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  • 12/13/12--05:19: A true Banana Republic
  • When Mohamed ElBaradei once criticized the way Egypt is being ruled comparing it to a Banana Republic state , people mocked him as usual despite it turned out that it was true : We live in Banana Republic. 
    Yesterday the general prosecutor "appointed by President Morsi" Talaat Abdullah decided to transfer the East Cairo district attorney Mostafa Khater to Bani Sawif. Mostafa Khater is the district attorney who released the detainees tortured and arrested by MB members during the Presidential Palace Clashes.
    The decision was a shock especially that we found a memo presented by Khater and the Heliopolis East Cairo district to the Supreme council of judiciary demanding their return to judiciary and revealing shocking details about the decision of Abdullah to transfer him.
    A copy from the memo from Wael Abbas

    The memo from Wael Abbas
    According to what is mentioned in the memo , Abdullah tried to interfere in Khater's work demanding him not to release the detainees so Morsi would not appear bad. Khater could not keep the detainees for the leak of evidence incriminating them already.
    Now today the general prosecutor has cancelled his decision not for any reason but let's say the district attorneys are extremely angry all over the country and the MB needs them to supervise the referendum !!
    The MB is extremely angry that Khater released the detainees which president Morsi declared as thugs in his inflammatory speech last Thursday.
    Not only that the East Cairo district attorney already detained couple of MB and FJP members with arms
    Strangely three days prior to this sudden we find Dr. Ahmed Rushdie , a leading member in the Muslim brotherhood , Freedom and Justice Party as well Morsi's presidential campaign stated that Khater will be transferred from his position because he released the detainees.
    From @NermeenBedair
    How does an official in a party "even if it were a ruling party" know the future decisions of the General prosecutor who should be independent from any partisan or political attachment or affiliation !?
    Sadly enough Khater is being defamed and attacked madly in the MB media claiming that he was Ahmed Shafik's legal adviser!!
    Because lying is not good , our friends who got Online search habit found out that that Khater was the representative of the Prosecution in the famous Mubarak's trial and he was praised day and night in their websites and media !!

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    This constitution is a role model for all constitutions in the world , in fact humanity has not reached yet to that amount of freedoms and rights granted by that constitution

    Dr. Hussein Hamad Hassan

    The member of the constituent assembly

    December 2012

    No comment except may be on Friday I will write down why I refuse this constitution and believe it is not the best for Egypt

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    OK tomorrow insh Allah we will have the first round , the first stage of the most controversial referendum in the first half of the 21th century if I would say.

    Now some trivia which probably you already know :

    • The Constitution referendum will be held on two stages , on two days because of the number of judges. Most of the judges and prosecutors in Egypt refuse to oversee except couple of thousands thus it was better to hold it on two days according to the decision maker in Egypt whether the current Presidency or its superiors in Muslim brotherhood HQ. Ironically holding the referendum on two days will raise the matter of the constitution unconstitutionality !!!!
    • Already according to Dostor Newspaper out of the 22,347 members of judiciary, only 5,772 agreed to supervise the referendum !! 
    • The first stage will be held on December 15,2012 “tomorrow” in 10 governorates : Cairo , Alexandria , El Sharkia , El Gharbia , Dakhalia , Assuit, Sohag , Aswan , North Sinai and South Sinai.
    • The second stage will be hold on December 22, 2012 “next week” in 17 governorates. These governorates are : Giza , Monufia , Qalubiya , Monufia , El Baheira , Kafr El Sheikh, Damietta, Ismailia, Port Said, Suez , Marsa Matrouh, Red Sea, New Valley , Fayoum , Bani Sawif , Al Maniya , Luxor and Qena.
    • The Egyptians abroad vote will end tomorrow after 4 days of voting.
    • The results should be announced on the same day and the voting will start from 8 PM.
    • There will 351 General committees divided in to 9334 electoral committees that are divided in to 13,099 sub electoral committees.
    • The armed forces will secure the referendum with 120,000 officer and soldier besides 6,000 armored vehicles besides the police force !!
    • Now not only the armed forces and police will secure the committees but also the members of Al Gama’a Al Islamiyaa will secure the committee !!!! Al Gama’a Al Islamiyaa supports the draft constitution !!!!!!!
    • Carter Center will not supervise the referendum yet local observers began to organize themselves calling the citizens to be careful for any attempts of cheating and so on.
    • The results will be based on the rule : 50%+1 regardless of the number of the voters

    Now Robert Becker did this amazing quick and short analysis about the round 1 constitutional governorates based on the previous elections results. It is a must read post.

