior not internet intelligence or the intelligence. It is just bad translation.
    Yes people are being told to report each other in 2013 just like in the days of Nasser exactly. People are reporting each other based on avatars , posts as well opinions in 2013.
    Yes people are encouraged to be informants against each other based upon their avatars !!
    McCarthyism is spreading and spreading more and more in Egypt in a scary way. Currently it is directing Islamists from bearded men. To avoid harassment bearded men are shaving their beard.
    Tamaroud group declared in its page that opposition in time of war is treason !! Of course I am not surprised that the group says so because in the end they are Nasserites and Nasser considered opposition as traitors that should send to jail. Those who are speaking about liberties and human rights are branded as traitors , spies and agents including those worshipers and faggots of January 25 revolution like what Ibrahim Eissa , oncechampion of freedom of speech said last week in his TV show !!
    Vice PM Ziad Bahaa El Din proposed an initiative in an attempt to end the current political crisis in Egypt including an end to discrimination in Egypt and to open dialogue as long as all political powers reject violence , now he is attacked day and night in media.
    Nasserites now are asking El Sisi , whom they regarded as the incarnation of Nasser to kick out all those ministers following ElBaradei aka Ziad Bahaa El Din. 
    Oh yes this is in 2013 after two years of January 25 revolution that aimed fordemocracy and end to police state as well dictatorship. This is in August 2013 after a month of June 30 uprising that last time I checked its goal was to end the brotherhood's dictatorship. It seems that we are replacing the brotherhood’s dictatorship with another sort of dictatorship .. unfortunately with people’s approval so far.
    I hope and pray that people wake up soon.

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    In 6 days only from 1666 Egyptians have been killed. Oh yes in one week 1666 Egyptians were killed including 1311 in one day alone ; Bloody August 14 !!

    Wiki Thawra , the amazing website did a great work and gather all the details of those killed, injured, detained and are missing.

    According to Wiki Thawra detailed Spreadsheet of the fatalities “Ar” :

    • 1666 Egyptians were killed from 14 to 22 August 2013 across the country including civilians, police and military.
    • 1311 were killed on 14 August alone.
    • 869 civilians were killed in Rabaa sit in dispersal alone. “The number is not final”
    • 42 policemen were killed on 14 August including 7 policemen were killed in Rabaa sit in.
    • 6 journalists were killed on that day.

    This is far more than those who were killed on Friday of wrath on 28 January 2011. This spreadsheet is the most updated list of the victims.

    For the record also according to the minister of interior himself 10 automatic rifles and 29 air rifles were found in Rabaa sit in. “They did not find the chemical weapons Al Akhbar newspaper was speaking about”

    Anyhow Wiki Thawra is a website that documents the Egyptian revolution of 25 January up till now or as it describes itself on Facebook“Statistical Database of the Egyptian Revolution”. This amazing work is made by a group of dedicated true revolutionaries and human rights activists who spent day and night in morgues and prosecution offices as well police stations to get the dead , injured and detainees as well the missing’s full details.

    It is worth to mention that the human rights activists and organizations are being attacked now day and night in the Egyptian mainstream as well social media now. Those human rights activists were the ones who exposed the human rights crimes committed during Morsi’s rule as SCAF’s rule.

    Of course not all the human rights organizations are bad , you got Ibn Khaldun center of Dr. Saad El Din Ibrahim that believed the dispersal of the Rabaa Sit in was in accordance of the international standards of dispersing sits in !!!

    Police officers say that this number is so low considering that they did not use excessive force !!  what if they had used excessive force , how many people had been killed then!!?

    Up till now media and public care less for the majority of the victims especially from Rabaa square because they are Muslim brotherhood members and supporters who are rotting in hell from their point of view. If you dare and speak about human rights , even the human rights of enemy POWs as mentioned in Islam you will be attacked.

    “They are terrorists not enemy POWs!!” , “Look how the United States treat terrorists and then come and preach us about human rights” are the most spread common answers I have been hearing for days.

    Yes our people thanks to the media believe that they should do what is wrong because the US is doing it !! I do not care what the States or Europe is doing or how they fight terrorism ; hell they invade other countries and kill millions of innocent people for the sake of that stupid fake war. I do not care how the Muslim brotherhood or Islamists think and how they do not respect other people’s rights, all what I care for now is that I do not want to turn in to a monster while I fight monsters.

    It is not idealism , it is the truth. We are turning in to monsters.

    Those 1666 are all Egyptians whether they are Islamists or military , they are Egyptians and above all they are all humans. BY the way I know that their rights are going to be lost as usual and I doubt if we are going to have any justice soon. My only belief now is in divine justice.

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    First of all as a disclaimer , I am not a political analyst and this is my blog aka my space where I think and rant loudly as I want. Second I support Syrian revolution since day one since it started as small protests in Daraa. Third I do not support any of the fighting groups now in the war torn misfortunate country whether Al Assad regime or FSA or Al Qaeda.

    All what I care for the Syrians now are their rights in dignified life , democracy and justice based on human rights and diversity that suite one of the greatest and most ethnic and religious diversified nations in the Arab world.

