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    The Muslim brotherhood is now claiming that they got no members in the square during the sorrowful clashes and that those people are attacking the Non Islamist forces and parties are more of Morsi’s supporters.
    It started with the young Muslim brotherhood members in Cairo and Giza  who revealed that they got orders from the Guidance office to meet at Tahrir square at 5 PM before heading to the public prosecutor’s office denying that that the members of the brotherhood are in the square.
    Then leading MB member Mahmoud Ghozlan also claimed that there are no MBs in the square.
    Now the International English account of the Muslim brotherhood “@Ikhwanweb” is repeating this claim too
    I got one answer and it is actually from Essam El Arian , the acting president of Freedom and Justice Party and leading member of the Muslim brotherhood.

    To the youth of Freedom and Justice party , our meeting is 4 PM at Supreme Judiciary Court , those who went to Tahrir , gathering point at Egyptian museum to head in a march to the Supreme judiciary court 
     If this is not enough , here is the official Facebook Page of Mohamed ElBeltagy from short time ago

    With deep sadness while I am outside Cairo , I follow what is taking place in Tahrir square , the on going clashes do not suit the free patriots regardless of their political affiliation or motives or difference in understanding the current national situation and regardless of the others’ mistakes and provocation.
    I call the Muslim brotherhood to withdraw from Tahrir square immediately and to protest only at the Supreme Court “Public prosecutor HQ”. I assure that the fighting political powers fell unintentionally in a trap made by the counter regime
    There is no doubt that the biggest laugh today is the Mubarak’s regime remnants' !!
    According to eye witnesses there are buses all over the square coming from all over the country parked , these buses are usually the MB’s buses and their ladies are actually staying there for fear of their safety.
    Already thanks to a tip from a friend I knew that those Morsi’s supporters who attacked his opponents are actually the MB members that came from the governorates earlier and stayed in Tahrir square.
    Now one must ask , why does not the MB have any kind of control on those members ??
    Anyhow I could not ignore this tweet of Dr.Ahmed Rushdie, the member in the Muslim brotherhood and member in Morsi’s presidential campaign. "He removed it"
    No stage was being destroyed , the man who owns the rented equipments and set up the stage “El Farasha” feared on his stuff thus he gathered it and left !!!
    Dr. Rushdie did not see the videos or the live broadcast from Tahrir square. Already the man believes that all media and all the people are biased are against the Muslim brotherhood.

     Politicians lie all the time but they do not do it hiding behind religion. Muslims should not lie.
    Ultras Ikhwan by Sarah Carr 
    P.S : 6:23 PM according to eye witnesses all Morsi’s supporters who “are not MB as the MB media machine claims” left amazingly to the public prosecutor office just like the MB members on time !!!

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    These are the headlines of today’s issue of the Freedom and Justice newspaper owned by Freedom and Justice Party about yesterday’s clashes in Tahrir.
    After starting to release the defendants of the battle of the camel trial.
    Bloody clashes in Tahrir
    The residents arrest “State security” in Mohamed Mahmoud street
    “Freedom and Justice” paper reveals the details of a secret meeting between businessmen and TV channels owners.

    Do not ask how the residents of Mohamed Mahmoud street arrest a state security officer and it was not spread publicly yesterday considering that the Pro-Revolutionaries from Non Islamists were controlling that street  !! Also Is he an officer in the State security or National security !?
    Second how FJ Paper spied on that top secret, I do not know but in nutshell they claim that the owners of Al Hayat TV channel “Siyad Badawy of Al Wafd Party” , ONTV channel “Naguib Sawiris” and Al Mehawar “Hassan Ratab” had a meeting to organize a campaign against the president and against the MB.
    The MB will not hate to close these channels , in fact I believe they wish they would be closed in order to control the media.
    There is no doubt that the old regime and its supporters are the only winner of yesterday’s clashes but I had enough of putting the blame on them all the way. For a whole year , we failed to know who was the third party that used to create clashes and trouble in Egypt !!
    Needless to say as they got some injured and two torched buses , the MB boys are still living the victim’s role as they have always been not realizing that they are now ruling Egypt. May be they know and they do understand the implications of being the ruler of Egypt but want to escape the consequences.