    It is not the first constitution draft to be forced on the people causing such controversy among the public in very critical time. If you are a good reader to our modern history , you will know that we change our constitution as much we change our flag and ruler. The 1971 Constitution was longest surviving Constitution not for any reason except that Mubarak did not want a headache.

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  • 12/14/12--12:03: Testing something
  • Please ignore this post.

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    I still got some time to write my remarks about the Draft Constitution , already my voting turn will be on December 22,2012 as I am from Giza.

    Anyhow I would like to share with you these videos on why many Egyptians including me refuse this draft constitution.

    This video is from Mosireen with English captions speaks about the neglect the right to the city  despite we face a huge problem when it comes to shanty towns in almost all over the country and in its major cities.

    By the way Strong Egypt Party also refused this constitution for neglecting this right as part of the social justice.

    This video is about the freedom of press. It is not  translated unfortunately. The speakers are Ahram Online’s editor in chief  Hany Shukrallah and journalists syndicate’s board member Alaa El Attar

    Now when it comes to freedom of Press , well this is the most unfriendly constitution I would imagine when it comes to freedom of press after #Jan25 revolution.

    According to article No.48 Newspapers, channels and websites can be closed by a court orders so easily. Already the article is too vague.

    Ironically in Constitution 1971 newspapers can not be closed by court orders !!

    Also this draft constitution did not ban the imprisonment of journalists in publishing related crimes. I remember that Mohamed Mahsoob once promised to include this article in the constitution but you know !! The MB leading members already said that journalists should not have any privileges compared to other professions.

    Moving to Al Azhar’s position

    Here is Ibrahim El Houdaiby speaking about his concerns considering Al Azhar's posiiton in the draft constitution

    Article No.4 states the supreme scholars committee of Al-Azhar, the country's highest Islamic institution, should be consulted on all matters relating to Sharia. Many expressed their fear that this gives the religious institution the right to meddle in the law-making process as well a complete control over religion. You must think in the future that Al Azhar could be controlled by radicals.

    You can read more about the religious aspects of the draft constitution in that report by Nada Rashwan in Ahram Online.

    To Article No.62 related to the right of healthcare , here is a video from No for the Constitution campaign that is translated to French.

    The State obliges to provide healthcare and health insurance according to a high quality fair system and to be free for those who are incapable to afford it !!

    How can the state determine who is capable to afford this healthcare and who is not !? Are we going back again to the infamous poverty certificate !?  What kind of logic is that !?

    Already Egyptian doctors like Mona Mina who are struggling to have some National health insurance system like in UK fear that this constitution will open the door to private the health insurance.

    Now this video from Strong Egypt Party and it presents why it refuses the draft constitution.

    There are more to raise and I know we got no time.

