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7000 years and counting ...

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    @11:36 AM
    And welcome to the great Cairo outage!! Today is the climax of electric outage where many areas in Cairo and Giza suffer from complete outage for two hours at least now. I woke up to do to find myself sitting in complete darkness, no light and no ACs. It is the first time to have electric outage in my area already.
    Now I found out that there is general blackout through Cairo and Giza in areas like Zamalek, Mohendessin, Heliopolis, Downtown Cairo, 10th Ramadan and October. Some areas in Alexandria are reporting electric outage as well.
    Now the Metro stations are suffering from that outage to the level that people got stuck in the Metro vehicles and had to open its door manually and walk in complete darkness to avoid suffocation.

    I cannot understand how on earth and heavens that the Metro does not have emergency power generators!! Needless to say not only the Metro is suffering but the Egyptian stock market also suffered from outage.
    Now from what I understand there is a problem in the 10th Ramadan power station in East Cairo because it got no fuel.
    Tell me about a failure state. Of course people are trying to find an explanation. 

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    And one of these 17 papal candidates listed blow is going to be the next Pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria
    The candidates are divided in to 7 bishops and 10 monks so far. Those 17 candidates will reach in to 7 candidates that go for elections from which the top 3 candidates will be chosen and a child will choose the next Pope between them in a draw blindfolded in a big ceremonial event. The acitng Pope Bakhmious released these details about the 17 candidates.
    The candidates are:
    1- Bishop Bishoy , the secretary of the holy Synod and the metropolitan of Damietta , Kafr El Sheikh , Babrary and the monastery of Saint Demiana. Born in 1942, Bishoy graduated from faculty of engineering before joining the monastic order. He was ordained as a Bishop in 1972 and was elevated to the rank of Metropolitan in 1990.
    2- Bishop Youannes, the former secretary of late Pope Shenouda III and the bishop of social services. A graduate of faculty of medicine, University of Assuit, Youannes was ordained as a Bishop in June 1993.
    3- Bishop Boutros, the General Bishop and Pope Shenouda III's personal secretary. The member of The Holy Synod was born in Sharkia governorate in 1949 and got a bachelor's degree in Agricultural sciences and was ordained as a bishop in June 1985.
    4- Bishop Tawadros, the general bishop of El Bahaira who was born in 1952. The member of the Holy Synod was graduated from the faculty of Pharmacy, University of Alexandria. He was ordained as a Bishop in June 1997.
    5- Bishop Raphael, the auxiliary Bishop of Central Cairo and Heliopolis as well a former aide for late Pope Shenouda III and member of the Holy Synod. He was born in 1954 in Cairo and graduated from Ain Shams University, Faculty of Medicine. He was ordained as a bishop in June 1997.
    6- Bishop Pavnotius, the Bishop of Samallout & Taha El Aaameda. Born in 1948 in Cairo, the member of the Holy Synod graduated from the faculty of medicine and was ordained as a Bishop in June 197.
    7- Bishop Kyrillos, the Bishop of Milan. The member of the Holy Synod was born in 1952 in Sohag governorate. He got a degree in Engineering and was ordained as a Bishop in June 1986. He became the bishop of Milan in June 1996.
    8- Father Anstasy Alsamuialy from St. Samuel Monastery in Mania. He was born in 1939 and got a degree in commerce.
    9- Father Maximos Anthony, born in Alexandria in 1954 from St. Antony monastery in the Red Sea. He got a degree in Agriculture as well a diploma in icons restorations from University of Moscow as well museum administration from the United States.
    10- Father Raphael Ava Mina from Mari Mina in Alexandria. Mina was born in 1924 in Cairo and has a degree in law from the University of Ain Shams.
    11- Father Begul Anba Bishoy from St. Bishoy Monastery in Wadi Al Natron . Bishoy was born in 1951 and has a degree in mechanical engineering.
    12- Father Shenouda Anba Bishoy from St. Bishoy Monastery in Wadi Al Natroon. Father Shenouda was born in 1943 in Minya and got a degree in religious studies.
    13- Father Bishoy St Paul from the monastery of St. Paul in the red sea. Father Bishoy was born in 1964 in Mansoura and has a degree in agriculture from the University of Alexandria.
    14- Father Saweris St Paul from the monastery of St. Paul in the red sea. Father Saweris was born in Sharkia governorate in 1959 was has a degree in religious studies.
    15- Father Bakhomious Al Sorian from the monastery of Virgin Mary in Wadi Al Natroon. Father Bakhomious was born in Aswan in 1963 and has a degree in Science and education.
    16- Father Daniel Al Sorian from the monastery of Virign Mary in Wadi Al Natroon. Father Daniel was born in Qena governorate in 1962. He got has degrees in science and education as well as Coptic studies from the University of Lyon in Holland.
    17- Father Serafeem Al Sorian from the monastery of Virgin Mary in Wadi Al Natroon. Father Serafeem was born in 1959 in Cairo and has a degree in science from the University of Ain Shams.

