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7000 years and counting ...

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    Last Monday October 1, 2012 something took place in Qardaha , the home town of Syrian President/tyranny Bashar Al Assad and his infamous clan , the Alawite stronghold in the mountains of Latakia.
    8 people have been killed in the city of Qardaha after a fight between "El Assad clan" and two other clans in the city "Othman and El Khayar". There are two versions of the story as usual.
    The first version is popular among many some Sunni Syrians who can't stomach the Alawites : 
    It has nothing to do with the revolution but rather with the regime thugs "Shabiha" hired by El Assad regime. Allegedly the two families supplies Mohamed El Assad , another member of the infamous ruling clan with men who worked as thugs for the regime and they got in to fight for something financial !! It seems that Mohamed El Assad did not pay them well.
    The second version which is popular among Alawite Syrians who support the revolution  : 
    It has to do with the revolution and political differences between "Othman" and "El Khayar" clans from one side and "El Assad" clan from another.
    Mohamed El Assad is believed to be the main source of Shabiha in the country and amazingly from couple of weeks I read that he was killed by Free Syrian army some where !!
    The family of Othman is related to  Ramy Makhlouf , El Assad's cousin and big crony. Makhlouf's father in uncle is former Daraa's governor and member of Othman clan Walid Othman .
    The Othman clan has already lost 5 in that armed fight last Monday according to Syrian Alawite activist and writer Samar Yazbek on  her Facebook Page. Yazbek is from the famous Alawite voices supporting the revolution that has been calling her sect to revolt against El Assad. She is also from Othamn clan and wrote this status message on Facebook on Monday that was copied by Alawites in the revolution FB page :
    El Khayar family on the other is said to refuse to engage in the current war refusing to let its youth to carry
    The family of El Khayar is influential one among Alawites in the city as I have read.
    I do not know why I believe that the second version is true , may be because it is supported by more concrete testimonies on the ground.

    There is no doubt that the big families and clans of Alawites are worried about the future and they want to secure their lives before anything.Some Alawites already on the borders began to leave the country fearing on their lives and moved to Turkey on the borders as they are considerable
    Already there are many Alawites who stand with the revolution but unfortunately they are not featured in the media. You got endless number of Alawite activists and intellectuals that have been killed , detained and tortured for supporting the revolution. You got Alawite officers who defected and joined the Free Syrian army in various areas.
    Here is a video from last May 2012 for an officer called Faisal Al Ahmed from Qardaha who defected from the SAA and joined Al Farouk Battalion in Daraa.

    Here are more videos in YouTube for Alawite soldiers and officers defected. 
     You got also Alawite officers who defected from the army and worked in relief work.Tens of Alawite officers already are reported to be executed in the Syrian Arab army for supporting the revolution. These officers return to their families and clans as victims of the Free Syrian Army's terrorism.
    Last month I read that a group of young men and ladies were detained from Alawite neighborhoods because they were providing help to Sunni areas in Homs city. Again many of the intellectuals in Syria supporting the revolution from religious and ethnic minorities are being detained in the infamous dungeons of El Assad's regime.
    The media especially the Arab media like Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya presented the whole thing as sectarian holy war between Sunni and Shiite that is leading to a real ethnic/sectarian cleansing in Syria with the approval of the world I am afraid.
    Of course unfortunately some Sunni Syrian Pro-Revolutionaries online are mocking and attacking Qardaha vowing to wipe the Alawites from the surface of earth. Instead of useless sectarian talk that makes the world afraid of helping the Syrians , the Pro-revolutionary Syrians should seize the opportunity and use these splits in order to win the Alawites in to their side.
    The Syrians have to be honest with themselves and say what they will do with the Shiite and Alawites as well other sects and Ethnics in the country. Of course I will be more honest and say that either they should find a way to sort their way out and leave together as they have always been or they will perish together  like fools. I am sorry to say this way. BY the Kurdish Syrians are tempted to join Kurdistan.
    Excuse my French but with the number of people killed and displaced someone has to speak.
    At the same moments things are rapidly escalating between Turkey and Syria , we should not forget about what happened in Qardaha earlier this week. 

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    This photo won the first prize in a photo competition held by the Dutch ministry of foreign affairs.

    It was taken by the embassy of Netherlands in Cairo at the famous Friday market "Flea popular market". 
    This photo is remarkable , old mirror used to be at some rich house in Egypt , a kid seems to be from working class and the iconic Nasr128 car in the reflection all in a flea market !! 

    One must wonder if the Ministry of foreign affairs in Egypt can hold such competition for our diplomatic commissions abroad.

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    Today is the fourth day in the Doctors' partial strike in Egypt in the public hospitals following the ministry of health. The doctors continue in their strike despite the war declared on them by the ministry of health and official media. I fear that the media , the official media is biased against the strike and is trying to turn the people against it.I feel they have already done it !! They do not mention the whole truth to the public in Egypt. The Strike´s committee is trying to gather signatures enough in to refer the minister of health Mostafa Hamed as a doctor to the disciplinary committee in the Doctors' syndicate for violating the General assembly's order to have a partial strike and ordering doctors to break it.
    The treatment of patients in the hospitals 

    The kidney failure units are still working 
    Emergency cases are received 
    Again this strike is only in the public hospitals following the ministry of interior that excluded emergency cases for free and surgeries as well kidney failure section and also some fever hospitals.
    As a I am very lazy person , here is the complete press conference held by Strike's committee last Monday in audio with no editing.

