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    From short time ago the Arab league has decided to send observers to Syria in the next 3 days if the Syrian regime approves the Arab initiative and signs an agreement to open its doors to the Arab and international observers. The Arab league wants to send international observers as well.

    I do not know if Syria will accept or not but I know that these three days are not enough to hide the Syria regime’s crimes like what is going on in Homs and Hama.

    Hopefully the Syrian regime will accept it and allow the observers to come and see what is going on especially in Homs in order to give the people of Homs and Hama some time to rest after the daily massacres taking place there.

    These videos showing dead bodies in the street allegedly in Homs , the video clip were reportedly filmed and uploaded on November 14th and 15th “Extremely graphic”

    Homs : Dead bodies in the street on November 14th

    Homs : Bodies in the street on November 15th

    Of course today after the meeting of LAS in Rabat , the Moroccan embassy in Damascus has joined the club of the attacked embassies in Damascus that includes : Saudi Arabia, Kuwait , Emirates , Qatar and Turkey aside from the residence of the American ambassador. Hopefully Egypt will join this club one day , I feel that Egypt should have a bigger role but it is God’s well , anyhow the Syrians know how Egypt and Egyptians truly and honestly love Syria.

    My only condolence is that the secretary general of LAS is known to be the representative of the Egyptian regional policies.

    By the way can I understand what this mad man called Rafaat El Assad who wants to be the president of Syria and presents himself as the savior of the Syrian people !? This man should be prosecuted for human rights crimes , this is the original infamous war criminal that killed not less than 40,000 Syrians in Hama . For God sake bloody Bashar and his wacko brother have not killed yet as much Syrians as that man called Rafaat El Assad.

    I do not understand why the Syrians abroad do not sue his ass and send him behind bars where ever he is.

    Here is a video showing the attack of El Assad thugs on a funeral of a young who was killed by the security forces.Unarmed civilians were killed and injured on the hands of the security forces that opened their fire on the people.

    Damascus : The attakc on civilians during a funeral in Damascus

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    There is something going in Kuwait and it is something big.
    Protesters have stormed the Kuwaiti parliament and currently are having a sit in inside the parliament. In other words : The Kuwaiti protesters have occupied the Kuwaiti Parliament for a while before forced to leave by security forces.
    Storming the Kuwait parliament by Mubarak El Hakan
    Entering the Kuwaiti parliament by Mubarak El Hakan
    The protesters along with activists and supporters from opposition members in the parliament including Islamists are having a sit in at a space called El Erda now. The protesters are demanding the dissolution of the parliament and the resignation of the prime minister. The protesters are demanding the Amir of Kuwait to use his powers to dissolve the parliament because it is corrupted just as the current cabinet if I understand correctly.

    I do not know the exact number of protesters as it is unclear as some speaks about dozens while others speaks about tens to hundreds.
    There are security forces as well as special forces. The protesters are urged not to attack the forces and keep it peaceful.
    Already there is extremely active hashtag from Kuwait called #Erda if you are interested in following what is taking place tonight in the city of Kuwait. Interestingly enough the protesters are badly attacked on twitter by other Kuwaitis who consider them as attackers and saboteurs and even agents of foreign countries.
    There was a crack down on freedoms in Kuwaiti lately , two bloggers were imprisoned for criticizing the ruling family there on twitter !! There are a  lot of rumors speaking about martial laws coming in the way in Kuwait and the resignation of the minister of health there.

    @12:51 Cairo local time

    Some Kuwaiti tweep says that fours car left the Amir’s prince and it is believed that the Amir is in this convey heading to the Erda square.
    It turned out that the Security forces attacked the protester after the storming of the parliament, the peaceful unarmed protesters who in return chanted “Leave , leave” to the forces. Here is a video captured from some Kuwaiti channel.
    Kuwait : Leave , leave
    According to Kuwaiti newspaper Al Kuwaitiah minister of health Halel El Sayer has resigned yet it is not accepted yet. The minister resigned to object the attack on the protesters.

    @1:02 AM Cairo local time

    Another video from “El-Erda” square where protesters chant “The people want to be the decision maker”

    There are tweets from Kuwait claiming that the security forces are leaving El Erda space. One of the members of the parliament threats to install tents in the space and start a sit till the cabinet resigns.
    El Erda in Arabic means Will , it is the word Anglina Jolie got on her arm as tattoo
    More photos from Kuwaiti activist and head of Kuwait students union Mubarak El Hakan.
    Standing against security forces
    Inside Kuwaiti parliament

    @1:37 AM Cairo local time

    According to tweep Mona Kareem most of the protesters left the Erda space by now still there are others who are staying.

    Ok so things are really calm now. People left, some are staying over in #erada square. Looking forward to the emergency meeting #KuwaitWed Nov 16 23:19:38 via web
    Here is a video showing the protesters breaking in to the parliament.
    Kuwait : Breaking in to Kuwaiti parliament
    Here is a video for the protesters breaking in to the main hall of the parliament known as Abdullah Salem hall. “Named after the Amir who ruled Kuwait during the independence who was friend of Nasser by the way”
    Kuwait : Storming Abdullah Salem hall in the parliament
    Here is another video showing the protesters at Erada chanting people want to topple the prime minister.
    Kuwait : At Erada square
    Here are high resolution photos for protesters while they clashes with the security forces and later inside the parliament from Al Sharq newspaper.
    The security forces used rubber bullets against the protesters.
    From Q8Ping

    @12:05 PM Cairo local time

    Conflicting reports that the Kuwaiti parliament has been dissolved.

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    Tomorrow there will be a big protest at Tahrir square and hopefully other squares across the country insh Allah. It will be big according to the number of the participants but no one knows if it will be a true million man protest or not , if it will be a show off for certain political powers in the country specifically the Islamists.
    Now before we go in to boring details , what are the demands of the protesters tomorrow ?
    There is one clear demand which I think a lot of us support : To have the presidential elections after the parliamentary elections in the nearest time by April 2012.
    We are demanding what was mentioned in the constitutional declaration issued in March and based on the referendum Egyptians voted on. 
    Now there is other important demand in uniting the different political powers that is the complete rejection and objection to the supra-constitutional principles document aka El Salmi’s document. The Islamist parties and powers as well as all the other parties decided to return to use Tahrir square as a pressure tool in front of SCAF. 
    It seems that the negotiations between political parties and El Salmi have reached to dead end as he is insisting on two articles and before you think they are not “9 & 10” but rather the articles on how we should choose and elect our provisional assembly. "50:50 or 1/3 from the parliament or vice versa”
    I believe that El Salmi and company like Mamdouh Hamza are the true problem not SCAF. Already SCAF decided to delay the battle of the army’s position to beyond the elections which is a clever strategic move.
    There was a big a list of demands I found in several Facebook pages but I think it is better to focus on one demand that almost all the political forces participating in the protest agree upon.
    One of the lists with these demands
    Now The Muslim brotherhood “Freedom and Justice” , the Salafists “Al Nor party” , El Adl party , El Wasat party , Ghad El Thawra party as well other movements like April 6th Youth movement with its two fronts , revolutionary socialists and Kafayeh movement are participating. Potential presidential candidates Abdel Manam Abu El Fatouh and Hazem Abu Isamil are going to participate in the protest as well as Bothiana Kamel and Ayman Nour.
    The Muslim brotherhood and the Salafists are already urging their followers to stay in Tahrir from tonight. The MB says that it will not the last million man protest till El Salmi is downed.
    According to MENA the Salafists will not have a sit in despite some Salafist groups said that they will not leave Tahrir square except they get what they want. “To be honest I do not get it clearly”
    Al Masryeen Al Ahrar party , the Egyptian Social Democratic party , Hamdeen Sabhi Campaign and Al Karma party are not going to participate because despite they support the demand of having presidential elections as soon as possible , they fear that the Islamists will take over the protest to show off their power. In other powers the Islamists-phobia is there .
    It is worth to mention and not to forget that No for military trials supporters will start a group hunger strike tomorrow headed by potential presidential candidate Bothiana Kamel in solidarity with Dr. Laila Soueif. Blogger Malek Mostafa also announced that he will start a hunger strike tomorrow along a group of activists. The demand of these strikers is simple to stop the military trials and to refer those who face military courts to civilian courts. 
    Alaa Abdel Fatah Seif aka @Alaa’s birthday is tomorrow too.
    Khaled Said page has announced that there will be rallies supporting the early presidential elections in April 2012 tomorrow that will head from different squares including Mustafa Mahmoud square to Tahrir square.
    And of course #Nov18 is the hashtag.
    Currently there are tents and panels being installed. According to my friends who are in Tarhrir square , there are panels already set up. There are protests now as well in parallel in Suez and in Sohag. 
    I hope that tomorrow will be a start for unity and not the start of the usual division , I hope it is not a show off for the Islamists power in the street , I hope that it is not a return to Tahrir square addiction

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    The Damietta crisis is still on , the sit in is not suspended yet the protesters everyday they open more routes to the Damietta port. The people of Sananiya village that located directly besides the MOPCO factory have cut the highway with Ras El Bar after opening it for 4 hours. There is a delegation from Damietta that will come and join the protesters at Tahrir square after couple of hours in Cairo.

