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7000 years and counting ...

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    The last time I have iconic El-Salam Theatre 
    From three weeks ago , I was in a quick short family visit to Alexandria and I passed by El-Salam Theatre. I felt so sad when I saw its deteriorating condition as another decaying building in the coastal despite its beautiful modernist style and its importance as culture venue.
    The building and its futuristic design reminded me of the famous Egg building in Beirut. 
    I promised myself to write something about its history one day but it seems that it is too late.
    Earlier Sunday , bulldozers were seen demolishing the theatre which was inaugurated in the 1960s if I am not mistaken.
    Demolishing the famous EL-Salam theater in Alexandria "Facebook"
    Demolishing the famous El-Salam theater in Alexandria "Facebook"
    Demolishing the famous EL-Salam theater in Alexandria "Facebook"
    Demolishing the famous El-Salam theater in Alexandria "Facebook"
    The theatre is owned by the state and I read somewhere that there were renovations there in 2015 so I do understand what happened.
    Here are its photos in the good ol' days.
    El-Salam theater of Alexandria in the Past
    El-Salam theater in the past 
    El-Salam theater of Alexandria in the Past
    El-Salam theater in the past 
    That futuristic design does not exist anymore in Egypt.
    People need more theatres for God's sake !!

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    Things will escalate rapidly in our tale, the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman and his family.
    Tonight is our 8th episode from our tale as well the 770th episode of the famous Egyptian State Radio show "One thousand and One nights" inspired by the book famous book.
    Now , I think you should refresh your memory and listen to last night episode.
    Here is tonight's episode after the break.

    And evil Vizier Samsem heads to the Diwan with after knowing the biggest secret of all that Crown prince Safwan was not really the son of King Rokn El-Zaman and Queen Nourhan.
    He meets King Rokn El-Zaman who wanted to talk him angrily.
    Rokn El-Zaman surprised Samsem that he went undercover and met the citizens of his kingdom. They all complained about how corrupted and cruel Samsem was.
    The King tells Samsem that all this is over which means that soon enough the evil Vizier will be fired.
    Extremely angry , Samsem heads after that to Shahbander Rashadan to meet Kawkab and ask if her son had a distinguished sign in his body.
    Kawkab remembers that her baby had a mole on his cheek. Samsem is now sure 100% that this lost baby is actually Safwan.
    Back in the palace , we know that Safwan is a bit arrogant compared to King Rokn El-Zaman , who decides to go undercover as a simple man in order to know more about the Kingdom's problems.
    And things escalate when Shoms rejects the unwanted advances of Prince Safwan who claimed that his brother Hassan left the country and head to Abdstan kingdom.
    Next day, King Rokn El-Zaman begins to choose candidates to replace Vizier Samsem along with the main judge of the kingdom.
    Interestingly , the main judge tells the king not to choose his son Safwan because he is the King's relative.
    And Vizier Samsem meets with Safwan and vows that he will not leave his position as he got lots of secrets.
    He reveals one of those secrets to Safwan , the most devastating one. He tells Safwan that he is not the King nor the Queen's son but rather the son of Kawkab and Dahman.
    Tomorrow inshallah we will know how this will turn Safwan's life upside down.

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  • 06/14/16--05:35: DSC02444 [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:


    It is Ramadan time in Cairo , which means it is time of joyful colored lanterns.
    Sayida Zeinab square in Popular Islamic Cairo is one of the areas to find the old glassed tin Egyptian tradition lanterns

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  • 06/14/16--05:35: DSC02452 [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:


    It is Ramadan time in Cairo , which means it is time of joyful colored lanterns.
    Sayida Zeinab square in Popular Islamic Cairo is one of the areas to find the old glassed tin Egyptian tradition lanterns

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  • 06/14/16--05:35: DSC02461 [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:


    It is Ramadan time in Cairo , which means it is time of joyful colored lanterns.
    Sayida Zeinab square in Popular Islamic Cairo is one of the areas to find the old glassed tin Egyptian tradition lanterns

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  • 06/14/16--05:35: DSC02466 [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:


    It is Ramadan time in Cairo , which means it is time of joyful colored lanterns.
    Sayida Zeinab square in Popular Islamic Cairo is one of the areas to find the old glassed tin Egyptian tradition lanterns

