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7000 years and counting ...

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    Hours after the arrest of Alaa Abdel Fatah from his house and the confiscation of his laptops and mobile phones , we found these strange two messages on his sister Mona Seif’s twitter account "@Monasosh".
    Here is a screen shot for the account before it was suspended (Photo sources : Al Masry Al Youm , Bel Trew and Miriam Bent Omran)

    1. Tweet No.1 : Attention what will be written on Mona Seif does not represent her as her account has been hacked by Anonymous an we will announce the reasons later with all my respect !! "We will and then my respect !?
    2.  Tweet No.2 : Cyber Terrorist, 0xomar , Risk Rock , Nile Fox, Soumy Nina ,Anonymous founders 
    3. Here is Cairo dear citizens , the nation's leader will address soon !! "WTH" 
    4. Anonymous welcomes you , no for traitors or agents !! 

    Anonymous welcomes you ! No for traitors and agents   
    The profile and header "By Miriam"
    The hackers claimed to be an Anonymous group and they had a Facebook page that does not exist anymore : Back Anonymous
    Mona’s twitter account is suspended now.
    Mona’s Facebook account was also hacked and is currently suspended.
    Again it is interesting that all the laptops at Alaa’s house were confiscated. One can imagine that Mona once signed in from one of these laptops.Most people including me believe that
    Mona is the founder of the No for Military trials Campaign in case you do not know. 
    First time to know that Anonymous is working with the government against those bad activist traitors !!
    The No for Military trials Facebook Page was also hacked as well from several hours ago but the campaign’s activists gained control once again on it.
    Speaking about he is being investigated at Cairo Security directorate. He is facing charges of inciting unauthorized protest , assaulting a police officer during the protest and stealing a walkie-talkie !! Oh yes !! Alaa is allowed to have three lawyers including his father. His family is currently with him. He is also being detained in a CSF camp.
    And I have to ask myself because I can not recall that I saw Alaa Abdel Fatah in the first place in the videos or the photos or even read that he was there , was Alaa in the protest in the first !?
    BY the way I can not get access to either since morning some users in Egypt are reporting the same thing , some do not. I tried to get access to the dashboard from three different browsers after cleaning the cache as well from the iPad and still no use. My ISP is TEData and currently  I am back to use Hot Shield once again !!

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    Yesterday security forces opened its fire , its birdshot and its tear gas in the Campus of Cairo University in a scene I never thought I would see after January 25.
    Al Masry TV : Clashes between protesters and security forces. The newspaper considered the protesters to be MB alone by the way.
    Originally the protests erupted in several universities yesterday in solidarity of the 11 girls in Alexandria.They were not MB students protesting alone this time , there were students who are against the MB as well against military who had enough. It is not longer Muslim Brotherhood Students as some are trying to claim deceiving themselves before the public. Anyhow police forces came to disperse this protest especially that it started to head to Al Nahda square. Sooner the security forces began to fire teargas, bird shots and even live ammunition inside the campus itself as pictures and videos show.
    The result of this !? A freshman called Mohamed Reda in the faculty of engineering was killed after being shot three times by live ammunition according to the forensic report issued last night officially.Reda was an A Student who is apolitical focusing on his study for God sake.
    Here is a video showing late Mohamed Reda dying in the university.
    The Martyr of the faculty of engineering
    I think that he is the first student to die in campus of Cairo university in clashes with security forces if I am not mistaken.
    His funeral was huge today.
    There are other students in critical condition , there is a student who lost his eye. 
    Now the fall of the so-called Revolutionary minister of higher Hossam Eissa who is denying that there was birdshot fired by the security forces inside the campus despite. Just like former speaker of the Parliament , leading MB figure and leader of Freedom and Justice Party Saad El Katatany said that there were no MOI’s birdshot used against protesters , minister Eissa says that there was no birdshot used in campus but rather a type of bullets that only tickles !! Tickles my ass !!!!

    A Car inside the Campus , this is birdshot
    Dr. Eissa I feel very sad for you , extremely sad for you honestly.

