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7000 years and counting ...

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    Mohamed Morsi and Ahmed Shafik want our vote , the majority of vote that they did not in the first stage of the presidential elections. Most of these votes ironically are the Pro-Revolutionary votes who are still in shock on how these two reached to the runoffs.

    We are in a very powerful position theotrically and this is why several political groups and powers began to speak about negotiations between them and the presidential candidates especially Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood.

    Now most liberal and non Islamist powers and parties are between two hells , between the possibility of the continuity of the military state or the beginning of the religious state. They want guarantees , concessions from the Muslim brotherhood more than Shafik in order to endorse Morsi who is in the end part of the revolution whether you approve or disapprove with the Muslim brotherhood.

    A group of liberal and leftist parties and figures presented a document to both candidates with set of demands to keep the state civilian not a military or religious. Bassem Sabry published the articles of that document.

    Koert Debeuf , a former adviser of a Belgian PM and current representative of the EU parliament's Alde group in Cairo represented as an outside a set of demands to both candidates  :

    • A Non MB Vice president
    • A Non MB prime minister
    • Half of the cabinet’s ministers to be from outside the MB
    • 50% + 1 of the constituent assembly to from outside the Islamists
    • All the decisions signed by the president and Vice president.

    Interestingly this post was translated in to Arabic and published in Al Moheet website that is owned by Khairat El Shater of MB !! It was also featured in Yosri Fouda’s TV show “Last Talk”

    Kolena Khaled Said” and Wael Ghonim  also presented to the Muslim brotherhood the “National  ” document with a set of demands  and asked the people to approve it online through joining an event on the Facebook. Here is the document in Arabic.

    Here are the demands :

    • The constituent assembly should include be representative for all Egyptians for real including proper representation for women and Christians. 25% of its members should be law and constitutional experts.
    • The President should have two Vice presidents “like Abu El Fotouh and Sabbahi” with set of powers known to everybody.
    • Mohamed Morsi to resign from the Muslim brotherhood and Freedom and Justice Party. “He actually promised this”
    • A new coalition cabinet whose prime minister is from outside FJP and includes women , Christians and Youth for real.
    • FJP should include in its agenda laws that support # Jan25 revolution demands like the minimum level of wages.

    44,374 Egyptians have approved the document so far @12:43 AM Cairo local time since its launch.

    Most of the documents proposed are actually targeting the Muslim brotherhood as well they share the same demands I spoke about before in my post regarding the elections : The VP position , the cabinet and the constituent assembly.

    In any political bargaining I think you should negotiate both parties especially if those parties are untrusted. Already I do not have doubt at all that Khairat El Shater is holding talks with SCAF , he is merchant in the beginning and the end.

    The Muslim brotherhood youth believe that this is blackmail and I will tell them one thing : This is politics my dear and you should ask Khairat El Shater for his deals with the NDP and SS during the 2005 parliamentary elections.

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    People fear that there will be another massacre will be committed in the weekend especially that the telecommunications in Homs are reportedly cut. Already according to tweeps from inside Syria most social networks and news websites have been blocked in Syria since early morning and that users there returned to the proxies.
    The murder of Basel Shehade in Homs is the main event highlighted in the past 24 hours. It turns out that Shehade went to Homs in order to present his condolences to a friend who lost a friend in the revolution !!
    Here is the coffin of late Basel , May Allah bless his soul. It turned out that the Christian neighborhood in the city of Homs had more than its share from the daily shelling because of Basel.
    Here is a photo showing an ad of the memorial service held at one of Homs mosque for the martyrs including Basel.

    Now here are photos from Al Houlah , from the houses that witnessed 11 hours of horror from the visits of the UN observers.

    Here is a video clip showing the arrival of the UN observers to  a building where the bodies of the victims compiled before burial last May 26th.
    There is news coming tonight that the Syrian consul in LA  has defected , I can’t find a confirmation though.

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    It is the trial of the century in Egypt that all Egyptians and the whole world will watch tomorrow with a lot of anticipation.

    The trial will be transferred on air since early morning. Already the Egyptian TV may collect a fortune tomorrow for allowing the other channels to transfer the broadcast on air just like in football match !!

    There are lots of anticipations as well lots of fears.There are not high hopes though because in both cases. Technically tomorrow there will be an army  from armed forces and central security forces outside the police academy. There is great fear from violent clashes in case that Mubarak is acquitted.

    The families of the martyrs fear that there will be clashes tomorrow. The Mubarak supporters say that they will respect the court’s final verdict.

    Some observers believe that judge Ahmed Rafeat may adjourn the verdict announcement till things calm down after the presidential elections.

    People believe that Mubarak and co. will be sentenced then Shafik wins in the elections and pardons him !!

    Now here are some interesting numbers about the trial :

    • We are having 2 lawsuits here : The killing of the protesters and financial corruption.
    • The number of defendants in this trial is 11 and they are : Hosni Mubarak , Alaa Mubarak, Gamal Mubarak, Hussein Salem in absentia, Habib El Adly , Adly Fiyad , Ismail El Shaer, Omar El Faramawy , Osama El Marasi, Ahmed Ramzy and Hassan Abdel Rahman.
    • The number of witnesses in the trial in both cases : 1536 mostly from police officers.
    • 4 ministers of interior participated in this trial : One as a defendant “Habib El Adly” and 3 as witnesses “ Mahmoud Wagdy, Mansour Eissawy and Ibraim Youssef”
    • The sessions of the trial were 46 in 103 days for 10 months 
    • The defense lawyers are 22 including Farid El Deeb , Atef El Manawy and Gamil El Said. Ahmed Ramzy’s lawyer passed away during the trial and they had to search for another one.
    • The civil claims lawyers are 100 including Sameh Ashour , Khaled Abu Bakr and Amir Salem.
    • The number of the documents in the trial in front of the judges’ panel : 72,000 including forensic reports and prosecution investigations.
    • The number of martyrs killed in the early days of the revolution : 846 in the trial.
    • The number of injured in the trial : 1368.

