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7000 years and counting ...

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    It is time for us to complete our tale for this Ramadan.
    Before we go forward with our 6th episode of “The Amazing tales challenge” tonight, here is a nice trivia about the supernatural underworld in Islamic and Arab mythology world.
    In our tale, the villains are “Ifrits”, which according to Wikipedia they are considered a powerful and dangerous class of Jinn. In our Egyptian pop and folklore, Ifrit and Jinn are a synonym for the same of supernatural creature made of fire.
    Ironically,  “Ifrit” or “عفريت” are being used in translation from English to Arabic recently in literature or films to describe “Fairy”.
    We do not have any similar creature in our mythology to the fairies, thus I believe our translators thought "Ifrit" would fit "fairy" in Arabic despite Ifrits are actually demons.
    And now it is time to complete our tale, which was numbered 267 in the long episodes record of Egyptian State-Radio’s One Thousand and One tales show written by Taher Abu Fasha and created by Mohamed Shaaban.
    You can hear the episode after the break.

    And the miracle happens for King Hathor of the Djinn and his trusted vizier Shanshor after drinking that Jewels soup , their old wives became pregnant. 
    A crow by Arthur Rackham
    A crow by Arthur Rackham 

    Meanwhile, the news of that miraculous pregnancy reaches the wicked Ifrit King’s court and he wants to know more about it. Already King Hathor rejected his peace offering.
    He sends one of the demons to spy on the houses of Hathor and Shanshor as a crow.
    The Shapeshifter Ifrit thought that it was an easy thing to disguise as crow and spy on Hathor and Shanshor but he was wrong.
    Wise Shanshor casts a sample when he feels that there is something wrong about that strange crow which he finds once again at the King’s palace after finding him at his palace.
    That shapeshifting spy gets his punishment.
    Meanwhile, the wife of King Hathor gives birth to three triplets, all male and he names them: Saeed, Masood, Masa’d“All derivatives from the word happy or Saeed”.
    The wife of Vizier Shanshor also gives birth to three triplets, all female and he names them: Saeeda, Masooda, Masa’da.
    I believe those six djinns will have tough days coming for them Winking smile

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    Last Wednesday, Egypt’s president Abdel Fattah El-Sisi pardoned 332 individuals, mostly from youth who had been imprisoned in protest-related cases.
    The 332 individuals were chosen by the Presidential pardon committee which was formed in October 2016 to review the cases of youth imprisoned in politically related trials as well as humanitarian cases such as health problems and so on.
    That’s the fourth pardon of its kind since that committee headed by political figure Osama Ghazali Harb started to work in 2016. According to statements to press by its members, the committee started to work on the fourth list in September 2017.
    During then, its member Karim El-Sakka who spoke with Ahram Online that the committee was adopting selection criteria that include“ political prisoners, but exclude those involved in violence or terrorism”.
    In November 2017, the committee member and Pro-regime MP Tarek El-Kholy stated to Al-Masry Al-Youm Daily stated that there was a delay in releasing the 4th Presidential pardon list because the committee was examining each case individually.
    He also added that the list would be delivered to the presidency after being revised by “the concerned authorities”.
    Last Wednesday, a source in the Prisons authority following the Ministry of interior told Ahram Arabic Gate that “the authority” did not interfere in the work of the committee.
    According to current constitution’s article No.155, the president can issue pardon decrees for prisoners who have been handed final court rulings that cannot be appealed after consulting with the Cabinet.
    Yet the Egyptian president cannot pardon those convicted in illegal weapons possession and trafficking as well drug trafficking according to the Criminal Code of Egypt if I understood correctly.
    This introduction above is important for what is coming next.
    On Thursday, the Presidential Pardon was officially issued in the Egyptian State Gazette with the names of the pardoned inmates.
    Now there is something good about this pardon as well something bad. There is something incomprehensible as well.
    The good , the bad and the incomprehensible

    The good

    First of all and most importantly that 332 people are back free to their families after years of languishing in prison. It is a good thing that 332 returned to their homes in Ramadan and hopefully, they will attempt to restore their life and before it humanity.
    There are political activists and political partisan figures in that pardon.

