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7000 years and counting ...

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    Another unprecedented leak of millions of confidential documents worldwide tonight proves how the Mubaraks were just pathetic corrupted people.

    It started when an anonymous source contacted German newspaper "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" last year saying that he got the biggest leaks of internal documents and information "2.6 terabytes of data" Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca.
    Sueddeutsche Zeitung already published several leaks already including the Swiss leaks
    The German daily took that huge leak and went to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism "ICIJ" to start a huge unprecedented project.

    This is the biggest leak reported in the international press as to analyze that data , about 400 journalists from 100 media organizations in about 80 countries have taken part in searching those documents including Egyptian journalist Hisham Allam.

    Those journalists found in a nutshell that Mossack Fonseca used to sell to its clients from international public figures in many fields including politics anonymous offshores companies around the word to cover up their money away from taxes as well to cover their shady deals and so on.

    Yes, we all know that the corrupted wealthy political leaders especially used to smuggle their fortune obtained by power illegally in their countries offshore through companies in Panama and the Cayman Islands but this time, we have got proof.

    Now, why did I mention the Mubaraks in the title and what is their connection in that scandal ?  Well, you have probably known or heard or guessed. The corrupted family of Egypt's ousted president is mentioned in the leaks
    To be precise and fair , the name of Alaa Mohamed Hosni Mubarak appeared in the documents of Mossack Fonseca.

    The eldest son of Egypt's long-time president turned to be another client of Mossack Fonseca.
    It turned out that Alaa Mubarak was the owner of PanWorld Investments INC. which was founded in 1993 in the British Virgin Islands.
    Alaa Mubarak's passport
    A copy of an old passport of Alaa Mubarak
    "Panama Papers Project"
    Alaa reportedly used the company as a cover for his business activities in the financial sector.
    Interestingly after the ouster of Mubarak in 2011 and his sons including Alaa were referred to court in the same year, Mossack Fonseca considered Alaa as "Low risk" client .

    This makes me ask "why" or "how" it is operating all that time especially in October 2011 , the British Virgin islands authorities issued an order to freeze the Mubaraks and his cronies' assets in accordance with the EU orders 

    As far as I understand the records of that company has been active till April 2015 !!

    Now , I did a quick online search and found out that its name actually emerged in 2011 when investigations in Egypt started about the Mubaraks boys' corruption cases and companies offshores.

    All eyes were focused on Gamal Mubarak and his offshore company Bullion. Interestingly PanWorld used to be from the major shareholders of that company.

    Alaa Mubarak has had this reputation of being the businessman in Egypt long before his brother's name began to appear especially politically.
    Despite what Mubarak's supporters say , the Mubaraks were officially convicted in a corruption case that is the Presidential mansions case.
    Alaa Mubarak during his detention
    Alaa Mubarak during his trials "Reuters"

    Alaa and Gamal Mubarak are still standing another trial on charges of manipulating stock exchange
    They were released from detention pending trial.

    Since their release, Gamal Mubarak is not shy to appear publicly unlike Alaa.

    By the way , there has been no direct comment so far issued by Mossack Fonseca on Twitter or Facebook.

    Now the question of the hour : Will Egypt's authorities investigate those documents about Alaa Mubarak as well other Egyptian businessmen and their Panama papers !?
    Updated: Yes , they are going to be summoned. 

    You can check the official website of the ICIJ's Panama Papers.
    It is down from time to time due to the pressure.

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    At the Egyptian Museum

    I saw this sarcophagus at the Egyptian Museum with its very interesting details especially that lady or rather Goddess engraved inside it while being covered with stars. I do not remember seeing a label beside it.

    April 04, 2016 at 12:34PM via Instagram 

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    And we started to get reactions following the Panama Papers.
    There is news that Egypt's Illicit Gains Authority is going to summon Alaa and Gamal Mubarak later this week to question them over the Panama leaked papers.
    Alaa Mubarak's name already appeared in the documents as the owner of offshore "PanWorld Investment INC" which used to be managed by Credit Swiss since 1993 till 2015.
    More people began to dig in the few files released online and a couple of friends found an interesting fact.
    The London address mentioned as Alaa Mubarak's address listed in Mossack Fonseca document "28 Wilton Place, London SW1X 8RL" is or was actually his brother, Gamal's address in the British capital.
    In July 2011, I wrote a blog post about that luxurious house. That house is worth £8,957,000 according to Zoopla estimations."Thanks to Mr.Tarek Salama"
    Egyptian investigative journalist Hisham Allam, who is part of that magnificent international team of journalists working on the huge Mossack Fonseca's leaks stated in a TV interview on Monday that Alaa Mubarak did not list that apartment as part of his properties officially when he was interrogated in 2011.
    Allam also aired on Al-Nahar Al-Youm his first documentary about the Panama Papers , which was about Alaa Mubarak and there was another surprise in it.

    Alaa and Gamal Mubarak
    The Mubarak brothers Pre-2011
    Alaa Mubarak admitted officially in Egypt in 2011 that he owned shares in "PanWorld Investment INC"
    So the Illicit Gains Authority as well the Egyptian authorities have known about that company since 2011.
    Since 2011 , Egyptian journalists spoke about the Mubaraks offshore companies and the Egyptian authorities seemed to be uninterested.
    Ahram Online's Economy section team made a special investigative report about "All Mubarak's men" then the Egyptian initiative for Personal rights "EIPR" worked on that file reaching to PanWorld Investment INC and connecting the dots between the Mubarak boys' Bullion to PanWorld Investment INC.  "You must check Mada Misr's Arabic report about how Cayman Island was the 6th investor country in Egypt because PanWorld Investment INC is mentioned there"
    In all those reports, Gamal Mubarak reportedly had shares in the Virgin Islands-based company.
    I searched online after the show for the Mubaraks' official properties list and I found out that Alaa Mubarak admitted again that he owned shares in "PanWorld Investment INC".

    Officially , the Egyptian authorities knew according to his confession that "PanWorld Investment INC" owned shares in Cyprus-based Horus Fund which he and his brother as well their business partners founded in 2005.

    By the way and before I forget the London house is not listed either among Gamal Mubarak's properties.