    Ok the MOPCO PR machine is trying to do its best to amend its image , today they published a big ad asking SCAF not to shut the factory. Each paragraph of theMOPCO ad to SCAF MOPCO ad starts these words in Arabic “Syadi El Mosheer” or “My master field marshal” or “My lord field marshal” in reference to the head of SCAF Hussein Tantawy !!

    On Wednesday a group of activists including follow blogger Lilian Wagdy went to Damietta , to the factories’ zone to take samples from the surrounding environment to test it in order to know if there

    Lilian took photos from there and they are speaking about something abnormal there. These images are unedited “Click on the images to zoom”


    These are lemon trees in some polluted pound in Damietta near the factories


    This is how the dates look like near the factories , it can’t be eaten. DSC_0229

    Dead Mango leaves near the factories


    Sample of the mud at the MOPCO factory , I do not think this looks like normal mud. DSC_9146

    MOPCO wastes in the sea directly , do you remember the report published in Al Mal newspaper ?


    What is that white substance on the soil besides MOPCO ?

    Here is the full gallery.

    Adam Makary , Al Jazeera International producer went to Damietta from 3 days ago and he was told by the fishermen how they find dead fish all the time because of the factories. He took that snapshot below with his mobile phone

    This video from RNN was uploaded on November 15th showing the farmers who own the reclamation project land near the MOPCO factory with their polluted damaged crops. Filmed by Mohamed Dabbas

    Damietta : Farmers complained about damaged crops

    Another video , this time from Al Masry Al Youm , where you can hear the complaints of locals at El Sananiya village that located directly besides the MOPCO factory. Wait till the end of the clip where you can see clearly the dead fish.

    Damietta : Al Masry Al Youm report from Al Sananiya village.

    Can someone please tell me what all this mean ? Does not it mean that the locals of Sananiya and Damietta who are being attacked and defamed in the media can be right ??

    In the previous posts about Damietta crisis , I got comments from the kind “You should not speak about pollution when your country is filthy and full of garbage” and “start cleaning your streets”

    I hate to say but it is not the people again , it is the government and garbage mafia that turning the country like that and we want our country to be clean with better recycling projects and so but guess what !? We will not stop. Last month simple Egyptians started a movement across the country in Cairo , Alexandria and Giza and left their garbage at their local councils door steps to send a powerful message that they are paying bills for their garbage and yet it is left to decay.

    This is our opportunity to fix our country. What the people of Damietta are currently doing is extremely important and I will not let anyone insult them or mock them.

    Our Nile is polluted , our air is polluted , our food is polluted , our soil is polluted but insh Allah this will not continue forever.

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  • 11/18/11--13:30: #Nov18 : Tahrir is packed
  • More than 100,000 are estimated  to be in Tahrir square , the scenes of the Tahrir square during the Friday prayers were impressive.  “Tahrir sqaure at 1:30 PM by Sherin Tadrus from Al Jazeera international

    It seems that the #Nov18 is successful so far. Of course we will not know if it continues to be successful or not when 6 PM comes and we will know who will stay and who will leave. Needless to say that there is strong undeniable presence for the Islamists force across all the protests stopped all over the country.

    It is unclear if there will be a sit in or not but it seems that members of April 6 Youth movement "Democratic front" are going to have a sit in at Tahrir square.

    Potential Presidential candidates Hazem Abu Islam , Salim El Awa and Ayman Nour are participating n the protest. Bothania Kamel is heading to the square in a rally against military trials.

    Here is a video shot from short awhile ago from Tahrir square.

    Tahrir square : From short while ago

    I will not comment on Mazhar Shahin’s speech because I think the man and I will consider that enthusiasm made him say what he said from how one Tahrir battalion will beat the crap out of Israel to the end of this talk.

    There are 4 stages set up at Tahrir square. The chants are all against the military rule and SCAF so. Most of the flags in the square are Egyptian flags.

    Alaa Abdel Fatah Seif’s supporters and friends will celebrate his birthday at 6 PM in the square. 

    April 6th Youth Movement organized a rally at the cabinet HQ then it headed to the square.

    The rallies have started already from Giza and Mohendessin and according to eye witnesses they are big.  The rallies are demanding a handover to power in the nearest time possible.

    The rally from Mohendessin started from Mustafa Mahmoud mosque. Wael Ghonim is among the participants in this rally. Here are couple of snap shots by Maggie Osama and Rou El Shimi

    From Rou El Shemi.

    Here is a video from the Giza rally

    Giza : A rally from short while ago

    There are huge protests as well in Alexandria , Tanta, Suez, Port Said , Damietta and Sohag.

    Story is developing.

    Singing Halim’s song we used to sing in the 18 days.

    Tahrir : Sora , sora , sora

    @2:33 PM Cairo local time

    The rally from Mustafa Mahmoud has reached to Tahrir square.

    There is another interesting rally from Salafists at Talaat Harb street heading to Tahrir square chanting Islamists , Islamists.

    The Islamist powers from MB and Salafists are leading the rally heading to the Northern military zone in Alexandria.

    A Yemeni lady spoke from the MB’s stage against Saleh and EL Assad asking for a million man protest in Tahrir square against Ali Abdullah Saleh.

    Hundreds are protesting against the document and against Field Marshal Tantawy in Bani Sawif as well as in Mania and Ismailia governorates.

    The army distributed flyers in Suez that it does not want the rule and it will hold elections as soon as possible to hand over power to civilian elected authority.

    Mohamed Salim El Awa will start a sit along the democratic front of April 6th Youth movement and Hazem Abu Ismail.

    Freedom and Justice party members told DNE’s Farah Saafan that they will leave at 8 PM and that if they do not get a response that please them from SCAF , they will escalate the protesting to sit in

    This is gambling and some sort of pressure power.

    A photo gallery from Tahrir square from Ahram Online by Mai Shahin 

    @3:10 PM Cairo local time

    A military source says to Al Masry Al Youm that SCAF will hand over the power in 2012

    @4:02 PM Cairo local time

    A protest from leftists headed by revolutionary socialists heading to Maspero to demand a better media policy.

    Here is a video from the rally at Mustafa Mahmoud square earlier.

    Youm 7 : Mustafa Mahmoud rally

    @5:11 PM Cairo local time

    Thousands are praying at Tahrir square now. The numbers began to decrease according to eye witnesses.

    Al Ahram portal denied the news of Al Masry Al Youm that SCAF will hand over the power in 2012.

    Al Ahram has published my Safwat Hegazy’s photo as archived photo !!

    There are conflicting reports about the sit in with groups and against it. It is unclear.

    The Egyptian TV claims that today’s protest was about El Salmi’s document , of course they hosted those guests from the team against the Islamists.

    There are also conflicting opinions about the protests , some liberals are against it and feel it was Islamists show off. Of course if all the liberals went down may be it would not be like that. I heard one interesting opinion that the Islamists especially the MB are playing game with SCAF at the same time they are having good electoral campaign appearing as anti-SCAF power.

    There have been protests in more than 9 governorates : Cairo , Alexandria, Suez, Ismailiya , Gharbia , Port Said , Al Mania , Sohag, Aswan , Fayoum , Behaira , Matrouh and Luxor. Most of these protests have got that Islamist character that no one can deny.

    11:07 PM Cairo local time

    The government denied the news that it will revoke the bloody El Salmi document to beyond the parliamentary elections.
    It is officially branded as Islamists Friday despite there were other leftists and liberals in the media.
    5 potential presidential candidates participated in the protest : Mohamed Salim El Awa, Ayman Nour , Abdel Monem Abu El Fatouh, Bothaina Kamel and Hazem Abu Ismail.
    Alaa Abdel Fatah's family and friends celebrated his birthday at Tahair square.
    Despite he said that he will start a sit in till SCAF announces that presidential elections will be held after the parliamentary elections,Abu Ismail did not start that sit in . All the Islamists have left.
    Most people left yet there are small groups at the square. A group of activists decided to have a sit in including Nawara Negm if the news I got was true.
    Some say that the traffic is closed by the sit in protesters of course in the morning it will be opened
    Painter and self appointed leader Salah Anany is back and he announced that he will form a presidential council.
    Guys no offense but if we are truly speaking about million man protest that would the friend before the enemy beware our power as people then we have to be honest with ourselves and say what is wrong in our side before blaming it as usual as SCAF.
    I think we should work on the next million man protest starting next year after the elections as the parliamentary elections will be an indicator to where we are going exactly.
    I think we should think Egypt first before anything including the revolution, Egypt is our goal while the revolution is just a means. Now after praising them at day , Egyptian tweeps mostly from leftists and liberals are cursing them at night.