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    This is an ad published in a magazine that issued by the ministry of manpower, it is called “The Work”.
    On the occasion of 6 October war , we send to President Morsi , the commander of the great October victory a special salute !!!! This is not a Photoshop product !!
    Source : Ehab Zelaky 
    President Morsi was the commander of the great October victory !! How come !? Last time I checked Morsi was not a commander or officer of even a solider in Egyptian army during the October1973 war !! He was a student !!
    We got this disease , ancient one to be precise : Hypocrisy. Indeed we do , it is part of our old ruler’s idolism.

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    Aside from the daily killings in Syria targeting children and aside from the displacement tragedy , the Syrian children inside Syria are suffering from the lack of medical services and food supplies.
    It is a catastrophic by all measures and I believe regardless of what is going on the ground , the international humanitarian organizations should interfere now more than ever.
    Already there are horrifying photos showing sick kids who look more of skeletons than human beings in scary scene like the scene of that kid form Hama below. “Warning : Graphic”

    Here is a a scene from a young boy , it is extremely graphic shot. You can see the bones coming out of him horribly. I did not publish it at first till I got more information about him. He is from El Ma’sha’ district in Homa which witnessed many attacks and massacres as usual. He is already suffering from some kind of medical condition and it is getting worse as you see. Already this boy according Facebook Pages from Homa got no house now as his poor family’s house was destroyed during a recent shelling.
    This is SOS , Red Cross and UNCIEF can do something 

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    The founders
    of MB and SC
    This is my third post about what is happening in the Salafist Al Nour party from a spilt that could a very quick end to the once most successful Islamist Party in Egypt after the Muslim brotherhood’. You can my first part and second part in order to be in the loop. Update: Late Friday Nader Bakkar announced that Emad Abdel Ghafour temporarily back as the leader of the party till its elections next Thursday !!

    MB Vs.Salafists : Dear we are all rascals !!

    Where does the Muslim brotherhood stand from that ugly bad fight in Al Nour Party ??
    Already the MB is accused of standing behind this crack in Al Nour while I do not know about how much the MB members stand between this , I know that Emad Abdel Ghafour is the President’s assistant but there are other members of Borhami’s front is his advisors team as well the Constituent assembly .  Nevertheless it seems to me that MB somehow is standing with Abdel Ghafour despite he may not be the strongest party in the fight, they may lose the bet.
    Right after the disgraceful confession of Yasser El Borhami that he met Ahmed Shafik along with Ashraf Thabet and Abdel Moneim El Shehat during the presidential elections , the MB leaders and members began to attack Borhami and his company. In defense some leaks began to surface from the Salafists that also the MB leading members held meetings with Shafik as well.

    The FJ paper´s headline
    Last week we were surprised to find the FJP’s newspaper publishing a new shocking fact : MB strongman and business tycoon Hassan Malak met with Shafik . Oh yes the MB comes forward somehow and Malak speaks about his meeting with Shafik. Malak said that he met with Shafik in July 2011 by the request of the former PM at on Shafik’s request at common friend’s house. Shafik wanted to meet with the leaders of the MB to ask them if they would approve his presidential candidates and Malak told him he should not because “he was already burned politically”. That’s it according to Malak.
    Needless to say the cross fire has not stopped yet between El Borhami boys and the MB , last week Safwat Hegazy , the loudmouth of MB Safwat Hegazy slammed El Borhami’s front demanding them to reveal the details of their visit. Hegazy continued to slam Borhami and his boys describing them as the agents of state security in the media including famous Salafist Al Nas channel. He said that actually Borhami and El Shehat “implicated” the Muslim brotherhood in to having a presidential candidate and then they abandoned them !!
    Yes you read it right !! As if the guidance office takes orders from these two !!
    He did not mention how Al Nour party betrayed Abu El Fotouh though for the sake of their candidate.
    Of course the channel owned by Salafist icon Mohamed Hassan had to apologize for the insults of Hegazy to the great Salafist icons like Borhami. It is not the first time that Hegazy insults the Salafists , in last May 2012 he also described them as agents of State security.
    Ironically Ahmed Shafik from his self exile in Abu Dhabi claimed that Hegazy was dividing the society after his attack on Salafist Borhami’s front.
    Borhami and his boys had to fire back then and we got Abdel Moneim El Shahet, the enemy of Ancient Egypt and the spokesperson of Salafist calling reminding Hegazy on how he used to praise Qaddafi in the past !!
    Borhami also is defending himself claiming that he met Shafik in the same way Moses went and met the pharaoh .. ah and Shafik prays !!
    Yes the dirty laundry between Salafist calling and MB began to appear.
    In my point of view that fight is good and bad for the Muslim brotherhood , it is good because now the Freedom and Justice got rid from a strong electoral opponent  but it is bad because there will be other alternatives from new parties , especially one that will attract Conservative Salafists as well conservative Islamists from the FJP. I am speaking about Hazem Abu Ismail’s new party “The Nation” which will be announced later this month.
    I believe the MB was angry from El Nour and the Borhami’s radical branch after what happened at the US embassy last 9/11 after all El Nour party did call the people for protesting. Strangely MB’s strongman Khairat El Shater is close to the Salafist calling.