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  • 06/14/16--05:35: DSC02458 [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:


    It is Ramadan time in Cairo , which means it is time of joyful colored lanterns.
    Sayida Zeinab square in Popular Islamic Cairo is one of the areas to find the old glassed tin Egyptian tradition lanterns

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    Now things are getting more and more interesting in our tale , the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman.
    Tonight is our 9th episode from our Radio Arabian Nights tale this year.
    To be honest , I was worried about how Abbas El-Aswan would fill the place of Taher Abu Fasha as the writer of One thousand and one Nights radio show but so far he did a great job.
    Enough of the chitchat, I know that you only care for the episode and so here it is after the break ;the 671st episode of the longest running Radio Drama show in the history of Egypt.

    As he knew that he was on the verge of being fired because of his corruption , evil Vizier Samsem confronted Crown Prince Safwan with his true identity in order to force him to work with him.
    The evil Vizier wanted to get rid of the king but Safwan rejected the idea but Samsem reminded him of his real parents : Dahman and Kawkab.
    A screenshot from the famous One thousand and one Night
    in Egypt

    Samsem wanted to kill Rokn El-Zaman but Safwan was hesitant. Samsem told him then if the King knew his true identity , he would appoint Hassan as a Crown prince. 
    Fearing the loss of the throne , Safwan joined Samsem in his evil quest but he told him that instead of killing the king , they would think of something less evil.
    Samsem also made it clear to Safwan : If he thought of getting rid of him , someone else would reveal his true identity to the whole kingdom.
    Safwan then revealed to the evil Vizier that his father was going that night alone undercover to check on the citizens of the Kingdom and Samsem got an idea.
    Back at the Palace , Queen Nourhan is worried about her son Hassan's condition and how he loved the Shepherd girl. The Queen is hoping that he will forget the girl and then she summons him.
    Nourhan then tells her son that he should go on a trip somewhere in order to have experience for months. Her son is hesitant because he will leave his beloved Shoms.
    The Queen convinced the King with her plan. He told her that he would order Shahbander Rashdan to include his son Prince Hassan in his trade cruises.
    Meanwhile , Shoms' uncle wants to go and to complaint the advances of Prince Safwan to his niece but Shoms is afraid. Thus her uncle , the Shepherd decides to leave the place once again and head to somewhere far away.
    Back to the Kingdom, King Rokn El-Zaman started his daily undercover trip , a wicked plan was prepared for him by Safwan and Samsem.
    Samsem's assistant waited till the king left the Palace undercovered as a poor man arresting him in the street for being a thief !! 
    Despite his scream that he was the king , nobody believed Rokn El-Zaman and he was sent to jail.
    Wonder what will happen in tomorrow's night !??

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    It is Ramadan time in Egypt which means the time of thousands and thousands Ramadan Lanterns all over Egypt.
    Kodak Agfa took the camera and decided this year to head one of the famous tradition markets in Cairo : El-Sayida Zeinab Ramadan Market. "It is quite belated post but I did not have time to post the photos except now"
    Already it is a hot zone this year for photographers who discovered it too late but for one good reason : The Egyptian traditional lanterns are back to dominate the market.
    Be ready for more lanterns in this post 
    Located directly beside  Cairo's El-Sayida Zeinab Mosque , a seasonal traditional informal market is held on both sides of Al-Sad street to sell mainly Ramadan Lanterns as well other Ramadan supplies from dried fruits ,herbs, pickles and legumes as well toys and Ramadan decorations.
    El-Sayida Zeinab Mosque
    El-Sayida Zeinab Mosque and the market behind it 
    That location is turned from a marketplace to a Moulid Place.
    The Mosque of Cairo's Islamic Saint Patron is located in the heart of Islamic Cairo , the old Cairo so you can feel that the ambiance here is different as you can feel the Spirit of Ramadan even before it started.
    Another overview for El-Sayida Ramadan market
    A very crowded seasonal market
    My trip there was 48 hours before the start of Ramadan .
    It is different than Upper Class or Upper Middle-Class area as here you can feel here the authentic Ramadan ambiance that other more classy areas try to mimic.
    Outside El-Sayida Zeinab's Ramadan Market
    Despite the hot weather , many people were there doing their Ramadan