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    And voting has started already in 10 governorates inEgypt from 15 minutes ago. Today I will do another live coverage from Cairo. Photos will be uploaded later as well video , please follow my twitter account. I will update this post as much as I can insh Allah.
    @11:32 AM taking a break to eat something as I haven't had a breakfast yet !!
    I finished my tour in Zamalek ,most of the Upper middle class islanders of Cairo say No to the constitution.
    I went to the Faculty of arts polling station as early as 8:45Am to find two long queues of women and men, some of them brought their coffee from nearby cafe that seemed to be surprised to find all those customers today while other brought chairs with them.
    I witnessed conversation between two ladies from No And yes team. I spoke to other two ladies one from team yes and one from team no. I noticed that the Yessers always start with that phrase : I am not a MB followed by "Egypt needs stability" and "let's give the man a chance!!"
    At that polling station I met the popular committee of Zamalek with their yellow vests. Local community volunteers from Zamalek organizing the process of voting.They help voters to find their numbers especially senior citizens.
    They were very organized and polite.
    I met famous actress Samira Ahmed who says a million No to the constitution because of many different reasons above them the healthcare and the return of the poverty certificate.
    There were many senior citizens there. The army did change their outfit colors.
    Then I moved to the physical training faculty in Al Gazira area. another two big queues from upper middle, middle and upper classes. Again most of them I spoke with will vote No. While inside I found none other than Nabil EL Araby ,the head of league of Arab states coming. He wanted to stand in queue but they let him to advance to finish quickly.
    I also found Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour ,the leading member of Al Wafd standing in the queue waiting from his turn. I know he is a NOer. He told me that No will actually bring stability to Egypt unlike Yes.
    - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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    And the results of the first Stage form the constitution referendum in 10 governroates have been announced.
    According to Al Watan newspaper 56% of the voters said yes to the draft constitution while the 44% said No.
    To be honest I know people who expected even worse results "Yes 70%-No 30%".
    Yes I wish that "No" would have scored more but to achieve this result after one week of campaigning only and weeks of not knowing what will be next considering we live in a country where the president cancels his decision at 2.30 AM !!!!
    There are important remarks about the results : 
    • "No" votes are more in the cities than in country side. 
    • Liberal and National forces and parties should try to reach for faraway governorates
    • I do not understand how Sinai "Whether the North or South" or Aswan "especially Aswan" when the draft constitution totally ignore the rights of the ethic groups and the culture diversity. 
    • Watch out for Cairo , Alexandria , Gharbia and Daqahlia. 
    • It seems that Alexandria proves the myth of the Salafist stronghold is totally wrong
    • Many of the voters who voted yes are not Muslim brotherhood or Islamsits but rather from those Egyptians who believe that "Yes" will bring Stability from their point of view believing what they hear in the Egyptian National radio and TV. 
    • With all the violations that took place yesterday and this is the result than people should not lose hope and they should be encouraged to go and vote. 
    • The turnout is 31% so if we add to those who boycotted as well who did not go because they do not care or feel confused to those who said No , you will have a constitution not approved by too many people
    • I believe the more the people vote , the more it will be hard to rig the results 
    • You must know the tune of the MB is different now , instead of 90% of the people approve the constitution now the MB members are speaking about examples 
    Ironically and sadly enough there are still difference between the unofficial results announced so far as we are waiting for the official statement of the referendum committee but as a reference I prefer Al Watan newspaper as it present a fine interactive map with the results. 
    Here is the 10 governorates "Numbers from Al Watan newspaper" : 

