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  • 11/04/12--22:30: Mickey , the Nasserite
  • Mickey Mouse has been always an icon of Pure American Capitalism since Walk Disney introduced to the world in 1928 but only in Egypt we managed to make him Nasserite Socialist !!
    Mickey mourns Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1970
    Mickey cries for Nasser

    Here is the cover of Mickey Magazine in Egypt on 5 November 1970 mourning the 40th Days after the death* of late President Gamal Abdel Nasser.
    Mickey Magazine was then published by Dar El Halil which was nationalized in 1961 and had been following the state since then. To be honest as reader of the famous comic magazine , this was the first time I discover that it was reflecting social and political issues to kids in this way.
    Now the magazine is being published by Nahdet Misr , a private owned publishing house after Dar El Halil sadly could not pay the license fees to Disney as it refused to raise its price. I miss the old Dar El Halil’s Mickey Magazine to be honest but Nahdet Misr did a great job of paying respect to the old Dar El Halil and its founders.
    By the way did you know famous Mahmoud Salem , the Godfather of Egyptian pulp fiction adventure genre in literature started to write for children and teens in Mickey Magazine !?
    *The 40th Days after death is an old Egyptian social tradition of memorial after the death of the deceased where the family of the deceased meets  and prays for him.

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    These are the numbers of active tweeps in the Middle East region according to a study from Dubai school of government’s Arabic Social Media report about the active twitter users in the Arab world in March 2012.

    Amazingly Egypt comes fourth in place “215,000 tweep” after Turkey “1.07 tweep” , Saudi Arabia “393,000 tweep” and Kuwait “235,000 tweep” !!! Of course if we consider the Arab world the top countries based on the number of active tweeps are : KSA, Kuwait , Egypt and UAE.
    What do you think ??
    Thanks to Rami Mohsen for the heads up.

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    Dear American voter ,
    Please choose the less worse candidate , please choose Obama and Biden over Romney and Ryan. I know both of them suck but sometimes you have to choose the less evil.
    As An Egyptian , I prefer Obama over Romney.
    As An Arab , I know both of them kiss Israel's ass but Romney and Ryan kiss Israel's ass more.Romney knows nothing about the region except that this is where the Oil is and we are bunch of useless human beings that need to live according to American lifestyle from his point of view.
    As A Muslim , I think Obama's administration managed to mend the gap between the Muslim world and the United States after Bush and this has nothing to do with Obama's roots as much it has what I believe a change in perspective.
    As Middle Eastern I feel and see that Romney is just even the more sick version of Bush.I do not want wars with Iran or Syria or any other country.
    Dear American voter , I know you care about the domestic issues and you should "I think Romney does not respect the poor in the States" but remember other people in the world always pay the price of your choice sooner or later.

    Dear American voter , please vote for Obama.
    Egyptian citizen.

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    On Sunday we watched this shocking video showing military police dispersing a gathering of angry citizens trying to meet the governor of Kafr El Sheikh Saad El Hosiny during a visit in Al Burullus Port in the governorate using K-9 dogs !! Yes dogs in some scene we would not imagine to see ever after the revolution !!!!!
    On the same night Kafr El Sheikh's governor spokesperson said that those who are responsible for sorrowful incident are the military police soldiers and officers  protecting the governor and that they are being investigated.
    Now today Tuesday we find our army’s spokesperson Ahmed Ali releasing a statement on Facebook claiming that it is untrue that military police participated in the incident and that there are no dogs in the units of military police !!“There are no snipers”
    Colonel Ali continued claiming that after a fight between the supporters and opponents of the governor , the port’s manager asked the Borders guards’ checkpoint to rescue the governor.. ok what is coming is even beyond imagination.
    According to Col. Ahmed’s statement the borders guards ran to save the governor and in their tail a stray dog that was already in the checkpoint seeking food. That stray dog went made when it saw the crowd and decided to attack the people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I do not see any stray dog in the video , in fact I see a solider holding the chain of evil big K9 terrorizing the people.
    Ironically on last Sunday  Saad El Hosiny’s office issued a statement on his official Facebook saying that the governor was extremely upset from the incident and he ordered the officers in the port to get that dog out !!!!!!
    Now Huston we got huge problem here. If Col. Ali and the army lied at first believing that no one will bust their lies because they do not know that there is a video filming the incident, it is a a big disaster.
    If Col. Ali and the army did not know there is a video at all and in good intentions they believed their men back in Kafr El Sheikh and did not look to the governor's story, then we have even bigger disaster when the commandership of the Egypt’s army can not get its facts straight after 48 hours of the incident !!  Now I am extremely terrified not only on Sinai but

