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    Today the Cairo Appeal has overturned President Morsi's decision to dismiss former prosecutor general Abdel Maguid Mahmoud in a new confrontation between judiciary and presidency or in other words judiciary and the Muslim brotherhood.
    Now according to this court ruling Morsi's decision to appoint Talaat Abdullah as prosecutor general is cancelled. 
    There is a lot of talk , legal talk now regarding the meaning of that court ruling and whether the presidency will appeal or not. Some legal expert I spoke with earlier today told me that Abdel Maguid Mahmoud should be reinstated accordingly even for 24 hours than to resign so the Supreme judiciary council would choose a new prosecutor general.
    Other legal experts say that Abdel Maguid Mahmoud will not be reinstated but legally his term was over and so the Supreme judiciary council will choose from 3 candidates according to the constitution.Some say the ruling can be appealed while others believe it is not.
    Former prosecutor general Abdel Maguid Mahmoud told Anadolu news agency that he was going to study the court ruling and its reasoning in order to see what he will do next.
    The case was filed by two lawyers including loudmouthed bigger than life lawyer Mortada Mansour.

     The Muslim brotherhood and its members as well their supporters claim that this court ruling is unconstitutional because it violates article no. 236 that gives immunity to the results of the constitutional declarations by SCAF and Morsi.

    The current prosecutor general is claiming the same thing.
    The MB's judges for Egypt also say the same thing.
    Ironically the Cairo appeal has another view according to its reasoning it issued shortly. The court believes that this is not a presidential decree but rather an administrative decision that can be appealed and cancelled.Also the court believes that Constitutional declaration is invalid because it was not put to public vote as it should according to the law.
    There is a huge legal and judiciary dilemma here thanks to the fiasco created by President Morsi's legal adviser the amazing Fouad Gadallah !!

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    Today is another slow day for internet in Egypt. Telecom Egypt announced that once again the Alexandria internet sea cable "SEA-ME-WE-Wa" in the Mediternean was damaged and it will be fixed with no hours. This is the second time it happens in less than one week. The first time was last Friday if you remember.
    Now we got Col. Ahmed Ali announcing on his official FB page that the Egyptian Navy forces arrested 3 divers while they were cutting the internet sea cable near El Shataby beach !!!
    Col. Ali did not say who those divers suspected "The correct term" of damaging the cable were and why they were doing this.
    It is worth to mention that this announcement comes after some telecommunication officials announced that they believed there was something criminal behind the damage in the internet cable. I think they got a hint
    Of course you see this post after long time in browsing and attempting to collect links and so on..
    Hopefully we will know soon who those three are and know their true story.

    Update :

    More details emerged about the three suspects :
    Samir Omar from Sky News Arabia :
    East Alexandria prosecution with those standing behind the damage of internet cables in Alexandria and it turned out to be 3 fishermen who dive to search for old ships Junk

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    It seems that the prosecutor general is insisting to refer Alaa Abdel Fatah to the criminal court after all. Today we were surprised to find that Alaa Abdel Fatah and another 12 activists including his sister Mona Seif are referred to criminal court for attacking Ahmed Shafik's headquarter in Dokki in May 2012. Do You remember this case !???
    By the way I slept early last night especially internet speed was killing me and I did not know about this except when I woke up
    Ironically since early morning Shafik campaign and its members above them its former spokesperson Ahmed Serhan are saying that they withdrew their complaint and accusation against the activists since May 2012 before the elections !!
    Ahmed Serhan : Our Legal Consultant Yahia Kadry withdrew our complaint and accusation in front an official report at Dokki police station and Dokki prosecution Here is a video from Shafik's campaign during then where the former presidential candidate declared that he withdrew his complaint and accusation to the activists.

    In fact here is Shafik himself speaking about the matter
    Ahmed Shafik : We will not be a tool to hit back the Egyptian rebels , I will not allow the Muslim brotherhood to use my name in their fight with youth making up cases from complaints I have already withdrew
    Ahmed Shafik : I was surprised to find activists Alaa Abdel Fatah and Mona Seif are referred to criminal court for torching my campaign HQ despite I announced then I withdrew these complaints. I swear to God this is surreal !!

    It seems to me that it is a pathetic move from the prosecutor general to appear independent  from the MB's power ,he is referring activists to the criminal court because  a case related to Ahmed Shafik !! This is so pathetic !!