    Going back to the Post I wrote about the London House in 2011 , I found out officially that Townhouse was owned by Ocral Enterprise of Panama. Yes , Panama and it is another shady offshore company that can not be traced online easily.
    During then and up till now , You can not find anything about that company. I found that entry about it in database saying its status unknown and it had no address.
    The only interesting info I found in that entry was that it was founded in 1981.
    In a New York Times report in February 2011 , it was stated that the registered agent of Ocral Enterprise INC was a Local law firm in Panama.

    NYT added one of the lawyers in that unnamed law firm revealed that his firm received orders regarding Ocral from a company in Muscat, Oman.

    In a very interesting report published in UAE-based The National in 2013 , more information was revealed about Ocral and that company in Oman.
    Allegedly, Ocral got five Panamanians as directors but the company shareholders were identified in the legal Panamanian documents.

    The National added that the Egyptian authorities believed the Mubaraks were the owners of Ocral but from discussions with Panamanian authorities , it turned to be controlled by famous Omani businessman Omar Zawawi.
    Zawawi is special adviser for external liaison to Sultan Qaboos of Oman.

    The Omani billionaire has been reportedly a very close friend to Mubarak since 1980 when he met him in Cairo. Mubarak was then a vice-president.

    Zawawi, who is in his 80s now reportedly visited Mubarak in Cairo days before his ouster. The Egyptian Press used to speak about that man in 2011

    The National newspaper also reached to Gamal Mubarak's Switzerland-based lawyer Lionel Halperin and asked him about Gamal Mubarak's townhouse.

    The address highlighted in yellow 
    Halperin claimed that Bank of America used to pay its rent for its former employee !!
    Yes , Gamal Mubarak used to work for Bank of America in London but it does not make sense why he would list that house , that address as his residence in his daughter's birth certificate after resigning from Bank of America decade later !!

    It does not make sense why his brother would list it as his address in his file at Mossack Fonseca.

    He also claimed that the son of Egypt's president did not know the real owner of that Townhouse in London !!

    Yes , because the Egyptian intelligence and the Egyptian embassy do not give damn about the President's son and his safety.

    You know I wonder how in 2013 Gamal Mubarak paid for that fancy lawyer in Geneva when he was in detention.

    Unfortunately, that report of the National was forgotten in Egypt due to all the action we had that year of 2013.

    Thanks to Panama Papers , we are back into digging and connecting dots. It is all about connecting dots.
    We remember now many questions we were asking but we have forgotten due to political changes since 2013.

    Alaa Mubarak's name and offshore company are considered old news but the Panama papers reminded us with how the Mubaraks are corrupted and how the Egyptian people's money has not been restored yet.

    What is more interesting than Alaa Mubarak are the names of other Egyptians implicated and mentioned in the Panama papers.
    We still got about 19 Egyptian clients besides Alaa Mubarak mentioned din Mossack Fonseca's records.
    Journalist Hisham Allam hinted out that some of them are current and former Egyptian officials.
    Who are they !? I think those guys are more important now than Gamal and Alaa Mubarak.

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    Italy warned Egypt officially that it would not accept anything except the truth when it comes to Giulio Regeni's murder on Tuesday in the first Italian angry official reaction from its kind.

    Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni told the Italian Senate that Italy was prepared to take
    Late Giulio Regeni
    "immediate and proportional measures" against Egypt if the Egyptian government does not reveal the whole truth , nothing but the truth about the brutal torture and death of the 28-years-old Italian political research earlier this year.

    That warning came hours before a delegation from Egyptian officials head to Rome to share with their Italian counterparts the investigations in Regeni's file or rather a very big dossier about the murder case.

    That delegation should have arrived Rome on Tuesday but it postponed the visit later this week because there is allegedly conflict between the General Prosecution and the Egyptian police on who should lead the delegation and what to present to the Italians according to what an anonymous source told AP on Tuesday.

    The Egyptian delegation will include two members of Egypt's general prosecution and three police officials.

    Gentilone stated that meeting between Egyptian and Italian officials would be "decisive".
    It is worth to mention that Paola Regeni, the mother of the late PhD student warned the Egyptian government as well threatening it to release a photo of her son in the morgue if it "the Egyptian government" fails to reveal the truth.

    Interestingly , the Italian foreign minister said at the Italian Senate that the Egyptian authorities had not provided full information to date to the Italian investigators including documentation concerning Regeni's cell phone use and the CCTV from where he was believed to be kidnapped.

    Giulio Regeni was last seen in Dokki on 25 January 2016 when he was on his way to take the Metro to Tahrir square where he was going to meet a friend.

    The Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs refrained to comment on the Italian foreign minister because of the long relations between the two countries.

    In response to Diplomatic Editors' questions about Egypt’s comments regarding the statements made by Italy’s Foreign...
    Posted by Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

    It is actually complicated

    Now , there are lots of theories in Egypt about who really killed Regeni. Those theories show how much it is complicated.
    It is not a secret that the unofficial primary suspect in the case is the Egyptian security authorities aka Ministry of interior aka police.

    Due to its long record of torture and forcible disappearance as well other facts including how Regeni was working on the file of unions in Egypt , the Egyptian police comes on the top of the usual suspects

    The unbelievable stories of that lying eyewitness and the gang whose alleged members were all killed made it worse of the ministry of interior despite its constant claims that it did not arrest Giulio Regeni.

    Sadly enough, only Italian media is speaking about those five Egyptians killed in the gang.
    Interestingly in March , we found Pro-regime TV host Rasha Magdy asking about why there was slow steps in the case and her guest , journalist Mohamed Al-Hawary answering frankly that the Egyptian ministry of interior could not find a scapegoat !!
    What is worst that both of them laughed !!

    We can not find a scapegoat in Regeni's case

    The fact that the police investigations in Giulio's case is headed by Khaled Shalaby , the current head of Giza's police investigation made things worse.

    Police general Khaled Shalaby was officially convicted in a torture till death case in 2003 where he and other police officers in the case got one year in jail suspended sentence !!!!!

    He also got one hell of record according to Egyptian human rights activists, especially in Alexandria.
    Egyptians and Italians have not forgotten that Shalaby's first statement about Giulio's cause of death was a hit and run accident.

