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7000 years and counting ...

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    These are photos I took from Tahrir square from 10 AM to 3.30 PM CLT.

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    The Muslim brotherhood members and supporters like Dr. Ahmed Rushdy spread on twitter rumors that the protesters in Tahrir square today did not pray Friday prayers where as the protesters or rather the President’s supporters “from mobilized Muslim brotherhood” were praying Friday and praying to God.
    So as a person who believes in truth and that God wants us to be honest , as person who does not want to be a silent , I would like to share these three photos.

    Already I feel silly because what difference it makes if those people prayed or not. Whether they prayed or not , whether they are Muslims or not they are citizens who got the full right to express themselves freely as long as it is peacefully.They are not less Egyptian than you for God sake. Leave the matters of God to God for God sake.

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    President Morsi said in the beginning of rule that he is the President of all Egyptians yet in those months due to wrong policies he is insisting on become the president of Islamists only. 
    Today protests , rallies and clashes were beyond Tahrir square and Cairo amazingly and surprisingly. In fact the protesters outside Cairo were much violent and scary than in Cairo where the clashes are between protesters and security forces.
    There were protests and clashes over Morsi’s latest decisions in the following governorates : Alexandria, Port Said, Suez, El Behaira , Dakhalia , Assuit, Qena , Luxor and Aswan !!!
    In Alexandria angry protesters stormed and occupied then torched it the Freedom and Justice Party HQ in Al Ibrahimia area.
    In front of the FJP HQ in Alex "@M_Aladdin92"
    It is worth to mention that the deputy governor of Alex is none other than MB and FJP leading member Hassan El Prince. Alexandrians already say that he is the real governor. 7 cars owned by FJP members were destroyed.
    Soon enough there have been clashes between the MB supporters in Alex and the protesters that turned violently. The protesters accused MB supporters of abducting some of their friends from the protesters handing them to the security forces. The security forces of course treated those detainees in the worst way ever. 
    If you think burning the parties’ HQ as dangerous thing , wait till you hear about the armed clashes between the MB supporters and their opponents. The protesters from MB opponents are accusing the MB of having armed militias that attacked them yesterday with rocks, knives, swords and allegedly guns !!
    People say that this guy is from MB !!?
    The protesters also accused the police generals of taking the orders from the leading members of Muslim brotherhood. Several eye witnesses reported this including Ahmed El Sheikh from Alexandria“Who is a Salafist”. Of course now the students of University of Alexandria were released from detention earlier today.
    The clashes between security forces and protesters also took place. The CSF fired tear gas grenades that reached in to the houses.
    Tear gas in residential areas at night "@elmansi"

    The protesters were reportedly anarchists who changed the flag of the party to Anarchist flag. “I am searching for photos”
    There were also clashes between Morsi’s Islamist supporters and opponents at El Qaed Ibrahim mosque after Friday prayer there. 
    Famous socialist veteran Abu El Ezz El Hariri and his wife were badly attacked by the Muslim brotherhood’s supporters in their car after he was accused by them of funding the thugs that attacked their HQs !!!! The former presidential candidate says that he was dragged to the clashes after receiving a phone call from the head of Alexandria´s security directorate asking him to come there.

    It is kind of joke to know that El Hariri , the working class politician who owns an old bookstore and old car will fund thugs to attack other parties’ HQ.
    It is worth to mention that the Facebook now is full of photos for items found in the FJP HQ that was ransacked.
    Morsi got 58% of votes in Alexandria that got a strong revolutionary and Salafist voting base.
    Moving to Beheira governorate , there have been clashes between the supporters and opponents of Morsi. The security forces fired tear gas grenades in these clashes. Not only the supporters of FJP and MB protected their HQs there but also the Salafists and here is an important change yesterday reported in several  governorates that armed Salafists protected FJP headquarters and attacked other protesters.
    Already today the head of Salafist Calling in Kafr El Dawwar saying yesterday that the Salafist calling and the Salafists will stand against attempt to attack the HQ of FJP and Muslim brotherhood.
    Update : The main HQ of FJP in Damanhur has been torched today , Saturday !! There are on going clashes there between protesters, security forces and MB supporters. There is a field hospital there and it is reporting gunshots injuries among the protesters.
    Morsi got 59% of the votes there. There is a strong MB voting base in the governorate.
    To Dakhalia , Mansoura the protesters tore up the banners of the FJP and the Muslim brotherhood. There was an attempt to storm the FJP HQs there but the security forces protected it. Morsi got 44% of the votes there.
    In Mahla , the protesters stormed the Muslim brotherhood HQ in the city after hearing news that there are protesters detained there and were being tortured. The HQ in Mahla was damaged and ransacked.The MB members accused activist and former MP Hamdy El Fakharny of standing behind what happened to their headquarter. 
    in Mahla at MB HQ "@Wessam_Hussin"
    The protests continued tonight but this time the rallies headed to Al Mahla police station where as Muslim brotherhood members formed groups to protect their headquarters
    In Damietta , unknown assailants attacked the protesters in front of the Muslim brotherhood HQ and the police withdrew from the scene and did not stop this attack.Morsi got 56% of the votes there.
    Moving to Upper Egypt we will start with tgrieving Assuit. There have been clashes between the protesters and Morsi’s supporters. There have been reports saying that the FJP HQ was torched in the city.
    Of course Morsi mentioned Assuit and its tragedy in his speech to his supporters yesterday but again it is too late. He said that he will compensate the families of Al Mandara's school bus LE 50,000 for each child killed in the accident.
    The protesters in Assuit yesterday "@mohamedgad97"
    The people in Assuit are extremely angry from him and believe that he cares for the children of Gaza more than the children of Assuit. The people in Assuit are furious from him and their MB governor.
    Morsi got 61% of the votes in the presidential elections in Assuit. The protests continued for the second day in row and the Muslim brotherhood attacked the protesters injuring them.The MB protesters say "Morsi , you got men in your back !!!" 
    One of the injured tonight "@Al7ag_3bdo"
     In Qena the fights were traditional upper Egyptian ones with Sticks “thank goodness” by the MB supporters and the protesters from another side. Morsi got 56% of the votes there.
    To Aswan , there have been clashes between protesters and security forces at the FJP HQ in the city.  Morsi got 52% of the votes there. It was a late protest but a big one according to the eye witnesses.The protesters reported the members of FJP to the police after being attacked by sticks and canes
    The protest in Aswan "@_Fatjoint_"
    Now to Suez canal governorates , both Suez and Port Said witness very alarming clashes.
    Port Said was on fire for real  last night. There was an attempt to storm the FJP HQ in Port Said last night just like Alexandria but armed Salafists unleashed attack on the protesters. According to eye witnesses these Salafists got automatic guns and came in tracks. There were many injured in these clashes. No police was found.
    The protesters at FJP before the attack "@ostaz_cheetos"
    Morsi got 46% of the votes there.
    In Suez the protesters attacked the Muslim brotherhood HQ in the city with rocks and Molotov cocktails. The protesters also attacked the FJP HQ in Suez and there have been clashes between and the Salafists who appeared suddenly to protect it.The protesters accused MB supporters of using gunshots and bird shots against them.
    One of the injured from bird shots