    Among those also pardoned by President El-Sisi on Wednesday are Islam Marei, a leading member of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party (ESDP), who was serving a three-year sentence on financing terrorism charges, and Andrew Nassef, a member of the leftist under-construction Bread and Freedom Party, who was serving a five-year sentence for conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism.
    Islam Marei of ESDP
    Islam Marei of ESDP
    Ironically, almost all newspapers and news websites as well TV channels reported that Marei and Nassef were members of Constitution Party according to the Pardon’s Press release despite it is well known that they are from two different parties.
    This little mistake shows actually, unfortunately, are current true opposition political parties are belittled.
    Anyhow student activist Ahmed Bedawai was also pardoned.
    The head of the Strong Egypt Party’s students’ chapter at Al-Azhar University’s faculty of
    Ahmed Etiway
    Ahmed Etiway 
    engineering was sentenced to five years in prison on a number of charges, including illegal protesting in the trial known in the media as the “Al-Fatah Mosque clashes.”
    According to the official gazette, 104 other individuals imprisoned in the same case were also pardoned on Wednesday.
    Aside from Bedawai and the 102 others in the list, there is an Egyptian-American called Ahmed Etiwy whose name made it to the list.
    The 27-years-old was sentenced in September 2017 to 5 years in jail. I do not know if there are still more Egyptian-America citizens behind bars
    It is worth to mention that Egyptian-Irish Ibrahim Halwa was imprisoned in the same case before he was acquitted from all charges in October 2017. The Irish government and parliament had demanded his release since 2013.
    The Al-Fatah Mosque case goes back to the August 2013 clashes between security forces and supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi following the dispersal of the pro-Morsi Rabaa and Nahda sits-in.

    The Bad

    Some political commentators including politicians from the ESDP are saying the pardon was a nice good wiling gesture towards political parties, especially President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi spoke about the importance of political partisan life in the country in some Youth conference on the same day of the pardon.
    There is one problem concerning that belief, that pardon comes at the same time the country is witnessing another crackdown against prominent political activists, politicians as well as social activists.
    Ahmed Bedawai is released but the founder and the leader of his party “Strong Egypt” Abdel Moneim Abu El-Fotouh is detained pending investigations.
    Leftist Andrew Nassef is released but the prominent leftist lawyer and member of Revolutionary socialists Haitham  Mohamadeen is detained pending investigation.
    Liberal Islam Marei is released but prominent liberal political activist Shady El-Ghazali Harb, whose uncle heads the presidential pardon is detained pending investigation.
    Ahmed Etwi is released but satirical vlogger Shady Abu Zeid is detained pending investigations of joining a banned organization and spreading false news while journalist Ismail Alexandrani is sentenced ten years in prison in a military trial for spreading false news.
    Shady Abu Zeid
    Shady Abu Zeid
    The political life in Egypt won’t be revived or taken seriously inside the country or even outside “despite it does not matter as long as the business is done uninterruptedly” if you continue to have cartoonish parties.
    That was translated very well in a low turnout in the last Parliamentary elections in 2016 and in the Presidential elections in March 2018.

    The incomprehensible

    The news began to surface on Wednesday through Facebook posts, then last Thursday through the Egyptian official gazette: Mubarak era’s gangster and leading thug figure Sabry Nakhnoukh was granted a presidential pardon !!
    Selfies and photos showing Nakhnouk with his friends and family at his villa in Alexandria went viral online on Thursday.
    Born in 1963, Sabry Nakhnoukh became a household name when he admitted to facilitating large-scale vote rigging in favor of Mubarak’s National Democratic Party in 2011.
    In May 2013, he was sentenced to 25 years in prison on a number of charges, including illegal possession of arms and thuggery.
    Since his arrest, Nakhnoukh has maintained that the charges were trumped up by the Muslim Brotherhood.
    The Islamist group, which is currently banned and listed by the Egyptian government as a terrorist group, has accused Nakhnoukh of working with the Mubarak regime to kill protesters during the 25 January Revolution.
    Since his arrest and sentence, the lord of thuggery in Egypt fought one hell of a constitutional and legal battle.
    In August 2012, Nakhnoukh was arrested from his villa in Alexandria’s upscale King Mariott district for unlicensed possession of weapons and illegal ownership of predatory animals, including tigers and lions which he kept in the garden of his home.
    In September 2012, he was referred to criminal court for illegal weapons possession, drug abuse and other charges and was sentenced to 28 years in jail in May 2013.
    In November 2014, Egypt's cassation court upheld the sentence.
    But in February 2016, Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court struck down Law No. 6 of 2012 under which Nakhnoukh was sentenced.
    Nakhnoukh's lawyers then appealed against the cassation court's 2014 verdict before the Supreme Constitutional Court.
    Nakhnoukh after his release
    mashallah hi health is better in priso !! 