    Here is what I think :

    • Based on all the official statements and unofficial leaks from United States, UK, France and Israel it seem that there will be some sort of a military action in the upcoming 48 hours or 72 hours.
    • It will not be a direct intervention like in Iraq or Afghanistan at least for the United States as the majority of the public opinion is against military intervention in Syria. Most possibly air strikes in Al Assad strongholds in the country to cripple him.
    • I believe both Salim Idris and Manaf Tlass“especially the later as he is KSA’s favorite option” will play some roles in the upcoming days. Latest thing I read in Arabic news websites recently that Tlass would lead a rebel army that gets rid from both Al Assad and Al Qaeda”
    • I believe also there are 24 hours leaders’ telephone calls now in the neighbor countries of Syria :Turkey , Iraq , Lebanon , Jordan and of course Israel.
    • I fear sorry for Lebanon because it will be dragged to hell either ways. Hezbollah can attack Israel and Israel made it clear today that it will not stand still against any attack. Israel is also concerned about that Jihadists heaven next to its door step !! For God sake AIPAC supported what happened in Egypt just to get rid from the Muslim brotherhood and Jihadists in Sinai.
    • Iraq , Iran’s ally and thus Al Assad’s ally said earlier today that it will not allow anyone to use its skies.
    • Turkey got two things to care about in this crisis : The Kurds and the Jihadists who are using the country as a gate.
    • Jordan is in Saudi Arabia team.
    • I do not see Qatar playing a strong role now as it seems that the fall of the Muslim brotherhood in Cairo with the help of its rival Saudi Arabia turned things around. KSA’s princes are playing a bigger role in the current crisis more than Qatar as it seems.
    • Yes it was not a US Vs. Russia or US Vs. Iran thing only but it was also Saudi Arabia Vs. Qatar and it seems that the elder Kingdom won that round thanks to the fall of the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt
    • By the way many people were shocked by Russia’s stance on how it will not go to war for Al Assad. Well dear friends Russia will not start a world war for Al Assad , it did not do for Serbia for God sake.
    • Egypt’s stance is officially clear : It supports Syrian revolution as well Jihadists there and against chemical weapons too as well against military intervention in Syria.
    • Egypt’s stance is clearly opposite to Saudi Arabia’s stance. It is one of the enigmas in the Middle East.
    • Egypt supports political solution in Syria. “yes it is an irony that the Egyptian government now does not support political solution in Egypt itself !!”
    • Egypt also calls for another round of Geneva talks. Sadly I remember ElBaradei declared that he was preparing for this meeting. Now I see that there is a war council held in Jordan and Egypt was not even there. “At it was not announced officially”
    • Egypt or rather Egypt’s army is now busy with the internal issues woes.
    • Now I wonder what the FSA ,especially its Conservative groups think or do regarding the military intervention from the US and UK. Of course the important is what Al Qaeda’s Islamic State Iraq and Syria will do in front of this Western military intervention.

    God bless Syria and Syrians.

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    So it seems that there will be a foreign military intervention in Syria so soon , may be with in days or even days.
    I believe that a direct foreign military intervention in Syria is the last thing Egypt really needs now. Oh yes the direct foreign military intervention in Syria will make the public demand a military rule willingly to protect Egypt from the foreign conspiracy going after the strong Arab armies in the region. “Yes there is a deliberate misleading info in the media that the Syrian Arab army is extremely strong army and that it is the second strongest Arab army in the region after Egypt”
    Thanks to the Egyptian media people began to support Al Assad and his regime as well his army against the Islamists above them the Muslim brotherhood and Al Qaeda. There is a deliberate misinformation when it comes to what is said and how it is said about Syria in the Egyptian mainstream media.
    The Nasserites already support El Assad despite their idol Nasser used to curse his father and Baathist altogether. Of course these are the Neo-Nasserites.
    The Egyptian people believe that Egypt will be the next after Syria and Iraq. Simply Now Egypt has got the true remaining army in the Arab world thus it will be the target after Syria and Iraq. General El Sisi seems to be the upcoming president of Egypt  with no competition what so ever now as a military man can protect the country in that critical time in the eyes of many Egyptians especially with the fiascoes of the first elected civilian president aka Morsi.
    With the rising nationalism in Egypt and how the majority of people believe conspiracy theories now just like their belief in God , I fear that the military intervention will make them believe that the whole world especially the West is truly plotting against Egypt
    The latest conspiracy theory supported by the state “through its official newspaper Al Ahram” now is how the West or the US was planning to divide Egypt starting with the independence of Upper Egypt through the Muslim brotherhood. The military action and what will follow in Syria will support this theory.
    Anyhow what alarms me not only the rise of Nationalism/military rule in Egypt but the fact that Egypt is facing a challenge in Sinai called Jihadists and we may find ourselves in front of another wave of Jihadists who fought in Syria and want to return back will find no welcome from the regime or the public.
    Informed sources once told that the army had to move against Morsi and Muslim brotherhood when he stood in June 2013 and declared that Jihad was OK in Syria. It was and is still a national security nightmare for Egypt because Jihadists are more radical and dangerous than the Muslim brotherhood.
    This scenario of course depends mainly on the possibility that the military intervention succeeds in bringing not only Al Assad’s regime down but also the Jihadists. "So far all sources speak about short strikes to cripple Al Assad only"
     It will be like Afghanistan déjà vu once again. It will be like living a mix of the 1960s and 1990s at the same time !!
    As I said above those Jihadists will not be received as heroes from the public or the army and now the Islamists or Jihadists can not stomach the army after happened in June 30th thus I fear the army will not face Jihadists only in Sinai but rather will face them from the West , from Libya. It is worth to mention that mainly Jihadists that fought in Libya went to Syria to fight there including Al Qaeda militants.
    Anyhow I wonder many times why God made Egypt in the middle of the Middle East. It is as if fate and all forces of nature are just against having a true democratic transition in Egypt like any other country. Internal factors are not only against having a true democratic transition but also external factors.
    I am sorry if I am seemed to be selfish and speaking about my country now.