    Updated : 

    It turns out that even with what Shafik had done , Mona and Alaa are going to be referred to the criminal court because according to the law this is a felony involves the society and not an individual right so even if the individual "Shafik" gives up his civil right , the society represented by the prosecution will continue in the case !! 

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    The Time 2013 Poll is here and it is time to choose the Time 100 List. Now I here are my recommendations.

    Go and vote for Malala Yousafzi and Heba  Morayef , especially for Heba Morayef. Now all of you or most of you have heard about Malala but I think  you have not heard about Heba Morayef as you should. Heba is the Human rights watch’s Egypt Director. She has been from the famous faces in the Egyptian revolution.

    You can see her speaking to Reuters about the Role of women in the Egyptian revolution.

    Heba speaks about the role of Egyptian women in the revolution

    Heba’s next battle or actually current battle now is the new NGOs law supported by the FJP.

    By the way Mohamed Morsi is also nominated in the list. I know that the MB will organize an attack on this page to support him like last year !!

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    These horrifying images were posted today in a Facebook Page from Suez that covers the governorate’s news and events.
    Executing dogs in Suez
    Police and the Veterinary department in Suez started a campaign to get rid from stray dogs in some area. As you can see they executed the dogs in this inhuman way “Shooting them” and piled them in some truck thinking that it is a big achievement.
    First of all what kind of veterinary department is that in Suez that does not know the merciful methods to execute wild sick animals like that !??
    Second of all no wonder police treats people like that when the policemen do not have any feelings towards God’s creature.
    Third here is an official fatwa from 2003 prohibiting the torture of animals and executing them cruelly but rather to use merciful and scientific modern methods.

    The copy of the fatwa
    The fatwa uses an example from Prophet Mohamed “PBUH” Life and how the prophet saw a donkey with tortured by someone and told his companions that whoever tortured that animal will be cursed. “You do not torture it or you hit it” Prophet Mohamed “PBUH”
    That fatwa shared by animals rights activists Dina Zulfikar on Facebook was signed by Sheikh Mohamed Abbas and late Sheikh Emad Effat. {May Allah bless his soul} “Yes the Emad Effat , you can not imagine how I felt when I found his name on that fatwa”
    Do you know you that annually the Egyptian government spends more than LE 30 million to get rid from the stray dogs through poison and birdshots !? Do you know that they are ignoring an economic solution that will save a lot of money which is animal sterilization !?
    This is not luxury , this is basic thing for real.

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    Now I wonder what the prosecution office will do concerning this disturbing accusation supported by testimonies and hard evidence.  
    The Muslim brotherhood is accused of torturing other Egyptian citizens in the house of God , in Belal Ibn Rabah Mosque in Mokattam during the clashes last Friday. Here is a video made by Mosireen translated to English “I think it is working now on the blog” showing the victims speaking on what happened to them.
    Those who were tortured there were mainly from the earthquake houses area near Mokattam. The earthquake houses area is a lower working class area. The victims were Muslims and Christians from the people there. Of course the MB is insisting that they are hired thugs based on how they look and so on ignoring the facts that we are dealing with an area surrounded by Cairo’s infamous slums and shanty towns suffering from extreme poverty. 
    The MB does not want to recognize that the next wave in the revolution will be the hunger uprising from these areas who are fed from the castles in the air. For years actually observers and analysts during the Mubarak era expected that the revolution in Egypt would be a hunger one and not a political middle class one like 25 January revolution for God sake.
    Here is another testimony from Ramy El Kholy about the torture inside the complex that he witnessed himself at the ceremonies hall last Friday 
    El Kholy said that he witnessed not less than 15 men in their underwear being tortured and whipped to the level that most of them are unconscious. 

    Ahmed Ragab, the journalist also wrote a very sad unbiased testimony and how he and other journalists witnessed extreme violence and brutality against the protesters at the mosque.
    Both El Kholy and Ragab recorded in their testimonies what they witnessed fairly and before you speak they mentioned the violations and inhuman beating from the protesters' side too.
    If you do not want to believe those people because they look thugs in your eyes then I urge you to red what the administration of Belal Ibn Rabah Mosque and Community service complex said in its statement. This statement was published from couple of days ago. You can see it after the break.