    In April 2018, the prosecutor general referred Nakhnoukh's case once again to Alexandria’s criminal court. Last Wednesday, President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi pardoned him.

    With that pardon, all the legal procedures taken against Nakhnoukh are considered void. Though he will be free from jail, the pardon also does not expunge the record of his conviction.
    Now the million dollars question: How did a man like that find his way to the presidential pardon list?
    It is already an insult to the presidency and the Presidential pardon committee list.
    Nakhnoukh’s lawyer Gameel Asaad does not provide a logic legal explanation on why his client is included in that pardon.
    The veteran famous lawyer claims that Sabry Nakhnoukh served half his prison term so he could be pardoned !! Nakhnoukh was sentenced to 28 years in jail already !!

    There has been a complete radio silence from the presidential pardon committee as well presidency about Nakhnoukh.
    I do not comprehend honestly how Nakhnoukh is a free man.
    Interestingly, the famous thug was arrested in the time of former minister of interior Ahmed Gamal El-Din. Gamal El-Din is currently serving as President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi security’s adviser.
    Some concerned citizens free what a free man like Sabry Nakhnouh will do.
    Personally, I believe men like Nakhnoukh are more dangerous to Egypt’s stability and national security than all Egyptian political activists.
    This is the ugliest thing about that Presidential pardon.

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Egypt's Stock Market in Cairo's Sherifeen Street after renovation

    Egypt's Stock Market at Downtown Cairo's Sherifeen Street after its renovation

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    The black cat at a shop in Cairo's Sherifeen Street

    A cat standing in a shade of a shop at Sherifeen street after its renovation

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Cairo's Sherifeen Street after renovation

    Downtown Cairo's Sherifeen Street after renovation , Egypt

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Old European Classical building in Downtown Cairo

    Old European Classical building in Downtown Cairo

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Old European Classical building in Downtown Cairo

    Old European Classical building in Downtown Cairo

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    Tonight we will continue our tale for this year; the amazing tales challenge.
    I apologize that tonight’s episode, the 7th episode of our Ramadan Arabian Nights Podcast was published late but it is never too late to publish it.
    After the break you can listen to the 277th episode of Egyptian State Radio’s One Thousand and One Nights; written by Taher Abu Fasha and directed by Mohamed Shaaban, the godfather of Egyptian Radio.

    King Hathor's sons have grown up and Vizier Shanshor’s daughters have grown up and everything seemed to be going as planned. The six meant for each other are getting married and live happily ever after in that faraway Djinn kingdom but an old enemy was waiting to strike back.
    Flying house by Anton Pick
    Flying house by Anton Pick 

    Evil King “Hadam” of underground “Ifrit” kingdom decides to declare war on his old nemesis who is getting older that could not lead an army. 
    Hadam has got a very nice plan to conquer Hathor as he will capture his three sons using the oldest trick in the book: Divide and conquer using the young djinns’ ego. He will release them on one condition: King Hathor declares his defeat and surrender.
    Old and powerless Hathor and Shanshor have got not too many options but sometimes fate changes the course of plans and strategies.
    Do you remember that wicked shapeshifter Ifrit Hadam sent to spy on Hathor’s court?
    That ifrit that shapeshifted into a crow and Shanshor busted him?
    He knew what happened despite he is imprisoned. He offers his help to release the king’s sons. He changed in prison and became a believer after worshiping the fire.
    Using the King’s magical winged horse, that Ifrit goes and saves the three brothers.
    And nothing will remain the same after that incident.

