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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    At Field Marshal #Tantawy #Mosque in New #Cairo #DailyLife #Blogger #Citizenjournalism #Egypt #Buildings

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  • 08/07/15--11:13: August 07, 2015 at 08:13PM

  • At Field Marshal #Tantawy #Mosque in New #Cairo #DailyLife #Blogger #Citizenjournalism #Egypt #Buildings August 07, 2015 at 08:13PM via Instagram

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Another view for Field Marshal #Tantawy Mosque in New #Cairo #Egypt #Buildings #Citizenjournalism #Blogger

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  • 08/07/15--11:20: August 07, 2015 at 08:20PM

  • Another view for Field Marshal #Tantawy Mosque in New #Cairo #Egypt #Buildings #Citizenjournalism #Blogger August 07, 2015 at 08:20PM via Instagram

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    Freelance Photographer Esraa El-Taweel wrote a new letter from detention at Qanatar Women Prison describing it as “The Graveyard of the Living Dead”. If I am not mistaken, this is the second long detailed letter Esraa writes from behind bars. This time she goes in details about her time in detention. I copied the translated letter from her father, Mr. Mahfouz El-Taweel’s Facebook account.

    On the 27th of July, 2015 I had a showing in front of the Supreme State Security Prosecution. I had a different prosecutor this time than the one handling my case. This time I considered the trip to the State security
    prosecution as an outing/break that I am having away from prison. I hate prison and what I hate the most is that it is full of women, and whoever knows me well knows that most of my close friends are guys, can you imagine how tragic this is? smile emoticon. On my way out of the State security prosecution to ride the deportation vehicle (after I was ordered another 15-day remand in custody) I saw Nahla, Sarah, Aisha, Sara, Abdel-Hameed, Ali, my mama, Duaa, Alaa and Nouran.
    For a second I was happy that I saw them, but then I started crying. Nahla told me "don't cry". I wished I can greet them well and give them a big hug. I am even denied the right to say a proper hi to my friends. However this Monday was a beautiful day just because I saw them. I used to think "Did my friends forget all about me? Two months have passed!".
    Why the hell am I shown for prosecutors interrogations and my friends and family outside where there is a wall between us that cannot be crossed? Will I enter the deportation vehicle again and go back to prison? How insane is that? I wish that all such injustices are put to an end. Yet again, I am really glad I saw my friends. Even though, the officer in commission "Ahmed Shawky" didn't allow me to shake hands with them or even receive a sandwich since I was hungry.. nevertheless my friends' presence made me happy.

    Today - the 28th of July, 2015 - marks the 58th day of my abduction and the 42nd day of my imprisonment in Al-Qanater Women's Prison. Although almost 2 months have passed since I was kidnapped, I still cannot absorb what is happening. Till this moment I wake up panicking and asking "Where am I?". I cry and say "I just want to go back home".
    When I was locked up for interrogations at the state security premises I had the feeling I was already dead. I felt that time had stopped. For 15 days I was kept blindfolded; I felt I was inside a tomb and prayed to God that He revives me once again like He resurrects the dead from their graves.
    Unluckily, I wasn't able to pray during those 15 days since I had the last day of my period on the day I was kidnapped. I couldn't have a bath (after which I can resume my prayers) up until the 17th day when my family knew that I was in Al-Qanater Prison and got me clothes at the building of the Supreme State Security Prosecution (SSSP).
    One day, I will tell about everything that happened to me at the state security premises.
    Yesterday, I had a showing at the SSSP and (for the 4th time) I was remanded in custody for another 15 days. I asked my lawyer to tell my sister (who was waiting outside) that I wanted to have a McDonald's meal, but the officer in commission refused. They are deporting me in a large deportation vehicle with two security vans (one driving in front of us and the other behind us). Grin emoticon I swear to God, they are wasting their time and our time, tiring themselves for no reason.
    I hate prison(s). I used to think earlier that I feared nothing more than prisons. But I am not afraid of prisons anymore.

    Now I understand what Mahinour meant when she said "We don't like prisons but we're not afraid of them."1
    Today, they took me to the prison doctor "Mahmoud Ashour" to check on me for the leg injury I have; his diagnosis was that I suffer from permanent disability. I explained to him the whole story of my injury and that I was getting better with the help of continuous physiotherapy.2 

    Yet, he insisted that his diagnosis was correct and he told me "Don't argue with me! Go back to your ward." Now I cannot walk on my own and I need someone to take me to the bathroom all the time. I am staying in a cell sized 5m x 3m, mostly full of cockroaches and insects where this is the only place we're allowed to keep our food, and hang our clothes! It's as if I am living in a kitchen inside a bathroom within a bed!!!
    Days pass here as if they are a copy of each other, they are all similar. Sometimes I think "Why do I eat?" Why should I still survive, for what cause? I am starting to feel that life is dying within me, despite the fact that my biggest hope - when I was at the state security premises - that I can see my mother and my family once again. Every day there I would be told I am going home and that they know that me and Omar are innocent and good-natured and that we'll be set free right away.

    Every day I find them liars and we were never sent home.
    Prison is very vapid. Books are prohibited, radio is prohibited, even "Mickey" comic books are not allowed in. The person behind blocking my accessibility to any of those legally-approved items is Detective Chief Inspector "Mohammed Khallaf".

    He even didn't allow me to take the photos my sister printed for me. The strip search (body inspection) we repeatedly go through - conducted by Kawthar and Om Yahia, Sayed, and Amer - is very humiliating and invasive.
    The only time(s) I feel I am alive is when my family visits me, I am only allowed half-an hour per week to see my family. Last visit, I couldn't hold myself, I cried to mama and asked her not to leave me. I didn't mean to hurt her or break her heart but I couldn't help it and I was very upset. I really wish I can see my friends. I wish I can see "Woody" my cat, I know she's pregnant and she's due soon.
    Two of my inmates here are Asmaa "Dimples" (born 1995) and Safaa' "Safy" (born 1996); they are both serving a 3-year sentence, they have spent 1 and half year inside prison. Another one is Asmaa' Mokhtar "Mokh" (born 1994) who is serving 2 years. And there is the beautiful Mrs. Rasha Mounir, whom I really love. She is young at heart and always playing with us, looking after us and doesn't leave any of us (the younger) sad or depressed. Maybe you have heard about her in the media, she's the one whom her young husband died while waiting in the registration line to visit her in prison, he was carrying their 2 little girls. They prohibited her from attending his funeral or even seeing him after his sudden death a few miles away from her, even her mother-in-law is banning her daughters from visiting her.

