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  • 09/21/15--16:48: DSC09579 [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:


    At least two weeks prior to Eid Al-Adha , livestock markets are set up in areas, mostly popular areas to sell sheep and cows
    More about Eid Al-Adha

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  • 09/21/15--16:48: DSC09578 [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:


    At least two weeks prior to Eid Al-Adha , livestock markets are set up in areas, mostly popular areas to sell sheep and cows
    More about Eid Al-Adha

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  • 09/21/15--16:48: DSC09596 [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:


    Most of the workers in the live market are from one family , from all ages

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    Happy Eid to everyone around the globe. In 24 hours, the Muslim world will celebrate Eid Adha around the globe.
    Today is  the day of Arafah , the climax of Muslims’ Pilgrimage “Hajj” where millions of Muslim  head to Mount Arafah.
    Now Eid Al-Adha is related to how Prophet Ibrahim “Abraham” was willing to sacrifice his son “Ismael” after being order by God but God intervened in the end and Ismael was replaced by a sheep according to the Islamic version and so Sheep are sacrificed every year after the Eid prayer.
    According to Islamic teachings, the meat of that sheep or any livestock  is then distributed on the family , relatives and poor people. Each of them gets 1/3  of the meat.

    Now because of that ritual , there is  whole seasonal livestock farming industry in Egypt for that Eid.
    Here is a nice photo story about how people buy sheep before the Eid by yours truly Kodak Agfa.
    Before the Eid by two weeks , you can start to see live stock markets set up by raisers and traders in various areas across cities and towns.
    Most of those livestock markets are set up in popular working class areas.
    The sheep are brought from raisers in the countryside and in Marsa Matrouh , in the North coast in the desert near the Libyan borders.
    Those sheep in the photo came from Matrouh to Giza and they were so hungry.
    Now buyers come and choose the sheep they want based on the age,type and weight.
    According to Islamic rituals in animal sacrificing , the sheep should not be less than 6 months old.
    It is prohibited to slaughter a 6 months sheep or older. The sheep should be in full health with no broken teeth or limbs
    There are two of sheep sold in the market I went to. The two types are Baladi “local” and “Al-Barqi”. “Al-Barqi” sheep originates in Barqa or Cyrenaica in Libya.
    From what I understand “Al-Barqi” sheep got more meat and less fat due to the healthy nature of the desert than “Baladi” which is raised in the Nile valley.
    From what I see , “Al-Barqi” is more active , if not hyper active. They were running all over the place madly and I was afraid I would be pushed by one of them.
    Of course “Al-Barqi” is more expensive than “Baladi” sheep.
    We are speaking about thousands of Egyptian pounds per sheep according to this year’s prices.
    Now the prices are determined by the weight of the sheep. Yes the sheep has to be weighted.
    Here is how they weight the sheep.

    The deal is closed if the buyer agrees on the price.
    Some buyers leave their sheep at the market to be fed till the Day of Arafat where they would be transferred to their houses so they can be sacrificed.
    The Sheep are then marked with number to identify their owners.
    Those markets are family business from what I understand. That market I went to was near Lebanon square. One family was working in it from different ages and generations.
    Of course butchers now are having a big time despite their high mad prices with lights hanged  all over their shops, after all we say that Eid Al-Adha is a feast for meat.
    Already for the first time today, I found out that the price of imported meat from Australia in Gourmet Egypt , which is an  A-class market is cheaper than the price of meat in local middle class butcheries in Cairo and Giza !!
    Anyhow happy Eid guys and please do not eat too much meat.
    Here is the full photo gallery

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    Egyptian Presidency announced earlier Wednesday that Abdel Fattah El-Sisi pardoned 100 “youth” imprisoned in protest law- related cases and charges including Sanaa Seif and Yara Sallam as well.
    The president has issued the decision No.386 for year 2015 to pardon 100 detained in cases related to Protest law violations as well some of the humanitarian and sick cases.

    The pardon includes Al-Jazeera staff, Mohamed Fadel Fahmy and Baher Mohamed. I think Fahmy will be deported to Canada.
    Baher Mohamed and Mohamed Fahmy "Reuters"
    I am happy that Baher Mohamed will return to his cute kids.
    The pardon also included the 33 activists and protesters imprisoned in the Presidential palace case including Sanaa Seif and Yara Sallem.