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    Good evening or morning based on your time and location now.
    It is time for a new episode of our Ramadan Arabian Nights Podcast.
    Tonight we will listen to episode no.269th of Egyptian state radio’s One thousand and one nights show, created by Mohamed Shaaban “Papa Sharo” and written by Taher Abu Fasha.
    You can hear the episode after the break and know what happened after the return of three Djinn princes to their kingdom.

    Edmund Dulac
    By Edmund Dulac

    The three princes return to their king Father who wants to reward that Ifrit who saved them but that Ifrit whose name is Shenkar does not want anything except to live in the Djinn kingdom.
    The three princes want to have that Ifrit as their aide and thus their wish comes true.

    Meanwhile back at the Ifrits’s underground realm, evil king Haddam is in disbelief that the princes escaped with the help of his trusted Shenkar. Haddam sends another trusted aide in disguise to see what happened.
    That Ifrit spy is busted by none other than Shenkar but for his luck, he gets away in the big scene.

    Time goes on and now King Hathor of the Djinn realm is dying on his bed surrounded by his three sons.
    He has one will for them “ To stand united and never get separate and even divide the kingdom, they must be united”

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    A king will die and another king will be crowned in tonight’s episode of Ramadan Arabian Podcast.
    Tonight we got a very interesting episode in our show “One Thousand and one nights” produced by Egypt’s State radio in its heyday.
    I won’t talk too much because lots of things happened in tonight’s episode which was 270th episode to be accurate in our show’s long record.
    You can find the new episode after the break.

    After telling his sons his well, King Hathor passes away and his Djinn kingdom mourns him.
    For nearly three months, his sons or the three princes mourn their father neglecting their duties as well as their nemesis Haddam.
    Faithful vizier and father-in-law Shanshour goes to them and tells them that they should act fast but first, they must among themselves who will be the king.
    Arabian Nights

    Amazingly, the three princes surprise him and tell him that they want the people to choose among them.

    Thus the wise Shanshour suggests that the High Priest of Djinn should choose the King on the Day of the Sun where the Djinns celebrate at the Grand Temple.

    On the Day of the sun, the high priest chooses Prince Saeed from the triplite because he was born first. The Djinn and the princes declared their loyalty to him.
    King Saeed begin to explore his father and ancestors’ valuable artifacts and finds something he shows to his siblings. 

    Among those valuable magical artifacts: The invisibility hood which make the djinn invisible.
    Once owned by King Khofu himself, late King Hathor leaves a magical message to his sons about it. 

    That message says that this hood to be used only three times. The first time is for a curious owner to see how it works while the other times will happen at the right time and place.
    As the new king and his sibling princes think about the meaning of the right time and place, a bad news arrives: Vizier Shanshour passes away.

    Meanwhile, in the Underground kingdom of Haddam, the evil king plans to destroy the unity of three brothers by turning them against each other.
    His aide says he can turn them against them through the High priest himself but he needs an extra , he needs “Rouh El-Khiana” or “the spirit of treason” that turned to an evil female ifrit.
    Haddam’s Ifrit aide shapeshift himself in to a merchant and goes to the Djinn kingdom to start his dirty mission.

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    It is time to continue our tale for this year, the tale of the Amazing tales challenge.

    Tonight we will listen to episode no.271 of the Egyptian State radio show” One Thousand and one nights”, I would like to hint to an important thing.

    Our radio show continued through the 1950s and 1960s, the epic age of Nasserite propaganda and Egyptian radio stations played a huge role in spreading that propaganda whether locally or regionally.

    Our show was not an exception
    Despite based loosely on the original One Thousand and One Nights book, writer Taher Abu Fasha was also inspired by current events taken place in that era and you can feel some Nasserite thoughts of that ideology in the show.