    The administration board of Belal Ibn Rabah announces its full denouncement to what happened on Friday “22/3/2013” inside the mosque’s hall and the ceremonies hall after they were stormed by groups affiliated to religious trends “Islamists” after the Friday prayers and their complete control on the mosque and its facilities.
    Belal Ibn Rabah community center was founded by the residents of Mokattam and their complete support to the center is the reason of its success. It is not funded by any party or group.
    Thus we are very sorry to the people of Mokattam for what happened despite we did not lost control on that day thanks to the use of violence.
    The administration announces its rejection and denouncement for the actions of violence and thuggery as well using mosques in the political conflicts.
    The administration has filed a report about happened in Mokattam Police station and the report no. is “2787” on 23/3/2013 and it has been referred to the prosecution office on 25/3/2012
    Now according to the administration of the community center and Mosque after the Friday prayer flocks of the MB members from other governorates occupied the mosque and took control of the whole complex.
    The complex found itself under fire when the families of the tortured from the popular areas came angrily demanding an explanation. It was worth to mention that the complex and the mosque are regarded from the five star mosque where TV preachers go and give lessons and so on.
    The MB is claiming to have high morals and that the protesters were the bad guys in last Friday’s clashes. Well I have got bad news to the MB , both the MB members and the protesters were the bad guys. I do not know how they justify the use of House of God in such thing. This is another sign of their downfall. Yes downfall because when I read history , I think how the downfall of mighty groups claiming righteousness start.
    By the way the MB members detained in the Mosque  at El Nafoora square were not touched till they were released by the security forces. In fact according to Nawara Negm a Egyptian Christian protester urged the other protesters to leave those MB members in the mosque and not to touch them because this is the house of God.

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    The disgusting phenomena spread in the Arab countries like Jordan and the Gulf reached to Egypt and poor Syrian women are being abused and offered for marriage for those interested in taking advantage of these ladies. 
    Yes sadly enough it reached in Egypt. In a press statement issued by the National Council of Women on Thursday that it sent two letters to the ministers of interior and justice in Egypt demanding them to stop the marriages of Egyptian men from Syrian women refugees taking advantage from their suffering. The statement of NCW says that Women NGO in Europe called “The international federation of Women” presented a memo to president Morsi regarding this matter. According to this matter not less than 12,000 of marriage cases between Syrian women and Egyptian men in one year only. The memo also spoke about these marriages are spreading in Cairo“New Cairo and 10th of Ramadan Cities” , Giza“October” , Alexandria , Gharbia , Mansoura and Qena.
    Professionally speaking the statement did not mention the source of that number “12,000” and whether we are speaking about an official registration number. There should be more investigation regarding the number.
    We began to hear more about this sad thing in Egypt officially in January 2013 when the NCW began to react to the reports regarding how some NGOs use the Syrian women and girls’ need and force them in marriage in the most disgusting way.
    In the same month the National Council for women in Egypt launched a hotline for Syrian women to receive their complaints if they are forced in to marriages. The initiative is good but I highly doubt that the Syrian women in need and are forced in to marriage will know about this hotline at all !! Unfortunately I did not follow up this topic because as you know since last 25 January 2013 we are having our struggle in Egypt’s political arena.
     Of course not all these marriages are forced , underage where Egyptian men are using Syrian women’s needs for stability. Some of these marriages are actually not officially registered as Egyptian men use the ignorance of Syrians with our laws which means there are no rights for these girls. The dowry of these marriages can go as low as LE 500 and in best times up to LE 3000 but without any further rights or anything. The marriage in some cases do not continue for some long and the Syrian bride finds herself the third or the fourth wife for pleasure with no rights at all.
    Unfortunately due to poverty and suffering some Syrian families accept that sot of marriage.
    What is more shocking is that you find that some of those NGOs “Islamist” helping the Syrian refugees and families in Egypt are organizing these marriages or rather auctions. For months I have heard rumors and claim as well about certain famous mosques and Islamist NGOs in October and Nasr City. I will not mention here names without proof but I have heard sick stories for real.
    The Islamist NGOs are not involved only but if you dig a little deeper you will find Salafists and Salafist parties like El Fadila allegedly appearing in your face. Of course when you speak to them officially they will deny doing this. Not to mention you got these so-called “marriage companies”  claiming to have Syrian brides besides their wide selection of religious committed girls, widows and divorced brides !!!!!
    Ironically earlier today someone on Facebook from Damanhur shared a flyer he got during the Friday mosque from a “marriage company” announcing the availability of Syrian brides besides Veiled brides. " I hided the telephone numbers and address"
    "Smile company" for Marriage !!
    Last week already a friend of mine found an ad in the Yellow pages about another marriage company announcing the “Syrian brides are wanted for businessmen and engineers on the condition that they are not older than 30 years !!”.{Thanks to dear Loai Nagati who noticed this ad and spoke about it online}
    I removed the name of the company and its telephone
    What is more sick you hear details about catalogues for girls and women for small subscription. I am ashamed of these men and those people to be honest. I am ashamed and angry.
    Of course the Salafists and Islamists in general believe that they are protecting their poor sisters including widows who can not work in foreign country in very corrupted times..etc.  It is just disgusting. Already I wonder why they did not care about their sisters in Darfur or Mali or Burma or Somalia or they only care for light skinned sisters !! 
    I apologize on behalf of millions of Egyptians disapprove this act, yes there are millions who refuse these actions in Egypt