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    Last week there was a small news nobody cared to read or follow up despite it was extremely alarming.
    Unknown group torched two CSF vehicles parked in Tahrir square , lucky nobody was harmed last 9/10.
    Nobody claimed responsibility until we found that video online title “Hooligans , operation No.0 : Torching the CSF vehicles on 9/10/2012 on a YouTube channel called “Arab Anonymous” {The channel was made on December 4th ,2010}

    From the computerized narrator reading a perfect Arabic in inhuman way and the Vendetta King Tut’s picture , we know that they are claiming to be anarchists. According to that message that reminded us with Anonymous’ video message , we knew that group is just testing its power , this is training “Somebody could have been killed”
    The group allegedly claimed that they torched these two vehicles as a retribution for the random arrests of protesters last 15/9/2012 “US embassy protest”  from the street. “The video called the protesters as rebels yet this not an Islamist group”. The group also said this operation is like an answer for how the MOI let Tahrir square to be invaded with “mercenaries” and how the graffiti of Mohamed Mahmoud was erased.
    The video called the minister of interior Ahmed Gamal El Din as pig and declared their operations will target in the future the current regime and the Muslim brotherhood.
    After that video , this Facebook Page with the name of “Hooligans” appeared.
    I do not understand why they used the song of Mobinil Ad “Because we are all together !!”
    Now on Friday we found them posting this status update on Friday during the clashes between MB and Non MB protesters with that photo:

    Operation No.1 soon : F*cking the MB .. 3:45 PM
    Just in case the photo is removed : Molotov cocktails , a guy with fancy watch holding a paper with the name of the operation
    Despite they did not claim responsibility of torching the MB buses at night , some people are to know between both incidents. It is worth to mention there were Molotov cocktails hurled at both sides of the protesters , may be
    Interesting today we found another Facebook claiming to be the Hooligans page that was created on October 13/10 “today” but in Arabic “El Mshagbeen Movement”
    I totally refuse the torching of MB buses because yesterday the MB buses and tomorrow it may be the HQ of Constitution party. I also refuse Molotov cocktails to be thrown at each other like animals and savages.
    I think violence made us pay a heavy price in our Egyptian revolution and I will say it again , some adrenaline junkies dragged us in useless battles that made us lose a lot when it comes to the public.
    Already we got growing threat of radical religious terrorism in Sinai and in Egypt especially with the rise of the Jihadist Salafism and the constant threats of Al Gama’a Al Islamiyaa and Islamic Jihad that they may hold arms again against Morsi and the current regime if it does not apply Sharia from their own perspective. We can not tolerate having a militant anarchist movement. I do not need to tell you that how much we paid in the terrorism years , at least look it from the freedoms we are fighting for. In terrorism years , no cry over the battle cry !!
    I do not need to say that these guys will harm and are harming socialists and other anarchists in Egypt with these actions considering the fact this is a society that does not have a clear idea about anarchism.  The MB needs something to play the role of the victim that they excelled for a long time. The ministry of interior and the New National security want to avenge for their dignity. 
    You want to know how much we lost , well may be you should check the results of the  first round of the Presidential elections when Shafik and Morsi made it to the runoffs , the stability candidates. The people are looking for an alternative for the MB , more of these people will not go for the MB only but for the Mubarak regime that kept them safe from those kids.

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    Egypt's famous tabloid "El khamis" (Thursday) published a very interesting report claiming the Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al Zawahiri is currently hiding in Egypt according to sources and eye witnesses  !!
    By Mena Fakhry
    It would be another fake news item but unfortunately there is alarming fact , the editor in chief of that infamous tabloid news is Amr El-Lithy , president Mohamed Morsi's advisor.Unfortunately this gives credibility to his newspaper as informed source. We need explanation

    I think Morsi should revise his advisers , already El-Lithy was a former NDP member in the media committee.

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    As today marks one of The national day of the Egyptian air forces , I proudly present you the full documentary of “Wings of wrath”

    A great documentary with great content. I am so proud of our pilots regardless what. Again this documentary should be translated in to English ASAP. This is the first part again.
    I presented the first 15 minutes of the documentary earlier this month. It turned out that last week ONTV presented it completely.

    Today marks the famous battle of Al Mansoura between Egyptian air forces and Israeli air forces. I think this is the best way to celebrate one of the biggest dogfights Egyptian skies have ever witnessed.
    The heroes of Mansoura battle
    We are speaking about 53 minutes fight between 160 Israeli jets “Phantom and Skyhook” and 62 Egyptian jets “Meg-21”. Israel wanted to target the airbases in Tanta, Mansour and Salahiya in Delta. The results : 17 Israeli jets were shot down vs. 6 Egyptian jets.

    I remember that from couple of years Israeli government received some bodies of Israeli pilots from that battle from Nile delta after all those years.