    In our tale for instance, we got a king that tells his sons to be united against their enemy and not to be divided aka the idea of Unity between Arab countries and Pan Arabism.
    Anyhow enough of chit chat and let’s listen to our tenth episode after the break

    Damdam, King Haddam’s aide goes in disguise with evil Ifrit Rouh El-Khiana as a lost merchant and extremely beautiful wife heading to the Grand Temple of the Djinns and meeting with its high priest.
    They are now Djinn couple Noah and Rouh.
    At the temple, they claim that they were in a ship and a mutiny happened where the crew took over their merchandise and their stuff throwing them at the first island they would find.
    At the island, the couple meets the high priest and Rouh began seducing him.
    In the end, She asks the high priest to save her from her abusive husband.
    Tomorrow we will know what will happen and how the high priest fell more into Rouh’s honey trap.

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    Saturday night millions of people in Egypt saw their hope for a short glimpse of happiness crashed when a young Egyptian footballer fell in a Kiev Stadium.

    That phrase spread on Egyptian social media to describe eloquently in Classical Arabic what millions of Egyptians felt when they saw their favorite football player and the top scorer of English Premier LeagueMohamed Salah fell in a Kiev stadium after his injury during the final football match in Europe’s Champions League between Liverpool FC and Real Madrid.

    Mo Salah and Sergio Ramas
    That moment that made Egypt sleep in sadness 
    Salah was the latest victim of Spain’s national team and Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos.
    As if he were in a wrestling game, Ramos caused a Shoulder injury for Salah that forced him to leave the game after 30 minutes “heated 30 minutes” of the first half of the match.

    I did not complete the match after Salah’s injury and how the referees ignore it.
    There has been extreme fear that our Egyptian king may not be able to play the World Cup as part of Egypt’s national football team. If his shoulder is dislocated then he will not play in the World Cup.

    Update: Our golden boy spoke with his family in his home village in Nile Delta and said that his injury won’t stop him from playing in the World Cup according to Ahram Arabic news portal.

    Personally, I won’t be sad if Salah could not join the Egyptian National team in the World Cup because he is still young and can go with the team again hopefully inshallah.

    Needless to say, Spaniard Ramos is now top trending in Egypt and for all the wrong reasons. He is being called names in Spanish “I did it” and in Arabic, as you can see in an exhibit “1”.
    Exhibit "1"
    Egyptian tweeps are calling him SOB , dog and animal.

    The official Facebook page of Sergio Ramos is bombarded by angry Egyptians writing in English, Arabic and Spanish that he should quit football and join some martial arts game.

    People have not forgotten also that Saudi Arabia’s top sports official Turki Al-Sheikh have expressed at least twice publicly including one in front of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi that he wished not to see Salah in the World Cup as Egypt and the Saudi Kingdom are in the same group in the World Cup !!

    Al-Sheikh has got his fair share of curses in Egypt accordingly to the level that he has not shown up on twitter despite he is active Twitter user.

    As a football fan, I know that realistically with a fair play the odds will be in favor of Real Madrid due to its experience but I had hope that Liverpool and Salah would change the game once again and win.
    I wished that I would write about how Egyptians celebrated Liverpool and Salah’s victory in Tahrir square but fate had another say.

    Ironically I only feared that Egyptians would wake up on Sunday to find a new increase in fuel prices.

    Anyhow I know some sophisticated people will attack those millions of Egyptians because they do not get angry because of their miserable life and get angry because of the injury of some footballer.

    I would like to say that that footballer is probably from the very few things that unite us as Egyptians with the happiness and hope he brings to us in those hard times.

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    Sorry for the delay in posting this episode of our annual Ramadan Arabian Nights Podcast.
    Here is the 11th episode of our tale for this year, the Amazing tales challenge.
    You can refresh your mind and remember what happened last night by checking last night’s episode.
    Tonight’s episode is No.272 in the record of the Egyptian State radio’s One Thousands and One Nights show written by Taher Abu Fasha and created by Mohamed Shaaban.
    You can listen to the new episode after the break.

    Ruins by Edmund Dulac
    Ruins by Edmund Dulac
    The two evil Ifrits’ plan seems to be working as the old High Priest of the Djinn Kingdom has fallen to their honey trap.