    Prior Ramadan by 48 hours and in a very hot weather conditions , the street was extremely crowded with families and mother who were doing their Ramadan shopping buying lanterns for their homes as well their kids.
    Smile to the mobile phone Camera
    A lady taking a photo of her son among hundreds of Egyptian traditional lanterns

    The lanterns of Um Hashim

    El-Sayida Zeinab area is considered from the main zones in Cairo where the traditional Egyptian traditional lanterns are manufactured for decades if not for centuries.
    The land of one thousand and one lanterns
    Lanterns from here to eternity 
    Two main areas are specifically known for that ongoing industry in El-Sayida Zeinab area : Bab El-Khalk and Berkit El-Fil. Usually, the workshops work for 11 months in manufacturing the lanterns and then take one month off : Ramadan.
    Traditional lanterns everywhere
    Hundreds if not thousands of traditional Egyptian lanterns in that market 

    The Egyptian traditional Ramadan lantern is usually handmade from tin and colored glass.
    Lanterns everywhere
    Egyptian traditional lanterns hanged in the market 
    Lanterns colors
    Handmade Lanterns here and lanterns there on the other side
    Colored glassed Ramadan
    Those lanterns are made of glass and tin 

    For three decades , the Egyptian traditional Ramadan lantern seemed to be on the verge of extinction thanks to the Chinese Plastic Ramadan lantern and its market.

    For three decades, Children and parents alike preferred the cheap Chinese Plastic Ramadan lantern because of their colored interesting shapes and good prices as well their light weight.

    It is toys time
    Two boys standing at Chinese toys corner 

    Yet, thankfully to the current economic and currency crises in Egypt, the Egyptian traditional lantern restored its throne once again.
    Different styles of Egyptian traditional lanterns
    Smaller Egyptian traditional lanterns 

    Ramadan lanterns and more lanterns
    Egyptian traditional lanterns used to be lit by candles

    In April 2015, the ministry of industry and commerce banned the importation of Chinese Ramadan lanterns in an attempt to save foreign currency.
    A stall selling Ramadan lanterns
    lanterns stall at El-Sayida Zeinab
    The importation of Chinese Ramadan lanterns used to cost Egypt nearly USD 10 million during then. The decision's echo was felt this year.
    Speaking to one of the Shopkeepers this year, he told me that the market "sucks" as they can not import new Chinese Ramadan lanterns nor they do have dollars in the first place.

    At El-Sayida Zeinab Ramadan market
    There is still demand for Egyptian traditional lantern I saw there 

    The Chinese lanterns of last year are still there including the Dora , the explorer Ramadan lantern.
    Chinese Ramadan lanterns
    Chinese lanterns , see how they are different from their Egyptian lanterns 

    The man says that there was not high demand on Egyptian traditional lantern because they were expensive. It is true that the Egyptian traditional handmade lantern was more expensive as it may start from LE 30 to 40  to 150 to 250 depending on the size.
    Waiting for customers
    Lanterns seller waits for the customers in his stall 

    Bigger size lanterns are usually purchased by restaurants, cafes and hotels.
    A gigantic Traditional Ramadan lanterns
    A gigantic lantern made for hotels and restaurants 
    Egyptian Traditional Ramadan Lanterns
    The bigger lanterns' prices can reach to thousands of pounds 

    Still , I believe there was a considerable demand on the Egyptian traditional handmade lanterns in the street itself as people used to buy from other stalls.
    Ramadan lantern photo
    Smiling among the lanterns 

    Strike a pose with Ramadan Lantern
    Strike a pose 
    Yes , the shops were actually stalls covered by the famous Red Khayamia pattern fabric.
    The Ramadan lanterns stalls in El-Sayida
    The stalls that were set up 
    A favorite spot for Egyptians
    The stalls are easy to be removed after the end of the holy month of Ramadan 

    Khayamia red pattern has become Ramadan's official decoration. People came to the market to buy the Ramadan Khayamia linens as there were much cheaper here than in other areas in Cairo.
    They also come to buy Ramadan supplies from dried fruits , herbs and dates as well pickles "Torshi" in much cheaper prices.
    Ramadan dates
    An Upper Egyptian dates seller and his son 

    Egyptian traditional pickles Torshi for Ramadan
    Egyptian traditional pickles "Turshi" at El-Sayida Market 
    Buying Ramadan supplies
    Dried fruits and herbs seller at El-Sayida Market 

    Side note : The lanterns of Um Hashim's Subtitle here is inspired from Yahiya Hakki's famous novel "The Lamp of Umm Hashim"
    Um Hashim is one of the titles or names the Egyptians called "El-Sayida Zeinab" {Lady Zeinab} the granddaughter of Prophet Mohamed. Most Egyptians believe that she settled down and died in Egypt after the battle at Karbala.
    Already there are two shrines for her in the Arab world : One in Damascus and the famous Shrine in Cairo.