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    After considerable delay the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria announced officially the top 5 papal candidates for the Pope’s position from the 17 candidates declared last August 2012.
    The top 5 are :
    • Father Raphael Ava Mina from Mari Mina in Alexandria. Mina was born in 1924 in Cairo and has a degree in law from the University of Ain Shams. He is considered the oldest candidate in the list.
    • Father Bakhomious Al Sorian from the monastery of Virgin Mary in Wadi Al Natroon. Father Bakhomious was born in Aswan in 1963 and has a degree in Science and education. He is considered the youngest candidate in the list.
    • Father Serafeem Al Sorian from the monastery of Virgin Mary in Wadi Al Natroon. Father Serafeem was born in 1959 in Cairo and has a degree in science from the University of Ain Shams.He serves in the church in the United States.
    • Bishop Raphael, the auxiliary Bishop of Central Cairo and Heliopolis as well a former aide for late Pope Shenouda III and member of the Holy Synod. He was born in 1954 in Cairo and graduated from Ain Shams University, Faculty of Medicine. He was ordained as a bishop in June 1997.He is the most famous candidate.
    • Bishop Tawadros, the general bishop of El Bahaira who was born in 1952. The member of the Holy Synod was graduated from the faculty of Pharmacy, University of Alexandria. He was ordained as a Bishop in June 1997.
    It is unclear when the church will announce the final list with 3 top candidates. I believe Father Raphael Ava Mina will not be included due to his old age.
    Many Egyptian Orthodox Christians were extremely happy that both Bishop Bishoy and Bishop Youannes.
    It is worth to mention that there is a huge delay in the process of electing a new Pope in a very alarming way. The Church should have elected a new pope in last summer. It seems tat there are a lot of fights and trouble going on whether in the Holy Synod and General congregation council
    Of course some may argue that the Church was careful to see in which direction Egypt is heading to politically , which is true somehow.
    The new Pope already has got a lot of challenges in front of him , not we are speaking about new regime and rise of Islamists but also he is to occupy Pope Shenouda’s place. This new Pope will be compared to Shenouda III whether he likes it or not.

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    Today the Supreme council of Press has fired journalist Gamal Abdel Rahim from his position as he editor in chief of Al Gomhouria newspaper. He was fired because today the Front Page’s headline on Wednesday was as as follows :

    The citadels of corruption fall
    Banning Anan and Tantawy from Travel within hours
    Accusing Gamal Mubarak , Ibrahim Kamel and Farouk El Okda of selling Egypt’s debts … and 650 celebs in front of the illicit gains authority
    Later on Wednesday MENA , the official state agency published the following : An informed source denies the news about imposing a travel ban on Sami Anan and Mohamed Hussein Tantawy.
    By afternoon the Supreme council of Press fired Abdel Rahim from his position after just two months after his appointment in that position.

    Al Gomhouria is the third largest state owned newspaper and it has been known for its huge hypocrite support to the regime especially in time of Mubarak. The Supreme council of press follows the Shura council.
    Despite the principle itself is dangerous as it shows how the State interferes in the official press , I can not say that I feel sorry for Gamal Abdel Rahim or that he will be the new champion of freedom of speech in Egypt.
    Abdel Rahim is the last person that can be hailed as the defender of freedom of speech in Egypt , he is racist bigot known in the journalists syndicate for being an informant to the State security in time of Mubarak . Do I have to remind you with his crusades against Baha’is in Egypt !?
    So please spare me from these cheap calls of solidarity.
    Now Abdel Rahim is trying to be the newest martyr of Freedom of expression despite just few months ago he was kissing SCAF commanders’ asses and before them Mubarak’s ass. He is kissing the Islamists’ ass.
    Needless to say this incident shows you that the army is still keeping its position in Egypt and that the army is serious about the safe exist of its SCAF commanders’ deal. According to some sources , the army felt offended from the title as it made it look like a citadel of corruption.
    Some officers who tweet online express their anger from that headline despite they do not like Tantawy or Anan and do not ask what the big deal is but I think it has to do with their military mindset and nature.
    Loudmouth MB leading member and acting FJP president Essam Al Arian elaborated more than enough about this matter in a way that made it much worse. Al Arian claimed on TV tonight in his usual round in the talk shows “does not he get bored !? “ that the army was offended and that any insult or attack to The order of the Nile receiver is an insult to Egypt and its dignity !?
    Tantawy and Anan have received Order of the Nile despite the anger and refusal of many revolutionary forces.
    So those who got The order of the Nile should not be offended or insulted !?? hmm well Mohamed ElBaradei got the Nile Order as well the Nobel Prize and he is being insulted day and night in the MB media by its members , followers and supporters !!?
    Also interestingly everybody focused on the two military men and forgot how Abdel Rahim claimed that the current CBE governor Farouk El Okda is accused of selling Egypt’s debts in this way. El Okda was nominated by the MB to become a PM before Qandil.
    Now there is a question I think those who knows the system of state owned newspapers will understand it : How could this issue reach to the newsstand without the revision of the National security/army supervisor who checks all the newspapers printed in state owned printing houses to make sure of all the news related to the army and national security as well the GIS !??
    P.S Al Gomhouria apologized for its mistake in the Thursday's issue. 