    Morsi got in Suez 63% of the votes. Suez got a strong Salafist voter base already.
    Ikhwan Online , the official Arabic website of the MB “that should be closed ASAP for the amount of radicalism, hate and incitement” main office was attacked too by so-called unknown assailants.
    Ironically and sadly Essam El Arian , the deputy chairman of the FJP claimed that no one stormed his party’s HQs in the governorates !!!!! At the same time other leading figures in his party were asking the ministry of interior to protect their HQs and to arrest those assailants.
    Yesterday the ministry of health reported that the official number of protesters reached to 56, of course I highly doubt it as it could be higher considering the amount of violence in Alexandria and in Port Said.
    Big changes start small.
    BY the way Saad El Shater , the son of Khairat El Shater tweeted the following today
    They burn the Muslim brotherhood HQs !?? Do not they know that HQs of MB is in the hearts of its members !!!

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    I thought that I would never see this ugly scene again. I thought that this scene was only in the time of the military rule whether Mubarak or SCAF but I was wrong. I am naive

    This scene was aired live on Al Nahar channel which I know that the police will search for its cameras in order to stop its live broadcast. It was aired from 45 minutes ago.
    I did not elect Shafik because I did not want to see this scene or even to be in this scene dragged by security forces in Cairo’s cold streets by merciless security forces.
    I do not know if it is a boy or a girl , I think it is a boy and I fear that his parents could be watching without realizing that their son is being dragged and beaten like that. Hopefully insh Allah this boy will survive the beating feast he is living in right now on the hands of those sick bastards.
    I hope that Human rights watch and Amnesty international are recording all this.
    Mohamed ElBaradei tweeted this after seeing that horrible scene.