    Ramadan lanterns Fashion this year

    The popular Ramadan lanterns this year are those two :
    The Khayamia Ramadan lantern which is made from Khayamia fabric and it comes in different sizes.
    Ramadan Khayamia style lantern فانوس الخيامية
    A big electric Khayamia glass lantern 
    Making a Ramadan Lantern
    A Khayamia lantern in making 
    The second popular lantern at least among the Ahly Sports Club fans is the Ramadan Sobhi wooden lantern.
    The Ramadan Sobhi wooden lantern shows his silhouette doing his famous move "standing over the football" that drives Zamalek Sports club fans mad.
    Ramadan Lantern 2016 in Egypt : Ramadan Sobhi's lantern
    The Ramadan Sobhi lantern 
    The wooden lanterns are still popular because they are cheap and light.
    Wooden Egyptian Ramadan traditional lanterns
    Wooden traditional lanterns 

    It is never late to say  Ramadan Kareem again and again :)

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    It is the tenth episode from our Radio Arabian Nights tale this year , the tale of Rokn El-Zaman and his family.
    Written by 1960s-author Abbas El-Aswani , this was 672nd episode of the longest Radio drama show aired on the Egyptian State Radio : The One thousand and one nights.
    Seriously speaking , I think you should refresh memory and hear last night's episode because things are really escalating.
    Here is tonight episode after the break

    And King Rokn El-Zaman is arrested and is sent to jail where he is not believed and actually mocked by other inmates for claiming that he was the king.
    Nobody believes him because simply he disguised.
    He manages to send a message to his son Safwan telling him to save him through a prison guard but unfortunately the message falls into the hands of evil vizier Samsem's assistant Fatak.
    Fatak goes to his master and gives him the message. The evil Vizier thinks about his wicked plan to make sure that King Rokn El-Zaman stays forever in jail.

    The Vizier tells Fatak that the King will stand a trial soon.
    Then Samsem goes and visits the Kingdom's Chief Judge who should head the Diwan in the case of the King's absence according to the laws of the Kingdom.
    The Chief Judge refuses to discuss any legal case with Samsem because it is unacceptable.
    Samsem then decides to dismiss the Chief judge and appoints Lahfan , the weak judge who does whatever the evil vizier wants.
    In court , King Rokn El-Zaman stands in front of the judge as a thief. Judge Lahfan then summoned to the surprise of everyone Prince Safwan.
    "Do you swear that this man is not your father ? " Lafhan by the orders of Samsem asks Prince Safwan.
    The crown prince then told King Rokn El-Zaman that he is not his son.
    Shocked and speechless , Rokn El-Zaman did not have a clue that Safwan was actually telling the truth. 
    Now Rokn El-Zaman is officially a convicted thief who will spend the rest of his days in jail. 
    Meanwhile , Shoms' Uncle Salman goes to the Palace in order to complaint of the unwanted advances of Prince Safwan to his niece. He does not find the king but unfortunately Fatak , the Vizier's assistant is there and decides to detain the old Shepherd man.
    Check all the previous episodes as well seasons here.

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    As far as I know and the world knows as well , judges do not leak their court rulings and decisions to the media before the court to anyone.This is what we .
    Nevertheless, this is Egypt.
    On Monday, State-owned Al-Messa newspaper published a news in its crimes page the Court renewed the detention of human rights lawyer Malek Adly for another 15 days pending investigation.
    Malek Adly's case was already on Tuesday !?

