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7000 years and counting ...

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Tourists at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo سائحين فى المتحف المصرى بالقاهرة

    Tourists at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo مجموعات من سيائحين فى المتحف المصرى بالتحرير

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    An ancient Egyptian necklace at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo عقد اثرى فى المتحف المصرى بالقاهرة

    An ancient Egyptian necklace made of gold and turquoise at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo. عقد من الذهب و الفيروز فى المتحف المصرى بالتحرير

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Ancient Egyptian bag at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo حقبية اثرية فى المتحف المصرى بالقاهرة

    An ancient Egyptian bag that survived all those centuries at the Egyptian museum of Cairo حقبية مصرية قديمة فى المتحف المصرى بميدان التحرير

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Ancient Egyptian Jars at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo اوانى فخارية فى المتحف المصرى بالقاهرة

    Two ancient Egyptian jars made of pottery and an old surviving plant at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo اوانى فخارية فى المتحف المصرى بالتحرير

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    Are Arab people ready for democracy?
    Do Arab people deserve democracy in the first place?

    Sorry for the strange questions but tonight I entered a discussion about whether the Arab people or to be specifically those people who live in the Middle East “there are other Non-Arab speaking and ethnicity in the region” can or can not live in democratic.
    I had it with someone who is younger than me from a complete younger generation “A decade difference”, someone who studied political science unlike me.
    The discussion started as we are speaking about what is going in Sudan
    He believe that he should be ruled by the iron fist of the military strongmen like Qaddafi, Saddam and El-Bashir, otherwise we will have chaos as we have seen in Libya and Iraq after the fall of both Qaddafi and Saddam’s regimes.

    Power and victory to the people
    From Tahrir square on 1 February 2011
    He believes that we “as Arab people” if we want to live a decent life then we have to immigrate to live the West instead of trying to fix our countries because the majority of the people need an iron fist, otherwise chaos will prevail.

    He also believes that democracy made it in Europe because they have a better mentality.
    He is not alone, there are people in Egypt and other Arab countries believe what once Mubarak’s intelligence chief Omar Suleiman told Christine Amanpour during the January 25th revolution: The Egyptian people are not ready for democracy.

    I believe that the chaos that happened in Iraq and Libya is originally the product of those corrupted dictatorship.
    The road of democracy is not an easy one and it does not take a genius to get this.

    With the exception of Tunisia , the Arab countries of the so-called Arab Spring including Egypt did not have full or even full democratic experience thanks to several factors like external powers that do not want democracy or want to exploit riches or old regime that won’t give up without a god damn fight or even both like in the case of Yemen and Syria.

    One of the major factors that played a role in creating that chaos is the fact all those Arab regimes that were downed like in Libya or Iraq did not give a chance for any leading political civilian alternative or let alone a true civilian state that won’t fall by the fall of the regime or its head.

    The Egyptian people stood by hours in front of ballot boxes to choose their political map roadmap referendum in March 2011 regardless of the flaws of the whole process in less than four months from the infamous 2010 parliamentary elections that witnessed empty polls.
    In 2017, the people in the island of Warraq which is technically a countryside rural area organized themselves and elected a representative council defending their locals’ rights according to the current Egyptian laws and constitution against the state.

    I won’t speak about 2012 and 2013 and the sins that the Muslim Brotherhood and so-called liberal political figures committed then and afterward because they all paid and are still paying despite all the warnings.

    I won’t speak about the Egyptian public because going through what happened in the US elections and Brexit, I feel Egypt was ground zero.
    But I will say that my people of Egypt did not have a full true democratic experience in the first place to say that they failed miserably or that they are too stupid than their European counterparts.
    Europeans are not smarter than Arabs or any other people in the world when it comes to political choices and democracy.
    Modern democracy was not reached within a day and night in Europe, take France as an example of chaos and upheaval following the French revolution.

    Fascism and Nazism are the product of Europeans’ free political will and the world is still paying because of that choice that were once taken in Germany and Italy in the 1930s.
    God knows that the world is still being hunted by the Europeans’ populist political choice supporting fascism.
    Brazilian people have elected a man who does not see Hitler as a dictator and the Americans selected Donald Trump as their president, who subsequently is the so-called leader of the free world.
    Europe is taken by a populist right-wing storm and yet nobody says that the Europeans are too stupid or too savage to deserve democracy.
    Middle Eastern strongmen are actually the chaos makers because they build their regime around themselves, once they are gone it crumbles.
    The Middle East is not an exception. We just need time and help to stop external regional and international interventions to let democracy find its way in the region.
    Several African countries that witnessed civil wars and military dictatorships are having those political democratic reforms right now and nobody is saying that African do not deserve democracy except racists.