    And Religion is there as expected as usual :

    As the same way religion is being used shamelessly by Al Nour Party and Salafist calling to get rid from their opponents especially from Non Islamists “and even Islamists like in case of Abu El Fotouh” in elections whether presidential or Parliamentary , religion is being used in that internal fight in Al Nour party.
    Each front got its own set of Sheikhs that support it with so-called legitimate reasons of Sharia. Do not ask me why they would interfere religion in their earthly fights. 
    The division in Al Nour Party is also reflected inside the Salafist calling now. Abdel Ghafour is supported by the Undersecretary council in the SC especially by Sheikh Ahmed Farid and Sheikh Said Abdel Azim. On the other the hawks of the SC are with Borhami including its chairman Sheikh Mohamed El Mokdam “He is the guy on the right of Hassan El Banna in the image used above”

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  • 10/06/12--08:44: Happy #6Oct Dear Egypt
  • Happy 6 October war anniversary dear Egypt and Egyptians. Happy anniversary to all our great warriors who fought today to restore our stone dignity and land. This year aside from honoring Sadat and El Shazly , people began to realize that this war is no longer owned by commander but rather the unknown officers and soldiers who fought in the field.

    When I read more about this war and this attack , I feel paralyzed in front of the greatness of the Egyptian people especially when I read the chronicles of the soldiers and their memories whether in those tough 6 years or in October 1973. These years , these people and that war gives me hope regardless what.

    6 October 2012

    Today El Shazly joined the faces recorded on Mohamed Mahamoud Graffiti walls.I hope that the governorate does not erase it.
    As a graffiti now 
    Amazingly Mubarak and Shafik orphans are attacking El Shazly.
    Speaking about Mubarak , Ibrahim Eissa’s latest Op-ed about honoring him as a 1973 hero and it is creating controversy. Personally I am totally against ignoring or forgetting his role in 1973 otherwise we will be falling the same mistake of his regime. Personally I believe Mubarak himself erased his role in 1973 when what he had done in those 30 years including his ill treatment to the 1973 veterans.
    The debate about the war and whether it was a victory or not is still there. Personally I believe it is a victory and I will not go in to a debate about this. I had enough from this discussion every year.
    Now at 2 AM CLT the Egyptian army will start its celebrations all over the country including air shows and so on. President Morsi will attend the celebration at Cairo Stadium and will address the nation at 6 PM. According to MB journalists he will speak mainly about his 100 days program. The MB delegation will include the supreme guide and for the first time since his ousting in August 2012 Hussein Tantawy , the former minister of defense will appear publicly in the event.
    May Allah bless the soul of all those made that day possible.

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    Do not ask why we have not heard about this documentary except after the January revolution , do not ask why because I do not know why except that Mubarak did not want anything to be featured in the media in the war except the air strike.

    This documentary below is called “Armies of the sun” and it is directed by Shady Abdel Salam. “Yes the Shady Abdel Salam of the Mummy”

    The title of the documentary “Armies of the sun” is the name of the Egyptian armies during our ancient civilization which was Abdel Salem main fascination and interest. It was produced in 1975 and  it focuses only on the soldiers , their memories form 1967 to 1973 from veterans and injured as well former POWs. It is a must watch.

    Unfortunately it is in Arabic. I hope an English translation will be available soon for this fantastic documentary. By the way 1960s Egypt’s sweetheart Nadia Lotfy “known for her nationalist views” interviews the veterans in some scene and late Atef El Tayeb

    What I love in this old documentary is how beautiful the faces of the soldiers then and how their eyes were full of pride. You do not know how much defeat and despair Egyptians were in 1967 especially the soldiers.

    I hope you enjoy it and share it as much as you can.

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    These are my notes and remarks regarding President Mohamed Morsi’s speech on the anniversary of 6 October 1973 ,I would like to clarify that these are totally biased subjective remarks !! This is just a warning.
    Here is the longest speech Morsi has said since his election as a president in June 2012.

     Here is what I think below

    Scene no.1 : The new NDP is there

    It is a cultural heritage thing that goes back to the days of ancient Egyptians , the ruler of this country , this land is a pharaoh that should be idolized. It is a challenge to change this habit in just two years.
    Tens of thousands , nearly 30,000 Egyptians attended Morsi’s speech or rather the armed forces’ celebration of October’s war at Cairo Stadium. It was allegedly open invitation event but unfortunately it was only open to certain parties and groups only according to journalists and witnesses .. as well evidence on our screen.

    Thousands attended the event "Reuters"
    Most of these Egyptians are actually members of the Muslim brotherhood and Freedom and Justice Party. The MB and FJP mobilized their members from all over the country in buses that were parked all over Nasr City according to Nasr City’s residents.
    We got Freedom and Justice Party as well Muslim brotherhood flags besides the Egyptian flag and do not ask me whether it is a partisan event or national event. We got youth wearing FJP and MB flag. We got the statements of security that police and republican guards to the media that they did not organize the event and that it was organized by Freedom and Justice while their only job is to protect Morsi. Several journalists reported harassments from the MB organizers already.
    Cheering for the president "AP"

    It was not really a celebration of October war but rather an elections conference by all measures. With Morsi’s posters and chants like “Morsi .. Morsi” every now and then to the usual MB’s salute to Morsi’s peace upon you in harmony to the automated applause whenever he speaks. “They applauded when he said Sisters and brothers right after he opened his mouth”
    The first civilian president after October's victory
    It was alarming scene that brought to many the memory of Mubarak , for me it was a Nasser Déjà vu along with the shameful heritage of Socialist Union that was later inherited by the National Democratic Party. I can not blame the MB because after all they were raised in this culture and were polluted enough with that way of thinking. It is alarming and dangerous by all measures.
    To be fair the army and police also had their sectors in the stadium , some say that their families came too. Some also say that normal Egyptians did go to the event , I will not be surprised but the majority was MB/FJP and they did not hide that fact. They are bragging it, after all who can fill a stadium like that from political supporters all over the country like them !? Well Ultras can fill it without doubt in no time too but this is the thing , 6 October is our Egyptian national day that we forget who we are and celebrate it as Egyptians not as members of party X and party Y !!
    Mubarak and NDP used to use our national days too for their own propaganda , I hate the fact we are being dragged again to this day and if we open our mouth then we are bad envious minority.
    Celebrating the president instead of the war