    Some Italian newspapers began to accuse Shalaby of killing Giulio Regeni.
    Shalaby's name is among the most googled people in Egypt right.
    The word in the block now that Khaled Shalaby would be the scapegoat.

    There are other theories in Cairo that other security apparatuses are implicated in the death of the Italian student and the government does not know what to say because those apparatuses fight each other !!

    In an encrypted message , Pro-regime TV host Lamis El-Hadidy said earlier while speaking about Giulio Regeni's case this week that "the fight between the apparatuses" should be on the "Egyptian state dead body". She did not name those apparatuses.

    Lamis El-Hadidy to "apparatuses" : stop fighting

    Update :

    In the biggest comeback of all times, Conspiracy theorist and former Police officer Omar Afify  made headlines in Egypt as he gets involved in Giulio Regeni's murder.
    Italian newspaper La Repubblica published a very interesting report saying that it received an anonymous email in Arabic about new information.
    Allegedly the email claims that the military intelligence and the presidency as well National security are involved in the murder of Regeni. The anonymous email claims that Abdel Fattah El-Sisi knew about the arrest and murder of Regeni.
    The Italian newspaper says that it published the email because included very interesting and details about the brutal torture of late Regeni.
    I checked those details and it turned out that all of them except one detail were mentioned in previous news reports
    There is one single detail mentioned in La Repubblica's report and Afify's post I could not find in any news report about Regeni's autopsy. The part concerning the beatings on his feet. 
    Interestingly , that email which is sent to the newspaper allegedly by a security source in Egypt is identical to what former police officer and conspiracy theorist Omar Afify published on his Facebook account on February 6.

    كيف ومتي وأين قتلت المخابرات الحربية والأمن الوطني الطالب الأيطالي ريجيني بعد موته من التعذيب ـ والفيصل لتقرير الطبيب ال...

    Posted by ‎العقيد/ عمر عفيفي‎ on Friday, February 5, 2016
    Currently, US-based Afify is now claiming that he is right and so on
    Personally, I have always believed that there is some kind of security apparatus that leaks some times false news and other times information to him from time to time for some unknown reason. 
    Pro-regime media is currently attacking him.
    Earlier this week , a Facebook post by Egyptian Washington-based journalist Hanan El-Badry about the murder case and the Egyptian delegation went viral madly.

    عاجل ............،،،حان وقت الحقيقة.. أثناء حضور فعاليات مناسبات موازية لقمة عقدت في واشنطن مؤخرا صادف وان كان هذا المو...
    Posted by Hanan Elbadry on Sunday, April 3, 2016
    The former Egyptian State TV correspondent in U.S claimed that she heard from foreign diplomats that the Italians got recorded audio and video evidence including phone calls between policemen in a specific area related to Regeni's case. El-Badry claimed that that evidence led the Italians to possible suspects.
    Of course , the Pro-Sisi supporters including public figures have got their own pathetic theories.
    Veteran Pro-regime leftist Rafaat El-Saeed of Tagammou party claimed that late Regeni was a spy and he was killed by the Muslim Brotherhood members !!

    Another wild theory that found its way among the Pro-Sisi supporters on twitter on Tuesday was that Italy was trying to have concession from Egypt especially in Libya and that is why they are using Regeni's murder as a pressure tool !!

    Updated :

    he Pro-Sisi supporters launched hashtag "#We_trust_Egyptian_foreign_ministry" to show solidarity with the Egyptian MOFA against Italy !! Yes , after being Egypt's BFF , Italy is now blacklisted Western country conspircing against Egypt !!!!!

    The Pro-Sisi supporters are repeating rumors that Giulio Regeni was a spy and that he was killed by the British intelligence quoting an old article by Italian La Stampa , which by its turn quoted an Italian parliamentarian.

    Regeni's family and Italian government denied those claims later.

    Those supporters do not know that La Stampa published from 5 days a report claiming that the Egyptian minister of foreign affairs Sameh Shoukry allegedly told his U.S counterpart John Kerry that Regeni "meddled in a criminal gang" and took part in some sort of sadomasochistic sex sessions before he was killed !!!!!!

    The Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs denied that claim earlier Wednesday.

    The Pro-Sisi supporters do not understand or realize in other countries, citizens and their lives matter.

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    #Egypt annual #spring #flowers show in #Giza #ThisisEgypt #Citizenjournalism #blogger #mideast #africa

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    Another teaser photo for an upcoming long and colorful pictorial blog post another Egypt's annual Spring Flower shows 2016 at Orman Botanical garden in Giza inshallah.

    April 07, 2016 at 02:12AM via Instagram

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    As the Italian Government and mainstream media speak about Giulio Regeni's murder crime , there is always a question rings a bill in Cairo among those who still care about human rights "What about those five suspects killed and presented in the media as the gang involved in Regeni's murder !?" especially that nobody bought that "gang story"
    Regeni's family mentioned them thankfully but nobody cared for those men in the mainstream media in Egypt.
    The Egyptian Ministry of interior "MOI" officially claims that those five or rather four suspects are criminal and convicted robbers who kidnapped foreigners in Egypt.
    It also claims that they were killed in an exchange of fire.
    This was the version of the ministry of interior and of course , there is another version of the story.
    It started with one of the suspects' uncle saying on TV that his nephew , who was killed in that exchange of fire was actually arrested from his apartment and that he had no criminal record unlike what the MOI claimed.
    That was the first blow to the MOI's story.
    Now journalist Basma Mostafa from DotMsr made an investigative video report about the families of those five suspects revealing new information.
    The families of the five suspects speak to DotMsr

    According to the report, the criminal records of two suspects only do not include murder or robbery but included fraud and drug use crimes.
    The stuff allegedly found with the suspects in Giulio Regeni's murder case
    Aside from IDs , that stuff was owned by
    the suspects and their families. "MOI"
    According to the report , 4 suspects were not in Cairo when Regeni was kidnapped and murdered.
    According to this report , that stuff that appeared with Regeni's IDs were actually owned by one of the suspects and their families taken from their homes.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg.
    According to that investigative report , we could have 6 people killed for no reason including late Giulio Regini himself.
    This fine investigative reported is made by journalist Basma Mostafa
    Interestingly , that video news report is produced by DotMsr , the formerly-Emirate owned News website which is currently owned by upcoming Media Mogul/former or current intelligence officer Yasser Selim .
    This is a side note you may find interesting or not.
    In another country , the Prosecutor General should open another investigation based on that dangerous claims.