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    MB members and supporters are spreading lies that the amicable friendly letter President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt has sent to President Shimon Peres of Israel presented by the new Egyptian ambassador in Tel Aviv Atef Salem is fake.
    It is not fake , here is the photo of the letter in Arabic shared by The Times of Israel’s journalist Raphael Ahron on twitter
    The letter 
    This is not fake. They say that the history is old ,well I think this letter was ready for whoever is the president.
    I must share it on my blog.
    I am not in the mood to discuss whether Morsi should call Peres a good and great friend  but it seems to me that the MB should stop lying to themselves before the public because they look so bad now , how can anyone trust them !?

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    Today thousands of Non Islamist opposition supporters protested in Tahrir square against the constituent assembly and its proposed draft constitution. About 29 revolutionary party , movement and group took part in the protest which was called “Egypt is for all Egyptians , Egypt is not estate”.
    Already a number of Mubarak /Shafik/ Omar Suleiman’s supporters including notorious Tawfik Okasha and Ahmed Zpider insisted to join this protest claiming that the square , the symbol of the revolution which they fought and attacked for the past year and half is for all Egyptians !!
    Despite the revolutionary forces declared their complete refusal to have these supporters in the square in a statement issued on Thursday and despite the revolutionary protesters kicked them from the square today , there has been a huge debate about this topic in the past 48 hours.
    “ We welcome all Egyptians in Tahrir square , We should stand against the Muslim brotherhood one hand…” are examples of what the Pro-Regime remnants , actually the pro-regime remnants said online.
    Personally I believe in unity and Egypt for all Egyptians to the end of this great talk but I have a huge personal psychological problem with certain class of people from regime remnants and Mubarak supporters to the level that I do not want them even pass by Tahrir square for any reason. I have a huge problem with those whom for the past year and half fought the revolution and its young supporters spreading lies and defaming them in the worst way ever reaching to the level of accusing the Tahrir revolutionaries by name of treason and calling the Jan25 Revolution a Setback “equal to the 1967 defeat”
    I will not forget the amount of incitement, hate and lies ,Tawfik Okasha and Ahmed Zpider spread in the streets against the revolutionary forces and icons.
    I will not forget how their supporters online , on Facebook and on twitter used to spread their lies wishing the revolutionary protesters to die and get killed. I will not forget that and now they want to be welcomed in Tahrir square , Tahrir square my ass !!!
    Young men , wonderful young men have been killed and their blood fill literality Tahrir square , Omar Makram , Kasr Al Aini , Al Abassiya and Mohamed Mahmoud street  because of that incitement while all the country was watching in silence those people’s incitement.
    Those Mubarak and Omar Sulieman’s orphans simply do not want a religious dictatorship but rather a military dictatorship. They are against the social justice for real , they do not give a fuck about the constitution as they supported Mubarak’s constitution and its amendments. They do not really want personal freedoms when they abused and shared the personal lives of Tahrir activists and revolutionaries in order to defame them in a society like Egypt’s.
    I can not forget how certain Pro-Mubarak tweeps who have been attacking Tahrir and its activists and yet boldly claim that they should be in Tahrir square protesting against the MB.
    You must know that it is from the best interest of the Muslim brotherhood to have regime Mubarak’s remnants and icons like Okasha in the scene in order to present them as the opposition they face. It is much easier for them to face someone like ElBaradei.
    Of course I must hint out to the Muslim brotherhood’s supporters who are claiming that the liberals and leftists are cooperating with Mubarak’s regime remnants that “People who live in glass house should throw people with stones” , President Morsi himself accepted having a minister of interior from the regime remnants and editors in chief from regime remnants in the State owned newspapers. President Morsi’s adviser is Amr El Lithy , the former NDP’s member.
    President’s adviser and MB’s financier Hassan Malek’s businessmen association got members from Gamal Mubarak’s policies committee and he himself does not have a problem in reconciling with the old regime corrupted businessmen in order to push the economy from his point of view.
    Today in the general assembly of Freedom and Justice Party the leading member of NDP , Media and business tycoon Hassan Ratab was the guest of honor !!
    FYI I do not give myself an excuse to form an alliance with those who caused Egypt’s decline in the past 30 years because the MB is actually friendly to the remnants of Mubarak and his era. 
    In the end the enemy of my enemy is not always my friend.
    P.S I am not fucking mature , I am a human who had her share of being accused of treason for a whole year and a half because I support a revolution that seeks dignity , democracy and social justice.Also I am against the attack on the Conference Party’s members.