    Scene No.2 : The guests

    The guests are from politicians , the president’s advisers , public figures, religious figures , parties’ representatives and Muslim brotherhood icons. I can not ignore the scene on how some of the guests I assume to be from Shura council  and MB were on fire when they saw Ahmed Fahmy , the Shura council’s “Upper House” speaker. “As well the president’s brother in law”
    That scene reminded me with how Safwat El Sherif was stalked by NDP members for a bless !!
    Now I can not neglect that Al Gama’a al Islamiyaa’s political party’s “Development and construction Party” delegation included none other than Tarek El Zomor who was convicted in none other than the assassination of late President Sadat on 6 October 1981 !!!!!!!!!!!!! Many people were ignored on how Morsi ignored Sadat in his speech and inviting El Zomor on that day in the stadium just two blocks away from the place Sadat was killed.
    The guests "Reuters"
    I do not care about whether Morsi mentioned Sadat or not as the late President does not need anymore recognition ,his place is already reserved in the history but I think it was wrong to invited Tarek El Zomor to attend this celebration.
    Despite the early announcement , Anan and Tantawy did not show up.

    Scene No.3 : The Speech 

    This was the longest speech Morsi has ever said so far , amazingly. Nearly two hour with no paper "actually he had papers with numbers to help him and help us". Long speech that made me lose focus as usual and made some of my relative fell asleep than wake up in the end asking me "what did he say after subsidies talk ?"
    Long speeches are not good at all. Long speech and jumping from one topic to another with a framework are bad. Praising October war then jumping to the Democratic transition and revolution then jumping to the 100 days project then to IMF loan then to the 100 project and its parts then to Christians in Rafah then back again to the 100 days project then to Sinia then slamming those who criticize him then to Palestine and Syria then it is over.
    There were numbers concerning the 100 days project and honestly I feel they are unrealistic numbers.
    Security is restored by 70% !!? Highly doubt it especially that last month the police seems to go back to its torture techniques.Already when I remember where was the security when the Presidency's car was stolen from Morsi's own house in Sharkia ?? Where was the security from the attacks on the public hospitals across the country ? Where was the security when Christians are displaced by mob ?? What about security in Sinai !?
    Traffic is solved by 60% !!? Are you kidding me ??
    The president spoke about gas cylinder and saying that its problem was solved despite the gas cylinder is still expensive in certain urban area. Yes bread is now available but other food commodities' prices are increasing.
    The IMF loan is not usury according to him where as we officially began to lift subsidies from fuel.
    I do not know how this speech will convince the regular average Egyptian to be honest when it is so long. Some say that he speaks to Egyptians through daily life problems and that he and the Muslim brotherhood are winning votes for the upcoming elections , well I believe Egyptians are not that naive as if there is no improvement in their lives MB can join Mubarak. Mubarak's regime also excelled in speaking in numbers !!
    According to Morsi Meter he only achieved 5 out of 64 promises in his 100 days program !!

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    After sharing Shady Abdel Salam’s “The armies of the sun” with you , I would like to share this very special documentary produced independently about the heroic achievements of the Egyptian air forces from 1967 to 1973 war. Unlike what you think , this documentary does not glorify Mubarak , on the contrary it focuses on the heroes of the Egyptian air forces that Mubarak did not want the public to know in order to keep the credit of heroism to himself.

    From artistic point of view , this documentary is great considering the fact that it was produced independently by group of youth. This film is the product of the amazing “Group Historians 73” work for years in reviving the unknown history of October 73 war that Mubarak buried under “his first air strike”.
    The documentary features Ahmed Kamal Al-Mansoury by the way. This part , which is the first speaks about the Egyptian air forces right after the six days war defeat. The six days war defeat already nearly destroyed the EAF. It was another achievement to rebuild that quickly despite our resources in that time.
    The second part of the documentary will be aired publicly on October 21,2012. The film is made of 6 parts as far as I know and it costed its filmmakers about LE300,000. The producers are not artists or anything but normal Egyptians.
    If you watch History Channel’s “Dogfights” will like this documentary. Unfortunately it has not been translated but I think our boys will work on translating it.

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    Mama Maggie Gobran can be the first Egyptian woman as well the Fifth Egyptian to win the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2012 according to news reports. 
    Maggie Gobran whom most Egyptians do not know at all , is a Christian Orthodox nun that head a NGO called "Stephens' Children" which focuses on improving the lives of Christian poor families living in Cairo as well rural communities in Egypt.
    Gorban , who comes from a high middle class in Upper Egypt used to be a Computer science teacher in Cairo University and AUC. In 1989 Maggie Gobran who is being labelled as Egyptian Mother Teresa  became a Nun.
    Her NGO is currently helping not less than 250,000 families and it includes 1500 volunteer.
    If Gobran wins , she will be the first Egyptian woman as well first Christian Egyptian to win the Nobel peace Prize.
    President Sadat, Naguib Mahfouz , Ahmed Zewail and Mohamed ElBaradei have already won Nobel prizes for Peace , literature , Chemistry 