    Update :

    Colonel Ali issued another statement on Facebook saying that:
    • There was borders guards unit involved in the incident.
    • There was a dog involved the in the incident too and that dog was not stray but rather privately owned by one of the officers in that unit. That officer is being investigated.
    • The army is admitting that there is something wrong and misinformation they received.
    As I said Huston we got a problem. Of course one must wonder : What if there is no video and such incident took place !?
    There are lots of problems in Kafr El Sheikh as governorate. Despite the Muslim brotherhood is not that popular there according presidential elections there, Morsi appointed leading MB members Saad El Hosiny as its governor.
    Kafr El Sheikh voted for Hamdeen Sabbahi in the first round of the elections. Hamdeen comes from Kafr El Sheikh and he is extremely popular there along with his party and Popular Current . For any analyst what Morsi did from appointed El Hosiny as a governor is an attempt by the MB to control this governorate. According to tips I got from friends already El Hosiny has appointed several MB members in key positions in the governorate.
    It is worth to mention that Morsi appointed MB governors in the governorates that did not vote for him like in Sharkia and Monufia.
    Back to the doggy political affair in front of us , well El Hosiny will pay for this move and despite the army is guilty and involved this move will affect his image among fishermen and citizens in Kafr El Sheikh who do not have Facebook accounts to read his status or the status of armed forces .

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    Congratulations to the democrats and the rest of the Americans. Hard luck to the Republicans.
    Hopefully these upcoming 4 years would be better for not only the Americans but for the rest of the world.Of course in  bad times we should remember that it could be worse if we had Romney.
    Lesson learned from US Presidential elections 2012 : DO not pissed women with your party’s members’ stupid statements.

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    Public prosecutor Abdel Maguid Mahmoud , the most hated man by Islamists currently has ordered today the ban of all Porn websites in Egypt !!!! 
    This decision is based upon an old administrative court order issued in 2009 to ban all porn websites in the country. In 2009 minister of information was sued by Islamist lawyer Nazar Ghorab in order to ban porn websites. After the revolution it seems that there is some Islamist campaign called "Pure.Net" against Porn websites calling for the porn websites ban. 
    Abdel Maguid Mahmoud decided to ban all porn websites in Egypt after his meeting with the members of that campaign. "He got time to meet Pro-Vice groups and yet he ignores corruption cases piling on his desk !!"
    I do not like porn websites and disapprove them but I think this decision technically has no use because there is something called proxy.
    Speaking about technical aspects , Minister of telecommunication Hany Mahmoud said in last September 2012 that it was technically impossible to block porn websites in Egypt !! Some say that it will cost Egypt actually $50 million !!
    Of course some believe that no not all people know proxy which is true but I am quite surprised on how Abdel Maguid Mahmoud has turned now in to a hero among Islamists. 

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    This small incident shows you the change that took place in Egypt , at least from a social perspective.
    طالبات تتظاهرن أمام وزارة التعليم لمنع دخول طالبة احتياجات خاصة
    These are 6th grade girls from some school protesting in front of the ministry of education  HQ in Cairo demanding the ministry to transfer a girl called Rana from their class. According to what I understood from Al Masry Al Youm’s report Rana is a bully that actually was transferred from another school. The girls were complaining that she was attacking them and the school’s administration did not anything concerning her behavior thus the whole class went to the ministry.
    The girls held banners saying “No place for Rana in our class” and “We will not leave , Rana leaves” just like the famous revolution’s slogan.
    This photo was taken by Al Masry Al Youm photographer Azza Fadaly at the ministry of education HQ Downtown Cairo today morning.
    I do not know about whether what the ministry of education will do concerning Rana or even Rana’s reaction when she knew that she is now being featured in National media like that but I know that the youngsters know that they should not give up their rights so easily. There is still hope despite somehow I feel sorry for Rana.