    Aswan : "South"
    • Yes : 73%
    • No : 27 % 
    • No. eligible voters : 808,280
    • No. of votes counted last night : 203,416
    • Poverty Rate : 54% 
    • Illiteracy Rate : 23%
    Sohag : "Upper Egypt"
    • Yes : 79%
    • No : 21%
    • No. of eligible voters :2,340,851
    • No of votes counted last night : 569,329
    • Poverty Rate : 59% 
    • Illiteracy Rate : 39%
    Assuit : "Upper Egypt"
    • Yes : 76% 
    • No : 24% 
    • No. of eligible voters : 2,080,391
    • No. of votes counted last night : 590,675
    • Poverty Rate : 69% 
    • Illiteracy Rate: 39%
    Cairo : "Capital"
    • Yes : 43% 
    • No : 57%
    • No. of eligible voters : 6,491,521
    • No. of votes counted last night : 2,206,780
    • Poverty Rate : 10%
    • Illiteracy Rate : 19%
    El Sharkia : "Nile Delta"
    • Yes : 66%
    • No : 34%
    • No. of eligible voters : 3,495,451
    • No. of votes counted last night : 1,124,546
    • Poverty Rate: 12%
    • Illiteracy Rate : 32%
    Dakhalia : "Nile Delta" 
    • Yes : 55% 
    • No : 45% 
    • No. of eligible voters : 3,666,554
    • No. of votes counted last night : 1,173,102
    • Poverty Rate: 12%
    • Illiteracy Rate : 28%
    El Gharbia : "Nile Delta" 
    • Yes : 48%
    • No: 52%
    • No. of eligible voters : 2,907,544
    • No. of votes counted last night : 959,453
    • Poverty Rate : 8% 
    • Illiteracy Rate : 26%
    Alexandria : "North"
    • Yes : 36% 
    • No : 64%
    • No. of eligible voters : 3,286,831
    • No. of votes counted last night : 170,529 
    • Poverty Rate : 11% 
    • Illiteracy Rate : 19% 
    North Sinai : "Sinai" 
    • Yes : 78% 
    • No : 22% 
    • No. of eligible voters : 207,425
    • No. of votes counted last night : 64,982
    • Poverty Rate : 24% 
    • Illiteracy Rate : 21% 
    South Sinai : "Sinai 
    • Yes : 63% 
    • No: 37% 
    • No. of eligible voters : 62,432
    • No. of votes counted last night : 18,440
    • Poverty Rate : 12% 
    • Illiteracy Rate : 7%
      Now you should read this important analysis 
      Unfortunately I am fighting terrible cold so I can not write long analysis now.

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      Despite there were no Muslim victims in the horrible Newtown school’s horrible massacre , the local Muslim community participated in the interfaith vigil service yesterday.

      I think our preachers and sheikhs should learn from that young sheikh and to understand carefully to what he said because I believe this is the core of Islam.His small speech is actually a lesson we should learn from

      May all the victims rest in peace.

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      A Photo for the resignation
      Despite I am badly sick I can ignore this news and its significance.
      The public prosecutor appointed by President Morsi declared that he is going to resign next Sunday in front of the district attorneys’ sit in that was held in his office today. 
      About 1500 district attorneys held a sit in at the public prosecutor office in Downtown Cairo demanding him to resign as he was appointed in in illegal way. I believe this was a successful sit in.
      I believe that the district attorneys feel humiliated after the decision of Abdullah to transfer the East Cairo district attorney to Bani Sawif because of Presidential Palace clashes."He cancelled it by the way”
      Morsi should not have appointed Abdullah himself directly. He should have followed the book and let it to the Supreme council of judiciary to choose from 3 candidates. 
      Of course I wonder if he will be the man of his word and truly present his resignation to the supreme council of judiciary.
      Needless to say the district attorneys are being attacked by MB and Morsi supporters whom are still speaking about Gulf states’ plot implemented by Judges club and NFS !!!

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      From two years ago , on that particular day a street vegetables vendor was slapped by a policewoman “she denies” in the City of Sidi Bou Zid on December 17,2010. That slap did not change that vendor’s world but rather the whole world. That slap led Mohamed Bou Azizi to torch himself sparkling the first flame of revolution that soon enough would transfer to other oppressed countries in the Arab world.
      BY the way some Islamists consider Bou Azizi as an infidel because he set himself on fire as an act of suicide , well officially he lived after till January 8th ,2011 where he died in a hospital.
      May Allah bless your soul Bou Azizi

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      I got many ideas and theories about the problem of the Muslim brotherhood currently in Egypt and I decided to share these ideas , they are not organized in a professional way

      The Muslim brotherhood and being a secret organization :

      The MB is facing a huge problem now , it officially rules the country through DSC03317a president and Shura council yet it does not want to act as a transparent political party open for criticism as well to renew its ideas or its methods and techniques. This problem is resulted from the fact we are speaking about a political religious underground organization that managed to survive in Egypt for 80 years thanks to its secrecy.

      The MB is not used to be open nor transparent. In fact it is hard for that group to be open for real transparent political partisan activity in two years after 80 years of working in darkness. I will dare to say that the Freedom and Justice Party can not be separated for this reason. The MB is its backbone , brain and heart.