    0 0

    This post is just to clarify things as rumors as usual spread like fire in the Egyptian social networks and soon enough myth becomes a reality especially with non-stop hysteria we live in currently in Egypt.
    First there are two accidents in North Sinai today October 8/10/2012
    The first one : Police force securing a truck delivering money to NBE bank in Al Arish was attacked by two militant masked men on a motorbike. The result of that attack : One officer was killed , one was injured and one gunmen was hit and died from his injuries unfortunately. 
    The second one : A CSF transport carrying over 40 CSF conscript near the Egyptian Israeli borders crushed today. The Ministry of health announced officially the death of 22 conscript and the injury of 24 conscripts. At least 8 conscripts died while they were being transferred in ambulance from the location of the crash to Al Arish hospital. The army sent its helicopters to transport the victims of the crush to Cairo. 
    Now there is a confusion that came from the fact that the dead and the injured of both accidents were transferred to the same hospital. 
    Transferring the bodies by Amira Al Tahawi
    Personally I was shocked when I heard the death toll and started to made a connection between it and those warnings about possible operations in Sinai against security forces by Jihadists on the occasion of October war. Of course if you remember in recent years we had series of terrorist attacks at the same time we have got national occasions in Sinai. Still I use my mind and I know that roads in Sinai are hell and the CSF transport trucks are actually the bigger version of sardine cans. Let's face the fact that CSF conscripts , in fact conscripts in police and army face inhuman conditions.

    Now I find people claiming that Israeli media is saying that those conscripts were killed in terrorist attack !! I checked major Israeli news sources as well twitter account and found nothing.
    I am amazed on those claiming that Ch.3 in Israeli TV is saying that those 22 conscripts were killed by the Jihadists !!!!!!!!!!!! I am so amazed that no one even bothered to check the main Israeli websites or even to search in the main website of that Ch.3 in Israeli TV !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyhow people here are the testimonies of North Sinai's activists and citizen journalists whom I trust like Ahmed Al Ghoul

    Stop rumors for God sake.

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    First time to know that we have something like this in Egypt

    The Percussion show official Facebook Egypt

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  • 10/09/12--02:47: Regarding Morsi’s Pardon
  • President Morsi has officially pardoned all citizens arrested and convicted since January 28th ,2011 till June 30th,2012 “date of his inauguration” in front of military courts including the April 8th officers. This pardon is for all those crimes related to the revolution and do not ask me what these crimes are. The pardon will include only those are arrested in clashes like Mohamed Mahmoud , the Cabinet HQ.. etc.
    You must know that the number of those convicted in front of military trials was already nearly 2700 after all the pardons throughout the last two years.
    Why do I say some how triumph ?? Because actually this pardon will not include all the military trials convicted prisoners who should have a second chance in front of civilian courts. “I do not say that they should be released”
    According to Mona Seif who launched the No for military trials campaign , this pardon is for the protests and riots related charges and not the random arrests that followed January 28,2011 where many citizens were arrested and charged of thuggery and other criminal charges in front of military trials.
    Again as matter of justice they should stand re-trial in front of their judge, civilian judge.
    I hate to say it but I feel that this decree is more of a bone thrown to that revolutionary class in order to cover the failure of the 100th Days program. “That was actually a challenge the MB created for themselves and nobody forced them to do”
    Already there was a committee formed by presidency that includes human rights activists from two months ago regarding the military trials and it issued its recommendations in mid September 2012 to release the prisoners so why wait till October 8th !?
    This decree actually will not please the public or make them angry , again it is targeted to specific class.
    Now am I happy ?? Well I am glad that there are innocent  people who are free and pardoned but I am not yet happy as there is constitution drafted in limbo , there is some sort of volcano that will erupt sooner or later in Sinai and there are Christians displaced from their homes each week !! This will not make forget or ignore that circus in the stadium last October 6,2012.
    By the way expect sooner or later Tantawy and Anan may face jail terms.

    0 0

    Via Dolorosa is the way of pain in Christianity and I think for many Egyptian Christians , Via Dolorosa is the way from Shubra to Maspero on the black October 9,2011. Today is the very anniversary of the terrible Maspero massacre where 28 civilians were killed and not less than 212 were injured after clashes with military police forces. Those civilians were Christian citizens protesting peacefully at Maspero building.
    The Name of Maspero's martyrs
    Today activists and parties are reviving the bad memory by having a rally from Shubra to Maspero from 4 PM to 6 PM. Christian movements like Maspero Youth Union are organizing the rally. The Popular Current coalition as well the April 6th Youth movement and Constitution party are participating in the rally that will include many activists and prominent figures in Egypt. Mosireen will present a date show on the walls of Maspero like in the old good days where the famous Citizen journalism organization will present its documentary about Maspero Clashes. 

    After one year of this horrible massacre that could have dragged Egypt in to a civil war , no one has really been punished. General Hamdy Badeen , the head of military police then whom men kissed his shoe on video in order he would not give his orders to his soldiers to attack the protesters , is currently our military attache in China. Osama Heikal , the former minister of information who is accused of incitement and spread lies from Egyptian TV is off the hook. News reader Rasha Magdy who called the "Egyptian people to help and aid the army against the Christian attackers" still appears on TV without even apologizing for her mistake. "She kept defending herself but did not bother to say I am sorry for what I said"
    Only 3 soldiers that are regarded to be scapegoats were convicted of manslaughter and sentenced between 2 and 3 years only in Early September 2012 !!