    How on earth can Egypt's judiciary give such a beautiful mother like Mrs. Rasha a 25-year sentence, with a load of ridiculous nonsensical charges?! Mrs. Rasha pampers us here and takes us up to her garden "the 3rd level of the bunk bed where she sleeps"; where we drink Nesquik (chocolate drink), and eat Chipsy (potato chips) and chocolates. Up there we sing:
    " Oh Girls, oh girls, oh girls,
    anyone who didn't give birth to girls;
    haven't had enough freedom and have never been to detention centers.
    I see beautiful days, because I gave birth to a girl,
    who has been suspended from college and didn't sit for her exams.
    Cry and scream oh girls, prison has no appointment,
    when my girl's imprisonment news was spread, it reached bulletins.”3
    We keep waiting for aliens to come over and save us .. but they never came.
    Prison is a wicked thing, life is losing its meaning, more accurately there is no life here. We are like the living dead, everyone of us is allowed a one-hour visit and that's it.
    Water here in prison is very unhygienic, it causes skin infections and smells like sewerage, so we are forced to use mineral water. Each one of us needs at least 6 large water bottles a day to drink and use for washing. They don't allow our families to bring us water from outside so we are forced to buy sealed water bottles from the prison canteen. A box of bottled water costs here 50 Egyptian Pounds; and we're only allowed one bottle per day each!!
    Here they are segregating between political prisoners and criminal prisoners, and the political ones are discriminated against. For example; they forbid me from sending or receiving any letters during the visit and they spread informers among us while we are talking to our families to overhear everything; a 24/7 surveillance! I hate prison, I need to go back to my life.. that's it.

    In this summer heat we go through daily power cuts that last for 3-4 hours a time. The whole prison has installed electric generators except for our cell, we don't have any. We almost die here from heat and there's no single draft of air especially when the fans don't work. Insects, cockroaches, ants and even worms spread quickly within our cell especially that we keep our food here inside since we have no refrigerator. Families of inmates here have bought us 3 refrigerators up till now, however the prison administration has suspended their installation for months although the paper procedures are completed.
    In this filthy prison, we also suffer from the impolite behavior of the criminal prisoners.

    Those women physically harass us, they do bad things and sometimes some of them appear suddenly in the bathroom and uncover themselves in front of us. And the prison administration as usual is turning a blind eye to all of this.
    I demand my immediate release with the continuance of the prosecutors investigations; and if this is too much to ask or hard to implement; then they can at least put me under house arrest till the investigations - covering such false accusations - are done.
    I will hand the mic over now to Asmaa and Safaa' to talk to you too:
    ' Safaa' Hassan .. Asmaa El Sayed .. Eng. Salwa Abdel-Moneim.. imprisoned since 8th of January 2014 .. we've been here for 566 days. "Is there a way to turn prison into heaven?" Whoever claims that he can is a complete liar. They have robbed us of our freedom.

    We are living inside a grave. Eating is timed, drinking is timed, even entering the bathroom is timed. The only thing that makes us able to breathe again is the half-hour-long bi-weekly visit we spend with our families. The hardest thing ever is when we see the incapability and helplessness in the eyes of our dads and mums; they can do nothing to relieve this pain. We wish we can sit with our families without having someone saying "that's enough! time is out, back to your cells."
    What on earth have we done to deserve this? Who gave them the right to deprive us from our parents' cuddle and nurture? We haven't committed any crimes; we didn't kill or steal.
    Although those who kill and steal are treated better here, they are declared innocent and released. The officials here treat us as dissidents who deserve hell. We have seen pain and death with our own eyes and no one feels for us or knows how badly we are treated from both the administration and other prisoners. Words are infinite and the ache behind them is endless.. that's it for now.'

    Esraa El-Taweel
    Al Qanater Women's Prison

    1. Mahninour El-Masry is the leftist human rights lawyer and political activist who is currently serving 2-year prison time for false accusations that contain storming a police station, attacking officers and torching the MB headquarters.
    2. Esraa was shot with a bullet in her back on the 25th of January 2014, a fracture of the bullet hit and remained in her backbone causing temporary paralysis of which she is still suffering till this moment and can’t walk normally. Some progress was achieved since she spent a year and a half receiving physiotherapy and electric muscle stimulation; she even stopped using crutches before she was kidnapped. However, her case has deteriorated since she has been locked for 2 months now without any medical treatment, in addition to denying the entrance of the electric stimulation device she needs. Esraa is suffering now muscle atrophy in her thigh and much pain in both of her legs.

    3. "Oh girls, oh girls" is a popular Arabic song by Lebanese popstar Nancy Ajram - celebrating the joy of her baby girl's birth. Esraa and the girls here are singing a parody version of the song where they adjusted the lyrics to fit their new miserable situation as girls behind bars. These are original lyrics of the song:
    "Oh girls, oh girls, oh girls,
    anyone who didn't give birth to girls;
    haven't enjoyed enough tenderness and have never tasted sweets.
    I see beautiful days, because I gave birth to a girl,
    and neither has the earth trembled nor the wall leaned on me.
    Clap and dance oh girls, happiness has no appointment,
    when my girl's smile came to life; feasts have multiplied."

    Seriously how can anyone be happy after reading this letter !!??

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    Last Wednesday Islamic State group-affiliated Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis a.k.a Sinai Province issued a new Video message to the Egyptian government threatening it that it would kill a foreign hostage it kidnapped in Egypt if it did not comply to its demands in 48 hours a day before the inauguration of the new Suez Canal extension.
    Now 72 hours have passed and we do not know and fear the fate of that hostage.
    A Message to the Egyptian government by ABM "SITE" 
    The Sinai-based militant group threatened to kill 30-years old Croatian Hostage called Tomislav Salopek if the Egyptian government did not release who they refer to as “The Muslim women Prisoners” in 48 hours following the release of the video.