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    I think you probably have known what is taking or has taken place at Tahrir square better than me as I have been sick all day long and when I woke up ,I found out another camel battle at Tahrir square. In brief CSF tried to dispersed the sit in of yesterday by forces but failed then returned back by full force to disperse the sit in with tear gases grenades , rubber bullets and gunshots.
    Now not less than 600 are injured according to the ministry of health. There are field hospitals at Tahrir square especially the old field hospital behind KFC and they need medical supplies.
    There are not less tens of thousands at the Tahrir square with the intention of a sit in.
    Blogger and activist Malek Mustafa was injured in his right way , he was shot in his right eye and currently is having a surgery. Hopefully insh Allah he will not lose his eye. Malek married blogger and activist Fatma Abed from couple of months ago and that amazing young lady was adopting the revolution’s injured cause. Please pray for them.
    Cairo : Egyptian activist Malek Mustafa loses his right eye
    Blogger and photojournalist Ahmed Abdel Fatah from Al Masry Al Youm has lost his eye and is currently having a surgery in Kasr Al Aini. Abdel Fatah was from the famous photojournalists in Egypt. 

    Update :

    Both Malek and Abdel Fatah are fine. We will know the condition of their eyes in the upcoming days.
    Journalist and activist Rasha Azab is reportedly injured in the clashes. Not less than 10 reporters have been injured. 2 are reportedly detained. Blogger and journalist Hossam Hamalawy is fine and free contrary to twitter rumors.
    The journalists’ syndication has announced that it will sue those who attacked journalists from ministry of interior.
    Prime minister Essam Sharaf has issued a statement calling the citizens to evacuate the Tahrir square immediately.
    Most political powers and parties
    Potential presidential candidate Sheikh Hazem Abu Ismail has arrived at Tahrir square with hundreds of his supporters and he told the people that there will be a sit in from tonight.
    Mohamed Salim El Awa has arrived too.

    Potential presidential candidate Bothiana Kamel is there as well. Potential Presidential Mohamed ElBaradei warned from the excusive barbaric violence and that saving Egypt is a national duty now.

    عنف مفرط و أسلوب همجى. إنقاذ مصر واجب وطنى لا يحتمل التأخيرSat Nov 19 18:42:16 via Twitter for iPad
    There are unconfirmed news that ElBaradei is heading to Tahrir square and that he will form a national unity cabinet.
    Potential Presidential candidate Ayman Nour is heading as well to the square. Amr Hamzawy has halted his parliamentary campaign temporarily
    It is unclear if the Muslim brotherhood will participate in the protests or not as its leaders saying that they are against the protests but the youth of the MB are there. The general guide of MB asked on twitter all Egyptians to restrain themselves and not to defame the revolution.
    There are protests in solidarity since the noon in Suez , Port Said. Alexandria , Sohag , Qena and Tanta.
    The rumors mill is moving so fast in Egypt. We do not know if the parliamentary elections to be held.
    Siyad Sidhom , the minister of interior’s aide is speaking on TV and claims that the CSF did not have a single bullet whether rubber bullet or gunshots. Ok what are these ? All these images were taken today from Tahrir square.

    Now the Egyptian police uses tear gas grenades from China and USA !!

    Here are photos from Tahrir today.
    From Mohamed Shestawy

    From Sarah Carr

    From Hossam Hamalawy

    Story is developing by the minute

    @10:48 PM :

    Egyptian TV has announced field Marshal Tantawy is going to address the nation !!

    0 0

    Last night the ministry of health has declared officially that 760 were injured and 2 were killed , one from Cairo and one in Alexandria. Now today the ministry of health has declared the injured have reached to 982. We got injured from Alexandria and Suez aside from the Tahrir square’s on going massacre.50 protesters have been detained as rioters. 
    Update : The ministry of health says that the injured has reached to 1144 at 2:22 PM
    The sit in is back at Tahrir square with not less than 5,000 protesters. Rallies from Cairo university have reached to Tahrir square. The Ultras groups from Zamalek and Ahly clubs are there already since last night. The field hospital is still in need of medical supplies , the sit in needs food and blankets. You can find what the Tahrir sit in needs on this twitter hashtag : #Tahrirneeds
    A group of protesters at Tahrir square has issued a statement saying that they will continue in the sit in till we have a regime from the people themselves. Again this is not an official statement from all the protesters at Tahrir square but rather a group of them.
    The clashes are still on at Mohamed Mahmoud street where it leads to the ministry of interior HQ. The CSF is still using tear gas grenades and rubber bullets. The protesters are reporting that the tear gas grenades or the new gas grenades got strange effects that made some suspect that it is some sort of nerves gas. It was proved that the tear gas grenades made in the USA was expired from 5 years ago.
    They also found this cover for gunshots package which they dedicate to the MOI that deny using the gun shots against protesters.
    Abi Keer company : Anti crime gunshots
    Here is a live footage shot from short awhile ago there after the break


    Live footage from Tahrir square
    Yesterday 23 years old Ahmed Mahmoud was shot down by the police forces at Tahrir square. Of course the official reports say that he was shot down after the police forces’ departure
    Here is Ahmed Mahmoud with his dad in the morgue !!
    Ahmed's dad kissing him in the morgue "twitter"
    In Alex things may escalate as the young man who was shot down by the police force Bahaa El Sonussy turned to be from a big family that it will not leave his right. El Sonussy was shot down in front of the security directorate. Here is a photo showing him moments before he was killed , he was the young man on the right.
    Late Sonussy on the right "Facebook"
    Here is a video showing him moments after he was shot allegedly by a sniper rifle.The video is unclear though.
    Alexandria : Bahaa El Sonussy
    Here is another video showing some laser ray from what is believed
    Alexandria : When Bahaa was shot down
    Bahaa was a member of the Revolution Youth coalition in Alexandria and Tayar Al Masry party.Here is his photo in the morgue "graphic"
    Late Bahaa
    It is not only Malek or Abdel Fatah who lost one of their eyes , but as well Dr. Ahmed Harara who is on the verge of losing his second eye.
    The one eyed revolution coalition by Abdel Fatah
    He lost the first on January 28th and now he is undergoing another eye surgery that may or may not save his other eye. Please pray for him . Harara is a dentist from Maadi by the way.
    The famous photo of Harara by Hossam Hamalawy
    Based on the tune in the radio or TV SCAF may sacrifice the Essam Sharaf’s cabinet especially with the increasing talk about the national unity government. Potential presidential candidate Mohamed ElBaradei held talks with SCAF members yesterday about national salvation government. There are news that Sheikh Hazem Abu Ismail , the potential presidential candidate will meet with SCAF members. Mohamed Salim El Awa went to Tahrir square trying to convince the protesters to leave and in the end he had to leave just like Mamdouh Hamza. Amr Moussa cut his regional tour and is heading back to Egypt.
    Last night the only SCAF member that spoke on TV was Major General El Fangary of SCAF. El Fangry spoke on air on  Al Hayat and ONTV channels and of course he accused some unknown parties of using the injured of the revolution to the end of this talk. Of course I felt in his voice there was no defiance as much as confusion in my point of view. He says SCAF can hand over the power by the end of 2012 in the best situations according to their view.
    Speaking about TV , well the Egyptian national TV’s website “” has been hacked today.
    The hackers left this message on the hacked page :
    This is for the nonsense you broadcast last night on TV. The same failed media policies and hypocrisy. At first you were hypocrites to Mubarak and now to SCAF.All what we want is to transfer a clear image. People are dying and you transfer a romantic scene from the Nile !!

    The revolution continues electoral coalition has suspended its campaigns. The revolution Youth coalition has issued a statement with a set of demands that I found logic :
    • Sacking off Essam Sharaf’s cabinet.
    • Forming a national salvation cabinet and handing it the political powers of SCAF.
    • Having the presidential elections in April 2012.
    • Reforming the ministry of interior for real.
    The peaceful front for change also issued a statement about what happened with set of demands.
    • Sacking off Essam Sharaf’s cabinet and appointing Hazem El Babelawy as a prime minister and famous law professor Nour El Din Farahat as ministrer of interior !!
    • Ending the military trials and immediate release of the military trials’ detainees above them Alaa Abdel Fatah.
    • Issuing the unions law and dropping farmers’ debts
    • A clear timetable for handing over power with presidential elections by the end of May 2012.
    • Purging the ministry of interior from El Adly’s thugs
    • The supreme council of judiciary investigates the clashes otherwise they will ask the UN to investigate it.

    I have doubts about the elections , in fact I feel that violent escalation from the MOI’s side is intended to delay the elections.
    I am worried , I will not deny that I am worried aside from all that romantic revolutionary talk , I am worried because I am afraid that we are pawns in some sort of game of interests and powers , I am worried that this kind of irrational thinking from SCAF may prepare us to another coup from inside the army where our odds in a country like Egypt to have another Nasser are high based on the fact that’s a pharaoh's nation. Realistically speaking SCAF has still got an opportunity through concessions yet what I see makes me feel that they do not think in the right way when it comes to politics or even to protect their interests.
    My only bet now is on God to keep this nation safe.