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    Since early morning Egypt has been witnessing meetings, statements , protests , strikes and rallies.
    After the announcement of judges in Alexandria and El Behaira that they will go in to a strike till the cancellation of the constitutional declaration , the Judges’ club held a general assembly where it announced a full strike all over Egypt till Morsi withdrew his declaration.
    On the other hand there was a meeting in early morning between political parties in Al Wafd party. That meeting was attended by ElBaradei, Sabbahi, Badawy and partisan leaders.
    It is worth to mention that that several parties began a sit in in Tahrir square till Morsi cancels his declaration. So far the parties and movements in Tahrir are : The constitution Party , Egyptian current Party, Kafaya Movement , El Adl Party, Free Egyptians party , Misr El Horreya Party, Popular Current , El Wafd Party, Social Democratic Party , April 6th Youth movement and Mina Daniel movement too. I believe more movements and independent protesters will join them.
    Now the political parties and powers against the constitutional declaration called for a million man protest on next Tuesday in Tahrir square and other public squares against the constitutional declaration and police brutality. The parties participating in this protest are : The Egyptian Current , The constitution Party , The Popular socialist allaince party, The Social Democratic Party, The Free Egyptian Party, El Karma Party, April 6th Youth Movement “Both fronts”, Revolutionary socialists , The youth for justice and Freedom movement, The Free Egyptian movement, Kafeya Movement, The Free Front for peaceful change and the National front for justice and democracy.
    The Islamist forces and parties from Salafists also called for a million man protest in Tahrir square on the same day to impose Sharia. Also on Tuesday the Muslim brotherhood will protest in solidarity with Morsi’s decision at Abdeen Palace. “Despite he works in Heliopolis last time I checked !!”
    This means Egyptians may kill each other on Tuesday in Tahrir square and Abdeen square !!
    Now interestingly the minister of justice Ahmed Mekki “once a reformist judge icon” denied his involvement in Morsi’s latest constitutional declaration in a TV show tonight. Mekki also stated that he could not be involved in articulating this constitutional declaration because  it is against his beliefs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not understand , was the minister of justice kept in the dark regarding this constitution declaration !?
    Mekki defended himself claiming that he supported the judges in their meeting but he refused to let the rest of politicians to use that meeting as political forum !! “Your Excellency in 2008 the Judges Club was a political party , did you forget that !!??”
    On the other hand Pakinam El Sherkawy , the President’s aide for political issues says that she already knew about this declaration for nearly a week !!!
    Now more President’s advisers are resigning per day from non Islamists. After Samir Marcus, the President’s aide for democratic transition’s resignation , Sakina Fouad resigned. Writer and Journalist Farouk Gowida also resigned from both being a president’s advisor and member in the constituent assembly.
    The resigned president’s advisers say that they were kept in the dark regarding this declaration.
    The Salafist front began to rethink its position after seeing people’s anger , there is news that the front suggests that the president rethinks about the controversial articles in the declaration.
    Former MB member and outspoken lawyer Tharwat El Kherbawy says that a group of independent Islamists presented an initiative to Morsi suggesting that he calls for a referendum to see what people think about that declaratoin

    Now as clashes continue , we find news reports saying Presidency ordering the ministry of interior to be tough with the infiltrators in the protests !! Define infiltrators please !? The ministry of health also announced that there over 200 protesters were reportedly injured in the clashes in the past 48 hours all over the country.
    Clashes are still taking place in Kasr Al Aini street as well in Mohamed Mahmoud street. Of course it is more intense and violent in Kasr Al Aini as we have seen. The field hospitals in Tahrir square are demanding supplies from the people online. You can check it @Tahrirsupplies
    There is on going battle in Damanhur , Behaira governorate where CSF is reportedly using gunshots against protesters.Damanhur educational hospital reports that not less that 15 protesters were injured by gunshots.

    The official Egyptian TV and radio are owned by whoever rules Egypt , this is my conclusion.
    There are lots of rumors today. There is a rumor that the new public prosecutor will order the arrest of 500 activist and public figure. There is another rumor that by the end of weeks many judges will be forced in retirement. It is like a déjà Vu for the Judges Massacre in 1969. Morsi and MB are walking quickly on the footsteps of Nasser that brought nothing except the 1967 defeat.
    There is another rumor that cases being reported and prepared at the new public prosecutor office to stalk Hamdeen Sabbahi, Naguib Sawiris “Free Egyptians and ONTV”, Amr Moussa , ElBaradei , Siyad Badawy “El Wafd Party and El Hayat Channel” and Mohamed El Amin “ CBC”
    The Muslim brotherhood’s next target is the media.
    Speaking of the judges , well they are extremely angry and united except of course the judges from the Muslim brotherhood.

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    Protesters, activists and friends are reporting disturbing side effects from the tear gas grenades used by the central security forces in Kasr Al Aini street in the past 24. Some protesters are reporting that they are coughing blood.

    When I was in Tahrir square and Mohamed Mahmoud street , I took photos for the tear gas grenades fired .



    A doctor and friend told me that it could CR gas. Now our friends in Bikya Misr got a very alarming report the CR tear gas grenades used in the current protests. According to BM’s report this gas can cause severe pulmonary damage, as well as causing damage to the heart and liver. It is also reported to increase the risk of miscarriages,

    I am not jumping in to the wagon of chemical warfare but I know the ministry of interior is cheap enough to buy the worst and oldest types of tear gas grenades in the world that are not suitable for human use in the first place. I remember last year we found out that the CSF is using tear gas grenades that its expiry date was in 1998 !!


    Even if you think that those protesters are scum , think about the residents of Kasr Al Aini street and Tahrir square , the employees working there as well the millions of citizens using the subway stations in those days there !!


    Now if you want to buy gas masks , you can find them in the stores at Al Gomhouria street. According to veteran protesters there are two types of masks available now : The Russian and the Spanish. The Spanish is better according to them in quality.

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    For the third day in row clashes between the MB and FJP supporters from one side and the protesters against MB and Morsi’s decision from another side in the city of Damanhur , El Behaira governorate.
    Late Islam
    Despite the lack of proper media coverage in the city and with the total absence of the police , the clashes escalated and a 15 years old was killed from few hours in the clashes. Late Islam was killed in the clashes tonight near the Muslim brotherhood HQ. From what I understood he dead after receiving a head blow. May Allah bless his soul.  
    Some say that late Islam was a Muslim brotherhood member and some say that he was protesting against the MB. It does not matter if Islam is MB member or not , all what matters now that a 15 years old boy was killed in a fight between Egyptians.
    The FJ in Damanhur is live broadcasting the clashes in UStream. The anti-MB protesters accuse the MB supporters of being armed and organized in militias. The police has been absent for hours but some are saying that it began to show up. It is a ugly street fight.

