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7000 years and counting ...

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    Here is part of what Mohamed Fadel Fahmy said to the  judge during Al Jazeera staff trial last Saturday.
    Al Masry Al Youm : Mohamed Fadel Fahmy addresses the court
    Fahmy explained to the judge that his job as a journalist was to work with all parties in Egypt regardless of their political affiliation. He also told him to ask the army and intelligence about him.
    He also told the judge that Saturday was the World Press Freedom Day , of course you can imagine the reaction of the judge who has been refusing to release Fahmy and others in the case on bail.
    Fahmy’s lawyer did not attend the session by the way.
    On the otherthe first photos of Abdullah El-Shamy after being on hunger strike for more than 103 days were leaked online. Today is his 26th birthday.

    I have nothing to say except this young man  needs to know why he is being locked up all those months !! 

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    The whole world is watching now the tragedy of the 200 Nigerian girls abducted by the bloody Boko
    Some of the girls' names 

    Yesterday Boko Haram announced that it would sell those 200 girls as slaves in the market. Of course I can imagine some of you my dear readers with an open month wondering how on earth and heavens there are slave markets in 2014 and I would say yes there is huge human trafficking trade going on in the world in 2014. It has not stopped unfortunately because we got heartless bastards.
    Needless to say Boko Haram is an insult to Islam in specific and to humanity in general. Of course I wonder where Al Azhar institution from all this this !? Al Azhar is the most important Islamic institution in Africa as far as I remember. I know the answer but I am just wondering. I had enough of hearing in our media Al Azhar should restore its role , Al Azhar should restore its role and then things like this happens and Al Azhar does not care.
    In case you do not know Al Azhar is highly respected in Islamic African countries. I am not asking Egypt or Arab countries to get involved heavens forbid.
    Updated :Al Azhar issued a statement today denouncing what BokoHaram did demanding them to release the girls. 
    I also wonder where the Organization of the Islamic Conference is from that tragedy !? The world is launching a campaign to return the girls back and we got nothing from those two big organizations. I am not speaking about countries but organizations that allegedly play important role for Muslims and Islamic countries.
    Both OIC and Al Azhar repeated over and over that they fight extremism and honestly I do not see this.
    By the way you can join the #BringBackourgirls campaign on twitter. Of course I doubt that those terrorists of Boko Haram would care for this campaign yet a good noise can make something.
    I wish that the threat of Boko Haram re-opens the modern slavery topic in the international media.
    Malala standing in solidarity with the girls.

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    And Hala’ib triangle is back to the spot light. SUNA , the Sudanese official news agency published a small news on Monday that Sudanese infantry Navy forces were deployed to Hala’ib triangle !!!

    According to SUNA’s news the 101 Battalion from Sudanese navy infantry forces returned back to Hala’ib from Port Sudan. Of course the rest of the news speaks on how the disputed triangle is considered Sudanese to the end of that talk.

    What is happening down there in the South !? I know that Hala’ib triangle is a disputed territory but it is under Egyptian control and actually it is a military zone.

    In the past several months Egyptian officials went there and we heard that there was a big plan to urbanize the extreme poor city.

    Of course one must wonder why the media does not pay attention to Hala’ib triangle like it did before with Mohamed Morsi. There was a fury when the Sudanese officials spoke about that promise of Morsi to give up Hala’ib triangle to Sudan yet now we got dangerous claims from Sudanese officials about Sudanese armed forces in Hala’ib which is officially Egyptian territory.

    I think journalists should send someone to the border the city right away to see what is happening there.

    Updated : From Masrawy website and according to a security source ; it seems that having Sudanese troops in Hala’ib is a routine symbolic thing according to one of the leading tribal figures there.

    I think the Egyptian people as well Sudanese people need to know the true arrangements between Egypt and Sudan when it comes to Hala’ib.

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    We got one hell of weather now in Egypt. We started with extreme hot weather in the beginning weather and now we are getting ready for thunder storms in Cairo in the upcoming 48 hours !!!!
    Already today Aswan saw a sand storm you can only see in films. The photos coming from there are incredible. Updated : Two people were killed in the sand storm in Aswan yesterday
    By Mostafa Shekena 
    By Mostafa Shekena
    By Eslam Salheen 

    By Islam Salheen 
    By Yousry Aref 

    Here is a video capturing the storm.

    Interestingly this storm allegedly made the Crocodile museum's ceiling collapse !! This museum was inaugurated in 2012  !!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    Here are couple of photos I took in 2012 during my visit to Aswan. 

    ِAnd a short video clip from there.

     According to the news reports the artifacts were not destroyed thankfully.

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    And we got one hell of weather now in Egypt. We do not have stable weather in Cairo and Giza between hot weather and rain at the same time.
    Ain Sokhna today by Yahia El Gammal
    On the other hand things are terrible in the East , heavy rains  hit Red sea and Sinai.Some roads are cut in Nuweiba and Taba in South Sinai. The biggest damage is in Red Sea and Suez highways where Ain El-Sokhna , Zafarna , Al Arish and Hurghada highways were all affected badly with the heavy rain. The roads are blocked because of the floods. 
    People are stuck there whether residents or workers or just weekenders trying to spend a weekend but the weather has another say about this !! 
    The army is sending an urgent rescue team to save the people who were stuck there. There are no water or electricity since last night according to the people there.  
    The situation is so bad. I wondered why we do not have a rain drainage system in that road and all the answers came that it will be hard and impossible due to the nature of the road itself as it is in the stream of the heavy seasonal rains.
    It snowed in Al Arish !!!! 
    Here is a video showing the highway at Porto El-Sokhna

    The photo gallery is after the break. 