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  • 11/20/11--05:13: RIP Talaat El Sadat
  • Famous politician Talaat El Sadat “1947-2011” has passed away earlier today. He died after having a heart attack this morning at the National bank of Egypt.
    Talaat El Sadat "1947-2011"
    The outspoken lawyer against whoever he does not like and the nephew of the former president was a real controversial politician by all measures.
    He spoke against Mubarak and got a military trial for accusing him and Abu Ghazla indirectly of killing him then he spoke against the revolution and political youth movements demanding a military ruler for the country. He was the last chairman of the NDP if you remember before its dissolution by the orders of the court.
    Nevertheless I will not say anything about him except May Allah bless his soul.
    Talaat El Sadat’s wife was running for the parliamentary elections this as far as I know , I do not know if she will continue in the race of not.
    Yesterday Talaat El Sadat was speaking on TV and today he passed away today , I think death can get you other way.

    0 0

    The CSF and military police tried to disperse the Tahrir sit in by extreme force from two hours ago and it was aired on TVs . We saw the tents on fire , we saw the conscripts and stealing the tents. We saw it on TV by our own eyes. After an hour or something the CSF and the military police left again the square and the protesters returned again. There are not less 10 thousands now at Tahrir square chanting against SCAF and the MOI. Here is the Tahrir square from short while ago from Shorouk newspaper.

    Not less than 5 are reportedly killed , hundreds are reportedly injured. According to the ministry of health not less than 196 have been injured. The field hospitals in Tahrir square are in desperate need for medical supplies. Live ammunition , rubber bullets and gunshots are reportedly used.
    Here is a photo for inside the Omar Makram mosque’s field hospital by friend Mahmoud Gamal El Din.
    There are four field hospitals now in Tahrir , one at KFC ,one at Champleon street , One at Omar Makram mosque and one at the Dobra Church hospital
    Potential presidential candidate Bothiana Kamel was arrested near the ministry of interior but was later released. Kamel insisted not to be released except with the protesters who were arrested with her. Kamel says that she was harassed by police and her daughter Mariam Abu Ghazi was beaten along with a group of other young protesters.
    There were army officer and 4 conscripts from military police captured in Omar Makram Mosque. They have reportedly left the mosque.

    The Emam of Omar Makram Mazhar Shahin had talks with the MOI at the ministry HQ to release the protesters and he is not detained.
    The Egyptian government denies using live ammunition and is supporting the ministry of interior in securing the elections according to a statement issued from short while ago. I do not know what the MOI thinks of this video showing the CSF conscript pulling the dead body of another Egyptian , another human and threw to a pile of garbage !!!!
    Tahrir : After the attack
    Emad Abu Ghazi presented his resignation from the minister of culture’s position objecting the dispersing of the sit in in this way. Of course it is worth to mention that Mariam Abu Ghazi and his ex-wife Bothiana Kamel have been detained for a while by the MOI as mentioned earlier.
    Actor Tawfik Abdel Hamid has resigned from position in the national theater objecting the attack on the protesters.
    Hundreds are currently protesting in Alexandria , Tanta , Suez , Port Said, Mansoura , Gharbia , Behaira , Asuit and Sohag in solidarity with Tahrir square.
    April 6th Youth Movement has announced that they will start a sit in at Tahrir square.Here is one of the first tents re-installed once again at Tahrir square.
    By Mohamed El Shafy
    The Ultras Ahlawy and Ultras White Knights Zamalek have arrived to Tahrir square.
    ElBaradei and Abu El Fatouh are going to appear with Mona El Shazly on 10 PM , ElBaradei presented to Anan a statement signed by 87 public personality demanding a national salivation government.
    I do not know and I do not have any clue , it is all dark and shady in front of us.
    Ahmed Harara has lost his second eye . He is not blind , those who are in power now are the blind. 
    Here is another shocking photo by Anjali Kamat "Democracy Now" from couple of hours ago , these are not 5 bodies. I do not know if they are unconscious or dead.
    By Anjali Kamat
    Al Wasat Party is calling Tantawy to hand over power by April 201.
    Reem Maged has shown the video of that dead body dragged by the CSF conscripts , I hope that she and ONTV show that video filmed by Al Masry Al Youm from Tahrir where a young protester is dragged by her hair by military police.

    SCAF has issued a statement , short statement that will not solve the situation :
     Of course SCAF's statement will not be the last with all what is taking now and also it is not worse than what the National council has issued.He is the full statement from SCAF's official Facebook page.
    If we are going to blame somebody by names from our politicians to what we have reached in Egypt from situation , I will blame by name the head of  National council Mamdouh Hamza and the council's member Tahany El Gabli.
    Here is an updated list by the names of the detainees so far.  
    Here is another live bullet from one of the victims of tonight's massacre
    It is 11:07 PM and there are still people dying in Tahrir , Dr. Heba Raouf says that there was a 13 years old kid that shot and died tonight.
    Not less than 11 are reportedly killed.
    The Mohamed Mahmoud street is a war zone literally.
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  • 11/21/11--15:48: #Tahrir : on Third day
  • On the third day the death toll increased to 33 martyrs while the injured have reached.

    Tomorrow there will be a million man at 4 PM Cairo local time protested called by Revolution Youth coalition and other 37 political movement and party.

    Here is the demands of tomorrow’s million man protest :

    • To dismiss Essam Sharaf’s cabinet.
    • Forming a national salvation cabinet with all the political powers of SCAF.
    • Presidential elections by April 2012
    • Restructuring the ministry of interior
    • Disbanding the CSF.
    • Prosecuting those who killed Egyptians.

    SCAF has issued disfranchisement law in Egypt , the concessions will start especially there is a shift in the tune of Egyptian TV and radio. Of course a Nile News reporting team has been shot at Tahrir square by the police CSF , things are different.

    @8:43 PM Cairo local time

    The cabinet has resigned , the cabinet has presented its resignation and SCAF has not accepted yet. Now there are news that Mansour El Eissawy , the minister of interior has resigned as well. There is contradicting news about both resignations.

    @8:49 PM Cairo local time

    SCAF has accept the resignation of the cabinet. We do not know what is next and what about the elections that will be held next Sunday. This is the second cabinet the Tahrir square downs , hopefully next time the cabinet will be changed

    It is not January 28th or January 25th , there is anger for real but we are not one , Tahrir still needs a lot of support from the silent majority that used to support it in the 18 days. Of course I feel that the shocking videos of the protesters beaten and killed in Tahrir earned a huge sympathy and many people are sending medical supplies to the level that several pharmacies are providing discounts and free delivery to Tahrir field hospitals.

    Thousands are currently in the square despite it is cold. There are parallel protests in Alexandria “with clashes” , Suez, Assuit, Sohag, Aswan , Damietta , Tanta and Mansoura since the early morning.

    @9:10 PM Cairo Local time

    Rumors that SCAF is having negotiations with Mohamed ElBaradei to head a national salvation cabinet. Of course ElBaradei got set of conditions above them full political powers and no intervention what so ever from SCAF , so I do not know how it will go with the generals. Again these are rumors and nothing is confirmed yet.

    I think it will not affect Tahrir square now as people are cheering against SCAF and setting tents up.

    I will speak for myself and say that this is not enough

    • Presidential elections by April 2011
    • Real National Salvation cabinet with full political and economic powers .

    I will not deny that I am not scared on my country now because I am scared on my country.

    @10:30 PM Cairo local time

    SCAF denied accepting Essam Sharaf’s resignation , it still considers it and it will issue a statement about it later tonight.

    The ministry of interior has issued a statement about the events since last Saturday , of course they did nothing wrong and bla bla bla.

    There are hundreds of thousands in Tahrir square.

    @12:46 PM Cairo local time

    A 17 years old boy was killed in the protests in Assuit. There are strong protests in Alex , Ismailiya and Suez. Things are exploding in Qena and that’s scary , I am worried. Not less than 100 protester was injured in Alexandria. A 8 years old girl died in Qena because of tear gas , two protesters were killed in Ismailiya and hundreds were injured.

    SCAF again issues a statement where it expresses its sorrow for the victims’ families and asks the political powers for another round of talks . Sources say that we can have a new cabinet..bla bla bla. The strong candidates are Hussam Eissa and Mustafa Abdel Galeel.

    The Muslim brotherhood is not going to participate in the Million man protest in order not to jeopardize because they knew that if they participate , SCAF will issue martial laws !! Of course the MB youth will participate as well as Abdem Moneim Abu El Fatouh.

    SCAF also denies that it has warned the churches around Tahrir square “actually it is one and is being used as field hospital” that it will evacuate the square by force.

    Here are photos from the Zanihom morgue , they are extremely graphics , the government’s officials tried to convince the families of the victims to change the cause of death as natural cause. The coffins finished at Zanihom morgue and people had to bring more coffins.

    Of course the photos and footage from Zanihom show the size of the massacre.

    The shocking graphic video below shows horrible scenes. Some car ran over one of the bodies and the other one has been exposed to some sort weapon God knows what is.