    The video showed the 30-years old Croatian who was captured on 22 July while wearing a jumpsuit on his knees in some undisclosed desert location. A Masked ABM-militant wearing a camouflage attire carrying a knife was standing behind Mr. Salopek. Unlike the infamous Jihadi John , he did not speak.
    A screen capture from the video "SITE' 

    The father of two who lives originally in Zagreb was the one who spoke in English and it was a heart breaking scene.
    The video is available on Internet Archives and other sites.
    The heartless group even published a countdown for his execution.
    Tomislav Salopek  is a topographer who works at French Compagnie Generale de Geophysique “CGG” was kidnapped last 22 July. According to the Company officials, CGG reported the kidnapping Egyptian authorities since then but nothing happened. 
     Checking the news back then in Egypt , I found nothing but AP published the news on 24 July about the kidnapping of a Croatian citizen by an unidentified militant group in Cairo two days earlier according to the Croatian ministry of foreign affairs.
    Salopek’s father called for his son’s release. Here is a raw video for Mr. Salopek speaking to journalists in Zagreb. Here is a raw video from AFP and Getty.

    A Croatian Facebook page also was launched in solidarity with the 30-years old man who used to work in Iraq and Libya. The group released an appeal to the militant group to let Salopek go saying that the Croatians are not Americans or Israelis.

    I found his Photo Bucket account with few photos from Libya and Egypt. He seems to like birds and got very nice shots with his two beautiful kids. God bless them all.

    I think this is the first time the notorious group issues a similar ultimatum, but it is the second time it kidnapped and kills a foreign resident. The group killed U.S citizen abducted in Egypt before in 2014 if you remember.

    According to sources, Tomislav Salopek was kidnapped in a highway west of Cairo, exactly in Al-Wahat Highway. Some people are shocked that people are abducted like that by Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis “ABM” West of Cairo, not in Sinai.

    Well, I think those people ignore the fact that the ABM was responsible for deadly operations inside Cairo including the bombing of Cairo security directorate itself !! The question is how that abduction was let to happen in the first place when the government and the media say day and night are in full control of every inch in Egypt.

    Unfortunately, the news of kidnapping the Croatian engineer and the ABM’s threat to kill him are ignored in the mainstream Egyptian media. Even the news of his father’s appeal to the militant group are not highlighted.We got couple contradicting news based upon anonymous sources here and there about how Tomislav is not currently in Egypt and in fact in Libya.

    Nothing should disturb Egypt’s big achievement in the new Suez Canal bypass’ huge celebration as it seems . 
    Croatia's Minister of foreign affairs will visit Egypt to follow up on the matter.

    People in Croatia launched a Facbeook page calling for the release of the father of two. I found this message in English and Arabic to his abductors.

    Personally I am not optimistic because that poor Croatian was already a dead man since day one and I won’t be surprised to know that he was executed or rather beheaded days before the ABM ’s announcement and threat.
    Salopek at the pyramids in Giza "Tomislav Salopek's
    Photobucket" account 
    ABM knows very well that the Egyptian regime won’t release prisoners under any condition, especially terrorists’ conditions.

    ABM is trying to remind the Egyptian regime and Egyptians as well the world that it still exists especially after their losses in Sinai following their failed attack on Sheikh Zoweid.

    The terrorist organization is trying at the same time to win supporters and sympathizers among the youth using the Islamist female detainees showing itself as a defender of the oppressed as the Islamic State group loves to do in Iraq and Syria.

    Speaking about Muslim women detainees , Esraa El-Taweel’s sister Duaa called the militant group not to kill Salopek in press statement on Friday because “her sister is innocent but that her release should not come at the expense of another innocent person."

    The ABM is also showing itself against the New Al-Qaeda’s Morabtoon group.
    I hate to say that I expected they would do something on the occasion of the new Suez Canal extension.Already earlier Thursday, an alleged ABM spox on Twitter announced that there would be a special “Sinai Province” for the inauguration of the New Suez canal.
    A screenshot for the tweet by Ahmed Alish

    The account is currently closed.
    I am more than angry and sad for what happened to Mr. Tomislav Salopek and his small family. I am truly sad that this has happened to him. 

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  • 08/10/15--13:01: At Porto El-Sokhna [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    At Porto El-Sokhna

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    I am going to seize the opportunity of the World Lion Day to post a couple of photos I took last year for the lions at the Giza Zoo.








    The poor lions are placed in the famous “ Lions House”. It is extremely old , you can see from the photos the cages are old.



    As much I love the old style of the Giza Zoo, which is Africa’s oldest and first Zoo I think if we are going to keep lions in cages then we can improve them without messing up that old style.

    By the way I am extremely angry and sad to know that lion cubs are being drugged and used to attract customers in Porto Resorts.

    Already I have seen them earlier this year at Porto Sokhana where people have photos while carrying the poor drugged lion cub. Of course it is dangerous on both side , for the little animal and the people who carry a wild animal after all.

    At Porto El-Sokhna 

    By the way, you can have a photo witha lion cub at Giza Zoo as well.
    It is not a big secret that only now online , people seem to be interested in Preserving wild life after what happened to Cecil Lion in Zimbabwe. Well I got a nice idea instead of whining online. People can start lobbying to for a complete game hunting in Africa simple as that.  I had enough of seeing photos of rich American and Arabian Gulf men hunting animals only to prove that they are men and strong enough. I have enough to share and curse their photos and names online.
    Banning the game hunting is the only way to keep the animals live enough so our great grandchildren won’t curse us for another reason with the pollution and wars we are leaving behind.   

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    Because we do not have bad news enough in Egypt now, the famous Tahrir Academy NGO is going to close down after 3 years of success full of international recognition and awards.
    Yes the Non-profit online collaborative learning platform producing educational videos  to the 13- 18-year-old Egyptian students covering for free and in simple way subjects like physics,math and Arabic Grammar is going to close down because of the new NGOs law and its restrictions on funding.
    In a statement on its online FB page, the NGO collaborative announced that it was going to shut down on Monday.