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  • 10/20/12--14:34: Remembering Mohamed Fawzi
  • My favoirte Fawzi´s shot in the summer 
    Mohamed Fawzi was only 48 years old when he died on that died from 46 years ago. He died after giving the world music that Egyptians and Arabs still enjoy up till this moment.
    As a composer and a singer Fawzi did not live that long but he presented music that proved to live decades and decades immortalizing him in our Egyptian history as one of the greatest Artists Egypt had seen in the 20th century. As an actor he was from the few cool funny guys that you can enjoy watching on screen.
    Here is my favorite Fawzi’s song : Let’s fly my heart from the 1954 film “With you forever”
    The fantastic legendary Hussein El Sayid wrote the lyric and music composed and performed by the amazing Fawzi. His voice was amazing and sweet in that song. By the way this was the first song I had downloaded as a MP3 from the famous old before it would be acquired by LinkDotNet

    Now some interesting facts about Fawzi :
    • He composed the national anthems of several Arab countries in 1950s and 1960s
    • He founded the first company in the Middle East to manufacture and record LPs “Misr Phone” that was nationalized in 1960s. Its nationalization affected him so much.

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    The constituent assembly issued the first draft of the constitution , the so-called revolution’s constitution online for public debate. Here is the first part of the draft constitution translated in to English by Ahmed Aboul Enein. The People’s assembly will be called “The Congress” and the Shura council will be called “The senates” Yes this is huge change !!!
    I will not comment on the personal freedoms and religious freedoms now because it seems they are the tip of the ice-berg and what it is even worse has been hidden from public discussion. Here is a quick look to the President’s powers and articles in the upcoming constitution :
    • There is no vice president position in the upcoming constitution, it is not mentioned at all despite it has been a stressing revolutionary demand for decades !! I want a vice president.
    • Our political system is a presidential one !! It seems that the Muslim brotherhood feels and realizes that they may not get the majority of the parliament in the future.
    • Double citizenships Egyptians can run for presidency so can Egyptians with double citizenships parents according to article no.136 that contradicts with the Constitutional declaration’s article no.27 that put a clear restriction on candidacy. Despite many believed it was a racist article yet I think it saved us from Hazem Salah Abu Ismail.
    • The president can disband the parliament in case the parliament rejects his prime minister and cabinet twice according to article no.145 !!
    • The president can appoint and fire army officers according to the law according to article no.149. Define “according to the law”
    • The president got a parliamentary immunity and protection all his life , he can not be prosecuted in his life except if he is arrested red handed !!!
    • All the expenses of the presidency and following authorities are supervised by Central Audit Organization “CAO” according to article no. 154 “CAO” chairman follows Presidency and appointed by the president !!!!
    We are making the president as Pharaoh idol perfectly constitutionally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Next Tuesday the administrative court will issue its final verdict in the Constituent assembly case , it may disband the constituent assembly again.
    You must know according to sources in Presidency , Morsi will issue a president decree if the administrative court disbands the assembly to reform it again with the same names except very few changes and faces.
    By the way the Islamsits are going to have a huge million man protest which they will mobilize all their men and women to attend in Tahrir square next 2 November 2012 in order to push for a so-called Islamist Constitution !!
    Ok from my blog I say we should restore back the Constitution of 1954 with few amendments and that’s it. No need for new constituent assembly and shitty discussions wasting the public money and by the way for those radical Islamists , our laws are complied with Islamic Sharia and even those disputed , the dispute is also based on different schools in Sharia so enough of this talk. In part 2 insh Allah I will check the National security part.

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    I can not believe that some people are still debating that the Protocol letter sent by to president Morsi to Peres is fake one !! I just can not believe it !!
    Guys the Egyptian presidency sent that letter , it is a protocol letter with the same form for all the countries in the world.

    The Egyptian presidency already admitted that it was authentic and Yasser Ali , the official spokesperson of Presidency posted on his official Facebook Page on Thursday a copy of the protocol letter sent from the Egyptian presidency to the president of Peru with our new ambassador there and it is identical to the letter sent to Peres. 
    The letter to Peruvian President
    The letter to Israeli president
     You are shocked that the Islamist MB president who is raised in the brotherhood upon recognizing Israel as the Zionist entity which should be wiped , fine but do not accuse me of fabricating news please !! 