    Cairo : Victims of Mohamed Mahmoud Massacre extremely graphic

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    And here’s Tantawy first speech on November 22nd , 2011

    ERTV: Tantawy’s speech

    And Field Marshal Tantawy spoke at last. In nutshell here is what he says :

    • He presents his condolences to the families of the victims of the latest clashes. “He did not mention martyrs or Tahrir , of course I am not a Tahrir cultist but I care more for the martyrs and those who lost their eyes ”
    • He did not mention why these clashes erupted or how.
    • He kept speaking on how the Egyptian army does not want rule or power and it is from the Egyptian people. He reminded us again that the Egyptian army did not shoot any Egyptian. “I will not even comment on this”
    • He spoke about the bad economic situation in Egypt and how SCAF tolerated all the attempts to defame and suspect the intentions of SCAF.
    • One thing our dear Tahririans should learn from SCAF and its statements “ The great people of Egypt” 
    • Now to the most important part in his speech, the decisions or rather concessions :
    1. Presidential elections by June 2011
    2. Parliamentary elections in time.
    3. A new national  cabinet with powers shared with SCAF , the resignation of Essam Sharaf was accepted.
    4. SCAF welcomes a referendum whether it should return back to the barracks .

    These concessions were the decisions reached in the meeting of Anan and the political parties and figures.

    The speech style reminds us with the old speeches of Mubarak. Of course some will wonder on how his speech was recorded and edited like that by the army and I will tell them it is a natural thing when we speak about junta mind

    Tahrir square does not like what he said because they want revenge for those who were killed and those were and are injured , I do not know yet about the rest of the Egyptians. According to many friends Tantawy was speaking to the people in homes who want elections.

    Strangely despite the usual Pro-SCAF people are calling TV shows , there was that high tune of criticism towards Tantawy by some political figures and commentators as well some telephone callers.

    Now there is extremely important decision : The Maspero Clashes case as well the latest Tahrir clashes are being referred to the civilian court aka to the general prosecution according to statement no.82 issued right after the speech.This is great news for Alaa Abdel Fatah.

    The clashes between protesters and security forces are still on in several areas in Egypt whether in Alexandria or in Ismailiyia or Asuit. Of course I am not worried about Asuit because knowing the Upper Egyptian mentality I know the security forces will be really in big fat trouble if they kill half the number it killed in Cairo. I am worried about Ismailiyia. I am extremely worried on how the Ultras are clashing with the security forces especially that they are extremely in young age.

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  • 11/22/11--14:15: #Tahrir : Day 4 "Live"
  • @11:39 AM Cairo local time
    According to reliable sources SCAF is having talks ElBaradei about the national salvation cabinet.Also according to sources inside the MOI , Eissawy still  rules.
    Tweep Steve Nabil says that no one was killed in Asuit.
    Reports that helicopters were used to throw tear gas grenades on protesters in Alexandria are unconfirmed so far , nobody saw it more than hearsay. I could not find any photo or video despite the news reports . People are confirming and denying so I can't be sure.
    Some revolutionary activists in Sinai published a message to SCAF announcing that they will not accept having  elections in Sinai and their complete rejection to what is taking place in Cairo.

    @1:48PM Cairo local time : 
    Rumors , rumours , rumors.
    No one in Mobinil said anything about communication blockage. No one said that.
    There is no CURFEW for God sake !!
    ElBaradei did not go to the meeting with SCAF because he believes it is better to become a communication channel between SCAF and political powers from one side and the the Tahrir protesters from another side.
    Mustafa El Naggar of El Adl did not go as well.
    Al Nor party suspended its electoral campaigns in Alexandria due what happened from the violent clashes in the city.
    250 Egyptian diplomats issued a statement demanding SCAF to cease violence against protesters and to presidential elections by April 2012. Among them the spokesperson of MFA
    This is the first time in the history of Egyptian diplomacy something like this happens.
    There are several marches in Cairo and Giza headed to Tahrir square , from Giza square , from Mostafa Mahmoud , from Ain Shams University and Cairo university.
    Thousands of university students have already started their march to Tahrir square.
    Regular citizens are bringing medical supplies at several meeting points in Cairo whether Heliopolis or Zamalak
    @2:28 PM Cairo local time 
    Al Masryeen Ahrar boycotts the meeting with SCAF, it demands a cease for violence and an apology to protesters before any dialogue. 
    Egyptian diplomats and MFA employees will have a march to Tahrir at 3:30 PM
    Tantawy is going to address the people of Egypt after shot time according to Egyptian TV 
    @2:41 PM Cairo local time 
    Thousands of Cairo university students have reached to Tahrir square. From Arwa showing the Kasr Al Nil bridge from less than hour ago.
    Protesters are heading from Tahrir square to the cabinet HQ and ladies are planning for a protest at Mohamed Mahmoud street as human shield to stop the clashes.
    @2:41 PM Cairo local time 
    Thousands of Cairo university students have reached to Tahrir square. From Arwa showing the Kasr Al Nil bridge from less than hour ago.
    The Ain Shams university protest has reached to Ramsis street in their way to Tahrir square.
    Al Hayat 1 channel claims that there is news that SCAF will transfer its political powers to the head of the constitutional court.
    Abdel Moneim Abu El Fatouh has boycotted the meeting of SCAF as well.
    @3:19PM Cairo local time
    News that the journalists' syndication threats not to issue a single newspaper in Egypt as long as the attacks are repeated against the Egyptian journalists. 
    3 foreigners were arrested yesterday near Tahrir square and are accused of throwing Molotov cocktails at the police.

    These are AUC students who decided to join the protesters at Tahrir square. They will be deported.Of course this is the most stupidest thing to do if you are not a foreign reporter
    Al Wasat party boycott the talks with SCAF.
    Thousands are protesting in Alexandria, Asuit and Mansoura.
    No policeman was spotted in Ismailiya after the terrible clashes last night.
    Al Hayat 1 channel claims that there is news that SCAF will transfer its political powers to the head of the constitutional court

    @3:19PM Cairo local time
    The Tahrir square is full already.
    Here is a photo from Mansoura 
    From Tanta

    @4:12PM Cairo local time
    An army officer has joined the protesters at Tahrir square and he looks like Ahmed Shoman so much. I do not know what his rank is but I think he is from the military police.He is carried on the shoulders of the protesters and I think we are the kindest people in the world.
    Hamdeen Sabhi has entered Tahrir square from Mohendessin. Abdel Manam Abu El Fatouh is helping in the field hospitals, the famous chairman of Egypt's biggest medical charity association got huge experience.

    @4:52 PM Cairo Local time
    Another army is said to join the protesters !!
    Here is a video for the battle of the day , the battle of Bab El Louq.

    I think the old market has been damaged in fire. From Ben Wedeman

    Reports that there is a truce in Mohamed Mahmoud street and people are leaving voluntarily. The truce was reached  earlier today between the Military police and a group of political activists including Mamdouh Hamza.
    @5:20 PM Cairo Local time
    Another army is said to join the protesters !!
    Photos from Tahrir square

    from Tarek Shalaby
    From Mahmoud Gamal El Din

    The Egyptian TV is like Al Jazeera , something is fishy.
    @5:20 PM Cairo Local time
    The meeting between Anan and political powers and parties has finished and here are its results :
    • Presidential elections will be held on June 30,2011 and the president will be sworn on July 1,2011
    • The parliamentary elections will be held on time. 
    • Immediate release to all the detainees who were arrested since last Saturday. 
    • Granting the right of protesting and sit ins. 
    • Forming a national salvation cabinet. 
    • SCAF is ok to have a referendum to see if people want the army back to its barracks or not. 
    @10:32 PM Cairo Local time
    So after 3 hours of Tantawy's speech , Tahrir square and not only Mohamed Mahmoud street or Falaki square are being showed by tear gas , some are suspecting to be poisonous while other suspect that it is a nerve gas. It was reportedly smelt in Kasr Al Nil bridge so you can imagine.
    You can read this statement from Ain Shams university professor about tear gases.
    CBC is showing coverage from Mohamed Mahmoud street , again gunshots and tear gases. It is like a small mini war zone.Here are couple screencaps from CBC.
    Things are terrible in Mansoura , Ismailiya and Alexandria as well in Asuit Of course terrible is simple word 
    I do not know when the CSF and military police will have a true trace with the protesters in Egypt.
    There is an armed state security officer arrested at Tahrir square and is being detained beside the Egyptian museum. 

    Another army officer has joined the protesters and he claims that Tantawy himself gave order to crack down the protesters violently at Tahrir square.
    Ahmed Shoman's talk shocked some. I do not care what he says to be honest.
    I am depressed and I am not optimistic anymore for all those curious to know my opinion.

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  • 11/23/11--15:55: #Tahrir : Day 5’s massacre
  • Well if you think that the invisible gas was bad then you have to see today’s massacre.

    There was supposedly a truce reached by a group of Al Azhar’s sheikhs between the security forces and the the protesters. The truce started today’s afternoon and the security forces stopped its attack. The protesters walked freely at Mohamed Mahmoud street and even started to clean it !! The public prosecution teams came to investigate and we had some sort of weak hope.

    Then suddenly hell opened its doors and unfortunately we all saw it live on TV when the security forces broke the truce and opened its fire on the protesters while some of them were praying according to eye witnesses.

    I know that I saw on Al Jazeera Mubshar ambulances coming and going in matter of seconds and terrible sound of gunshots in the air then rains of tear gas grenades began to appear on the screen.

    Tahrir square : Mohamed Mahmoud street during the attack

    Already according to the ministry of health’s official numbers in the past 48 hours 36 have been killed through out Egypt and more than 3,000 Egyptians have been injured.