    This is from the MB´s side "Mohamed Tarek"
    From El Sa'aa square in Damanhur "@Zizooo_Tarek"
    Here is a video showing part of the clashes uploaded from short time ago.

    Islam’s blood will be used by both teams fighting each other in Egypt and it will increase the level of tension especially we are speaking about governorates. P.S MB leaders and leading members are using it to attack ElBaradei directly accusing him of staging civil war !!

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    As Damanhur is on fire especially after the murder of a 15 years old boy in the clashes between the MB members and the protesters , the city of Tanta is also on fire. The clashes have not stopped and people are extremely angry.
    in Tanta from couple of hours ()
    From what I understood the clashes erupted when the protesters knew that two from their side were kidnapped and beaten at the MB headquarter in the city. When I checked it seems that a young member from April 6th Youth in Gharbia was captured by MB and handed over to the police.

    Protesters with sticks, do not know which team  "@3m_DOMYO"  
    The angry protesters attacked the FJP HQ in the city from what I understood also. There is no media coverage too.
    Sticks, Molotov cocktails, rocks are reportedly being used from both sides.The protesters are reporting that MB and Islamists are using firearms.
    The protesters run ()

    Over 100 were injured from both sides. It is no longer MB supporters and protesters as much as MB supporters and angry locals

    This is madness.

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    I attended today the Press conference of the political parties and powers that are organizing tomorrow's rallies and big protest in Tahrir square. The presser included the testimonies of two citizens who have been released in the past couple of days after being arrested in Mohamed Mahmoud street and Kasr Al Aini street.

    This is Ahmed Atef, a student from Suez who is not a member in any party or movement. He was arrested on November 19th,2012. He was dragged in the street by CSF conscripts while being beaten in Sheikh Rihan street.When the conscripts saw that he got an old injury in his head , they kept beating him in his injury.His finger was broken from beating while he was trying to protect his head injury.

     He was transferred in a police vehicle full of urine to the CSF camp."illegal detention" He was put along other 89 prisoners in one cell that fits about 30 detainees.
    He saw inside detainees who were not even protesting yet arrested and even beaten badly. He saw inside children begging the conscripts not to lock them up !!
    I am currently uploading the other testimony , it is taking a lot of time. I thought it is better to spread awareness about the first testimony without any delay.
    According to human rights lawyer Ragia Omran not less than 350 have been arrested and nearly 150 of them are minors !! Some of them are school children arrested with their bags and some of them are street children.
    Restructuring and purging the ministry of interior has been a common priority demand for almost all the Fridays, all the respectable political powers. In fact one of the demands of the political powers against the Constitutional declaration in this crisis is restructuring the MOI. One of the demands in the Strong Egypt Party initiative issued today is to restructure the MOI.
    It is worth to mention that the MB members believe that the MOI is doing its job in protecting the nation in the recent event and the protesters are hired thugs. They believe that detainees deserve what they suffer from unfortunately. I hate to say but I did not imagine them to support the MOI. Of course they are still living in the illusion that Morsi will purge it  but he was waiting he is golden moment.
     SO Far Presidency supports the Ministry of interior and even boldly demands it to arrest the murderers of Islam and Jika when actually we found out that the bullet that killed Jika is only used by the MOI in Egypt !!
    I believe that despite what MB witnessed from crimes in those 80 years , its current leaders do not want to purge the ministry of interior for real because they need its fist to be brutal as it is to crack their opponents.
    I do not need to tell you how many testimonies I have from Alexandria about collaboration between the MB and the MOI against the protesters.
    Again I did not elect Shafik and I did not boycott the elections because I did not want to see or hear or read these kinds of testimonies.

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    After few hours Egypt will have another round rallies and protests against the constitutional declaration issued by Mohamed Morsi last Thursday. These rallies and protesters are considered as an escalation by political powers. 
    Now the plan will be as follows : 
    There will be two rallies from the journalists syndication and bar association downtown Cairo to Tahrir square at 1 PM. 
    There will be 3 major rallies in Cairo and Giza that will head to Tahrir at 5 PM : 
    • One from Mostafa Mahmoud mosque in Mohendessin Giza 
    • One from El Fatah mosque in Giza too "It will be led by Amr Hamzawy"
    • One from Shubra roundabout "It will be led by Mohamed ElBaradei and George Ishak
    I do not know if the Ultras will participate or not as sometimes their movements are unpredictable like on Friday. 
    Now these protesters want the following : 
    1. Morsi cancels the constitutional declaration. 
    2. The restructuring and purging of the ministry of interior 
    3. To issue a true law that grants the martyrs' their rights through real investigations and to cancel that emergency exceptional law. 
    4. To reform the constituent assembly 

       The political groups participating in the rallies against the constitutional declaration include the Egyptian Popular Current, the Constitution Party, the Socialist Popular Alliance Party, the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, the Karama Party, the Free Egyptians Party, the Freedom Egypt Party, the Revolutionary Socialists movement, the National Front for Justice and Democracy, the Maspero Youth Union, the "Ahmed Maher Front and Democratic Front", part of the April 6 Youth Movement, the Youth for Justice and Freedom Movement, the Free Egyptian Movement, the National Association for Change, the Kifeya Movement, the Free Front for Peaceful Change and the Lotus Revolution movement.