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    I do not know if we consider this sign that simply nothing is forever or that global warming is a serious problem when it snows in May in .. Egypt !!
    Unstable weather conditions have continued till now , we got strong dusty wind in Cairo and Giza  in the morning.  It snowed in North Sinai and it continued to rain and flood in Ain El-Sokhna and South Sinai.
    Highways and road crossings in South Sinai as well Ain El-Sokhna were closed for hours before they would be opened.
    This video was shot yesterday at Wadi Doum valley in Ain El-Sokhna by human rights activist Mona Seif who was stuck there along other people.
    Here is the resort they were staying at.
    The resort now "Amr Sman"
    For hours Seif and other people in the resort were stuck by the Bedouin tribes managed to help them.
    Here are photos from Sinai.

    Taba crossing 
    Al Arish-Beir Abd highway "Mohamed El-Omda"
    Middle Sinai Floods "Sinai Now FB"
    All what I can say about this is that once again we see that the infrastructure can not stand nature’s anger. We need to ask the government about its plans regarding such heavy rains and floods. We Should also follow up on the people in Sinai and Red sea.
    Be careful if you are planning to hit the road to Ain El-Sokhna or Sinai this weekend please.

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  • 05/10/14--04:40: Thus Spoke #El-Sisi
  • State-owned Al Akhbar first page
    And at last Presidential Candidate Abdel Fatah El-Sisi spoke to the public after leaving his position as minister of defense  and declaring his candidacy. He spoke and we saw him. He spoke in TV and press interviews throughout last week. We saw him now  as a presidential candidate or rather a president-in-waiting.
    Yes he is a president-in-waiting , waiting only to be announced as the official president of Egypt next 5 June 2014 as far as I see it. He is being interviewed as a president already not as a presidential candidate. He is being treated as a president not as a Presidential candidate. Just watch his interviews and see how the TV
    hosts are interviewing him or how they asked him and you will know that they look to him as a president already in fear and superficial respect.
    He spoke not on air or to the public but rather in heavily edited interviews recorded at armed forces owned Al Masaa Hotel in Nasr City in special studios and halls. He spoke and his words were featured in the newspapers as a president in bold red and black headlines and fonts in the Front Pages.
    He met with delegations of so-called representatives of the society whether women , businessmen , journalists , athletes , leftists and religious in a copycat scenes from the Mubarak’s era. It is like a new NDP-era in making with new as well old faces from that bloody era we thought that we ended. It is like 2005 all over again.
    He spoke and he said the following in his interviews and meetings edited and revised by his campaign.
    We should Forget about Freedoms and Democracy in his time , we will have democracy in Egypt after 25 years. Already Western democracy does not suite Egypt , needless to say nobody told him about the democracies in India , Japan and South Korea or in South America. Freedoms can harm the nation and so it is better to choose nation over freedoms.
    As much as he said “I” in his published meetings and interviews , he ignored democracy. We do not know what he would do from political reforms but we know that he is from the same school of former PM Ahmed Nazif and late VP Omar Suleiman that believes the Egyptian people are not ready for democracy now. 
    He spoke with the editors in chief of major Egyptian newspapers and asked them not to criticize officials all the time and that it was better to unite our views and opinions in for the sake of the nation. Just like Putin , he would put an end to that chaos in the social media or rather the “Network” as he called it.
    After all if you think about it 25 January and 28 January protests started as Facebook events after years of online activism in social media.
    El-Sisi spoke and said that he would not cancel the unconstitutional protest law nor he would amend it. He won’t pardon any protester imprisoned because of that law.

