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7000 years and counting ...

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    Today is a new episode from the Mubarak’s trial , it is the first session after the prosecution made their case. This is the 17th session if you still counting the sessions.
    Mubarak has arrived on time today.  Again there is a small number of his supporters outside the police academy as a small number of the angry martyrs’ families.
    Police academy : Mubarak arrives to the court
    I do not know what we should expect today except may be more surprises from lawyer Amir Salem. The plaintiffs have allegedly reached to agreement that only 6 of them will speak today ,I highly doubt that there will be an order among the plaintiffs despite the attempts of lawyers like Amir Salem and Khaled Abu Bakr !!
    The police generals arriving in white to court !!

    @11:42 AM CLT

    Lawyer Sameh Ashour from the plaintiffs demands that Mubarak and the rest of the defendants in the shooting of the protesters case to be executed.

    @12:29 PM CLT

    Lawyer Amir Salem from the plaintiffs accused former VP Omar Soliman and Field Marshal Tantawy of perjury. He also accused the national security and the ex-state security of having that secret cell made of 165,000 thugs to destroy the Egyptian revolution and to attack the revolutionaries.

    @2:42 PM CLT

    Recess , already judge Ahmed Rafaat has to hear 6 plaintiffs today. Before the recess lawyer Khaled Abu Bakr stated in front of the court that Mubarak was capable of stopping the attack on the protesters during the early days of the revolution adding that hundreds of victims and martyrs lost their lives so Mubarak would keep his regime. Abu Bakr demanded the court to apply article no.77 from the penalties law which applies death penalty for all those who attack the sovereignty of the country and its independence. Abu Bakr added that the former state security apparatus got a copy of these damaged records of CCTV films in Tahrir square included the case.

    @7:38 PM CLT

    Judge Rafaat has adjourned the case to tomorrow 10th January 2012 where he will listen to the rest of the plaintiffs. Today he heard 10 of them , the most famous three were Ashour , Abu Bakr and Salem.
    Amir Salem as usual made a surprise in the court and revealed that the CCTV cameras in Maspero are connected to the presidential palace thus Mubarak knew what was going in Cairo , he also claimed that there is another copy of these important records that the national security is hiding away.

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    On early Monday we found out that Egyptian billionaire/businessman/politician Naguib Sawiris has been referred to court by the prosecution for contempt of religion !! Oh yes contempt of religion !! The trial of the famous tycoon will start on January 14th, 2012 to start a new media circus !! 
    Naguib Sawiris is being accused of contempt of Islam after posting that silly Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse under Salafi rule illustration in his official twitter account in June 2011 showing Mickey with silly beard and Minnie wearing Niqab !!
    A screen cap for the tweet

    Yes in June 2011 where he apologized later and removed that silly illustration.

    The illustration offended many Muslims during that time and the Salafist FB pages started a boycott campaign to Sawiris companies especially Mobinil making him to lose not less than hundreds of thousands.

    Of course as someone who had stayed couple of years in the backstage of marketing world and as someone who studied marketing for more than 4 years , I can tell you that Mobinil’s rivals Vodafone and Etisalat loved what Sawiris had post and how they seized that golden opportunity to attract thousands of angry Muslim customers !!
    Despite I am not in to the conspiracy theory team now but sometimes I feel that that sort of news is made deliberately to divert attention from what is really going on in the country. It has nothing to do with ONTV or its revolutionary TV hosts before anyone thinks that this is an attempt to punish for ONTV.
    Again this is just a silly attempt to divert attention.
    Sawiris should shut up honestly and so should the Islamist lawyers like Mamdouh Ismail , Youssef El Badry and Nabih El Washash. These guys should be silent for a whole for God sake. Strangely we have not heard from three lawyers about the violations of SCAF against the protesters especially women protesters last year !!?

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  • 01/09/12--23:50: Egyptian Art : An old man
  • An Egyptian man "Amani Zahran"

    By artist Amani Zahran

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  • 01/10/12--09:16: El Behairy gets a retrial
  • And this is the good news of the day , Amr El Behairy has got a retrial today Smile The military court has accepted his appeal and he will have a retrial , I do not know but this is a good news and there is a huge hope that ISA he will be released.

    El Behairy was arrested on February 26th, 2011 , in the cabinet HQ protest that was dispersed violently. El Behairy was arrested by the military police , prosecuted in front of military court and on March 1st he was sentenced 5 years in jail for beating military personnel. “Despite they were the one that had beaten him according to all the photos and videos” 
    It was a historical protest where the military police used violence for the protesters for the first time after the ousting of Mubarak and SCAF had to publish its first and may be last communiqué apologizing for this !!
    We owe to El Behairy a lot because despite the agony he has been through , no one can deny that “No for military trials” campaign Mona Seif and others launched because of him saved thousands.
    عمرو البحيريNow from 12,000 Egyptians facing military trials only few hundreds are in prisons now because of military trials and yet the campaign is still working. The political powers , parties and activists are maintaining their demand to refer all the military trials’ prisoners and detainees to be referred to normal civilian courts to get fair trials.
    Hopefully insh Allah El Behairy will be acquitted and released.

