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7000 years and counting ...

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    Happy International women’s Day From Egypt to the fabulous and strong women around the globe especially in Africa, the Arab world, Muslim world and  Mideast ... not to mention Egypt itself.

    As this year’s theme according to the United Nations is the rural woman  “which actually is the true mother of human civilization if you think about it”, I would like to share with this beautiful photo I took for a beautiful statue at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo depicting an ancient Egyptian lady graining some grains.
    A statue of an ancient Egyptian woman gaining some grains at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo
    A beautiful statue indeed 
    It was not a statue of a royal figure or public figure.
    I do know if it was made based on a real model that lived from thousands of years ago on the banks of the Nile or not but I know that we should celebrate her and her granddaughters from rural women whom we should help in many ways especially economically in those hard days in Egypt.

    Women farmers at the field in Egypt's Sharkia
    Egyptian women farmers in the harvest of wheat in Sharkia, Nile Delta 

    Here I am not speaking the rural areas in Nile Delta and Upper Egypt countryside but also rural border areas especially in North Sinai which witnesses currently a big scale military operation to purge terrorism.
    The military operation is causing a huge shortage in supplies in North Sinai’s towns like Al-Arish and Sheikh Zowaid yet our ladies are standing there as much as they can with all force and strength as they have always down in those hard times.

    I also cannot forget Egyptian video journalist Mai El-Sabbagh who found herself accused of many charges and detained 15 days pending investigation for doing a simple video report about newly renovated tram in Alexandria as well other journalists currently behind bars.

    Happy International Women’s Day.

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    And as Egyptians were watching the current Presidential elections race in early January to see who is going to the king for the next four years whom they know very well, they got busy unexpectedly with something from the bygone true Royal era.

    In early January, someone shared on Twitter photos which Flickr user Islam Taha uploaded to his photostream in April 2011 showing a bedroom reportedly owned by King Farouk of Egypt. That bedroom is up for sale at a famous U.S based antiquities gallery.(12, 34,5, 6 )

    A group of friends who launched #MasrZaman’s active hashtag about Egypt’s history and heritage how King Farouk’s bedroom at his Royal Rest house in Giza zoo disappeared and was replaced by a cheap bedroom.
    King Farouk's bed and the two night stands "Rau antiquities"
    The bed and the two night stands "Rau antiquities" 
    began to discuss that tweet and photos remembering how the furniture and jewels of Mohamed Ali Royal were smuggled outside Egypt illegally. That discussion brought to the attention that news from September 2013 about

    On 15 January, Cairo-based Al-Molid website published a news report reporting about that royal bedroom that appeared in the United States concluding that it was the same bedroom that disappeared in 2013.

    In no time, the story went viral online and shared across the Egyptian social media universe to the level that the U.S antiquities company had to remove its King Farouk’s bedroom website page from its official website and its special video from its official YouTube Channel.
    It was the talk of the town that soon faded like any other thing despite it opened a very file in 2018: Where have Mohamed Ali Royal Family’s treasures gone?

    A King in exile reminds the government of its role

    The matter grew to the level that former King Ahmed Fouad II issued a short official statement about the bedroom suite that hit hard in January

    Regarding what was spread about the sell of his Majesty King Farouk I’s bedroom in an auction in the United States , King Ahmed Fouad II and his family would like to assert all what had been confiscated from the family {Mohamed Ali Dynasty} for the sake of the Egyptian people had become a part of the historical and intellectual heritage of the nation.
    That {heritage} is in the custody of the successive Egyptian governments , which should look after the people and its properties that should already be displayed in the state’s museums as public property. That heritage should not be neglected or left for theft.
    His Majesty {Ahmed Fouad II} ‘s dignity forbids him to reclaim that furniture as he is the original owner leaving this responsibility to the Egyptian state. God protect the nation from every evil.
    Or in other words “Dear Egyptian Republic, it is your Goddamn duty to protect Mohamed Ali Royal Family’s stuff, not mine, Signed Ahmed Fouad II” !!