    Now here is a timeline I made from information I gathered from my blog, Ahram Online English, Al Ahram Newspaper , Al Shorouk Newspaper and Al Masry Al Youm newspaper about the trial since February 11,2011.I am sorry if there are mistakes in the timeline in advance.

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    And the trial of the century’s first season finale is going to start soon and millions of Egyptians are glued in front of their TV waiting for it to start , waiting to hear the verdict.
    It is @8:18 AM right now and the TV channels are broadcasting from inside and outside the courtroom. The Lawyers are inside the courtroom and according to news reports all defendants arrived except Mubarak whose ambulance has not arrived yet from the international medical center. We are waiting for him for the trial’s session would start !!
    The security convey by Ali Dahmash
    Egyptian journalist Nadia Abu El Maged is inside the courtroom but unfortunately she will not be tweeting from there because mobile phones and water are not allowed there !!
    There is technically an army protecting the police academy in a way that makes me mad about all those millions spent to secure such a trial. The police has deployed 5000 policemen and 50 armored vehicles.  There are army forces as well protecting the academy.
    According to my friends at the Police academy the Mubarak supporters are not that many compared to the other sessions. The families of the martyrs are protesting outside the Police academy chanting “Wake up Mubarak and get up , today is the final day” and “Execute him , execute him”.
    Here is a photo by CNN’s Ben Wedeman showing the families of the martyrs.

    @8:27 AM

    Mubarak’s helicopter has arrived at the International medical center !!

    According to a report published by Reuters written by its military correspondent in Egypt , Mubarak may continue staying at the luxurious medical center even if he is sentenced. Yesterday Al Jazeera reported that Torah prison hospital was being prepared for his transfer.
    Here is a reminder of Mubarak’s trial in numbers.
    You can follow the trial on twitter on these hashtags : #MubarakTrial and Mubarak in Trial in Arabic #Mubaraktrial
    You can watch it alive on ONTV Live broadcast on YouTube.
    Here is a shot showing the court room by Sarah El Deeb.

    @8:48 AM CLT

    The families of the victims have set a ladder , the symbol of presidential candidate Ahmed Shafik on fire. Shafik was the last PM appointed by Mubarak.
    The Ministry of health has deployed 10 ambulances as well 3 clinics just for emergencies.
    Here is a photo for one of Mubarak’s supporters at the court by Rawya Rageh.
    Here is one of the famous Mubarak’s daughters speaking to the media by the original DNE. The pro-Mubarak supporters are located at another gate in the police academy.

    @9:16 AM CLT

    It seems that the trial will be delayed till Mubarak arrives. It is expected to start at 10 AM. The judge has arrived. There are thousands of documents complied besides the court panel.
    It is worth to mention that there is one defendant who is not in the court room other than Mubarak : Hussein Salem who is currently in Spain.
    Despite Smoking is not allowed in the courtroom , lawyers are smoking from what I see on TV.

    @9:22 AM CLT

    The Helicopter of Mubarak took off from the international medical center heading to the police academy at Nasr City. According to the correspondent Judge Rafeat ordered the families of martyrs who got no permits to leave the court room,only those with permits are allowed to stay including a handful group of journalists.

    @9:36 AM CLT

    Mubarak has arrived at the court , he is wearing a training suit and sun glasses , he is laying on a stretcher. “By Sherif Kouddous

    The arrival of Mubarak

    Mubarak’s arrival

    I notice that the special forces from police are in the scene , I do not see army special forces like before.

    @9:48 AM CLT

    According to Al Masry Al Youm Khadija El Gamal and Heidi Raskh , the wives of Gamal and Alaa Mubarak arrived outside the court.

    The judges arrived at the court panel.

    @9:58 AM CLT

    The trial has started. Mubarak entered the cage after Alaa, Gamal and El Adly as well other defendants.

    The people cheered against Mubarak called him “Pharaoh”

    Judge Rafeat called the defendants and Mubarak answered “ I am here”.

    Mubarak : I am here

    @10:03 AM CLT

    Judge Rafeat is now speaking about the verdict, he seems to be nervous. He will give 3 minutes for each defendant to speak.

    Judge Rafeat is speaking now , he is addressing the public in a very emotional speech praising the revolution and slamming the former regime in a way that scaring me because I do not want any shocks.

    El Adly , Gamal and Alaa Mubarak seemed to be nervous.

    @10:32  AM CLT

    The sentences :

    Mubarak and El Adly took life sentences while all the senior police general “all of the 6 including the corrupted Hassan Abdel Rahman and Ismail El Shaer” were acquitted.

    Mubarak , his sons and Salem were acquitted in the corruption case because it was an old one.

    The trial’s documents lack proper evidence to convict all the police generals !!

    These sentences can create bloody chaos in the country.

    The sentence

    There are clashes inside the court , the lawyers and people inside it kept screaming “The people want to purge the judiciary”

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    Not less than 100,000 Egyptians are currently in Tahrir square protesting against the court verdicts of Mubarak’s trial. The scene from Tahrir square is breathtaking @ 8:22 PM.