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    Islamists are cheering for the Public Prosecutor’s Porn websites ban and especially they believe that historical decision is the first step to apply what they believe to be Islamic Sharia in the society.

    Well they can stop cheering now because National Telecommunication regulatory authority “NTRA” has issued a statement today saying clearly that officially we can not ban all Porn websites in Egypt !!!

    The three pages statements mentioned important facts :

    • ISPs in Egypt can not block millions of domains and websites.
    • ISPs in Egypt provide family safety packages for all those interested.
    • NRTA visited gulf states to see their experiences in this issue and they found out that our gulf sister states failed to block porn websites despite spending millions , there is something called Proxy
    • NTRA also tells people to raise their sons properly instead of demanding ISPs to block websites in the end.

    This is a big blow to the conservatives in Egypt.

    By the way I could not ignore in this occasion one of Egyptian Cinema’s masterpieces from the last decade “Cultural film” as we are speaking about pornography.

    Cultural Film

    “Cultural film” is a slang name for porn films in Egypt and that film , actually a Political black comedy is about 3 friends who try to find an isolated place to watch what they believe a top hit Porn film on VCR. Their attempts fail and in the end they are told that there is nothing wrong in them but rather the system.

    Despite it is a hit comedy , it has a strong political message. It is one of the few fine political comedies done in the past 10 years. It is a must watch.

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    Thousands of Islamists are currently in Tahrir square participating in what they called “ Apply Sharia Friday”. They have one demand which is simply to apply the Islamic Sharia based on their own view in the constitution.

    Of course as the Muslim brotherhood and Al Nour Party are not participating officially in this Friday protest , you can imagine the numbers are not that big as we are speaking about 6000 to 8000. It is worth to mention that last night it rained heavily in several cities in Nile Delta so I believe it will not be easy for the Islamist parties and groups to transfer their supporters from governorates as they have always done. The numbers of course may increase in the afternoon.

    The main parties participating in this Friday are The Salafist Front and its newly found People Party and Al Gamaa Al Islamiyaa and its political Party Building and Development Party. Other Islamist parties like Al Asala are participating as well other Islamist groups like Hazem Abu Ismail related groups. “Hazemoon and Lazm Hazem.. etc.”

    Last night Al Gamaa Al Islamiya set up a big stage in Tahrir square and few of its supporters stayed all night carrying banners calling for the implementation of Sharia.

    The photos of Omar Abdel Rahman are there as well. The chants range between “Islamic .. Islamic” to “Bread , Freedom and Islamic Sharia” to “where are you Secular !!”

    The Emam of the prayers in the square this Friday is not Mazhar Shahin but rather a member of “Building and Development Party” Sheikh Mohamed El Soghair “Not to be confused with the famous hairdresser”. Sheikh El Soghair did not only attack liberals and seculars but he rather compared them to the infidels in the early days of Islam. He also claimed that “90 million Muslim in Egypt want to apply the Sharia”

    He also prayed against certain figures by names including the public prosecutor.

    Female journalists and reporters were forced to leave the main stage by the protesters as some reported.

    Strangely in a very late time the Muslim brotherhood issued an order to its members in the governorate to have stands outside the mosques and not to go to Tahrir square. The MB are distributing flyers outside the mosques in certain areas in Cairo and Alexandria. The flyers support the current constituent assembly and their own version of the Sharia they want to be included in the upcoming constitution.

    Here are two versions , one from Cairo and the other is from Alexandria.

    Of course the Muslim brotherhood will not participate in such protest for fear of the outside world but inside they do support such protests and want these protests in the same way Mubarak used to say to the West either me or the radicals.