    Of course the ministry of interior is claiming that the MB protesters were using the birdshots. Already now the detained students arrested yesterday are being accused of shooting their colleague late Mohamed Reda.
    Late Mohamed Reda
    By the way legend says that young Hossam Eissa had a first incident with Gamal Abdel Nasser when he was a student in the university where he stood and criticized him in his face eloquently !!! I do not know if this is true or not but Eissa is well known Nasserite. What is sadly and ironically speaking about the fallen Alaa Abdel Fatah when he was summoned by prosecutor general in Morsi’s rule !!
    revolutionary is that he defended
    Things will not calm down in Cairo University next week. After all Mohamed Reda is the second student in the faculty of engineering in Cairo University.
    Things actually won’t calm down in Universities especially whether in Cairo University or University of Alexandria or Ain Shams University or Al Azhar University.
    The Cairo University student union already announced that it would suspend its activity till the dismissal of minister Hossam Eissa and to have a full transparent investigation about the clashes. 
    Cairo university’s faculty of engineering Student union announced yesterday that it would call for an open strike in the faculty starting from Sunday. The union also stated in a statement it issued that it called all the student unions of the other unions for a waiting on Friday at the engineers syndicate to discuss what they could do for an escalation. Again Reda is the second
    Of course you got Al Azhar University and its Islamist students who got their detainees as well martyrs killed in the past clashes.
    In Ain Shams University the faculty of engineering there , the famous faculty’s students union held a strike for a whole week in the midterms in solidarity of the detained students from the faculty regardless of their political affiliation. Despite they suspended their strike yesterday , I believe what happened in Cairo university will echo soon in Ain Shams.
    By the way FYI the Students unions are not controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood,actually last elections during Morsi’s rule the Non Islamist Revolutionary Civilian movements and parties had a historical win against the Islamists as well the Ruling Party in general.

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    It is not enough that the Syrian refugees suffer a lot in Egypt and that they are deported after being humiliated in Alexandria and Behaira police stations for trying to leave the country , now they are tortured too !!

    This photo is from Karmouz police station where a group of Syrian refugees are detained for attempting to migrate to Europe illegally. This is a photo was taken last week at the police station by Dr. Taher Mukhtar , an Egyptian doctor and activist in Alexandria.
    Flogging as well torture are already prohibited last time I checked in the Egyptian law.
    We know that this is the usual treatment for Egyptians in the police stations but these are refugees for God sake who fled death in their own country and were ready to die in the sea to flee this country as well  !!
    I feel angry, ashamed and sad.
    Latest thing from Syrian refugees detained in Alexandria and Behaira's police stations is that a group of them  have all started a hunger strike in order to make their voice heard by the international community. They want one demand : They want to leave Egypt for some European country preferably Sweden.
    Already two groups of them have been detained in Alexandria and Behaira for more than 2 months refusing to be deported to Syria againand it seems that no other country wants them.
    Things are getting worse for them especially that winter is here. The Syrian women and children refugees in Idku Police station are put in some sort of tent that can't resist rain. I do not know where the UNHCR from this. Here is a video I got from there showing the refugees cleaning that tent from rain.

    Our minister of foreign affairs is holding a meeting with human rights organizations allegedly on Tuesday to discuss what they can do for the Syrian refugees in Egypt. Well I advise the MOFA instead of talking to human rights activists , they should talk to the ministry of interior and urge that ministry to stop humiliating the refugees and torturing them .. they are not Egyptians for God !!
    By the wayI can not ignore this fantastic report about the hard times the Syrians are witnessing Egypt especially after 30 June made by Yosri Fouda's Last Talk investigate team.It was aired on ONTV last Wednesday. I wish it was translated in English.

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    Today Cairo university is having one of its protests and rage day. Student unions in different faculties in Cairo University campus are organizing protests, strikes and rallies in solidarity with late student Mohamed Reda who was killed during the clashes with security forces in Cairo University campus last Thursday.
    Here is a quick living blogging from Campuses all over the country. 

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    We are living in surreal days in Egypt thus we have daily surreal photos and news. Today’s dose was extensive one considering all the action we had since early morning.

    A Photo for the torched police vehicle at Nahdat Misr statue today by Mahmoud Khaled in today’s Cairo University protests.

    A Photo for Tahrir square showered by tear gases by friend and talented photographer Mosa’ab El Shamy.


    A Photo from Talaat Harb street at once most expensive furniture department store Pontermoli where an officer fires something at the MB protesters and another citizen I presume to be an officer in plain clothes giving them the finger !!

    The Media branch of our glorious human rights loving Ministry of interior Facebook Page presents its condolence to the United States , its embassy and the family of late Paul Walker for his tragic death !!

    Ironically some guys on twitter who are now supporting the MOI are saying that this is actually a MB page claiming to be a MOI one. Well the MOI did not close this page which got now SMS service too !!

    Youm 7 claimed that it interviewed Sharon Stone and the Hollywood star told Youm 7 that Al Jazeera is a US tool that implemented the wicked US plans against Arab regimes !!

    This video was filmed last Tuesday at New Cairo police station where No 4 Military trials protesters were held all night long. A new revolutionary protester singing the famous Mohamed Monier song “An Egyptian Tale” to the CSF conscripts and officers. Please watch it till the end. My mom told me that there was hope after all in that video.