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    After the Friday prayers today the Muslim brotherhood and its Islamist allies are organizing mass protests all over the country.

    Today yet again people believe that today we will know that the Muslim brotherhood has still got power in the streets or not and thus their political power.  The protests are big indication indeed but I believe it is an indication for their organizing power of demonstrations only but when it comes to politics , God only knows what is happening in the backstage.

    You must know many people are worried from today. The media is adopting scenarios that the Muslim brotherhood supporters are going to burn police stations allegedly like what happened on 28 January 2011 !! “Oh yes rewriting a history we all lived and the world witnessed is going on so fast in Egypt and people buy it”

    The security forces from army and police warned the people from going to the streets today. The army warned the people from any stranger in their roof urging them to close their roofs.

    Currently the streets are deserted. All people are staying at home while there are army and police are spread in major spots in Cairo and Giza. Of course Tahrir square is off the limit , locked down by army troops.

    Amazingly over 2000 MB members have been arrested in the past few weeks. Many of them are the cadres in the governorates responsible for organizing demos and rallies. Anyhow here is another live coverage for the protests.

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    On August 16, 2013 while Egypt was witnessed the aftermath following the dispersal of Rabaa and Nahda sits in ,the Mallawi museum in the city of MallawiMinya governorate was completely looted and destroyed.

    For hours the museum was looted completely and the police did nothing , it did not stop the looters. I ran through the photos of the looted antiquities and one thing for sure the looters did not come individually but they came in big pick up in order to transfer that large amount of artifacts. Here is a slide show for the museum from “Egypt’s heritage task force

    It is very sad.

    Officially 1089 artifacts were stolen from that museum. Only 216 artifacts have been restored so far.

    Of course people and media back in Cairo accused the Muslim brotherhood and Islamists especially that there were on going attacks against Churches and shops owned by Christians in the same governorate at the same time. Well I do not think they are Islamists but rather the antiquities traders and their thugs in the area. I believe the looters and their bosses of antiquities traders seized the opportunity in the chaos.

    Well regardless of the police ,I wonder why all those years since the inauguration of that valuable museum in 1960s, it did not have enough modern security systems at all !!

    To be honest I admit that as Egyptian , it is the first time I know that there is a museum in Mallawi in the first place let alone a very rich and important museum like that despite it was founded in 1962 !!!

    Anyhow in an attempt to save what we can save from our stolen heritage , archeological Facebook pages published some of the stolen artifacts including some of their descriptions.

    Many of the antiquities go back to the Greco-Roman age. There are antiquities from more ancient times.

    I gathered dozens of the photos in a Storify slide show, may be we can save some of these artifacts and stop them of being sold in auctions and so on.

    I will post the rest of the photos in another post. Please spread them as much as you can especially if you are in country that got auction houses that sell ancient artifacts.

    You must know that the illegal digging and excavation are spreading like epidemic through out Egypt. Looters do not give a damn for the police or the army. 

    For decades we saw our history while it is stolen in front of us. This has to be stopped.

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    Of course this news made headlines around the globe  yesterday : Egyptian authorities in Qena governorate arrest a duck with a spying device !! 
    Updated : The stork is going to be released tomorrow and it will return back to its home in Hungary. 
     Well it turns out that it is not a duck but rather a stork and it is not a spying device but rather a satellite tracking device. The poor stork is still in the custody of Egyptian authorities.
    The sad , beautiful and detained stork
    That bird , that stork got a profile online by the way and here is its track as well.
    The Nature Conservation Egypt issued an important statement  about that spy stork in Arabic and English. Please spread it. 

    I am afraid ignorance made us the joke of the word as usual and as expected. Unfortunately, the ministry of education as the ministries of agriculture and environmental affairs in Egypt have not explained to the people what the annual bird migration is or how Egypt is a hot zone for birds’ migration or even how researchers and universities from around the globe put tracking devices on the birds to follow them.

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    I am getting tired from these Who is Who posts I am doing over and over nowadays !! Here is the list and Who is Who of the 50 members committee that is assigned by the presidency to revise the amendments of constitution 2012.
    The constitution amendments were presented to the presidency last week by the 10 members committee made of Constitutional law experts. The 50 members committee should represent the society through a specific quota announced last month by the presidency.