      There will be also rallies organized in the governorates against the constitutional declaration in Alexandria, Fayoum, Kafr El Sheikh, Sohag and Damietta as well in Sharm El Sheikh south Sinai.
      The Muslim brothehrood and Islamist powers from Salafists and Al Gama'a Al Islamiya but wisely they cancelled it. They say that it was better to cancel it for the best interest of the nation while others say that they are afraid
      By the way here is Tahrir square at Monday's night 
      Tahrir's night by Pierre Sioufi
      By the way schools are off yesterday and several companies and banks in Downtown will be closed just in case.

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      This is by far the biggest protest against the Muslim brotherhood. Yes it is originally a protest against the constitutional declaration but now it turned in to anti-Muslim brotherhood protest.
      I want there at 1 PM thinking that I would find small numbers but what I saw actually was growing numbers of protesters. Many of these protesters are first timers who came to protest against both the constitutional declaration.
      Here are photos I took earlier today.

      The Tahrir square is actually packed with people without the rallies that have not started yet in Giza or Ramsis or Shubra. There are other rallies headed from the journalists syndicate, bar association , opera house "artists rally". There is a big rally coming from Zamalek "oh yes from Zamalek" to Tahrir square. I heard that there will be two rallies coming from Heliopolis to Tahrir square.
      The decision to give school students the day off increased the number of protesters.

      Here is a live broadcast from Tahrir square.

      @5:16 PM
      So far there are hundreds of protesters roaming the streets of Tanta city. Tanta witnessed clashes between MB supporters and protesters against constitutional declaration.The protesters chant against the Muslim brotherhood and Morsi.
      In Suez city , protesters began to flock to the famous Al Arabin square chanting against Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood.
      In Mansoura City , Dakahalia governorate in Nile Delta hundreds of protesters blocked the main road to the governorate HQ's building in the city to object Morsi's decisions chanting anti-MB and Morsi chants.
      I will post the photos from the governorates later
      @5:35 PM
      Here is Tahrir square from Reuters' Live broadcast as Captured by Ahram Online @5:18 PM

      0 0

      I want the whole world to see this in order to see the real allies of President Morsi that he favoured over those that supported him for the sake of the revolution and the progress of Egypt.
      This is Abdullah Badr , the infamous Sheikh who got a huge hidden unhealthy crush on actress Elham Shahin to the level of distributing fake pornographic photos for her in front of the courts in public "In violation of Islamic teachings. Abdullah Badr wants to use the mosques as a media machine in order to promote for the support of Morsi and his decisions against Tahrir square. Now As he got tips that regime remnants will have spies inside the mosques that will allegedly stand in front of his plans , he says that he got boys in the mosques that will arrest those men and tie them on trees !!!!

      I do not know if I am naive to wonder where the ministry of interior and the ministry of Al Awakaf from these dangerous threats. This is clear incitement. 
      It is true that in several mosques , some Sheikhs are promoting for Muslim brotherhood's policies and are attacking their political opponents ever in the Friday's sermons.  Some prayers refuse this religious blackmail especially from revolutionary youth and attack the Sheikhs telling them to stick to the religion. They are not Mubarak's regime remnants.
      It is sad irony that Mubarak used the Islamists as bogeyman to scare people from democracy , now the Islamists use Mubarak and his regime as bogeyman to justify their practices.
      Of course I should also focus that Badr said this on Al Hafez channel that mobilizes its viewers to support President Morsi so he will not be shaken in front of Tahrir protest.
      This is a clear indication that mosques will be employed for the Muslim brotherhood, I think the Islamists will play this card in order to promote for their sick constitution they want to pass. 
      The game will be as follows : Ok guys you do not want this constitutional declaration , just approve the Constitution. The Islamists will play with the religion game in country side as usual just like the constitutional declaration of March 2011.
      The Constituent assembly will finish the draft constitution by Wednesday night and tomorrow its members will vote for it. The assembly will present the final draft to Morsi on Saturday I think so he would hold a referendum in the matter of two weeks !! It is worth to mention that the supreme constitutional court will issue its decree regarding the constituent assembly by December 2,2012. Many people expect that the court will disband the assembly thus it is better now to finish the bloody constitution now. 

      0 0

      Anonymous group has launched Operation Egypt officially today
      Here is the Press release. 
       I love this part 

       " To Dr. Morsi: Anonymous will not sit by and watch you washing away what thousands of Egyptians got killed and injured for. It’s your duty to listen to your own people. The decisions you made have cause the death of 2 young Egyptians in addition to hundreds more injured. In addition, your organized propaganda is portraying your legitimate opposition as if they are opposing the revolution, which you are destroying. We challenge your propaganda machine. When you ignore this message, not only will we attack your organization’s websites, Anonymous will also make sure that you stand exposed against your people as well as the international community. Anonymous will not spare anybody who supports such crimes. It’s in your hands to stop this: continue hardening your head and you will be subject to civil protest - lend an ear to the claim of freedom from your people and the hostilities will cease."
      Now Anonymous was being praised by the Muslim brotherhood for its role in #OpIsrael , I wonder how the brotherhood will attack and call Anonymous now !!
      The big #OpEgypt moment will be next Friday "30/11/2012" where Anonymous hackers will bring down the following websites from around the globe.
      More MB websites will be added. "I do not want to be mean but what about their media machine aka RSSD and the new Freedom and Justice news Portal !?"
      Here is #OpEgypt's twitter account and Facebook Page

      0 0

      And President Mohamed Morsi has become Egypt’s latest ruler to land on Time magazine cover.