    أكاديمية التحرير توقف نشاطهاالقاهرة في 10 أغسطس 2015 - على مدار 4 سنوات، كانت مهمة أكاديمية التحرير -وهي مؤسسة تعليمية...
    Posted by ‎Tahrir Academy - أكاديمية التحرير‎ on Monday, August 10, 2015
    We had to downsize our activities and our employees in Tahrir academy as well to sell the assets of academy because of the lack of the funding. As the founders cannot continue in funding the project from their own money and we were unable to collect enough donations, the Egyptian law bans the commercial activities for the NGOs even the commercial activities financing those NGOs. Thus all that prevented us from keeping a proper finance to the NGO. Nevertheless we are still till this moment trying to find any way to continue the project under the umbrella of any other NGO.
    I am not familiar with all the articles of the new NGOs law but I think in the past NGOs were allowed to have commercial activities in order to finance their activities if I am not mistaken like Resala which sells tissues boxes.
    Nevertheless, I totally respect the decision of its founders including renowned political activist Wael Ghonim and entrepreneur Perihan Abou-Ziad.
    The 25 January revolution activist Ghonim founded Tahrir academy in 2012 hoping it would bring positive change in education in Egypt like Khan academy.
    He had to step down as the Chairman of Tahrir academy after 3 July 2013

    Wael Ghonim is currently in the United States where he co-founded Parlio. Ghonim made headlines back in Cairo after he was appointed at The Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard Kennedy School as a senior fellow.
    Of course the Pro-regime supporters do not like that news and they got even their own theories on Harvard University is the breeding nest of spies against Egypt after having Bassem Youssef and then Nader Bakkar , now they got the Wael Ghonim of Kolena Khaled Said Facebook page that started the 25 Jan revolution with a Facebook event invitation in Harvard too.
    Back to Tahrir academy , despite it was a top YouTube educational channel in Egypt and the Arab world, there was not much media exposure about it in Egypt but its team worked hard to made it successful and internationally recognized.
    I consider the closure of Tahrir academy a true setback because that top educational YouTube Channel is truly helping quietly in shaping the future of Egypt by simply investing in education in the simplest way ever.
    I consider this decision as another setback for January 25 revolution also because after all those youth who made this promising project were the original #25Jan Tahrir square youth from protesters who wanted the best for their own people and yet they are being attack night and day now in the media.
    I hope that the project continues somehow.  

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    The world is celebrating Elephants on the occasion of the World Elephant Day today and I will just seize the opportunity once again to re-post photos I took from Egypt's Giza zoo in 2013.
    In 2013 , Giza zoo got one sad African elephant called Naima

    Lonely Naima at her big cage "The elephant house" 

    In 2015 Naima celebrated its 50 birthday in Giza zoo

    Alone in her cage , the famous Naima is known for generations of Egyptians.
    My mom still remembers her.  
     As you can see Naema is not happy.

    That look
    Not only she is in captivity but she is lonely too surrounded by noisy people.

    Guards allow people to feed her 
    She is placed at the Elephant house in Giza zoo.

    The elephant house 

    The cage 



    Here is a photo for Naima taking her morning shower from Giza Zoo official Facebook page. 

    Naima is not lonely now because she got a new friend, Karima from Asia. I want to go again to the zoo to see Karima 

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    Yesterday was the second anniversary of the Rabaa sit-in Massacre and people launched that hashtag “#RememberRabaa” and I am wondering how can anyone living in Egypt can forget Rabaa sit-in and its bloody dispersal in the first place !??
    By Mosa'ab El-shamy from Rabaa sit-in dispersal on August 14 , 2013
    Personally I believe whether you are totally against the forcible dispersal of Pro-Morsi Sit-in or support, you can not deny that after 14 August 2013 things went from bad to worse in Egypt.

    I won’t speak about humanity because it is useless to speak about the value of human life when people are still discriminating between humans because of their political affiliation and religious beliefs as well race then there is no use. I am tried debating about fundamental universal beliefs, especially debating with hypocrites.

    When I read in the media so-called internationally claimed human rights activist describing the forcible dispersal of Rabaa sit-in as a great day in the history of Egypt then I should not speak with her about fundamental human rights now.

    When I read all day long about how the Muslim Brotherhood members are bad and God’s worst criminals on earth in a way to justify what happened in a dispersal that is described by the State’s National council for human rights as “ extreme forcible” one then there is no use.

    When I read on how some Pro-democracy activists and tweeps were attacked yesterday for ignoring the sectarian attacks on churches across the country following the dispersal  while they did not ignore but their online attackers attempt to justify the killing of more than 600 Egyptian officially  as if they deserve to be killed because after their killings, Churches were attacked in some kind of twisted logic that I do not comprehend then what I can say !!?

    Neither those Pro-Morsi people should be killed nor those Churches should be torched and attacked, this is not a perfect world but rather that what should have done.

    The crazy hateful bigotry shit that used to be said at Rabaa stage is not an excuse for what happened either.

    When I read on twitter tweets of an alleged current police officer in the force who says that the security forces were merciful and they should have killed all those inside the sit-ins including women and children then I find  that people retweet him in support of disturbing views then I have to be alarmed and sad.

    I read some disturbing stuff from people yesterday claiming to be revolutionary but their revolutionism is similar to Nazism and I feel that I am repeating myself.
    By Mosaab El-Shamy from Rabaa dispsersal
    I will tackle the dispersal of Rabaa Sit-in from complete pragmatic view. That day already changed Egypt forever and up till now we are paying its price whether we like it or not.

    Polarization increased badly, militancy increased badly, sectarianism increased madly and that massacre did not end political Islamism. It already complicated things regardless what you think or believe. It did not stop blood but rather it made unstopped river running and competing with the Nile river so far.
    I pray to God that one day those who were really responsible for this massacre will pay the price justly in front of the whole world,  in front of an Egyptian court, in front of God.

    Inshallah this day will come because history says so ,other countries that have been through similar path say so as we are not above those countries.

    Anyhow, there is hope as I believe every year more and more people realize now what happened in the forcible dispersal was a massacre after the awful media hysteria in Egypt for two years.

    Now to the latest and important updates about this year’s anniversary of Rabaa dispersal:

    The Egyptian government decided to change the name of Rabaa Al-Adawiya square to Hisham Barakat square to honor the slain Prosecutor General who authorized the forcible dispersal !! Ironically everybody knows that people of Cairo will still call it Rabaa square.

    Rabaa Adawiya Mosque is still closed by the way.

    A group of independent human right activists launched this website “FadRab3a” or “Rabaa Dispersal” which documents the dispersal of Rabaa through video and photographs including Mosaab El-Shamy’s historical collection neutrally.

    Yes neutrally as ironically  the Muslim Brotherhood members accuse the admins of that valuable site to be a Pro-regime supporter if not someone who works with security apparatus and the Pro-Sisi supporters claim the admins of that site were Muslim Brotherhood.

    Former Vice-president Mohamed ElBaradei who resigned on the same day of the massacre to object the forcible dispersal wrote that tweet in Arabic
    May Allah have mercy on everybody and guide us to the right path. 
    Of course El-Bob was attacked from the Pro-Sisi’s supporters for his treason and support to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslim Brotherhood’s for treason and support to 3 July.