    Already the man believes that protest and strikes bring down the country despite the fact technically he is now running for the presidential position because of protests on 30 June , 3 July and 26 July 2013.
    Forget about police and ministry of interior’s reforms or human rights , not time for them now as well.
    As much as he ignored democracy in his talk , as much as he spoke negatively about freedoms , he spoke about the army where he belonged to and belongs to actually admirably and fondly. Sometimes he forgot and said “We”. Forget about the parliamentary supervision on the army according to the Constitution because the “army is a great institution and all Egypt should be like the army” as he said.
    He believes that the military men should govern the borders governorates despite their fiascos when we speak about civil administration for decades. Despite the current constitution says that the governors should be elected , they will be appointed in his term as a president.
    He hinted that the Egyptian army was ready to assist any Arab country in its war against terrorism hinting out over and over to Libya and then I realized that someone in the Egyptian armed forces forgot the lesson of Yemen war. He said it before that at least two generations had to sacrifice so other generations would live after.
    He said that he was a Muslim Egyptian who saved Islam in Egypt through ousting Mohamed Morsi. He believes that people should be disciplined and that a problem like sexual harassment will end if people are committed to the true Islamic teachings.
    El-Sisi spoke and  said that there would be No reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood , in fact there will be no Muslim Brotherhood in his time as a president. Of course he is not the first to say this , Nasser tried to do with this an failed because the MB is based upon thought.
    It is worth to mention that that statement came after weeks of leaks in newspapers that he would reconcile with the MB after being elected as president.
    Also it is fair to say that Hamdeen Sabbahi promised that there would be no reconciliation too.
    El-Sisi spoke that there would be no Islamist political trends in Egypt anymore in his time in president. He gave one hell of a blow to Al Nour Party after it announced its endorsement. The poor Pro-regime Salafist party was working hard since the days of Morsi and marketing itself in US and EU countries that it would be the next majority party in the parliament but what you know !!!
    He said that there would be no more Islamist political parties in accordance with the Constitution and Al Nour Party claims that it could not be omitted from the political scene thanks to the second article of the Current Constitution.1
    Ironically I remember that Western politicians whether from the United States and EU speaking day and night about the importance of inclusivity in Egypt and so on. I do not know if they know about his exclusion plans in Egypt or not. I presume he told Baroness Catherine Ashton that he would not let any Islamist political trends anymore in Egypt.
    Jumping to economy , I do not understand what kind of economic policies he is going to adopt honestly. You may think that he is speaking about open market system but then in his TV interview you will find him speaking about a direct state control whether in food supply or in projects.
    Already according to El-Sisi if the government failed to do the projects in time , the army would jump to rescue !! The army again and its involvement in economy and civil life.
    In his economic vision , the next president of Egypt who wears an OMEGA watch believes that Egyptians should adopt austerity attacking at the same time labor strikes accusing people of “Eating Egypt”.  In the same vision he admits that he would continue to borrow aids from other countries. He will cancel subsidies and at the same time he warns from the hunger revolution !!
    El-Sisi spoke and those who believed he would return Egypt to its glorious days where it would lead the Arab world and Africa if not the Universe under the rule of Field marshal found him praising King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia describing him as the great Wise man of the Arabs !!
    Now neither Nasser nor Sadat would say that ever.
    El-Sisi spoke and we realized that he is not Nasser or Sadat or Ataturk , he is the product of the Egyptian society and regime in the past 30 years of Mubarak’s rule with all its cons and pros. In the end He is an army officer who served in the Egyptian army , which technically a closed military conservative institution during 3 decades of Egypt’s ultimate social , political and cultural decline.
    What I saw a man without a true vision for Egypt , all what I saw in front of me on the TV was a man who is trying to the old days of the status quo or rather the stagnation of the past 30 years searching to engrave in the history of that old country that saw all sort of rulers.
    “Why to try again , we tried and failed” He said that in his ONTV/CBC  interview.
    I am worried on the future of Egypt and the future of the Egyptian armed forces so much especially that the army commanders are insisting to get involved more and more in politics.
    Now with all that presidential cult growing madly , talk about military intervention in Libya “Another post” and end to freedoms and democracy officially , I feel that we are heading in to a disaster like a crazy uncontrollable train carrying a hydrogen bomb heading towards a cliff !! We are rewinding the same mistakes of Nasser whether the political mistakes or the military adventures and unfortunately we are in much worse position than in 1960s strangely and ironically.
    We need a divine miracle without doubt.
    1. The Islamic Sharia is the main source of legislation in Egypt

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    Thanks to Amado on twitter , we found that Cairo Metro Authority has changed the Name of the “Martyrs” station and returned back to its before January 2011 : Mubarak station !!
    The latest Metro Map 
    Yes and you can find the name of the Mubarak station in the recent updated map of the Metro lines in the authority’s official website. Here is the latest map from the site.

    It is worth to mention that 4 May several TV hosts cheered for Hosni Mubarak’s birthday and his supporters made a small protest that blocked the traffic in front of Maadi Military Hospital without any interfere from the police or the military police last week.
    Ironically this comes after the decision of the government to re-apply the daylight saving time once again after it was stopped in 2011. Many people consider it another blow to the so-called small gains of the 25 January revolution !!!
    Speaking seriously several Teachers told me that there were orders from the ministry of education not to speak about the 25 January revolution especially that next year’s books will not include it comprehensively. Now students in primary stage learn that revolutions do not bring changes , in they are bad things.
     In some historical novel about Ahmed Orabi , the military leader is slammed for attempting to rebel and other figures are praised for their “Reform”!! The message is clear as you can see.
    The problem of that current regime is that it does not know that history is recorded live now in front of billions of people in this world. The #Jan25 has been recorded already regardless of their attempts to erase it. 

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    This is a new level of presidential cult in Egypt we are watching in that season of presidential elections !!
    Last Thursday We got a newspaper “Al Fagr” claiming that El-Sisi met God twice !! Oh yes twice according to its Front page sensational headlines.
    El-Sisi meets God twice 
    Of course inside the issue we do not know how he met God twice but there were at least two full pages in the issue speaking about how devoted Muslim he is and that he descends from Prophet Mohamed’s family. “Like all Egypt’s presidents since Mubarak !!”
    Journalist Mohamed El-Baz who wrote that important report could not ignore the fact that El-Sisi is Sufi Muslim and started telling us tales about his devotion…etc.
    Of course the tabloid whose founder “Adel Hammoda” is always close to the ruling regime did not forget El-Sisi’s visions ability and how the field marshal asked God not to have barriers between them !!!!!!!!
    As Muslims we believe that there are no barriers between God and humans so I do not understand what El-Sisi asked or how tabloid journalists like Hammoda and Mohamed Al-Baz knew that El-Sisi’s request from God.
    The whole page by Joe Sosta
    Last week El-Sisi also met a group of women allegedly representing Egyptian women , of course they are mix of groupies and the old NDP hypocrite ladies.
    One of these lady described him as “The Honest Trustworthy” as description historically was associated with Prophet Mohamed “PBUH”. El-Sisi replied and told her that he was the strong trustworthy and he would try to become “honest trustworthy” !! Then later another woman described him as El-Hafiz El-Alleem {The protector and Knowledgeable }. Those two names are considered from God’s names in Islam !!!!!!!
    I was more shocked to hear and see that video !!
    Another shocking video , some hypocrite man in A Mowlad of some local saint in Luxor says that El-Sisi is supported by Prophet Mohamed “PUBH” , El-Hassan , El-Hussein and Lady Zeinab PBUT all.
    El-Sisi supported by Prophet Mohamed “PBUH”
    Interestingly all this hypocrisy is taking place and the man has not been elected officially as the president of Egypt. Just imagine after a year what the media will say !??
    That he brings up the dead and heal the blind !!!! It is like we are not back to 1954 but rather 2054 B.C  where the Pharaoh was considered the son of Ra if not the incarnation of God himself !!
    Already I am imagining the reaction of the media if all this was said about Morsi ,ok sorry I remember how everybody mocked the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi when Religious channels and Raba’a stage kept saying that the angels and prophets supported.
    Now amazingly El-Sisi’s team and supporters are using the same weapon the Muslim Brotherhood excelled to us which is religion !!
    Anyhow it is about the use of religion in politics to control the people and to gain their support. In his interview tonight with Sky News Arabia , the Presidential Candidate who speaks like a President said that religion and manners of the society were from the responsibilities of the president !!
    I do not know if he is speaking about the president or the Emam but I am more than alarmed.
    Religion fanaticism in its own way + militarism = hell in nutshell.
    Part of me knows that God does not approve this and one day all those people will pay a price 