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    Scheherazade is going to enchant us with two nights not only one tonight from her tale ,the tale Hagar , Sahar and Egrama.
    We will start with the 21st night of our tale , which is the 423rd episode of the Egyptian Radio classical Arabian nights show written by legendary Taher Abu Fasha.
    The Dervish will show the Seksek what can not be seen , a secret that God only knows , the secret of reviving the dead , oh yes the secret of Resurrection. At first the old king does not believe it at first but Dervish wants to demonstrate it through a corpse of a human or an animal.The king orders his men to bring a corpse of a dead man. Now the dervish is telling the king about transferring the spirits from one body to another body and how he learned that from his old master. It is something like reincarnation.
    The Seksek’s servants  bring to him a dead chicken and the dervish tells the king that he will transfer his soul “the dervish” to the chicken’s dead boy.He asked the king’s permission to let him lay his body while transferring his soul. The magic happens , the chicken revives towards the scared king while the dervish seems to be dead , then the chicken dies and the dervish is awake again.

    Now the King is begging for the secret from the dervish for any price he wants and the dervish is ok with the bargain telling him the secret spell. The king decides to test it the spell and he will transfer his soul to the dead chicken and it works. The dervish asks for nothing and in return the Seksek orders his execution !! No man should know the holy secret of Resurrection.
    And then Scheherazade continues her tale on the 22nd night; the 424th episode of the Egyptian Radio classical Arabian nights show
    Now the Seksek is asking about Hagar who is still alive. I think you get what he wants to do , to transfer his soul to Hagar’s body.
    The wicked king is deceiving Hagar claiming that he will release them both because of their love on one condition : To forgive him. 
    On the other hand Sahar wants to kill herself as she believes her beloved is killed but she finds him alive. Sahar and Hagar forgive the king who does not want them to leave but rather to stay claiming that Hagar will be a minister in his court.
    Hagar tells the king that he will accept his position on the condition that the old man changes his policies and release the rebels and the tribal children from his jails. The wicked man tells him that he will discuss the matter with him in a hunting trip alone.
    I think Sahar’s voice is narrated by Samiha Ayoub

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    Ok lots of stuff took in Egypt this week , aside from Sinai and its implications  , aside from Morsi’s and his decisions ; the new heads of the famous State owned newspapers appointed by Shura council on Wednesday made it hard for the revolution to reach for the famous Press street in Cairo after all these months !!
    The Shura council “with Islamist majority led by MB’s Freedom and Justice party” chose the new editors of chief of publications issued by the state owned publishing  corporations in Egypt. We are speaking here about 10s of publications from daily and weekly newspapers as well weekly and monthly magazines. Most of these publishing corporations suffer from financial and managerial corruption after decades of being controlled by the police state.
    purging the media was a demand 
    These appointments were decided based on a mechanism that was rejected for months by journalists whether Pro-Revolutionaries or Non Revolutionaries.The mechanism was also rejected by the members of journalists syndicate. I will not waste your time and mine in explaining what the mechanism is but I will tell you that the Shura council member who heads the panel to choose the chiefs in editor is actually a person who has not worked in journalism or media !!
    That mechanism adopted by Shura Council does not liberate the state owned press from the state’s control as we wish and want in the post Revolution Egypt , in fact now the State owned press will be controlled by the majority party whatever this party is accordingly.
    Now despite all the people expected that the Shura council would choose MB to head the state owned newspapers , the heads of the major newspapers , the big three “Al Ahram , Al Akhbar and Al Gomhouria” to be accurate. But surprisingly they choose at least for Al Ahram and Gomhouria , the MB chose big Felol names aka former regime supporters. I do not know what kind of media purging is that !!!
    Abdel Nasser Salamah , Al Ahram Daily newspaper’s new editor in Chief is a big Anti-#Jan25 Revolution outspoken journalist who has been attacking the revolution and describing the protesters as agents of foreign countries !! In early February 2011 he spoke about foreign agents in Tahrir square despite he believed that the majority in Tahrir square from the good youth that seek better political life !!
    Of course after ousting Mubarak , the man shifted his loyalty to SCAF and continued to attack the protesters who protested against the council throughout 2011. It is enough to say that Salama used to appear in Tawfik Okasha´s TV show as constant guest and commentator !!