    @8:00 PM Cairo local time

    The lights are reportedly cut from Mohamed Mahmoud street. A Tahrir doctor has died from a tear gas shot at field hospital , he is not the first. Yesterday another Tahrir doctor has passed away while she was bringing supplies to the field hospital.

    The clashes in Alexandria are still on and not less than 4 are being injured in the clashes at the security directorate so far.

    Al Azhar sheikhs decided to join the sit in at Tahrir square objecting how the security forces have broken the truce. It is not the first time Al Azhar scholars were in the first sit during the 18 days. There was one Azhar Sheikh who was injured.

    Sheikh Ahmed El Tayib has issued a strong statement with three demands :

    Sheikh Ahmed El Tayib’s statement
    1. The police has to stop killing their Egyptian brothers.
    2. The protesters to restrain themselves
    3. SCAF to stop the clashes

    El Tayib was angry and accused the police of breaking the truce.

    Here is one of the sheikhs telling a Christian channel on how the security forces attacked them while they were praying.

    I think Al Azhar is on the right path for reform , welcome back.

    I do not know what is going on , it is so confusing and so sad to a level you can not imagine.

    @9:00 PM Cairo local time

    ONTV reporter says that 4 are killed in the latest clashes at Mohamed Mahmoud

    People hear air jets in Cairo , I heard nothing so far yet my aunt heard them in Zamalek.

    Another group of army officers have allegedly joined the protesters at Tahrir square.

    TE Data denied the news of internet blockage , it is pressure problem currently.

    The Muslim brotherhood has issued a statement about their position , officially the group is not participating in the sit yet its youth are unofficially.

    A group of activists are trying to have an initiative to save the pets stuck at the two pet shops at Mohamed Mahmoud street and Falaki street. There are two pet shops and the animals are stuck there as it seems

    @10 PM Cairo local time

    The Arab contractors are going to build a wall at Mohamed Mahmoud street to separate between the protesters and the security forces.

    @10:17 PM Cairo local time

    General Asar and General Hegazy are on Egyptian TV ch.1. There are news that there is some kind of mutiny in Nile News since the morning by the way. Already Egyptian TV and state owned newspapers are strange today attacking SCAF and Tantawy in unprecedented way.

    There are violent clashes in Ismailiya between the military police and the protesters. At least one is dead and tens are injured , there are reports of live ammunition.

    @12:22 AM Cairo local time

    The generals are still talking.Of course the Egyptian TV is still showing one side of the story , showing the footage from the police side to make the protesters look like thugs.

    El Asar apologized on behalf of the SCAF and presented his condolences for the families of the victims. Of course they defend themselves and insist that they do not want rule and that they want elections. They say that the aggressions of military police are more of individual actions. They said the name of Anan more than the name of Tantawy. They warned that if Tahrir clashes and sit continue , the elections will be delayed. They support the foreign conspiracies theory..etc.

    Again they are speaking to the people in homes and not to the people in the square.I must say that the questions are daring.

    They deny it having meetings or deals with MBs and Salafists. It is too long and I can’t keep it up with all their talk while I am trying to keep up with all what is happening.

    Ok here is a video showing the moment the truce between the protesters and the security forces.

    Tahrir : The truce that ended violently today

    There are talks between the ministry of interior and activists again about truce !!

    Mansour Eissawy denied on TV channels “CH.1 and Al Hayat” what Al Wafd newspaper claimed that he said in an interview. Al Wafd published an alleged interview with him where he allegedly claimed that Essam Sharaf gave him the orders to evacuate the square by force.

    Eissawy said that he will leave the ministry tomorrow yet he hinted something interesting : If he and his men can’t secure the parliamentary elections , they will suggest its delay.

    This is the second time this is raised in less than hour.

    @1:30 AM Cairo local time

    Al Hakma Salafist channel claims that Siyad Badawy , the chairman of Al Wafd party will head the government !!

    Now important updates from Ismailia :

    • The military police clashes with the protesters ended with the death of 14 years student called Maged Medhat who was shot in his back by a live ammunition. Medhat was returning from some private lesson to his home when he was shot down.

    • Interestingly enough this is a message from Revolution Youth coalition in Ismailiya says that the protests are infiltrated , of course they are going to have a protest tomorrow after the funeral of late Maged May Allah bless his soul.
    • The military police with their red caps along few army units are securing the police station in the city. They believe protesters are truly thugs according to tweeps from the city !!
    • Things are calm now.

    0 0

    Good morning and God bless you all
    The upcoming 72 hours are the most important in this stage of our revolution. I will not claim and say that we know what we are heading to because I feel the uncertainty now is the common factor among all Egyptians including the Tahrir protesters as well as SCAF.
    @9:39 AM Cairo local 
    In a church at Tahrir square "I think the Anglican Kasr Al Dobra where is a field hospital. :)

    Two ladies praying 
    There are tears in my eyes.Last night was the first without clashes.From early morning protesters began to form a human shield between Tahrir square and Mohamed ,here is a photo from 6:30 AM
    at the entrance of Mohamed Mahmoud 

    The army units are separating as well between protesters and military police.

    From an hour ago at ENN
    SCAF has issued its official apology as well its official condolences to the families of the martyrs of the fallen martyrs from the good children of Egypt in its 84th statement on its official Facebook page. SCAF expressed its sorrow for the latest clashes and decided the following :
    • Quick investigation and trial to all those standing behind these clashes. 
    • Full care of the families of the martyrs as well as the injured in the latest clashes. 
    • A field hospital at Tahrir square to provide medical care to the protesters. 
    Here is a contact list for the meeting points for those interested in Cairo and Giza in helping the Tahrir sit in and field hospitals through supplies. And the American embassy has also presented its condolences to the families of the victims in the latest clashes at Tahrir square.Famous Egyptian American journalist Mona Al Tahawy was arrested from 4 hours ago by police and was beaten according to her last tweet.
    Beaten arrested in interior ministryNov 24 via Twitter for BlackBerry®FavoriteRetweetReply

    Our friend Dima Khatib wrote about Al Tahawy. 
    Mona has been arrested along with activist Maged Butter and it seems that they were arrested at Mohamed Mahmoud street.

    With @monaeltahawy in Mohammed Mahmoud, total chaos lots of injuries #tahrir
    Nov 23 via Twitter for AndroidFavoriteRetweetReply
    Journalist Jihan Noujaim has been arrested as well. I heard that two foreign journalists have been arrested
    I hope that they are all fine.
    @11:02 AM Cairo Local time : 
    Ok SCAF is having a 180 shift in policy , their PR machine is working so active in the past 24 hours.Is it public pressure ? Is it international pressure ? Are they the army officers joining the protesters.
    Military police commander Hamdy Badeen claimed in Good Morning Egypt on Ch.1 and  Masrya as well Radio Masr that the military police did not approach Tahrir square since Eid El Fitr and the end of Ramandan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He claims that the TV channels and media spread these rumors to plant the mistrust between the people and the armed forces.
    Ok general Badeen , who pulled that girl's hair ?

    Badeen also claimed that it is the full responsibility of the civilian police.
    Al Ahram says in its first page that the number of the wounded reached to 6000 !!!
    8 dead bodies from one of Tahrir square field hospitals have disappeared suddenly yesterday according to one of the doctors there. Yesterday another doctor was killed :(
    The Atlantic got one of the most amazing photo galleries from Tahrir clashes , they kill me but they are amazing from photographic and journalistic point of view. Of course I know personally some of the brave photojournalists in Tahrir currently.
    @12:04 PM Cairo local time : 
    There is a press conference held by SCAF at the SIS army HQ in Nasr City.
    There is no internet blockage in Asuit.
    Maged Butter is found at Tahrir square , he was beaten as you see in the photo below

    Maged at Tahrir square by Ahmed Manshy
    Now Maged says that he does not know where Mona Al Tahawy is now as he was arrested while she was beating someone who was harassing her last night. Jihan Noujaim is fine , she is at a police station with human rights activist and lawyer Rajia Omran. Rajia believes she is facing filming without permit charge@12:24 PM Cairo Local time The presser is about the elections , General Mokhtar El Mola and General Mamdouh along the members of High elections commission are the speakers.The elections will be held at its time next week !!General El Mola again repeats the field Marshal Tantawy in order to clarify the confusion about it. He is insisting that the army has no interest in powerEl Mola :
    There is corruption in Egypt for many years and we can't fight it and conquer it in few months , let's agree that confrontation is the best for the future of Egypt. The human rights are untouchable and whoever violates it should be punished. The Egyptian armed forces' weapons are not directed to the Egyptian citizen.

    Mamdouh Shahin speaks about laws and elections.

    We issued the first constitutional declaration in February 13 , we do not want power and this proves , in 1952 the first constitutional declaration was issued in December 1952 after six months. 

    They are defending themselves and that defiance and pride in their facial expression are no longer there.
    Now the good news is Mona Al Tahawy is free after 12 hours in detention at the MOI. She was subjected to sexual harassment from CSF conscripts and her hand is so swollen that she can't close it , she is going to the hospital to check it.

