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7000 years and counting ...

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Ahram arts exhibition

    The owl bronze statue by Mohamed Al-Fayoumy

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Ahram arts exhibition

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Ahram arts exhibition

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Ahram arts exhibition

    By Ibrahim Khatab

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Ahram arts exhibition

    By Ayman Saadawi

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    Kodak Agfa is back and it had a very nice tour in Al-Ahram Arts exhibition yesterday. Al-Ahram institution is holding Arts exhibition called "Harmony" at its building in Downtown Cairo.

    The exhibition includes contemporary art works from paintings, sculptures, photography and graphic designs. Famous Egyptian artists Adam Hanein and Mounir Canaan are featured in this exhibition

    Unfortunately I took those photos using my mobile phone and I did not get the names of all the artists in the exhibition.

    The exhibition is open for public for another 9 days from 10 AM to 9 PM.


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    Please pay attention to Red Sea governorate and its people ,specifically in the cities of "Ras Gharib" and "El-Qusair" , something unprecedented is taking place there.

    For the first of the time the people in both cities start a semi-civil disobedience against the
    The map of the new governorates
    government's decision to redraw the governorates' borders in Egypt according to the President's new economic vision. The people are angry because the Red Sea governorate's cities will split and join other Upper Egypt governorates. The government believes that the poor Upper Egypt governorates will be rich if they have sea ports on the red sea.

    The people rejected the decision and demand the government to study it carefully as well to wait till we have elected local councils to discuss such

    Anyhow a non-political non-partisan movement called "No for the Split of the Red sea governorate" was formed by the concerned citizen in the southern governorate. They tried to reach to the media but with no success.

    The movement tried all possible ways , speaking with governmental officials with no success and thus it decided to escalate and start a semi-civil disobedience. In the past 3 days students did not go to schools but instead in rallies and protests through out the cities. The employees and workers did not go to their jobs. The shop-owners closed their shops. Only hospitals are operating.
    This semi-civil disobedience is organized by the people as far as I know. Already there are no political powers or parties or movements working there or care for the people outside Cairo.We are going to have parliamentary elections next year so there is no need for parties to start to work in governorates for now as expected

    I am following this case because I have not seen something like that for a long time.

    People start a civil movement away from the media for their own simple demand.
    The revolution continues in its own mysterious way.

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    It seems that we are going to have the apocalypse once again on Friday in Egypt at least according the mainstream media.

    Tomorrow the Salafist Front "SF" will lead the Islamist youth including the Muslim Brotherhood in an Islamist Youth Uprising in order to restore Egypt's Islamic identity through protests all over the country after Friday prayers holding the Holy Quran.

    Yes the SF wants to restore the Islamic identity of Egypt which was lost because of the foreign occupations and the remnants of those occupations aka the military rule of 1952.

    I did short interview for work with Hisham Kamal , the spokesperson of the SF before his arrested and he told me that Egyptian people tried all the paths after January 25 revolution and failed ending up with a military coup so it was time to try an Islamic path.

    Of course I do not understand how the majority of the people will take that path if they supported the ouster of Islamist Morsi and the designation of the MB as a terrorist organization. I do not know how the SF will achieve that path in the first place. Are we going to have an Iranian scenario ?

    The MB joined the protests despite there were rumors today that the banned group would call the day off but the brotherhood proves to be stupid after all.

    For God sake the Al-Gama'a Al-Islamiyaa , the former true militant group that terrorized people for ages rejected the protests for fear it will increas polarization in the society.

    The SC's spokesperson Hisham Kamal fired back at that accusation and said that the protests would not increase polarization in Egypt because the society is polarized because of Westernization and secularism.

    I think the MB is trying to show off in a stupid way.I believe their London media office will have a lot of time to explain why the brotherhood supports such sectarian protests with a lot of hate to the West. Already the US flag is going to be torched tomorrow according to the Salafist Front along the Israeli flag.

    Now When the call for that uprising was launched not many people paid attention to it. They did when the SF launched a video ad calling the people to join the uprising in order to restore Egypt's Islamic identity.

    The speakers in the video say that the people have to defend their religion after the military rule banned Dawn prayers and religion courses in schools. They claimed also that the president does not honor the Quran readers in public celebrations anymore in addition to the mistreatment of the people in Sinai to the political detainees..etc.