    There are no partisan signs or flag ,only Egyptian flags with chants against SCAF , Anan , Mubarak and Egyptian judiciary. There are no stages and according to everybody there is something uniting the protesters there and it is anger. The protesters are all background, classes and all political forces. You got liberals, leftists,Islamists including Salafists as well Ultras groups form Ahly and Zamalek sports club not to mention independent Egyptians.
    Tahrir square Saturday night "Reuters"
    I do not know if there will be a sit in or not but I hope there will be a sit in. There are security checkpoints in Tahrir square. Presidential candidates Hamdeen Sabbahi , Khaled Ali and Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh arrived to the square. Sabbahi got a hero reception where he was carried over the protesters shoulders.
    Needless to say there are no common set of demands, some suggest a presidential council while others suggest banning Ahmed Shafik from presidential elections and purging prosecution and judiciary.
    Hamdeen's reception in Tahrir "Reuters" 
    Muslim brotherhood presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi held a press conference at Mansour street near the ministry of interior tonight at 7 PM where he gave a lot of promises regarding justice if he is elected as a president !!!!!! 
    If you think it is only in Cairo , think again because it is 8:35 PM and there are protests all over the country from north and south. There are protests in Alexandria , Suez , Ismailia, Tanta, Mansoura, Sohag, Marsa Matrouh , Monufia, Port Said,Qena, Mahalla, Sharkia and Aswan in matter of hours.
    Here is a photo from the city of Damietta in its biggest squares by Mohamed Mansour.

    Here is a photo from Al Arish now showing march in the famous 26 July street by my friend Mohamed Sabry.  There are women, children, Christians , tribesmen, Salafists and liberal youth in that protest.

    Here is a video broadcast by Sabry from Al Arish.
    Even Monufia , the stronghold of NDP protested today from RNN.

    Here is a photo album for the protest in Bani Sawif.
    Here is a photo from Aswan by @Hamasiita who says that the number of protesters has not been seen before in the city.

    Numbers are between hundreds and thousands. The biggest protest outside Cairo is by far in Alexandria and the most violent up till now is in Suez as clashes started between the protesters and security forces protecting the governorate HQ.
    The Egyptian TV is claiming that people are celebrating the verdict all over the country !! The admin of SCAF FB warns everybody and says that Egypt is above all !! The Pro –Shafik supporters warn from Muslim brotherhood takeover !! To be honest I do not see this Islamist takeover on the contrary tonight reminds me with the 18 days , full square with ideologies or stages or anything.

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    Today was a big day marked in the history of modern Egypt as the day where Egypt’s former president is being sentenced 25 years in jail. “Despite he can appeal the verdict”. Here are the best photos of the day.

    Mubarak in the cage , nice watch "Reuters" 

    Gamal and Alaa happy "Reuters"
    A Mubarak supporter attacking Italian photojournalist "Reuters"
    Anyone noticed a revolution ? "Getty" 
    Hamdeen Sabbahi in Tahrir and Syrian flag "Reuters" 

    Tahrir square protesting "Reuters"

    Regardless of what happened later we should revise the photos taken there.

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    Now after 48 hours of the unforgettable Cairo Criminal Court’s verdict against Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s former 4 president and the 1st Arab ruler to be imprisoned for life according to normal court.
    I can’t ignore the fact Mubarak is the first Arab ruler who is currently in jail alive for a crime committed against his own people.
    The sick man of Middle East behind bars
    According to news report Mubarak is now in the Torah prison hospital. Some news repots claim that he was given the infamous blue prison suit and a prison number. Of course his photo wearing the blue prison suit will be one of the historical shots. I do not know if we are going this shot. “By the way the watch Mubarak wore in the trial is interesting , some believe it is a 50 Fathom 18K Rose Gold Blancpain watch worth of $ 21,600 !!
    We are angry because according to that verdict Mubarak can be set free in the appeal because he is not prosecuted for the murder of the protesters but rather for not protecting the protesters. It will be the second season of the Trial of The century.
    Anyhow I believe that Mubarak will not get out from the jail alive because he is the scapegoat the military sacrificed , Robert Fisk’s expectation regarding the Mubaraks’ fate may be true : The old man dies in jail where as his offspring Alaa and Gamal will leave the country. It is realistic way of thinking.
    Of course now the prosecution got tons of reports and accusations of corruption facing the Mubaraks in an attempt to absorb the people’s anger and demands to dismiss Abdel Maguid Mahmoud, the current public prosecutor should have resigned from long time.
    We are angry because all El Adly’s aides are released as if these protesters were not killed and we are making up all this despite the mounting evidence of eye witnesses’ accounts and thousands of video clips. I fear that sooner the families of martyrs and victims or even the young frustrated protesters make their vengeance by their own hand.
    Strangely SCAF and security authorities know that and this is why we find an army of security forces protecting the houses of the released police generals in the past 24 hours.
    I do not think that there is a revolution or an uprising that has been recorded on video like ours , just go to YouTube and type #Jan25 or Day of rage and names of Egyptian governorates , you will find evidences in front of your eyes documenting the brutality of the Police forces.
    You must know the Pro-Shafik team is preparing the public to accept that the Muslim brotherhood killed the protesters during the revolution !!! The problem is some people due to their hate and fear from MB can buy this especially we are speaking about a strong media machine got nothing except to prove this whether online or offline.
    I do not regret supporting the Normal courts and judiciary system route because nothing wrong in my way of thinking , the good way of thinking that believed that this is the best thing compared to the agonies resulted  and that there are good people in judiciary system. I was wrong regarding the last part. I will not stand against revolutionary courts if we have the opportunity despite their disadvantages.
    The judiciary system must be purged and reformed.