    I have to go now , Wait for more photos and videos late.

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    Late Eman 
    Her name is Eman Mostafa. A 18 years old teenager from a small village called “Arab El Cablat” in Assuit , Upper Egypt.On the 10th of September 2012 she went along with her cousin to buy cement from the market in the village riding a donkey. “Imagine that image”
    In the way back two men one of them called Ramdan , armed and looking for trouble stalked her on motorcycle. Ramadan groped her breast and in quick reaction Eman spit in his ugly face. Feeling that his fake manhood was hurt, the thug shot her with his gun pointblank. Eman died and the bastard escaped along with his partner. On September 21, 2012 , the bastard was arrested.
    Here is a video report from EIPR from Asuit about the case which the mainstream media somehow ignored despite its importance.

    Her father is proud of her after all she defended her honor and her father’s honor in his own words.
    Knowing Upper Egypt’s mindset I know MR. Mostafa is extremely proud on how she defended her honor and I know that if he has the opportunity , he will kill that bastard that shot her in cold blood.
    The girls in Asuit University organized a silent stand to commemorate her and to remind the society with her case.
    Thanks to EIPR for highlighting the case of Eman. Eman proves that the strongest examples are not always big city rich educated independent ladies , our ladies in those small villages that we do not know that they exist in Egypt are strong without even realizing it.
    RIP Eman, your name will be ever remembered in the sexual harassments file just like Noha Rushdie.

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    Last year during the various sits in Tahrir square witnessed , there were data shows for documentaries and films usually about political and social as well economic struggles in Egypt. I remember that in the July sit in.

    Yesterday my friend Ibrahim was passing by Tahrir square to find someone had set up a data show in one of the square’s circular gardens showing clips for Islamist fighters in Syria. He was alarmed because these are not documentaries about the Syrian revolution but rather about operations of armed Islamist groups inside Syria against El Assad regime.

    Were the Islamist groups in Egypt recruiting Egyptian youth to fight against El Assad’s regime yesterday ? Everything is possible already the Salafists have sent flocks for young men to fight with Syrians in Syria in the past months.Every two weeks at least you hear that young young man went to fight in Syria and got killed.

    One of the main Salafist groups implicated in this is Hazemoon ,one of the biggest and loudest Hazem Abu El Ismail’s supporters.

    I think I am known for my support to Syrian revolution. I also know very well the concept of Jihad so I do not need lectures online. When I remember the clips and the speeches I have seen and heard from Tahrir square yesterday , I feel so alarmed.

    When I watched that clip above again , I feel that most probably this was used for recruitment proposes.

    I do not think Syria needs foreign fighters even foreign Muslim fighters as it got men , Syria needs a true roadmap and someone to lead the way for real.

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    Last night Wael Al Abrashi hosted a radical Salafist called Morgan El Gohary from Jihadist Salafist leaderships  in Egypt on Dream TV2 . This man used to fight with Taliban in Afghanistan and he recounts proudly how he participated with that radical group in blowing up the Buddha statue there in 2001.
    Now this man is saying that the Jihadist Salafists in Egypt will destroy the Sphinx and the Pyramids as well all other ancient statues in Egypt because they should be destroyed. His logic is that these statues were once worshipped and could be worshipped again.
    Morgan : We want to destroy the sphinx and the pyramids
    Al Abrashi was hosting also a Tunisian Sheikh , Abdel Fatah Al Mourou, the co-founder of Al Nahada movement in Tunisia. That moderate Sheikh was shocked on the amount of ignorance sitting in front of him trying to debate him in common sense but what you know !!
    For example :
    Sheikh Al Mourou told Morgan that the old Muslims that came to Egypt from 14 centuries ago did not destroy the ancient Egyptian monuments and the answer of Morgan was : They did not have modern strong weapons !!!!
    Seriously I do not feel good especially when I think with the amount of illegal arms these radicals got. Shall we ask for official protection from the Egyptian police or even from the international community to save world heritage from destruction after what happened in Iraq and Syria !? Shall we form popular groups to protect out monuments
    I believe that Morgan and his friends got no place in Egypt , they can return to Afghanistan and do not preach me on the Freedom of speech to the right of citizenship because Morgan and co. believe in none.
    Whoever let these guys out of their caves speaking to the media like that is doing a great job in scaring us all. The message is received.
    I think you should visit the Giza Plateau as well other areas in Egypt that are full of ancient Egyptian monuments like Luxor and Aswan while you can. This could be our new Egyptian tourism authority’s marketing campaign !!
    p.s : Sheikh Al Mourou impressed everybody in Egypt last night even Mubarak and Omar Suleiman's orphans