    Dawn prayers are still held in the mosques and actually the SF wants all the people to pray in the dawn prayers in mosques. The religion courses have not been cancelled either. El-Sisi just all the presidents of Egypt honors the Quran readers in Ramadan. For God sake Egypt's regime is not a secular nor pretends to be so.

    Just like the Celebs against terrorism , this video was mocked till it became a meme of its own.

    Yes people made fun of that video

    This was the start but then the mainstream media picked up the call for that uprising and made it another global conspiracy against Egypt and its army planned by The MB , ElBaradei, Wael Ghonim, Turkey , Qatar and the United States !!

    We got crazy scenarios that there will be civil war tomorrow. Honestly I am worried but many people believe that it will be another usual Post 30 June Friday where the Pro-Morsi supporters protest and get in to a fight with security forces. Usually those Fridays end up with 2 or 3 killed and dozens injured. Unfortunately we got used to that sort of Fridays.

    Already the MB' protests on Friday began to fade away.

    Ironically El-Sisi is trying to encourage foreign investors and tourists in Europe when his media back home is scaring people for real from those awful terrorists who invade the country tomorrow with the help of Qatar and Turkey !!

    Now we got news reports that people are madly buying groccery and fuel just in case. Clubs cancelled their activties and shops will close its doors. Several major squares above them Tahrir square and Rabaa square are closed. Tahrir is now a military barracks. Checkpoints inspect people in train stations and metro stations. The army is securing electricty stations and water supply stations as well the Egyptian National TV and Radio building. Helicopters are flying all over Cairo.

    The Radio is airing patriotic songs all over its stations.

    People are now urged in the Pro-military/Police Fan Facebook pages not to stand besides windows or balconies on Friday for God's sake. People believe that ISIS is going to invade Cairo for God's sake !!

    It is just crazy , really crazy.

    We are not living in the 1960s and I am sure that multi-national corporations know exactly what is happening in Egypt. This is not a message that your country is the peace oasis where businesses can flourish safely.

    Now one must wonder if all those army and police preparations are for Friday only or rather Saturday , the real big day. Yes November 29 is much more important than November 28. On Saturday the court will say it final verdict in the retrial of ousted president Mubarak , Habib El-Adly and his aides in the killing of the protesters

    So far all the indications say that Mubarak is going to be acquitted. Already the ousted president is enjoying his stay as former president at Maadi military hospital despite he was sentenced a jail term in a corruption related charges.

    I would say that the security measures taken are not only for the Islamists on Friday but rather for anyone dares to protest on Saturday or any other day.

    Now a quick background info about Salafist Front :

    Salafist Front is another Salafist Ultra-Conserative group formed after the revolution as a pressure group in Egypt. Originatted in Mansoura, Nile Delta , The Salafist Front is considered more conserative as well smaller in influence and in number than its bigger rival Pro-regime Salafist calling. The Salafist Calling "SC" is paying a huge price now because people get confused between the two groups.

    The SC and its political arm Al-Nour party launched a campaign to distance themselves as well to try the Salafist base in Nile Delta not to join the SF's call for Islamist revolution

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    I knew that he would be acquitted, all the indications were saying so but nothing prepared me for how I felt after knowing that the criminal court acquitted ousted president Mubarak and his cronies from ministry of interior's generals from the killing of the protesters . The corruption charges against and his sons were also dropped.

    I knew that this was going to happen but I could not take it. Crying all day morning and trying to think rationally later made it hard for me to write anything here in the blog. I cried despite I knew that Mubarak would be acquitted because of Gulf States' support to the current regime. I did not expect that El-Adly and his cronies would be acquitted in that way despite I had hints and tips that they would be acquitted.

    Things were developing too fast. In few hours we had the first Mubarak's interview , first Mubarak's selfie with some army officer as well the first ex-police generals' interviews where they wondered who killed the protesters in 25 January revolution.

    Later the Judge released to the media the court's reasoning where he did not mention why he acquitted Mubarak and gang. Interestingly despite he praised 25 January revolution on air during the court session calling presidency to compensate the victims' families, he says that the 25 January revolution was a foreign plot.

    Of course that foreign plot was supported the army and its commanders then including Egypt's current president now. It was a tough day for me with all those updates coming here and there.

    I suddenly remembered the emotional letter of Rihanna Jabbari, the Iranian girl who was executed from couple of months ago for murdering an officer attempted to rape her. I remember that part and suddenly knew why that letter spread like fire among the Pro-Revolutionary youth in Egypt.