      President Morsi of Egypt on Time Magazine cover

      Already Starting from King Fouad I Egypt’s ruler has always appeared on the famous American magazine in a way or another. Presidents Nasser and Sadat broke the record unlike any other ruler in the Arab world except may be for Arafat or Qaddafi. He is the eighth Egyptian ruler to appear on Time Magazine.

      There is little controversy in Cairo that the photographer who took that Cover photo of Morsi is Israeli. Nadav Kander took his shots yesterday in Cairo. Well honestly Kander is really good whether he is Israeli or Martian but I do not know why he did that extreme close up. I like the fact he did not airbrush the photo and left the Morsi’s face as natural as it is.

      The Time magazine’s team published the interview of Morsi in the Time Website yesterday on the same day they conducted the interview.

      As you can see Egyptians invaded the comment section. Morsi’s mention of the Planet of the Apes is the big moment of the day without doubt.

      Aside from the interview Bobby Ghosh , the Time’s deputy international editor wrote an interesting Op-ed about Mohamed Morsi that you should read.I read this line from the piece and I read Morsi’s famous quote in Tahrir “The 1960s and what you know about the 1960s !!”

      When the interview was scheduled, Morsi was riding high. His successful brokering of a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas had given him widening international and domestic support, a feat unmatched by any other Arab leader in the modern era, and offered the prospect that Egypt might again lead the region as it did under Gamal Abdel Nasser in the 1950s.

      Nasser is like the bad ghost stalking the MB for real !!

      Now some of the old Egyptian Chronicles readers know that I am big fan of Time archive and I did a series of posts about Egyptians on the cover of Time magazine. Here it is :

      The international MB media machine works like hell indeed. The question is how this media machine is working on hiding its radical allies back home like those who consider Democracy an act of evil and America is the enemy !! You know these allies the MB has ordered to head to Tahrir square in order to cleanse from the current protesters in the upcoming Sharia Saturday. “Oh yes the MB called the Islamists to head to Tahrir square for the sake

      It is worth to mention that Time Magazine included Morsi in its Time’s person of the Year and the MB and Islamists are doing their best to mobilize their forces online to vote and to make him the Time’s person of the year 2012. They are already spamming the people’s FB inboxes to go and to vote for Morsi.

      Already thanks to the MB organized e-committee , we find all the surveys online in Egypt in favor or him and his decisions.

      Oh Yes I am biased , too biased to my country , to my revolution and to honesty and I can not respect or trust those who break every promise they gave for the sake of the chair.

      0 0
    1. 11/30/12--11:42: #Nov30 in Tahrir square
    2. And Egyptians are back again to protest in Tahrir square in another day of protest against not only the constitutional declaration but also the constitution draft.
      The numbers currently in Tahrir square are not that big as it is expected.The secret word is "The rallies". There will be several rallies after Friday prayers from major squares and mosques in Cairo and Giza that will head to Tahrir square.
      Now to the street vendors are invading in Tahrir square as it is a big attraction now.
      Ok Mohamed Mahmoud street is now peaceful , the Tahrir security committees set up barbed wires in the street. The Lycée Bab El Luk is coming out of a war movie. I took some photos it is terrible. I am thinking of some post about the lycée only.
      Simon Bolivar square is being cleaned now yet the smell of tear gas grenades is extremely powerful. The entrances to Tahrir square from the square is being blocked by barbed wires too. Kasr El Dobra palace is extremely damaged
      The Friday speech slammed the Muslim brotherhood and Salafists.
      There will be rallies headed by ElBaradei , Sabbahi, Moses and others from Mostafa Mahmoud and Shubra.

      @3:18 PM

      Ok there is one main stage of Omar Makram for different political powers. As soon as this stage announced what happened to Morsi during Friday prayer in New Cairo , the protesters cheered. More people being to show and to come after the prayer , different ages and class as well backgrounds.
      There are security towers set up in the different entrances of the square. It is worth to mention that I received some tips mostly for people close to MB claiming that the former Mubarak regime will create trouble again in Tahrir square as well in front of the FJP and MB HQs.

       El Fatah Mosque rally entered the square , it was quite big and colorful full of flags. The flags of Constitution Party , April 6 Youth , Socialist popular alliance party , Revolutionary socialist and Strong Egypt party were all there. The rally was led by Khaled Ali "who has become known to average Egyptians more and more", Abdel Hakim Gamal Abdel Nasser and Kamel Khalil. Khalil chanted against Morsi in the rally with all his strength while he was being held over shoulders.
      Shady El Ghazli Harb was there too with his family "his wife and kids" , a lady standing besides kept saying when she saw him " do not let them "MB" fool ya Shady like the military".
      Mamdouh Hamza was there since early Morning , I asked him about what he thought about the draft constitution and he told me that it was like a midnight robbery. I found him later speaking at the old retired military stage speaking about how those military veterans gave their life for restoring Sinai and yet Morsi lost it !!