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    And I think “#BringBackOurGirls” achieved something. Today Boko Haram released a video allegedly for the kidnapped girls.
    Just like any kidnapper in the world , the militant group got the world’s attention and has demands : The girls to be exchanged for their own detainees. I would dare and say that this is what the group wanted from day one : World’s attention. Well they got , now Nigeria is cooperating with international powers to kick their bloody ugly asses.
    Nigerian students protest to bring their colleagues back 
    I think now it is not a foreign conspiracy by Western powers as the officials at first claimed in Nigeria. You know it is one continent after all.
    BY the way Israel offered its security and intelligence help in finding those girls and rescuing them and Nigeria accepted.
    I do not know where the Egyptian intelligence or the Egyptian army from this.I had enough from so-called strategic analysts , officials and former generals nearly crying on how Israel won the hearts and minds of Africans and kicking us out of the Continent !!

    Now before I forget ; if we are speaking seriously this campaign should force “Yes force” the media to investigate modern day slavery not only in Nigeria or Africa but the whole world.
    Also I am sorry if I seemed to be late but I can’t ignore this but a group of Egyptian activists joined the international solidarity campaign with #BringBackourGirls hashtag campaign.
    Total respect to those activists.
    p.s “#BringBackOurGirls” started by Nigerians to bring back their girls , I do not like how some international celebs from politicians , actors and models hijacked it turning in to some PR stunt in order to appear in the media.

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    And Taba has been isolated and drowning since the heavy rain and floods last weekend and the government is in another world.
    For nearly three there has been no electricity or water or food. Only today we began to see footage and photos from there.

    In Taba after the heavy rains and floods 
    This video was shot by Mostafa Ammar who works in Taba. He filmed that clip while sitting over a rooftop along with other people.

    He also took those photos for the aftermath of the heavy rains and floods
    At one of the resorts "Mostafa Ammar"
    At one of the resorts "Mostafa Ammar" 

    Here is another video shot there at Marriott Taba resort.
    Flood in Marriott Taba hotel
    The Marriott hotel is terribly damaged. Here are more photos from ONTV reporter Mohamed El-Kholy
    One of the rooms in the Marriot Taba hotel
    "Mohamed El-Kholy"
    One of the Bedouins' houses "Mohamed El-Kholy"

    Opening a blocked highway on Monday
     "Mohamed El-Kholy"
    The Taba-Sharm highway !!
    "Mohamed El-Kholy"
    At one of the resorts "Mohamed El-Kholy"
    Taba highway "Mohamed El-Kholy" 
    Some highways like Taba-Nuweiba were cut due to the floods and its aftermath. Some highways were closed for 5 days.We are speaking about huge financial losses. Man it is like we are cursed in tourism now.
    Of course what happened in this year’s heavy rains and floods makes us ask some important questions about the urban planning of the cities and highways in Egypt in general. It seems that the highways and resorts are built in the course of the flood's torrents !!!
    Now the torrents' courses are well known for instance in Upper Egypt and also geological experts so I wonder why the governorates whether in the Red Sea or South Sinai allowed tourism development companies to built their hotels and resorts when they know we have heavy rains and floods from time to time !!
    Already it turns out that the Bedouins in South Sinai got their own proverbs about the dangers of the floods and heavy rains !!
    As usual we are reactive and not proactive.
    Another thing the delay in sending supplies and help to cities like Taba , I think this is why we need less centralization when it comes to the local government in Egypt. This is why we need true governmental officials and governors who really can act in emergencies and know exactly what they have to do not to wait orders from Cairo. This is why we meant local council and governor’s positions to be truly elected. This is why also I do not like governors from military background who are waiting orders.

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    Blogging is not crime but in third world dictatorship regimes it is just like journalism and any sort of Media trying to bring out truth to the public. We have more our share in Africa when it comes to these shares.
    There are 9 journalists and bloggers who have been arrested in Ethiopia for no real reason except covering the news and expressing their view about the government.
    The bloggers of Zone 9 Blogging collective "Endalk"
    Six bloggers and 3 journalists “members of Zone 9 blogging collective” were arrested in Ethiopia late April and were accused of inciting violence against authorities through social media. Last week they stood a trial where they revealed that they were physically abused during their detention.