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  • 01/10/12--11:50: The New Enemies of Libya !!!
  • Meet Lt.General Khalifa Haftar , the chief of staff of Libyan armed forces. 
    Haftar : Egypt and Tunisia are enemies because they are poor.
    Lt. General Haftar says that the armed forces of Libya should be ready for any danger because they  all Libya’s neighbors are enemies and want its wealth especially  Egypt and Tunisia as they are poor counties envying Libya on its wealth.
    Despite the jazz about how great the Libyan scenario and we should apply it in Egypt by some  , I hope that we pay attention to our Western neighbors and their new leadership because we got military militias God knows how they think and we got Khaftar as well considering us as enemies !!
    The big joke is how he considers Algeria as an enemy for Libya because Algeria is poor !! 
    It is amazing how the defected Lt. General is speaking just like the late dictator and his sons !!!
    By the way do we know the number of Egyptians who were killed and injured during the Libyan revolution ? Do we know the number of missing Egyptians during the revolution !?
    I hope that our members of Parliament raise these questions because we need an answer.

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    The world today listen to Bashar El Assad in the morning and to his long speech fall of lies and old Arab nationalism slogan as well threats to leave the LAS and in the afternoon to baby Afaf Mahmoud from Homs.
    Baby Afaf "4 months"

    Extreme graphic content after the break.

    Homs : The youngest detained martyr
    She was only 4 months when she was detained with her mom and dad “still detained” , I do not know how to say it but that baby angel was tortured , you can see the bruises on her small pale body. I still remember Layal.
    I can’t imagine , I swear I can’t imagine someone would harm such a small beautiful thing.
    Unfortunately Afaf is not the youngest baby to be killed by the hands of the Syrian regime,may be she is the first to be tortured till death though in detention. Both ideas drive me angry
    Sadly enough baby Afaf returned to her family while her parents are still detained. What even more sadly children today held protests in several areas against the El Assad rule today.
    In the first hour of Bashar El Assad’s long speech 10 Syrian were reportedly killed by the hands of the Syrian forces according to activists then we know by the afternoon in Cairo that there was a massacre in Deir ez Zor this morning and not less than 30 Syrians have been killed by the hands of security forces !!!!
    Now according to numbers coming from Syria , Idilb’s martyrs have reached to 1003 while Daraa got 925 martyrs and Hama got 719. According to Syrian activists 600 Syrian have been killed so far after the signing of the LAS’ protocol.
    By the way here is a photo of Egyptian family protesting in Alexandria in solidarity with the Syrian revolution.

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    Despite the Hama Massacre of 1982 is one of the most horrifying massacres in the 20th century yet it seemed for more 29 years forgotten thanks to the lack of the international media access and lack of interest of international community as well then.

    This is a documentary footage was produced from 27 years ago , in 1984 and it includes important testimonies and photos for the doomed city after one of the horrific crimes in the 20the century. Unfortunately it is in Arabic only so far

    Hama Massacre : 1984 documentary

    Can anyone help us and provide translation and subtitles in different languages !?

    The international media under the iron fist of the El Assad regime “in its golden dictatorship time” were allowed in to the city after the massacre and after the city was cleaned , a ghost city in front of the international correspondents who covered the results of that battle between the Syrian regime “secular regime” and Muslim brotherhood forces !!

    Boldly enough El Assad mentioned the massacre as the battle which his dad’s regime made a victory over the militant gangs !! and what victory it was.

    Next February 2nd ,2012 will be its 30th anniversary of that massacre in time where mini Hama massacres are committed on a daily basis.

    One of the main criminals of this massacre is still alive and he is enjoying his time in Europe between Spain and UK , this man’s name is Rifaat El Assad who still got the balls along his son demanding to play a role in the future of Syria after destroying it from 30 years ago. 

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    SCAF has officially recognized January 25th as a national day for revolution in Egypt. Officially January 25th is like October 6th , the armed forces day and the July 23rd , our official national Day.

    The July 23rd is our national Day so I do not know if we we can have two official national Days or what !? The big irony is that #Jan25 was the start to end the military rule resulted from July 23rd 1952 in the same year we are celebrating 60 years on the 1952 coup.

    This is the biggest official recognition by SCAF to the January 25th revolution and I think the Mubarak orphans who kiss the SCAF ass day and night will hate this.

    Now SCAF is playing a smart game with their 18 days of celebrations including a 3 days celebration from January 25th to 28th from parties , concerts and shows in Tahrir square. There will be also a football match between Egypt and Tunisia as well a football game for the disabled and revolution injured !! There will air shows to the end of that extravaganza.

    Three martyrs’ families from Egypt , Libya and Tunisia will be honored. The army’s commanders who participated in this revolution and that they will be given the #Jan25 Revolution Medallion !! I do not have a problem that officers like Maged Bollous to be honored but I will have a big problem if someone like Hamdy Badeen is honored. 