    The case of the Missing Egyptian

    Recently, the Pro-regime Media is now bringing up the case of Egyptian citizen Adel Moawad Heikal as official Egypt's answer to Italy's demand to know the truth about Giulio Regeni.
    Adel Moawad is 49-years old Egyptian man who works and owns a carwash service in Italy. He disappeared in October 2015 and he has not found since then.
    Needless to say , the case of Moawad is different than Giulio Regeni's case but Egyptian officials beg to differ.
    Adel Moawad
    Adel Moawad "Facebook" 
    According to the fantastic investigation of Moatz Sabry about the case , we found out that the first mention of Moawad after five months of his disappearance in the Egyptian media was in Shorouk Newspaper where a security source spoke about him in a news report about Regeni.
    In his interview with La Rupubblica in March , President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi mentioned him demanding the Italian government to reveal the fate of the Egyptian citizen who disappeared in October.
    Interestingly , the Egyptian officials refer to Moawad as a "young man" when he is 49 years old !!
    After Sisi's interview , the Pro-Regime media TV hosts adopted the case of the Carwash service owner and even began to call him "Egypt's Regeni"
    It seems to me that the Egyptian officials think that they got a pressure card against the Italian authorities.
    Aside from the fact that the case of Moawad is different than Regeni's, I think it is so bold from the government to stand and demand to know the fate of that man when it abandoned him for whole 5 months !!
    As much as I am glad that the President remembered  the case of Adel Moawad who disappeared in October , I hope that the Egyptian administration cares for at least other 4 cases of Egyptians who disappeared without a trace in Italy.
    According to Moatz Sabry's report, there are other 4 cases of Egypt who disappeared in Italy as reported by Italian TV show "Chi L' ha Visto ?" beside Mr. Adel Moawad.
    Those cases are : 29-Years-old Medhat Farg "Disappeared since 2008" , 49-years-old Mana'a Abdel Rahman "Disappeared since 2009" , 19-years-old Randa Guindy "Disappeared since 2011" , 26-years-old Abdel Ghanay Moussa "Disappeared since 2013" and 15-years-old Ahmed Abdel Fattah "Disappeared since 2014"
    I think we need to speak about those Egyptians as well if we really care about Egyptians everywhere.
    I hope that the Egyptian media also shades the light on the misery of the missing people in Egypt like Mostafa Massouny and Ashraf Shehata as well more than 390 cases of Egyptians who disappeared forcibly according to human rights organizations in Egypt in the past few months.
    "Thanks to Italy's Corriere Della Sera team for their great work on that file, I just wish that we would have seen it in an Egyptian publication first"

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    For two days in a row now , "#Disney_in_Egyptian" and "#Disney_must_return_Egyptian" hashtags in Arabic are top trending not only in Egypt but also in Arab world and sometimes worldwide on
    Disney should return Egyptian
    Disney should return Egyptian "Facebook" 
    twitter and Facebook.

    Egyptians and Arabs on social media especially on twitter and Facebook have launched an online campaign demanding Disney to return dubbing its films in Egyptian Arabic accent instead Classical Arabic.

    On Twitter , Egyptian and Arab tweeps are posting quotes from Disney films in Egyptian Arabic for two days now.

    For three decades, Disney used to dub its films for the Arab region in Egyptian Arabic accent and it was extremely successful especially Monsters, inc , Toy Story and Finding Nemo.
    Some even say that Monsters,inc and Finding Nemo in Egyptian Arabic are much better and funnier than in English."I have to see them in Egyptian Arabic to be honest"

    Now according to Egyptians leading that campaign , Disney decided to stop dubbing the films in Egyptian Arabic and dubbed in its films in Classical Arabic when Disney opened its branch in Dubai and the Arabs especially from conservatives in the Gulf demanded that the films to be fully in Classical Arabic because you know Egyptian Arabic is not perfect for the good upbringing and education as it seems !!
    They even hint out since then words like "Love" are translated into "admiration".

    I do not know if this is true or not but I know that the Disney film dubbed in Egyptian Arabic was "UP" in 2009.

    Earlier this year, Disney returned to dub its films in Egyptian studios but still Classical Arabic.
    To understand more about this issue which may amaze non-Arabic speaker , I recommend you to read that op-ed in New Yorker about Frozen when it was dubbed in Classical Arabic.

    Big names from Egyptian actors used to dub the Disney Films. Yahia El-Fakhranay dubbed Toy Story as Woody.
    Lion King , Monster, inc and Finding Nemo were dubbed by famous Egyptian comedian Mohamed Henedy.
    The Egyptian film star is officially lobbying on his official twitter account calling Disney to return back to the Egyptian Arabic accent.
    Internationally renowned satirist Bassem Youssef is supporting the campaign as well.
    Interestingly , people from the Gulf are tweeting saying that they miss the Egyptian Arabic in Disney films.

    Personally, the only Egyptian dubbed Disney I have watched from a long time was Snow White and the rest I used to watch them in English.

    It was not a big issue to me and I felt it has to do with the fact that many Egyptians are trying to defend Egypt's diminishing cultural power in the Arab world.

    But then , I watched that part from A Bug's Life film "I did not consider it funny" dubbed in both Egyptian Arabic and Classical Arabic and I found that Classical Arabic made it even worse.

    فرق في السرعات
    #ديزني_لازم_ترجع_مصريVideo made by Shnoda Jakson
    Posted by Asa7be Sarcasm Society on Friday, April 8, 2016
    That sarcastic video is published on Asa7be Sarcasm Society Facebook page, the biggest Sarcastic FB page in the Arab world with more 12 millions fans. That video alone got more than 350,000 likes in no time.

    Egyptian Arabic is already understandable in all Arab countries as for decades our Egyptian music, films and TV series dominated the Arabic media.

    The Egyptian accent is fun , it is dynamic like the American accent.