    There has been no official reaction to Fouad II’s statement from Switzerland.
    He issued a more recent similar statement in February when Egyptian Lifestyle and Fashion Pashion Magazine announced that a King Farouk’s-Patek Philippe watch will be allegedly auctioned in March at  Christie’s Dubai.

    The watch of the late King
    The watch of the late king "Christie's" 
    I searched for it in the lot to be sold in that auction in Dubai but I could not find it.I do not know if Christie’s did not list online or not following the uproar that happened over the bedroom.
    Yet I found it after a couple of hours in research at a past auction’s lot from 2014. It was sold and returned back to Christie’s according to an interview with Remy Julia, the head of Watches in Christie’s in Khaleej Times.

    It is not the first watch owned by King Farouk that had been sold by Christie’s or any other big auction house.
    A number of King Farouk’s watches and accessories were sold in those shameful and infamous auctions held in 1954.
    Those infamous auctions included as well his rare collections of stamps and coins. His private underwear suites were sold too in a humiliating way. China plates and rare silverware in addition to vases were sold in those auctions.
    Interestingly, furniture or to be precise royal bedroom suites like the one mentioned here were not included according to my knowledge.

    Farouk’s Rest House in Giza Zoo

    Farouk’s Rest House was built for the late King in Giza Zoo between its famous Tea Island area and Khedive Ismail’s Rest House “wonder what furniture has remained in that rest House”.
    According to news reports, the four-room- Royal rest has been closed since 1986.

    The story goes that the rest house was used twice by the government as a residence for ministers who did not have houses in Cairo “from outside Cairo”.
    The first time was in 1978 till 1982, when the late minister of agriculture Mahmoud Dawood stayed mostly alone because the rest of his family was afraid to stay there at night because of the animals’ sounds and preferred to stay in Alexandria.
    The second time was in 1983 till 1986 when late minister Nagy Shatla of food supply and internal commerce and his family stayed there because he was originally from Mounfia governorate.

    Now legend says that one of the ministers’ wives did not like the royal furniture of the rest house especially the bedroom and decided to replace it next day from a nearby Omar Effendi department with a much cheaper bedroom. Allegedly the old bedroom of the former king was sent to some warehouse. In 2013, the bedroom was nowhere to be found in the Zoo’s warehouses.

    In 2018, according to the information we have got, the ministers are both dead and there is one wife that is still alive.
    I do not know which one of them but it seems that journalists have to fail to reach her to ask her if she was the one that ordered to change the bedroom or not and if that Farouk’s bedroom suite in New Orleans was the one that was in the Royal Rest house or not in the first place.

    Many people including Molid website journalists insist that that bedroom was the once that stolen from the Giza zoo’s Rest House despite we have not seen the picture of the original room which was officially reported missing in 2013.
    This is the available information we have got in Egypt so far.

    But this is not enough because we needed to know more about that bed suite that got nearly US 1 million tag in the States
    Using old secret Google search, I found out that the page was added online in 2004.

    That was my first lead then I contacted Rau Antiquities and I asked them directly about that the Egyptian King Farouk Empire bedroom, a thing which most news websites in Egypt did not bother to do, unfortunately.
    The renowned Rau Antiquities answered my questions in two emails. The second one had more details about King Farouk’s Bedroom suite which was sold to a client in 2004 in New York and then the renowned gallery acquired it from him again in 2010 when he sold his house.

    “Rau Antiquities acquired that bedroom suite in 2003 from Renoncourt Antiquities, a highly reputable dealer in Paris” Lori Page, the chief marketing officer said it in her email adding that the famous Paris art dealer owned it since the 1980s
    King Farouk's bedroom suite with nearly USD 1 million price tag
    King Farouk's bedroom suite with nearly
    USD 1 million price tag "Rau antiquities" 

    Paige added that they also knew from Renoncourt antiquities thatthe bedroom suite had been in France since 1970s.
    It was displayed in the main windows of the Paris-based antiquities gallery for two decades till the Americans bought.
    What Mrs. Paige told me in her email was the start of another lead to follow to know about that fancy bedroom.