    The old man even agrees to go with them to their homeland island allegedly to bless them and bless it but for real he wants to save Rouh from her allegedly abusive husband.

    He agrees to meet them in secret shortly before sailing outside the grand temple through a secret door.

    The Old High Priest tells his followers in the Grand Temple that he would enter a spiritual seclusion for 40 days “Khalwa” and that he should not be disturbed. 

    He then left them and met Rouh and Noah.

    The three took a ship in the Middle of the Night.
    Rouh and her so-called Husband Noah knew where the ship was truly heading to: The Underground Kingdom of Ifrits.

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    It is time to complete our tale for this year, the tale of The Amazing tales challenge.
    Before we go and listen to tonight’s episode of our Ramadan Arabian Nights Podcast, I would like to share a little trivia.

    Tonight one of our recurring characters is having a comeback aka King Haddam of the Ifrit Underground kingdom.
    King Haddam was voiced by famous late Egyptian actor Hassan el Baroudi who is better known as Madbouli in Youssef Chahine’s Cairo Station.
    Born in January 1890, el Baroudi was from Egypt’s first generation of actors just like Abdel Waress Assar.
    He started his career in acting in 1923 joining a theater company and ended it in 1974 with his death.
    He got a huge number of filmography that started in 1929 and ended it in 1974 as I hinted.
    Like Assar, he was mainly a supporting actor but you cannot miss him.
    One of his famous roles was in Salah Abu Seif’s Second Wife as Mabrouk, the hypocrite villager.
    He also appeared in Charlton Heston’s Khartoum Film.
    May God bless his soul.
    Now we move to our new episode tonight, which was episode no. 273 in the record of the Egyptian State Radio’s One Thousand and One Nights.
    You can listen to it after the break.

    In disguise as couple Noah and Rouh, the two evil Ifrits take the Grand Priest of Djinn to their underground Ifrit Kingdom. They complete their charade with the help of King Haddam who shapeshift to a Djinn King. Rouh pretends that she divorces Noah.
    In return she says that she wants to marry the Grand Priest whose name is Noman on one condition, he would bring her the invisible cap of King Saeed.
    Haddam also tells the old priest that he has got only three days to bring her the cap.
    Noman is hesitant but devilish Rouh tells him that he will be acting upon a prophecy as she was told that she would marry an old man who would make appear and disappear.
    The poor man believes her and trouble is coming to King Saeed and his brothers.

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    The moon and planet called Jupiter

    Moon and Jupiter. Jupiter is the small white dot appearing beneath semi full "actually full moon" in Egypt

    0 0

    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    A Semi full or a full moon

    A photo for the moon. P.s This photo was on 27 May , the moon officially was not in its full status according Islamic lunar calendar

    0 0

    I grabbed my camera Monday night after reading online that Planet Jupiter is making an appearance besides the moon and we could see it by the naked eye, it was an invitation for photography.
    Amazingly the moon was full and bright despite according to our Islamic lunar Calendar declared by the State’s Dar Ifta, it is not the 15th night !!
    Here is how the moon looked.

    A Semi full or a full moon
    The moon seems full to me 

    If there is a miscalculation of the moon’s phase in Egypt, then it will mean that there is a miscalculation in the start of Ramadan.
    Ramadan should have started earlier.
    Anyhow, I am not an official astronomical expert, I am ranting here.
    Now aside from the debate, here is the photo of the moon and beneath Jupiter as a very bright small dot. It looked like a faraway star.
    The moon and planet called Jupiter
    Do you see that bright spot beneath the moon? It is Jupiter 

    That photo was taken and the street’s lights were on.
    This gives you an idea of how the moon was bright

    0 0

    Good evening, tonight we will continue our tale for this year, the tale of the Amazing tales challenge.
    Tonight we are going to hear the episode No.274 of Egyptian State Radio’s “One Thousand and One Nights” Show created by the Godfather of Egyptian radio Mohamed Shaaban and written by Taher Abu Fasha.
    It is an interesting episode full of actions.
    You can hear it after the break.

