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    And Egypt’s official High Elections Committee “HEC” announced on Wednesday the official results of the first stage of Egypt’s parliamentary elections of 2015.

    According to HEC,  the voters’ turnout in the first stage reached 26.56 % with 7,270,594 voters participating in the elections out of 27,402,353 registered voters in 14 governorates.
    The valid votes reached 6,584,128 (90.46%) , while the void votes reached 694,466 (9.54%).

    The “For the love of Egypt” electoral list won the list based seats while only four candidates won the individual seats including unfortunately Abdel Rahim Ali, the infamous TV host and my Constituency MP officially now.
    At the agricultural museum's polling stations in Dokki 
    Interestingly HEC should have announced the results at 3 PM Cairo local time at Headquarter in a press conference than it announced that no journalists or reporters would allow to cover that conference except the Egyptian National TV. The reporters and journalists waited outside the HQ.
    The conference was pushed back to 5 PM and then to 7 PM !!!

    Now I found that interesting turnout turned to be 26.56% when the Pro-Sisi media was screaming and begging the people to go and to vote in those 48 hours because the turnout was low !!
    Already I found out that the Military police even sent Cars in cities with sound speakers playing songs associated with voting and elections in Giza aka Boshrat Kheir !!!!!
    Al-Masry Al-Youm : Military police encourage people to vote using music !!!
    Needless to say, many people in Egypt are skeptical.

    This comic below was spread in social media like fire showing the disbelief of many Egyptians.
    Officially the turnout reaches to 26.56%
    popular comic
    They have to be skeptical as we got very interest official statements about the turnout before the official statement of the High Elections Committee.

    In statements to MBC Misr TV channel on Monday, the head of Judges Club “who is Pro-regime supporter” stated that the turnout of the elections on the second day did not exceed 6% where as the first day was 2% !!!!
    The Judges Club is like a syndicate for all judges in Egypt and currently it has got a special team to cover the elections issuing statements during those two days about the elections.

    So how it went from 2% or 6% to become 26% !!!
    On the same day, Egypt’s PM Sherif Ismail stated that the turnout reached between 16% t0 20% across the country.

    TV Host Mahmoud Saad expressed this disbelief wondering why the Egyptian TV channels broadcasting on air from the polling stations all day long did not see that huge turnout.

    Mahmoud Saad : How come the turnout reaches to 26% when polling stations were empty

    Saad is considered a Pro-25 January revolution supporter so some can say that he is biased but still it is a fact that TV cameras showed on air empty polling stations.

    Personally I know that the turnout would be higher in rural areas, in Upper Egypt where families and clans go and vote all together so their favorite candidate from their clan or just their alley to win in the elections but in big cities, it is another  story.

    Already officially, Giza governorate which is one of the biggest voting bloc in Egypt had the lowest turnout with 21%.
    I have been touring the polling stations in Giza in the morning and evening in those two days.
    Yes, the second day witnessed an increasing turnout but not that huge according to the judges whom I spoke with.

    I remember that I spoke with a judge who told me that the government should hold public meetings with the people to know why they did not want to vote and to encourage them to vote !!!

    At the Agricultural museum polling station in Dokki
    I do not know if it reached to 21% but I crossed checked with my colleagues who covered other areas in the governorate and we all agreed that the number of candidates’ delegates were more than the candidates in most of the polling stations.

    Anyhow, we still got the runoffs next 26 and 27 October as well the second stage of the elections on 20 November. We will more to debate about during then.

    Updated :

    Thanks to Ahmed Fouad and Amr Haggag , we found this statistical miracle in the results of the first stage of the elections. It is very interesting miracle.

    امبارح نزلت ملف بيانات نتيجة الانتخابات على سبيل الفضول، وبشوية معادلات خفيفة ظهر أن النتائج شكلها متظبطة ببرنامج فقولت...
    Posted by Ahmed Fouad on Thursday, October 22, 2015

    Click the See More link to read the English translation.
    By the way , I wonder why nobody spoke about how officially the void votes in this elections’ stage reached to 694,466 (9.54%) ?? More than half million voters spoiled their votes for God sake !!!!!!!
    Those void votes can not be all unintended mistakes in the ballot papers, can they !??

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  • 10/23/15--05:36: October 23, 2015 at 02:36PM

  • The beginning of a dust storm in #Cairo #Egypt #Citizenjournalism #Blogger #Egyweather #nofilter October 23, 2015 at 02:36PM via Instagram

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    On Thursday, the Egyptian security forces arrested Muslim Brotherhood leading member and renowned businessman Hassan Malek from his house in New Cairo along 4 other members of the banned brotherhood.

    For several hours, there was nothing official about why Malek was arrested especially for two years he was a free man unlike many of the Brotherhood’s leading figures.

    Then the Ministry of interior “MOI” released an official statement on its official Facebook page saying that the State security prosecution issued a warrant to arrest Malek because the MOI’s National Security sector received tips that Malek and other members of the Brotherhood were planning to “smuggle foreign currency out of the country” in order to attempt “to harm the Egyptian economy”.

    إستمرارً لجهود الأجهزة الأمنية فى رصد ومتابعة الأنشطة الإرهابية والأعمال العدائية التى يخطط لإرتكابها أعضاء جماعة الإخوا...
    Posted by ‎الصفحة الرسمية لوزارة الداخلية‎ on Thursday, October 22, 2015

    According to the statement, Malek and the other four MB members are accused of using of foreign exchange companies affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood to destabilize the price of the US dollar by collecting and smuggling foreign currency outside the country.

    It also accused him of funding the Muslim Brotherhood inside the country.
    Friday evening, the state security prosecution decided to detain Malek for 15 days pending investigation.

    The Egyptian pound is having a very tough time while the price of the US dollar was increasing officially and unofficially in the black market in the past two weeks full of drama.
    This drama ended with the resignation of Hisham Ramez , the former Central Bank of Egypt governor and appointing Tarek Amar as the CBE governor.
    In simple words, Egypt already got a currency crisis and the Egyptian pound is dying.

    This crisis also is directed linked to Egypt’s foreign currency reserve.
    It is not a new crisis or something that was resulted by plots and conspiracies as the Pro-regime media tries to market to the public.
    Anyhow, the MOI says that it saved the Egyptian economy from the evil plots of Hassan Malek and his Brothers.
    Hassan Malek 

    Now there are question marks about this statement.

    It mentions that among the foreign currency exchange companies affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood and are involved in this huge conspiracy two companies: Al-Noran and Al-Tawheed.
    Both of those companies have been confiscated by the government since August and are currently managed by the ministry of justice’s special MB assets committees.

    I do not understand how those companies can be part of this devilish plan when they are under the government supervision technically and legally !!!??

    Interestingly, Al-Noran foreign exchange company was among the sponsors of the New Suez canal inauguration gala party where it donated LE 500,000 in June.
    It also donated LE 5 million to Sisi’s “Long Live Egypt” Fund !!
    This did not stop the government from confiscating it.

    Also how come Malek is trying to smuggle the money outside the country when he is trying to fund the Brotherhood’s activities inside the country according to the same statement !?
    The man is already under 24/7 surveillance and I think he is barred from travel.

    By the way, Pro-Sisi supporters published a photo allegedly for millions of dollars found at Malek’s house. Fair enough.

    Yes ,this is the photo they shared on twitter and Facebook.
    As you can tell, it is not really and by little Google Images search , you will know that its source was an American political blog post from 2008.
    Another rumor spread among the Pro-Sisi supporters was that Malek kept nearly 1/2 billion dollars in his house and please do not ask me how !!
    That rumor reached to the press , here is Al-Messa Front page on Saturday !!
    State-owned Al-Messa reports about 1/2 billion dollars
    found at Malek's house 
    Keeping a low profile in politics unlike Khairat El-Shater who is also a businessman, Hassan Malek is believed to be from the main financiers of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.
    He owns many ventures and companies as well franchises including furniture store “Istikbal” and Sarar.
    Hassan Malek’s assets and companies have been frozen since September 2014 when a Cairo criminal court upheld a decision by a prosecutor general to freeze the assets of prominent MB leading figures.
    All his companies and ventures are currently managed by a committee following Egypt’s ministry of Justice.
    Malek’s son, Omar was sentenced to death in the famous Rabaa controlling room trial. As far as I know there is still an appeal in the case.
    Ironically now I remember how Malek was the bridge between the Mubarak and NDP businessmen and Morsi’s administration or rather the Muslim Brotherhood with his Neoliberal economic views.
    I do not know but blaming the Muslim Brotherhood for all the political and economic problems won’t solve anything.
    The Egyptian people are wiser to believe that bogeyman is behind all their political, social and economic problems, they aren't dumb like the regime and its media think.
    In the long run, this false bogeyman will create sympathy with the Brotherhood.
    Arresting Hassan Malek won’t solve the problems the Egyptian pound is facing right now or fix the economy.
    People are already mocking the whole news already online on twitter and Facebook.
    They are not stupid anymore.

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    Egypt’s prominent astronomer Essam Heggy was going to represent an open meeting about Mars and the latest NASA explorations there at  the University of Alexandria on 23-24 October. He was supposed to say a word at Bibliotheca Alexandrina then he was going to have an open meeting with the students of the faculty of engineering in the University of Alexandria.
    The former President advisor for sciences arrived Cairo and was on his way to Alexandria only to find that his meeting with the university of Alexandria was cancelled for security reasons !!!