    The six bloggers are Befeqadu Hailu, Abel Wabela, Atnaf Berahane, Mahlet Fantahun, Zelalem Kibret, and Natnael Feleke while the 3 journalists are Asmamaw Hailegeorgis, Tesfalem Waldyes and Edom Kassaye.
    The last post by the Bloggers’ collective published in their blog “Zone 9” was on May 2nd about the shooting of the Oromo students protesting against the Ethiopian government. Here is the official Facebook of the Blogging Collective. 
    Yes they were arrested because of the Oromo students protests.
    The Oromo community is currently protesting specifically the Youth and the students against the plan of the plan of the government in Adidas Ababa that would affect the Oromo territories as well their culture. The development plans proposed by the Ethiopian government will include displacement of Oromo farmers from their territories. The Oromo students have been protesting for weeks there and just like repressive regime. Dozens of students have been shut down by Ethiopian security forces.
    The Oromo community started a protesting movement all over the world including Egypt where they had a protest in front of the Arab league last week.
    Now you want to help today you got things to do : To tweet about #FreeZone9bloggers as part of the international Tweetathon on May 14
    Or you can send a letter to the Ethiopian ambassador in your country asking his government to release those bloggers and journalists.
    Amazingly through the Free Zone 9 Bloggers’ case  , I found out that there is something “African Charter on humans’ and people’s rights”. Of course I found that Egypt had interesting reservation on that 30 years charter specifically about the Freedom of belief , Freedom of expression and women’s rights !!!!
    There are many similarities between the Ethiopian government and Egyptian government after all.
    Anyhow Blogging is not a crime.

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    Camille Lepage , the young French Photojournalist who was killed in Central Africa Republic during her work filmed a clip about Cairo and its rhythm.
    Cairo’s Rhythm
    The 26 years old Freelance photojournalist lived in Cairo for some time. She was an intern in Egypt Independent in 2011 before moving to South Sudan.
    Here is a photo for late Camille by Al Masry Al Youm photographer Ahmed Hayman who used to know her since school.

    Camille Lepage in Cairo by Ahmed Hayman 

    This is what Hayman said on his Facebook page about his late friend :
    Worst news I heard so far … I lost a dear friend.. we all lost a great ambitious, talented, beautiful person
    We studied at the same school in Denmark, I helped her to get her internship in Egypt and she decided to be a photographer and went to Sudan and did a great job and her work was featured in many international newspapers and magazines.
    She moved to Central African Republic for the past months to cover the conflict there.
    Camille Lep a beautiful 26 years old photographer was found murdered in a car today…
    I took this photo of her in Egypt taking photos of locals and sharing it with them to make them happy..
    Pray for her…

    Lepage is considered the first foreign and Western journalist to die while covering that barbaric civil war in CAR.
    You can see the photo portfolio of late Lepage here. Here is her twitter account. Her instagram account got her last published photos from CAR. Here is also her Facebook Page. 
    RIP Camille Lepage

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    Abdullah Shamy after losing weight
    Detained journalist Abdullah El-Shamy is missing according to his family. He was taken from his cell and taken to unknown place according his brother Mosa’ab El-Shamy. Updated : Abdullah was transferred to solitary confinement to Al-Akrab prison in Torah prison complex. According to his brother , his wife and mother learned this today. The security forces transferred him to solitary confinement because of his hunger strike and the noise he caused according to Mosa;ab El-Shamy "Below the full details"
    Several journalists say that he was transferred to another prison. There are different rumors now to where he was transferred to.  Either ways the 26 years old journalist’s health is in real danger , you saw his photo after more than 100 days in hunger strike.
    For those who do not know Abdullah El-Shamy , Al Jazeera News channel reporter was arrested during the dispersal of Rabaa sit and for whole nine month he has been detained without any official charge.
    El-Shamy has been on a hunger strike for more than 100 days because he is demanding to stand a trial. His trial has been adjourned for months and we do not know in the first on what charges !!

    Updated : 

    Al Jazeera International has released a leaked video message from Abdullah from inside the jail holding the Egyptian regime the responsibility if anything happens to him.
    Now some sources say security forces searched inside his cell and found a camera and a mobile phone.
    Scroll down for more details pleases.
    Now his brother famous photographer Mosa'ab El-Shamy issued a statement about his brother in Arabic with the full details about the last 72 hours.

    It turns out that El-Shamys managed to get a blood sample from Abdullah and had tests in independent private lab to prove that he needed medical care.
    Click to zoom in and see the report 
    The results of lab shows that El-Shamy is on the verge of kidney failure. He got low sugar in the blood and Anemia.
    Journalism is not crime by the way.
    Speaking about detainees and political prisoners , activist Ahmed Douma’s health is also deteriorate and after many pleas and noise he was transferred yesterday for two hours only to hospital according to his wife where they only tested his blood !!
    According to his wife Nourhan Hefzy he was taken from the hospital after two hours because allegedly some intelligence officer told the hospital that April 6 Youth would attack the hospital to take Douma !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Last May 14th marked the 50th anniversary of diverting the river Nile in Egypt during the Construction of the Aswan high dam in 1964. It also marks the 50th anniversary of the 2nd biggest displacement of Nubians in Egypt. It was an important day where Egyptian President Nasser and Soviet Leader Khrushchev pushed the button and the Nile river’s course was diverted for the first since thousands of years.
    Nasser and Khrushchev from 50 years ago in Aswan. 
    Here is a rare video in colors showing that celebration from 50 years ago,just mute the annoying song.

    Of course if you know our history well , you would know that Nasser went to the Eastern camp and got technical and financial help from the Soviet Union after the West and the World Bank refused to fund. You know the history.
    Last Monday I attended at Ahram Institution a celebration to honor the Russian and Egyptian engineers who participated in constructing of the High Dam.

    Among those who attended the celebration the children of late President Gamal Nasser , Russian Ambassador in Cairo , Ahram CEO Ahmed El-Siyad El-Naggar , former minister of housing Hasab Allah El-Kafrawy and none other than the Egyptian journalism and politics’ old fox Mohamed Hassanein Heikal himself.

    It was a nice thing to see the old Russian engineers after all those years in Cairo. Four of them only came as part of delegation from the Russian faculties of engineering. Of course there were old Egyptian engineers too.
    Of course the photos are not that good because they were taken by mobile phone.

