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7000 years and counting ...

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    The last two weeks witnessed huge and interesting acquisitions and merger in TV channels to the level that we are speaking about a media map that is being reshaped and as this takes place , we find a new or rather old face from Mubarak's era coming back making a surprise for everybody.
    Suddenly , huge billboards in Cairo and Giza are seen with the ads of the new weekly newspaper Al-Zaman and her owner as well editor-in-chief Elham Sharshar , the wife of former and infamous interior minister Habib El-Adly.
    The billboard of Al-Zaman newspaper and its owner Elham Sharshar
    The billboard of Al-Zaman newspaper and its owner Elham Sharshar
    Yes , the wife of the Mubarak's long-time interior minister is having a comeback in the media with a weekly newspaper that defends Islam scared beliefs and places as well the nation !!!
    The newspaper is pure Pro-Sisi and Pro-regime. You can not doubt that.
    Al-Zaman newspaper
    Al-Zaman newspaper 
    Egyptian websites and newspapers are speaking that she would open a TV channel as well.
    Elham Sharshar was a journalist in State-owned Al-Ahram Daily newspaper in its Crime section.
    I do not remember reading anything significant for her before the revolution.
    Already , the first I knew that she was the wife of El-Adly when she appeared on the cover of Nisf Al-Donia Magazine in some first lady pose. "I can not find that cover online"

    Sharshar before 25 Jan 
    After the 25 January revolution , we found more interesting information about her and other "wives" of the infamous minister who was accused of several corruption charges in addition to the killing of protesters.
    El-Adly was officially convicted in one of the corruption cases and spent three in jail.
    Anyhow after the fall of Mubarak's regime especially the fall of her husband , the crimes journalist rebranded herself as Islamist writer wearing a light veil with make-up .
    Sharshar after Jan25 
    Yes, as an Islamist writer and thinker as well !!!!
    As an Islamist thinker , I would say that she got some strange ideas according to her own-Fan-YouTube channel.
    Elham Sharshe : A message from the Egyptian People to the leader of the Arab and Islamic Nation "Abdel Fattah El-Sisi"
    That public announcement about Elham Sharshar newspaper comes at the same time Pro-Regime Youm 7 claimed that her husband , the infamous former interior minister was going to reconcile with the State and return back LE 2 billion in the famous "Interior ministry's financial corruption case".
    The newspaper claimed that he wanted to pay the LE 2 billion fine in that case too !!
    From where did they get all that money to publish a weekly newspaper and to reconcile financially with the state seriously speaking !?

    Newspapers and websites in the past few days say that she managed to get away with her money from legal freezing assets orders issued after the 25 January.
    Already I do not know how this happened but anyhow we must ask from where she got all that money to issue a newspaper like that !!
    Elham Sharshar is not alone in her new project as she got technical help from a veteran journalist as an "advisor". That veteran journalist is former head of Journalists syndicate Makram  Mohamed Ahmed who is having another comeback in the scene.
    The  former head of Egyptian journalists syndicate and longtime Pro-regime supporter Makram Mohamed Ahmed was ready to run in the upcoming elections of the Egyptian Journalists syndicate right after the decision of the Prosecution to refer the current head of Journalists syndicate Yahia Qallash to court.
    Ahmed did not hide his Pro-regime position in this crisis unfortunately, rejecting what the syndicate did from hosting Badr and El-Sakka's sit-in.
    It is just sad because when Makram Mohamed Ahmed was the head of the Journalists syndicate , he let Abdel Galil El-Sharnoby , the journalist and former editor-in-chief of Ikhwan Online at the headquarter of the syndicate in Cairo to have a sit-in there from 12 March to 19 April 2008.
    The state security wanted to arrest El-Sharnoby because he was a Muslim Brotherhood member and yet the members of the Journalists syndicate let him have a sit-in.
    Here is the testimony of current Journalist syndicate General secretary and board member then Gamal Abdel Rahim about that incident

    This is a well-documented incident and seriously I do not know why Makram changed his opinion after all those years.
    There are other famous names collaborating with Sharshar in her newspaper, mostly from old Pro-regime media figures like Mofid Fawzy.
    Interesting times indeed !!

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    I do not think that there is a public figure that will be missed or mourned like Muhammed Ali "1942-2016" in our crazy world nowadays.
    Rest in peace humble revolutionary beautiful one, may Allah bring solace to your family , friends and fans. 
    Muhammed Ali in Egypt
    Muhammed Ali at Giza pyramids in 1964 "AP" 
    Please read that fantastic report from Ahram Online about when Muhammed Ali visited Egypt. 