    أعزائي الطلبه، حبكم ورغبتكم باللقاء تعدت التوقعات ولم تجد إدارة جامعة الإسكندرية المساحة الكافية لإحتضان حماسكم وحضوركم ...
    Posted by Essam Heggy on Friday, October 23, 2015
    My dear students , your love and wish for this meeting to take place exceeded expectations, nevertheless the University of Alexandria’s administration did not find enough space to embrace your enthusiasm and attendance and decided to cancel the lecture one day before its date while I was on my way to Alexandria for security reasons.
    I would like to thank the organizers and the people who registered to attend the lecture. A salute to the administration of the university which is keen to protect Egypt’s national security by cancelling a lecture about Mars exploration.
    This decision created huge reactions denouncing what happened to the lecture of Egypt’s renowned scientist who was part of the Rosetta team.
    To defend itself, the University of Alexandria administration said that the students organized the lecture without the knowledge of the faculty of engineering which was informed allegedly on short notice.
    I think to organize such event in our public Universities, you need an approval from the administration and security weeks before the event.
    At least this is what I know.
    Already, even if those students did not inform the administration, the University of Alexandria must seize the opportunity and host Heggy giving him all the facilities he needs in order to speak with Egypt’s students about the latest Mars exploration.
    I do not understand how any university in the world, especially in the Third World in a country like Egypt would reject to host a lecture about the latest space explorations by NASA researcher like Heggy.
    Essam Heggy
    Anyhow, I would be lying if I said that I am shocked that Heggy’s lecture was cancelled. I was actually amazed that he would be allowed to give lecture publicly like that after expressing his views openly on his Facebook about the regime, New Suez Canal and the endless arms deals.
    People always refer to how Heggy stood as the President’s advisor for sciences in 2014 against the infamous army Kofta device.
    A stand that made him face disgusting attack in the Pro-regime media in Egypt.
    Nevertheless, Essam Heggy has been critical of Sisi’s regime despite not naming him directly. He has been criticizing openly how the country is spending billions of pounds on inaugurating projects like New Suez canal and buying arms instead of investing in education.
    He is not speaking only about education in Egypt.

    عدم مشاركة الناخبين هي رسالة قوية منهم للمرشحين و الدولة بأن مصر ليست أمة مغيبة. نصيحة للمستخفين بعقولنا: لا تقايضونا عل...
    Posted by Essam Heggy on Monday, October 19, 2015

    On 19 October 2015 , where the whole world was speaking about the low turnout of voters in the first stage of Egypt’s parliamentary elections, the NASA researcher posted this on his Facebook account publicly.
    The voters’ decision not to participate in the elections is a strong message to both the candidates and the state that Egypt is not an absent nation. An advice to those who underestimate our minds : Do not force use to choose in a nightmare or to die for the sake of a dream. If we choose the first choice today then tomorrow nothing will remain except the second choice.
    When Tunisia’s National Dialogue Quartet committee won the Nobel Peace prize for 2015 , he wrote this post.
    The Nobel Peace Prize went to the civil society in Tunisia which contributed in founding a civil dialogue that is the basis for a modern democratic state. Congratulations and Thanks Tunisia for standing for the Arabs.
    There is no heroic act in dividing the society through a vulgar media language that draws idols and glories that would and will never be there.
    We take a pride in buying weapons with all what we have for the sake of the war on terrorism while poverty , ignorance and disease are slaying the nation.
    The true hero in the war on terrorism is who will end this war by a word of love , a word of mercy ; not that will win in a battle where the blood of Arabs will be spilled from all parties.
    Do you think that he would be let to have public lectures with young students even if they are about pure science after all this talk !?
    By the way, Heggy appeared on CBC TV channel on Thursday where he was debated about which was important : Education or war on terrorism !!!!!!! He later knew that his lecture was cancelled.
    I will not speak about how bad this is for education and science in Egypt because there is no use to speak about that.

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    Today, Egypt started unstable weather wave with rain and thunderstorm in the North. This thunderstorm wave is hitting East of the Mediterranean.
    It started yesterday and ironically the Alexandrians were happy.
    The thunder in the sky by Nada Besheer
    The thunder last night in Alexandria
    By Sohila Essam "Facebook" 
    Looking to Alexandria after few hours, you will think that Hurricane Patricia hit what was once known as the Mermaid of the Mediterranean.
    Alexandria's famous Cornich

    From Facebook 
    From Facebook 
    At least 5 people were killed due to the bad weather conditions there.
    For hours, traffic was paralyzed as a result of the drowned streets and tunnels.

    by @Shrbo on twitter
    Photos speak alone about the chaos in the city today.
    At least four people including two children died in a very unfortunate way when they were electrified in water in the street as a Tramawy cable fell into drowned the street due to the strong wind in Moharram Bey in Alexandria.
    On of the victims of Moharram Bey's tramawy cable
    Moharram Bey district looks so bad.

    ده في محرم بك
    Posted by Marwa Hamdy on Sunday, October 25, 2015
    Another victim, a sea captain drowned in his car early morning.
    Unfortunately, the poor districts in Alexandria and the poor people there have got the worst share.
    Those two photos were sent to Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper through its Whatsapp service from Alexandria for a citizen whose house drowned in that flood in Ibrahimia disctrict.
    The sad selfie
    "Al-Masry Al-Youm"
    Here is Faculty of Art in the University of Alexandria !!!
    Al-Gama3a Facebook page !! 
    Here is the famous Alexandria cornich !!

    This is Cleopatra tunnel.
    Cleopatra tunnel "Twitter" 

    السيول بالاسكندرية
    نفق كليوبترا وحالة من الفوضى بسبب السيول #اسكندرية_بتغرق
    Posted by Alexandria on Sunday, October 25, 2015
    This is Gamal Abdel Nasser tunnel.

    نفق جمال عبد الناصر .. سيدي بشر عووووووم ..
    Posted by Mahmoud Abdel-aziz on Sunday, October 25, 2015
    This is a flood for God’s sake !!
    As usual, the city of Alexandria is drowning in water after the thunderstorm that hit it yesterday as a result of the lack of rain drainage system.
    I know that Alexandria had a rain drainage system, where is that system the old cosmopolitan city had in its gone days went !??
    Egypt’s Metrological authority has been warning for days that the country would be hit of rain and unstable weather conditions so the authorities are warned.
    Alexandrians are mad at their Governor Hany El-Messiry whom they believe that he is focusing on the tramway and its improvements leaving the infrastructure of the governorate to crumble.
    Comics began to surface mocking Governor Messiry
    El-Messiry is known to participate in Triathlon races 
    It is fair to say that the infrastructure of the old city is crumbling from a long time before El-Messiry would be appointed. Still what did Hany El-Messiry do since being appointed in February other than appearing in the media here and there !?
    He knows as a local that Alexandria always drowns in thunderstorms then why he did not prepare the city for it !?
    This man is originally from Alexandria and his wife is the daughter of a former Alexandria governor so I would assume that he knows very well the problems of the governorate.
    Some will say that it is the problem of the local councils and municipalities not only the governor which is true.
    Now El-Messiry is saying that Alexandria was facing an environmental disaster !! I am glad that he understands this.
    There is now an active hastage on twitter calling for his dismissal in Arabic : #DismissElMessirry
    That hashtag was among the top hashtags trends in Egypt for several hours including #Alexandria , #Shit_You_drown_us and #Alexandria_is_drowning.
    Ironically, the Pro-Sisi supporters are now seizing the opportunity to pinpoint the fact El-Messirry failed to manage Alexandria because he is a civilian man and not a military man.
    Well, it turns out that most of Alexandria’s districts are headed military men  !!!
    I think it is fair enough that both civilian El-Messiry and the military districts heads failed miserably.
    BY Marwa Mohamed "Facbeook" 
    I can not forget at the same time the Centralized government in Cairo and its role !!
    President El-Sisi gave his order to his PM Sherif Ismail to follow the matter.

    Ismail has ordered for investigation in to the death of those people in Muharram Bey Tramawy accident.
    Bab Shark police station
    I think today’s images from Alexandria won’t foreign investors to invest in the famous coastal city.
    Oddly enough , there are other scenes in Alexandria that would force you to smile despite the sadness.
    Ducks swimming freely in the street.
    Ducks in the street.

    That citizen who made a business from helping the people to cross the drowned street for LE 1.50 at Misr train station earlier today.This video was shot by Mohamed Elkut.
    المصري اجدع واحد يستغل الفرصة ويعرف يجيب القرش ( النهاردة محطة مصر اسكندرية)
    Posted by Mohamed Ali Elkut on Sunday, October 25, 2015
    Boats in Bahary district to transfer the citizens.

    Now all the attention is focused on Alexandria but other governorates are suffering away from the media and cameras like Suez , Kafr El-Sheikh and Behaira.
    By the way, Beirut had a share from that thunderstorm. Now the streets of Beirut are flooded with river of garbage.
    From Alexandria to Suez to Beirut , I want to say to our dear Egyptian and Lebanese governments: You stink !!

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  • 10/27/15--13:35: Free Alaa : One year later
  • Today marks one year since the imprisonment of Egypt’s renowned blogger and activist Alaa Abdel Fattah and the rest of the Shura Council detainees.
    Free Shura case detainees 
    Today thousands of people across the world are participating in a twitter storm to remind the people and the world about Alaa Abdel Fattah and his cause in Egypt as well the cause of many detainees like him under hashtag “#FreeAlaa”
    In the past few hours, my twitter timeline and Facebook timeline turned red and orange with Alaa’s avatar while sharing his famous quotes.

    I changed my twitter avatar as well for 24 hours to Alaa's famous avatar.
    It gave many people Goosebumps because they thought Alaa was released.
    In the past few hours, “#FreeAlaa” was back to be a top trending in Egypt.

    As you know Abdel Fattah El-Sisi pardoned all the Shura council detainees last month except Alaa Abdel Fattah , Ahmed Abdel Rahman, Abdel Rahman El-Siyad and Abdel Rahman Tarek as well Wael Matwally who is currently abroad.
    Alaa Abdel Fattah and Ahmed Abdel Rahman were sentenced 5 years in jail in February in the Shura council case.
    ِAhmed Abdel Rahman 
    Abdel Rahman El-Siyad and Abdel Rahman Tarek were sentenced 3 years in jail in the same case.
    Nobody knows till now why El-Sisi did not pardon Alaa and the rest of the detainees, but some insiders claim that Alaa’s name as a long time activist was out of question to be included in the pardon.