    Arab people and Middle Easterners, in general, deserve to leave in democracies where their officials are held accountable for their actions because God knows that they paid more than taxes just to give their children better living nothing more, nothing else.

    FYI after two years from now, we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Arab Spring start and God knows how this makes my heart cringe and sad because my generation has failed because of older generations.
    Nevertheless, sometimes I try to hang on small hopes, I see Tunisia “despite some of their political powers kissing El-Assad’s ass for standing against the West”, I see Sudan and I see Warraq island and how they elected their own council but still I am realistic.

    “This too shall pass” I remember those words about that ancient Eastern tale of a wise vizier that gave his king a piece of paper that would cheer him up whenever he was blue or would make him sad and back to the ground whenever he was flying from happiness.
    The thing is that when it will pass.

    Once a nice Egyptian lady who is a liberal activist told me when I was still optimistic that she may not be alive to see something like 25 January 2011 again or true democracy in Egypt. She was 50 years old during that conversation. I am in my mid-30s and I feel the same.

    I wish the first true political post in 2019 was more joyful.

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    The anniversary of Sudan’s independence was loud and big in 2019 without a doubt, it will be a day to remember for several generations.
    Within few hours following the Friday prayers in Sudan, Sudanese political powers and parties and before them, Sudanese people will protest once again demanding Omar El-Bashir to step down across the country in an original Arab Spring traditional Friday protest.
    El-Bashir degage
    El-Bashir degage graffiti is making round in Sudan
    It also has got a name “The Freedom and change Friday”.

    This will be the first major protest after the successful mass protests event on 31 December 2018, the eve of Sudanese independence Day which I will about later.

    The Freedom and Change Friday is organized by the Sudanese Professional Association “SPA” and its new allies and it will be a start for a series of mass protests across the country.

    It will be followed mass-protests on 6th January and 9th January. The 6th January mass protests event aims to reach to the presidential palace in Khartoum while the 9th January mass protests will be centralized in Omdurman city as they head to the National Council to present a petition demanding the current Sudanese regime to step down.

    Now as I hinted above the SPA  has got some partners and allies from Sudanese parties and political parties.
    On Tuesday, SPA issued the “Freedom and change declaration” with other three political coalitions in Sudan. Made of 9 points, the declaration says that the Sudanese people won’t stop protesting peacefully till the totalitarian regime is downed.

    The declaration demands Omar El-Bashir and his regime to step down immediately without any terms or conditions as well as the formation of an interim government to rule the country for the next four years.

    In those four years, the interim government should stop the civil wars and try to solve the current “Sudanese issue” through peace agreement while helping the refugees to their homes as well as to stop the economic deterioration in the country.
    The declaration adds that the role of this interim government will include supervising the interim period and the political transformation from a totalitarian regime to a multi-party system with a restructure to police and army forces so they will become independent.
    The interim government will also supervise the restructuring of the human rights and legal system to ensure the independence of the judiciary and the state of law. It will work on true women empowerment as well as eliminating all shapes of discrimination.
    Forming a constitutional committee and to stop all violations and laws against freedoms in the country are among the goals of that declaration or to be accurate this growing political protests movement.

    The declaration did not forget Sudan’s foreign policies as it aims to have independent foreign policies with diplomatic relations based on common interests and staying away from the so-called axis. “I think they refer indirectly to Saudi Arabi and UAE

    I like the idea of interim government and despite some says that it is too early to plan. Well, plans stop chaos.

    may say that it is too early to make a roadmap for Sudan post-El-Bashir, I believe it is good that
    The other three political coalitions cooperating with SPA are The coalition of Sudanese calling forces “Sudanese calling forces”, the coalition of national Conesus and the United opposition assembly.
    Now judging from the backgrounds of those coalitions, Sudanese calling forces coalition stands out at least for me.

    Formed on 11 November 2011, the coalition is made of several Sudanese political parties as well political groups that once carried arms in Darfur.
    The Sudanese Congress Party “SCP” and National Umma Party“I saw its flag held by protesters in the 28 December videos”.
    Interestingly, Islamist affiliated Umma party is headed by none other than Sadiq Al-Mahdi.
    On Wednesday, Sudanese Communist party declared its support to the Freedom and Change declaration.
    On Thursday, popular Girfna political movement announced that it supported the Freedom and change declaration and jointed SPA in its quest.