    Daniel wearing the crown
    Of course I can not speak about Maspero Massacre without remembering activist Mina Daniel.
    Mina became one of the most famous faces , most famous icons of revolution like Sheikh Emad Effat. In fact Daniel and Effat have become the proof on the Egyptian 25 January revolution unite Muslims and Christians. 

    By the way one of the big questions that have not been answered regarding this massacre is who attack the rally in Shubra ?? Nobody even cared till this day to answer this question. Who attacked the first authorized rally and protest in Egypt in Shubra !?

    This day brings too many memories to me including that I was going to pay a visit to friends in 25TV channel but as I stayed late in work and the clashes news I did not go. May be I was lucky otherwise I would have seen dead bodies in its building's entrance or even worse to witness the hysterical attack on 25TV on air studio !!

    I forget to ask the generals in that SCAF presser after the massacre on why the military police stormed the TV channels.
    By the way after one year of what happened on that black Sunday that I have to confess that despite many attack the position of late Pope Shenouda III after the attack describing it as hypocrisy , I respected his position not to escalate the matter otherwise it would turn in to a real civil war considering the amount of sectarian incitement then.

    May Allah bless the soul of our martyrs.

    0 0

    Hundreds expected to reach to thousands are to show up now in the rallies heading from Shubra as well Kasr Al Nil to Maspero building to commemorate the first anniversary of Maspero massacre.
    Hundreds are already there "Heba Salah"
    People began to arrive in the scene "Al Mogaz"
    People are chanting against SCAF and Hamdy Badeen demanding justice for the martyrs instead of honoring them.

    The flag of Mina Daniel is there flying up in the air. 

    Can you see Daniel's flag ? "Sara El Sirgany"

    Another close up of the flag
    BY Eman Al Hossany
    Traffic is already like hell in the area, it is preferable to take the metro.
    These sun boats replicas will advance the rallies in tribute to the martyrs.
    By @tweetthawra
    Here is the procession preceding the rally featuring girls wearing ancient Egyptian customs while holding the photos of Maspero's martyrs.
    By Basil El Dabh
    Interestingly the Maspero "National TV building" has been evacuated from its employees since 1:30 PM today for fear of clashes.There are huge security measures outside and inside the building.

    By the way the famous Dawaran Shubra has turned in to another amazing Graffiti exhibiting paying respect to our martyrs in the Egyptian revolution.

    Update @ 11:07 PM

    What started as a protest made of hundreds ended by not less 15,000 protesters in front of Maspero in one of the biggest rallies Cairo witnessed after the presidential elections. The protest included Muslims, Christians, elderly, youth, children , women and men. people would join the rally while it was heading to Maspero. It is worth to mention whenever there was an Azan , all the chants and hymns were stopped.
    The rally stopped at Ahram Press cooperation building as usual where the protesters attacked Al Ahram Newspaper chanting “Here are the liars , here are the liars”.
    Many activists and prominent figures participated in the protest including Khaled Said’s mother. Amazingly Ultras’ martyr in Port Said Karim Khozam was participating in the protest too. Alaa Seif who was once arrested and accused of attacking army soldiers during the Maspero clashes was also there along with baby son Khaled who was born during his father’s detention.
    The sister of Mina Daniel , Mary fainted at Maspero when she arrived , I can imagine why. The families of the martyrs were overwhelmed.
    Salafyo Costa , a revolutionary group of Salafists that is more open on other political groups especially from Non Islamists participated amazingly today. Already they had their own rally from Kasr Al Nil to Maspero. Salafyo Costa already declared today as a mourning day changing their famous logo to one with Mina Daniel’s face.
    The protesters chanted against SCAF’s members especially against Tantawy, Anan and Badeen demanding their trial and eve their execution. “The people want to execute the field marshal” chant is back again. The protesters also chant against the Muslim brotherhood and President Morsi like “Morsi , where are the rights of the protesters ?” and “ Down with the supreme guide rule”. This made the supporters and members of Muslim brotherhood attack the rally and the protesters especially the Christians online in a very bad stupid way.
    “ Morsi did not kill those protesters and their church honored SCAF members , they elected Shafik, what they do want now !??” are only examples of what has been said online by MB members and supporters.
    The protesters kicked out the correspondents of Al Manar TV because of its support to El Assad regime. Also journalist and activist Rasha Azab kicked out former MP Mohamed Abu Hamed.
    Mosireen showed their documentary on the walls of Maspero.
    April 6th Youth movement organized another similar protest in Minya , Upper Egypt.
    By the way I think I should mention the parties and movements supported the protest , at least those I know : The Constitution party , Strong Egypt , Masr El Horreya,Free Egyptians Party , Egyptian Social Democratic Party.
    The protest lifted the spirit of many people including me , the revolutionary street is still there. I am proud of my people for real.
    Now here is a photo gallery for photos from the rally which I could not join as I had an appointment with my doctors. These photos were taken by Zadokite

    Dear Israa El Taweel is uploading her photos from the rally , beautiful photos too.

     Here is another photo gallery from Sarah Carr.

    Here is a video clip showing part of the rally , it is not that good.
    Part of the Maspero rally
    Heba Shalaby also broadcasted live videos from the rally.
    Now Simon Hanna from Ahram Online made this amazing video for the rally.