    Unfortunately, Jean Renoncourt died in June 2016 and before that, his gallery collection was acquired by Rouilac auctions house.

    Thankfully, Aymeric Rouillac answered my email and told me that he had a long conversation with Renoncourt’s widow and daughter and both remember nothing about that bedroom suite. There are no records about his acquisitions in the past either.

    This is what I have found and honestly, I may push it further with extensive research in French news archives but I got busy with work as well bad influenza and Egyptian Presidential elections wacky race.

    Is it the Rest house’s bedroom?

    Now there is a slight probability that that luxurious bedroom would be the one in the Giza zoo if it left Egypt in 1978 or 1979 and if the wife of late minister Mahmoud Dawood was the one who did not like the bedroom’s in the rest house.

    Again a photo of the original rest house’s furniture can save a lot of time.
    For me that room left Egypt in the 1970s or the 1960s illegally even if did not leave from Giza zoo’s royal rest house, it left the country from another guest house or a presidential palace

    There are growing doubts that this bedroom suite in New Orleans was actually in one of the main Cairo presidential palaces thanks to its distinguished style.
    Starting from minute 23:48, you can see a similar bedroom suite in Koubbah palace.

    This is a documentary produced Egyptian State-TV when Mubarak’s administration began to renovate the Presidential palaces in Egypt.
    ِA similar style bedroom suite at Kobbuah palace
    ِA similar style bedroom suite at Kobbuah palace 
    Needless to say, if it turns that the Rau antiquities’ bedroom was originally a bedroom suite at one of the presidential palace then we are in front of a bigger issue.

    There are officially 30 Presidential palaces and guesthouse, mostly from the time of the Egyptian Kingdom and many of them are closed not to mention other palaces and guesthouses that were not registered presidential and we do not know about its furniture except by accident.

    For instance, here is King Farouk’s bedroom at the Royal Guesthouse in Helwan.
    Alleged King Farouk's bedroom at the Royal Guesthouse in  Helwan
    Alleged King Farouk's bedroom at the Royal Guesthouse in
    Helwan !! "Youm7" 
    That Guesthouse was officially inaugurated as King Farouk’s Museum in 2016. Amazingly it turned out that this Guesthouse was registered a Monumental landmark in Egypt in 1976.
    One must wonder what happened to that Art Deco Villa from 1952 to 1976 as well from 1976 to 2016.

    In its heyday, Helwan was a hot spot because of its famous therapeutic water in Kabrittaj Helwan and King Farouk used to go there frequently.

    Nevertheless, it is said that he only used that guesthouse twice only.
    Even if he used it twice, I do not know why I have doubts that this was not the original bedroom allocated for King Farouk. I have the same doubts about the carpet too !!

    Not only Farouk’s bedroom but Other Royal bedrooms as well

    Late Famous Egyptian comedian Fouad El-Mohandes (1924-2006) was known to own and sleep in Khedive Ismail’s bed. It was always brought up especially in his last days.
    I remember how he described it as too high that he frequently fell because of it when he got older and was living alone.
    In September, Rosa Al-Youssef Magazine published an interview with his eldest son who said that his father got the Khedive Ismail’s bed at one of the auctions in 1969 in Cairo.
    People ignore that the famous comedian was antiquities lover and collector.
    Unfortunately, a fire erupted late December in El-Mohandes’s house destroying everything including the Khedival bed.
    I think we must ask how that alleged Khedive Ismail bed found its way that auction in 1969 when it should be in one of those presidential palaces.

    Needless to say, the alleged Khedive Ismail’s bed was lucky to find its way into a house through an auction and through the flea market !!
    According to that photo, the bed of Egypt’s Sultana Melek’s bed was up for sale in some old Cairo flea market in the 1960s as I assume.
    Sultana Melek's bed in a flea market in Cairo
    Sultana Melek's bed in a flea market in Cairo
    Date unknown 

    The palace of Egypt’s only Sultana in Heliopolis was turned in into the famous high school “Masr El-Gadida Ideal school for Girls” either in the mid-1950s or early 1960s.
    The school is considered the Egyptian President and his wife’s Polling station as it is blocks away from the Presidential Palace.