    There is no justification also on why Ahmed Abdel Rahman, Abdel Rahman El-Siyad and Abdel Rahman Tarek or Wael Matwally.

    It is like the destiny of Alaa to be detained and imprisoned under all Egyptian rulers and presidents since Mubarak.

    Still it is not about Alaa only, it is about all the political prisoners in Egypt including Ahmed Douma , Ahmed Maher , Mohamed Adel , Esraa El-Taweel and Mahinour El-Masry as well thousands of detainees imprisoned in highly politicized trials.

    Alaa’s family held a small protest in solidarity with Alaa and the rest of the detainees in the Shura council case this afternoon in Cairo's Heliopolis.
    Alaa’s Mother Dr. Laila Soueif and her daughters Mona and Sanaa Seif were holding banners alone in front of the Presidential palace demanding the detainees’ release. "All the photos are courtesy of Free Alaa Facebook page
    There is a still a lot of unjustly imprisoned people in prison
    Banner carried by Mona Seif at Presidential Palace 
    Sanaa Seif and Dr. Laila Soueif
    Sanaa Seif and Dr. Laila Soueif carrying banners showing the
    4 remaining detainees including Alaa despite the Presidential Pardon 
    Dr. Laila carrying a banner calling for the freedom of Ahmed
    Abdel Rahman, Abdel Rahman El-Siyad, Abdel Rahman Tarek
    and Alaa Abdel Fattah
    This is the first protest for Sanaa Seif after her release from jail following El-Sisi’s pardon.
    Here is a selfie she took with her mother, sister and activist/friend Mai Saad.

    وقفنا ساعة وأخدنا سيلفي القصر ومشينا، كله تمام. #FreeAlaa
    Posted by Sanaa Seif on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

    Now I will quote Alaa speaking about the brave women of his family.

    خلفة البنات عزوة. هم اللي هيجروا عليك لو اعتقلت او خطفت. هم اللي مش هينسوا حقك لو اتعذبت او اصبت او قتلت.
    Posted by Alaa Abd El Fattah on Thursday, October 23, 2014

    Having daughters , girls is a power of its own. Girls are going to look after you if you are detained or kidnapped. They won’t forget their right if you are tortured or injured or killed.
    Also, posters of detainees appeared in one of the streets in Maadi, Mohendessin and Downtown Cairo as part of the campaign.
    In Wadi El-Nil Street in Mohendessin
    In Maadi , Cairo 
    In Ramsis , Cairo 

    Pathetic as they have always been, the Pro-Military/Pro-Sisi/Pro-Mubarak supporters launched “#FreeSmeda” to mock from the Free Alaa and detainees campaign online rudely.
    Ironically, those people claim that Online campaigns and hashtags are useless and yet they are provoked enough to have a pathetic hashtag.
    I feel sorry for those people for real.
    It is sad to see people standing against freedom.
    I will quote Alaa here:

    And yes we do not have a standard catalogue “for revolutionaries” and we share all that refusal to catalogue. We do not have a plan or organization or leadership. Tomorrow , we will create solutions without imprisoning each other. Tomorrow is ours.
    I am happy that the people and the world remember Alaa and the rest of the detainees including Ahmed Abdel Rahman today even Online.
    Big changes always start with small things.  

    0 0

    Esraa in an older photo 
    And New Cairo Prosecution renewed earlier this week the detention of Freelance photographer Esraa El-Taweel for another 15 days pending investigation.
    The next session , Esraa’s detention will  be reconsidered by a Criminal court judge because the temporary detentions limit is over according to the law. She has been in detention for 5 months so far !!
    Updated :Now according to Esraa's lawyer , the prosecution actually did not determine an exact date for her session at the criminal court !!!!!!!!
    Esraa has been in detention for more than 160 in detention accordingly pending investigation into accusation of being a member in the Muslim Brotherhood and sending fake news to defame Egypt abroad.
    Hopefully inshallah, she will be released because this is too much.
    BY the way speaking about Esraa El-Taweel and remembering her forcible disappearance, there are three journalists who have been arrested and detained in unknown locations.
    Updated : 
    Earlier this week , Esraa was allowed to have X-ray scans at Kasr Al-Aini hospital where she met her family and sisters.

    By Alaa El-Taweel
    Like any other young girls in the world , Esraa took a selfie with her sister Alaa.
    Alaa and Esraa in a selfie :)

    0 0

    The first stage of Egypt’s parliamentary elections’ runoffs are over and now we got the results and indications.
    First of all, the turnout was lower than the first stage’s turnout last week.
    Usually, the runoffs got much lower turnouts but this time we got people who are totally uninterested in the parliamentary elections as well awful heavy rains.
    Not to mention, many people did not know that there were parliamentary elections runoffs in the first place.
    An empty polling station in Haram, Giza by Heba Farouk Mahfouz
    Again it was higher in the villages and districts in Upper Egypt because of the clans and tribes’ power , nothing more.
    I did not cover those runoffs, but journalists and photographers who covered them reported empty polling stations.
    Checking the media reports and photos as well the interviews made on air at the polling stations confirm this.

    This was an interview with the Egyptian armed forces’ security forces commander in Giza governorate on 27 October.

    احتلينا اللجان والناخبين ما جوش !!
    Posted by ‎صفحة جيل الثمانينات‎ on Tuesday, October 27, 2015
    The Major General says that the armed forces “occupied” the polling stations since the night before and they were securing it. He added that they were waiting for voters, but the voters did not show up !!
    Yes, the army forces “occupied” the polling station !! The man said it without realizing the irony in those few words.
    The TV hosts did not scold the people for not showing up this because the parliament was already made !!
    Oh yes it was already made according to close to Presidency / Anti-25 January TV host Ahmed Moussa who said in his TV show earlier this week that it was not a big that people are not showing up in the polling station because in the end that parliament is already made.
    Ahmed Moussa : The parliament is already made
    Are we back to the State security and Safwat El-Sherif’s arrangements with Parties in the parliamentary elections before the 25 January 2011 ??
    God only knows !!!
    Anyhow if you complete the rest of the video in Arabic, you would see how falsely Ahmed Moussa attacked my Constituency former MP Amr Shobaki claiming that he was supported by the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists spreading lies about him.
    I did a quick poll on my twitter account about whether people participated in the elections runoffs on 27 October for 24 hours.

    Only 97 tweeps voted.
    14% said that they voted in the runoffs
    86% said that they did not vote in the runoffs.
    Even the results of the runoffs in the show that low turnout.
    DW reporter in Egypt, Heba Farouk Mahfouz was reporting the results last night on its twitter account and it was interesting the following tweets from polling stations in Giza

    This is just a simple example. Again the results in villages, in Upper Egypt were much higher for tribal and clan reasons.
    The official results will be announced by High Elections committee on Friday. .

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  • 10/30/15--06:48: When Riham Saeed meets Karma
  • Do you remember what tabloid Egyptian TV host Riham Saeed did to the Syrian refugees !?? Well, you know what is being said about Karma, it is true. Now Riham Saeed is paying the price of her
    tabloid TV journalism.
    Now she is in truly hot boiling water over something that could end her TV show right away and drag her as well her TV channel “Al-Nahar” to the court.
    On Tuesday, she aired an interview with a girl who was sexually harassed in a Cairo mall and was physically assaulted when she tried to defend herself.
    The incident was filmed on the mall’s CCTV and soon enough the video was online.
    The CCTV video

    Riham Saeed , who always preaches about morals and modesty blamed the girl for being harassed because she was wearing sleeveless top
    When the girl confronted Riham Saeed that she wears sleeveless top, the famous TV host arrogantly said that she was a renowned personality and American University in Cairo “AUC” graduate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It did not stop at there as Saeed dared and aired personal photos for the girl while wearing a swimsuit on beach carried by some man as an evidence of her misbehavior !!!!
    I won’t share this episode here.
    The renowned TV host claimed that her produced received those photos through Whatsapp.
    The girl spoke in other TV shows in the past 2 days and it turned out when she went to the studio, she put her mobile phone to be charged in the location and Riham Saeed’s crew took her mobile phone and searched in its file.
    The girl says that they took her personal photos. Now that’s a lesson on the importance of mobile phone passwords when it comes to privacy.
    Of course Saeed went mad on how she was being attacked on other TV channels and on Wednesday night she appeared on her show defending herself claiming that because she was a mother , she would not scandalize that girl anymore !!!!
    Luckily, women’s rights activists and anti-sexual harassment activists decided to help the girl to restore back her right. Not less than 15 lawyers offered to help her and to take a legal action against Saeed and the Al-Nahar TV channel.
    On the other hand, an online campaign started against Riham Saeed on twitter and Facebook.
    It started with the very active #Die_Riham hashtag on twitter calling her to die.
    Amazingly, she united all Egyptians whether Pro-January 25 supporters or Pro-Sisi or Pro-Morsi to hate her.
    Then another online campaign on Facebook calling people to boycott the brands and companies sponsoring her popular TV show showed up drawing lots of support. 
    Aloe Eva company was the first to announce that it was pulling off its ads from the show

    تعلن شركة ألو إيفا عن عدم مسئوليتها عن محتوى أى من البرامج التى تقوم بإذاعة إعلاناتها علي قنواتها، وبشان برنامج صبايا الخير والمثار جدل حوله فقد قامت الشركة بوقف رعايتها للبرنامج.
    Posted by Aloe Eva on Thursday, October 29, 2015
    Then Bassem Youssef decided to raise the bar on Thursday

    Okay guys : a simple contribution from me in the campaign , the company which pulls its add , will write its name here and we will start and say hello.. Eva.