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    What do the protesters of Tahrir square in Cairo and other angry squares in the country want this time ?
    Here is list of complied demands as I have gathered them in the past 48 hours :
    • A presidential council made from Hamdeen Sabbahi , Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh , Khaled Ali , Mohamed Mursi and Mohamed ElBaradei.
    • The resignation or the dismissal of Abdel Maguid Mahmoud , the public prosecutor
    • Purging the judiciary system and prosecution system
    • Revolutionary trials for Mubarak and his men
    • Banning Ahmed Shafik from running in the elections.
    • Cancelling the results of the presidential elections’ first stage and having a new presidential elections.
    These are the main demands I complied from left to right in the past 48 hours.I used to have hope after seeing the incredible sudden anger of the public in no time across the country but now I fear it is fading away and we will return to block no.1.
    Abu El Fotouh , Sabbahi and Mohamed Mursi are having currently a meeting to discuss what they will do regarding the runoffs , I do not know if the Presidential council will be on the table or not as the Muslim brotherhood believes it is unconstitutional. I do not know why I do not have high hope.
    I have always thought that idea of having a presidential council is not good because simply our Egyptian culture does not have this concept of team leadership , it is one man show. For God sake all those men were attacking each other madly in the elections how will they agree on one thing sincerely !!!???
    The problem is not in the protesters or their demands even if they seem to be impossible , the problem is that there is unified leadership that can guide these messes and turn them in to a real power and I am not speaking about partisan organization. There is no leadership unfortunately in the scene capable of standing to the people’s hope in Egypt.

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    Pay attention and look who will appear among the pictures in Madonna’s song “Nobody knows me”  in her concert in Tel Aviv , yes our former / ousted president/ prisoner Hosni Mubarak appears in a Madge concert !!

    Madonna : Nobody knows me

    It was the interlude of her concert there.

    The French right wing supporters of Marine Le Pen are angry because the clip featured their leader with a swastika .  I bet Mubarak’s orphans will be angry too and will speak on how Jewish Madonna attacks their daddy despite all the Israeli officials are sad for his departure and praying for Shafk to win in the elections.

    Madonna will sing in Abu Dhabi , I wonder if Mubarak’s face will appear there knowing how much the authorities love him in UAE !!

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    Today is the 45th anniversary of six days war defeat ,  A defeat that we suffer from its  consequences up till now and I am not speaking about the loss of Golan and East Jerusalem but I am speaking about how that defeat affected a whole generation that still suffers from its impact up till now and unfortunately this generation is leading the scene in Egypt.

    I remember this when I see in the history of Khairat El Shater and Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh how the defeat made them turn in to Islamists as young students, I remember how the current governor of New Valley Army General Tarek El Mahdy said on Rotana Masreya once that the #Jan25 Revolution achieved the goals of the 1967 generation.

    Unfortunately my little conversations with army officers online and offline show that they think that the defeat was only military related to bad choice of commanders that was erased by the 1973 war.

    Now Army officers tell me that the army will not fall in to the same mistakes and the six days war will not happen again , well I am sure from military point of view it will not happen again insh Allah but what I care is the political decision more than anything. We are on the verge of the unknown and honestly You can not change the military mindset after 60 years so simply in two years nor you can expect old commanders who ages are all over 60 years old to think in the same as young revolutionaries.

    I am afraid to say that the 1960s mindset is still among army officers and it is enough to see how they mobilize and promote for Ahmed Shafik online and offline just because he is a military man. Yes you will find them speaking about his platform which unfortunately I have not seen or read as other platforms in details.

    Just one look to the Military secrets account on twitter , you will feel that Ahmed Said , the famous Radio host in 1960s is its admin . Today Military secrets account threatened Tahrir square protesters and accused the Muslim brotherhood indirectly of killing the protesters in a new version of 1954. Sadly enough all the old regime TV hosts and journalists are back doing in what they are doing best from kissing the regime’s ass deceiving the public to please the regime.

    Once an officer in the air forces told me on twitter that he and his generation from officers will no salute or obey a civilian president as the commander of chief.

    Despite you would rarely see an army officer speaking about himself as an officer or about the army before the revolution online whether on twitter and Facebook , you got tons of officers now bragging with their uniforms on twitter speaking about politics in a way that concerns you for real about the national security of this country.

    The Six days war defeat in 1967 was the direct result of politics and the military rule as it came out from the book. You got got dictatorship , you got rivalry between Nasser and Amar and you got an army absence from any accountability or supervision.

    Nasser kept Abdel Hakim Amar despite his failure in 1956 Suez war and Yemen War not to mention his ultimate fiasco in Syria and the UAR. In Democratic societies Amar would be kicked out his position but Nasser kept him because ironically he feared that Amar would lead a coup against him.

    The six days war defeat would not have not occurred in that way or even happened at all if there were a parliament supervising that army as well the intelligence with big eyes holding their commandership accountable like any civilized nation.

    The six days war defeat would not have not occurred if we had then a true constitution that organizes the relationship between the army and the state , the president and the government.

    Idolizing Nasser as well the army brought that defeat ,isolating army from the correct political supervision claiming its treason is what brought that defeat. Claiming that only military knows the best interest of the country and anyone else to say something opposing their view then is a traitor or insane is what brought this defeat in Egypt.

    We are all still paying for the price of that defeat up till now and I am afraid that history repeats itself , we are on the verge of 1954 and after 1954 came all our military and political defeats. I fear that we are heading to another 1967 in our own way where everybody will pay whether people or army or anyone who lives in this country.

    I write this post and I know that I will find people who will accuse me of being hostile of the Egyptian army and its enemy , those people are well educated from considerably economically stable background claiming to be liberals where as their right categorization is : Right Wing nationalists !!