    Amazingly the media covered the anniversary without mentioning as usual the dark side of this diversion process a.k.a the Displacement of Egyptian Nubians. The construction of dam led to the biggest displacement of Egyptians in the modern history.

    Not only people were displaced but also monuments like Abu Simbel temple 'its transfer started this year as well" and Temple of Debod which Nasser gave to Spain "Oh yes a whole temple was given to another country".
    The first displacement of Nubians happened during the construction of Aswan’s lower dam if I am not mistaken.
    The high Dam is still there and it helped Egypt indeed during tough times but up till the Nubians did not return back to their land or were compensated. There is a land that enough for everybody at Lake Nasser , this land should be allocated to the Nubians we had enough from broken promises.
    By the way neither Hamdeen Sabahi nor Abdel Fattah El-Sisi spoke about the Nubians or their right to return back aside from the usual photo sessions with delegations from Nubian leaderships and that’s it.
    To be honest I heard Sabahi speaking about land reclamation around Nasser lake.
    Anyhow if you want to see high quality photos about the High Dam in Aswan then you can see this set.

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    Yesterday was another episode in those ridiculous trials of Al Jazeera staff and Abdullah El-Shamy.
    Once again the Cairo criminal court decided to adjourn the case of Al Jazeera staff to 22 May in another session full of drama.
    Fadel , Greste and Baher "Source :twitter"
     First you got two lawyers including Peter Greste’s lawyer stepping down from the case because allegedly Al Jazeera channel was using it to defame Egypt !!
    I do not know if this lawyer faced some sort of pressure or not but what he did actually is wrong leaving his defendant like that not to mention innocent defendant facing unjust accusations !!
    As if this trial already did not defame Egypt in the first place !!

    Second Mohamed Fadel Fahmy’s lawyer Khaled Abu Bakr revealed that the prosecution told the defendants’ lawyers to pay nearly LE 1.2 Million if they want to have access to the 5 CD evidence in the case !!!!! Abu Bakr told journalists that the average mount of money of defendants’ lawyers pay to have access to evidence was usually LE 500 !!
    Greste and Fahmy "Source : Twitter"
    Already I am surprised that lawyers pay in order to see the evidence !!
    Moving to Abdullah El-Shamy’s trial. The trial has been adjourned for another 45 days. I do not know what to say.
    Abdullah El-Shamy in cage "Source:Twitter"
    Of course now there is a noise about Abdullah after releasing his video message. It is a good thing.
    Here is a photo copy from letter written by Abdullah El-Shamy about the the mistreatment he faced in prison.
    El-Shamy's letter -1 "RNN"

    El-Shamy's letter-2 "RNN"
    Abdullah’s young wife Jihad Khaled wrote another emotional post on Facebook saying that she was not seeking any heroic role but rather her husband.
    El-Shamy revealed that the security forces tried to force him to eat Tuna to break his hunger strike and he vomited insisting to complete his hunger strike.
    He is currently in solitary confinement
    Human rights Watch issued a statement calling the Egyptian government to release El-Shamy from his illegal detention.
    By the way the mainstream media is claiming that Abdullah Shamy is not on a hunger strike. Well his video and photos prove otherwise , just compare it with his photos before the hunger strike and you will know that the young man is not lying. He only demands a trail instead of adjournments !! 