    Here is the list of names:

    1. Kamal El Helbawy as a representative of Islamist current :The former leading member of the Muslim brotherhood is in the committee and this has to say something especially with what I hear from unconfirmed news from the backstage. El Helbawy who was one of the top figures of MB abroad and was from those responsible from spreading the teachings of the brotherhood internationally. He lived in London for decades.He resigned from the MB when the brotherhood announced that it would have a presidential candidate in 2012. It is worth to mention that his wife is still a member in the Sisterhood branch of the MB.
    2. Bassam El Zarqa as a representative of Islamist current: The co-founder of Al Nour Party , El Zarqa was a member in the Constituent assembly of 2012.He was also an advisor to Morsi during this presidency. Bassam El Zarqa is the only representative of the Salafists in the committeeand this is making the Salafists extremely angry. The Salafists are here to defend the articles they planned proudly in constitution 2012.
    3. Amr Moussa as a public figure :Amr Moussa is not only a public figurebut he is the leader of Conference party that is expected a role in the future. He is a member of the NSF. He was chosen as a member in the Constituent assembly in 2012 but later he left it.
    4. Diaa Rashwan as a representative of journalists :  The current head of journalists syndicate and head of Ahram Center for Strategic studies. The Upper Egyptian researcher in Islamist groups affairs got Nationalist Nasserite Leftist tendencies. He is also close to the army , at least this is what was shown in the past three years. He was an advocate of marshal laws during SCAF time. Rashwan and journalists syndicate are angry that the 10 members committee ignored their suggestions in the Constitutional amendments.
    5. Sameh Ashour as a representative of lawyers : The head oflawyers syndicate and the leader of Nasserite party. Well Ashour is not your typical revolutionary Nasserite as on January 27,2011 that ousting Mubarak was completely wrong. He is a member of the NSF by the way.
    6. Major General Mohamed Maged El Din as a representative of armed forces : The current head ofmilitary prosecution. I think the army avoid sending Major General Mamdouh Shahin. It does not makedifference in my view because in the end Maged El Din or Shahin will represent what the army wants in the constitution and from what I know from the amendments the army related articles are not touched.
    7. Mahmoud Badr as a representative of Tamaroud movement : The well known co-founder of Tamaroud movement is a Nasserite and a member of the popular Current.
    8. Mohamed Abdel Aziz as a representative of Tamaroud Movement : Another well known co-founder of Tamaroud movement is a Nasserite and a member of the popular Current.
    9. Ahmed Eid as a representative of The 30 June Front Youth Coalition : Another youth activist who is originally a member in the Constitution Party
    10. Amr Salah as a representative of the 30 June Front Youth : A revolutionary youth activist who is also a member in the Constitution party.
    11. Police General Ali Mohamed Abdel-Moula as a representative ofministry of interior.
    12. Mervat El-Talawy as a National council for women representative :The former minister and ambassador is well known to everybody. By the wayshe was among the co-founders of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party.  I do not know if she is still a member or not.
    13. Mohamed Salmawy as a representative of writers in Egypt : The famous writer is the head of Egypt’s Union writers. He is also a member in the Free Egyptians Party. Despite he believes in liberal economy , I heard he got nationalist Nasserite tendencies.
    14. Khaled Youssef as a representative of artists in Egypt : The leftist Nasserite director and film writer is a member of the Egyptian Popular Current.
    15. Sayed Hegab as The high council of culture representative : The famous leftist/Nationalist Poet once compared El Sissy to Nasser. Amazingly in 2011 he described January 25 revolution as bigger than Nasser.
    16. Mohamed Alba as a representative of artists in Egypt : The leftist artist is well known for his views against the military trials and SCAF.
    17. Mona El Zulfakr as a representative of human rights activists : The current member of the human rights council. Mrs. Zulfakr is a board member of several corporations, in fact she is the CEO of EFG-Hermes. The famous cooperate lawyer is not the typical human rights advocate of the revolution to be honest , she is not Mona Seif or Huba Morafey but she played an important role when it came to family and women’s laws before the revolution of 25 January.
    18. El Sayid El Badawy as a representative of liberals : The leader of Al Wafd Party represents liberals in Egypt in a big joke !! Everybody knows that El Badawy is more of a shadow party leader now who supports whoever rules !! The owner of a huge pharmaceutical company and Al Hayat TV network once said on TV that his party is not liberal. He is a member of the NSF.
    19. Mohamed Aboul Ghar as a representative of liberals : Dr. Aboul Ghar was one of the founders of the National association of change before the revolution. He is the leader of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party which is more of social democrat than typical liberals.
    20. Gaber Nassar as a public figure : The professor of Constitutional law and former dean of law school in Cairo university was elected as the head of Cairo university.
    21. Dr. Hoda El Sada as a public figure : Despite her name is not known publiclybut Dr. Hoda El Sada is well known Egyptian and Arab feminist academic. I am amazed that I have not read about her before.
    22. Azza Al Ashamawy as a representative of the National council for Motherhood and Children : Dr. Azza is the head of the counter human trafficking unit in the council.
    23. Hussein Abdel Razek as a representative of leftists : Hussein Abdel Razek is the leader of Tagammou party. I am surprised for choosing him as representative for leftists now in Egypt when there are more active Leftist parties in Egypt like Socialist Popular Coalition Party. Just like Al Wafd Party , El Tagammou Party was a shadow opposition cartoonish party during Mubarak’s era especially in the last decade.
    24. Mohamed Sami as a representative of Nationalists : As if there is no representation of nationalists and Nasserites so we have got the leader of Karma Party as a member in the committee !! Karma Party “which is founded by Hamdeen Sabbahi” is a member of the NSF.
    25. Haggag Oddoul as a representative of Nubians :Haggag Oddoul , the famous Nubian writer and novelist is considered from the important advocates of Nubian lost rights in Egypt. Oddoul was among the names nominated by the Nubians themselves.I believe it is a good choice. He is a leftist. 
    26. Mosad Abu Fagr as a representative of Sinai : The outspoken Sinai activist , blogger and writer is well known Leftist yet he is a founding member of Constitution Party in Sinai last time I checked. Au Fagr used to becritic to the military state in the past, I do no know about now. Nevertheless I can not get over his conspiracy theories about the United States and Palestinians.
    27. Dr. Mohamed Ghonim as a public figure : Another respectful figure , Ghonim was among the founders of the National association of change that stood against Mubarak.He got some socialist tendencies.
    28. Dr.Magdy Yaccoub as a public figure :Sir Magdy Yaccoub , the true humble Egyptian surgeon icon. He is a very respectable and modest man.
    29. Sheikh Shawky Allam as a representative of Al Azhar.
    30. Sheikh Abdullah Mabrouk Al Naggar as representative of Al Azhar.
    31. Sheikh Mohamed Abdel Salam as a representative of Al Azhar.
    32. Bishop Paula as a representative of Coptic Church : Many Christian activists as well Christians rejected his nomination. I need a separate post to explain it.
    33. Bishop Antonius Aziz Mina as a representative of Catholic Church.
    34. Dr. Safwat El Baiady as a representative of Evangelical Church.
    35. Hossam El-Massah  as a representative of the special needs people in Egypt.
    36. Ahmed Mohamadan as a representative of the Supreme Council for Universities.
    37. Talaat Abdel-Kawy as a representative of the NGOs in Egypt.
    38. Mostafa Badran as a representative of students in Egypt : Badran won the elections of Egypt’s students unions after a very tough competition against the Muslim brotherhood. As far as I know he is politically independent.
    39. Ahmed El-Wakil as chambers of commerce representative.
    40. Elhamy El-Zaiat as a chamber of tourism representative.
    41. Mamdouh Hamda as a representatives of cooperatives.
    42. Mohamed Abdel Kader as a representative of farmers.
    43. Ahmed Khairy as a representatives of farmers.
    44. Gebali El-Maraghi as a representative of labor : Gebali El Maraghi’s name as a Pro-Muarak labor unionist was mentioned in the battle of the camel case.
    45. Khairy Abdel Dayam as a representative of doctors : The head of doctors’ syndicate is not a Muslim brotherhoodbut he was backed by the brotherhood as far as I know.
    46. Saad El Din El Halali as a public figure : The Islamist scholar is known for his unorthodox controversial views. Choosing him made many conservatives angry.
    47. Dr. Amr El Shobaky as a public figure :The former MP andpolitical sciences analyst and professor was a member of the Constituent assembly in 2012. He was accused of supporting the Muslim brotherhood then. Well now I think he is no longer supporting them.
    48. Abla Mohie El-Din as an industrial chambers representative : The Benha university professor works as an advisor in the ministry of industry and commerce.
    49. Osama Al Shawky as a representative for engineers.
    50. Ahmed Mohamaden as the Supreme council of universities representative
    Inquick look , we got some how a domination for the Nasserites and Leftists and boy who can imagine that !! Of course there is huge overlapping between them because you can find Nasserite Leftist at the time “I know some socialists will be offendedbut it is true !!”. On the other handyou find you will find a Nasserite who rejects Leftism economy or Leftist who rejects military state. It is just crazy !!