    Okay the company which wants to boycott the show can mention me here. At your service.
    Why to spend millions on ads in a TV show when 5 million followers can see you here if you boycott it : Eva , Beity, Eva Baby, Al-Maraei
    Then more brands and companies started to announce that they pulled their ads tagging Bassem Youssef so he would thank them !!!!!!
    About 16 companies and brands announced that they pulled their ads in 10 hours.
    From a marketing point of view, those companies got huge publicity.
    This is an unprecedented thing to happen in the Egyptian mainstream media.
    I do not recall similar online campaigns succeeded in stopping TV shows and forcing big brands to pull ads from shows. I remember the Pro-Sisi supporters and Morsi supporters as well launched similar campaigns against Bassem Youssef and Yosri Fouda but failed. Yes, the shows of those two Pro-Jan25 renowned TV hosts were stopped but for other reasons.
    People are now escalating the matter and are calling for boycotting of the TV channel itself.
    Now, Saeed who admitted in pride that she is the “security” TV host will appear tomorrow with another Pro-regime TV host “Khaled Saleh” in a special on-air episode from Al-Nahar Daily Talk show on Friday. Of course, Al-Nahar won’t waste time for high viewership.

    Update :

    Khaled Salah announced on twitter that he would not appear with Riham Saeed tonight.

    Amr El-Kahki, the CEO of Al-Nahar TV network announced on his official FB account that Riham Saeed’s TV show was suspended and that the administration of the network was investigating the incident. The network also apologized to all ladies and girls of Egypt for what happened. 

    قررت شبكة تليفزيون النهار إلغاء حلقة اليوم بين الإعلامي خالد صلاح والإعلامية ريهام سعيد كما قررت تعليق إذاعة برنامج صبا...
    Posted by Alaa El Kahki on Friday, October 30, 2015
    Even if Al-Nahar TV channel terminates the contract of Riham Saeed, I expect that she will come back after few months on any Pro-regime TV channel.
    The tweeps launched currently "#Riham_died" Arabic Hashtag.
    Now I want to say something.
    Karma is bitch indeed and Social media in Egypt plays a true role whether you like or not.
    It is a powerful tool and the regime learned that from the hard way.
    This is not the first time Riham Saeed invades the privacy of a young girl against the law and the Constitution.
    Earlier this year, I saw a horrifying episode where she hosted a girl who was filmed while being
    sexually assaulted.
    During the show, Saeed aired photos for the girl with those boys who assaulted to her say that the girl had a role in that attack.
    Sadly, nobody cared to stand with that girl who comes from a working class and definitely was devastated after that shameful episode.
    Nevertheless, Riham Saeed is not the first person to do this on air because we got the infamous TV host Abdel Rahim Ali who used to air alleged phone call recordings for 25 January revolution figures like ElBaradei and Wael Ghonim as well Mostafa Al-Naggar.
    What Ali had done from airing those phone calls was actually against the law and the constitution, yet people were not that angry. In fact now Abdel Rahim Ali has been elected to a member of the parliament for Agouza and Dokki unfortunately and he is received by flowers at Cairo International airport in the VIP section.
    Back to Riham Saeed, this woman is an elitist.
    Yes, an elitist who believes that only her class is allowed to be “open-minded”, to dress as she wants and acts like she wants but this is not okay with other classes.
    I remember how she criticized that poor lady who danced happily in the public at Dreamland during the Eid whereas she ignored the wild parties of the rich held at Sidi Abdel Rahman resorts this year !!!!
    I remember how she defended the infamous Cairo airport lady aka Yasmine El-Narsh claiming that she was innocent because she was her friend in a Private language school and AUC graduate !!
    Spreading superstition and fake patriotism are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this lady who got one of the highest viewership in Egypt.
    Anyhow, Riham Saeed is just one of the main diseases we should fight in the Egyptian mainstream media.

    0 0

    This is the sort of news you do not want to wake up on !!!!
    A Russian airliner carrying 224 passengers and crew crashed in Sinai peninsula earlier Saturday.
    According to Egypt’s cabinet, the Airbus A-321, operated by Russian airline Kogalymavia with registration number KGL-9268, was flying from Sharm El-Sheikh in Sinai to St.Petersburg earlier this morning when it crashed in Central Sinai after 23 minutes of taking off.
    Exactly the airplane took off from Sharm El-Sheikh airport at 5.58 AM Cairo Local time “CLT” in its way to St.Petersburg. The flight number was 7K9268
    The wreckage of the plane at the crash site , a photo released
    by Egypt's PM office after his visit this afternoon
    At 6:20 AM “04:13 UTC”, it disappeared from the radars after nearly 23 minutes of taking off due to technical malfunctions.
    Unfortunately, there were 200 adults and 17 children on the board of the plane in addition to 7-crew members.
    Relatives of the victims waiting at Pulkovo airport in St. Petersburg
    The cabinet also said in its official statement that the Egyptian armed forces’ radars spotted the missing airplane crash site at a mountainous area near the city of El-Hassana.

    At 1:41 PM CLT

    The Egyptian government announced that the airplane’s black box was found  and that more than 100 bodies were found.
    Despite the Egyptian officials hinted at first that a technical malfunction was behind the crash, now they are saying that it was early to determine the reason behind it.
    Russia’s President Putin declared Sunday as a national day of mourning.
    According to Russian L!ve News website, this photo could be from the last photos taken at the Plane by one of the victims who sent to his family back to Russia.
    "L!ve News website"
    The Russian embassy in Cairo is saying that there were no survivors in the crash unfortunately.
    The Russian embassy in Cairo says that there were 212 passengers and 7 crew members on board.
    The Belarus government reported that there was one citizen from Belarus on the board of this flight.
    Ukranian FM Pavolo Klimin announced that there were 4 Ukranian citizens on the board of this flight.

    @4:11 PM CLT

    An IS-affiliated group in Sinai aka Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis “ABM” claimed responsibility for downing the Plane in an official statement. They did not state how they did it but most people speak about MANPADs
    I do not believe them, I think they are bluffing because they do not have MANPAD to reach that altitude.
    Already ,the Plane as you can see blow in the data we got from Flight radar was flying at an altitude of 30,000ft when it crashed.
    The militant group which is responsible for the most of the deadly attacks in North Sinai against Egyptian security forces since 2013 claimed that it targeted the Russian Plane to avenge for the Muslims who were killed in Syria by Russian airstrikes.
    Two fake videos showing airplanes shot down in the air are spread in the Egyptian social media networks realm. It turned out to be old videos.
    One of them was filmed in Afghanistan in 2007.
    Russia said it is a far-fetched claim.
    Of course , aside from the MANPADs theory, there is another theory that there was a bomb on the board of the Plane.
     It will be an extremely bad thing for Egyptian authorities because they stated that they inspected the plane before taking off.
    Unfortunately , the  “ABM” statement is gaining popularity now in Egyptian social media after the announcement of both Air France and Lufthansa announced that they would avoid flying over Sinai till they get a clear explanation of what happened to the Russian flight.
    Here are the first batch of photos showing the crash site taken by the office of Egypt's PM Sherif Ismail during his visit to the location.
    The PM at the crash site "PM's office" 
    The wreckage of the plane "PM's office 
    News reports say that the flight cabinet a change of route and landing permission to the nearest airports whether in Cairo or Al-Arish due to technical.
    According to Flight Radar, there were very rapid, scary and big changes in the vertical speeds of the plane in its last 20 seconds.
    This chart explains better

    Here is a .GIF from Flight Radar showing the last moments for the poor plane.

    I am not a pilot, but what I see here is scary.
    The doomed Airbus A-321 plane, operated by Russian airline Kogalymavia with registration number KGL-9268 is 18 years and 5 months old according to
    The plane ""
    Russia Today is saying that Russia sent about 3 planes to rescue and to help in retrieving the bodies of the victims that would be transferred to Zenihom morgue in Cairo according to Egyptian officials.
    My deepest condolences to the families of the victims.
    Egyptian officials told AFP that rescuers arrived the wreckage site. The Egyptian Prime Minister went to Al-Arish to follow up the matter.
    Here is the latest official statement issued by the Egyptian cabinet in English.

    Statement No. 3 by the Cabinet on the crash of a plane in North SinaiThe prime minister accompanied by the ministers...
    Posted by Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday, October 31, 2015
    Egypt’s Prosecutor general has opened an investigation into the crash. I expected that he will issue a media gag order soon in Egypt.
    The Israeli government says that IDF assisted with aerial surveillance in efforts to locate the plane.
    Some are saying that according to Camp David peace accords, Egypt is not allowed to use aerial surveillance in Sinai in Central Sinai. I am going to check this.
    The Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev announced that he formed a committee to investigate the matter.

    Sharm El-Sheikh is considered a popular tourist attraction for Russian tourists.
    That incident can affect the flow of Russian tourists to the city.
    More updates are coming !!!

    0 0

    On Monday, Photographer Esraa El-Taweel made headlines when she appeared in front of the judge who extended her temporary detention for 45 days.
    Esraa El-Taweel heading to the judge's panel "Tahrir newspaper" 
    The 23-years old student burst into tears in front of the judge, in front of the lawyers and in front of the cameras that captured her most vulnerable moments while crying for her own freedom.
    Esraa El-Taweel crying 'El-Tahrir newspaper'
    Esraa El-Taweel crying 'El-Tahrir newspaper'
    Esraa El-Taweel crying 'El-Tahrir newspaper'
    Esraa El-Taweel was forcibly disappeared along her two friends Omar and Sohip in early June and then resurfaced after three weeks later in two different cases.
    El-Taweel is accused of belonging to a banned group and sending false news abroad to defame the Egyptian government as well disturbing the society’s peace !!