      @8:27 PM

      Ok back home from 3 hours ago. The Tahrir square was full when I left as the rallies from all over Cairo and Giza reached to the square. The biggest rally I believe was the one coming from Mostafa Mahmoud as usual. The square was packed by middle class and Upper middle class holding Egyptian flags chanting "Down with the Supreme guide's rule". 
      I saw the moment Hamdeen Sabbahi appeared on the podium and was received like a rock star or to be accurate as a leader. In fact some chanted "The president , the president" when he appeared on the stage among a group of TV hosts, actors and political activists. 
      He spoke for about 15 minutes. "We will continue in our sit in till Morsi cancel his constitution declaration" He said adding he and other political parties and parties standing against the constitutional declaration as well the draft constitution are not standing Islam or Sharia. I recorded the whole speech. You may see it on Monday with the rate of speed I am currently uploading back in Cairo !!
      Right after that I read that the main podium that ElBaradei would arrive soon. It was about 5 PM , I left. When I returned home I knew that ElBaradei arrived and announced that he will join the sit in at Tahrir square. oh yes El Bob is getting furious and he tweet this tonight.
      If you are speaking about ironies, I missed the moment that Siyad Badawy of New Al Wafd Party when he held the poster of Nasser on the stage !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the slap on his neck affected his brain for real !!
      Anyhow several newspapers and TV channels announced that they will be off next Tuesday for one day. 
      Here are the photos I uploaded so far , turtle speed indeed

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    3. 12/02/12--05:25: #Tahrir : RIP Ahmed Naguib
    4. And Ahmed Naguib has become the latest and fourth martyr “insh Allah” of Mohamed Mahmoud street clashes today after nearly a week in coma !! I snapped that shot for a banner calling people to pray for him.


      Naguib was shot down by gunshots in the latest Mohamed Mahmoud clashes from about a week ago. His condition was exactly like late Ahmed Jaber Saleh “Jika” whose funeral was only last week. Naguib is the fourth to be die in the latest political struggle in Egypt.

      First we had Ahmed Jaber Salah aka Jika who was 16 years old then we had Islam Massoud who was 15 years old then we had Fathy Gharib who was a bit old , in his 40s !! Now we got Naguib , who is 17 years old !! The more the young will die , the anger will increase among his friends in the same age.

      Ahmed Naguib was only 17 years old and he was shot down during the clashes by gunshot. The ministry of interior did not declare its responsibility just like in the case of Ahmed Jaber “Jika”but it is worth to mention that the gunshot extracted from the body of Jika proved that it was used only by police. I wonder what will come out from Naguib’s body this time !!

      Naguib’s funeral will be after couple of hours @4PM from Omar Makram mosque. In Mubarak times that mosque used to have the funerals of the big rich regime icons but now it became the a refugee for the young revolutionaries dreaming for better future for their country; just like Sheikh Omar Makram would want it to be.

      p.s : his family took his body and went to his hometown in Monufia where he will be buried , still protesters and friends will pray at Omar Makram mosque.

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    5. 12/02/12--07:26: #Nov30 in Pictures
    6. Oh yes your lazy blogger is back after staying in bed for one day in these crazy times. As late as usual here is my #Nov30 protest photo gallery in Tahrir square. You must know that these photos were taken from 10.30 AM till 4.30 PM. I did not stay till all the rallies came and the square was full.

      Here is the photo gallery

      Also here is the best photos I took from that day.








      Again wait another couple of days till I upload Hamdeen Sabbahi videos.

      Speaking about belated blog post here is a video showing the #Nov23 protest in Tahrir without the rallies or clashes in Mohamed Mahmoud street. I still got these videos waiting to be edited and uploaded.

      To say that things are overwhelming in Egypt is just underestimation.