    By the way , here is I think the oldest Disney film dubbed in Arabic : Snow White.
    It was dubbed in to Egyptian Arabic in mid 1970s if I am not mistaken based on the Egyptian actors that narrated the film.
    Legendary actor Abdel Wareth Assar was the main narrator of the film.  Interestingly , I found out that famous Egyptian poet Fouad Haddad wrote some of the famous film's songs in Arabic.
    Here is the oldest version I can find on YouTube dubbed in Egyptian Arabic.
    Snow white in Egyptian Arabic - Part 1

    Snow White in Egyptian Arabic-Part 2
    Now , I hope that campaign reaches to Disney in the United States for real.

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    On Saturday , we suddenly found out that the current Egyptian administration gave up Egypt's Tiran and Sanafir Islands in the Red Sea to Saudi Arabia.
    Suddenly without any introductions 'except couple of articles in Saudi press' , the Egyptian
    The Egyptian Flag on Sanafir 'Instagram"
    government announced during the real historical unforgettable visit of King Salman that the maritime borders between Egypt and the Saudi Kingdom were redrawn and suddenly Tiran and Sanafir were Saudi Islands in the Red Sea!!
    Tiran and Sanafir were disputed islands where Saudi Arabia has been claiming that they are Saudi while Egypt has been maintaining  that they are Egyptian for decades including years under Israeli occupation.
    Ironically , I was going to write a post about that bridge that returned back once again like a bad menace but then I found that not only we are having that bridge but Tiran and Sanafir are taken from us at the same moment.
    Many Egyptians are really and sincerely angry for what happened.
    You can not keep the people in dark for months  then you come tell them that part of their country belongs to another foreign neighbor state.
    Our problem is not with the Saudi government or the Saudi people. On the contrary , I cannot blame them for seizing the opportunity of Egypt's weakness.
    In the past 48 hours , #Tiran_and_Sanafir#Tiran_Sanafir_are_Egyptian and #Awad_Sold_his_land Arabic hashtags have been trending in Egypt and Saudi Arabia where Egyptian tweeps are slamming El-Sisi for his decision
    Awad is a sad hero of some folk moral story , a peasant who sold his land for quick revenue only to be doomed.
    For the first time since months , I found calls for a protest in Tahrir square next Friday against the Egyptian government's decision.
    There is also an online petition calling for the cancellation of that agreement and it is attracting signatures.
    Yes, this could be insignificant in the eyes of the Egyptian and Saudi officials but one thing I learned for real in the past six years in Egypt : Do not underestimate public anger taking shape online.
    Again I will not go not a historical or legal debate now as I am a compelling a long post with maps and history.
    I am reading testimonies of experts, lawyers, national security experts and diplomats.
    Personally and with all the bias in the world , I say that both Islands are Egyptian according to what I have found so far in history.
    You may think it is  cliché but Egypt and Egyptians paid a heavy price for those islands especially Tiran , they paid it in blood.
    Since 1956 and Egyptians have been paying the price of controlling Tiran strain heavily , we paid that price in blood.We did not guard it for the Saudis , we protected it for Egypt. For decades , those two islands enjoyed Egyptian sovereignty since 1906 according to my research.
    With my all respect , if the Saudis could not guard those two deserted islands in the 1950s because they did not want to have anything with Israelis leaving that mission to us , the Egyptians then we deserve to have those two beautiful islands forever.
    Again, God knows how much the Egyptians paid and are still paying for Sinai including Tiran and Sanafir.
    You may find what I am saying here is emotional , yes I am extremely emotional and angry in an indescribable way
    You must know as Egyptians , we are attached to our land.
    After all , Egypt is originally an agricultural society that evolved around the valley of the Nile. Farmers are extremely attached to their land and I feel that I am losing it and speaking nonsense.
    I swear , I just cannot describe how my blood boils.
    Now after two centuries for real , Egypt lost its control over Tiran strain.
    Now after two centuries of political dominance , the Egyptian state gives its power to Saudi Arabia.
    Now it is Saudi Arabia without Egypt and Syria.
    This is not the first time Abdel Fattah El-Sisi or his government takes an important a decision with no regards to the Constitution or the parliament or the people or the future.
    He did it before the Ethiopia's GERD talks and its so-called Declaration of principles.
    According to the Constitution , the parliament and the people should be asked first in such decisions. There should be a society dialogue first. We are not sheep.
    For God's sake , it turned out Israel knew about that deal before the Egyptian people !!!
    I have never ever imagined I would feel close to how our parents and grandparents felt on 5 June 1967.
    I feel that defeat bitterness. Since 25 January revolution erupted and I had those defeat moments and I think that this is one of those moments
    God knows I do not want to write anything and I finished writing this post in days.
    We will never forgive or forget.

    0 0

    I have not forgotten what happened in the Giulio Regeni's case with all the controversy and shocks we are having following the decision of the Egyptian administration to hand over the Tiran and
    Regeni in Cambridge in 2008
    Sanafir isles to Saudi Arabia.
    Needless to say , the isles controversy overshadowed Regeni's case but there are important ongoing developments in the case.

    Anyhow, it is back to the scene with President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi's speech or the so-called "Egyptian family meeting" as the President blamed the media and the social media for making Italians believe that the 28-years-old political researcher was tortured and killed by security forces affecting our perfect relations with Italy.

    He even wondered if he had to his "battalions" online to make it close circuit !!!

    I hate to break the news to the President but it is not the media or that bunch of bad people sitting in the social media but it is the Italian government.