    Yara and Sanaa 
    Seif and the rest of the detainees were sentenced 3 years in jail for illegal protesting-related charges. They were protesting the protest law if you forgot.
    It is worth to mention that the year in jail according to the Egyptian legal system is equal to 9 months.
    Interestingly El-Sisi has also pardoned 18 activists and protesters sentenced to prison in the famous case of Shura council including Hany El-Gamal and Peter Youssef.
    Hany and Peter 
    El-Sisi’s pardon did not include Alaa Abdel Fattah nor Mohamed Abdel Rahman.
    Yes, El-Sisi did not pardon Alaa Abdel Fattah.
    The Presidential pardon also included the detainees in the famous case of Raml Station in Alexandria except Mahinour El-Masry who is sentenced in another case.
    Omar and Loai 
    Among those detainees who were pardoned poet Omar Hazek and Loai Kahawagi who is also detained n another case . Ironically this case goes back to the time of  Morsi !!
    The boys and girls are not released yet.
    As much as I am happy that those boys and girls are free, I would like to remind you that they should not be in jail in the first place for unconstitutional law or for doing their job in the case of Al-Jazeera International staff. I thank them for their patience. I do not thank those who imprisoned them in the first place.
    It is not about opening a new page with the revolutionary youth in Egypt.
    Already yesterday, the current coordinator of April 6 Youth Amr Ali was arrested from his house in Mounfia.
    The pardon did not include the ex-April 6 Youth movement coordinator Ahmed Maher or the movement co-founder Mohamed Adel or activist Ahmed Douma whose health is deteriorating.
    That list of detainees pardoned allegedly is Non-Islamist famous activists and protesters presented by the close journalists to the Presidency aka “The Young journalists” including journalist Mohamed Fathy
    The Pro-Sisi supporters are divided among those who are thanking him for his wisdom and those who blame him for letting those "ungrateful" youth out.
    Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is heading tomorrow New York next week to participate in the UNGA. He will address the UNGA this year too.
    Interestingly US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power tweeted about Sanaa Seif yesterday as part of the Free the 20 Campaign

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    Nearly half of the detainees pardoned by Abdel Fattah El-Sisi earlier Wednesday have been released and free.
    It is a perfect time to share their photos as free men and women outside bars.
    The first batch to be released were the Al Jazeera staff detainees. The security forces dropped Mohamed Fadel, Baher Mohamed and Shady Ibrahim in Maadi.
    That was their first photo taken by AFP journalist Samer Al-Atrash.

    Fadel, Mohamed and Ibrahim in Maadi by Al-Atrash
    Here are Fadel and Baher in a photo with their wives.
    The Fadels and Mohameds 
    Here is Baher after returning home with his little baby Haroun.
    Baher and Haroun back together. "I do not know
    know who took it :(" 
    After several hours, dozens of other detainees including the ones imprisoned in high profile cases began to be released and their photos showing their happy faces began to flood the timeline on Facebook and twitter.
    Here are the most of the girls in the Presidential Palace clashes walking from jail to freedom carrying their bags by Ravy Shaker
    The girls by Ravy Shaker 

    Here is Yara Sallam , free and surrounded by love
    Yara Sallam by Ravy Shaker 
    Yara Sallam by Rav Shaker 
    Here are Yara Sallam and Sanaa Seif
    Here are Yara Sallam and Sanaa Seif by Roger Anis
    The happy girls
    Here is a video clip showing the girls especially Yara Sallam after leaving jail from Al-Masry Al-Youm
    Yara and the girls by Al-Masry Al-Youm
    There are still girls who are still in prison despite the pardon: Salwa Mahrez and Nahed Bibo
    Now to the men, the real men.
    Here is Hany El-Gamal from Shura council clashes with his family and human rights lawyer Mohamed El-Bakar.
    Hany El-Gamal by Naema Hashem
    Here are Mohamed Sami and his family from the Shura council clashes case.
    Sami and his family by Hema Ezzat
    No one can forget how his father and how he cried madly in his retrial in court.
    Here is Mohamed Taymour with his family.Taymour was among the detainees in the Shura council case.
    Mohamed and his family by
    veteran journalist KhairaShaalan
    Here is 18 years old Yassin who lost a lot of weight in detention
    Here is Mohamed Abdel Rahman aka Noubi with his friends
    Mohamed Abdel Rahman "Twitter"
    Here is photographer Mohamed Hosni who was arrested during the clashes in his home with his small family.
     From the Presidential Palace clashes
    Abu Samara 
    Miza and Arabi 
    From Alexandria, we got Omar Hazek and Islam Hassenein.
    Hazek and Hasseinein
    No one has forgotten the rest of the detainees. We are just celebrating the freedom of those young men and women. We need to celebrate those small victories.
    Now this Eid is a special one for them.
    Of course once again, they should not be in jail in the first time. Their release is not part of a change in politics in Egypt more than a PR move. The Egyptian government wants to secure a seat in the UN security council and El-Sisi is heading later today to New York to attend the UNGA.
    Happy Eid. 