    ِAl Ahram´s journalists are angry from his appointment and some of them actually began to protest against him. A group of journalists already started to organize silent protesting stands outside his office in the famous Press corporation on Thursday. 
    The Egyptian Christians are also angry from his appointment as they can not forget his column during Al Omraneya clashes in 2010 where he attacked them and the church forcing Al Ahram to publish an official appology in very rare occasion before the revolution !!
    The editor in chief of Al Gomhouria is Gamal Abdel Rahim whose name is well known among human rights activists and bloggers since 2009. Mr. Abdel Rahim is associated with his calls against Baha’is in Egypt , no one can forget how he praised the people in Sharoniya village in Sohag after burning the houses of Baha’is in the small village. Already not less than 6 human rights organizations filed a complain against him at the Public prosecutor office during that time accusing him of inciting attack against Baha'is
     As a member of the journalists syndicate’s council in 2009 , Abdel Rahim continued his crusade against the Baha’is and stopped a conference for religious freedom at the Syndicate by force !! I think Abdel Rahim is still a member in syndicate’s council.
    Now among journalists Abdel Rahim is well known for his cooperation with the State security !! Not a big surprise.
    Any how it seems that Abdel Rahim and Salama enjoy too much religious tolerance !!
    I could not find anything related to the new  editor in Chief of Al Akhbar newspaper “Mohamed Hassan El Bana” , in fact no one knows anything about him when I checked. I do not why he was chosen when Al Akhbar newspaper. Egyptian tweeps say sarcastically that Mohamed Hassan El Bana was chosen because of his name “Hassan El Bana” which is identical to the late founder of MB’s name, the famous Hassan El Bana. I do not know if he is related to him or not. The only thing I know about him that he is from the children of Akhbar Al Youm.
    Interestingly enough columnist and writer Abla El Rowainy "Former editor in chief of Akhbar Literature" found out that her Op-ed in Akhbar newpspaper about the Press and the new appointment was alerted and a sentence condemning what she believes an attempt of Muslim brotherhood to control press was removed without her knowledge or approval. 
    Despite her success as an editor in chief of that important newspaper specialized in literature and arts , El Rowainy is dismissed from her position and journalist Magdy Afifi was appointed as editor in chief of chief to Akhbar Literature. Afifi was the deputy editor in chief of Akhbar Al Youm in time of Mubarak which means was granted the approval of state security. 
    As time changes , it was not a big change to find Afifi praising Sheikh Safwat Hegazy describing him as a revolutionary icon !!I can not deny Hegazy´s role in the early 18 days of revolution in Tahrir square but I can not forget how he attacked later the revolution´s youth and protesters won the majority in the parliament. " Not even real majority !" 
    Needless to say she does not like or support Muslim brotherhood yet she is good in her position !! The intellectuals believe that Afifi's appointment is like a return to the dark ages. BY the way Afifi used to work in Oman and he seems to be not that popular among the journalists there. 
    The new head of Akhbar Al Youm is an Islamist , Soliman El Qenawy used to head a publication issued by Al Azhar called “Al Azhar voice”
    Journalists and observers speak about the Muslim brotherhood’s control , well aside from Akhbar Al Youm newspaper I can not see anyone except the old regime remnants who used to work with State security.
    On Tuesday columnists and journalists in state owned and independent as well partisan papers decided to object the appointments by leaving their columns blank. On Thursday several columnists in Al Masry Al Youm , Al Watan and Youm 7 have left their column blank like Magdy El Gald, Amr Hamzawy , Moatez Abdel Fatah and Mohamd Salmaway.
    Now journalists accuse the Muslim brotherhood of taking over the press in Egypt despite it seems that they did not choose MB journalists to head major papers , still they chose men who are ready to sell their mamas for authority whoever the president is.
    The state owned press corporations were used as a tool to control the media and manipulate the public awareness since 1960s and the nationalization policies, if you are true revolutionary or even true reformist who believes in gradual changes ; setting these corporations free should be from priorities if you want true democracy. Other than that you do not want democracy but just want to take over power using democracy.
    Now at least 5 of the major state owned press corporations were privately owned and nationalised in 1960s to suffer from ups and downs reaching to the threat of bankruptcy especially in the decline of the printed press.
    Some say that we should privatise these corporations and I totally disagree with that suggestion because we are replacing the State controlled media with the money controlled media. There is another solution several journalists working in these corporations : They own these corporations like some sort of worker cooperative ownership. 
    There is another suggestion is to turn these state owned corporations in to a semi-autonomous public service corporations like the BBC.  I support this suggestion.
    Of course as someone who knows the history of state owned press corporations , I feel sad because we have treasures and talents that need to be free to the pubic and not owned by the state or the regime or the ruling party but by the public. 

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    Tonight is our 23rd night from our tale , the tale of Hagar, Sahar and Egrama. It is the 425th night from the Egyptian radio’s Arabian nights.
    Now Seksek Hamdon and Hagar are alone in some hunting trip , till they reach to the middle of no where in order to win his trust. The Seksek tries to win the trust of Hagar through telling him his magical secret : To revive the dead and to transfer the souls from one body to another. He will demonstrate it through some dead animal corpse which he will transfer his body to.
    Hagar still mistrust the old wicked king and so the Seksek tells him how it works to win his trust more. Now the wicked man tells Hagar to try it and to transfer his soul to the dead animal’s corpse. As soon as he does that , the wicked king decided to to transfer his own soul’s to Hagar’s body.
    Now the soul of the Seksek is in the body of Hagar and unsurprisingly that Seksek in the body of Hagar wants to kill that animal that got Hagar’s soul inside it. The animal runs away and the Seksek/Hagar’s body chases him. After losing trace , the Seksek in Hagar’s body returns to his old dead body. His plan is simple , he will return back to Sahar as her beloved Hagar but the king faces a dilemma what he will do with the body !?? He decides to return back to his old body and drag with him the body of Hagar.
    In his way to the palace , Hanoma sees the dead body of Hagar and tells Sahar who went crazy heading to the Sesek’s court.
    It is a bit crazy.
    You can refresh your memory here and remember what happened in the previous nights.

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    I do not know if it were a wicked plan by the administration of the Faculty of the fine Arts in Zamalek to stop its students from drawing anti-SCAF and political  graffiti on the walls of the faculty or it is a genuine art project but either way what I saw at the Faculty of Fine arts lately.
    Beautiful mosaic paintings on the walls of the Faculty from outside representing tributes to Egyptian painters , icons and sculptors like Hassan Fathy and Mahmoud Mokhtar.

    The sun was not my friend unfortunately.