    The originally Turkish Sultana passed away in Cairo in 1956.
    So I assume that the take over on the palace and its furniture happened after her death.
    Now there is no official information about any official auction for the late Sultana’s possessions whether the Jewelry or the furniture.
    Yet I know that some of her Jewelry that was confiscated by the infamous inventory committee assigned to collect Egyptian Mohamed Ali Royal’s Jewelry and assets.
    I know also that some of her Jewelry disappeared in the 1970s according to late Egyptian journalist Gamil Aref’s investigative reports in October magazine about the Jewels of Mohamed Ali Royal Family.
    I wonder where Sultana Melek’s Jewelry as well bed is now.
    Those two simple examples are just the tip of the iceberg and that they are usually ignored in the media despite their importance.

    Unfortunately, as I hinted above the story of King Farouk’s bedroom faded away despite it forces us to ask a legitimate question on that what happened to the Mohamed Ali’s Royal Family stuff that had been confiscated for the sake of the public.

    The Egyptian people deserve an answer because this is their heritage we are speaking about.

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    Mohamed Salah

     Egyptian Liverpool FC football player Mohamed Salah aka Mo Salah appeared on Saturday in Egypt's Spring Flowers Show 2018 as a Christ figure made of grass.

    Later that evening he made a football history when he scored four goals in the Liverpool Vs. Walford game in England's Primer League. 

    He is the first Egyptian footballer to score four goals in one game in the Primer League
    He is the first Egyptian footballer to become a hattrick in the Primer League.
    He is the first Egyptian footballer to become top scorer ever.

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    Earlier Tuesday , many Egyptians were shocked to know that popular entertainment and showbiz website “” has been blocked in Egypt joining a long list of blocked websites that has been getting longer since May 2017.

    Interestingly is owned and ran by digital publishing Sarmady , which is a Vodafone subsidiary. Yes, is officially Egypt’s first website to be owned by a major ISP to be blocked in that wave.

    There is no official explanation on why the famous non-political website has been blocked and Sarmday has not issued anything so far.

    A better guess that Vodafone is working to lift that sudden block that hit its popular website

    People are referring to a small news that it published on Monday abut how Egyptian singer Amal Maher allegedly reported the head of General Sports Authority  in Saudi Arabia Turki al-Sheikh to the police in Cairo for assaulting her in front of her house in Maadi earlier that day. 

    Allegedly al-Sheikh was Maher’s ex-fiancé an they had some sort of fight.

    The Saudi official who is officially Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman “MBS” ‘s special adviser for sports issues as well childhood friend has been causing controversy in Egypt for the past two weeks mostly in the world of sports.

    Earlier Tuesday , the famous singer issued a statement denying that she had a fight with him or that he had assaulted.

    Few hours later, was completely blocked.

    To be honest I am completely amazed because we are speaking about a new low in censorship.

    In the past , most of the blocked websites were blocked because of politics. Most of the blocked websites presented content critical to the current regime but is blocked because Amal Maher-Turki al-Sheikh’s feud that did not happen !?

    This is censorship for the sake of foreign officials !!!

    Speaking about online censorship and football in Egypt, last week popular Cairo-based Koorabia announced that it was going to close down as it was blocked for the second time for no official or even logic reason. Koorabia is a football news website and nobody understands why it would be blocked in the country like that.

    The Huffington Post’s main website in the United States is also blocked now Egypt as well.

    Last week , the telecommunications committee in Egypt’s House of Representatives passed 21 articles out of 45 articles in the new counter e-crimes bill drafted by the government. Those articles legalize the ban and censorship of websites inside Egypt for the sake of national security.

    “The National security concept” in the bill includes “all what is related to the independence , stability and security of nation as well what is related to presidency, National Defense council , National security council , Egyptian armed forces and the ministries of defense and military production as well ministry of interior.

    The Egyptian General intelligence service and military intelligence as well The Administrative Control Authority are also under the umbrella of that concept of National security.