    It seems to me that the Egyptian president forgot that the Egyptian prosecution and police sent a team in Italy that had only two meetings before the Italian PM , his best friend Matteo Renzi would recall the Italian ambassador to Cairo for consultations.
    The Italians do not want anything except the truth.
    I do not think that the Italian government takes decisions based on Egyptian people's tweets and Facebook posts.
    Of course, the Egyptian authorities claim that actually Italy took that decision after they refused to release allegedly "large volume of calls logs" of Regeni and his associates in Egypt as well the logs in the area he was last seen there.
    The Egyptian officials say that that was against the Egyptian constitution.
    I am happy that the Egyptian officials suddenly remember that the Egyptian Constitution speaks about the right of privacy for citizens.
    I just wish that they have remembered that when MP Abdel Rahim Ali used to air alleged phone calls from public figures and activists on air !!
    BY the way , it seems that the Italian government was concerned that the Egyptian government was spying on its team of investigators who came to Cairo !!! I do not think that the Italian government had that concern from the Egyptian media !!
    The Italian officials were using "Signal" app for to communicate back home according to Italian press !!
    Instead of blaming us ,  Sisi should ask why the Egyptian official delegation went to Rome with  a 30-pages in Arabic of investigations about that alleged criminal gang according to the Italian press.
    The Italian government already did not buy that gang theory since day one. 
    Also, it is not the Italian government only who is demanding to know the truth about Regeni, as the UK foreign and commonwealth office called for a full and transparent investigation into the murder.
    The statement comes after a petition with more than 10,000 signatures demanded the UK government to ensure the full investigation into the case of Regeni , who was Ph.D. student at Cambridge University.
    If Sisi is angry from the media in Egypt then he must be angry at his Pro-Sisi media which is back to claim that Regeni was a spy !!
    Before I forget , it turns out that there is "Social media bill" currently drafted to organize the use of social media network in Egypt.
    I swear this is too much.
    By the way , Some relatives of the 5 suspects who were killed and accused by the police to be involved in Regeni's torture and murder are reportedly have been arrested after speaking to the media.
    According to human rights lawyer Halem Hanish , the 5 men's relatives were detained at the High State security and were allegedly pressured to confess that that their relatives killed Regeni.

    0 0

    Many Egyptians have declared online that they are going to protest on Friday the Egyptian government's decision to hand over Tiran and Sanafir isles to Saudi Arabia after redrawing our maritime borders.

    That decision was not announced now or today but rather earlier this week as soon as the Egyptian government declared the shocking news to the public.

    It started with Facebook events calling Egyptians to protest once again in Tahrir square against the decision of the Egyptian administration. I do not know who is behind those events but the most popular Facebook page is "Land is the honor Friday".

    That page attracted alone more than 36,000 people who said that they were going and 73,000 others said that they were interested. The initial plan is the original plan like the old days , heading to Tahrir square in Cairo from 30 mosques and churches after Friday

    April 6 Youth Movement with its branches declared its full support the protests and organized its own event "Over our dead body". Late Thursday , the political youth movement whose coordinators are currently in jail issued a short statement saying the meeting point will be at 4 PM at the journalists syndicate in Cairo. 

    The political movement organized earlier Thursday afternoon a flash mob protest on October 6 bridge in the heart of Cairo.
    April 6 youth protest handing over Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia
    April 6 youth protesting the decision on 6 October bridge
    "Sayed AlMasre"

    This was not the first protest for Tiran and Sanafir on Thursday as a group of young lawyers organized a small protest at the Lawyers syndicate in Downtown Cairo against the government decision.

    Despite, that they did not declare that they were going to participate in the protests directly, 4 Egyptian political parties and movements declared that they supported the right of the Egyptian people to express themselves freely.

    Those parties and movements are : Strong Egypt Party , Misr El-Horreya Party, April 6 Youth movement "Two branches", Revolutionary socialists, Youth for Justice and Freedom.

    The Constitution Party also issued a strong statement declaring that it was giving political cover to its members who are going to protest tomorrow telling the Muslim Brotherhood to step aside and the ministry of interior not to escalate.

    The Constitution party had already demanded President El-Sisi to cancel the agreement and dismiss the cabinet for signing that agreement. The social democratic party demanded El-Sisi to apologize as well.

    I have read also Egyptian intellectuals and writers were going to organize a protest at Talaat Harb square ,which is a block from Tahrir square Friday afternoon.

    You can see that the usual Pro-25 January revolution parties are leading the movement aka the usual suspects.

    Yes , the Muslim Brotherhood appeared in the scene or least one of its fighting branches appeared and declared that it was going to participate on Thursday. 

    More Egyptians used to announce that they are going to participate in the protests till the Muslim Brotherhood decided to join the protest Thursday.

    Morally and theoretically, the Muslim Brotherhood members have the right like any other Egyptian to protest peacefully the decision to hand over the isles.

    But realistically speaking , there are fears from Non-Islamist political powers and parties that the MB is going to hijack the event and turned into another "We want Morsi back" that's why some people are having a second thought.

    Other People declared that they would go to Tahrir square regardless what and that they would kick the MB protesters' asses if they raise any other slogans than the agreed slogan about "

    Yes, there is still mistrust and many revolutionary groups and parties blame the MB for what happened in the first three years of the revolution and the MB is still blaming them for what happened on 3 July and what followed it.

    Interestingly , leading MB member Amr Darrag declared that he and a number of pro-Moris public figures currently abroad were going to protest but without holding any partisan slogan , only the Egyptian flags.

    FYI , the MB is currently in Egypt and outside split into teams fighting each others. The first team is the old generation in the Brotherhood which is said to be currently in indirect talks with the Egyptian regime through Saudi Arabia and the second team is the youth generation. The MB statement is issued on the Youth statement.

    And the Egyptian regime and its ministry of interior should be very thankful to the Brotherhood because now they are using the same old game that "The Muslim Brotherhood" is going to protest..etc.

    The Muslim Brotherhood has been officially designated a terrorist organization in Egypt by the government since November 2013

     Needless to say , the Egyptian authorities took its first precaution and closed Sadat Metro station in Tahrir square. It always starts with this

    I do not know how it will be on Friday and whether those calls will attract people or not but I know that I have not seen that angry spirit like in the past three years.

    It is worth to mention that it is getting like a snowball when it comes to protesting the Regime's decision about Tiran and Sanafir as it started with 5 people protesting then we find students protesting in university here and a group standing at the famous journalists staircase there.

    Honestly , I do not know how it will be.
    But I think the social media sent a strong message to the regime. 