    Esraa crying 'Al-Masry Al-Youm'
    The photos of Esraa crying in court went viral online gathering all Pro-Jan25 supporters who defended her and demanding her release.
    Her hashtag “Esraa_El-Taweel” in Arabic has been a top twitter hashtag in Egypt for nearly a day.
    Of course, the Pro-Sisi supporters launched two counter hashtags showing off their hatred and lies while calling Esraa names.
    They claimed that she was an admin of a Pro-MB group that spread the addresses of officers in order to harm them  despite officially Esraa is accused of another specific charges
    They were acting like the old social media trolls committees of NDP and Muslim Brotherhood as well the infamous Russian social media trolls.
    They also showed a bunch of her old tweets from her twitter account to show that she was inciting violence against the state.
    Intentionally, they did not notice that they took her old tweets in 2011 Mohamed Mahmoud clashes as well her old tweets against police brutality during Morsi’s rule in 2012 and 2013 as an evidence for violence incitement !!!
    Ironically , they did not take screen shots for her tweets mocking ousted MB president Mohamed Morsi !!
    Mourning her friend Asmaa El-Beltagy who was killed in the Rabaa sit-in dispersal massacre and calling what happened on 3 July 2013 as a coup on her twitter account were considered an evidence of her treason on Pro-Sisi twitter accounts that demanded her extreme punishment !!
    Her twitter account is closed now.
    Esraa El-Taweel , that young girl who loves life and ladybirds seemed at the first instance to be broken by those who locked her up but actually her tears actually incriminate them. She is not weak but rather a human , unlike her jailers.
    Still her tears broke the ice somehow.
    For the first time since her arrest, several Pro-regime TV hosts spoke about her case including Amr Adeeb, Lamis El-Hadidy and Eman El-Hossary.
    Amr Adeeb speaks about Esraa El-Taweel in court
    I am puzzled, but at least more people now know about her case.
    Here photos also appeared on Tuesday’s newspapers Front pages in newspapers like Al-Akhbar and Al-Shorouk. 

    0 0

    On Tuesday , El- Nadeem center for Rehabilitation of victims of violence launched a week-long campaign against forced disappearance in Egypt.
    The campaign is called “Stop the Forced disappearance” and it is about the increasing reports of forced disappearance cases  in Egypt for activists, protesters and also normal citizens.
    The campaign started with dozens of human rights activists announcing they would have a hunger strike for one day in solidarity with Mrs. Maha Mekaway, the wife of lawyer and Constitution party member Ashraf Shehata who has disappeared since January.
    Maha Mekaway and her husband Ashraf Shehata
    Mekawy has been on a hunger strike for two weeks.
    Mrs. Mekaway knew from several sources that her husband was detained by security forces while the ministry of interior denies that he is detained in the first place.
    Unfortunately, human rights activists and social media began to know more about the forced disappearance cases when Esraa El-Taweel, who is a former blogger and freelance photographer disappeared along her two friends Omar and Sohip in June. They were lucky somehow and appeared in detention despite all the hardships they are facing now.
    Omar and Sohip are facing a military trial while El-Taweel is still detained for 45 days pending investigations.
    During June, I remember that there were many cases of forced disappearances mostly for April 6 Youth members because the political movement dared and called for a strike.
    Luckily,those members appeared in police stations and were released later.
    Of course months later, the current Coordinator of April 6 Youth movement Amr Ali disappeared and then appeared again detained pending investigation by the security and prosecution.
    Then we found that young film editor Mostafa Massouny has been missing since June as well and that his family was told that he was detained by Egypt’s National Security Agency for security check and he would released within days. The days became weeks and the weeks became months.
    After 4 months now , his family does not know the fate of its son.
    On Monday , his sister Omayma Massouny revealed the General Prosecution which was investigating his disappearance decided to close its investigation because the state security and police investigations could find his trace !!!!!!!!!!

    توجهت أسره مصطفى ماصوني إلى النيابة بصحبه الأستاذة/ فاطمه سراج للإستعلام عن البلاغ المقدم بواقعة الإختفاء وكان الرد أنه ...
    Posted by ‎ماصوني فين‎ on Monday, November 2, 2015

    His family is going to present a complaint to the prosecutor general once again in order to reopen the case.
    Mr. Ibrahim, Amr's father at
    El-Nadeem center in Cairo "Tito Tarek" 
    Today, a press conference was held at Al-Nadeem center in Cairo where not only Mrs. Maha Mekaway spoke about her husband but Other families were there too speaking about their missing relatives.

    I did not know about the case of Amr Metawally before.
    Amr is a young student who disappeared without a trace at the dispersal of Pro-Morsi Rabaa sit-in in August 2013.
    Till this day , his family does not know his fate.

    According to El-Nadeem center , there are reportedly 90 documented cases of forced disappearance in Egypt in October only.

    Several human rights organizations like El-Nadeem as well grassroots movements like Freedom for the Brave and April 6 Youth movement are participating in the week-long campaign.

    Of course , Egypt’s ministry of interior denies that it is involved in those forced disappearances.

    Follow #Stop_Forced_Disappearance to know the updates of the campaign.
    By the way , I wish somebody tell us where those people are whether they are alive or heavens forbid dead.

    At least their families can sleep at night. 

    0 0

    A new heavy rain wave has hit the country and not only Alexandria drowned earlier today once again but also we got governorates like Matrouth , Kafr El-Sheikh , Behaira , Monufia , Gharbia and Giza as recently.
    The heavy rains started after the thunderstorm that started on Tuesday.
    It began like that.
    An amazing shot for thunder in Alexandria by Disha Hisham
    It was one hell of a thunderstorm, those photos below were taken in half hour only !!

    And rains began.

    Not less than 18 people were killed today across the country because of that rain wave.
    Despite Alexandria is capturing all the media attention yet the situation in Behaira is far worse but there are no cameras to record what is happening there.

    From Damanhur , the capital of Behaira today "Reyhan News"
    There is a whole village “Ofuna that drowned as its houses made of old Egyptian mudbrick could not stand against the heavy rain that turn in to floods. Ofuna village reportedly lost 8 of its people.
    Anba Bishoi church at the monastery
    flooded with water
    "Monica Hanna" 
    The Prime minister order the army to evacuate the village immediately and he reportedly visited it.
    Till this hour, the survivors see that that there are people who drowned and whose bodies are still in the village.
    The search and rescue operations are still going on as far as I know fro the media.
    Wadi Natrun had more its share with least 11 people killed in the villages there due to the heavy rain.
    Some of the old monasteries in Wadi Natrun were affected badly.
    The old Syrian Monastery was badly damaged.
    MCN reports that the dome of an ancient church was damaged while another church “Anba Bishoi” was flooded. The main electricity generator was on fire during the past few hours and not less than 15 monks were stuck and needed help to be saved.
    Local authorities saved them.

    The heavy rain reached to October city and Sheikh Zeid and they are flooding.
    At Tavoli Dome by
    Rimon Nasralla
    It seems that no one thought in October city or Sheikh Zeid upscale district to have rain drainage system as usually Egypt did not have rains like that.
    Moving to the former Mediterranean mermaid, Alexandria once again drowned after a week of the floods they had.
    This is one of the streets there.

    غرق شارع ملك حفني من سيدي بشر للمندرة ! #Alextraffic #Bey2ollak #اسكندرية_بتغرق
    Posted by Bey2ollak.Alex on Tuesday, November 3, 2015
    A landslide at EGC school in Alexandria "Alex eyes"

    The streets in Alexandria 

    Victoria square by FB.AlexHabebti
    The army and navy went to the streets to suck the water as usual.
    The Cairo-Alexandria desert highway was flooded as well.
    For hours, the desert highway was flooded "Ya5abar'
    Needless to say, the best videos and photos came from Alexandria as usual.

    The flood reached to Alexandria's famous soap and oil factory :) 

    Here is the video of soap with water !!

    A new means of transportation in Alexandria !!

    A carte with poor donkey stuck in water.Electricity and sometimes water were cut in those areas affected by the heavy rain for hours.

    It is worth to mention that Egypt’s Meteorological authority has been warning for days that heavy rain waves would hit the country from Tuesday to the end of the week.
    The Meteorological experts in Egypt blame the global warming and the radical weather changes in the world in the past four years.
    The Republicans in the United States won’t like to hear this.

    According to the reports of the authority today, the size of the raindrop was unprecedented especially in Alexandria and Behaira.

    Still the government did not take any precautions. The government gave a day off for school on Wednesday and Thursday in the areas affected by the heavy rain.
    The thunderstorms and rains continued tonight and it is expected to expand to other parts of the country.
    The poor will pay the price and they have already paid it heavily in Behaira. 

    0 0

    Hours  following the arrival of the Egyptian President to London , the British Government surprised the whole world and Egypt by issuing a warning to its citizens about air flights to Sharm El-SheikhRussian airliner crash.
    The Mirror Front page on Thursday 
    after the
    According to the statement issued by the UK Foreign & Commonwealth office , “it is advised against all but essential travel by air to Sharm El-Sheikh “ as according to the information the British government got from a range of sources concerning “ The Russian airliner crash”  , there is a significant possibility that crash was caused by an explosive device on board the aircraft.

    Britain is also going to send a team to check the security measures in Sharm El-sheikh airport.

    And the words “caused by an explosive device on board of the aircraft” were used by foreign government officials finally !!!!!!

    This statement does not advise against the travel to Egypt nor to Sinai or Sharm El-Sheikh in general, it only advised against the travel by air which is the only way for Most British people to reach to Sharm El-Sheikh.

    Now personally, I know it is a strange thing because officially UK is not part of the investigations led by Egypt and the investigations have not finished yet when it comes to the Black Box.

    Egypt is leading the investigations along with Russia “Kogalymavia is a Russian airliner and most of the passengers are Russians”, France “ Because the Plane was an Airbus A-321” and Ireland “The Plane was owned by an Irish company and was leased to the Russian airliner, it is also registered in Ireland”.

    Things escalated rapidly when CNN quoted unnamed U.S intelligence officials saying that the intelligence they had suggested that ISIS planted a bomb on the board of the Plane.