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    Ok more presidential decrees no one expected just an hour before breakfast.
    President Mohamed Morsi has just cancelled the constitutional declaration annex issued by SCAF to restore his full powers as the President of State. Now Morsi got the same powers of Mubarak technically.
    He also appointed judge Ahmed Mekky , the member of constituent assembly “close to Islamists” and the famous reformist judge as his vice president. "I knew that he could not appoint someone with bigger charisma like Abu El Fotouh”
    The presidential decrees did not stop at that because much important decrees are :
    • Forcing Field Marshal Tantawy , the minister of defense and head of SCAF and Sami Anan , the chief of staff in the Egyptian armed forces in to retirement.
    • Appointing General Abdel Fatah El Sissy as the minister of defense and General commander of the Egyptian armed forces."The commander of military intelligence"
    • Appointing General Sadky Sobhy as the chief of staff of the armed forces. “The commander of third army”
    • Appointing Major General Mohamed El Assar as the minister of defense assistant
    • Appointing General Mohab Mamish as the CEO of Suez Canal authority. “Morsi held a meeting with the former CEO of SCA yesterday’s night as far as I know”
    This is the biggest military reshuffle ever. Unfortunately I will not be able to comment now as I am heading to some old friends reunion Iftar after less than 1/2 hour and I have not even get dressed yet !!
    Quickly , it is quick safe exist which the generals hinted before about “Tantawy’s retirement”. The scary part is that we do not have a constitution and Morsi got a Godlike powers just like Mubarak. It is amicable reshuffle by the approval and blessings of the generals. In fact these appointments are by their recommendations in nutshell.
    At the time being you can check this Who is who in SCAF post I made from a year ago.
    Update : 
    Ok Mohamed El Assar is the US man in Cairo , this reshuffle got the American blessing without doubt. The Muslim brotherhood and their Youth are crazy tonight with their victory ,the old regime supporters and Anti-MB fraction are stunned , shocked and afraid from the future. There are lots of rumors now about the fate of Tantawy and Anan , whether they did not know or did know or whether they are under house arrest or not. 

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    And the 24th night of our tale , the tale of Hagar and Sahar is here.

    Now the wicked Seksek Hamdon transfers his soul to the body of Hagar in order to earn the love of his beloved Sahar. Poor Sahar fell in to the trap but felt that there was something strange about Hagar especially with his insistence to stay in the Seksek’s court and how he treats her. The Seksek then returns back to his palace after his meeting with Sahar transferring his soul to his old fragile body keeping the body of Hagar in a sealed chamber.
    Meanwhile the soul of poor Hagar is trapped in the body of a goat that roams to the unknown in the desert.
    You can refresh your memory here.
    This is the 426th of the Egyptian radio’s legendary Arabian radio nights show.

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    Meet our new military commanders : 
    The official photo for El Sisi
    from SCAF official FB page
    General Abdel Fatah El Sisi and General Sobhy Sadky , our latest minister of defence and chief of staff or to be accurate the first minister of defence and Chief of Staff to be appointed by democratically elected civilian president since 1953. "The declaration of Egyptian republic".
    General Abdel Fatah Khalil El Sisi is considered the 71st minister of defence in Egypt since the position came to the Egyptian government in mid 19th century. Of course it is not a first time to hear the name of El Sisi who has been a member of SCAF and the head of military intelligence.
    Now quick bio : 
    Born in 1954 , his father was a merchant in Khan Khalil famous quarter which means he is from Cairo. He graduated from military academy in 1977 as an infantry officer not in 1969 as most media claim. Accordingly He did not fight in 1973 war. He is the second youngest member in SCAF. "Already not one thought to check back because if they did , they will know that in 1969 he was 15 years old !!"
    Among the leading positions he occupied in the army :
    • ِA commander of mechanized infantry battalion 
    • The military attaché in our embassy in KSA
    • The Chief of staff of the Northern Military zone "Alexandria" 
    • The Commander of the Northern Military zone "Alexandria"
    • The head of the information and security in the general secretariat in the ministry of defence. 
    • The head of the military intelligence and reconnaissance "He was appointed by Mubarak" 
    Unlike other members of SCAF , El Sisi did not speak that much to the media or appear that much like other members of SCAF whether Ismail Etman or Mohamed El Assar. Still the only time he spoke to the media,he created controversy when he confessed to the Egyptian media that female protesters in Egypt were subjected to virginity tests in March 2011.
    The virginity tests were conducted to protect the girls from rape as well to protect the army soldiers from being accused of rape !! 
    This quote was actually was the first and may be the only direct confession from SCAF members that this ugly practice was conducted. Needless to say it was quickly picked up by Amnesty International and BBC.
    Later that year in June 2011 El Sisi met with officials from Amnesty international promising to end this practice for ever.
    Since then we did not hear the name of El Sisi except when Ultra-Manic crazy rude anti-revolutionary Tawfik Okasha unleashed his greatest verbal attack ever against Tantawy , SCAF and El Sisi after the victory of Mohamed Morsi in the elections. In that episode Okasha predicted that El Sisi , the man of the Muslim brotherhood.