    Egyptian Tale

    A police officer shot 4 times a young teenager after some sort of car crash in the working class area of Amiriya tonight. Cars’ collision , the teenager and the officer got in to verbal fight then officer got his gun .. bang bang bang and the teenager was shot down.The teenager comes from a big influential family there , they wanted to kill the officer who escaped to the police station , they got the officer from the police station and beat the crap out of him. The police saved the police officer who is in coma now !! 

    The constitution is passed we will have a new president and constitution within 90 days. It is the constitution of the June 30 revolution according to the media.

    Good luck and Good night.

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    Here is the final draft of the Draft Constitution 2031 uploaded online by diplomat Ashraf Swelam today in Arabic.

    There has not been a full English translation for the draft Constitutionbut some wire services highlighted the major points in Constitution. 
    Reuters' Aswat Masrya made Factbox reports about the major points in the draft constitution in general and in specific the articles about police and army.
    Here is special AP story about the major points in the draft Constitution.
    I am currently studying it.

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  • 12/03/13--00:31: Links and Notes 12/03/2013
  • Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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    The Fagomi has passed away :(
    Renowned Egyptian Poet Ahmed Fouad Negm has passed away earlier this morning after long controversial life full of revolutionary poems. His funeral will start soon in Cairo at Al Hussein Mosque. I do not know
    what to say now except I represent my deepest condolences to his family especially his daughter Nawara Negm.
    Through his life Negm refused to be the regime's poet insisting to be the voice of the poor and the oppressed and I think this is why he will be remembered more than any poet in our time.
    Let's respect death for God sake.
    Ahmed Fouad Negm has gone but his poems and songs remain as the words of the revolutionaries not only in Egypt but across the world. Here is a collection of his poems translated to English. 
    I will be storifying his funeral.

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    Ladies and gentlemen , here is Mosireen’s latest production : The law that criminalizes #Jan25.

    Personally I believe that no protest law can not stand against the revolution or uprising of the people when they are extremely frustrated and angry.

    And by the way yes it is called 25 January revolution and 30 June is one of its stages and its waves.

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  • 12/05/13--12:31: Links and Notes 12/05/2013
  • Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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    And South Africa announced officially the death of its leader and hero Nelson Mandela. I do not know what to see or how I can express my sadness. It was a tough week back here in North East of Africa , in Egypt where young revolutionaries are sent to jails just like Mandela in his youth for protesting and Ahmed Fouad Negm dies . It wastough week indeed.
    Mandela upon his release on 11 February 1990
    Nelson Mandela could be the most famous African leader known now in the Egyptian media unlike any other African leader. But even Mandela , what most people know about him in Egypt from the media is that he was the first African or rather black president to rule South Africa after years of whites’ rule .. oh and he was imprisoned many years before thatand he got a Nobel Prize.That’s it.
    The people do not know about his struggle nor about his experience in South Africa nor about the experience of the transitional period in South Africa. May Be if they truly know those things and try to learn from other countries’ experiences , things we would be different now in Egypt .
    Egyptian tweeps are sharing his famous quotes, I hope each one of them began to read about his life and experience , about co-existence and about justice !!
    The question I ask myself now : How many years do we have to wait in Egypt till we have our Nelson Mandela in order to lead and inspire the people !? Yes people need a a figure sometimes to inspire them and unfortunately our people are still in these times. Do we have to wait for another 30 years !? I swear to God we do not need another Nasser now but rather another Nelson Mandela for real.
    I know that I suppose to write something about this world icon but instead I am speaking about my country because for me Mandela is associated with Freedom , democratic transitional rule, justice , hope and citizenship.
    Things God knows we need now so much in Egypt.
    Africa lost an icon , may he inspire more generations in this land struggling for hope for decades now.

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    Thanks to we have now unofficial translated version of the draft Constitution 2013.

    Draft Constitution 2013 of Egypt in English by Zeinab Mohamed

    The unofficial translation is prepared by International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance“International Idea”.
    Of course now we began to see more discussion in English about the Constitution. Dear friend Bassem Sabry analyzed the draft Constitution and summarized its main point in a must read report in El Monitor. Nathan Brown and Michele Dunn also take a closer looker to our Constitution version 2013.

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  • 12/06/13--12:31: Links and Notes 12/06/2013
  • Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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    This short documentary is a must watch , it is short but full of amazing information and emotions too.

    The hero of this 2 minutes documentary is Mr. Magdy who has been working a barman for nearly 3 decades in Downtown Cairo’s Windsor Hotel.

    This short documentary is directed by very dear friend Ahmed Naguib and is produced by dear friend Ibrahim Gamal El Din and The Factory. Wait for more clips like that.
    By the way here is the official website of Windsor Hotel.