    Al-Messa newspaper Al-Messa newspaper
                                       "The date of the newspaper issue and the news of Adly's trial

    Yes , the trial of Adly and other defendants was on Tuesday and not Monday.
    Not so surprisingly , the Judge renewed the detention of Adly and other defendants in the case 15 days pending investigation for attempting to topple the regime and calling for the 25 April protests against the decision of the Egyptian government to give Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia.
    So how did the newspaper know in advance what the court would rule eventually !?
    This is a serious question !!
    Anyhow , what is important in the trial on Tuesday is how Malek Adly complained about the inhuman treatment he was suffering from in his detention. Adly is still suffering from inhumane conditions in solitary confinement.
    According to his wife Asmaa Aly , he has been in solitary confinement in a very narrow cell for 42 days.
    During the court session on Tuesday , he told the Judge that he wanted to be tried like Israeli spies in custody.

    Malek Adly in trial
    Malek Adly in court
    on that day "Twitter"
    I do not want you to set me free.I know this is a price I have to pay but I just want to be treated like any other detainee or inmate. I am being treated like Israeli spy , in fact I want to be treated like Israeli spies, I want to be treated like Hisham Talaat Mustafa or any other guy involved in corruption cases or even in drugs cases.
    The renowned human rights activist told the judge
    I have not seen the sun for 40 days. I see the sun when I come to court , there is no piece in my body that is not hurt or tired as I sleep on the floor for 3 hours maximum everyday. I asked the administration of the prison to remove all the medication in front of me so I won't commit suicide , I can do this easily now
    Malek Adly told the judge adding that he wanted to be detained but to treated according to the Prison bylaws.
    The Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights "ECESR" listed the number of violations committed against Lawyer Malek Adly.

    The ECESR and other 9 Egyptian human rights organizations launched a campaign "Voices behind bars" to defend victims of freedom of expression in Egypt.
    Here is a website launched by the campaign in Arabic so far listing the freedom of speech prisoners and detainees.
    By the way , this happened to a very renowned human rights lawyer and so you can imagine what happens to normal political detainees.
    Also on Tuesday , Egypt's Administrative Court set a verdict in the case brought by human rights lawyer Khaled Ali and a number of lawyers including Malek Adly "before he was removed from the case" against the government decision to transfer Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia next 21 June.
    Khaled Ali presented documents from 1811 to the court that prove the two disputed isles "Tiran and Sanafir" have been part of Egypt including old official documents.
    Interestingly , up till now the Government has not presented to the court the text of the Maritime borders redrawing deal between Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
    Again, I am not that optimistic but I know in the past three months I have seen mounting undeniable evidence about the Egyptianhood of those two isles.

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    And tonight we will know the fate of Prince Hassan as his brother Prince Safwan and evil Vizier Samsem planned something evil to get rid of him.
    They already got rid of his father , King Rokn El-Zaman in a very wicked plan and sent him to jail in last night episode.
    Tonight , we will continue our tale of King Rokn El-Zaman and his family written by Egyptian author Abbas El-Aswani
    You can hear the 11th episode in our tale this Ramadan or rather the 673rd episode of the famous Egyptian State Radio Drama show "One Thousand and One Nights" right after the break.

    Now Prince Safwan and evil Vizier Samsem are planning to get rid Prince Hassan so Safwan can rule the Kingdom.
    On the other hand, Clueless Prince Hassan heads to his beloved Shoms as he felt that there was not
    Arabian nights cartoon
    right. It is true. The poor girl was worried about her missing uncle. Shoms revealed to her prince what his brother had done.
    The young prince promises to show his elder brother what it means to miss with his girl. He also revealed to her his plan to travel abroad on a cruise for a week in order to win his father back.
    Hassan confronts Safwan whom at first was worried that he was busted for what he had done with their father but then it turned to be about Shoms. Safwan apologizes and promises that he won't speak to her again. Hassan also revealed to his brother his plans to travel next day.
    Wicked Vizier Samesm goes to dine at Shahbander Rashdan's house as usual. During the dinner,the good Shahbaner reveals that Prince Hassan is going on a trip on one of his ships that will head of "Nour Mounts" land tomorrow.
    The evil Vizier does not miss the opportunity and tells Rashdan that he wants to send one of his aides secretly to help the young inexperienced prince without his knowledge and Rashdan agrees.
    Of course, Samsem sends his assistant Fatak. 
    Meanwhile at the jail , Rokn El-Zaman insists that he is the King while other prisoners mock him. The prisoners avoid him in for fear he would harm them as they believed he was a madman.
    Now as the ship of Shahbander starts to sail to the "Nour mounts" land carrying Hassan and Fatak , a huge storm meets it and things will go upside down.
    Check all the previous episodes as well seasons here.