    Now from what I understand that from military traditions away from all the political jazz this is a good thing for us and important recognition.

    This is extremely clever move from SCAF because now it recognizes the revolution officially and any attempt from anti-SCAF protesters to have any sort of protests that will turn violently it will look as if the protesters are against the revolution and look people we recognize the revolution and yet we do not know what these protesters !!

    This is what I fear because now that so-called conspiracy against the revolution and protesters as well the country will seem to be true for average Egyptian.

    I just hope that we would be careful because I hate to fall the trap of every protest and sit in again and again, infiltrators  are going to spoil it as usual

    Of course now the police has search for another day to celebrate their national Day.  Personally I believe that the police can claim a national Day to celebrate if they return to be in the service of the people. I respect the January 25th true heroes from Police forces who stood with the people in 1952 and resisted the British occupation so bravely. In 1952 the people and police were truly one hand unlike in 2012.

    To be honest I believe the true revolution Day in Egypt is January 28th ,2011 and not January 25th,2011.

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    and Nabil El Araby put an end for the speculations about his presidential candidacy after it was mentioned publicly last night in Al Hayat Al Youm TV show interview.

    It is worth to mention that despite his refusal to the idea , his name received some sort of acceptance from many people.

    Now you must know that several political powers began to agree after months and months of endless useless debate that we should have the presidential elections before the constitution just like our constitutional declaration.

    The MB already expressed officially their support to the original road map to the constitution declaration.

    SCAF had another roadmap where after the parliamentary elections we are going to draft the constitution then we are going to have the presidential elections. Whether you think we should have the constitution first or not , I think after one year it is better for the sake of everybody especially the Egyptian army that we should have an interim president as soon as possible.

    There is a suggestion supported by several political groups and parties that we would have the presidential elections by April 2012 , it is a good one as well.

    Of course there are important questions everybody is ignoring :

    • How will the relation be between the president and armed forces as he will be the head of armed forces ?
    • Who can really become the interim president of Egypt in this critical time from all these names on the scene !?

    I think the first question is the like the elephant in the room everybody ignores because will the army that refused Gamal Mubarak as a civilian will accept another civilian so easily !? Some will say that the army will have its own candidates in the race like Khairallah, Shafik , Moussa and even El Awa yet what about the future !?

    Tantawy is expected to address the parliament on January 23rd ,2012 by the way.

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    From couple of weeks ago we found some FB page claiming to be that it was the newly founded “The committee for the promotion of virtue and prevent of vice in Egypt” aka CPVPV Egypt that will spread virtue in the society based on Islamic Sharia.It caused a lot of controversy and reactions since then despite no one has reached to a single one behind this group or even saw its members in real life.
    After thinking that the page was hacked earlier last week by a some hacking group that demanded those behind the page to return back to Saudi Arabic , it returned back like an ugly menace in to our faces : They got a new official page and they announced that they would have their training tour for their volunteers in the popular  Mandara quarter in Alexandria with their electric shock batons as a tool of defense.
    Up till now we got nothing from Alexandria about their training tour , may be because of the terrible bad weather conditions the alleged morality police was too lazy to do its job !!
    In their old hacked page there was that email for those men interested to join the morality police for  LE 500 and allegedly the FB page claimed that there was huge turnout. They also announced that soon enough they will have these electric shock batons like in KSA. Indeed we read from couple of days ago in the news that Suez port confiscated 1000 electric shock batons smuggled to Egypt and strangely these batons were related to that morality police in no time !!
    A screen capture for the new facebook page
    Now are not these illegal weapons ? Should not those who smuggled them be arrested !? Logic says so but the media does not care to ask. Is not smuggling illegal stuff to the country against the teaching of the Sharia !?
    I found how this group dared to brag on how they smuggled “they used the term” those batons to Egypt is quite remarkable and strange.
    Electric shocks batons are considered a weapon in Egypt and they need authorization like any weapon , no one is allowed to use them officially except security forces. 
    It is worth to mention that the Egyptian constitution as well the current constitutional declaration that armed groups are not allowed to be formed , is not considered an armed group thus against the current constitutional declaration !?
    Also should not that group register officially ?
    I found it strange that nobody knows anything about this group for real and honestly I do not trust shady FB pages because simply there are a lot of questions marks about it.
    “The morality police” or CPVPV claimed at first that they are young members of Nour Salafist party despite they made it clear  that they are not officially affiliated to Nour party. The conservative party ironically slammed the morality police just like the Muslim brotherhood and Al Azhar who attacked them.
    The CPVPV has already the worst reputation ever thanks to “The committee for the promotion of Virtue and prevention of vice in Saudi Arabia”. Egyptians especially ladies got bad memories with the committee in Saudi Arabia. Thankfully we got an ally from Saudi Arabia to support us against the calls to have CPVPV : Princess Basma Bin Soud Bin Abdel Aziz who slammed the CPVPV system in her country as well made it clear that such group would not have any credibility in Egypt.
    It is worth of mention there was an attempt to have a similar thing in Tunisia , I bet there is one already in Libya if it targets the Arab Spring countries.
    Now in my point of view I believe that this morality police or CPVPV or whatever is called most probably is some sort myth created by the state security or rather the national security in order to create fear in the society as well to divert attention from things that matter , God knows how many they are now. 
    Yes there are individual incidents of extremism and imposing Islamic Sharia from the point of view of some yet not related to this group and they are as old since the 1980s , usually stopped by the first warning of the police or rather state security. 
    Bottom-line I believe that morality police in Egypt is a bad hoax.
    If it is not a bad hoax, then insh Allah it will fail knowing my people, the Egyptians who will kick the asses of these guys if they see them in the street.