    Update : 

    Concerned citizens spoke with Ikhwan Web, the English account of the MB on twitter regarding that wacko job who wants to demolish the pyramids and sphinx and this was the MB's answer. 
    The problem is that Jihadist Salafists consider MB as infidels !!
    Ok as Egyptians we always create jokes from own misery , below two cartoons about that call to demolish our heritage.They got the same idea but they are funny in their own way.
    Salafi Sphinx 
    "I am on the safe side" Sphinx to Salafist 
    And you got that Meme circulating on the Facebook
    Sphinx's reaction
    The Egyptians are extremely angry for these calls as they believe it is some sort of madness but some fear from these groups and they have to.
    Again those who released them from their caves are playing their game of horror well because many think that the Old state security was doing a great job in keeping them away. The game is perfectly played but unfortunately it is like playing with the fire. This fire can burn us all !!

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    I did not know that minister Mohamed Mashoub of parliamentary affair. was a Khaki scout in his childhood !

    Dear Minister Mahsoub please do not announce anything related to presidency except when you have full permission from the presidency for God sake.
    By the way I respect Mohamed Mahsoub as a politician and as a minister.
    Photo for Jared Gilman from Moonrise Kingdom

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    Since publishing this post about that crazy man who want to demolish the pyramids and Sphinx I received several reactions attacking me for publishing this post from both Islamists and non Islamists.

    The main objection : Why would you publish something like this in your blog and spread it like that when this man only represents himself and a narrow segment from the society or rather Islamists ??

    I am sorry , this man does not represent himself alone but rather represents a whole. Similar views were expressed by none other Salafist Calling leading member and co-founder of its political arm , the famous Al Nour party.

    Abdel Moneim El Shahat wanted to cover the ancient monuments with wax !! “Video”

    Al Nour Party and Salafist calling as well El Shahat are popular enough among millions of Salafists in Egypt.

    Of course this will lead us to wonder about Al Nour party’s position from all this. I bet they will have double standards on this , they do not have a problem in respecting foreign anthems while they do not pay respect to our national anthem.

    Now for those Islamists who can not tolerate this , they have to face the fact that their Sheikhs and scholars hate ancient Egypt because they look to ancient Egyptians as infidels who stood against Prophet Moses !!

    Wagdy Ghonim, the foulmouthed Pro-Muslim brotherhood preacher had always slammed ancient Egyptians in his tapes and videos. This clip was aired on Al Nas TV channel , one of the most top Salafist Channels in Egypt.

    Ghonim got a huge fan base among Islamists already.

    I remember also the famous fatwa of Sheikh Hassan to sell ancient artifacts.  Sheikh Hassan is also the owner of Al Nas TV channel as well one of the leading members of the Salafist calling in Egypt.

    Are these enough for you to admit that we got a problem in how these radicals think regarding our history and our legacy !?

    Second Objection : This is a Wael Al Abrashi’s show and he is attention seeker.

    Well it is not about Wael Al Abrashi or his hot hair , Al Abrashi did not tell Morgan El Gohary or El Shahat to say what he wants. This is how they think. We have to deal with that.

    Third Objection : This is a secondary issue !!

    This is not a secondary issue , it is nation’s history. Iraq’s history has been destroyed and Syria’s history is being destroyed. I will not let this happen to Egypt’s history as well !!

    Taliban blew up Buddha statues , their supporters can do this in Egypt.