    " The world did not love us. It did not want my fate. And now I am giving in to it and embracing death. Because in the court of God I will charge the inspectors, I will charge the judge, and the judges of the country’s Supreme Court."

    Yes the world did not love us

    What happened today confirmed my theory that the pseudo-Islamic revolution's security hypertension of 28 November wasn't for that Islamic uprising but rather for Mubarak's revolution. No one would dare to protest the court's ruling especially the mainstream media began to market on how we should respect the court's rulings..etc. The mainstream media also asks now an important question : Who killed the protesters across Egypt during the early 18 days of the Egyptian revolution ??

    Interestingly some journalists say that several newspapers got orders from mount Olympus to ask this question like Youm 7 and Tahrir Daily newspapers

    Now despite the regime made it sure that no one would dare and go to the streets all over Egypt , few dared to remind us that there is a revolution in this country. In Alexandria and Suez small rallies of Pro-revolution groups surprised everybody. Yes they were dispersed by the police but at least they broke that taboo. Of course the biggest taboo to be broken today was at the edge of Tahrir square.

    Despite Tahrir square is sealed off by army tanks , 5 young protesters went stood at Tahrir square's entrance from Abdel Moneim Riyad square holding banners and chanting against Mubarak and El-Sisi in defiance. Sooner they were joined by tens then dozens then hundreds of young protesters. Mostly from Non-Islamist protesters , the protest reached to more than thousand for the first time on the edge of Tahrir.

    The protesters chanted against El-Sisi , Mubarak , Morsi and military rule. It was like a deja-vu according to my friends who went there.

    The MB supporters were not allowed with their chants. Despite I had my fears from that protest to be more of a vent , I felt that it was a slap on the face of many.

    Most TV channels ignored the protest where as Al Jazeera transferred on air through bambuser.

    Of course it was dispersed by force earlier than expected as usual using tear gases, water cannon and as bird-shots and allegedly live ammunition.

    I think the MOI had to disperse because the same old revolutionaries began to speak about a sit in online in social media. Also it began to grow in size. People began to watch it from October bridge and Pro-Revolution Zamalek sports club White Ultras Knights ignored the football game tonight and joined the protest. That protest had to be dispersed.

    Amazingly dozens of Pro El-Sisi supporters were celebrating Tahrir square yesterday and nothing happened to them.

    Of course the Ministry of interior issued a statement claiming that they had to disperse the protest after it was infiltrated by members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood who hurled rocks at the security forces. That's what the MOI claims and according to eye witnesses from reports the MB supporters were not welcomed in the protest nor anyone had attacked the security forces.

    Now there are 3 people reportedly killed in today's dispersal including a 13 years old boy. Of course the MOI will claim that it is not responsible. I do not know if the Pro-Revolutionary protesters would return to Tahrir square or not.

    I do not know what will happen next and I do not have high expectations but I know the youth are frustrated and angry. I am frustrated and angry.

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  • 11/30/14--15:13: After #Mubarak's acquittal
  • Mubarak is acquitted and the leaders of the Arab world are calling him to congratulate him.It is merry news for them of course after all now Western media says that this verdict was like the last straw to the Arab Spring.

    Anyhow today Anti-Mubarak/Anti-Sisi non-Islamists protests began to spread in Egyptian universities. We got protests in Cairo University , Helwan University and Alexandria University..etc.

    The media claims that they are Islamists and Anti-Coup students but this is not untrue , already not all those students are Islamists. Most of these students are members of April 6 youth , Constitution party and Strong Egypt party. Not to mention their rallies were different than the Pro-Morsi Students against coup "SAC" rallies and they refused to cooperate with SAC students.

    Yes they refused to coopeprate with them because now many of the revolutionary activists remember how the MB politicans rejected totally the revolutionary trials. It was one of the MB's many mistakes we and they paid its price heavily.

    Of course not only the MB politicans rejected those trials but we got other politicans as well like Mohamed ElBaradei. Personally I feared from that type of trials because of injustice and the fear we would repeat the revolutionary courts of 1952. I was wrong , we need them. Ironically now the MB demands revolutionary trials for Mubarak and ElSisi.

    The mainstream media today has been repeating the same song in the past 48 hours: Who killed the protesters ?

    It can not be coincidence that almost several newspapers in Egypt "mostly privately owned newspapers ask the same question on the Front page.