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    In case , you do know Esraa El-Taweel’s detention has been renewed for another 15 days earlier this week. Yes, she did not spend Eid with her family.
    For more than 100 days, she has been away from her family, away from her friend and most importantly away from her freedom. 
    Esraa’s health condition is getting from bad to worse.
    Now Esraa wrote a letter to her family before the renewal of her detention by the State security prosecutor. It was published by her sister Alaa El-Taweel.

    #رسالة_من_اسراء بعتتها قبل العرض الأخير .. 111 يوم ... مفيش جديد في الحقيقة غير ان حالة رجلي بتسوء .. شوية شوية مع الو...
    Posted by ‎آلاء الطويل‎ on Tuesday, September 22, 2015
    111 days have passed…there is nothing new except that the condition of my legs are getting worse. As time passes, I feel less and less my knee. There is no physiotherapy in detention and so I am trying to train myself. I have not seen specialized doctors in my case.
    I do not understand why I have been in jail till now. The man who interrogated me in State security in Lazogali “Ministry of interior HQ address” told me that  they “the authorities” knew that Omar ‘Ahmed’ was more of an indifferent joker and I was not involved in anything. He also told me that we would be out and unfortunately I believed him.
    The misfortunate trio : Esraa , Sohip and Omar 

    I want to tell that man in “Lazogali” not to lie again because I believe you for real. I believe that I was dump to believe you.
    I want to ask the President , the acting Prosecutor general and the State security prosecutor general why I am in jail if I am not a Muslim Brotherhood !?
    I feel sad so much when the prosecutor calls me an “defendant” , I cry and tell him that I am not.
    I swear by God that I won’t eat again in “Chili’s”  and I will eat only home. Okay I am sad at you Egypt , enough jail.. enough. I need to spend Eid with my family..Thanks.
    I do not know what to say more.
    Esraa El-Taweel was not included in the Presidential pardon of yesterday because she has not been referred to court yet. Sohip Saad , who is among the defendants in the Al-Jazeera trial was not included in the Presidential pardon because he is referred to a military trial.
    By the way, April 6 Youth movement coordinator Amr Ali is allegedly found in Tora prison after his arrest on Tuesday suddenly. Ali is detained pending investigation 15 days by prosecution according to April 6 Youth leading member Zizo Abdo.

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    Cruising the #Nile in #Eid #Egypt #Blogger #Citizenjournalism #DailyLife September 25, 2015 at 03:55PM via Instagram

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  • 09/27/15--19:54: DSC09712 (2) [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    DSC09712 (2)

    The lunar eclipse. It is not the prefect shots as they were taken for the moon behind trees with lights in the streets in the city. I did not catch the Moon turning red as the battery died but I saw this magnificent eclipse

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  • 09/27/15--19:54: DSC09727 (2) [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    DSC09727 (2)

    The lunar eclipse. It is not the prefect shots as they were taken for the moon behind trees with lights in the streets in the city. I did not catch the Moon turning red as the battery died but I saw this magnificent eclipse

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  • 09/27/15--19:54: DSC09731 (2) [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    DSC09731 (2)

    The lunar eclipse. It is not the prefect shots as they were taken for the moon behind trees with lights in the streets in the city. I did not catch the Moon turning red as the battery died but I saw this magnificent eclipse

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  • 09/27/15--19:54: DSC09741 (2) [Flickr]
  • Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    DSC09741 (2)

    The lunar eclipse. It is not the prefect shots as they were taken for the moon behind trees with lights in the streets in the city. I did not catch the Moon turning red as the battery died but I saw this magnificent eclipse

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    Last night I think millions of people around the globe watched the Lunar eclipse and the Super Blood Moon. I am proud that I was among those people.
    Of course I waited for the Super Blood Moon with my camera watching all the levels of the Lunar eclipse, it was beautiful and amazing.
    Where I was standing in my street, I could not see when it turned red  and the position of the moon in the street with all the street lights on, thick trees and buildings was moving.
    It was a great experience to stand 4 am in the street with my mom to get a better shot for the moon alone while all the men looked to us while passing by in their cars as if we were two crazy ladies watching the moon.
    Now first are the moon in its closest position to earth, as an amazing Supermoon.
    DSC09688 (2)