    Quick numbers :

    • We got 5 women.
    • We got 4 Christians.
    • We got 2 Conference Party members.
    • We got 3 Constitution party members.
    • We got at least 16 NSF members
    • We got at least 1 Egyptian Social Democratic Party member
    • We got 1 Salafist/ Al Nour party.
    • We got 2 Political Islamists
    • We got 5 Islamists in general “Including Al Azhar , El Helbawy and Basse Al Zaraqa”
    • We got 4 members at least who were members in the previous constituent assembly.
    Despite some say that the women should have got a bigger quota , I believe it is not by number as much as the end product itself. Hoda Sada seems to be an excellent choice along with Azza Al Ashamawy.
    There is a huge change and we have got a Sinai representative and Nubia representative but no West desert tribes representative as ethnic groups. Alsoit may be silly but I do not understand why we do not have a single representative for Muslim Shiites when we have representatives for the main three Churches in Egypt. Of course there is not single representative for the Egyptian Jews !! I know it is cheesy but hell I had enough of speaking about the new era of liberalism in Egypt after the departure of Muslim brotherhood.
    Good luck for those guys , hopefully they will learn from the previous constituent assembly’s mistakes. Personally I believe this will not be the end.

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    Ok this is a follow up for the Spy Stork story. It turned out that the Hungarian Stork is called Menes and it has become the most famous stork in the history of modern Egypt. After all how many storks are detained for espionage and how many storks got visits from animal rights groups in detention while detained humans are denied from this right !!??
    Menes is released and is moved Salugah & Ghazal Protected Area, near Aswan.
    Here is the free bird.