    I can not ignore anything and yes I believe that these groups are back to the surface to scare us in order to make the public miss Mubarak’s solid security fist. Still whoever is moving the strings in the backstage , he is playing with fire that can burn the whole nation down. This is why I am extremely worried.

    Luckily I am not worried alone as the Tourism coalition in Egypt has threatened to sue President Morsi for the lack of reaction after Morgan’s alarming statements.

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  • 11/13/12--15:17: Dedicated to IMF
  • On behalf of many Egyptians , I dedicate this song to both Morsi’s government and IMF.

    Most political parties and powers are against the IMF loan. Most political parties like Strong Egypt Party ,the Socialist popular alliance party , Constitution Party and Popular Current coalition are against the loan. April 6 Youth movement “Ahmed Maher Front” also expressed its refusal.

    The Drop Egypt’s Debts campaign has been outspoken against the loan and actually from the leading movements against it. The campaign presented alternatives but nobody listened to them. Strong Egypt Party also presented alternatives to the government.

    All these political powers , parties, campaigns and movements organized protests and rallies against the loan but nobody wants to hear them

    Now I have got one question : If the IMF is going to give us the loans without any conditions , why there are negotiations with the IMF !? Negotiations mean conditions !!

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    Jordan witnessed last night huge protests across the country after the decision of the government to raise the prices of fuel. Schools and universities have been closed today by the orders of the government in several cities and lawyers started a strike against the price hike.
    Lawyers at main Court Square in Amman
    on strike as well
    Public transportation workers strike 
    The public transportation in Amman is on strike and streets are closed by workers and students alike. Streets leading to the Interior roundabout are being closed.
    The students protest in Amman By Ali

    Yesterday chants at night were against Abdullah II for the first time his photos were burned in certain areas too
    The  Muslim brotherhood members and supporters in Egypt are so excited because Jordan will become a republic !!!!! Again it is worth to mention that these protests are not to turn Jordan in to republic and regardless of the slogans attacking Abdullah II last night , it is too early to predict anything so easily.
    Nevertheless many Jordanians expressed their refusal to the chants against the King saying that in this stage they do not want to oust the King. It is not a revolution but rather an uprising against price hikes.

    BY the way the protesters are Jordanians representing all classes and all political powers , they are not only Muslim brotherhood , leftists and anarchists.

    Regionally the situation is very critical to the King , already you got the Muslim brotherhood in Jordan feeling strong with the support giving to them whether directly or indirectly from their brothers in Egypt. Washington Times says that
    You got the Palestinians and Syrians. In nutshell aside from what you think about the Royal Jordanian Family , this is the biggest test King Abdullah II would face since replacing his father.
    King Abdullah II is going to speak soon to the people. Speculations say that the Jordanian government will cancel its decisions.
    Now the MB as usual looks under its feet in Cairo and does not learn from the possibility that this can happen in Egypt too as we are moving in the same direction like in Jordan.

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    Ok this is just in and was confirmed by Egyptian TV.
    Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has issued his orders to recall the Egyptian ambassador Atef Salem from Tel Aviv in a official statement after the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza sector tonight.
    Morsi has ordered our envy in the UN to call for an urgent meeting for the security council. He also ordered the ministry of foreign affairs to summon the Israeli ambassador in Cairo.
    He also called Nabil El Araby, the General secretary of LAS in order to held an urgent meeting to discuss the latest developments in Gaza.
    According from what I understood , The Israeli Ch2 stated that our ambassador in Tel Aviv demanded that the operation in Gaza to be stopped but it seems that the Israeli government has refused and Egypt had to escalate. It is worth to mention that the first official reaction from Egypt was the demand of the ministry of foreign affairs following the strikes demanding Israeli forces to stop the operation.
    Of course this is a major shift in the relations.

    Story is developing.

    Here is the video statement of Presidency's spokesperson Yasser Ali announcing the decisions of Morsi.

    Here is a quick look to the reactions from Cairo following the aggression on Gaza.