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    This is unbelievable !!
    Talaat Abdullah, the appointed prosecutor general “who is currently in legal limbo” has issued an arrest Bassem Youssef , oh yes  for Bassem Youssef.
    warrant for
    TV host Bassem Youssef is officially accused of insulting both the President and Islam !!!
    Accordingly 14 citizens filed a complaint against Youssef accusing him of insulting president Morsi and affecting his image internationally !! Youssef is also accused of mocking and insulting Islam by making fun from praying “!!” and Islamic Scholars !! Among those 14 model citizens you will find the name of lawyer Ashraf Nagi, a member of the Pro- MB “Lawyers of Egypt Union
    I do not know if this complaint is the one presented against Bassem last December.
    Bassem commented with that short tweet that I can not translate in English because it will lose its meaning. In nutshell he is making fun from the arrest warrant.
    This is new escalation after the arrest warrants issued for the activists.

    Updated :

    Bassem Youssef  announced that will head to the prosecutor general office tomorrow
    Amazingly Bassem was not summoned for a hearing at the Prosecution office according to the law.

    Bassem Youssef is facing these charges according to Islamist Pro-MB FB Pages :
    1.  Insulting Islam "Blasphemy"
    2. Insulting more than 27 Sheikhs
    3. Inciting sectarianism between Muslims and Christians  
    4. Insulting the president and his family 
    5. Saying explicit sexual words that harm the Egyptian family publicly !! "The TV show is +18 " 
    I will not comment 

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    Updated : 
    Mahienour and her comrades have been released without a bail in Alexandria. :)
    Yesterday clashes erupted in Alexandria between protesters and security forces. As usual some of the protesters have been arrested and among them the famous Alexandrian activist Mahienour El Masry.
    Mahienour El Masry is from the most famous women activists in Egypt. She is not media type activist but rather street type activist helping people since the days of Mubarak. Mahienour used to protest defending the rights of Islamists and Muslim brotherhood. she was there stand in early January 2011 defending the rights of Siyad Belal when the famous Sheikhs of Salafism were too cowards to disobey the orders of state security.
    Here is Mahienour speaking as one of the Egyptian revolution’s women. It is translated video by the way.

    I was happy to meet Mahienour in person last year.
    Mahienour is accused of inciting violence and setting the MB HQ on fire despite she is totally against the use of setting HQs on fire.
    Human rights activist Hossam Bahgat revealed that Mahienour was receiving threats from Alexandria’s head of police investigation department in Alexandria warning her if she does not stop her political activity , she would be arrested.
    There is a huge campaign again protesters and activists to the level that you can not keep it up. It is so depressing as if we are returning to the old Mubarak’s days.
    It is really depressing.

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    This is a belated post but “Jews of Egypt” is now in cinemas. Oh Yes it got the approval from the Homeland security , it seems that the noise was good after all. The Homeland security had stopped its screening at first despite it got an approval from the ministry of culture.

    “Jews of Egypt” is now screened in three cinemas “Renaissance Cinemas” in Nile City, Sun City and San Stefano malls” in Cairo and in Alexandria.