      Due to its secrecy , it  is not used to be open from criticism , in fact it is not used to democracy when it comes to decision making as it claims. Of course they will claim that they elect their Supreme guide bla bla bla , well the ruling party in China also elect its leader !! 

      So you got this problem , they do not only have a Shura council but rather a president under the spot light while they maintained most of their life in darkness except what they wanted to show the world in time of Mubarak as PR.

      We got a a religious ideological group that based on complete blind obedience to your superiors , if anyone opposes this or even tries to think with his mind than he is being punished and considered an enemy to the MB and this is why the MB and Mohamed Morsi’s presidency staff can not tolerate any kind of opposition. This is why you find the MB is shocked at the moment of opposition of the street and believes that it is not the correct type of opposition.

      Being a secret organization that faced a lot of undeniable oppression in the past resulted in having that on going feeling even within the youngest member who was born in early 1990s that the whole universe is plot against them as it was represented in the famous tweet once posted by @Ikhwanweb “why do you hate us”

      The secrecy of the Muslim brotherhood as well years of oppression leading to mistrust made the leaders of the brotherhood regard an outsider as potential enemy not even an outsider. This is what they teach to their young members.

      Single Ruling party mentality

      The Muslim brotherhood and its political arm “Freedom an Justice Party” would have succeeded in ruling Egypt in those few months in the way they wanted if they had been in times of dictatorship and one single party rule. Actually if you think about it the MB itself is being raised “after the Coup of 1952” and lived most of its life in the single party’s dictatorship rule regardless of its military nature. This is why it is often to hear the MB members and supporters wonder boldly on how the opposition was not that vocal during the time of Mubarak. The MB still believes that after 25 January revolution with that huge revolution in telecommunications that the ruler of Egypt will be idolized and obeyed.

      Democracy is only a means

      Democracy is only a means for the Muslim brotherhood in order to get to the rule , it is a fact. Unlike other parties , the guidance office and the Shura council “who are currently dominated by Qutbists” do not allow anyone to think outside the box to have a voice in the brotherhood and the examples of the defectors whether from leading members like Abu El Fotouh or Mokhater Noah or even young members like Ahmed Samir or Islam Lotfy are enough. Taking in consideration these are examples of men who wanted to be open on other political groups.

      Only from few years women were granted the right to participate in the brotherhood’s internal elections and based from what I see and read from their women’s icons , their idea about the role of women in the society is conservative one.

      Country Side Vs. City and Salafism’s effect

      Late Hossam Tammam , the famous researcher in Islamist affairs made a series of studies about the Muslim brotherhood before his death last year which I believe everybody should read and understand. He believed that the guidance office and Shura council are being controlled by that conservative trend coming from country side which is closed to Salafism unlike the past. Already we are not only speaking about the leading members in the guidance office or Shura council like Khairat El Shater “A Qutibist”  but the majority of the MB members for instance in Nile Delta. Their own interpretation of Islam is closer to Salafists

      of course this is being hidden from Western media because the MB’s guidance office wants.

      This point can help us to understand that amazing semi-alliance between Salafists and Muslim brotherhood. Of course this alliance is too fragile and the MB’s leading members know it because unlike MB , the Salafists are not centralized and it is enough to know that some Salafists think the MB is not Muslim enough. 

      This besides the fact that many of the Salafist preachers are state security men that used to spy on each other and actually the Salafist trend was being enforced to hit the MB politically through competing over religious based vote. The MB did not forget that.

      I will stop here because I feel so tired , I believe that there are points should be highlighted , may be next time.

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      In the past two years Egyptians proudly have made TV history unlike any other Arab country when you think about :  live fights , ex-President trials , extreme dirty smears , presidential debates  and interesting interviews with girls who bleed blood and thugs yet none of them reached to that low level of Gamal Marwan.