    Mona's hand :(

    Here is a video from Alexandria showing the thugs at the police side with Motolov cocktails last night.

    The army is closing Mohamed Mahmoud with wires right now.
    @1:34 PM Cairo Local time :

    And the elections will be held next Monday  !! Do not tell me how , I am a pro-elections and I feel now these clashes and escalation are intended to make people not to go at least the active youth.
    By the way the High elections commission announced that there will be a fine imposed on those who do not vote !!

    @7:42 PM Cairo local time : 

    I have been to Tahrir square and returned back with couple of photos and remarks.
    A lot of rumors about the upcoming prime ministers. Officially Amr Moussa has declined the cabinet. The negotiations with ElBaradei has failed and reached to dead end.
    Some activists and revolutionary groups suggested Abu El Fatouh and Hamdeen Sabhi, I would take Abu El Fatouh at anytime over Sabhi.
    The Egyptian TV reportedly says that former PM Kamel El Ganzoury was received by Field Marshal Tantawy. Some people think El Ganzoury was good but he was a prime minister that served Mubarak for many years.
    As we got rumors , we also got  SCAF issuing too many statements in one , the day started with statement no.84 and now we got statement no.87. Ahram gate says another statement tonight with the national cabinet.
    The general prosecutor has order the confiscation of one billion Egyptian pound from Ahmed Ezz and Rashid Mohamed Rashid.
    Currently I am at a birthday party of two of one the closet people to my heart so I think I will be away from awhile.

    8:45 PM Cairo local time

    Abdullah El Sanary , the editor in chief of Al Arabi Al Nasri said that El Ganzoury is our new prime minister
    Twitter and tahrir do not like because he is old age and his past experience as a minister and prime minister during the time of Mubarak.

    0 0

    Beaten arrested in interior ministryThu Nov 24 01:44:39 via Twitter for BlackBerry®
    This is how I started my day  when I woke up , a tweet from Mona El Tahawy to thousands of her followers that she was detained and beaten by security forces at the ministry of interior. We knew few details as I hinted in my journal about today’s major events that she was detained at the bloody Mohamed Mahmoud.
    After few hours we found Mona announcing that she was free and after few minutes we being to know horrific details. Mona was a subjected of terrible sexual assaults by 5-6 CSF conscripts who attacked her terribly and mercilessly

    5 or 6 surrounded me, groped and prodded my breasts, grabbed my genital area and I lost count how many hands tried to get into my trousers.Thu Nov 24 10:55:56 via Twitter for iPhone
    She was dragged then to the MOI HQ where for 5 hours she waited for somebody to help her. Then military police transferred her to military intelligence HQ , she did not want to go at first because she is a civilian but one of the officers told her it was better to go politely and willingly.
    At first she was blindfolded for 2 hours before somebody interrogated and ask her useless questions like why you are here and why you are in Tahrir. Mona made it clear that she is an American citizen and she wants a lawyer or someone from the embassy.
    The military intelligence officers then told her to remove the blindfold and apologized for what the CSF did , they took photos for her bruises and recorded her ordeal then let her go.
    Here is Mona with the casts in both hands.

    Mona also spoke about that nightmare she had been through in CNN.
    Mona El Tahawy speaks about her assault in Egypt
    Mona will appear with Yosri Fouda tonight to speak about her ordeal
    She is not the first journalist to be attacked brutally. Of course one ask what if it were not Mona El Tahawy but rather a simple Egyptian girl called Mona who got no passport except the Egyptian one , who is not a famous journalist but just simple Mona.
    Reporters with borders are advising female reporters not to go to Tahrir square after this attack.

    0 0

    It seems that Egypt is now the home of not one Spiderman but rather Spidermen , here are the protesters of Tahrir square trying to save the people who live at the buildings in the doomed Mohamed Mahmoud street that were on fire during the week thanks to the tear gas grenades and Molotov cocktails in the MM battle.

    Reuters/Goran Tomasevic
    In that week of hell in Egypt , firefighters were attacked by the security forces while they were trying to save the residents of those buildings who were caught in fire of that unequal battle. The protesters , the daring protesters climbed the buildings to save them. 
    These are my people in hard times. 
    I do not think that the Egyptian media featured this. 

    0 0
  • 11/25/11--15:09: #Tahrir : November 25th
  • First things first :

    Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawy appoints Kamel El Ganzoury as the prime minister of Egypt with full powers “whatever these two words mean”. There are rumors that he will appoint Abu El Fatouh and Hamdeen Sabhi as deputy prime ministers. He will begin his negotiations starting from today. Tahrir square is against him

    In Cairo there are three protests and three marches.

    The biggest one is in Tahrir without doubts , hundreds of thousands have been there since early morning. Omar Makram mosque Sheikh Mazhar Shahin led the Friday prayer. His Friday speech was very strong , some consider it one of the best speeches he said from a long time. He said that today Tahrir square will form a national salvation cabinet. Here is the speech.

    CBC : Mazhar Shahin’s speech

    A representative from Al Azhar called Hassan El-Shafey addressed the protesters after the prayers in Tahrir square sending the greetings and support of Ahmed El Tayib to the protesters.

    It is getting bigger as usual in Tahrir square.

    Potential presidential candidate as well potential square’s prime minister Mohamed ElBaradei arrived to Tahrir and prayed with the protesters. I think this is the first time after the fall of Mubarak. I do not know the source of the photo.

    The second protest is at Abassiya a pro-SCAF protest against the Freemasonic American Israeli protests. Bunch of thousands are in the square. It is pathetic compared to the scene in Tahrir square. It is worth to mention that SCAF asked the organizers of this protest to cancel it in order not to create spilt in the society in its 87 message in Facebook. Rumours say that some of the protesters in Abassiya are actually the wives and children of MOD’ employees !!

    Here is the Abassiya protesters cheering for the Mosheeeer led by Zpider.

    Abassiya : Pro SCAF protest

    The third and the most pathatic is the Muslim brotherhood’s Al Aqsa solidarity protest in Al Azhar , very few participants.

    The first march against SCAF is from Mustafa Mahmoud Mosque and square to Tahrir. Ahmed Harara , the doctor who lost his two eyes is participating in the march along with Wael Ghonim. Ghonim asked the people in Kolena Khaled Said page the people to keep the protests peacefully. Ghonim put a patch on his right eye to send a message to SCAF.

    Here is a photo from Al Masry Al Youm

    Here is a photo from Sarah Abdel Rahman.

    Another photo in the way to Galaa bridge by Ahmed Essam El Din

    The second march against SCAF from Nasr City will start this afternoon to Tahrir square.

    The third march is a pro SCAF , made of 1500 and is heading to Tahrir square , they are breaking the orders of SCAF as far as I could tell.

    There is a big protest in Alexandria as well against SCAF ( Photo from Ahlam )

    There is a big protest at Suez against SCAF as usual at Arbin square. (Photo by Shady)

    There is a protest in Ismailia against SCAF. Hundreds are chants against SCAF. Last week 3 were killed in the protests and clashes between protesters and security forces.

    There is a protest in Asuit against SCAF but it is not that big like other governorates.

    @2:04 PM Cairo Local time

    The protest of Abassiya Live

    From Abassaiya

    and Tawfik Okasha is addressing the protesters !!

    @2:23 PM Cairo Local time

    I hear helicopters , it is confirmed people heard them in several areas in Cairo and Giza as well.

    There is a small rally as well in Bani Sawif against SCAF. Photo from RNN

    The rally of Mostafa Mahmoud has reached Tahrir square and Ahmed Harara got a hero reception at Tahrir square. Photo from Shorouk Newspaper

    The Ismailia anti SCAF protest kicked out my friend Lauren Bohn and called her spy :( Here is a photo from that protest before she had to leave.

    There is a protest in Mansoura as well against SCAF.

    @9:15 PM Cairo local time

    PM Kamel Ganzoury held a press conference , a short press conference attended by a small number of reporters including the military affairs correspondent of Rosa Youssef , of course it was held at the ministry of defense.

    El Ganzoury claims that he got the full powers needed for this critical period and that he knows that SCAF will stay in power forever and that’s why he accepted the cabinet.  He will finish the negotiations of the cabinet after the elections.

    Of course A group of Tahrir protesters have started a sit in front of the cabinet HQ and announced that they will declare a national salvation cabinet. The political figures they nominated for the this cabinet are ElBaradei , Abu El Fatouh, Sabhi and law professor Hossam Eissa.

    I have been to Tahrir square for couple of hours and despite there are huge political discussions among the people yet there was improper festivity mood in the square when from two days only people were dying. There were repeated cases of sexual harassment in the square for groups I believe it was intended to be there in order to scare the people off the square.

    The field hospitals do not medicine but food , in fact doctors complaining that the medicine began to be stolen from the field hospitals. The doctors there told us that there are not less than 3000

    There was news that there will be a press conference for major political figures nominated for that national salvation council or that transitional council or what so ever. Some people say that Elbaradei and Abu El Fatouh will be there.

    Sources in ElBaradei’s campaign denied this completely , Abu El Fatouh’s campaign denied it as well.