    DSC09705 (2)
    DSC09706 (2)

    Amazingly the sky was clear and it had too many stars I have not seen before in the city with all the street lights on.
    Later the eclipse started and unfortunately the moon moved away from my balcony and I had to do adventures at 4 am to get the closest thing I can to the level of going to the street and standing with tripod.
    DSC09711 (2)

     DSC09712 (2)

    DSC09727 (2)

    DSC09731 (2)

    DSC09741 (2)
    My camera battery died and I was dying to see a bed as I was awake since  8 am on Sunday.
    Other friends were lucky enough to see it red.
    Like friend Ayman Hafez took a very nice shots for the supermoon and he was luckier than me.

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    Testing the new landscape photo in Instagram. Using a photo from #Tahrir square in #Cairo #Egypt #Citizenjournalism #Blogger September 28, 2015 at 05:07PM via Instagram

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    Testing the new landscape photo in Instagram. Using a photo from #Tahrir square in #Cairo #Egypt #Citizenjournalism #Blogger

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    Do remember the infamous Hungarian Camera woman who was filmed  kicking and tripping refugees at the Hungarian borders and became the most hated woman only ??
    Well her name is Petra László and after being slammed by all the languages of the world and being fired from work, she apologized.
    Now this Hungarian lady got an Egyptian Twin sister and this twin sister is called Reham Saeed.
    The only difference between Petra and Reham is that Reham is a TV Host star in Egypt
    Mrs. Saeed, who got a very popular tabloid TV show “Sabeya El-Kheir” with tons and tons of commercials and sponsors even toppled Ms. László when it comes of being a mean queen, true mean queen
    Saeed covered with the Egyptian flags
    From a couple of days ago, Saeed who is a strong Pro-Military Pro- El-Sisi supporter aired a special episode from Lebanon.
    It was recorded weeks before.
    The White Oprah/Angelina Jolie-wannabe appeared in the show distributing aid in Syrian refugees camp in a humiliating way in order to demonstrate how lucky Egyptians were under El-Sisi’s rule.

    Showing Syrian refugees fighting over aid and clothes, Saaed while wearing the Egyptian flag with sad eyes and sad face said many things like the following:
    These are the people who wasted their country with their political strife , these are the people who are divided. This is the destiny of the people when their country is lost. Look how they left their children and ran to take the clothes pushing each others and beating each other !!!!
    Disgusting by all measures.
    Reham Saeed distributes aids at the Syrian refugees camp
    There was a sad music in the background.
    In the end, Saaed shows up saying
    I want to return back to Egypt , we are civilized and polite people with high moral !!
    Ironically anyone watches her show, will have an opposite idea about Egyptians.
    I apologize to the Syrian people everywhere. This woman represents herself and does not represent the Egyptian people.
    Many Egyptians got mad after watching this disgusting and disrespectful episode especially true and serious TV hosts like Yosri Fouda slammed Saeed over her disgusting remarks.

    The veteran investigative TV host who worked in BBC , Al-Jazeera and ONTV described her in a very angry Facebook post on his personal account as something coming from one of the “Media sewers” in Egypt who should not speak on behalf of Egypt.

    "السوريين اتبهدلوا و اتشردوا و بيشحتوا و إحنا حلوين و بنعطف عليهم و اللي مش عاجبه حالنا في مصر هنبقى زيهم .. حتى بصوا عل...
    Posted by Yosri Fouda on Friday, September 25, 2015