    0 0

    As if we need more depressing news , sorry shocking news per day !!
    This evening the court has acquitted all the defendants in the battle of the camel case from all charges. Yes after nearly two years all the 24 defendants  in the case including Safwat El Sherif , Fathi Sorour and Abu El Einin and Ragab Hamida !!
    According to the reasoning of the court headed by Judge Hassan Abdullah , the witnesses can not be trusted because of them are the political opponents of the defendants !! Judge Abdullah only trusted the testimony of  former General Hassan El Roueini , the former commander of the Central zone who claimed that he had not see any dead body in Tahrir square.
    Officially 11 were killed and 2000 were injured in this horrible attack that was filmed by almost the whole world and Judge Abdullah only trusted the testimony of Hassan El Roueini!!?? History is being forged.
    I can not believe it !! I am so angry. Who killed those protesters ?? Who gave the orders to the riders of Nazlat El Saman ?? Who brought the broken ceramic plates to the assailants ??
    The public prosecutor has appealed the court order and issued a statement about the verdict. Already the public prosecution office is under fire as it is being blamed for giving the court weak evidence to support the case against those defendants. The prosecution office is defending itself and announced through an unnamed source to MENA that it is not responsible for the investigations of the battle of the camel. It turned out that the minister of justice then “I will check who he was” gave orders to Cairo Appeal Cairo to assign a magistrate to investigate it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Everybody is blaming them including presidency indirectly ,  Muslim brotherhood and some political figures in Egypt already.
    You must know that Mubarak regime remnants are extremely happy for this verdict because not only their masters are acquitted but also they found a golden opportunity to prove their sick claims that the Muslim brotherhood were the ones behind the shooting of the protesters !!! Many of the defendants spoke to the talk shows tonight in triumph , many of them are corrupted bastards !!
    Anyhow I think this court order will give a push to the protest planned for next Friday. Already the Muslim brotherhood members said that they protest in order to oust the public prosecutor as well to purge the judiciary. Many political groups are going to participate as well including April 6th Youth movement "Ahmed Maher's movement". I will write a post about it.
    Already there were tens of protesters in Tahrir square protesting the verdict.
    Breaking : acquiting the murderer and executing the camel
    Just a reminder , here is a short  clip by Mosireen for the Battle of the Camel in its anniversary last February 2012 to refresh your memory in case you forget.
    The Camel Battle 2011
    Here is a collection of videos from that night.

    I am extremely furious.
    Seriously I agree with those who said that the only official who got a true fair trial is Omar Sulieman who is now between the hand of the Almighty The justice , among the names of ِ Allah " Our God" in Islam is Justice  and Justice is not served in Egypt by all measures , it is only served in the other world.
    Here is a collection of reactions from Egyptian politicians from left to right.

    0 0

    Abdel Maguid Mahmoud 
    And we got rid from the Public prosecutor after nearly two years of demanding this at last. President Morsi has asked Abdel Maguid Mahmoud if he is willing to be re-assigned as Egypt’s ambassador in the Vatican and to leave his position as the public prosecutor in Egypt.
    Mahmoud’s assistant Judge Adel El Sayid is appointed as the acting public prosecutor.
    Morsi can’t fire Mahmoud according to the law thus he found this legal exist after nearly 6 hours meeting with judge  Mekki brothers “His VP and minister of justice” , Judge Hossam El Gheriany “Head of Supreme council of judiciary , head of National human rights council and head of constituent assembly and PM Qandil to discuss the implications of yesterday’s battle of the camel’s trials verdicts.
    There is no wonder that Mahmoud had no other option except to accept the offer and even to pray that the Vatican would accept him as an ambassador as the small yet influential state rejected Egypt’s last nominated ambassador as it considered one of Mubarak’s remnants. Mahmoud knows that he is unwanted now , the Muslim brotherhood and April 6 Youth are protesting against him. Today April 6 youth protested downtown against him
    Anyhow the court’s verdict yesterday in the battle of the camel’s trial is not the mistake of Mahmoud but rather the ministry of justice and the magistrates.
    People are praying now , especially in the revolutionary sphere that Judge Zakaria Abdel Aziz would be chosen as Public prosecutor. I highly doubt it because Abdel Aziz is independent Nationalist person whom the MB will not like.
    I hope that this decree would make the MB do not go and protest tomorrow in Tahrir square because I do not want any clashes there.
    Now many people from Non Islamists fear that this decision will be the start of Muslim brotherhood full control on judiciary , well I am afraid the removal of Abdel Maguid Mahmoud has been an old revolutionary one since the 18 days. The man is not good and was an accomplice in hiding Mubarak’s regime crimes through out the past years. Hell there are files and cases that have been closed by this man that need to be opened !!
    Again the position of public prosecutor is just like the President , unlike what the MB thinks, it is not a picnic or just a powerful position.

    Update : 

    Judge Abdel Maguid Mahmoud announced that he refused to leave his position and won't resign !!!! This is a big slap to the president and his legal team !! Not the first slap though !! The Judges club that can not stomach MB announced their solidarity with Abdel Maguid !!This is headache 