    Old Grand priest Nomaan goes back to the Djinn kingdom deceived by the love of so-called Rouh and determinant to get her the invisible cap.
    Flying horse
    A flying horse
    His spiritual seclusion has finished now and it is a big event in the Djinn that King Saeed sent his brothers Masood and Masa’ad to congratulate the Grand Priest for his return to the public life.
    The old priest fools the two princes and says that he has seen a vision in his seclusion that their father was angry that their brother Saeed did not only took the throne but he also took what they should inherit.
    The old priest tells that Saeed should have the throne only where Masood should inherit the Winged horse and Masa’ad should inherit the invisible cap.
    The two brother believe him and go to start a fight with their brother who insists that he did not take any inheritance that he is not his.
    Evil Rouh goes and meets Nomaan who is sad that he failed in getting the cap as well making the three brothers enemy.
    Rouh tells him that it is not a big deal and that they should travel again to her island and see what they Soltan will ask Nomaan to bring if he wants her hand in marriage.
    The old fool believes her again and goes once again to he Underground kingdom blinded by love.

    0 0

    Good morning or Good evening or Good afternoon where ever and whenever you read this post.
    Tonight we will continue our tale for this Ramadan, the tale of the Amazing tales challenge as we listen to the 275
    You can hear the 14th episode of our Podcast for this year right after the break.

    Old Nomaan arrives in the Underworld Kingdom. He is still being deceived by devilish Rouh and her king Haddam.
    Haddam tells him that if he wants to marry Rouh than he must complete his job and convince the princes that they must divide their kingdom into three parts.
    By Edmund Dula 

    Shocked and angry, the Old grand priest refuses and so Haddam reveals himself and Shapeshift back to his old self: As an Ifrit.
    The priest tries to kill him but in vain because he begins his transformation.
    He begins to be transformed from a Djnn to a low-class devilish demon aka Ifrit as a result of his treason and how he surrendered to his lust.
    Now as an Ifrit, he does what he is being ordered without any remorse.
    He goes back to the Priests temple at the same time the King and his brothers ask for his opinion. The two brother Masood and Masa’ad want to divide the kingdom into three kingdoms whereas King Saeed follows his father’s will and insists that they should remain united.
    Wicked Nomaan tells them to go and leave him for three days so he will worship God and take a clue on what they shall do.
    After three days, the three Djinns come and ask him what they shall do.
    The new Ifrit deceives and tells that he dreamt of their late father who orders them to divide the kingdom into three kingdoms where One will take the Priests Island and the other one will take the Emerald isles, while Saeed got his kingdom to rule,
    Nomaan, the traitor priest goes back to the Underworld Kingdom for new instruction
    Again mission accomplished for Haddam and his minions.

    0 0

    Dear all, it is time to complete our tale for this year, the tale of “Amazing tales challenge”.
    Now Do you remember when I told that Tahar Abu Fasha was inspired by social and political events in the 1950s and 1960s in some of the tales he had written to the Egyptian State Radio’s “One Thousand Nights and One” ??
    Well, tonight you will know immediately from our 15th episode of our Ramadan Arabian Night Podcast which event was Abu Fasha was referring to.
    For the past 14 days, we knew that Abu Fasha was speaking about Pan Arabism and how the Arab countries should stand together or they will be weak and conquered by their enemies.
    You can listen to episode No.276 of the Egyptian state radio’s One Thousand Nights and One after the break to know more.

    Arabian Nights The high priest who is transformed as an Ifrit for his treason flies back to the Underground in order to see if he can marry his beloved Kheina or Rouh.
    He is demanded to do the following to persuade the enemy brothers to host the Safa’leal Djinn people in the orange island as they are scattered in the Demons and Ifrit realm with no specific home “Sounds familiar? “
    Evil Priest Nomaan goes back to his isle and begins also to turn the brothers against each convincing them to make a peace deal with Haddam in order to protect them from King Saeed.
    Haddam sends a message to Safa’ leal’s king telling him to attack and occupy the Orange Island.
    The evil Ifrit’s king also prepares himself to fight the war.
    I guess it is clear.
    Abu Fasha was speaking about Palestine and its occupation in 1948

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