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  • 01/13/12--12:42: It Snows in Alexandria
  • It is so so so so cold in Egypt right to the level that it is snowing in Alexandria currently , yes it has been snowing all day their.

    Some people from Alexandria "most people I knew" stayed at their homes but some people especially kids seized the rare opportunity and played in the snow.
    Alexandria : Snow and Children in the street

    The Egyptian forecast authority has already predicted that we will have very cold three days starting from this weekend.

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  • 01/14/12--03:09: Who is next after Okasha ?
  •  The administrative court today has issued a court order to stop Tawfik Okasha's daily tv show on his channel infamous "Al Faraeen". Needless to say many so-called revolutionary figures are extremely happy with that news as well many people who consider him as a clown. Of course I can't blame them but nobody want to understand that this is against the Freedom of expression. 

    We have to read the Legal reasons that support this court order because we are speaking about dangerous violation of human rights today , this is not a victory for the revolution for God sake. I have no doubt that this court order will be used against the pro-revolutioinary groups showing them as fascist groups that fight the freedom of expression , the same thing hundreds have been killed for through out last year and hundreds are ready to die for this year as well !!

    TV shows should not be shut down because of different political views like that even if they were the views of Okasha because simply it is him today and tomorrow it will be anyone like Reem Magued or Yosri Fouda. I know it sounds strange that I seem to be defending some disrespectful person like Okasha but I am defending a principle here. 

    Okasha already should have been stopped and fined for the exclipit and indecent words he says all the time by the Nile Sat company and GAFI from very long time just like Madhat Shalabi if you remember his exclipit joke and the price he paid for.

    April 6 Youth movement is behind that lawsuit as they had enough of his daily accusations to them with treason and freemasonry but now they will be portrayed as anti-freedom of expression movement.

    I will say one thing , popularism will not build a great nation. 

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    Dr. ElBaradei's team announced that the famous potential presidential candidate will hold a press conference today afternoon at 1 PM CLT "some say 2 PM CLT" where he will announce an important announcement. 

    We do not know what he is going to say but there are a lot of speculations since last nights.

    Some are hopeful that ElBaradei would announce his alliance with Abdel Moneim Abu El Fatouh in the presidential candidate while other are pessimistic and predict that he is going to announce his withdrawal from the presidential elections race. Some took it as a joke and even made a hash tag for it "#elbaradeisurprise"

    Unfortunately El Adl party co-founder and MP Mostafa Al Nagar who is very close to ElBaradei and used to be the coordinator of his support campaign before the revolution has announced on twitter that Dr.ElBaradei is going to withdraw from the race for real.

    Another person on twitter says that he spoke with Ali ElBaradei , the younger brother of the former head of IAEA and he confirmed what Al Naggar claimed earlier.

    If that news is true "it seems so as I got another confirmation from another close source " we will need a good explanation from Dr.ElBaradei.

    There is no doubt that whatever ElBaradei says today It will make some happy and it will some sad.

    Update :

    MP Al Nagar has denied that he stated that ElBaradei is going to withdraw from the presidential elections race.

    Nevertheless I got confirmation that he will withdraw from extremely close source in the campaign. We will know the reasons ISA at the press conference after one hour.

    It is a strange timing for me because when I look to it from less than 72 hours ElBaradei met with former US president Jimmy Carter as potential presidential candidate and such decisions are not taken in few hours !!

    Here is the statement of Dr. ElBaradei in Tahrir newspaper about his decision in Arabic . In nutshell the Nobel peace prize winner critizes the leadership of SCAF and making clear that the old regime has not fallen yet in addition that he will not run in the presidential elections because the elections are supposed to be held before the constitution.

    The Pro Elbaradei ultra supporters are swearing to have a new revolution again after that statement. I got no comment currently.

    Dr. ElBaradei had a meeting with bunch of journalists like Ibrahim Eissa, Wael Kandel , Dina Abdel Rahman and Reem Magued as well activists like Mostafa Abdel Galil , Alaa El Aswany , Shady Harb where he discussed his reasons about his withdrawal.

    His campaign later released a video for ElBaradei where he read the statement.