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    In few hours , the Holy month of Ramadan will start in the Muslim world and of course in Egypt and so here it is a little taste of Ramadan preparation in one of the local markets in Popular Sayida Zeinab area in Cairo in video.
    A video posted by Zeinobia (@zeinobia) on

    ًWait for a bit longer post with a couple of photos from that fantastic place.

    Egyptian authentic lanterns were everywhere there.
    Ramadan Kareem and wait for the return of the Ramadan Arabian nights inshallah.

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    First of all , Ramadan Karim to all Muslims celebrating the Holy Month of Ramadan.
    Second , Your Egyptian Chronicles Scheherazade is back for a new season of Radio Arabian nights.

    This year , we will know the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman , his wife Nourhan and their sons Safwan and Hassan.
    Our tale is quite interesting because it was not written by Taher Abu Fasha like the previous seasons but it was written by author Abbas El-Aswani.

    Yes , author Abbas El-Aswani , the father of renowned Egyptian novelist Alaa El-Aswani.
    Originally an accountant, Abbas El-Aswani became a renowned author in 1960s.
    His most famous book "The Aswan Prosimetrum" published in 1970 was turned into a radio series. As I searched more , I found out that El-Aswani wrote several radio shows.
    This season was directed by the Egyptian Radio God father Mahmoud Shaaban as usual.
    It starts at the 763rd episode.

    Yes, the 763rd episode and I think this makes the Egyptian State Radio's Arabian Nights as the longest running drama radio show in Egypt and may be the Middle East !!

    The famous depiction of Scheherazade and Shahyer in Cartoon
    in the famous 1980s Egyptian TV series "1001 Nights" 

    Anyhow, enough talking and let's listen to that night and know the story of Rokn El-Zaman and his family.

    Once upon time , a Just strong King called Rokn El-Zaman ruled a vast kingdom. Rokn El-Zaman had everything from success and popularity yet he had one problem. His Beloved queen could not bear his child and he needed to have a heir to the throne.

    The desperate king though of marrying again in order to have a son. He wanted to tell his wife Nourhan but he failed as he could not do it. 
    Nevertheless , the Queen felt that there was something wrong with her husband who skipped meetings and seemed to be out of the world.

    She already knew what was bothering him. Nourhan told her maid about how she was worried that her husband would marry another woman for the sake of a child and how all the doctors told her that there was nothing medically wrong with her that would stop her from bearing a child.
    Seeing her lady so desperate , the old maid suggested that they should go and seek the help of an old witch known to help ladies who suffered from the same problem.

    Thus next day , old witch "Shamata" arrived to the palace. The Queen promised her a big reward if she helped her to become a pregnant in a heir. 
    Shamata gave Nourhan a paper and list of instructions to follow telling her that she would give a birth to a son next Ramadan.

    Next day, the Queen began to feel that there was something kicking in her belly and so she told her husband, King Rokn El-Zaman.Extremely happy for hearing the news, the King confessed to his beloved wife his previous plan about marrying another woman.

    The King then sent his men to bring the most famous midwife in the Kingdom "Dada" to help his wife who would give birth in a couple of weeks, in Ramadan. 

    When Dada met Queen Nourhan , she was surprised and shocked then she told the Queen that she was not pregnant.

    Tomorrow night inshallah we will know what happened when the Queen knew the bitter truth.

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    #Ramadan #Lanterns at Sayida  Zeinab area in the heart of #Islamic #Cairo #Citizenjournalism #blogger #ThisisCairo #ThisisEgypt #Mideast #Africa #Egypt #Cairowalks #everydaycairo

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    Ramadan Lanterns in Cairo

    Seen in Cairo : Colored traditional Ramadan lanterns in Al-Sayida Zeinab quarter.
     via Instagram 

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    Abbas El-Aswani
    And we continue our tale , the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman and his family which we started last night.
    But before starting our next episode which was the 764th episode of the Egyptian State Radio's
    Arabian Nights show, we will stop a little bit with our author this season : Abbas El-Aswani.
    Abbas El-Aswani is currently known as the father of one of Egypt's best-selling, award-winning and politically controversial authors and writers Alaa El-Aswani.
    Still before being overshadowed by his son's name, Lawyer Abbas El-Aswani was already known as renowned writer and author in the 1960s and 1970s before his death.
    Originally from Aswan , Abbas El-Aswani came and settled down in Cairo where he worked as a lawyer and later as a author.
    In 1972 , Abbas Al-Aswani was among the receptiants of the State award for literature.
    Now to our tale , the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman and his family.