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    Today thousands will head back to Tahrir square through marches and protests in order to express their refusal to the candidacy of Ahmed Shafik as main demand. This Tuesday protest is called Justice Tuesday !!

    There will be marches from several places in Cairo and Giza including Mostafa Mahmoud square and El Giza square. It is expected that former presidential candidates Hamdeen Sabbahi , Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh and Khaled Ali will lead these protests and marches headed to Tahrir square.

    The streets are crowded as it is a day in the middle of the week as well it is extremely hot.

    There will be marches from places in Alexandria.

    The Ultras groups are participating in the protests including Ultras Ahlawy 07

    Most protests and marches will start at 5 PM CLT.

    @5:17 PM CLT

    Presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi has arrived to Mostafa Mahmoud square protest where couple of thousands are already waiting.

    Here is a photo showing the protesters at Mostafa Mahmoud square by Khaled Baramwy.

    You can watch the Mostafa Mahmoud from Ana Mubshar’s Live broadcast

    There were small protests earlier this morning in Kafr El Sheikh governorate which is considered a stronghold for Hamdeen Sabbahi. According to Freedom and Justice Party officials in the governorate , their members are being mobilized in Cairo.

    Khaled Ali is at El Fatah Mosque in Giza along with couple of thousands as well. You can watch the march from El Fatah Mosque from Ana Mubshar Live broadcast. There are members of April 6th Youth Movement along with their flags participating in the march.

    @5:40 PM CLT

    Famous activist and protester Ahmed Harara is at the march in Mostafa Mahmoud square.

    Hundreds of thousands are already protesting in Tahrir square. MP Mohamed El Beltagy of Freedom and Justice Party is in Tahrir square.

    Here is a photo showing the march of El Istamqa mosque from Twitter

    @5:49 PM CLT

    Abu El Fotouh has arrived at Mostafa Mahmoud square.

    0 0

    Ok I found this quote from our famous and beloved 1973 commander late field marshal Abdel Ghani Gamasy (1921-2003)

    The military man does not fit political, the reason behind our defeat in 1967 is the involvement of the army men in politics and its games and thus they could not find anything to present in the war field

    May Allah bless all our men who gave their lives for this great nation whether in 1967 or in 1973.

    0 0

    Today marked the second anniversary of the murder that did not announce the beginning of gradual political change in Egypt only but also in the Arab world. I remember this when I read today a sweet tribute to Said from a Syrian Tweep living in Latakia.
    I wonder what that police sheriff who gave the orders to those two policemen to beat the crap out of Said on that bloody night thinks today when he sees how thing changed since that moment.
    There were silent stands across the country to commemorate Khaled Said across the country in several governorates like Alexandria , Cairo, Suez , Asuit , Sohag , Suez, Fayoum, Sharkia and Mansoura  .
    In Cairo April 6 Youth Movement also commemorated its late member and 25TV reporter Nahla Mostafa who was died in a car accident on the same day in Alexandria after finishing an interview with Khaled Said’s mother. May Allah bless her soul thousand times.

    Most of the famous activists in Egypt headed to Alexandria that witnessed rallies and stands across the Sea Corniche to mark the death of the young. The Khaled Said family started the day by visiting his tomb.
    Mrs. Laila Marzouk reading Quran in front of her son's
    tomb "Reuters"
    His mother Mrs. Laila Marzouk announced that she will boycott the runoffs of the presidential elections adding that it is better to have presidential council. Mrs. Marzouk and her daughter Zohra have already declared their endorsement to Hamdeen Sabbahi.
    Thousands of citizens participated in the rallies as well the silent stand across the Sea corniche.
    This photo was taken at Said’s house from moments ago by Moatez Matar , the TV host who exposed the case of Khaled Said on TV before anyone.

    Unfortunately I could not cover it alive in Cairo and I could not go to Alexandria to cover it either where the real action was but thank God for citizen journalists across the country.
    Here is a photo showing the silent stand dedicated to Khaled Said at the Nile Corniche in Asuit , Upper Egypt by tweep Doaa Nasr

    Here is a photo from Mansoura , in front of the security directorate earlier today by tweep Mohamed Ezz.

    Here is a photo from Damietta by Revolutionary Socialist Students in Damietta.

    Here is a photo from Sharkia by Shams Othmani

    Among the organizers of today’s stands and marches : April 6th Youth movement “The two fronts” and Revolutionary socialists
    Many of my friends in Alexandria who participated in the march were annoyed and angry on how the march turned from Khaled Said’s march to Hamdeen Sabbahy’s March.
    Hamdeen Sabbahi in Alex today "Reuters"
     I do not have a problem that Sabbahy participates in the anniversary but to turn in to a parade to show his popularity was too much. I know he is popular in Alexandria but not to be the leader who is carried on shoulders in a march that is dedicated to another young man. We are fighting ruler idolism and yet we are falling in to the same trap !!
    Anyhow the Ultras boys in Alexandria gave a lesson when they joined the marched and chanted “ We are here for the martyr , the groom not for a president” . God bless these boys.
    Speaking about politicians , I must record something here : Yes I disagree with former president candidate Ayman Nour’s views and actions most of the time but I will never forget how he raise the case of Khaled Said before anyone in Egypt.