    I told you that Mount Olympus gave its order to its mainstream media as well its own minions in the social media to ask this question wondering who killed the protesters. The orders were giving as it seems to spread rumors about how the anti-Mubarak verdict protests will be infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood's members who will be carrying guns to kill people...etc !!

    Sunday's papers

    The TV talk shows and TV hosts repeated the same lame question. The thing is that most of those TV hosts were attacking Mubarak and his brutal criminal regime from three years ago.
    Of course not all the TV hosts joined that choir. Dear friend and ONTV anchorman Ahmed Kheir El-Din broke the taboo and said on air what I would dare and say millions of angry Egyptians dared to say.

    Ahmed Kheir attacked that corrupted regime eloquently in Arabic reminding with those who were killed yesterday and in the past years.

    At least three protesters including a 14 years old boy were killed in the dispersal of Saturday's protests at Abdel Moneim Riyad square. The Ministry of interior accused the MB of killing those protesters as expected


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    And it seems that we returned once again to the new season of phone calls leaks in Egypt but this time it seems we have one hell of a season.This time we are dealing with alleged several phone calls from El-Sisi's office involving members of SCAF and current prosecutor general in Egypt. Yes forget the boring calls of the activits we are speaking SCAF !!

    A Pro-Muslim Brotherhood TV channel called "Mekameleen" aired Old recorded phone calls Thursday night between Mamdouh Shahin , the minister of defense aide for legal affairs and the following name : Vice admiral Osama El-Gendy ,The commander in chief of Egyptian Navy forces, the minister of interior Mohamed Ibrahim , Lt. General Mahmoud Hejazy and Major General Abbas Kamel , the head of El-Sisi's office whether in the army or presidency.

    In nutshell those 30 minutes alleged phone calls were about a technical legal problem concerning Mohamed Morsi's detention after his ouster. Morsi was allegedly detained in some military navy base prior his transfer to jail.

    It is illegal in Egypt to detain a civilian in any military facility without any legal reason not to mention technically he was illegally detained for no charge officially since 3 July 2013 and so this can blow up his trials.

    So the officials mentioned above allegedly falsified evidence in order to change the locations or rather the ownership of the building where Morsi was detained.

    Explicitly it was said during those alleged phone calls that the building where Morsi was detained would be officially recognized as some old prison following the ministry of interior instead of the Egyptian navy whether on paper or in the real world.

    If they are true , those alleged phone calls are more than alarming. We are speaking about a High level security breach in the national security and national security decision makers who break the law.

    We can not authenticate those calls but damage is done already. Social media is on fire about Those calls in #Sisileaks hashtags whether in Arabic or English.

    In the past 24 hours peope began to connect dots and pieces together from what they know from those alleged phones and websites archives.

    Since his ouster till appearing in court to be referred to Tora prison , Mohamed Morsi was believed to be detained at military barracks. It was said that he was detained at the Presidential Guards club then he was transferred to undisclosed place in some military base after the Presidential guards clashes between the army and his supporters.

    He was visited in his place by EU delegation and the African Union delegation as well in that undisclosed place.

    Then he appeared in November 2013 wearing the white jail jumpsuit after he was transferred to Borg El-Arab prison in Alexandria. Morsi was referred to court in December 2013.

    Now there has been no official statement regarding where he was detained from his ouster till he was transferred to Borg El-Arab prison. Interestingly there have been only statements by prosecution officials about the whereabouts to some newspapers.

    For instance this short El-Watan news article from March 2014 says Morsi had been detained after his ouster at Abou Kir Navy base since 5 July 2013 as the base was officially recognized as maximum security prison by the minister of interior Ibrahim. That was stated by the representative of General Prosecution in Egypt Judge Ibrahim Saleh. This news was reported by ONA news agency as well.

    This is the not the first time Abou Kir Navy base was mentioned because on 4 November 2013 in the first day of Morsi's trial his defense team revealed that he was being detained at Abou Kir Navy base.

    Abdel Fattah El-Sisi was still a minister of defense and was called a Field Marshal in the calls then during the alleged phone calls.He was promoted to Field Marshal last 27 January 2014.