    Photo Journalist Shawkan is in detention for three years now , for more than 700 days. 

    In the end, May God bless the souls of those killed in Rabaa and on that day as well after it and because of it.
    May God have mercy on our souls.

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    That little buddy visited us at the office and brought a little joy.

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    That Sunday Morning when Ahmed Ramadan picked up his photography gear and headed to the Police academy in New Cairo to cover the Morsi’s espionage trial as usual, he did not imagine that
    Ahmed Ramdan 
    by afternoon his life would change upside down because of a nasty lie made by ironically a colleague.

    The Photographer working in Tahrir newspaper was heading to the courtroom set up at the Police Academy as he used to when he suddenly found himself arrested by security forces and accused to be a Muslim Brotherhood member who entered the court without a permit claiming to be a journalist.

    It was shocking for the young photographer who began his career as professional news photographer during the 25 January revolution in 2011 especially that he got his newspaper card and he was registered as photographer who used to cover trials at the Police academy.

    But having the permits and getting arrested was not the only shock because it turned out that a colleague was behind his arrest.
    Oh yes, it turned out that A video journalist from Youm 7 reported Ramadan to the security forces at Police Academy as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Video Journalist Amany Al-Akhras reported her ex-colleague at Youm 7 to the security forces claiming that he was fired from the Pro-regime newspaper and website because he was allegedly a member of the Brotherhood according to other eyewitnesses and reporters at the court !!!!

    Ramadan who is not a member of any political group or party was fired along a group of photographers and journalists from Pro-regime Youm 7 last year and as far as I know for “Non-political” reasons.

    The Brotherhood was designated as terrorist organization already in December 2013, yes Ramadan is officially accused of belonging to a terrorist organization thanks to a lie  !!
    And Ramadan was referred to the Prosecution that decided to detain him pending investigation till Monday.
    Needless to say that Amany Al-Akhrass was slammed online by other journalists who attacked her for reporting her colleague in that shameful way.
    It is known that there are journalists who work as informants spying on their colleagues in newspapers and websites and this is known since the 1960s , but this is a new level of snitchers.
     “#Amany_Al-Akhras_security-informant_of_Youm7” was among the trending tweets in Egypt on Sunday.
    On Monday, dozens of Egyptian journalists protested in solidarity with Ramadan as well photojournalist Mahmoud Abu Zaid “Shawkan”.
    The journalists protesting "Photo: Ahmed Kheir"
    Shawkan has been now for two years in detention pending investigations after his arrest at Pro-Morsi Rabaa sit-in dispersal on August 14, 2013.
    Doaa El-Adl " Shawkan says Cheese after 730 days on his detention"
    That small protest at the Journalists syndicate staircase earlier today shows a lot.
    The journalists in the protest demanded the Syndicate to take an action against journalist Amany Al-Akhras signing a petition against her.
    The Journalists Syndicate council took a decision already following the protest and decided to ban Al-Akhras from entering the Syndicate’s building in an unprecedented action.
    The administrative decision on the doors of the syndicate
    "Photo: Ahmed Khair
    I do not recall it was taken before against any journalist in similar circumstances. By “Similar circumstances” means banned for “snitching”
    Youm 7 administration has decided to investigate the incident as well in compliance to the orders of the syndicate.
    The video journalist who used to be a member in Omar Suleiman Presidential campaign and mainly covers trials and ministry of interior stuff in videos had already closed her Facebook account. Needless to say, most of the Pro-regime supporters defend her now claiming that she was a victim of the Brotherhood !!!!
    Back to Ahmed Ramadan, the New Cairo Prosecution decided to release him on bail pending investigations.
    Despite he was released , he is facing the following charges : Belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood and claiming that he is a journalist.
    Now the government says that only the members of the journalists syndicate are considered journalists in front of the law. Most of the journalists in Egypt are not members in the syndicate due to its hard conditions like working in a printed newspaper and not a website for instance !!
    Ramadan is still facing investigations and charges and hopefully he will get through all this inshallah.
    The incident of Ramadan is just the tip of the iceberg in Egypt.
    Yesterday President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi ratified the Anti-Terrorism law. That article N.33 from that law has threatened fines between LE200,000 to LE500,000 (approximately $26,000 to $66,000). as punishment for "reporting false information on terrorist attacks in Egypt which contradict official statements.
    On Thursday , the Egyptian government confiscated the first edition of Sawt Al-Oma about El-Sisi’s mother and her illness. Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s mother passed away on Sunday by the way.
    Last week a photojournalist was found dead in shady circumstances after more than 10 days of disappearance in North Sinai.

    0 0

    There is a  very serious developments taking place in Libya and surprisingly no one is paying it proper attention in the media.
    According to Ahram Arabic website, the Egyptian forces near the borders with Libya issued a High-alert warning after the disappearance of the Libyan security forces from Musaid Border crossing a few days ago.
    Musaid border crossing 
    I have not seen anyone paying attention to this news.
    Already this news comes after the clashes between Egyptian armed forces and “Terrorists” South East Siwa oasis in the Western Desert last week.

    فى إطار جهود القوات المسلحة لإحباط المخططات الإرهابية التى تستهدف أمن وإستقرار البلاد...وبناءً على معلومات مؤكدة من الأ...
    Posted by ‎الصفحة الرسمية للمتحدث العسكري للقوات المسلحة‎ on Thursday, August 13, 2015