    Famous and experienced midwife "Dada" shocked Queen Nourhan when she told her that her pregnancy was actually a false one and she was just imagining that she got a baby inside her.
    Despite her shock , the Queen asked Dada not to tell the King who was technically over the moon. Dada kept her mouth shut indeed when King Rokn El-Zaman visited the Queen's suite.
    The King asked the old Midwife when his wife would give birth and Dada answered wisely and enigmatically "God only knows my lord"
    After his short visit, Queen Nourhan decided to tell him the truth and leave the palace next day because she could not bear the idea that she would be the second wife.
    Nourhan and her old maid noticed that the old midwife left the Palace but her stuff was still there so she was probably coming back.
    The old midwife was walking down in the city trying to find a solution for the Queen's huge problem.
    While walking , Dada found drunken Dahman who did not like having a new born baby.
    A diabolic idea came to the old midwife and she offered the selfish man to buy his son in return for a lot of money and not to try to know anything about him in the future.
    Dahman did not care much for his son and totally agreed for the sake of the money without a second thought.
    He did not even care for the pleas of his poor wife to leave baby boy alone.
    As you expect and think , Dada saved the fate of the Queen in the worst ways ever and Dahman's baby boy because King Rokn El-Zaman's crown prince.
    The King an Queen named their boy Safwan but that was not the end where everybody lives happily ever after.
    After more than a year of having Safwan , Queen Nourhan suddenly became pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy.
    This sounds like a dramatic Indian film I would say    

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    And it is the time of Arabian Radio nights tale.
    We will continue our Ramadan Radio Arabian Nights tale for this year, the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman tale. To refresh, your memory here is last night's episode.
    I am sorry that I am late tonight.
    First here is the third episode of our tale , which was exactly the 765th of our tale.

    Prince  Safwan and Prince Hassan grew up together as brothers as nobody except very few knew who was the King's true son.
    King Rokn El-Zaman was fond of his eldest son Prince Safwan. He wanted to take his 18 years-old crown prince to the Diwan to train him how to rule.
    Queen Nourhan felt that Rokn El-Zaman loved Safwan more than Hassan and the King told her that 17-years old Hassan seemed to be introvert.
    Arabian nights At the same time , the two brothers were already outside their palace since early morning as Hassan took Safwan to his favorite spot in the desert at some shepherd family.
    Hassan told his brother that he loved how the shepherd played the flute but Crown Safwan cared less and returned back to the Palace.

    The flute was not the only thing Prince Hassan loved there , he also loved the shepherd's niece Shoms. He even gave her his ring a present.
    Shoms's uncle , the old Shepherd did not like that and he warned his niece.
    Safwan also did not like how his brother acted and decided to tell his father, King Rokn El-Zaman.
    On the other hand , Dahman is still alive and he still gets money from Dada to keep his mouth shut on what he had done from 18 years ago.

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    On Sunday, Egypt's population hit 91 million officially according to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics. Since reading that news, I have been thinking and asking myself one single question :

    Can Egypt become a democracy of 91 million people ?
    okay a little modification here :  Can Egypt become a democracy with a population of 91 million in very tough economic conditions as well in a very turbulent region like the Middle East with growing radicalism and regional powers that actually fight any Arab democratic attempt !?
    Tough question ,is not it !?

    Tahrir square 2012 
    When you think about it , only a divine miracle can enable Egypt to have a smooth , complete and real democratic civilian transition considering all the problems we have from huge population with lots of social diseases, deep rotten corrupted regime made of lawyers or rather competitive powers and apparatuses, extremely bad economy and polarized political powers in troubled region where regional regimes do not want you to have any kind of democracy in the first place for fear that virus can transfer to their countries.

    It seems impossible at the first glance.
    Still a second glance , huge population and poverty as well trouble regions can not stop democratic transition or democracy.
    We got India, the biggest democracy in the world with all extremely huge population "over 1.2 billion people" with dozens of religions and ethnicity as well extreme poverty in addition to wars , extremism..etc.
    This is India.
    Maybe , you will think that the democracy in India has been already established but still we are speaking about a democracy that saw lots and lots of challenges since 1950 and the declaration of the Republic there.
    We got also Brazil which is currently the world fifth-largest country by area and population. Despite all the woes Brazil is having now with that on-going drama following the ouster of Dilma Rousseff , Brazil is an example of a transition from military rule since 1985 till now.
    Nevertheless , I am realistic as pessimistic enough to know that each country and region got its own circumstances as well other factors
    Sometimes I feel it is going to be a hard ride for Egypt to start a true democratic transition in the first place but then I remember India and Brazil.
    What do you think !? Do you think that Egypt has got a chance with 91 million people in the Middle East to become a democracy !?