    Updates :

    Ok Israel has denied that Hamas' rockets reached to Tel Aviv. Already Hamas and IDF English Twitter accounts engaged in online fight on the social media network tonight. 
    From Alex Yudelson
    The State Department has issued a statement and of course the States understands completely the right of Israel to defend itself ..bla bla bla. 
    Israeli ambassador also left Cairo but according to news reports , he went on vacation "summoned for negotiations I bet" yet the embassy is open and working. 
    The ministry of foreign affairs in Egypt changed its header image in its official Facebook Page to a photo showing Palestinian flag.
    There is unconfirmed news that the Crossings of Rafah are open for injured in Gaza to be transferred to Egypt.
    The name of that operation is called Operation Pillars of Cloud , oh yes and it has got something with Egypt and the Exodus !!

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    I can not find a suitable headline for this post , for the past 2 years these scenes and situations have become a norm for us.
    Here is the situation in Gaza , babies and children killed as usual and it is not about the security of Israel more about the security of Bibi in the bloody elections.
    "Warning : Graphic content"
    Late Hanin before and after
    Late Jenny
    Jenny from Gaza was featured last night in the media not because she was pretty but because her body was turned as you can see. She was eliminated along with Jaabari !!
    Jenny was not alone as you got the international wanted terrorist 11 months old Ahmed  Masharawi was eliminated too and the world is a happy place again !!
    Terrorist Ahmed Masharawi

    Terrorist Ahmed yesterday
    Ahmed's father , BBC Arabic Photographer Jihad Masharawi
    Jihad is asking why his little baby was killed and I do not think that he will know the answer
    Now Anonymous has launched #OpIsrael and they started it with top Israeli top security website called ""
    A screen capture for the website
    It is not only Anonymous that started to target Israeli political websites but also Kuwaiti hackers started to hack Israeli websites. Kuwaiti hackers attacked and hacked Israeli Likud member and MK Danny Danon who was working on collecting signatures in order to cut off electricity in Gaza. 
    Danon's website
    Danon's website
    The IDF media machine did not stop working all night long. The IDF published a video showing how the Israeli forces hit the car of Jaabari yesterday.

    To show itself as ethical army "and do not ask me how" Avichay Adraee " published on his twitter account a copy for the flyer the IAF is throwing on Gaza to warn the civilians from getting close to Hamas centers and members.
    I asked Adraee directly if the Biblical name of the Pillars of Cloud was chosen in order to send a hidden message to Egypt but he answered no. Now if IDF had chosen a Biblical name (Exodus 13:21) for its operation , Hamas also chose a Quranic name "stones of shale" (Qur'an 105:4).

    In Egypt

    Now concerning Egypt , well President Morsi held an emergency meeting with the PM , minister of defense and minister of interior to discuss the developments in Gaza. The meeting which was held at the Presidential palace early today was attended by Pakinam El Sharkawy, the President's aide for Political affairs and Essam Haddad , the President's aide for foreign affairs and international cooperation.
    Jaabari, Shalit and Shahata
    Morsi also spoke in a Televised speech where he condemned the attack demanding Israel to stop it immediately.
    On the other hand head of Egyptian intelligence Rafat Shahata has cut his visit to Turkey and returned immediately to Cairo to follow up the latest updates in Gaza. Shahata is from the key players in reaching out for a truce "that has become a past" between Hamas and Israel in the past months.

    Rafah Crossings have been opened from the Egyptian side since last night , no vacations for workers. Only injured Palestinians are allowed to entered. Al Arish General hospital is now ready to receive injured Palestinian.
    Now there are news concerning Egyptian military enforcements in the borders and at the same time the chief of staff Sobhy Saleh is visiting military bases at West Suez area according Colonel Ahmed Ali , Egyptian army Spokesperson.
    Today we are having several protests in solidarity with Gaza. First we had a protest at League of Arab states at 12.30 PM where hundreds of protesters demanded the government to cut the relations with Israel. Despite there were different political powers , it was dominated by Islamists.
    Ahmed Seif El Doula, the nationalist activist and President Morsi's advisor has participated in that protest.
    Here is a photo gallery from dear friend Mahmoud Gamal El Din.