    Busy Tuesday in Sudan

    Aside from smaller but spread protests on Tuesday during the Sudanese independence day, there had been a lot of political developments
    On Tuesday, 22 parties reportedly participating in the current cabinet in Sudan announced their withdrawal from the government demanding Omar El-Bashir to step down in a huge development following more than 11 days of public protests across the country.
    The National Front of Change “echoes a familiar name in Egypt ” which includes parties like Reform Sudanese held a press conference in Khartoum declaring that aside from withdrawing from the government coalition that they presented a petition demanding the current Sudanese president to step down from rule, to dissolve the current Sudanese parliament and to form Sudanese interim government.
    The ruling National Congress party“NCP” officials slammed the move saying that those parties were leaving the “national consensus” and they “the parties” were violating the politics ethics adding that they were parties with no political or popular weight. “Then why you entered a coalition with them to form a government”
    The NCP expectedly rejected all the calls to dismiss El-Bashir.
    On the other hand, the “SPA” that played an important role in the past weeks in the protests announced publicly that it did not trust those parties and their intentions adding that the SPA was not concerned with their announcement.
    Nevertheless, the SPA did not close the door to cooperate with political parties or political coalition in the country and we saw above it decided to coordinate with other Sudanese political powers and parties.
    In a sad irony on the same day, Bashir ordered to set up a fact-finding committee“to investigate violence during the anti-government protests”

    The eve of Independence Day’s mass protests.

    On the eve of Sudan’s day of independence, thousands of Sudanese from all ages protested against Sudanese president and the pro-regime militias and forces tried to disperse those protests by force.
    Video footage emerging from the protests show horrifying head injuries that can lead to death.
    The Sudanese Communist Party held a presser on 2 January Wednesday where it said that number of fatalities since the 19 December 2018 mass protests had reached 40 people while the security forces detained not less 200 people.

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    Egyptian Church in Giza

    Merry Christmas from Egypt to all Christians celebrating the Orthodox Christmas tonight especially the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Christians ☺️🎄.

    This is an entrance of a church I always see in the way to Sheikh Ziyad and October City in Giza Governorate.
    This church's name is "Saint George , the Great martyr" and it follows Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Church.

    The painting shows the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus in their way to Egypt.

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    Do you remember what I told you in early December 2018 that there is a plan to amend the Egyptian Constitution in 2019 and we began to see its prelude in front of the court?

    Well two days before the end of 2018 , close to presidency journalist and Akhbar Al-Youm editor in chief Yasser Rizk wrote  in his weekly column about “how the new year should be the year of political reform {after the successful economic reform}” and that this reform should be focused on one thing: amending the constitution.

    According to Rizk, the 2014 constitution is full of flaws about them the limitation of the presidential terms and how the parliament got so-called bigger power than the president and the government.

    The editor in chief and CEO of Egypt's second biggest state-owned newspaper says that the parliament should return to be two chambers , Egypt should have a full presidential political system with open presidential terms, the return of information ministry and bunch of other amendments including the cancellation of “transitional justice” section in the constitution because it opens the doors for “reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood”.

    Almost all the amendments Mr. Rizk proposed in his column would turn the 2014 constitution into Mubarak’s own version of 1971 constitution.

    Constitution For all Egyptians banner in Egypt's Tahrir square
    One constitution for all Egyptians banner in Tahrir square once upon a time 
    Now being realistically enough, he suggested that if the amendments idea failed, then the regime should establish some Supreme council to protect “the values of the 30 June Revolution” headed by El-Sisi for the rest of his life to make sure that the “30 June Revolution” achieve its goals.

    I do not know if that Supreme council idea was inspired by the current Supreme Council of Islamic Revolution of Iran or what but its idea actually bothers more than amending the constitution.
    I love how he completely ignores the 25 January revolution.

    In his column this week, Yasser Rizk said that what he had mentioned a week earlier was the child of his own thoughts and that he was not dictated by higher orders bragging that he created a “tsunami” in the media.

    The thing is that what he had mentioned as his own suggestions were previously mentioned in Mada Masr’s own exclusive report about those future constitutional amendments.

    He also says that according to his interactions with El-Sisi since he was a minister of defense, the man does not want to run for another presidential term adding that he did not want to run for the presidency in the first place.
    It is worth to mention that in November 2017, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said in an interview that was broadcasted on US-based CNBC that he would not seek another third presidential term.
    The good thing about Yasser Rizk that it brought that proposed roadmap to the public.
    More people are speaking about it as a fact. Here is a very report on Ahram Online about those constitutional amendments.
    What caught my eyes in that report is the bold statement of Pro-regime extremist MP Mostafa Bakri that the “the 2014 constitution was drafted under heavy international pressure and extortion by the Muslim Brotherhood”.
    I wonder what Amr Moussa and the rest of 2014 Constitution committee think about that !?