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    And so Prince Hassan starts his trip on the board of a ship owned by Shahbander Rashdan without knowing that evil Vizier Samsem sent his assistant Fatak not only to stalk him but to get rid of him.
    Tonight , we will know what Fatak will do with Hassan in the 12th episode of our tale this year , the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman.
    You can listen to the 674th episode of the famous Egyptian State Radio Drama show "One thousand and one nights" after the break.

    And Prince Hassan is on the board of a ship heading to the unknown as evil Fatak is stalking him.
    In a classical One thousand and One Nights plot twist , a huge storm rocks the sea suddenly. Fatak finds a perfect opportunity to get rid of the 17-years-old good prince who did not have any clue on what was going to him.

    What makes things worse is how suddenly a huge whale appears under the ship and tries to bring it down.
    In Chaos , Fatak pushes Prince Hassan to the sea. The whale then swallows Hassan who finds himself inside a huge big whale.
    The people in ship see the prince being swallowed and are shocked except of course Fatak , who is happy that he did what his master had told him to do.
    Meanwhile in the Kingdom, his master Samsem gives orders to transfer old Shepherd Salman from his detention at the Palace to the main prison till Fatak returns from his little wicked voyage.
    Ironically Salman is sent to the same Prison where King Rokn El-Zaman. As the old Shepherd complains on how he was treated at the Royal Palace , Rokn El-Zaman who is unrecognizable now listens to him carefully.
    To the shepherd's surprise , he finds Rokn El-Zaman knows everything about Prince Hassan and Shoms. The King without a throne then asks Salman to stop talking and that they continue their talk when everybody is sleeping when the Shepherd wonders who he was really.
    Back to the Royal Palace , Queen Nourhan is concerned on how her husband is absent for two days. The Evil Vizier clams her down.
    Tomorrow we will know the fate of Hassan inside the giant whale.
    Check all the previous episodes as well seasons here.

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    And Prince Hassan was swallowed by a huge Whale after he was pushed by Fatak during a sudden storm in the sea.
    But fear not as tonight episode , the 13th episode is a true magical one.
    Oh yes , Abbas Al-Aswani transfers us to the world of magic in the 675th episode of the famous One Thousand and One night Radio show. You will find familiar themes from the original book.
    You can hear the episode right after the break.

    Just as Prince Hassan tries to find his way inside the huge whale that swallowed him , he finds a ring that where things turns upside down after touching it.
    He suddenly hears a big strong laugh and then he finds himself in the sea, not inside a whale.
    In front of him, a strange creature who introduces himself as "Farkuk" , King Solomon's Jinn servant.
    By Dulac "1907
    From Fairytales magazine

    Yes, Hassan found the seal of Solomon in the least expected places.
    Farkuk asks Hassan what he wishes and the 17-years-old prince tells him that he is hungry. His new Jinn servant brings him food.
    Back at the Kingdom , imprisoned King Rokn El-Zaman tells his new friend Salman about how his son told him about Shoms and he was imprisoned.
    "They thought that you are a commoner who can be imprisoned easily !?" The shepherd tells the king.
    Shoms is alone and suddenly she finds once again Safwan forcing himself on her.
    The beautiful shepherd girl runs away and Safwan pursuits her but he falls off his horse and breaks his leg.
    While running away in the wilderness , Shoms finds an enchanted deserted cave or that what she thought. Inside the cave , She hears an old woman's voice that asks her who she is.
    The old woman voice tells Shoms that she would allow her to stay on one condition to tell her all what happened her.
    Suddenly , she found herself in front of a very ugly and old woman whose name is Farfash who was once an extremely beautiful woman.
    Shoms is terrified especially Farfash tells her to obey all her orders.
    By the way , did you notice the subliminal political messages about corruption , torture and judiciary in Abbas Al-Aswani's tale during Nasser's iron fist rule !?
    You can check all the previous episodes as well seasons here.
    Till another night , folks.