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    Happy fantastic Mother Day to all the fantastic and strong ladies in Egypt and around the globe. 

    Ancient Egyptian woman giving birth aided by goddess Tefnut

    Here is a beautiful depiction showing a pregnant woman from ancient Egypt giving birth with the help of ancient Egyptian goddess Tefnut at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo.  

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    Every time I pass by Heliopolis in Cairo, I must look around to see its remaining beautiful villas and palaces. One of my favorite palaces there is the Palace of Sultana Melek at Al-Oroba street which was turned in to a public school in the 1960s.
    Sultana Melek's Palace
    Sultana Meleks' palace with two strange banners
    For decades the Heliopolis style building hosted Misr Gadida language school. In the time of elections, it turned in to a poll station, the President’s Polling station especially in the time of Mubarak.
    From two weeks, I took a couple of photos of that beautiful building that was once the residence of Egypt’s only Sultana.
    To my surprise, I found out that a big banner hanging on the building with the words “Qena police station” !!
    What brought Qena police station of Upper Egypt to Cairo Heliopolis.
    What was really strange to me was the fact that the Misr El-Gadida language school was still there !!!
    I did not understand anything and I forgot to search what happened to the residence of that Turkish woman who became a Sultana for three years only.

    A post shared by Zeinobia (@zeinobia) on

    Only earlier Friday, I knew that the palace turned in to a public school has become a film studio recently and it is a location for popular actor Mohamed Ramadan’s TV series whose original setting is in Qena governorate, Upper Egypt.

    Do not ask me why Mohamed Ramadan does not film his TV series in Qena itself but seriously speaking that Palace does not deserve to be a fake substitute for Qena police station.

    I do not know what happened to the school but I know that the Palace deserve to be a Museum or a cultural hub if the school transferred to somewhere else.
    Updated: It turned that the school was transferred to a nearby building.

    Anyhow I will seize this opportunity to share more photo of that beautiful palace.
    Here are also a couple of photos from inside the Palace built between 1908 to 1909.
    Inside Sultana Melek's palace "Xenia Nikolskaya"
    Inside Sultana Melek's palace "Xenia Nikolskaya"
    It was designed by famous French architect Alexandre Marcel for Prince Hussein Kamel who became Egypt’s first and last Sultan in the 20th century.
    Inside Sultana Melek's palace "Xenia Nikolskaya"
    Inside Sultana Melek's palace "Xenia Nikolskaya"
    Marcel seemed to design several buildings for Baron Empain’s company in Heliopolis including his own amazing palace.
    Inside Sultana Melek's palace "Xenia Nikolskaya"
    Inside Sultana Melek's palace "Xenia Nikolskaya"
    Sultana Melek’s palace was officially registered as a monumental heritage building in July 2000.
    Inside Sultana Melek's palace "Xenia Nikolskaya"
    Inside Sultana Melek's palace "Xenia Nikolskaya"
    I cannot imagine how it looked like in its heyday or how it looked like with its complete furniture there.
    Sultana Melek's palace in 1915
    The palace in its heydays in 1915 

    I could not find any source speaking about how the furniture of that palace found its way to the market in the 1960s.
    As you may have known from my previous post about King Farouk’s lost bedroom suit the bed of her royal highness Melek found its way to the flea market in the 1960s.
    ًWhat I have read about that old Turkish lady who married Hussein Kamel that she was very kind and nice. May God bless her soul.
    Here is photo as an old lady during the reign of Farouk I.
    Sultana Melek in 1940s while wearing the Turkish Yashmak
    Sultana Melek in 1940s while wearing the Turkish Yashmak 

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    On Saturday the news came that 51-years-renowned Palestinian singer Rim Banna passed away after six years of struggling with cancer.

    Banna, the daughter of Nazareth was Palestine’s most female famous singer in the past decade bringing traditional Palestinian folkloric songs to the modern times with her sweet voice.
    A daughter of renowned Palestinian poetess and activist Zuhaira Sabbagh, Rim Banna was also an activist in her way supporting her people’s quest for survival, freedom and independent rightful state.