    According to the Egyptian armed forces Spokesperson Brigadier General Mohamed Samir’s official statement, the Egyptian forces  destroyed 4 vehicles used by “criminals and terrorists”. During that fight , an Egyptian air forces helicopter broke down and crashed killing its 4-members crew and injuring two others.
    This is an official version on what happened last Friday.
    The unofficial version speaks about a terrorist attack planned against the security forces in the Western Desert like Farafra Oasis attack in July 2014 but thankfully the Egyptian armed forces foiled it.
    I smell Hisham El-Ashamaway in all that action. The former army special officer-turned- Al Qaeda-affiliated group Amir in Egypt is believed to be the brain behind the FarFara attack.
    All that is alarming especially with the advance of the Islamic State group in Egypt.
    Already now there is a strong talk in Cairo that there is a need for another air forces strike once again against their stronghold in Sirte.
    It is starting in  the Media, we found Egyptian diplomats calling Egypt to launch military strikes in Libya
    Of course unlike diplomatically Egypt is trying to get the world’s approval by all possible means especially the West for a military operation in Libya against Islamic extremists.
    Personally I believe that despite the West is okay with idea of launching strikes IS in Libya by Egypt or any other country but it worries that it lets the hands of Egypt freely in Libya, it will reach to other Islamist factions and political powers in the country leading it to a true civil war.
    Unfortunately, I feel that this belief is also shared by Algeria, the one country the Egyptian administration needs for real to support its cause.
    BY the way, Algeria is considering an American request to train the National Libya army along with Egypt. Egypt has been already training the National Libyan army for some time now.
    Now speaking about last time, it is interesting not to Egypt’s best friend Khalifa Khafter on the scene after he was hailed Libya’s liberator from a couple of months ago in the Egyptian media.
    Now here is a collection of militant groups update this week I found interesting:

    0 0

    From half an hour ago, people in different areas in Cairo and Giza heard huge and loud explosion sound.
    From half an hour, people were speculating the source of the sound and whether it was a bomb like the Italian Consulate or just another F16 breaking the sound barrier for no reason at 2 AM.
    Unfortunately, I did not hear anything because I was watching Mortada Mansour slammed by Capitan Zizo with headphones on “Football fans will relate”
    Now the Egyptian State TV is saying the source of that big explosion sound is an explosion at the State security “National security” building in Shubra El-Khaimah.
    Yes, the State security building in Shubra El-Khaimah was bombed tonight. Now more websites are reported that three bombs detonated at the building parameter. The ambulance authority is reporting that at least 6 people were injured.
    @3:42 AM: at least 20 were injured and transferred to a hospital, no fatalities have been reported so far. 
    The bombing was too strong that parts of the building were destroyed according to the photos taken by Al Masry Al Youm journalist Omar Al-Hady.
    The building after explosion by Omar Al-Hady
    The building after the explosion by Omar Al-Hady 
    Already windows and buildings beside the building were badly shaken, not to mention the explosion was heard in Giza and Cairo
    A school beside the building damaged by the explosion
    "Omar Al-Hady" 
    A car and a building affected by the explosion
    "Omar Al-Hady" 
    Here is a short video showing the people and the explosives squad at the location of the bombing.

    Ironically no official was awake when it happened to tell the people what happened and there was confusion in the media to locate the explosion in the first place.
    The ministry of interior issued its statement, the official version of what happened.

    صرح مسئول مركز الإعلام الأمنى بوزارة الداخلية بوقوع إنفجار بمحيط مبنى الأمن الوطنى بدائرة قسم أول شبرا الخيمة فى الساعات...
    Posted by ‎الصفحة الرسمية لوزارة الداخلية‎ on Wednesday, August 19, 2015
     According to the statement, the bombed car suddenly stopped out the state security building and its driver left it and took a motorcycle fleeing the scene. The motorcycle and its biker were moving behind the car.
    What kind of explosion used in those three bombs that could be heard in three governorates like that in a summer night !? Also how were those bombs planted in the parameter of the STATE SECUTIRY APPARATUS ??
    By the way, this bombing will be the first test for the New Anti-terrorism law especially when it comes to the media and social media.
    Now I wonder who stands behind this bombing: IS-affiliated Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis "ABM" or Al-Qaeda-affiliated Al-Morabtoon or some other new player !? This is not your Improvised explosive device targeting a traffic checkpoint after all.
    ABM claimed the responsibility of bombing the security directorate in Mansoura and Cairo in the past if you remember.
    Latest updates at 01:25
    A group affiliated with the Islamic State in Egypt "Not Sinai Province" but rather "Egypt Province".
    In a statement released on affiliated-IS social media, the group claimed its responsibility for the attack targetting the State security building which is believed to be an old abandoned one already.
    The group claiming that it bombed the building to avenge for their brothers in "Arab Sharkas" cell.
    The Arab Sharkas cell was located in Qalubiya governorate as well.

    This is the second time the group claims responsibility for an operation in Great Cairo in nearly a  month.
    If you remember they claimed responsibility for the bombing of the Italian consulate. 

    0 0

    As soon as the news came that the National security aka State security building in Shubra El-Kheima city was bombed , Heritage activist Sally Soliman was worried about one thing “ Mohamed Ali Palace of Shubra” which is two blocks away from the security building.
    The explosion sound reached as far as to Cairo and Giza so you can imagine what it can do to a nearby old Palace that needs to be saved in the first place.
    As you can see the palace after the bombing from the official photos published by the ministry of antiquities, there was  damage in the place.

    According to the minister of the antiquities who visited the location on Thursday, two buildings inside the palace were badly damaged. The two buildings are “The fountain” and “The Gabalaya” building.
    Here are more photos from Ahram Arabic News website. 

    The photos above are reportedly from the Fountain Building.
    Not less than 21 glass windows in the palace were smashed and new cracks appeared in the walls.
    I am not surprised because there were lots of talks and complaints about the restoration of the Palace and the Construction company assigned to do it.
    This palace already was badly renovated by the Wadi El-Nil Construction Co. in the past and archeologists feared a disaster to happen there !!
    Shall we ask Italian or French or Turkish help in restoring that fantastic palace?  

    0 0

    Last Ramadan just like many Egyptian families, I visited Khan El-Khalili with my family where we had our breakfast and spent very good time there
    Million of Egyptians go to Khan Al-Khalili and Al-Hussein area in Ramadan to pray and to spend a real good time.
    As usual I took more dozens of photos for this beautiful place Islamic Cairo. I went there before in 2012 and I took couple of photos but this time I took more.
    Anyhow without further talk, Kodak Agfa proudly presents Khan Al-Khalili 2015.
    Originally built as a Market in the time of the Mamluks from 6 centuries ago at least, Khan El-Khalili is still keeping its character for real in the ever changing Cairo. Of course now it is a touristic attraction with bazaars attracting foreigners more than locals, yet it is still active.
    Of course in Ramadan, it had more Egyptians than any other nationalities.
    The Khan El-Khalili official alley sign inside the market itself on Sultan Al-Ghuri gate
    I do not know the historical reason why you can find Belly dancers suits in Khan El-Khalili but they attract tourists whether Westerns or Arabs very well.
    Traditional, short and sequin belly dance suits in a shop at the entrance of the Khan 
    Of course besides Belly dancers shiny suits  you can find traditional cotton galabiyas and scarfs with their traditional and oriental prints.
    Tradition galabiya inside the Khan