    Several friends went and they think the documentary is really interesting and important. By the way this is the second documentary to be screened commercially in Egypt and I believe this experience means we got a growing market for documentaries. Of course cinemas owners are still not encouraged but may be if there is enough media exposure and people show interest “especially the young viewers”

    By the way Amir Ramsis and his film are now being accused by Pan Arab media like Al Quds El Arabi newspaper of promoting for the neutralization with Israel. Well it is not about neutralization but rather to put the spot light on some of our dark unknown history.

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    And so Bassem Youssef went to the Prosecutor general office today in a big media presence and bigger supporters presence.
    TV channels aired his entrance surrounded by fans , producer and guards.It was another show downtown Cairo , expected when you think about it.
    Bassem among his fans and cameras today
    The fans brought to him that a big hat like the one Morsi wore in Pakistan when he got the honorary PhD in Philosophy and Bassem wore it making fun from the president whom he is accused of insulting.
    The big silly hat outside 
    Things even got interesting when people found out MB leading provoking figure Sobhy Saleh there claiming that he was sent by the brotherhood to defend Bassem in order to prove that the MB is against media !! It was a cheap move and of course it will be used by the MB PR machine abroad. Predictably Bassem refused that legal help. Montasser El Zeyat the famous Islamist lawyer also went and announced that he was ready to defend Bassem and he did attend the interrogation.
    In the interrogation Bassem denied that he was insulting the president or religion.
    In the end after several hours he was released on bail in three cases. He paid  LE 15,000.The fourth case's interrogation has been determined yet.

    Now interestingly he was tweeting about what was happening inside the investigation in a hilarious away but he had to stop and delete the tweets. Unfortunately I did not take snap shots but others did like Al Masry Al Youm.
    The deleted tweets from Al Masry Al Youm
    The deleted tweets in sequence 
    • The officers and the lawyers of the prosecutor general's office wanted to take photos with me , is this why I was summoned ?
    •  They are looking for a laptop with Codex App to show the episodes but they did not find 
    •  They brought to us Rani orange juice ? 
    • When they were taking the description of my features , they said "thin and medium tall" then they asked me about the color of my eyes !!! 
    Later Bassem Youssef said on twitter that there were pages on Facebook transferring false news about his interrogation.
    Al Masry Al Youm reported that the famous Satirist had to delete his tweets by the request of the prosecutor office.

    For God sake I read his tweets and it was not wise thing to do in the first place especially he exposed their failure to have Codex app on the laptop in order to show the episodes and how when he arrived. He should not have denied that they were his tweets , he should have deleted them quietly.
    Another thing , I could not believe on how news websites dedicated whole pages for every single tweet the man typed in his account. It was really crazy.
    Tarek Qazzaz, the CEO of QSoft , the producer of the show is summoned to the prosecutor general's office next Sunday.
    Stand up comedian Ali Quandil  is also summoned to the prosecutor general's office next Wednesday . Quandil was a guest in episode 14 and he is accused of insulting Islam. Quandil criticized the performance of Sheikhs in Friday prayer. As soon as it was known that he is summoned to the prosecutor general's office, his segment in the show on Youtube hit the ceiling.Here is Quadil's segment.
    Now according from what I understood the episodes causing all those problems are episodes 12,14 and 15.
    Here are the episodes

    Episode "12"


    Episode "14"

    Episode "15"

     I will leave the judgement to you.

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    Some people may think that this is April's Fool but it seems that it is not. Today we found our PM Hisham Qandil tweeting in his official twitter account "@KandilHesham" about the Smurfs village iOS app and how Doctor Smurf Prescribes cakes, pies and smurfberries as part of a healthy diet.
    Here is a screenshot taken by dear friend Rami Mohsen, '@Ramiii"

    Here is another screenshot by @SuzanHanem

    This is not April's fool , I saw it on his twitter account before it was removed
    Now there are four logic explanation for this tweet :
    • The PM himself plays Smurfs village and decided to promote it on twitter to earn points. 
    • One of Qandil's kids is playing the Smurfs village and decided to promote it on twitter to earn points. 
    • The admin of his twitter account plays Smurfs village on his ipad 
    • The admin's kids are playing Smurfs village on his ipad !!
    Anyhow today the Smurfs village is the most talked game app now in Egypt online and Egyptians are comparing the situation now in Egypt to Smurfs universe !!