    She was a leading icon of modern Palestinian resistance that used art to remind that cruel world that there are people called Palestinians and they won’t give up that right of having their independence.
    Rim Banna
    Late Rim Banna of Palestine 

    Here is my favorite song by her, a Palestinian folk song called “On the top of the mountain”

    Banna was also a strong supporter of the revolutions in the Arab world, unlike many artists. She supported the Egyptian revolution and came to Cairo where she had concerts.

    I remember seeing her photos from an outing she went with a couple of younger friends from bloggers, photographers and journalists. Rim seemed to be true down to earth person.

    She was also a supporter of Syrian revolution as well Syrian refugees quietly. She went in a delegation including Egyptian MPs and activists and visited Syria in June 2013.
    Journalist and writer Abdel Rahman Ayyash remembered how she stood to two members of ISIS in Syria when they began to show up at the liberated areas “liberated from Al-Assad’s forces” refusing to give them their camera or cover her hair.
    That landed her in a trouble with the Israeli government in Nazareth.

    Despite her fight with cancer, she did not forget to show her support Egyptian revolutionaries online demanding the freedom of activists she knew.
    Here is another song for her. A romantic song called “Wait for me”.

    May God bless your souls Rim Banna of Nazareth.
    Here is her funeral earlier Saturday in her hometown of Nazareth where mourners sang her Palestinian folk songs.
    Here is also Rim Banna’s page in Spotify.
    Again RIP Rim Banna, your art will live forever.

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    After 12 hours from now Cairo local time, the polling stations will open its doors for more than 50 million eligible voters kicking off the 2018 Presidential elections inside Egypt which all the world knows its result in advance: an overwhelming victory for President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

    The Egyptian armed forces units have been deployed the polling stations, mostly at schools around the country. The Egyptian army has been securing the Election process in Egypt since 2011.

    Anyhow now the Egyptian Pro-regime mainstream media and social media have been doing something hysterically in the past few days especially in the past 24 days: Encouraging people to vote at the polling station in order to have a high turnout.

    Egyptians know very well that Sisi is going to win these elections so there is fear that they may not stand in queues like in past presidential elections.

    TV hosts are calling people to go and to vote in order to prove to the world that they are behind Abdel Fattah El-Sisi despite logically and theoretically speaking a high turnout does not mean those people will choose Sisi because they can choose that other guywhom most of the public ignore and foreign media ridicules.

    WhatsApp messages and Facebook pages and posts are shared that Abdel Fattah El-Sisi does not only have one rival or nemesis that he has to beat but he has got other nemeses like Israel “despite having officially and unofficially excellent relations with Israel” , United States of America “despite official statements that we are having eternal strategic relations with the US especially with Trump’s administration” , Qatar “because of course it should be there”, Turkey “because of Erdogan”, the Muslim Brotherhood “Naturally” and Iran “oh yeah !!”
    Abdel Fattah El-Sisi
    A pro-Sisi billboard 
    That post went viral in the past 48 hours.

    Now some pro-government TV hosts and journalists are saying that there are too many polling stations and thus we won’t notice long queues like before.
    Technically speaking queues are not expected in early Morning on Monday because it is a busy business day. People are expected to show up later in the afternoon or evening.

    Needless to say, there is a new level of incentive to make people show up at the polling station.

    Dream Park, the famous and biggest amusement park in Egypt presents a 50% discount on its tickets for those who vote on condition that they still have election ink on their finger !!

    The Ad
    The ad in Al-Ahram Daily on 25 March 
    Dream Park advertisement took half the Front page of Al-Ahram Daily newspaper on Sunday in Colors, which means more than LE 150,000 !!

    There is a rumor that Carrefour is having 50% discount on its merchandise except for electrical appliances if people go to vote and take a selfie with the ballot paper which is actually banned.

    On the other hand a group of Egyptian activists launched online a campaign “Do not go out” and “Your vote is needless” in Arabic on Twitter calling voters to boycott the Presidential elections listing many reasons starting from the fact all true presidential candidates have vanished to human rights violations to wrong economic decisions taken in the past 4 years.