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    And Abbas Al-Aswani's world is actually small one as we will have see and have seen already in our tale for this year, the tale of King Rokn El-zaman and his family.
    Tonight , we will know what happened after Prince Hassan met Farkuk , the Djinn and his beloved Shoms met Farfash in the 14 episode of our tale tonight.
    So here is the 676th episode of King Rokn El-Zaman tale after the break.

    So Prince Hassan speaks with Farkuk , the Djinn who tells him how he was locked up in Solomon's seal for one thousand years inside that giant whale.
    Then Hassan came to liberate him and thus Farkuk must obey his new master and asks him to see his dad at his kingdom.
    A victorian illustration from Aladdin tale "Source" 

    And so Farkuk flew with Hassan on his back.
    During their flight to the Royal Palace , Farkuk reveals to the Human prince that he smelled the smell of his love , Farfash.
    Yes , Farfash who met Shoms. Farkuk was so worried about meeting her.
    Farfash is already a scary Djinn who does not want Shoms to leave the cave.
    After all, our Shoms seems to be the only creature to enter the enchanted cave after 1000 years. 
    Farfash who insists that Shoms will not leave the cave , reveals to the human girl that she decided to leave the realm of Djinn and came to the humans realm after a Djinn broke her heart and deserted her.
    That Djinn is Farkuk who did not show up at her doorstep in the Djinn world from thousand years ago.
    Little Farfash and Farkuk as super creatures knew !!
    Prince Hassan arrives the Palace to find his brother Safwan with a broken leg and evil Vizier Samsem visiting him.
    Both were shocked to see him.
    Already Samsem came to the palace to inform the family that Hassan died.
    Queen Nourhan was also amazed.
    The 17th years old Prince then tells cryptically about how he was going to die but he had a control on Djinn leaving all of them amazed.
    The prince already hid the Solomon seal away.
    Ironically, he and Farkuk do not know that King Rokn El-Zaman was not at the Palace at all.
    Rokn El-Zaman is at the Kingdom's Prison and he got a friend that believes him : Poor Shepherd Salman. Salman is being mocked by other inmates for believing Rokn El-Zaman.
    Anyhow both men do not care but they are thinking about escape.
    You can check all the previous episodes as well seasons here.
    Till another night , folks.

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    Prince Safwan and Vizier Samsem are more than surprised to find Prince Hassan alive and kicking as they thought that he was gone for good.
    Tonight , we all know what Samsem and Safwan will do with Hassan after his sudden return in the 15 episode of our Radio tale for this year , the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman and his family.
    Here it is after the break , the 677th episode of the famous Egyptian state Radio show "One Thousand and one nights" show.

    Giving no more details , Prince Hassan told Queen Nourhan , Prince Safwan and Vizier Samsem that he had been for three days inside a whale.
    Safwan and Samsem were amazed whereas Queen Nourhan told her younger son to go and take a nap to rest.
    Djinn flying
    Victorian flying djinn illustration 

    Meanwhile, Vizier Samsem went to the Kingdom's Prison in order to see the King as an inmate and to take a moment to gloat.
    Shoms was at the enchanted cave with Farfash when suddenly Farkuk arrived to see his beloved Djinn. Poor Shoms fainted thanks to his entrance , she saw two crazy Djinns in  24 hours.
    Prince Hassan woke up and he was on his way to Prince Safwan's suite in the Royal Palace when he heard his brother speaking with Vizier Samsem in a loud voice.
    Eavesdropping what the two men were saying , Prince Hassan found out that they tried to get rid of him in the sea and that they had already managed to send his father King Rokn El-Zaman to jail.
    Shocked and angry , Prince Hassan summoned his Djinn Farkuk who was amazed on how the King was imprisoned.
    "He was imprisoned by a plot" Hassan told Farkuk before order him to save the King.
    Farkuk went to the jail scaring everybody and told the King to jump on his back so they could fly away.
    Rokn El-Zaman flew away with Farkuk.
    King Rokn El-Zaman is a free man again and nothing will be the same.
    You can check all the previous episodes as well seasons here.
    Till another night , folks.

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    Inside the famous Syrians street in October city , Giza , Egypt.

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    Inside the famous Syrians street in October city , Giza , Egypt.

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    Inside the famous Syrians street in October city , Giza , Egypt.

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    Inside the famous Syrians street in October city , Giza , Egypt.

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