    Many people are shocked by the language of the letter and they have too considering how the Muslim brotherhood involved in the Palestinian cause since 1948 yet I am not that shocked because honestly as a president I know that his language will not be different that much especially in this early stage of his rule.

    In the end yes he called Peres a dear friend , I do not care if he calls Peres his buddy or baby but my problem is that Israel refuses to amend Camp David and it seems to be steal gas from Egyptian territorial sea !! 

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    There is a huge change taking place in the Gulf , after Bahrain , we got Kuwait and actually it is something expected.
    At iconic Kuwait towers by @Al Rai Media
    Hundreds of thousands Kuwaitis took the streets today in the capital in a rally that head to the parliament then to the Royal Palace to object the elections law proposed by the Prince.
    This is really big rally by @Thariimb
    The rally is called “Nation’s dignity” according to its organizers.

    That controversial elections law is already refused by almost all political powers from Islamists “Muslim brotherhood and Salafists” to liberals to women to Shiites to Bedouins and Badoons as well. The protesters chanted “We will not allow you” tonight in reference to the Prince’s law.
    According to some estimation , this rally could be by far the biggest political protest Kuwait has ever seen considering the population of Kuwait itself.
    The rally's map "@Karametwatan"
    The security forces dispersed the protest violently using tear gases and rubber bullets in huge development despite this rally was licensed and is peaceful.
    Against  security forces at the parlliament "@FahadAlMaymoni"

    The tear gas used  in the protest
    Foreign tear gas grenades as usual @ali_boal7sn
    There have been confirmed injured reports. Most injuries are in the head. There has been unconfirmed news report about dead protest.
    One of the injured by @ 3asalaswad
    This injured allegedly lost his eye
    There are field hospitals currently held in several areas throughout the rally. It is worth to mention that there are tweeps claiming that protesters are being arrested from hospitals.
    At one of the field hospitals near the sea @Sumaiya Al Senan

    Women have been attacked also in the protest.
    The black Abbaya of some girl @ 3asalaswad
    The Kuwaiti army is said to be deployed including the special forces that allegedly arrest protesters from the malls where they escaped.
    Here is a video showing how the special forces stormed “El Tahrir tower” mall “Yes El Tahrir” to arrest the protesters !!

    Arresting protesters from malls

    Several politicians including MPs have been arrested tonight like Moslam Al Bark.
    There have been unconfirmed reports from Egyptian MB sources also that the Kuwaiti authorities asked ISPs to cut internet tonight but allegedly “Etisalat Kuwait” refused. The thing is that Etisalat Kuwait is not the only ISP in the country.
    Some users are reporting that “Kolena Khaled Said” on mobile phone , at least for Zain Kuwait’s users as the popular Egyptian revolutionary page posted a FB status about Kuwait and the rally.

    Interestingly for hours Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya News Channels ignored what has been happened in Kuwait for hours focusing on what is happening in Syria and Lebanon for reasons we all know.
    Here is footage from Al Youm Kuwaiti channel showing part of the protesters before the clashes between protesters and security forces erupt from several hours ago.

    Here is a video by Mubarak Al-Qanai showing the tear gases.

    Here is another video showing the tear gas grenades :

    This video shows the protesters chant "Peaceful, peaceful" and the special forces fired back for real !!
    Tomorrow Monday expected to see either escalation from the protest or the royal family in Kuwait will stop at this point and acts wisely.
    You can follow the updates and news on the ground through this hash tag : #Nation_dignity_rally in Arabic. Kuwaitis are from the active Arabs when it comes to Twitter.  Also here are the official twitter account of the rally’s organizers and its main blog in Arabic. It has got only instructions.
    Now back in Egypt , as typical Egyptians all activists are giving advices from all sorts to the Kuwaitis starting with what the Kuwaitis should do when they overthrow the Royal Family in Kuwait !!!
    Interestingly enough the official account of Freedom and Justice Party and its members in Egypt has been not endorsing only the rally but officially reached to the level of considering it the start of the Gulf’s monarchs rule officially and explicitly.
    @KhaledAbuShadi : Will Kuwait lead the Arab Spring in the Gulf ?? May God lead our countries to welfare

    The Muslim brotherhood is living the role of Nasser perfectly regardless of what you may think. It is not a secret that most of the Gulf rulers now can not stomach MB especially in UAE and Kuwait where the opposition from Islamists connected to the MB.
    Strangely the MB and FJP were and have been silent on what happened in Sudan and what is happening Bahrain.
    Of course Dubai Police chief , the MB slayer is on fire tonight attacking the MB for the trouble causing in Kuwait insisting that Kuwait is for Al Sabah and Al Sabah family is for Kuwait.
    Khalfan : Kuwait will remain a Sabah nation and The Sabahs are its princes.