    So-called hardcore Pro-Sisi supporters in the Media want it to happen yet some other people say no.
    On Friday, nearly 100 opposition leftist, liberal and Nasserite public figures signed a statement rejecting the attempts to amend the constitution including former President Candidate Hamdeen whom I will speak about later in this post.
    Needless to say, in the current political opposition silence, this is an act of bravery.
    Reading the names, I spotted some of the names that strongly supported El-Sisi in the first but had a second thought in the past few years.
    The mainstream media completely ignored this statement.
    Interestingly one began to see opposition to the so-called ideas or suggestions proposed by Razek inside Sisi’s own supporters camp.
    I can’t ignore those voices.

    There has been a rumor spread around that the regime is negotiating with Hamdeen Sabbahi and his Nasserite Karama Party to support the upcoming constitutional amendments in return of releasing detained political activists and bigger share for the opposition in the upcoming parliament.
    A parliament with a bigger share for the opposition “The 25January-30June so-called camp” with nearly 100 seats is something I have been hearing for a while now because the current all yes-parliament looks bad.
     This means the parliamentary elections are not going to be fair and that the results are being tailored.

    Anyhow back to the rumor that spread shortly online, leading members in Karama Party have denied it also online like Dr. Mohamed Bassiouny denied that there were any talks between his party and the regime currently or in the future.

    Any attempt to amend the constitution to extend the presidential terms is completely rejected and we will stand against if this happens regardless of the dangers just like we fought with the national powers the battle to defend the Egyptian identity of Tiran and Sanafir” He said on 2 January in his official Facebook.

    Completely ignored by the mainstream media, founder of Karama Party and former Presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi posted this his official Facebook page on Friday.
    “No for attacking the constitution , no for supporting oppression and defending the constitution is a patriotic and moral duty,” He said.

    On Saturday, former Constitution committee member, current MP and prominent director Khaled Youssef issued a long statement in his official statement of his official Facebook also denied too that there is some kind of “ a deal” between the regime and the “opposition”.
    He also expressed his complete rejection to amending the constitution as an original member of those 50 people who drafted the 2014 constitution.

    My stance is still the same from amending the current constitution which I was honored to be one from 50 Egyptian citizens that participated in drafting it. I said publicly over and over in many statements in TV shows from more than two years ago and I am saying it ; the Egyptian constitution is a need to be implemented not to be amended” He said adding that his stance won’t change despite he may pay soon a heavy price for that stance sooner or later.

    I will continue to believe that it is patriotic duty to defend this popular document {the constitution} is the most important and the last of what remained to the Egyptian people from 25 January /30 June revolution because it is the only remaining hope to establish a democratic modern civilian state” He added slamming both the MB and “the supporters of the regime” in the rest of the statement.
    Youssef’s statement is full many interesting points that speak crystal clear about the current political situation in Egypt.

    Ironically some of old Mubarak’s regime men have expressed their rejection of the constitutional amendment despite their total support to El-Sisi.

    Among these men, leading figure in former NDFP Dr. Hossam Badrawi

    " We started to read about constitutional amendments allegedly for the lack of alternatives to President El-Sisi in ruling the country after three of years now. I tell those "who promote this idea" any regime that does not allow alternatives to appear from 100 million citizens is the inefficient regime. Egypt is bigger from any president. I am sure that the President respects his people and won’t allow this.” He said on the first day of the year on his official Twitter account.

    I think in the upcoming weeks we will see more developments about the constitution.

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    Baron Empain palace under restoration works

    WTH is happening to the historical and magnificent Baron Empain palace?

    I passed by it earlier this morning after months of restoration to find half of that landmark building has turned to red ??

    This is how it looked before the restoration works
    The Baron Palace before restoration works
    The Baron Palace before restoration works 
    Built by the founder of Heliopolis in Cairo in the early 20th century, eccentric Baron Empain’s palace is probably the first Indian Hindu inspired building in Cairo, Egypt and Africa as well.
    I fear that some genius decided to paint it red like the buildings in India.

    It's breathtaking whether from outside or inside and just like its owner the Baron, it got its share of eccentricity making it Cairo’s top haunting place of all times.

    Designed by French architect Alexandre Marcel, its cues came from the famous Angkor Wat in Cambodia. the Egyptian government launched its restoration works in 2018 as it is considered as a national heritage site.
    Under the supervision of the ministry of antiquities, the government allocated LE 114 Million for the project that will finish in 2022.
    The ministry of antiquities hired the Egyptian army’s Engineering authority to do the restoration works.