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    I wanted to write this before but I can not delay it anymore after what happened today in Benghazi.
    In case you do know since early Friday there have strong clashes between Libyan militias in Benghazi erupted madly. It turns out that retired General Khalifa Hiftar is back to the scene and his militia launched air strike and attack against Islamist militias’ positions in the city of Benghazi. It is considered the biggest military action witnessed in the city since the Libyan revolution’s battles. Hiftar’s troops claimed that they were liberating Benghazi from Islamist militias’ control.
    Hiftar who led unsuccessful invasion against Chad in the 1980s returned back to the scene from couple of months when he tried to lead a coup against the Islamist government. Searching back online , you will find his name popped up right after the start of the Libyan revolution as the CIA’s man that could stand against Qaddafi. May be the US is trying to send him back again to play a role against the Islamist militias.
    Now there are strong rumors spreading like fire among Libya social media accounts whether on Twitter and Facebook accusing Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the Egyptian army of supporting Hiftar to the level of supplying him with Jet fighters and pilots !!!!
    The Libyan Islamists as well the supporters of the militias in Libya launched this hashtag today calling Khefter as “#The_Pimp’s_Tail” in reference of course to the infamous hashtag “Elect_The Pimp”. They also launched the “#Benghazi_Libya_Battle” also attacking the former Libyan General as well El-Sisi and his Emirati allies. Needless to say the Pro-Muslim Brotherhood supporters from Egypt and Arab world are participating in these two hashtags all day long.
    Dangerous allegations and despite it spread like fire in the past hours in the social media , we did not hear any comment about it from the Egyptian armed forces. Of course people are busy with presidential elections and campaigns but you can not ignore such dangerous allegation.
    There is no smoke without fire I am afraid.
    For weeks now Libya has been mentioned frequently whether directly or indirectly in the talk of presidential candidate to be our president Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. It is not a big surprise to see some drawing conclusions.
    In his statements published by Fox News channel , he warned of the Jihadists camps in Libya and amazingly expressed that the NATO should have deployed troops in Libya and “That history will judge them for that !!”
    I do not understand how El-Sisi calls for having Western military bases in Libya when those bases can turn against us one day. I thought that Libya was part of our strategic national security in Egypt. Already this contradicts directly what his Pro-Media is telling  us day and night in Egypt that evil West and NATO brought down Libya to destroy Egypt
    Then later he repeated statements in latest interviews that the Egyptian armed forces were ready to aid any Arab country in its war against terrorism. Then came his big blunder that created a crisis with Algeria when he said that the Egyptian armed forces could reach to Algeria within 3 days in order to protect Egypt’s National security.
    Algerians became angry of course and El-Sisi campaign issued an explanation and then the man to be our president met the Algerian ambassador in Egypt. Of course since day one I understood that he did not mean Algeria but rather meant storming Libya.
    At the same time Pro-Military Pro-Police state media is spreading day and night myths that there is the so-called “Egyptian Free army” made by thousands of fighters returning back from Syria “as if the war in Syria is over” and funded by Qatar “ more than $ 30 billion”. In nutshell they say that there is an army of Jihadist that will storm Egypt soon.
    When I speak about the Pro-Military/Pro-Police state media in Egypt I do not mean only TV hosts like Ahmed Moussa or Mostafa Bakry but I mean also retired generals turned in to Strategic analysts.
    Personally I am worried that Libya would be our 21st century Yemen war. I am worried that the Egyptian army would be dragged in to a war when the war on terrorism in Egypt has not been won.
    I am worried that opening a front in Libya will turn in to Yemen war in much worse way. With all the cons of Nasser in 1960s , Egypt did not suffer economically or socially like now.
    Needless to speak any police/Military state that depends on fear for its existence , needs enemies and wars to survive.
    Also I would like like to hint out that the United States and its allies could not get rid from Taliban in Afghanistan and Libya has no more organized army but rather militias trained very well on street fights.
    It is not a secret that weapons and heavy arms invaded Egypt through the Western borders with Libya. It is not a secret either that there are Islamist militias that feel sympathy to the Muslim Brotherhood or that the current government in Libya is an Islamist one. Our expats and our drivers from time to time are abducted by extremist militias like what happened to our diplomats and other Arab diplomats.
    Yet you do not solve this through operations in other countries aka invasion or call foreign countries to have military bases in Libya. I think You solve them with covert operations and politics. Covert operations are done by all strong countries to save the national security and FYI we had our covert operations in Libya during the time of Qaddafi without the knowledge of that mad bastard.
    When I speak politics , I may look naïve but if having a real democracy in Egypt that can affect positively in Libya . People themselves will stand against the crazy militias when they see a successful peaceful democratic transition. Radicalism can be conquered if you present a true democracy of moderation , of course this is much hard for some and will take time but this is a strategic solution. I know I look naïve and romantic. 
    Find political allies in Libya and turn to win them, adopt mutual projects as soon as possible. We got the Ben Ali tribe branch in Egypt , that famous North African tribe can play a role here. 
    Speaking constitutionally I think the Egyptian president can not declare war or send officially army forces outside the country without the National security council’s approval as well the approval of parliament.
    I fear on our army as well I fear on both Egyptian and Libyan people. I fear that if the Egyptian army intervenes in Libya , it will be like Yemen war which was one of our main reasons of our defeat in 1967 “Six days war” regardless of what the Nasserites and Pro-Military would say in Egypt.
    We should learn for our mistakes. We should act wisely and let the brain speak.I care for blood and it is enough the blood that has been spelled in Egypt as well Libya in the past 3 years.
    Anyhow let’s pray for the best whether in Egypt and Libya.

    0 0

    It is really frustrating because one thought that Tunisia would make it in the democratic transition after learning lessons form Egypt but what you know !!
    Azyz Amami
    Revolutionary Tunisian Blogger and Human rights activist Azyz Amami was arrested in Tunisia along with photographer Sabri Ben Mlouka last week by security forces. Officially they are arrested for cannabis possession but the activists in Tunisia say that it was a politically motivated arrest in the first place.
    The Tunisian police says that the Tunisian blogger was arrested along with photographer Sabri Ben Mlouka last May 12 in La Goulette suburb. Both of them are being accused of cannabis possession. Both Amami and Sabry may face 5 years in prison and 3000 Tunisian Dinar fine if they are found guilty according to Law 52/1992.
    Friends of Amami and Amami himself believe that this arrest was politically motivated as Amami accused of La Goulette police force of sitting the police stations and police posts there on fire during the Tunisian revolution in 2011. Recently a group of protesters and activists were accused officially of torching police stations and were referred to trial actually for this.
    According to activists in Tunisia fabricating charges of cannabis possession for political activists has been a common thing in Tunisia.
    Amami in a message from his detention says that he was beaten violently during his arrest. He also revealed that he refused to take a drug test when he was arrested because he wanted this test to be made under judicial supervision. 
    Here is a Tunisian Facebook Page in Arabic in solidarity with Azyz. It is very informative and includes all the updates about the case as well solidarity movement
    There is also a Tunisian website in French calling for the release of the Tunisian revolutionary blogger.
    Since his arrest there have been several protests by activists in Tunisia.
    Next Saturday May 24th there will be a stand in solidarity with Azyz in Cairo in front of Tunisian embassy.
    Here is an old interview with Azyz about his memories in the Tunisian revolution with English subtitles.
    Memories of Azyz Amami

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    Thanks to CNN Correspondent Reza Sayah I knew that there is a creepy small museum in the Tora prison complex .
    The museum recounts the agony of Egyptians in prison under the British occupation.
    Of course it is an irony because prisoners and detainees are still tortured by security forces in Egypt.Unfortunately those security forces are not controlled by foreign invaders but rather a national government. It makes it even more creepier and sadder now.
    Ironically in 2011 when Mubarak and his cronies went to Tora a group on the Facebook called for turning the prison in to a museum where people can go and watch those cronies there.
    Of course now is different. Sayah already discovered this place while visiting Mohamed Fadel Fahmy , Peter Greste and Baher Mohamed aka AJ Staff at Tora prison last Thursday.
    By the way Cairo got its own share for strange and unknown yet interesting museums , of course they are less creepy than the Tora prison museum.