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  • 12/07/13--12:31: Links and Notes 12/07/2013
  • Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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    Last month I visited Al Azhar Park to attend a family birthday and of course it was an opportunity to take my camera and snap couple of shots at Cairo’s biggest park. I did not have a chance to go around and smell clean fresh air for too longbut I had an opportunity some shots at night I think they are interesting.

    I am very proud of this shot for Mohamed Ali Mosque at night considering I am very bad at taking night shots.

    I am so proud that I posted it at Your Shot at National Geographic. Of course it is nothing compared to the stuff there but I feel that I am accomplished somethingand I should celebrate it.
    Here is another shot I am proud of.
    By the wayI must record my admiration for the gift the Aga Khan IV gave to the people of Cairo.
    Alsoyou must visit the Bazaar at the restaurant building in the park where you can find beautiful handmade stuff in very good prices.

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    I am really sorry that I do not blog politics as before. I will not deny but sometimes now I feel tired , sad nearly depressed and sick to speak about what is happening in Egypt. It feels heave to write now about a scene that no sane person sees and feels that we are going to have soon a healthy civilian democratic stateor we are even on the correct path in the transitional period. You can not stop the feeling that we are returning to 24 January 2011and that day does not want to seem to end , it is endless and the 25 January had never happened.
    Now when I look to what is happening , I see lots of anger , lots of disapproval on what is happening from the current government. That anger as well rejection are among the same youth class that led the original 28 Januaryand it still has no leader to organize it in order to become a real force on the ground.
    The media attacks those revolutionary youth day and night spreading lies about them and somehow it pays off as the people , older generations are dying to the return of the old days regardless of the corruption , poverty and decay of the Egyptian State in the past decades. The older generations are not looking for a leaderbut rather they are looking forward to the return of the Just dictator , the myth we have been living in Egypt for decades in order to justifypolice state.
    The death of Mandela stroke a nerve , it is not about anti-apartheid  reconciliation hero rather it is about the realization that we need a true leading civilian figure to promote democracy in the lands of mighty pharaohs and kings.
    Many people in Egypt thought that the man who can be their leader is Mohamed ElBaradei but now it is clear for many also that he abandoned the cause while he was much needed.
    ElBaradei is going to teach at some Law school next Fall in the States. This news made many Egyptians feel lost after all the Egyptian Gandalf as one of my friends calls him has left us to Viennaand there is no hope for his return.
    His silence on twitter for some time and his return only to mourn Nelson Mandela “not Ahmed Fouad Negm” made many people angry. His opponents of course used it as opportunity to prove how “Un-Egyptian” he was , of course those opponents used to attack Negm day and night too.
    Today he tweeted about Hepatitis C treatment unfair price.A side note : HCV is a disaster in Egypt by all measures  
    Personally I believe Mohamed ElBaradei was betrayed by the liberal political elite including his own political elite of his party , the Constitution. Only very few members are still keeping up the same principles this man believed in like for instance Khaled Dawood but the majority does not stop from shocking me more and more like FM Nabil Al Araby or minister Ahmed Borai. “The later wants General El Sisi to run for presidency”
    ElBaradei has always maintained that he is not the awaited Messiah and he wants the people , the youth to act. It is true that people should not wait for the Messiah but history and reality say that every political or social or economic revolutionary movement seeking for change is led by someone who inspires people and so on.
    As I said it before leaderless and unorganized revolutions and uprisings are cursed and we are witnessing that curse in front of our eyes.
    The MB reached to a deal first since February 2011 with SCAF as well became Egypt’s most powerful groups despite their ideas because they were organized unlike the revolutionaries with their different political affiliations. The revolutionary political current in Egypt needs to have strong united organization to represent it in front of the society before any other other political force or institution in Egypt.
    “Where is the alternative !?” is the same question I am confronted with when I tell the people that they do not have to choose between the military or the Islamists. They can not see the alternative as long as it is not united or organized or led by a figure that can inspire them and give them hope for real.
    And yes we are looking for some Mandela or Martin Luther King JR or even Gandalf the grey to save us in the right moment before evil wins , after all the Youth of winter 2011 are just like the hobbits that saved their shire .. yet they are on the verge of losing it again.
    I am sorry for being repetitive but I felt that I have to say this .

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  • 12/08/13--12:31: Links and Notes 12/08/2013
  • Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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  • 12/09/13--06:31: Short Films hour : Trapped
  • This short film is a must see.

    Starring Veteran actor Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra and directed by Hatem Tag and Omar A Rashad

    Now it is being interpreted in different ways according to where you stand politically , for me the message is clear on the confusion of Egyptians during this critical time with the media incitement and that every family in Egypt is drawn to this conflict in a way or another for real.

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  • 12/09/13--12:31: Links and Notes 12/09/2013
  • Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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