    0 0

    At the same time Egyptians are following the on going political circus in Egypt , millions of people across the Levant reported seeing strange object in the sky tonight.
    From several hours ago I began to see tweets coming from Syria speaking about strange objects in the sky. Panic reached to the level of suspecting the use of chemical warfare against Syrian rebellious towns and cities like in Hama , Idlib , Homs , Daraa, Aleppo and Reef Dimshaq. It was disturbing for sure and was strange to imagine that the Syrian regime would escalate its war against the revolutionaries in these towns at the same time across the Atlantic the UN is discussing the horrible massacre that took place in Homs from two days ago.
    Here is a video shot in Deir Ez Zor tonight showing that strange flying object.
    Deir Ez Zor : Strange object spotted in the sky
    Here is also a photo showing the light spotted n the sky in Daraa from @DaraaNow

    Then I found reports about similar sighting for unknown objects in Lebanon and Israel as well other countries in Levant. Some thought it was meteorite while other considered it the #MideastUFO , oh yes UFO.  
    Here is another photo I found online which will be hot meal for UFO believers

    It was spotted also in Iran in , here is a video shot in Mashad.
    Mashad : Strange object spotted in the sky
    Here is another video shot from somewhere in that area and published by one of the Anonymous groups on YouTube.
    Anonymous : UFO Seen Over Levant countries
    Now after hours we found that it was not a bird or UFO or chemical warfare , it is believed to a Russian Intercontinental missile being tested , oh yes it was what it is called in military world ICBM !! After hours of wondering we find repots claiming that it was an intercontinental missile launched in Russia from Astrakhan.
    I do not know where it landed , some are saying that it crashed in the red sea but others say it was Kazakhstan according Russian news website !! Already I do not understand why a missile would take this route from Astrakhan to Kazakhstan !!
    Why would the Russians test a missile like this tonight choosing this particular area in the world ?? Is it a political military show off ? Let’s agree that the revolution in Syria has turned in to another confrontation between the US and Russia and we will find that this missile show off is made for a reason.

    0 0

    And because the revolution and its protesters in Tahrir square harmed tourism , the Egyptian authorities launched a campaign to warn citizens from speaking with foreigners for fear they will be spies.
    Really : Do not Speak to foreigners !!
    Do not speak to any foreigner for fear he will be a spy !!!! I love how they showed the activists wearing Palestinian scarfs in reference to the socialists who always wear it. Of course the example this used in this ad is similar to the case of Illan Grapel
    This ad was aired in Egyptian National TV channels as well Egyptian private channels like CBC.

    Updated :

    There is another ad aired on TV warning Egyptians from chatting online to unknown parties !!
    Really : Spies companies recruit Egyptians through chat !!
    We do not know who behind that advertising campaign , you do not have to guess it is the intelligence. Well I am extremely worried on the GIS because I believe they still live in the 1960s where as we are in 2012 , you do not need all this to collect information for God sake !! Already these ads show the Egyptian people bunch of fools !!
    From the American WWII propaganda 
    There is no doubt that knowing how Shafik supporters suffer from Xenophobia and Chauvinism , they like these ads so much. Even those of them to pretend to be more open and so-called liberals put the blame on the revolutionaries for those ads because they speak too much to the foreign press !!
    The big irony is that the Tourism chambers in Egypt are mobilizing with what they got from power to elect Ahmed Shafik !!
    I do not recall that after the six day defeats or even after the Suez war the Nasser regime launched similar campaign in the media.
    I fear that this ad is an introduction for a campaign against human rights activists and journalists from abroad so they will not cover the upcoming crackdown against the Muslim brotherhood as well revolutionary powers and groups if Shafik is elected as a president.
    Well everything comes with a price , the media convinced the public in Egypt that the Muslim brotherhood will destroy the tourism industry because of their conservatism and now we will see how the tourism will flourish with xenophobic TV campaigns and Upcoming security crackdowns against activists and political opponents !!

    Updated :

    Throughout the day there was speculations among journalists on who exactly stands against that advertising campaign. According to Egyptian TV employees , the campaign is aired by orders of above the above
    Anyhow  @Military_Secret twitter account spoke about the campaign which simply is run by the intelligence

    0 0

    It is only  one week and we will have our presidential elections runoffs between Mohamed Morsi and Ahmed Shafik in a very tense time in Egypt. Now interestingly enough despite how much each of them try to appear the opposite of the other , there are similarities between them.
    Both men are backed up by the two most organized oldest powers and groups in Egypt : The Muslim brotherhood and the NDP with its roots in the Egyptian country side and history
    Both men are considered the worst candidates , the ugly ducklings among the top candidates to the level that it took two weeks for Egyptians to wake up from the shock they found in front of them  after announcing the results of the first stage of presidential elections.
    Both men got PhDs and both men are related somehow to Outer Space !!
    Oh yes Outer space … !!!
    Young Mohamed Morsi 
    For weeks the Muslim brotherhood claimed that its presidential candidate Morsi used to work in NASA before returning back to Egypt to teach. Morsi got a PhD in Metals and Engineering from University of Southern California.
    The claim that Muris used to work in created a little problem for Morsi because according to NASA rules , only American citizens are employed there and thus that would mean either he is an American citizen or if the Muslim brotherhood lies.
    Up till now there is no proof that he used to work  in NASA nor that he did not work there but there is possibility that he did some studies in University years for NASA as part of a team  or that NASA used in California State university.
    Young Ahmed Shafik 
    On the other hand Ahmed Shafik , our former PM and commander of air forces got a PhD in the National Strategy of Outer-Space from Nasser military academy . Strangely in his Arabic CV , it is translated literally in to “The Philosophy of National Strategy of Outer-Space
    Strangely we do not have a National strategy for Space because simply we do not have a real space program.
    Of course I will not comment about the strange Arabic translation that made confused for weeks because the philosophy of Space is too damn complicated for someone like Shafik with my due respect !!
    Now I wished that the strange flying object that turned to be Russian Missile that appeared in Levant’s skies last Thursday to be some Alien race UFO would pay a visit to Egypt in order to abduct both Dr. Morsi and Dr. Shafik in order to save Egypt and Arab world.