      Gamal Marwan , the owner of Melody TV channels has just released an ad ; the ad of his divorce from his wife Jihan in the most humiliating insulting way ever !! He mentions that he divorced her and paid a pound for every day she spent with him shocking divorce documents in most disgusting way !!!

      This ad which is aired on Melody TV channels all day has been posted online in Melody official YouTube channel. I will not wonder on how Gamal Marwan can do this but I wonder how a father would do such thing to his children. I believe he got 4 kids from his wife Jihan. The youngest was born last year !!

      You know it is not humiliating to her as much it is humiliating to him.

      This is the lowest thing for real when You think about it , you hit rock bottom for real !!

      Update :

      Now I remember it , this is Gamal Marwan who refused to admit that he is a father of a child from some Lebanese singer in 2010 in some big scandal. Gamal Marwan is a big jerk and asshole. This is the conclusion.

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      There are many reasons why I should say NO to the draft constitution like the fact we became a presidential state despite it was better to have a semi-presidential state , the President got no vice president and Shura council got more power than the people’s assembly. Still there is one article that makes me want to say big “NO” , article no.76 .

      Article No.76 states the following :

      No punishment without a legal or constitutional text 

      This is the first time in the world and history according to constitution experts that we got those words “and Constitutional text”

      In Constitution 1971 article no.66  was as followed :

      No punishment without legal text

      Now this alteration in the article allows directly judges to ignore the law and go directly for Islamic Sharia or rather to be accurate for their own interpretation of Sharia based on that Sheikh from Salafists or this Sheikh from Al Azhar.

      Article No.2 says that the Principles of Islamic Sharia are the main source of legislation already so I do not know if this means that judges will go for the principles or for the rules. Of course we will have another debate about the word “Principles” but according to all legal experts who are against the alteration fear that can for judges the doors to go directly to Sharia with all the debates about its rules.

      This article has been modified by the Salafists above them Yasser El Borhami who confessed that he and other Salafists manipulated with words to get what they wanted. He bragged in a video on how he altered it and why he altered it :

      There was an article in [the 1971] constitution stating no punishment without a legal text. But we objected to this article and were able to change it to ‘no punishment without a legal or constitutional text’ because if it had remained in the original format, consensual adultery, homosexuality, and usury would not be punished, as they are currently not prohibited by law

      With my due respect to those conservatives in Egypt but I believe the Sharia is already implemented in the Personal Issues and families laws from a long time and we are not secular country like Tunisia or Turkey that is finding its way back to Islam after decades of radical secularism. I believe already Sharia will be misused in the hands of those radical conservatives who are already representing the biggest danger on Islam and Egypt now !!

      The man for all seasons who used to attack the Muslim brotherhood directly on National TV during the time of Mubarak and whom our current president now used to warn his brothers from aka Essam Sultan the member of the Constituent assembly defends this article. He claims that this article is altered because there are some crimes punishable in the constitution like torture and so on adding that it talks to the legislator  !!!

      I am not convinced at all with explanation because torture was also criminalized in 1971 and we did not have this addition plus I understand Arabic very well to know that this article is about legislation !!

      The fact that this comes from Essam Sultan makes me already uncomfortable !!

      To represent counter view , here is Judge Ahmed Abu Shosha “A reformist judge” who believes that article with that new alteration will allow the executive authority represented in the president to issue decrees regulations that can be regarded laws and sources of punishment. I do not know if I translated what he is saying in Arabic as it should or not.

      By the way I know  that this draft constitution will be approved but it does not matter because insh Allah it will be downed even after couple of years. Anyone bothered to read the Modern Egyptian history will know this.