    ElBaradei’s message

    Amr Moussa reacted on his withdrawal and expressed his sorrow  on the decision of ElBaradei. Hadeen Sabhi and Abu Ismail also expressed their sorrow.

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    It seems that there is currently a huge oil crisis inCairo starting from this weekend.
    People can’t find oil in gas stations except in very rare areas and if they do , they find it very limited. Now tweeps are sharing information on which stations got oil in certain area through hashtags like Tweetbanzeena and #Egygas
    There is also a hashtag on twitter making fun from the crisis :#Oilshortage
    An example of the tweets about oil shortage and gas stations Of course some accused SCAF and the army of standing behind the crisis pointing to the fact that the army got its gas stations “Wataniya” and there could be some sort of monopoly here but according to drivers the “Wataniya” gas station also suffer from oil shortages.
    If you follow this blog from long time , from more than a year ago , you will know that shortage crises are not something new in the country , it is an old technique as well well old problem.
    Political administration since the 1960s created the shortage crises to divert people attention from political issues that matter but oil shortage in few weeks away from January 25th revolution will just make things worse for them and will even bring the silent majority to the square , the same silent majority is trying to win.
    Of course the high middle class will come to the square if they raise the price of the high quality oil “95” and remove the subsidy !!
    Tweep Marwan Katamish who works in international oil company claims that there were two loaded oil tankers in some port in Egypt and that the general oil authority did not pay for these tankers the money and thus the tankers left.
    I do not know how the General Oil authority did not pay or why it did not pay because from what I understood that was the golden mine of Mubarak regime’s ministries , or may this is what they wanted us to believe. Needless to say the corruption in the ministry of oil is as a deep as a coal mine !!
    Whether it is a conspiracy or not , it is another sign of failure of this government and SCAF when it comes to the essential needs of this country whether you support them or not. In battle you do not wait till you have some sort of energy crisis in one of your units or your sectors for God sake.
    I know the answer of SCAF will be , we do not have an experience and this is the problem of the government plus we are in interim period. The government from its turn will blame the crisis on the protests and strikes !! There is no relation but I know Ganz will do this in his weekly speech.
    You know what will be fun ,to have a crisis in any essential supply after the start of the parliament.

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    The shrine of rabbi Abu Hasira in Damtu , Damanhur is still making headlines especially this time of the year and the debate about whether Egypt should the annual ceremony “Moulid” or not.
    Last week the Egyptian authorities decided to cancel the Moulid this year 2012 in what the locals of Damtu village have considered a victory for their long refusal to hold any festivities in the small village. They had complained from both the practices of Egypt security as well Jewish pilgrims especially from Israel annually for so many years “The Egyptian security used to turn their lives in to bloody hell for real.”
    The festival or Moulid was scheduled for 9 to 10 January this year.The locals of Damtu had already started campaigning against it when the decision was announced.  Later it turned out that the Egyptian authorities informed the Israeli decision before that by two weeks because of the current security situation in Egypt.
    Now “Bloggers against Abu Hasira” group has raised the bar and is demanding a DNA test to prove that there are no bodies in the shrine at all and that it was hoax. The Bloggers group insist that there were no Jews in Damtu in the first place so there would be a shrine for a Jewish Rabbi and that they will publish the history of the village to prove. It is a bold claim without doubt.
    Jewish organizations from around the globe are opening their fire on Egypt , the Israeli conservative rabbis are missing Mubarak and praying for him accusing the Muslim brotherhood of antisemitism to the end of that talk.  
    Unlike what you think the movement is not following to MB despite I know that there are MB members support it but it also includes other activists from other political parties and groups from Damanhur including ElBaradei support campaign and April 6 Youth movement in Behaira governorate.  The bloggers against Abu Hasira started their campaign in 2007. It is more of political nationalist issue than a religious one.
    Aside from the usual debate about Abu Hasira and whether we should hold the festival or not , the decision of the Egyptian authorities this year opened another debate or another decision and that’s the Moulids in general especially with the rise of the Salafists politically.
    The Salafists are totally against the Islamic Moulid celebrations their important religious and social significance, they do not even recognize the celebrations Muslims held in Egypt like the Moulid of Emam El Hussein , the grandson of Prophet Mohamed “PBUH”.
    Needless to speak they do not recognize the Christian Moulids or festival like “The Virign Moulid”
    Many liberals as well Christians feared that the decision to cancel “Abu Hasira” festival is the beginning of an age to cancel other Moulids and festivals.
    They fear that cancelling a festival like “Abu Hasira” , a hated event among Egyptians due to politics more than anything will be the introduction for the cancellation of other religious festivals gradually.
    We all agree that there are wrong practices in all these festivals especially in the country side but they should not be completely prohibited, on the contrary they should be organized properly.
    I believe they have to be worried but I think the relation between Egypt’s religious icons from saints and “The Prophet Mohamed’s house” is too deep in a way that it will not be ended by a rise of  religious trend politically because when I look to the history of this great nation , you will know that we had been through all kinds of rulers including extremists and yet that fascination with Muslim and Christian Saints did not end.
    I do not believe that the festivals will be cancelled insh Allah because when it comes to “Abu Hasira” we are speaking here about politics more than anything. I do not believe that the decision about “Abu Hasira” will be over as well.
    Here is a recorded clip allegedly from inside the shrine during the festival in 2010.
    Damtu : Abu Hasira Shrine from inside
    Another video from Damtu from the Muslim Brotherhood’s Channel “Misr 25”
    Misr 25 : Human shields to prevent Abu Hasira Moulid from 6 days ago
    The Egyptian media was not allowed for once to transfer or cover the festival ever, it was like a military zone literally despite it was being bold on Egyptian land.
    Only this year the locals and reporters were allowed to the come close to the shrine “I do not know if they were let in or not”