    I do not know if the Engineering authority got expertise in restoration old palaces with history and cultural complexity like the Baron Palace.

    To be honest I was worried when I first read the news about restoration works because I fear some of the Hindu characterizations may disappear by mistake.
    details in the palace
    The palace is full of amazing pieces of art like this
    "Michel Hana" 
    Everything in that palace was designed for a specific meaning to Baron Empain and his genius yet eccentric mind.
    What I have read so far that the palace was extremely in bad shape and yet new staircases and statues were discovered.

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    Last Tuesday was a very active loaded day when it comes to sports news or to be specific football news in Egypt.

    First of all, Egypt won hosting rights for the 2019 African Nations Cup Championship "CAN 2019".
    This is big news and actually, it was the ONLY news of the day.

    The 2019 African Nations Cup “AFCON” was originally going to be in Cameroon but in December CAF stripped of the rights from the central African country because of the delays in the preparations for the cup as well the political instabilities in the country.
    CAN 2019 in Egypt
    I hope that is not the final logo of the tournament "EF" 
    Egypt and South Africa competed to host the 2019 AFCON in the same month.
    As far as I have read Egypt got all the votes except one that had gone to South Africa.

    Egypt hosted the African Nations Cup four times before. Once in 1959 while the second time was in 1974 and the third was in 1986.
    The last one was in 2006. You can read more about the history of the African Nations Cup in Egypt in Ahram Online.
    Needless to say, the African Nations Cup in Egypt is the perfect kind of distraction to pass politically something like constitutional amendments for instance.

    Personally, when I read the news in December I was quite amazed about how bold the Egyptian government is because in the end how could you organize a championship like that when you have another premier league without Egyptian football fans attending it ??

    Egyptian football fans are not allowed the local championship except 30 fans in local games like premier league !!
    There is a fear that the football fans especially the sports club hardcore fans “Ultras” will assembly and chant anti-regime chants like in the old days.
    There is fear that those Ultras members who played an important role in 25 January revolution will engage in violence or riot against the Egyptian security forces as simple as that
    The Egyptian football fans are only allowed regional football matches played in Egypt because the Egyptian government has no say who can attend.

    Needless to say, the scene of empty stadiums while footballers playing local games is depressing to the level that we got generation footballers who have not had a chance to play in the presence of thousands screaming in the stadium.

    Up till this moment, there are football fans and sports fans associated with the Ultras groups whether Ahlawy or White Knights who are either imprisoned or detained or released pending investigations or trials on charges like “inciting violence”, “joining illegal groups” and “attacking security forces”.

    I could not find any exact numbers for the imprisoned and pre-trial detainees from football fans but I know on a monthly basis in the past couple of years, I see the “Freedom_for_Ahly_fans” or “Freedom_for_Siyad El-Moshagheb” in Arabic top trending on Twitter.
    Siyad Moshagheb was among the leading figures “Capos” of Zamalek Ultras group “White Knights” and he is serving sentences for God knows what.
    I remember reading his name all the time in the news website that he is either being sentenced to a number of years in jail that could make him miss his child whole childhood and at the same time he is being acquitted in several retrials.
    I lost counting.

    In 2018, Ultras Ahlawy and Ultras White Nights announced that there would have disbanded their groups in May 2018.
    Speaking about the African Nations Cup, I can’t ignore how legendary ex-footballer Mohamed Abou Trika who is officially listed as a terrorist in Egypt stood beside his country until it won the hosting right.
    Abou Trika who is hailed a living football in Africa and in the world can’t come home. Mohamed Salah aka Mo Salah says that he is the star of all times and yet Pro-regime media still attacks saying that he is a terrorist because he once supported the MB “He is a friend of Mubarak’s sons too especially Alaa Mubarak” and is working in Qatari-owned Bein sports channels.
    Mohamed Abou Trika in  2008 CAN
    Abou Trika doing his famous airplane celebration move after winning
    the 2008 CAN in Cameroon "Reuters" 
    I find it so sad that this championship is going to be held in Cairo and Abou Trika won’t attend it live !!
    After knowing that we got the hosting rights, people on Twitter demanded that he would be pardoned despite he actually deserves clemency.

    Needless to say, the smear campaign against him continues by some people despite the fact that even pro-regime supporters in the football field from former footballers or Egyptian Football Association “EFA” support him and say that he is a great guy.

    Either way, good luck to Egypt and our national team in the African Nations Cup which I hope that it is not used politically to pass some wicked some stuff.
    I hope also Mohamed Abou Trika returns back as soon as possible to his homeland and to leave the rest of his life freely as a noble gentleman.

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