      0 0

      Rana with her friends last Tuesday
      Rana El Siyad Fouad , a student in the secondary stage in a private school who participated and led a students protest against the draft constitution to Tahrir square last Tuesday December 11th,2012 among other students from different schools. “College De la Salle, Jesuites and the Franciscan”
      Rana spoke to Al Masry Al Youm and her photo was featured in the newspaper. She was quoted for saying that she decided to participate in the protest because she wanted a constituent assembly that truly represents the whole Egyptian society adding that President Morsi issues constitutional declarations in order to distract people from the draft constitution.
      Now from two days ago officials from the ministry of education went to Rana’s school "The Franciscan" and interrogated her about her quotes in Al Masry Al Youm. The brave girl insisted on her opinions. Rana’s father is proud of his daughter and he is not worried on her but rather is worried on how the ministry of education is turned in to a security apparatus.
      There is a strong students moving growing in high schools in Egypt especially in language schools and in National Institutions schools like Jesuit school in the #Feb11 General strike in universities. Egypt is changing.
      We saw this movement and how it stood against SCAF and it did not stop.It will not stop. Of course what is happening to Rana is an intimidation in order to make her an example and force other students not to participate and speak about politics. This is how it starts.
      Now if the Muslim brotherhood and the ministry of education are annoyed about how a teenage girl is leading a protest against the draft constitution , I would to remind them the Muslim brotherhood as illegal non authorized political group has got a whole division for preparatory and secondary stage to recruit students. The Muslim brotherhood supporters should remember that late Martyr Islam of Mahla was 15 years old when he allegedly got a directive from the MB to protect its HQ when thugs attacked him and died.
      Here is Rana Speaking on TV last night on MBC Misr 

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    • 12/20/12--15:16: We are the people
    • Cairokee sings parts of Abdel Rahman El Abnudi’s famous 1981 poem “We are the people”

      I am not big fan of Cairokee and God knows I had to listen to this song several times to get used to Amir Eid’s soft voice while singing these strong words about oppression, people and Egypt.

      It is translated by the way.

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      Just like the president who appointed him , Talaat Abdullah Egypt’s current public prosecutor decided to withdraw on Thursday his resignation which he presented to the supreme council of judiciary last Monday.

      Now according to sources Abdullah was convinced by the Muslim brotherhood judges/ “Judges for Egypt” to withdraw his resignation. He claimed that he decided to withdraw the resignation to preserve the respect of his position !!! He also added that he was forced to resign by a small a group of district attorneys !! Suddenly he discovered this on Thursday !!!!

      Ironically on Monday he told Al Hayat Al Youm TV show live that he resigned to preserve the respect of that position !!

      To be honest I did not have high hopes when I heard that he will resign after Sunday.

      Before you waste your time giving me lecture about how great Abdullah is “Please check his record in Bahrain’s uprising” , you must understand that I will not accept after the revolution a public prosecutor appointed by Morsi who interferes in the work of the district attorneys.

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      Dear Ali Hisham is from young generation of bloggers in Egypt. He is 15 years old and one of the most active young activists Mashallah I have seen since 2011.

      Ali is speaking about the new draft Constitution and why we should refuse it. Ali is from the generation that will be affected more by this constitution.

      He is being interviewed by TV host Namees Arnous for Bokra TV

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      For the second Friday in a row clashes erupted again at El Qaed Ibrahim mosque “a stronghold Salafist/Islamist area” and surrounding areas between Islamists “MB and Salafists” and Protesters “Non politicized and Non Islamists”.
      We are speaking now about not less 52 injured including dozens from the police forces “CSF anti-riot forces” that tried to stop the clashes from both sides. It is not good there because we are speaking again about Egyptians VS. Egyptians again.
      Today Islamists were organizing another million man protest calling it “To Defend the Mosques of God” after what they considered an attack of aggression last Friday !! Despite Islamists attacked protesters and even tortured them inside the mosque which is huge insult
      The tear gas grenades today in Alex by Ali Ghonim
      Of course people at first blamed the Non Islamist protesters for allegedly provoking the Islamist protesters who declared their intention to protest at the Mosque first. Well after few hours things should be clarified.
      It is true that Islamists declared first that they would pray and protest at the Mosque but it is also true that Islamist icons like Abu Ismail and Foulmouthed Abdullah Bahr threatened Alexandrians if any attack happened against Mosques again.
      This video was posted online yesterday where Badr “who turned to be a crock” claiming that he and other Islamists would have killed the protesters who protested outside El Qaed Ibrahim Mosque  last Friday and that Sheikh El Mahlawy would have walked on their dead bodies but he refused because he cared for the constitution.  Side Note : In any civilized State of law Abdullah Badr should be interrogated for what