    0 0

    Shafik in Today's presser "Reuters"
    Presidential Candidate Ahmed Shafik had another press conference today where he opened more fire on the Muslim brotherhood directly once again , in that conference he vowed to spend the rest of his life to fight the Muslim brotherhood speaking about the how evil they are to the level of planning to sell the Suez canal. " The MB officially denied this claim"

    I am ready to pay my life to save Egypt from the evil of the Muslim brotherhood

    At the same he promises to bring stability for troubled Egypt, in fact this what he sells and promises people who got sick from the revolutionary moods in the country yet for any political sciences student his campaign against Muslim brotherhood and his vows to bring down the 80 years Brotherhood is a sign that Egypt will not have any kind of stability.

    The tone of hatred towards the Muslim brotherhood in Shadik's camp is escalating per minute to the level you do not need too much brain to guess that Shafik will not only disband the parliament and Freedom and Justice Party "FJP" but he will repeat what happened in 1950s and 1960s against the famous brotherhood. I do not know how some may imagine that this will bring stability to the country. Disbanding the parliament and returning back the NDPians in the front "all his campaigners in Nile Delta and Upper Egypt are from NDPians" will not bring stability but will throw the country in to a turomil God only knows how it will end.

    FYI The Muslim brotherhood is the biggest organized force in Egypt in the time being, something only fools can deny.

    Shafik hates the revolution and the revolutionary youth can not stomach him either and are ready to go back to the streets and even die for ousting him if he is elected as a president so how the stability can be achieved ? Will it be achieved through security crackdown and return back to state security "which he believes it is still operating according to his statement to Hala Sarhan last Saturday on Rotana Masrey" ??? I think the security crackdown theory proved its failure in the Arab world especially when you are speaking about millions of frustrated young men who proved in the past year and half that they are ready to give up their lives for freedom and democracy.

    Shafik will not bring any stability when all the NDP businessmen are standing besides him including the same old corrupted circle of Gamal Mubarak, I do not expect any economic stability resulted from his economic policies. "The Muslim brotherhood does not have better economic program in my point of view". In fact I fear from hunger Revolution if no economic reforms targeting social justice are applied in Egypt. Hunger revolutions in Egypt are ugly, truly ugly if you go back in our history.

    Unfortunately Shafik is selling the illusion of stability for the people in the same way the Muslim brotherhood is selling to illusion of economic welfare.

    Dear friends stability is not brought by security crackdown or empty threats, stability is brought by political democracy and social justice. Dear friends stability will not be brought by a man who includes Abdullah Kamel, Siyad Ali and Ahmed Moussa in his media team and his men in the governorates are the old NDPians.


    0 0

    Last Friday a group of activists mainly from ladies decided to have  a march against sexual harassment in Tahrir square , it was not matter of hours when we heard that those ladies were attacked , harassed sexually and chased throughout the streets of Downtown Cairo.

    The march comes after a bad series of sexual harassments started to take place in Tahrir square following the Mubarak’s trial verdict reaching to its climax on Tuesday when not less than 100,000 protesters were in the square at night.

    I remember on that day my dear friend was reporting from the square and had to it because she was alone with no male companion from the amount of verbal harassment and stood at Kasr Al Nil bridge entrance.

    Personally I fear to go to Tahrir square alone now despite I used to go alone all the time there. I feel that I am defeated but one thing must be clear for sure I have not lost my faith in the revolution or in this country , I am not afraid despite my personal concern on my safety.

    There is a huge social problem in Egypt called “Sexual harassment” no one can deny it but when it comes to Tahrir square , it is well known that this social problem is being used as weapon against the revolution ,it is no longer the revolution square but rather fights/drugs/harassments square and the revolutionary activists know that very well. After year and half , I tell you that this is not the Legendary Tahrir square.

    During the 18 days of the revolution and what followed it from several sit ins in 2011 , it was considerable safe not only for protesters but for families yet now who will allow their young daughters to go to Tahrir square if it is not safe full of predators ?

    If there are wild beasts chasing any female object walking down in Tahrir square or Mohamed Mahmoud street , I will not allow my girls to go nor I will go alone there except when it is safe.

    I knew that this would happen as soon as I saw how the Mainstream media began to idolize Tahrir square turning it in to a symbol , symbols are too easy to be brought down.

    Now speaking about sexual harassment in general , well I do not know till we will avoid speaking about the roots of this problem and put the blame on women as usual !! I know it is a universal thing

    It is not about religion or economy , it is about culture itself. I will not speak about the roots of this problem in the Egyptian society but let’s say I do not expect that it will be solved any time soon when there MPs who blame girls for sexual harassment or when I find an ad tell the Marriage agencies ads on National TV and how there are foreign grooms available for those ladies interested or even the new AXE Egypt’s campaign about the “hotties” of the Euro !!

    Another thing to all those educated Egyptians on twitter from Upper and Middle classes from Mubarak and Shafk’s supporters who are happy and feel proud that the ugly protesters of Tahrir square are being harassed by the other tramps in the square : It is your country’s reputation , of course you do not give a damn for your country’s reputation but in the end you will pay a price for not standing for the right with your silence and your hate to the protesters of Tahrir square. 