    The Pro-Morsi supporters reached online to another controversial alleged evidence about how Morsi's alleged detention location changed from a place under armed forces' control "illegal" to police's control "legal". Now They got Abou Kir navy base on Google earth and check its buildings according to the phone calls' description as well the changes in the location , they claim that the building mentioned in the phone calls. "Via : @bigpharaoh"

    By Big Pharaoh on Twitter

    On the other hand the Pro El-Sisi supporters claim that the phone calls are fabricated by Turkish and Qatari intelligence.They also claim that there is a 100 years old old prison in the Abou Kir area. Some of them even defended those calls claiming that there was no problem in falsifying evidence.

    The MB didnot waste time and are spreading the alleged phone calls like fire.

    The frenzy didnot stop at here , it extended to the more pressing questions "why were those calls leaked ?" , "how were they leaked ?" And "WHO recorded and leaked them to the MB? "

    The first theory says that ousted president Morsi will be released like ousted president Mubarak and those leaks are preparing the public for that. Well there are two problems regarding this theory. The first one those calls were illegally recorded and cannot be considered a legal evidence in court.

    As much as those leaks "if proven authentic" blow up Morsi's trials , they incriminate the SCAF , El-Sisi and the current Prosecutor General. Logically the current regime won't like to incriminate itself or to create any kind of sympathy to Morsi.

    The second theory says that there is some nasty fight in Mount Olympus , I believe that theory for different reasons. First if those leaks are real , then we are an infiltration to the highest level of decision making ranks in the Egyptian national security. Second those leaks only arrived to the Muslim Brotherhood and their supporters now despite they were recorded from several months ago. Third those calls harm El-Sisi and his image after Mubarak's acquittal , it is another blow to him.

    The third theory says that the phone calls are fake made by the Muslim Brotherhood. There is a big probability that the leaks are fake but if they are fabricated why not to fabricate calls that prove actually Morsi's innocence directly instead of fabricating calls about legal technicalities to win people's support. Also I do not understand why the MB had to wait all the time to release those leaks.

    The fourth theory says that the calls are authentic but they were recorded by some MB sympatheizer who breached all those security levels. Now I am reading that this MB sympatheizer is none other Mamdouh Shahin himself !! Yes and according to those promoting this theory online because his son is married to a young lady from El-Katatany's family " as in Saad El-Katatany, the MB leading figure despite Shahin's in-laws are not MB !!"

    The fifth theory says that former chief of staff Sami Annan is behind those recordings. Allegedly the former chief of staff is having his moment of revenge after his political party was rejected by the political parties committee last Thursday.

    There have been no official reaction from the president's office or the armed forces or the navy regarding those leaks.

    Hours following the release of those calls online , We found out that at 1 AM Pro-Military / Pro-Mubarak Ahmed Moussa spreading rumors that Mubarak had passed away on TV. Of course it was proven to be only to be a rumor. It is worth to mention that Moussa says that he is proud of being a State security informant.

    Updated :

    • Unnamed military sources accused the Muslim Brotherhood of standing behind those fabricated leaks on Friday
    • On the same day The Prosecutor General ordered an investigation in to those fabricated leaks which are speard by the MB. Yes he declared that they were fabricated and spread by the MB today at the same time he ordered an investigation. He also warned the media in Egypt from the legal consequences of spreading those leaks.

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    In 48 hours we found out that 2 embassies have decided to suspend their work in Cairo forcing many to ask questions and to worry.

    On Saturday Australia issued officially a travel warning to its citizens about Egypt for ongoing political turmoil and the fear of possible terrorist attacks.

    On Sunday UK embassy in Cairo decided to suspend its work in Cairo , they did not say when they are going to resume their work. It was more than shocking because from a week ago current UK ambassador in Egypt John Casson did what not so many Egyptian officials do and visited Al-Minya in the heart of Upper Egypt saying it was safe for anyone to visit.

    On Monday the Canadian embassy in Cairo joined the UK embassy.

    There is definitely something.

    The government tells us that there is nothing to worry about but I am afraid I have to worry. After since when the government is honest about anything in this country. The government says that those embassies demand extra security measures in the famous Garden City area

    Of course this won't encourage to come and visit Egypt , after all what kind of foreign tourist willl come and visit the country when his embassy is officially closed for security concerns.

    According to security sources in the media the two embassies had to close its doors after threats from ISIS. In case you do not know IS got a branch in Egypt called "State of Sinai" or to be accurate "Ansar Beit El-Maqdis" , the infamous Sinai militant group that got distrubing CV of operations in North Sinia as well other governorates including Cairo.