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    Do you see this image ?? This NASA Satellite image !? It was taken on 19/10/2012. Do you see how the Nile Delta is overshadowed by some dark clouds !?
    This is the infamous black cloud caused by the annual rice straw burning !! This year the black cloud is back by all its mighty force. As usual the government does nothing despite in time of Mubarak there were many suggestions on how to fight it and end it for once and for all in eco-friendly way !!
    I believe one of the indications that our revolution has made it is when the Egyptian government acts in a proactive way and not a reaction way.
    Thanks to Dr. Mostafa Hussein for the heads up 

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    Here is the Egyptian version of PSY’s Gangam style by DiSalata team. It is already successful and many Egyptians share it in social media.

    Just as PSY speaks about the famous Gangam area’s lifestyle , DiSalata speaks about Egyptian lifestyle now.
    I find PSY’s version is silly enough to the level I wonder why on earth it has become the most watched video on YouTube.
    Still my favorite video about Gangam is that one

    Oh yes this is what I want to do when I see PSY singing this annoying song.
    I can not stop watching it.

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    Al Barrack in Yesterday's protest
    The name of Kuwaiti MP Musallam Al Barrack made headlines yesterday in Kuwait as one of the callers to the Nation's Dignity March. He has been arrested yesterday and is accused of insulting the Prince of Kuwait.
    Al Barrack is a member of the popular action bloc in the Kuwaiti Parliament . A veteran MP , I see Al Barrack popular in his area as he got votes in the latest parliamentary elections more than any other MP in his district "30,118" in the history of Kuwaiti parliamentary elections. 
    From what I read in the past 48 hours I can not find any association with him and the Muslim brotherhood or Iran , the man seems to my Egyptian mindset as more of a reformist type. Al Barrack seems to defend public money and fights corruption in the government.
    Kuwaiti Politicians and activists "We will not allow you" the famous chant heard in the Kuwaiti capital yesterday was actually inspired by Al Barrack's speech from couple of days ago in some gathering at the Well's public space. During the speech Al Barrack said "We will not allow you Prince"

    Al Barrack was arrested and is currently being detained for 10 days pending investigations after he was accused of insulting Kuwait's prince !! Here is his twitter account 

    The popular action bloc is already considered a progressive one and actually they expelled from couple of years ago Shiite MPs for attending an event organized by Hezbollah.
    Here is the speech of Al Barrack yesterday at the protest. From what I read other 3 MPs other than Al Barrack have been arrested in the past 24 hours.
    You must know that Gulf media and politicians are attacking the rally accusing Iran of standing behind it !! Sadly enough this media and those political figures are supporting the revolution in Syria or to be accurate changing the situation in Syria from a popular revolution to a sectarian civil war.
    You must know and understand that in this stage the Kuwaitis do not want to topple their prince or their regime , they want political reforms. The prince is interfering in the parliamentary elections in a very dangerous way.
    Here is a 28 minutes video compiling many of the videos from the rally and the attack of the security forces on the peaceful protesters.

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    Death comes as the end , it is the only fact we are assure of in our lives as humans. We will die one day.

    My grandma has passed away yesterday after a whole week in the ICU in the hospital. She was like a mother to me more than grandmother.

    My solace is that she did not suffer in the hospital that.  I ran out of words , I feel I can blog and write about politics all day long but I can not speak about my grandma , may be it is my mind. I do not know really

    RIP Granny  , may Allah bless your soul in those blessing days.

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    President Morsi’s spokesperson Yasser Ali had a meeting with 5 journalists last week including a dear friend.

    Yasser Ali spoke about the security issue in Sinai , the big enigma that other than the Presidency , army and intelligence nobody in Egypt understands what is going on there.