    0 0

    Some people and political parties and movements vowed to protest in Tahrir square the decision of the Egyptian government to handover Red Sea islands Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia , will they make it for real in very tight security measures !? We will see here

    0 0

    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    #Egypt's annual #spring #flowers show #Citizenjournalism #blogger #ThisisEgypt #ThisisGiza #mideast #africa

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    From Egypt's Spring Flowers show 2016
    Coming soon to Egyptian Chronicles : Spring Flowers show 2016
    April 16, 2016 at 03:01AM via Instagram

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    And it was expected since day one !!
    On Sunday, the Sudanese Ministry of foreign affairs Calling Cairo for direct negotiations or resorting
    to international arbitration over disputed Hala'ib and Shalateen triangle.
    The Sudanese foreign ministry did not forget to mention Tiran and Sanafir islands. In fact, the statement's title is "A statement about the return of Sanafir and Tiran islands agreement between Egypt and Saudi Arabia !!"
    Hala'ib triangle is in the south of Egypt on the borders of Sudan.
    A copy from the Sudanese MOFA statement
    Sudanese journalist Wasil Ali
    I expected this to happen since the announcement of the Egyptian government to handover Tiran and Sanafir.
    The Sudanese ambassador in Cairo did not deny his country intention to raise the matter within hours of announcing the agreement with Saudi Arabia.
    The Sudanese officials were already vocals since the 1990s about it, unlike the Saudi officials that suddenly remembered Tiran and Sanafir.
    Now for those who do not know what is going on, I recommend that you read that post I wrote in 2010 about how Hala'ib triangle was actually Egyptian.
    By the way , Sudanese president Omar El-Bashir returned Khartoum after attending African security forum in Ethiopia.
    During the old good days !! "Reuters"
    Now , I wonder what the Sisi administration will do !??
    Update :
    Egypt's ministry of foreign affairs issued a very short statement Sunday evening.

    The statement says  that Hala'ib triangle was an Egyptian territory under Egyptian sovereignty and Egypt has no further comment.

    Yes, sovereignty !! Ironically Tiran and Sanafir enjoyed the Egyptian sovereignty since 1906 and yet that the ministry of foreign affairs in Egypt does not recognize this.
    People leaving comments on that post "when I read it , maybe they deleted them later" telling that Sudan won't pay unlike Saudi Arabia and that's why they won't give Hala'ib triangle.
    I have to say the Sudanese Bashir administration does not really care about Hala'ib triangle as much as it cares about the mining rights there.
    By the way, I should not forget how ousted President Mohamed Morsi was accused of attempting to sell Hala'ib triangle in the last few months after his short-lived rule.
    I swear that my blood still boils of the matter , everyday I found more evidence from legal and official Egyptian documents that Tiran and Sanafir and yet the Egyptian regime insists on lying and disrespecting the Egyptian constitution as well the Egyptian blood.
    Yes, I am still emotional.
    Egypt is indeed losing power day after day.
    Egypt is no longer the leader of the Arab world.

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    Egyptian and French flags
    French and Egyptian flags seen on October bridge Monday after in Downtown Cairo as French President Hollande is currently visiting Egypt.
    Posted via Instagram. 

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    In early April, we found the MPs of the Egyptian House of Representatives adopting a draft law to regulate Social media networks in Egypt.
    Yes, the Egyptian parliament is discussing a draft law to regulate as well to monitor social media in Egypt.
    It started with the request of so-called liberal Wafd Party MP Gamal Abdel Nasser who presented an urgent statement in the House of Parliament against what he called "Facebook chaos that crossed all lines".
    La Vache Qui rit
    Nassbook "People's book" From Tahrir square
    On February 1, 2011  
    He also called the ministers of interior and telecommunication to work on regulating the social media networks so "they can arrest anyone writes something against the National security"
    Is not it ironic that Wafd MP shares the same name of the late Egyptian president who nationalized Egyptian press in 1960 !!!??
    Amazingly, the Parliament's speaker after few hours of that statement declared that a new draft law to regulate the social media networks was going to be drafted soon!!!!!!!!
    It was just astonishing to see how Speaker Ali Abd Aal did not have a second thought or even discuss the matter.
    Most Pro-Sisi MPs "The majority" welcomed such law.
    Of course, nobody paid attention to what was happening in the House of Representatives as the sessions are not broadcasted live as before.
    Also, nobody paid attention to what was happening as all people paying attentions to Giulio Regeni's investigation , Tiran and Sanafir and Hollande's visit.
    But we have to pay attention because President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi spoke twice about the social media in his last two speech.
    Sisi blamed the social media for the Giulio Regeni investigation fiasco as the Italian investigators take their information from Egyptian FB pages !!
    In the same speech, the Egyptian President said that he could control it online using "two battalions".
    Yes, he used the "battalions" as a true military man.
    He seemed to me that he did not know that there are "e-battalions" supporting him online whether on Twitter and Facebook in the same way Mubarak and the Muslim Brotherhood had their "e-Committees". I just wish to have the time to do an investigative post about Sisi's e-battalions which continue the legacy of the NDP and the MB.
    A quick hint : They also spam the social media networks whether Twitter or Facebook with copy/paste comments and they still use photos of cute girls , mostly Turkish models and actresses.
    Sisi online Battalions
    An example for those battalions in action
    If you do not understand Arabic,
    you will notice that they are all
    copy/paste comments 
    It is not a big secret that Sisi's administration and before that SCAF had an eye on social media. After all, the "Fourth Generation warfare" became common thanks to SCAF and Egyptian Spox Ahmed Ali , who is currently in Presidency.
    It became a synonym to the social media from SCAF's point of view.
    BY the way, the Egyptian regime is already monitoring the social media for years now.
    Refresh your memory and read those reports from BuzzFeed and MadaMisr 
    I think the Egyptian regime wants to legalize it.

    I know that the Egyptian social media universe has been a pain in the regime's ass technically since 2005.
    The Egyptian regime knew how it could really play a dangerous role in delivering the message that mobilized millions into a revolution in January 2011. After all , the 25 January revolution started with a Facebook event.
    It is not a Facebook revolution but let's say that the social media was like the flyers of 1919 revolution.
    For five years now , the Egyptian authorities are trying to control the social media following the advice that "If you can not conquer them then join them".
    Using the same techniques of  Pro-25 January revolution , we find Fake Facebook groups and pages as well Twitter accounts spreading lies effectively as well hate and fascism.
    Yes, the last 5 years we saw how the social media can turn into a double-edged weapon and the same weapon used by the Revolutionaries has been used against them but it was not enough.
    For some time, I believed that we are losing the social media battle but lately I was wrong because in the end truth finds its way through the social media and there are many examples we have in front of us now.
    Just earlier Tuesday, social media managed to share all the photos and videos of that police shooting in New Cairo before the mainstream media would start moving.
    On Friday , when no mainstream media transferred on air the ongoing protests against the Tiran and Sanafir government's decision , social media users stepped in and showed the world that there was happening in Egypt.
    Yes, I know that there are many battles Egyptians especially political activists are facing whether Tiran and Sanafir or NGOs trial or media freedom but this is also part of our struggle for Freedom of expression.