    According to some friends El Sisi's family got some MB members yet as army officer he could not have reached to commandership and held these important positions like the commander of the Northern military zone or the military intelligence in time of Mubarak except if he got no political affiliation with any political powers let alone the the Muslim brotherhood.It is like saying that Sheikh Al Azhar's father is an atheist !! "Of course in perfect world , it should not be a problem."
    When it comes to the family , El Sisi is married man who got 3 boys and one girl. Some are claiming that his wife is wearing a Niqab which I also highly doubt it because ladies who wear Niqab are not welcomed in the army's clubs
    On the other hand  revolutionaries can not forget the role of the military intelligence in sabotaging the revolution's progress throughout 2011. 
    Already personally I am asking myself  why we have this man as minister of defence when he is part of that disaster that took place in Sinai. There is no doubt that the intelligence failure is divided between the GIS and the military intelligence if we are speaking seriously taking in consideration for more 15 months the militants were roaming Sinai freely.
    Anyhow now there are these rumours that Morsi to fire Anan and Tantawy after knowing from El Sisi that he gave intelligence to them and they ignored. I do not believe that , I believe it was amicable retirement especially that Tantawy made it clear that he will retire after the presidential elections.
    Needless to say El Sisi got the American blessing or approval so I will not imagine for one second that he is revolutionary for real. "I wish he will be a revolutionary who revives our Egyptian armed forces"
    Anyhow I am quite amazed that people actually paying attention more to El Sisi and they forget that his position is actually a political one and the Chief of staff actually is not less important than it.

    Our Chief of Staff now
    General Sobhy Sedky El Siyad has been appointed as the chief of staff instead of Anan. The 1955 born general is actually youngest member of SCAF. There is much information revealed in the media about Sedky except that he was graduated from military academy as an infantry officer. He was promoted to General in 2007. He was appointed as the commander of the Third army "Canal Zone" in August 2009.
    Again revolutionaries do not like him because of what happened to the Suez revolutionary activists who have been sentenced two years in front of military judiciary for protesting in front of a military base earlier this year !!
    You must know Morsi retired not only Anan and Tantawy , he retired the commanders of Navy , air forces and air defences forces.
    BY the here is a complete list of Egypt's ministers of defence.
    You can also check My Who is Who of Egyptian Junta from 2011. 
    May God protect Egypt and its army. 

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    It is our 25th night from our tale in Ramadan 2012 , the tale of Hagar and Sahar boys and girls

    Now crazy old Seksek has given his orders to his men to execute all the goats in his land to make sure that Hagar’s soul does not survive not to mention to find its way to his body kept in the old tyranny's palace.
    After getting in to Hagar’s body , unfortunately the old tyranny knows more secret about the rebels in his kingdom through Sahar and Lady Hanom. We already knew that he got help from the rebels. Sahar still refuses his sexual advances insisting to wait till they get married when their tribes arrive to the kingdom. The Seksek sent his fortuneteller Wakwak to the Land of Ibn Kanan to get the couple’s families.
    Poor Hagar still roams the vast desert feeling sad.
    Our night ends when Wakwak returns back to the King carrying important news.
    You can refresh your memory here.
    This is the 427th of the Egyptian radio’s legendary Arabian radio nights show.

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    King Farouk checking the army
    There are lot of reactions in Egypt following Mohamed Morsi’s daring military reshuffle decisions. Most reactions welcome the decisions. Some consider the decisions as historical ones , after all it is the first time in our modern history that a democratically elected civilian retires and appoints ministers of defense.
    Some believe that this is the end of the 60 years military rule of Egypt and the legacy of July 1952. Of course others believe that this is actually just the beginning , it is a deep legacy where ex-army generals control civilian leading positions in many places.
    Another team believes that this is a victory for the revolution , after all you kicked out Mubarak’s army men who are accused of sabotaging the #Jan25 Revolution for nearly 16 months.
    Meanwhile neutral Egyptians think it was a good move after the fiasco of the army in the massacre of Sinai and the killing of the 16 Egyptian soldiers from the borders guards in Rafah. The Egyptian army needs new blood.
    Ironically those who hate the revolution also welcomed the decisions and were happy that Tantawy and Anan were kicked. They already believe that Tantawy and Anan betrayed Mubarak and gave up the country and the army to the Muslim brotherhood , Americans,Iranians and Israel !!! “Do not even ask or debate”
    Of course there is another team who does not approve these decision and believe it is a civilian coup against the military in order to start the Muslim brotherhood’s master plan in MB-ization of the army and the State in partnership with the States that want to destroy our army forever.