    Ali claimed that the current militant groups in Sinai “allegedly Jihadist Salafists” where actually supported and incited by none other than Syrian intelligence and Hezbollah as well Fatah’s Dahlan because of Morsi’s support to the revolution in Egypt

    For days I have been thinking about what Ali claimed to these journalists, it is easy to blame El Assad but there are certain facts :

    • Self appointed leader of Jihadist Salafism in Egypt and brother of No.1 wanted man in the world aka Mohamed El Zawahiri claims that he can reach to a deal between the Egyptian State and the Jihadist Salafist militant groups in Sinai. I think he knows well if they are supported by Syrian regime or not and he claims that he got some power on them , so I do not know whether we are speaking about Al Qaeda / Salafist Jihad or what.
    • According to activists on the ground these are militant groups with extreme radical ideas similar to Takfir wal Hijra that considers the Muslim brotherhood as an infidel group so I do not see how such radical Islamist Sunni militant group will be affiliated that easily to Hezbollah.
    • Some security analysts in Egypt speak that these militants did not suddenly appear but there have been growing in force in Sinai in the past 9 years.
    • We know nothing about the military operation taking place in Sinai to the level that some even wonder if it exists at all !!

    Of course in the backstage there is nothing called impossible.

    I do not care about whether these groups are supported by El Assad or by Iran or by Mossad or by the gangreen gang or even by Martians , what I care about is how these militants seem to control Sinai and the army , our Egyptian army got no control on them. The Camp David treaty is not an excuse either when you have special forces you claim to be one of the most strongest special forces in the regime, when you have a true well to enforce your sovereignty.

    It is humiliation.

    There is no use to found a Central Sinai governorate when there is no real state control in Sinai itself for God sake.

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    Noam Chomsky came to Cairo in a short yet very active visit where he gave a lecture in the AUC , spoke with politicians and had an interview in few hours. Chomesky had short Middle East visit that included a visit to Gaza.

    His lecture in the AUC Downtown Hall was among the reasons why traffic was so bad in Downtown Cairo yesterday. Now if you missed the opportunity to attend that AUC lecture which was the hottest event this week in Egypt , you can watch it online here.

    Chomsky met with Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh and Hamdeen Sabbahi too and spoke about the upcoming constitution. The American thinker asked them about what they are going to do if that constitution drafted by the current constituent assembly was approved by the public. I do not think both men got an answer !!

    The famous American thinker also appeared with Yosri Fouda in “Last Talk” and answered questions of tweeps online including a question I sent to the show about how he thinks the US decision making will be affected by the Arab Spring. “Actually I asked about world powers balance in general”

    Regarding the US elections , well despite Chomsky is not fond of Obama or his policies , he believes that Romney’s policies and views will destroy the US whether internationally or internally and that even if he is elected  , he will not be able to implement his plans and policies he is ranting about currently. In brief Chomsky does not think that much of Romney.

    I am searching for  Last Talk’s video because he got very interesting views  indeed about Egypt , America, Israel and Syria .

    0 0

    on Tuesday the people of Khartoum woke up late night after hearing a huge explosion in a factory owned by the Sudanese army. The explosion took place in Yarmouk military industrial complex.
    A photo for the fire in the factory last night
    by Abdullah Karrar
    For the record I was following Sudanese tweeps online last night and they had mixed reports about the nature of the explosion. Already I do not understand how on earth such military complex is being place inside a residential area like this !!
    The location of the map by Girfana 
    Some claimed that they knew workers inside the complex who told them that the explosion happened because of some malfunctions. I would buy this and I am in Cairo if the explosion took place in 10 AM and not in 10 PM where there is supposedly no operations. Others claimed that a military plane crashed in to the military industrial complex while it was transferring ammunition.

    Here is the fire in the complex resulted from the explosion

    Another video
    There were others who claimed that they actually witnessed air jets bombing the industrial complex , it was interesting testimony.
    Another photo by IslamAbu El Gasim
    Interestingly the Sudanese official media did not announce the new for several hours in Khartoum and the first statement of a Sudanese official attributed the explosion to a malfunction still on Wednesday we find the Sudanese officials accusing Israel directly of bombing the military industrial complex !!
    The Sudanese officials claim that 4 Israeli jets bombed the complex killing 2 Sudanese citizens in the attack. It will not be the first if it is true, it could be the second or the third Israel would do such a thing. Tel Aviv did not comment on these accusation from its side.
    Aside from Tel Aviv and Khartoum there is a huge debate in Cairo about what happened not because it could be a possible aggression against the sovereignty of another country but because many people how these alleged Israeli jets reached to Sudan ??
    Based on the closet scenarios the Israeli jets used our skies to jet in to Sudan and you can imagine how this unconfirmed scenario is causing controversy in Egypt. When I think about Israeli jets could have come from two other ways according to my basic understanding : From the Mediterranean to Libya then to Sudan or From the red sea to Sudan.
    I think we need a clear statement from the Egyptian air defense forces as well a clear statement from the IAF.

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