    A Side Note :

    As I speak about the regime's attempt to control the social media in Egypt , I encourage you if you do mind to go and vote for Renowned Egyptian cyber activist Ramy Raoof in DW's The Best of Blogs "BOBS". He is running in the online activism category and needs your support.
    Raoof really deserves it. It is enough how he fights for online freedom and privacy in Egypt.

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    It is still called #Rabaa Mosque despite #Cairo governorate's order to change its name. #blogger #Citizenjournalism #news #Egypt

    0 0

    Rabaa Mosque

    It is still called Rabaa Mosque despite Cairo Governorate decided earlier this month to change its name to Hisham Barakat , the late prosecutor general in another attempt to overshadow or rather cover the horrible massacre took place there from three years.

    Updated on Thursday : Cairo governorate denied that it was going to change the name of the Mosque to Hisham Barakat Mosque. 

    Since the forcible dispersal of Rabaa massacre , the famous Mosque has been closed after renovation works till this day. It is unclear when it will be opened.

    The Mosque was partially tortured during the forcible dispersal that killed hundreds of ousted Islamist President Mohamed Morsi supporters.

    Cairo governorate already changed the name of Rabaa Square to become Hisham Barakat square to honor the late prosecutor general who gave the orders to disperse the Pro-Sisi sit-in by force in an unforgettable day in August 2013. Ironically , people still know it as Rabaa square.

    According to Egypt's National Council for Human Rights , more than 600 people were killed in the forcible dispersal where the security forces used excessive force.

    I have to pass Rabaa square and its famous mosque when I go to Nasr City or Heliopolis. Till this day, I remember what happened in that square and I pray for all the victims fell on its land. Unlike Tahrir square , Rabaa square is associated now with the worst forcible dispersal Egypt has ever seen.

    Governments can change names of streets , squares and buildings but they can not change history.
    April 20, 2016,Taken at 1:53 PM and Posted at 10:44PM via Instagram

    0 0

    And I think the Reuters exclusive report about Giulio Regeni and his murder in Egypt was a world top news on Thursday since it hit the wires to the level that Egyptian official denials or filing a police complaint in Cairo against Reuters' Cairo bureau won't stop its
    Giulio Regeni
    Late Giulio Regeni 
    Reuters published a report where it quoted 6 anonymous Egyptian security officials who said that the 28-years old Italian political researcher was detained by police on 25 January and then transferred to a compound run by Egypt's Homeland security.
    Reuters quoted in its exclusive allegedly 3 anonymous intelligence officers and 3 police officers independently.
    As an Egyptian journalist , I can say we got a problem with anonymous sources, especially in security apparatuses especially we do not have that whistleblower culture.
    People are suspecting that what we read in Reuters is actually another sign for ongoing fight in Mount Olympus in Egypt especially the international news agency is quoting anonymous intelligence officers.
    This is not the first, international media speaks about the direct involvement of Egyptian security in the awful murder of Regeni.
    his time, it is quoting anonymous security forces including intelligence
    Despite the Reuters' report included a direct denial from Egypt's Homeland security , the Egyptian ministry of interior issued an official statement denying Reuters' claims.
    The ministry denied once again Regeni was arrested and detained.

    Updated : On Friday, the ministry of interior filed a police complaint against Reuters' Cairo bureau accusing it of publishing false news !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is getting sillier by the minute !! What next !? Closing Reuters bureau !!?
    Now , there is one problem.
    Egypt's ministry of interior's denial  won't matter or go viral. It is not about conspiracy but about creditability and trusted.
    The Egyptian ministry of interior is less trusted with its record of human rights.
    Not to mention, aside being a primary suspect in Regeni's murder unofficially , the way it handled the case since the beginning makes it less credible.
    It is enough what happened to those 5 suspects that were killed for nothing.
    The Reuters' exclusive report came on the same day CNN published an important report by dear Sara El-Sirgany regarding the five men killed and accused of being involved in the murder of the Italian student by the police
    More and more evidence prove that those suspects were poor five men who were killed for nothing, unfortunately.
    Updated :Hours after those reports , the United States officially calls on Egypt to conduct a thorough probe into Regeni's death according to the official spokesperson of the U.S. States department. 
    By the way earlier this week , we found former NDP leading figure and businessman tycoon Mohamed Abou-Elenin hosting on his "Sada El-Balad" TV channel two Italian Senators claiming that the Egyptian government was not involved in the murder of Regeni. "how did they know ? "
    Italian Senators speak to Abou-Elenin
    Italian Senators Lucio Barani of the Liberal Popular alliance Bloc and Senator Francesco Amoroso boldly claimed that "some sinister organization" funded by international economic powers tortured Giulio in order to replace Italy and its economic relations with Egypt !!!
    Interestingly , Lucio Barani was suspended last year in the Italian parliament for his extreme and shocking sexist remark to follow parliamentarian
    You must know official state media and pro-regime in Egypt above MENA introduced Barani as the head of Italy's Ruling party !!
    Amoroso was the former President of the Euro-Mediterranean parliamentary assembly. Abou-Elenin is currently the honorary president of that organization.
    Abou-Elenin, the ceramic tycoon got very strong economic relations with Italy. I think he is married to an Italian lady already.
    Sada El-Balad was the first TV channel to host that fake eye-witness who claimed to see Regeni at the Italian consulate in Downtown Cairo and turned to be a liar.
    Businessman and Founder Free Egyptians Party Naguib Sawiris also travelled to Italy with the delegation from his party to speak with Italian officials about Regeni !!
    Sawiris got huge investments in Italy as well.
    It seems to me that Sawiris and Aboul Enein think that Italy or Europe like Egypt where businessmen can use their power and pull strings if they want.

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