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  • 06/09/16--16:16: DSC02378 [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:


    It is Ramadan time in Cairo , which means it is time of joyful colored lanterns.
    Sayida Zeinab square in Popular Islamic Cairo is one of the areas to find the old glassed tin Egyptian tradition lanterns

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  • 06/09/16--16:16: DSC02377 [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:


    It is Ramadan time in Cairo , which means it is time of joyful colored lanterns.
    Sayida Zeinab square in Popular Islamic Cairo is one of the areas to find the old glassed tin Egyptian tradition lanterns

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  • 06/09/16--16:16: DSC02386 [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:


    It is Ramadan time in Cairo , which means it is time of joyful colored lanterns.
    Sayida Zeinab square in Popular Islamic Cairo is one of the areas to find the old glassed tin Egyptian tradition lanterns

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  • 06/09/16--16:16: DSC02375 [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:


    It is Ramadan time in Cairo , which means it is time of joyful colored lanterns.
    Sayida Zeinab square in Popular Islamic Cairo is one of the areas to find the old glassed tin Egyptian tradition lanterns

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  • 06/09/16--16:16: DSC02374 [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:


    It is Ramadan time in Cairo , which means it is time of joyful colored lanterns.
    Sayida Zeinab square in Popular Islamic Cairo is one of the areas to find the old glassed tin Egyptian tradition lanterns

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    Here is our fourth episode of our Ramadan Radio Arabian nights tale for this year , the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman.
    First of all, refresh your memory with last night's episode.
    Second , did you notice how this year's episodes were written by Abbas El-Aswani in perfect Classical Arabic, unlike Taher Abu Fasha who used the Egyptian Arabic freely !?
    Anyhow enough of the chitchat and let's head to the 766th episode of our Ramadan Radio Arabian nights which was produced by the Egyptian State Radio.

    Crown Prince Safwan told his father King Rokn El-Zaman about how his brother Hassan used to visit  a family of shepherds every day and the king is angry on how his younger son acted softly.
    King Rokn El-Zaman confronted his wife who did not like how he treated Hassan and she was on the verge of telling him the truth that Safwan was not actually his son but she stopped at the last minute.
    Prince Hassan defended himself but his father , the King did not like it.

    Despite his anger , the king takes his crown prince Safwan to the Diwan and the 18-years old prince began to act like a judge to resolve fights among the people.
    Arabian Nights

    His first case was the case of Dahman , his real father who was accused of theft by some merchant in the Kingdom.
    And Safwan sentenced his real father Dahman to jail in some sad irony.
    At the same time , his real mother Kawkab walked the streets of the kingdom as a beggar who seeks help. She left her husband Dahman after selling her baby.

    The Shahbandar of merchants in the Kingdom "The chief of Merchants" spotted the poor Kawkab and decided to help her and took her to his house to work as a maid.

    We are introduced to the evil corrupted vizier and his assistant who began to force people in the city to give them money. They want to get rid of both princes but do not know how.  
    I do not know but I feel we are going to have a dramatic season of Ramadan Radio Arabian Nights just like Alaa El-Aswani's novels.

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    Sayida Zeinab Ramadan supplies Market
    ٍSeen in Cairo : Ramadan Lanterns market or to be specific Ramadan supplies market in Sayida Zeinab area.
    Wait for a big photo feature about this amazing place inshallah soon.
    via Instagram 

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Chinese Ramadan laners

    A group of Chinese made Ramadan lanterns at lanterns stall in Sayida Zeinab ,Islamic Cairo

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    Another night and another episode from our Ramadan Arabian nights tale this year ,the tale of Rokn El-Zaman and his family's tale written by author Abbas Al-Aswani.
    Do you know that Abbas Al-Aswani wrote several Radio drama series and shows !?
    Tonight is the fifth episode in our Ramadan Radio Arabian nights.
    To refresh your memory , here is the fourth episode of last night.
    Tonight's episode was the 767th in the famous Egyptian Radio show. I think this tale of Rokn El-Zaman was written in the late 1960s.
    I am trying to know why Taher Abu Fasha did not complete writing the show this time.
    Anyhow , here is the fifth night after the break with very interesting developments.