    @10:40 PM Cairo local time

    No press conference because it turned out that group of activists suggested the names of that national salvation council or cabinet or whatever these names without asking them as it is their duty to accept without any hesitation !! This is not  a bloody time for slogans here with my all due respect to everybody.

    You can’t have suddenly a cabinet formed in Tahrir square and claim that it is approved by everybody because it is the revolutionary decision and revolutionary legitimacy to the end of this talk because simply Radicals can gather in any other square in the country and declare their own government.

    Also internationally unlike Libya and Syria , the world as in the States and EU will not recognize any government or TNC that did not come through elections or even a real censuses from the majority , we got treaties and relations and we all know what they are. 

    Speaking internationally the White House issued a statement today about Egypt , you can read it here , I will quote parts from it here.

    We believe that Egypt’s transition to democracy must continue, with elections proceeding expeditiously, and all necessary measures taken to ensure security and prevent intimidation. Most importantly, we believe that the full transfer of power to a civilian government must take place in a just and inclusive manner that responds to the legitimate aspirations of the Egyptian people, as soon as possible.

    A national salvation cabinet should include everybody and I mean everybody including the Muslim brotherhood in my humble point of view.

    Anyhow Abu El Fatouh announced that he is having talks with Hamdeen and ElBaradei. He also announced that he is ready to serve the nation if he is requested at any possible way to keep the sacrifices of the martyrs and protect the demands of Egypt.

    Terrible clashes between protesters and security forces in Alexandria , Tanta, Mahla ,Mansoura and Ismailia. According to tweeps in Mansoura , the clashes are started actually by thugs and not the protesters. In Mahla tweeps say that the NDPians sent their thugs and boys to attack the police stations yet the protesters and youth protect these stations.

    Same thing in Alexandria , it is old trick the MOI’s thugs infiltrated protests and turned it in to deadly clashes.

    There were protests in several areas in Qena ,Sohag and Assuit. Small ones though.

    I just want this nightmare to end.

    @12:29 AM Cairo local time

    The situation is not good in Alexandria , the thugs, the hired thugs by 140 are attacking the protesters as well as the security directorate in order to defame the protesters with rocks and Molotov cocktails. The residents at the security directorate now have started defending the neighborhood against that mix of protesters and thugs. 

    Dear friend Effendia in Alex is there and he is describing terrible scenes , really terrible scenes . Now it is the protesters Vs. the people Vs. thugs and CSF is watching and enjoying.

    0 0

    Suddenly we found these two urgent tweets on the alleged official Walid El Mullam , the Syrian FM’s twitter account.

    هام : السيد الرئيس بشار الأسد قرر التنحي عن رئاسة الجمهورية العربية السورية لنائبه السيد فاروق الشرع . #syriaFri Nov 25 22:33:56 via Twitter for iPhone
    Important : President Bashar El Assad has decided to step down from the Arab Republic of Syria’s president for his vice president MR. Farouk El Sha’ar

    سيصدر بيان التنحي خلال الأيام القليلة القادمة لتحديد ملامح المرحلة القادمة . #syriaFri Nov 25 22:39:47 via Twitter for iPhone
    The step down’s statement will be issued in the upcoming days to determine how the upcoming period will be.
    This was from an hour ago. Nothing in official SANA
    Was Walid El Mullam’s account hacked ? I believe so.
    Despite our house’s issues do not give a chance to know what is going on in beloved Syria yet it is always in mind.
    Today the news of how an Egyptian lady married from a Syrian political dissident and activist was abducted from Cairo by the Syrian intelligence.
    I do not know what to say , she is an Egyptian citizen and is abducted by her country , I am praying that the Egyptian intelligence is not involved in such disgusting act and that the Syrian intelligence seized the opportunity of security’s absence to do this cowardly act. That lady is pregnant by the way.
    Despite I do not want El Assad to stay any longer in Syria but I hope Egypt gets on the right track before he gets killed by the Syrian people because Egypt , the real Egypt wants to kick his criminal ass along his regime in the Egyptian diplomatic way. 
    Technorati Tags: ,,,

    0 0

    Here is a photo gallery for photos I took from Tahrir square on November 24,2011 afternoon.

    You can see the field hospitals. in this photo gallery.

    0 0

    I want to wake up one day without expecting to hear disasters and young people getting killed by security forces in Egypt.
    Today a 19 years old young man has been killed when a CSF vehicle has ran over his body. Ahmed Sorror is the latest martyr to die in a bloody week in Egypt , here is the latest in a long time.
    Now from what I understood Sorror and other protesters were having a sit in in front of the cabinet HQ. At early morning they found suddenly CSF vehicles coming to the street , they believed the these CSF units came to disperse the sit in. In no time more protesters came from Tahrir square to protect the sit in and sooner there were rocks hurled and allegedly Molotov cocktails.
    Then at the same time the CSF officers were surprised and panicked , one of them called the commandership and told them what means in English you have sent us to hell. Some of the vehicles moved and left the street and according to the eye witnesses a CSF vehicle ran over late Sorror.
    Here is a graphic video shows late Sorror after the terrible accident , May Allah bless his soul. “Extremely graphic”
    Late Ahmed Sorror
    You can read the testimony of Mohamed El Sayid who witnessed the whole terrible incident.
    Ahmed Sorror’s mom told the protesters and activists who stood by her in the morgue that she believes that his right will not be gone as long as they are defending it.
    The poor mother at the morgue

    Now what is really in triggering in this incident is that the ministry of interior apologized officially sooner after the accident insisting that it was unintentional terrible accident . A police officer called Mohamed Adel made a tour in the talk shows in all TV channels today swearing it was unintentional and they did not mean disperse the sit in nor to kill the young man. Of course it was noticeable that this arrogance we used to in the tone of the police officers on TV.
    It is not a surprised considering the anger in the street especially after what happened to CSF first lieutenant Mohamed Sobhy El-Shennawy.
    Who is CSF officer Mohamed El Shennawy ?
    Well he is the hero of the infamous video shot last week during the battles of Mohamed Mahmoud where he shot down the protesters with a rifle and his CSF conscripts cheering for him on how he got the eyes of those bastards !! You can watch the video below.
    Tahrir : Bravo Pasha for hitting their eyes
    El Shennawy 
    In less than 24 hours his name , academic background , Facebook account “it is unavailable now” and allegedly his mobile phone were in twitter. A home address was also spread as his home address but it turned to be a wrong one thank goodness. Personally I am against sharing his home address because this vigilance style of justice will not bring peace to the society as some think.  Interestingly enough this young office is a graduate of College De Frere , English section Class 2005 and Police academy Class 2009.
    El Shennawy in school 
    The clip found its way to the media and TV channels. On last Thursday just before the million man protest we found the the general prosecution office announces that it demanded his arrest. Next day we knew that he was allegedly arrested and is kept in safe place for further investigation. Do not underestimate this action and consider it a concession , now young officers may think twice. In fact I will dare and say they do  and just see how they reacted after the terrible accident of late Sorror.
    Mohamed El-Shennawy is being labeled the revolutionaries’ eyes sniper now , foreign media like CNN calls him the eyes’ hunter.
    Malek Mustafa believes that based on the time of the video and its location , he was the one who hit by the bullet of El Shennawy.
    You must know that for real the policemen are some how shaken and they are scared from retaliation. The photo of Shennawy , how his info reached to twitter and social network and how he became a wanted live or dead fugitive for Tahrir was a price on his head.
    LE 5000 reward for the one that find him 
    Wanted graffiti in Tahrir 
    Speaking about snipers , this photo surfaced on the social networks in Egypt showing what is believed to be snipers squad in the CSF , just check those sitting in the right side and type of rifles they got.
    What are these snipers ? 
    This photo was taken from a CSF officer Ramiz Mansour's Facebook page , the guy at the right at the second row holding a sniper rifle
    Ramiz Mansour : I am the only sniper 
    The Ministry of interior is on fire because simply SCAF is ready to sacrifice the police officers. Last week  Hamdy Badeen accused the civilian police of committing crimes against the protesters !! Of course before the week ends , he told potential presidential candidate Bothiana Kamel that the army units that stormed the Tahrir square were following the centralized zone.
    Anyhow here is an X-Ray for one of the #Nov18 wounded and it shows allegedly a .9mm bullet. From “The Safwats

    The .9mm bullet is the standard bullet used in police and army as well as far my security information. Of course police and army deny the use of live ammunition.
    Here is a screencap showing an alleged conversation between a police officer working in the MOI with his friends on Facebook where he says that the gunshots have not stopped hoping it would not stop !! “Let it be on fire more”

    FYI the central security forces were found in 1969 by none other than Gamal Abdel Nasser to crack down the students’ protests then.
    Kamel El Ganzoury promised that there will be a radical change in MOI in his second cabinet claiming that he will choose young police officers. Unfortunately leaks say that the Police coalitions and so called reformist movements are nominating generals with bad records.
    The complete reform in MOI is now from the main united goals for all revolutionary political powers and movements in Egypt . If we manage this to happen , I will consider a huge victory for the Egyptian revolution and Egypt. The true reform in MOI must be from our first demands.

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