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    The people want “” was the powerful magical slogan of the revolution last year 2011 now in 2012 I wonder what the people want now.

    Unfortunately nobody knows exactly what people want especially the revolutionary class.

    I am not speaking about the rights of the martyrs and injured of the revolution but I am speaking the political demands that should be clear to the Egyptian people in this critical moment.

    “Handing over power to the civilians immediately” is too vague and too broad and does not convince anyone as a goal if you do not have any detailed plan on how , when and to whom.

    Unfortunately we are just days away from the revolution’s first anniversary and youth began to get ready for another second revolution “there is nothing called second revolution ,there are actually phases” and ready to die for “ the suicidal spirit is high among youth especially after the clashes of Mohamed Mahmoud and Cabinet HQ” yet ordinary average people do not have a true clue on what is the plan other than “The military should leave”.

    You must know the majority of the Egyptian people want the military to leave the rule after suffering 60 years yet they want to know how and make sure of to whom the military is going to leave the rule , how and when !? In other words , what are these revolutionary options in front of the people so they would support one of these options and go to the streets in million and ready to die for ?

    Now so far here are the options in front of us , yes options because revolutionary groups have not agreed yet like before on what they want this time other than “The military should leave now”

    • All the presidential candidates have to withdraw because the presidential elections will be a charade

    Of course this team supporting this idea  , did not reach to this conclusion except after the decision of Dr.ElBaradei on Saturday , I do not know why they did not realize this idea before ElBaradei’s announcement.

    Ok all the respectable presidential candidates have withdrawn , whom will SCAF hand over the power to !? Not to mention if all the respectable presidential candidates withdraw , all the unrespectable presidential candidates will have an excellent opportunity like Amr Moussa and Ahmed Shafik in front of the people and the world. Without doubt the US administration will not hate to cooperate with Moussa especially he has undeniable popularity in the street among popular classes.

    Ironically those who want the presidential candidates to withdraw do not recognize the current parliament so I do not  know really to whom SCAF should hand over the power to !!

    • SCAF hands over power to the newly elected parliament

    It is a good idea actually but there is one problem : the newly elected parliament refuses this idea , the majority party or the semi majority party aka Freedom and Justice party  in the parliament refuses this idea. I do not know how to press the parliament to accept this idea it refuses.

    Ironically some of those suggesting this plan are totally against the MB and can’t stomach their Freedom and Justice party so I do not know how the MB technically speaking will take over the power if they do not trust them

    It is not a deadlock but I think the only plan we have to stick to now is the original plan millions of Egyptians have approved it whether you like it or not , Presidential elections before constitution. We can push the presidential elections forward as a demand. We can have the presidential elections in April instead of June ISA.

    I do not want the constitution to be drafted under military rule and honestly in this point I do not need to pinpoint which liberal icons who were and are very ok with the idea that the constitution to be draft under military rule including so-called revolutionary icons who welcomed the military to stay even 3 years so the liberal parties can stand in front of Islamists powers !!! Indeed Egyptian people tend to forget so fast including the revolutionary youth.

    The longer we wait , the longer we do not provide the people with right realistic solution , the more they get bored from the whole situation and choose stability.

    The people do not want any more military rule but what they want real solutions not twitter initiatives because we are speaking about a big nation with huge problems.

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    This is for history : How did General Ahmed Shafik answer a question about field marshal Tantawy ?

    Shafik : Eh !!

    Amr Adeeb was asking about whether ousted president Mubarak wanted field marshal Tantawy by his name in Shafik’s cabinet or not and Shafik answered like what you have seen above.

    The episode of Cairo today was to present potential presidential candidate Ahmed Shafik , of course those who like the guy will say poetry about him and those who do not like it will have more reasons to hate him !! The man was awfully proud of him to the level that he mentioned the pronoun “I” about 30 times in the minutes !!

    I am among the most 20 important personality in the aviation industry worldwide !!

    What I did in one month as prime minister from achievements was more than any prime minister in 2011 !!

    These are two examples of how the episodes went.

    Our former PM for a month Shafik is running for presidency and people think that the military’s golden horse in the race despite his IQ seems to be less than the IQ of Hossam Khairallah.