    Now I can imagine our PM singing the Smurfs theme while wearing cotton and sitting with his family in one room enjoying the air condition in his home !!

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    From two days ago the Shura council legalized once again the use of religious slogans in elections and campaigns. If you remember it is prohibited to use religious slogans in electoral campaigns in the Political practices and rights bill.
    Yes the Islamist dominated Shura council amended the bill for the upcoming parliamentary elections that may be held next October according to President Morsi’s expectation in Qatar.
    Personally I believe  the Islamists and above them the MB are in big need to use the of religion once again in the elections in order to win the people back to their side using Egyptians’ weakness point : The Religion. They know that their popularity is going down the slope especially in the big cities “according to the referendum’s results” and so they need back to employ religion in their political service. The religious slogans can work good in the country side , the weak point of the opposition unfortunately.
    Anyhow realistically speaking even when the law was prohibiting the use of religious slogans and even  houses of worships , the religious slogans and houses of worships were used in electoral campaigns in last elections in 2011/2012 and even during Mubarak’s era.

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    The Muslim brotherhood , Morsi , the minister of information , Islamists and the prosecutor general brought this to themselves and they should not complain.
    Jon Stewart dedicated a whole segment for President Morsi.

     Here is the video on YouTube

    Ironically the pro-Morsi always claimed that Stewart was better than Youssef , I wonder what they think of him now !!
     I think the Haddads got bigger problem than Bassem Youssef.
    By the way I do not have to bet the MB's media will claim that Youssef is being supported by the Jewish lobby in the United Stated now.
    And yes without bloggers , writers, activists and protesters Mr. President you and you brothers would be still    under the Mubarak rule where you would handle the communications between the state security , the NDP and the brotherhood.
    p.s : The Pyramids historically were not built by Jews. 
    Anyhow that video segment seems to be creating or has created already a diplomatic mind between Egyptian Presidency and the US Embassy in Cairo. The US embassy in Cairo published the video of Jon Stewart on YouTube before its removal and from couple of hours ago we found the Egyptian Presidency sending this tweet the embassy's account.
    The Egyptian Presidency and government are not shy of showing of their bias against Youssef . They look so small.

    @11:35 PM 

    And the Presidency issued a statement on its official Facebook in English and Arabic from short time ago stating that "The Presidency has not filed any complaint against stand-up comedian Basem Yousef."

    0 0

    And here is an Iranian woman from the first Iranian tourist group in Egypt spreading Shiism in Luxor by Al Masry Al Youm camera !!

    What you know they are humans like us !! 

    0 0

    It is getting sadder and more dangerous for media and freedom of expression in Egypt and here is wrap up for what happened against journalists and TV hosts :
    • Bassem Youssef is facing more complaints !! Yes new complaints !! The new complaints include : Insulting the public prosecution in his twitter account and insulting Pakistan !! Yes Pakistan and it has to do with he had done last Monday.
    • ONTV channel Albert Shafik , TV host Gaber Al Karmoty and journalist Shaimaa Abu El Kheir are referred to the State security prosecution for threatening national security and spreading  false news by Prosecutor General Talaat Abdullah. Shaimaa Abu El Kheir is the Middle East and North Africa consultant of Committee to Protect Journalists. She attended the investigation with Bassem on Sunday.
    Abu El Kheir spoke on Al Karmoty’s daily show “Manchette” about what happened on the same day and it turned out that she said that “Lawyers for Egypt” group has no right to sue or report Bassem.
    That thing made the group mad enough to report her !! Here is the video after the break, please watch it and tell me how Gaber and Shaimaa threatened our national security  !!

    Now I am quite amazed at the speed those three were reported to prosecutor general and how prosecutor general believed that they should be refereed to the state security prosecution.
    From her side Shaimaa will comply with the decision of Egypt’s journalists syndicate and will boycott the current prosecutor general.She will not go to the state security prosecution accordingly

    • Last thing CBC channel got a warning from “GAFI” to watch out for Bassem says in his show from insults against public figures, religious icons , profanity and sexual innuendos otherwise GAFI will provoke the channel license. According to the warning GAFI got several complaints...bla bla bla. The warning is dangerous because it is based upon the shameful Anas El Faky so-called Media ethics codes that can close any private TV channel. The New regime is using the old regime's weapons !!
    Another great day for freedom of expression indeed !!