    Targetting the diplomatic missions was mentioned in one of the IS' recommendations published online in the websites and forums to their brothers in Egypt. I remember read those recommendations last month.

    Sadly enough the Pro-regime media began to attack UK, Canada and Australia accusing them of cooperating with the Muslim Brotherhood !! This stupid claim was echoed among the Pro-Sisi supporters online. Oh and they began to share Putin's photos to tease UK , yes this is how they react.

    I am worried, really worried. I think we need an explanation.

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    Here is the lecture of former Vice President Mohamed ElBaradei about the Arab Spring and its lessons at Fletcher school in the United States from couple of days ago

    He speaks about Arab Spring and what happened to it from ups and downs or mainly down especially in Egypt.

    I can't say anything more than what he said.

    By the way the Pro-regime and Pro-Military media are still attacking him day and night labelling him as agent. The fact that he speaks in public lectures abroad makes many people go coco for real back in Egypt. I mean scrolling down the El-Sisi supporters' timeline on twitter tonight following the news of this lecture , I found out that they were spreading conspiracies that that lecture was a beginning for his return to Egypt to start a new revolution next 25 January 2015 !!!

    I will not lie and say that I am not angry from ElBaradei for leaving the country when many including the same youth he speaks about in pride needed and still need him as a voice. Youth are angry and frustrated , they feel that they are being abondoned by older political generations including ElBaradei's generation.

    I believe Elbaradei will come back to Egypt to remind the rest of the country specifically the regime and the army as well the rest of the old political powers including the Islamists to tell them " I told you so".

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    I miss the old Bimbo

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  • 12/16/14--10:30: Egypt in the past 10 days
  • This is a summary of what happened in Egypt in the past 10 days :
    • In an attempt to fight HIV , TV host Mona Iraqi helped the security forces to raid a public bathhouse in Cairo arresting dozens of men who allegedly were having gay sex party. The TV host says she did nothing wrong. Her episode was viewed by millions last week on Al-Qahara Wal Nas , the same channel that once took pride of airing illegal phone calls of activists and politicians in Egypt
    Filming the raid by her iPhone (Her show Facebook page)
    • In the same week another controversial TV host or to be precise the queen of Tabliod TV in Egypt Riham Saeed showed 5 girls possessed by Christian demonic entities on her show . Despite it was one of her most viewed episodes on Al-Nahar TV , the show was just a bad spoof of Exorcist film series. Yes I saw it and it was just crazy. Now Riham got what she wanted and she was the most talked person on twitter in the past 4 days. Of course mostly she was attacked for spreading superstition and she was proven to be fabricating some parts of her show but she got what she wanted : Mona Iraqi won't take from her the crown of tabloid media queen everrrrrrrr.
    Riham , the drama queen
    • A new comer to the tabloid TV show circus in Egypt , Lebanese TV host Raghad Shalhob presents a new TV show about taboos and secrets in Egypt on Hayat TV network. Her first episode was about ... drugs , oh yes and among her guests were two drug dealers who wore really funky disguise
    Saeed Gamil , a drug dealer by Menna Alaa
    Of course what caught my attention in this show is not that "Pimp my dealer look" but the fact that the TV show demonstrated on camera , in the studio the side effects of drugs on a living rat lab. This is considered animal cruelty if I may say. Yes white rats used in experiments all the time but not on TV
    • To prove Egypt is on the right path of democracy , Egyptian security forces refused Michele Dunn , the senior associate in the Carnegie Middle East Program to enter Egypt on December 12, 2014. Dunn was invited to some conference organized by some Pro-Regime organization. I think now we know that Dunn was right in her opinions about the regime after 3 July. We also know there is no coordination between the different governmental bodies in Egypt and the final word is for the security apparatus. The ministry of foreign affairs in Cairo says that he had no Non-tourist purposes Visa to visit Egypt and attend the conference. It was said earlier that she was banned for security related reasons not visa related reasons . Fact : US citizens are allowed to obtain a visa at the airport for business as well as tourism

    • Abdeen District shuts down an alleged cafe for atheists who practiced satanic rituals in Downtown Cairo. Yes the atheists practiced satanic rituals in that cafe in El-Falky street, Downtown Cairo. One could not believe that crap if it were not for the original documents issued by Abdeen district. Now interestingly the Cafe that they shut down was already closed from several months ago according to its owner political activist and April 6 Youth member Mostafa Boghdady. It was opened for awhile and was actually among the places the activists gathered at and may be this is the reason the government considered a very bad place that needed to be shut down

    • Egyptian Composer and Arab Idol Judge Hassan El-Shafei is accused of being a Muslim Brotherhood member because he did not jump and dance during Emirati singer Hussien El-Jsamy's propaganda hit song "Boshra Kheir" in Arab Idol's finale. The Pro-Military conspiracy theorists cannot ignore the fact that the grandson of the man who prosecuted the MB in 1960s in special revolutionary courts made that song below with the awful spy Abla Fahita.