    Next day in the Kingdom Prince Hassan went as he used to do every morning where he headed to the desert to meet his favorite shepherds family or rather his beloved Shoms. Shockingly , he found out that they left the place without even a goodbye.
    It turned out that his mother Queen Nourhan reached to that family or rather Shoms and met her at the Palace. As a mother , she felt something was going on with that particular band of shepherds specifically with that young girl and the young prince.
    Queen Nourhan asked Shoms to stay away from the Prince if she truly loved him as his father , the king would not accept that relation and could harm Prince Hassan because of it.
    Rejecting to take any money from the Queen , Shoms promised to stay away from the prince.
    In another part of the Kingdom , Old Midwife Dada wondered why Dahman did not show up to get his money as usual.

    At the same time , the wife of the Shahbandar told him how poor Kawkab was betrayed by her husband Dahman and how he took her baby boy from 18 years old.
    Evil vizier Semsam and his assistant decided to spend the night and become guests at the Shahbander's house because they heard that he got a very talented young maid to sing.
    The Shahbander found two unexpected guests who had to bear to avoid their evil.
    The good man seized the opportunity and decided to tell Vizier Semsam about the case of Kawkab and how her baby was taken from her by her husband Dahman from 18 years ago. 
    The vizier remembered that he heard that name before in the Diwan earlier.
    Tomorrow inshallah , we will continue our interesting tale.

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    And Scheherazade is back to continue her Ramadan Radio Arabian Nights tale for this year , the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman.
    For those who joined the Ramadan Arabian Nights this year , legendary storyteller Scheherazade was voiced by late famous Egyptian actress Zozo Nabil.
    For over 800 radio episode Zozo Nabil was Scheherazade with sweet delicate voice despite she was known in Cinema and TV for her Villain roles.
    Anyhow enough of the Chitchats and before heading to the sixth episode of the Ramadan Radio Arabian nights , I recommend that you refresh your memory with last night's episode.
    Here is the sixth episode of King Rokn El-Zaman and his family's tale , which was the 768th episode in the famous radio show produced by the Egyptian State Radio in early1950s.

    Evil Vizier Samsem is so interested in the story of Dahman and so he goes to the Diwan and orders his men to bring him from his prison.
    Samsem questions Dahman but the wicked man is playing dumb.
    The evil Vizier then threatens Dahman that he will be tortured.
    So Dahman confesses and tells the Vizier about his deal with Dada , the most midwife in the Kingdom from 18 years ago.
    The vizier then orders his assistant to collect all the information he gets about Dada. 
    The Vizier's assistant claims to be a friend of Dahman who can not show up because of his alleged illness.
    The old sick midwife gives the vizier's assistant a small sack of money.
    When the Vizier sees the sack , it surprises him because it got the Royal Diwan stamp and now he wonders what kind of a relation is between the royal family and Dahman.
    On the other hand , Shoms the Shepherd girl misses his beloved Prince Hassan.
    In the palace , Queen Nourhan is sad for what happened to Prince Hassan and how he is sad for the departure of Shoms.
    She is also angry from Safwan and how he told his father, King Rokn El-Zaman about the Shepherds band.
    Prince Hassan decided to search for Shoms.
    Safwan decided then to go with his brother to search for Shoms.
    Tomorrow inshallah if the wicked vizier finds out the connection between the royal family and whether the two princes will find Shoms or not.

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    We will have a very interesting episode tonight.
    Tonight is our seventh episode from our tale this year , the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman and his family which was written by renowned author Abbas Al-Aswani.
    It is interesting how there are so many events in the episode in 13-15 minutes episode.
    Here is the 769th episode of the Thousands and one nights Radio show after the break.

    And as Shoms is complaining on how much she she missed her prince , she find him and her brother coming to her. Prince Hassan introduces Shoms to his brother Safwan who praises her beauty.
    On the other hand , their father King Rokn El-Zaman finds out about evil Vizier Samsem after a citizen presented a complaint to him about the vizier's injust treatment to the citizens.
    The King decides to go undercover to know more about his citizens' problems.

    Arabian Nights

    Samsem still does not understand the connection between the Royal family and Dahman and so he heads directly to the very old and sick Dada.
    After threatening the old midwife , evil Vizier knows the truth : Queen Nourhan actually bought Dahman and Kawkab's baby boy from 18 years ago.

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