    There will be another protest at LAS at 4 PM.

    @8:20 PM

    Many updates happened all that time.
    First of all Sirens have been heard in Tel Aviv and Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility of rockets that struck Tel Aviv.
    This is considered the first time since 1990 that Arabic rockets would hit Israeli capital. Nevertheless Israeli officials deny that it hit Tel Aviv.

    and Yet Israelis are speaking about a rocket that hit Holon area near Tel Aviv. Now The IDF and its official spokespersons online speak about land offensive , of course I do not know if they can do it or not but this is dangerous escalation.

    El Kassam brigadiers also announced that they hit down a drone.

    Tonight is another scary worrying night as Israel announced that it called 3000 reservists for service preparing for another Gaza invasion. 

    Tomorrow a high official Egyptian delegation will head to Gaza. The delegation is headed by Egyptian PM Hisham Qandil. Of course Qandil is not the only important Egyptian official heading to Gaza , head of Egyptian intelligence Shahata will accompany him. Other names announced in the delegation include President's aides Pakinam El Sharkawy and Essam Haddad. I think Pakinam is not going to play an important role like both Shahata and Haddad. The minister of health is going with them too. Without doubt having Shahata in the picture means there are negotiations of truce taking place.

    According to analysts in Egypt , this visit is approved and even recommended by not only Egypt but rather the United States. Obama already spoke with Morsi today and according to AFP the States asked Egypt to mediate between Hamas and Israel. Already at the time Muslim brotherhood members , supporters and Facebook pages claiming since the morning that Egypt is refusing to mediate between Hamas and Israel and he hang up on Bibi , Hamas officials told BBC correspondent in Gaza Jon Donnison.

    There is news that Tunisian delegation will accompany the Egyptian delegation in its visit.

    Humanitarian delegations started to head to Gaza already. The Arab Medical union is sending Envoys from now and is actually accepting donations. Strong Egypt Party “which is founded by Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh, the head of the Arab Medical union” is also organizing a convey to Gaza that will depart on Sunday. Mosireen will organize a convey if I understand right.

    By the way the death toll in Gaza has reached to 16 including 4 children and pregnant women

    0 0

    Today is the third day of the on going mini-war taking place between Israel and Gaza , between the IDF and Hamas. For the second day sirens heard in Tel Aviv as the long range Fajr homemade missiles reached the city. Israeli officials say there are not casualties. El Kassam says that it fired rockets towards the Knesset yet sirens have not been heard in Jerusalem though. Israel continued its strikes in North Gaza.

    In early morning Egyptian PM Hisham Qandil has visited the sector in the protection of Egyptian special forces for 3 hours. Qandil went with the minister of health and Hossam Haddad , the president's aide for foreign affairs.

    Some sources say that head of Egyptian intelligence Shahata did not go with Qandil. Well I have not seen in the visit's footage but logically the head of intelligence will not go visiting hospitals when he has a bigger role aka negotiations.

    Qandil visited El Shafaa hospital where he witnessed the death of 3 injured including a child. Egyptian military jets are going to transfer medical aids to Gaza. Our PM who is so happy by our first civilian president says that Israel has to respect International treaties. Of course Qandil must understand that our civilian president is facing a very tough exam , if things go out of control or wrong , Egyptians will say that we do not need a civilian president.

    Former presidential candidate and head of Strong Egypt party Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh is already in Gaza heading the Arab medical union's medical convoy.Abu El Fotouh is the head of the Arabic medical union. He addressed Gazans in a speech after Friday prayers. His action made him earn a lot of admiration back to Cairo.

    It is worth to mention that several Egyptian parties above them Strong Egypt party will organize a medical envoy that head to Gaza on Sunday.

    I believe it will be a strong message and will force Israel to stop its attack if president Morsi and PM Erdogan of Turkey headed to Gaza tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. If we are serious in finding a truce , this will be a strong message.

    The Tunisian PM is going to head Gaza tomorrow by the way.
    There are protests today in Cairo and Alexandria mainly organized by Muslim brotherhood.

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