    By the way Tarek Zidan , the self acclaimed revolutionary supports Shafik for presidency just like blogger Sherif Abdel Aziz, yes Sherif Abdel Aziz.

    My personal opinion about Shafik aside from all the corruption charges following him , well he is too arrogant to rule the Egyptian people.

    0 0

    In less 24 hours the news that Sheikh Salah Sultan of MB was accused of anti-Zionism by some army officer related to the SCAF and you can imagine how the Egyptian revolutionary social media world acted despite the fact there is nothing in the Egyptian law called “Anti-Zionism law”.
    Yes there is nothing in the Egyptian law called “Anti-zionism” law , of course nowadays we hear about strange charges that got no origin in our laws like for instance “Deceiving the public opinion” still we want something called “The state of law” thus we have to defend our rights and make it clear that we know the law very well so not to be fooled or get scared.
    Now the original accusation from the official controversial MB website are aside the news’ explosive title :
    • Insulting SCAF and the armed forces.
    • Inciting citizens to kill Zionists/Israelis
    Anti-Zionism is not a charge in the Egyptian law and never has been so I do not know why the Muslim brotherhood websites mislead the people in that way that nor why some of the prominent activists on twitter repeat it as if it is true.
    Police officer Ahmed El Assar of the infamous Al Azbakia police station. El Assar also reported the injured student Mohand Moslahy as one of the thugs in the cabinet HQ clashes despite he is badly injured. Mohand is still in detention pending investigation despite his bad injury.
    Now because of that officer’s last name was El Assar ,our twitter activists thought he was the son of Lt. General Mohamed El Assar , the member of SCAF and the man who is responsible the American file in the ministry of defense
    First there is difference between the two names in Arabic , second of all he is not the son of Mohamed El Assar but rather allegedly Lt. General Nader El Assar who is not a member of SCAF as well.
    The MB’s official websites did a very extensive coverage and one of its websites claimed that Sheikh Safwat Hegazy contacted allegedly El Assar’s father , the Lt. General who told him that his son acted based on “higher orders”.
    I do not know for what reason would an army Lt.General reveal that for Safwat Hegazy who says everything to the media !? I mean if there were higher orders than this general and his son will be very careful to reveal like that !!?
    El Shatar , Hania and El Assar in Gaza 
    Now I did a quick search online about Nader El Assar in both Arabic and English and what I found out is that the only Lt. Nader El Assar mentioned in the news was Egypt’s main negotiator in the Galid Shalit deal between Hamas and Israel and that he is a senior officer in the Egyptian intelligence from the team responsible for the Palestine/Israel relations files in the GIS. General El Assar had been also our former consul in Tel Aviv. Currently General Nader El Assar is heading the Egyptian negotiation team in the Palestinian reconciliation file.
    Already interestingly enough I found out that on December 26 ,2011 El Assar visited Ismail Hania in Gaza with a big a delegation from the GIS along with a delegation from the Muslim brotherhood headed by none other than Khairat El Shatar.
    The Muslim brotherhood delegation would not go to Gaza so easily with the approval of the intelligence and the intelligence without doubt needs the MB because of they are the mother group of Hamas.
    I am sorry but I do not imagine a man who heads an important position in the Egyptian intelligence will reveal to Safwat Hegazy that his son took orders from above from whoever to report Sheikh Sultan so easily at all !!!!!!!
    In fact I doubt that the son of our ex-consul in Tel Aviv who heads a big position in the intelligence right will be working in the Azbakia police station and stalking activists in this way !!!!!!!!!!! There should be another Nader El Assar we are speaking about here.
    Needless to say I know some will take what I wrote as a global conspiracy !!
    Anyhow back the anti-zionism charges thing !!
    Sheikh Salah Sultan is a member of the Muslim brotherhood as well member of the the international union of Islamic Scholars which is headed by Sheikh Youssef El Karadawy. He also heads the American Islamic center for research in Columbus , Ohio. Needless to say the right wing in the States has labeled Sultan as the Ohio terror Sheikh because of his opinions about Zionism , Israel , US administration and 9/11.
    That officer Ahmed El Assar accused him of insulting SCAF and inciting people to kill Israelis/Zionists because of a speech he said in mid August 2011 during a public conference held in Cairo in solidarity with El Quds !!
    Yes late August 2011 where he attacked SCAF for its week reaction against Israel and the murder of Egyptian military officers and soldiers by the IDF then and amazingly El Assar remembered it in mid January 2012 !!!!
    El Assar said in the speech that if SCAF can bring back the rights of these soldiers then it should hand over the power and go to the borders to protect and that there will be big revolution again from all people in Egypt against Israel. I do not see any insult to SCAF in this because actually then and even now people are attacking SCAF day and night !!
    Anyhow the problem was not in the part concerning SCAF but rather the Israelis or to accurate the Zionists as Dr. Sultan calls them. Sultan said in the speech if SCAF did not restored back the right of those Egyptians killed on the borders , he can reissue a fatwa the international union for Islamic Scholars issued in year 1994 after the massacre of Ibrahimi Mosque. That 1994 fatwa was to kill any Zionist / Israeli would come to Egypt whether tourist or not.
    All what I can say about that radical fatwa was it is more of radical emotion fatwa issued in a extreme angry time , I remember the massacre of Ibrahimi mosque created so much anger not only in Egypt but across the Islamic world.
    I do not need to say that many Islamic scholars will disagree with that fatwa that has not been used and nobody remembers it except Sultan who said it last year and ironically no one paid attention to except the right wing media in the States then and police officer El Assar in January 2012 !!
    Of course since September 2011 and that speech has been circulating right wing websites in the States and Israel with translation to highlight his controversial fatwa.
    The Fatwa of Dr. Salah Sultan
    Sultan’s house in Ohio was set on fire and his son Mohamed was injured and transferred to the hospital yesterday. From his side Sultan accused the Zionists and the American administration of setting up the fire and attempting to kill his son.
    According to Sultan’s lawyer he left the country and headed to the States to check on his son and family and that the prosecution has delayed the investigation. The lawyer added that these accusations are a return to the old techniques of Mubarak’s state security and that he was being punished for criticizing SCAF publicly in Egypt.
    This incident has it all : Muslim brotherhood, Islamists, Zionists, States, SCAF, Police, army , fatwas , stupid charges, Al Azbakia police station , the Muslim brotherhood official website !!!!!!
    Knowing the very good relation between SCAF and the MB , I am quite surprised with the whole incident and its timing to the level that my sick is wondering if the whole matter is set up to create both sympathy to the MB among the revolutionaries before #Jan25 so they would go back to their control on the scene in Tahrir square as well to create sympathy for SCAF abroad.
    I know my mind seems sick but honestly these days you have to suspect everybody from what you hear and read from news and rumors on a daily basis that defy logic.