      This provoked many Alexandrians who were insulted by the threats of those radicals for two reasons I believe : The threats of using violence “We will walk over your dead bodies” and the assumption that regular Alexandrians are less Muslim than the Islamists. The threats of Badr were not the only fire that fuelled the Alexandrians anger. The fact that the Islamists from Muslim brotherhood and Salafists like Hazem Salah Abu Ismail mobilized their followers in buses from Cairo “Despite Sheikh El Mahlawy told them not to do so” provoked Alexandrians as they felt they were attacked by outsiders.
      The big According to eye witnesses already regular people who went to pray at El Qaed Ibrahim Mosque found themselves forced to present their IDs from the Islamists assigned to secure the Mosque. “Like in Al Quds”
      Some say that they were not allowed inside the mosque because they are not Salafists and they had to pray outside !!

      Some say that the Islamists truly believed that Christians were protesting outside the mosque last Friday !!
      Many Non Islamists prayed outside the mosque. I do not know exactly how the clashes started this time to be frank but according to dear Ahmed Abrass , a proud Alexandrian many of the Non Islamist protesters are locals from popular working class areas in Alex that are fed up from the Muslim brotherhood and Salafists were on the streets today. Abrass added that the MB already was controlling the distribution of gas cylinders and bread and people fed up from them.
      Part of the clashes "@MEssamMoawad"
      You must know that all non Islamist Political powers like Popular Current or April 6 Youth did not call for a protest on that day there. Salafist El Nour Party claims otherwise as usual. Constitution Party in Alexandria issued a statement denying to have any relation with what happened early today. The Party is already busy in campaigning against draft constitution in neighbor governorates for the big day tomorrow.
      The vice-governor “who acts like the governor” MB leading figure Hassan El Prince claims that the former regime remnants are standing behind the clashes. Dr. Hassan should tell us about why young men were tortured in El Qaed Ibrahim mosque last Friday.
      Now on the ground after hours of clashes people are having these popular committees outside their neighborhoods and houses for protection despite the bad weather. It seems that Salafists and Islamists in general are not welcomed in certain neighborhood too. The anti-Islamist protesters torched 3 buses following the Islamists.
      The buses on fire "Ahmed Abdel Kader"
      There are street fights fro time to time. Here is a video from couple of hours showing a fight in a street in Azareeta area.

      The situation is not good as the Islamists are claiming that they have arrested and keeping those they called “thugs” at the mosque again !!
      The big irony now is the Muslim brotherhood protesters withdrew from several hours ago from the mosque and the clashes leaving the Salafists behind the ting that made the Salafist so pissed from the MB.
      On the other hand Non Islamist Alexandrians believed that they beat up the crap out of the Salafists and Abu Ismail’s supporters. It is just sad.Here is a video showing Non Islamist protesters chanting anti-Abu Ismail chants , very offensive actually.

      BY way the amount of anger in Alexandria against the Salafists and MB , one must wonder how this governorate voted for Yes as it turned out in the referendum !! Or something else happened and changed the results !??

      0 0

      Ok tomorrow can be the end of the world as we know , tomorrow we will have the second round of the constitution referendum. In this stage we will have : Giza, Qalubiya,Monufia, El Behaira, Kafr El Sheikh, Damietta, Ismailia, Suez, Port Said, Red Sea, New Valley, Fayoum , Matrouh, Bani Sawif , Maniya, Luxor and Qena.

      The big voting blocs this time will be in Monufia and Giza.

      I do not have high hopes. There will be more violations and elections fraud I am fraud.

      I will be live blogging but not from the street. Last time I got terrible flu that I am trying to recover from it up till now.

      0 0

      Here is live coverage for the second stage of the constitution referendum , already I am going to vote today insh Allah.

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