    Fouda never commented before using this tough language in his criticism to anyone in the media in Egypt despite all the attack he endured during his work.
    He had already presented an important episode about Syrian refugees and the harassments as well ill treatment from media incitement after the ousting of Morsi in July 2013.
    Yosri Fouda’s TV show was stopped on ONTV due to political pressures according to ONTV owner and founder Naguib Sawiris.
    The Syrians also reacted and they had to. They attacked and sent her photos of very poor Egyptians humiliated while pushing each other in their attempt to get aid and food supplies from the Egyptian army.
    She brought that to herself.
    Now personally, I believe that Mrs. Reham Saeed loves that attention after all she is a tabloid TV host.
    Cold and happy actually with the attention she created, she defended herself on her official Facebook page claiming that those who were rude and attacked her were actually ignorant !!
    Saeed always claims that she is a good Samarian helping the poor and sick, the thing that earned her popularity among women as well specific classes in Egypt. Sadly enough, poor people with sick children always wait for her outside her studio in the Media city on a daily basis in the hope she would help them.
    Reham Saeed says that she is doing good deeds for no specific agenda except for God’s sake.
    Nevertheless what happened in Lebanon proves otherwise. Good Samarians do not move around with cameras or use people’s misery to send a specific message for a political agenda. She is an example of the classical typical Non-Islamist Right Wing in Egypt.
    In fact if you see her show carefully, you will see a superficial woman where the show only revolves around her and her views.
    Now as I hinted above Saeed is the Queen of tabloid TV in Egypt. For this merry occasion, I share with the top five outrageous  Saeed’s show episodes to give a clear idea about her.

    The Exorcism of  Five girls in Tanta

    TV history is made when Reham saved five girls in Tanta from demonic possession using the expertise of Islamic exorcist/charlatan/former NDP member Alaa Hassenein.
    The exorcism of five girls in Tanta

    Twins turn into cats in Upper Egypt

    In Upper Egypt , there is an Urban myth that twins turn into cats and Reham investigates the matter hosting allegedly twins that turn into cats who eat the neighbors’ fish.
    Twins turn into cats

    A victim of rape got photos with her rapists !!

    A teenage girl with raped by a group of friends who filmed her. Reham Saeed hosted her and showed the video as well photos showing that the victim was a friend to the rapist and acted improperly with them !! The victim and the rapists or rather suspects’ faces were not blurred.
    I won’t post the video.

    Hosting the  Dream Park dancing lady and teaching her a lesson in morals

    From several months ago a video went viral online for a working class lady dancing “baladi” in public at Dream Park in Giza in some Eid , I think Sham El-Nessim.
    Rahem Saeed rejected this immoral behavior and hosted the dancing lady to let her repent on TV !!
    Dancing lady with Saeed

    Interrogating suspects

    Oh yes she loves to interrogate suspects at police stations and security directorate. Her question to the suspects in custody “ Do you regret what you did ?” has become a trademark. When it comes to her provoking interrogation, Saeed once interrogated bunch of teenagers arrested for allegedly being members in the Ultras football hardcore fans groups.
    Raheem Vs. Teenagers.
    The boys denied being Ultras members expressing their anti-regime political views boldly.
    I do not know the fate of those 14 and 15 years boys, but they said that they were only playing football. I hope they are okay.

    There is more of this TV misery every week.
    Already she and her editorial team as well produced excelled in searching for the most outrageous stuff so she can speak about. Cheap tabloid as I said.
    Egyptians are bad people like Saeed is trying to show the world unintentionally. Since last week, there have been lots of campaigns against her. It won’t affect her position because her show as I hinted above is successful, unfortunately.
    Boldly she appeared on air slamming her critics above them Yosri Fouda claiming that he was seeking fame over her expense. She also bragged of being a "Military boat slave". Saeed also insulted the Syrians claiming that she did not insult them !!
    There are several hashtags against her right now in Egypt like #Spit_on_Raheem Saeed and #Watch_her_Yosri which calls Yosri Fouda to watch her show because Saeed said that she would shoot herself if she knows that he watched her.
    People are calling her show to criticize her and she is accusing them of being Muslim Brotherood members.

    I know her show will continue but at least some people are standing against her and those who are like her 