    Ironically that team believes that the new commanders are incompetent young commanders who did not fight a single war with Israel that were appointed by the States as they studied there.
    If it is about fighting wars with Israel , I think we should appoint Gamal Hamad , the famous Free officer Historian who fought Israel since 1948 !! And his son is famous GIS !! I do not how I can answer this but Tantawy’s old age is not good either and ironically Abdel Hakim along his staff fought Israel twice “in 1948 and 1956” and I do not need to speak about what happened in 1967. Also Tantawy did not plan for the October 1973 war , he was just a small officer.
    Ironically both men fought the Gulf War II.
    Regarding that States point , well unfortunately since 1977 the Egyptian army shifted its alliance with the Russians to the Americans. It is not the mistake of the MB I am afraid. This is the result of Sadat’s policies. Also it is worth to mention that the reliance on the US when it comes to military issues increased in time of Mubarak. These generals did not go to the States in secret but they went by the orders of Mubarak and his generals !!
    Speaking about the military , MB and the States , I would like you to refresh your memory and read this post about the report written in 2009 by Steven Cook for the Council on foreign relations about Egypt after Mubarak dealing with two scenarios : Islamist revolution and Military coup. A popular revolution like #Jan25 was unpredictable by anyone.
    The MB youth are now in the moon actually with that decision that some of them consider more important the Nationalization of Suez canal in 1956 !!! Their hate for Nasser is obvious “ I can understand” but actually only time will tell us if Morsi’s choices for the minister of Defense and chief of staff are good or not.
    The MB youth will cheer up for Morsi regardless of what he does. They are proving to be a threat to him if I may see with their blind support for him and the brotherhood.
    I must hint out that most if not all the officers in the Egyptian armed forces seemed to be happy that Tantawy and Anan are retired now , especially Tantawy. It was not a secret that Tantawy was unpopular among Egyptian officers for decades not for years even among those army officers who did not like the revolution. Mubarak appointed unpopular man as the minister of defense keeping him for decades to avoid any attempts from coups. Already he got from Abdel Halim Abu Ghazla when he found that his popularity inside and outside the army was increasing. We are third world country and the President should be careful when it comes to the minister of defense and Chief of Staff.
    Anyhow aside from the reactions , fears and admirations , these are my two cents.
    I want my army to be modern , I want my army to be corruption free. I want my army to manufacture its arms instead of macaroni , I want my army to diversify its arming sources. I want my army to keep its military doctrine as it is , I do not want it to be changed so the Egyptian Army would turn to be like Jordanian army “With my all respect to Jordan” and fight terrorism and organized crime.
    Already I think from the good things Tantawy did through all those years was keeping the military doctrine of the army as it is despite the American pressures according to the Wikileaks. Of course if this doctrine has changed by any chance , Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood will be cursed in history and they can find themselves in front of extremely angry army before angry people.
    There is growing Nationalism in the Egyptian society where strangely Nasser and Sadat are united against MB , the army is just a reflection for the society.
    I want my army to keep its secularity like any professional national army. Our army is not as secular as the Turkish army but let’s say I do not want to see an Iranian or Sudanese army in the horizon.
    If what I want for my army happens then I believe that the true demands of the revolution considering the army have been fulfilled and Morsi has done a great achievement for real.
    Of course there are many doubts that these wants happen because in the end the United States will not let this happen to keep the balance of power in favor of Israel from its point of view.
    This is our army which according to international numbers and reports may could be the true last standing Arab army professionally. May God protect Egypt , its people , its land and its army in this blessed night. May God avenge for the souls of those poor soldiers and bring patience for their families and beloved ones. 

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    It is our 26th night from our tale in Ramadan 2012 , the tale of Hagar and Sahar

    The Old Seksek goes to Sahar telling her that she should marry Hagar now claiming that his fortuneteller Wakwak did not find their tribe. Our beautiful lady believes that there is something wrong with her beloved Hagar whom she fears now. She finds some condolences in lady Hanom’s cat “I bet it is not a cat but rather Jinn”.
    Meanwhile Wakwak , the Seksek’s fortuneteller and Qobqab , the Seksek’s poet feel that there is something when it comes to Hagar and the old wicked man’s friendship. After agreeing to discover the secret of that room the two are using , they decided to turn the king against Hagar.
    You can refresh your memory here.
    This is the 428th of the Egyptian radio’s legendary Arabian radio nights show.

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  • 08/15/12--00:30: We are #Egypt
  • At the time we were busy in our political battles , the ministry of tourism had this campaign abroad that was more than amazing

    Yes we are Egypt
    Talaat Harb square in Cairo
    Giza Pyramids 
    Mountain Biking, Color canyon, Dahab-Taba, Sinai
    First time to know that it exists actually !!
    Fjord Bay, Taba — at Taba, Sinai.
    Aswan, Philae temple
    Aswan, Anakato
    Cairo, Shams coffee shop, downtown
    Aswan, Anakato terrace view 
    Dahab, Sinai 
    I have only discovered this campaign by coincidence in Facebook through the magnificent page of professional photographer Toufic Araman
    By the way the new minister of tourism Hisham Hisham Zaazoua is a great choice for the ministry. The liberal man is well known in tourism sector and he has been working in the ministry for years.
    Of course in this transitional period , I know that he is facing a lot of challenges. Anyhow we should never lose hope regardless what.

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    Here is our 27th night from our tale in Ramadan 2012 , the tale of Hagar and Sahar
    The Old Sesek busted the dirty trick of his aides Wakwak and Qobqab who wanted to turn him against Hagar. Back in his secret chamber where he is keeping Hagar’s body , the old tyranny got a devilish idea , he will keep transferring his soul in to young men’s bodies to reach for immorality.
    Meanwhile Poor Sahar agrees to marry Hagar despite she feels that there is something about him. Oddly enough she does not attract a cat in to her chamber but she also attracts a strange nightingale.
    The Old Seksek is on the verge of not announcing that Hagar will marry Sahar but also he is abdicating his throne to Hagar in Public to seek immorality.
    You can refresh your memory here.
    This is the 429th of the Egyptian radio’s legendary Arabian radio nights show.