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    Yesterday news came from the United States Egypt’s teenage inventor Abdullah Assem stayed there refusing after the end of the Intel ISEF conference to return back to Egypt for fear he would be arrested and imprisoned. Since then controversy has not stopped.
    Abdullah Assem at the ISEF "Abdullah Assem FB" 
    Now what’s the story of Assem ?
    Assem testing his application 
     It started with a 17 years old teenage geek from Assuit who was awarded in an Intel Egypt ISEF competition this year and was qualified to represent Egypt in Intel ISEF 2014 in Los Angles competing other students from around the globe. Assem’s research was about helping quadriplegic patients to interact with computers using eye glasses and motion sensors. Assem was honored personally by the minister of education and everything seemed so fine but it is always bad to be in the wrong place in the wrong time nowadays in Egypt.

    Abdullah Assem was arrested when he was in Cairo , in downtown Cairo to be precise near Tahrir square during a Pro-Morsi protest last April. According to Assem he was not protesting but rather passing by buying computer’s supplies from Downtown shops . According to his friends Assem is not interested in politics as his main focus is his research.
    Of course the ministry of interior got another version of the story as usual. According to the MOI Assem torched two police vehicles in a Pro-Morsi protest in his hometown Assuit !!
    It is worth to mention that Assem is a member of Upper Egyptian technology society aka S3Geeks. S3Geeks is a Fantastic initiate launched by independent Upper Egyptian developers and geeks to spread technology and programming in the always forgotten Upper Egypt . Thanks to S3Geeks people knew about the case of Assem and media began to demand his release.
    After noise in the media , the ministry of interior released him pending the case for a bail. He was not allowed to travel at first from Cairo airport but the authorities let him travel again after another big noise in the media.
    Assem showing his application at the ISEF 
    In the United States the supervisors of the trip assigned by the ministry of education to accompany the Egyptian took Assem’s passport hiding it and it seems that one of his supervisors told him that despite he may get arrested if he returned back to Egypt but it did not matter because he may get released. This is according to US Al Jazeera correspondent Mostafa El-Hossainy in LA.
    At the same time the LAPD as well Intel ISEF got a tip from an anonymous person “from Egyptian origin” that a young teenage boy from Egypt was in trouble and that if he may get arrested because of fabricated accusations back in Cairo. I do not have any doubt that ISEF knew all about what happened to Assem when he was in Cairo already.
    Abdullah met with some Egyptians and Arabs as well as it seems who convinced him to stay. The final straw was in LAX airport was when Assem decided to stay and the supervisors refused to give him his passport in order to make him look like an illegal immigrant but it did not work.
    Abdullah spoke to Al Jazeera Mubshar Misr TV channel saying that he would not return back because he was afraid of detention.
    Abdullah Assem : Afraid of detention in Egypt
    Of course you can imagine the reaction of the Pro-El-Sisi supporters after knowing that that ungrateful  Muslim brotherhood criminal teenage recorded with Al Jazeera.
    The Pro-ElSisi and Pro-Police state supporters are attacking him madly. TV host Lamees El-Hadidy told him that he would never come back to Egypt and that Egypt did not need because it got millions like him. Of course the Pro-Old Regime TV host forgot that there are millions like him want to leave the country.
    Needless to say El-Hadidy had share on twitter today as tweeps launched against her “Fuck Off Lamees” hashtag on twitter.
    Later today Assem wrote on his Facebook account this emotional message :
    Many people are congratulating me and others leave comments saying that they are happy that I took this decision but honestly I am not happy. I had a different path for my life , I wish to live in Assuit among my people , I wanted to serve my country while I was in Upper Egypt and to be there for the last of life but also this went in vain in second. I took a decision which was extremely difficult to me and if I did not find respectable Egyptians who helped in taking this decision , I would have come back and thrown in some jail where nobody cared about me. Today I saw videos of Rola Kharsa and Lamees El-Hadidy attacking me and my family because I was afraid. Yes I was afraid of returning back and to detained for years or imprisoned by no court or even die for no reason. At the same time I saw youth congratulating me and attacking on twitter as well people mocking me. In the end I want to live as a human.

    I can not blame Abdullah Assem at all. What I see in front of me a person who is afraid and took an extremely important decision. For at least two weeks this young man was detained and you can imagine the hell he saw there in his detention.

    For me it is better for him to live in self-exile than to be detained and tortured for fabricated charges and then to turn in to a real terrorist who can stomach the unjust society who praises and supports police state. 
    Most if not all the people I have met and told them about Assam’s decision in the past 48 hours supported him and said that it was the best for him.

    We can not help young scientists like in time of police state and fear in Egypt. True scientific research and innovation need freedom as well funding and let’s be honest Egypt is not truly scientific research or scientists heaven , on the contrary all our truly amazing brilliant scientists are abroad. We have got now scientists like Abdel Atti of KoftaGate.

    In better circumstances if not in real world circumstances Abdullah’s research would be funded by the ministry of health as well the ministry of defense. But We live in a surreal world where Assem is arrested and mistreated for two weeks and a charlatan like Abdel Atti is given a Major General Rank.

    Abdullah Assem will return insh Allah to Egypt and will help in building this country and hopefully this will be sooner or later.
    The girls "Mona , Sara and Hoda" 
    By the way three amazing girls won from Egypt won in the Intel ISEF Environmental management competition in the third place. Those girls are Mona El-Sayed , Sara Ezat and Hoda Mamdouh who made researches about vacuum evaporator for Water purification.
    Good luck for those girls and good luck for Abdullah.
    and Yes he is a human who gets scared for his life and his freedom. He is a true normal human.

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