    The U.S news channels were reporting about this possibility from an early time.
    On Sunday, CBS News reported that a “U.S. infrared satellite detected a heat flash over the Sinai at the time the Russian plane went down.” The report was clear that the “The data is still being analyzed in an effort to determine what caused the flash. One possibility is a bomb, but an explosion in a fuel tank or engine as the result of a mechanical failure is also possible.”

    It is worth to mention that Islamic State-affiliated/Sinai based-Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis "Sinai province" claimed responsibility for downing the plane without giving any details on how they did it.

    US officials told  U.S-based ABC news that they intercepted extremists communications about the airliner crash.

    Almost all the British newspapers except maybe two spoke about the travel warning to Sharm in its Front Page for their Thursday issue.
    This is what people in UK read today 
    The British newspapers had one question in its mind about the fate of the current thousands of British tourists in Sharm El-Sheikh and how they would return home.

    Hours later on Thursday the British airlines stated that would start to bring back the tourists home.
    The tourists will return back home with handbags on the board of the plane without luggage and I do not know what the hell is that !?

    Daily Mail did not waste a time in publishing reports on how bad the security measures at Sharm El-Sheikh airport and how nearly 20,000 British tourists are stuck in the most important city in South Sinai.

    I do not need to say that this is another blow to tourism in Egypt and in Sharm El-Sheikh even more devastating than the decision of international airlines like Lufthansa, Air France, Emirates and Qatar airways to avoid Sinai’s air space after the crash of the Russian airliner carrying at least 224 on its borders on Saturday.

    Thomas Cook already announced  “ The latest travel update and reason for flights being suspended was not because of a security danger in the resort but due to airport security protocols. The FCO advised us to temporarily suspend flights and they will start as soon as the security review is finished.” in a statement issued on Thursday.

    Officially and unofficially I would say, the Egyptian administration was caught in surprise.
    Egypt’s Foreign minister Sameh Shoukry stated hours later that the decision of British government was taken “unilaterally without consulting with Egypt”. U.S secretary of state John Kerry also called his Egyptian counterpart and told him  that the media report about the Russian airplane did not represent the American administration officially.

    Commenting on the British decision to halt air travel to and from Sharm-El-Sheikh, Ministry of Foreign Affairs...
    Posted by ‎الصفحة الرسمية لوزارة الخارجية المصرية‎ on Thursday, November 5, 2015
    The British FM answered back and said in a media statement that Shoukry did not have access of the information the British government got and made it take this decision.

    Nevertheless on Thursday, during the joint press conference at 10 Downing street with the British Prime minister, President El-Sisi said that Egypt was ready to cooperate with any country in the world regarding the safety of the tourists.
    Sisi and Cameron today at 10 Downing street "Reuters"
    He also revealed that from months ago Egypt revised the security measures in Sharm El-Sheikh airport by an official British request.

    The British decision was met by huge anger when it comes to Pro-Sisi supporters. Since Thursday morning, the “Britian_maker_of_terrorism” and #Cameron hashtags in Arabic has been active in ann unfriendly way thanks to Pro-Sisi supporters.

    Also as both Britain and UK are not a direct part of the investigation so they won’t have access to the information, Pro-Sisi supporters have this conspiracy theory that UK and USA are behind the crash.

    Already the decision is catching more attention and more news coverage than Sisi’s visit to London.
    Ironically, this is the first visit for an Egyptian president to London since 2002. And it is overshadowed by the Russian plan.

    Back to Sharm El-Sheikh , thousands of British tourists are stranded with hundreds of them waiting at the airport to return home.

    They won’t be alone as they are going to be joined with tourists from Germany , France and Belgium
    Thanks to the Guardian and Reuters , we know that Sharm El-Sheikh airport manager was promoted or rather transferred to another place.

    Egyptian officials told US-based ABC channel that the Egyptian General Intelligence questioned all the employees of Sharm El-Sheikh airport about their movements before and after the crash.

    A trivial info : Sharm El-Sheikh governor is El-Sisi’s in-law
    Moving to Moscow , the Russians slam politely UK for its decision. God knows I feel that we are stuck in some sort of a cold war game more than a war on terrorism game.
    Nevertheless, I respect how the British government care for its citizens and their safety.
    All I can I say now is that tourism will be affected badly in Egypt in the Fall/Winter 2015/2016 over what happened this week.

    0 0

    Just from hours ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the suspension of all Russian passenger flights to Egypt until the cause of the Russian plane crash in Sinai is revealed.
    He also gave his orders to the Russian government to work on the return of the Russian tourists in
    Tourists departing Sharm El-Sheikh airport early
    Friday "Reuters" 
    In other words, Putin orders the evacuation of Russian tourists from all over the country.
    The decision comes hours after the decision of UK and what it caused.
    According to Russian media, there are not less than 70,000 Russian tourists in Egypt.
    This decision was issued after the meeting of Putin with security and aviation officials in Moscow.
    Before that meeting, the head of the Russian Federal Security service called for the suspension of all Russian flights to Egypt.
    Of course, a man like him for sure presented what was enough to convince the Russian president to take such decision without talking to the Egyptians.
    This is even a bigger blow to the Egyptian government because this is Russia, the so-called Sisi’s faithful friend.
    Well, the faithful friend suspended the flights to Egypt not only Sharm El-Sheikh in clear direct words.
    Russia is one of the main members in the investigation team when it comes to the Russian Plane crash along with France and Ireland, Egypt and surprisingly Germany.
    It turned out that Germany was involved in the investigation by the request of Egypt.
    Of course today was one hell of a day in Sharm El-sheikh airport with a lot of drama and scandals of real.
    More countries are issuing travel warning about Egypt. We got now UK, France, Russia, Spain, South Korea ,Belgium and Holland.
    According to Reuters, 7 countries including UK and Turkey send delegations to check on security procedures in Egypt.
    Egyptian news reports say that the two Black boxes are being examined in Russia and not in Egypt.
    Despite the Russians as well the British and the Europeans officials are speaking, we have not heard anything official from Egypt for real aside that the investigations.
    Leaving Sharm El-Sheikh airport early Friday
    Egypt is going to pay a huge price for this. Tourism is already recovering and Sharm El-Sheikh was from the few places that were not affected by what is happening in the Nile Valley or even in North Sinai
    I do not recall this hysteria or this fiasco happening in this way during the true terrorism years where tourists were a target for terrorists.
    Of course, we are speaking about a plane crash where over 200 people were killed. There has been a lot of controversy about the Malaysian airplane that went missing in the pacific ocean as well the Malaysian airplane that was shot down in Ukraine but back in Egypt we have a short memory.
    What is worse in our case, which is similar to the incident in Ukraine unfortunately that there are politics involved.
    This plane could be bombed by a local terrorist group and by this we could  have the biggest airplane bombing since 11 September 2001.
    After 2001 and what followed it, there have been maximum airport security measures to stop air flights hijacking and that’s why there are concerns about the security measures at Sharm El-Sheikh airport.
    The most popular theory “the worst case” now is that a bomb was planted on the board of the Russian flight among the luggage and that Sharm El-Sheikh airport was infiltrated in a way or another by Islamic group affiliated group “Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis”, which is active in North Sinai.
    That’s why all those countries are sending their security delegations to check on the airport.
    Now if it is proven to be a bomb, it will be a blow to both Egypt and Russia.
    For Russia, this would be the first attack on Russian civilians because of Russia’s involvement in Syria.
    For Egypt, this would be the ultimate failure for El-Sisi internationally and local in his war on terrorism.
    First, his administration or government could not secure flights as required and second his strategies to fight a terrorist organization like Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis proved to be a failure to the level that he could not stop an attack against foreigners like that.
    Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis aka Sinai Province which pledge allegiance to the Islamic State group in 2014
    Now there are more sources including those working in the investigation team telling international reports that they heard sounds of explosions recorded near the cockpit.
    One thing for sure , Egypt will recover this crisis as we have done, but it will be hard.
    The Egyptian economy is suffering big time already. Despite this is not a seasonal time in Sharm El-Sheikh but the Egyptian tourism sector is thinking about the Christmas and holiday seasons coming within weeks.
    Even if the airplane crash is proved to be caused by a technical failure in the engine or the tail as claimed in the media as well, the damage has done after those two crazy days.
    We will have to wait for months till we compensate for real what we lost in those few days.

    0 0

    There are some misconceptions I began to read online about Sharm El-Sheikh and Sinai especially after the Russian flight crash and the British government’s advice to its citizens and Russian evacuation order and they need to be corrected ASAP.

    First of all, till this moment we do not have anything official statement that confirms the Russian Plane was downed by a bomb and the possibility of the MANPAD is out of question by many experts due to the laws of the physics.

    From Sharm El-Sheikh 'Asmaa Wagih/Reuters" 
    I am not an expert, but I did some work and studies about terrorist and militant attacks in Sinai peninsula so I assume that I know a thing or two about the situation there.

    1- The terrorism-infested zone in Sinai is located in the North, in Al-Arish or to be precise in areas like Rafah and Sheikh Zowaid.

    Yes, Islamic State-affiliated Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis “ABM” or as they like to call themselves “Sinai province” did several terrorist attacks outside this zone against mostly the security forces in several areas including Cairo, Mansoura and North Coast. But their main focus is in this area.

    According to all experts, evidence and what we have on the ground, ABM’s current zone of operations against security forces as well the security forces aka armed forces operations against ABM is in the North of Sinai.

    Recently, there were less attacks against security forces than the past, especially that one of its dangerous masterminds “Hisham Al-Ashamawy” has departed it to return back to Al-Qaeda shifting his fight to the West of the country  as well the military operations against the militant group from time to time.

    Yet, I believe the current Egyptian administration’s security and military strategy as well political strategy for North Sinai should be changed immediately to have more progressive and more open policies to include the local people of North Sinai to their side.

    I fear that the government is not killing off terrorism with that "burn-it-all" policies and mass punishment but rather fueling its future.