    I do not know which group will succeed tomorrow in the high turnout battle: The regime and its supporters or the activists
    Will people go to polling stations and we will have a high turnout or they won’t go to the polling stations and we will have a low turnout !?
    In few hours we will know.

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    Elections ink at a polling station n Dokki , Egypt
    Elections ink at a polling station n Dokki , Egypt 
    The first day of presidential elections 2018 in Egypt is over as 13,706 polling stations in 26 governorates close their doors after 12 hours of voting.
    Since 9 AM, the polling stations secured by Egyptian armed forces units opened the doors for nearly 56 million eligible voters hoping for a high turnout that would send a direct message to the world as well to inside that Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has still got popularity.
    Scoring victory in elections with a high percentage is not enough proof especially that old Mubarak used to do that and no one bought it.

    After the January revolution, Egyptians surprised the world somehow of standing long queues in different weather conditions in 2011 in a referendum followed by parliamentary elections then followed by the first multi-candidate democratic presidential elections with its two stages in 2012.
    The true change was in the turnout. The turnout proves that the people trust you and trust your process.
    Long queues give a good image in the foreign media. It is good for the foreign partners who will use it to prove that you are popular.
    I have not seen those long queues the Pro-regime media whether mainstream or social are urging the people to show the world 

    All that I saw in Cairo and Giza till 2.30 PM was a moderate turnout for senior citizens and some people in their late 40s.

    I couple of young men under 30 in a Cairo polling station from the working class who were clueless on how to vote properly and three women in their early 30s from Middle Class in a Giza polling station.
    One of those ladies, a housewife who voted for that “other guy” aka Moussa Mostafa Mossua because “she wanted the elections to appear nice in front of the world” !!!!!!

    The main thing when I spoke with those people I found; they all complain about economy and prices. Sisi has to fix the economy in those four years, that what I was told.
    This is for now. I saw and noticed other things but I am tired to write anything. 

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Ballot boxes at a polling station in Egypt's Presidential elections 2018

    A polling station in Egypt's Presidential elections 2018.

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Put your finger in the elections ink at a polling station

    Inside a polling station in Egypt's Presidential elections 2018

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Inking his finger at a polling station in Egypt's Presidential elections 2018

    An Egyptian voter at a polling station in Giza , Egypt after casting his vote in the Egyptian Presidential elections

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Administrative assistants at a polling station in Egypt's Presidential elections 2018

    Two Egyptian men working as administrative assistants in a polling station in Giza during the Egyptian Presidential elections 2018

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Elections ink at a polling station in Egypt's Presidential elections 2018

    Presidential elections' ink

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Watching the other candidate from above in Egypt's Presidential elections 2018

    If you focus carefully in that old building in Downtown Cairo , you will find residents standing in balconies watching the media circus following the arrival of Presidential candidate Moussa Moussa to his polling station , which is in front of their building.

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    An Egyptian army helicopter over a polling station in Egypt's presidential elections 2018

    An Egyptian army heliocopter flying over a polling station in Downtown Cairo while presidential candidate Moussa Moussa was holding a press conference after voting in Egypt's Presidential elections 2018

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Filming the reporters on iPhone in Egypt's presidential elections 2018

    A reporter using his iPhone to film Egyptian Presidential candidate Moussa Moussa while casting his vote in Egypt's Presidential elections 2018

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Moussa Moussa at the ballot box in Egypt's presidential elections 2018

    Egyptian Presidential candidate Moussa Moussa after casting his vote in the Egyptian Presidential elections 2018

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Waiting for the other candidate in Egypt's Presidential elections 2018

    Waiting for Egyptian Presidential candidate Moussa Mostafa Moussa to show at a polling station in Downtown Cairo to cast his vote in Egypt's presidential elections.

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    A local DJ outside a polling station in Egypt's Presidential elections

    A DJ playing dancing patriotic songs at the exist of a of a polling station whereas Pro-Sisi volunteers dance in Egypt's Presidential elections 2018

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