    Updated :

    Now bloggers are being called to blog against Zionism so we will be charged by that pseudo charge , strangely for years we have been doing this for years on a daily basis !!
    The students of the German university in Cairo “GUC” will burn the Israeli “Zionist” flag in solidarity with Sultan.

    0 0

    Egypt has got it all !!

    A street in Alexandria (Alexandria Live)
     The first picture is from Alexandria that is turning to Venice because of the rainy weathers , it is getting worse  every year I suppose , hopefully insh Allah we do not see this scene next. 
    Saint Catherine Mount
    The amazing photo is from Saint Catherine Mount in Sinai , really amazing.
    I think it is not the first time I share a photo for the snow over Saint Catherine Mount in the cold winter.

    0 0

    Nobody expected that the original #Jan25 would turn in to a revolution on January 28th yet everybody is anticipating what is going to happen on #Jan25 two this year as well those 17 days following it more than ever.
    We can’t say that there is something in the air only , everyone is anticipating what is going to happen whether from all parties involved , from SCAF to political powers or the protesters or even the people , the majority of the people who are worried about the future for the country.
    There are recent news every day that make me worried because if they prove anything  , it will be the uncertainty
    • The constitutional court has rejected the draft law of presidential elections presented by the government as some of its articles contradict with the constitutional declaration issued in March.
    • Former 1970s minister Mansour Hassan is being suggested as a president , he heads now that advisory council.He is old and despite Sadat was planning to appoint him a VP in 1981 instead of Mubarak , it is good that he did not become the president. I think his name is being tested as a potential presidential election not by the military , he is too old.
    • Speaking about advisory council , Al Wafd party’s chairman Siyad Badawy has resigned from it today allegedly to have more time in heading his party. “Why did not he resigned his economic empire as well !?” 
    • I will not even go after these rumors saying that he is angry because the military chose Hassan as a presidential candidate but I do not think that Badawy will be mad even to seek that position in the first place yet there is something interesting in Al Wafd weekly issue on Thursday 

      Al Wafd front page
    • The pro-SCAF newspaper is now saying boldly “The people want the head of the Field Marshal” and “The military intelligence assassination plans” along “Mubarak and Tantawy , one end”
    • And inside “ The leaders of February 11th coup are planning to stay in power through blood weapon !!” 
    Go and revolt !!
    • Either this is a Photoshop or we are in front of the introduction of some coup.
    • I have always known that SCAF divided in to islands and it seems that the Island of the Field Marshal Tantawy is losing in front of the other islands. I feel we are in front of silent coup. Tantawy is an old man after all whose name never came in the presidential candidacy nominations in Egypt before the revolution , it has been always the chief of staff whether Halaby or Hatata or Anan. I have always regarded him as Mohamed Naguib in his own way with my all due respect an admiration to great Noble Naguib May Allah bless his soul while Aanan is Nasser. Anyhow I do not think that it is Anan who will head the scene in the future , it is Mr. X or rather officer X.
    • Rosa Al Youssef claims that General prosecutor in Switzerland has issued a warrant against Suzanne Mubarak , well boys and girls it is untrue just

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