    People in Rafah already lost a huge source of income with the decision of Egyptian armed forces to destroy the tunnels to Gaza and to turn the area into a buffer zone especially there have not been true development economic projects in North Sinai for nearly 30 years.

    The people in North Sinai are actually caught between the mistreatment of security forces and the beheading ABM if they dare to help the Armed forces against them.

    You cannot beat terrorism without long-term political and economic solutions to the people of North Sinai in a nutshell with my all due respect.

    People have been tired of saying this during the time of Mubarak when actually the seeds of ABM was planted and grew or after Mubarak.

    2-Sharm El-Sheikh is in South Sinai.
    Generally, there is a huge difference between North and South Sinai and it is not about the location or the nature , simply the tribes of South Sinai have got economic interests there with all the tourism out there unlike North Sinai tribes that literality got nothing. It is like a different reality.

    The South Sinai tribes got an interest in protecting tourism and thus ABM or ISIS finds it and will find hard to infiltrate the tribes and stand against them as a society power like in North Sinai.

    The economic interests play a crucial part here and the tribes which is the main power if I may in South Sinai won’t let it economic interests to be harmed.

    Yes, there is a possibility that Sharm El-Sheikh airport would be infiltrated and a bomb was planted among the luggage of the misfortunate air flight and it will be a huge development if it is true because we are speaking about huge security breach.
    But we are not sure yet.

    Historically ABM had three operations in South Sinai if I am not mistaken. The first one was in El-Tor , the capital of South Sinai where the South Sinai security directorate was targeted in October 2013.

    The second one was in Taba in February 2014 against a tourist bus coming from Israel.
    I will not lie that it did not affect tourism there for awhile but now tourism is fine Taba as if nothing happened foreign tourists come and go , Egyptians come and go complaining only from the harassment of security forces whenever they see a booze bottle with them.
    Egyptians currently are mad about hiking in Taba and discovering its canyons and valleys.

    There was a third attack in El-Tor city in May 2014 where a suicide bomber blew himself at a security checkpoint. I do not recall any other incident in South Sinai afterwards.

    I am not underestimating ABM or any terrorist organization, but Sinai is not under full control of ABM as some widely claimed on the social media.

    Yet everything should be put in its context and I repeat that if we want to get rid of ABM for once and for all so everybody will be happy in Egypt, region and the world then we should have a better complete political/economic/social/security inclusive strategy that truly consider locals of North Sinai including the tribes as Egyptian citizens.

    0 0

    Investigative reporter Hossam Bahgat is currently spending the night at the military prosecution after a long day where he was interrogated allegedly over an investigative report he made in Mada Masr last month.
    Hossam Bahgat

    Oh yes, the renowned former human rights activist and founder of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal rights “EIPR” can face a military trial over his investigative report.

    It started earlier this morning when Mada Masr announced that its contributor and investigative reporter Hossam Bahgat was summoned to the military intelligence early morning.

    According to the independent News website, Egypt’s military intelligence summoned Bahgat officially on Thursday at his official registered address in Alexandria.

    Today, he went there to see what they wanted.
    For nearly 7 or 8 hours, nobody knew anything but everyone knew what it was about.
    It was about his in-depth investigative report published on 14 October 2015 about “ the secret military trial of 26 officers for allegedly a coup plotting with the Muslim Brotherhood”. You read it right.
    Hossam Bahgat investigated a small BBC Arabic News and other news website speaking about that military trial with names and dates.

    Bahgat investigated and brought to us the story with names and photos as well dates and testimonies from the relatives of those officers allegedly accused of plotting a coup.

    Thinking about it now, it was one hell of a daring decision to publish this report by Bahgat’s name in the byline like that in Mada Masr as we are speaking about Egypt 2015 and not Egypt 2011 after all.
    After nearly 8 hours, founder of Mada Masr and her editor-in-chief Lina Attalah got a very short call from Bahgat telling her that he was referred to military prosecution with nothing official or clear about the reasons behind that.

    In a short time, nearly 25 lawyers attended the investigation with Hossam Bahgat at the military prosecution including a lawyer from Egypt’s journalists syndicate “despite he is not a member in the syndicate” and former Presidential candidate Khaled Ali.

    After couple of hours, Hossam Bahgat was officially charged with two charges: Deliberate reporting of false news that harms the national security and publishing rumors that harms the national peace !!
    He will  remain in custody till Monday morning so the military prosecution reaches to decision whether to release him or to detain him and refer him to military court heavens forbid.
    Heba Morayef, the human rights activist explains what happened to him from a legal perspective.

    Human rights lawyer and the member of the State’s National council for Human rights said that the summoning of Bahgat to the military intelligence and then referring him to the military prosecution was an invalid procedure and he should be released immediately.

    He also added that all the procedures taken against him today were unconstitutional.

    This is what Nasser Amin said. Officially we do not know yet which report or rumor Hossam Bahgat is accused of spreading so far but all fingers point to the “coup plot”.

    Now I would like to hint out that Hossam Bahgat did not report or spread rumors about the army and he was not the first one to speak about “that coup” publicly in the media.

    In August, the following websites spoke about the trial of those officers for allegedly plotting a coup: BBC Arabic, Al-Jazeera, Huffington Post Arabi and Al-Arabi Al-Gadeed

    Al-Arabi Al-Gadeed continued covering the case and in early October, the London-based newspaper published a report with a copy of the original case documents.

    The news website did not publish the name of the reporter in the byline keeping it anonymous.
    Searching online, it turned out that the case of those officers and their names as well photos were exposed for the first time in June 2015 in a Pro-Muslim Brotherhood TV channel. 

    Also, Hossam Bahgat as a true investigative reporter doubles if not triples check his sources working on official trial documents as his lead in any case as I have noticed. Journalism is not a crime.

    I know Hossam Bahgat from the media since the days of Mubarak when he used to defend the rights of minorities like Christians and Bahai’s through EIPR which he founded in young age.
    After the ouster of Mubarak,  Bahgat and a team of human rights researchers in EIPR produced a short documentary abut what happened in 5 prisons during the January revolution where it was mentioned how Police General Mohamed El-Batran was killed.

    He was also very critical to and criticized openly SCAF and the military police during then.
    After quitting his job as human rights researcher and director of EIPR, Bahgat joined independent Mada Masr news website as an investigative reporter.

    In February 2014, he wrote an investigative report about who really let the Egyptian Jihadists out killing the myths in Egypt that Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood were behind the release of Jihadists after the January revolution.

    In May 2014, he published an amazing investigative report about the Presidential palaces case where ousted President Hosni Mubarak and his two sons were found guilty of embezzlement.

    In September 2014, Hossam Bahgat wrote a revealing in-depth investigative report about the Arab Sharkas cell. It is only true investigative report till now that dealt with that case in Egypt.
    Now more people from around the globe and Egypt have read Bahgat’s investigative report about “that coup trial thing” today than the number of people who read it and share whether in Arabic or English in October.

    Let’s hope that he will be released tomorrow inshallah.

    0 0

    Early morning we woke up to know that independent investigative reporter and human rights activist Hossam Bahgat is going to be detained for 4 days pending investigations according to the military prosecution on charges of spreading false information.
    Hossam Bahgat 
    Till now, it is unclear where Hossam Bahgat is detained.
    Yes, it is unclear where he is detained and this is alarming.
    A joint statement issued by a group of Egyptian human rights organizations demanded the unconditional immediate release of the human rights activist and investigate journalist.
    Several human rights organizations and activists called for a protest as journalists syndicate in Cairo in solidarity with Hossam tomorrow at 5 PM.
    As you may have known, the arrest of Bahgat made the headlines around the globe as he is a renowned human rights defender yesterday and so it was not a strange thing to find the UN secretary general issuing a statement about his detention today.
    Here is what Ban Ki Mon said who is concerned and worried as usual.
    The Secretary-General has learned with concern of the detention of Egyptian human rights defender Hossam Bahgat on 8 November, reportedly in connection with an investigation in which he is accused of publishing false information that harms national interest. Mr. Bahgat is a member of UNDP's Global Civil Society Advisory Council and the founder of the group Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights.  This is just the latest in a series of detentions of human rights defenders and others that are profoundly worrying to the Secretary-General. The Secretary-General again underscores the importance of safeguarding freedom of speech and association in Egypt.  He strongly believes that pluralism and vibrant civil society are key for achieving long-term stability in the country, including the guarantee that all peaceful voices are heard and represented.
    There are very active hashtags about Hossam Baghat like in English for example “#HossamBahgat” , “#FreeHossam” and “#IStandWithBahgat” while in Arabic, you got “#Hossam_Bahgat”, “#Solidarity_with_Bahgat”, “#Freedom_For_Hossam” and “#Where_Is_Hossam”
    Moving to another worrying news about freedom of expression in Egypt.
    Yesterday, a veteran TV host on a local State TV channel was suspended from work and was referred into investigations at the Egypt’s Radio and TV Union for daring to criticize corruption and asking El-Sisi, the current president of Egypt to stand against corruption especially in municipalities and to hold officials accountable for their actions.
    Last week, Azza El-Hanawy asked El-Sisi to hold officials accountable for their actions reminding him that he appointed them and he himself is accountable in front of the people during the end of her on-air TV show on local Ch.3.
    Here is her word.
    Azza El-Hanawy’s word to El-Sisi.
    Ironically,Ch.3 had a low viewership but this week that clip has become a viral in Egypt. 
    The head of the Egyptian Radio and TV Union aka State Radio and TV Essam El-Amir claimed that he suspended El-Hanawy because she dared and went off script. He also claimed that she lost neutrality and shared her political views with the viewers.
    Strangely the veteran TV host did not really criticize El-Sisi that much or in a rude way.
    There has been a huge campaign against Mrs. El-Hanawy in Pro-Sisi news websites.
    Interestingly, Azza El-Hanawy was suspended for a year and 8 months during the rule of Mubarak and was suspended for a year during the rule of Mursi for political reasons.
    Moving again to the press and that jazz taking place in Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper and its co-founder.
    Earlier Yesterday the founder of Al-Masry Al-Youm and businessman tycoon Salah Diab was arrested along his son Tawfik from their villas.
    They were photographed while wearing handcuffs in an unprecedented way when it comes to figures from Egypt’s Elite business class.
    Already Diab was involved in a corruption case probe that goes back to 2011. His assets were all frozen on Friday along 18 other suspects including none other Gamal Mubarak’s father-in-law Mahmoud El-Gamal. The case involves the land acquired by those 18 businessmen for the elite gated community compound “New Giza”. Already I was told that this case of New Giza is the true corruption case of Mubarak’s era.
    Personally, I am amazed that suddenly that the public funds prosecution suddenly remembered this case.
    Anyhow, Salah and Tawfik Diab were not arrested on Sunday and were photographed because of this corruption case as it turned out that they are accused of illegal possession of weapons !!!
    Already Tawfik Diab is not involved in the corruption probe and he was detained 4 days pending investigation for the illegal possession of unlicensed weapons.
    Now, earlier today Al-Masry Al-Youm editor-in-chief decided to stop columnist Gamal El-Gaml from writing in the newspaper.
    El-Gaml wrote on his Facebook page that his column was suspended as it seemed his latest series of articles about El-Sisi regime was the reason why Diab was arrested !!