    Copper products are everywhere whether lanterns or copper handmade shiny plates like those below.The copper products are made in workshops inside and nearby the Khan.
    Copper plates
    And more Shiny souvenirs.
    Animal souvenirs 

    Bags and duffel bags
    Old style bags and duffel bags
    And the leather bags made of natural leather here are popular than any other thing.
    Backpacks and satchels are available in all sizes and colors, well you won't find pink there
    The silver accessories displays here are the Egyptian girl’s greatest dream comes true especially they are much cheaper than accessories and silver shops in Cairo.
    Tons and tons of accessories 
    The hookah aka Shisha in different sizes and shapes.
    Shisha is here
    And I found the famous Russian Matryoshka dolls there too !!
    This was not her place !! 
    I can not totally figure out what was inscribed on that gate which leads to to a path full of tiny workshops except that it includes praises to God and a mention about Prince Soliman Agha El-Slehadr and year “1225” or “1235” Hijiri. 

    Prince Soliman Agha was the man who was responsible for  arming the Egyptian army during Mohamed Ali rule in the 19th century. 

    He built several buildings in Egypt and got a mosque bearing his name in Moaz street , Islamic Cairo. Soliman Agha passed away in  1261 Hijri/1845 AD.
    Inside the Prince Soliman Agha. 

    Inside the gate 
    From inside 
    Now one of my favorite places in Khan El-Khalili which I regard as visually amazing in that old caravanserai is that the old Bab Al-Ghuri, which seems to be a magical gate or portal to another time at night when the small lamps and chandeliers shops inside it light their lamps and chandeliers
    Bab Al-Ghuri 
    Bab El-Ghuri at night looks magical 
    A Lady checking the lamps in Bab El-Ghuri
    Lamps and chandeliers make it more magical
    That chandelier is very popular in Khan El-Khalili made of Copper. 
    Alien Colored Eggs !! I want to buy one. 
    Those egg-shaped colored lamps are popular in Khan El-Khalili as it seems.
    Here is Bab Al-Ghuri from inside in the afternoon.
    This is how it looks in the afternoon
    Its ceiling is just amazing.
    The ceiling is amazing
    I am trying to read what is written on that column but I have failed, nevertheless the number inscribed below is 1350. I assume it is yea 1350 according to the Islamic calendar.
    1350 Hijri years was 1931.
    Arabic inscriptions
    Another gate I found there is the Bab El-Badistan Gate.  
    Bab El-Badistan Gate
    Amazingly I found on twitter an old photo for the Bab El-Badistan Gate in 1967 according to Arabian Aid twitter account.
    Al-Badistan Gate in 1967
    I could not stop myself from comparing it with the photos I took for Al-Badistan Gate in 2015.
    In 2015
    By the way ,the old building on the left of the Al-Badistan gate in 1967 is now a fancy restaurant called “Naguib Mahfouz” which I highly recommend.





    Here is the complete photo album from Khan El-Khalili.

    0 0

    In the past two weeks, three newspapers have been confiscated because they dared to speak about President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi directly and indirectly.
    From two weeks ago, Weekly “Sout Al-Omma” newspaper’s first edition on Thursday was confiscated at the state-owned Al-Ahram Printing Press because it published a report about El-Sisi’s sick mother during then.
    Sout Al-Omma's original Front page before confiscation
    “The President’s Sadness” was about El-Sisi and his visits to his sick mother at the hospital despite his schedule.
    Hours later, the once-strong vocal newspaper against Mubarak, SCAF and Morsi changed its first page and removed the report and posted instead of it a report about the Prime minister.
    The Frontpage  after changing the content. 
    Days later, El-Sisi’s mother passed away.
    Once a strong opponent to Mubarak, the newspaper's editor-in-chief Abdel Halim Qandil is a strong Sisi supporter. Nasserites have that thing for the military after all.
    Qandil stated that he was not angry because “it happens with everyone” despite the decision to
    He also added that despite it was more of a social news or rather a humanitarian news meant to make the people know more about the President as a human , the newspaper was confiscated.
    On Saturday, a group of the newspaper journalists and reporters organized a protesting standing at the Journalists Syndicate staircase against the decision to confiscate the first edition.

    Earlier that day, we found out that Al-Sabah newspaper was confiscated because of an op-ed.
    According to the head of the Investigations department in the newspaper Ahmed Atef, the newspaper was confiscated also at Al-Ahram Printing press because of an op-ed about Mohamed Badran, the leader of Future Party.

    جريدة الصباح اتمنعت من الطبع النهارده فى (مطابع الاهرام) بسبب مقال عن محمد بدران رئيس حزب مستقبل وطن#تحيا_مصر
    Posted by Ahmed Atef Ramadan on Saturday, August 22, 2015

    Badran, the former head of Egypt’s University student unions is now from the top Pro-Sisi youth representatives in the media. Claiming to be the youngest partisan leader in the world, Badran supports El-Sisi and his policies. Al-Sabah newspaper already published an interview with him
    earlier where he claimed that there were no political detainees in Egypt from two weeks ago !!
    After that interview, a writer and journalist Ahmed Rafaat wrote an op-ed “ How to become the President’s child in 9-steps” slamming Badran and describing him as Safwat El-Sherif-in-making.
    A copy of the op-ed 

    Here is the op-ed, you can read it here clearer.