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    At the time we are busy in our internal issues in Egypt and trying to keep up with Syria , the unexpected “somehow” happens in Lebanon in the most craziest way ever !! Today millions of Arabs were introduced to a new Clan in Lebanon that is participating by force in the decision making process not only in that beautiful country but in the Middle East judging on what is happening so far.
    Today Al Mokdad family/Clan announced that its military branch has captured 30 Syrians allegedly from the Syrian Free army after the capture of a group of Lebanese in Syria including a member of their clan by the FSA.
    The Syrian POWs !!
    The FSA claimed that this group of Lebanese was actually following Hezbollah and came to aid El Assad’s regime in its war against the rebels !!
    The Clan’s spokesperson “Yes they got a spokesperson” threatened that military branch of the family to escalate their operations if their man is not released in 48 hours !!
    It has been years in Lebanon that we hear a clan got a military branch in this Social media/televised way !!
    Hours later we knew that the Al Mokdad kidnapped a Turkish hostage “Aidan Tufan”and a Saudi hostage.

    As soon as the news of kidnapping the Turkish and Saudi hostages by the family of the Day in Lebanon , the Kingdom issued an order to its citizens in Lebanon to leave it ASAP.
    After the threat of Al Mokdads that they will target Qatari citizens in Lebanon and the news that Saudi citizen was kidnapped by the militant family , Qatar urged its citizens to leave Lebanon ASAP. Of course there is an unconfirmed news that Qatari government threatened that if a single Qatari citizen is kidnapped in Lebanon , it will kick all the Lebanese citizens from Qatar !! “I hope it is untrue because it is disgusting and racist”
    It was not a matter of hours when we found Sheikh Abdullah Ibn Zayed , the UAE’s minister of foreign affairs announced on his official twitter account that the UAE MOFA is discussing the matter. Then in another tweet we found him announcing that all UAE citizens should leave Lebanon
    The MOFA demands the citizens not to travel to Lebanon and the citizens currently there to leave it immediately
    Kuwait and Bahrain followed the UAE , Qatar and KSA steps and are asking their citizens to leave the small country. I assume there are not too Gulf tourists in Lebanon now in Ramadan hopefully.
    Already according to citizen journalists and tweeps in Lebanon , in Beirut right now the Beirut airport aka Rafik El Hariri airport is being blocked by protesters from the families of the detainees in Syria who set tires on fire.
    By @Amani_Lebanon

    By Bahgat Nassif 
    Already I do not know the Arab tourists from the Gulf will do in Beirut, there is no other option as surprisingly there is one pubic airport in Lebanon “!!” while the other airports are located in military airbases !! May be the Gulf states will send military jets to transfer their people from Lebanon.
    Of course you will ask where the Lebanese authorities are from all this especially the armed forces and I will tell you that Lebanese have been asking themselves this question since early morning.
    The best one to summarize the position of the Lebanese army from this made was Al Arabiya’s Washington D.C Bureau Chief Lebanese journalist Hisham Melhem.
    An urgent and simple question : Does the Lebanese army have a military branch ??
    Seriously this is the death of Lebanese state for real. Well it was already dead for years.
    Update : The Lebanese army appeared and emptied the airport road from protesters.I read that the Al Mokdad clan is threatening to attack the Saudi and Qatari embassy.
    Now back to Egypt , tweeps online are wondering why on earth the Egyptian government is not acting quickly and evacuating its citizens from Lebanon despite they are not in the target list of Al Mokdads !!

    Now to the Golden question of the hour : What is the history of Al Mokdad family/clan ???

    Al Mokdad clan is more of a big tribe that originates from Beqaa Valley yet according to news reports I saw today it spread throughout Lebanon and in Beirut. From what I understood also the majority of its members is Shiite but amazingly it includes Sunni as well Roman Catholics “Do not even wonder how coz I do not know”
    Al Mokdad's military branch in Southern Suburb by
    Despite many point out that Al Mokdad clan is an alley to Hezbollah Party and that it is doing its dirty work , the clan insists that it has no partisan affiliation and that its members believe that the tribal affiliation is much important than the partisan affiliation. Many of them live in the famous Shiite Southern suburb currently.
    The clan started to have its own military branch aka its mini-army in mid 1970s after the Two years war “1975-1976” when actually every big clan and every sect in Lebanon began to have its military branch !!
    Realistically speaking in Lebanon owning guns and arms is something normal. I remember when the arms ownership spread like fire in Egypt after the revolution , my boss in work told us that we are turning in to Lebanon. It is something excepted that clans carry guns but Lebanese seemed to be forgotten or want to forget the awful days of civil war.Families and clans rule Lebanon and its sects actually thus we should not be surprised. We only forgot.
    Now politically Dragging the struggle in Syria in to Lebanon and turning it in to a big Civil sectarian war has been expected for while. It is not the first time. It is just mad thing !!I can not ignored the Saudi-Iranian-Turkish talks on Tuesday about Syria in the Urgent OIC summit. What is taking place behind closed doors , I wonder !??
    Welcome to Middle East where action never stops !!

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    First I apology for not posting the 28th Night of 1001 radio nights , you have to blame Cairo’s crazy traffic last Thursday as I returned home with no power what so ever to do anything.
    Now we are coming close to the end of our story , the story of Hagar and Sahar.
    This is the 28th night of the tale with huge big development.

    Now wicked Seksek Hamdon transferred his soul to the body of Hagar in order to marry Sahar but he was surprised to know that Sahar was yet again back to her sad mood as her nightingale !! In an attempt to brag with his reincarnation ability and transferring souls from one to another , Hamdon reveals his secret and even demonstrates it in front of her by transferring his soul to the bird’s dead body.
    As soon as Hamdon transfers his soul to the cat’s dead body , we are met with huge surprise. The sad nightingale Sahar had suddenly transferred its soul to Hagar’s empty and we find ourselves in front of the real Hagar who quickly kills  the cat with the soul of Seksek Hamdon.
    Hagar tells his beloved Sahar the story of the wicked trick of the old man.
    You can refresh your memory here.
    This is the 430th night of the Egyptian radio’s legendary Arabian radio nights show.
    Now moving to the 29th night of our tale.