    • A Microbus hits Airplane in Cairo International airport on Sunday.

    • And of course our Spiderman has his own villains.

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    Many from Pro-Revolutionaries discovered this man unfortunately after his tragic death.

    Emad Effat , a Sheikh from Al Azhar was killed during the clashes between protesters and security forces on 15 December 2011 in what's better known in the Media as "The clashes of Cabinet HQ" .

    Officially we do not know who killed Sheikh Effat. The autopsy report indicated that he was being targeted specifically but unofficially the fingers and reports are all pointing to the military police. It is worth to mention that the Pro-regime media accuses the so-called terrorists of killing him !!
    This short documentary is directed by veteran TV host and Constitution party founding party Gameela Ismail. Blogger Amina Zaky is Gameela's companion in discovering that Sheikh who was unknown for many people

    Unfortunately after his tragic death we discovered this man who became another revolutionary icon among the young revolutionaries. We found out that there was among us a sheikh who didnot belong to the state camp or the Muslim brotherhood camp.

    H. Hellyer mentioned Sheikh Emad's in his very interesting op-ed "The Islamic Monthly" Which I highly recommend that you read it.
    One prominent example was Emad Effat, a jurist from the Dar al-Ifta, or "the Abode of Verdicts". Ironically, he served at a time when Ali Gomaa’ was head of the institution. Effat disagreed with Gomaa’s politics—but loved and respected him dearly, according to numerous accounts by his students and colleagues. Reports at the time indicated that military forces killed Effat in clashes with protesters in November 2011. Effat was opposed to the return of the Mubarak regime, deeply critical of the military council of the day, and simultaneously had antipathy to the Muslim Brotherhood. When he died, he earned two titles – shaheed al-Azhar (the martyr of the Azhar), and shaykh al-thawra (the shaykh of the revolution). Since his passing, no one else has taken up that banner.
    We should not forget our martyrs or their rights , we should not forget the dream they died for.

    May Allah bless Sheikh Emad Effat's soul.

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Merry Christmas from Cairo , it's tower and its crescent :christmas_tree::santa:

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  • 12/24/14--09:10: Merry Christmas From Cairo
  • Merry Christmas from Cairo for all those celebrating it tonight
    This is the overcrowded October bridge in another traffic jam this evening and you can see the Cairo tower in green celebrating the Christmas I believe.
    Merry Christmas again and again

    A photo posted by @zeinobia on

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    Last November 2014 The Cairo Regional Center International for International Commercial Arbitration ruled out that popular TV host Bassem Youssef and QSoft Ltd , the production company behind his Hit TV show "AlBernmag" should pay LE 100 Million " LE 50 Million each" to CBC TV network for the suspension of his TV show last year.

    This goes back when CBC suspended the show if you remember after he was accused of insulting Field Marshal El-Sisi in November 2013 in the first episode of his show's third season. CBC network also issued a strong statement attack Youssef and his crew accusing them of breaching their contract and the channel's editorial policies.

    Following that QSoft terminated the contract with CBC and after two months Bassem Youssef returned back to the Screen , on Saudi owned TV channel MBC Masr.

    His show continued for couple of months before it was suspended by the channel for fear it would influence the Egyptian voters allegedly before the Presidential elections. After the Presidential elections Bassem and his crew reached to a decision to suspend the show indefinitely.

    Now on Monday State-owned Ahram Newspaper published in its first Page this news about the ruling and the fine. By the way this is the first time something like that happens in the Egyptian media.
    The news on the first page of Ahram Newspaper
     by Ahmed Ragab
    Interestingly Ahram Newspaper , Youm 7 and Al-Watan "which is owned by CBC network's owner Mohamed Al-Amin" reported the news.