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    An explosion has rocked Nasr City district earlier today. It turned out according to eye witnesses that it was an explosion at the minister of interior's house targetting his convey. The minister survived the attack that rocked the area but 8 people including a child were injured according to ambulance authorities. Some sources say that 5 officers were injured in the blast.
    A photo for the explosion earlier from twitter

    A photo from the site by Ahmed Soliman
    A photo from Ahmed Soliman
    Up till now the reason of the blast is unconfirmed as the Nile TV said that a bomb was thrown from a building while the convey was passing by and eye witnesses are speaking about explosive devices in a car. 

    A Photo from Mohamed El Kholy
    A Photo from Mohamed El Kholy

    A photo from Mohamed El Kholy
    From two days ago the minister of interior Ahmed Ibrahim said on TV that he knew that he was targetted by the terrorists. It is worth to mention that the minister of interior was facing growing criticism because of Abu Zabal prison incident that killed 38 detainees last month as well his past record as a minister of interior in Morsi's administration.
    Anyhow I think that this explosion will end any reconciliation attempts between the regime and the Muslim brotherhood.
    Also it will make the regime extend the emergency status for another month. We should forget tourism too. 
    We are back to the ugly 1990s with its terrible terrorism and terrible human rights abuses.

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    This is a must watchvideo report by Ahram Online's Mayada Wadnomiry about the efforts of Egyptian divers in Egypt to save the coral reef in the red sea starting with Dahab. Despite it is a short clip yet it is very informative.The video is in English.

    I fully support the suggestion to stop diving for one month in each diving location.
    Here is the Facebook page of theiDive Tribe.
    I believe we need to make noise about the initiative.
    By the way,those small initiatives and those small groups trying to make a change on the ground even if it is a small change give me huge promise in that depressing time in Egypt. Big things always have small beginnings.
    I know that some will say that it is not the prefect time when we got a war on terrorism in Sinai , well I will say when we will have the prefect time to save our environment then !! There is always time

    0 0

    Yesterday we had other alarming news that should you make wonder where Egypt is heading to and here I am not speaking about the terrorist attack against the minister of interior , I am speaking about another news.
    Sinai based and international award wining journalist Ahmed Abu Draa has turned to be arrested by the army since last Wednesday and will be referred to a military trial.
     People found out the shocking truth when the photo of Abu Draa was published in Al Youm News website among other detainees labeled as a terrorist !! He is the man wearing white shirt and Jeans.
    Like a criminal , Abu Draa stood in white shirt and jeans
    Ironically Youm 7 had published from couple months a report with a picture for Ahmed Abu Draa after receiving a Samir Kassir Journalism Award for 2013 for his report about human trafficking in Sinai.

    Now and then
    Abu Draa is also from the well known reporters in Egypt to work with international news corporations and agencies.
    Here is Abu Draa speaking in a video about his important that exposed how the security authorities are involved in the human trafficking in Sinai.
    Abu Draa speaks about Samir Kassir award and how he got it.
    On Thursday we knew that Abu Draa was being accused of spreading false claims about the army and was referred to a military trial. Abu Daraa was also being detained 15 days pending investigations.
    Some say that the false claims are the report of Abu Draa in Al Masry Al Youm and ONTV about the strikes of the Egyptian army in North Sinai earlier this week. The official spokesperson claimed that the army killed and injured in air raids about 23 militants and destroyed some warehouses used by those militants.
    In his report Abu Draa said the army’s Apache attack injured only 4 and destroyed houses and a mosque in that air raid.

    Abu Draa was not the only reporter from Sinai to deny what the official army spokesperson claimed , other reporters “including reporters I trust like Mohamed Sabry and Mostafa Singer and other citizen journalists confirmed what he said and even went and took photos from the area that was attacked by the army !!!!
    According Mostafa Singer , the famous and trusted journalist in Sinai Abu Draa was arrested when he went to the security HQ in Al Arish in order to seek the release of one of his relatives who had arrested from couple days ago. Abu Draa was transferred later to Ismailia.
    Mostafa Singer and other journalists in North Sinai are trying their best to release their colleagues. Already these journalists are having an independent News Facebook page called “Sinai Now TV Channel” about the news of governorate. It is very important and active. Abu Draa was a member in the page that is going to be turned in to a full News portal soon.
    Abu Draa in Tahrir square when it used to mean something

    The page announced that it will suspend its work till the release of Abu Draa.
    Ahmed Abu Daraa is the correspondent of ONTV and Al Masry Al m newspaper , both are in good terms with the army especially ONTV which many consider as the morale department’s official TV channel more than National TV !!
    Of course none of them spoke about him up till now. Only other journalists including the journalists from Sinai were the ones who brought up the matter.
    As we live intime Senator McCarthy would be proud of , you will find people attacking anyone speaks about how Ahmed Abu Daraa is not a terrorist by claiming that we know nothing and the Egyptian government knows best plus the army is fighting war against terrorism !!
    Journalist and reporter Ahmed Abu Daraa is the second Egyptian journalist from Sinai to be referred tomilitary court after journalist and dear friend Mohamed Sabry. Sabry’s military trial was the first military trial in time of ousted President Morsi. It has been adjourned for months now. Next court session should be next month.
    I can not also forget that there are other journalists who are currently detained in jails , of course most of them are accused of being members in the Muslim brotherhood including Al Jazeera English reporter Mohamed El Shami.
    I can not also forget the fact the people of North Sinai are speaking about the return of the arbitrary arrests campaigns in that war of terrorism there where innocent people are arrested and referred to military trials while they are not the real terrorists.
    Ahmed Abu Draa is not a terrorist and regardless of what he has done , he should stand in front of his judge , a civilian judge and a civilian prosecution.
    By the waythe military trials for civilians article is untouched in the upcoming constitution , it was not amended by the 10-members technical committee.