    0 0

    Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results
    Albert Einstein
    When you speak to some of Shafik’s supporters online and offline form the Non NDPians moderates who are only scared from the Muslim brotherhood and the fate of Iran , you will find them believe that things will be better in time of Shafik as there will be democracy and he can’t return back to Mubarak’s regime because that regime is dead !! This is what they will tell you if you express your concern regarding democracy and freedoms in time of President Shafik. They do not mind if you express your concerns against the Muslim brotherhood but heavens forbid if I express my concerns , I will be a sick coward hysterical person !!
    I am not hysterical or emotional but rater logic , there are certain facts in Egypt that can not be disputed that will lead any creature with a working brain to one result : Mubarak’s regime is not over yet and it is gaining force by the minute with Shafik’s progress.
    These crystal clear facts are :
    • All the heads of Shafik’s campaign offices in the governorates are from the former NDP party leaderships , just a simple Google their names and you will find them in old news as members of the shameful NDP. 
    • Aly El Din El Halal and Mohamed Kamal , the big brains of NDP are said to be behind this unholy collaboration between him and that mafia called NDP.
    • All Mubarak’s era corrupted media icons are backing him , in fact they are the members of his media campaign :  Abdullah Kamel, Siyad Ali , Magdy El Dakak , Ahmed Moussa, Abdel Latif Al Manawy , Osama Saraya and Ali Abdel Rehim.
    • These figures above have expressed their hate and rejection to the revolution aside from their long regime kissing ass history !! 
    • I will not speak about the big funding budget of Shafik’s campaign but honestly who actually funds him ? Who are his biggest donators ?
    Let’s go back to the results of the first round of the elections : Huge and surprisingly victory for Shafik in certain governorates mainly in Sharkia and Monufia as well in Upper Egypt. Shafik would not have got these results if it were not for the mobilization of the NDPians there , he would not get these numbers.
    El Ghul in the red circle behind Shafik
    Already personally I know how NDPians in Sharkia played a dirty game mobilizing their bases to get these votes. I also know how the NDPians and State security officers made deals in Qena and in Upper Egypt with the tribes and their chiefs.  
    Of course when I speak about Qena , I can’t ignore Shafik’s biggest campaigner there : Former NDP leader Abdel Rehim El Ghul. Not only El Ghul is a proud of being Shafik’s supporters but also he is more than proud of Mubarak’s regime remnant !!
    I am the Godfather of all the regime’s remnants
    El Ghul said with pride in a meeting for the tribes to endorse Shafik that was held from two weeks ago in Qena.
    Sadly and not ironically El Ghul  was the boss of thug Hamma El Komony , the shooter who killed several Christians in 2010 in Nag Hammadi who was executed only last year and El Ghul led a huge sick sectarian funeral for him in Nag Hammadi according to eye witnesses !! El Ghul also suggested a law in 2010 while being a MP in People’s assembly that would allow the security forces to shot down the protesters. I think I blogged about then.
    Last week I found some tweeps close to the Salafists claiming that the State security officers began to call their contacts that they are getting ready to return back to business.
    Can tell me my dear how can I except a result , a better state in time of Shafik than Mubarak’s state based on these facts ?? How can I expect the same men that made our beloved great Egypt hit rock bottom to make from Egypt a REAL LEADING COUNTRY THAT RESPECTs HUMAN RIGHTS ,FREEDOMS AND DEMOCRACY !!? In Fact in what logic these corrupted men are expected to be good enough to achieve the revolution goals !! The revolution that is against them and what they represent !!
    I am not campaigning for Mursi heavens forbid , he got his millions of supporters to do this. Already for me Mursi will be the weakest president Egypt will have ever seen in its modern history with no control what so ever on police or army or media , the three main pillars to control a state if he wins unlike Shafik.
    I am fed up with the amount of lies that Shafik is the savior of the civilian state and protector of civil liberties , I feel stupid already writing this post as I am dealing basic facts.
    Mubarak’s regime is not couple of men thrown in jail right  Mubarak’s regime is not Mubarak only and I think any political science book can tell you that. Our revolution is not against Mubarak only but rather against a regime built on other two undemocratic old regimes.
    God curses the corrupted media

    0 0

    There is trouble in Tunisia , mainly between Salafists and the government. The government has already imposed curfew in 8 Tunisian states including the capital Tunis after the violent protests between security forces and Salafists. The clashes started when Salafists attacked some arts exhibition claiming it was defaming Islam in Tunis then the security forces arrested a group of them. The arrests were followed by a series of violent protests by the Salafists in several Tunisian states.

    It is the latest escalation between in Tunisia between the Salafists and seculars as well the most direct and violent clash between Salafist and government .The government there follows the Islamist Al Nahda Party.

    I am worried about Tunisia because unlike Egypt if the revolution fails there , say good bye to democracy in the Arab World for real. Tunisia is the cradle of the Arab spring without doubt , if it fails it will affect us all.

    Of course what happens in Tunisia echoes Egypt and its effects have started. Already our media now is catching the golden moment in Tunisia and is scaring the people from the Islamists like MB and Salafists in Egypt because strangely now Islamists are bad and ..just elect Ahmed Shafik who make them crawl to their dark caves !!!

    What happens in Tunisia is dangerous without doubt yet Tunisians will sort it out as they want. I hate how the media is using it in order to market Shafik as the savior against the bad Islamists.

    The Islamists in Egypt got their own failures , it is enough to see what happen in the constituent assembly today. By the way huge security down against Islamists did not produce anything except terrorism.  Ideas are fought by ideas , educate your people for people and do not fear their choices.

    In the Arab world rulers like in Egypt prefer ignorant people to rule because they are easy to be deceived.

    I bet some in Cairo are praying that General Rashid Amar would save the day.

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