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    In an interview on CNN aired on Monday with Wolf Blitzer, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said that Egypt “enjoyed unprecedented freedom of expression”.
    I do not want to exaggerate but I want to assure that Egypt enjoys  unprecedented freedom in the media. No one in the Press or TV was barred.   It has never happened in my presidential term that someone was held accounted for what he said whether a journalists or not.
    I highly and seriously beg to differ.
    It is true that officially the Presidency does not get involve in harassing the journalists and non-journalists from prominent figures expressing opposite views to the regime. The President’s loyal supporters from newspapers owners, channels owners as well journalists and TV hosts do that.
    We have a lot of examples.
    Starting with Bassem Youssef whose show “AlBernmag” was stopped after one episode from the after the Presidential elections then he was fined LE 50 millions.
    If we got unprecedented press freedom
    why are not those guys on TV ? 
    third season in 2014 on Saudi-owned MBC Misr
    Youssef said loud and proud that he would not accept to lower AlBernmag show’s ceiling so he could have once again on air.
    Now Bassem Youssef is living abroad and could not come back to Egypt to the level of missing his own father’s funeral and burial for fear he would be arrested.
    Youssef wrote in Arabic why he did not want to come back mentioning how journalists are harassed in Egypt for expressing their opinions in a long reply on a Facebook post by writer Samer Amr Atef on why he does not come back. 
    Close to presidency journalists like Ahmed Moussa and Mostafa Bakry as well El-Sisi supporters were happy that Bassem Youssef’s show was cancelled and continue to attack accusing him of being a traitor.
    FYI according to the alleged Sisi leaks, Sisi’s office in the ministry of defense was annoyed from that “boy”.
    TV host Reem Magued’s TV show was cancelled on ONTV after two episodes only because the guests spoke about January revolution. The channel claims that it was about the ratings, but everybody knows it is untrue.
    In the end, she resigned from the TV channel.
    TV host Yosri Fouda’s popular and successful TV show was ended or cancelled to be accurate because of pressure according to the ONTV founder and owner Naguib Sawiris.
    TV host Dina Abdel Rahman’s TV show was cancelled as well on CBC TV channel.
    None of those TV hosts was approached by any Egyptian TV channels because they are branded to be Pro-Jan25 TV hosts who dare to criticize the government and the regime.

    Let’s go to journalists and writers
    Popular Egyptian writer Belal Fadel does not write anymore in Egyptian newspapers and the TV series “The people of Alexandria” is banned in Egypt because it criticizes the Egyptian police before the 25 January revolution.
    According to the Freedoms committee in Egypt’s Journalists syndicate, there are 32 journalists currently in jail including photographer Shawkan and journalist Abdullah El-Fakhranay.
    This year, severals newspapers including Al-Watan , Al-Masry Al-Youm , Sawt Al-Oma and Al-Sabah newspapers were confiscated by authorities were confiscated for at least ten times.
    Even for non-journalists , Prominent figures expressing different and opposing views are stalked in  a way or another.
    Ahmed El-Merghany , a young footballer was suspended from playing in his team “Wadi Degla” for criticizing El-Sisi on his Facebook account in July.
    El-Merghany had to apologize for remarks he said about El-Sisi earlier September so he can find a club to play in because all the football sports clubs refused to sign with him this season.
    Already I am curious to know what kind of Freedom of expression the President was referring to in his interview with Blitzer because I doubt that the man who envies late President Nasser to have so-called “supportive media” would really understand the true universal meaning of freedom of expression.
    If you truly believe in freedom of expression and press, you won’t have Pro-police/Military anti-freedoms journalists like Ahmed Moussa or Mostafa Bakry in your entourage circle.
    In case you do not know in time of President Nasser , Egypt knew the true meaning of police state. There was no opposition and the media kept feeding the public lies till the people woke up on the bitter defeat of the six days war.
    Historically, I would dare and say that the Freedom of speech and media in Egypt from 11 February 2011 till 3 July 2013 was truly unprecedented in Egypt since 23 July 1952 despite all the hardships journalists and TV hosts faced during then.
    Simply , if we have unprecedented freedom of expression or press in Egypt , Bassem Youssef , Reem Magued , Dina Abdel Rahman and Yosri Fouda would have their shows back on air and Belal Fadel would return back in Egyptian newspapers.

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  • 09/30/15--16:32: A Moment to Remember
  • Despite it is a symbolic move more than anything, I believe it is a historical moment to see the Palestinian Flag raised at the UNGA after all those decades.
    Palestinian Flag at the UN "AP"

    Palestinian Flag at the UN "AP"

    Palestinian Flag at the UN "AP"

    Yes the UN is realistically useless but still.

    Palestinian flag raised at United Nations headquarters
    Watch as the Palestinian flag was raised at the United Nations headquarters in New York for the first time earlier today. Secretary general Ban Ki-moon, who was present at the ceremony, said it signals to the international community that "Palestinian statehood is achievable"
    Posted by The Guardian on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

    As I said it is symbolic because in the end we got a flag without a free nation in the real world.

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  • 10/01/15--06:29: October 01, 2015 at 03:29PM

  • #Egyptian flag in #Tahrir square #Blogger #Citizenjournalism October 01, 2015 at 03:29PM via Instagram

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    Kodak Agfa posted a photo:

    #Egyptian flag in #Tahrir square #Blogger #Citizenjournalism

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