    0 0

    Ok first stand up comedian Ali Quandil  went today to the prosecutor general to be questioned about his appearance in Bassem Youssef’s show and he he allegedly insulted Islam in that appearance.
    First Ali made this statement on video regarding this accusation which he completely denies.
    Quandil speaks about the decision of the prosecutor general to question him
    Ali was criticizing how some Sheikhs act.
    During the questioning the prosecutor asked Ali Quandil to prove that he is an artist !! Also after the prosecutor watched Quandil’s segment in Youssef’s show he asked Quandil what he thought about it !!
    Quandil told him that the first ten minutes were boring but the rest was great. The standup comedian was released on bail. He paid LE 5000. By the way Quandil was injured during both the battle of the camel and the clashes of Mohamed Mahmoud in 2011.
    Second Ayman Mohi El Din, the correspondent of NBC interviewed one of the lawyers suing Bassem Youssef and what he found about that man was interesting. You can find his tweets after the break.

    Third the war of the words between the US embassy , Egyptian presidency and Ikhwan web continued. Ikhwan web kept tweeting about how freedom of expression is fought in the United stating examples of TV host fired because of Palestine in CNN or how Al Jazeera’s Sami El Hajj was detained in Guantanamo bay for 6 years.
    Then the US embassy in Cairo account suspended its activity shortly but returned back online without the tweet about Bassem Youssef. Foreign policy’s The Cable says that US Ambassador Ann Patterson was behind the decision without returning back to the State department. This move is creating controversy because some believe that the US embassy should not have tweeted about Bassem Youssef while others believe that it was coward to delete the tweet.
    Now Fox News entered the war of the words and it is getting hot. Rick Sanchez is attacking the Muslim brotherhood , the US embassy in Cairo and Morsi.
    Of course Sanchez is getting not so nice replies from the brothers in the States. It is so fun actually. Ultra rights in the two countries are fighting each other because of liberals in both countries !!
    The Bassem Youssef’s affair is getting bigger and bigger to the level I believe sooner there will be a book about and about what is happening international between US administration and Morsi administration in the background because of it !!

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    Of course all the world watched that scary video from Pyongyang where it is threatening
    One thing stopped me in that 1960s propaganda video : The Mac Pro used by the Supreme leader Kim Jong Un while planning against the United States !!!
    Is not this the product of the enemy !? Is not this a capitalistic product from a capitalistic nation !?
    In Egyptian social media people can not stop joking about the North Korea's threats, seriously it is like the joke of the day.

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    Our ambassador in the US Mohamed Tawfik spoke today in an event in Boston about Egypt, Morsi, Bassem Youssef, Muslim brotherhood , revolution and economy. The event was organized by World Boston.

    Dear Nasser Wedday attended that meeting and shared with us on twitter what our ambassador said. I complied Wedday’s tweets in a storify post which you can read after the break.

    By the way dear Nasser Wedday is nominated in the BOBs 2013’s best Arabic Tweeps and he deserves your support

    Back to our ambassador , well you must know something the ambassador of Egypt in the United States used to be one of the most important players in Egyptian diplomacy before the revolution. Of course now things are different because the MB got their envoys and ambassadors to the State. Already I do believe that there are MB officials coming and going to D.C without the knowledge of Tawfik.

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    This is extremely important. El Badil Newspaper made an extremely important and sad video report about the terrible status of Serabit El Khadim ancient Egyptian temple, the only surviving ancient Egyptian temple in Sinai.

    The disaster of Serabit El Kadim

    Monica Hanna and Alfred Raouf as well the locals in the area speak about happened to that important temple.

    Thanks for corruption and wrong restoration works the temple is in extremely bad shape in way that threatens its existence after all those years. I do not know if it is deliberate action or not but from Strategic point of view this is extremely important temple in this particular relation.

    From economic point of view this temple used to be a source of income for many of the locals working in tourism and waiting for tourists to visit it.

    By the way thanks to Monica and the noise we made online ,the authorities began to move to do something regarding Dahshur yet in a very slow reaction that is not enough by all measures. 

    I really want to thank Monica because without her we would not know what is happening to our heritage for real. At least we are speaking and making noise to the whole world.

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