    بيـــــــــــــــــــان:......................كتبت على سحابة: "فلتسقط الرقابة".. فصادروا السماء- الآن حوصرت تماما، و...
    Posted by ‎جمال الجمل‎ on Sunday, November 8, 2015
    The new-acting editor-in-chief did not deny that he stopped El-Gaml from writing in the newspaper because the newspaper was re-organizing its relation with sources and state institutions !!!!!!
    Gamal El-Gaml used to write a series of articles called “The Abbasids tales”  about El-Sisi and his regime . He was attacking El-Sisi and his regime and his media.
    I do not read for El-Gaml because in the past I know that he used to be a Pro-Sisi but it seems that he turned against him eventually after seeing what was really happening in Egypt.
    Friends told me that “The Abbasids tales” series was actually a good one. You can find it here along with the archive of El-Gaml in Al-Masry Al-Youm. I began to read it and it was good, but I do not find it outrageous to the level of suspending it !!
    As much, I follow Salah Diab’s saga interestingly, I am angry that a writer had to price for what he writes in his column in a so-called liberal newspaper like that.
    Al-Masry Al-Youm is Egypt’s biggest liberal or once a liberal independent newspaper.
    Did not I tell you that it was not-so-great day for freedom of press and expression in Egypt !?

    0 0

    I think after what happened in Beheira and Alexandria as well other places in Nile Delta from heavy rain and floods, Egyptians should think more about the dramatic climate change in Egypt.
    Not less than 30 people were officially killed in the past two weeks due to the heavy rains in Beheira and Alexandria, especially in Beheira where a complete village “Ufona” in Wadi Al-Natroun was drowned.
    The death toll of the people who died because of the heavy rain already could be more if you take in account the testimonies of the villagers in “Ufona” who insist that there are tens of dead bodies in the village under water.
    Here are photos from Ufona.
    By Alaa El-Kassas 
    By Alaa El-Kassas 

    By Alaa El-Kassas 
    The government is going to found a new village for Ufona survivors. I wonder if the government will pay attention to the climate change in constructing this small village.
    Unfortunately as expected, Alexandria captured all the attention whether officially or unofficially in the media. From a couple of days ago, President El-Sisi remembered that Alexandria was suffering from heavy rains and floods and decided to visit. During that visi, he announced he announced that he allocated LE1 billion from the Tahya Misr (Long Live Egypt) fund for the development of the sewage system in the city.  The Engineering authority following the Egyptian armed forces will upgrade the sewage system in the city.
    That visit came after huge anger and protest by the people of Alexandria in poor working class areas.

    انزل الناس زهقت من الاهمال والبيوت اللي غرقت ومحدش بيسمع#اسكندرية_بتغرق
    Posted by ‎الحسن بن الهيثم‎ on Thursday, November 5, 2015
    The people were cursing his name directly angrily wondering how he left them and went to London. That visit of London turned to be awkward in its own way.

    اهالى عزبة عبد القادر الغارقة للسيسى : رد يا جزمة
    Posted by ‎علاء القصاص‎ on Saturday, November 7, 2015
    This video was filmed photographer Alaa Kassass in Izbt Abdel Kader “Abdel Kader’s Manor” and it shows a glimpse how is the situation there.
    Those angry people cut and blocked the main highways and roads so the officials would look to their misery.

    Alexandria and Beheira are used to have seasonal rain and thunderstorms known in Egypt as “Nawat” and they have even a calendar with such thunderstorms’ exact dates.
    Still, the level of water or rather rain drops was unprecedented in Egypt according to Egypt’s Meteorological authority.
    On Tuesday, Egypt’s ministry of irrigation and water sources announced that the amount of rainwater Egypt got in those two or three weeks was estimated to be equal the average annual amount Egypt had got.
    we are not a rich country in rain already.
    According to the estimations of the ministry, the amount rainwater that fell in West Delta “ Alexandria and Beheira” reached in 48 hours last week to 700 million m3 !!!!!
    It is more than unprecedented.
    This water can be a bless instead of a curse if we know who to use it. Instead of drowning villages and destroying highways, we store this water for irrigation if we have proper rain drainage system.
    Needless to say, I wonder if the Egyptian government will have any real strategy to face this environmental challenge.
    Already, it turned out that several scientists warned the government for years about this, but nobody cared to listen. The society needs to speak about this before the government.
    There is no need to spend billions to build a new administrative capital when the old cities and governorates are fighting floods.
    Just like there the republican deniers of global warming and climate change, I noticed that there are many conspiracy theories about the climate in Egypt among a group of Pro-Sisi supporters not surprisingly.
    What started as a wild conspiracy theory by the former head of Egyptian armed forces strategic think tank Hossam Sweilam is finding its way through the Facebook pages !!
    It is like the right wing in every country always disbelieve science and believe in wild conspiracy theories.
    The ministry of interior had its share of wild conspiracy theories as it announced officially from couple of days ago that it busted a Muslim Brotherhood cell made of couple of guys accused of blocking the sewage systems in Alexandria among other terrorist acts !!

    The Brotherhood is behind the blockage of Alexandria sewage system in Alexandria

    What is worrying in that video is that among the suspects, a young man from April 6 Youth movement who disappeared from a couple of weeks before resurfacing in that video. In fact according to the Arabic African for freedoms and human rights center, at least 10 of the suspects were arrested 20 days earlier in a fight between two local families in Alexandria.

    ردا علي بيان وزاره الداخليه حول ما زعمت فيه ان خليه ارهابيه عددها 17 شخص تسببوا في غرق الاسكندريه...يؤكد المركز العربي...
    Posted by ‎المركز العربي الإفريقي للحريات وحقوق الإنسان‎ on Friday, November 6, 2015

    Ironically, it came a day or two before El-Sisi’s visit where it was officially announced that there something was wrong in Alexandria’s sewage system and the army will fix it.
    Also, I do not think that cell was responsible for the flood of Wadi Al-Natroun or other places in Beheira !!!!!??
    Anyhow, I hope more people speak about that climate change.

    0 0

    And that talk of town tonight in Cairo is how Russia decided to ban EgyptAir Flights starting from Saturday.
    An EgyptAir Plane "Wiki Commons"

    EgyptAir decided to re-book other flights from passengers tickets departing Cairo and departing Moscow.
    It has to be the talk of town and the talk of hour in Egypt because we are not speaking about security in one city like Sharm El-Sheikh but you are speaking about the security of Egypt’s National carrier , our state-owned national carrier.
    I totally understand the Russian as well the Western concerns but after 9/11 no country banned the flights of United Airlines as far as I remember.
    This is another blow to tourism sector in Egypt.
    Already I see Egypt has announced that it opened its airports to the security delegations from UK and Russia.
    Earlier Friday ,The ministry of civil aviation in Egypt announced that Cairo International airport as well a number of airliners operating there“I assumed EgyptAir is among them” passed International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)’s security inspection so I totally do not understand.
    The CEO of EgyptAir said that the airliner sent to the Russian government its security plan after being translated in to Russian 24 hours after its request to check it Then the Russians told Egypt Air they would revise in 40 days and they would ban the Egypt Air Flights.
    There has been no official justification from Russia regarding the reasons behind this but you do not need to guess that it is about security.

    Now, I hope that Russia and UK as well the United States would be frank with us and tell us what is going on for real.
    If they do not want to tell the Egyptian people , then at least for the sake of the poor Russian victims.
    Needless to say , the Egyptian government knows the reason and is obliged to tell us what is going on but for some reason they do not.
    Anyhow, our officials seem to be the last people who know the news.
    The news of banning the Egypt Air Flights was all over the wires and Egypt’s minister of civil aviation said that he knew it from the media !! Not even from our ambassador in Moscow !! Can you imagine that our embassy did not know earlier and informed Cairo and instead the minister knew from the news wires !!!?
    Wild Conspiracy theories are sweeping Egypt online and now it is beyond the crazy mainstream media conspiracy theory about that Western plot.
    Many Egyptians believe that there is a conspiracy and now Russia is part of it. Yes and it goes beyond that with theories ranging that Putin did it or Saudi Arabia did it or even Gamal Mubarak did it to bring down El-Sisi or the epic one that the plane was not supposed to explode in Egypt but rather Turkey and the Egyptian Emirati alliance is behind it!! Oh and there is theory that this crash is the beginning of invading Sinai !!!
    I am waiting now to read the Freemasons and aliens were
    Unfortunately as long as there is official truth , people are going to believe their wild imagination.
    For the sake of those Russian poor people who died and the Egyptians who are paying the price now, please tell us what is going on.

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