    0 0

    On Friday Tahrir square will not witness a single hopeful million man protest but two million man protests !! oh yes two protests from two opposing powers mainly : MB and Non-MBs or to be more accurate the Islamists and Non Islamists as it seems. It looks so January 25th first anniversary in Tahrir square !!
    Simply we got two protests.
    The first protest which is the original was planned by non Islamists to protest the constituent assembly right after the end of the 100 days project period of President Morsi in order to give him his full opportunity.
    Now the demands of this protest according to what I understood from posts and statement issued by parties and movements organizing and participating in the protest :
    • A Constitution that represents all Egyptians with their diversity reflecting the demands of the revolution .
    • A minimum and maximum wage limits
    • Lowering the prices of commodities.
    • Allowing independent unions and syndications.
    There will be marches from all over Cairo and Giza from the mosques rallies and marches used to be headed from to Tahrir square like Mostafa Mahmoud Mosque and square that will witness the main rally to Tahrir square.
    Despite initially April 6th youth Movement “Ahmed Maher” declared that it was not going to participate in the protests because “it wanted to give the president and the government an opportunity” and “Fears from burning the protests card” , I knew that the members had the freedom individually to join the protest. Of course I said that this was the movement’s initial decision , things are different as you will know later.
    The parties and movements calling and organizing this protest are :  
    The national association for change "NAC" , The Popular Egyptian current, The Constitution party , Masr Al Horreya Party , The Egyptian Social Democratic Party , April 6th Movement "The Democratic Movement", The Democratic Revolutionary alliance "The Egyptian socialist Party , The Egyptian communist Party, The Socialist Popular alliance Party , El Tagammu Party , The labor and farmers Party , The Socialist Youth union , The popular Democratic Movement, Mina Daniel Movement , The popular revolutionary movement", The Youth for Justice and Freedom and The Peaceful Front for Change.
    The Constitution Party asked its members not to chant anti-MB or Morsi chants in the rally or the protests because it is not about persons or groups as much about demands.
    I believe this is the biggest and first public event for both the Constitution party and the popular current.
    The second protest was planned and decided by Muslim brotherhood and its political arm Freedom and Justice Party after hours from the Battle of the Camel’s trial verdict. The orders were given to the members to start rallies and protesting in Cairo to demanding the resignation of the public prosecutor and the purging of the judiciary authority in general.
    They did start protesting from Thursday.
    Moderate Islamist party Al Wasat Party and Al Gama’a Al Islamiyaa also announced that they are going to participate in the protest.
    It is kind of hilarious because actually one must wonder why the MB is protesting and against whom !?? Against their own president !? I feel that the MB does not want to understand as a political group that it is actually ruling Egypt and that they are no longer the opposition !! If they want to help Morsi they should not embarrass him with that cheap talk like “We are going to protest in order to give him a public cover and strength !!”
    A public strength and a cover for a president !!? What kind of a president that a solidarity protest whenever he takes an order !? I think this would be a weak president !!!
    Now April 6th Youth Movement “Ahmed Maher’s front” announced its participation in the protest in order to purge the ministry of interior and judiciary in Egypt.
    Non Islamists fear and believe that these MB protests are actually a way to sabotage their own protest.
    I fear really clashes between both teams whether in Cairo or in Alexandria. Already the ministry of health announced that it will send over 40 ambulances just in case I really wished that after Morsi’s decree to re-assign the public prosecutor to another position , the MB would cancel their protests but what you know !!

    0 0

    What I fear most  , happened in Tahrir square.
    The Muslim brotherhood's supporters along with other Islamists like Al Gama’a Al Islamiyya have attacked the supporters of other Non Islamist forces in Tahrir square after the prayers forcing them to leave it.
    There was one stage in Tahrir square said to be owned by Al Wafd Party that attacked Morsi and The supreme guide after the prayers. Couple of Morsi’s supporters attacked the stage destroying it and attacking the speakers and their supporters. Morsi supporters chanted “ Bread , Freedom and Morsi got men in his back”. They also chant Islamist slogans claiming that the revolution is Islamist and Support Your God and the Sharia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
    #Oct12 : Clashes between Morsi supporter and opponents
    I would say that there are couple of thousands from MB supporters. According to eye witnesses they were brought by buses as usual.
    The clashes erupted again but the Morsi’s supporters and opponents in Mohamed Mahmoud , as the MB supporters destroyed the stage of the popular current. You must know the MB is claiming that those attackers are not from its members. They are claiming that they got orders to head to Tahrir square at 5 PM.
    Sooner the Anti-MB supporters were forced to move to Mohamed Mahmoud street after they hurled rocks with the MB supporters.
    Part of the clashes by Karim Farid 
    They are current chant Chants: "Down with the Murshid  rule" and "sell, sell, sell, the revolution, Badei" in Mohamed Mahmoud.
    By Hossam Moanis
    On the other hand the marches started from Giza and Cairo heading to Tahrir square. I can not tell how big or small they are.
    Here is a march in Ghamara
    Mina Fayek From Ghamara
    Morsi is currently in Alexandria and addressed the public there. There is a march from Morsi's opponents that reached to the place of his speech.
    From Alexandria @aiayd

    @3:45 PM 

    Despite the Muslim brotherhood members are claiming that there are no members in Tahrir square
    From what I understand and what I see on TV , the Mostafa Mahmoud March arrived to the square and kicked out Morsi supporters from the square for some time but the clashes continue.
    By Mina Fayek 
    There are no security forces or any attempt to separate between the two fighting teams. It is just too sad
    There were echoes of bird shot in the square followed by an attack of those MB supporters then the civilians powers attacked back , all people are hurling rocks at each side.
    Eye witnesses in Mohamed Mahmoud street say that bearded men are attacking them. Tens of young men have been injured already.

    @4:53 PM 

    Now the clashes continue. My friend Mahmoud Gamal El Din was there at Talaat Harb street where a march led by Constitution Party's co-founder and revolutionary icon Dr. Ahmed Harara. The march was attacked and dispersed. Gamal El Din told me on the phone that he has seen so far not less than 16 injured from protesters , with head cuts.
    Media reports are speaking about bird shots and Molotov !! Several activists have been injured like famous labor socialist activist Kamel Khalil and director Kamala El Zakry
    The ministry of health announced that the number of the injured are 12 , I think  it is higer now

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