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    Do you remember when I told you that there were not so good news on Thursday other than the bomb targeting the minister of interior and the arrest of Sinai journalist Ahmed Abu Daraa ??
    Well the other bad news is the arrest of leading Revolutionary Socialists member and labour rights lawyer Haitham Mohamadein on Thursday afternoon in Suez. According to tweep Gharib , he was forced to leave the bus he was taking at a police checkpoint because he is a bearded man at first.
    Mohamadein in a public meeting for Revolutionary socialists
    After inspection , he was detained because they found with him so-called political pamphlets aka “The Socialist” Newspaper !! It is worth to mention that according to law , lawyers can not be inspected except by a permission from the prosecution.
    Mohamadein was in Suez in order to solve some labor problem in some steel factory. Later the lawyers and activists in Suez said that Mohamadein was being accused of belonging to a secret organization aka the Revolutionary Socialists.
    Today Haitham Mohameden was interrogated by a district attorney in Suez who revealed to Mohamadein and his  lawyers that the socialist lawyer was being interrogated by a state security court !!!!!! Yes it seems that Mohamadein is facing a state security trial !!
    Lawyer Ramy Ghanem was tweeting from there.
    Here are the accusations Mohamadein are facing :
    • Founding and managing the secret organization of the Revolutionary socialists which incites to empower a particular social class over the whole of society and subvert the social systems of the states. “Its headquarter is well known in Giza and its members are also well known. ”
    • Having pamphlets that incite violence. “Their statements and their newspapers.”
    • Attempting to overthrow the government through terrorist acts committed through Revolutionary socialists.
    • Attempting to occupy governmental institutions.
    • Attempting to destroy the state’s properties in order to harm the national security.
    Yup we are in 2013 and this is what political activists and labor activists are accused of after June 30 Revolution to end political dictatorship. By the way Mohamadein , a hardcore socialist who was against the Muslim brotherhood was asked if he were a Muslim brotherhood member. 
    Updated : Haitham Mohamadein is released on bail , the charges have not been dropped though. 
    Yes the Pro-Military Facebook pages and twitter accounts are claiming that the Revolutionary socialists are just another secret branch of the Muslim brotherhood !!!
    You must know that there are educated people who believe this crap.
    You also must know that the Revolutionary socialists used to collect Tamaroud petitions for God sake. 
    Yesterday Army officers on twitter claimed that he had a fight with an army officer for refusing to let the army checkpoint to inspect his car and insulted him !! FYI Haitham Mohamadein is extremely polite person and does not get in to fights in general.
    Ironically the tale of the twitter Army officers contradicts with the facts I mentioned above and enforced by the official legal reports in the police station not to mention Haitham Mohamadein does not own a car in the first place.
    Anyhow some people online are buying the army officers’ tale including friends because activists are bad and Haitham is from the useless revolutionary socialists as they say. Yes some people got a huge problem with the revolutionary socialists.
    Some people want Haitham and other revolutionary socialists to be sent to jail because  they do not like them and because they are socialists.
    Unlike those people from twitter activists , Haitham is from the real activists that truly work on the ground with the true Egyptian working class from farmers and workers regardless of their ideologies and regardless of what you think about him. 
    Some believe that Haitham Mohamadein was being targeted after appearing Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr earlier Thursday in a recorded video where he criticized General Abdel Fatah and described him as the leader of the counter of revolution.
    Of course some also believe that Mohamadein should be sent right away to jail for this and for defending the detainees who were arrested following Rabaa sit in dispersal.
    Today the revolutionary socialists and other activists as well protesters had a small protest at the Supreme court in Cairo and they had to move it to the small staircase of journalists syndication after they were attacked by honorable citizens who called them traitors !!
    Yes political activists and protesters in Egypt are back to the staircase of journalists syndicate after rocking Tahrir square.
    By the way yesterday the security forces arrested a man that makes Yellow T-Shirts with Rabaa’s logo and today the security forces announced that they arrested a dozen MB members and confiscated a laptop. They found anti-El Sisi songs on that laptop.
    Today also I found that the prosecutor general has ordered the state security prosecution to investigate a bunch of public and political figures “mostly from the Pro 25 January revolution icons and activists like Wael Ghonim, Amr Hamzawy , Nawara Negm , Wael Abbas, Ahmed Maher , Wael Nawara and Ghada Shabander ” for US direct funding based on deliberate mistranslated Wikileaks cables.
    The original Wikileaks cables speak about tea parties and talks between the embassy officials with those figures but Egyptian News websites are speaking about direct funding !!
    Ironically the Tamaroud Nasserite boys told the German minister of foreign affairs that they did what Germany should had done from stopping the Nazism , well I am afraid they do not realize that we are on the verge of having another Nazism. “Of course they do not mind as long as Nasser is back in a new reincarnation. Damn Nasser did not allow political or expression’s freedom except cheap nationalism and presidential cult to flourish that led to a defeat in 1967. This is what the Nasserites actually want.”
    In the end the words of Martin Niemöller echo in my mind nowadays.
    First they came for the communists,and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.Then they came for the socialists,and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a socialist.Then they came for the trade unionists,and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.Then they came for me,and there was no one left to speak for me.