    Hagar tells the story of his adventure as a goat wondering in the desert. He reached to an oasis with a tree where there was nightingales’ nest and while he was eating from the grass on the ground he found a dead body of a beautiful nightingale. Thus he decided to transfer to the dead bird’s body and head to his beloved Sahar. The rest we know it.
    The couple decided to head to the secret room of Seksek to make sure that his dead body is there.
    Meanwhile Wakwak, Hamdon’s fortuneteller goes to crown Prince Badron to inform him that his father decided to appoint Hagar as crown prince. Badron goes mad and decides to lead a coup against his father and to besiege his palace.
    At the same time our couple made sure that Seksek Hamdon was dead and were heading to leave the palace to head for their tribe , they found Badron and his troops storming the palace arresting them. Badron finds his father dead and thus he announces himself as the king. Now he decided to send Hagar to King Kaood and to have Sahar as his maiden once again.
    Once again the couple are separated.
    This is the 431st night of the Egyptian radio’s Arabian nights show

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  • 08/17/12--12:21: Happy Eid El Fitr 2012
  • And officially according to Dar El Ifta of Egypt Eid El Fitr will be on Sunday and tomorrow Saturday is the final day “30th day” of Ramadan.
    A Sheikh in 1934 searching for
    the moon
    Happy Eid to all Muslims around the Globe from Egypt. :)
    Happy Eid
    From old Arabic language book
    from 1973s

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    ِِAhmed Abdel Moneim
    This is the sort of news that makes me understand why we got too many social challenges causing trouble not less dangerous than our political challenges that setting us back !!
    In 1914 the Egyptian university “Fouad University/Cairo university” sent student Taha Hussein to France to complete his university education there.
    In 1959 the Dean of Arab literature who once said that education is like water and air was appointed by the State as the new editor in Chief of newly published then “Al Gomhouria newspaper” 
    Now a side note : Taha Hussein was blind.
    In 2012 Student Ahmed Abdel Moneim was announced the first in the 2012 class of 3rd secondary stage nationwide with a score of “99/5%”.
    As an annual tradition the 10 students with the highest grades nationwide in the 3rd second stage class are awarded with a trip to France organized by Al Gomhouria newspaper in coordination with the ministry of education. Ahmed Abdel Moneim was excluded from that trip surprisingly. The justification of Al Gomhouria was that they feared on Ahmed’s safety because of his disability !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ahmed is blind and he is the first in the blind class nation wide.
    I will not say anything except one day Ahmed Abdel Moneim will be more successful and his name will be remembered through out Egypt and the Arab nation just like Taha Hussein unlike those blind hearted bastards !!!
    I am so angry just like hundreds or even thousands of Egyptian youth who found the story throughout the media.
    Unfortunately the story of Ahmed is just the ice berg of the hell Egyptian disabled citizens face. I hope that President Morsi does something to help restoring their lost rights more than meeting our Paralympics heroes before heading to London at the Presidential Palace. When I remember it ElBaradei, Moussa and Abu El Fotouh cared for this particular file. 

    0 0

    And Scheherazade tell you happy Eid to all our dear readers who listened and waited on a daily basis her to complete the tale of Ramadan 2012 , the tale of Hagar and Sahar.
    This is the first time I publish 30 episodes and I hope that you like it.
    Now without any fancy introduction here is the 30th night , the finale of our Ramadan Arabian nights in 2012.
    Now this tale was used wisely in the Nasser propaganda in early 1960s and his radio frequencies war with King Hussein of Jordan as well the Al Soud Royal family in KSA.
    There are revolution and coup against the new Seksek Badroon who escaped to the King Kaood “in reference to King Al Saud” and is backed up by King AnHussein aka “King Al Hussein of Jordan”.
    Nevertheless the rebels find support from the Nile noble knight insisting that they are only defending those cruel monarchs not their people or even their armies ;)
    Anyhow our beloved Hagar and Sahar meet in the battle. Our Sahar already disguised like a man and fought like a knight.
    In the end the couple love together happily every after till death did them apart.
    To be honest I do not like this finale , I wished for more drama/magic thing.
    Thank you so much for listening and next year Scheherazade will meet you again with new tales insh Allah

    0 0

    And here is Kodak Agfa’s latest productions in Ramadan 2012 : Kkan Al Khalili and Al Hussein in Ramadan 2012.

    It was a very short visit to the famous Khan Al Khalili market and Al Hussein quarter in Ramadan thanks to being invited to a breakfast at the Khan Al Khalili and Naguib Mahfouz Cafe and restaurant. “Highly recommended”
    It was a great opportunity to sit for awhile at the famous El Fishawy cafe for couple of minutes , unfortunately it was crowded , noisy and full of street vendors who are insisting that they should buy from them.
    Here is my favorite photo.

    DSC03975 One scene spoiled it was a scene of a little Egyptian kid begging for money from a foreign kid coming with her tourist parents at Fishawy cafe,  she told him that she got no money before the waiters would kick him out.

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