      0 0

      Ok there are lots of things happening in Egypt right now and many observers and analysts describe these happening as crisis, well the word “Crisis” is underestimated description for what is really going on in Cairo.
      First I received some not so nice online because I did not cover yesterday’s Pro-President Morsi’s protest and I think I have to answer to back. Now this is a blog not a news site and if you follow my twitter account you will know that I have been sick for the past 4 days. I spent yesterday in bed so I do not know what I can to do more.
      Regarding this protest well unfortunately the FJP officials who organized it with their allies from Islamists claim it is biggest human gathering the world has seen from ten years ago !! Oh yes it was even bigger than the Friday of Wrath “January 28th,2012” according to Mr. Farid Ismail , the MB and FJP leading member as well member of constituent assembly !!!
      It was huge after all you mobilized all your supporters from several governorates in buses to be transferred to Giza in set up scene in order to present a certain counter message to the rallies that stunned Cairo and Giza last Tuesday. 
      Unfortunately I thought that the Muslim brotherhood will think in a different way and stop the ongoing polarization but instead the MB intended to increase for the sake of power in the worst way
      I only remember how the NDP with its different names in the past used to organized big rallies similar to this to show support to Nasser , Sadat and Mubarak in front of the world. Of course this time we are speaking about a polarization deepened and using religion in the worst way ever.
      Yesterday some MB supporter accused me of presenting a bad image about Egypt in the West “I do not know how” and I was on the verge of telling her “sister you should check the Sheikhs that spoke on the stage of MB in Giza to see who are really giving Egypt and Islam bad image.
      Islam as a religion , as teaching and as history was being insulted in the worst way ever yesterday.
      They claim that that the MB and President Morsi were insulted day and night in Tahrir square. Well last time I check the Tahrir protesters are not Sheikhs who use their religious status. I have always thought that religion men use better language but unfortunately I was mistaken. We knew miraculously that Morsi is the grandson of Omar and he is also the truly 5th Rashidun Caliphate not Omar Ibn Abdel Aziz , the true grandson of Omar !!
      Ironically the stage speakers included Sheikhs who were actually agents for the former state security known to everybody and some of them even fought each other. One particular face stunned me is Sheikh Mohamed Hassan , I mean this a Sheikh for all seasons !! He kissed Mubarak’s ass and prayed for SCAF from mount Arafat then praises Morsi !! Man of all seasons indeed who uses religion in the worst way !!
      I do not know what Essam Haddad will tell foreign media about their radical allies back in Cairo including those who respect and honor the martyr Osama Bin Laden but I know that Haddad will present something in return of D.C’s acceptance. Already I do not know what Haddad will say in front of the EU when he is confronted by his allies’ comments about the Holocaust mocking it throughout the event and up till now are using to accuse Mohamed ElBaradei of being traitor and Zionist agent !!
      I do not know what Haddad will tell from lies to the Europeans and the IMF in order to get loans when he is confronted by the MB’s members and supporters’ chants to Morsi to go after the media and judiciary. “ One signal Morsi and we will bring them in sacks !!” this is what the Pro-Morsi protesters chanted today in front of the Supreme constitutional court now. It is the ugly populism of Nasser , it is as they copycat what he did but with little religious touch. “I will not even say Islamic , Islam is innocent and greater from what they are doing from constant lying”
      The MB does not want to learn history lessons, it is like the 1954 all over again but I do not know if Morsi will have the fate of Mohamed Naguib or we will have the fate of Khaled Mohi El Din and his companions who supported Naguib. I do not know.
      I am already sick , fighting fever and trying to go to back to the field as soon as possible , I do not feel that guilty for not blogging about the protest yesterday because I feel more guilty I have not written a single word about the Quorsaya Island and its people who facing military trial or the Lycee school that came out of war zone and its students do not know what they are going to do !!
      Again this is personal blog with biased point of view , if you want unbiased professional grammatical mistakes free news and analysis I think you should head to Ahram Online or Egypt Independent or Egypt Monocle.

      0 0

      Yesterday there was some kind of National TV history being made on air live , an Egyptian TV host slammed the head of the State live !!
      Oh yes Pro-Revolution TV host Hala Fahmy has slammed president Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood for couple of minutes on air in her TV show on Channel 2 last night. Fahmy appeared while holding her shroud as a symbol of being ready to die. "It is actually an expression in Egypt {I am carrying my shroud when you speak about a nearly suicidal act"
      She accusing the National media of ignoring Tahrir square and its martyrs
      The Live broadcast of the show suddenly was cut when the guest was speaking about Egyptian Christians' rights and suddenly we find Rasha Magdy appearing reading the news bulletin in some sad irony !! "Rasha Magdy called the people in Egypt to stand with the army against the attack of the 
      Christians on October 9,2011!!!"

      Fahmy in a shot from the show holding her shroud
      This is another National TV history being made , to have a TV host criticizing the ruler , the president like that on air !!
      Some MB and Islamists' supporters say that he spoke improperly about Morsi , well I have not seen her speaking in bad manner in that clip so far.
      Now the Muslim brotherhood's supporters accuse Fahmy of being another Mubarak's regime remanent as her late dad is a former MP and member of NDP !! "So what honestly , I got NDP relatives and in fact I know some  new big sports MB star whose uncles were too damn close to the NDP !!"

      Hala Fahmy was the first one from the Egyptian National TV to join the #Jan28 protests in 2011 and the protesters in Tahrir square. She was the first from Maspero to speak openly against Mubarak as president on Dream TV2 during the 18 days.
      This is from Tahrir square on February 6,2011

      After the fall of Muabrak , she and a group of revolutionary Maspero employees started to demand the freedom and independence of National TV and radio so it would the Egyptians' truly media and they stood against SCAF and the military so it is kind of sad to see her being accused of being "Felol"

      By the way TV host , activist and former President Candidate Bothaina Kamel had her moment in the midnight news bulletin last Saturday night when she said "We continue with the Muslim brotherhood's news bulletin"

      Professionalism is debatable here as usual but somehow part of me is happy to see defiance and mutiny in Maspero , the National TV and Radia that always follows the ruler of Egypt regardless who is he and does not follow the people of Egypt.

      0 0
    7. 12/03/12--10:43: #Nov30 in Tahrir : In video
    8. Ok boys and girls here are my video clips from #Nov30 in Tahrir square including the famous socialist veteran Kamel Khalil’s chants and the speech of Hamdeen Sabbahi.

      By the way Kamel Khalil used to chant for the freedom of the Muslim brotherhood leading figures like Khariat El Shater in the past.

      You can check the photos I took there by the way.

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