    0 0

    I do not know if it is fate or what, but it seems that the story of Menes in the land of the Nile is extremely sad story.
    After it was accused of espionage and spent a day in Egyptian detention , he was released in to a protectorate to fly free only to meet its end !! He was hunted down and eaten by an Egyptian Nubian family in the south !!!

    It is a sad true story stranger than fiction , the story of the Spy stork in the land of the Nile.
    RIP Dear Menes.
    Late Menes

    0 0

    The world economic forum issued its annual Global Competitiveness index for year 2013 –2014 . Read it and you will know how Egypt needs a real revolution in every aspect in order to survive this ongoing world race.
    First here is the ranking of the Middle East countries arranged  “as well other countries I found interesting in the report” as they appear in the report.
    Country Rank “Out of 148” Score “1-7” Rank among “2012-2013” economies GCI “2012-2013”
    Qatar 13 5.24 13 11
    UAE 19 5.11 19 24
    KSA 20 5.10 20 18
    Israel 27 4.94 27 26
    Oman 33 4.64 33 32
    Kuwait 36 4.56 36 37
    Bahrain 43 4.45 43 35
    Turkey 44 4.45 44 43
    Jordan 68 4.20 68 64
    Iran 82 4.07 81 66
    Tunisia 83 4.06 n/a n/a
    Algeria 100 3.79 98 110
    Lebanon 103 3.77 101 91
    Libya 108 3.73 106 113
    Egypt 118 3.63 115 107
    Mauritania 141 3.19 137 134
    Yemen 145 2.98 140 140
    Chad 148 2.85 143 139
    Here is an info graph for the top ten Arab countries in the report. Of course all of them are rich oil gulf states.
    Click in to zoom in "World economic forum"
    Nevertheless you will find Israel after Qatar, UAE and KSA in the ranking when it has no oil.
    Here is also an info graph about top ten Sub Saharan African countries.
    Click to zoom in
    Shamelessly Egypt comes in the 118th rank. It went down from 115 in 2012-2013 to 118 in 2013-2014. We used to be in the 94th rank in 2011-2012.
    Here is what is written about Egypt in the report itself :
    Egypt drops by 11 positions to reach 118th place  in this year’s GCI. This assessment is likely influenced by the country’s continued transition since the events of the Arab Spring. The deteriorating security situation and tenacious political instability are undermining the country’s competitiveness and its growth potential going forward. Although resolving political friction needs to remain the priority as this Report goes to print, many of the underlying factors that will be decisive about the sustainability of the country and the cohesion of the society over the medium to longer term are economic in nature. Establishing confidence through a credible and far-reaching reform program will be vital to the country’s future and to realizing the considerable potential of the country’s large market size and proximity to key global markets. According to the GCI, three areas are of particular importance. First, the macroeconomic environment has deteriorated over recent years to reach 140th position mainly because of widening
    fiscal deficit, rising public indebtedness, and persisting inflationary pressures. A credible fiscal consolidation plan, accompanied by structural reforms, will be necessary in order to maintain macroeconomic stability in the country. This may prove difficult in times of rising energy prices, as energy subsidies account for a considerable share of public expenditure. However, better targeting of subsidies could allow for fiscal
    consolidation while protecting the most vulnerable. Second, measures to intensify domestic competition would result in efficiency gains and contribute to energizing the economy by providing access to new entrants. This, in turn, would make the country’s private sector more dynamic, thereby contributing to job creation. And third, making labor markets flexible (141st) and more efficient (145th) would allow the country to increase employment in the medium term.

    There is no doubt that we are paying the price of the political changes in Egypt as the report says “turmoil”. Still if you think about , we did not reach to this low ranking among other developing and poor countries in the world because of the past three yearsbut rather because of the past 33 years especially when it comes to education.
    Here are the scores of Egypt in the report, one thing for sure we are a big market.

    Click to zoom in
    The original 25 January Revolution erupted from two years ago because of the reasons that lead a country like Egypt to hit rock bottom like that , at least this is my case.
    We do not have true political leaders or figures that even have got a vision to see Egypt as true leading power using our capabilities and sources. We are still living in the great slogans that “Egypt is the mother of the world” and “Egypt is the most independent nation in the history of the mankind” not to mention “The world is plotting against us” to the end of those nationalist slogans.
    We need a balanced economic policies to ensure social justice and at the same time to improve the economy and encourage investments.
    We should not depend only on tourism and Suez canal as main sources of income. I am not an economic expertbut I know true economic development will be achieved if we have true political reforms that support transparency and accountability.
    Needless to say,I do not know if the people really want democracy , accountability and transparency anymore in Egypt. 
    God does not help the fool nor the lazybut we continue to believe that God won’t let us down. Well the problem is that we are the ones who let ourselves down over and over as people with our choices.

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