    On the same day Bassem Youssef spoke about the matter on twitter saying that he was dragged in to the legal feud between QSoft and CBC insisting that he was not part of it. He also spoke about the "The questionable timing" of leaking the verdict to the press this week.
    According to friends and journalists who read the documents of the case and the verdict's reasoning  , Bassem Youssef was not a party involved in the contract , he was only a witness and so he should not be involved in the case.

    Despite we are speaking about Commercial arbitration center , journalists like Al-Waleed Ismail say that the reasoning of the ruling included political reasons "Like Egypt did not need satire shows" or "that kind of shows is acceptable only in democratically stable countries"  {Yeah the same old saying that Egyptians are not ready for democracy !!}

    Journalist Mohamed El-Garhey published a scan for the center's verdict related to the bad role of Satire shows and how Egypt did not need this kind of shows now !! It is just unbelievable

    This is an international commercial arbitration center , why it would speak about politics and the bad effect of Youssef's show in its rulings !!!

    Later on Monday QSoft issued a statement on "AlBernmag" TV show Official Facebook page.

    In adherence to Article 40 of the Cairo Regional Center for International Commercial Arbitration's procedural rules, QSoft maintains confidentiality on the arbitration's proceedings and urges all parties and the media to equally adhere to the procedural rules to avoid legal repercussions. The company will therefore not comment on the news and reserves its legal right to sue all violating parties for indemnification.

    Now how the Egyptian press knew and leaked that ruling in that way !? We got a first page news in Al Ahram Newspaper yesterday followed by other news websites. The ruling is from a month ago then why to leak it now

    Bassem Youssef believes that it has to do with the great army Kofta HIV/HCV curing device " allegedly we will know the results of the tests in the end of the year"
    Would you like the 50 million as kofta "meat balls" ?? Try it 
    I do not think it has to do with the Kofta device , I think it has to do with what's happening in Egypt in general whether the laws being issued without a parliament like a non-stop river from presidency or about secret recordings about Morsi's whereabouts or the latest thing taking place : The reconciliation between Egypt and Qatar.

    Call me paranoid but just check the popular news spreading in the past three weeks and you will understand. Whether Mona El-Iraqi and her feminist vengeance from men in some popular bathhouse or Riham El-Saeed and her conquest against demons or this madness about atheists in the media, we know this policy very well. We tried it for decades during Mubarak's rule.

    I do not know what will be next for Youssef but I think QSoft's legal team is searching for another way around. I wish him luck already.

    By the way just like thing in this country now , there are two teams ; with and against Bassem. The team standing with Bassem mostly from the Non-Islamist Pro-Revolutionaries believe his version of the story that CBC was the one that sued him and sued QSoft. They considered what happened to him is another way of punishing Bassem for crossing the line despite the fact we are speaking about Private arbitrary center.

    On the other hand the opposite team from the Pro-Sisi/Pro-Military state supporters believe that he deserved and he is a liar.

    Strangely they did not justify or explain why a commercial arbitrary center speaks about the effects of Bassem's show on the society or the fact that CBC claims that Bassem suspended the show but the channel was the one that suspended it first !!

    The Islamists are gloating because they can not forget Bassem's stance from Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Anyhow as we witness crazy times in the Egyptian Media planet , I can not hide the fact that I miss Bassem Youssef's show so so so much.

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    Watch this amazing report from inside the city of Aleppo, from Syria by Rami Jarrah. He recorded those few minutes with the Free Syrian Army in Inzarat area , in the city of Aleppo.
    Click on CC in order to read the English caption
    By the way the Black Flag with Shahada appearing in the video besides the Syrian independence flag is not ISIS’ flag but rather Al-Nusra Front , its rival group.
    Please follow Rami's impressive YouTube channel "AnaPress" to get more updates from Syria as well about Syria from Syrians.
    I can not hide how I am angry from the world on letting Syria slip in to that chaos turning a revolution against a dictatorship regime in to a war whose main players are two radical bastards : Al-Assad Regime and ISIS.
    I can not hide how I feel angry when I remember the role the Gulf countries whether Saudi Arabia or Qatar played in creating ISIS by using religion and sectarianism in the past three years in order to get rid from Iran !!
     Now they are paying the price. The Gulf state did not waste any time in to turning the Arab spring in to failure whether to keep their throne or fight Iran. Ironically and expectedly it turned over their head and we got ISIS like a bad cancer.

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