    #المقال_الأزمةكيف تصبح طفلً للرئيس فى تسع خطوات أحمد رفعتهذا المقال هو رد على حوار جريدة «الصباح» مع محمد بدران، رئي...
    Posted by Ahmed Atef Ramadan on Saturday, August 22, 2015

    Owned by famous businessman Ahmed Bahgat and headed by journalist and TV host Wael Al-Abrashi, the newspaper is not that popular but its name became famous thanks to the Confiscation decision.
    Mohamed Badran denied having any relation with the confiscation of the newspaper. 
    Then on Sunday, Weekly  “Al-Mesryoon” Newspaper issue was also confiscated at Al-Ahram Printing press.
    From what I understand the Pro-Islamist newspaper was confiscated because of its editor-in-chief Gamal Sultan’s column calling El-Sisi to stop playing the role of the Islamic thinker.
    ِAl-Mesryoon's Front page on Sunday
    Here is what Gamal Sultan wrote , yes it is available online after all because we are in 2015.
    Al-Mesryoon newspaper says that Al-Ahram Printing Press officials asked them to change that op-ed slamming El-Sisi to print the issue.
    Al-Ahram Institution CEO Ahmed El-Siyad El-Naggar said that Al-Ahram printing press had nothing to with the confiscation blaming an unnamed party of censorship aka The infamous press censorship of the regime.
    The Cabinet denied any relation with confiscation and its spokesperson even claimed that he never heard of Al-Sabah or Al-Mesryoon.
    Egypt’s Journalists syndicate spoke about those newspapers and their confiscation.
    This is not the first time it happens this year , in fact several newspapers were confiscated earlier this earlier like Al-Watan newspaper which was confiscated three times and had to change its content in three different occasions including a report about El-Sisi and those stronger than him and an op-ed about the Presidential Palace son who writes a Pro-Regime Anti-25 January daily column in Youm 7.
    Nevertheless, this is too much for freedom of press in two weeks for God’s sake.
     One must expect this and more after all  Abdel Fatah El-Sisi said it before that he envied President Nasser for the media he had in the 1960s in 2014 a meeting with intellectuals ironically !!
    This shows how he thinks about the media and its role in the society. He believes that the Nationalist propagandist media is the perfect for Egypt despite that Pro-regime one-voice media was among the reasons why we were defeated in 1967.
    Nobody dared to criticize El-Sisi when he said that revealing statement except the very pro-Revolution few.
    One can imagine how it would be if Mohamed Morsi dared and said those few words or those papers were confiscated in his time !!!!!
    Now the government and the regime can confiscate printed newspapers as much as they can and want but we are in 2015 not in 1965.
    A little example: Very few know about El-Sabbah and its op-ed against Badran , after that confiscation order thousands have read and shared the op-ed everywhere.
    Same thing happened to Al-Mesryoon.
    Again we are in 2015 not in 1965.

    0 0

    Freelance Photographer Esraa El-Taweel had another date with the High State security Prosecution earlier Wednesday and once again they renewed her detention pending investigation for another 15 days.
    We only had the opportunity to see her pictures for the first time since her forcible disappearance in early June and then reappearance in detention pending investigation.
    Esraa coming down the prison vehicle by Sameh Abo Hassan
    waving to her family  by Sameh Abo Hassan
    She has become so fragile.
    El-Taweel is accused of joining a banned organization and sending false news about protests Egypt in order to defame the Egyptian regime.
    Esraa’s doctor warned her family that she may lose her ability to walk again if she does not return back to treatment and proper medical care.
    Esraa’s friends Sohip and Omar are referred to the military court.

    Sohip has got already the Al-Jazeera international cell case in front of the Criminal court next 29 August. Wait for a big media circus on that media as Amal  Clooney is reportedly going to attend the trial with her client Mohamed Fadel for the first time.
    I see those photos and I remember that Hosni Mubarak’s enjoyed most of his time in the past 4 years at the 5-stars suite whether in the International Medical Center or Maadi Hospital. I see Esraa’s photos and remember others like her unknown in the Egyptian prisons.
    I see how Esraa El-Taweel is treated and denied her basic rights and I feel angry and sad.
    By the way, do you Mahmoud Mohamed who has been detained since 25 January 2014 for wearing an Anti-torture t-shirt got another 15-days renewal pending investigation by the prosecution !!!
    I do not know what to say more.
    By the way interestingly earlier Thursday I found former vice president Mohamed ElBaradei tweeting the following.
    From a logic perspective: When we foil the youth’s dream, oppress them and throw them into prisons then we also destroy the nation’s future. #Their_Freedom_is_our_Freedom
    #Their_Freedom_is_our_Freedom has become an active hashtag since then.

    0 0

    One day we will tell our children how we seek refuge in Europe, how Syrians were drowned and how thousands of martyrs were killed. The day will come and we will our children that the Arab and Muslim States were closer to us "The Syrian refugees" but they closed the doors in our faces, the day will come and our children will say down with the Arab rulers. 
    A Syrian refugee reaching to the Greek shores after seeing the rest of the refugees coming with him in a boat drowning.

    I do not know the name of the refugee or when the video was filmed, but those few words became a quote that did not only spread but now attributed to foreign leaders like Angela Merkel instead of that unknown Syrian survivor
    Down with the Arab Rulers Zillions times from the Gulf to the Ocean.
    Down with the fake Pan-Arabism and its empty slogans and words.
    I curse the Arab rulers with no exception especially those supporting Bashar El-Assad and those who sponsored the making of ISIL directly and indirectly.
    The EU by Banksy 
    I do not blame Europeans or EU for what is happening to the Syrian refugees as much I am blaming the Arab countries and its rulers with no exception including Egypt and rich Gulf.

    On Friday, the photos of refugees drowned on the shores of Libya went viral and suddenly the Arabs on social media remembered the tragedy of the Syrian refugees.
    The photos came like another slap in the face after the news of that death truck in Austria.
    On Thursday, 71 Syrian refugees including 3 children were found dead in a food truck in a highway thanks to the smell. They suffocated till death.
    inside the truck of death 
    Unfortunately we had a similar case like that in Egypt from two years ago, the infamous Abu –Zabaal prison vehicle.
    Back to the Syrian refugees, on Friday  the photos of those refugees drowned on the Libyan Shores showed us how the world is an ugly place.
    We found Syrian and African toddlers and babies drowned on the shore.
    No comment except they are n better place
    Earlier this week we found that photo of An Arab lady kissing the hand of a Macedonian border guard to let her and her family enter Greece from Macedonia.

    Those photos are the tip of the iceberg for the on-going tragedy of refugees, especially Syrian refugees for the past few months if not years.
    The Arab countries can host more than enough when it comes to the Syrian refugees, but they closed their doors in front of them forcing them to go to Europe even if it cost them their dignity and lives.
    Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt are the only countries helping and aiding Syrian refugees in their own ways. Needless to say, economic and political situation and racism as well in those countries make it hard for the refugees. Speaking about my country in Egypt, I know things could be better for the Syrian refugees and it was actually good, but unfortunately political changes made some of them pay the prices.
    We have got then the rest of the Arab countries and they can help.
    Down with the Arab Rulers till the end of days zillion times.
    Where are we now?
    In heavens

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